Home Remedies for Mosquitoes

Besides the itchy red welts caused by mosquito bites, these infamous warm weather pests are known as carriers of the West Nile virus and other diseases. Surviving for more than 30 million years, the insects have learned how to adapt with the changing environment. Unfortunately, warm-blooded creatures are their primary targets. To lessen your chances of getting eaten alive, consider home remedies for mosquitoes.


Background on Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are made up of three basic body parts and use a collection of sensors to track their next meal. Only female adult mosquitoes have mouthparts for biting, which are needed for egg production [1]. The head is where you’ll find all of their sensors and their mouthparts. Equipped with heat sensors, mosquitoes can detect heat, which makes it easy to locate warm-blooded mammals and birds. The mosquito has two compound eyes and antennae that sense chemicals on their head. The thorax accommodates two wings and six legs attached. Inside, the flight muscles, compound heart, and some nerve cells are found. The abdomen also houses the digestive and excretory organs.

Mosquito Home Remedies

Home remedies for mosquitoes certainly come in handy if you plan on enjoying the outdoors – especially during the summertime. To keep these pesky creatures from ruining your sun-kissed skin, consider the following home remedies for mosquitoes:

a) Beer:

To repel mosquitoes, spray a mixture consisting of equal amounts of flat beer, antiseptic mouthwash, and Epsom salt on grass, weeds, and around bushes. ??

b) Fabric Softener Sheets:

If you’re looking to rid of mosquitoes from your personal outdoor spaces, some people have found success by wiping down their arms, legs, and other exposed body parts with a dry fabric softener sheet. Keep a freshener sheet in your pocket for continued protection. ??

c) Garden Repellents:

Plant marigolds, scented geraniums, catnip, citrosa plants, and rosemary in your garden to repel mosquitoes. The plants actually give off an odor that keeps mosquitoes at a distance. You may also position these plants around your house for added results.

d) Potted Plants and Herbs:

There are plants and herbs that have the power to repel mosquitoes. For example, you can plant basil, lavender, lemon thyme, citronella grass, chamomile, and citriodora in pots and situate around your most frequented outdoor spaces.

e) Thai Lemon Grass:

Plant Thai lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) in your garden to grow a natural insect repellent that carries the same effects as citronella. Rub one of the long, grassy leaves or pieces of the stalk on your skin after creating a fibrous juicy pulp. This home remedy for repelling mosquitoes is said to last for four to five hours. Some feel that lemon grass works better than repellents made from the infamous citronella plant.

f) Remove Stagnant Water:

Eliminate potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes by clearing your yard of old tires, small planter pots, kiddie pools, and anything else that can collect water. After a heavy rain, inspect your outdoor spaces to find places that have filled with water. ? ?

g) Pure Vanilla Extract:

Fight off mosquitoes by applying pure vanilla extract to your pulse points, as the insects do not like the scent.

h) Fan:

When enjoying the evening air on your outdoor deck or patio, create an uninviting space for mosquitoes by turning on a fan, which makes it harder for the pests to land and bite.?


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