Home Remedies for Pink Eye

home remedies for pink eye

Our windows to the world are two delicate and complex organs. If they’re not looked after, they can saddle you with a host of problems, like irritation, dryness, eye infections, cataract and even blindness. Not only this, certain eye conditions can indicate if something’s gone wrong in some other part of the body too.

For instance, blurred vision can be a sign of diabetes, yellow eyes can be a cue to hepatitis or a marked difference in the pupil’s size can point towards a tumor developing in somewhere. Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is one such annoying and highly contagious infection. Before we dive into home remedies for pink eye, lets first understand what it is.

Understanding pink eye

When conjunctiva, the membrane that covers the eyeball, gets inflamed along with the inside of the eyelids, it causes the pink eye. This condition proves troublesome because it’s accompanied by the telltale pink eye symptoms of redness, eye pain, dryness, burning, blurred vision and a sticky discharge. The bad news is you can readily get it from others.

So, what causes pink eye? It can be a result of viral infections, like cold, acute respiratory infection, or disease such as measles, herpes simplex or herpes zoster. It can also be caused by bacteria, like Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Hemophilus. Even environmental hazards, like wind, smoke, dust and allergic reactions to pollen, dust or grass can cause this infection. Less common causes include exposure to sun lamps or electrical arcs used during welding and blocked or inadequate drainage of the tear ducts.pink eye home remedies

Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye treatment can involve over-the-counter drops and ointments or natural home remedies. However, in all cases applying warm compresses to the affected eye several times a day generally help reduce the discomfort. Let’s see what all home remedies for pink eye that are available:

a. Homeopathy:

Some homeopathic home remedies designed to treat conjunctivitis include Pulsatilla[1], Belladonna[2] and eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis). Homeopathic eye drops and eye washes can be made from eyebright or chamomile ( Matricaria recutita).

b. Boric acid:

Boric acid eyewash may help relieve the discomfort associated with pink eye, as it cleans and soothes the infected eye. Even a warm compress applied to the affected eye can help relieve the discomfort.

c. Tea:

Damp tea bags placed on the eyes can ease the discomfort of allergic pink eye. For this boil the tea bags and let them cool before placing them on the infected eye. You can also simply make a little stronger tea and then use an eye cup to hold the lukewarm tea in each eye.

d. Calendula:

Calendula, an antiseptic perfect for irritation due to pollutants and allergies, is effective against itching and inflammation. It’s generally used as a local compress and eyewash.

e. Jasmine flowers:

Distilled water in which jasmine flowers had been soaked overnight used as eye drops will work like a charm for pink eye, especially for the eye having yellow discharge.

f. Honey:

Putting drops of honey mixed in warm water in the affected eye is an effective pink eye remedy. However, be prepared for a little burning discomfort.

g. Saltwater:

Cotton balls soaked in boiled saltwater when placed on the eyelids kill the infection.

h. Chamomile:

Cloth soaked in water, in which chamomile has been boiled, when placed over the affected eye will help clear the infection.

i. Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis):

Adding a few drops of eyebright tincture to boiled and cooled water and applying it to the infected eye through cotton balls is an effective way to cure pink eye.

Proper use of home remedies will help in getting rid of pink eye infection. However, always consult your physician before using these remedies.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsatilla#Use_and_toxicity

[2] http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/531.html


  • Teresa Dotson

    Put a couple of drops of breastmilk into the infected eye. I didn’t believe it when my pediatrician told me to do this. It worked like a charm, I even had friends ask me for breastmilk to put in their children’s eyes. Breastmilk also works to help unclog tearducts in infants, another remedy that my pediatrician told me about and worked on my child.

  • Derrick

    Can i have some breastmilk?

  • God

    Any kind of milk slightly warmed. Instead of cotton ball use bread.
    Milk also gets rid of wrinkles.

  • maravilla

    Try sugar and water, use a cotton ball to drip it in the eye.

  • lucy

    make really dark coffee and with a cloth put over your eyes several times a day, at least for fifteen minutes. By the next day the red should have completely gone away.

  • anthony

    I heard that urine is a good cure just point aim and shoot. Stings a little but really work’s! Also works for athlete’s feet.

  • Christy

    GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!

  • Sydney(:

    ugghh i hate pink eye so much i have it in both eyes please help

  • cris

    Put lime or lemon or vodca, tequila ETC in the infected eye and it cures it but its gonna sting

  • nightcrew0_0

    Twinings green tea with jasmine seemed to soothe my eye by using the teabag over the eye.

  • ki-ki

    okay i have pink eye in one eye and i can’t go to my friends house the next day that lives in another town…cause i moved… if i have pink eye… whats the easiest remidie for it to go away the next day…? i have virual pink eye…

  • MIchi

    I work in pedatrics. My 2 y.o. daughter had pink eye 2 days ago. I used some Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Lather it up and a warm towel and rub the eyes really good as if you are trying to clear it from the matter. Just make sure you the eye is clear of all matter with a seperate warm towel. This will alos help unclogg the tear ducts. This does not hurt in any way because this is a tear free shampoo. Use it 3 times a day. Her eyes looks great.

  • trisha

    my husband has the pink eye and it is his bad eye that he burned a long time ago… i all i have done is put a warm tea bag in a wash cloth over his eye.. for about 1/2 an hour. it seems to help.

  • justin

    i have pink eye and i have had it for about a week now and i cannot seem to get rid of it i have tried the baby shampoo i have bought over the counter pink eye medicine and i have prescription anitbiotic eye drops and none of this is working someone please help me i wear contacts and have not been able to wear them because of the pink eye i dont have my glasses cause they broke so i am almost blind can someone please help me

  • diana

    The department of health has discovered people are treating pink eye with human urine and has warned this can have serious repercussions and may even lead to blindness.

    Superintendent-General of Health Ronald Green-Thompson said the use of urine to treat the infection was picked up by senior opthalmologists around the province who found incidences of keratitis, a disease of the eye, in many of the patients.

    “Keratitis can lead to permanent damage of the eye which will impair vision and even lead to blindness,” he said.

    Department spokesperson Lindiwe Khuzwayo said treatment for pink eye was available at clinics and hospitals and people did not need to resort to home remedies.

  • gigi

    Use warm salt water and it will kill the infection.

  • Joanna

    Most of you people are truly idiots. 1st of all– MIchi .. WTF?? putting non-tearing shampoo in a childs eye 3 times a day??? Research what makes the shampoo non-tearing.. they use a numbing agent. No shampoo or soap in human eyes is “non-tearing” without this. Numbing agent is not good for childrens eyes.
    coffee, urine, vodka, tequila???– are you people insane? If you do this to yourself, keep it that way. Don’t advise others to try this, much less on their children.
    Proven methods are researched and usually involve herbs and won’t do harm to your eyes.
    Breastmilk for babies eyes is researched and proven to work without harm.
    chamomile tea compresses can help fight infection.
    Warm salt water will help but will burn like hell, and you must first boil the water add salt, then let it cool. These are your eyes for god-sake!
    please don’t try these methods listed here on children.

  • Audrina

    I had several back to back shows and got pink eye. I used about 5 tablespoons of salt and added it to very warm, almost hot, water. I dabbed the cuetip into the water and directly to the eye. I also placed the cuetip on the lower inside lid and held it there for 15 seconds. I did this 8-15 times a day. Within 2 days the pinkeye was completely dried up.

  • Nurse for 40 years

    Lemons seemed to work of my eyes, but boy does it ever burn. i wouldn’t try it with you kid.

    Some of the things i have seen posted here a plain foolish. it doesn’t take a Mensa Member to figure out that putting urine in your eyes, let alone you child’s eyes is completely irresponsible.

    For your kids, please go see a doctor, if you feel comfortable putting pee in your eye you must be pretty stupid.

    Like i Said lemon squeezed on a warm damp towel works, but is very painful and should not be done on young sensitive eyes.

  • Tiffany

    I currently have pink eye (and I’m a mom of 3…5yr, 20mos, 5wks)…I went to the doc and got a Rx…unfortunately noone has this Rx and has to be ordered…I heard of the Tear Free Baby Shampoo…I mixed some in warm water in the sink, soaked a q-tip, and cleaned the eye…amazing, my eye no longer has that throbbing feeling and the yellow boogers have seemed to dry up…I don’t know for how long, but it’s defintely been worth it so far…I hope it clears it up soon and pray I don’t pass it to my kids

  • Penny

    I’ve had itchy, burning, red eyes for over a month now. A friend of mine works for an opthamologist and he recommends Johnson’s baby Shampoo…I have been using it for over a week now and I have no more symptoms. Just a small amount on a q-tip or wash cloth. I use it to remove my eye make-up at night and I have no more swelling in the mornings…

  • Terri Wilfong

    I was wondering about the baby shampoo , when you put it on your eyes how do you do it? Do you put it on the rag and rub with your eye closed or do you do it with your eye open? I’ve never done it before and I guess I’m confused but I do need some help.

  • WTF???

    Really? Really guys? You put SHAMPOO in your eyes? I mean, hey, it’ll clear that stuff up but WTF??? I’m pretty sure that’s one of the stupidest household cures out there. And urine? Who the hell in there right mind would either piss straight into their eyes or (the more “proper” way) piss in a cup and drop it in their eyes? Really? You’re all too poor to use proper treatment and keep your bodies healthy? I found this here link while surfing the interbutts trying to find links to what Pink Eye looks like and wtf. I can understand the salt, tea, herbs, and warm towel tricks, but Vodka? What is with people these days? “Oh hey mom, I contracted the conjunctivitis.” “Oh come here son. Let me pour some tequila into that there eye and not call the doctor because I was raised on a farm and we ain’t got no doctors out in them cornfields!” No. And on kids??? No. You people need to get to a doctor if something happens that’s not supposed to happen. “Hey mom! I gots me the chicken pox!” “Oh! That means we have to wash you down with pigs blood because that’s the only cure in my book!” Rednecks.

  • Stacey

    Its a Saturday and the day after Christmas so of course no DrS offices are open where I live and my son woke up with the Christmas gift that I hope does not keep giving Pink Eye. I read through some of those responses which most of them I would never think to use (vodka, tequilla). I did try bread dipped in warm milk just to help relieve some discomfort. It seems to have helped.

  • Shasta

    I had pink eye for several weeks… over the counter drops, prescription drops, salt water wouldnt work.. I then mixed water, honey and vinegar put it in a droper.. Applyed several times a day.. Will sting some.. My symptoms finally went away.. Vinegar is good for Bacteria and Infections..

  • sandy

    Mercy people, baby no tear relieves it, but does not heal it. surely someone must have the home cure…and pee and salt and booze yikes !!!! I know I got this from the rug-rats next door !!!

  • casey

    organic coconut oil by NSI; let it get nice and warm and let it seep into eye from tip of clean finger. it will get runny at about 76 degrees F. works pretty much right away.

  • Redeyes

    How much salt is used?

  • Rob

    Thank you to Joanna for being a voice of reason! Some of he suggestions here are actually dangerous. I have always had luck with warm salt water (not too strong) used to wash out eye(s) several times a day. Also, I have found that a tea bag soaked in warm/hot salt water and then applied to the eye can be very soothing and seems to draw out the infection. Depending on the type of “pink eye” you are dealing with, it may go away on it’s own within a few days. Be smart and accept when a trip to the doctor is advisable, however. Home remedies are wonderful and can be exactly what you need but if your eye(s) are not improving, go to the doctor. Don’t take chances with your vision! Good Luck.
    P.S. Breastmilk is also a wonderful idea although I have never tried it.

  • eugene foy 19yrs old

    I have pink eye in my right eye its not serious cuz its not that pink and I dnt have those boogers people are talkin about how do I get rid of it plain and simple cuz some of the stuff on here is crazy

  • eveline from spain

    homeopathic eyerdrops containing Euphrasia Officinalis, on a viral pink eye infection.
    Viral and bacterial infections are very different, the viral ones are much more hard to cure as no medicines available.

  • niki

    breastmilk absolutely works, i used it on my infant.
    antibiotic drops work too of course.
    just tried a chamomile bag on my daughter’s eye last night and already this morning, her pink ‘shiner’ and goop are gone. her eye is still a little red but i can’t believe a tea bag worked that well.

  • Rosina

    OMG! I have never laughed so hard after reading these posts!
    Thank you to everyone, but this has convinced me to go seek a doctors advice.

  • Marnie

    My pediatrician told me about the baby shampoo also. She is really into homeopathic medicine and that is what I like about her. She doesn’t give an antibiotic for everything! Mix 3 to 5 parts water with one part baby shampoo and put it in a dropper. It worked on my children when they were babies and now I am having to do it for myself because I have it. I like the breast milk idea. I am still nursing so maybe I will give that a try.
    PS…to you idiots out there who seem to think you know it all with your smart ass comments. I think most of us have enough common sense not to put certain items in our babies and childrens eyes.

  • Mayra

    OMG! Are you people crazy!!!!! And to the man that urinates in his eye, are normal??? I mean do you rub your own fecel matter on your body when you develop a rash or what??? You’re crazy!!! For the people that are reading these crazy home remedies, please just go buy some eye drops or go see a doctor. Don’t try peeing in you eye, can you imagine how much worse your eye can get? Imagine the serious infection you can develop… OMG please people go see you doctor instead….

