Home Remedies to Pass a Drug Test

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home remedies to pass drug tests


Did you know that simply being around or unknowingly coming into contact with an illegal substance can adversely affect the results of a drug test? Whether you’re applying for a job or undergoing a routine check, it’s important to make sure you avoid unnecessary red flags by becoming familiar with home remedies to pass a drug test.

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The Ins and Outs of a Drug Test [1]

Drug testing is a common practice for law enforcement, employers, school athletic officials, and other professional organizations. There are different ways to test for drugs – from analyzing a strand of your hair to taking a swab of saliva. The four main ways to test for drugs are:

• Urine Tests: The least expensive method in drug testing is to analyze a sample of urine. The test can detect drug use that has occurred within the past week or longer for regular users.

• Hair Tests: Since hair testing is expensive, it is not the preferred method of choice for drug testers. Hair testing comes with its pros and cons. While a tester is able to detect substance use over a longer period of time, they typically cannot detect use within the past week. The test does not involve a single hair, but requires a sample of hair about the diameter of a pencil and 1-½ inches long. Sometimes, the test is used to pinpoint drug use and when someone has stopped using a drug.

• Saliva Tests: This test is mostly used to detect drug use within the past week or longer for routine users. However, if a user abstains from drug use for a period of time before the test, the results can be affected.

• Blood Tests: While a blood test is the most accurate method of testing, it is also the most expensive. Because of its cost, it is the least common way to detect drug use.

The most widespread method of drug testing is to examine a urine sample, which can reveal the presence of marijuana, hash, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, methamphetamines, speed, heroin, opium, codeine, morphine, and PCP.

What Drug Tests Look For

Today’s lab testing has become well versed in identifying urine samples that have been tampered with. Analysts may check the following factors:

• Color: Clear urine samples usually indicate a subject’s attempt to water down their system.

• Temperature: Urine is typically between 91 and 97 degrees. Certified tests check the temperature of urine to rule out the addition of water and other liquids to a sample cup.

• pH: If you think putting household products that contain ammonia in your urine sample will help, keep in mind that pH levels are usually checked.

• Creatinine: Creatinine is a substance that shows up in urine. If a subject substitutes their urine with something else, a test will detect the absence of creatinine.

• Specific Gravity: When the specific gravity of a urine sample is abnormal, a tester may suspect tampering.

Drug Test Home Remedies

To pass a drug test, traces of unwanted substances need to be removed out of your system. Drugs are found in different parts of the body – even in your fat cells, which is why using liquids to flush out your system is a common approach to passing a drug test. The amount of time for drug detection in an individual’s system varies from person to person.

The following home remedies for passing a drug test will focus on urine sample testing:

a) Water:

While many people believe drinking water for days and weeks before a drug test will help alter results, this act can actually hurt your final outcome. It is suggested to drink as much water as you can (at least eight large glasses) during the few hours right before a test. If you overload the kidneys within a short time frame, your urine becomes diluted to the point where traces of a drug (such as marijuana) do not register on a test. Your system will not be cleaned of all traces of the drug, but your urine does become temporarily diluted.

b) Increase Fluid Intake:

Just before taking a urine drug test, fill up on coffee, juices (especially cranberry), beer, iced tea, and cola sodas – all of which act as a diuretic.

c) Foods with a Diuretic Effect:

Along with drinking a lot of liquid, you can consume foods with a high liquid content. For example, consume broth-based soups and fruits, such as watermelon, apples, grapes, and berries to dilute your urine.

d) Red Meat:

If you are in need of boosting your creatinine levels, consider eating protein-rich red meat. Consume a great deal of red meat for three days before your test to normalize your creatinine levels. If you have attempted to dilute your urine, this will help mask the fact.

e) Vitamin B:

Taking a vitamin B complex supplement will help turn your urine a healthy shade of yellow. It is suggested to consume 50 to 100 milligrams of the vitamin. B-2 and B-12 vitamins are the most effective for this purpose[2].

f) Cranberry Juice:

With a mild diuretic effect, a lot of drug test takers swear by drinking cranberry juice to dilute their urine.

g) Vinegar:

If you are being testing for amphetamine use, some people have consumed vinegar in an effort to lower the pH of their urine. Amphetamines are excreted up to three times as fast when urine contains a lot of acid. There is a possibility that vinegar could reduce the detection time period for this type of drug.

h) Midstream Samples:

Do not use the first urination of the day for your drug test. It is considered the ‘dirtiest’ – filled with incriminating substances. Before taking the test, urinate a couple of times. When you are ready to pee in a cup, do not submit the beginning or end of a stream. Urinate in the toilet, quickly stop, and then continue in the cup.

i) Know the Approximate Detection Times:

The approximate detection time for drugs in urine varies depending on the substance in your system. A few examples include: alcohol (1 to 2 days), amphetamines such crystal, crack, and ice (5 to 7 days), short acting barbiturates (1 to 2 days), marihuana (20 to 90 days), crack cocaine (3 to 5 days), codeine (2 to 5 days), Ecstasy (3 to 7 days), LSD (1 to 4 days), Quaaludes (1 to 14 days), PCP and angel dust (1 to 30 days), mushrooms (3 to 5 days), and oral anabolic steroids (14 days).


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