Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

home remedies for menstrual cramps

If you’re a female, at some point in time, you’ll most likely experience menstrual cramps – a symptom that usually accompanies your monthly reminder of womanhood, better known as your ‘period.’ Medically referred to as “dysmenorrhea[1],” menstrual cramps causes dull or throbbing pains that take place in the lower region of the stomach. Most women encounter this kind of cramping just before and during their menstrual periods. While nagging for most, some women battle unbearable pain.

Causes and Symptoms

When you have a menstrual period, the uterus contracts in an effort to aid in pushing out the lining. Hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, known to cause inflammation and pain, are famous for triggering uterine muscle contractions [2]. Many doctors are unclear as to how prostaglandins bring about initial menstrual cramping, but believe they play a significant role in the process. Other conditions can cause secondary menstrual cramping, such as:

  • Endometriosis: Painful condition that causes the tissues lining the uterus to become implanted outside of the uterus.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): Infection that attacks the female reproductive organs.
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD): A method of birth control that involves a small, plastic, T-shaped device inserted into the uterus.
  • Adenomyosis: Tissue lining the uterus begins to grow within the muscular walls of the uterus.
  • Uterine Fibroids and Uterine Polyps: Non-cancerous tumors and growths that extend beyond the lining of the uterus.

The primary signs and symptoms of menstrual cramps include a dull or throbbing pain found in the lower abdomen, and pain that travels throughout the lower back and thighs. Additional reactions may involve excessive sweating, loose stools, nausea, and vomiting.


Menstrual Cramp Home Remedies

Menstrual cramps will affect most women at some point in their lives. The symptoms can annoyingly make your day unpleasant or become so severe that your regular routine is disrupted. To ease the pain and discomfort associated with this condition, consider the following home remedies for menstrual cramps:

a) Regular Exercise:

Ease painful menstrual cramping by embracing sessions of routine exercise, as this practice increases the release of endorphins – one of your body’s natural methods of killing pain.

b) Hot Water Bottle:

Place a hot water bottle on your stomach to relieve cramps.

c) Kitchen Towel:

For those of you who don’t have a hot water bottle handy, soak a kitchen towel in water and wring out the excess liquid. Place the towel in the microwave and heat it up for one minute. Place on the abdomen and pay close attention not to burn your skin.

d) Water:

Keep a water bottle close to you because if you become dehydrated, you’ll only worsen your menstrual cramps.

e) Sexual Intercourse:

Relieve abdominal cramping by having an orgasm, as the repeated muscle movement causes blood and other fluids to flee your congested organs. In the end, you will enjoy much more than just pain relief.

f) Aspirin:

Treat menstrual cramping by taking an aspirin or another product containing acetaminophen. Over-the-counter selections with ibuprofen, like Advil[3] and Nuprin, will also provide relief from cramping.

g) Yoga:

Yoga stretching during your monthly period not only treats abdominal cramps, but also provides a much-needed burst of relaxation that can help ease other symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle.

h) Mint:

Relieve your cramps with peppermint or wintergreen, especially when added to a tea. Drink one to two cups per day. Throughout the day, you may also suck on mint candy.

i) Drink Hot Liquids:

When your pelvic region feels congested and cramped, allow the warmth of hot liquids to increase your blood flow and relax your muscles. Some of the best drinks include hot herbal teas and warmed up lemonade.

j) Mineral Bath:

Take a dip in your very own herbal spa treatment to relieve cramps. Comprised of one cup of sea salt and one cup of baking soda added to warm water, this home remedy works by relaxing your muscles. Soak for at least 20 minutes.

k) Parsley:

Parsley not only increases menstruation and aids in regulating a monthly period, but parsley juice also treats painful cramping. Blend and drink 75 milliliters of parsley, beet, carrot, and cucumber juices for maximum results.

l) Ginger:

During times of a painful menstruation, use ginger as an effective home remedy. Pound a piece of ginger and boil it in a cup of water for a couple of minutes. Sweeten the infusion with sugar and drink three times daily after meals.

m) Vitamins and Minerals:

Make sure you get a decent amount of vitamins and minerals, which can lead to fewer issues with menstrual cramping. It is suggested to take a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, especially one that provides the body with calcium. Choose supplements that deliver small doses so that you can take one after each meal.

n) Magnesium:

Calcium is greatly associated with lessening the amount of pain that menstrual cramps bring. Taking a magnesium supplement before and during your period will help your body effectively absorb more calcium.

o) Lay Off the Caffeine:

For some, the oils found in coffee can cause irritation in the intestines. Overall, the caffeine contained in tea, coffee, cola drinks, and chocolate can add to your menstrual cramping by increasing your nervous energy.

p) Basil:

Basil possesses a pain-killing component called caffeic acid, which can bring relief to menstrual cramping. You can either use it as a spice when cooking or steep the basil in a tea. Add two tablespoons of basil leaves to one pint of boiling water. Cover tightly and allow the blend to cool at room temperature. Drink ½ to one cup of the basil tea every hour to ease your cramps.

q) Cinnamon:

The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties associated with cinnamon can ease the symptoms of menstrual cramping. Sprinkle cinnamon on your breakfast foods or add to a tea.


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  • Reddish

    I noticed that you have a lot of spices listed for home remedies for cramps. I’d like to add fennel, which is known to increase circulation to the ovaries. Crush one teaspoon of fennel seeds to make a powder. I use a mortar and pestle. Then, add one cup of boiling water. Let it steep for five minutes. Strain it and then drink it while it is still hot!

  • Gwen M

    Fish Oil.. I swear by it. It’s an antispasmodic so it really helps with serious cramps.. Take a tad more then what is “normal” the day or to before the cramps start and during the days you tend to have your cramps the most… it will ease the pain to bearable.. But remember to keep inmind that excess salt and sugar will make cramps much much worse.. Avoid salts and sugars(even when your period makes you crave it) as much as possible.

  • Celeste

    Here’s something most people don’t think about: Food. Ladies, I know this may be a toughy for some of you, but LAY OFF THE DAIRY! Dairy has been shown to make cramps, and periods all together unpleasent in any sense. Contrary to popular Belief, dairy is NOT your friend. Ask any Naturopathic MD and they’ll tell you the same.

    A great herb to help with the uterus is Red Rhapsberry Leaf. I take a straight extract everyday and that helps to not only regulate periods, but it tones the uterus at the same time.

  • Mary.J.M

    Drink lemon juice everyday. It would be an effective home remedy for menstrual pain.

  • Meagan

    You have put that Aspirin or other acetaminophen can be used… well Aspirin is NOT acetaminophen!!!!! Aspirin is a blood thinner and will actually make blood flow heavier. It will work for pain but will increase bleeding. Acetaminophen is Tylenol and also IB profen works as well for inflamation.

  • girlonherperiod

    drink a lot of water & stretch lots.

  • bloodylicious

    dont drink soda it really makes em worse (id know from bad experiance)
    one more word ibeprofin

  • Kate

    Rocking yourself , no joke ! Sit with your knees against your chest and rock sideways or back & forth . i do it everytime i get the cramps , it makes them bareable . i get realy bad cramps wich sometimes make me want to be sick . This helps when there at there worst ! X

  • Adore

    I say a good Banana always works for me…the cramps goes away only in a few minutes! They have to be ripe, yellow in color 🙂

  • Avoni

    PRAY! God really works

  • Joanna K

    I was told once that salt helps your body make blood. I have noticed that I was less tired when I ate a bit of salt during my period.

  • Darion

    Aspirin? Anything BUT Midol has ever worked for me. Tylenol just makes it dull. I’m going to try these though :)) Thanks

  • betty

    Heating pads, hot teas,ibuprofen(advil) or naproxen(aleve) is good for pain,fish oil, and peppermint oil on the abdomen

  • mou

    nothing can be mirracale,just take paracitamol it will really work

  • sulochana

    Drink a lot of water and take plain rice without masala sabaji.(beans,carrots useful for that time)if u have more pain try to take spasmindon tab only one time.Avoid cold water,salt, sugar,leave vegetable ,coffee,cold drinks,milk,panipuri,pickle,patato,tamato and non-veg item. Try to take black tea with tulasi and without sugar. it will more effect to circulate your blood and relief from cramping pain,and use your mind in your favorite movie.IT IS THE BEST MEDICINE WHAT I HAVE EXPRIENCED.

  • Rochelle

    Nothing works better than taking a hot bubble bath, then try to get a massage and try to be as comfortable as possible, drink a hto cup of ginger tea and then take an Advil when ever the pain comes on. It really works…

  • Cayla

    Try drinking hot tea and heating raw rice in a sock and placing it on the abdomen. But hey what do I know? I’m thirteen and started my period for the 1st time 3 days ago.

  • Caitie

    One thing I think that really helps is light exercise. I don’t get cramps very often, but when I do, I just try and make some movement and it always helps. Also, just keeping yourself flexible by stretching frequently. I think one reason I haven’t had any bad cramps in a while is because I’ve been stretching regularly, nearly everyday as often as I can. Plus being bendy just comes in handy. XD Improving your diet as well. If you keep your body healthy, everything works better. A friend of mine swears by eating chocolate to relieve the worst of her cramps, but I’ve yet to try it, so I’m not sure. Also, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, oregano tea, ginseng tea, peppermint tea, marigold tea, chamomile tea, lantana tea, or Evening Primrose oil. Or any combination thereof. And try taking a bath with some lavender essential oil, mineral salts, and any of the herbs listed above thrown in. And then a nice cup of valerian root tea to send you off to sleep. ^-^

  • mandy

    Ive found that Aleve is the best over the counter med for cramps.. Nothing else seems to help me.. I also have a massaging heating pad which works wonders when I have cramps.. It was only 30.00 at CVS and totally worth it! The massage feature helps my lower back and the heat helps too…

  • Ayesha

    Drinking a cup of:
    – tablespoon of an herb called Ajowan
    – water
    Drink around two days before your period helps A LOT (ajowan comes from the parsley family, which explains)

    Avoid sodas and milk the week you’re expecting your period, and have some probiotic tablets to avoid bacterial infections

  • Anjali

    Drink hot milk along with some turmeric powder in it. This would reduce the congestion and thereby reduce the cramps

  • patricia

    i started my period at age 9 and am now 26. the only thing i have ever found to help my period is a heating pad and laying on my side with my legs curled up to my chest. i have been dealing with stabbing painful cramps every month since i was 10.

  • dhaarini

    soak fenugreek in light butter milk ( highly diluted curd/yoghurt)
    and drink it up the next day morning on an empty stomach..itreally helps..

  • Vanessa

    Chamomille hot tea works a lot for me, a heating pad, and some midol:)

  • Amelia

    PICKLE JUICE! it may sound weird, but it has been proven to be very effective to cure cramps (and hangovers)! as long as you can stomach the taste!
    personally, i drink it like any normal type of juice so i’m fine with it but some people get sick after drinking too much, so don’t drink too much if you haven’t tried drinking pickle juice before!

  • Laverne

    what works for me:

    AVOID DAIRY LIKE THE PLAGUE. This took me awhile to figure out, but I don’t have completely incapacitating cramps on days when I haven’t had any dairy. Before I knew to avoid it, I would miss class, work and special events because all I could do was take ibuprofen and sleep while I waited hours for it to kick in.

    Take ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve) BEFORE the pain starts. It’s so much harder to get rid of pain than to prevent it.

    Drink tons of water and do light exercise/yoga/walking. Stay active the whole month! When pain hits, standing knee lifts or a light march can do wonders.

    Get a Bed Buddy microwave heating pad or make your own out of raw rice as mentioned above. Use every 15 minutes until the pain goes away.

    Good luck everyone. Hope you have many pain-free days! I will try your suggestions.

  • Gargi

    I think better avoid paracetamols and other pain killers. Instead have hot water or tea without milk. Other option can be to have dried ginger(sonth) powder boiled in water. Believe me it really works.

  • Pearl Julz

    I started my period when i was 12 and now i am 21 what ALWAYS works for me is nothing they are always there. They never ever go away but at least there is Advil PM to make you go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya

    the best pain relief is eating a banana or taking parcetomol

  • Vanessa


  • Amanda

    I have had a period since I was 11. And always have had cramps…sometimes worse than others. I say wear comfortable clothes, don’t allow yourself to get cold. Aleve 2 of them really seem to work and help with cramping! And also increase blood flow which is excellent! I’m going to take a hot bathe with lavender and see how that helps.

  • MynMyn

    hair dryer. hot on your tummy helps. really

  • vinutha suvarana

    for period pain

  • Alisa

    The reason the pickle juice helps is the dill. Dill is great for reducing cramping. Also if you get horrible cramps avoid soy, it makes cramping ten times worse.

  • Kaysea

    I drink lots of hot tea, take a bath and also take so much pamprin that I should over dose on but it works amazing and pamprin puts me to sleep which also helps. I get bad cramps that make me cry so bad and sometimes even makes me pass out. It sucks but pamprin is my best friend ever

  • Anam

    i suffer from ugly cramps every month…meftal spas(tablet) has been working the best for me..u need to take it
    after a meal 1 or 2 days before ur period starts.also,bananas take care of my loose stools.methi seeds soaked in water(10-15) clears the uterus easily & eases the pain.good luck all..may all of us get rid of pain…peace!!!

  • shaili

    when pain is severe just press on abdominal area where ribs ends ie. at epigastrium, with your fingers.

  • shaili

    press your epigastrium ie. your abdomen where ribs ends with tips of fingers.

  • Venetia

    Deep heating well patch on the abdomen, chamomile tea with honey, and rest was a miracle for me. Don’t forget four liquid gel Advils and I’m good to go. I’m going to try the other teas as well. Thanks!

  • swathi

    drinking hot water def helps to an extent and also a soft massage .. i try n eat but for some reasons i jus cant eat during the 1st 2 days any body knows y ?

  • Asha

    Thanks everybody, ur suggestions are v helpful and saved my life i must add…with three year old daughter of mine am suffering these pain every 26 days and PMS for about one week before periods is like cherry on the cake, i hate taking any pill as it makes me drowsy and sleepy..i need do be on my toe to look after my three year old monster(just kidding she is not all that bad). am feeling much better after drinking herbal Tea and ginger drink , of course the hot water pad is most help full….thank u again for making my life easier …its better to stick to home remedies than the pills.

  • attia

    warm milk with egg and honey, its disgusting but it helps

  • tasty tip

    salt and vinegar potato chips; kettle style with malt vinegar and sea salt



  • Xangai

    I’m 22 and I suffer terribly each month, sometimes the pain is so bad that the hot bottle doesn’t even help…

    One thing that I know works is drinking MOLASSES. If ypou drink molasses (about i tsp in a cup of hot water) regularly, your period, when it comes, will be really light and might only last 3 days. This happened to me. unfortunately I don’t do it often so I suffer, but I’d say that this is a definite way to relieve cramps when u have them and to shorten the length of your period. Molasses is rich in iron.

    Please try it and I hope that you get good results.

  • Hallie

    Every month I get the most intense and painful cramps ever. I find the most effective remedy is drinking a cup of coke or pepsi with the bubbles stirred out. Then take 2 midol and sit in a hot bath for a while. Chocolate and movies never hurt either! Hope this helps

  • shaina

    Sour patch kids! Idk what it is but suck them and it does wonders!

  • Beena

    My periods stated at the age of 13.. ad nw im 20 and from then till now,, what always worked for me was a paracetamol.. instant pain relief.. or if i dont have that,, i would simply tie a hot warm towel around my belly where the cramps get more severe,, it really helps to reduce the pain..

  • julia

    when my time of month comes it has always been so painfull i didn’t even go to school. one time i threw up everytime i moved, it was as if i had verdigo. what ALWAYS works for me is Niproxin, it’s a medicen served behind the counter, and i think it is like 30-40 canadian dollars, but it is worth it, as soon as i take it within 3 minutes my pain starts to go away. i’m no doctor so i can’t prescribe anything for anyone, however i do know when a pill works and when it doesn’t, and Niproxin is definitly better then Midol.