  • penelope

    okay well try eye drops. i use 3 drops every hour of the day. then bread w/milk at night. works like a charm(:

  • henrieetha

    okay well try penelope’s tip. To get blue poop: EAT BLUES CLUES ICE CREAM! to add orange chunks EAT CARROTS! Works like a charm every time!

  • Jan

    The reason why people are turning to home remedies is because they are fed up with doctors and they’re drugs, which only treat the symptoms and most times do not cure. Granted sometimes antiobiotics are required but not as often as prescribed, even the doctors tell you this. Obviously many of you are new to home remedies by all the nasty comments. Ok, now I will let you in on something that helps with eye problems – baking SODA (not powder), there is a difference. The proper name for it is sodium bicarbonate. Make sure it is pure (no additives). It’s the same one you use for cooking. Simply mix one cup of filtered, bottled, or boiled (in other words – clean) water and stir in one teaspoon of baking soda until dissolved. Wet a tissue or cotton ball and put it over your eye while closed allowing the solution to seep in. It is very soothing and helps with infections (doesn’t burn). I did this after going to a general practitioner and a specialist. The medicine they gave was ineffective and didn’t help at all. Another thing that is works on infections is salt – the same ratio as baking soda to water. It’s what our ancestors used before antibiotics. For you skeptics – If your not open to new ideas, what are you doing on here – go to your doctors. It’s not that we don’t go (I did – two in fact), but many of our fellow men are too poor to go or are fed up with the drugs the doctors dole out or can’t wait until next week for an appointment. Doctors nowadays aren’t interested in finding cures, unlike those of yesteryear, because that would put a halt to their money machine. Thus the boom in natural medicine!

  • Scott

    I’m just wondering who the 1st moron was that tried urine in the eye thing and what thought provoked them to think that it’d work. “Hmmm, I have pink eye. Lemme just piss in my eye and see if that’ll work. If not, I guess I’ll have to try some gasoline next. Surely something has to make it go away”. Lol. Sheesh!

  • annette

    i have had bacterial pink eye and my son also just recently warm salt water is great for the pain and reduces the redness and also kills the infection it needs to be boil first so the water is sterile it worked great for me as for my son he used antibiotics not taking chances there as for the urine yes it sounds disgusting but my niece had pink eye when she was 18mos and her pediatrician suggested it and it cleared up her eye and no you do not pee in someones face it is suggested the you use a clean cloth and slightly dip it in the urine and rub on a closed eye along the eyelashes from corner to corner because fresh urine in a cup is sterile and actually it is helpful when nothing else is working and you cant afford a doctor and unless you are carrying and std or have some type of bladder infection you’ll be fine

  • lora

    Good Lord this is some of the craziest stuff I have seen…Just for the record putting urine in your eyes WILL not cure pink eye. A viral infection CANNOT be cured with baby shampoo, breast milk or urine. Don’t put hot or warm salt water in your eyes. Go to a doctor, and for goodness sake don’t do these things to your child. If you do not have or cannot afford a doctor’s visit go to the health department in your area, find a free clinic, or go to the ER if you must, but use common sense when dealing with your health, especially the health of your child.

  • Abe K

    Collodial Silver. 20 ppm 1 drop in the infected eye and it will be gone within 1 hour max. I have seen it done at least 6 or 7 times in different people. Doesnt sting or hurt.

  • bleedinheart

    I have never been on here before but was looking for some tips on pink eye. I have been to the doctor and the eye drops do not seem to be working. My eyes are itching so bad, I want to scrub them. I had to try something so I tried the warm salt water. I did 4 oz. water and 1 tablespoon sea salt. I used a q-tip rubbed outside my eyes first, then in the inside corners.(it stung only slightly)Nothing compared to the itching! Then I dropped a couple drops into my eyes from the q-tip. Rolled my eyes around and made sure I got the salt water everywhere. The itching has stopped and my eyes feel much better! Thanks so much for this suggestion.

  • Julie

    OMG. You people are hilarious and I too have had a good laugh, but seriously – as previously stated go to the Dr. or at least call your Dr. Sometimes they will call you in a rx. If it’s your child – bring them in. I hate pinkeye!!!!!!

  • Alyssa

    Ok, this is all insane!! First of all, I see everybody typing “go to the doctor” which is so impractical! Not everybody can afford to run to the doctor every time they have an irritated eye! I would imagine that you are the people who take your kid to the doctor for a sneeze or a runny nose!? Shame on you!! You do not have to run to your doctor for every little thing! I work as an MA in a Dr.s office and it is so ridiculous to see all of you people in there for such simple stuff. Also, while putting urine in your eye is probably not a good idea, urine is completely STERILE and isn’t going to cause an infection. Also, shame on you people who are trying to discourage the suggestions of home remedies! Antibiotics really are not that great for you, they kill ALL kinds of bacteria in your body, even the good kinds that your body NEEDS! Antibiotics should not be yur first choice! Many home remedies work very well, I choose to use many home remedies for myself and my children. The baby shampoo is not a bad idea, it actually works very well! Collodial silver can be very painful and can cause severe stinging. Salt water, milk, tea and coffee can be soothing as well. I’ve never heard of using any form of alcohol, and I’m sure that it stings terribly, so use your head and don’t try it on your child. Obviously, just do your research on any remedy you’d like to try. You could even just call your doc and run it by them, they’ll let you know if it’s ok to try it. You could probably even just call up a local pharmacy and ask if they’ve ever heard of the remedy you’d like to try. Most importantly, pay no attention to the people who are bad-mouthing home remedies, people used all kinds of home remedies before doctors were even around and surprise, surprise, humans are still on the planet! Also, many meds you can get from a doc don’t always treat the infection, they treat only the symptoms. Natural cures and home remedies are spreading in population, so it’s so simple, do your research and use common sense!

  • shellerz

    well i recently got pink eye and it’s not that bad right now, but it is extreamly sensitive to light. Can anyone tell me why that is and what could i do to help my eye and not have it get any worse?

  • cathy

    Get a grip! there are published books about urine remedies and benefits. Research has be done. READ about it.



  • Tracy

    Ok, i’m not sure what to do for my 3 yr old’s pink eye, but you can be damn sure I won’t be putting urine or booze in her eye!! Who came up with this brainiac idea?? And don’t tell me that it is doctor recomended, bollocks! NO DOCTOR ANYWHERE WOULD RECOMEND THIS! Putting diluted salt water in an adult eye is harsh, let alone a child’s – I happen to love my daughter (and her eyes), so taking her to the doc is the only sensible solution. And so what if there is a script ordered, that is what insurance is for! Also, the aloe sounds good, but for an adult – no child is going to sit still long enough to put anything IN the eye. It’s hades just rinsing the shapmoo out, and that’s in hair. Just call the doc – most pede docs (or their nurse) will be cool enough to talk about it with you over the phone before scheduling a visit. Most times the doc/nurse will suggest a few home remedies before a script is needed. Please just check with a healthcare PROFFESIONAL before trying these idiot suggestions. Just because someone’s claiming to have 4 kids or saying that some off the wall thing is homeopathic and it REALLY WORKED, doesn’t mean that it is gospel. DUH PEOPLE!!

  • Cameron

    Ohh my gosh. I’ve been staying home from school with my mother for six days because i had a sore throat and now pink eye. im pretty sure its pink eye cuz i got it after a cold, got that gross pus stuff, and my eyes are red and itchy. my mom says it’ll go away on its own but i REALLY wanna go to the doctor. UGH! i’ll definately try the warm towel over my eyes and keep doing the over the counter eye drops. i might try the tea bags too. (not so sure bout the urine) haha, so just wanted 2 say thanks for all these tips…hopefully i can go 2 school tomorrow!!!!!!! (and the ONLY reason i wanna go is to see a hot guy) 😀

  • MedleyMom

    I just tried the chamomile tea bag on my 5 year old’s eye. Let’s hope it works, bless his heart… he just doesn’t want to sit still. I will post after I get results!

  • Sam Taylor

    I find witch hazel (chemist bought distilled ) is great, just apply to a cotton wool pad and then hold in place, make sure you put enough on the pad that it can drip into your eye too, it works wonders. Please make sure you buy the distilled witch hazel from a chemist to ensure it has no irritants added! witch hazel also great for bruises , itchy rashes and if you have a pet with a skin complaint water down the witch hazel and place in a spray bottle for ease and it is brilliant!

  • Albert

    Boric acid eyewash seems to work well for me in the past.It works on both pinkeye and allergy eyes as well. Also a saltwater solution works as well. I only speak on what I’ve done personally, and I don’t know about any other home remedies. But I do know that Johnson & Johnson does not put a “numbing agent”(SMH) in their No Tears baby shampoo,they’ve adjusted the ingredients so that the shampoo no longer stings the eyes. Now as far as for a home remedy I can’t speak on it. Really people numbing agent!?! (smh again.)

  • pinkeyehaver

    I have pink eye and i put salene solution in my eye like eye drops or soft contact mousturizer it works well and leaves your eyes refreshed lea

  • Misaki

    I got pink eye after I was ill and I tried the warm salt water thing, It works well, I did it before I went to sleep and when I woke up the itching wasnt so bad and the redness had died down! (although my pink eye wasnt very severe)

  • Carolyn

    People.People! Listen. While I would NEVER agree to the fresh urine, there are probably properties IN the urine that soothe or cure the pink eye. But yoy shouldn’t have peed in the road in the first place! (Never mind if you’re young – you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.) ANY WAYS as a NURSE in a long term care unit, I can tell you that the docs have been prescribing baby shampoo scrubs for YEARS for eye crud and assorted eye troubles. IT WORKS. The reaction you see is the fact that people don’t like to have ANYTHING placed in their eyes. I came here to find herbal remendy for my uninsured son (too old to be on my insurance any more) Now we COULD go on and discuss why my son can’t get insurance OR discuss how SOME of the ancient and not so long ago ideas that REALLY worked no matter HOW bizzare they were. Leeches anyone? Now run along and have a nice day everybody 🙂

  • TJ

    I reluctantly took the advise of my nurse and tried the “tear-free” shampoo remedy. In hindsight, I’d have rather squeezed a lemon in my eye then urinated in it. I don’t recommend it. A couple drops of my son’s last pink-eye medication did the trick.

  • Joel

    I’m going to keep trying the honey in warm water mix my left eye seems to be feeling better. If not I’ll go to the baking soda water mix.

  • ..pinkeyesux..

    my bestfriends sweet sixteen is tomorrow i would love to go but pink eye is horrible..i tried black tea bag soak and the warm salt water but it doesnt seem to work..granted only tried it once and if i didnt see immediate relief i stopped using it…but i would like to know if after trying it one time it would show any difference or if i have to do these remedies many times in order to showimprovment.. also i dont want to be putting things in my eyes all day.. help a teen girl out!!

  • fallenangel1222

    i have had pink eye a few different times and the last two times i’ve had it i’ve tried Similasan which is an otc pink eye relief…it helps relieve symptoms but doesn’t cure it so i tried soft contact lens solution…..omg it works wonders. the painful itching burning is so much better and no more yucky crusty boogers from the eye.

  • disneymama

    Tear free baby shampoo is an effective method. To all of those who are saying not to use it I can’t understand how you would want to subject your children or yourselves to remedies that sting. I suffered from blocked tear ducts as a infant/child and would frequently get pink eye in both eyes. My pediatrician and opthamologist both told my mom to use tear free baby shampoo to keep my eyes clean. The numbing agent keeps you from wanting to rub it. I have used it on all three of my girls and all 10 of my nieces and nephews have had their eyes cleaned by their parents. Always call the doctor for eye issues. I have never heard the breastmilk cure but it seems reasonable but keeping the eye clean is always a good choice no matter what remedy you use. Warm water and tear free shampoo helps easily open an eye that is stuck closed in the mornings.

  • Mimi

    Ohh my gosh. I’ve been staying home from school with my mother for six days because i had a sore throat and now pink eye. im pretty sure its pink eye cuz i got it after a cold, got that gross pus stuff, and my eyes are red and itchy. my mom says it’ll go away on its own but i REALLY wanna go to the doctor. UGH! i’ll definately try the warm towel over my eyes and keep doing the over the counter eye drops. i might try the tea bags too. (not so sure bout the urine) lol, so just wanted 2 say thanks for all these tips…hopefully i can go 2 school tomorrow!!!!!!! (and the ONLY reason i wanna go is finals are today nd i missed them) 😐

  • Maria

    Coffee does work. My mom used it on me as a child & 30yrs later my eyes still healthy. I use it on my kids. Its called home remedies. Im not saying they all work but if u dnt believe in it dnt use it & go 2 ur Dr.that simple.

