Pimple Home Remedies | Q&A

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Question: I am a 20 year old girl. I am facing a lot of problems due to pimples on my face. I do not want to take antibiotics to treat these pimples as I am scared of the possible side effects. What are the possible home remedies for pimple?

pimple home remedies

Answer: Pimple Home Remedies
We all face problems due to pimples at some stage of our life. This problem is more common at the puberty stage and the possible reasons are skin irritation, infections and over-activity of sebaceous glands. There are a number of home remedies available that can help you get rid of the pimples without using any medication.

1) Clean your skin regularly: One of the common reasons behind pimples is the skin pores getting clogged. The reason behind the clogging of the pores is accumulation of dirt on the surface. Similarly, the dead skin cells also get deposited on the skin surface and it leads to pimples. By cleaning the skin surface regularly, you can easily remove the dirt and dead skin cells. This helps to eliminate the clogging of pores and thus your pimples eventually disappear. Again, you should be careful while using soap during the cleaning process. For instance, using a dry soap for the cleaning process will result in increased sebum production that increases the occurrence of pimples.

2) Use Baking Soda: You can use baking soda for cleaning the skin surface containing pimples. The baking soda acts as an antiseptic and thus helps to kill the bacteria present in the pimples. You can make a paste containing baking soda and water at home and apply it daily or once in two days. You can add ingredients like honey to make the skin look brighter. The antiseptic action of baking soda also helps to remove the dirt and dead cells accumulated on the skin.

3) Use Lemon Juice: Lemon Juice or citrus fruits contain a rich amount of acids that act as natural antibacterial and exfoliant. The application of citrus acid on the pimples helps to unclog the skin pores by removing the dirt particles. All you need to do is to apply a layer of the juice or peel of the citrus fruit on the affected area. Let is remain there for 15-20 minutes and then wash with water. You can also use an orange peel instead of lemon.

4) Strawberries: Most of us know that strawberries contain high amounts of antioxidants and salicylic acid. But we are not aware of the fact that these ingredients are extremely helpful for treating pimples. These natural antioxidants help to neutralize the toxins present on the skin surface. The other ingredient salicylic acid helps to free up the skin pores and thus relieving the pimples.

5) Garlic: Garlic is also a very useful home remedy for pimples. Garlic contains natural antioxidants which help to fight against the toxin that cause pimples. This neutralizing action helps you to get rid of pimples completely after 2-3 months. Though the paste made with garlic smells bad but it can do miracles for your face.