Home Remedies for Pimples

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removing pimple marks fast home remedies

As far as skin conditions go, acne is by far the most common disaster to strike the face and body. When pores and oil glands get clogged, the result is a pimple. Depending on the cause of this highly unwanted blemish, there could be pimples popping up everywhere; no one is safe from their unsightly nature. In a lifetime, we will have all encountered an outbreak or two, and what’s worse is pimples have a real knack for appearing during all the wrong times: prom; weddings; job interviews; school pictures; and first dates.pimple home remedies

What are Pimples?

When hairs, sebum, and skin cells group together, they may form a plug, which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. Soon, swelling sets in and as the plug starts to “break down,” the result is an unattractive pimple. There are no age limitations when it comes to pimples. While teenagers and young adults suffer a greater chance of reoccurrence, there are some individuals who never lose their susceptibility. Men and women in their 50s and 60s may still show signs of acne outbreaks [1].

While there are many different kinds of pimples, the most common types you may encounter, include:

a) Whiteheads:

Pimples that remain under the surface of the skin.

b) Blackheads:

Pimples that appear on the surface of the skin and have a black appearance. Sometimes, individuals have mistaken their formation as a direct result of dirty skin, but this is not the case.

c) Papules:

Small lumps that are tender to the touch, which are pink in color.

d) Pustules:

These distinct pimples are red at the bottom and contain a visible amount of pus on top.

e) Nodules:

These pimples are rather large and painful, found deep in the skin. They are also solid to the touch.

f) Cysts:

When these deeply seeded pimples appear, scarring may occur. This type of pimple is quite painful and filled with pus.


Symptoms of Pimples

The signs of acne are unmistakable and may appear on the face, neck, shoulders, back, or chest. Whiteheads and blackheads are the most common type of pimples you will encounter. Additional signs or symptoms associated with the pimple include:

a) Pain:

Blemishes on the face can be quite painful because of the pressure associated with clogged pores.

b) Pus:

Pus is a sign associated with an infected pimple. Pustules, nodules, and cysts most commonly bring about this symptom.

c) Scarring:

When pus-filled pimples appear on the body and face, there is a chance that scarring may occur. This outcome is often helped along when an individual doesn’t properly care for their face. Picking at and squeezing infected pimples only increase the chances of suffering scars.

d) Extreme Redness:

Infected pimples, such as pustules, nodules, and cysts display rather red features.

Causes of Pimples

Pimples form when skin pores become blocked. There are numerous factors associated with the cause of pimples that you may or may not have already heard of. Some of these causes can be managed through lifestyle changes and healthy hygiene habits, while others simply lead to an unfortunate luck of the draw. Below you will find a list of possible pimple causes:

a) Hormones:

As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough, the raging hormones in the body increase during this time in a young man or woman’s life. This increase is responsible for the higher incidence of clogged oil glands, which cause an outbreak of pimples. The final result: every teenager’s nightmare – acne.

b) Pregnancy:

The hormones of a woman run wild during pregnancy, prompting changes in the body that produce pimples.

c) Birth Control Pills:

When starting a new form of birth control pill or stopping their use altogether, some products have been known to cause pimples. If this is a concern for you, asking your gynecologist to help you select pills that do not have this side effect is recommended.

d) Menstruation Cycles:

Teenage girls and adult women are at risk for pimples as they approach the start of their next period. This is when hormone levels start to fluctuate and menstrual cramps set in.

e) Medication:

Some prescription drugs are known to cause blemishes on the face, neck, and back.

f) Cosmetics:

The type of makeup you put on your face can clog your pores, which could lead to an acne outbreak. When selecting cosmetics, you should seek out hypoallergenic items, as well as non-greasy or oily beauty products.

g) Heredity:

Family trees are pretty strong and if your parents had their fair share of pimples in the past, chances are you will too.

Now that you know the main causes of pimples, you should also familiarize yourself with some of the factors that makes this condition worse. Wearing tight clothing or head gear, such as bike helmets and sweaty bandannas could apply too much pressure for your pores to handle. In times of high humidity and pollution levels, pores may also suffer when you spend too much time outdoors.

Home Remedies for Pimples

a) Vitamins:

Pimples have been known to positively react to the addition of niacin (100 mg; three times per day), and vitamin A to a diet. 400 mg of vitamin E taken once per day also works wonders. You may also take 50mg of therapeutic zinc in tablet or capsule form (three times per day).

b) Fenugreek:

A useful paste can be created from the leaves of this vegetable, which is then applied to the face before you retire each night. At the start of the morning, the paste should be washed off using warm water. Pimples, especially blackheads are treated with this home remedy.

c) Orange Peel:

When orange peels are pounded and combined with water, an effective home treatment for pimples is created. Apply to affected areas and watch the results.

d) Lemon:

Apply lemon juice to pimples to reduce their size and intensity.

e) Garlic:

If you rub raw garlic on problem areas several times a day, you can clear up skin. You may also eat three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month to see results. The garlic seeds purify the blood, which aids in keeping pimples at bay.

f) Coriander and Mint Juice:

A helpful herbal remedy for pimples includes the mixing of one teaspoon of coriander juice, combined with a pinch of turmeric powder. Every night, after thoroughly washing the face, apply the juice for an effective home remedy. Mint juice may also replace the coriander for this home treatment for pimples.

g) Hot Epsom Salts Bath:

It is believed that a hot bath with Epsom salt taken two times per week will ease all cases of acne[2].

h) Cucumber:

Try applying grated cucumber over the face, neck, and eyes for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. This process should only take 15-20 minutes of your time.

Pimple Prevention

When you are looking for skin care measures that could prevent pimples, you might want to:

a) Practice Clean Skin Habits:

Keeping the skin well cleansed will deter the formation of pimples. Using a mild cleanser at the start of your day, in the evening, and before bed is recommended. Avoid scrubbing your skin, which has the potential to make matters worse.

b) Keep Your Hands Off:

Touching your skin passes extra dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime that can trigger acne and other skin irritations. Also, if you see a pimple start to form, you should refrain from squeezing, pinching, or picking.

c) Shave With Caution:

The way you shave can also irritate the skin to provoke pimples to form. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may have to find a balance between electric and safety razors.

d) Read All Skin Care Labels:

When purchasing skin care products, you should be on the lookout for words, such as “oil-free,” “greaseless,” “hypoallergenic,” and “noncomedogenic”



  • ryan

    I have found that the more water I drink and the more I work out, I get less breakouts and my skin has a even tone.

    The best way I have found out to stop breakouts is prevention rather then all these medical products on the market for acne treatment.

  • Kim

    Just don’t pay too much attention to your pimples..If you do,there is an instance that you will pop it.

  • Mandy

    Mix baking soda with your favorite face wash. It’ll even out your skin tone and since baking soda is a natural cleaner…it’ll help unclog your pores. You’ll feel so fresh afterwards!

  • Tina Marie

    I always use astrigent twice a day on my face after I wash it. It usually keeps my face clear, and if I do get a pimple it clears it up quickly.

    Also, getting sun helps keep my face dry, thus preventing oily pimples…but* practice safe sun…use spf!!!

  • Samantha

    If you have an annoying pimple that you want to get rid of, then put a little bit of toothpaste on it. The toothpaste has a lot of acids in it, so it cleans the pimple thoroughly. Just put a little bit of toothpaste on your finger. Rub it on the pimple and let it be for 7 minutes. Wash toothpaste off with water. You should see a change in the pimple by the next day. Repeat twice a day.

  • Amber

    When my pimples get red I pour some peroxide on a cotton ball and dab my face with it.. It disinfects it well and prevents pus.

  • Kaitlyn

    To help keep my skin clear, smooth and soft, I like to exfoliate regularly. Since I live in a small town without much choice for skin care regimens from expensive stores and such, I found my own recipe. All you need is some white granulated sugar, as well as some brown sugar (about 2-3 tablespoons each). After cleansing your face, apply the brown sugar and scrub for 1 minute. Rinse, and then scrub with the white sugar for an equal amount of time. Since the brown sugar has larger granules than the white sugar, it scrubs deep, then the white sugar polishes your skin and reveals your fresh, plump skin cells beneath and helps keep your skin free of toxins lying on the surface. This remedy also works for an all-over body treatment… results guaranteed!

  • Eva

    If you find something that works and doesn’t irritate your skin, keep using it. Don’t try every new product on the market, some of them can dry you skin or give you an allergic reaction. So, again, if you find something that works for you keep using it.

  • padam rana

    I have pimple problem in my face and my face is oily face. Please, what kind of face cream should i used?

  • Liz

    I have oily skin, so I use rubbing alchohol on my face. Not only does it help dry my face it also helps keep the zits from forming. When I pop a zit i use rubbing alchohol and dries it up, but sometimes it scabs.

    • unknown

      just want to let you know that rubbing alchohol on your face like you have described is horrible for new skin cells that are trying to grow. when you have to use something like peroxide or alchohol it should be like a one time thing in whatever it is your treating. hope this helps 🙂

  • Tessa

    This remedy is for those big, ugly infected pimples that we all get from time to time. It will take only a day or two to heal, and this works 3/4 times for me. So, when the pimple first pops up, run a pin through some fire and poke one hole in the middle and try to squeeze before you go to bed. Nothing will probably come out, but you’ve primed the zit for the morning. At night, the pus will rise to the top. When you get up in the morning, dig the same hole out with the pin as you did the night before, and squeeze your hardest. You should get a huge, white hard ball that comes out followed by a lot of blood. You’ve done it!! Now just put a little hydrogen peroxide on the spot so it will scab up and go away!!

    • Anonymous

      This is very unhealthy for your skin.

  • Kimberly

    Drinking alot of water helps clear your skin, it cleanses your body. Also, try a mask using egg whites 2-3 times a week for 30 minuetes.


    The best thing to avoid pimples in the first place is to stay away from hot, spicy, oily foods like Indian curries. Also avoid Indian pickles with lots of oil. Some doctors say avoid tea/coffee as well. Just see after eating which food you get more pimples, stay away from those. Also it is a skin disease, and can respond very well by going to a healer.

  • Mary

    blackheads? no problem…elmers glue…puts it on the spot where the blackheads are and let it dry then peel it off. easy said and done!

  • Gladis Merriwhether

    The flaming pin thing did not work. That hurt really bad!

  • Cherish

    Squeeze out a little lemon juice, than apply a bit to your face with a cotton ball and it will lighten the appearance of your blemish scars and take away redness. Also, don’t try the flaming pin trick,it hurts and when you squeeze the blemish your pushing the pus back into your pores;it prolongs healing and your more inclined to scar.

  • LL

    Drinking more water and decreasing sugar consumption will help quite a bit…along with some good old fashioned face washing.

  • Christie

    Washing your face with DIAL soap. and not applying anything afterwards such as lotion or any kind of liquid helps. Your face might be dry but it helps clear the skin. Do this in the morning and before you sleep

  • jules

    If you want to get rid of pimples on your face, don’t touch your face with dirty hands and try that garlic stuff, it works!

  • Julie

    I use baking soda about a quarer size in the palm of my hand with hydrogen peroxide to moisten baking soda to exfoliate the dead skin cells from my face and to cleanse then I use witch hazel, its an astrigent to cleanse and reduce imflamation then I use clear aloe vera gel without alcohol for moisturizing my skin! All of these ingredients are really affortable and have multiple uses too!

  • Janet

    I have a major zit on the back of my ear and have tried most of the above and nothing has worked.

  • riza

    How about the pimple scar? What are the remedies for it. Please help me, thanks.

  • sharandeep

    I have a oily skin.
    It becomes dark when skin perspires, also my skin tans very easily and i see a new pimple on my face every day…
    please help me….Any suggest with some home remedies?

  • Nicole

    Egg whites work very well as a home remedy. Wash face with good cleanser first then dab on egg whites with cotton ball of Q-tip and leave on either for a few hours or even overnight. You’ll see less redness after one night and good results after a couple days. (For me anyway – I’ve no idea if this works for everyone. Just wanted to share!)

  • bellinga

    Don’t try the garlic remedy, it hurts badly!

  • monique

    USE TEA TREE FACE WASH! I have been using it and it works really great! Its called “Thursday Plantation”.You can get creams and antiseptics. After 1 week you will be pimple free! Also i used sugar with it! mixed in! Good luck!

  • gayathri

    Use Neutrogena…i live in India and bought it from the USA…..it works wonders…..u should apply it on the affected area.

  • ina

    I tried garlic remedy; it burned my skin as well as my nose skin was swollen with water beneath the skin. I would not suggest not to use garlic.

  • Victoria

    Aspirin Mask

    Aspirin contains BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which is a powerful defoliant and great at helping unclog pores and clear blemishes. It’s recommended that you use the Aspirin mask / scrub once a week.

    Step 1: Take 6 – 8 uncoated aspirin tablets in cup or bowl and crush them in to a powder.

    Step 2: Add a few drops of warm/hot water, allow vera gel or honey, now stir until you have a thick white paste. You may need to add more water to achieve the right consistency.

    Step 3: Spread over your entire face, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. You’ll know when 15 minutes is up as the mask is likely to start falling off your face.

    Step 4: Wash off the mask with warm water and a gentle cleanser, as you wash gently massage, the grains will help exfoliate and reveal softer, glowing skin.

    Step 5: Gently pat your face dry.


  • wardah azhar

    Try to apply some almond oil on the pimple scars, do it daily before going to bed.
    It worked well for me 🙂

  • lad

    I used to not drink much water and as a result I got lots of oily pimples on my forehead and nose!! I now drink more water and it reduces my oily face!!!

    Also i tried to use toothpaste it doesn’t work!!!

    I have been putting some lemon juice and it helps me a little!! just try to eat less oily foods …u wont get as many breakouts!

    Also try to put your face over a hot tea (green tea recommended.) pot and then cover your face with a towel ….and then try to pop some of the blackeheads!! they pop really easily…this also helps to open pores!!

  • mary

    My daughter is 11 years old and she doesn’t have a monthly period yet. She has a lot of pimples in her forehead, please guys suggest a good remedy for her age. Thank you.

  • pok

    What is the alternative for lemon, if I don’t have it in my home?

    • parul

      an alternative for lemon is orange

  • Aarati

    Neutrogena really works for the pimples and the scars left by them…..use the ones recommended for acne.

    Even toothpaste works for me just apply a small amount, not too much, just pea sized amount is enough for the pimple it will burn in the beginning later it will be fine.

    Lemon works a lot for erasing the scar marks. You could also try rubbing in a little lemon juice mixed with honey…honey helps in softening and polishing the skin which can get dry due to acids in the lemon….

    For blackheads take a hot water steam..it works!

  • lb says

    An old Indian/family remedy: Firts, drink plenty of water. For zits/pimples, wash your face thoroughly with a facial wash(non greasy), rinse with luke warm water. Never use soap on your face because soap will dry and wrinkle your skin with age. Apply witch hazel, then apply prid. Prid draws the pus/blood out of the pimple. You should see results in one to two days depending on the size of the zit/pimple.

  • Justin

    I have quite a few pimples on my face, and occasionally i get those ones filled with puss. I just this week used two of the remedies, the toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide:

    Toothpaste— I put a thin layer around where most pimples were and left the “mask” on for about 10 minutes. Then I took a warm-water-dampened washcloth to take it all off at the end. No good rating for this remedy, as I had no immediate (First 4 days) results and wasn’t satisfied. And also, it really stings/burns to take off. No wonder why they don’t also advertise this stuff as pimple removers. Don’t waste your time with this unuseful “Remedy”. No results of it at all.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Solution— OK, One of the better remedies. One thing first: Don’t use right before any special events or a date; do it before you get in the shower, because it doesn’t smell fantastic. Otherwise, this gives immediate results and bubbles up the puss out of the big-ger pimples and really diminishes the smaller ones. Clears up the face very well!

  • Shailaja

    Do not use garlic on the pimples …. It burns the skin and leaves dark scars … I tried rubbing it once on the pimple and it got worse . The pimple did not dry at all and it left deep scar afterward. Never user Garlic !

  • ishrath

    turmeric really helps a lot on pimples apply it overnight… it really works….

  • Kumud

    You can try using Shahi ubtan( of brand KDH). Its a face pack with mixture of all natural ingridients, like rose petals, turmeric etc.It works great and very quickly. you get rid of your pimples and blackheads in 3 weeks.

  • Michelle

    I tried using Proactive and it made my face break out even more. I had a date coming up in two weeks ,but I had 1 break out so I bought Proactive. By the time my date came around (after 2 weeks of using Proactive) my face had broke out even more than before I bought Proactive. I had 11 really ugly big zits on my face. I looked horrible for my date.

    • guys blackhead is my problem
      i havethem on my nose,and around
      plez teelmee a remedy asap.

  • Michelle

    I have a date Friday, but I have this monster pimple! It is HUGE, I think it is a a Nodule or maybe a Papule. What do I do? I have tried about 10 different acne medications, nothing work (Proactive just made my face break out even more) I have tried the lemon thing and the green tea stem. What do I do. I you have answer that really works plz tell me! thanks!

  • pretty princess



  • boy 19

    apply toothpaste ( i use pepsodent gum care )on the affected area(somewhat thick layer and moisten it with water ) every night before you sleep it is a mild paste as compared to the others in the market so does not sting so much ….keep it on till morning …it will have dried up use water to moisten and gently remove it off….it will help subsiding the smaller ones and the larger ones will not look inflamed anymore ….also try a pack ever day for an hour or so ….!
    it works …..!!!

  • meraj ali

    i want to say that do not use cosmetics which contain high concentration of chemicals,it badly effects your skin and has also so many ill effects on your body.it also causes chronic diseases.

  • kayla

    toothpaste-this does work but u have to make sure to use one with baking soda
    hydro.peroxide-works but smells
    facial mask-i found this realy great ava cado and oatmeal mask at wal-mart and in less than 4 days it will resolve minor zits and almost fully remove big ones
    11 yr old-use any of these and it should work but if it doesnt take her to a health spa and let her have a facial 1-4 a month(works wonders)
    hopes this helps:)


    ihave quite a few spots, with no head but they cluster together and after a week or so they are squeezeable but go red and horrible and they keep coming back, i try creams and lemon and natural facial masks from shops, but now i’m really frustrated as i can’t help but squeeze em and they just get redder and now some are scabby and it’s all on the left side of my face. so my right side is flawless and the left side has like nine scabby spots. i used some leftover lemon, 6 crushed aspirins, water and honey mixed together and i’ve applied it, i’m leaving it on for a bit, i also put antiseptic cream on top of the spot/scabs with cotton bud i’ll see how it goes.

  • Sarah

    Hey guys…for a quick zit fix…Make a paste of equal parts of orange rind, lemon juice, crushed white Aspirin, and a bit of water…Coat the problem area with the mixture…..Wait a half hour or until mixture begins to flake off, then remove it gently with warm water and a facecloth. You can do this twice daily, morning and night.
    You can also hold an ice cube to the area for 5-10 minutes, 3-4 times a day to help bring down the puffiness/redness.
    Hope that helps!

  • kimmie

    i have a pimple problem, i tend to squeeze them out with this painful tool but it hurts. i tried soe of the remedies and they dont work on me. ive tried all the creams and masks…it just seems like nothing is working… ive had the same pimples in the same spots for so long i cant remember a time when my face was completly clear. help me get my face back!!!!

  • XYZ

    Hi everyone

    To reduce acne or to prevent acne formation,KEEP DRINKING WATER,as it helps to remove toxin from the body.Believe me,if u avoid acne appearing on face in first place,you don’t have to worry to about getting rid of it.
    TO avoid:
    > Eat fresh fruits or juices.
    > Eat plenty of green vegetables.
    > Use Neutrogena soap twice.
    > Wash your face frequently.Also,apply ice cube once a day at least,even though you don’t have pimples.
    > Use astringent daily twice.
    > DRINK WATER more than 8 glasses.
    > Apply mosituriser before bed.

    To reduce size and redness:
    > Apply lemon juice on the face.
    > Keep your face very clean.
    > Apply ice cubes,this really helps.
    > Use neurogena once day.
    > Use gram flour once a day to help your skin get clear.

    I have tried all of these and I have a very good skin now.

    Good Luck!!

  • sanahi patel

    this pimples are small, but are monsters specialy 4 girls they have so many problems like periods,boyfriend tensions(as my elder sister is having),studies,to be on top on their friends circle,to attract some1 etc…
    my sister had tried ASPRINS and it has worked on her face.i would suggest u to try it .1st try it on ur faces’ small part.
    hope 4 the BEST please also send other suggestions as my sister is very worrid about her pimples

  • Chelsea

    Eating greasy foods doesn’t break you out…ALTHOUGH when you eat, say, a slice of pizza- you get all the oil on your hands and you touch you face with your hands, thus getting disgusting grease on your face which has bacteria in it that forms the zits. It’s not like the food that you eat is coming up from your body out of your skin (eww doesn’t that sound gross) Soo wash your hands with antibacterial soap before even thinking about touching your face. 🙂

  • poornima

    hi guy can any body tell me a home remedy for these just tiny pus like pimples all over my face when i get up in the mornin .they come stay for the whole day . night when i was my face few tend to go n morning i see them coming again in the same place n also more.
    i jus dont know wat to do pls pls could u help me . i drink 8 glass of water , i wash my face with cold water 3-4 times a day , i use tommato .i dont touch them.
    guys i hav done every thing pls pls pls help me. my skin is oily

    • ahana

      poornima use amla it is a friut

  • Nikki

    Hey guys i know how to get pimples away in like in 2 days and less its optional to pop ur pimple or not but i use hand sterilizer in my pimples because it kills germs it will kill the bacteria in the pimple so it wont grow use it like every hour or more like every day so the bacteria dies it really works iv been using it for months now
    oh yeh it may sting at first.

  • miky

    hey guys.
    i used to have about 11 pimples on my face they were spead out but mostly on my forhead, cheaks and chin
    i used nutmeg and milk mixed togoether ina paste and it works in about 3 hours the pimples went, well for me anyway.
    gor others it might take a cuople of days but i definately suggest it!
    another one is a slice of a freash lemon, run it on your face and it should reduce swelling and clear it up!
    hope it works.
    if your face starts to sting, ur burning ur face.
    dont over do it!!
    good luck ….

  • Narmatha

    Mix Multhani metti with rose water and make it like a paste. Apply evenly on your face. Keep it for 15 to 20 mins or once it become very dry. Don’t talk when you have this face pack it may create wrinkles. Once it become dry you can wash it with ordinary water. Apply once in a week. U may feel so bright…….It will also reduces pimple marks.

  • Ruksana

    Try the daily 3 step rule to GREAT SKIN. IT REALLY WORKS!!

    Step 1: Wash face morning and night with a foam wash.

    Step 2: Tone face with a toner that is made from fruit extracts or something that isnt to harsh. Apply with cotton wool.

    Step 3: Moisturize skin using an oil fee moisturiser

    * You will need to exfoliate skin once a week with a gentle exfoliater. This will remove dead skin cells and renew skin

  • Alice Annabelle.

    Okay. Im 13 and Have been looking for remedies that work. I went on a site and found one about lemon juice for my scars. I tried it and the scar started to lighten the first day!

    The thing is;
    I accidentally left the lemon juice on the scar for more than 15 minutes because I lost track of time.
    The first day I thought everything was fine. and then by night time I had a HUGE rash. It looked as if my face had been burnt.
    My father is a doctor so I asked him what to do. He said to put hyrdocotisone on[sorry if i spelt that wrong] to try and stop the rash from getting bigger, and to stop it from drying out.
    and guess what…
    The Hyrdoc. worked! by the second day I applied it the rash/ dry skin began to peel off.
    So i suggest that if you plan on using lemon juice… keep track of time and shoot for about 10 minutes at first then after that if u want to leave it on longer;; WATCH UR TIME.
    and if you do end up with the same problem as me then try using Hydroc.
    and just to let you know: after the dried out skin/rash peeled off the scar did go away (:

  • calmlikeabomb

    Does anyone have any suggestions, I’ve got an infected pimple. I picked it when I should have left it alone, and now it looks like a sore, and it’s pussy. Does anyone know a remedy? Thanks

  • Melissa

    I used the toothpaste method and at the begining it worked but after awhile it started to leave my pimples with a brown spot. I don’t know if it’s the brand or what but I recommend just leaving it on for at least ten min. don’t leave it over night or cover it with little papers.

  • Denden

    the best way to prevent pimples, observed your diet, try to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day,then try to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, avoid foods with oils, and any contaminated foods for 1 month.
    try one of the remedies that had been mentioned above,apply on your face if you observed there is a good reaction, then continue…don’t try them all..take note maybe those mentioned remedies are effective for them..but for you is not…try one at a time..don’t be in abrub to remove the scars it takes time..the more you want your pimple and scars to remove the worse it will become..have patience…slowly but surely..watchout all the creams that you are using..

  • apoorva

    I used toothpaste and it left a mark on my face and burnt the area………….SO NO TOOTHPASTE

  • sydney green

    i have picture day on tuesday and it is sunday i have a really big pimple by nose what should i do


  • Rexford

    I was having many ugly scars no my face and i just read that lemon tip i tried it & it really works try to keep a time track of about 10 when you are using it for first time second time you can put it for some more time

  • Chelle

    how do i get the stupid black heds and zits off my face!!!!!help me plz

  • Olivia


  • Olivia


  • Olivia


  • Hope

    I have heard rubbing raw garlic on acne is helpful.


  • MIchelle

    hey, i know alot of you probably use oilf free acne wash but one little tip is to NOT use it because i use to use it every night like the bottle sais and it made my face all shiny and oily so dont use it. And if your face does get oily just buy the oil pads at walmart or walgreens you just tap it on your face and it magically takes away all the oil.

  • mary floyd

    i'm 15, and have major forehead pimple problems this cleared it up and now i have flawless skin!
    the toothpaste thing really works, the garlic thing doesn't. however the asprin thing can be sub. for aleve which works better. thx 4 everything… if you have any questions email me at: [email protected]..thx!!!!

  • Hawk

    I don't get how to pound orange peels.

    Can someone please tell me how.

  • Bee

    i have this really nasty, hard, red, pimple in the corner of my nose and it hurts like you wouldn't believe!! it's swollen and changed the shape of my nose! its horrific, especially because i finally got the rest of my face to clear up, and now this ONE HUGE MONSTER one shows up! it's like a screaming red light on a fresh, clean slate! its sooo annoying and painful.

    i'm going to try the lemon. i put neosporin on it because i think its infected, and it took the redness away, but its still swollen and painful.

    and prom is coming up!!!! this lemon thing better work.

  • grawrrr


    theres this chinese thing called "white flower embrodication or white flower oil" which can relieve pain etc.etc. and also remove pimples. you can get it at a chinese herbal medicine shop. i think its $12 AUD
    just put 1 drop on your finger and massage it onto the pimples and immediately you feel a minty sensation on the skin. when the minty sensation goes away [usually 1/2 an hour or something..] you can see some changes. dont overuse.

    toothpaste also works pretty well cos it dries out the pimples, garlic made my pimples redder and more swollen.

  • ahana

    guys plez if u have pimples dont use garlic it hurts . i have a better remedy for it drink 8-10 glass of water
    1 have many oranges
    2 take water leafs of mint ,neem and tulsi in equal amount apply and wash wid cold
    3 lods of green vegtables

  • airborne

    I was badly suffering from sudden pimples.This was new subject for me.
    I tried many medicines from pharmacies but unable to cure.
    Following are tips which helped me in curing my pimples.
    1- Apply tooth paste ONLY on head of pimple.[it will burn in rest area]
    2- Grind fenugreak fresh green leaves,mint fresh,coriender,neem,parsly,basil and allmost all green leaves available in market and set for this liquid/semiliquid mix in ice try to form ice cubes.Apply one cube a day till it melts,let your face dry and wash it up.It really works.one can add lemon honey alo vera in mixure if available.
    3-Apply garlic paste ONLY on affected area otherwise it will give bad burn on skin.

    Allthe best try this out.

  • lakshmi

    mokkai tips

  • kadiee

    *a wet tea bag (mint) works wonders if you have some swelling. hold the tea bag on your pimple for about 8 minutes.

    *garlic works great too to dry up any pimple. crush up some raw garlic and rub it on the spot. wash it off after about 3 minutes and the next day it is almost gone!!

    *drink plenty of water and fruit juices. it helps keep skin clear.

    *if you have swelling, take an anti-inflammatory like advil.

    *for redness: use a green mask before applying makeup but make sure the green mask is extremely light!! also… you can use a drop of visine.

  • CH8806

    Apple Cider Vineager!!

