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Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl, screaming for your life on a roller coaster, or yelling at your significant other – you run the risk of losing your voice. Irritation, infection, or overuse is often a factor when you encounter a case of laryngitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the voice box. Fortunately, you can soon restore your central means of communication by following home remedies for a lost voice.

Causes and Symptoms of a Lost Voice

Inside of the larynx, you will find your vocal cords. It is here that two folds of mucous membrane cover muscle and cartilage. On a normal day, the vocal cords open and close in an uncomplicated manner – allowing sounds to form with the help of vibration and movement.

However, when the vocal cords become inflamed, your chances of losing your voice increase. Swollen vocal cords make it hard for you to produce sounds. As a result, your voice is barely heard. Depending on the cause, you may encounter a short-term loss of their voice (acute) or battle a long lasting problem (chronic). When you’ve lost your voice, it’s usually because you’ve suffered one of the following:

  • Strain or Overuse: Cheering at a sporting is a common cause.
  • Upper Respiratory Infection: A virus (like the common cold) is the culprit.
  • Allergens and Irritants: Secondhand smoke can contribute to a lost voice.
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Irritation and inflammation caused by acids originating from the stomach.

Symptoms include a voice that is hoarse, weak, and raspy. Some people are completely unable to talk. A sore throat, cough, or urge to clear your throat may also accompany a bout of laryngitis [1]. In children, they may experience difficulty breathing.

Lost Voice Home Remedies

Reducing the strain placed on the larynx is one of the best approaches to finding your voice once again. A handful of home remedies for a lost voice include:

a) Steam:

Soothe your vocal cords by inhaling steam. An easy remedy is to breathe the steam that comes from a bowl filled with hot water. A hot shower is also pretty relaxing.

b) Moisten Your Throat:

Keep your throat moist in an effort to combat your lost voice. Some people have found success by sucking on lozenges or chewing gum [2].

c) Limit Your Caffeine Intake:

Since the caffeine found in coffee, tea, and cola drinks causes dehydration, it is suggested to limit your intake when you’ve lost your voice.

d) Pass on the Drink:

Alcohol brings dehydrating effects to your throat, which can contribute to a long-term issue with your vocal cords. Bad news for coffee drinkers – your favorite beverage also causes dryness in the throat.

e) Humidifier:

Since indoor heat removes moisture out of the air, using a humidifier or vaporizer can make room conditions much easier on the throat.

f) Dust:

Ask someone to keep your living spaces free of dust, as this causes a room to become dry, which can worsen your throat problems, especially if you have dust allergies.

g) Tea:

Soothe throat irritation by drinking tea. An effective selection is ginger tea, as well as lemon selections. When it comes time to sweeten your tea, choose honey, which contains a natural antibacterial effect.

h) Water:

Drinking between eight and ten glasses of water per day will keep your larynx moist. It is important to make sure that the water is warm or about room temperature – not overly hot or cold.

i) Quit Smoking and Avoid Smokers:

Your throat will take twice as long healing if you are a smoker. Kick the habit and enjoy the wealth of health improvements that follow. Even secondhand smoke can hinder your healing process, so if you live with a smoker, kindly ask that they smoke away from you to give your larynx time to recuperate.

j) Cough Drops:

Since keeping your throat moist can help with your healing process, people often suck on cough drops. Opt for honey or fruit-flavored selections instead of minty or methol brands that tend to dry out the throat.

k) Don’t Speak:

It’s important to stay quiet while you’ve lost your voice. Talking strains your vocal cords and prolongs your road to recovery. And, whatever you do – don’t whisper. You probably never thought that whispering causes more stress on the vocal cords than a soft voice, but it does.

[1] http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/laryngitis-symptoms

[2] http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/laryngitis/DS00366/DSECTION=lifestyle-and-home-remedies


  • Amy

    If you think clearing your throat helps with a lost voice, think again. My doctor told me that it actually makes the irritation worse. So, don’t clear your throat! I also like to run a hot shower and allow the bathroom to fill with steam. Inhale it and the moist air will give you comfort.”

