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Q:Grandma, My 17 year-old cat became constipated after being fed non-grain cat food. I took him to the vet and they put him on hairball stuff which I don’t like because it has chicken-by-products, etc. Can you share some advise on what to feed my cat?

A: Dear B, If your cat has not taken to the diet prescribed by your vet, there are four things you can do. You can persevere for a week more and see if your pet will adjust; you can go right back to the old diet; you can (as you seem to be planning) give a supplement with the old diet or you can try one of the practical home remedies for cat diet that I am going to share with you. Most vets switch their cat patients to a no-grain diet based on the premise that eating grains is not natural for cats who are supposed to be hunters. However, if your cat has adjusted to grains and won’t do well with a different diet, give the cat what it can live with then find a way to ensure proper over-all nutrition. Here are some home remedies for a natural cat diet for you to try.

Home Remedies for Natural Cat Diet


1. Chicken thighs – Use bone-in chicken thighs or turkey – whichever is on sale. Have your butcher grind the meats – bones and all. This will give your cat the protein and the calcium it needs bones.. You may want to mix this with the old cat food and give your cat a chance to transition gently into a no-grain diet.[1]

2. Whole fish with small bones – Sardines and mackerel are relatively cheaper. Have them ground or buy your own grinder. Feed this raw to your cat. Do not worry if your cat doesn’t poop as much. That only means it is absorbing most of its food. [2]

3. Organ meat – Ask your butcher to grind liver, kidneys hearts, brains and pancreas together. Half of the mixture should be liver. This is one of the best and cheapest home remedies for a natural cat diet.

4. Eggs – Raw eggs can be added to a mixture of ground meats. It will moisten the food – acting like a liquid and provide nutrients as well.

5. Chicken wings, gizzards and liver – Grind everything together (not too fine) and feed to your cat raw. Cats can handle it – this is their natural diet. If you are worried about parasites, don’t be. After all, you would worry if your cat ate some of the mouse he caught, would you? Besides, that’s why the vet deworms his patients regularly.[3]

6. Rabbit or poultry – Take three pounds of poultry or rabbit meat (including bones, organs and skin), combine with 2 whole eggs, 1 cup water and 2000 mg wild salmon oil.[4]

7. Cooked dark meat – Take 1 lb. cooked dark meat or fish and mix with ½ cup cooked sweet potato or pumpkin and ½ cup rice, corn barley or peas. You can put any recommended vitamins into the mixture. This makes food enough for three days.[5]

8. Roughly ground pork – Take 2 cups of pork and a cup of vegetables plus the “soup cut” (back and bones) of chicken. Have everything ground roughly and give raw to your cat. This will help your cat achieve a shinier coat and the bones will help keep its teeth clean. Don’t worry that the cat will choke on the bones – this is the natural way for them to eat their food.[6]

9. Fish slices – Take a pound of fish, slice fine and allow your cat to have a fifth of a cup for its meal. You can add rice or oatmeal or vegetable if you want but your cat doesn’t need it because cats are carnivores that actually have a hard time digesting carbohydrates which they do not eat in the wild.

10. Brewer’s yeast and canned mackerel – Combine 1 can of mackerel with brewer’s yeast, water as needed and ½ cod liver oil. This is a nice treat for your cat if it likes canned mackerel and one of the easiest remedies for a natural cat diet.[7]


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