  • Angela

    The reason urine was mentioned is because it actually does work for athlete’s foot. ANY doctor will tell you that urinating on your feet while in the shower HAS in fact been proven to get rid of athlete’s foot. Now, with that being said, there is a HUGE difference between your feet and your EYEBALLS. There is also a HUGE difference between a fungus (which is what athlete’s foot is) and a virus (one type of conjunctivitis), or especially between a fungus and bacteria (another cause of conjuctivitis). Viral conjuctivitis symptoms can be treated through various home remedies, or over the counter medications. Just as with any virus, there is no cure for viral conjuctivitis. It must run it’s course. Allergy spawned conjuctivitis can be treated with antihistamines and eye washes. BACTERIAL conjuctivitis will NOT and I repeat NOT go away on it’s own. It is a bacteria and bacteria is a living organism that quickly multiplies and spreads. The only effective measure in killing bacteria in your eye is through antibiotic eye drops, which as we all SHOULD know, can not be obtained over the counter. Breast milk is the ONLY logical home remedy listed for bacterial conjunctivitis BECAUSE breast milk is packed FULL of…ANTIBIOTICS.

  • Gary Sellars

    I got pink eye and went to the local pharmacy and was told a doctor’s visit and a prescription was the remedy and it angered me to think that the medical profession is so perverse that they would charge close to $100 to eliminate a small infection and I prayed, “Lord, show me how to eliminate this. I drove home and saw my neighbor had a visitor in his driveway and walked over and said, “Do either of you know what to do for pink eye? The visitor said, “A pinch of boric acid in a quart of warm water and wash your eye with it. If it burns, you have too much boric acid.” I did what she said and it started improving immediately. I washed it several times over the next couple of days and it cleared up.

    It’s obvious to me that the colloidal silver would be a good idea if one has it and there were a couple of other ideas that surprised me, like the breast milk, but was confirmed by enough people that I believe it.

    The worst advice that I read wasn’t urine, it was “go to the doctor.” For the women that freaked out over the urine and answered with “Go to the doctor,” my response is, “Do you know what the doctor is going to prescribe to you when you say “Doctor, I’m having hot flashes”? He’s not going to recommend a male’s urine in your eye, he’s going to recommend pregnant mare’s urine for you to take BY MOUTH! Please explain how the reader’s suggestion, which was free, was so much worse than the doctor’s advice, for which he will charge you. Your lack of perspective would be puzzling if it weren’t for the fact that I already know that millions of people are complete mental zombies once “Doctor” speaks.

    Did you never hear, “Dead doctors don’t Lie”? It was an audio tape circulated years ago. If you haven’t heard it, you should. Have you ever heard, “If you want to live, stay away from hospitals”? The last place I’d tell anyone to go is to the doctor and there are 100,000 dead people a year killed by doctors in America alone to provide abundant proof that trusting doctors is stupid.

    Do I hate doctors? No, and I don’t hate whores or pedophiles either, but I don’t send people to any of them. What exactly is it that makes a doctor’s motives any better than a used car saleman’s or a prostitute’s? If your answer is “nothing,” you’re exactly right. Every hear the expression, “He practices medicine”? The reason doctors practice is that they don’t have it right yet and they never will, because in their arrogance, they see themselves as the authority and not God, but that’s the second reason. The FIRST REASON is that they only have two options — cut on you or drug you. Now, when you consider the drugs with which they’re drugging you and their side effects, and the drug companies motivations, manipulations, influence and control, you’ll begin to see the main reason for what’s wrong with the medical profession.

    Next time you’re in a hospital, check to see how many Christian TV stations they have on their TV. The number of Christian TV stations they have is directly related to how much regard they give the One who could help them help people.

    Books can be and have been written about the poor medical answers (drugs and surgery) when there are an abundance of practical and effective solutions for many many problems but the doctor won’t tell you. If confronted, he’ll claim he doesn’t know, but he won’t tell you that he doesn’t want to know because he doesn’t make any money from you if you find a simple working remedy and don’t need to pay him hundreds and/or thousands of dollars to drug you or cut you.

    Please remember — I don’t hate doctors and I don’t hate pedophiles. I just have no use for either of them.

  • Liz =]

    Ok..I’m in need of serious help here….my 4 year old little sister got pink eye. So, I’m trying to help my mom out by finding ideas…PLEASE somebody…We are in DESPERATE need of ideas…

  • HerbalGirl

    It saddens me to see how much we’ve lost touch with herbal and home remedies, and the bona fide FEAR (and judgements) at the very idea of healing oneself. Modern day medicine is almost entirely chemically derived laboratory matter. Do you really think that biological, natural conditions can only be cured with synthesized chemical junk? How do you think people cured pink eye in the days BEFORE there was a massive amount of money to be made in the pharmaceutical industry? Can you think of a single example in history where someone was cited as having lost their vision because of conjunctivitis? No. Do your research, learn a little something and make an educated call based on your comfort level. You don’t need to pump yourself or your kid full of chemical crap all the time to kill an infection when nature has provided all kinds of herbs and plants that have antibiotic properties such as goldenseal, echinacea or garlic. Pharmaceuticals are new developments but people cured themselves of things before they existed. And yes, you can say that life spans are longer today, yadda yadda yadda but the incident of cancer and other fatal diseases has also skyrocketed. You don’t ever wonder if there might be a link between all the funky synthesized chemicals we take as “medicine” and the mutant cell disease called cancer?


    Read a book.

    Learn about natural and herbal medicine. It’s very powerful.

    Spend less time judging everyone’s suggestions and more time expanding your knowledge base. You’d be surprised how much truth there is in the things mentioned on this thread.

  • gerry

    ok i really need some advise here my two and three year old got pink eye its not that severe but they keep getting eye buggies and wont stop itching the dr gave me the gel cream ERYTHROMYCIN OPHTH OITMENT its not doing the trick please help!!

  • Linda

    My second baby got conjunctivitis and passed it on to the entire family. I treated everyone with breastmilk, and it was amazingly effective – one treatment was enough! Fresh breastmilk is a living tissue and actively fights infection. It was instantaneously soothing and we were all fine the next day. Marvellous stuff!

    I am here looking for something to use on my cat – the cream that the vet gave me has helped a bit, but she still isn’t OK. Trying to apply cream under her eyelids is a nightmare, so I am going to try something else. A cat person suggested chamomile tea, which others have mentioned here, so I’ll try that.

  • Someone ;)

    I have it right now and it stinks last friday i got a sorethrout/headache/ aches and fever cold, then all my symptoms went into my head, with a fever and a stuffy nose, sore throught and a cough and a sinus headache Im going to the doctors tomorow about my pink eye…cause i dont really trust all the ideas on here It seems there has been alot of descusion about it!

  • Take it with a grain of salt

    I’m hardly the kind of person on a first name basis with the folks down at the local health food store –the scent of patchouli oil makes me gag and I’m pretty sure I have at least 5 different types of Tylenol all claiming to do different things (but all oddly listing the same ingredients) kicking around in my medicine cabinet, but I’m surprised at the vitriol coming from the “go see a doctor” crowd here. Sure, I’m all for calling your doctor, health practitioner or local pharmacist and running a suggested cure past him or her before you try it (and especially before trying them on kids!), but a lot of the suggestions I’ve read here make complete sense. I’m Canadian so it doesn’t cost me much (besides time off work and inconvenience) to see a doctor, but I feel a bit of a social responsibility not to run to one when I have something that can easily be cured by a home remedy or something I can pick up (for much less) at the drug store. I’ve had two incredible maternity doctors and two different nurse practitioners (on top of tons of friends who’ve tried it) tell me about the breast milk cure–in fact, I’ve read that advice in a number of books written by doctors who were by no means “health nuts.” I’ve tried it on myself and my son (twice for him) and it worked like a charm. I’m all for healthy skepticism when it comes to experimenting on our eyes, but I’m a little put off by the holier-than-thou attitudes I’ve seen from the “go to your doc” crowd…are you people sheep? I’ve worked for the Ministry of Health in my Province for years and we have put out a campaign every fall for morons who continue to take antibiotics without question every year–not only are you are lowering your body’s ability to fight off infection by continuing to run for antibiotics before researching other viable cures, you are actually a huge part of why we’re seeing super-bugs that are resistant to antibiotics…so if common sense doesn’t get to you, perhaps a little social responsibility might. Don’t ask your doc–he may be accepting kick-backs from some Pharmaceutical company–ask a nurse who’s been around the block. I am fortunate to have had some really good docs who strike the right balance between pharmaceuticals and natural remedies. Don’t dismiss something just because you have to buy it in a place that smells like incense–just do some homework =)

  • jamie


    Shampoo- No You are still burning their eyes, they just can’t feel it since it contains a numbing agent. Bad idea!!

    As for the rest, I don’t thik I even need to say no.

  • lorrie


  • Pamm

    I personally would NOT use human waste (urine) in my eyes – not only is it gross, but it is an irritant to the skin and eyes. Why would you want to further irritate your eyes? Makes no sense to me!
    If you really don’t want to go to the doctor, use honey, either raw or organic – not fake honey! It must be the REAL DEAL! You can either dilute it with a bit of water and drop in your eye or I prefer to just put a dab on the indside lower lid. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and has been found in some cases to work better that traditional “medicinal” antibiotics! I have used it in my own eyes, my son’s and my dog’s!

  • christina

    Ok so the baby shampoo thing everyone complains about-really? How in the world do you wash your babys face? You can get baby soap in your eyes and it doesn’t sting so why is everyone so against it? Do you not wash your babys face? Get over yourself and your rude comments-why are you even on this website anyway? I have tried the tea bag remedy and it does work. I will try the babysoap remedy for myself tonight.

  • chilenoman

    Boil water place a regular black tea bag in the cup; let sit and clean your eye.

  • HELP


  • LakeSuzanne

    They say laughter is the best medicine~so thanks MR.HELP for making me burst out loud once more while reading this thread; MR.WTF’s post had me rolling on the floor. Perhaps the home remedy needed here is a grain of salt. Let’s summarize this thread–it really does have an incredible cadre of remedies.
    As always, use common sense…putting 80+proof alcohol [tequila/vodka] on ANYTHING is going to 1)BURN LIKE HELL & 2)ACT AS ANTI-BACTERIAL . The plebotomist swabs your arm with alcohol to sterilize the site prior to venipuncture [sticking a needle in you to draw your blood]. If you’re in survival mode in the middle of East Egypt it might be all you’ve got [along with urine – which for the record is sterile, UNLESS of course you have an active bacterial infection in your bladder or urinary tract.]


    1. HOT COMPRESS place washcloth in microwave for 20 seconds for a steaming hot cloth to dissolve and decrustify
    2. TEA BAGS

  • LakeSuzanne

    Laughter is the best medicine ~ so thank you MR.HELP and MR.WTF [or Ms.] Both of your posts had me rolling on the floor. REALLY GUYS? REALLY? SNL should consider using your material for weekend update. And thanks to everyone who helped to give a balanced perspective on remedies that are 3000 years old versus 30 or 60. I’ve picked up a few new remedies-that may come in handy if I find myself in the middle of East Egypt with only a fifth of Tequila, a lemon, a full bladder and very itchy crud-filled eyes. Suffice it to say, when you put 80+proof alcohol on any mucous membrane it will 1)BURN LIKE HELL and 2) ACT AS an ANTI-BACTERIAL [think about the lab tech swabbing your forearm prior to sticking a needle in to draw blood]. Fair to say the old-time remedy needed here is, perhaps, a grain of salt. Thank you all for your contributions–the result is a balanced perspective on the best home remedies on the planet.


    TEABAGS CHAMOMILE preferably but any TEABAGS will do
    WITCH HAZEL [without any additives]
    SALINE SOLUTION [the kind used with contact lenses] or SALINE DROPS
    J&J TEAR-FREE Baby Shampoo

    IF AFTER 24 hrs YOUR EYES ARE EITHER 1] not improved OR 2] worse –>
    probability is high that you have a bacterial infection in which case the above remedies will render temporary comfort, but not treat the CAUSE of the INFECTION. 😀

  • Robyn

    my daughter woke me up in the middle of the night with a bad case of pink eye do u think trying several diffrent of these tips would work ok we have no insurance and payday is 3days away

  • Rosina

    Polysporine for pink eye, no persciption needed.

  • nicole

    childrens shampoo does not have a numbng adjent it doesnt sting because eyes have a pH of 3 and so does the shampoo- it is an acid-not an alkaline u idiot

  • Rain

    For two days I have been using breast milk for my pink eye, once or twice daily. It is just about gone. I also used Chamomile tea bags for the pain, it did really good.

  • cameo

    use baby shampoo ,water vineqar , tea bags

  • jen

    R u ppl ignorant?? These idiots keep saying not to use baby shampoo when
    Even a doctor will tell you to use it? So now you people know better then even a doctor. So apparently we shouldn’t got to doctors either. I have 5 kids and hve NEVER gone to the doctors for pink eye. There is so many people that are constantly running to a doctor for every little thing when there is no need to waste the tme or money. If u dips don’t like our remedies keep your mouths shut go spend a few hundred bucks to see a doctor!! Don’t come to sites like these where people like me have been using these remedies that DO work for yrs. You sound ignorant!
    Your on a site for natural remedies and then tell ppl to go to a doctor?
    Seriously get a clue.. btw I wouldn’t use the urine voldka or lemon. You shouldn’t put acidic things in your eyes bad idea!!

  • Jack and Jill

    I have to say these are some pretty funny posts here but I’m sure theres a simple explanation for why there are so many cures: The most common types of pink eye are caused by viruses and allergies which will just run their course and cure by themselves. Home remedies can be used to alleviate the symptoms. The other type of pink eye is caused from bacteria which an antibiotic is needed to kill. Please do your research and use good judgement before attempting to be your own doctor.