  • April

    “There is nothing wrong with honey, but tea and lemon are both acidic, which poses a serious problem to anyone who wants their voice to return……Tomatoes, citrus fruits and chocolate are some acidic foods to avoid to prevent reflux and further damage to the vocal folds”


  • Sarah

    When they mentioned to drink tea I would recommend staying away from non-herbal teas. They tend to contain acid which can further inflame the voice box/throat. Try instead an herbal tea, such as: ginger and other, non-mint, ones :3 {Minty things can dry out the throat sometimes!}

  • Jasmine

    Peppermint tea helps. I recently lost my voice, but I had some peppermint tea one night, about 2 hours before bed, and my voice had improved drastically.

  • Havva

    Whenever I have sore throat, loose my voice or have cough, I mix 1 Tbs honey,1 TBS minced garlic in jar and 1 tea spoon olive oil and eat it. Chew very well and swallow it little bit at a time. After 15 minutes it begins giving some relief. If you do it tree times a day and have some tea made with 1 tsp minced ginger, half of cinnamon stick ( broken into pieces) and 1 1/2 cup water low heat brew about 15 min. or when tea color turns to yellow then add some honey and sip it. Not hot, not cold; nice warm.

  • mvlk rao

    i am always carrying lukeworm water with me .it is giving me better results.sipping water every 15 min. complete voice rest is best.

  • Natasha

    It says to not drink caffeine but then says drink tea, I don’t understand?

  • Amy

    Not all teas have caffeine in them. Tea like black tea and green tea are chock full of caffeine while herbal teas may or may not have caffeine in them. A little bit of caffeine is ok, but it’s best to avoid drinks with a high amount. Although it seems cotradictory, avoid lavender (because it’s an irritant) and nutmeg (because in addition to being toxic at high levels of intake, it dehydrates.) Avoid acidic drinks and just don’t talk. It will take time.

  • Gerty

    I currently lost my voice completely to overuse, I discovered thast hard exercise can make you lose your voice faster. I recomend to not go for a jog or other exercise even if ther onlything wrong is your voice, I also disovered that iced cappuccino help. I don’t know if that is proven but it seemed to help.

  • jill

    i have to find my voice in 2 days, because i have auditions for my school play, but i hope this works. i will keep you updated on my perilous journey of finding my long lost voice! >:D

  • jill

    ahh!! my auditions are here and my voice is FINALLY back!!!!! take plenty of showers and drink lots and LOTS of water. i for one drank kangen water, which has an alkaline balance.. but drink a lot of water regardless.

  • amanda

    my voice has been going going going for the last two weeks and now its gonnee, i simply cannot swallow tea or honey ! i seem to have i high gag reflex with it! im goiing to try peppermint tea.. hopefully it isnt so bad, and maybe an iced cappacino. this website has helped loads. all ive been doing is whispering but apperently thats a big NO NO


  • Kitkat

    I lost my voice, and it hurts allot, im on loads of medicine, iv tryed everything!
    And iv got a school christingle TOMORROW!

  • Jaleel

    Hi I m religious singer n I have big problem of my voice when I start singing after like 10 minut suddenly my voice going down like throat is itching and I enededup stop singing I don’t know is like my throat is getting dry n dry I don’t know what remedy should I take it to make my voice better so that I can sing for long hours could u pliz suggest me best remedys I will be very thankfull to u !!!

  • robyn

    remain calm and quiet, lots of fluids, and patience…i lost my voice keeping quiet is tuff.

  • renee

    I lost my voice on tuesday…I dont know how bad it was bt i got really freaked out. I didnt know why I lost it, Im not a teacher,singer or coach…Im a kid in school. Anyways I started to look at all this home remedy stuff online and I tried my best not to talk. I coulldnt do it I kept talking but I constantly drank ginger tea. When I wasnt drinking tea I was sucking on a ricola cough drop, Im swiss so i like ricola. I did that for 2 days and my voice didnt improve that much. then on thursday i got careless and i went to eggets which is a tapioca drink place in san francisco and i ordered al milk tea with tapioka, its cold but really good, then i ate some jerusalem food with lost of olive oil and lemon juce, i thought that would help a bit and it sure did. I could somewhat talk again and my voice was raspy but understandable. at home a mixer about 1 spoon of lemon juce with about 3 spoons of olive oil. I know it sounds awfully discusting, and it was but i drank it all and the next morning my voice was back to normal. I dont know if it will work for you or if it was just coincidence for me but i gained a pound and a voice.