    Clean the are gently with luke warm water to help relax the pores.
    Dab on the vineager with a Q-tip to apply directly to affected area. You do not want to irritate healthy skin too!
    Let it dry.

    Do your best not to pick, pop, or poke pimples; even if they are painful. They will express when they are ready. Touching them will infect them more. Popping them will irritate the skin around them making them more red and can leave scars that last several months or longer without scar treatment. Pokeing them also irritates the infected area making it more red and opening it to infection.

    For scars, try using Bio-Oil. It is an orange tinted oil that is gentle and doesn’t clog pores if applied lightly. It helps scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tones, and moisturizes!

  • loegy

    sometimes if i need to get rid of a pimple fast, i use some tea tree oil or cream and rub i tinto the pimple.but dont do it for too long because it starts to burn.

  • Moosee

    If Youu Put Face Wipes in the fridge for 15 minutes before using themm, it reduces redness + puffyness, on spots + stuff, so it doesn’t look ‘arf as bad


  • sweet_caramel

    if you have oily skin use a witch hazel toner at least 2 times a day.its very inexpensive and you should be able to find it at your local drugstore.100% tea tree oil works on those big zits if you keep reapplying throughout the day.I noticed a difference within a couple of hours.While proactiv may cause more breakouts the refining mask works every well since it has 6% sulfar which helps to dry out the zit.I wouldnt suggest using lemon everyday since it is acidic, but it does help if you mix it with honey and oatmeal on oily skin.

  • Kari

    I have had acne all my life off and on. I have tried every acne system out there only to see results for about 2 weeks then back to the same breakouts. My acne has varied in severity from small chain like breakouts to one deep monster zit that throbs.
    I have tried home remedies, proactive, acnefree, the works…
    My thought is that prevention is definitely the best answer, however it is difficult to pinpoint problem causing elements especially when ones face is clear, when you get a zit you have to think back as to what might have caused it. I think mine are caused by #1 stress and hormonal changes, both of which are difficult for me to control. Secondly, a reduction in my sugar intakes seems to have a positive effect. Eliminating sodas and sweets and I SHOULD eliminate carbs but that is hard.
    Anyway, I have began to drink TONS and I mean tons of lemon water. I fill a glass then squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into it…I love it and I know it helps.
    Also, a sliced up cucumber with some fresh mint leaves in a pitcher of water in the fridge makes for an instant cleansing and refreshing beverage. Doing this helps me stay away from soda. By the way, even diet soda is problematic…the chemicals and artificial sweeteners are bad for your body and skin.
    I have a dark acne scar on the side of my face that I have been treating with mederma at night with a bandaid and have seen some results but its taking a long time. I think I am going to try aloe vera and lemon juice instead.

    I had an idea that I am going to try and thought I would share to see if anyone else wants to try…if ice is helpful to reduce inflammation then I am going to use my juicer (a breville) to make lemon, parsely or cilantro (coriander) and aloe vera juice, then pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Then when its frozen put the cubes inbaggies and store in the freezer and use them whenever neccessary.
    Anyway, I also buy the liquid gel capsules of aleve and pop a hole in one and sqweeze its juice on to a bandaid and leave it on a zit all night.

  • Bella

    My sister told me to apply Tea Tree Oil with a Q-tip on my pimple and then apply Vasoline on top of the Tea Tree Oil. It mixes together and works great! My pimple was gone in a few hours–the redness was gone and there was no bump.

  • cathy

    I have verrrrrry sensitive skin, so therefore I get skeptical about what I use on my face. I am 43 YOA and have flawless skin. I don’t wear makeup but I do tend to get a pimple from time to time on the lower portion on my jaw. Believe me just one pimple to me is like having a terrible outbreak to others.

    I don’t trust the toothpaste thing cause I don’t anyone personally that it has worked for. And as far as some of those other things, ooh so scary. I have tried the “VISINE” trick. By soaking the cotton ball of a Q-tip with a few drops & then apply a little pressure on the pimple only for 30 seconds. It will sting just a little, but by doing this for maybe two(2)days depending on the size, it will dry the pimple and leave no scar. I recommend this to everyone I care about.

    It’s best to use the “VISINE” or any off brand eye drops of your choice, at first sign of pimple (i.e. itching, irrittain).

  • Ella

    I used to get these ugly little red zits all over my chest in the summer time and i tried those body break out washes and they didn’t work.I started using the dove unscented bar soap on my face and body and im telling you it really works and its cheap.

  • Hawk

    It is a really bad idea to use a lot of acne products. The thing is it works but it leaves you with scars. But, who knows some vanishing creams may work.

  • Rachel

    I dont get a lot pf pimples but the ones I do are huge and nasty. I have to restrain myself from squeezing them.
    I was looking at all these tips and tried putting Dettol hand sanitizer on my lateset pimple. That was only a couple of hours ago and it has already gone down. Wow, should definitely try it.
    I also have sensitive skin and it hasnt irritated it at all 😉

  • Little miss raver

    toothpaste really does work, wash your face or body properly and coat the infected area with a little amount of toothpaste and leave over night, GENTLY wash off the toothpaste in the morning and your spot should have reduced in size and the redness reduced. ONLY squeeze spots when there is a visible yellow/white head as this is a sign the puss will come out easily, if there is a yellow head but is still painfull to touch or squeeze LEAVE IT ALONE as it is not quite ready, i know this is hard because lets face it who wants to walk around with a big pussy zit but if you dont want scabbing or scaring leave it be. after squeezing the spot till a little blood comes out (when it bleads you have got rid of the core) dab a little alcohol or any anti bacterial solution to stop the spot re-occuring.

  • ashes

    im trying this toothpaste thing tonight on 2 of em,

    hope it works cus these things are killer..

  • Cj

    Wash your face! With regular soap and a wash cloth. Use warm water and lather up you face, morning and night. IFf you happen to have redness or a scab due to popping the pimple use polysporin!

  • carlyn

    hello folks,i have pimples too but i cured it w/ the help of a lemon juice. try do this way, apply a lemon juice on your face everynight before going to bed for about 20 minutes then rinse off w/ luke warm water.do this for a month and u will see the improvement afterwards.


  • ajitrose

    take one ts of multani miti ,one tbs honey with one tbs lemon juice .apply for 15 min then wash it with cold water.it will give result in few weaks.drink lot of water and wash face several times a day with cold water.

  • Sindhu V Kumar

    Use Johnson baby cream daily b4 goin to bed on the affected area…it worked for me 🙂

  • Tabitha

    take 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder mix with 2 teaspoons honey .apply it on the affected face every day for 14 days .trust me it will never have a break out again

  • jandee

    i need an advice. i have this DARK pimple scar. :(( how can i lighten it?



  • raju roy

    Hi Dear ones,

    The main root cause of pimples is our internal body mechanism and nature of skin. So first try to arrest it . Once that is done u can take care externally to avoid them. See a dermatologist first. If the acne is severe you may go for ISOTETROINE which will arrest pimples almost 90% and they will not come back in many cases. some cases may require two-three doses.This medicine will reduce the size of oil glands naturally and will prevent excess oil formation in sabaceaus glands and prevents break outs. But this requires medical diagnosis and some tests to be done..so dont take it on your own.. it may be hazardous. Once this is done ..pimples go away completely in 3-6 months..Then start concentarting on your skin externally.Drinking a lot of water and avoiding Tea/Coffee and oily foods there after will help you to get smooth and pimle free skin of which you dreamt for years….Then once the pimples are gone, keep applying mixture of lemon juice and cucumber regularly (twice in week atleast). This will help you to get a smooth skin.. So

    First: Medical Diadnosis and Dermatologist
    Second: Regular skin care.

    Follow these steps. It will make you free from all the worries abt pimples .You need not worry again abt them in life time.

  • elli

    take blackpepper,,crush it amd mix some water in it ,apply on the pimple,,really works and gives quick results.

  • supriya

    use Ponds talcum powder on the pimple overnight, it helps alot to dry pimple and no side effects.

  • simonda zerale

    applying toothpaste and keeping it overnight is actually the best remedy…
    100% gauranteed

  • audi

    toothpaste any kind Ive had the best luck with the paste not the gel but it works too. dab on overnight wash in the morning It dries them out.

  • Taralyn

    Mmkay there’s alot of things to try. If you have many big pimples try NOXEMA. It comes in a dark blue container and it’s really cheap. 300ml is only about $8. It worked AMAZINGLY for my sister and I. It also works for all my friends. You’ll see the results the next day. And sometimes, don’t wash the cream off before going to bed, and that works too. Is there any advice for little bumps on the skin? They’re not red, and they dont get whiteheads, but they stay there FOREVER and sometimes i can squeeze them. Honestly though, for exposed acne, use NOXEMA!!! <3

  • Megan

    Over-cleaning you skin can cause zits as much as not washing frequently! It’ll dry your skin out causing dry skin cells to block/clog pores!

  • Alexis

    I have prety bad acne.
    well i did anyway.
    but a friend told me to use a Vitamin E pill
    like the one with the gel in it.
    and it works
    what you do is either bite or cut a little bit of the pill of
    just at the top.
    and then put some on your finger and rub all over your face.
    put it on at night and in the morning you will see results.
    I have reallllllly senstive skin and it does not hurt at all.
    Oh and make sure your skin is clean before you do it.
    -lexxx (:
    If you don’t understand what i am saying or need me to give you more info then my email is [email protected]
    Try it, it really helps

  • Alexis

    Oh another thing to make it easier to put on your skin
    is to get your hands and put the pill in the center and kinda rub and it will warm it up.
    haha sorry that is so hard to explain

  • simin hamid

    use toothpaste it actually works

  • Bella

    Well i personally use antibiotics but only cause i have scarring, cetaphil, found in most chemists works really well for cleansing skin.
    Also mixing nutmeg and milk into a paste then left on affected areas of skin for an hour and a half helps to soften and reduce pimples! i loved it, smelt gross but worked great!

  • soha

    i m giving tip for blackheads……
    tip 1:mix rice powder with curd then rub gently then wash it of 1fter 5 mins
    tip 2: take a littl amount of toothpaste aplly on ur nose for 15 mins then wash it of with cold water
    apply this it really works

  • Rachel

    This works for me just get some baking soda and some of you favorite face wash lotion and rub the baking soda and face wash together and to where it makes a cream and then put on the face and then splash off with some water! easy enough right? lol thanks 🙂

  • Lynny

    I can’t remember the last time I woke up and didn’t cring when I looked in the mirror. I always have at least 3 or 4 big painful under the skin pimples and then 10 or 20 little ones. I recently tried the oil cleansing method and am in love with it! At first I was really skeptical. I mean, using oil to clean your face? Isn’t that a little contradictory? But I have been converted to say the least! So this is what you do:take 70% extra virgin olive oil and 30& castor oil and mix them together and massage in to face for at LEAST 3 minutes. Then you remove the oil by laying a steamy cloth over your face 2 or 3x and wiping the oil away gently. After you have removed the oil you splash your face with cool water and pat dry and that’s it! The castor oil is actually a cleansing oil and cleans out your pores while the olive oil is a healing and moisturizing oil. The great thing about using olive oil as a cleanser is it doesn’t dry out your skin and it makes your skin soooo soft. After I use this I tone with pure witch hazel extract and then apply rose water as a final step. Voila! My skin isn’t perfect BUT the difference is noticeable and it’s getting better with every passing day.

  • mariam joel

    honey and cinnamon works best overnight.

  • proud 2 be pimple free -gwendoline

    dab a little eye drop liquid on cottonball apply to affected area reduces redness think about it why do you use eye drops? well to reduse reddness and itching duh!!!!


  • Amanda

    tooth paste really does work for pimples
    wash your face with warm-hot water,cut half a tomatoe and rub it all over your face, after let the juices sink in for about 5-10 mins. rise off with cool water, and use this remide as much as you would like

  • priti

    to clean ur skin put a paste of nutmeg[jayfal] with milk at overnight it acts as a good moisture for ur skin as well as good remeady for pimples.

  • Rishvini

    helo evryone,
    dnt try out all the cosmetics and things shown on tv,coz every skin is different from others.So just be relaxed deink water and maintain a good diet.We sometimes wen v see our face on the mirror feel like crying but wat can be done.And anotgher wen u go on the ayurvedic side u have wait foe sometme to get the result do not hurry.But majority of the times ayurvedic products work out well.
    be relaxed and take time to clear out your pimples
    god bess u all

  • nivetha

    hi guys for pimples the great remedy is mint/coriander juice with turmeric. just mix and apply , leave for 15 min.
    himalaya product also us helpful

  • nivetha

    hi guys for pimples the great remedy is mint/coriander juice with turmeric. just mix and apply , leave for 15 min.
    himalaya product also us helpful. drink plenty of water. if available
    EVIAN mountain water is a best, also help for migrain.

  • Shlia

    Hey Guys,

    I suffer with my scars alot. I have been using a very expensive product called kiehls which sucks and clearasil and they are not helping i just wanted to thank this website and all of you guys because thankx to you most of my pimples have gone!

  • Gina

    put ice right on it for 20 mins it actually heals it.

  • Jennifer Alexis

    Hey all. Great to see so many home remedies out there! Its nice to know that there is an alternative to expensive facial washes.

    So here I am just going to give you guys my advice.
    If you wear make-up, make sure to wear a foundation that is really light. You don’t want to be putting a heavy coat of foundation on your face followed but heavy powder and bronzer on your face everyday… its just going to make your pores clog. Use something light, now you can buy makeup with acne medicine in it. (you all probably know that already)Try sleeping with your hair pulled back in a head band to keep your hair off your skin.
    If you find that your face is oily, try to blog some of the oil off during the day. I know sounds simple but it helps a lot. Your face should be washed at least twice a day… and not with bar soap, that is for your body… NOT your face.

    Here is a list of home remedies that I’ve have tried and that I have found to work.

    Zinc, Vitamin A, B & E, echinacea, thyme and tea tree oil can cure acne. Vitamin B complex can improve your acne dramatically. Take vitamin B tablet containing all the B viramins, you should see results in a few weeks.

    Grind nutmeg (jaiphal) with unboiled milk and apply on acne for 1-2 hours. This works as a magic. Pimples should disappear without leaving a mark.

    Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

    Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder. Note that this remedy is not for sensitive skin.

    Make orange peel paste by grinding it in some water. Apply on and around pimples.

    Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications. ( it burns really bad but works more often than not)

    Mix 1 tablespoon groundnut oil with 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice to prevent formation of blackheads and acne .

    Apply fresh mint juice over the face every night for the treatment of pimples, insect stings, eczema, scabies, & other skin infections.

    Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix mixed with fresh lime juice, and apply on pimples. This is also good for blackheads and dark spots.

    Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and washed with warm water. This will prevent pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.

    Mix groundnut oil with an equal amtount of fresh lime juice and apply on face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash. It may be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples (acne).

    Apply juice and raw papaya (including the skin and seed) on swelling pimples or acne.

    Apply fresh lime juice mixed to a glass of boiled milk as a face wash for pimples, blackheads, and cracked skin.

    Mix lime juice and rose water in equal portions. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

    Apply ripe tomatoes pulp on acne pimples and keep upto 1 hour, then wash.

    Make a paste of roasted & powdered pomgranate skin with fresh lime juice and apply over boils,acne, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.

    Apply grated potatoes as poultice to treat skin blemishes, wrinkles, boils, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads , etc.

    Make a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

    Make a paste of ground radish seeds with water and apply on face to remove blackheads.

    Apply a paste of ground seasame seeds with water as poultice for inflammation of the skin due to allergies, skin rashes, and pimples – acne.

    Apply a paste of fresh fenugreek – methi leaves in water over the face every night and washed with warm water in the morning for preventing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dryness, and wrinkles.

    Make a paste of ground orange peel with water and apply on the affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

    Make a paste of salt in vinegar. Rub it on the pimples. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

    Make a paste of turmeric powder in mint juice. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

    Make a paste of neem leaves with turmeric powder. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water. This is a good cure of acne.

    Apply fresh mint juice over face every night for pimples or acne prevention.

    *~*NOTE*~* Don’t over due it with your skin!! Your face can be VERY sensitive, so mixing a bunch of home remedies in one day can cause your skin to dry out. When your skin feels to dry, its going to make oil. So, you don’t want to over do it.*~~*

    Need more beauty secrets, more home remedies make up ideas or anything else that would make you more fabulose than you already are?
    Check out my tumblr at http://yousexy.tumblr.com/

  • velozia

    hey guys, da toothpaste remedy duznt really work……

  • Caitlin

    wash your face once a day with a gentle cleanser. I sometimes use the wave and it works well to make your skin soft. I tried putting a paste on my face made of baking soda and water and I left it on for about 20 minutes and then washed it off with water and a wet towel. my skin has stayed soft all day and my pimples are less notice able. try it. I also drink lots of water and eat healthy foods, and exercise everyday.

  • katsn

    HI GUYS! I have sensitive skin so i decided to try some home remedies and they work! imo..so here they are :

    1. toothpaste on pimples. its suppose to sting..

    2. few drops of lemon juice with honey. reduces AS well as softens the skin 😀

    3. ice cube! its really frigging cold especially when you’re holding it and tends to get messy since its melting but its a good effect 🙂

    I have yet to try baking soda with water. but maybe later on 🙂

    I hope this helps..

  • rani

    Use multani mitti on pimples it wii reduce size of pimples….

  • Sheen

    All the remedies mentioned above are quick fixes for treating acne and pimples. Chances are you get rid of one pimple and get another one the next day.

    The best solution is to see a good dermatologist. I was put on medication (Istoerins) which worked as a permanent solution for me. I have battled with pimples my entire teenage life but i have been pimple free for the last 3 years!!

    A word of caution, this medication should ONLY and ONLY be taken under medical supervision. It may have side effects in some individuals.

    Garlic is WORST remedy for pimples. It helps in pockmarking your skin! DO NOT TRY THAT! Toothpaste works for sure!

  • rimpy

    Apply fresh papaya pulp on your face daily for ten minutes…..it reduces pimples,scars and your skin wil glow for sure.Hope it works for u.

  • Sri

    r thr any better tips guys?i donn think toothpaste,turmeric or lemon works….my suggestion is rub ice cubes…but i too need better remedy!plz help

  • Love

    Apply Multani matti on your face with rose oil..it will reduce the pimples and also u’ll feel refreshing..drink more water and use a tablet named Acutret (5 MG)it will show great results!!

  • Xxlil dimondzxX

    BOTTELD WATER DEFENETLY WORKS!!!! try drinking about 9 or more as many as you can of bottled water and see the results in the first days! this works better if you avoid easting does fat foods like ice cream, soda ect.

  • michaila

    papaya and calamansi can prevent pimples…according to michaila…it was just discoveredj uly 17, 2009.

  • Tayla

    heyy can i just say lots of people have been saying toothpaste works if you leave it on over night… well i did that and mii face went all dry where i had put the toothpaste on……

  • Emma

    guys i tried the tooth paste remedie and it definetly works 🙂
    i had all sorts of different kinds of pimples all over my face. i get it im 14 and my hormones are raging, but you don’t have to live with acne forever!

    step 1: wash your face thoroughly
    step 2: apply toothpaste on problem areas or as a mask (like i did)
    * remember use the toothPASTE not the gels*
    step 3: keep it on for 10-15 minutes depending how oily your skin is
    step 4: remove with hot water

    you will see that it removes all redness,bumps, will dry your skin and will shrink or even eliminate your pimples completely!
    good luck! 🙂

  • Freddie


    Glad to know that Im not the only person in this world suffering/crying from fucking pimpiles and oily skins.

  • claire

    Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda?

  • carrie

    i have little clear pimples ALL over my forehead, and along my hair line. any suggestions to help get rid of these? i’ve tried all different kinds of face washes but none have really worked.

  • millee

    1.Drink lots n lots of water.
    2.stop eating oily food.
    3.wash your face thrice with water [no face wash]
    4.drink SAFI [bitter in taste bt purifies the blood]
    5.don’t worry ……one day they wiil go

  • shwetha

    guys plzzz help me out with tis pimples
    i am 14yrs old gal
    i hav lot of pimple on my fore head and cheeks
    it really loses my luk
    tell me som ehouse made remedy to reduce pimples many….
    say use tooth paste.. many say dont use wat shall i do????
    plz help me out i beg u people i hav both sikin types oily and dry but i hav more oily specially on my nose it is oily i dont
    hav pim.. on my nose only on my cheeks and forehead
    speacially a week befor my peroids date it increses a lot….
    plzzz help me ottt

  • our helper

    hi i have many pimples in my face.they will come and put some black marks in my face.then, i didnot have a confidence to show my face.so,i use egg white and mixed with lemon juice.i use this for 1week then my pimple population in my face is less and the black marks should turn to mild red colour some black marks should gone.so use this for everyday and you can apply only in the night and can get a shining and pimple free face.if any one get cure from this reply me.

  • travis

    hi guys, i’m 26 and i’m having trouble with my face right now and i don’t know what might have caused this. before, i have a smooth and acne free skin but now i have lots on the side burns, chin and cheek areas and what bothers me most is it isn’t the usual pusy type pimple but more of a nodule type (where the oil is trapped underneath the skin and a lump could only be seen) and it suckz coz its more difficult to treat. the only luck i get is it doesn’t hurt at all. i’m already seing a dermatologist and tried a lot of remedies but still im not seing improvement and worst is it seems that its getting worser than before. i’m leaving the country for work and i’m pretty much anxious about my appearance and im scared that it could affect my performace at work and it really drags my confidence down.. pls do help me and i hope you’ll give the right remedy.thnx
    by the way, i’m living a healthy lifestyle thats why this thing is freaking me out!~coz i had no idea where do they come from?????? T_T


    Hey cute pimplers……………..
    I’m goin to try the toothpaste remedy……
    I hope it does work for me……………..

  • maleha

    hey guys i have a problem, i love a boy very much.he havealot ov pimples and black scars on his head nose and cheeks, we had try everything even doctrz cant solve our problem yet. he is getting into the complex. m very sad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i’l pray 4 ur hapiness plzzzzzzzzzz do help me pllllzzzzzzz

  • yuvika

    hiiiii frndz!!!
    just try gel containing the salt-“”clindamycin phosphate”” twice a day bt not in the sunshine.damn sure, it will work cent percent.

  • gaurav .sharma

    i have many pimpels in my face .and black marks and .red pimpels..if i have push the pimpels .and blood has come……and come out the black marks…………….plz.plz……plz ….give me a tips ……

  • Niamh

    Heyy, I have recently discovered that you are more likely to have spots where you have your hair , like if you have a fringe or you might have some on your back or shoulders, make sure you keep your whole body clean, not just your face !

    Always use gentle formulas or remedies, don’t use alcohol or anything of that nature as this can be very harsh on your skin.

    Also make sure you use age appropriate cleansers, and always opt for things with natural ingredients.

    And finally , and this is important ,


  • charming

    this is weird… but i can assure you it works for me..

    • clean ur face wid mild soap
    • dry it
    • and then wash ur face with ur own urine leave it overnight

    this really works..i used this for 3 days my pimples are gone

  • pimplefree

    okayy so 3 things i recomendd for thee overnight pimple thing.
    -wash your face then put ice/ice pack on it.
    -then put aloe vera lotion on
    -then put honey on your pimple and put a bandaid over it

    oh P.S drink a bunch of water nd try not to stress to much because stress causes pimples.

    Hope theses tips workkk!(:

  • Alyssa

    about the elmers glue…. dont try it it does NOT work and its a waste of ur time and u waste glue!lol

  • naive12

    for blackheads and whiteheads and also red pimples, use yellow lemon zest, squeeze it on a cotton ball and leave it over night, it will not heal your pimples it will make your face more clearer and softer. alternate lemon zest with fresh milk. it will come out a great result!!

  • sheena

    try to use a muriatic acid!!! its worth it!!!swear.,..

  • charmie

    drink 1-2 liters of water,

  • sheena

    try to wash your face with small amount muriatic acid with facial foam!!!!its worth it,swear!!!!

  • Meenu

    I hav to attend my friends marriage, next week and would like to getr rid of this big pimples and scars given by acne… please help me i would like to get clear skin. please and because of this pimples and scars i m loosing my confidence day by day, please help me as soon as possible.


  • saira razvi

    I hav to attend my friends marriage, next week and would like to getr rid of this big pimples and scars given by acne… please help me i would like to get clear skin. please and because of this pimples and scars i m loosing my confidence day by day, please help me as soon as possible.


  • Tish

    I just tried the lemon juice tip. I hoe that it works as I am desperate. I just started taking a new birth control, Yaz. Has anyone had success with it?

  • amit

    put some grams in to unboiled milk and rub those grams in morning and apply gently on face.there is nothing to say,mirror will reply

  • Rafey

    well……the best way is 2 drink loadz of water…avoid using a soap…use eskinol face wash i swearrrr its the best forpimples…….its a papaya srcub uze tht….never ever use toothpaste it will really damage ur skin coz its made for our teeth no for our skin…and garlic aswell its really harsh….use rose water….lemon juice and apple peel mixture and honey is also really gud… hope it works for u guys….and dont bother ur pimles the more u bother the more it cmes..thx and god blss.Rafey!!

  • josh stockwell

    i need some advice i have used nearly all the face washes like clearisil all of them havent worked wat should i do ?

  • Elsie

    Hi, my daughter is 10 and started getting a lot of pimples on her face. I took her to a doctor who gave her a harsh ointment and recommended antibiotics if it didn’t get better. I read that acne was often caused by eating dairy and drinking milk because the natural hormones from the pregnant cows mess up our hormones which causes the acne. This made sense as at 10 my daughter shouldn’t be suffering hormone prolems. She cut out dairy (except for occasionally) and within 2 weeks its almost completely cleared up. give it a try. Its worked so far for her.

  • nafisa

    hmmm…i m trying with the lemon juice therapy…..hope it works..

  • rebecca

    i need help for the whole situation where you try and pop your huge zit and nothing happens but pus comes out and then it scabs. what should i do. =[

  • Katrina

    Here’s some products that work for me, but remember, everyone has different skin types I recommend Clearasil(i know people say it doesn’t work but it does on my skin) or ProActiv (but you can’t stop and it’s very expensive and I recommend do the 30 day trial so if it doesn’t work AT ALL you can get your money back)

    I (as I type this in) use Lemon and Baking Powder as an exfoliator when I run out of ProActiv. It helps smooth your skin and rid yourself of oil.

    I would just like to warn you that it burns slightly (depending on how you see it) for a short while but it does work. For me, it burns a little but as long as you don’t put it all onto your face at one time, it doesn’t burn really bad.

    Garlic does not work! I’ve never tried it but I know that it will more then likely dry your skin.

    I’m 14 so I get REALLY angry when I get a pimple because it lowers my confidence:P

    And I didn’t find the lemon and baking powder on the internet. I figuired it out on my own. My skin goes baby smooth when I do it too!

    Here’s the steps:

    1) Mix 1 Tsp. of Baking Powder with 1 1/2 to 2 TSP. of Lemon juice
    2) Dab small amounts onto wanted areas
    3) it will fizz and burn for approximently 5 seconds but it will be worth it
    4) wash off
    5) I don’t recommend doing this a few minutes before going out (it makes your skin red for a bit but it WILL go away


  • Katrina

    Also eat well and exercise! A biggy would be DRINK LOTS OF WATER! My skin glows because of it!

    (This is part of the top comment I forgot to put it in)

  • jyothi

    i hav a problem of pimples and blackheads nd which type of cream should i use for my skin

  • ramya

    Hi, I have a small small pores on my cheeks, plz suggest me some solution






  • carolyn

    If you really want to get rid of pimples and blackheads buy proactive it really works (for me at least)

  • mhod arif

    pimples my face what i can do it my age is 18 year old. please tell me

  • L.A. best

    try putting some honey and some cinnamon on the bump and put a bandaid over it overnight. take off the bandaid and wash your face. wash your face by washing your hands first then putting a light medicated soap and wash with your hands. washing with a wash cloth can cause scarring. and try to stay away from stress and irritation. hope this helped. the toothpaste remedy and the lemon juice remedy work so does the baking soda. the pin needles just hurt relly really really bad dnt do it!!!!

  • ImperfectMe

    This isn’t exactly a tip… It’s a question to all you smarties on zits.
    See, I have teeny pimples, they’re actually just harmless little zits that I always pick. Now my face is knd of harlequined with blackish scars. I tried lemons, and it works, but eventually, the stuff comes back if you don’t continue using it, and it hurts like heck when applied. I’m thinking of trying toothpaste and stuff, but I’m unsure, and I’d really like some guaranteed 100% home remedies that only uses one ingredient. I already cut back on dairy, oily foods, etc, and I don’t touch my zits anymore, all I need is to be armed with good home remedies with ONE ingredient. So please help. (I need assurance that they work, is all I’m saying.)