  • mamabear76

    Any of you people heard of Walmart, as far as I know, there is one in just about every town in America. I live in Montana and we have lots of them. If not there is the internet, all you got to do is point and click. The baby shampoo might work and the tea bags and the milk, but the rest of you need HELP!!! Similasan pink eye relief works great, costs about $6 – $10 depending on where you go. Anytime someone I know has a pink eye, or their kids have pink eye, I tell them to go buy some. Everytime I have used it the pink eye was gone in less than 24 hours. My Doctor even recomends it to his other patients, because it works better than most Rx meds. You are on here for children, are you really going to take advice from people that are telling you to use alcohol on your childrens eyes, and those that suggested to use urine, OMFG really, please tell me you don’t have children. If you do, will you please stop being STUPID.

  • Tae

    Honey has antibacterial properties. So does salt, vinegar, garlic, and a host of other items found in your larder or herb garden. They have benn scientifically proven. Remember that most doctorshave many debts to pay, so they tend to order more expensive options, not necessarily the most effective treatment. Salt water is the same as saline eye drops. It just doesn’t have preservatives or any other junk. Yes, alcohol is an antibacterial too, but I still wouldn’t recommend putting it in your eye. Nor vinegar, or urine for that matter, though both have antibacterial properties. It would hurt too much, especially for a child. Remember the old axiom: “Don’t knock it till you tried it.” Just because you don’t want to do it to yourself or child, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means YOU think it won’t. Please people, especially the doubting Thomases, do your research before you try or put down any remedy.

  • Confused

    Ok,after reading all these tips I am really confused. I have pink eye which I believe is viral since I have been sick with a cold, fever etc… all week. It is a Saturday morning (no doctors office open) and I have a neighborhood block party in 9 hours at my house. There are so many remedies listed here that I have no idea which ones to try. BUT I will say, that I WILL NOT judge anyone because of their remedies. A lot of you are very judgemental and speak as if you know more than everyone else. How would you know if a “home remedy” is ridiculous unless you have tried it? Don’t judge! Everyone is different and some things may work for some while not for others. I have to admit, I am one who usually would head to the doctors for pink eye because I am just to busy to actually do research for anything else. However, I have found lately that my family and I have been running to the doctors way too often for little things and it really is racking up the co-payments. And of course, the doctor will want a “follow-up” visit just to check on you…..NOT! I refuse to pay a co-payment just for him to say “yup, pink-eyes gone”. I’ll try some of these remedies first. Yes, the urine in the eye really did gross me out and that is why I, myself would not try that. But I don’t judge people who have tried it or are willing to try it. As for everyone else with all the negative comments and insisting on going to the doctors. Why are you on a “home remedy” website when you already have your mind made up to go to the doctors? Don’t judge, people!

  • lizzie

    Riveting reading that this site was – I felt inclined to add my own quick story.
    Child had very obvious case of single eye pink eye – taken to Drs for antibiotics (usually allergic pink eye and viral would be in both eyes). After 2 days on Ocuflox (really strong antibiotics) eye cleared up beautifully. Both eyes treated as a precaution for full 7 days (drops ran out at the time).
    24 hours later initial eye bright red AGAIN ~ WOW. Dr doesn’t want to repeat prescription in case it is “misdiagnosed” – now there is an idea!!!!!
    I shall be trying sodium bicarb/H20 and playing the watching game for 24 hours!
    BTW washing the eyelids with “no tears” baby shampoo (diluted with water in the palm of the hand) is a great way to treat and sooth blepharitis – which is actually often mistaken for pink eye………… Good Luck

  • pinkyeyed

    Thanks for all the comments and the laughter! I’m going to try the chamomile tea because I know that is safe and have used it before for other things. However, you folks that keep talking about J&J Baby Shampoo NOT burning have obviously never put any in your own eyes! I did before my child was born, and it burned like hell!! Baby Magic Shampoo is the only one I have found that does not burn at all, and I have used that for over 20 years for washing my face and eyes because of my blepharitis.

    My eye is bothering me, and although I know urine is sterile, I’m not ready to piss in my own eye, at least not literally. I think the breast milk idea is great; unfortunately we don’t all have a supply of that available…

    I’m not crazy about doctors either, especially when they only have to have a 50% GPA to pass their tests (That’s an “F”, ok?) but they have their uses, and if my child had pus running out of his eye, I would definitely believe it was bacterial in nature and at least see what a doctor could offer as help if I could afford to; and even if I couldn’t, I don’t mess around with my child’s health. If it wasn’t all full of pus; I’d try chamomile and the Baby Magic first. Salt will kill the infection, sure, but it will burn and I sure wouldn’t use anything like that on a kid.

    As to the alcohol remedies: Seems to me that a large enough dosage taken internally will stop the itching and in any case, one would not care if they had pink eye or not.

  • Cyntha White

    has anyone tried a scrap a raw potato. I have and it works, got the ideal from my husband and brother in-law they would get welder burns
    from welding and used this method and it would work for them so I tried it on Pink eye on my infant daughter and myself. you put it on when you go to bed close your eye and have someone to scrap the inside of a raw potato and cover your eye keep on over night and wash off the next morning all i can say it work for me draws out the infection. wasn’t able to breast feed. my sister was and she used breast milk when her babies had colds in their eyes yellow or green stuff

  • bajanut

    Well, after reading all the remedies, recommendations and comments here, I wanted to try something natural first before going to the doctor, since my conjunctivitis (dislike the name “pink eye”) didn’t seem too severe. Plus I don’t have medical insurance so I wanted to try something natural before making the expense . . . Well, I tried the chamomile tea in a dropper, as well as the baby shampoo and the salt water, did not tried the breast milk since i assumed is a remedy you cannot find in your local walgreens or cvs supermarket nor the internet ??? (maybe you can, since you can find almost anything there, but didn’t try), and urine . . . well that is plain disgusting. Anyhow . . it seemed like every time i tried something different, I infuriated the bacteria more and more, because it was getting worse and worse until today, when i got up this morning, I could not even open my eye. so I decided not only going to a doctor but an ophthalmologist, to get the goood ol’ antibiotic drops plus an more in depth inspection of my eye . . . hey! I only have one pair and can’t afford to loose one. . . . .
    Soooo all I am saying is, it didn’t work for me, it may work for some people, but don’t be stubborn, be smart and if remedies do not work, antibiotics are out there, there is a reason why life expectancy of an adult has been extended since the days before Pasteur . .

  • Carol

    Just make sure you are dealing with pink eye. I woke up last sunday with a sore eye and when by monday I was so sore I couldn’t even open my eye, my hubby drove me to the chemist and he gave me stuff for pink eye which didn’t help at all so I went to my optometrist who found ulcers and sent me to the eye specialist/surgeon. I used the antibiotic drops he gave and when he phoned me 3 days later to check up and I told him my vision was still blurred another examination found the ulcers were clear but I had iritis, a different problem again and I was prescribed cortisone drops. A trauma to the eye can cause this and i suspect it was the ulcers! I’ve never taken an antibiotic in my life and don’t agree with them in general but I’m scared as they’re my eyes hey! But my naturopath friend told me about a urine and EM mix (probiotics) and I started using that as well. Not as daft as you think. Urine is sterile. I didn’t believe him so I’ve been looking on the net for about an hour and its an old Indian remedy connected to the age old practice of yoga, not just an old wives tale! So I’m using the antibiotic drops, cortisone drops and my pee mixture. So we’ll see (pardon the pun) Good luck, Carol 🙂

  • lucky me

    I get pink eye about 4 times a year and have found that home remedies work just as well, if not better, than anything a doctor has prescribed me. the key is to: CRY IT OUT. For those of you with children, I would suggest popping Bambi into the DVD player. For myself, I speed up the process by cutting up some garlic and rubbing the sliced side along the waterline of my bottom lid. Yes, it stings a lot. But it does make you cry! (Garlic is my choice since it also contains antibiotic & antibacterial benefits.)
    After your natural tears have washed out your eyes, it’s best to calm them down with a lukewarm bag of chamomile for 10 minutes. Repeat this as often as possible! About once every two hours, and you should wake up with clear eyes the next day. =)
    I also repeat the procedure once in the morning even if my eyes look great, just in case.

  • alternativemedicine

    Colloidal silver, not the stuff you make yourself, unless you have a PhD in Chemistry, the stuff that’s clear and 10 ppm, you can get it at any reputable Health food store or online. It works like a charm, tastes like water and doesn’t sting or cause any irritation. Works in the eye for pink-eye, styes, or any infection (few drops 3 x per day). Can be used in a mister and inhaled for sinus and chest infections (cured one I had for 3 weeks in a day and a half – if only I’d known about it sooner), use one squirt in each nostril 3x p.d. Placed topically for cuts, wounds, skin infections, lesions. And internally as you would an antibiotic 2 tsps 3 x p.d, half for children for first 3 days then 2x p.d for 2 days, 1x p.d for 2 days. You can quit as soon as the infection “appears” to be gone but I’d continue a couple of days after it seems to be gone, just to make sure. I always have a bottle on hand. It works on me, my kids and my animals, the latter of which don’t understand placebo effects. This hullabulloo about turning blue is crap and those it has happened to either made their own or took insidious amounts of the stuff. Nay-sayers, if you don’t have any concrete proof of whether or not this stuff works, keep your opinion to yourself. No-one wants to hear your thoughts they want to know what’s worked for you.
    Please don’t use any baby shampoo on babies’ heads let alone in their eyes. Johnson and Johnson the so-called “family company’s” baby products are a 5 out of 10, on cosmeticsdatabase.com (a free website that allows you to see the breakdown of skin/hair care products). Look at the ingredients, if you can’t pronounce it, do you really want to use it? Remember, anything you put on your body/skin you should be able to eat. Skin is a living organ and if you don’t feel right about ingesting it why would you put it on your skin or worse in your eye? If you want to use crap on your own skin, please don’t subject your kids to it, too. Ignorance is not an excuse, if you’re able to find this link you can find links to options on cleaner and more chemical free living. Remember, conventional medicine treats the symptom, not the cause, which is why more often than not, you need a repeat visit to the doctor. If you feel you must embark on a course of antibiotics, just remember to take probiotics as well. Good luck.

  • Ann

    Use saline water. its the best medicine.
    try it.
    it really works..

  • Aundrea K. :)

    I used the baby shampoo and it worked well. But seriously who in the right mind would put booze or effin pee in their own eye?? Like really some people need to uhh think straight lol. Also the bread and milk thing is really good too.

  • SillyPeople

    Please keep in mind that bacteria LOVES sugars. One person suggested putting sugar water in the eye… omg, that made me laugh it was such a bad idea.
    It has also been proven beyond a doubt that lemon juice from your kitchen also contains sugars and will feed bacteria faster than it will kill bacteria, to be useful you have to use an extract (and I do not mean a flavoring). I work in a laboratory and have seen what lemon juice can do because I wanted to test which would kill bacteria faster (lemon, colloidal silver, Amoxicillin, Penicillin G, and Cephalexin). The bacteria in fresh lemon juice grew four times faster than bacteria in standard agar based growth medium alone (the control group). Colloidal silver did hinder bacterial growth, but I would wonder what such a reactive metal would do to the soft tissue of your eyes.
    Honey, although it is a sugar, also has some anti-bacterial properties but I would not recommend it still, because it has sugars. I cannot vouch for most of what is listed here, but sugars are bad news for bacteria and would do nothing at all to virus or an allergy. As a matter of face, putting sugars in your eye could cause a bacterial infection on top of viral or allergic reaction if there was not one before.

  • jane


  • Adam

    Hey guys ive been looking at the tips and they seem quite out of hand, it might work but im just to scared to try it. Ive had pink eye for about 2 weeks, ive been wearing sunglasses to school. Ive made an appointment with my optometrist but its not anywhere soon, i was just hoping if i could get some answer to how long it takes to wait the pink eye off. This pink eye is very irritating and ruining my self confidence, i havnt talked to my main group of friends for 2 weeks because i dont want them to get infected and i dont want them to comment on my eye – i feel bad enough. So any advice on how to wait it off a little quicker, like maybe washing my eyes with warm, cold, or medium heated water? I dont know, please help me.

    – Adam

  • Tawanda

    I looked @ several sites 2day & I must say..HOME REMEDIES ROCK…2 tbs of HONEY in a half of coffee cup of warm water(to disolve)…mix well…i didnt have a dropper so i sterilized the nipple of a babys bottle..put a tbs in the nipple & squeezed in both eye about 3 drops over the course of this last hour…It stung like a bitch but this is the first time in 3 days my eyes dont have mucus in the ducts & is not itchy & no longer blood shot…IT TRULY WORKS…I am a nay sayer of crazy things…my mom is a RN & we never had pink eye(4 kids) amazingly but she told me that it works..so I tried it…YEAH ME… will keep doing over until it is all better!

  • Becca

    i am doing the salt remedy right now and it SOOOOOOO works! its stings a little and it takes a while and a lot of cotton balls balls but my swelling is practically gone!