  • Chelsey

    I am in a pantomime and my voice has been slowly going. I woke up and couldn’t speak this morning and still have 3 performances. The thing that I have found that has worked best in just this one day it gurgling very salty water. It’s horrible, but effective. Just make sure you don’t swallow! Also, hot ribena and don’t talk!

  • Laura

    I will try the above remedies: lost my voice and i have a runing/stuffy nose hence cant talk and finding it hard to breath beat that! Help ?

  • Carrie

    Helpful tips!! Thanks
    I’m a school teacher and had a sore throat a few days ago and made the mistake of taking my classes that day. The very next day my voice was gone…it hurt to even swallow.So, I’ve been having green tea with a teaspoon of honey which is very soothing and gargling with warm salty water at night and drinking lots of water. I didn’t know that I should not talk or even whisper, for that matter….thanks..will keep that in mind.

  • Christine Donoghue

    Manuka Honey taken every 4 hours. Rubbing Vick into your chest and back at the same time to cause through .heat in the chest. – melting 2 tsp spoons of vick into a bowl of hot water and inhale with towel over your head. Take glass of Effervescent Echinacea once a day Take 2 tsp spoons of Sambucal every 4 hours and of course keep up the antioxidents like Vit C, Goju Berry and Acai Berry.

  • Josh

    I lost my voice and I had to help my son so I went and got tea and didn’t speak until I had to help him and I still can’t speak HELPPPPPPP

  • nicole

    ive been losing my voice off and on for the last 3 yrs and this last time i was shocked bcuz it had been for about a yr since my last incident. Its been about a week now this time and im miserable not only cant i talk but my nose is dried up and my throat which makes it hard to breath its frustrating i must say i drink hot teas take hot showers and im not a smoker,singer,or screamer im just a average person that cant understand why this happens. PLZ HELP ME GIVE ME SOME ADVICE I AM DESPERATE!!!!

  • Maddie

    It all started at my bday party and there was laughing and screaming.. My throat started to hurt and later the next day it was gone and now it’s the 3 day and still no voice. So now I’m gonna try to not talk and whisper.. Drinking lots of water.. Still nothin.. .. Owwww:3

  • Luke

    Saying that whispering is bad for the voice is a myth that is sometimes taught. In whispering, the vocal cords are not used. Air is controlled by the lips and the shape of the mouth. No strain is placed on the voice.

    The ‘drying out’ effect that some say is caused by whispering is also a myth.

  • Colleen

    I loose my voice on average 3-5 times a year. I’m a very talkative person. It rarely goes slowly, I will be fine today and can’t talk tomorrow.(I was fine yesterday, tad hoarse and I can’t talk today 🙁 )
    I’ve tried all of the comments above to help it and honestly the only thing to do is not to talk- which I know from experience is practically impossible!
    Hot ribena and sleep are good too. I don’t find the lozenges any good, at all.
    If any one has any more tips I’d be grateful as I need my voice for work and I hate loosing it.

  • mia angela

    it has been more than a year now since i lost my normal voice. i mean, i surely could talk, but it requires a lot of effort and i’m really having a hard time enunciating words. i tend to be breathless when i speak continuously. I had a history of recurrent tonsillitis and i guess that’s 1 of the contributing factors. i was also a call cntr agent. Now i’m really desperate getting my normal voice back coz it really affects almost all aspecs of my life. I can’t mingle and express myself well, I can’t apply for the career I want, and people that i talk to are having a hard time understanding me. Talking has been tiring task for mr. I have gone to an EENT and he prescribed me with antiistamine and vit b compplex but to no avail. He suggests for me to go to a speech therapy but I refused to coz i certainly know how to speak. its just that drs somehng in m throat that does not require the voice to be projected wd clarity as it did b4. Is whispering really more strenuous? I’ve been doin thaat. and i’ve been head toning also when I was on the choir for years. I just want o find my voice. It is only now I realize how important it is in ones life to have a voice and to be heard. Help!

