8 Home Remedies for Mice in Apartment | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have mopped most of the floor with peppermint oil and thrown soaked cotton balls in all the corners.  But, as I sit here writing to you, I still hear them loud and clear in the closet. They have successfully avoided the glue traps and are still unaffected by the poison. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Dear C, Mice are considered as pests inside the house where they infiltrate not only the food, but also the peace of our sleep. Commonly, mice are attracted to houses that have a lot of food around.

There is no question that peppermint oil is an effective home remedy in some households to eliminate mice. However, mice are smart creatures too since they are able to sense treats especially if it is not being used regularly. Don’t worry since there are still other home remedies to solve this problem.

Home Remedies for Mice In Apartment


1. Food Storage – The first step to do is to change your method of storing your food. Take away all food sources out of mice’s reach. Leftover food must be properly stored and placed in the refrigerator. Snacks, cereals and fruits must be stored in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is the safest place against mice. [1]

2. Mouse Trap – The old fashioned way of trapping a mouse is by using a mouse trap. Seal all the possible entrance of the mice with strong adhesive sealant and leave one opened entrance. Place the mouse trap along the last entrance with food that has a strong attracting smell as bait, leave it and wait. [2]

3. Clean Steel Wool – Always remember to clean steel thoroughly. An extra coating on the steel wool can help attract mice and invites them to stay longer. Clean and rinse properly before hitting the lights off. [5]

4. Mothballs – Mice find a place to stay particularly on shed or garages for the winter season. Place mothballs around your garage or any areas that mice stay in, mice will look for other places to live. In the house, mothballs are used to prevent mice from kitchen cupboards, drawers, and other storage spots.

Scent Strategies

5. Fox Urine – One of the deadliest predators that hunt mice is fox. Put fox urine in every entrance of the mice. As the mice smell the urine, they are likely to be scared and hide until they will disappear. [3]

6. Bay Leaves – Put bay leaves on kitchen and pantry. It is a successful home remedy for mice in apartment and keeping mice away permanently. [4]

7. Onions – Crush onion and place it where the mouse normally runs through or cornered areas. The smell of onion is offensive to mice.

8. Lavender – It is another strong-smelling herb that mice are not usually attracted to. Lavender is an excellent option to get rid of mice from apartments mainly because of the sweet smell of lavender is soothing and relaxing to humans but is repellent to mice. Try fresh lavender, dried lavender or lavender essential oil dripped onto paper, and place the paper near places mice could get into. [6]

Change your scent strategy every 4-6 days, to prevent mice from familiarizing the smell and to totally abandon your apartment. Mice are smart but can be repelled with the appropriate use of grandma’s top secret home remedies for getting rid of mice in your apartment once and for all.


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