  • thanks a lot

    I just want to say thanks to all of you who suggest and use home remedies…for walking around with active infections and spreading pink eye! Just because your eye isn’t pouring out gunk doesn’t mean you’re not contagious anymore, it just means you cleaned up the mess. Think about it: if all it took to avoid pink eye was staying away from people who don’t have puss oozing out of their faces, then many fewer people would get it. If you want to use home remedies, fine. I’m all for natural cures (except the urine one), but maybe you could at least consult a professional naturopath to find out how long you should use a particular remedy before condsidering yourself safe enough to go to work/school.

  • Joseph

    I have pinkeye on both my eyes and it sux.I could barely see and i looked on a lot of websites but they suck.I need HELP fast.

  • angie

    Okay, so i need to figure out how to get rid of pink eye without ggoing to the dr’s. i CAN’T let me dad know something is wrong with my eyes cause then he’ll blame it on my contacts -_____- i don’t blame them but its in one eye. i’ve tried the breastmilk so far ..i need something that will get rid of it before friday ! Please

  • silvia

    The chamomile tea bags. Do work as for dome peaple that read this just to get a laugh. Because you’re bored or maybe lonely your and idiot you know who you are you’re name starts. With the letter r no your rosina well hahahahh the jokes on you domeass person.

  • Ear Candler form Way Back !

    I recently had pink eye – so I shoved a lava hot iron rod into my eye and now – ta da – the pink eye’s gone !

    I’m now searching for home eye transplant surgery options.

    Happy Hunting 😉

  • Kimberly

    1. Similasan pink eye relief: available at a health food store, or the natural section of Fred Meyer, or at the drug store possibly in the eye drops section. They are homeopathic drops and are proven.

    2. To very very quickly reduce the swelling of pink eye, go to natural foods store and buy “Apis Mellifica” By “Boiron” in the little blue viles. they are pellets. Don’t follow the directions (it will most likely say it’s for beestings) but take them every 15 minutes for 2 hours)

    Google Apis Mellifica to learn about it.

  • momthestudent

    Well this isn’t exactly a tip but to the person that goes by WTF. You tell some of these people to go to the doctor and get a prescription, but you don’t stop and think that some of us can’t afford to go to a doctor, just to have them tell us what we already know. Also, some of us can’t afford the medicine that they prescribe for us, some of us don’t have that kind of money. Im sure glad that you do, and as for sitting there and putting us all down why don’t you stop and think about how you would feel if people done that to you…show a little respect. If you have a tip that you would like to submit then fine, submit it, but quit with the smarta** remarks..

  • okay:)

    WHOA. im 11 and im trying to find sumthin for my mom and i to use. she just went to the doc and got antibiotics but i told her we should use these remedies 1st. well,i beleive the pee thing works.not that ive tryed it though. ive been goin to skool anyways.im pretty sure we have a bacteria one bcuz theres a lot of colored discharge stuff in my eyeballs.soo i was wondering which one we should use ?

    plz help or else im just gonna try every one until its gone 🙂

  • Kii

    Can someone help meh please D: , i think i have pink eye but im not sure and im frickin scared of eye drops >.< so i dont wanna go to the doctors , which one of these methods worked best ? xx

  • Chrys

    You know, I was reading through these and came across several people complaining that people who need home remedies are rednecks. I would like to say that I need to use these because I cannot afford medical insurance nor doctor’s fees. I am not a redneck. I have a bachelor’s degree and my own business. However, I wear contacts and at least two times a year get a bacterial infection in my eye. To buy the medications like vigamox you have to have a prescription. Now granted I am not going to pee in my eye but I don’t see too much harm in “washing the infection” out of my eye with a cleanser. It isn’t like I am doing this everyday. It would be the one time and I have yet to go blind from accidentally getting shampoo in my eye when I take a shower. So, before you judge others maybe you should consider that not everyone is rich and can afford a 200 doctors visit and a 80 prescription.

  • Jack

    I have conjuncivitis in my left eye, and it drove me up the wall for 3 days. I finally found this website yesterday, and was really amused and apalled at some of these remedies. Being an old soldier, I love coffee and I have used baking SODA for upset stomach all my life. I’ll be 64 next month, Lord willing. stMy left eye was bugging me so bad, my son-in-law recommended a visit to the doctor. So, yesterday evening I decided to try the baking soda and H2O. IT WORKS!!! I also tried the coffee. Both remedies sting a mite, but Hey they worked for me. Like we used to say in the Army: “If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t Stupid!!”

  • janice

    If good old fashioned lipton tea does not help i agree with Christy. GO TO THE DOCTOR! ! !. The tea really helps ! ! Feel better.

  • Theda B.

    I’m surprised that there’s no mention of Neosporin. When I was a kid I caught the dreaded “pink eye” a few times. My mother found herself complaining to our old school pharmacist. He told her not to bother with doctors visits anymore. He advised us to pick up a tube of original Neosporin (not the kind w/ pain relief), and some eyewash that came with a cup. He advised me to put it in both corners of the affected eye up to 3x a day, and to wash the eye between applications… It worked. I have pink eye as of yesterday, and am at that treatment now. Woke up yesterday w/ eye glued shut, and saw the gook literally falling out of eye by mid-afternoon. Started treatment around 7pm… The redness is still at full force, but the gook has stopped, so the infection MUST be being fought. I think I may pick up Colloidal Silver, though, as I feel this MIGHT be viral….

  • Grandma B

    My suggestion is prevention is an ounce of cure. Good hand washing techniques is the way. I know it is hard with children, because their hands are always in their face. Boric acid wash worked with me when I was a child (about a hundred years ago!!!) but it really worked

  • plz listen

    I read all these comments… And id agree please do use herbs and natural remedies… Chemicals can be harsh and leave some damage… Then again it is understood doctors are not always available so do try simple things that most likely were used before doctors and then from there see if the eye seems to get worse… Then turn to cgemiclas… If u need a quivk remeydy usuallty natural thing hel… Bc just simply leaving it alone would help ift clear but it wuld take time so just look to something natural 😉

  • PinkEyeSucks

    Had no clue that I would be so entertained while seeking a home remedy for pink eye! I had a Dr., a few years ago, recommend the J&J shampoo. We had a Pediatrician recommend to just use warm water and a warm press for our son. She said the constant flush is whats needed to remove the toxin. I just informed my wife of some of the remedies that this site’s brain trust has recommended, she gladly offered her assistance with the urine treatment. I for now will stick with the shampoo!

  • You’re All idiots

    I like to tilt my head back and sprinkle salt directly on to my eye. It has nothing to do with pinkeye, I just love pain.

  • bunty


  • Ashley

    WOWWWW…I tried honey diluted in water…IT REALLY WORKS!…I have been using this remedy for a couple of days and I am AMAZED by the results..This was my first time getting the pink eye and I’m so glad I found this site. My pink eye is completely gone!Thank you Grandma Home Remedies and for all those advising this remedy….Thanks A Bunch!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Honey has POWERFUL antimicrobial properties….. 🙂

  • Rebekah

    I have had pink eye for the last two days and tried the salt water method. Although I’m sure many of these methods work, the salt water method was the only one I was willing to try. The salt water got rid of some of the red, but did not do much. I, like many others, did not want to make a doctors appointment, so I went to my local drugstore and bought Polysporin pink eyes drop medication. I started using them yesterday and my eyes look much better. Instead of searching for a method that will work and that will be safe, you can buy these eye drops for about $10, and they are a product you can trust.

  • Faby

    Dude I have pink eye now, Im so mad.. I have school in like 2 days what do i do.? Ughh im going to try lemon supposebly it works idk.????? And my eye itch so much i have blurry vision and it hurts its like my eyeball is lashing at me I NEED HELP.!!!!!!

  • Brandy

    Please do not place vodka in your eyes. It has been tried by the partying crowd and has sometimes resulted in loss of an eye due to terrible swelling and inner eye pressure, I hear, and possible rupture of the orb itself.
    On the other hand, I am amazed that people think a mild salt water solution stings or burns. Have you ever tasted your own tears? If you fill your eye with tap water, wouch! It stings pretty good and feels quite irritated afterward. On the other hand, many eye drops including “natural tears” eye drops are often buffered with saline, so they rinse the eye gently. please research carefully before you apply salty (saline) water to your eyes, to be sure the salt is not dangerously strong. Also, infected eyes may sting more if you apply natural tears or any other thing to your eyes. These are your only set of eyes. Be careful and judicious in what you put in them. If I were nursing a baby today I would like to try the breastmilk idea. I am really considering the honey right now for myself, but will read up on it a bit more too. Hope you do the same. Kind regards to all of you.

  • gregory

    Relief tip! I have a bad case of pinkeye and it feels like i have a boulder in my eye. I read that this is common and the irritation comes from the upper eyelid, and especially the edge of the eyelid, so on a hunch, I tried the old eyelid cleaning trick of pulling the upper eyelid out and down over the lower one and voila, as long as i kept it there, I had relief. So I got some medical paper tape and taped the upper eyelid in this position by running a small piece of tape from the eyelid down to my cheek. I have almost complete relief, without meds, and stopping the irritation to the eyeball can’t be bad! I take it off at night, since my eyes are closed anyway…

  • josephine

    Tea bags help! I don’t no if it will kill the infection (my husbands eyes look a lot better) and I’m not waiting to find out. He’s going to the Dr. Tomorrow.

  • Tweeder3550

    love the chamomile. 1/2 hour, warm water, bag on the eyes and feeling so much better. Really hoping for a clear eye tomorrow….I’ll keep doing it through out the day 🙂

  • The Voice of Reason

    There are several types of pink eye:
    ALLERGIC — red eye, no crusties
    VIRAL — watery goop
    BACTERIAL — lots of yellow/green goop

    Antibiotics only work on bacterial. You need to soothe the eye until it runs its course for the first two, and soothing the eye for the third is always nice.

    Baby shampoo and salt water can certainly go in the eye: go wash your hair or swim in the ocean, if you don’t believe me.

    Breastmilk is truly amazing and is an excellent cure-all for skin and eye issues. Mommas have it for many reasons. It is alive and only one job is nourishment, it also kills nasties that aren’t supposed to be there. Try it on bug bites and diaper rash too, amazing stuff.

    But seeing as I’m no longer lactating, I’m going to go with the saline rinse (salt). Might try the honey rinse too. I wouldn’t say no way to the urine, but with other options, don’t think I would go that route. Tea bags would be a nice soothing compress too.

  • Barry McKokinner

    I hate pink eye, but does anyone have a cure for brown eye? I’ve had one for as long as I can remember…

  • chrissy


  • mommyrmt

    I believe that most doctors have been programed to write prescriptions and were definitely not taught to look outside the box. I have very little faith in the medical system these days and have chosen to take my health and that of my children’s in my own hands and try to find natural ways of fighting off day to day ailments. If ur instinct is to run to the doc to get meds everytime something minor comes up, then you have no idea what chemical garbage is in these meds or that they can have very serious side effects. As for baby shampoo…well google the ingredients…you’ll see the harmful preservatives found in these types of products. My 4 year old has pink eye and I have been using honey as an anti bacterial…It does sooth the eye but I do believe it is viral…which means it must run it’s course. The Department of Health wants to scare you out of all these home remedies because they are cheap and cannot be patented….in other words the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off it. Urine to cure pink eye….seems a little extreme to me, I think I’ll put my money on the tea bags first and see how that works out!!!

  • lostsoulhaven

    I just love how all these people are saying OMG go to the doctor….pink eye was cured by american indians before your doctors and antibiotics. And do some research before you tell people that their crazy most of these alternative remedies are proven.

  • Bryan

    I really love the idiots that say salt water should not go into the eyes. UMMM — SALINE anyone??? LMAO

  • Spider

    I get allergic pink eye this time of year every year, and it sucks!!!! For all those people who say, “Go to the doctor,” let me just say: Sometimes that’s just not an option. The first time I got pink eye, I went to the doctor. I don’t have insurance, so everything was out of pocket, and we tried 3 different eyedrops, only to find out I was allergic to all of them. So I’m looking for something that I can do that I’m not allergic to, something that’s not going to make it worse. I’m even allergic to the over-the-counter eyedrops and the homeopathic eyedrops. Right now, I’m trying the honey because I’m not allergic to honey. I’m allergic to salt, too.

  • smart person

    ReMember everyone, your diet during treatment will also effect the effectiveness of remedies, as we must supply our bodies with tools to work with internaly.

  • diggity

    apply athletes foot spray directly to infected eyeball, rinse with vodka, then pee in it,cured my pinkeye in one day

  • i hate pink eye

    i have pink eye and i just just put in some contact solution i am a teenage girl and when your a teen who wants to go out with an infected eye or anybody for that matter so far the solution is working great and whoever said putting pee in your eye helps that is straight up nasty i would never do that!! hopefully my eye will be back before school monday!! awesome tips

  • Diane

    I just put breast milk into my son’s eyes who woke up with really bad pink eye and it appears to have gone away 100% almost immediately. He is only 5 months so I do not want him using extra medications that all have know and proven side affects.