  • Arlene

    It has been over a week now with my voice gone, it is really hard. People told me to drink lemon juice and honey in warm water, that did not work.. I tried not talking but that is impossible for me with my job working with children and my boyfriend is gone on the road all the time… I need help to get my voice back because last time I had it gone it was for 18 months and I can’t have it gone that long again, I have my wedding in a few months and I need it back now!!! PLEASE HELP

  • Brink

    I have to teach a class of 6th graders in the morning. I am really hoping some of these help. Been sucking down peppermint tea for four days and it has gotten worse.

  • Kayley

    Well i lost my voice and i got no tonsils or anything…… my throat is sore and my voice sound like i am really really old but i am only twelve. any suggestions please i got to do a speech next week i hope it goes away FAST…………. i am desperate

  • DeLayna

    I have been seriously ill since Jan 28. It all started with a cold virus, then bronchitis, then walking pnemonia. I took the meds and most of my cold went away then I contracted bronchitis again and took the meds, and now I am battling bronchial pnemonia and asthma. I lost my voice a couple of days after getting sick the first time and have been trying to get it back ever since. I have tried throat sprays, lozenges, herbal teas, and medication to no avail. About 5 days ago I put a humidifier in my bedroom and started running it at night, it has helped immensely with the dryness in my throat. I have also started to drink a nixture of crushed garlic, honey, lemon juice, and boiling water. This for me has truely been the most powerful and effective method for helping me restore my voice to normal. I sip this hot liquid three or four time a day and eat the garlic after finishing the liquid.
    Recipe: 3 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon honey, 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice, and 12 oz.

  • Alisha

    For a sore throat is it actually very good to drink tea and then have a popsicle two or more hours later. Drinking or eating cold food or liquids actually does help because it is the same concept as putting a ice pack on a swollen or sprained ankle. Anyway, see i got the sore throat from my best friend and i did this for only a day and a half and my voice got back and nothing hurt unfortunatley i thoght i completley healed so i had a cheese sandwich which ruined everything because dairy products make the throat worse. SO, now i lost my voice. I am drinking tons of water and withing minutes my voice has gotten like 5% better. Does anyone have any other tips for me because i have my talent show coming up and i am singing a song a lone and another song with a friend. Not to mention next week on behalf of my teacher i have to sing a jazz song by ella fitzgerald for a theatre of arts and i sound like Demi lovato that ate a squeeky dog chew toy. NOT GOOD! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

  • Alisha

    It’s only good to have dairy if it is in tea, that is all

  • Abbey

    I am in big! trouble cuz I have a singing audition in 2 days and I lost my voice. Not good at all! But, I will try all these remedy’s
    and see which one works best! But, I am still hoping for one of these to work QUICK! If any more suggestions, I will soon know about them! 🙂

  • Amy

    I am going to try this. By looking at the other comments, these must seem to work./

  • Rosemary

    I constantly lose my voice, more often than not following a night (couple of nights out). The only cure i find that works is drinking plenty of water and staying quiet (not very easy)
    the one bit of advice i got from speach therapist was to AVOID throat lozenges which actually dry out your vocal cords and make matters worse not better.

  • Samantha

    I went to Six Flags yesterday with my friends. Today I woke up and can’t talk at all. My throat is hurting so much and I need to have my voice back by tomorrow. Someone, HELP.

  • fareha

    actually i too wanna know something for my throat..i m a teacher by profession due to constantly screaming in class i sufferd 4rm a bad throat…clueless what to do? suggest me effective tips 4 my throat as soon as possible
    thanx and regards
    [email protected]

  • Jeffrey

    Gum REALLY helped me, i screamed WAY to much, and found myself hoarse. Before I actually lost my voice, i came here and started reading. I read the gum tip and immediatly got a piece of gum, and it has helped alot, if you just want immediate voice recovery. It doesn’t last forever though, only while the gum is in your mouth.