  • cherish

    Every other day, (usually when Im in the shower) Ill put raw, unfiltered honey on my face- within a week or so, there was a very noticable difference. My skin is much healthier and I rarely get pimples.

  • #1

    Listen, there are so many ways to get rid of pimples, but they all take time. If you want your pimples to go away a.s.a.p just

    1. relax n breathe in slow

    Anticipation slows down the process of what you want to occur. Basically, when you want something done and your mind keeps thinking of it, it does not happen quickly, and if you forget about what you want, it comes through quicker. This meaning: Focus your mind on other things besides your face, and the zits will disappear. Haven’t any of you guys noticed that when you let your mind go and party or do anything else, the next day your shining. Well…

    Get your life together without focusing on image:)

  • stithi

    hiiii frndzzz
    I am going to try d lemon juice n egg remedey…….
    i hope it works for me..

  • Stephanie

    I’m going to try the cinnamon powder and honey,because i also have pimples that is just not going away, but we shouldn’t let our appearance rule our lives. If we met a blind person who couldn’t see us as we see ourselves; what would they find within us that makes us who we really should be… a person with a personality and not just an image!

  • Elizabeth


  • arun

    hi.i have got a lot of pimples.doctor said to apply faceclin continusly.no change. is there any fast control measures?

  • Hayley

    hey guys, i use avon face washes, they are really cheap and they are giving me really good results. also their toner is really good, witch hazel is also great. i use Garnier Pure A daily treatment moisturiser, and for the odd pimples that i do get, just before i go to bed i use neutrogena spot clear gel 8 hours. an yeah.

  • Sunita

    HI try Honey and Lemon juice of same quantity. Apply on face .. after 15 min Wash is with lite warm water. U can see the change a fresh pimple free face in 2-3 weeks. It worked for me so u can try..

  • divu….

    hi evry 1,,,,,i nvr had pimples b4….This is the worst phase…hv pimples on my cheeks….took doctor’s help….not helped…tried multani mitti, dint make a big diff….nxt wat…..?

  • lady

    i have a big2 problem.. i have small pimples all over my face and neck.. and my neck turns to be black already.. any remedy please??????? thanks


    hey guyzzzzzz just try out applying aloe vera gel . it worked on me .
    and u can also try using pimple cure cream

  • Mary

    I am a grandma and many years ago I read about a home remedy for pimples, so when my daughter (now 37) was a teen and breaking out with pimples, I tried the remedy I had read about and it worked fantastic. It’s Milk of Magnesia! It was a miracle cure and I also read that nursing homes use it on bed sores. All you do is dot a small amount on each pimple and by the next day it will look much better and by the day after that, it should be gone. DO NOT USE THE MINT Milk of Magnesia…just the plain kind and it doesn’t matter what brand, just as long as it’s NOT MINT. I now have a twelve-year-old granddaughter who is starting to have break-outs, so she is doing the same treatment and it’s working great for her, also. Give it a try. I have read through many of the posts on this site and haven’t seen a single one recommending Milk of Magnesia. I have told many of my friends about this treatment and it has worked for everyone of their children. Good Luck!


    plzzzzzzzz dont try toothpaste on ur pimples….it does nothing but makes u feel awful….plzzzzzzzzzzz dun try it…….. the applied area turns black….i tell this to u wid experience….. i dun want u to suffer lyk me….[:(]

  • alexa

    wow . amazing . evrything here is so true . after working on it on 1 week. i’ve already saw the changes on my pimples . thanks .

  • pimple hater: Jewel Mae

    hey guys!!! if u want to be pimple free just use hydrocortisone 1% Anti-itch cream,i know this is an anti-itch cream but it really works for me(i dont know if it will work to you, im just suggesting!) my mom recommend this cream. she found this cream in south america at the carribean. then she said to wash my face with a soap named bioderm and after i wash my face with that soap, use this cream. so then i tried it and it really works.
    Philippine Girl, Jewel Mae C. Calucin, an 11 year old girl.
    I’m suggesting this tip for the mom who post her comment at your website, I just wanna help her, cause her daughter and i have the same age. I hope she’ll like it and i hope it will work on her daughter.

  • pimple hater: Jewel Mae

    by the way if you dont believe me that im an 11 year old, im grade six now, my b-day is may 11, 1998,year of the tiger,my zodiac sign is taurus, my birthstone is emerald. If u still dont believe me i dont care. is it a sin to be a good english speaker? your very sory but im always the 1st honor in our class.

  • navneet


  • ruchi

    i have a clear skin in general but keep getting these annoying blackheads and pimples on my nose and they leave marks….i’m fair and now only my nose has dark spots! how do i get rid of them?!? please help!

  • Karen Lyna

    Umm , i dun really noe coz most ppl said d lemon works or toothpaste or wat but actually hv i hv no idea . Does anyone has d perfect solution to this skin prob ? i dun noe wat to try coz i worry it makes it worser

  • Jewel Mae

    Hey!!!1 Who tried my remedy??? does it work?? Please answer my comment!!!!!

  • Gracie

    I absolutely swear by PEARS soap! It dries your skin out enough for the spots to disappear but not enough to be uncomfortable. If you’re in the UK, it’s available in Boots/Superdrug/ Overseas, you can order it cheap online. Google it, it’s amazing!

  • renansha bhadoria

    wash the face time to time and keep drinking water…..its really works…

  • puja

    pimples are gone but the spots are still there way to do plz help????????????

  • Mariel

    oh btw ppl i tried the lemon remedy and it burns a lot so don’t do it!! plz save urself

  • akrister

    ppl use aloe vera ……………not the leaves but d thorny part!sqeeze it n ull get a liquid …..put it overnight…it rocks …………in 2 days ur pimmples vanish!try it out!

  • Crystal

    Try using selsum blue shampoo, my childs doctor told me to use it on my childs arms overnight to reduce the appaerance of exama, it contains salenuiam sulfate that cleanses the skin, so i tried it on my face for pimples and it work super great! Good luck!

  • neha

    I travel a lot due to which i m unable to get rid off these pimples.
    Please help me out!!!

  • Julianne

    I had HORRIBLE acne all over my face(especially all over my cheeks)I thought that I was so ugly and I was very insecure. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. The only face wash that has worked for me has been the ANTIBACTERIAL WHITE DOVE BEAUTY BAR. It cleared my acne up fast and has kept it clear. I am SO SERIOUS guys. If you suffer from acne, YOU NEED TO USE THIS. It is amazing. It has cleared my acne up, and fast. Also, for a spot treatment that works wonders, I use CLEARASIL STAYCLEAR VANISHING ACNE TREATMENT. Just dab it on infected area after washing with the Dial bar and you will see dramatic improvement overnight and will clear it all up fast. Hope this helps!

  • vizi

    please dont use garlic on face,it really hurts badly,
    it peels ur skin too badly,and u’ll make it too worse with all scars
    i tried same away looking at some homeremedy and it badly peeled myg skin,please friends never try this.

  • ty_boogie

    Wow! I feel 4 all of you with acne. I had it bad all my teenage years even going into my twenties and tried everything from neutrogena to proactiv to the egg and lemon remedies. Nothing seemed to get rid of my breakouts….UNTIL… I had a conversation with a woman who told me to STOP EATING PEANUTS or anything that contained peanut oil! This meant no more cashews that I loved so dearly and cutting back on spaghetti sauces which contain peanut oil and some candies… but….What a life changer! CLEAR SKIN? Yes! Blemishes? GONE! I use the new line of clearasil face washes and use neutrogens’s blue astringent afterwards twice a day and my skin has never felt and looked more beautiful! So I say the same to you…cut off peanuts! Wish I had met this lady sooner!
    Also, my bestie uses Ambi products along with there moisturizer with spf30 and it has worked wonders for her!. Please try these and let me know how it works out for you!

  • Leah

    I break out really easily and am allergic to must of the medication out there. Here are a few tips:

    -Don’t drink soda or eat anything spicy or salty (salt and vinegar chips are my fav. but cause under the skin pimples)
    -Drinks lots of water
    -Keep your face clean, don’t pick at it

    If you do get a pimple try:
    -Baby Powder (dries up the pimple)
    -I read that Visine works but it didn’t do anything for me
    -Calamine Lotion
    -For under the skin pimples, try using one of those clear peel face masks. Dab it on the spot and leave overnight, it’ll shrink the pimple.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • sana

    h….. next week is my date i have lot of pimpkes..whtshould i spend lot of money 2 clear my pimpele… bt it nt workng . ths s very confusng becoz sum 1 tld me 2 apply toothpaste .sum dont apply …reply i m very tense



  • sona

    hey………..use clindamycin on ur face……..
    its a medicated gel or cream …….. if u have big prblm…dn use this gel three times in a day……….use “acne off’ soap three times in a day with it….u wil defntly get gud results……

  • sona

    hey friends……….have patience ………..try it m going to described below………
    use “jaifal” on face……..now ur question is how to use it…. so simlply….. put few drops of milk on some hard material then rub jailfal on it……it wil produce thick form of mlk having red colored.now apply it on d face at least for one hour…….2 hour also remnded!!!!….. use two or three times in a day…………..in a week u wil get best results……..it removes pimples, smooth ur skin and brighter ur complexion.

  • sona

    use aloeveera gel of baba ram dev…………u can purchase it frm any baba ramdev product store…..its cheap and easy to use………apply ds gel for all over the night and was it off next morning……..do miracles!

  • sona

    drink amla juice if u want to remove pimples forever……drink at least 15 ml in moring with empty stomach and at night in same quantity. but dont drink milk for at least two hour before and after it…..thats it!! if u find bad in taste.can drink water!!
    make this routine for at least six months……really not only pimples many odr skin related prblms like hair faii, dull skin, etc will be cured!!.

  • Mhv


  • hehehe



  • kiran

    pimple has dissapeared but black spots are there

  • Casey

    For “backne”: there’s a soap called PanOxyl, can be bought at walmart and walgreens, it’s 10% benzoyl peroxide. Lather wash cloth with soap and wash back and leave on for 1-2 min. and rinse. skin can dry out, so used one daily.
    Face: Clinique has a mask called the deep cleansing emergency mask, it works great! use that 1-2 times a week.
    I’ve also found that using a face wash with NO acne med’s in it keeps my face LESS OILY and less prone to breakouts. L’oreal skin genesis pore minimizing gel cleanser works great. wash your face in the morning and at night and use a toner to make sure you get all the makeup off. DON’T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE! you want acne gone, yes, but you don’t want to have dry flaky skin and the drier your skin is the more wrinkles you’ll have when your older.
    ALSO, foods don’t make you break out..touching your face after you’ve eaten all those greasy foods make you break out. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS before touching.

  • khushi

    i had cronic pimples on my chin, and i have very oily skin. i did all remedies but ….., then i made my own pimple remedy i tried on myself n u wont believe it work..! so i want to share my remedy to other can take this benefit. so make the paste of- turmaric power , cinnamon pwder , masoor dal(red dal), Lwang, neem powder and lemon juice. aply it on your effected areas on ur face.n leave for 1 hour n wash off with warm water. at first it gives u sansational feel but not to worry. so folks try it , this works for me,may be it will works on u also. try it once . if this remedy dont suits u plz do not continue. thanks

  • Mal

    hey guys! im 15, and ive got like these horrible pimples coating my damn forhead…theyr not huge..jus white heads/small pimples..as well as pimple scars coz i had burst a few..umm pleas,please help! my 16th bday is in like a week, nd i want it clear by then! ive tried honey nd cinamon…nope. toothpaste works at times…lemons good…drinking water is v.helpful…ummm nd now m gonna go for the nutmeg..keep ur fingers crossed! wil let u knw how it turns out…but pls, ny siggestions are very much appreciat8d!!

  • victoria


  • j-babe

    i know how u all fell i had the worst acne prblem in the world but then i tried thid MIRACLE remedy.
    nutmeg, milk, flour and a pinch of pepper!!!!
    it works awsumly!!!!
    it will make a thick gooey paste and yea i know it looks a little gross but i promise it will work wonders!!

  • emily bryer

    i used to have big pimples like a bump and it was red and kinda swollen i tried garlic a few days and it disappeared u should try itit works.

  • Michelle

    My mom told me that i should take a bottel(it can be a 2L) then u fill it up with water and english salt and store it in ur refrigerator.So every morning when u wake up,the first thing u do is drink a cup of that water,but shake it first so that it can mix.
    The first few times it will taste disgusting,but later on u will get used to the taste.

    This helps to clean ur blood and prevent the breakouts of pimples.ALSO DRINK ALOT OF WATER

  • Meena


  • KK

    ice will help any swelling. but will not get rid of any blemish. toothpaste shouldnt be left on over night it is too harsh for the skin and will create a dry patch, or scabbing.only leave on for a few minutes. proactive does work over time,,not over night. the product i swear by is propolis it drys out any pimple/zit naturally and doesnt harm the skin, very effective. clearing a pimple completly over night will not happen, never has. by not letting this get to you and having confidence will hide it, literally people notice if your un comfortable or trying to hide something. dont let this small thing get to you. its not there forever trust me. good luck xo

  • fathima

    use tooth paste i think it works out……………..then use honey with lemon it also works out……………

  • Kavita Joshi

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I am Kavita. I want to tell you that i have a combinate skin some times it is dry and some times it is oily….

    So many times i have to face the pimples and dark sports …like it is too shameful to me while m facing others people….

    I am working in Well reputed MNC as a front officer…While am facing the visitors or the vendors i have to give them a reason for all these pimples……

    Well now i know that why the pimples are grounding our face area….

    Reasons are:-

    1) Face is the most unprotected are from the polutions..
    2) second is in teen ages girls mostly using the cosmatic products without knowing that this one is correct to their skin or not.
    3) Frequently changing your mosturiser or ur daily cream.
    4) continously using the scrab and facial meanaa and all that..
    5) Rubbing their face while washing it.
    6) Using hard soap products.
    7) Changing their face wash accodingly the Adds come on the TV.
    8) or they suppose to be changing the medician.
    9) in some times it was bcoz of the mensuration timing was changed in some month.


    Now girls i am giving you some best solution for your pimples and there dark spots also.

    1) Try to drink plenty of water atleast 20-25 glasses.
    2) Try to eat plenty fruits which have alots of mineral.
    3) Try to avoid junk foods, while you are suffering from the pimples.
    4) only eat your home made food.
    5) use curd in ur lunch food rather than taking on the dinner.
    6) try to drink lemon water with little amount of salt.
    7) Strickly avoid tea , coffee, and other bavereges.
    8) don’t drink the blood purifier products, like SAFI,DABUR and all that.
    9) Don’t take any medicians during the mmansuration and pimples timing.
    10) Plenty of water ..i strickly recommanded the water bcoz it will help to remove your pimples and purified your blood also.
    11) if possible than take neem or tusli leaf…one or two in twice a day.
    12) Drink Cold milk in the morning and before going on bed.

    Dear Girls hope they all tips will help you to reduce ur pimples probles and you will feel happy and independent after trying this…

    Good Luck Girls!!!!


  • diana

    use an anti-bacterial ointment!! e.g. T-Bact
    its the least riskiest n most effective option.Patience pays guys!it leaves no scars unlike most quick-fix remedies. this is recommended by my dermatologist.

  • JJ

    PROACTIVE DOES NOT WORK! MAKES MATTERS WORSE. Im gonna try Milk of Magnesia…see if it works ? i have a clear face(knock on wood) but my forehead is a complete mess. ill let yas know if it works… oh yeah im 26 and still having this problem very embarrassing!

  • nidhi

    I have a lot of pimples(blackhead) on my forehead .They are very tiny and didn’t even hurt.I am 18 year old.Could you please suggest me some remedy to cure them according to my age.Please help me.

  • jj

    well i must say that the M.O.M has a little bit of an effect it takes the redness out and alleviates the pain a little, but its not a mericule cure what so ever . worth a shot though.

  • Shweta



  • gohan

    hi folks! an easy way to get rid of pimples permanently is to have glycolic aci skin peel off treatment from a dermatologist. it’s really effective guys…. you’ll surely notice the change after 3 or 4 treatments….. however during the course of the treatment you’re skin will look burnt for few days (you wont be able to go out at that times)but just after that your face will be as good as new… it also makes your skin glow… so try it out guys if you find free time for 1-2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nana

    plzzz tell somethg on blackheads.. its no much on my nose n chin area .. plzzzzzz suggest somthg ASP.

  • onose gloria

    pimples is really disturbing my face. i’ve used several face treatment but all seem not 2 be working well. let try ur porduct that is if i can get it 2 buy

  • valicious

    my sister had a huge problem with pimples on her cheeks……..anyweiz lemon juice and brown sugar really worked….i suggest these two remedies…

    apply lemon juice on face for 10mins, then get a small lump of brown sugar and apply on face for another 5mins…then wash off with warm water……


  • Hannah.

    Well I get pimples because I tend too play with my fringe alot.
    And playing with your fringe greasy, and then the grease goes ontoo my forhead and puts oil ontoo my forehead making pimples.

  • Hannah.

    I want too try the toothpaste one.
    But I’m scared my skin will get worse ? x

  • david

    ight guys…
    1. drink water and stay hydrated
    2. shower 2 times a day..mourning and night
    3. in mourning put apple sider viniger on ur face
    4. in the evening put toothe paste on infected area and wash off n the mourning.
    5. watch acne disapear!!!

    your welcome! (:

  • yasmin jaffery

    hi i have brown spots gtting darker day by day, i have a bad habbit that i use to scratch my small pimple and it gets injered so now i want something to remove these dark browm spots on my chin only
    plz reply soon thanks

  • chinki

    i dunno wat 2 do…… 4r d pimple mark left behind plz help

  • Hannah.

    I tried the toothpaste and it actually worked.
    My mates come up too me and ask me how did my skin get so clear.
    I didnt have many pimples too start with but yeah.

  • tricia

    my mom always scold me when I prick my pimples (all sorts of ’em). She said all the treatments work!(natural only). But she said that the key is DISCIPLINE. DISCIPLINE!!!!! DONT PRICK OR SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLES. AND KEEP YOUR FACE CLEAN!!!

  • jessica

    careful when you use toothpaste because it can leave a scar on the infected area. use it a little when the pimple is just starting to pop out.

  • dhruva

    massage fresh curd on ur face in cirrcular motion for atleast 5 minute n wash off. Its works
    take care

  • kasy

    guys i need help with this HUGe pimple i have on my nose i was reading the advices and i hope lemon juice and honey works + ice i will tell u guys if it work or not thanks a lot 4 helping:) X

  • jq

    put curry spice on your pimple. dip your finger in water *i use coconut oil* then dip your wet finger in a little bowl of curry spice…dab the pimple and leave on. wash with a gentle cleanser because curry does leave a yellow stain that washes right off but PLEASE NOTE don’t go to bed w/it, will stain your pillow case. curry can be used for open wounds even..

  • Liz

    Sorry, I didn’t read everyones comments and tips, and if this has already been said, sorry.
    Glicerine bars!!! They work wonders, and are pretty darn cheap too. I found them at my local dollar store, but I’m pretty sure you could find them pretty much anywhere.
    They don’t smell all that appatizing, but washing the areas of skin that is being attacked by those problem pimples should rid your skin of those blemishes.
    I recommend washing your face every morning and every night before bed, as your skin gives off oils while you sleep.
    Either way, don’t worry so much on these blemishes, as popping and picking at them can make them worse, and could possibly leave scars.
    Hope this helps.
    -Liz =]

  • sonal

    hi my sister is 19 yrs old who is following d treatment of doctor since 5 yrs but still she is suffering frm the small pimples,exremely redness may b it rashes on only her cheeks. sumtimes her skin problems reduce wen she follow doctor’s medicine by using sum tubes like BC 2.5% on face nd using keracynl face wash but aftr dnt using dis products she again suffer dis problems. plz plz suggest some tips regarding eating habbits???????????what she should avoid regarding eating habit?????should she take doctor’s treatment????reply at dis i.d plz ………

  • mary joy dumantay

    i tried the toothpaste remedy i hope it really works

  • debasmita

    i sufferd a lot for pimples and i have a sensitive skin also.
    but i want to tell you that please use Somi gupta’s product. i used glow active and glow shine solution and a glow shine face pack. methods for use are written on the bottles. it’s really a miracle.
    now i have a problem free skin. so all girls please try this product. it should take 2months to cure pimple. but i am sure you will be really happy.

  • Olivia

    For really oily skin buy a natural mud mask and apply it to your face and wait for it to dry. Instead of washing it off, used your fingers to massage/crumble it off then use your favourite face wash to remove the rest of the mud (i use cetaphil or QV because it has no bad toxins in it and other facewashes made for pimple-prone skin just make you break out more) then apply a dab of baking soda mixed with a bit of warm water (for really bad pimples i use baking soda and lemon juice) onto the pimples and leave for 15mins and wash off! I used to have really really bad skin and this has worked for me!
    Hope this helps
    🙂 O

  • francesddahren

    guys need help..I have pimple marks!!! in my nose,forehead and cheeks!!!.I need a prevent care for the pimple and PIMPLE SCARS!!!!!
    I want to remove those scars cause its freaking me out…
    I have HONEY here..but what honey?? honey for pancake is it okay?
    need reply guys..thanks! email [email protected]

  • Aishwarya menon


  • $![)

    Guys, u know what, the best way 2 avoid pimples is to avoid staring at them and being conscious. Just drink sufficient amounts of water and be happy. These toothpastes and nutmegs and mints don’t work. They r all nuts. Good day.

  • lowena

    i have tried all these remedies! i used to use proactiv and it did nothing! i use chamomile tea bags to reduce swelling which seemed to work a lil!! i cant seem to find a happy median

  • frances

    I tried the ice cube,I think it works.. it reduces the size and redness of the pimple..

    -Before my skin is free from pimples!!
    but now Im turning 18 and I dnt know why this pimples bothering me..




    [email protected]

    thanks:) I’ll wait.

  • Amoreena

    I have had acne moderatly since I was a teen, and am now 31.. I went ot the doctor and got prescribed benzol peroxide, it’s aantibiotic and peroxide mixture that helps relieve the deep pimples, and bleaches the redness that acne can leave. and it does bleach, it’s mixed at the pharmacy for you right before you pick it up, and it does contain alcohol which dries out the acne, but it does work, when it is used twice a day, it dries up and you can leave it on or wipe it off. you can develope a tolerance to the antibiotics if used over a long period of time, the container can be kept in the fridge for 3 months before it expires. and can be up to 100.00 per scrpt, most insurances cover it.. it has many uses

  • Amoreena

    and eating a healthy regular diet, staying away from sugars and drinking alcohol will seriously help your acne clear up, and less stress in your life.. stress plays a major facotr in breakouts.. eat lots of ripe fresh cherries before your period and it does alot of things, you can also take chamoile tea bags soaked in minimal hot water and apply it to skin irratations in sections of your face, and also for acne when you pop a pimple DO NOT pop it until blood comes out,if you must pop it put on gloves and use a lancet ultra thin plus, ( diabetics use to check blood levels by poking fingers) and slightly pop it, Only when you have a ugly white head or green, or whatever color it is, and gently squeeze until the seed comes out, or a clear ( sebum) comes out, once you see the clear liquid called sebum STOP..you can take rubbing alcohol,peroxide or witch hazel whatever your preference is, and take a q-tip, or cotton ballm, or tissue and soak whatever you use and put pressure on your area, wash yoru face afterwards, drink lots of water, eat a few raw tomatoes that works too. you start to see a difference in 1 week i fyou eat a tomatoe everyday.

    P.S I went and paid for my very first facial and they used a lancet to pop some of my pimples on my chin, and told me how to do it.. do not waste your money on proactive.. I tryed it 2 times in my life and it killed my skin.. sacylic acid works great and is found in most acne products, but do not over use, you can develope a immunity to it from using it too much, you can take a break, and always moisturize yoru dryspots on yoru face, you do not need to moisturize all over if you have break outs..everyone’s ance reacts different, and BTW I have combination skin.. so these are my tricks for comination skin, I do use neutrogena bar facial soap with sacylic acid.. and also, give your skin a break from foundations and powders over the weekend.. wash twice a day and moisturize as much as possible, and the oils from your own fingers can totally make you break out if your a picker.. and in cane of emergancy’s, hand sanitizer unscented over your oily parts when not at home works wonders, it kills the bacteria and remoevs oil.. if you must.. I have tryed it a few times, it does work, but don’t make it a habit..home remedies are best tho to give yoru skin a different feel and try, and also certain face masks and peels work wonders as well.. make sure they are paraben free and other types of chemicals.. burts bee’s works wonders too for cleansing skin, and you can do that in certain parts, you don’t always have to treat your whole face with the same product you can do it in sections for combo skin..

  • Amoreena

    and always remember you are what you eat, and you can always seek your family doctors advise, most of the time we all need to go see a dermatologist for those that have medical insurance.. they have amazing things that can help, they may even know of home remedies, also danedlion root in capsule for detoxifys you skin, and remember your skin is the largest living regeneragting organ on your body, what you put on it gets absorbed into your blood stream..and sometimes sun is good for your skin for certain skin types it can help dry out hte oil, but too much sun can make yoru skin over produce oil on the skin.. then your screwed until yoru sunburn goes away.. I just had that happen to me, and it never hurts to wipe your face off with just a washcloth and cool water to help keep yoru pores closed in hot weather, because sweat can bring stuff to the surface and whatnot and cause breakouts.. I hope all my randomness was helpful to someone (:

  • roopa

    IF U HAVE ANY DOUBTS U CAN MAIL ME AT [email protected]

  • vallie

    hi everyone!! i wash my whole face with toothpaste, the actual paste kind, every night. I wet my face then rub the toothpaste gently onto my face. I let it sit for 30 sec-1 min then rinse it off. It works great for me although i do end up with so drying out around my nose. I hardly ever have pimples anymore.

  • hina

    very simple tip apply one week ur pimple will go away and if u continue then it will just disappear as u have never any pimple on ur face ….
    just take calamine lotion and use daily on affected area with a piece of cotton bud … use daily for whole face two three or as many times in a day it will not only work wonder but it makes ur skin clean and white.. try it…. good luck…. for all skin types…

  • rawrgirl

    ok guys,DRINK LOST OF WATER 20-30 glasses a day!! Honey Doesnt Really Work But The Alcohol Helps WAY TOO MUCH i love it. Wash your face 3 times a day & just relax

  • Kate

    Tip : Mix lemon juice , sea salt , and water in a bowl. Steam your face over a sink or a pot of water. After you steam , scrub your face with the lemon , salt asnd water mix. After , wash your face with a cool cloth. Apply cream and VOILA ! Use 1 a day.

    I hade bad pimples all over my face before graduation. It was bad. I used the remidy and it worked. Just well moisturize. And you good. Try it !

    Good Luck ! 🙂

  • charlene

    the best way is not to touch your pimples even your face…..our hands are full of bacterias!!!!drink water!!!!

  • charlene

    keep your face clean !!!eat fruits and veggies…avoid eating oily foods…sleep early…..

  • Amanda

    Hi all,
    I recommend QV wash. It deters the puss agents and cleans the skin. (it’s used in some Australian hospitals to aid in healing burns and scars of burns victims)

    Use a light face cream e.g. The Body Shop – Oil free Irish sea-weed cream for patirally oil skin. Or…Oil free Tea tree cream for 100% oily skin.

    I use either those or like at the moment clean & clear oil free face moisterizer.

    I find that scrubbing does work on my skin although it can also be bad.

    I also find that wearing make-up everyday doesnt make my skin worse, not if i clean it off thoroughly each night followed by a light wash in the morning with QV.

    Also, avoid plain sodium in soaps.

  • she

    how about the pimple marks?

  • tanuja

    Drink lot of water and use Baba Ramdev’s aloe vera gel.

  • wwwweeeeee



    hi guyz…..im 20 years old in this coming december….
    i have some pimples,pimple marks,pimple holes…and some kind of dry skin spots…..please can u help me guyz…pls…pls….pls…..
    HELP ME !!!!

  • John shively

    I am 21 years old and i am getting pimples since 4 years. Actually, i was looking good till 17 and then pimples started making my face bad. I am suffering a lot with these. despite I put lemon or get ointments from the medical shop, these do not go out.