  • Penny

    I have been to the doctor 2 times and have been on 3 different meds. On my 4th one now. If something is not working then you might be treating with an antibiotic for a viral infection and it will not work. You need something for a viral infection. I’m getting ready to try some home remedies and then next will be eye doctor. Don’t keep wasting your money on antibiotics if it doesn’t work the first time. Learn the difference. I have had this for 3 weeks. I feel for anyone with this discomfort. I’m going to try the chamomile tea and get viatmain’s C and Zinc, etc to build up my immune system. Hopefully this will work.

  • Skeptic Mom of 5

    I have always been the mom who would call the doctor right away, better safe than sorry right? Well, not anymore. Maybe I am older and wiser but I myself am thankful for America’s freedom of speech. My oldest is 13, and youngest two are close in age at 19 mo. and 3mo! I have breastfed all of my children however, only recently have the pleasure of being the stay at home mom. Lucky for the youngest two babies I nursed her until she was a little over a year old. My youngest came 6 weeks early God only knows why but she is our little miracle baby <3 My point is she has been through so much already and we are doing our best to keep her out of the hopitals and letting her natural imunities do their job when possible– for example… at her last visit to the doc. they informed me that she had thrush (wth?!)and bronchitis. I had never dealt with thrush before but they gave us both presciptions and she still has thrush after a refill. So I got on-line to see what else I could do. Come to find out the antibiotics they give babies not only kills the bad stuff but it also takes out the good bacteria in the mouth that prevent things like an over growth of yeast (THRUSH). What the heck! Also, I should be giving her vitamins which I had been up until right before she got the crap, because they are gross and I had never given my babies pro vits (drops) before. So it just goes to show us parents that we should always do our own research and if all else fails definitely seek medical professionals help.
    My 3 mo. old woke with a gooey sticky eye and I put like three drops of my breast milk in her eye and she didn't even flinch and it seems to have worked instantly.
    RESEARCH EVERYTHING before you try it. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Skeptic Mom of 5

    By the way… I am giving her the pro vit drops again and plan on doing my research before I make such decisions in the future. I boil everything before putting it in her mouth and use the recommended cream etc… Just so those out there know that I am doing everything as I am supposed to. My baby had her left eye stuck shut with boogies and I used a baby wipe (not sure if that is recommended) to clean it and then after researching pink eye tried the breastmilk idea. It has seemed to work instantly and she acted like nothing was even in her eye. Breastmilk is full of natural antibodies afterall. And God made it just for her. Also my 1 year old has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, she has very sensitive skin. I may even use the breastmilk on her diaper area just to see if it works! Take Care, God Bless.

  • Anna

    I woke up this morning with both of my eyes sealed shut and my right eyelid swollen. I used a Q-tip to apply a drop of honey to one eye — it stung, but after about 10 minutes the gritty feeling in my eye was noticeably better and the redness and swelling had gone down. I went ahead and used honey in my other eye, and followed with chamomile tea bags for 10 minutes. I’m feeling loads better.

  • PeonyofIndiana

    I knew I left my daughter’s home too soon…
    she is nursing her baby, and I could have tried breast milk.
    On another site I read that it is the number 1 remedy!
    On Friday, my right eye burned when I got some new shower gel in it.
    I got through the weekend somehow, but on Monday at the kid’s nap time, I began having eye pains. I have had a sinus cold, so thought that was the problem. But the bottom half of my eye and lid became red. I have not done anything until now after all this reading, lol!
    I have been tearing, but no goop, so it could be allergy or viral.
    The baby has RSV so I thought this could be a side effect from her.
    No one has mentioned Hydrogen Peroxide. One time that I had swimmer’s ear, my doctor said I should clean my ears out every time after swimming with either vinegar or Hydrogen peroxide. So, I decided to try it in my eye, and it has helped it to feel better, so far.
    Black tea or tea bag compress was recommended by my dentist when having a tooth removed to stop bleeding, due to the tannic acid.
    I have used it when I had a sore throat as a gargle also and it works. But I don’t keep black tea in the house normally.
    Thanks for all the laughs, and thanks to grandma for this useful site!

  • 23

    Haha i dont understand what i need to do, should i piss in my eye or put bood milk in it..hmmm

  • Julia

    As an ophthalmic nurse, I honestly can’t believe some of the tips on here.USE ON YOURSELVES IF YOU WANT BUT DON’T SUBJECT BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN TO THIS.

    Just bathe the eyes in warm water with added bicaronate of soda (1 teaspoon to a pint) Use COOLED boiled water.

  • stargirl

    Honestly, see a doctor first to make sure that it’s pink eye you have because it could also be a sinus infection of a sort that traveled to your eyes giving it similar symptoms to pink eye. I was actually reading this yesterday morning and was considering doing one of the more sensible remedies like the salt water rinse when my mom took me to the doctor. Not to say none of them will work or not (except for the urine idea, seriously dude? -_-), but now I’m taking 3 eye drops in both my eyes 3 times a day instead. If it works it works, if not, I know I can try salt water to clean it out. And if you don’t have a doctor find a clinic or something and just get it checked out real quick and ask them if whatever remedy you’re thinking of doing will actually help.

  • Natural Woman

    I have studied holistic health and used natural remedies for years with amazing results! I have had asthma for 18 years and take traditional, asthma meds. that do help me breathe better but have caused me other, serious health problems from side effects. I have had to use corticosteroids for the last couple of years so that I don’t use my “rescue inhaler” as much because it has “contributed” to enlarging my heart! Now the steroids decrease my immunity and I have to avoid sick people because I may not recover as easy! It also increases my risk of getting cancer and can give me thrush in my mouth and too many other problems to mention! Needless to say that I do everything imaginable to stay healthy and that includes taking probiotics, vit. c, drinking herbal teas with local, raw honey, using nose sprays with tea-tree oil, drinking c. silver water, and I’ve even done urine therapy! There is a book called “Urine Therapy” that explains what all it’s good for and urine is sterile! That is unless you have an active infection or let it set around for hours…

    Anyway, when I use the prescribed meds. with nothing else, I feel horrible! However when I use all the natural stuff and follow a gluten-free diet, I feel pretty darn good. I have also tried most of the remedies listed above for pink eye.. (except the vodka one) with wonderful results. To all the sheep with your herd mentality..TRY THINKING OUT OF THE BOX for a change! It seems to me like you all have the idea that doctors have all the answers… LOL! In that case, what did people do back in the day when there were no doc. to speak of? And to think..MANKIND IS STILL AROUND! One person even called others “REDNECKS” for choosing a natural remedy! I prefer the terms country and survivor. I’m not calling you a politically correct robot am I? Even though.. YOU SURE DO SOUND LIKE ONE!!!! NUFF SAID……

  • angie

    Ok i have lasik eye surgry on tuesday and i have pink eye, i have drops from dr. not really working so i hope it goes away fast, i have tryed baking soda and water and soaked for 10 min then sea salt and water and wiped with Q tip and then 10min with teabags on my eyes all in the last hr hope to god something work, do you think i’ll be good for tuesday morning???????

  • skip

    To the ignorants…………. Urine is sterile, many people who were ship recked and had no fresh water, drank urine and it saved their lives. Because urine is sterile (and your own) it also has enzymes that kill bacteria…. Using urine as an eyewash has been around for over 1000 years……

  • Eileen

    Does anyone know if any of these are safe for pregnancy? I have pink eye. I went to the hospital, and there is nothing they can give me because of my allergies. I have heard about a few of these, but I want to know if they are safe for pregnancy. I have now had this pink eye for about 1 1/2 weeks and it is not going away. I know it is only pink eye, because at the hospital they swabbed and dyed my eye to make sure there was nothing on or in the eye itself.

  • Shannon

    Well, I have pink eye and am going on day 5. I started using a compress of boiled sea salt water 2 days ago, the pain and swelling has minimized a little, but the over-all look of the eye has improved. I am currently typing this with a sea salt water compress over my eye. It definitely does help with the immediate symptoms.

  • Cynthia

    I was told years ago about the baby shampoo remedy for a different eye issue I have. They make special pads that clean the eye, but my regular doctor and opthamologist said that a dime sized drop of baby shampoo on a CLEAN washcloth with warm water (rub the shampoo into the washcloth to form a little foam)works just as well as the prepackaged and moistened pads. You do not put the shampoo in your eye. You gently wipe with eyes closed from center to outside of the eye. A little soap might get into your eye, and that is the point of using the tear free baby shampoo. I have not needed to do this for quite a while and now I have viral pink eye. I am going to get back onto my routine of cleaning my eyes as I used to and hopefully get over this quickly.

  • Dee Sam

    Hi, I don’t have a tip but it is a testimony. I had pink eye from the 1st of March to the 5 th of April 2011. I have been to the eye doctor the first couple weeks in March, he prescribed vigamox and bion tears for two weeks!! Alas I used it as prescribed, washed hands and it did not go away! Plus my baby came down with an allergic reaction while being nursed! Went back to the doctor informed him that the drops did not work, he prescribed another one , pharmacy was out of stock!

    Went back to him a third time, he was looking for another one to prescribed that did not have serious side effects, pharmacy was out of stock again! Went home with no drops, still itching, still had redness, was frustrated! I decided to google natural remedies and found your site! Used chamomile tea bag wash since Wednesday till today, ALL CONJUNCTIVITIS PACKED UP SHOP AND LEFT FULL SPEED AHEAD!! I was always a believer in natural healing, but of course one would go to the doctor first, right! Thank you very much, I ailed for a month and was healed in a couple days!

  • Sunnymommy

    Homeopathic is wonderful if you are determined to go this route but it takes longer and requires more applications. if you have a large household and it keeps getting passed around and around go to your doctor’s get a prescription for Vigimox, it’s expensive so get it from a Canadian medicine website, in one application this will knock it out, the most you will need is two, then your kids can go to school and you can wear your contacts.

  • WillyWonka

    I’ve heard that a drop of battery acid will prove to relieve the stinging after about 3 hours of agony – but it has to be from a NiCad battery, not one of those fancy NiMH ones. Just a tiny bit on the end of a sharp needle to apply it in the center of the eye ball…

    Really, the “just point and shoot” one was the best. Insanity

  • Boo Vaher

    I have had a ball reading all the comments here. Never thought to get so much enjoyment out of a simple ‘Home Remedy for Conjuntivitis’ Google search. HAHAHA

    Anyway, I have been suffering with conjunctivitis on and off for about 6 months now. In the beginning, I gave it time to pass on it’s own, no good. Prescription oral antibiotics (Moxiclav Duo Forte, 2 consecutive prescriptions) haven’t worked and the prescription eyedrops (Chlorsig) made the irritation worse! Bion tears were a waste of money and my eyes weren’t getting better.

    In the end I started using a few drops of buffered Iodine (Betadine) in a 100mls of cooled boiled water. That worked a treat, cleared the last conjuntivitis up in 24 hours. I have since been told however that Iodine is bad for the eyes. 🙁

    But, three months later it is back again, so trying the Baby Tears shampoo wash now, followed up with diluted honey as an eye drop. Eyes are feeling really good right now, after the first treatment, I guess I will know tomorrow if I am on the right track or not.

  • Ms. Fisher

    I have a quick REMEDY thats always worked for me and has been passed down from generations in my family.. Warm milk and egg yolk. It has always worked for my fam, and has been known to work with in 2-3 days, and depending on the type of pink eye it could work overnight.

  • Ben

    There seems to be a lot of extreme views on this topic. I’m in the UK and we do have faith in the medical system but totally appreciate that Doctors do not hold the answers to everything. Herbal medicines including those originating in Asia have proved in countless trials to be slower but equally effective as western medicine.
    (What we must be aware of is that all medidicnes prescribed by your doctor will be acidic in nature. Most herbal cures will be alkaline in make up. One works faster than the other but both must be considered to form an intelligent opinion not based on wild emotional reactions to hearing words like “urine” or “salt water”

    I have PINK EYE for a month now. I just used Salt Water on a cotton pad to cover my eye for 15 mimnutes and it is slightly relieved.

    For this particular issue I have been to a number of Doctors and tried a all sorts of drugs, each failing in the same manner. When that fails, Herbs are the next course. Camomile Tea. Drink it and make hot compresses out of it. This is really relieving. I’m not cured but only being trying this since this morning. Will post results in a few days..

  • Dawn

    As an employee in the medical field I must post this important fact: Since the “health Care Reform” fiasco, many offices are registering their practices as “companies” as opposed to “medical facilities”. This creates a loophole for those who wish to decline Medicare or Medicaid and choose only the patients they want. This practice must be stopped, and my suggestion is to hand out hefty fines to any of these “companies” who turn down a patient. From seeing the heartbroken faces of patients who are asked to leave, I strongly suggest homeopathic remedies. I myself am part Cherokee, and I STILL sniff a paper towel soaked in vinegar to cure an upset stomach. Try it — it works!

  • Kay Kay

    Google urine therapy, cure for all. Had plantar wart surgically removed. Plantar wart came back and due to desperation and knowing that I could not take painful shot in foot again, started researching. Most painful experience of my life, (really). Came across article about urine therapy. Carried
    q-tips in my purse & would pee on one and dab on plantar wart. I would then cover with a band aid. Amazingly so, in one week plantar wart disappeared and has never returned. I do in fact have large scare tissue area from surgical procedure. I would drink it if I thought I could stomach it. On the other hand I am calling my son’s doctor to see if he will call something into the pharmacy. Believe it works for the eyes, on the other hand won’t be experimenting with my son’s.