  • kenzo

    hope this help u guys out there suffering voice loss just like me..

    first u must have gingers and cut it into pieces

    then second is look for a honey just a drop or two or it depends on your taste, but i prefer that dont make it too sweet.

    mix this two ingredients and boil it in the water. (dont make it too hot)

    and carefully drink it

    hope this helps 😀

  • Merete

    Drink licorice root tea and/or suck on fisherman’s friend. They are both expectorants and decongestants 🙂 also, cough syrup called nin jiom works too.

  • jessica

    soo i have this HUGE performance in 3 daaaays ! i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need help . i need a remedie that will help mee as FAST as possible . im desperateeeee ! i dont wanna look bad on stage , pleaaaaase give me the BESTEST remedies possible, helpp me asap! im going to try the wtea and salt mythsss , doo they really work ?

  • Teresa Kelly

    Gargle a teaspoon of apple cider vineger then swallow it, It breaks up the phlem on your vocal cords. Its rank but it’s a miracle cure. My sister’s voice was completly gone, she done this and immeditaly it was back, unfortunatly, (joke). Goot luck.

  • teresa

    “I had acute laryngitis on Saturday morning. So I started drinking tea with lemons in it. The next day, I woke up feeling worse. So I yahooed cures for laryngitis and stumbled across this site. I switched from drinking tea to apple cider vinegar and had immediate results. Then, I started taking cough drops and noticed that my throat was becoming more and more congested. So I stopped taking the cough drops and found out about Cayenne pepper. I mixed it in with the ACV and lemon water and regained 60% of my voice in an hour!!!! It’s now Tuesday morning and I have 100% of my voice restored!!!”

  • Kris

    I am having a lack of voice, I croak now, after years of smoking… I quit, but my voice is really not coming back. It wasn’t just a couple of months ago that I still had a very strong singing voice, like VERY strong, but now I am completely hoarse. HELP! I fear I have done some real permanent damage and I hate the sound of my voice. Also, just a note, I think it’s hilarious that you are a teacher and report SCREAMING in your classroom, what is up with that???

  • Nauhar Rana

    Mix ‘turmeric’-its a spice found mostly in asia and is yellow in color with warm water and honey and drink a cup every half hour!its amazing!! Steam is also good…

  • alyssa

    I got a cold & it made me lose my voice I made things worse by drinkin cokes & coffe every day havin tea wit cinnamon & talkin alot I tried honey it didnt work same wit cough drops havin skool I need 2 talk cuz my teachers call on me & no1 wants 2 stay quiet wen theyre friends r talkin & havin a good time so I tried drinkin straight lemon juice it didnt work & just right now I tried gargaling salt water (idk how 2 spell it) & it worked instantly my voice is bak 2 normal wit just alil squeak 1ce awhile 😀 I reccomend that rememdy the most also lots of sleep 😀

  • Alberto

    Does anyone know where the vocal chords are? They are at the top of the Larynx. In the throat, and right in front of the larynx is a flap of cartilage called the epiglottis, which prevents solids and liquids from entering the larynx and give you a cough attack. So you see, you can not do ANYTHING to cure a lost voice other than resting. Anything you take is purely on a placebo effect. Liquids no not touch the vocal chords. Hydrating the vocal chords needs to be done in a preventive manner, the same way you avoid dehydration for the entire body, which is consuming liquids before you are actually dehydrated. I’m a classical singer, and I always see all these superstitious performers drinking every concoction imaginable. If only they knew about the epiglottis they would understand that whatever they are drinking is not going to help them. My 2 cents.

  • Ben (nurse)

    I always refer people to gargling garlic ginger water but lukewarm! another trick to getting your voice back is chew up three cloves of garlic every hour for 3 weeks at the max, after every time you eat the garlic follow it by drinking a glass of Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and two tbls of mustard the the acidity will kill any unwanted bacteria!