  • beachygirly

    hey guys i am new to this web site and i have never really had pimples until im on this med but i always had blackheads ughhh what is the best cleasner and best thing to use on your face and i have very oily skin and i have dry skin and i have some answers thanks

  • Casey

    Disregard my above post! I wrote that wrong… oops 🙂

    So first I iced the pimple for about 2 minutes. Then I put Rubbing Alchol on the pimples. Then I covered most of my face with toothpaste and lemon juice (at the same time). Wait 3 minutes, (it will feel like you have Icy Hot on your face) then wash it off with warm salty water. Then once you have it off, Rinse with cold water. Pat dry. Then put Lime Juice on your face (it might sting a little bit), wait about 1 minute and rinse with cold water. It worked great for me! No more pimples! Hope it works for you!

    Sorry for the confusion!

  • Cassidy

    If you want you can put lotion on your face after but NO BATH AND BODY WORKS! This really irritates your skin. I recommend Aveeno lotion. But be sure not to put too much on!
    Your face will be SOFT and PIMPLE FREE!

  • Cassy

    So first I iced the pimple for about 2 minutes. Then I ubt Rubbing Alchol on the pimples. Then I covered most of my face with toothpaste and lemon juice (at the same time). Wait 3 minutes, (it will feel like you have Icy Hot on your face) then wash it off with warm salty water. Then once you have it off, Rinse with cold water. Pat dry. Then put Lime Juice on your face, wait about a minute (this might sting a little), and take a warm shower. It worked great for me! No more pimples! Hope it works for you! f you want you can put lotion on your face after but NO BATH AND BODY WORKS! This really irritates your skin. I recommend Aveeno lotion. But be sure not to put too much on!
    Your face will be SOFT and PIMPLE FREE!

  • shree

    apply honey to the face and wash it with luke warm water after 30 minutes. this helps to deminish the pimple scars

  • helena

    to stop swelling take an ice cube and hold it on the pimple. ask your doctor about duac. its acne medicine and it helps a lot. GOOD LUCK 🙂

  • Skinny3000

    Hey Casey are u sure that this remedy is going to work.

  • san

    wash your face twice a day it will surely helps you to get rid of the pimples……..

  • pranu

    guys jus try dis ……it works 4 me .first take a little turmeric in a small bowl add a pinch of common salt and then add 1 drop of honey and 1 drop of lemon juice den make it into a paste.Now wash your face with a gentle face wash and then then gently wipe it then apply this paste on your pimple before going to bed .see the result next morning.

  • anousha

    use cow urine to wash face everyday itreally works

  • natha minsada

    if ur pimple is huge use ice and leave it on ur pimple 2n 1 hour or two and the next moring its the size of a little ant it worked for me 🙂 hope it wroks for u

  • Cindy

    I have read every comment so far and I agree drink LOTS of water and STAY away from sugary drinks!!!
    I have suffered with pimples since I was 11. I am now 18 years old.
    I still get a pimple now and then but nothing major the best thing is to actually go on the pill. But dont stay on the same pill for more than a year, and if you just stop using the pill you will break out as your hormones will become ‘upset’ if you understand what I’m saying.
    Also if you feel you have to pop a pimple use two ear buds to pop it and leave your face alone as your hands are like the dirtiest part of your body.
    Also use Bio-Oil on your scars every night before you go to bed.

    Hope it helps!!!

  • Cindy

    Oh yeah you can use Jonsonns tissue oil as well as tee tree oil

  • JayZZ

    Grrrr, sometimes I get pimples, and I HATE it.
    Then I feel super self-consious 😛

  • Tiffy

    For those of you that care what your skin looks like when you are older. I RECOMMEND YOU not use regular astringents you get from wal-mart or mary kay, avon, etc. They have alcohol in them or the cheap mineral oil. (even mary kay’s oil free stuff has the cheap oil in it). I should know ive tried it all, my face is real sensitive to oil. Anyway, rubbing alcohol strips your skin cells & can dehydrate your face. Causing early wrinkles & harder for your skin to heal from certain damages. Whether you know it or not. I use to use all the home first aid stuff for acne, sure it worked. When I came across a good friend that is an aestitician, she had me put my face in this deal that shows all of my sum damage, dehydration, & scars. It shows the underneath stuff on your skin, what no one else can see. I would strongly recommend arbonne skin care or beauticontrol. When choosing your skin care, look for the all natrual ingredients. Proactiv, mary kay, avon–none of those are natural. They all have an unnatural acid or cheap oil in them that causes skin damage that you may not see until you are 30 or older. Keep that in mind. I am old enough to say that I have tried everything you can imagine bec I have always been determined to find something that works for me all the time, since I was 12. Arbonne is so far, the #1. A store called Sephora has some good natural stuff too.
    For you ladies in your 20’s, severe acne can also be a sign of certain ovarian cysts. Some cysts have no symptoms & some do.

  • Samantha

    There is a food chemical called salicylates which are in alot of natural produce such as grapes oranges tomatoes and their by products also it is in some acne products, for more info do a search on failsafe eating. Anyway after suffering for ten years with breakouts in the chin area I have discovered that eating or drinking food with the natural food chemical salicylates in it causes my breakouts!! I’ve had clear skin for a year now but just recently after indulging in some wine I’m stuck with a big ugly pus pimple! So if the pimples are ongoing and in the chin area do some research and change ur diet and don’t use skin products with salicylates in it

  • mayi

    mix 1 part apple cider vinegar, 3 parts water, and 300mg aspirin… use as toner day and night… works fabulously!!!

  • john

    when you have a pimple and your trying to pop it then cut rounded pieces of a potato rub it on the affected area until there is no more juice then get another piece and keep doing it ,it really works

  • shanice

    hey i had a big pimple on my face like super huge and then it got really dark n it left this big dark spot on my face and its so repulsive what can i use to remove that spot

  • jyoti

    Hi!ALL of u..i read all ur tips..this is 4 those who have sensitive skin plz dont apply anything just boil sum water with some tulsi in this n take vapours at every n8t..pores get open through it so after 5-10 min wash ur skin with some good facewash n then apply face pack ur skin started glowing n pimples vanish within 1 week try this n if n plz mail me..

  • helpme

    i have a pimple on my chin. i dont know what type it is but it is really red. it has no head though. I WANT IT GONE. please help me.

  • Corinne

    Mix sugar and water.. not only does it make your skin SUPER soft. But it cleanses it. Try it.

  • Corinne

    I or if you have dry skin.. try sugar and olive oil

  • reena

    jaiphal + unboiled milk
    apply on face for 1 hour then wash with warm water

  • Alo_gurl

    I’m 13 and have bad pimples. My aunty said to put ground up paw paw leaves with coconut oil on just before going to bed.
    It did work, but because I can’t access paw paw leaves where I live I use aloe vera gel instead.My sisters both older than me, who also have bad pimples use this and it is really good!
    This leaves your face feeling very refreshed and also gets rid of pimples.
    Aloe vera is also good for sunburns.
    Hope this works for you!!

  • Haeleigh

    For chronic pimples (problematic acne that is persistent), get tested for adrenal exhaustion.

    I battled chronic acne from my teenage years to early 20s. I did not know this was caused by adrenal exhaustion. It was also at this time my allergies, asthma, and menstrual cramps. Had I known it was a systematic issue with adrenal exhaustion, I would not have had to suffer.

    If it is any comfort to you, I am in my mid 30s and my skin is quite clear. I hardly have any acne scarring and no one believes I ever had acne problems. I had severe acne that the dermatologist could not treat either. It will get better.

  • sheetal

    lemon juice 3 times a day and cucumber juice at night(the whole night) to lighten black mark left by pimples…

  • Ashlynn

    use lemom juice baking soda and your fave fash wash put in container make shure lid is tight shake should make bubble supstince watch out in lid is not on tight or it will explode

  • Cassie

    Try Neutrogena oil free stress control face wash. It is green with little beads in it. I love this product because ever since I started using it my zits have gotten a whole lot better! You can also try benzoyl peroxide gel which you can find at most drug stores. If you put a dab or so of that on your zits and fall asleep like that your zits will be smaller or gone by morning. If you want a natural remedy try mixing nutmeg and milk to form a paste.

  • Dr.criss

    wel i have the best remedy for pimples than anyone. Here is one of d most effective treatment dat i have come across, which will help u 2 get rid of ur pimples:
    start slaping ur self more than 100 times a day, doing so will annoy ur pimples n if u continue dis magical process 4 more dn 2 days, dn believe me it will b the pimples who will try 2 get rid of u.
    i hope dis exotic& magnificent tip of mine helps u to get rid of ur pimples.

  • Ashley

    hi everyone i had bad acne since high school age 17 i am now 24 tried clean and clear products no results. then i read about acnefree on their website. it cleared my face up really well i had really bad severe acne i hated it i would say to type acnefree they have different kits to try its worth for me made me happy accept when the time of the month starts i break out right now trying to clear up my forehead which hurts in one spot hopefully it goes away soon


    -Carbohydrate foods with low glycemic index or a low GI diet can improve acne by 50 percent.
    -Grind nutmeg (jaiphal) with unboiled milk and apply on acne for 1-2 hours. This works as a magic. Pimples should disappear without leaving a mark.
    -Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.
    -Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications.
    -Mix 1 tablespoon groundnut oil with 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice to prevent formation of blackheads and acne.
    -Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix mixed with fresh lime juice, and apply on pimples. This is also good for blackheads and dark spots.
    -Apply juice of raw papaya (including the skin and seed) on swelling pimples or acne.
    -Apply fresh lime juice mixed to a glass of boiled milk as a face wash for pimples, blackheads, and cracked skin.
    -Mix lime juice and rose water in equal portions. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
    -Apply ripe tomato or cucumber pulp on acne pimples and keep upto 1 hour, then wash.
    -Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder. Note that this remedy is not for sensitive skin.
    -Make a paste of roasted & powdered pomgranate skin with fresh lime juice and apply over boils,acne, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.
    -Apply grated potatoes as poultice to treat skin blemishes, wrinkles, boils, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads , etc.
    -Make a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
    -Make a paste of ground radish seeds with water and apply on face to remove blackheads.
    -Apply a paste of ground seasame seeds with water as poultice for inflammation of the skin due to allergies, skin rashes, and pimples – acne.
    -Apply a paste of fresh fenugreek – methi leaves over the face every night and wash with warm water in the morning for preventing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dryness, and wrinkles.
    -Make a paste of ground orange peel with water and apply on the affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
    -Make a paste of salt in vinegar. Rub it on the pimples. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
    -Make a paste of turmeric powder in mint juice. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.
    -Apply fresh mint juice over face every night for pimples or acne prevention. Fresh mint juice is good for the treatment of pimples, insect stings, eczema, scabies, & other skin infections.juhnhyyy
    -Make a paste of neem leaves with turmeric powder. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water. This is a good cure of acne.
    -Drinking of wheatgrass juice may remove acne?Grated cucumber applied over the face for fifteen minutes and then washed with water Home Remedies for Pimples
    – Cleaning up the stomach is the best treatment for pimples, for this daily for a week applies mud pack on the abdomen.
    – Live on liquid diet for one or two days.
    – During the day juices of green leafy vegetables is good. If available drink spinach and carrot mixed juice or tomato juice positively.
    – Drink lemon water.
    – Turmeric mixed with honey should be licked.
    – Do not use soap.
    – For a week in a spoon of curd two drops of honey be mixed and applied on the face daily.
    – For a few days basil leaves juice and lemon juice be mixed together in equal quantity for application on the face. This removes black circles and spots.
    – At night before sleeping keep wet pack on the face.

  • sanarita

    hy readers apply betnavate cream on ur pimpals it is very effective and then use narangi ubtan which remove blemishes

  • Aussie

    I have found that if you rub a cut onion on your face twice a day, your pimples will be gone in a week.
    If you have pimple scaring, use a pinch of pepper and a pinch of curry mixed together and massage it into the scar area.
    This really works you need to try it.

  • Nithu

    HI, one year back i had pimples filled with pus.. i had a treatment with dermatoligist and everything worked out fine. i had undergone chemical peel off and it was that made my facial skin pimple free but one thing worrying me.. actually i have some small group of bumps like mosquito bitten, skin coloured, not painfull, appears and goes constantly but it will be always there on my chin. But it is not a pimple. the doctor told that it is a pimple scar and should be removed with laser treatment. but i dont feel so. I feel it is not scar. because scars never appear and disappear. it will be like pimple but not painfull, no pus, remains constant with skin colour and very small in size. my chin is looking akward. to touch it is not smoother. rough kind of surface. Anyone please give me a clue what it will be and how to get ride of it.

  • Nisa


    I’m 21 years old. i used apricot scrubb on m overface, i saw little bit change on my face, my skin become very fair. i think this remedies is good. nw am looking like a Gorgeous.

  • aysha

    omg guyss am enof of ma pimples .i baadly need some effectiv treatment to remove it n tht too reely fast ……..kos i need 2 attend a party wich is reely special 4 me ….hop u gettin me ….i got olli 2 weeks buh need tips faster

    i know u hav to giv tips ova here buh no wer to giv complian

  • Christhal Mae Carpentero

    hello guys!!!

    im 13 years old girl…..

    though i have my monthly menstrual cycle…..i dont know??but!!!

    im suffering fom pimples…..

    gosh!!it really makes me feel unconfidence…..

    and why is that when i look at the face of my classmates there face are clear…..

    gosh!!!plx help me!!

    im looking for some remedy taht for sure…o side effects and safe to use on my skin especially im too young!!!


    mr wright!!!

    if who are u!! who made this site i know you can help me!!!


  • katie:-)

    hey iam katie just wanted to let yous no dont eva use proative its so bad 4 ur skin i done a beauty course and my teacher said its like puting bleach on ur face it makes u brack out really bad the only thing that really works 4 me is i cut down on the junk food and i drink water 4 a hole week and no pimples

  • pooG

    1. drink more and more water daily.
    2. apply sandle on ur face while u r going to bed.
    3. apply olive on ur face while u r going to bed.
    4. wash ur face with hot water thrice a day.
    if u can do dis tips daily means definitely u can get relife frm pimple as soon as…………
    its 100% sure.

  • beautybeast

    In my opinion the best way to treat pimples is to use aspirin,it realy realy helps,for me anyway,but since skins of different people are different,it wil hav difrnt outcomes,also be a vegetarian n oil free consumer,

  • lex

    egg whites mask… enough said

    and rub an ice cube.. good too


  • shamwow

    woooooooooow the shamwow really workkks!!!!!!!!!!! ok wash your face vigorously (with dirt) sounds wierdd… no after drench your face in lemon and lime enfused mix then take the shamwow and blot your face then make a mask out of toothpaste, egg wites, milk,baakind soda, elmers glue(if blackheds) annd walah.. good to go
    enough said it izzz amazzinnng i havnt got a pimple yet .. its beeen over 2 yrs bye the way

    must use everything…

    no exceptions

    goooooood luck

    try this

    dont even bother to use the other remedies

  • Abigale

    Okay, the toothpaste works pretty good. Just make sure you wash it off in the morning. I think I am going to try drinking plenty of water and the orange peel thing.
    Hope this works!!

  • swathy

    pimples are mostly caused by the more of oil content we take.But it is to hard for people to avoid their favourte food items which will be75% of oil content. But what i suggest is eat a lot of oil item but at the same time drink 2 bottles of water.This protects us from pimples and body fat.

  • Tamara

    Dont use heaps of different products like proactiv or things like that they have too many chemicals which will hurt ur skin. use steam, elmers glue and pomgranates, honey, milk, almonds, lemons, sugar and use a soft toothbrush for blackheads and pimples. Watch the home and health channel it has tips on facials and nails and all that. sry if the home and health channel doesn’t apply to u, i moved to Australia wen i was 3. Sry i dont have many cures for acne cause i dont have acne yet. Excersize heaps, drink water and eat fruit and veges.

  • karishma

    take orange peel and dry it on the sun if u need and powder it.mix water and the orange peel powder and apply it

  • Tileehaar

    HAEY GUYS!!!!
    1.first i suggest to drink lots and lots of water atleast 7 glasses
    2. try holding an ice cube on your pimple to reduce redness and pimple size
    3. if you have sensitive skin i advise NOT to use garlic as it stings and inflammes your skin.
    4. if your skin is oily make sure you wash your hands before you touch your face
    5. other things that mite work for your skin is green tea, lemon juice toothpaste and trust me avoid eating heeeeaps of fried chicken chocolate and hot chips as then foods are high in fat and sugar content and they make your pores clogged which creates pimples.
    =] =] =]

  • sadaf

    heyy guys ‘n’ gals…..u all must try chandan(sandal wood) for ur pimples. It works really well on pimples & shrink them….you can either make a paste of that wood or u can use the “chandan face pack”
    Chandan helps….reducing dark complexion
    removes pimples/acne
    it evens your skin tone
    also reduces tanning


  • Ingrid

    Treat yourself from the inside first: water, natural vitamin intake, good sleep, etc. Then look to the outer. Get sunlight into your skin, but not too much, and SPF it up. You don’t need direct sunlight.
    Change your pillow case whenever you shower.
    Don’t touch your face.
    Always wash make-up off.
    Wipe glasses and sunglasses to prevent putting oils and dirt into your skin.
    Be aware of your hairstyling products–they can get stuck in your pores.

    DO NOT USE these fancy perfumed cleansers like Neutrogena. Your pores fon’t need perfume–they need PH BALANCED products. Onces designed for people with sensitive skin can be good, non-clogging even better, and best with colloidal oatmeal (like Dermaveen).
    Same goes for cleansers and moisturisers.

    Also know, most of the tips on this page work at DRYING SKIN OUT. You dry your skin out, it’ll produce a bunch more sebum oil to compensate, and you’ll get oily. It’s about balance, and keep it simple stupid! Get a healthy routine.

    If you’re getting older and the pimples are still hectic and you’re also growing a bit too much hair, you might have a hormal problem. This could be cysts on your ovaries, or your body being intolerant to its own testosterone supply. There are meds out there to help this.

    The Pill can cut down frequent painful acne, but only a special one with high estrogen (though this does increase chance of breast cancer later on, but any time you put extra estrogen into yourself you run the risk), but I wouldn’t recommend going on the low-dose long-term antibiotics. It’s a horrible thing to do to your body just to cut down the acne.

    I like to get something frozen, wrap it in something clean like make a t-shirt, and hold it against the big infected ones.
    Steam rooms at gyms can be fantastic–gets all that gunk out.
    I also do home microdermabraion, mainly to get rid of my scarring. I recommend Dermanew cos it’s the only brand tested that didn’t scratch glass.
    Sea salt and water gets rubbed on my face daily to help prevent infections, but I wash it off again to prevent drying.

    Be kind to your skin! You’ll have it your whole life, and remember, IT’S AN ORGAN!
    And don’t trust the ads–they’ll say anything to make your buy their crap. 🙂

  • sumaiyah

    Apply ice to pimples few times a day..This will reduce the swelling and will try to make the pimple less noticeable……

  • Karen

    Ok well the toothpaste thing DOES NOT WORK!!!! Try for pimples :
    1/2 of an avacado, 1 tsp of natrual honey, and 1 tsp of natural yogurt
    Repeat process 3 or 4 times a week for best results !!!
    U will be so happy with results Kim Kardashian even uses this!

    Now for blackheads: the thing about the Elmer’s glue kind of worked I know u probably think im messing with u but I’m not. It doesn’t work completely though. I mean I want to add to it and say try it 2 a day and 4 times a week. Idk but the acne thing works good!!!!!

  • Karen

    O yeah I almost forgot on the acne thing mix the ingredients together and use as a mask wear for about 30. Minutes

  • Bri-Bri

    helppppp i am light skin and a hav 2 very bad red pimples i tried lemon juice to c ifr it worked if u hav something for light skined ppl plz help me out

  • chinnu

    now u can use its liquid in followng ways:
    1. directly apply on ur face n night n wash in morning with a face wash.
    2. if ur skin is dry mix it in cold cream n apply, mixing ratio: 1 capsules for each 10 ml/gm cream
    3. if ur skin is normal or dry mix in it moisturizer n apply, mixing ratio: 1 capsule for 10ml moisturizer



  • tristin

    ok so the thing that wors great for me is using Apricot Scrub by St Ives. and using noxema’s deep cleansing cream.

    1. use hot water to open pores
    2. get a quarter amount of St Ives apricot scrub in ur hands
    3. rub together and rub gently in a buffing motion all over ur fac
    4. rinse with hot water
    5. use your four fingers to get out a large good amount of Noxema
    6. rub all over your face in a buffing motion focusing on infected area (dont press hard or it could push the infection lower into ur skin making it harder to get rid of)
    7. rinse face off with cold water.
    8. pat face until dry.


    the link above is a picture of the scrub( make sure you get the “naturaly clear” kind)


    the link above shows a picture of the Noxema


    if you have a pimple u need rid of fast…..

    put them on a little plate and put a little bit of water.
    let them disolve completly and get a q-tip or a cotton ball or simple use your fingers(clean) to apply the medicine to ur affected area. do not do this everyday. (i recamend doing this at night bfor u go to bed.)
    let the asprin dry then rub off with a dry rag or towel
    if you do this too much everyday your skin will get used to the asprin and wont work any longer. it will also dry out your skin if you do it too much. apply an oil free moisturizer if it starts getting too dry. any questions???? email me at [email protected]

  • Emily

    This tip is the best. I use it whenever i start to see a pimple forming! After you wash your face at night, dab a little bit of honey on your pimple(s)and cover with a band-aid. When you wake up, rinse with warm water wash, and then rinse with cold water. Repeat for 2 days. PIMPLES WILL DISSAPEAR AFTER JSUT 2 DAYS! Then, if you want to keep them away, grind a cucumber and spread over your face and neck. Sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm then cold water. Your face will be beautiful after just one cucumber mask. To keep pimples away forever, repeat the cucumber mask every 2 weeks. this works for me, its easy to do and it should be for you too! Hope this works!

  • Tanya

    Hey tried these all ,,,, the only thing that worked for me was diet, and it was hard but it worked ,,, I found the diet at home remedy pimples dot org …..

  • Ese

    hey everyone, I suffer from pimples and I feel really disgusting most days, I didnt even want to leave the house or attand social events ect… But my mum who is 53 suggested that I use lemon on my face day and night and it has done wonders for my skin 🙂 now I can go out feeling confident within my self.. She puts two lemons in a pot and steams her face she suggested that to me aswell.. I look at my mums skin and its so beautiful.. I also drink lots of water and work out 2 times a week to sweat out the toxins…

    I’ve also used proactive and it done nothing for me I would never suggest that product to any one its really bad for your skin!

  • newyearseenu

    Thought of sharing a Home remdie, that doesn’t cost much. Its kind of

    1. Drink plenty of water. at least one litre in the morn. Plain water will do (immediately after you brush, hoping thats the first thing you do in morn)

    2. Add fruits n veggies (raw) to ur diet. they help a lot to move out unwnated wastes from ur body

    3. Keep ur face clean (use plain soap). Wash ur face at least twice daily preferably one before u go to bed. Select a soap that is more friendly to ur skin rather that going by brand. (for indians medimix works fine, for gents try park avenue)(of course select the most friendly soap.

    4. keep ur living space as clean as possible. change the towel, bed sheet , pillow cover more frequently (atleast once every two days). Make sure you clean them thourougly with clean water.

    5. you can applu some face packs (natural), like multnai matti, Egg, tomato, Apple, lemon juice, Orange peel, orange juice, curd, honey, coriander, mint, and also u can mix the combination too. Each them work in their own way. also you need to apply these daily, weekly once with any one of the pack once is enough. if you have enough free time then you can also give weekly twice twice/ thrice a preference. I suggest not to do it daily. keep rotating the turn for each item u use.

    6. reduce fatty foods, increase raw foods, reduce sweets also.

    7. every morning when the tea is boiling in the kettle, just make out 3 mins of ur time to keep ur face over the steam. You need not piece or pluck or do any thing. just make the steam run all over ur face. Also if you have black eyes, apply the boiled tea leaves (warm)on the eyes for 10-15 mins daily, THis reduces your dark circles.

    8.You need not use any medicines or ointments or acids …. just follow above schedule strictly for a week and I bet you you will see the difference.

    9. If you feel ur skin is too dry, or if u are able to see cracks over ur skin (face/hands/legs) apply pure plain coconut oil before going to sleep. apply coconut oil over ur face too, and massage a lil bit before going to sleep. if you massage ur feet and hands with oil, u will get good sound sleep.

    10. make ur schedule a regular one, dont skip food or add sweets. make sure u also sleep 8hrs daily.

    PS. I read in of the posts to apply garlic. Yes Garlic also helps to cure a pimple more faster, but make sure you wont leave any garlic piece over the skin, else it will burn ur skin and u will have to tacle with the boils. very careful !!!, use only garlic juice no pieces.

    All the above suggestions are based on my personal experience, hence you need not worry about side effects or if it works or not … just go ahead with the schedule. You will amile in fron t of the mirror by one week.

  • Courtney

    sure it might have worked for people years ago but that’s because toothpaste didn’t have all the chemicals that keep or teeth clean and extra fluoride and stuff than it does know! It’s safer to NOT use the toothpaste!!

    I had heard to try it as an old home remedy and I did even try it and it didn’t work and then I heard that it can damage your skin.

  • bella

    try Extract face cream,100% guaranteed!!swear!

  • girl17

    NEVER use cinnamon powder and honey on pimples…
    it really damages ur skin and gives u such ugly scars on ur face
    trust me i have tried it…

  • girl17

    i am using a lotion called ‘erytop’… and it is helping me alot..
    u can ask for it at any medical store…

    hope it ll help u guys also..



  • LUCY

    drink lots of water and wash your face with it . simple but affective

  • precious hope

    1`dont apply any liquid soap on ur face cos it would burn ur face.u can go for kenalog injection or cream it would help reduce it……….call me if u are outside GHAnA i must send u a locally manufactured soap and cream which is good for curing pimples..0233271798926

  • sonal frm fiji

    i did not try anything on my face yet but i want to try something!i wish wat ever i there is a very good result pliz. tomorrow is my date so pliz wish me luck…………………….BeST WISHes !!!

  • Crystal

    hey, i was wondering if any one has a suggestion for me? i get really little pimples on my nose, they go really red and look yuck.. i use clean and clear it seems to work for the rest of my face but not my nose.. help? 🙂 x

  • Rajat rocks

    The best thing is to use the toothpaste and apply it at night for only 10 minutes and then avoid any moisturiser. Use moisturiser in the morning it really works.
    And if it doesnt work then take a knife heat it red hot and put it over the pus filled pimple, pimple as well as your beauty will eliminate.

  • kemaulee

    trying to get rid of your pimples can be very frustrating here are some tips king of the forest bush,rub the bush up an apply for about two hour curry an tooth pase, drink alot of water ,less burning in the sun, eat healty,get enought sleep,goat feases mixed with flour aply for 20 to 25 minutes and wash off.

  • cass

    im 14 years old and ive suffered from those painfull big pimples with no head and i have a problem with squeezing them. ive gotten many scars. the best thing for scars is polysporin. and aloe vera gel works too. i always end up peeling my scab after a few days and if you do happen to do that, bare minerals foundation works wonders for covering.
    however i do need help getting rid of the big pimples that dont have pus, i have very dry and sensitive skin too.

  • farha


  • MiracalMan

    Hey Guys And Girls!
    If You R Struggling with acne greasy face
    i recomend to use patato juice
    i have been using it and it works great!
    just wash ur face at night when ur going to sleep with only water
    and then dry it then slice patato towards the middle where all the
    juice is held and apply onto face the whole night and wash off in morning
    ull see results

  • My name :)

    Hello , Im 11 Years of age and i have a huge pimpil and a scar from a pimple on my cheek and i have family coming in to town and i need to get rid of it please i have 2 days Thank
    There is thhis thing for your face forgot what it does but this is what you do i do this 1 a month you can do it 1 a week not every day your skin will get adapted and when you stop doing this your skin will break out

    1 Egg
    2 Bowls
    Crack your egg put the egg whites in one bowl put the egg yolk in the other bowl ,Then wisk your egg whites till you see bubbles then aply evenly on your face leave on your face till dry ,then splash warm water on you face then pat dry , After that pop the egg yolk i wile to wisk the yolk but you dont have to then apply the yolk on your face leave on your face till dry then splash warm water on your face then pat dry
    Hope this does wonders on you face and by the way The asprin facial is a anti aging facial not a pimpil .

  • klinton

    what is the truth about toothpaste? does it work or not?