  • Nellie

    Reducing sugar intake before, during and after period also helps.

  • Selena Smith

    I have suffered from extremely bad cramps since I was 12 this is what I have found works for me: Naproxin (aleve, but i don’t take Pain meds anymore), next I found out that my cramps are intensified with sugary foods and high carbohydrates so reducing to completing eliminating this will be good, next white vinegar – I can take 2 – 3 tablespoons of vinegar separately and then a glass of water and it makes my cramps dissipate in like a half-hour. When this happened I was like wow!, next, I just recently discovered this by accident, is chewing on dried parsley and swallowing it. I noticed after a few minutes my cramps started decreasing in pain (eventually leaving) and my period flow increased. I think it helps the blood -lining finish shedding. Finally one of the best for me has been ionic magnesium powder this stuff is like a pain med for me it works so thoroughly and fast.. God bless you ladies 🙂

  • gorgeous

    one thing that always works no fail … is to have an orgasim ! dont laugh it’s true, i get horrible cramps really bad and noticed that if i have sex the day before or same day or even during my period the cramping way less severe ! my theory is it releases all the tension down there, cuz sometimes my muscles are so tight i cant even pee, then always follow up a hot bath and a hot compress, also stay warm ! something about the cold just makes it worse !

  • nichole

    I got my first period when I was 11 and I will be 34 in 2 months…one thing that works good for me when I am on my period is rasberry or cranberry tea…drink a cup twice daily. That seems to be working for menstral cramps. Good luck all!!!

  • hatecramps

    creamsoda pop works really well.. a friend of mine mentioned it to me and it really works

  • Shahida Rafiq

    A glass of hot milk along with a few dates on the very first day helps reduce cramps.. Trt it! Have a happy period!

  • Natalie

    ok,ladies im 19 and have endometriosis ive tried everything you can think of to get rid of cramps and i mean crazy things i find what works best for me is…

    – lay in a bed with a hot water bottle and one of those bean bag thing that you can make hot or cold put the hot water bottle in the small of your back drape the bean bag heated over your stomache just under the belly button.

    – take t1’s can be bought at most pharmacies drink TIM HORTONS peppermint tea with a tsp of honey aviod tetley like the plague.

    – now this is going to turn stomaches eat liver its high in iron and good for you if you dont like the taste of liver by its self fry it with a few strips of bacon.

    – eat chocolate no matter what anybody tells chocolate solves everything expecially coffee crisp mmmmm coffee crisp.

    -pine extract and epson salts in a hot/warm bath soak for 30 mins dim lights, light scented candles and some incense

    DONT DRINK PICKLE JUICE ITS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!!!! eat some dill not freakin pickle juice

    other than that there is no help other than taking prescribed pills that eat at your stomache lining and destroy your liver naproxin 500mg works and tylenol 3’s

    sleep is key and have someone rub your back and stomache

  • Ow

    I’ve had severe cramps for decades 🙁 For years high doses of Ibuprofen worked well, but now it gives me a bad stomachache so I had to try other remedies. I tried Ponstel, (Mefenamic acid) but it wreaked my stomach. I realize Ponstel works for other women, but please pay attention if your stomach acts up! Unfortunately I have diarrhea as a symptom of cramps, so I didn’t realize the weird poops meant I should stop taking Ponstel immediately! My stomach has never been the same since. Anyway, acupuncture works somewhat if I have it during the painful time, but it’s hard to schedule and I don’t like to travel while cramping. I’ve had to stop and puke out the car door enough times that I just don’t want to do that anymore. I have tried every over the counter drug and many prescribed drugs. They either had heinous side effects or were laughably useless. The pill worked, but the side effects were unbearable. As other women have mentioned, it helps to stay warm, baths help and laying down and trying to stay gentle and calm helps a little. I know it’s not approved by everyone, but smoking pot helps a lot with the nausea and somewhat with the pain. Marijuana is not a good remedy if I’m trying to get to work. Now I’ve settled on taking Omega 6 fatty acids and/or fish oil every day and magnesium or a calcium/magnesium mix as well. I also cut sugar, salt and caffeine from my diet in the week before my period. I’ve been drinking kava tea that seems to help a little. To avoid throwing up I’ve been limiting my food intake to about two thirds of a normal day. Fasting didn’t seem to help, but being sensitive to foods that seem gross and not eating them helps too. Eating less helps, but I feel weak by midday, so it’s not the best for getting work done either. Sometimes I feel like a reformed alcoholic or something, I’m always counting the months since the last time I threw up or was totally incapacitated. I’ve been getting by with pain, sometimes severe pain, but nothing embarrassing for 6 whole months since the last time I vomited 🙂 —Praying for menopause to start!

  • Desirae

    im on my period right now and it hurts…. REALLY BAD. im 12 and i started last year in feb. i found that heating pads work a little ot much and exedrin! ( i dont know if thats how you spell it (( im to lazy and in too much pain to go check) but i have a heating pad on and im drinking warm water, still in pain, ive been doing this for about two hours, any other suggestions?

  • Monisha

    My 14 yr old daughter gets cramps really bad, and i get her to take 2 midols and keep the heating pad wrapped around her midsection. It seems to help her out a lot, after a lot of crying, and a box of kleenex.

  • johanna

    one way to reduce pain is to exercise daily and drink lots of water. i used to get real bad cramps that it had me in tears…but now that i am working out, when my period comes, the pain is not as bad as before.

  • Ashley

    I have had horrible cramps since the age of 11 and I am now 27. Honestly, nothing seems to really work for me and I’m looking for “the best advise”. I’ve had a recent visit with my OBGYN and she said everything is fine just take some Aleve a few days before ( no luck btw). Someone PLEASE help!

  • Rozzie

    Thanxz for all the tipz!I will try them!n well I’m one of the many women who get excrutiating pain n I can’t eat much while being on my period which usually makes me loose atleast 2 to 3 dress sizes n causes me to pass out!I’m very irregular sometimez I won’t get my period in 3-8 months n the longest has been a year but when I do get my period I get it for 2weekz to a whole month!I’m only 21 n have had this since I was 10 but the pain of my period is horrible, excrutiating, n unbearable!what I have found workz for me is:
    -Avoid anything cold
    -Drink Hot Tea’z
    -Wrapping a warm scarf on my stomache
    -Leaning against the drier while washin clothes the heat helpz
    -Hot candle light bubble bath
    -Loose clothes
    -Keeping warm
    Well hope this works try doing them in order 🙂

  • Rozzie

    Another thing that I do that can help get rid of crampz at night is putting some rubbing alcohol in my stomache,lower back,my legz n feet.Then you cover up in ur blanketz.I know it soundz kind of weird but the alcohol will heat up ur body n the blanketz will speed up the process!Try it!It worked for me!:)

  • sb sidh

    ( [email protected] ).avoid having tablets in period time.

    thank you

  • sb sidh

    its my advice to all young girls &ladies .pls try to avoid tablets to reduce cramps.i do agree its very difficult for man to understand the pain ladies go through during period—-but i have helped lot of mother to reduce there daughter pains &cramps by consuming herbs.trust me pain reduces if you follow proper discipline then you will see good effect of herbs.but pls drink lot of water &10 days b4 starting period have 1beetroot everyday.it has helped many ladies.
    drink lot of water to flush out toxins.its my request, to consult expert b4 trying herbs.if needed i will help you out
    ([email protected] )
    —————————–thank you.SB

  • sharona

    rite now i’m on my period and going through real pain the hot water towel works for me sometimes according to the pain.Everytime i get my period there is always one when the pain is more severe than any other day.I always wear socks to keep my feet warm at night,don’t sleep with any fan or aircon and don’t walk barefoot because these jus makes pain worse.when i am home i use the hot towel but when going to school i drink some ginger tea and carry my pain relievers.
    i really don’t know why menstrual cycle has to be so painful….:'(

  • Lilliee

    I Don’t Have A Tip . I Need advice . I’m Snowed In , My Period Just Started , & We’re Out Of Advil & Ibprofen . We Don’t Use Plastic Bottles. No Sea Salt. I Have An Headache , & My Cramps Are Killing Me ! HELP !!

  • Ivi

    Excersise helps! I used to be a semi-pro athlete and never got cramps… Now that I work behind a desk it’s almost always horrible! It’s 5am right now and it’s been about 2 hours of pain (after 2 Midol…). Unfortunatelly, I don’t have any heating pads; those always help me. My period is usually 30-45 days (avg of 34), so it’s really hard to NOT eat certain foods the week before as it could be a week or three weeks from when I think it’ll come. I think taking a bath (while bleeding) would be gross… I’ll try the teas, though I’ll have to google some of the herbs 🙂 A friend says that dairy makes hers worse but I’ve heard that it’s good to drink a glass of milk a day the week before for the calcium; I haven’t noticed either way. But using tampons has been making mine worse lately (I know it’s hard to use a pad during the day but at least do it at night- helps when the blood is not sitting inside of you). Good luck everyone! May 2011 be less painful for all of us!

  • Jocelyn

    I’m 14 and I’m on my period today and it’s a little early, and for some reason when that happens the pain gets worse! I took Midol for the pain and some diarrhea medication for the loose stools, took two baths in water so hot my skin was bright red for two hours after, slept for 4 hours and I’ve drank so much liquids and hot teas today that I’m dizzy. (I don’t know how that last one works…) Anyways, I can’t sleep because it hurts too much and I can’t eat either. I feel like I’m going to faint if I don’t eat soon but whenever I eat bread or anything to soak up all the bad stuff in my stomach I vomit. It seems whenever I have my period, which this month I will have it twice :\ I can’t eat, sleep, go to the washroom, or go anywhere. I’m always on a 100% liquid diet which makes me pee even more and you have to sit to pee and it hurts when I sit AND stand. I had my first period sometime last summer and it has never been this bad. For some reason I get my period twice a month every month because my cycle is 25 days long. I’m only 14 and I can’t wait for menopause. :\

  • Mini

    I realy need help I have always had very painfull long periods but about 15 months ago after my son was born I had the sterilisation done at the same time worst thing ever! I now have very very bad mood swings and cant stand the pain – I feel like fainting! I have treid everything and cant use anti -inflamatories! (but have taken just to get the rid of the pain and it doesnt work!) and it lasts 10-15 days off intense severe pain! Should I just have my uterus removed? I cant do this 1 more month!

  • Jessica

    Rocking in a rocking chair and an excedrin extra strength helps me. Also a heating pad or a hot damp towl on ur tummy helps 🙂 I would recommend not having any dairy or caffeine ( note: midol is mostly caffeine just sayin) seafood, beans, salads and such are good for you. I’ve also found that keeping busy keeps your mind off of it and the pain.., I hope this was of some help, to all my sisters out there hang in there, men don’t half of what we go through 🙂

  • Laura

    I just wanted to say thank u for all the tips:) I have been struggling with sever cramps since the age of 9( I am now 20) A heating pad usually works but I didn’t have it on hand. So I took ur advice and put rice in an oldsock and heated it for 2 mins… I’m feeling much better. Also I had no idea caffine was a vital issue with cramping.. Soo thank u ladies!!

  • Laura

    ^^Also I have really bad pressure in my rectum everytime I have cramps!! Does anyone know why this happens and if there is ne thing I can do to releive the pressure?!?

  • Alex

    Hi All,

    I am 31 and have had endometriosis and ovarian cysts since I was 15.

    you know what works best for you is to experiment… or go back to the old remedies and take a teaspoon of horseradish followed by a pint of good gin.

    Cheers, and good luck!

  • Carter D.

    Im 12 turning 13 in March. And I have nothing of those above. Just a hot water bottle (I don’t know where it is) And I had my Period since I was 10. And I’ve had my cramps for along time. I keep waking up early in the morning to check and their still here! I had them at 6:00 PM And I still have them and its 4:00 AM! This is crazy. I kept trying to relax and it wouldn’t help. Usually I take Midol and relax… But I have no Midol. My Cramps are really bad I skip school every time I have my cramps on Weekdays…I honestly don’t know what to do…

  • Adw

    Gallon size ziploc baggy with not scoldin got but pretty warm water in it with a heating pad in ur back it’s the best.! – 🙂

  • Lotte

    I want to give all of you guys virtual hugs. Good luck at easing the pain and feel better!

  • trace

    I have found over the years (I’m 43) that a heating pad does work wonders as does hot decaf tea. But I also find that drinking a lot of water with a little lemon also works well. I think staying hydrated is a big key to prevent the severity of the cramps before they hit. Also light exercise does work to an extent as does having an organism (remember ladies, you don’t need a man to make that happen). A nice hot bath or shower can also help. I think every woman needs to find the right combination for her as all of us are different. So for those of you who haven’t found the combination and for those of you who have just started your periods, keep trying, you will find it. And remember, if your cramps are so severe that it interfers with your daily living, go see your doctor. There could be something wrong – I speak from experience. When I was in my twenties I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts which caused very severe cramps. Once the cysts were removed, my periods stopped being so severe. So don’t be afraid of see your doctor and take care of yourself.

  • Ardra

    midol complete works:)

  • no name

    help im in bad pain! anything?!!??!

  • chloe

    One of the best things that I’ve not seen on here is drinking a glass of wine. It soothes the nerves and pain like none other. But since I don’t have wine in my dorm room I’ll try some of the stuff recommended here

  • Michelle

    In January I started juicing fresh fruit and veg at home. after researching a bit, someone suggested fresh pineapple juice. Oh my! Miracle fruit. January was the easiest period I have ever had (im 22 years old and began my period at 13). I make some in the morning and before I go to bed (we all know how difficult it can be sleeping those first two nights). you only need a cup size amount. It works as a muscle relaxant therefore eases the contractions.
    I also avoid meat and dairy, generally anything that comes from an animal as I have enough hormones surging through my body as it is.
    Popcorn is my snack of choice because it has tones of magnesium which helps absorb the calcium in vegs.
    Im off to the store to get some rasberry leaf tea. I havent tried it yet however my mother drunk it whilst she was pregnant in preparation for a natural water birth. It strengthens your muscles making contractions less painful.
    I think painkillers should be a last resort however. Period pains are the body’s preparation for child birth. Personally I want a natural birth when the time comes. Therefore embrace them, its an amazing life giving force working in you.


    HELLLPPPP MEEEEE! Periods suckkk! I’m in the worst pain right now! I can’t even explain it! I’m sitting in english class @ school..and I JUST WANT TO GO HOMMMEEE!


  • Samantha

    I’m 19 and have had pains so bad i cry so bad and rock and everything else it has been so bad i couldnt even talk it was aweful…

    i have found if possible sit in a very HOT bath and when you get out wrap a nice big towel around you and lay in bed your cramps melt away and so do you with sleep…but it only works for a little while…while the towel holds the heat on your stomach

  • sofie

    I’m taking Sb medication.its good effective.best thing is he says I’ll be normal soon. thats what I’m feeling.this month my pain was much less than last month.
    East or West in period Sb medicine is Best.

  • Lily

    I have pain couple days before the period and three days after. And the period last about 6-8 days. Nothing seems to work, even the strong iboprophine. I have never tried a warm bathtub because afraid I will still bleed. 1 min I’m cold and the next I’m hot, eventhough I’m only 25. The only thing worked for me a little bit is the heating pad, thats it. I don’t even know why I have to go through period and excruciating pain every month when I can’t have kids. I hate period.