  • Josh

    Please help! I had a sore throat on Wednesday but wasn’t too bad. I had to go home from school on Thursday since I came upon a fever. On Friday, my voice was almost gone and very raspy. By then, m sore throat was already gone but was still running a fever. On Saturday, my voice was kinda croaky but it was OK. It seemed like my normal voice but just 24% hoarse. On Sunday, Iost it almost completely again. It was more raspy than on Friday. On Monday, it didn’t really change that much, probably only about 2% more clearer. Almost Allison Iraheta. Today, my voice was more clear, just a little raspy. I’m a singer and I can’t live without singing. It kills me to not sing a note. I’m getting kind of scared though, even though it’s going away slowly. I have been sucking on cough drops (since I have a small cough). I can’t stand my raspy voice anymore. I can’t rest my voice until the weekend because of school. Please, help me! I hear sometimes voices never come back or take as long as more than a year. Please, help me as soon as possible!

  • Shane

    Rest it best for sure. I work at a haunted house where screaming is a requirement. 3 nights of screaming for 5 hours straight you learn a few things. First is I don’t talk unless absolutely necessary between shifts. All night long I suck on high quality cough drops. And drink plenty of water. Room temp is good but I prefer cold to reduce irritation. And if all else fails, whisper. It is not strenuous on your voice and it is a very good way to scare.

  • sumbal

    drink lukewarm water add some honey in it.
    message on neck with olive oil.
    do gargles of salty water three times a day, especially after waking up, and before going to sleep.
    crushed ginger and honey….. eat this mixture.
    do! rest your voice.

  • George

    I’ve been on a end of season Footy trip, drinking heavily for 4 days. Woke up this morning and can’t even get a single sound out, most tips I’ve seen are for over use of voice not being on the booze, any ideas?

  • Ninetales

    Pineapple juice helps even though its acidic, i don’t know why.

    I have been working in a haunted house, and my only job is to scream and shake (electric chair) and i have to do this until the customers leave, (why do you people just stand there? get out!!) and so i will scream for up to ten minutes at a time. I had two three hour shifts, and i couldn’t do it the second day because my voice was long gone and still is.

    My friend, who is a professional screamer, told me the same cords you use to make a croaking sound should be the ones you scream with, because you almost never use them, so if it gets strained you simply talk a little higher than normal. wish she would have told me sooner…


    voice has been gobe for 3 weeks, YES i said 3 weeks now. This happens every couple of months for the past 2 years. doctors say i am fine and I have finnaly gotten on the waiting list for a ENT. I think I have tryed everything. Any other suggestions ANYONE !!!! HELP

  • Lilly

    I am freKimg out! For my drama class we did a story telling festival and I completely lost my voice! Today my drama teacher wants me to present my story to the clAss but whenever I try to talk it only comes out in a whisper. I am counting on your remedies to help me before fourth period………

  • Nina Cocoa Storm

    My boyfriend is a doctor and I love giving him oral sex, since we’ve been dating I have given him fallacio about 3times a day for almost an hour each and I noticed that my voice gets raspy and weak since we’ve been dating. My throat is not soar and I have no other issues but stuffy nose sometimes my sinuses are congested but I spoke with him and he says that after I give him oral that I should always gargle with listerine or mouth wash and cough and spit to keep my throat clear of pre-cum…so honetly guys and girls…oral sex can also effect your throat especially for ladies, always wash, gargle and clear your throat after giving oral because it can cause a build up of mucus…trust me, I’m only trying to shine a light here that hasnt been lit yet. Enjoy ladies! *N*

  • Nina Cocoa Storm

    Actually he is now my ex boyfriend but the same thing happens with my new boyfriend so ladies, giving oral can also effect your throat…it’s common sense, wash, gargle and spit to keep your throat clear of pre-cum which can cause a build up of mucus in your throat that can also contribute to losing your voice…, I’ve tried everything else, tea with honely/lemon, you name it…the best thing is to keep your throat clean for starters….


  • Me..

    I had a really bad cold (still do kinda) and my voice is going! And I stupidly screamed and shouted around with my mates today at school, but I hardly spoke at home, and I drank hot tea with milk and I’m taking strepsils, (throat lozenges) and drinking a lot of water, and I gargeled salt with water right now before I go to sleep, I’m taking the day of school tomorrow, I’m not gonna talk at all and continue what I’m doing, will my voice be completely back by the day after tomorrow???



