Home Remedies for Peeling Skin

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You don’t have to be in the sun all day to have an issue with peeling skin. Interestingly, every 28 days, the outer layer of our skin is completely replaced by a new one. Many different factors contribute to this change, including levels of hydration, friction, exposure to the sun, and other aspects of the environment. To deal with this temporary problem, you may want to consider home remedies for peeling skin.

peeling skin

Causes and Symptoms

Peeling skin takes place when damage or loss of the upper layer of your skin (also known as the epidermis) occurs. Sometimes, it is because you’ve sat out in the sun for too long and suffered sunburn or you’ve contracted a skin infection. Peeling skin can also indicate a disorder of the immune system or another disease.

Other causes of peeling skin include lack of moisture, rashes, blisters, eczema, psoriasis, burns, allergic reactions, dry weather, a vitamin A overdose, certain types of cancer, and ringworm [1]. Rashes, itching, dryness and other signs of irritation are common symptoms of peeling skin.

Peeling Skin Home Remedies

Whether you suffer chronic dry skin or battle a hereditary skin disease, you can ease the symptoms of peeling skin with home remedies – some of which are found in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. A couple of suggestions include:

a) Cucumber:

Peeling skin, especially on the face, reacts well to grated cucumber being applied over affected areas and left on for 15 to 20 minutes. Using cucumber on a regular basis can also prevent dryness of the skin.

b) Lemon:

Lemon has healing properties for the skin. Cut a lemon in half and rub on the face for five minutes. Wash off the lemon with cold water and repeat the remedy three times per day.

c) Sugar:

A sugar scrub for the face can work wonders for peeling skin. Combine one tablespoon of brown sugar and two tablespoons of white sugar. Wet the mixture and rub on affected skin. ?

d) Yeast:

In the morning, use a cotton ball to apply a mixture of crushed yeast and lemon juice. Wash off with warm water and repeat each morning for one month to see results. ?

e) Mint:

For a nighttime treatment, apply fresh mint juice on affected skin to prevent dryness. This remedy also helps treat eczema and dermatitis.

f) Honey and Olive Oil:

To rejuvenate peeling skin, create a healing paste by mixing olive oil, honey, and turmeric to treat symptoms.

g) Eat More Fatty Acids:

When you increase your intake of essential fatty acids, you can battle peeling skin from the inside. It is suggested to eat more flax seed oil, crushed/ground flax seed, and start your day with cereal containing flax seed. You can also add olive oil to your recipes.

h) Correct a Vitamin Deficiency:

Sometimes, a lack of a specific vitamin can cause skin to peel. For a deficiency in vitamin A, increase your intake of butter, eggs, and carrots. Treat a lack of vitamin B with eggs, cheese, milk, and meat. Citrus fruits, green peppers and tomatoes help with a vitamin C deficiency. Get a boost of protein with fish, cereal, meat, dairy products, and lentils. Iron is found in almonds, baked beans, broccoli, kidney beans, peas, rice, and raisins.

i) Oatmeal:

Soak in an oatmeal bath to treat a peeling skin condition that attacks your overall body.

j) Yogurt and Honey:

Apply a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of yogurt to affected areas. Leave the remedy on for a while and rinse off with cold water. The enzymes, acids, minerals, and trace elements found in the honey and yogurt can help soothe sunburn, as well as treat peeling skin.

k) Mild Soap:

Instead of washing with harsh, chemical-filled soaps – choose mild soaps. For example, vegetable glycerin soap is non-irritating and helps moisturize the skin without creating a drying effect.

l) Avoid Hot Baths:

Hot baths are guilty of draining the skin of its natural oils, leaving you with dry, damaged skin susceptible to peeling.

m) Avoid Direct Sun:

The middle of the day is the worst time to sit out in the sun. Between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., your skin can take quite a beating. Avoid these peak UV radiation hours (which are highly damaging to the skin) by staying indoors or out of the sun.

n) Olive Oil and Salt:

When looking for a natural, gentle exfoliate for peeling skin, mix olive oil and table salt together to create a paste that when rubbed onto the skin, will scrub dead skin cells away. The salt also acts as a disinfectant, while the olive oil fights dryness.

o) Watermelon:

When you’ve stayed out in the sun for too long, cut a slice of cold watermelon and rub on your skin.

p) Tea:

Boil a pot of black or chamomile tea. Allow the tea to completely cool. Soak a soft cloth in the tea and spread evenly across peeling skin. The tannins found in the tea will slow down skin damage and treat inflammation.

q) Cucumber and Aloe Vera:

Place one peeled cucumber and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a blender and mix until it creates a paste. Apply the concoction to sunburned skin to enjoy a cooling effect that also helps soothe peeling skin.


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