Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

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mosquito bite home remedies


From the camping trip in the backyard to the family barbecue on the Fourth of July – it never fails – the presence of that pesky, uninvited guest that always seems to find a way to interrupt your summertime fun. Mosquitoes fly about looking for humans and other critters to feed on, as they require a blood meal in order to complete their life cycle and produce eggs, which is why it doesn’t hurt to become familiar with a couple of home remedies for mosquito bites.

The Mechanics of a Mosquito Bite

During a feeding (which only females participate in), the mosquito penetrates human skin and injects saliva that is filled with proteins that prevent the clotting of blood. As a result, the blood easily flows into the mouth of the mosquito. Sometimes we feel it and other times, we don’t even know that we’ve been bitten until a welt on the skin is spotted. Most species of mosquitoes wait until dawn or dusk to feed [1]. On hot days, the majority of mosquitoes are in hiding – taking a rest in a cool place.

When it comes to mosquito bites, a handful of reactions can take place with symptoms that eventually change with time. Some people experience immediate swelling, while others exhibit a delayed response. A mosquito bite often itches, especially when initially scratched.


Mosquito Bite Home Remedies

Knowing how to treat common annoyances right in the comfort of your own home can be a real lifesaver. However, with some home remedies for mosquito bites, it’s important to note that not all suggestions below will provide immediate relief. Keep in mind that some treatments will take two or three applications before you see any real results. Popular recommendations include:

a) Fruity Relief:

Tap into the power of healing fruits by applying lemon juice (or slices), lime juice (or slices), or rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a bite.

b) Raid the Bathroom Cabinet:

There are plenty of items in your bathroom cabinet that can ease the discomfort of a mosquito bite, including calamine lotion, Benadryl [2] Cream, Orajel, Anbesol, Caladryl, Vicks VapoRub, Preparation H, Gold Bond Medicated Cream (or powder), and Mylanta.

c) Create a Paste:

Instead of scratching your bites, concentrate on making a paste to treat your symptoms. Baking soda, meat tenderizer, salt, Epsom salts, Tums tablets, and aspirin are the most common ingredients used to mix with water in order to create a healing paste.

d) Lemon:

It’s pretty hard to resist scratching a mosquito bite. However, the temporary relief is not worth the threat of infection. You can lessen your chances of infection by cutting a lemon in half and rubbing the soft, pulpy side of the slice against your itchy skin.

e) Herbal Remedy:

Relieve mosquito bite symptoms by mixing one teaspoon each of lavender oil and vegetable oil. Apply the mixture to your bite. The lavender will reduce swelling and take away the itching.

f) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Rub apple cider vinegar directly on mosquito bites for quick relief.

g) Toothpaste:

Using a cotton swab, apply toothpaste (preferably a peppermint flavor) to a mosquito bite to combat itching.

h) Ice:

To prevent histamine from infiltrating your skin, directly apply ice to a mosquito bite.

i) Alka-Seltzer [3]:

When the itch of a mosquito bite becomes too much to bear, consider allowing Alka-Seltzer to come to the rescue. Drop two tablets into a ½ glass of water. Dip a cotton ball into the glass and apply the solution to your bite. Keep in mind that if you are allergic to aspirin, you should avoid this home remedy.

j) Salt:

Create a paste using water to moisten a small amount of salt. Apply to your bite to relieve itchiness and swelling.

k) Aspirin:

Control the inflammation of a mosquito bite by applying a wet aspirin tablet.

l) Prevention is Key:

When you’re planning on spending a great deal of time outdoors, especially when the sun has set or in a wooded area, consider using prevention home remedies to keep mosquito bites away. Before going out, some people have found success when they’ve bathed in a heavily diluted solution of chlorine beach and tub water. Add two capfuls of bleach to a tub of warm water. Soak for 15 minutes. Additionally, bath oils, like Alpha-Keri and Avon’s Skin-So-Soft, offer a decent mosquito repellant. The same can be said for some sunscreens, such as Pre-Sun.

m) Soap and Water:

Since mosquitoes spread disease, it is important to wash a bite with soap and water, followed by applying an antiseptic.

n) Baking Soda:

Treat itchy skin by dissolving one teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of water. Dip a cloth into the mixture and place on your bite for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also create a paste out of witch hazel and baking soda that is also left on a bite for about 15 minutes.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito

[2] http://www.benadryl.com/

[3] Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things by Reader’s Digest; pg 38-39.


  • Sterling

    Don’t ask me why it seems to work, but I’ve heard some people gaining relief by putting roll-on deodorant on their mosquito bites.

  • Vatsal Yajnik

    As preventive medicine to mosquito bite, we have used the application of ‘Pure neem oil’on the body or the clothes, specially near the hair and the black socks & shoes and the open parts of the body. The pure neem oil repels the mosquitoes and does not allow to come near the wearer of this oil.It is natural product.Our experience has been very satisfactory.