  • sangeetha

    take a cotton cloth squeese it in warm water and apply it on affected area in eyes.it will give good result

  • teenagepinkeye

    omg i had pinkeye about two weeks ago and tried antibiotics, and they were fine! and now ive a
    had pinkeye AGAIN for two days and tomorrow i have a birthday party, and one the next day, AND a dance performance!!! i tried chamomille-didnt work-but i hve goop and watery eyes, so i think i need antibiotics again. i am soooooo confused with all of the controversy and i just want to go to school tomorrow! HELP ME!

  • relief!!

    haha some of the stuff people have posted is pretty funny. I got a nasty case of pink eye about 5 days ago, I went to the doctor the first day and he prescribed me with some eye drops. I have been using them.. but I just learned that my infection is viral.. not bacetrial. So eye drops dont work…
    Dont put anything sugary in your eye! people! bacteria love sugar.

    Since it is viral, I pretty much have to wait until it runs its course.. could take up to two weeks However i have found that washing the eye with baby shampoo (dont use shampoo directly on the eye, just wash the outside and make sure to get the pus and stuff out, it wont burn because of the PH. It kind of made my eye seem worse, but the point of it was to clean it out, after I grabbed a tea bag, boiled it in a little water, let it cool down a bit and placed it on my eye. I kept it on for quite a while because it feels good. Th4 pus and swelling have gone away a lot. While its still going to take time to go away.. these methods have really made the situation more comfortable.. but like always.. go to a doctor.. just to make sure ( I live in canada, big bonus for health care

  • A Registered Nurse (for real)

    I work in an ER and have personally heard many tell of using lemon juice for this, stings like a bitch I hear, only family that comes to the ER are those who couldn’t take the pain, not that I blame them. However, Gentamycin is the “drug” of choice, it comes in drops or ointment. I’m not a fan of casual use of antibiotics either but without your eyes you are screwed. No, you will probably not go blind from “pink eye” over night, maybe from other bizarre remedies with no logical explanation but long term you can certainly have scaring or damage. FYI Gentamycin is about $3-4 with any insurance and less than $10 without. it is a localized use of antibiotics, not systemic . . . like Neosporin (it is applied to one part, you don’t eat it to make a wound heal). Call you practitioner if you have one and tell them that you/your kid has pink and that it is “going around” at work/school/daycare (very believable) and you can most likely get it called in. And for the record, I have not seen any Doctor I work with participate in the “killing” of “100,000 people a year” any as stated above, I have seen many die in hospitals because they were afraid to do so at home.

  • Bailagent

    It’s works like a charm but your own pee should be used. It works perfectly you only need a few drops. Clean eye with warn water hot to warm rag. Few drops of your pee, that’s it.

  • wow

    wow wow wow i have been itching my eyes and suffering from this pink eye thing for a week and i did not want to go to the doctor because i really jus dont have the time so i decided to look at home remedies and i am so glad i did i used the j&j babywash and it does not burn and its a miracle how great my eyes feel now. i just used an allergy relief drop after cleaning my eyes with a washcloth and j&j babywash its feeling better already

  • Sorsha

    Hmmmmm I’m sure people are kidding about some of these remedys and no one is really going to allow someone to pee in their eye (Joanna and her advocates are pretty much dorks huh?) I have 4 children, 3 grandkids and know a little bit about infectious pink eye…FYI there are plenty of over the counter remedys available at the pharmacy so no need to get too crazy finding a remedy.
    Bacterial conjuntivitus needs antibiotics from your doctor or it continues to get reinfected. Antibiotics will not help pink eye caused by a virus however and it needs to run it’s course. Warm and cool tea bags are great for soothing the eyes in either case.
    The alleregic kind usually itches rather than feeling gritty and chacy and usually does not get too much crusty discharge and it will go away with some allergy eye drops and antihistimes..also cold compress of tea bags are soothing and help swelling.. often a warm shower helps especially of whatever is making your eyes itch is on your body, like cat hair etc.
    If you have the nasty infectious kind at your house I suggest cleaning doorknobs, handles, knobs, anything everyone touches with bleach mixed with water or Lysol and washing pillow cases, bedding, towels in very hot water with bleach as well to keep viral and bacterial conjunctivitus from going around as it is very contagious and can be hard to get rid of in big families. Wash your hands with soap very often! Also do not share eye drops, throw out your mascara etc if you used it during infection and most important DON’T RUB YOUR EYES it only makes them sore and spreads infection

  • girlfriend

    Whatever remedy you use, remember to discard your current mascara, as this will only help to re-infect the eyes with continued usage in the event the makeup has become contaminated.

  • gibby

    No tip just replies to the go to the doctor comments ! The doctor would be great if I had insurance or could afford it but sadly here in american health care is a luxury !!!

  • Jake garza

    Wow! Many of the stretches of logic I’ve read in this thread are incredible. “If you can’t pronounce it, you don’t want to use it?” That’s a corker. I think I’m going to quote that one.

    I just got through conquering a bit of evidently *non-contagious* conjunctivitis with the OTC CVS in-house equivalent of Similisan solution. $10, or thereabouts, and worth every penny just to be quickly done with the problem. Interestingly, I think I got the conjunctivitis through a little dusting in the eyes with diatomaceous earth. That’s nasty stuff . . . you definitely want to keep it out of the eyes, and you don’t want to breathe it either!

    My question for all you good folks is how does this solution work? It’s got three “homeopathic” ingredients, which I think are a load of road apples: Belladonna, Euphrasia and Heptar Sulphuris. But the *inactive* ingredients listed suggest a couple of proven cures for eye infections: borate buffer (boric acid?), silver sulphate as a preservative (colloidal silver?), and sodium nitrate (no idea what that might do).

    Granted, my case probably wasn’t an infection, unless it was secondary to the dose of DTE I got, but the CVS drug store solution worked almost immediately.

    Why and how? Is the “homeopathic” label just a smoke screen and the actual active ingredients are the borate buffer and silver sulphate? And does the sodium nitrate contribute anything to the effectiveness of the mix?

  • layla

    okaaay i have no idea what pink eye is all i want to know is i suffer from the foolowing things please help:
    1. receding hair line
    2. major loss of hair
    3.the whites of my eyes are yellow


  • ADLW

    “advise” does not always work. I was given antibiotic eye drops which after a week have made my eyes worse. A lot of these remedies seem a little crazy to me but I am going to try the salt thing. I have also heard Colloidal Silver helps, but am a little weary to try it.

  • Kortnee

    Not everyone who looks on a website for home remedies are too cheap to go to a doctor. My five year old son has had pink eye for five days now, has been to the doctor and got a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. It started out in his left eye. It was so swollen when he woke up that first day his eye was nearly shut and the membrane on the white of his eye was swollen almost out of his eyelids. The drops helped right away. The swelling went down, it stopped hurting and, within two days, you couldn’t even tell he’d had pink eye. Today, it has spread to his right eye. It is not swollen like his left eye was, but the white of his eye is turning red and it is causing him a great deal more discomfort than his left eye did. He’s had two out of the three recommended doses of the eyedrops today and it is providing him no relief. It looks like it is getting worse rather than better. It’s Sunday and his doctors office is closed, so I am looking for something to give him some relief in the meantime until we can go in the morning and for in-between the eyedrops. My poor baby is in misery. I made a batch of the boiled salt water and a cup of black tea to use the bag, both of which are cooling, and intend to try both to give him some relief before he goes to sleep.

    As far as things that sting go, eye drops, in my experience, be they antibiotic or not, always sting the first couple of times in infected eyes. With my son there was no exception. He screamed bloody murder the first time the drops were put into his eyes. I see no difference in that and a natural treatment provided it works. After all, how many times have we all done something painful because it is recommended by a doctor?

  • amanda

    how do i use that salt and warm water remedy? what do i do?

  • pl

    You guys are so ignorant. Human urine has been used as an ingredient in eye drops. Hence the brand name Murine. Pharmaceutical companies collect urine from public urinals to make these eye drops. Urine is sterile. Better use your own urine — it’s free and is not from some person you’ve never seen.

  • patsy stephens


  • Linda

    Take a small red potato, wash it well then grate it. Place the grated potato on closed eyelids for about 10 min. You can also lay thin slices of potato on your eye. A drop of potato juice in the eye will really help.

  • Linda

    I just looked up urine therapy and found an interesting research done by Vanderbilt University. Here’s the link if you’d like to read it.


  • Angel

    To the idiot that went berserk over “not washing your kids faces.” Check out the toxins in commercial products. There are over 25,000 chemicals in those products. 70% of those are considered toxic. It only makes sense to use the most natural products you can. Keep you baby safe from these toxic chemicals. Then you do not have to worry about skin problems, future problems with congested liver, kidneys and pancreas. 
    If a shampoo claims “No Tears” formula, it means they have a chemical numbing agent in the detergent (it’s not soap) to numb the eyes so the baby/child can not feel the irritation….could lead to eye damage.

    Read up a little on what these chemicals do to your body and don’t forget your skin isn’t made of plastic that is impenetrable. Skin absorbs everything too. So yes we wash our kids faces just with natural soaps …. They do exist J&J isn’t the only brand out there!

    As for the pink eye if you are that helpless, fearful, and insecure about your own body then go to the doctor they will scratch a few antibiotics on a prescription pad that will fix your eye right up and do god knows what to your digestive track but hey you deserve it if you allow anyone to convince you that the more natural solution. Is for quacks only. Turns out most of us on the “natural kick” have degrees and do make educated decisions for ourselves and our families. No quick silver doctor can convince me that big pharma is dishing out so e perfectly safe drugs. I don’t think so. Just read the PDR.

  • dr don

    not going to make a long post put honey is the best i have found for pink eye stings for a minute but work you can put honey straight in the eye or boil water and mix in honey and use it that way HONEY is your best bet

  • esmeralda

    hi i am 13 years old and i got a pink eye i went to the doctor and he priscribed me some eye drops but they dnt seem to work at all.I NEED SOME HELP.i dnt like going to school like this cuz sitting in 7 classes jst makes it hurt worse.i dnt no what to do no more can some one help me plzz.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee Dee

    Man alot of these comments r funny…So I woke up yesterday n put on make up before i went shoping and the whole day my left eye was irritated i thought i jus had somethn stuck in my eye…but when i got home i looked in the mirror n sure enough my whole eye was pink (i threw away my eyeliner and mascara)…so i jumped on the internet and read about using BREASTMILK on my eye with the pink eye…luckly ii have a handsome little man that is 2 months old and I breastfeed him…so i pumped a little milk and droped it in both eyes just to b safe, and woke up this morning fine…my eyes do not hurt, itch, and my left eye has a small light pink area in the outside corner of my eye but thats it , im going to do it all day today and i should b fine by tomorrow…so i suggest if u know n e one thats breastfeeding ask them for a little breatmilk and go for it!! Its totally working for me…Good Luck…;)

  • Denise

    I have a Home Remedies book and I am using shaved apple and it is working along with Chamomile Tea bags I have only used both one time but my eyes are feeling better already. I used the apple shavings last night you leave a bunch on both eyes for 30 min. then take them off before you go to bed then in the morning use the tea bags after they cool. I will let you know in 3 days if it works but I can say the swelling has gone down and they don’t itch as bad as they did.

  • Leigh

    To those of you who simply say, “go to the doctor!”- both times I have been to the doctor for my daughter’s pink eye (and mine, we had it at the same time once) they have simply told me there is nothing they can do, charged me, and sent me home empty handed. A waste of money if you ask me- if you educate yourself you’d know there is not much they can do for viral, you need to learn the difference between the appearance of bacterial and viral so you know when to go in. When she was an infant I used breastmilk and that worked wonderfully. After her two doctor visits I searched for natural remedies and used Chamomile tea and VERY diluted lemon juice (in myself first to make sure it didn’t sting) while she was sleeping- gone in 1 1/2 days. Second time I used Colloidal siler (make sure it is the correct strength) and it was gone the same day. Though, I have worked for them, use them, and respect what they do very much, doctors are not the be-all-end-all.

  • Reggie

    I just cleared up my really bad case of pink eye (in both my eyes- got it from my father-in-law… thanks Ken) I looked like an alien.
    Went to my doctor who prescribed an antibiotic cream – started using it right away but didn’t see any results. Started using WITCH HAZEL – inexpensive and available at any drug store. I used an eye dropper and dropped about 5 drops into a tiny bowl and mixed it with warm to hot tap water. Put this mixture into your eyes at least 3-5 times a day and you will see results quickly.
    I did this for 3 days and voila my pink eyes are now back to normal.
    Seriously people, urine, vodka, lemon juice – these are your eyes!!

  • Reggie

    Also I used a QTIP and dabbed it with BIO OIL (also available in drug stores) and used it on my eye lids and under my eyes – it really helped with the soreness and crusting. BIO OIL is also good for wrinkles, fading scars and skin softening. Great product.

  • Michelle

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I was in trauma about my pink eye, but reading this page had me cracking up!!! I love it! I am right now trying three of the tips- chamomile tea, drops of coffee, and salt water. So far, my eye looks a little better. I will let you all know how it goes.