  • miley

    please guys help me my skin looks very bad…………….when pimples occur

  • Katie

    Also, ice will bring down the swelling. I remember once, I was on a beach getaway with my best friends and I discovered that I got a HUGE pimple in the middle of my forehead when we went back to our hotel room- it just happened over night I guess! I got some ice and rubbed it on the pimple about every 5 minutes and the swelling started to go down!

  • Katie

    I think different things work for different people….for some people tooth paste is a good remedy for others it isn’t.

  • ashar khan

    do not touch your scin and love your pimples it make you feel better

  • jenny

    i usually get pimples n afer tht it leaves a dark mark on my face which looks very bad plz suggest me sum home remedy to get reed of it plz help me out n my skin is also oily

  • mona

    for acne breakouts apply paste made from jeera n water or milky juice of freshly cut raw papaya.

  • Annabel

    Try using a mix of nutmeg and milk. For a spot treatment use a bit of milk with a spoon of nutmeg and mix until it makes a paste, then apply. It works!

  • shoona

    Nothing working with me guys..god i feel so shy when i’m with someone else.Coz they only wanna talk about my ugly face.please help me to remove these monsters from my face..

  • Rashima

    Put neem leaf in water and boil it after it gets cool wash your face with that water

  • santhosh

    drink 10 liters of water daily

  • Prabhav

    Apply unboiled cold milk twice a day
    Apply Curd
    Apply Lemon Juice
    and wash with cold water..


  • samata

    Hi i m 21 years old and my skin is sensitive . and my skin color brown by last few day I get pimple on my face please give me your suggestion.

  • prashant

    hi friends i have a very simple home remedy for pimples just apply mixture of honey and lemon juice on the pimples and try to learn your pimple

  • Meri

    Watch your diet!! Dairy products and carbohydrates aren’t good.
    I use toothpaste every night. Just apply a somewhat thick layer in the effected areas and wash off in the morning.
    Tea Tree Oil works for a certain amount of time. Put some on a q-tip and apply to the affect area. It smells horrible but works pretty well. AND drink lots of water.

    That’s the basics to getting things cleared. Now my problem is tiny acne. Mostly on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. It’s mostly not noticeable but OF COURSE, i see it. it’s really tiny grainy bumps. Any tips?

  • Muralidhar

    got pus Pimples at head..it paining a lot too…any home Remedies plz kindly suggest……& Hair fall toooo…..

  • nancy

    need tips on how to clear my face i get really bad pimpules around my mouth and the they dont bust the stay there for days no white pus come out it looks like a bruse can some one tell me what i can do ….

  • rujgjxdguk

    Ok. I am 12 and i have really oily skin. I have tried toothpaste and it REALLY works it takes 2-4 days depending on how big it is but all you do is put a big blob of toothpaste on your ifected area and let it sit there for 7-10 min. still it depends on how big ur zit is

  • Cindy

    Use lemon!!!!! Its works! JUST DONT LEAVE IT ON FOR OVER 10 MIN!

  • Reagan

    What about face, chest, and back acne? My face is not that bad but with my shoulders and back having thick skin I am not quite sure how to treat those… Someone with the same problem, please help.

  • marcia

    Hey i have a son who is fighting pimples, and what is a good way to get raid of them ??? please help we have tried tree tea oil, and all other stuff from walmart .. please any ideas send me ok. [email protected].

  • anu

    hey guys dont follow the rubbish things that are posted above…………..
    follow some simple tips like….
    1. drink the water 5 lit daily..
    2. atleast a fruit daily..
    3.20-30min exercise..
    4. not to avoid the oily food but try to reduce in ur daily use..

    last but not least 5.keep the hands away from ur face!
    so try this from today onwards u’l be free from pimples and as alreay u people are facing the problem of black spots they will also dissapear in no time…………….
    so kindly follow these tips for best results………..

    all the best!

  • ishta frm mtius

    drink lots and lots of mint tea or green tea. It works wonders as it helps u drain all the toxins in your body. Very important, drink it piping hot.It really works for pimples and is good for your health as well. All the best.

  • Tanya

    Hi everyone. Whatever you do… don’t pop your pimples. They usually get worse and get infected. Washing your face often and keeping your hair off your face helps prevent those monsters from coming out. But to cure pimples if they do show up.. honey and lemon works. =]

    Hope this helps

  • Natural Woman

    Thanx to everyone for the wonderful remedies! I am 33 and have hormone issues so around those specific times of the month when “aunt flow” visits I have horrible breakouts! Not just small pimples either, some are the cystic kind that scar badly! I struggle with my self confidence daily because of it. One product that worked well for me is Dr. Patricia Wexler skincare line available at Bath and Body Works or Obagi skincare line. Check online or at your dermatologist or plastic surgeon for the Obagi line. The only thing about these products though are the parabens in them but and are pricey but I was desperate and I did see results. I have tried most of these remedies and the most effective ones for me were the egg white and lemon, witchhazel, and aspirin mask, although the aspirin dried my skin until it peeled. Just use a good moisturizer with it. I also do sugar scrubs, sugar mixed with a little bit of your face wash and used to gently scrub your skin. It works! I hope this helps! Oh! I can’t wait to try the Milk of Magnesia one, am anxious to see if it will work for me! Thanx again and good luck!!!

  • pooja

    I hada oily face which resulted in pimples.Removing pimples naturally is the best method.Using of aloe-vera continuously gives effective result.It worked on me.

  • Marietta

    3 Ingredients:
    ~Brown Sugar

    1-find a small container and fill with reasonable amount of brown sugar.
    2-add a honey, but not too much, just enough to make a thick paste that will stay when applied to face.
    3- cut the lime and squeeze the juice into the container.
    4- before bed, apply to face for 15 minutes and wash off thoroughly.

    This mixture is really great for your skin, it cleans it, helps get rid of dead skins cells and leaves your face smooth and glowing. Use it about twice a week.

  • Marietta

    Oh, a few more things!

    -If you do have acne scars,apply scar cream to them every so often and that should help clear them up.

    -Change you pillow cover twice a month. The oils from your hair get caught in your pillow cover and transfer to your face. The hair oil carries more bacteria to your face causing your face to produce more oils to protect itself. SO CHANGE THE COVER.

    -if your using makeup to cover acne, STOP IT. Make up just gets caught in the pores and mixes with your facial oils and can make acne worse. If you are going to wear makeup, use hypoallergenic and apply lightly.

    -Drink lots of water, get exercise!


  • Bryce

    Drink lots of thyme tea it is an antibacteral. also apply apple cider vinegar to face.its working for me =)

  • Natural Woman

    I used the apple cider vinegar mixed with equal parts of distilled water for a toner and it works quite well! I also love the eggwhite and numeg mask! My skin feels awesome afterwards! Also Swanson Health catalog offers all natural soaps for your skin for $1.87 a piece. I ordered 4 bars of witchhazel, thylox acne with sulfur, patchouli and oatmeal and I love them! The number is 1-800-437-4148 if anyone wants to check it out.

  • Have Pimple Scars

    I have three pimple scars. the first one is on my nose but i know i deserved it because i was picking at it, but now every pimple i have turns into a scar! i dont pick it, touch it, or anything. it just turns into a scar. i drink lots of water but all it helps for is going to the bathroom more often. what tips do you have? i put honey on my scars and they turned lighter. they are still noticeable. what else can i do????

  • cutie…

    hey friends.. i’l suggest to drink plenty of water.. atleast 7-8 glasses a day… it realy works.. but u’l have to b patient…:)…

  • Dri

    are these permanent tips or one-off solutions before I try on any of them please advise

  • hirkani.p


  • Ann

    im having an acne problem right now. but i know what i did wrong. my pimples weren’t so bad but i still wanted them gone, so i bought a tube of clean & clear mark remover and through out the whole day, i kept adding more on. it didnt seem to work so i washed it off and rubbed on what i normally use, oxy acne treatment. when i woke up the next morning my pimples were HUGE & VERY RED. they’ve never ever been this way before. and i really don’t know what to do. i’ve tried almost everything i’ve looked up and they still haven’t gone back to normal. this is my worst break out yet. and by the way, tooth paste and ice cube remedy doesn’t work very well. if you have any ideas of what i can do, email me : [email protected]

  • Arj112

    use ganieer 3 in 1 face wash,100% works and suits for all types of skins.it’s true,now i’m free from dame pimps!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie

    I’ve been using the same face regimin for about a year now, all the acne kits like proactive and acnefree and morning burst just made me breakout and dried my face out.

    I bought Aveeno foaming face wash, it’s a really mild cleanser that’s unscented and natural. It’s about 6 dollars.

    after I wash my face I put Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and apply it to my entire face. You can find witch hazel at most drug stores and walmarts or grocery stores, it’s basically a natural mild toner. It’s used to clear up redness, infection, ect.

    Let it dry for a few seconds and use a moisturizer!Don’t forget to exfoliate once a week, try St. Ives apricot scrub. BUT DON’T EXFOLIATE IF YOU’RE BREAKING OUT! Noooot a good idea!

  • Ducky

    well… DO NOT POP WITH NEEDLE! extremely bad idea… I did it and ended up going to school with a scabbed up pimple. And when it healed it had not completely gone away… it left a scar.

    another thing, hydrogen peroxide gave me a nasty scab that made me look like i had a disease on my cheek. Not a good idea… Don’t get me wrong, it makes the puss go away, it just leaves a nasty looking fleshy scab thing in its place. oh ya, it also left a scar :/

    -Good luck 😛

  • sanjana

    i have small small pimples on my forehead,and a few pimples and acne.My skin is oily and gets tanned and dark very fast what shud i do?????i prefer home remedies.how about aloe vera i have never tried it????????

  • Hollyyi

    Hi, toothpaste, lemon, honey etc doesn’t work for me. I have really oily skin and I don’t no how to make the pimples disappear !!!! Help me pleasee, what can I do ? Can you please email me at [email protected]. Thanks and good luck !!

  • tellymonster

    i tried the toothpaste thing and jst waitin or it to work kinda losin faith.

  • Matty

    You can never overcome pimples if its hereditary, all you can do is avoid oily food, stop hogging like crazy. Work out a bit, have lots of water. Coriander paste helps actually for pimples. Dont apply any oil based or chemicals on your face as its tender. Try to use natural stuff.

  • Barnali Chatterjee

    i am 20years old and have got deep-seated white heads on my chin area and forehead which aren’t easily removed by scrubbing.the skin around that area feels rough and lumpy due to the white heads.please suggest me some home remedies for getting rid of this.

  • shanthi

    mix lemon juice with honey. apply on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes.it really reduces ur pimple.

  • keandra

    putting lemon juice and vinegar on a cotton ball really works it might sting a little bit tho BUT IT WORKS REALLY GREAT it reduces the size of pimples

  • Spring Splendour

    This is my remedy for the infected, painful red pimple. I used a variety of the suggestions listed here and the following were the most helpful.
    1) Using rubbing alcohol- this was very useful by cleaning the pimple,and removing bacteria. The pimple also dried out because of this. Use rubbing alcohol 2-3x a day on the pimple.
    2) Toothpaste- I was wary of this method, due to the previous claims that it “burned” the skin. I decided to try it out by applying a paste toothpaste on my pimple for an hour (not overnight) I felt it burn a bit at the beginning but later on I found that the pimple had dried out greatly.
    3)Ice: this is helpful for the pain, by numbing the pimple.
    4) Needle: My pimple became irritatingly painful. I sterilized a small needle using rubbing alcohol and gently poked a hole on the top layer of the pimple. (Don’t pop your pimple! Just poke a small hole) This released some pus and the pain was gone. This happened because the pimple was full of pressure from the pus, that releasing some of it allowed for less pressure. However, do not pop the pimple, as mentioned before it will cause scarring/worse outcome.
    5) Using the rubbing alcohol/toothpaste/picking the pimple definitely does irritate the pimple/skin. At night, I applied a pimple cream, aloe vera, and honey on the skin. This treatment helped soothe the irritation and redness.

    Based on these methods my pimple has gone done drastically and no longer hurts. I am not going to pop it but let it disintegrate on its own, but it is greatly reduced/less red/no longer painful.

    Good luck!

  • topsingh

    ye saale pimple kya illaj h
    jhadi k patte pees k lgao dus din me in pimpels ki esi ki tesi ho jaegi

  • magician

    heheheheh 😀 …..m not alone ,,,,,there r millions who have same problem….in my case its hereditary….i have the biiiiigggg pimples on my face….i wash my face dn knw hw many times….i tried a lot of creams face washes…nthing worked well///// looking forward for the toothpaste remedy 😀

  • Black head hater

    What are black headst and how do they form and can you rip them off? Im really suffering and 14 years old thanks for the information

  • pimplefree

    hey guyz!
    try using ground nutmeg and chilled milk on ur spots
    leave for one to two hours.
    this worked for me like magic!

  • theogazi

    which creams are suitable for the curing of the pimples

  • Katie

    If you want to cover it with make up, ONLY use the oil free kind. When I was 11 I put my moms make up all over my pimmples and soon enough I had so many that I couldn’t even see my skin any more. 🙁

  • Stephanie

    In order to affectivly get rid of pimples you need to first determine how sensitive your skin is before using any of these remedies.
    Every ones skin is different. There are also alot of factors that will affect your skin; if you live in a big city where there is more pollution in the air you will be more prone to getting pimples.
    DONT forget to disenfect commonly used obhects, like a phone where bacteria csn get stuck in, always wash your hands before touching your face.
    Wash your face twice daily, use a gentile exfoliant one daily and then apply a non-greasy lotion to the skin.

  • divya tej

    please help iam having black spots on my face not one or two please suggest me how to cure them immediately

  • Satyam

    Hey! freinds
    here you see that most people sujested lemon or toothpaste which is very
    affectful but i give you tip that eat only one leaf of neem it realy works
    not only for pimples and prevent you for many other problems
    try it

  • vipul khapekar

    use multani mitti twice a day.then apply some lemon juice.it really
    effects.please try. frm vipul.

  • fiza

    do not try to break pimples it vl occur mre….. prevention is bea thn cure so dnt hav road side fud… oilly fud n stf!!! u vl get mre pimples… avoid mke up too….!!!!!

  • tina

    firstly, drink lots of water n 2ndly, apply toothpaste on ur pimples overnight…

  • Gran

    This will sound gross but it WORKS!! You can look it up and see the results everyone who has done it testifies to it.

    URINE!!! That’s right, preferable morning pee. Wash your face and just wee wee on a cotton ball and apply it to the infected area. Does not smell, lol It really isn’t as gross as it sounds.

  • Shachi

    Apply Kailash jeevan cream………

  • dot

    use Bakson’s Aloe Vera +calendula all purpose cream its a homeopathic cream works very well…

  • reshma

    I’AM 14,ihave got about 11 pimles ,mostly blackhz all on my right side of the face.

    what shoud i do?
    pleeeeeeeeease HELP


  • popoy

    satyam,thanks for the adviced,may the GOD BLESS YOU.I LOVE YOU IN THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE AND THANK YOU

  • Liv

    If you have one coming in, or it’s already come in; Use Witch Hazel. You can find it at like wal-mart & like drug stores. I was shopping when when popped up. So thank goodness I was at the store. So I got some Witch Hazel & by the next day it was gone. Completely. I do kinda think it smells funny though. But thats just my opinion.

  • riya gupta

    hey guys,
    i use neutrogena deep clean facewash.It really works!!!!!!!!!
    i m not sure that it will work on ur face or not but as such u
    can try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?



  • satyam

    dont use the above foolish things just make apaste of neem leaves and i apply it on your face at night for one weeks

  • tanjia smith

    to everyone that thinks proavctive is not working for them i feel the need to tell you this. it takes 2 weeks from begining to end for a pimple(whitehead)to form from deep under your skin. when i started using proactive i noticed at about the 2nd week my face broke out really really bad but i kept using it religously and my face was totally clear within 3-4 weeks i kept using it and remain pimple free to this day. at first you will break out and you will think that it isnt working or that its making it worse. in fact it is working. instead of taking 2 weeks for the pimple to form it speeds up the process quickly drawing out all the nasty stuff that causes the pimples in the first place and for most people it will work, you just have to keep at it and use it as instructed for it to work properly the main thing is dont give up more than likely after using proactive most people will break out really heavy but dont get dicouraged just keep using it and you will see a difference. the results wont be the same for everyone some will break out heavily, some lightly and some wont even notice a difference but you have to keep using it and it will work, many of my friends started using it after seeing how it worked for me and they now recommend it to their friends.

  • Rohit

    Don’t follow blindly any home remedy tip especially the new entries n ideas( just like the ‘Garlic’ tip. which I believe is suicidal).

    read lot of articles on this topic and try most common ones.

    you may search home remedy for blood purification which is the prime cause behind skin problem.

  • divya sharma

    how to remove the marks left out after the pimple has gonne…????
    also advise for a glowing and pimple free skin…….
    thanksss. 🙂

  • fiza

    what do you mean by egg white,plz xpalin

  • Cortney

    The thing that i use is oil-free acne-wash PINK GRAPEFRUIT.It not only helps clear your face it smells AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damp your face with warm water and use a scrubbing pad(you can find this at Walmart for $2)when you use the pad it wipes off all of the dead skin to show your natural,beautiful skin. Next, you just wash it off with warm water. After that wash it off with cold water to close your pores. When your done with that pop all of your zits on your face that you can get. Put alcohol on the places that your zits are at so it dries out your
    skin and helps clear your acne. Do this for a week and believe me all of your zits will be gone.(Do this at nights before you go to bed) ACNE WASH=$7

  • Christina

    Use a mild soap such as “Ivory”…it removes excess dirt and oil nd rinses off clean. Pat try with a towel then take a cotton ball and dip it it in some hydrogen peroxide and water. Dab this on your face and you will see toxins and puss remove from your face….Let it air dry…

    Afterwards, take a cotton ball and dip it in alcohol for any unsightly pimples, let dry, and put on toothpaste. Leave it overnight. In the morning your face will look refreshed!

    Reminder: Drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise to produce sweat, therefore wash off in the shower ALWAYS using Ivory soap!

  • Em Watson

    I keep having these small rash-like pimples on my forehead. and blackheads around my nose. whatever i do they dont fade way. i used benzoal peroxide in the 6th grade for the same problem and astonishingly they went away completely but now i’m in the nineth grade and again they’re back, ten times worse and even after using benzoal peroxide they dont go.
    on top of that i’m quite fair and those pimples on my forehead dont exactly make me look like Princess Diana. pls suggest something!!!

  • JUNU

    hey frn
    i im really suffuring frm pimple.. bt now i get rid off of it by quick easy method…. try it….. it really work in 1 night….
    1st boil 1/2 liter of water till boiling. then put off the gas n put green tea in that water and close the vessel upto 2-3 min. now take stem therapy of green tea and gently scrub your face with remainig green tea leafs by managing tempreture… u’ll see da diffrece next day on ur skin… n repeat this 3 day a week….

  • junu

    or join me on facebook :- meh junu ([email protected]

  • Rohini

    For all the people who r suffering from acne..,,,,the ultimate remedy is “tea tree oil…”it completely vanishes d blemishes…n u ‘ll be really happy to see d results…you can get an effective tea tree oil from oriflame range of products….this will really change ur life…good luck people….have an acne free life…

  • rohini

    Dear acne sufferers…,,,never get depressed…there s a special remedy for acne..ingredients required are rose petal powder,neem powder and sandalwood powder…mix these powders with rosewater and apply for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water..,,,u will definitely find ur acne vanished…. use regularly for 2 weeks good luck…:)



  • krishna kumar

    mixture of milk and turmaric on your face once a day

  • pooja

    plz suggest me some good face wash..my skin is very oily..currently i m using pears..plz reply me soon..

  • tanish

    Suggest some natural tips for reducing pimples and marks on face

  • simmran jain

    i have lots of pimples on my face and i wanna get rid of it in2-3 days becozz i have a collage party after 3 days plz help me out ………………….

  • acne hater

    use garnier pure active pimple relief roll-on,it works. in 2 days my most of my pimples had just vanished.

  • pooh bearr

    i know a acne wash wash that works,,its ZAPZIT you can buy it at drugstores but im not shure if its at walmart though, but i use it bfore bed and the next morning u may tell a little diffrence but keep using it for about couple more days or a week (but i would keep using it non stop though)and ur face will get very clear but ive stopped usin it because ive just forgotten about it but im gonna try tht toothpaste thing though

  • aarzoo

    apply honey with multani mitti+lemon+rose water(gulab jal) mix these ingriedients and apply on your face,keep it for 15-20mins….your skin will actually start glowing…{*do this twice a week or before going out for an occasion….it really WORKSSS!!!}

  • olivia

    dont try the garlic or the toothpaste remedy….it doesnt work!!!!!!! im a teenager with mild acne and was looking 4 sumthing 2 use….. i tried lavender oil and applied b4 i went 2 bed and it worked!!!!! i highly recomend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riku

    I live in the Philippines (a tropical country).

    Can you help me with my problem? Before, I usually have many pimples in my face and an oily face. What I do is that I always wash my face 3 times a day. Then when I start using a detox cream w/ UV protection (Pond’s white beauty detox spotless white cream), my pimples started to disappear and my face started to become more fairer. The problem is that some pimple scars are still there and that even though my pimples are disappearing, in just a day or two another pimples pops out even though I always keep my face clean.

  • Sushma

    Drink lot of water for oily skin it will remove dirt.

  • Ty101

    I have tried everything under the sun to clear my skin and stilll have not found an answer. Having said this for those of you willing to give it a go. See a local registered homeopath, they can often help. herbalists are very expensive but can also be good. I recommend drinking lots of water and taking multi vitamins.

    I have had skin problems since I was 16 I am now 24! having taken the morning after pill last year omg girls with skin problems never take it ever. It has ruined my life. My skin probs were only ever on the surface and cleared up alot when i gave up my make up. After taken that pill even a year down the line and only gettting worse i have suffered really deep cystic acne everywhere. I have tried everything prier to the morning after pill to get rid of skin stuff including creams and gels from the Dermo. It made my skin so sensitive i can no longer sit in the sun or anything. I am at my wits end. I cant use anything not even witch Hazel or facial srubs. HELP!X

  • pranav

    apply the paste of following
    2. tulsi
    3.marigold flower
    get rid of acnes in one week

  • Ali

    I suggest that if you put toothpaste on, use one that has baking soda in it.
    I would also suggest using natural toothpaste because it is better for your skin. For example, I used Trader Joe’s All Natural Peppermint Toothpaste that has baking soda & fluoride in it. I applied it for 10 minutes then dabbed it off with a wash cloth. It made my two pimples that had already formed much smaller! It definitely did not take them away completely but it helped!
    (Tip- When you are taking the toothpaste off, dab instead of rubbing otherwise it hurts!)
    It only worked on my bigger pimples that I was having more problems with. Hope this helps (:

  • Madhumita

    This is for everyone who don’t like applying things on the skin because of its sensitivity. I suddenly had huge outburst of red and painful pimples..also white heads. Also, my skin is oily..i experimented these few methods which i found the simplest of all(as it was my first experience:
    1.Drank twice the amount of water compared to what i earlier used to.
    2.Stopped applying any kind of cosmetics.
    3.Stopped eating any kind of oily food(most recommended).

  • sindhu

    the best remedy for fighting pimples is pudina paste(mint paste) try it everyday n u’ll defiantly see great results…..:)

  • Addy

    Hi everyone, i’m 16! I hav a vry oily skin n’ i did hav many pimples….
    Bt now they r decreasing…. Bt the breakout marks!
    I want to get rid of that. I hav tried many remedies….!
    Plz for god sake help me all of you…..
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    Send me an e-mail with your valuable suggestions…. Plz i beg u….!!
    My e-mail id is [email protected]
    Plz do send e-mail with your suggestions !!
    God bless you all…..

  • ria

    i am 14 having a lot of pimples on my forehead.i m having an oily skin.plz suggest something that will be good for me.hel!!!!!!

  • zebragirl:)

    go out and buy the nutrigena wave it works really good onnremoving dead skin on your face and i helps clear black heads and oil on your face also 🙂 Try to reduce the amount of oily foods that you eat and drink lots of food…. when trying to avoid oily foods stay a away from fast food places

  • bhupendr singh

    I have pimple problem in my face and my face is oily face. Please, what kind of face cream should i used?

  • misti

    u can apply neem paste daily….

  • Sonika

    Sandalwod paste also does a great job. U can try mixin it wid rose water , haldi and aloevera gel. It works out for ay skin type.

  • unknown

    use acnovate gel on pimples.It works for me.Try it.Good luck.

  • sweedy

    I was on birth Control for very long, I didn’t have a problem with my skin, sometimes i would have get a pimple or 2, but not bad! I went off birth control, and that’s where my problem with pimples started, I had to go off from the birth control(personal reasons). So ladies birth control DOES WORK!!!!! I’ve tried toothpaste – i don’t think it really helps…cuz after a week pimples is back!! I’ve heard that VICKS help, and believe me it does. (That burn feeling)so try vicks! Im busy using this vicks remedy…at night I put it on my pimples, and it looks better in the morning.

    Im gonna try the lemon juice remedy tho…..

  • Reshma

    Hi, I’m Reshma… I’m 22yrs old… From past 4daysi’ve got many pimples on my cheek all of a sudden… could u please suggest me sme herbal medication… 3 days from now is my brothers marriage… N i’ve dark circles… so pls do tell medication fr tis also…

  • niki

    hey thanx ill try the garlic stuff that was told up.:]

  • megatwix14

    1. Mix baking soda with your favorite face wash. It’ll even out your skin tone and since baking soda is a natural cleaner…it’ll help unclog your pores. You’ll feel so fresh afterwards!
    2. blackheads? no problem…elmers glue…puts it on the spot where the blackheads are and let it dry then peel it off. easy said and done!
    3. Aspirin contains BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which is a powerful defoliant and great at helping unclog pores and clear blemishes. It’s recommended that you use the Aspirin mask / scrub once a week. Step 1: Take 6 – 8 uncoated aspirin tablets in cup or bowl and crush them in to a powder.Step 2: Add a few drops of warm/hot water, allow vera gel or honey, now stir until you have a thick white paste. You may need to add more water to achieve the right consistency.Step 3: Spread over your entire face, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. You’ll know when 15 minutes is up as the mask is likely to start falling off your face.Step 4: Wash off the mask with warm water and a gentle cleanser, as you wash gently massage, the grains will help exfoliate and reveal softer, glowing skin.Step 5: Gently pat your face dry.
    4. For blackheads take a hot water steam..it works!
    5. Hey guys i know how to get pimples away in like in 2 days and less its optional to pop ur pimple or not but i use hand sterilizer in my pimples because it kills germs it will kill the bacteria in the pimple so it wont grow use it like every hour or more like every day so the bacteria dies it really works iv been using it for months now
    oh yeh it may sting at first.
    6. take 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder mix with 2 teaspoons honey .apply it on the affected face every day for 14 days .trust me it will never have a break out again

  • stevi (i am a girl :).)

    for all who have problems with oily skin, ask your regular doctor about ADAPALENE. at first its very drying, so use it like twice a week. it took about a month and a half for me, wich may seem lie a long time, but it completly cleared my skin of everything, scars, ppimples, and even evened out my skin tone and made my skin glow. i am so happy now, i had the worst acne and now my skin is beautiful. make sure you get the stuff ffrom your doctor, other people have tried selling it and made it really bad for your skin. get from your doctor!!!!! plzzzz try this if you have oily skin, it works so well, follow the docs instructions and use it twice a week. I LOVE THIS STUFF!! email me at [email protected] good luck!

  • feble

    wash the face with lemon juice daily

  • sharni verma

    aloevera leaf gel if applied overnite vl help to reduce size of the pimple nd will also lightens the scars too , best for scars left by pimples.

  • maddy

    hi guys
    iam 16 now
    i hav lot of pimples on ma face,i hav used many kinds of home remedies but its not working can u please suggest me any gud medicene plzzzzz

  • adviser

    hello guys,
    i wanted to share this with everyone that my skin is oily so i used cucumber and lemon remedy and it works…i had read many of the above comments and i think most of them works. every one has different skin so u need different remedies, if your skin is oily then u can use cucumber and lemon remedy. but if your skin is sensitive then u should use things that dont harm your skin, u should choose this very carefully.

    precaution: dont use garlic remedy bec its too strong and can definately burn your skin, if your skin is sensitive then dont use garlic and toothpaste remedy specially…
    all the remedies work well…

  • sunny

    makepaste sandalwood powder with gulabjal and apply it on affected areas keep it for 20 minutes till it dry and wash the face.

  • bushra

    i hve pimples on my face… wat should i do i try everything it says up there but it doest help me.