  • krystle

    Ive been using stash lemon ginger tea with honey. You can also use the steam from the brewing tea, while your waiting for it. Plus it smells really good. Be not sure to not leave the bag in too long, it can make the tea too strong. Sleep and water also. Not cold but not hot. Avoid soda, smoking. Etc. milk irritates mine also. Gives it a flemmy gross fealing. But everyone is different. 🙂

  • Jasmine

    Hey guys.. thank God i found this site..
    I lost my voice 3days from ago.. and until now, I still don’t have my voice.. I’m a call center agent and I’ve been talking for 8hrs a day.. My doctor prescribed me some meds like corticosteroids, antibiotics, and anti-histamine.. also gargling bactidol.. but I’m not so sure about those meds.. I also tried gargling salty lukewarm water and drinking honey with water but it doesn’t seem to help.. I just want my voice back.. I’ve missed a lot of working days.. Seriously, I need the best remedy.. =( But thanks for the tips.

  • jay




  • Caroline Thomas

    I have currently lost my voice for 4 weeks now :/ every time I get a cough it goes straight away and lasts for weeks.
    Anyway I notice noone else has mentioned the throat pastilles I use which are a bit of a miracle cure so here you go – Voclazones.
    They are pretty good so check them out 😀

  • Caroline Thomas

    I meant Vocalzones!

  • Maiya

    Heyy!! I’m a singer and besides warm liquids,i actually think massaging my throat helps the best!! like,make your voice deep so it vibrates and massage your throat,and work your voice up to as high as u can gradually,and go back to that low vibrating pitch. It actually does help! i was on this website cuz my voice went away and i couldnt sing but since i did that vibrating thing again,it worked (: back to my singing!! 😀 lol. Good luck to u guys 🙂

  • Amoh

    try to in hail more air, that is intentionality breath in air and keep drinking water around you any time there is cold…

  • Amy

    This is my first time experiencing a lost voice and I cleared my throat, DO NOT TRY TO CLEAR YOUR THROAT !!! It hurts and makes it even worse! And do not talk much, either. Unless you absolutely have to (like talking to the doctor, or maybe you could bring someone else with you that can talk for you)
    I also reccomend taking a hot shower, inhaling the moist air.

  • Rooney

    Guyz i’m facing de prob of cough in my throat from lat weak could anybody hlp me plz

  • FroGGy

    Stick a pot of water on to boil wait for it to boil and then just tie your hair up or brush it aside(Steam can make your hair brittle if you expose it to too much.
    Now stick your head in or as close to the pot as you possibly can and breathe in and out for a few minutes.
    Then take a break so you can drink some slightly colder than room tempature water,drink about 3 cups of it and then go back to inhak=ling steam for a little while.
    Im About to try this cause im going to the skate park today and i cant risk it getting worse by excercising.

    Hope this helps!
    Steam+Lost voice= 🙂

  • sonia


  • Dezy

    My head got stopped up sunday Wednesday Night I lost my voice and I really need it back i have been told to whisper not try to talk. My nose is also stopped up. I want my voice back for Christmas . Can anyone help me? Or at least tell me what’s going on…[email protected]. Please email me if you can help.

  • Connor Alyse

    Help please!
    I got a sinus infection about a week ago(annual thing or me) and have been on some strong meds for it since tuesday. Usually everything clears up after only two or three days of taking the medicine, however now I’ve got a sore throat and am starting to lose my voice. I’m looking for the healthiest and quickest way to get it back.

    I have my first college audition in a week (Belmont!) and I currently can’t practice at all.

    What I’m looking for is just a list of the best types and/or brand names of teas and other hot drinks to get. I’ve Been on voice rest for two days now and have been drinking lots of water. Please help me!

    • Honey, lemon, and vinegar mixed up. Take a tablespoon a few times a day…This is similar to a hot totsie but w/o the alcohol :)) I hope it works!!

  • Honey, lemon, and vinegar mixed up. Take a tablespoon a few times a day…This is similar to a hot totsie but w/o the alcohol :)) I hope it works!!