  • HorseLover

    I know periods SUCK. MEN HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH. But there is nothing that we can do about it. I find what helps is a hot shower, preferably before bed or sleeping. Then laying in bed or on a couch and relaxing with a hot water bottle on your midsection (where the pain is). Also I find tampons DO NOT help AT ALL, your muscles are working hard and if you want them to relax the tampon prevents them from relaxing. It actually, I find, makes it A LOT worse. *Tear* Also try to STAY POSITIVE! Well it’s a part of life, we can’t do anything about it. Women have been going through it since the beginning of time. I’m on mine right now with a hot water bottle in my midsection. I’m excited at the thought of trying all these new possible remedies for cramps!
    Good luck all,
    HorseLover <3

  • ILoveHorsesALOT

    I know periods SUCK. MEN HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH. But there is nothing that we can do about it. I find what helps is a hot shower, preferably before bed or sleeping. Then laying in bed or on a couch and relaxing with a hot water bottle on your midsection (where the pain is). Also I find tampons DO NOT help AT ALL, your muscles are working hard and if you want them to relax the tampon prevents them from relaxing. It actually, I find, makes it A LOT worse. *Tear* Also try to STAY POSITIVE! Well it’s a part of life, we can’t do anything about it. Women have been going through it since the beginning of time. I’m on mine right now with a hot water bottle in my midsection. I’m excited at the thought of trying all these new possible remedies for cramps!
    Good luck all,
    HorseLover <3

  • Aurora

    I would not recommend aspirin. Aspirin increases blood volume, which means you will bleed more. Stick to ibuprofin.



  • Desiree’

    Get a cup of water and put in a little bit of vinegar in it. You can add a tiny bit of sugar to make it a little better in tast… but holdng your nose and chugging it also works. If you don’t like the tast of vinegar then you could also drink pickle juice.

  • Charmain

    Ladies I love taking Midol PM before bed. it works no pain during the night, all you get is a good nights sleep.

  • Alezandryia

    Don’t take a bath it makes your flow heavier dont eat no sweets including chocolate midol aspirin pain relief don’t work so I have to suffer for a week and keep on socks!

  • chocaholic

    Never take aspirins during periods as it causes u to bleed more and i have tried it once and found tht it does not help at all.. avoid garlic cz it contains a chemical tht causes cramps..and keep urslf active like usual and tryna change ur positions n dnt be static.

  • alex

    Hi am female 29 and have very bad cramps dat hurts so bad. I really want to ave kids and ave been taking feldene 4 so long.it stops my blood flow and some says it d reason 4 nt having kids rite away. d feldene makes d period irregular wld love to stop it bt it’s so effective 4 d pain weneva I vow nt to take it I totally rebound once d pain starts. Really need a natural cure 4 d pain dat is as effective as feldene…it contains piroxicam 20mg(I take 2 tabs). Does it really affect having kids.

  • Shealyn

    Thank you ladies for the tips! its 3 am and i woke up soaked.. nasty right!? and i am not sitting here in pain deciding what remedy i should use… you are all life savers! (:

  • Kate

    When I get my period, I go out to our riding stable. You may ask why. It’s because I find the thing that works the most is taking two ibuprofen then riding my horse! Trust me it really works. Because as you ride, the swinging of your hips moving with the horse helps the cramps. So ladies if you own a horse or like to ride, get out there to ride during your period! That’s what I find helps most! Good Luck!

  • Camelle

    I recomend you queeze some lemon juice in the water and add spme honey. The lemon will help the blood flow more and the one is to sweeten it. DO not add sugaR t all cost because sugar will make things worse.

  • Dixie

    I am 18 and currently on my period. It’s annoying and a pain in the neck, ladies, and it sucks, but it happens to us all. The best thing I have found that works so far is keeping warm. Right now I am sitting on the couch in comfortable clothes under a throw blanket, with my laptop over my abdomen (lower stomach) and it seems to be helping. I have drunk some warm water and even a swollow of pickle juice. I don’t know it that helps, but I can jouch for keeping warm.

    I will keep in mind the other remedies on here, for I think I am fixing to do that right now, but just hang in there. Also, stretching and keeping busy helps. I remember one night, i woke up in pain, and I put pressure on my lower stomach with my fists, and it helps. I also rocked back and forth for a while, with the comforter around my body, and it helped a big deal.

    And men think they’re so strong. Yeah right. I’d like to see them go through what we do.

    Take care dearys, and know that you are not alone in your pain. 🙂

    In pain,

  • Sara

    I am against pain pills and find that exercise the week before your period helps a lot. As for the cramping, long hot showers, then curling up with some chocolate and a good book or movie to lose yourself in until you feel better or fall asleep are my best solution. Drinking tea and other liquids are helpful as well.

  • Kayla



  • Tabby

    TEA!!! I literally live off of tea when I’m getting stabbing bad cramps (like right now since it’s my time of the month) and they’re never fun. Tea really helps the pain go down. Keep yourself hydrated with it, whether hot or cold.

    My heating pad is also my best friend. If you don’t have one, try the rice in a sock suggestion. It rocks.

    Oh and a couple of great movies =) we can get through this ladies!

  • RAL

    Okay, so I am sitting here at work dying! I hate cramps so freaking bad. Anyway, what works the best for me is staying very very warm. Sometimes warm past the point of being comfortable. The heat relaxes your muscles. Take a long and hot shower, bundle up in sweats, socks, sweat shirt and a warm fuzzy blanket, put a heating pad on your lower stomach, and drink hot chocolate. All while cuddling with your dog and watching a movie. That is what I wish I was doing right now instead of working. Good luck girls!

  • crampygirl

    I find that laying in ved in the fetal position while squeezing a pillow to my abdomonal area REALLY HELPS! Or, you could also lay on your back and press down with your hand on your abdomen or area of cramping. It relieves the pain immediately! Also, if you’re trying to sleep place a firm pillow under your abdomonal area and lay ontop of it so that the pillow is pushing into the area of pain. Helps me get to sleep 🙂

  • Megan

    Most months, the cramps on the first day keep me home from work in bed. I am usually doubled over in pain as I cannot take any pain meds due to the risk of further kindey damage. I have found that a heating pad on my lower stomach and lower back really works but also I normally have the dog in bed with me who works as a natural heating pad. She curls up along my stomach and lays with me either watching tv or napping.

  • Brooke

    If you have a health food or herbology store in your town, when you aren’t on your period, (or if you are and are up to a trip) go there and ask for crampbark. It’s light brown in color and looks like smooth tree bark. Then, when your cramps start, make an infusion tea. Take a kettle or pot of COLD water, toss in about a tablespoon or two of crampbark (whole, not powdered), put it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Lower the temperature (after it’s at a rolling boil) to simmer and let it simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Strain and put into a cup. (About half a cup will do you generally.) Sweeten with honey if you like. Two to three swallows later, and your cramps will lessen, (or fully disappear) and once you’re done with the cup, they should be gone. Take a half to one cup (depending on your pain and how quickly it works for you) two to three times a day, once when you first get up, in the middle of the day if needed, and once before bed. I SWEAR by this stuff. Feel free to add other herbs to your infusion if you’d like. (To do this, add any other barks at the same time as the cramp bark. Strain, then put back on to simmer and add your leaves in a tea strainer, if you have one. A homemade cheesecloth pouch will also work, as well as a flour sifter. Let steep for about 15 – 20 minutes, then sweeten with honey and drink.) Some good herbs to add, in my opinion:

    Kola nut: Helps give you energy.
    White willow bark: Another pain reliever. I recommend only doing this if the cramp bark doesn’t work on the headaches or body aches often felt during menstruation as well.
    Peppermint, fennel, dandelion, or ginger: To help with gas and bloating.
    Arrowroot: Reduces heartburn. (Not sure if I’m the only one what gets heartburn during my period, but just in case.)
    Chamomile or valerian: For relaxation at bedtime. (Valerian smells EXCEPTIONALLY strong in its non-packaged variety. Recommend tupperware for storage.)

    I’m not an herbologist, and you should always do what’s best for your own body, but these are what I’ve found to make it possible to actually survive my worst days without breaking down or killing anyone. ^_^ I hope that it helps.

  • Carly

    I’m twelve years old and I started my period way earlier than most girls do and a good old trick you can do is heating pad 20 min. on your back and on your belly it helps I really need some more advice thanks

  • Carly

    It really sucks I try things you guys are recomending but they just wont work for me! I’m twelve I wish I didn’t hVE TO GO THROUGH THIS ALREADY MY PERIOD WAS SO PAIN FUL TODAY THAT I DIDN’T GO TO SCHOOL!

  • vibhuti

    Ohhh God help me… I have been suffering this pain since many years pls help me somebody… It really pains badly. I cannot go to college and keep on sitting for 2 days in the same position. i also cry badly all around me gets to know about my bad times.. I live in hostel pls suggest me something good other than medicine.. pls pls pls pls pls pls

  • Joe Anya

    Always get really bad cramps.. Gonna try the warm towel or something warm on the stomach..anything to ease the pain.. And maybe an Aleve… Thanks for the tips guys 🙂

  • XtineC

    This will sound strange but it helps me. Run a HOT bath (I don’t use any cold water, and just let it cool a TAD) and lay on your belly in the tub. I don’t know why, but it really does help me, and relaxes me.
    I think I am going to start trying the teas as well 🙂

  • Queenie

    Guys, start naproxen sodium or ibuprofen at least 2 – 3 days before you expect your menstrual cramps to start. Take ONE pill every six hours with water/crackers or milk. (If your cramps get really bad, you can take another pill, but don’t go over 1100 – 1375 mg/day if you take naproxen sodium or 1200 – 2400 mg/day if you take ibuprofen). Do NOT fluctuate from this schedule. Doing all of this will help to inhibit the prostaglandins that cause the menstrual cramps. You NEVER want to start taking pills when the pain hits because then there is already a build-up of prostaglandins in your body.

    The week before your period, eat healthier (stick to oatmeal, cereal, rice milk, air popped popcorn, raisins, unsalted sunflower seeds, pineapples, bananas, steamed vegetables, granola, tuna/salmon, yogurt, flax seed oil, etc.). Try to consume stuff that doesn’t have added sugar/salt, is low-fat, is fat-free, etc. If you can’t do all that, at least minimize your portions and save the super unhealthy junk food for the week after your period.

    Drink plenty of lukewarm water (At least 32 ounces of water) and STAY AWAY FROM COLD FOOD/BEVERAGES during menstruation. Only eat/drink lukewarm, warm, and hot things during the times when your period is wonky. I cannot stress this advice enough. It will make your cramps HORRIBLE for a while until your body warms up again.

    Exercising 30 minutes at least 5 days a week in general is also supposed to help but I can’t tell because I just started. (I hula-hoop which is really fun. I got my hula hoop from troo hoops)

    Good luck and if your cramps are still being bothersome, please see a doctor because something might be wrong with your lower body.

  • Queenie

    vibhuti, aw, I really feel for you. First, please see my above advice. Although I read that you live in a hostel, some of it might help you. Perhaps your school has a health clinic you can visit. Even if you can’t afford their services, perhaps they can give you information about any free health clinics nearby. Also, if you haven’t yet, please tell your teachers of your menstrual troubles and your living in a hostel. Sometimes, your teachers might think you are just skipping school and if they know of your troubles, they might not punish you for missing school. Also, some of your teachers might be able to help you. I hope everything gets better. ::hugs::

  • lili dauphin

    Every pain is different, therefore different remedies work for different people. What works for you may not work for your sister. I personally know that a warm bath with epson salt may help to alleviate the cramps but exercise do help as well, especially walking and hiking. Drinks that contain too much caffein may prolong the pain and cause us to be even more irritable. It’s best to instead drink teas such as herbs like chamomile and ginger. Meanwhile, try to laugh a lot. That may help to alleviate the pain. After all, laughter is the best medicine, so go ahead and indulge! You won’t regret it.

  • Christina

    for me, some months are worse than others. the tricks i’ve learned over the last 13 years or so (i’ll be 26 in august) are:

    -keep your feet and lower back warm, especially the week before your period starts

    -use a heating pad on both your lower back and your abdomen. i like to put the heating pad on my back, and cover up with an electric blanket.

    -if you have to go out, look for the thermacare heatwraps that are specially designed for menstrual pain. they stick to the inside of the front of your underwear, and it’s like having a discreet heating pad with you all day long.

    -drink lots of fluids, like water, juice, or caffeine-free teas.

    -take a nap (or two!)

    -if you’re comfortable with it, have an orgasm (either with help, or by yourself). it really does help

    hope this helps. it sucks ladies, especially when it feels like your uterus is trying to burst out of your body like the alien out of the stomach in the movie “Space Balls”!

    god bless!

  • Christina

    and the other thing that helps, especially if you can’t manage to fall asleep, (and if you’re “of age”) is to have a hot toddy of sorts, or a glass of wine, or a shot of your favorite sipping liquor.

  • havy

    Argghhhh….its hurting Right now! and the best so far that has worked is a hot water bottle for me and cinnamon tea. :'( !!!

  • Ash

    Take half cup of rose water …
    Put 1 tbs of suger and boil it …..
    Drink that u will be feeling no cramps at all in just 10 min
    U can have it for ur first 3 days of period…..
    And plzzz avoid using cold drinks ……

    Plzzzzzzz try it …. It realllllyyyyyyy works …..

  • Kay

    Several of you have said various herbal mixtures, but what i find really works is mixing the herbs. Herbal tea is great, but try making your own, because then you can tailor the ingredients and dosage to meet your specific needs.
    On days when you feel more bloated and gassy, try dandelion and cinnamon. Add to boiling water, steep for 5 minutes, strain and drink warm, as above.Or you can add cinnamon to cereals, biscuits etc and dandelion petals make a great addition to salads.
    When you’re feeling more pain than bloating, try basil, ginger and fennel tea, made as i described for the cinnamon and dandelion. Or basil, lemon and valerian. For that one, simply make the tea with the basil and valerian as above, strain, add the juice of half a lemon to every cup, stir and drink warm.
    It is advised that you drink 2-3 cups of these a day, and they are absorbed into your system faster when taken after food.

    I hope you have as much success with these as i did 🙂
    It really is possible to feel human at that time of the month! Stay strong ladies xxx

  • Jasica

    pickle juice 🙂

  • Ashleigh

    Hey everyone… I’m 20 years old and like most of you I have suffered from severe menstrual cramps. At times my cramps are so bad I vomit and nearly pass out. My worst experience was at work. I ended up in the bathroom laying on a cot crying and rocking myself. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst, my cramps are on average a 9 or 10. I’ve lived like this for years…. What works best for me is I walk at a normal pace for 1hour straight, every other day. 1 week before my period is to be expected, I eat whole grains and fresh fruit. I switched from 1% milk to skim. And I sleep with a heating pad, which I do not advise as it may cause 1st degree burns. I also noticed that on day 2 of my period, I cannot tolerate tampons. Although the thought of a panty liner bothers me, wearing a tampon makes me vomit. Avoid caffiene at all costs. This includes chocolate. Although chocolate is a woman’s second love(behind diamonds) chocolate contains As much caffiene as a 2 liter of coke. Also, the sweet does not settle well on an upset stomach. The loosening of the stools is caused by the harsh contractions to rid the body of the uterine lining. Some women suffer from an abnormally thick lining. My best advice is to take all necessary precautions to avoid secondary dysmenorrhea (painful cramps). If you are experiencing pain that is intolerable, notify your gynecologist. If you havent seen one, I reccommend doing so. Sometimes what we may think are cramps can actually be something we can be treated for. If you have any questions, please email me. FYI it is 2:30 in the morning and I am posting because my cramps are keeping me awake. I have been extremely sick for the past few months and have not been able to participate in my usual routine. I am now paying for it 🙁 please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

  • jessica

    just another tip about midol, All it is is naproxin (generic aleve). It works just the same if not better. And can get a whole bottle for much cheaper. If you take one of them and a midol and compair them they have the same markings on them.

  • Tiffany

    I’m 14 and have had my period since 1 month before I turned 12. Every month, I get absolutely horrible cramps that sometimes keep me home from school or other events. They sometimes even get so bad as to where I don’t leave my bed until I have to change my pad. I also don’t have a regular period, sometimes not getting my period for 60 days (such as this month). The only medications I’ve tried that work on my cramps are Tylenol (Extra Strength Gel Caps only) and Midol. I’ve seen a lot of people on here saying that they hate Midol, but I honestly swear by it. The one thing I will say is I absolutely hate Advil. Even gel caps do nothing for me. I am really excited to try a lot of these tips given because it would be really nice to not have to deal with violent cramps every month. It’s kinda funny because I was reading this page today with horrible cramps and they went away while reading this page (:

  • Allie

    Here are some of my tips that help me: Every month i have super bad cramps!! So i take two pills of Naproxen Sodium, eat a banana, and i have my small dog lay on my stomach the weight of him and his body heat makes them feel so much better!!!!!