  • Izzy

    I’m 14 and I used to have horrible acne… I finally figured out 3 things that work AMAZING!
    1. witch hazel. it’s really cheap and can be bought in any drug store. It cleared my face up really fast!
    2. Avon cracked heel foot cream. (eww right?) JK it works really well and keeps my face looking healthy and moisturized but not oilly.
    3. grated orange peel, a little sugar, honey, oatmeal and egg white. This also works really well for acne of all types. the orange peel has acids that ern’t very harsh on your face and serve as like a diifectant, the honey makes your face soft and moisturized, oatmeal absorebs oil, the sugar and egg white work together to exfoliate your skin, the egg white keeps skin young too as wel as it exfoliates, the sugar scrubs so it can get the dead skin cells off!

    I hope I helped. only use on of these at a time though.. haha. they really worked for me. I hope they do for you!

  • Bree

    so a week ago i broke out really bad!! I hate pimples and when i get them i freak out literaly. I knew where my breakouts came from which was from a certain foundation i was wearing so it was my own fault. i was so upset and i didnt even want to leave the house or be seen in publis. i was so self conscious!! Around the internet i had seen good reviews for the facial wash cetaphil, so i thought hey why not try it? i had tried numerous home remedies mentioned on here and the honey one with the bandaid kinda worked but i wanted fast results! So i tried the cetaphil wash and within a day literally i saw my pimples vanish and lighten up. now i now this may not work for everybody but i have oily skin and i thought that there was no hope for me. now i gained my confidence back and have clear skin(: i also use a little bit of neutrogenas pink grapefruit wash in the morning and let me tell you that stuff works wounders!! i only use it when i breakout and it clears it up!! i swear by tht stuff and now cetaphil as well. i wish you all luck and i promise this pimple fase won’t last forever so don’t loose hope!!! :p I am 15 and i know of course im going to breakout every now and again from hormones but i have a new defense line to prevent it! i also exfoliate with st Ives naturally clear washh! Love it!!! it gives my skin a beautiful glow! hope this helps you all!
    <3 Bree

  • pallu

    How about the pimple & oily skin? What are the remedies for it. Please help me, thanks.

  • kristy

    I find pimples and boils are a pain in the arse so i do a face mask of tooth paste and honey on my face i leave it set on my face for 25 minutes and remove and with a damp cloth also apricot scrubs work to lean away from alcohol based skin cleaners like sea breeze or clean and clear it will bother the skin i use the mildest tooth past that is organic like Tom’s Of Maine Organic Toothpaste. Mix that with honey and place on the face the pimple clear up in a few days i seen results in 3 days i also kept my face clean and dry and removed dirt with mild soap daily.

    Acne left alone is OK force a pop will break the infection and spread threw out the face. Affection just like poison ivy will spread threw out the face in time will scar and permanently damage the skin mild and sensitive skin products are great i learn from the skin dr that the skin bothers easily when items are used like laundry soaps and soaps and etc. caffeinated drinks less of it works also less soda and coffee the better you will be in the long run to stay away from acne decaf works well for the skin wish you all the best of luck with your acne!

  • deedee

    does elmers glue? really help to get rid of black headss???
    i brake out alot! and i use garlic .
    1st ) i wash my face with warm water and any type of soap.
    2nd ) i pat dry my face with a clean washed towl.
    3rd ) i aplly garlic all over my face or the infected area ,
    and last i let it dry i put it 3 to 4 times a day and it redusses the redness and the fatness if it…

  • mandy

    a really good indian remedy for most skin problems:

    use multhani mitti(fullers earth powder)
    mix the powder with water or rose water and make a smooth paste.
    apply it all over your face and neck and leave it on till it dries
    do not talk or lift u r eyebrows with the pack on cuz it may cause it 2 wrinkle and it will poke you.
    moisten it wid water b4 removing it and wash your face with cold water after wards.
    pat dry your face.

    this doesnt work very fast
    use it twice a week and by 2 months u r face will glow and almost all the pimples will not reappear!!

    a really good remedy
    try it out


  • rajesh

    don’t use any face creams

  • Matty

    Hi All,

    I think Egg white & lemon juice will do good.

  • Megan

    I occasionally get the big pimple, but that’s not really my problem…
    I get a lot of tiny bumps, EVERYWHERE on my forehead. It’s really irritating and makes my forehead look really gritty. Nothing has really worked, even if I don’t have big pimples, I still ALWAYS have these little bumps everywhere

  • soniya rai

    i’m suffering from this pimple and acne problem for years. it’s not hereditary. what should i do as homely practise? i have been to quite a few doctors but in vain!

  • misbah

    i hav pimples on my forehead n its been for a long time….. can anyone help me out wat to be used?????

  • tom

    toothpaste dont work trust me but just eat healthily and make sure u drink loads of water and it might sound strange but exercise as often as u can.

  • Michelle

    It’s not a good long-term plan, but if you have a special event coming up and your face is a train wreck, go tanning once or twice. Yes, going tanning too much has consequences on your skin and ages it. But if it’s Monday and you have a wedding, a prom, or a class reunion on Saturday, go tanning for 10 minutes on Tuesday and 15 minutes on Thursday or Friday. It will darken your skin to camouflage your blemishes, and it will dry up the blemishes themselves. Works for me anyway, I’m sorry if it doesn’t work out for you

  • ROSE


  • jenny

    pimples r those dirty signs which ruin r teenage life…..to get rid of dem…u should
    take some garlic juice and add 2 drops of lemon and some rose water…..make a paste and apply to the damaged parts…..for 10 mins daily..
    u will get freedom from these ugly scars…!

  • hmm

    what i do normally is…..whenever i have a big pimple i apply lacto calamine (purple bottle) at night n rinse with water in d morning. it definately helps make it better.

  • alka

    Avon face wash is really best

  • M.sathish prabhu

    I have lot of pimples in my face i had uced many medicines but it didn’t works then i remember neem is an antiseptic i had grinded the neem leaves in mixy and gently aplyed in my face at the next week i have no pinples in my face because of antiseptic present in it.try it and get the hansum face.it will help u truly.

  • Nandita

    Friends please use 10 drops of lemon juice mix with 10 drops of rosewater it really works.NANDITA

  • Kaytlin

    So I have a comment about one of the remedies I read on here and then a cleanser that I use. I tired the toothpaste overnight and I had no luck with it. It caused me hallucinations. And then I use Clearasil Ultra Acne+Marks Wash and Mask. I’ve been using it for about a week now and my marks from previous pimples are gone. After I was my face or use it as a mask, I mosturize Mary Kay Velocity for young skin. Hope this helps 🙂

  • hemant patil

    How about the pimple & oily skin? What are the remedies for it. Please help me, thanks.

  • Poobear:)

    Hello! I found the most amazing thing to kill those pesky zits! follow these steps to make them go away! 🙂
    •wash hands with anti bacterial soap
    •mix together 2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, a few drops of lemon juice and honey
    (The mix should be a mushy paste that has the nutmeg consistent throughout the blob)
    •Apply to the problem areas and let sit for 3-5 mins 2-3 times a week:)
    •rinse with clean warm water
    WARNING! make sure you do NOT scrub! Gently pat dry!
    This works great for me and it leaves my face feeling clean and smooth! I saw instant results! Hope this helps!

  • John Paul

    pls help me to remove my darkspot & oily skin? What are the remedies for it. Please help me, thanks.

  • poonam

    Having lots of pimple on face… It pops out much when i go out.. My skin is very oily and sensitive too… Can anyone help me how to get complete rid off pimples please??

  • Helena

    okay so im going to see my boyfriend on monday and i have this huge pimple IN MY NOSE!!! and its right where you can see it, do any of you know how i can fix it because it will be my first time seeing hiim and i dont want him to think im gross D:

  • nicole

    the lemon juice burns!

  • kAYLIE

    I had a huge pimple prob. once. but i just used the toothpaste idea and drinking lots of water. it sounds funny but works. : D

    kisses and huggs,

  • sachin

    please dont eat oily and spicy food it badly effect in digestive system that result into pimples.drink 6 to 8 glass of water daily.
    eat fruit daily will give you pimple free skin.dont use any kind of soap on your face. this are soe tips will help u to overcome frm pimples.

  • rakesh dsouza

    hi.. i am getting irritation from these pimples in my face…lot of pimpels i got.. so please give me a tip …

  • Jewel

    I don’t really have a tip but I need help I am young not on my menstural cycle and get really bad chin pimples nothing helps not even toothpaste or expensive meds pls help

  • Luvcrusher

    Hey guys I’m ten yrs old and I need help. I really like this guy named nick but I have alot of pimples. One day he even called me pimple face forehead! So tonight I’m tryin some toothpaste on four pimples and achohol on five pimples. If anyone has any better remedies, plz let me know! Thank you!


  • anu

    mash a well ripened banana and apply it on face and let it stay for half an hour it really works wonders on pimples and glows ur face. tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • shreya

    hey guys friendly suggestion please please please do not use the product name PROACTIVE its a bad bad bad product,it will never help u but will put u in more acne problem. use this above home remedies, it really works.This proactive thing is waste of ur time and money.lime juice and honey works.

  • Maddie ava

    A sauna or even just wiping your face over with anti-bacterial wipes a couple times a day 😉 also sugar can cause pimple so things like honey and other sweet things should be avoided and even though everybodys like ” use honey” it is only because it is a natural ingredient but also koala poo works fantastic!

  • Aislinn

    Hi y’all! I’m 13 and I get acne around my mouth pretty bad. I have tried the asprin mask and it didn’t work. Ice didn’t really help either. Toothpaste I tried once and it seemed to help a bit. I’m going to try using lemon so I will let you know how it works. 🙂 also I get blackheads alll over my nose and I saw on here to use elmeres glue as a mask. Just put some on your nose and let it dry. Then if you have tweezers use those to peel it off. Some black heads will come out but others if you look closely, will have sort of a skin tag sticking out. I use my tweezers to pull them out and my blackhead will come all the way out without the pain of squeezing them!!! I would recommend doing this. You may not get all of them but it really helps. Oh when you are done run a piece of ice over the infected area to close the pores. Also using noxema cleansing pads twice a day has realllllyyyyyy helped my face:))) it my sting a little but i works for me. I also have really oily skin so using oil clearing wipes during the day helps too. hope this helps and I will be posting soon to tell y’all about the other remedies

  • bloom




  • sarah

    To help keep your pimples away. Wash your face over (not with that will burn you) a boiling pot of water with your favorite cleanser and a wet rag. The heat opens your pores and makes you sweat a little. Washing your face while your pores are open gets all the nasty stuff that was in those pores to be sweated out and your also cleaning the sweat away along with the inside of the pores. After your done scrubbing your face over the water take the wet rag and wipe away all the cleanser and rub your face with and icecube for a couples seconds no longer than that or your face will go numb. The coldness from the icecube tightens those pores so nothing will get in them until you get hot again or your face just naturally gets oily. Hope this helps in any way:)

  • Mariela Guerra

    I always have atleast 3 pimples on my face (big and red ones) Once they go away another 2 or 3 come up I wish zits never existed >.< here are some remedies vie found






    ASPRIN MASk, ill tell u how this one works… first remove the first layer of the pill, gather like 6 or 7 then crush them into powder then add hot water but not too much like 5 drops or 8. then add a little bit of honey. Mix it all together then place on face


    AND MY VERY OWN INVENTION THAT WORKS… TOOTH PASTE SCRUB grab any tooth brush, add tooth paste. Like if ur about to wash ur teeth. Add drops of water then scrub scrub and scrub all over ur face. It removes all the black heads. Scrub for 1 minute. Then rinse with hot water. I recommend rinsing with toothbrush (be sure to remove the paste from the brush) Or put hot water on a towel and remove it without the towel. after wards ur face with feel fresh and u will see the difference. Make sure not to scrub so hard.


    ALMOND OIL works for scars

    VINIGER AND LOTION (sorry for the misspell) get a q-tip next mixture the vinegar and lotion together. Place the q-tip on the mixture. Make sure they combine good and stay on the q-tip. Then place on the pimple(s) It stings but very effective.

    CiNNIMON(or brown salt) AND HONEY SCRUB

    EGG MASK grab an egg, break it use only the white things (i think) Im not so sure how the steps go

    TREE OIL AND YEAST combine them both, place mixture on bandaid, place baindaid on pimple recommended for overnight removal

    Or laser treatment that removes everything but is extremely expensive

    or any other medication that never works

    I recommend sticking to home remedies those work

    hope i helped a little. I haven't tried some yet. It really depends on ur skin type.

  • mariela Guerra

    HEY ITS ME AGAIN!!!!! 🙂 😛

    Now ill say how to prevent them… First, clean hands if you want to touch your face.

    To prevent puss or blemish, put alcohol on cotton then place on pimple

    Wash ur face 2 times a day

    Never use makeup well… u can just if its something important but don’t use makeup daily

    Drink lots of water


  • sasha

    I HAVE A LOT OF PIMPLES ON MY FACE…BUT MY FOREHEAD WAZ CLEAR AND NOW A days i have alot of pimples on my forheag with no puss..i dont know what kind of pimples these are.plz help me to remove these pimples.m so upset…thanx

  • bidisha


  • bidisha


  • Khan :)

    I went to a plastic surgeon and got a skin peel and lazer.. Worked amazingly ha. (not recommending plastic surgery tho)

  • Iborincon

    Listen people i dont really use store remedies but a good home one is exersice alot and when your done all you have to do is Wash your face with handsoap or body tablet soap band dont eat alot of fats spicy things or chocolate only dark chocolate hope it works for you

  • Mannat

    Apply BESAN PASTE on ur skin daily.it really works

  • leonardo

    calamansi and papaya

  • basketballgurl pro11

    Heyy I tried the toothpaste rememdy n it made it get smaller but now I’m trying the baking soda n netrogena and how long am I suppose to keep it on? I kept it on for 5mins n…………………..it WORKED but i hav to put so moree on befo i go 2 bed!

  • sumithra

    Hey guys,

    I have been suffering from acne the day I started using proactiv, it just made my face horrible. Suggest me few tips to get rid of my pimples.. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Margot

    I have used the following regimen. I don’t know which part of it has helped if it’s one specifically, but something really worked. I went from looking diseased to having the clearest skin I’ve seen in 10 years. So here it is:

    Face Wash: Twice a day with Neutrogena transparent bar facial soap.
    Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar
    Spot Treat (Night) : Honey and Cinnamon mixture
    Spot Treat (Day): Two Advil crushed up, Aloe Vera spray, water (you don’t need much, just a little bit of the spray and water)

    Seriously, I don’t know what is the most helpful, but I do the above steps every day and my face as undergone a serious change. And I don’t know if you noticed, but the whole system costs about $10. Thanks to those who recommended these remedies, you’ve given me a better quality of living 🙂

  • Anju

    Try applying grated cucumber over the face, neck, and eyes for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. This process should only take 15-20 minutes of your time.

  • Makenna

    Hey everyone thanks for all the amazing tips
    im a little bit of a scientist and ive created a mask thats amazing honey lemon juice and yougart it feels wherid but than u add some baking sode to makena a paste then u leave on till dry than wash off with warm water oh! And make u have a freshly washed face before u do that mask it really works!
    Thanks yall for everything hope mine helps!!!

  • anya

    drink lots of water and to get rid of dark spots and acne just mix gram flour(besan),turmeric powder,chandan powder,rose water,honey and lemon juice. apply on face and neck leave it for 15-20min then wash your face wit splash of cold water.this is the best home made remedy to avoid acne and dark spots.dont use any cream or make up

  • Egoistic

    hi guys I applied lemon n toothpaste n it really works yar, :-)thanksss

  • ani pani

    i hav a genic acne problem and ill try out your remedies
    hope my pimples and scars go away

  • Mel


    For the individual pimple use Zinc Oxide. It is a thick white cream the consistency of toothpaste. Available in any pharmacy. As soon as you see a pimple is starting, wash fash per usual then apply a pea size drop on the pimple itself. Cover with a small round bandaid overnight. The pimple will be gone the next morning. Works 100% for my daughter and me.

  • Zainy

    Hey guys, just wana sayy that when the mask burns it mens its working !! Also.. Honey and cinnamon work wonders for pimples! Add that to plain white youghurt for a mask !! Youghurt is verry good for complexion :)! Use olive oil and honey 4 a cleanser !! Also peepz just remember u have to find which remedy works best 4 u.. Our skin is not all the same:) soo a tip: if the toothpaste never worked 4 u than try the cinnamon and honey it will work !!! Andd its true water is really good 4 the skin !! What I’d like to know is if choclate gives u pimples ?? Any1? Cozz ima chocaholic !!!:)

  • nina

    Dermalogica cleanser for acne and clarisonic skin brush works great !! I recommended to try .

  • lily

    heyy guys im only 13 but i get pimples and my best friend does to but me and her use mary kay velocity it works all hers r gone but mine are not its bcuz i dont use it much bcuz at first it brings all the nasty stuff up (dirt,sweat,oil) so therefore my blackheads and whiteheads get worse but i would say to use it bcuz it does help my best friends acne is gone and me and her have really oily skin im trying the elmers glue i hope it works hahahaha ok see ya love love love no haterz <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Aaniat Khalid

    Drinking more water will reduce pimples.. ? Plus using a good facewash at the start of ur day.. in the evening and before bed is best for a healthy mild skin! =)

  • natan

    hey all… i reary have toomuch pimples untill now,its realy embarrassing infront of other… i dont know now what im goin to do… i went to some doctor …i think i visit 4-5 different doctor…they treat me,but after two weeks my pimples is coming back…. now im afraid now to visit any skin specialist…. pls help me as soon as posible… my pimples is been 1 year… huhuhuhu

  • Maggie

    Acne stinks. It really does. Combine it with braces and a flat chest and you get me!

    But as far as tips go, I find that using a glycolic face wash with 10 percent glycolic acid has helped my face. Not cured it though…

    But then again, there is no cure to acne.

  • Teenager

    I’m 15 and I had a huge, sore pimple right above my lip and I had a date the next day and I was scared he would think it was herpes (I know it sounds silly but I was still freaked out).
    I hope this works for you but it really worked for me.
    1. I had a cold bottle of water (i didnt pour it on me) but I held the bottle to my pimple until it felt numb.
    2. After it was really cold, I tried to pop it (if does not pop easy, put bottle back on it)
    3. After it was popped, I got a piece of orange peeling and put on it. (held it there for about ten mins.)

    I seen a HUGE difference in size after I was done.

  • shriya


  • Maddy

    I am planning to apply for Toothpaste tip @ blocked pimple on my face. Let me check for Luck !. Guys all suggestions welcome !

  • Cat Mat

    Nice to see all are so concerned about the outward apperance,,stop being so critical and love yourself for who you are. If others can not, then are they truly your friends? Exercise and eat right, clean skin will follow.

  • couldnt think of a name

    well im 13 and like my period is in like 2 days and my mom got me on birth control if i start it will it break me out bad ? plzz i need answers also i stayed up sadly all night reading these and wrote down some of the things like”astrigent” and “tumeric” and ive been on the computer despritly searching for anything that wil help with my white heads andblack heads i only have like alot not huge minor pimples and my doctor gave me this lotion called “clindamycin phosphate topical lotion” and its been workin a bit on the small ones but where my scalp start like my hair line i get these huge ones and i just hate it so pop them worst idea ever!! makes it worse so i used rubbing achahol everything but is that peroxcide stuff yall talkin bout regular peroxcide or do i neeed my doctor(i tried sounding as smart as i can didnt work but im a blond) and my face is SUPER! oily and i always touch my face and i havnt been wearin make-up but when im in school which is starting soon i use liquid foundation then powdered foundtion and i use that fit me stuff and i only usully use cover girl or maybelline produts someone help and garlic burns like a bitch ! dont try it.. thnx

  • charan

    i hav got pimples on my face. errr actully im confused cos wen i press those spots a kind of hard semi solid white material comes out, nd it smell bad. smone gv me a tip for this. i trie pappaya, lemon, aloevera bt non workd .

  • A person

    Hi!! I’m a 13 year old girl and I need a painless home remidy. I’ve seen toothpaste and lemon juice most frequently but othe commentssay they hurt. I don’t usually get pimples but I want a remedie that will work within a day or two just cuz I hate it there. Mocking me. And it hurts!! And if possible one that doesn’t involve buying anything or leaving it on for more than 10 minutes. An no masks please! Thank you so much everbody!! I would be so grateful and recommend it to my friends.

  • On my way to a clearer skin

    I started using this product called Denova Pro. I’m not sure how easy it is to find in the States, but I believe they deliver world wide. It’s really great and it’s not that expensive. I use the cream for acne prone skin. The label says anti-bacteria. It does sting slightly on the problem areas, but it works. I used to have lits and lots of these tiny blackhead like bumps all over my cheeks and they would grow into pimples and everythig. I went to cosmetologist and my skin was cleand with this ultrasound thing and after that the biggest were popped by hand. After that my face looked awful! I mean seriously awful! But I got the cream from the cosmetologist and it is amazing! It has now been a week and already my cheeks are much smoother and the amount of the tiny bumps has reduced and they’ve gotten much smaller. My face isn’t red at all! It’s amazing. Seriously. Neutrogena made me break out after using it for a while. I’m really considering to get the rest of the set. I only have the cream now.

  • cathy

    > hi…rubbing ice cubes in a cloth is quite effective..
    > I’m trying now the toothpaste remedy hope it helps..

    > note: I’m very clean regarding on my face; i wash up when i wake up, on the afternoon and also on my sleeping time. But suddenly now im suffering itchiness on my face. Yeah, that’s right too much cleanliness on my side had a bad effects on me..and now my face had zits, spots/redness. Lastly avoid squeezing your pimples i tried that already and bad feedback also..grrrr..!!!!!

  • cathy

    > hi i forgot something: can anyone suggest what soap to be used in my part and on getting rid this pimples on my face. please suggest something that is 99.99 percent effective or the one you already been using that you find truly effective right now.

    > note: I’m using this Dr. Wong SULFUR soap, bioderm soap, i forgot the name but i think that was a COCONUT soap, OLAY soap, and BELO soap.im using the sulfur soap right now and i think it causes me more headaches grrr.. cause my face is really itchy…grrr!!! — and the other soap causes pimples in my skin .. but on the other skin i don’t know the effects. ;(


  • Yogesh

    Wash ur face with rose water to avoid the acne and pimples. and apply it twice or thrice daily..

  • loulou

    I mixed a little corn starch and some vinegar dab on affected area with folded paper towel you should leave it on for 15-30 minutes and rinse with warm water and wash cloth.

  • Amy

    Pliz don’t use pins to pop ur pimples! This caused a hole(it looks like an enlarged pore) on my face! T_T

  • Chloe

    To reduce uneven skin tone and scars try using bio oil. I use it when I have breakouts and/or dry and dull skintone and it helps to restore your natural glow and hydrate the face. Not sure if it is effective on pimples because I use it in conjunction with other products but it definitely helps with overall skintone on your face. Can work on scars anywhere else on the body too!

  • amarjeet kour aahuja

    turmic,tulsi,and mint paste is very useful for skin………try it

  • dheena

    i tried that johson baby soap ….it really worked

  • Lorraine

    i just use milk with oatmeal and the after 4 months of continuing use this treatment.. my acne become smaller and not reddish and also my face become smoother and whiter because of the milk.. TRY IT.. 🙂

  • samin

    For pimples I used Neutrogena Acne Cleanser daily as it contains salicylic acid and is good to get rid of pimples. But I have darkspots left behind from acne for which I am trying the mixture of lemon and honey everyday leaving it on my face for 15 min. wish me luck..plz if u have any suggestions for dark spots let me know..

  • Courtney

    Take a ripe tomato and cut it in half and rub one half on ur face and let it dry. That works but dont rinse it off. You can feel it working while its on your face. It helps because of the acids in it.

    Using egg whites also help realllly well. You just take a raw egg and sperate the yolk from the white and throw away the yolk. Rub the egg whites on your infected area and let it dry. Dont wash off for an hour. You can also feel it working in progress.

    Dont do both at the same time it will dry your skin. But do one of these everynight and i promise you will see great results! Good luck everybody!

  • pushpinder

    i am unhappy from pimples from 3 years . i try many type of medicine there are no result ……..but my face on ringh in winters ………

  • rams

    make a paste of sandal with rose water and pudina (mint) leaves … to that paste add a few lemon drops and a pinch of neem powder (or grind neem and add to the paste) …. apply the paste on face every day 4 2 weeks to see a remarkable difference ….

  • Charrie

    Pimples are a sign that you have deeper problems internally. Mine was stress. I tried to stay stress free and clear skin followed.

  • Madeline

    Hi everyone!
    If you have a bad breakout like i did there are a few tips i can offer (:
    First- try using Neutrogena bar soap for your face, it really helps!
    There is an odd chemical used to make facial soaps into liquids like you usually see them and this can be harmful to your skin. The solid face soap is free of that chemical and will help, not hurt!

    secondly- NEVER USE SUNSCREEN ON YOUR FACE!! ESPECIALLY NOT THE SPRAY! General sunscreens have oils and weird things in them that will destroy clear skin and make breakouts even worse! There are many spf oil-free lotions on the market that work well and protect your skin(:

    Third- If you stress over breakouts like I do, DO NOT continuously wash your face in hopes to clear it, this will irritate your skin and ultimately make the problem worse/: but that doesn’t mean to not wash your face twice a day, just don’t overdue it!

    Finally- I, a swell as many others, get insecure of their acne and just wish to hide under make-up, but that could make it worse. If you are going to use a foundation on your skin, i suggest using an oil-free face lotion on your skin before you apply your makeup so the clean lotion is in your pores rather than your makeup. Mineral foundation is THE BEST and it really helps keep skin clear. If you don’t want just a foundation and you want a cover up, Clearasil sells a really good tinted “adult treatment cream”. This covers up the appearance of a zit and helps treat it to go away. It may be suggested for adults, but it works very well on my skin, too, and I am 15.

    Hope it helps! Sorry this is so long (: Good luck!

  • Madeline

    Sorry, me again!
    I hear a lot about this “egg whites” treatment and it does work well! You can also use the yolk of the egg, and not just the whites. After the whites have been on your face for the ten or so minutes, rinse, and gently dry your face. Then apply some of the egg yolks to your face and let it dry like you did with the whites. When its dry, rinse and dry it. The yolk works as a gentle and natural moisturizer for your face and will leave you glowing! (:


  • chrissyy14

    ok i know tht this may b weird but if you have blackheads and want to get rid of them use elmers glue (the white liqid kind) just apply a thick amount were ever ur blackheads r at and wait till the glue dries and when its completely dry just peel it off and volia! lol:)

  • tashi wangmo tobgyel

    hey you all.. i had a very bad case of acne ut its much better now.. for those of you who have acne try this… pour boiling water in a bucket and cover your head with a towel.. steam for 10 minutes then make a paste of baking powder and boiled water and apply it… After its completely dried, wash it off with cold water.. this will shrink pores and reduce pimples too.. hope it helps.. good luck..:)

  • evan

    ok along with showering every day and putting lotion rite after, i have found out that (this is more for teens and can be considered to be personal or inappropriate)masturbation and other sexual acts WILL increase your pimples!!! every body i talk to agrees with this, its from the testosterone release during an orgasm… so try to keep all sexual acts to once a week or once every 2 weeks, the less the better, this relly works for me and i hope the best for all of you GOOD LUCK! 😀

  • Josephine

    So I Have This Pimple 2 Days Before My Sweet sixteen ……… I Tried The Tooth Paste Method But It Just Burned The Crap out of It & Left A Black Scab Around A Yellowish cut in the middle its So Nasty Help Please …..! Oh Does Baby Oil work .?

  • Felicia

    I am in my mid twenties. I have found that my worst break outs occur under times of stress. I started using proactive for my face and it has worked wonders. Unfortunetly my back is where I have my most serious acne problem. I tried using the proactive on my back and it did not help. The break outs are large pink tender spots that rarely come to a white head so they can not be popped. Even when I do not touch them and leave them be they will still leave a scar. Any suggestions on how to take care of this? I am going to try the lemon juice and honey as well as the sugar scrub. Will see how that goes.

  • sana

    i had pimples but when i started using lacto calamine face wash my face is clear u should also try it its very good and use the lotion on the affected areas keep it throughout the night and see the results the next day…!! i don’t have pimples now still i use lacto calamine u should also try
    BEST OF LUCK !!! 🙂

  • Marcus

    Hey guys, to avoid pimples:

    – Drink alot of water
    – Wash your face EVERYDAY, atleast about 2-3 times a day
    – Start eating some fresh fruit
    – Avoid drinking too much soda
    – Take vitamins
    – Wash/Rinse your face with COLD WATER to release and open up your pores

    To clear pimples:
    – Wash your face (making sure you dont scrub the pimples hard)
    – Lather your face with soap let it sit for a minute before washing^
    – Drink water
    – Do not rub too much alcahol/peroxide on face
    – Wash/Rinse your face with COLD WATER to release and open up your pores

    Trust me this is NATURAL and EASY and it works so try this to get the best results!