    I am doing the salt water every two hours, so in a half hour, I am on to my next 3 drops of saltwater. I actually am a stay at home mom and I just picked up my antibiotics but did not like the side effects since I am still nursing, so I would like to try the home remedies first. I tried the breast milk, but I didn’t see any results, so on to the coffee and saltwater…. TBC…

  • Spencer luffs you

    Rotfl!! Ya I have pink eye it hurt hehe I wanted to see if putting orange juice in my eye helped because I don’t have lemons I mean I never do it hurt like a mother fucker which mean I feel bad for the people that put lemons in their eyes >.< ouch!¡! But I help. I hate doctors and people with sticks an needles and stuff I also put cotton balls over my eyes and put linted tag to hold it there I woke up the next morning my eyes were clear. I live by my self an hate taking care of my self when I'm suck but this work an I when through reading all of these comment thinks and there so funny and if ur name is wtf ur a gay dip shit 🙂 an ya shampoo work (don't use the drops doctors prescribe) they suck ) hehe any way ya love ya!
    Your girlfriend spence

  • Sonya Knox

    I was brought up using warm salt water to clear gooey or any pink eye infection, it’s always worked fine. People shouldn’t judge or pick on another person’s tips or advice unless you have given that particular home remedy a try. Be fair, for goodness sake, why does everyone think they know it all. I have been reading up on the tips regarding baby shampoo, the PH level etc. and I may try that, we will see how it goes.

  • Mekaykay

    Okay listen people. I don’t know whats wrong with you but i think i have pink eye and this stuff sounds realy dumb. I’m a kid so i don’t know but i have latley had a cold and woke up with crusted closed eyes. Placing URINE in ur eyes is a stupid idea. I don’t care if the preseident himself told me to do i wouldnn’t. Whatever retard put pee in there eyes is a brainless pieace of crap. Bressmilk sounds good though.

  • Jen

    Ok, I am not gonna sit here and judge all the home remedies, but I do feel that I have to correct one thing that I have seen many people say. Until urine passes through the urethra, it is sterile. Once it touches the outside of the urethra, it is no longer sterile due to bacteria that lives on the outside genitalia. Salt is a dehydrator, so naturally it will kill bacteria, but make sure it is mixed properly, or it could cause more irritation from drying out your eyeball. Just be cautious when trying ANY home remedy, do your research and use your better judgment! ~ mother of 5 and a CMA ~

  • Nevio

    Growing up in the Caribbean (Grenada to be exact), whenever we had pink eye (or ‘Red Eye’ as its called there), the quick and permanent fix was ALWAYS Young Coconut Water, organically grown of course, which was available all over the island until we had back-to-back hurricanes in 2005.

    Take the young Coconut Water(directly) from the Nut, not some bottled swill, and gently rinse the eyes out a few times a day. This WORKS,and is non-irritable, but I am not sure if other types of more serious forms of Pink Eye will be alleviated by this treatment.
    As for the other suggestions on here, I realize folks are trying to be helpful, but the gentleman suggesting URINE, you’re kidding me right.
    I happened upon this thread because I currently have Pink Eye and decided to consult the inter webs before I bought coconut water and made a doctors appointment. I also have a cold and think the two might be related.

  • Fiona

    I love the woman who tells everyone off for being stupid, then says she’s going to put baby shampoo in her kid’s eyes. Breastmilk is supposed to work, and maybe I’d try the salt water, but NOTHING ELSE. Some pinkeye needs antibiotics, even though I don’t like the overuse of them. But there are legitimate uses, and this is one.

  • Jlblach5

    Breastmilk is a very good remedy. My doctor suggested I use it instead of the meicated drops.  He said the antibodies in breastmilk kills the bacteria.  I have used both on my kids and the breastmilk works faster.

  • Hhsgrd02

    Breast Milk is awesome for pink eye, it cured my pink eye within 24 hours.

  • Galaxy

    My grandma’s has been a RN for more than thirty years so when I got pink I asked her what I should do to help it go away faster. She’s very into homeopathic cures also so she told me to put some sugar water in my eyes and just do that a few times a day. I must admit at first I was like really? She told me that’s what her parents would do when she and her siblings were young. So I tried it out and it really works, it doesn’t sting or anything and you’re eyelashes might get a little sticky lol but nothing some water can’t fix. It’ cleared my eyes up by the next morning and I continued using it for a couple days and to my surprise my infection subsided.

  • speed bump

    I have had pink eye for 2 days now. I am new at my job and really need to get back to work so I came online to see about any at home remedies. I have not taken antibiotics in years and since it was accessible for me I started gentamicin opthalmic drops the first days of symptoms. However, it is not clearing. I will probably try the tea bags and salt water. I agree the urine is not the greatest sounding treatment, and is something that I wouldn’t personally try. However, calling people stupid and ignorant for trying a remedy other than antibiotics really shows your own ignorance. These posts are for helping people, not bashing those who are trying to be helpful. It really just shows the magnitude of your own ignorance. Did you know that utilizing ingredients such as urine, salt, tea, honey, lemon, whiskey, vodka, etc. have been around for thousands of years; antibiotics only a few hundred? In fact, before teeth whitening strips, urine was a popular way to whiten teeth (look it up). It is also one of the best remedies for jelly fish stings.

    Thanks to technology and advancements in science we have forgotten about many of the natural remedies that helped OUR ancestors survive since the beginning of human existance. Over use of antibiotics is producing the appearance of new and more resistant strands of bacteria, and if you truly are as smart as you think you are, you will praise these people instead of bashing them. The “rednecks” back yonder on the farm (reference from WTF??) are way more likely to die from old age and hard work than from MRSA, VRSA, H1N1, obesity, etc. Maybe they are the ones we should be taking advice from versus the latest advancement in the medical journals, which next week will probably be contradicted by another study or journal. No doubt a visit to the Dr it is best, especially if you don’t know what you have (seasonal/ viral/ bacterial). Physicians aren’t as quick to prescribe antibiotics anymore and will probably love to tell you everything they know about alternative or home remedies. If you can’t afford a regular Dr go to your local health department or call a hospital that offers free medical advice from a licensed practitioner right over the phone.

  • Bill

    yes, I am from the south, and yes alot of this stuff does work, I am treating my pinkeye right now, and it is working.

    Now for all you naysayers, and folks who wanna waste their money on a doctor,

    I have been camping, alot in my years, and I am militarily trained as a combat lifesaver, but since you folks know everything anyway, the next time you get a snake-bite, turn your ankle on a trail, maybe break your leg, get hypothermia, or get a heat sickness, I’m not helping you, I’m just gonna let you die.

  • Tried it!!

    I captured fresh urine in a cotton ball applied it to my infected eye and the swelling and itchiness went away immediately!! I live in a new place, don’t have a new doctor yet and benefits for worked have not kicked in yet. The urine therapy does work. If you haven’t tried, then don’t comment on it. Just saying…

  • c-dog

    any of these idiots that believe some old fashioned remedies don’t work then they need to get their heads examined. or maybe they just love handing lots of money to doctors or hospitals !

  • AriesRose87

    So, woke up with pink eye this morning. Tried teabags : green / black tea with good results. Relieved my redness a lot. Then ate about a cup of carrots and did the salt water cleaning which really stung but did not cure my pink eye. While the cold milk soaked into the bread was very soothing, it did not seem to relieve the redness either. So far what seems to be the most effective and least irritating is good old fashioned warm water compress on a cloth. Its been helping a lot… going to try the honey and shampoo tomorrow and will report back with findings. NOT going to pee in my eyes. ewww .

  • Liz

    You cannot cure viral pink-eye. You can treat the symptoms, but it will have to go away on its own. Bacterial pink-eye CAN be treated with antibiotics and things with antibiotic properties (breastmilk, coconut oil, some herbs, etc.)

    For God’s sake, don’t put baby shampoo in your eyes–it’s made with formaldehyde because it keeps moisture in. You shouldn’t even use the stuff on your children….

    Warm water on a cotton ball (or gauze) to soak off the crusties (DO NOT RUB!!!), saline eye drops (it’ll burn, but it’ll also help lubricate your eyes), and a clean cloth soaked in chamomile tea. Don’t overdo it on the eye drops (2 – 3 times a day at the MOST), but do repeat the tea-soaked cloth trick as many times per day as you want.

  • Dr. A. Mathurs. MD

    Being a MD, I have to say this. Please do not use urine in your eyes. It does not work and can actually make your eye worse. Yes the baby shampoo does work if you use it in the right mixture 1 tsp per 1 cup warm water. do not scrub the eye with it, but use a cotton ball and gently clean the eye area 3 to 4 times a day for 3 days. You can also use Boric acid and warm water as well. 1 cup warm water to 1 tsp acid. Once again using a cotton ball to clean the area. Salt water is another good way to rid pink eye if done right. 1 cup warm water to 1 tsp salt. This will burn a little but use a q-tip and clean the corner of the eyes if you have the buildup in the morning by using a cotton ball soaked in salt water and let the crusty areas absorb the salt water and then it will clean off very easy. Tea bags soaked in hot salt water works well, soak teabag in hot water for 15 minutes then take out and let cool to warm then place over eye. All these methods work if done right. But please do not use urine as the urine can cause a worse infection than what you have.

  • Dr. A. Mathurs. MD

    Also when using milk and bread, The way to do this is use raw cows milk, not processed milk. Goats milk also works well. Breast milk is better.

  • Dr. A. Mathurs. MD

    and don’t use bread, use a cotton ball or Q-tip.

  • barb bowers

    me and my family all have pinkeye and the children are missing school. what should I do I will not use anything but a RX and my doctor is out of town. Please Help

  • The Missing Link

    Well I bathed in tea bags, salt water and of course “no tears” shampoo, had my wife shoot me in the face with breast milk, and drank a large cup of coffee/urine/vodka. I’m sure as soon as the strange rash that has popped up all over the rest of my body goes away and the buzz wears off, my pink eye will be gone. As of now I could care less! Thanks for all the highly educated help. I have found proof that the internet helps and has nothing but factual information posted! Today’s lesson was brought to you by the numbers 9.1.1. and the letters D.U.M.B.

  • Rina

    Breast milk works great! Our family has been using this home remedy for years and has never had a problem with it. It doesn’t sting and it cures faster than what the doctors prescribe.

  • krazylikeafox

    My eye started to burn today, so I took my contact out and that’s when the pain began. It felt like a piece of glass was in my eye. Plus I was starting to get a lot of discharge. I read every post on here and I must say, you guys made my night. Reading this post was hilarious. So I’m reading and thinking which remedy will I try. Well I read a post that says witch hazel works. Well I didn’t have a bottle of witch hazel but I did have some Tucks hemorrhoid pads. I figured they are made of witch hazel, so why not try them. Well they worked. It soothed my eye and the gritty glass feeling when I blinked was gone. I’m just as shocked but I will continue to use this as long as it works. I agree with some of the posts when they state that the eye drops the Dr. Prescribe do not work. I have wasted my time and money before and it took 2 visits to the dr. And 2 types of drops and still no results.

  • Old and wise

    Boric Acid is great for eye problems, I grew up using it and have continued with my own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It has always worked, is inexpensive and has saved us tons of money on Dr. visits and meds. We stay away from Drs and prescribed meds as much as possible. We use them if actually needed. I want to thank the Dr who posted that Boric Acid and other home remedies do work and listed the ones that do. Many can not afford medical care and home remedies is all they can do. Besides we need to go back to the natural remedies when possible, we would be healthier.

  • Mimi

    I know this sounds crazy but I researched pink eye
    And found out that black coffee cooled then
    Put in an eye droper ,a couple drops

    4 Times a day should do the trick.
    My second day doing it and my eye is
    Looking better it’s not as runny to. The
    Coffee kills the virus not just treats it . Put
    Ice bag on the eye for 15 mins for swelling
    To go down Hope this helps 🙂

  • rick webber

    I see many have too much faith in doctors. Faith in medicine without knowing the foundation, the history, and the ama symbol.

  • Annierpp

    never heard of urine in the eye, but is very common here among the native americans to pee in your ear for an ear infection.

  • nikki

    Ok, so i checked this site bc my mom seems have gotten pink eye. Me myself,have had pink eye about 7 times so this isnt foreign to me. I have read some of the other tips and all i can say is REALLY? Wow, if urine cures so many things, why do we even have drs? Just piss and get rid of all things. Yes, piss can help with certain things, but lets say i have an UTI, HOW EXACTLY IS THAT HELPING MY EYE? VODKA, yeah it works bc it numbs me. But what is getting rid of infection? OH, heres a thought……GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTOR. THERE IS OBAMA CARE NOW. OH, AND I AM FROM THE SOUTH AS WELL AND A POST FROM SOME DIPSHIT THAT SAID HE WAS IN THE MILIATIRAY, OR HOWEVER HE SPELLED IT, I THINK HE MEANT MILITARY. THAT DUDE DONT TO B ON A COMPUTER, MUCH LESS SAVING SOMEONES LIFE. THE POST WAS FROM 2009.

  • Elizabeth Morgan

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  • James Miguel

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  • Roland Brown

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  • carool

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