8 Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain with Fever | Q&A

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Q: I’m having pain in my right lower back which moved upward. Ia lso noticed that there’s much pressure in my bladder. I get chills and have fever too. What remedies can help me?

A: Dear S, If you got up this morning and thought, “Ugh, my back hurts,” you’re not alone. There are about one in five Americans who were reported to have experienced back pain at least once during the previous month. So, a lot of people ask if they need to go to the doctor. Not necessarily. Most low back pain resolves on its own within about four to six weeks, with or without medical treatment. In many cases, you can manage your back pain at home. But, if it’s persistent and with fever, it is always best to seek medical advice.

Meanwhile, if you opt to stay at home and apply some home remedies for lower back with fever, here are some safe ways for you. ?

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain with Fever


1. Rest – The very first thing that you need to do is to rest your back. This doesn’t really require you to stay in bed for weeks. Perhaps, lying in bed for weeks is the most stupid and useless thing to do; this can even be the worst remedy yet. A lot of doctors recommend resting your back for about 48 hours after an injury or after the first time significant pain is felt. After the allotted time, you can already, slowly increase your activity level. Pain and stiffness is going to disappear faster if it is moved rather than rested.[1]

2. Apply Cold and Hot Compress – Applying either cold or hot compress directly to the area of low back pain can aid to diminish swelling and inflammation, thus, this can aid you feel lesser discomfort. Hot compress works by dilating blood vessels. That increases the supply of oxygen to the back and helps diminish muscle spasms. Cold compress works by possibly diminishing the size of the blood vessels and the blood flow to the area. That can reduce inflammation. Although this may feel painful at first, it can alleviate deep pain.

3. Lose Weight – Too much weight can add more weight on your spine; maybe more than what your spine can handle. There are actually a lot ways to lose weight; it can be through exercise, diet and many more.[2]

4. Get Some Exercise therapy – Exercising is actually medicine for your back. People cannot stress this enough. During aerobic exercise, the body releases endorphins that can help improve your mood and lessen your pain. It is significant to choose the correct type of exercise while you are recovering from a series of low back pain.

5. Sleep comfortably – The area where you sleep in is as well a very important factor. Make sure that you are sleeping in a very comfortable place and not in hard surfaces.[3]

6. Stay in a supported position – Individuals who are suffering from strained back should rest on plain and stiff mattress with folded knee at right angles.

7. Acupuncture – This remedy has been used for thousands of years already and the reason why it’s still alive until now is because it is very effective. This remedy makes use of long needles which are punctured in some areas of the back; peptides are released thus helping relieve back pain.[4]

8. Lemon – Take a lemon and squeeze it, add salt and take it for at least two days.[5]


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