7 Home Remedies for Pets Itchy Ears | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I have different kinds of pets- rabbits, cat, and mice. They all have itchy ears that drives them crazy. They keep on scratching which causes wounds. Please help me since I’m just a high school student with no money.

A: Dear G, Domestic pets like cats and dogs usually experience this itchy feeling most commonly in their ears. If you have any suspicion about your pets having itchy ears, you can check their ears. Itchiness can be caused by ear infection, ear mites, bathing, and overproduction or building up of ear wax. Put them under observation. If they act weird – having their heads tilted, losing balance while walking, clumsiness, or they keep on scratching their ears – then they can really be having some ear problems.

If your suspicion is right about itchy ears, check these useful guidelines to keep your pets away from pests and so they can be kept in good health.

Home Remedies for Itchy Ears In Pets


1. Herbs – Herbs such as Tea tree oil, Rosemary, and Marigold can be of great help to keep your pet’s ears healthy. With the use of a cotton bud, soak it in any of these oils and then gently apply or rub inside the ears of your pet. [2]

2. Soap and Water – Soap and water can be used in removing the itchiness your pet is experiencing in the ears. Wash your pet’s ears using these. After doing so, you can use cotton buds to remove the ear wax and avoid further irritation. [1]

3. Alcohol and Vinegar – In a container, mix an equal amount of alcohol and vinegar to be used in cleaning your pet’s ears. Since alcohol is volatile, it evaporates easily. On the other hand, vinegar has antibacterial property which helps in cleaning ears. Hold your pet down and carefully apply the solution to their ears. After applying, massage the ear a little bit, and then let them stand and shake their head for the solution to spread and clear the ear. Perform this to the other ear.

4. Water-Vinegar-Alcohol Spray – Make a solution using a cup of water, two cups of vinegar, and a tablespoon of alcohol. Mix them thoroughly and put the solution in a bottle. After every bath of your pet, spray this solution inside their ears. As already mentioned, vinegar has antibacterial property while the alcohol helps in melting the ear wax. This method is useful to prevent itchy ears in pets.

5. Warm Water or Mineral Oil – With the aid of a small dropper, apply either of these two medication into your pet’s ears. These help in dissolving ear wax and eventually lessen itchy ears.

6. Peroxide and Warm Water – Unlike other medication used in curing itchy ears in pets, this method is not harsh, but is still effective in melting ear wax. [3]

7. Dog-approved ear wash – Having this kind of remedy is very useful since it is designed for pets especially dogs. It has a fragrance that can help in giving your pet’s ears a nice smell. Gently spray only a small amount of this ear wash in your pet’s ears, and massage lightly. After doing so, release your dog and let him shake his head. This helps in cleaning their ears. After a few moments, wipe the residues inside the ears using cotton balls. [4]


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