  • sophie

    im 13 years old and i have had a period from december to may with only a 3 day break but i suffer from realy bad pains to. dose anyone know a way to regulate my periods insted of them being constant ???? also a way to stop cramps that actully works im so confused some people say do something and others say not to

  • Ash

    Keeping yourself warm helps; especially feet. Walking too reduces cramps. Having dark chocolate is also a good option. If you are suffering from constipation, work on it. Disturbed stomach worsens cramps. Have plenty of water and food rich in Omega-3 like walnuts, almonds etc. Avoid stress.

  • Silla

    Hm..a LOT of people have said heating pad/hot bath..and my mom’s always told me to use a heating pad but i dont know why but i’v never tried it. Im 14 by the way, i got my period in 5th grade(i was 11) and my period started a couple or so hrs ago and it is KILLING ME. My mom was the lucky one shes never had menstrual cramps and hers have always been light and low-maintenence but me and my sister got the sh*t end of the stick so to say. I’v always had horrible cramps since i first got it, they used to be better and only lasted a day, two days at the most and my period would last about 3 days. But now, its bad. It lasts about a week and my cramps last the majority of the time and my flow is heavier..i just dont get it why did it change so drastically? Whenever i get it i take 2 ibuprofen and 2 midol, and it used to work but it seems as though since i’v taken it so much i’v built up a slight tolerence to it so its not working as well at all anymore.. But, im about to sit in a hot bath(even though i dont get how u could bathe while on ur monthly, i feel like the blood is gonna flood the tub..eeewww…) and then later tonight im gonna lay down with a HOT HOT towel on my stomach, pop a few more midol and ibuprofen, take my sleeping pills and pass out so i dont have to deal with the pain anymore. Thanks for the tips everyone and good luck with gettin rid of ur cramps =)

  • Keshia

    Hi Ladies, Im 30yrs old and have had painful cramps sence i was about 13 like clock work. I can remember when my mother used to take me to the ER every month cause i was crying from the pain. Around cramp time i just wanted to get a knife and just stab out the cramps. But as the years pass i have found the what helps me is taking IB meds every day a week before my period starts. Also thank GOD for a hot water bottle, I protect it like it is my child.

  • Zandra

    Eating chocolate actually helps. Not a whole chocolate bar, or an entire bag of m&ms, but a square of a Hershey’s bar or a kiss will work. Cocoa induces feelings of love and hormones which cause pleasant feelings like this.

    And to the person that suggests fish oil: it’s an old wives’ tale that fish oil can cause a woman to go into labor. The reason it works on menstrual cramps is because it causes what can be considered contractions and forces more of the bloody discharge and nutrients on the vaginal lining outwards.

    Alternating cold and heat: lay on the floor with and ice pack just below your stomach, around the area where your cramps are worst. Then, on your back place a heat pad. Relax and alternate as needed. Lighting lavender candles or incense will also help relax your muscles and ease the pain.

  • Giovonni

    I would get cramps so bad that i get sick and nauseous and it would make me vomit. I RECOMMEND ADVIL SPECIFICALLY THE LIQUID GELS for severe cramps.

  • Amy Rucker

    We just tried the peppermint oil on the abdomen, and it really helped my daughter (14)!! She said it felt so good and seemed to help right away. 30 minutes ago she was in tears and writhing! I didn’t have pure peppermint oil but had Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint “soap”.

  • Alex

    Avoid Dairy. The only over the counter medicine that works for me is Midol Extra Strength. I have excrutiating cramps every month. Lay on your side with your legs up to your chest or put a pillow between your legs with a heating pad. Its almost heaven 🙂 good luck!

  • Chenelle

    I’m laying here in bed on my period. With excruciating pain. I had to leave work early this Morning Because I kept having to run back and forth to the restroom. I’m only 22 years old and ever since about 3-4 years ago the pain has been awful!! Its so bad I cry myself to sleep every night while on my period wondering and asking God why me??! Why me??! I know everyone woman out there has got to go thru something like this sometimes when I get them really bad during the night..ill punch my stomach. They’ll go away for a minute or two…but come back!!. I definitely use the heating pad and avoid chocolate. But sometimes I get those cravings where I just want junk food. But lately I haven’t been able to eat ANYTHING without throwing it up. I’ve just finished reading all these remedies and I think some are kinda ehhh…but others actually do the trick..I just made myself some herbal green tea…and popped some popcorn!! now I’m in bed with a heating pad..and well…so far so good!!! Its usually my 2nd day of my cycle I just wana lay down and be miserable and not talk to anyone Because I feel like I just get frustrated and lose it. By my 3rd day everything’s back to normal. Only thing That sucks is That my cycle last the full 7 days.

  • chenelle

    I recommend plenty of sleep…and if you have it..take some iboprophen. Aka naproxen…they help extremely!!! And definitely take 1 twice a day 7 days before your period. And follow thru thru out your cycle. I have seen my doctor for this problem of having severe cramps like I have…she says Nothing is wrong down There. But honestly I think there is. Or I wouldn’t be having this bad of cramps every time i’m on my period.
    Good luck to all you ladies out there…keep your heads up!! We can all get thru this crap together!!!

  • Katie

    The only thing that has ever helped me is muscle relaxers…I get severe cramps every other month, I usually end up laying down in the shower with the hot water massaging my stomach… but that can only do so much, muscle relaxers actually ease the pain. But obviously you have to stay at home while on them. Right now I’m at work, at my desk dying, the Midol I took this morning is not helping. I’m going to try some tea… thank you all for the suggestions!

  • Hannah-jayne

    I use something called PONSTAN, this is the only thing I can take which will relieve my pain, the doctors prescribe this only when asked, I was give methanamic acid tablets which are supposedly the same but I disagree, Iv tried these and they made me worse. Get some Ponstan and make sure you eat before you take them even if its a couple of biscuits, they are yellow and blue capsules. Hope this helps you ladies 🙂

  • Crampyyyy

    I’ve been up since 1am. I’m 24 and have been havin severe unbearable cramps since d word go at 13. usually i take strong pain relievers, hot water and cry out d remainder of d pain. today, i’m unprepared cos there’s no single tab in d house, so its hot towel, hot water, herbal tea and d tears. I’ve vomited 3 times, stooled 4 and rolled on and off d bed. its 6am and i’m a bit calm now bt to think its a sunday and i’ll probably sleep durin d service then have one of d ushers wake me every 5mins, feels like cramps! 😐 *sighs*

  • pallavi srivastava

    Warm two teaspoons of mustard oil. Dont burn it, warm it to be bearable and rub the oil gently on lower abdomen. It works wonders if your mom or a loved one does it for you..

  • porkchop

    I’m 15 and I’m in such pain right now!!! i feel like i get the worst cramps in the world + a seriously heavy period!!! hot towels NEVER WORK! they just make me feel painful and wet! I’m in so much pain I’m having NIGHTMARES while I’m awake!!!!!! I had some chamomile tea about 2-1/2 hours ago and NOTHING. i don’t have any ibprofen or tylenol or aleve or midol or pamprin or advil or exedrin or anything but i’m gonna try to take yur advice and im gonna try to stretch, eat a banana, take some vitamins, stay warm, drink some peppermint tea, pray for healing, and rock my self to sleep because I’m feeling hopeless. thanks.

  • Jamie

    Orgasm i just did and I feel alot better

  • Penelope

    I’m 28 and have lupus. It seems the cramps have gotten worse, even with all the supplements that balance out the hormones and inflammation. Past few days I’ve had a flare of interstitial cystitis (thinning of the bladder lining) and possibly a UTI. Of course, my period collides with that this morning. The last two nights I’ve had nausea, leg numbness, and night sweats. Last night my food didn’t digest, kept coming up. I finally got the period this morning and I couldn’t think, breath, move from the pain in my right ovary in back. It feels like being stabbed, punched or kicked around.

    The tips of this website helped much, but I had to wait until I could actually stand up. Four naproxen (for lack of morphine!), I combined ginger, peppermint, sleepytime, cinammon in one tea. I was so blind with pain, I had to reheat a new tea because I put so much peppermint oil in my tea that I signed my eyes. Can’t even prepare the water bottle so I just place the scalding hot cup on my ovary, because the burning hurts less than the rest. I don’t have fish oil so I drank flax straight from the bottle which I usually use for joint pain. I’m just now started to think clearer. Sharing this with other women and knowing its not just me eases the pain. Focusing on oneself never distracts from pain.

    The same as a tipster posted earlier, I cannot wear tampons right now from the irritated bladder so when I could walk again, I will purchase kotex for the first time in years.

    Would like to get some lavender aromatics for the next time around. Breathing deep keeps the muscles relaxed and releases contractions.

  • Addy

    I am 16 years old and have suffered severe cramps since I first got my period at the age of 12. My symptoms are much like every one else’s; however, I have unfortunately built up a tolerance to Advil, ibuprofen, and Tylenol. Midol has never worked for me and I’m not exactly sure why but I’m fed up. To make matters worse I have ovarian cysts on both my ovaries and they are a killer. I can barely function when I’m on my period and occasionally when I don’t have my period I still get cramps. I have tried almost everything and honestly not much has worked. I don’t know what to do any more. They hurt so badly sometimes, breathing becomes an issue. What should I do?

  • MariE AleXanDer

    i’ve had my period for 8 month sbut the cramps started this month it hurts so bad, and i can’t do anything but take Tylenol and wait :’C IT RREALLY HURRRTTTTSSSS ( cant drink pickle juice its DISGUSTING FOR UR ARTERIES….)

  • deborah

    lay down watch tv and put a heating pad on with big pants

  • harshita

    i’ve suffering severe cramps since i was 14 n i’m 18 now….i get severe cramps for 4 days during my period n usually end up crying n ultimately falling asleep wid severe pain bt after getting up its all d same…though i hav never had irregular periods..dey hav been perfectly regular since d begining of menstruation..i havn’t ever missed a month…bt d cramps r unbearable…putting a hot water bottle on my stomach keeps me vomiting n feeling dizzy without a trace of relief..i consuted a gynaec n she gave me some course of 3 months which i took n it kept me away from pain only till i was taking it….after 3 months d same old pain returned hough she told it will stop after taking d dose..now i hav 2 eat 2 diclogesic tablets everyday for 5 days atleast…i feel helpless crying n shouting..anyone can guess wht i’m suffering from seeing me at dat time…n my dad has got some tips for me whn i shout in pain which makes me feel so uncomfortable..a man ca never kno how a woman feels…i always wish i weren’t a girl during those days of d month…none of d tips given here work for me…plz help..

  • Huh:(

    Huh! Having a bad one right at the moment .. it Just start with a dull ache and get Stabbing in the end.. I Just Cant Localize it fom where the pain start and where it ends.. Its Just the worse pain I experience on alternate Months… associated with awfully painful loose stools… Hurts alot..
    500mg mefanimic acid+ warm green tea and a pillow Placed Over Ma Hyogastrium..Hope it works like ever…

  • lyanss23

    im 16 years old and had major bad cramps ever since i was 12, my period lasts up to 8 days and every month im super moddy and just feel like crying my eyess out! i hate periods, especially since mine is heavy, cramps suck, most of all make me miss school. what helps me is midol {complete up to 12 hours} and laying on my side with my heating pad. my heating pad is like my best friend i reccommend it to all.

    have a happy period all young girls and women. ( :

  • OliviaMaria

    Hi ladies! I am 15 and have had a regular period since I was about 13. The first night I ever had cramps put me in tears and my mom brought me tea and a heating pad, and rubbed my back. That helped a lot but when Im alone I do the following:
    -drink a mug of hot tea with honey, it doesn’t matter if it’s herbal or not
    -i place a heating pad on my upper thigh or lower stomach until the pain subsides
    – stretch or go for a walk
    -do something non-stressful like a crossword puzzle, journaling, praying, or reading
    -i watch something funny on TV or call a friend to take my mind off of the pain
    -as for medicine, midol doesn’t work for me at all, but I take either three Ibuprofen or 2 Naproxen with water
    -i try to nap or rest on the couch or my bed with the lights off, either in silence or while listening to gentle music

    Mind you, my menstrual cramps are often So painful that I vomit the first day or experience awful diarrhea and difficult BMs. I have a totally normal flow and an average cycle of 25-29 days. I have a normal period but horrid cramping. These thjngs worm best for me, so maybe y’all should try them out. Best of luck & God bless!

  • Shelley

    As I write this on my couch experiencing terrible menstrual cramps…

    My time of the month tends to vary month to month and sometimes will come a day or two earlier than I “expected” so in my case, I have trouble cleansing my body of dairy and salts before I feel the wrath…plus they ARE comfort foods. Here are some tips I have found to be extremely helpful…

    1. Heating pad = SAVIOR … I find it helpful to stretch while having the heating bad folded in my lap. Lean forward, backward and side to side with it … don’t forget your back and shoulders too, when the entire body is tense the cramps (for me) intensify

    2. Synergy- this raw fermented tea lacks massive amounts of sugar and is fizzy so the carbonation helps. Not to mention in each drink (that are tasty) you have a billion microorganisms working to clean out intestines 🙂

    3. MIDOL- sometimes it takes a while to kick in but when it does, bliss. I tend to wake up at 5am the day of my period with cramps … make sure to eat a little something (I do fruit) before since it caffeine in it

    4. Hot shower/bath –> feeling clean feels good!

    5. Tea- non caffeinated with lemon or honey

    *** I hope that these suggestions help, I am going to try the ginger tea this afternoon with the hope of a nap !!!!

  • gigi

    most of all , DON’T drink pop !!
    i use to be a pop ( soda ) pheen ,
    now i don’t get cramps that bad !
    drink lots of water and lemonade 🙂
    also , 2 weeks before your period cut out all fatty foods and salts ! salts are BAD for you .

    hope i helped <3

    ps : EAT a banana , it helps SO much !

  • Gwenarraiel

    I’ve had my period since Grade 5, and I’m 20 years old now. Since atleast Grade 7, my period cramps have been unbearable. I get clammy, cold sweats, I lay curled up in bed/on the couch unable to move, I miss work, I often throw up, and I just plain feel like dying.
    (1) First and foremost, HEAT HELPS. Heating pads, especially, but hot showers/baths, hot drinks, hot water bottles, anything that’ll apply heat to the affected areas is my hero. Plain and simple.
    (2) Sleep is always nice. It can be difficult to achieve, but it always helps once you get there. I find it’s easier to get to sleep if you put in a favourite movie, especially one that you know well so you’re not TOO inclined to watch it.
    (3) Distractions. Anything to keep your mind off the pain. Play a video game, read a book. If your distraction can make you active, it’s all the better. (i.e. Put on some dancing music and go nuts. Also, try cleaning your room while doing this. Two birds with one stone and all that.)
    (4) Exercise. While most of the time, you don’t want to or are unable to, it really does help. Wait until the pain is somewhat manageable, and get moving. Walk to the nearest store and buy some comfort foods, take the dog for a jog, or just walk around your house in circles if it tickles your fancy.
    (5) Loved ones. It’s always nice to have them there just to talk to and distract yourself, but they can also help. If you have a significant other, ask for a back rub. If you’ve got one, cuddle time with a fantastic feline friend is awesome. Get them to lay across your stomach if you can, and pet them. The body heat plus the vibrations of their purring really work wonders (there’s studies going on about the healing powers of a cat’s purr, and I definitely believe in it, from experience). Usually, if you have a tight bond with your cat, they’ll just jump up to cuddle without you having to ask.

    Hope all those tips help. (:

  • tila

    Smoke WEED !