  • Hanna

    Hey i know some of you say drink water but thats all i drink,im lactose intolerant and eat pretty healthy. I do however have uteran and ovarian cancer and my skin is pretty sensitve so i use neutragina{however you spell it}!! Anyway i need some miricale for these awful blackheads and redness on my face. also i had a break out on my shoulders and i heal sooooo slow that by the time one has healed 2 more have appeared:( ALSO PRACTIVE SUCKS!! The only one that works is the mask its pretty good at pulling the lil ones up overnight. Please some advice would be so awsome

  • inyourdreams

    I try the paste remedy and suddenly it cause burned to my face…in short it causes me now more headache..!!!! —-;(

    > lemon extract, cucumber extract and tomato pulp is more effective..

  • Kaityn

    I have found that rubbing alcohol dries up and reduces size and redness super quick!
    I also use ProActive every so often, it works well for me when I break out, but I usually separate the products and use them separately. I use the astringent and the lotion more than the wash.

    -another Teen battling blemishes :/

  • Happy

    I’m gonna try the alovera plant one. I tried the honey one over night and it didn’t work really well then o tried the nutmeg and milk mix and that one smelt funny and didn’t work either. I have two on my fore head that are red and lots of little ones under my skin what can I do to get rid of the ones under my skin.






  • aishwarya

    drinking plenty of water , keeps the skin beautiful not only the skin even the organs which are in side keeps them clean , this all works for me i hope the best for all . have a good result …. good luck

  • elizabeth

    so ive tried proactiv, skinId, clean&clear, clearasil, dollar store soaps, epiduo, accutane /: , & TONS of walmart scrubs .. NONE HAVE WORKED !
    ive done everything i can for my face.. these docs keeps bs’ing me, they just want your $$$ – DONT GIVE IT TO EM . cuz they suck . 🙂 #Juss sayinn’.
    I mean commmon , im 14 . <– have had terrible acne since age 9 ..
    do the lemmon juice crap , then tooth paste , then the peroxide stuff . Last one (peroxide) works best . acne aint gone , but def. improved // lemme know when someone comes up with a REAL cure ; cuz so far nothins worked /: , btw school starts next tuesday & i really want clear skin .. its monday btw .. yeah yeah .
    <3 always .. blah blah blah , elizabeth(:

  • the real princesses of acne

    Well none of these remedies exactly work. so try some of these designed for you.
    GIRLS 10-14:
    try mixing 2 teaspoons cumin with 1/2 cup of half and half cream stir well and let sit for five minutes, apply to face with a cotton ball on affected area. Wash off and do not touch after 10 minutes. This is scientifically proven to work in less than 2 hours.
    GIRLS 15+
    Mix 1 cup of not fertilized soil, with 1 cup of milk, then mix 1/2 a cup of coffee grounds. This may sound gross but at this age your skin is more developed and needs more attention.


  • Kirstyn

    I found that if I eat better and reduce stress, I have little acne problems.
    But if you do have acne cut a lemon and mix the lemon juice with your favorite acne product that is oil free or has natural ingredients.

  • jay

    i have pimples and oily skin can some one please! Help! Me

  • valerie

    use an ice cube to reduce redness and swelling and then dry your face with a clean face rag. after you dry your face put a thin layer of foundation on the infected area.

  • Katelyn:)

    Ha I’m reading these post wile I actualy have tooth paste on my face. Here’s the thing. First of all toothpaste should only be recomended for people with few pimples. Second ppl r saying only to leave it on for ten miners. I put a little dot on each pimple before I go to sleep and sleep with it on. It stings alitte at first but it drys and hardens so don’t worrie bout getting it on your pillow:) in the morning wen you take it f evening on how ensitive you are it may hurt but I think it feels nice an refreshing. Takes a few days to go away but redness hose away the first day or two. Hope I could help:)

  • Heather

    Okay, so I’ve found the best thing to do is:
    1. Wash face with cleansing soap or acne wash 2 per day
    2. After each wash, apply thin brushing of astringent, focus on T zone( forehead and nose)
    3. Exfoliate once a week
    4. If a pimple forms, try to pop it. If no pus appears, give it a few days. Once you see a white top, pick, and push the pus out, then wash, and apply astringent.
    5. For really bad acne use a face wash that has benzole peroxide, if your skin peels a bit reduce usage.

  • sarah

    please give me a suggestion for my scars! I have tried many creams but it was of no use!

  • shefali

    drink water, try toothpaste, multami mitti works too..

  • maggi

    i have read sumwhere dat rubbin ur skin wid ripen papaya helps cleansin ur skin..not a bad option 2 try..may take sum tym bt will work….. widout n e side effects 🙂

  • Chloeeee

    Alright, so I’ve discovered sea salt. What you do, is you take like 2 pinches of fine grain sea salt. make sure its SEA salt, not just normal table salt. put that in a small bowl. add two drops of water. (i used cold tap water, it doesn’t matter. it might feel nicer if you used warm water.) then mash and mix it all up with your finger. take some of the mixture, and put it right on top of you pimples. I do this, and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. it works pretty well! i suggest you try it:) sea salt is natural, and can do anything but hurt your skin. i REALLY hope this works for y’all. <3 best of luck!

  • Chloeeee

    i forgot to add, with the sea salt thing, wash it off with warm water. 🙂

  • tobi

    Guys its better we use neem leaf paste as face pack it really works!!!!

  • dhruv

    1.drink at least 2 litres of water.
    2.exercising will improve blood circulation.
    3.washing the face regularly will also help.
    4.do not touch the pimple or scratch it.
    5.do not take any type of stress.
    6.keep your digestive tract clean by eating fruits and vegetables full of fibre.Constipation can lead to acne.
    7.Try not to use chemical prducts.Use herbal remedies like fuller’s earth,neem,basil,turmeric,lemon.

  • warren

    use master? can i ask if what is the most effective to remove pimples?

  • sri

    i’m really fed up with these small small pimples on my face. i mostly used medicated creams but still no use… i don’t know what to do…

  • Ashley

    Hello everyone,
    I have a GREAT tip to share with you all to get rid of your acne. I am 15 years old and i have been suffering since i was in 6th grade. I tryed almost everything even proactiv..all proactiv does is get rid of redness. Thats all. Then my mother gave me a great product called Clearasil (TINTED) Acne Treatment Cream. TRUST ME it works! Here is how you use it.
    – Wash you face with soap ( I USE NEUTROGENA FACIAL BAR )
    – Then you wash your face with warm water
    – PAT it dry DO NOT RUB ( because it will push the pores down more and clog them!)
    – Then add Clearasil Tinted Ance Treatment Cream
    I wash my face in the morning with Neutrogena and add Clearasil but i keep on adding Clearasil 3 times a day but at night i wash my face with Neutrogena again and add Clearasil again. I Really Hope This Works For You All Because It Did For Me! P.S. I brought Clearasil at Food City and Neutrogena and Magic Mart. GOOD LUCK!

  • swetha devi

    pimples do not worry just avoid your junk foods and start drinking lots of water and do regular excersice. avoid cosmetics be natural. do not spend more time in front of tv or system.

  • Silvia Lonthini

    I get rid of a pimple completely overnight, or about 1 to 2 days, (depending on how severe the blemish). Pop your pimple. By sliding the edge of something, across it, and popping it. Then 1/4 fills your sink with warm water, and pour about a half cup of salt to the water. Take a cotton ball or cotton square or round, and soak it in the salty water for about 30 seconds, moving it around in the water getting it good and salty. Take it out and squeeze out the water. Apply the cotton ball to pimple, and push down. If it doesn’t tingle, put more salt on the cotton ball.It works for me! Results guaranteed!

  • Tinky123

    can someone help me with oily skin?? i am currently trying the water thing.. i guess maybe because of oily skin i get pimples.. please help me… i really need it!!

  • Jewels

    Where do you get neem leaf? I`ve never heard of it.

  • Sanket

    Try these things if you really wanna get rid of your pimples:

    1. Drink a lot of water.
    2. Apply a dab of toothpaste on the affected areas and wash it off within 7 minutes.
    3. Avoid Tea,Coffee and Sugar
    4. Try drinking Bittercourd juice if possible.. It works instantly
    5. keep washing youe face almost as quickly as possible (Generally 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 times) is recommended.

    Trust me iam a skin specialist and the above tips really work.. You can email me your querries at [email protected]
    Great Day Ahead.

  • boom

    i suggest u all nt to go wid nay of these..toothpaste,soda,etc…,of the all the above crap..to get rid of pimples u may land up wid another new problem wid pimples.they r all BULLSHIP!!!!

  • samantha

    Remember that to dry of skin is just as bad as to oily! You want to take most of the oils of you face off but not all of them! If your face is dry there is no moisture therfor causing irritation and in the end MORE ACNE! yuck /)=!!! Keep your skin at a happy medium not to oily not to dry and i recomend doing this by going to your local walmart and buying “equate oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin! DOES WONDERS! After washing your face with a daily wash or one of the remedies above such as lemon or garlic ,but after using one of these remedies and your face stings or feels tight when you smile or lift your eyebrows then aply one pump of this moisturizer all over you face and gently wipe off!

    DO NOT USE THIS UNLESS YOUR FACE IS DRY, IRRITATED, OR FEELS TIGHT. You should also use this product after swimming! Use your daily wash and aply! And if you cant buy the moisturizer take a tbs of sugar put it in a small bowl add a little bit of water and gently scrub for a minute or so! And lastly DO NOT POP PIMPLES!! Doing this spreads bacteria and causing more acne and well it kinda hurts!!
    I sure hope these tips work for you, Cuz they sure did for me! Best wishes! (: <3

  • Agape

    I’m having a trouble on how to remove my whiteheads and blackheads.. please help me.. i need some tips to remove them fast”

  • vanessa

    i am only ten and I have been starting to get a lot of pimples that really hurt and this week i have this huge zit help!!!

  • priya

    most of the guys hv recommended to try toothpaste….. but some said not to try…. I`m totaly confused yarrrr!!!!!!!! wat can i do?????? my kind advice s not to use any chem face products…… thakyou guys… let me try toothpaste which was recommended by the most….


    ive always had moderate-severe acne as a teenager and made me really feel ugly and depressed -id obsess over it and look at it constantly..it went away after a few yrs but nothing cleared it up which was terrible, i guess the gd stuff just wasnt around then

    i’m now in my 3rd pregnancy and its come back with a vengence!

    being pregnant nearly almost every medicated acne treatment is forbidden, so after seeing a dermitoligist was set on track the natural way…



    (obviously mine was different for being pregnant) but best things to eat for acne are: DARK GREEN VEGES, BERRIES, OILY FISH and RAW NUTS

    avoid-bannana, tomato, orange, processed foods, high sugar foods, too much startchy carbs/too much diary

    SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN -when you sleep the skin repairs itself.








  • Samantha

    Me again! And late at night again!!! Well first of all dont use toothpast it really burns your skin. It does work on the pimple but causes a red irritated burn mark on your face! So i wouldnt try it.I use a little bit of lemon or lime juice with a little bit of sugar in it. The lemon/lime juice is a natural detoxer So it takes out all the toxens and bacteria…Dont leave on for more than a few seconds though, and make sure your pores are really open. Do this by washing your face with hot water. And also the sugar is great to dig out all the dirt in your pores! Then after you wash all the sugar, rinse off an ice cube and rub it all over your face! It closes your pores and gets all the bacteria out considering bacteria cant live in cold places!! BEST WISHES (: <3

  • sravani

    Honey is very very good for acne
    apply honey on acne marks leave it for 20 min.
    then wash do it regular
    u vil get result with in 3 days

  • jojo

    i use lemon and it works! i wud tell u 2 talk wid a dermatologists….don’t do anything on ur own……..

  • Susan

    Cornmeal cures oily skin, shrinks pores and clears pores of blackheads.

    Buy finely ground cornmeal in the grocery store.

    Wet face, take about a tablespoon of cornmeal, and put it on your face. You can add water to your handful of cornmeal and then try to apply to your face. Do not scrub hard. Very gently, smoosh it around not so wash or scrub, but to apply it as a paste.

    No waiting time is required. Simply apply this paste, and then gently take handfuls of water and rinse off. As you rinse, the cornmeal will sort of buff your face. Then dry your face.

    This procedure removes dead skin cells without overdrying. Your face will be smooth, non-oily without feeling dry, and your pores will appear smaller.

    Instead of cornmeal, a different remedy is to wash your face with buttermilk. No soap at all. Simply pour buttermilk into you hand, and apply it to your face, then massage it for a minute, and rinse with water and pat dry. It works wonderfully for clearing out pores, but it smells bad, so I prefer the cornmeal. I used to use the buttermilk at night, but really disliked the smell. I prefer the cornmeal remedy. Good Luck.

  • sammy

    6 simply tips to clearer skin

    1. when you wake up drink a glass of water it will help relax your face.
    2. drink 5-8 glasses of water durout the day.
    3. daily cleanes ( morning & night )
    4. don’t pack the makeup on, just apply a little bit where needed do not cake it on.
    5. TOOTHPASTE DOESN’T WORK, I have 7 sisters, and they all say it will get rid of it for the day/few hours but then it will come back very bad!!
    and last not least 6. hygiene!!! make sure you have atleast 1 shower per day, and wash your hair 2-4 times a week, to keep your hygine level high!!

  • vidya

    guys use tumeric powder, lime juice with 1/2 spoon of almond oil to get rid off the bledy acne monster bt plz visit doctor before doing any medication



  • Betty

    DRINK LOTS OF WATER ALL THE TIME to hydrate skin. Keep your hands off of your face and avoid picking, especially when the skin is red and inflamed. At the first sign of a pimple, wash the face with a drying soap, like Dial or another kind of deodorant soap. Apply a small amount of TOOTHPASTE (white, not gel) to the pimple with a Q-tip. The toothpaste serves to further dry the affected area.

    Another great product to use on bad skin is Milk of magnesia or pepto-bismol. These two products work wonders because they both contain salicyc acid, a drying agent for skin that also works on inflammation of sensitive tissue. Allow the Peptol Bismol to thicken by pouring a little into the cap. When the liquid is thicker, apply it to the skin overnight. Wash your face in the morning and you will see a noticeable difference. It may take two applications to get rid of a breakout.

  • ARCsa

    ever lasting remedy for all skin problems:

    (1)drinks 1.5-2.0 liters of pure water daily
    (2)try to exercise everyday,even 15 minutes are sufficient
    (3)consume lots of fruits and vegetables
    (4)avoid eating oily foods too often
    (5)use a good face cleanser,a good facial tonic and an appropriate moisturizer

    i use “eau thermal avene gel nettoyant” as cleanser,”eau de rose” as facial tonic and “johnson baby aloe vera aqueous cream” as moisturizer..all these mild products are excellent for skin plus they are readily available and are really affordable.


    (6)once per week try to use honey mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice,as face pack..(cleanse,use face pack,wait for 15minutes,rinse with warm water,splash cold water,tone face then moisturize)

    (7)MOST IMPORTANT IS NOT TO FORGET YOUR DASHING SMILE(the greatest secret for a beautiful face)

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kelley

    It’s somewhat silly to say “trust me, it works” or “results guaranteed”. Certain remedies will not work for everyone. If you are going to try home remedies, don’t try more than one in a day. The worst thing you can do for your acne is OVER-treat it. When you do to many things to your face in a short period of time, it sends your skin into a state of shock because you’re depleting it of its natural oils. Then, it produces MORE oil than normal to make up for this depletion. I see that toothpaste is recommended by many people. If you aim to try this, make sure you’re using the actual white paste and not the gel…and definitely NOT whitening toothpaste. If you have sensitive skin, don’t leave the toothpaste on over night. It can be INCREDIBLY drying and can leave a dry patch or scab on your skin that will likely be more noticable than the pimple you were trying to treat.

  • Stefani

    ok so I nervously picked at a couple nasty pimples on my face and now they are red, sore, and starting to do that crusty scabbing thing 🙁 I’m going to the beach tomorrow AND on a date tomorrow night! I have less than 24 hours to cure this…or at least make it look as little as possible….any suggestions???

  • seema

    add basen curd lemon and hanny it helps remove the acne

  • Tina

    use neutrogena face wash.it works really good

  • Happy

    I’m having troubles with my acne. On my fore head I have lots of little pimples under the skin. On my nose and in the crease of my chin I have lots of black heads they almost look like frecles but you can tell their not. Could somebody plaese help me. Thank you.

  • maya

    hey guys this usually works for me,try gram flour mix it with little honey milk and lemon juice apply it to affected area then wash off and see your skin clear up!

  • veronica ;)

    ok so toothpaste DEFINETLY works and i dont know about you guys but i like to use a strong minty toothpaste cuz then i know that when it burns its working and i luv that. i think that a less strong toothpaste should work but definetly not as fast cuz i had some pretty UGLY pimples and in about 2 days with using it twice a day they were gone and i was so happy i hope you guys use it 😉

  • tiger lilly

    Do you guys know any remedies that will cure pimples in 12 hours.

    • Deepika

      plz let me knw if u got the ans for your question

  • tigerlilly

    I have this big red mark from a pimple and I have already poped it. How can I get rid of it?

  • rukhsar

    use cucumber grated paste and aloe vera with a pinch of lemon juice apply it twice daily to get rid of acne

  • donna

    i have some pimles but now am using skinol then dalacin c just mix dalacin c in skinol 1 dalacin c is enough in 1 bottle of skinol…. it really works.. try it… drinks also plenty of water lemon juice avoid oily foods and am not using those beauty product that has no hypo allergenic….. try it, it really works you need also to use mestisa soap i bougth from phillippines

  • Jenn

    Use a Clay mask of some sort that helps to purify the face and removes excess oil.

  • Jenn

    Rub generic Neosporin lightly over pimples it is cheap and it doesn’t hurt. If it doesn’t work at least you can use it the next time you have a cut.

  • Sam

    hey guys,
    ok i tried using alot of products on my face like garnier facewash, loreal facewash and lastly proactiv solution.None of these helped me but with proactiv my marks were less visibe but it didn’t clear my red scars so i wouldnt recommend it.I am currently using yogurt and lemon juice for my face and seriously it has reduced the redness. its only been like 4-5 days but this has helped abit. My aunt suggested drinkin water with onions as onions purify the blood so i cut half an onion, take 2 glasses of wster and put onions in it and let it boil for a while. i drunk it… so dont be dishesrtened. lastly drink lots and lots of water.

  • Shaileena

    hey guys plz hlp me I m suferring form monstr pimples nd also form some black heads on my chicks..nd i hav blochtes on my chicks caused by dese pimples. i tried every thing but nothing works..plzzz help me to get rid of it.
    coz of dis skin problem i m losing my confidence level..
    nd I m of 15

  • utsav

    hey friends try clove thick paste it certainly work but remember after using it plz use bananas or rose water to wash it and also drink plenty of water, this surely removes ur pimples and black heads too. it treats me too………..

  • sathya

    hai friends………

    I hv tried nutmeg….It is really a better one…..It reduces dark spots also….rub nutmeg along with milk….really it works welll….

    Tryyy ittt guyzzzz….

  • jerry

    i tried turmeric, it really works in a day and gives soft skin too. take a thick paste of turmeric and apply to any type of pimples. u could see a fast reaction with n a day. and drink lots of water. it suits for all aged and any type of skin.

  • simran

    drink water as much as u can i am daugther of a great bussiness man and i am very rich but den olso i prefer homemade recipes..!!!like use fenugreek paste it really works..!!!insteasd of those fukng recipes..!!!!

  • Sharmistha

    Use sandalwood powder and black pepper powder mixture…leave it for 45 mins.. wash with cold water.

  • karishma v asaya

    drink lots of water it really works well for your face and also eat fruits and vegetables


    I use baking soda works like a champ!!!

  • jane

    my sister has a pimple on the lower part of her sholder blade red swelling an a little bit of puss about an half an inch around what is the best way to get rid of it?

  • katie

    hi guys,
    well everyones skin is different and everyone has different ways of dealing with breakouts or skin imperfections.
    some have oily skin and some have dry skin, either one could lead to a breakout of spots/pimples. First you have to decide which one you have, then you should do a little reasearch on it and see how the skin works, this will help you get a greater understanding of what your dealing with. Also research defferent methods of clearing acne, remember not all of them will work for you. Choose the method that you think would help you and if that doesn’t work try some other methods, although don’t try them one after the other, this may damage your skin further as it may irritate your skin. If you aim to get better skin, you have to think positively and remember all that you have learned from your research. Imagine yourself with clearer skin and use that as a motive to achieve just that!


    Take sandal wood powder and mix it with Milk or either with Rose Water.Put it on your face,form a thick layer. Leave for 20-25 mintes. Wash face with cold water. Results are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • mayeth

    guys i have many pimples on my head i dnt no how to solve this pls helph me black heads, im sixteen years old… ..

  • begay hont teray

    i have tried lemon but it messes up with your skin…
    my skin is oily…plz guys suggest me

  • zana ali

    what i do is get plain yogert And basin and mix it….. then i put it on
    my face and leev it for 20min. i promise it works. but put a thick layer

  • haifa301

    I tried egg yolk! Apply it to your entire face and it wash it after 15 – 20 minutes! And it really helps. Cinnamon too. smash it and apply it to your affected area. it works out well.

    • Deepika

      how to apply cinnamon to our afce …… whether we have to mix it with anythng else?

  • Bernaleskiko

    paano maiiwasang ang oily face at pimples?

  • Elliana Iragorri

    i always get big pimples that hurt really bad i try lots of things but it seems to make things worse help!!!! the arnt white at the end and when i pop them it is so embarresing cause it leaves a scab! please help me

  • femi

    will it work for pregnant women. and what should we avoid because of the babies. i mean side effection. thanks

  • Taramatie Persad

    This is for Alice Annabelle August31,2008, hi my dear hope you get this compliment, I have tried lemon on my face and left it too long it gave me a rash which was like big pimples I happen to read your situation and had hydrosone ointment at home, wash my face and applied some on my face it really worked, Thank you for sharing your medicine.

  • Radhika

    Apply glycerin on the affected areas. In few days you can see the result on ur face. Had tried this on my daughter. Tried nutmeg and unboiled milk. It works if the pimple has just started. Glycerin applied regularly on affected areas reduces the pimples and scars and finally leaves your face clean and clear:)

  • deep

    use speelac face wash it works very well………………………………………….
    i go through it . don’t use any cosmatic cream on ur face
    specialy on oily face

  • sWaGgEr GuRlY!! ;)

    I use lemon juice on my face 2-3 times a day everyday u just get a paper towel, dab a little juice on the paper towel, apply to the pimple and trust me you will see results in the next couple days 🙂

  • dhanita

    plz…guys help me out…
    i have red pimples on my forehead and cheeks…
    should i stop eatng oily foods??? or else…tell me, thanks!

  • nagma khanum

    If you rub raw garlic on problem areas several times a day, you can clear up skin. You may also eat three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month to see results. The garlic seeds purify the blood, which aids in keeping pimples at bay.

  • Charlene

    Diluted tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and aloe Vera are some of my personal favourite pimple cures. Tea tree and apple cider vinegar are great anti bacterial and anti inflammatory products. I find aloe Vera very effective for healing up the pimple redness and scars.


    How to cure pimples HQ

  • liz

    omg the toothpaste really works!!! it is sooooo great!!! is burns a litte but totally worth it!!! 😉 i told my friend about it and it worked good on her too and she has sinsitive skin!!!

  • qurrat

    when you get pimples…..just don’t worry about it because the more you worry the more they’ll grow and cause you more trouble …so just don’t worry about it and focus on your diet more juices..more fresh fruits…more water and keep yourself tensionfree:):)dats aWl:):)

  • Marickz

    Try this so vey effective!

    Celeteque or Neutrogena for facial wash
    Facial toner/vitamin E
    1 Dalacin-C Capsule 300mg
    Ponds detox lotion or cream

    The powder of a Dalacin-C capsule will include vitamin E Toner shake it well then apply to face and Ponds detox every morning and before bedtime.

    Those with sensitive skin avoid eat greasy foods and do not use a facial scrub too much as to irritate the skin.

  • Rose

    I tried lemon juice a few hours ago. I could feel them shrinking under my fingers. I’m going to continue this and see what happens.Also I’m going to try a honey/lemon juice/cinnamon sugar mask to sleep in. I’ve had acne since I was in fourthg grade and now, I’m in seventh. I’m sick of the people at my school call me ugly when I’m actually really pretty. It’s just the acne…. Wish me luck!

    Btw- don’t towel dry your face after a shower. Wait and blow dry it. This erases pores and makes skin look and feel soft and fresh. I also makes it look healthier.

  • sonal


  • sehrish

    pimples make you look ugly n ordinary. suggestions are really good. as summers are coming on so check one of the best home remedies on http://www.sehbir.com which i tried and got desirable results withon few days.

  • candy

    toothpaste really works!! also use ice cubes and gently rub it on d spot it also heals d size! DONT USE GARLIC EVER! ITS HORRIBLE!

  • Dell

    Ok, try putting cucumber pulp on your skin for about 20-30 minutes. This really helps the pimples to subside a bit =D And it’s a safe method to try first.

  • Shristi

    m gonna use d toothpaste remedy ….can nybody tell me wat kind of toothpaste works??

  • arjun


    I have got pimples in my head and face. Its reddish color. I drink water a lot. But still pimples are coming.
    Also i want to recover pimples permanatly.

    Any idea pls..

  • Shristi

    i hve got reddish coloured small small acne all on my head n face n even around my lips plz suggest smthng quick…i need 2 get it clean by 2morrow

  • klc

    baking soda and water wet the erea with water and apply the baking soda on it once in the morning and once at night works great the best remedie ever great for fungi’s two dries it up fast.thank you.klc

  • saira

    Suggestions for Acne

    Adequate skin care is a requisite to keep acne development in check.

    • Washing should be done gently and not more than twice or thrice a day, as frequent and strong washes irritate the skin further and this results in increased production of sebum. Pinching or pricking of the pimples also irritates the skin further and may result in scars that are difficult to get rid of.

    • Although sunlight can help in drying the skin surface and making the acne look lighter, too much exposure of the skin to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun does more harm than good.

    • Shampooing your hair, especially if your hair type is oily, goes a long way in curbing the development of acne. This is because excessive oil in the skin is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause acne formation.

    If you’re going through puberty, it is best to live through this phase with a deep sense of optimism rather than allowing depressing thoughts to take over. In almost all cases, acne is just a phase that you will soon outgrow. If you’re an adult with acne problems, seek medical treatment and/or opt for home and natural remedies.

  • saira

    Sandalwood paste – Take a tsp of sandalwood powder, a tsp of Fuller’s earth (a type of clay) and mix these with rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the acne affected areas and let it be there for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. This acne home remedy for oily skin ensures that your skin remains clean and beautiful.

  • saira

    you guys got to try this. (well it works for me)
    Aloe Vera gel – Slice a leaf of Aloe Vera to get the gel. Apply this gel on your face daily twice or thrice. To get a more refreshing effect you can keep the gel in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply on the face. This natural acne remedy for oily skin works like wonders in reducing acne and excess oil

  • saira

    if you going to use the toothpaste remedy then don’t use the gel type plain is better

  • Flora

    Hey everyone,
    Personally, I have quite oily skin and I get pimples a lot and usually they are painful. I have realized that the “toothpaste remedy” dries out the pimple which evidently sometimes makes matters worse. I, on the other hand, use m own method which I found helps a lot; 1) I use ‘Garnier skin naturals’ and firstly I wash my face with it massaging gently and rinsing it off after this is enriched with zinc, renowned for its sebum-regulating properties, it intensely purifies and eliminates impurities. Scrub; apply this daily, morning and evening concentrating on the T-Zone massaging product in a circular motion this eliminates dead skin cells and clears pores. 3) Mask; apply this to the face for 2-3 times a week. Allow to dry for 3 minutes. Rinse off.

    Then I use face wipes and wipe off any excess dirt or oil on the face. Then I use a moisturizer. Occasionally placing a rag or towel in hot water adding soap to it and pressing it on the face helps a lot. You can feel it eating away at the pimples and you feel so refreshed. Good luck!

