13 Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite In Children | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, my kid was diagnosed with TOF and surgery was done when he was barely two-years old. Until now, he is underweight and refuses to accept solid diet. He also has a slight acid reflux. What other solutions do you suggest so he can eat well?

A: Dear J, Your situation is really difficult given the medical history of your child. It would be best to take it slow and introduce food to your child at a slower pace. Aside from the treatments given by doctors, there are also natural home remedies for loss of appetite in children that can be used especially when doctor consultations are simply not in the budget.

Natural Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite In Children

Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite In Children

1. Lime – this is a cheap home remedy for loss of appetite. When mixed with fruits as well as ginger, appetite can be restored.[1]

2. Garlic – aside from being an antioxidant, garlic helps the digestive system and improved appetite. When making soup, try to incorporate increased amounts of garlic, this has been a helpful ingredient for patients with anorexia.

3. Aloe Vera – a proven way to stimulate appetite, Aloe Vera also helps with bowel problems and issues with mucous areas.[2]

4. Ginger – as mentioned above, with ginger appetite can be restored. This can be administered by grounding the ginger and licking it daily with salt.

5. Alfalfa – the Chinese was the first ones to use this herb for digestive problems. This also stimulates appetite when taken daily. Aside from appetite, bowel problems are also relieved by this herb.

6. Stress – Although this is not a home remedy, parents must also be aware that stress can trigger loss of appetite. If a child has problems with subjects, is getting bullied or is simply unhappy in his environment, loss of appetite may occur. So aside from herbs and other natural home remedies, being hands on and attentive with what’s going on with your child is also considered as a natural remedy.[3]

7. Vitamins – just like the doctor ordered, multi vitamins and appetite stimulant supplements can be taken. Aside from these, eating food that are rich in Vitamins C, D, Calcium, B12 and Zinc are in line with what children need for proper growth and development. Ask your doctor about the best vitamins for your child.

8. Powdered root of Horseradish – this powder increases the production of gastric juices. When gastric juices are increased, a healthy appetite is stimulated.

9. Peppermint – aside from fresh breath, appetite is also revived when peppermint is taken. One great way to get this into the system is by drinking peppermint tea.

10. Fennel – if you are unfamiliar of this, it looks like caraway. It helps in digestion and relieves stomach problems. Of course it helps in reviving appetite.[3]

11. Angelica root tea – this is one of many effective natural home remedies for loss of appetite in children.[4]

12. Apple juice – like the powdered root of horseradish it stimulates production of gastric juices like pepsin which stimulates appetites especially in children.

13. Adjust medications – when children are under medication, ask your doctor about its side effects. There are some medications like Ritalin that causes a significant loss of appetite within minutes. Ask your doctor for decreased dosage options.[5]


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