  • Re’na

    I have used over the counter meds, prescription meds, heating pads & heating wraps. What has helped the most for me, is hot tea with some type of brown liquor. Put 1-2 tablespoons in the hot tea. Drink the tea after you have eaten and get in the bed with a heating pad. After a good night’s sleep i feel so much better, and the cramps are bearable. Keep in mind, you might still have to take some meds for mild cramping, but other than that the pain should be gone. Im going to try the molasses in hot tea, cause my period lasts 5-7 days with my first 3 being the worst if i dont start taking meds at least 3 days before i start. Thanks ladies for all the different tips.

  • Jackolin

    Hawt Sex!

    Just remember to do it in the shower though, or else it will end up looking like a Saw movie was shot in your bedroom…

  • pooja

    even i get severe cramps but one big prob for me in periods is my mood swings….i suddenly get angry,without any reason i get upset, i don feel anythin good……..i just feel to stay alone in my bed or watch a good movie…..these few days r vry depressing for me…..

  • Leah

    Simple solution: Don’t wear tampons! I know pads suck but when you’re at home and dying of cramps, taking out the tampon changes everything, at least for me.

  • mimi

    i don’t think there is a cramp as heavy as mine. me vomit,while have a diarrhea,sometimes too much blood sometimes very less and painful,it lasts for the first 6 hrs max then it becomes normal, no pain at all. but those 6 hr i have to spend them in the bathroom,shaking, and loosing everything through every pore in my body. during this time.
    exercise helps,before the cramps. and eating food before things start helps ease up things. but…its a killer!

  • Anne

    I’ve been reading the tips here and most of them are really good, but i’ve noticed one thing no one’s mentioned. My mom introduced this temporary remedy to me. It may sound bad, but just take a shot of brandy or liquor (not more than one shot at a time). It warms up your inside and helps for a few minutes, though i admit the pain may come back afterwards. But as a temporary solution, it works for me.

  • Becca

    I find it strange that so many of you feel better with a shower. Personally I dread taking a shower because it makes my cramps start. I also can’t handle having any pressure on my stomach. Regularly popping ibuprofen and a heating pad is all I have ever gotten to work. Although after I had been on birth control for a year or so I noticed they had gotten much better.

  • Samantha

    I started my period when I was 8 and I am only 16.. I have terrible cramps where on the first day I can not do anything but lay in bed in the fertile position and get sick often… NOT ANYMORE! The first sign of my period I start taking midol, magnesium tablets, and a pill called estro natural. I only take it during my period since its not needed when I am not on it. With the Midol I do the normal dosage but the other two I take when I first wake up after eating something. I didn’t think it would actually work but it has done wonders for me. I still feel like I am going to get sick for about the first hour my period truly starts but after that I feel like a normal person! Try it!!

  • Sammy

    I have found tanning then swimming helps. The heat and relaxation mixed is great then a cool down with exercise just fixes it! And who doesn’t love both of those?

  • Samantha

    Midol magnesium and estro natural.. Take it the moment you have signs and throughout your period.. I have had my period since I was 8 and now im 16. I used to have terrible cramps and have to miss everything the first day while i got sick… It works..

  • Anonymous

    I lay in the feeble position. It works. Don’t know why, but it does.
    Ibuprofen. It may take a while to kick in, but it works. An earlier comment says something about making more blood and some other stuff, but that’s never happened to me before…
    I agree with whoever said sleep. It takes your mind off of it and they’re always over when I wake up. Plus, the extra rest is good anyway.
    Cramps suck, don’t they? I’ve been suffering through them since 5th grade.

  • liza

    Im lactose intolerant and found that drinking soy milk makes the cramps unbearable. Also a ziploc bag with hot water placed on your abdomen can also really help. Mint drops make me gag so if you have a sensitive stomach dont try them. Hope this helps

  • mimi

    Just drink hot tea with a pinch of lemon trust me it works if you don’t have ibuprofen around. it worked for me every time i have my period. now i just take pills:) i hate being reminded of my womanhood!

  • katie

    i’ve suffered with very severe pains since the age of 11, to the point which i am doubled over, sobbing and occasionally vomiting as pathetic as that sounds ha my bf seems to think i am over reacting (men just do NOT understand) i’ve made several trips to the doctors and been given many med’s. none of which have worked, and some of which i dont even know why i was prescribed them (most notably the tablets i was given for IBS, its my uterus you idiot not my bowels :S) the only thing i have ever found to work is sugar. i know on here it says to cut them out but for me a small peice of chocolate or a sweet cup of tea are the only things that releive me slightly of pain. i am yet to find anything that eradicates them completely, and i doubt i ever will

  • Manda

    Wow! I can’t believe no one said Pamprin…or PreMSyn. They’re both meds specifically for menstrual cramps and all the ‘wonderful’ symptons of your period. They both work amazingly well and I don’t know what I’d do without them…other than praying.

  • G

    I’m going to try avoiding dairy close and on my period now. I used to be vegetarian (did not eat any meat but ate eggs and dairy) and found that actually really helped my cramps (they either were bearable or disappeared) I can have them severely every month, I have for years. I used to get them to the point that pain would get me sick or I could even faint. Heating pads definitely work, but I’ve lost mine somewhere :[ just be careful to keep it on your lower abdominal area and not your stomach, because if your stomach gets too hot you can get sick. Advil is slowly not working for me (I will take 4 within four hours but don’t exceed 6/8 a day depending on the severity). definitely staying hydrated and avoiding caffeine. I’m going to try avoiding sodium and certain things posted before.

  • nia

    Well ladies I don’t know if this will work for you but DANCIG helps My pain go away tht and sleeping.

  • edge

    personally- i haven’t got any of those herbs etc at home; plus we have ran out of painkillers etc 🙁 so all i can suggest is to get your pyjama’s on and watch your fave film! this really works because after a while you kinda forget about the pain + concentrate on the film:-) Good Luck!xxx.

  • sandy

    Hey Ladies! I’m glad that iam not the only one going through severe menstruation cramps. i had my period when i was 14 years old. My symptoms were vomiting, Fainting, Crawling like an animal, Hollering like a Mad person, missed days of school, missed days of work, Isolation, Heavy flow to the point blood is showing threw my pants. Medicine such as Tylenol, Aleve, Pamprin, Niproxin,Motrin. I was even desperate i took any liquid cold flu medicine. ( Not all at once).They never work. At 16 i invest in birth control (Tri-Nessa). it worked wonders. Now I ‘m older in my (20s). I recently stopped taking them because i want to have children soon. My menstruation cramps are BACK! My Fiance ordered FEMALITE & RASPBERRY LEAF TEA! All I have is Hope.. HHHHHEELLP!

  • EhhPeriods

    This is not really a tip but more of a question. I am 14 and I’m on my 2nd period. I’m just now starting to get cramps and the hot liquids and heat on my stomach have helped. Although all these tips are saying to avoid many different foods. What foods should I be eating to help the cramps? They’re not to bad but I’d still like to prevent them, on top of that my skin is really oily and I’ve been getting lots of breakouts so I don’t want anything greasy. Help!

    • Sync_thru

      as a teen, and even now, I’ve found that peanut butter helps a lot..  Also try soy milk and other sources of protein.

  • Erin

    Midol Complete works for me when I need to not function (puts me to sleep / makes me loopy)
    I’ve always been a big fan of those heating patches that you can stick to the inside front of your panties and will last 8 hours or so. Those are great for work.
    I find that I also get major migraines with my monthly visitor, so I will usually also hang out in my room with lights out, heating patch in place, and a nice cool face cloth over my eyes (if I’m able to get away with it, I’m a single parent.)
    Mints and teas are great, too, but I find those only really work if I have a bit of nausea with my cramping.
    And, if you’re up to it, go for a easy paced walk. You get your muscles moving, and you can let your mind wander from the cramps.

  • Vickilove

    Pickle juice, most people say it is bad for you. It’s not as long as you don’t drink to much or just eating a few pickles a day. It’s been proven by vanderbuilt medical center to work for menstrual cramps. And a lot of pro athletes use it for leg and back cramps. I have debilitating cramps and it always helps me ease the cramps to a manageable level or some months none at all.

  • Vickilove

    * meant that some months I don’t even get cramps at all if I start eating the pickles a day or two before Its comes.

  • sammi

    When i get my period the pain is sometimes so unbearable..the worse cramps you can ever think of, i get dizzy, bowels losen, feel sick and digusted and i vomit like crazy. nothing really helps for long but i get temporary relief when i drink tea, hot water bottles,massaging the tummy and curling up on the floor actually helps and one more thing ADVILS, ADVILS AND ADVILS

    NB…never drink anything cold it will mess ya up trust me been there

  • Allegra

    600-800 mg of ibuprofen. No more. Tea and a hot pad also work. But you have to take the pain meds AND use a hot pad.

  • ana

    take a bubble bath and drink any type of tea or apply a warm towel to the back of back and try to relax


    when im in pain i like to have clitorial orgasms it relives me of pain:)

  • Someone

    I can’t even go to sleep right now.I’m 12.(13 in September)This is only the second time that I’ve gotten a cramp with my period and I started last year.Whenever I didn’t feel well when I was really young,my dad would rub my stomach or forehead and comfort me and tell me everythings okay.I obviously can’t tell him
    to do the same with this situation.It would be too awkward.I told my mom that I’m having my period right now already.She never rubs/rubbed my forehead or stomach like my dad used to.I still love her though.The pain is ruining my sleep.F U cramps!;(I feel like someone slashed my stomach when I needed to go number 3.All because of a cramp.I’m
    in bed and it’s midnight.I can’t go down and eat comfort foods.Any ideas?help!

  • Neha Shah

    I am 28 and have been having my periods since the age of 13. I have always had very very painful periods with all the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, the vomiting, diarohea, cramping, fainting spells. Recently, i went to the doctor and found that i had a retroverted uterus, which was making the pain worse. He advised me to have a vitamin E supplement along with a supplement of Evening Primrose Oil for the whole month. I have tried it for 2 months now and it has worked wonders. I take Meftal Spas (mefenemic Acid) on a SOS basis when the pain becomes too unbearable. of course, the heating pad is your best friend during these days. I also find that when I am in severe pain, moving around helps a lot. Take Care ladies!

  • Sarah

    I’m taking two types of prescribed medication for period pains but still have quite a lot of pain. The best thing I can do is cheer myself up and take my mind of it for a short while.

    I run a bath and take my favourite drink in there as well as something nice to eat (it doesn’t have to be unhealthy, just something you feel is a treat or something you don’t normally have)and then just stay in the bath reading a lovely book for as long as I can.

    Then when I get out I use some lovely moisturiser and get into some soft and fluffy pjs and watch a movie. This leaves me feeling so much better that I can almost forget about the pain for the evening and really cheers me up.

  • Haley

    I have gotten my period since i was 10 and I am now 19 and the only thing that usually works for me is Midol and a hot bath. Right now I am on my period and it’s like the worse cramps I have ever had. Nothing has worked so far. Some of the tips seem helpful especially the pickle tips because I love pickles and the tea tips seem helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  • Hilary

    I have the worst menstrual pains! Hot baths and medicine (ibuprofen, tylenol, etc.) I am definably going to try this!

  • Katrina

    i don’t have any tips because i usually don’t do anything for cramps, but i fell asleep at 2:30 am and cramps woke me up 2 hours later! > i have never gottten cramps bad enough that they prevent my from sleeping. so in my despair i made two different kinds of hot tea. im praying that they will work. theres not much i can do since its 6:30 am, im 15, and the only medication in the house available im allergic to-ibuprofen. yay me

  • Mandy

    I have had severe cramps for 20 years since I started my period at 10. They are so bad now (I can’t stand up without doubling over from the pain)I have to take vicodin some months like tonight. It’s 1 am and I can’t sleep. I’m hurting so much. I’m in the fetal position with a hot pack on my belly waiting for the pills to kick in. This is so painful. I feel like I am in labor.

  • Joy

    Get a massage. I get my fiance to massage the lower part of my back when I have cramps, it doesn’t relieve the pain 100% but it definitely helps.

  • Shay

    Most of the above tips are appropriate however I noticed a salt posting….that’s a no-no. Lay off it if any at all. I’m 40 this year and can agree with the best is herbs,exercise,warm compress and lastly meds when all else doesn’t relieve pain. When costs are concerns you can make a rice filled sock{knot the end}and microwave it and for meds;naproxen is the least expensive.Remember also: Mind over Matter! Even on the most severe cramp days hang in there:) For those that have to push on/continue to breath,live,laugh,love,dream,
    keep the faith and relax when you can.

  • marty

    i find that ice some times helps soo does a cold bath

  • N.K. Parker

    Honestly, if u can take it, i personally take seasonale/seasonique. You only get “the curse” 4 times a year! Its made a huge difference in my intolerable periods, the only drawback with some women is that they may experience a few yeast infections until the body gets used to it. Other than that, its great from my experience. When i do get the curse, its much more tolerable & seems to regulate it much better with less pain, plus the herbal remedies others have suggested are awesome! Best of luck ladies!!

  • Cynthia

    It may sound gross but having an orgasm really helps. But be prepared for a rush of blood after. I have horrible periods so bad I am having the ablation surgery. But until my surgery date I have to deal with this pain.. I have tried vicodin, ibprofen,hot baths and the only thing that works is sex.

  • Lisa

    Im 32yrs of age I first got my Period when I was 12, and have suffered chronic period pain and Anaemia ever since I thought it was normal when I was young to go through the awful pain month after month.

    I have tried everything under the sun, What I found what worked for me is a very hot bath and a couple of Feminax tablets. But some period pain is normal but chronic pain is NOT please go to get checked at your GP or tell someone, in case you have an additional medical condition.

    And P.S Ladies to curl up on the couch after a nice hot bath with a hotwater bottle a blanket and a bar of Chocolate never done me any harm.

  • Amanda

    I dont really have a tip but I have horrible pains in my lower back, lower stomach, and my thighs I dont have all these erbs and I dont have a heating pad so what should I do we only have stand up showers to???

  • Welzy96

    I used the cinnamon idea but instead of just cinnamon I ate spoonfuls of peanut butter with cinnamon and my cramps completely went away.

  • Leah

    …the most recent thing that has worked for my menstrual pain was reading 5 billion posts of the same things you already know don’t help your cramps. the frustration is a distraction & if you read long enough, the cramps will go away.

  • Taylor

    Okay……on my period and feeling sick to my stomach. Tried mints and a heating pad last night but they didn’t work….does the raspberry tea really work? That stuff is my favorite! Don’t take too much midol, makes me jittery from caffeine……stick to the home remedies!! Any other suggestions for getting rid of stomach pain?? Please help!

  • Kay

    This is some straight tom foolery! Im 20 bout to be 21 in a few days and i juss got off of my period but then the most painful cramps started. I tried to go to the bathroom but cant and those are the WORST. every time one ends i juss breathe a sigh of relief like i have been in labor for 20 hours. But these tips sound very helpful. And rockin back and forth REALLY does help. And chewing gum kinda distracts me from the pain as well. IDk everyone’s periods are the same. And I agree MEN HAVE NO CLUE!!!

  • butercup

    well i’ve been reading these tips given above.i ve tried almost all of these but ve never got relief.i always ve a killing pain,i vomit n sometimes get faint.yeah that hot water rubber bottle sometimes works.,but take 2 poston soon u get ur periods,it helps alot..but i’ve heard that medicines are not good in these days.is it true?

  • hannah

    I am 16 and have had sever cramps since I had my first piriod and the whole water bottle with hot water in it helped me but it took like 20-30 min just to even have a close reaction

  • Briana

    Hello all I have read a good portion of these remedies and have seen excersise mentioned *yikes!* I have my period now ,along with the unbearabl cramps, and it also doesnt help that im recovering from ankle surgery but I’m hoping the excersise fromphysical therapy helps! What works usually for me is laying down cuddled up in blankets and ibuprofen! Hang in there ladies!!