  • princess19

    omg i have had a sore throat and lost my voice for at least a week :'( and tomorrow i have a talent show and i am singin, i am bout 2 try some of these remedies. HOPE THEY WORK!:$

  • deep

    I had sinus infection 2 weeks ago, from that date i loosed my voice, cold is almost ok but still i have been facing problem of voice horseness, its hard to for me to speak and I do have gastric problem, in this case please give me some health tips.

  • Nigun Brown

    Recently I found the most amazing product it’s called “SPROUT VOICE FORMULA” This voice formula is the best it opens up the nasal passage and it makes singing easy. I found if you take it 3-4 hours before performing its great.

  • Jayarr

    Hot shower, sink full of hot water with a towel to trap the hot steam. And gargle really warm water with a few drops of Oil of Oregano. it will clear sinus issues and voice loss.

  • Riaz Albar

    Taking paracetamol 500 thrice a day also helps together with gargles etc.

  • Kiki

    try Homeovox it is a Homeopathic medicine but it is used to treat larynjitis and voice loss caused from singing, smoking, screaming, public speaking and so forth… take 2 tablets chewed under the toung every hour up to 6 time per day… after doing this if it persists for more than 48 hours go get it checked out by a doctor, this will only work on the ONSET of symptoms to improve your voice, if your like me and loose your voice often these are a singers best friend :)… just keep in mind that along with every other medication out there it is best to talk to your physician to make sure it is ok for you 🙂 especially if you have other serious health concerns. hope this helps. ps. it costs roughly 14$ for 60 tablets 🙂

  • Aryel

    I have All-State honor chorus auditions today and I have lost my voice do you guys have any fast remedies???

  • Joanne

    Do not whisper! I had an operation to have half my thyroid removed and was told whispering could cause damage to the vocal chords! I only have one functioning vocal chord (one was paralysed juring the op) and my voice had only just got better. Then last night, thanks to a viral infection and lots of coughing, my voice has gone. It scared me silly. I’ve been taking cough medicine to prevent coughing, and drinking water. Also I’ll be sucking sweets and cough drops, drinking green tea and honey, gargling salt water and inhaling steam. I have 4 days to get my voice back. Going to be hard not talking at work! Ha ha.

  • Pardeepkalyan kalyan

    Dear all

    Myself gone through this problem first time I had a vocal polyp for which only surgery
    Is the option but my ENT opted for conservation treatment and put me on anti acidity ,anti inflammatory & steroid for 1 month and also voice rest and am perfectly ok

    Again after 6 months I got swallown vocal cord due to shouting again my Ent provide same prescription and I know I will took at least 3 weeks to recover

    Tips-use honey,ginger,hot water,voice rest & non spicy food

    Rest dont try anything no ice cream,tea,coffee or anything

  • Ikeson A.K.A Aderson

    Hello everybody,
    Am an elementary teacher and does a lot of talking due to the nature of my job. Before i got the job, i used to hit really high notes and octaves when singing but now i struggle to even sing the lowest octave. i really miss my voice and need serious and urgent help.

  • Zayn Malik

    I am a singer and I lost my voice and it was horrible! I lost my voisce today!!! I hate this I have been having lemonade but deosnt seem to help me but made it worse actually.And I was clearing my throat ALOT!! and it ended up bad that my best friend started laughing soo.. DONT DRINK LEMONADE -___-

  • Donia

    I’m a teacher and it is very hard losing your voice and you are going to have classes.I read some of the tips here I hope anything can workkkkk.

  • Ana

    I do recommended drinking tea wit honey and not speaking . I had a sore throat and lost my voice and my throat a already getting better! The only hard part is being quiet .,,,

  • Noura Al-Hazzani

    Well my voice was completely gone, until my aunt told me to drink a cup of olive oil mixed evenly with honey and fresh lemon juice. Drank it twice at night, and once in the morning, and my voice got 50% better.

    I did whisper a lot though, and had fun with my voice, took requests from my brother to do Titanic “Come bahhck!! also my laughing was quite funny itself. Also drank cold water arrogantly, but just once. Now I’m chewing gum as I read this, and will try the salt and warm water gargle. Nice idea.

  • Kristal

    I really Hope this works! I have a singing comp tomorrow and I can’t afford to sound like a dying donkey