  • sathish

    take aulivera juice 1 spoon,1 spoon of lemon juice,1spoon of egg white,1/2 spoon turmeric powder,1 spoon of neem juice,1 spoon of mint juice,1 spoon of cucumber juice,1 spoon of orange powder and then mix it all with 10 spoons of rose water and then apply it over the face,neck and ears and allow it to dry.after drying again apply it over the face,like this apply till the whole solutions get overed and allow the final layer to dry for half an hour then wash the face with ur favourite face wash or face scrubber.please avoid soap.surely it will give a good result at the first time itself.try it for every week within one month u will get beautiful plain and bright face

  • Taytay

    For nearly 2 years, I used ProActiv on my face. I had a horrible time keeping my face acne under control. Out of sheer desperation, I continued to use ProActive but finally gave up. The only results I had from ProActiv was a shiny, red face. I got a little older and started doing more research on all natural beauty products and harmful chemicals found in a lot of acne washes on the market. I started going all natural, for the most part. I do have Neutrogena Rapid Clear lotion for freak break outs. But on a regular basis, I use an absolutely amazing moisturizing face wash called ‘Yes to Carrots’, 98% all natural. The wash leaves your face feeling soft, clean, and smooth. I usually follow up with ‘Yes to Carrots’ moisturizer, just because I’m religious about my moisturizing. Two to three times a week, I love spoiling my face with a mask you can make with ingredients found right in your kitchen – 1 tbsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. nutmeg, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon. Mix it together, apply to face and let set for 30-45 minutes. Be prepared for dripping. Slightly messy, but in my opinion, TOTALLY worth it. Rinse off, being careful to rub too hard as the spices may burn sensitive skin. Following this routine has left me with a clear, even skin tone.

  • sirisha

    use aloevera for pimples it is the best medicine for pimples free skin

  • sirisha

    weekly once use to apply the scrub or rose water for skin glowing;-)

  • Preeti

    Hi Friends….

    Apply a paste of turmeric powder mixed in unboiled milk and wash off in the morning…..It really helps to reduce the pimples also gives a soft and shining skin……

  • ME

    HELP!!! I have long curly hair that i always wear around my face… Does this cause pimples? If so should i be wearing my hair up more???? Please help.

  • nikki

    i have used one whole tomato and fresh lemon juice from half a lemon
    cut tomato in to round slices and cut the lemon in half squeeze lemon juice on slices and refrigerate for five minutes and then apply to face let sit for 15 minutes and rinse but before all this wash face with warm water no soap or cleanser just plain warm water it opens the pores and after the remedy rinse with cool water it closes the pores also drink sol aloe vera juice you can get it at the 99 cent store it taste like grapes the aloe is an internal cleanser

  • Harshtha


  • shivani

    this thing is really simple
    just keep on splashing cold water on Ur face frequently
    and drink lots of water
    n every night use face cleaner n after that use shenas Husein face cream called oxygen by this your pimples get week n go of slowly

  • sarah

    I have used egg yok. take the white out and save a the yellow. then clean your face with a non smelly soap such as dial. then with clean hands take the yok and rub it onto your face like a mask. leave on for about 15 mins. do this for one month when face clears only do it for 2 times a month. if face begins to break out then apply agian for month and repeat the steps. it has work for mr for 10 years now. if your skin gets dry use a night time lotion for your face only to help when it drys out. drink tons of water. get some vitimn D for milk or some food and the sun of course. thats all i have for a tip good luck. got this from an Indian women.

  • aarahan adhikari

    use boiled water and take a steam with a cover og towel it will absorb
    all your oil

  • jane

    please help me i have really deep pimple scars please suggest any home remedies.

  • Brooke

    Well, I read the first 9th of these then skimmed the rest. I didn’t notice it on here, but what works for me:
    Mix water an baking soda together, put it on your pimple overnight
    In the morning, before school or work, put a little toothpaste on (I have an hour before school when I wake up) and rinse it off 10 minutes after it’s on. Use the baking soda mix for 5 more minutes the n rinse off. Next, use a warm washcloth and hold it on your face, make sure you are bent over like you are looking at the ground so the vapors rise into your face/pores. Put an ice cube on the pimple after the cloth stops steaming(yes, it’s steaming, and yes it does hurt a little, BUT DO YOU WANT THEM GONE OR NOT?) Then, just continue to get ready and look in the mirror right before you leave, mine are usually almost gone or hardly noticeable. Hope I helped.

  • Skkrillex

    You can rub apple cider vinegar on your face atleast twice a day for a month this smells bad on your face but it really helps


    Hey guys. Im of 13. My suggestion is not to use garlic,it doesn’t works. To avoid pimples/acnes:
    1.Drink atleast 1.5 litres of water everyday.
    2.Wash ur face morning and night before going to bed.
    3.Avoid eating oily foods as much as possible
    4.Never touch ur face with hands.
    5.Keep ur skin away from dust.
    6.Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice about 15 to 20 mi
    nutes,then wash ur face with luke warm water.

  • tyree

    hey ladies try having sex very often. you will sweat the bad stuff out of your skin

  • Katie

    Hey guys thank you so much for all the tips, here are a few of mine:
    – tea tree containing products are great, as are witch hazel
    – to cover up always try to use concealers that have medication in so they won’t worsen spots
    – cucumber face masks are really soothing and refreshing for your skin – grate and chill in the fridge for the best results
    – keep to a steady routine for your skin to reduce breakouts
    hope that helps 😀

  • Beth Cassady

    Well I took benza clin and tooth paste while I was in the shower I mixed it in together until it thin as pudding I made sure the water was hot so my pores would open then i smeared it on my face left it there and felt it start to work YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE then I washed it off and INSTANTLY the oil was gone then the next morning HALF OF MY ACNE WAS GONE! So i hope it helped 🙂

  • ASH

    Guys im 15 and have terrible acne!! I’m in desperate need for some advice because i have it on my cheeks, forehead, upper lip, and back area!! I’ve had it since 7th grade and NOTHING works!!! Please help me cuz summers comming up and i want to be able to wear a swim suit and not have to wear makeup to a pool party!!!

  • ASH

    BTW, i have somewhat oily skin but it still peels very easily if that makes any difference!!! I really need HELP!!! Please get back to me ASAP cuz i’d like to start srait away!!!! Thanks so much for your time!!!!!!:)

  • bharat

    I used garnier roll on it worked for me at first but later on it was useless.then i used curd along with turmeric powder and sandalwood paste it reduced the size of the pimple in almost 5 hours try it but the problem is that the marks of the pimples still exist .Is there any remedy to remove the marks .

  • Kiki

    I would recommend plenty of water, a good exfoliator and multivitamins to cure acne. This source contains a lot of good remedies for acne treatment and I have tried few myself and got results.

  • Pi J.

    Hey fellaz. I’ve used the lemon juice thingy last night. I’ve applied it overnight and just this morning, I’ve rinsed it with warm water. It felt so good! I’d keep you updated with further results. God speed everyone 🙂 Be positive.

    – Pi J.

  • Divya

    Drink as much as water u can.. use a very good clenser , scrub and toner for ur skin daily(i use Amway clenser ,scrub & toner, it works wonders), moisturize ur skin very well (Cetaphil lotion ,its awesome)..Try this and u will not get any breakout or pimples on ur face.. Iam using this from past 5 years and i feel farrr farrrrrrr good and my skin feels soo fresh the entier day..

    For pimple which have already popped on ur face u can use tooth paste.

    Good Luck Folks..hope this will help u guys

  • ASH

    Guys, so i tried the lemon and it really helps. befor i felt like i had no control over my face. now if i have a blemish, i can deminish it quickly. another thing i would suggest would be to go natural this summer.

    i got a clear complection in 2 months without makeup. if you feel like you can’t go without it, just know that you are beautiful no matter what others think. and this website is amazing because all this advice is so very helpful to everyone in need. just know that with the help of all the people here, you can get the complection you strive for, and everyone is here for you.

    P.S.- don’t listen to the girl who says to slap your face 100 times a day, the bacteria from your hands can be transported to your face, and don’t you think that would hurt? Everyone is here for you-except her

  • ASH

    Also, if you can, buy some vitamin E capsules, and some Garlic oil capsules. You can get them at Walmart. And be sure to take your vitamin C and drink plenty of water.(like you haven’t heard that one before). These things will also keep you healthy and bright!

  • Mathi

    Never follow any beauty tips blindly from the internet. Consult your friends and even know its side effects. Never follow home remedies for face and skin in internet. All do not come with caution. I saw in one website. it suggested to use garlic on pimples. But after using I developed burns in skin which takes time to remove it from the face. So be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    I made a mixture of toothpaste (Paste, not Gel), lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and Isooprpyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) and mixed it up in a bowl until there were not clumps of toothpaste left. It doesn’t matter the amount of anything, just get it to a consistancy you’re comfortable with 🙂 And rub it on your face. (A little bit goes a LONG way) It will form a ‘mask’ type thing on your face as it drys. You may leave it on for 10 or more minutes. You can leave it on overnight if you’d like 🙂 But, It worked WONDERS for me. It may not work the same for others, and if you have dry skin I would not advise this remedy, the contents will dry out your face ALOT, but iif you have oily skin (like me) This works wonders 😀 GOOD LUCK!

  • prerna

    m 14 i had so many oily pimples on my face i need some precousions…..:-(

  • sydney

    wash your face every morning and night

  • mubs

    Guys stop using products from market and instead use home treatment for acne and pimples……. it will take some time but will b helpful

  • Growing Teen…

    LISTEN GIRLS. A lot of people make a big, simple, but horrifying mistake. They wash their face with cold water! OR they wash their face with warm/hot water and go on with their day. That only makes everthing worse! WASH YOUR FACE WITH HOT WATER. then you have to make sure you have removed all soap and SIMPLY SPLASH YOUR FACE WITH COLD WATER! Thats a very major part of washing your face. Hot water opens your pores, so you can clean them out. Cold water closes your pores, making it hard for dirt to get in and out.


  • sanju

    massage with lemom jucie and cucumber up to 20 minutes and eat dailly 2pice of garlic.

  • navi gill

    drink water as much as u can….that will surely help….i was using bodybuilding products,they reacted alot..my face was fully covered with acne-pimples…no medcines were working…at end i quit using products…and also oily stuff….water worked alot in one year i had clean face…..now…..good luck frds…

  • mahisha

    applyin turmeric to your face gives pimple free skin……it really works

  • Abbey

    1- Drinking 1 cup of green tea a day well help as is it full of antioxidants! Adding 1tsp of honey to the tea also helps as honey is known to be a natural cure for many things, and helps get rid of bacteria + makes the tea not to taste as bitter 😉
    2- Try use the most simplest products, with as least chemicals as possible. Products like ‘Simple’ and ‘Wildfern’ are really good, as they have less chemicals then usual facial products. ‘Wildfern’ offer a wide range including a honey foaming cleanser, which feels lovely and helps your skin become clearer.
    3- If you’re thinking of using the garlic idea, id suggest you use it in your daily diet, such as crush it up and put in spaghetti (tastes really good.) I wouldn’t advise using it directly on your face as this would burn and irritate the skin.
    4- I haven’t tried this before, but I have heard applying lemon juice on your acne scars before bed helps a lot by lightening them up. ‘Rosehip oil’ is supposed to be a gooden too. My sister uses this and has had great results. A good brand is ‘Trilogy’.
    5- Taking vitamins such as zinc chalaeted, vitamin C and evening primrose oil will also aid in good skin.

    Hope these tips help and goodluck!!

  • Mmz

    First, don’t obsess over one or more pimples on your face. In the morning, wash your face with cold water for about 10 seconds. Then, to open up your pores, fill a bowl with hot water and hold our face over it with a towel over your head. Next, if you don’t have a special cleanser (you can find one suited for your face type at a drugstore or another store), then just use normal soap. (I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst cleanser, and it would be better if you used a cleanser). Then, rub the cleanser on your face, wash it off with lukewarm water, and splash your face with cold water to close the pores a little. Last, pat your face dry. At night (wash your face morning and night), wash your face at night again (with lukewarm water), and apply your exfoliater or facial scrub. (I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, and if you don’t have a facial scrub, then you could use soap, too.) Then wash the scrub off. You can get a morning cleanser and a scrub when you go to bed inexpensively–just as long as they’re suited for your skin type. You could have dry, sensitive, oily, combination, normal skin, etc. But what’s really important is for you to not splurge on junk food and exercise, of course. (Remember, some home remedies could actually irritate skin rather than actually cure it of blemishes and pimples.)

  • Emily

    What are some home remedies for combination skin? My skin is oily with dry patches and I just want smooth clear skin. And I also have some scars what would be one good remedy to get rid of all of it??? Please and thank you 🙂

  • jenifer

    i have many white heads my skin is oily and i have many marks on my face plz give me some solution for my face

  • rose

    The lemon thing actually works, i tried it for a whole week I saw a dramatic difference i now can go out and enjoy my life without being shy or being afraid that somebody might see my acne, try it out im sure in two weeks your skin should obtain its natural color and feeling:)

  • ashneel

    i have lots of pimples and blackheads on m face….how can i clean up my face or use home remedies so that i could have a healthy and pimple free face
    thank you…

  • Lucky

    Please don’t use garlic for pimples it will burn your face. I tried and it burnt my face.

  • DS

    i had my first pimple when i was 14 . i kept using cream nd products etc. but it din work !!! den i applied turmeric powder nd drank lots nd lots of water …….IT REALLY WORK GUYS ND GURLZZ !!!!!
    TRY IT !!!

  • jessica

    OMG i used garlic and it left huge scars all over my face!

  • GRv AnEja

    Wash ur face with EverYuth Scrubber nd then apply paste (multani mitti in Rose Water) on ur face for 20-30 mins. Dont move ur mouth WHILE applied paste. do it once a week. Results r guaranteed .I had sufferd a lot frm pimples but after this remedy i have got good n clear skin.
    Do it guyssss. m telling u will have a very good skin after this. i guaranteee…..

    ALL DA BST 🙂

    Dnt forget to join me on facebook after doing this remedy….

  • ceyana



  • srilakshmi

    u atleast wash the face twice a day. i tried it and got well i did’nt use any lotion
    are any other substances

  • clare

    use and anti bacterial soap and warm water in the morning and evenigs to wash ur face.. do remeba not to irritate ur face with differrent remedies. use 1 and if it dosnt wrk try another after about a week. mke sure u drink alot of fluids it helps alot.

  • amrita

    in acne or pimples treatment:used Benzonyl peroxide face wash,n cream

  • hayy04

    Hey guys im 16 and I have REALLY BAD acne i have had it since 5th grade and now im a Junior in Highschool. All my friends have a clear face and only get ance like once a year, im pretty much the only one in my friend group who gets it anymore. I swear i have tried everything!!! nothing seems to work for me. I have tried all types of name brand products. DOVE soap helped a little but i still have a good amount of acne i have been trying toothpaste for about 3 weeks now, it helped at first but isnt anymore. My acne is weired i dont get monster zits on my forehead i get them around my mouth and it is really embarrsing,when it is really bad i will do my best not to leave the house unless i absolutley have to. when i go to school i cover up my acne with oil-free makeup. PLEASE HELP I WILL TRY ANYTHING (except the fire pin and the garlic) i have a really low pain tolerance… PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  • cosmic kimaya

    please tell me where you get the aloe vera gel please guys tell me.and how does it cost? and where do you get the tree tea oil and how much is that for?

  • michael 21

    wash your face with a soap then apply
    Ap-Ap solution use it 3 times a day within 30 mins
    use calamansi rub it into your face for 30 mins and wash your face again with soap
    a 2 to 3 days
    your face will be look nice…

  • breezychiq

    My gosh i had a lots of pimples a few months ago and its so gross i had a date on 21 and i dont know what to do, i tried using anti pimple toner and it worsten and i also try defensil soap for pimples and it also didn’t work , im afraid to try something new help me

  • diya

    never use garlic….it’ll burn the skin . doesnt help at all. i used it and got swollen red skin with water beneath.

  • Diana

    tea tree oil mixed with warm water…apply with cotton ball on face.

  • alissa

    umm HEY PEOPLE! what i do is simple. every night and morning, i wash with waarm water and regular bar soap. i dont know if it will work with ur skin, but i am still working to get mine away! good luck! (:

  • Aisha

    i hope some 1 can help me out i have had acne since i was 13 and now i am 22 i have acne scars and i do breakout but not as much as i use to i am trying really hard to heal my scars but i just noticed i have black dots on the top of my nose right in the middle they aren’t black heads because i try to take them out nothing helps even if i steam my face they look like they are in the skin when i touch them it feels like nothing is there does anyone have an idea what it is ?

  • LeAnn

    The flaming pin works if you go from side to side and then pull it up, if you go down you can hurt yourself. Going from side to side you go through the pimple itself, which you can’t feel anyway. When you pull the needle up, tearing the skin, you are opening the pimple up, allowing the pus a way out. Then take a Q-tip and beak it in half, using the two halves squeeze the area around the pimple. That way you get the pus out without adding more dirt and oil to your face from your fingers. I do this anytime a pimple starts to come up, and I got the trick from one of my friends who’s a dermatologist.

  • Niall

    I don’t know what to do I have little pimples all over my mouth area and have tried proactive but it doesn’t help what should i do??

  • Tammy

    I rub sliced potatoes on my face for 10 mins then leave it on for 20 mins, 2-3 times daily. Then, wash with cold water and it worked absolutely great!!!

    Lemon juice works great as well!

  • Shirla

    This works for me !I wash my face with a mild soap and warm water then I scrub it lightly with baking soda in a circular motion then rinse with warm water and pat dry or air dry optional.Then use a small amount of olive oil smoothe over the skin or any lotion that’s that too heavy.

  • tasha


  • radha

    easy step is ignore pimples

    1) drink plenty of water atleast 10 glass
    2) eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
    3) do not touch it
    these steps will help

  • maxx

    Hi Everyone!

    Okay so here are some common misconceptions are floating around on this forum.

    1) You need to wash your face often. FALSE!

    Although you should wash your face, washing too often strips your skin of it’s natural oils and tricks it into thinking it needs to produce more, causing way more breakouts in the long run. A little natural oil is good for you. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser only at night. In the morning perhaps skip the cleanser and just rinse your face with lukewarm water.

    2) You need to drink 8 glasses or more of water per day. FALSE!

    New studies are showing that the 8-glasses-per-day rule is excessive. You should absolutely stay hydrated! That is so important. But how many of you can say that you can keep up with an 8 glass per day regimen for the rest of your lives? Want to know if you’re well hydrated? Check you pee. If it’s very pale, you’re doing something right. If it’s completely clear, you might be overdoing it. I like to carry a water bottle with me throughout the day. It holds 16 OZ of water. I drink two of those in a day and I am well hydrated. On days when I am very active, I drink more water.

    3) Hot needles, garlic, etc. OUCH. You’ll just end up scarring your face and potentially causing an infection.

    What I find helps:

    1. Gentle, hypo-allergenic cleanser every night. In the AM simply rinse your skin with warm water. Never go to bed with your make-up on.

    2. Tea tree oil diluted with distilled water (if you live in an area with hard water. Otherwise just use filtered water). Use as an all over astringent night and day or as a spot treatment. Avoid overusing tea tree oil or using full strength!!

    3. Retinol! Using a Vitamin A (aka Retinol or Retinoid) cream or serum nightly WILL give you results. It’s been the only tried-and-true method used for decades! And your skin will glow and look younger. Fun Fact, retinol was originally used to treat acne by dermatologists. Then Derms started noticing people under that treatment had beautiful, glowing, younger looking skin and started marketing the product as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Retinol works! I love Philosophy’s Miracle Worker line, but any less expensive brand will do. NOTE: YOU MUST USE SPF (30 minimum) EVERY DAY WHEN USING A RETINOL TREATMENT!

    4. Vitamins C. This is why so many of you have noticed how lemon juice helps. That’s because of the Vitamin C! It acts as a chemical exfoliant that sloughs off dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover. You can rub Lemon Juice on your face every night or you can make your own Vitamin C serum (Super easy! Just google the recipe) and use that nightly. Vit C will also help make those dark spots and scars disappear! It takes time but it works! NOTE: When applying a Vit C on your face (whether it be in lemon or serum form) you MUST use an SPF.

    5. Vitamin E! This stuff is amazing and works wonderfully when combined with Vitamin C. Actually, using Vitamin C and E together makes them both more effective. Argan Oil is amazing and chock full of Vitamin E. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way. Great brands are Josie Maran or Pura D’Or (available on Amazon.) You get what you pay for though guys, so don’t expect to see results if you’re paying less than $25 (US) for a little bottle. Your skin will thank you. I use Argan oil either straight on my skin or mixed with my moisturizer at night. In the morning I wake up to glowing clearer skin.

    If you’re not trying to break the bank, there are plenty of other natural oils that contain Vitamin E. Coconut oil is relatively inexpensive and used sparingly works well. Or you can purchase those little Vitamin E oil capsules.

    6. Chamomile/oatmeal – sometimes I make Chamomile Tea and cool it and dab it on my face for a little while. It helps a lot with the redness and I think it even helps clear those scars left behind! Be sure to rinse it off after 20 mins though. Other times I like soaking oats in water and then applying that water on skin, leaving on for 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. This also helps with redness and is solo nice on sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions (like mine).

    Note on SPF. This is your best friend. Find an oil free SPF 30 (I love Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer with SPF 30). It will protect your skin from harmful UV Light (which is thought to aid in overproduction on Sebum with causes breakouts in the first place.)

    Foods with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are great for skin because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon is delicious and chock full of it! So are almonds, seeds etc. Try and eat salmon and other fatty fish ( good fat) at least 3x a month. You can always take cod liver oil pills but I don’t trust those things to be purified of Mercury.

    Exercise and a healthy diet do help. There isn’t really a correlation with certain foods and breakouts. I believe that is a myth. You can eat your chocolate and fried food every once in a while! =) But your skin will look better when you incorporate a healthy diet into your skin regimen. You are what you eat, as they say. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, which I find is a big reason for my breakouts. When I work out consistently my skin somehow seems clearer! =) Oh, and stop drinking soda! That stuff is just awful for you.

    If you can afford it, try going to a great aesthetician and getting a facial a couple of times a year. Bring all your face products with you and explain your issues to your aesthetician. They do wonders at removing impurities and blackheads. It hurts a little though. Facials are so not massages! Lol. I find that for a week after a facial my skin is a little sensitive but then for the next couple of months after it looks amazing. There are salons out there that have facials specially formulated for teens too! =)

    I hope my tips help. My skin isn’t perfect. I still get the occasional PMS pimples or stress breakouts. But never anything major and on the whole I have clear skin. When I make a point to follow the tips above, my skin is glowing, radiant and beautiful and people notice!

    Wishing you all health and happiness,

  • neha

    i want to say only this, do not waste your time going after remedies for pimples. pimples are part of life , they come on time and go on time.
    my grandma says that ,how much pimples that we have, that much lovers also we have!!!

  • labra

    1. USE Lemon = for me I steam first my face,to open pores, and cleanse it with an antibacterial soap, I use safeguard, then after that I wash again my face with a warm/mild hot water then Ill put next the lemon all over my face for 10-20 mins.

    2. Toothpaste– just put it on the affected area before you go to sleep and youl see the diff in the morning.

    –just soak a lemon on a cotton, then put the soaked cotton on your nose, or wherever blackheads area you have. Then wait for the cotton to dry–yeah it really takes a while so be patient. Then after that the whiteheads will easily get rid off.

    put VITAMIN E OIL on your scars, it really does works..but just don’t put it on your acne and pimples–just Only the scars of it–because vitamin e can make your pimples worse–that happened on me so you’ve been warned.

    IVE used salilycacid—yeah it really helps me to get rid of my pimples—–but as an even worse result it burned my face, thanx to vitamin e my face is now back to normal.

    But still THE BEST waay to get rid off of pimples or other skin diseases, of course is the PROPER HYGIENE, PROPER DIET includes daily exercise, LOTSSSSS OF WATER AND A GOOD REST ,of course.

  • emily

    hey yall I used toothpaste and it worked but now I gave up on that and my crush is gonna ask me out in two weeks but now I use alcohol dial nutrogena and strawberry scrub every night or every other night and it works wonders but you should drink at least 3 cups of water daily and keep your hair out of your face and take baths daily this should work but if no im sorry

  • emily

    I used onion juice and mixed it with garlic powder until it made a paste and let it sit on each pimple for 10 to 15 minutes or until dry then pealed it off and washed my face with dial soap with warm water


    hi friends i wanna to say ,mix the kasthuri manjal with kadalai flour.use it daily.really its reduce acne and dark circles.

    dont do facial while having acne in face,try to avoid.

    drink plenty of water,avoid coffee,tea and oil foods.

  • kranthi trc

    make a paste of tomato and add lemon juice to it for a few days pimples disappear

  • ash

    hi you guys! I have submitted a tip previously and wanted to give yall an update. I have combination skin that is very prone to breakouts. I have tried many things (this including muraid, clean and clear, sensitive skin, ect.) and am going to tell you which ones work and which ones don’t. the lemon didn’t really work that well. it dried out my skin and made it burn. toothpaste burns badly and wears down your skin. I put it on my face overnight and the next morning, my face was so dry that it was bleeding. vitamin E really does help the appearance of your skin, but doesn’t really treat the pimples. the vitamin E is more ideal if you have no breakouts, but imperfect skin. DO NOT POP THE PIMPLES. if you just cant help yourself, you can only pop them if they have a white head that you cant bear to show the public. it may be in your best interest to just avoid mirrors altogether… because popping them only spreads the infection to other parts of your body or brings more infections to the unprotected zit. I have tried cinnamon, it helps to a certain point. then it doesn’t do much. pretty much everything up in this blog works to a certain point and then stops.

    the ONLY thing that has worked for me is SILVER SULFATE!!!!!!!!

    you may be like what the heck is that… it is in a burn cream that was prescribed to me. it has impeccable healing properties and works within 1 week. it is an antibacterial/antifungal cream that feels great right when you put it on. im sure you can find other creams with this in it if you look hard.

  • Krystalyn


  • Abraham

    Dear friends,
    Myself Abraham from kerala and today i would like to tell all friends( who are suffering of acne/pimple problem) a very effective home made treatment for acne.
    I had severe acne problem for the last 5,6 years and i was mentally down that i hesitate to go even outside.This acne problem has severe blow on my confidence level.
    I have a friend called Aparna,an Hindu girl from a well know traditional ayurvedic family in kerala. and she has got really severe acne(even 2 times worser
    than mine)and one day i noticed that her skin tone is changing,all her skin blemishes and acne,acne scars all disappearing day by day.I was shocked to see that dramatic change and finally i decided to ask her what secret cream she is using.She told me that she is using a special oil which her grandmother prepared specially for her.Since she was a friendly girl she invited me to her home and to meet her very old super grandma(well know ayurvedic lady)
    Here i’m gonna share the ingrediants and procedure for the preparation of grandma’s secret super acne oil.
    1.250ml coconut oil.
    2.50grams of tender Neem leaves(about 50 leaves)
    3.30grams of red sandal powder.
    4.20 grams of tulsi
    5.20 grams of mint leaves
    6.2 lemons.
    7.20grams of vinegar
    8.some guava leaves.
    9.30gram turmeric
    10.3,4 pellets of camphor.
    11.20grams of pure honey
    -make a paste of neem+tulsai+mint leaves+guava leaves by adding vinegar instead of water.
    -smash the turmeric into small pieces.
    -pour the oil in steel bowl and heat it gently,add smashed turmeric+red sandal wood powder +lemons( cut the 2 lemons into equally 8 divisions(1 lemon into 4 pieces) )and stir until it boils and the oil becomes red colour.
    -allow the oil to cool to room temperature.
    -after 10 hours,filter the oil through a sieve(better to use cloth for fine filtering)
    -add the paste of neem+tulsai+mint leaves+guava to the filtered oil and heat the oil and stir it well until it boils.
    -allow the oil to cool
    -next day,filter the oil and add camphor pellets and heat the oil until the camphor absorbs into the oil.
    -add 20grams of honey into the oil and mix it well and now the concentrated oil is ready to use.
    using a cotton ball or with clean fingers you can apply the oil directly on your acne.
    use regularly for 1 week and see the greattttttt MAGIC of this wonderful oil.your skin will glowwww….. all your acne scars will disappear and you will get a very smooth glowing skin.

  • akasha

    eat vegetables to get rid of pimples don’t touch the pimples

  • jaya

    rub with icecube on area of pimples.

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  • Vivien Donald

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