  • Den

    ohhh the joys of being a woman 🙂 lets not wallow in our pain, ladies! lets just take a couple of Advil (i seriously LIVE on Advil when i have my period and the cramps are enough to make me feel like im about to throw up). drink some mint tea. and most importantly, pray to God. He helps me take the pain,and He is awesome enough to help ALL ladies who ask Him to 🙂 more questions on what God can do? email me at [email protected] 🙂 He will NOT let you down.

    • Witewolf87

      Lies praying never helps. If you believe in this stuff, maybe you should remind yourself that God gave women periods as a punishment because of one women. Doesn’t sound like a nice guy to me.

      • Sync_thru

        wow what a hypocrite you are

  • anonygirl

    I notice taking Valerian works quite well. You can get it as a pill, a tea, and as the root itself. I have had horrible periods since I was about 10 years old, and nothing seemed to work for me except for these things:

    -First off, the Valerian (like I mentioned earlier) works wonders. For me, the pain was gone in around 20 minutes and my bleeding slowed a bit (which is great since I bleed heavily.)
    -Bananas work well too, as long as you have one when you wake up and one when you go to bed.
    -taking honey works, whichever way you eat it (on its own, in tea/food, etc.)
    -ginger works very well for me.

    STAY AWAY FROM MIDOL! It doesn’t work!

  • stephanie

    I get really bad cramps that make me feel like throwing up or passing out. Ibpropheran,rest and a hot rice pad help a little for me

  • Ash

    Thanks for all the tips. I am on my period right now.
    I get really bad cramps and even bad headaches during my periods. These started 2 years ago. Ive been having periods for over 8 years and I never had a problem until 2 yrs ago. I am trying meds (ibuprofen- helps w my headache but nothing for my abdomen.)
    Music can distract my mind and meditation can help me fall asleep for about 30 minutes but I barely sleep. I got 2 very bad hours of sleep. I have school in the morning and and i feel nauseated. I always feel nauseated during this time. Ive thrown up many times during these 2 yrs of pain each month. Ive had to stay home from school many times. I cant do that this year because of the classes I am taking. I cry all day in a ball in my room. I never have an appetite but my parents make me still eat every meal. I will be trying all of the good tips ive read this week. wish me luck…..
    and good luck to every female. We all need it for this.

  • sammie_sweetheart21

    i know this mite sound insane because i use to think it was when i was younger i have a older siter shes 5years older then me an i allllways use 2 see her drink alot of milk an drink dill puckle juice outta the jar i would be like ewww she use to say it helped her cramps but but she wouldnt mix them together she first drink a glass of milk then drink a whole jar of pickle juice as i got older im 21 now ive always had heavy peirods and bad bad bad cramps the other week i remembered my sister doing it and i tried it for the first time i hate milk but i cuged it down an held my nose i love dill pickles an pickle juice no problem cugin it lol and OMG! it works amazingly like forreal it sound really gross it works an i also found that caffeine and chocolate makes my cramps stop hurting as much i seen some people said not to have sugary things but hey if it works it works lol i always have reese cups and moutain dew when im cramin as well yum lol and it works i find midol makes me jumppy and sick feelin i usually just take one midol and drink with hot green tea with limone and tsp. of honey well i hope it works for u like it does me <3 sammie_sweetheart21

  • sammie_sweetheart21

    oops i had some typos uo there like puckle i meant pickle lol ect but anyways im sorry bout that lol haha

  • Lauren

    I am very lucky with my periods usually. I am 13 years old and currently on my period.it’s my sixth or seventh one and it somewhat hurts. I have found mint helps a lot. I recomended it to my mom and she feels a lot better too. Get mint extract and place it in a squirt bottle and spray it on your lower abdomen and suck on scotch mints hope this helps
    Feel better ladies =D <3

  • Helper (:

    I’m 14 and I’ve had a period since I was 12:
    If, you take 2 Aleve, & a hot shower as soon as you realize you’re about to come on then eat a banana, then drink HOT herbal tea, it helps! Don’t drink anything cold ! Or eat anything cold it worsens your cramps bad! Also excersing helps, I wouldn’t consider running ! I would just stretch bc even walking hurts for me at times! I keep my heating pad on at all time when I’m at home, & For the ladys that have bad cramps at school keep 2 aleve in your pocket and take it in the bathroom an use hot water out of the sink ! bc cold water will make it worse out of the fountain ! It works really good for me ! So I hope it works for you! Thanks ! <3

  • Emma

    I’m 13 now, I’ve been having cramps since 5th grade, wooo! I normally take 2-4 advil before the pain starts if I can help it, but normally as soon as I feel the cramps I take it. I have 2 heating pads (thankyou mall) that I place on my lower abdomen and between my inner thighs o: Calming your breathing and not hyperventilating from crying are helpful. Yesterday I left school because I had cramps that bad, so I just laid in bed, crying which made the pain much worse than it needed to be. Something else helpful is to not focus on the pain, I noticed that music is somewhat helpful. Also being warm, drinking water, exercise, and wii fit 😀 are all helpful o: I wish you all luck, Power through it, and most of all? Death to Mother Nature<3

  • Paige

    I am 31, have 3 kids and just recently have had my tubes tied. I have discovered that my cramps are MUCH worse then they have been in the last 15 years. I am doubled over in pain. sick to my stomach, and my leg goes numb. With 3 kids it is hard to take anything to help me rest.I will definatly try some of these. thank you. Do any of you have this issue too. Were your cramps worse after the tubal?

  • chicka

    Any tea helps me cope with severe cramps. Ibphropheran, Advil or Nuprin helps as well, if the pain still does not go away. Excercise is another proven effective way to make the painful cramps go away.

    Hope this helps ladies ! 😉

  • Essy

    I agree with most of these methods,.. personally I down Ibobrufen the moment I feel the first spot. But don’t waste good rice. Take a small water bottle, fill it with hot water and wrap a towel around it. Then tuck it in your PJs and curl up into the fetal position. Try to be still and hopefully you will drift away to the most peaceful sleep. If you gotta work, take the Ibobrufen before the pain starts,.. and maybe four hours after that depending on your pain.

  • Cristina

    I’m 12 years old, and on the 1st of may , I got my first period. It didnt hurt at all. But this is now my 5th period, and it’s giving me bad cramps! I take at LEAST 3 baths a day , and then a shower , but in my baths I put some lemon juice, sea salt, and I lay in it for about 20 minutes. It works for maybe an hour, and then comes back! I’m sitting here in unbareable pain :’l

  • Crystal

    I’m 17 and I’ve been having my period since I was 11. My cramps have been so bad that I’ve had to come home from school at least once every month because of it. I always get horrible disabling cramps, nausea (which almost always leads to vomiting), loose stool and I usually over-heat my self. Honestly, the best thing I have found to relieve cramping is a hot water bottle or pad on my lower abdominal region or in between my legs. I usually take Midol, but I may be rethinking that after reading some of these comments. Sometimes though, none of that works so the only way I can find relief is actually throwing up. I’ve also tried having an orgasm and it usually works very well. Now I’m looking for something (almost like a heat wrap) that I can take to school (discretely under my cloths or something) so I don’t always have to leave in the middle of the day. Any suggestions?

  • Tasha Alexandria François

    I am an example of the extreme end we learn about in health class. I was 11 when I got my period for the 1st time. Since then 8-9 days of every month. I remember my parents being up with me in the middle of the night as I cried because medicine and the heating pad weren’t helping. Desperate, my father gave me his prescription pain killers. They knew that couldn’t happen again and took me to the doctor. Tough he lacked tact, his advice helped me make it 27. LOL.

    Ibuprofen is for muscle pain. Don’t take 6 at a time like I used to or you will have liver and stomach issues. Exercise not only gives endorphins but increases blood flow and shorten ones period. Hot showers relax muscles. When using a heating pad, put it against your lower back. Your spine is connected all the nerves. Breath long controlled breaths. He pointed out that cramps and contractions are the same motion.

    All this they still hurt. I work full time. My advice to everyone dealing with these terrible cramps. We are women and the pain is not fair. But you have to have resolve to overcome and not let it hold you back. No boss or boyfriend will ever really get it. That being said, I can’t wait to try the natural remedies suggested. 🙂

  • Mikayla

    Hey ladies! So I’m 15 and just started my period last night and right now these cramps are killing me I have a family history of severe menstrual cramping. I play sports all year long and usually that really helps, but at the moment I’m in between seasons and these are the worst cramps ever! I’ve been taking midol as directed and it only works for a little bit. And during school I can’t just go take a bubble bath to make them go away. Any tips for something that would work for a long period of time? :/

  • keira

    Hi ladies and young girls. yes we have the solution to reduce without having tablets.consult SB GROUP, they provide proper home remedy for period cramps. It has worked for me and also worked for my sister. pain has been reduced. only problem you will face is you have to fill SB GROUP
    form. there fees is small amount but it has worked . its purely herbal medicine.go for it, instead of having pain every month. you will find SB GROUP mailing address in Diabetes related blogs. lot of people are benefiting.

  • zakain

    Try ANGELICA HERB boil with water and chicken 2 times a month before ur mensus
    I SWEAR it helped me a lot

  • Mug

    I have no idea what’s the point of telling when you started having cramps. I mean, seriously?

    Anyway, I’m kind of grumpy because of them right now, so I’m sorry.

    I’m going to try to do what you’ve said later, but for now this is what works for me:

    -A big cold ice cream

  • Mug

    I have no idea what’s the point of telling when you started having cramps. I mean, seriously?

    Anyway, I’m kind of grumpy because of them right now, so I’m sorry.

    I’m going to try to do what you’ve said later, but for now this is what works for me:

    -A big cold ice cream, my favourite dessert. Probably your favourite in anything will help, that explaining why it helps me instead of making me feel bad.

    – A warm drink that isn’t coffee (tea, water, milk or even hot chocolate)

    -While on my desk, putting my chin on the table for a couple of minutes

    -Putting something warm on your belly.

    Now, medicine and stuff do work for me, but it takes HOURS… so I would rather take something warm before.

    Also, I have been doing regular exercise for half a month and it doesn’t seem to help. Exercising now is almost impossible, because it makes cramps come back again.

  • missiB

    Heat a glass of milk along with a shotof whiskey. It will relax your muscles and relieve pain.

  • oddball

    Hi fellow sufferers!

    I too am one of the “lucky” women who get debilitating cramps once a month. I was a late bloomer, and my first few periods I thought well this isn’t too bad what is the fuss about….then I received my first cramps with it. Let’s just say I do not resemble the women dancing in the tampon commercials by any means.

    A lot of you mention using a heating pad. It personally makes mine worse. Going outside on a winter’s day (and I hate cold) makes mine less painful. I missed school days, and work was unbearable. It still is.

    Some things that may help other oddballs like me is advil. I cant take anything but advil to make the pain to be tolerable. Calling up your man and having a conversation gets your mind off the pain, especially if he makes you laugh. I had terrible cramps earlier and reading this I realized my mind was busy and the cramps lessened. Try a good book.

    Another trick while waiting for advil to kick in is to sit propped up in fetal position and don’t move for a while. That was the one trick I learned way back then. Of course doing that at work or school, or with children might not work so well.

    I also when it gets too painful to the point of crying, gently pinch the skin of the area and gently pull away from my body. It only lasts 5 secs or so but hey its 5 secs of heaven. Sometimes I think my skin gets too tight making undue pressure on things.

    Hang in there! And don’t say have a happy period…there is no such thing!

  • Debbi

    I have suffered severe cramps since the beginning, but recently found that I would crave leafy green veggies a day or two before my period. Then I began to notice that if I ate those leafy green veggies, I would have little or no cramping at all. And if I never got around to them, my cramps were back in full force. Lesson: Salads, esp. caesar, broccoli, and other leafy greens help immensely. 😀

  • vanillacutie

    I always use these methods to stop my cramps and anxiety
    1. Heating Pad
    2. Midol pm or Pamprin
    3. Go for a light jog to get endorphins going
    4. Eat banana
    5. Bubble bath
    A day or two before my period I start taking the midol just one a day so it doesnt hit me too bad with pain

  • Beani

    Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs tend to decrease bleeding during periods if u take them so, they will do good for ur pain but at the same time will decrease ur flow. Acetaminophen is a better option, that could be taken safely. There are few preparations available over-the-counter having combination of acetaminophen and caffeine, which are good, as caffeine helps in reducing water retention in body(which causes tingling and pins and needles sensations in extremeties) that is a pre menstrual feature due to progesterone( a female hormone). Taking warm milk, boiled egg, milk having dried dates boiled in it works for menstrual cramps. Hot-compresses with water bottle is also a good option.

  • Dee

    Drinking Malta or regular Coke at room temperature really works!

  • NATZ

    Beetroot with ginger.blend them both together and drink a week before the period and also you can drink some when the cramps starts

  • auntflosBFF

    Someone mentioned pickle juice… some NFL athletes swear by pickle juice to relieve calf and muscle cramps. It just makes good sense that this would work.

    If your husband is up for it, sex is the best remedy. When the big O hits, it’s like everything relaxes. Not just for kinky freaks in the bedroom, girls!!!

    • kris

       HOW IN THE WORLD do you have s e x when you are on your period???? Is that not disgusting!?

      • kris

        Im just thinking…when i get married there is no way i am going to do that when i am on my period, thats gross.

  • Moley

    Hi . I am 14 yrs old and I got admitted 16 time in hospital cos of pain.I am not joking . my case was very serious which made My aunt pushed me to consult one SB Group ,who treats diabetes and blood pressure in India. It is called SB group. My aunt had visited SB in India and she still manages to get herbal medicine for her diabetes.I was very lucky to manage to chat with SB group assistant. After 2 days, as this stupid assistant had asked me to come on line and have word with MR SB himself, so after 2days I managed to chat with this guy MR.SB. He is joker. He asked me few stupid questions related to my urine and stool. later he asked me to get elder person on chat line. My aunt had word with his SB( joker). later don’t know what happened. My aunt went to store and got few herbs as advised by SB. I had medicine regularly for 24 days and to my surprise this month cramp was just 20% or 30%. I can easily walk. herbal medicines have worked wonders. According to SB my pains and cramps will reduce 95%. its only toxins inside body . Better consult this Joker in SB group. his charges are very nominal. when my pains can reduce, which needed 4 injections daily,. I hope every one pains can reduce by this SB GROUP. But herbal medicine are very bitter in taste.

  • Sharon

    3 caps of Macadim daily, lay off estrogenic foods like oats, wheat, dairy, rice all these are excessively high and look on the net for other estrogen dominant foods, I suffered the severest form of PMS, PMDD all my life including severe insomia (1 hr sleep max). I bought a Lady Care Magnet and vuala I have been free of insomnia (now sleep 8 – 10 hrs), PMS, PMDD for 2 years. If I eat any of the above on a regular basis it starts to come back. I tried every other remedy and other makes of DIM and all were rubbish so don’t cheat yourself, you are worth it to be free.

  • Lolly

    i found what works for me and a few of my friends is a bar one chocolate and coke topped with two mybulen capsules i know caffeine is not good but it seriously helps.I have a spastic colon so i know all about pain and period pain is right next to the best of them just try it u may feel a bit hyper but it works…..seriously what do you have to lose

  • Mariam

    I am 14, had my period since age 12…Actually, when I first got my period, i didn’t even realize i had it! But that is a story I won’t go into.

    Oh, the joy and beauty of being a woman!

    We are the reason there are still people around. Itt is through our pain and our suffering that the rest of the world can truly be. And the grace and will of god, of course.

    I was going through some really horrid mestrual pain in the middle of studying Math for my Wednesday final and I decided not to take a tablet of Ibuprofen and try a home remedy instead. I found this website and i swear, the tips given by readers were better than those by the actual website.

    My mum suggests some green/mint tea which really helps ease the pain. Also, the popcorn really worked wonders, but have it unsalted. For safety measures.

    Also, embrace the fact that this pain is good pain. Or rather, it is a necessary pain that needs to be accepted. Listen to some music. Any of your favourite songs will do.

    Personally, I have a “period song” It’s Tourniquet by Evanescence, but this time, it didn’t work because of my hightened stress for the finals.