  • Lauren

    I know this may sound bizarre but it really works.My kids and I seem to attract mosquitoes and get nasty bites all the time so here is a wonderful and inexpensive itch reliever that i have discovered: Place a cold slice of pickle on the affected area. This will relieve itching and reduce swelling.(You can eat it when you’re finished too:)

  • margohelp

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  • tonya

    To keep mosquitos away dryer sheets work I have a3 yr old who is alergic and have had a lot of luck withthe dryer sheets just pin it to their t-shirt and let them go

  • FLoral

    Some remedies will work better for some people and not others, for some people, all of them will work and for others, none of them will work. It’s because all of our cells, diets, environments, hormone levels and daily habits are different. All of those and more affect how a person will or will not react to home remedies (or antibiotics for that matter!)

  • manny and gabriel

    thanks for all the good advice but im to be very honest with all you peoples the best and only thing that worked for us and our kids was to rub the deodorant on our mosquito bites and guess what we all smell real good!!! and we dont itch any more thanks

  • Rona

    My 3 year old daugher has just came home with over 15 mosquito bites!! So I used her diaper cream on them and it works! Says it relieves itchyness on the back so I thought Id give it a go 🙂

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  • michelle

    SALT AND PODINE (Bedodeen). IT REALLY REALLY WORKS !!!make a past of it and apply, its works immediately!!!i just did it now and I’m so happy,

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  • Jennifer Morales

    My son has bites all over his body. I tired the banana peel and he salt but the toothpaste worked the best. He just came to tell me that his is not itching anymore. Thanks for the tips I am in Mexico and have limited resources. Diego thanks you.

  • Vinay

    Lemon/Lime works great for itching. Thank you for the publishing the information.

  • Makayla Vandermyde

    I am 16, and I like to go out often with my friends. I don’t always use bugspray or skin protection, so I get bitten very easily. I recently went swimming at a lake, and came home with over 10 bites. Everytime one begins to itch, I simple rub an ice cube directly on it, let it melt a little, take it off and then blow directly on the bugbite. The itches subsides IMMEDIATELY, and the sweeling seems to go down, and they’re going away faster than ever before. I hope this is helpful to anyone who reads (: Good luck!

  • Chandra DeRamus

    This article provided some helpful hints. I have sensitive skin and get mosquito bites all the time. The toothpaste remedy worked really well on my skin. It completely stopped the itching. Thanks for the tips!

  • anonomous1814

    I know this seems kinda wierd but i got a mosquito bite on my toe. I thought mosquoito bites are supposed to itch not be painful! I cant stand it in the night or with wearing shoes! what do i do?

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  • Michelyn

    The deodorant thing shocked the heck out of me. I tried it out of desperation because I currently have over 30 mosquito bites and I’m sure you can imagine they were driving me CRAZY! I put it on and about a minute later the itching stopped. I’m amazed! Not sure who thought of this random remedy but it’s the best thing in the world.

  • pee

    Whatever u do dont use blue star it will make it worse although its a anti itch cream.

  • Diane

    I have over 35 mosquito bites on my legs (from gardening) and they are incredibly itchy, i have been woken up three times so far due to itching during the middle of my sleep. The only way I found that somehow improved my itching state is applying antiseptic cream and putting plasters (bandages) on my mosquito bites. It doesnt stop itching automatically but it does reduce it. I find that salt water doesnt work, nor does exposing your bites to extreme hot water and straight afterwards extreme cold water. I think it is important to keep yourself skin clean and try not to itch (by keeping yourself distracted).

  • Fanus Swanepoel

    As explained in the beginning of the article, the mosquito bit contains a protien that causes the itching. Protiens like for example in a egg changes when exposed to heat. Pour water as hot as you can bare into a mug, warm up a teaspoon. then press the teaspoon to the area. the heat de-naturizes the protien and the itching stops. Just dont overdo it.

  • Shawntel

    Tht Salt Remedy Really Worked Out For Mah Bites Thank Yuh So Much !

  • Thomas

    the toothpaste really works

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  • Nasrin

    Just tried the toothpaste now and it worked!..excellent remedy, no more itching and can now get some good sleep.

  • Nicky

    To keep mosquito’s away in a room put a small glass of vinegar. They will stay away from that area. Works like a charm!

  • Link

    The best home remedie and I have been using it since I was a baby ???? is onion weirdly enough it sooths the itch and makes the bump go away as well as drawing out toxins it works a charm.

  • Sharon Einarson

    My husband was in the garden, and when he came in he was covered with bites, we tried list ursine teeth whitening mouth wash on a wash cloth and whipped it all over the area ,where the bites were and it stopped the itching almost instantly, hope it works for you.

  • ss2000

    we used the preparation h remedy for my 3 year old I couldn’t find anything else that would be quicker and it’s in tube, I didn’t see the toothpaste remedy until after I put the prep h on her, but as I put it on I remedy I remembered it does say relives itching and burning, so needless to say, it worked and still is working that was about ten minutes ago. Thank you so much. I came here looking for a home remedy because I misplaced out anti-itch cream.