6 Home Remedies for Oily Complexion | Q&A

Q: Grandma, my skin is very oily despite my discipline cleaning regimen. I’ve tried a lot of commercial products but they all failed. Perhaps, there are home made solutions that I can resort to.

A: Dear B, A lot of women want to look fresh, clean and stunningly attractive. However, having oily skin can give a lot of problems. For younger women, this condition is caused by overactive glands. In fact, frequent face washing can even worsen the condition. But, you need not stress yourself with worries because there are easy to do home remedies for oily complexion.

Home Remedies for Oily Complexion


1. Sage and Yogurt Facial – This recipe can help you expel the oil in your face; aside from that you can also normalize your sebum production. Start by making a sage mixture by mixing two tablespoons of this with a cup of yogurt. Soothe the treatment on your face then let it sit until it completely dries. Lastly, wash the mask off with water. [1]

2. Salt Spray – Get a bottle then transfer a small amount of salt in it. After that, put some water to make the mixture that can expel your oily complexion. Then, dry your face with paper towel. Keep in mind that the salt must dissolved. Make use of this spray at least once every day to see amazing results.[2]

3. Apply Milk – Milk is a great home remedy as this can remove the oil but does not make it dry. You can put milk all over your facial skin in various ways. One way is to apply milk on your oily skin; then let it sit for a while, soothe softly and then wash it using cool water. You can also try to put some drops of lavender essential oil in milk to make it more effective. Another way is to dip a cube of ice in the milk and then soothe the ice around the face. This way, you can not only expel oil but you can help your pores as well.[3]

4. Keep it clean – Despite the fact that oily skin does not essentially denote dirty skin, the oil can help in capturing the unwanted particles close to your skin, like dead skin cells which should just fall off. These captured elements can clog the pores which can become acne and blackheads. Hence, you need to keep your skin clean by washing it every day.[4]

5. Lime juice – Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. This can also help you to get flawless skin. Start by, dabbing fresh lemon juice on your skin to expel excess oil. It can also help you in healing acne and pimples. Drinking lime water in the early morning can also help; drink this with honey. This can again also help you in removing all toxic particles from the body. Mix fresh lime juice with some drops of rose water; put such mixture on the skin with some help of cotton ball. It will cleanse the skin and remove excess oil. [5]

6. Strawberries – This is one of the best home remedies for oily complexion. Strawberries are equipped with a lot of vitamin C as well as good antioxidants. Slice a strawberry then rub it on your face to remove the excess oil from the face. You can also make a strawberry mask then soothe it on the skin to rejuvenate your skin


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