    Accept this pain. It really can be liberating to come to grips with how awfully necessary this pain is. And always think: “Labour is going to be waaaaaaay worse”

    Good luck overcoming the cramps.

    • Witewolf87

      I can not possibly disagree with what you said anyone than I do now. Pain is not necessary at all and we don’t have to accept it. Anyone that says that have no idea at all, and it just makes me incredibly upset. Also, not all women want to give birth or have children, there is no reason to have these miserable, painful cramping and bleeding for them (including me!).

      • Pheonix Witch

        On top of that, periods may also get worse after having a baby.  Mine actually shortened from my normal 4-5 days, which weren’t really bad as far as cramping or anything.  (I would just be thirsty and hungry all of the time.)  Now, they only last 1-3 days, but my cramps have gotten so bad that I have trouble standing.  On top of that, I’ve had trouble with getting sick to my stomach and unable to keep anything down.  Being a woman sucks at this point in the month!  LOL

  • Vanisha

    Drink lot of water..
    Dnt eat chinese food..dnt eat fud which generates 2 much heat in ur body. Do streching excercises..have a nice hot shower…tak a rest..sprayn perfume on naval also helps..drink green tea..n eat vegetables and fruits…


    okay im 13 years old , and i know PERIODS suck but we all have to go through em , i found that eating bananas help , and also a hot water bottle right where t eh pain is , and drinking tea 🙂 hope this Helps

  • Gloria

    I have endometriosis and IBS, every month I feel like I am going to
    give birth for 3 days and I have very painful cramps. I lose a lots of blood and sometimes I get very anemic to the point that I have to be very careful with leukemia. The only medicine that helps me out is EXCEDRIN and I feel better in 5 minutes. I will start avoiding red meat, sodas, and diary foods, because that is the cause of my cramps. Drink a lots of water and excercise. Thank you to all the ladies that gave some tips and I will try them too. I hope you get well. :0)

  • Jessi

    I have had severe menstrual cramps since I was 11 years old. I’m 21 now, and I still wake up in the middle of the night due to severe cramping. I actually wound up getting ill in school due to the pain, and I have passed out due to it before. I find that Midol does not work,but I have found Ibuprofen does work wonders for me and so does laying/sitting with a heating pad on my lower abdomen and legs. If your not a fan of the pills, just drink water or warm teas, the ginger trick does work so does cinnamon.

  • brenda

    I guess I will be the one to say it the best thing for server cramps is to sit in a hot ass bath smoke a fatty bowl of chronic and drink some hot peppermint tea and take a nap.

  • Nina

    I am 13 and to help with cramps i usually heat up some chicken or beef bouillon cubs that normally helps for me

  • Elise

    I use a product called React-heat. Just go to reactice.com and read about it. (react heat is better for cramps than react ice). What I do: get a dime size amount. Rub in a circular motion on stomach where you are feeling the cramps at. wait 2-3 minutes and it actually makes your stomach feel good!! It really does work. I also take 3 pills of menstrual magic. Also I noticed that instead of laying down to make the cramps go away, get up an move around. It feels better than sitting.

  • Mandy

    I am 14 and on my period right now. Laying down with a rice sock thing and taking midol seems to work for me. Sleeping doesn’t work for me because I can never really sleep alot when I’m on my period. My cramps are really painful and I always want to go to sleep but can’t. Any suggestions for something to put me to sleep?

  • me

    I’m dying, i cant handle this pain.

  • me

    im going to eat a bannana and drink a chamomile tea…hope it helps ….

  • Sarahthesaur

    One thing I know works for me, is an advil (every 4 to 6 hours) like it says, it really helps me so so much, Without it I don’t think I could function or even go to School. I’m 15, going on 16, and I’ve had my period since i was about 10, and I don’t think I got cramps until…6th or 7th grade. But other than taking the Advil, I like to lay down on my bed, reading a good book and just taking my mind off my cramps.
    My time started today so I’ll try doing some of ya’ll tips! but I have a question: Is it normal to get cramps before your period and during?

  • Alli

    I can’t even move so there is no way in heck i’m going to get up and exercise. So here are some things that helped ease my pain today…
    -Hot Tea and lots of smart water:)
    -Warm bubble bath
    -Comfy sweats
    -Light stretching
    -Peppermint oil rubbed on the abdomen- it helps relax your muscles
    -Heat pack/Rice or bean bag ( Ive been using this all day, it has saved my life!)
    And the best one:
    -Chocolate and a good movie!

    • Dianne

      I LOVE how you emphasized MIDOL!!!!!!

  • Sasha

    It is also recomended to sit on a bathtub fill up with hot water

  • CatSterling

    Good Afternoon Ladies. I’ve just got done crying from my own cramps, but I do have a few things that help me. Laying propped on your elbows belly down in the bath (Using your knees to make your stomach not touch the floor) helps a bit, as well as distracting yourself. If you have a net book or la top they get pretty warm, use your belly as a table! Video games help distract me, and having the rumble feature never made dying so much more fun. I sat in the hospital for 5 hours last night due to cramps, they prescribed Ibprofen, and gave me one, I was giddy a few moments after taking it! Power to us women, stick together, and help us through what men pretend to understand. For men believe they are almighty, they believe they are strong, but we endure the pain month after month, we endure the birth of the child, they would give in much easier. So stand together hand in hand and help your fellow woman.

  • Ash

    Hi, I am 20 years old and I have been dealing with severe cramps for years. I started my period when I was 8 years old with some dull cramping. I started this young because I have a tumor in my pituitary gland and my thyroid is out of whack. When I reached my teens, the pain was worse with every period. I vomit, pass out, can’t walk, get severely anemic, and chest pains due to being anemic. My menstrual blood also pours out of me. I go through roughly around 10 to 12 tampons a day for the first 3 to 4 days. I have found that exercise helps me with the pain and bleeding. I have also found that eating healthier foods and not fast food helps a ton with the pain. I also take 2 Advil, but then after 2 hours with that in my system, I take 1 Tylenol, and after 2 hours I take 2 more Advil and i keep repeating this all day. This way I keep switching it up and there is always a pain reliever in my system. Also I spend a good amount of the time laying down with a heating pad and massaging the areas of my cramping. This might sound weird but it really has helped me. I hope you all find this useful!

  • Sync_thru

    peanut butter, soy milk or other sources of protein help a lot

  • Tan – Tan

    I get cramps where I can barely walk and I occasionally vomit. The majority of these remedies don’t work for me, here’s what does. RED WINE and or a hot cup of RASPBERRY LEAF TEA then breath in through your nose and breath out like you’re blowing through a straw. If it’s still bad include a hot bath or a hot water bottle in the mix. Midol and Tylenol are chemicals that you don’t need in your body.

    ***raspberry leaf tea or red raspberry leaf tea is thought to tone the muscles of your uterus (womb) to help it work better during labour.

    Feel better soon, sweets 🙂

  • Sonia

    I have suffered with montly cramps all my life (24 years now). I have severe cramps. I have stayed home from school and work most my life so much that it had become an embarresment. After trying hot tea, warm baths, midol, tylenol and everything else. The only thing that work ladies, is vicodine. I’m serious. One pill on the first day is all it usually takes sometimes I have to take a second pill on the second day. I no longer am absent from work. I can even workout when having a heavy flow.
    I hope that your doctor will believe you. I have found that many doc’s don’t understand the horrible pain some of us go through.
    that’s my story.

  • day 1

    ukulele music 🙂

    relax. be warm.

  • Cinna

    Try ginger chews. I have cramps so bad on the first day of my period I puke sometimes. I eat as many Chimes Ginger Chews as possible, and drink ginger tea. This has helps make the cramps bearable along with a heating pad.

  • Alise

    Nothing works…Had period since I was nine years old, threw up everything I ate or drank, including water until I was 18. After that no throwing up but cramps were still severe and Midol, Advil and Tylenol do not help. Now when I do take Advil or even drink tea my period stops! I’ve tried heating pads, mint teas, bananas, you name it…nothing helps. I’m 24 now and do not want to have to subdue to birth control pills but what else can I do… =/

  • brittania

    SING for some this actually takes your mind off if u really get into and dulls the pain a bit and stay far away from the cold

  • talks

    When I first started my period, my cramps weren’t bad at all, but now a couple years later, they are starting to get worse… it turns out many women in my family have had horrible cramps, so they have learned how to deal with them somewhat. Sometimes, they aren’t that bad, but sometimes I have to miss school and its really horrible. I find that exercise, both before and during your period, helps alot, as I am a competitive athlete but a couple months ago i got in a pretty bad ski crash while training for a freestyle competition and got a concussion, so my wonderful exercise remedy must be prosponed a few more months

    Anyways, to get to the point, here is what I have found helps:

    -Lots of water
    -Tea (chamomile…)
    -Stretching and yoga
    -Exercise (running, skiing…)
    -Hot water bottle
    -Music i have a playlist which is made of nice music which always makes me feel better

    Stay strong girls!

  • Alex Gray

    Hey girls i got my period when i was in 5th grade so about 11 yrs old!! Putting a hot bottle of water on ur abdomen really works!! Actully im doing it now! And of corse a bubble bath! what women can live without those? 🙂 G

  • Alex Gray

    Hey Ladies && young girls…A hot water bottle on the abdomen has always worked for me since i got my period in 5th grade..and im 16 now sooo…And of corse a warm bubble bath always worked as well!! Good luck girls 🙂

  • Luna Era

    Heating pads are miraculous for me! I usually dress in really loose and comfy but very warm clothes and wear thick socks because cold feet make the cramps worse! I drink lots of tea to warm myself up, and I rub my feet (or get someone else to). For those of you who are interested, the spot to rub on your foot is around the middle of your foot on the inside arch. If you feel pain there when you rub, you have the right spot! The first time my mum rubbed my feet there I was almost crying for the pain, but at least it got the cramps off my mind, and soon they went away!

    For those of you who are eager for menopause, think twice. I’m 21 and my mother is going through her fifth year of pre-menopause (because YES it lasts 5 to 8 years) and it’s HORRIBLE. Heat flashes, moodiness that rivals Jekyl and Hyde, weight gain, and overtiredness are all symptoms. My mother actually went through a depressiin during the first few years of pre-menopause, and so did her mother, so I know that I’m expecting to as well. Cramps are a breeze compared to menopause.

    Just putting that out there…
    Good luck to you ladies and enjoy being a woman!

  • Ow :(

    Oh god nothing hurts more than my cramps.
    I’m 13 years old and I’ve been having them for about…14 months.
    The only things that somewhat ease the pain for me is:
    – a heating pad / hot water bottle
    – cuddling with my cat
    – drinking water
    – streching
    – rocking on a rocking chair lightly
    – 2 midol
    – baggy. pants.

    – dairy (oh god it was misery when I didn’t know that)
    – caffeine
    – fetal position, as much as you want to in the end it hurts more because of the way you’re pushing your legs up to your body, my mom told me it doesn’t help it
    – people other than your grandma/bestfriend/mom (for their safety lol)
    – getting frantic (it makes it much worse)

  • me

    THANK YOU EVRYONE FOR THE TIPS! Ihave awfull periods. I have started experimenting to find out what works the best for me. So far its a blow drier, mint tea, crampbark, a hot bath and an orgasm. Each of these helps a lit tle, but the pain is still too bad and I am still missing out on school, special ocasions and life.

  • Lil Woman

    i started when i was 12 and i suffered throughout high skool with the pain not to mention the PMS, thank God i found out about Cataflam, its a miracle, 2 of those tiny tablets knocks the pain out and i feel like i can move mountains, may cause a bit of drowsiness but thats all, other tips:

    stay warm dont be drinking cold liquids or walking on the cold floor

    eat bananas to help with the PMS

    drink warm liquids/tea-ginger is good

    i would stay away from dairy products esp milk, it makes me feel really sick rigt before my period

    heating pad

    loose clothing-u dont want to all squashed down there

  • Lil Woman

    Oh yeah the rocking thing, i tend to shake my leg, it helps, i have been doing it for yrs now its a habit esp if im lying down n one of the cramps just hits really sharp, gotta shake it out :))

  • Molly

    a tincture of vitex and motherwort has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. a naturopathic MD gave it to me for crippling cramps and incredible PMS and bleeding that usually accompanies my monthly guest. It can increase fertility which personally I don’t want so I only take it right before and during my period. It has shortened the duration of my period from 7-10 days to 3-5 and even my family and friends have noticed the disappearance of the PMS mood swings. I imagine the effects would be even stronger if I took daily as suggested but like I said, I’m not looking for a fertility boost right now.
    I’m not sure where to get the tincture except for the doctor that gave me mine, everywhere else I’ve looked they only have vitex and in capsule form but if you’ve got a good herbalist I can’t recommend it enough.

  • ouchems

    One thing I can have noticed not to try to be gross but for some reason gas and constipation can also become an issue and make cramps worse. Make sure you are still havving regular bowel movements. Taking care of these two issues can greatly lessen cramps too, since they may actually be the culprit, not just your ovaries.

  • kenisha

    hey girls my period had started since i was thirteen for the first few years i had no pain at all, i am now 26. My remedy is a warm bath first thing in the morning followed by a hot cup of tea and two ibuprofen.when the pain stops then i eat something then withen the half day i does the same usually for the first three day of my cycle after that i am good to go.

  • nick

    @katie…weed works very well …..she too suffers from the same trauma , and weed is the only thing that keeps her intact

  • Lezahn

    I am sitting at work at the moment and am in so much pain, this is the first time after my youngest boy was born. I am DYING of pain… Its been 9 months!! Going to try all of the above remedies! Thanx Ladies!!!! xx

  • christina

    put some rice in a old sock and heat it up in the microwave and roll it around where the crams are it really helps

  • Kaylaaa

    A heating pad works. If you don’t have one try either
    1-heating up a water bottle.
    2-heat up rice in a sock
    3-take cloth and make one! Im sure theres a video or artical somewhere.Here’s the link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epBCW0SkISU Heat it up and put it where the ache is. It helps. Take one tylenol beforhand and you shpuld be good. Plus making one gets you mind of the pain. Your more focused on the frustration of making the thing.

  • Abby F.

    I’m 13, I’ve had my period since I was 11 1/2 and my cramps are HORRIBLE. Most of the time I end up vomiting around 5 am because they’re so bad. I’ve tried everything, but lying on cold hardwood/laminate with a heating pad on my lower abdomen usually works the best, along with a dose of ibuprofen. Watching cartoons (or anything to distract me from how crappy I feel) also works. 🙂

  • Alexis

    My gynecologist recommended starting to take Aleve (naproxen sodium) a couple of days before you know your period is going to start. He said it actually helps to disable the hormone that causes the cramps in the first place. It works!!

  • Julia

    I’m almost 15 and started my period at 11. I have suffered horrible cramps since day one, and find that Midol or most other acetaminophen products work. Also, heating pads do wonders. Or lay on pillows folded in half. It may sound silly, but I promise it works. Especially when you’re trying to sleep. I did not sleep at all last night, for even with laying on a pillow my cramps were debilitating. I will definitely be trying these teas and other remedies. However, exercise does not work for me! I am just more lazy when I’m on my period and I can’t move with my cramps and exercise makes them worse and my flow heavier. Another thing that does not work for me is wrapping myself in blankets and keeping warm. I live in a very hot town and I have heat issues: I always feel like it’s 10 degrees hotter than everyone else does. Chocolate and other sweets might help:) drink a ton of water! Try to relax. Take a nice hot bath and keep your mind off of it. Good luck! I’m right there with you in the pain.

  • Brookelyn

    I’m 14, had it since I was 11. I am so glad a read about tea! I had terrible cramps yesterday, and this morning i got up and read about tea and i drank some today and it helps a lot! just the warmth is soothing. This month, on top of my period, i have some sort of stomach flu and i’ve thrown up 5 times today! Talk about major stomach pain in many ways! My tips are, stay warm, use Tylenol/ibeprofen (although i couldn’t today because of the throwing up), drink tea, use heating pad, hot showers, and stay rested. Also, tampons tend to make me feel worse so i use pads usually. I only use tampons when i don’t have cramps. Good luck everyone…

  • Allie

    Hey everyone. I know this pain is bad. I have had extremely painful periods since I was nine years old and am now twenty. I lose a lot of blood, have constant cramping that gets much worse around that week. And now my periods are getting irregular while on the pill. The doctor had mentioned endometriosis so I guess that makes sense.
    My advice is to find something that makes you forget about the world. Throw yourself into homework, weed the garden, read a novel, watch funny clips on YouTube. Whatever it is, focus on that and clear your mind of everything else. Also, I recommend drinking hot tea. I have started drinking green tea but also enjoy mint and lemon teas.
    I have found that pills don’t help my pain. It gets so bad that I fall to the ground. This tends to make college a bit difficult. And heat pads don’t really do anything for me either.
    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Lauren

    So I’ve read many things today on what relives cramps and I saw 1 that said bengay or icy hot. I found some in my house, took 2 advils and used some bengay on my abdomen area and my lower back fell asleep for an hour and it worked like a charm! Thanks guys for posting more things hope this helps!

  • Gstar

    Breathe slowly and deeply and lye on your front. Heat various foods, to get all your vitamins, and drink lots of water

  • Gstar

    Eat various foods

  • Jessica

    An old sock filled with dry rice works for me. Take an old sock(husband/boyfriend)and fill it up with dry rice. Tie the sock at the end. Place the sock in the microwave for no more than 3 minutes. Any longer and the rice will cook. Wrap sock in towel and lay across your abdomen. The rice stays hot for hours and helps relieve cramps. Best thing when you don’t own a water bottle.

  • Canopy

    My grandmother is 97 and has given me several “home” remedies that people used to use back in the day. First off, baking soda. You can consume about a teaspoon in about 4-6 ounces of water and you should notice a difference. I prefer turning the baking soda into a paste and rubbing it on each side of my navel. Its a rather pleasant massage. Get a lemon or lime, cut it in half and breath in the aroma for 2-3 minutes.
    Another one she told me about is actually having someone massage the area just above the heal (slope) of your feet. Its best if both feet are done at the same time.

  • Ann

    I’ve passed out, regurgitated, and just lost my mind because of the severity of my cramps. Nothing worked for me not ibuprofen not Vatican
    not any pain reliever. My doctor suggested birth control pills that offer a low dose of hormones. I have cramps right now, the fact that I’m able to think clear enough to write this must mean its working, and i’m still in my first month on the pill. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, talk to your doctor or your obgyn. Cramps my be a sign of something worse and you should always get them checked out, for me it’s just an unlucky case of genetics. And soda, is definitely the worst thing you can do, nothing carbonated. I hope this helps, Herbs don’t for me, really nothing works well as of yet, its very discouraging… but hang in there all you people like me, hope is the best tool you have. The pain will end, try to distract yourself.

  • Ann

    I also want to add (while I’m here at 2 am) Midol may make cramps worse. If you read the ingredients Midol actually contains Caffeine which for some women intensifies cramps to a most unbearable level. Everyone is different so don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work for you just keep looking, I’m hoping we can all find something to cheat nature. I don’t want kids so to me having a period is an unnecessary pain, sometimes getting angry just helps, if only to forget your current pain. When I feel bad i tend to want everyone to feel bad, misery loves company.

    Now I’m just rambling with no purpose. Just be careful about what you consume be sure you know what your putting into your body. As a side note, my pain is increasing rapidly, maybe the pill doesn’t work as good as I had previously thought. It’s still worth a try. I eat allot of fatty greasy foods (high metabolism) which doesn’t help, but my periods are so irregular I never know when they are coming and i can’t plan ahead. The birth control is meant to also regulate the irregularities, we’ll see. Sorry for rambling, I’m just in pain and I’m sure you know how hard it is to think. I will try to sleep now, sleep is your best friend when cramps show up at your door, unfortunately for me insomnia came with it. What a blast, I think sleeping pills would be wonderful right now, maybe its something to look into.

  • Lacie

    I’ve had my period since i was 11, with cramps every month urg. I’m 18 now and i recently found out that a baked potato works MORE than a banana! (and more quicker).I’m allergic to inceds (IBprophen, advil, alieve, etc..) so i have no choice to take tylenol right before i eat my potato. Also, stay away from baths, no matter how comforting it sounds.. it will make your next period worse. Stay away from siting on cold floors, cold concrete, cold anything, because just like the bath it will make your period and cramps worse the next month. I’m allergic to inceds (IBprophen, advil, alieve, etc..) so i have no choice to take tylenol right before i eat my potato. If my cramps aren’t gone(although the potatoe pretty much always works) i snuggle up with a little heating pad i got for my birthday a couple years ago, under a blanket, and i usually almost immediately fall asleep. When i wake up, They’re gone! 🙂 Hope this works for someone out there!

  • kate

    Drink about a 4 oz glass of equal parts of watervinegat and honey.

  • kate

    Sorry, thats water vinegar and honey.

  • candy

    i have been getting my period since i was 9 (i am now 28) and the only thing that seems to make the intense cramps better for me is extra strength midol, i take 3 at a time, 2 to 3 times a day for as long as the cramps last. it has to be the extra strength midol, the regular doesn’t do anything for me. i was told that how strong my cramp pain feels is how strong labor pains feel. they get so strong sometimes that it feels as if my insides are being ripped apart and it makes me vomit. so i am glad that the extra strength midol works for me.

  • abby

    try pushing all around on your foot, theres suposed to be a presure point of relief

    God bless

  • Sherlocked

    My cramps vary in strength. When they’re really bad, I curl up in my parents’ bed with a heating pad and watch TV. I don’t lay down though. I pile pillows behind me so I’m sort of reclining. And silly and childish as it may be, I curl up with a stuffed animal. Hugging something little like that helps.

  • Cindy

    I started my period when I was 8. I am now 44 years old I have tried everything there is the only time I get any. Wrelief is putting awarn compress on my lower tummy and lower back and staying as comfortable and warm as I can with a warm cup of camomile tea it relaxes you and helps you sleep better.

  • Stacey

    Midol, salt and vinegar chips, and ginger ale!

  • ????

    Singing or humming REALY works it helps stretch out the abdomen . This keeps small cramps from getting worse and even stops them !!!!

  • Soggy

    Okay, I’m 22yrs old and I have been having severe period cramps every month for the past 12yrs. I have tried every kind of pill and home remedy there is out there and nothing had seemed to help..

    At least not until my mom had told me to lay on the floor, put my feet up on the couch, a pillow under my butt, and a heating pad on my stomach.

    This not only relieves period cramps in about 10 minutes, but also ovulation pains.

    When that doesn’t work, I usually curl myself up in a ball on my side, with the heating pad wrapped around my stomach, and I take about 2-4 pamprin with Coke.

    I tend to avoid all dairy products and salts, but Soda seems to help.

  • Emi Cortorreal M.D

    Girls, Some informations for all of you as a Physician (Medical Doctor) and also a patient of Primary Dysmenorrhea (period Cramps):

    As someone said on top of this post, you could be suffering from a Secondary Dysmenorrhea which could be treated depending the cause, For the ones like me suffering from Prostaglandins effects over the Uterine muscle the answers are here: (will work for both but secondary can be cured depending it’s cause).

    I’m a 27 years old female Physician (and being practicing for the last 4 years in the Dominican Republic) since the first time I got my period which was near entering med school (14-15). I’ve been suffering this horrible disorder. As one of you said. In a range from 1-10 mine gets to 10 right when my period starts. Nauseas, vomiting, fainting, fever, agonic pain which disables me to work are most of my symptoms. All has a physiological reason involving “The Prostaglandins”. Diverse medical trials have been made and I’ll resume in colloquial language their conclusions for all of you.

    1). Hormones medications (I won’t say which ones, because I highly recommend you to visit a Physician for getting evaluate correct diagnose and accurate treatment; according to your situation) taken daily for 3-4 months have proof to decrease the symptoms in 50-60% (I’ve done it and I can say hasn’t completely erased the symptoms but instead of the normal 10 I get around a 5) for me it’s a total yesssss.

    2). Warm pads over the uterine area it’s highly recommended because: warm creates a vasodilator and muscle relax effect. Also has well known anti-inflammatory properties for the same reaction. Warmth, by allowing Uterine vessels and uterine muscles to relax, will allow a better blood circulation over the area; reducing pain secondary to the lactic acid produced by the lack of oxygen on the uterine fibers. (while Uterus contracts, less blood will provided oxygen to the muscle and lactic acid will increase, it’s somehow similar to the Chest pain patients sense while heart attack event occurs). Warmth it’s a good option, just make sure your skin doesn’t get burn.

    3). Avoid substances and habits that increase Prostaglandins in your organism (number one cause of inflammation and uterine muscles contractions). Coffee, Chocolate, Cigarettes, Soda (all types, including Tonic water) Dairy, too much Sugar, Alcohol and Energizing Drinks at least 4-5 days before your period. (for healthy reasons some of those should be completely eliminated of our consumption).

    4). Cold has a vasoconstrictor effect which will worsen the cramps by allowing less oxygen to circulate to the uterine region, avoid cold as much as possible! Even in drinks!

    5). Eating habits have a good component too. 5 days before your period try to eat as much vegetables and fruits possible; the fiber will help you evacuate (feces on the intestines create some sort of irritation since they’re separate by a thin wall to an inflamed uterine area, (thou, this is not a real irritation since they’re not in direct contact). I can even say by experience; whenever I evacuate and pee I can really feel some sort of relief. Bladder it’s below the uterus so, whenever it gets full creates a similar irritation. Drink more water, if you’re hydrated you will be able to tolerate better the symptoms.

    6). I haven’t try the sex part (personal reasons), but it’s true that after orgasms a high dose of Endorphins are released on our brains (they makes us feel happy and contrast really good the pain) the contractions the uterus gets it’s also good for detaching the secretor endometrium from the uterine wall (which was meant for creating the placenta and it’s circulatory system)

    7). Massages, back and Lumbar vibrators for pain, and similar devices, are handy when we need a pelvic massage and no one is around to help us.

    8). Over the counter painkillers are good but better to start using them before the pain initiates. Aspirin could be tricky; I personally don’t use it since I am allergic, but in some cases where pain it’s mostly cause due to the blood cloths trying to pass through the cervix. Aspirin can be really useful, since it has an anti-plaquetary effect. This can cause a profuse menstruation, reason why I’m not advising anyone to use it. Instead; Diclofenac (Voltaren) is better for Dysmenorrhea; because besides being anti-inflammatory/ pain killer its an antagonist of Prostaglandins. Causing a decrease of pain by three different mechanisms. It’s important to know; there’s a type of Prostaglandin meant for protecting the Stomach mucous and Diclofenac has no distinction to any of them, translating: can cause Stomachache. Diclofenac should be taken only after food and by patients with history of non active ulcers in the last six months.

    9). Yoga, short walks and soft exercises will produce some relief for the effect of Endorphins previously explained.

    Lots of girls gave good tricks and tips, which I believe will come handy to all of you.

    Hope this info was useful to some of you. Excuse any mistyped but I’m on iPad and isn’t as easy to type all this: 1. In bed 2. with period 3. with my right hand. Lol

    Primary Dysmenorrhea it’s genetically codified which means if you suffer from it, there’s a high percent that your daughter will suffer this too. (In my case all female members of my family are doomed with this cross). Get well inform so you can pass the knowledge to the ones about to come to this hell lol.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Merry belated Xmas and Happy New Year! Have a wonderful time.

    Emi Cortorreal

  • Gisele

    These are some great tips, ill be sure to use them. One girl all the way up at the top was saying that aspirin is a blood thinner and will help but make you bleed more, then she suggested Ibuprofen, which is also a blood thinner girls, i dont suggest taking it either. Now the only problem ill have is staying away from the chocolate, this sucks royally

  • safika hasan

    take hot water boiled
    with jeeraka it really works on cramps

  • Skye

    DoDrink hot juices
    Avoid coffee and dairy
    Do definatley eat bananas
    Avoid all tablets but paracatamol becaude stufflike ibufen makes you bleed heavier causing more pain

    Hope i helped get better soon ladies and girls

  • Sonni

    Hi ladies I’m a young cramp suffer and I vomit and the whole 9 yards but here’s what helps me… 500 mg of acetaminophen and a natural relaxant pill and black cohosh root which is a herb that’s purpose is to help women with menstrual complications such as cramps and I never forget my heat pad… Periods suck so I hope these help you ????

    Happy periods (haha right thats not even possible)

  • Kelli

    I was on here trying to figure something out to cure my cramps, they were KILLING me! I was really light headed and shaking. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP! It works! I will eat that and sunflower seeds throughout the day and my cramps go away! Thank you Campbell’s! 🙂

  • isi

    I am literally crippled for the first day of my period every month, I can’t take pills during this time as I can’t keep them down. this sucks

  • Gina

    During my period, I have cramps as if I am in labor and I am also a heavy bleeder. Is there certain foods I should avoid besides soda, chocolate 🙁 and other junk food?

    Thank You

  • shay

    I first started my pierod 4 years ago (when i was 11), I am now 15, and today is the first time I have ever cramped and it be bad!! I have drank hot Tension Tamer herbal tea ( has chamomeal and a few other things in it) and it has helped but i am still in pain at the moment. I know caffein is bad, but i dont drink soda or coffee and tea has very little in it. The best thing i have found is mint gum, tea, and take a shower while sitting in the tub, where it is like a bath but you don’t soak in your filth. Then get a nice big pillow, or boy friend/ husband is possible, and “cuddle” with it, it will hold in heat on your tummy and it feels amazing.

    Most of theother responces seem helpful and I hope this one might help someone

  • thyupa

    Oh yes..masturbation helps( not kidding) ..!! but end of the day..MEFTAL SPAS is my last resort…

  • friv 2

    So I’ve read many things today on what relives cramps and I saw 1 that said bengay or icy hot. I found some in my house, took 2 advils and used some bengay on my abdomen area and my lower back fell asleep for an hour and it worked like a charm! Thanks guys for posting more things hope this helps!

  • priya

    now am 24yrs…am having irregular periods problem for past 7years..actually my problem is without putting any medicines periods wont come..i dont know what to do.i went so many hospitals and i took scan for 2 times.my scan report was normal and also i checked my blood that also normal,am not having tyroid.without taking any medicines i checked for 9 months..there was no reaction(i didnt get periods for 9 mths).am not having any stomach pain…after this problem i became very fat and also lot of pimples are coming…please tell one proper solution…my parents are forcing me to get marry…but am telling no because of this problem..if i marry means..can i get a child??????plz tell proper answer…

  • Renee

    I have terrible cramps as well. I started when I was 9 years old and now I am 29. Here is what I do for my severe cramps: sit on the toilet and RELAX! Instantly, the cramps will disappear. All your muscles relax and the pressure from your bowls, uterus, and cervix subsides. Then after a while get up and get a heating pad and place it under your back, not your belly. You may want to go back in forth from bathroom to couch/bed but once you drift off to sleep, you will wake up cramp free.

  • LayLay

    I take some type of pain reliever…I have HORRIBLE cramps. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I even had a cyst removed…before that, I bled like I was having a miscarriage…it was DISGUSTING. I couldn’t leave the house without three pads and a tampon on…the surgery helped with the flow, but the cramps are STILL here. It feels like someone is literally squeezing my ovary. I only have them on the left side and the lower back, but they hurt like hell. Hot tea with honey and lemon… eating light, and lots of vitamins and veggies help. Massages are good, too, but if you’re single, then wtd? Heat is definitely a help, and limit your dairy, but we as women DO need calcium, so find it in veggies to replace milk based calcium. Orgasms are great for cramps, but come on; it’s kind of hard to get in the mood when you’re bleeding like a stuck pig. LOL And laying off the calcium (milk) will help prevent the diarrhea. I’m going to try the cinnamon and the other teas mentioned. Thanks to all the ladies who shared what works for them.