Home Remedies for Lips

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Before puckering up, you should know that the lips go through a lot of everyday obstacles in order to maintain their health. From windy, cold days to an overall lack of moisture, you’re often left with a less-than-desirable appearance. However, with the help of common household items, you can easily make home remedies for lips that really work.

Lip Home Remedies

Some of the common issues that affect our lips include chapped or flaky skin, cracked lips, dryness, sores, and signs of aging [1]. For women, the issues go beyond health concerns and enter the world of beauty. Little tricks and tips for achieving a sexy pout and making lipstick last can become a cost-efficient lifesaver. When looking to maintain, heal and treat your lips well, consider the following home remedies for lips:

a) Toothbrush:

If you’re looking for pouty lips without the chemicals, get in the habit of gently brushing your lips, which gets the blood moving to the region and results in a pumped-up look. The toothbrush will also remove flaky skin from the lips.

b) Baby Oil:

Before going out into the cold, moisten the lips with baby oil for protection.

c) Petroleum Jelly:

To avoid dry lips in harsh weather conditions, rub in petroleum jelly, which helps keep them moist.

d) Fruit and Honey Toothpaste:

The combination of antioxidant-rich fruit and healing honey helps enhance the results of any toothpaste. Mash enough avocados to produce one tablespoon. Add one tablespoon of shredded mango, and combine until the two ingredients become a creamy mixture. Add the fruit, one tablespoon of honey, and ¾ tablespoon of any toothpaste to a blender. Mix well for one minute. Soak a cosmetic cotton pad in the mixture for 10 minutes. Apply the pad to the lips for 20 minutes to moisturize.

e) Apple and Butter:

To moisturize before going to bed, massage your lips with a slice of green apple for five minutes. Follow up by applying one teaspoon of butter to the lips. Do not wash anything off and leave the remedy on overnight.

f) Tea Bags:

Steep a tea bag in boiling water and allow to cool until it is a suitable temperature to place on your lips. Leave on the bag for 10 minutes and repeat the process three to four times a day to treat swollen lips.

g) Olive Oil, Honey, Sugar and Lemon Juice:

For smooth lips, you can combine one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice in a small bowl. Apply the remedy to your lips, and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off. The sugar in the recipe will help exfoliate your lips – getting rid of any flakiness.

h) Epsom Salt and Petroleum Jelly [2]:

Remove dry skin from your lips and enjoy a plumping effect by applying a mix of Epsom salt and petroleum jelly. This remedy works because the salt retains water and adds moisture to lips.

i) Pineapple:

The enzyme bromelain and antioxidants found in pineapple possess healing powers. Before going to bed, rub a slice of pineapple over your lips. Do not rinse off, but instead, cover with petroleum jelly. This remedy will soften lips and add a bit of plumpness with vitamin C that increases the production of collagen.

j) Beet Juice:

To liven up plain lip balm, add a few drops of beet juice to create a tinted gloss.

k) Carrot Juice and Honey:

To create a homemade lip stain, boil two to three large carrots in a pot, and when they are soft – add to a blender. Puree the carrots and then mix in 4 ½ tablespoons of honey. Gently apply the concoction to your lips and wait 10 minutes. Use cool water to rinse off the residue.

l) Lighten Your Color:

If you are worried about highlighting wrinkles in your lips, choose lighter or nude colors instead of darker, bold shades of lipstick.

m) Foundation:

If you wear foundation, you can use it to enhance the lasting-power of lipstick. Apply foundation to your lips with a bit of powder. Apply your lipstick and a little more powder on top. Apply another layer of lipstick to enjoy color for hours.

n) Pill Container:

If you’ve broken your favorite lipstick, there’s no need to toss it away. Store the broken part of the stick in a pill container by smashing it inside.

o) Cucumber:

Promote healing of chapped lips by gently rubbing with cucumber slices [3].

p) Kick the Habit:

If you have a habit of licking your lips, you will worsen chapped lips and prolong the drying effect, as the repeated exposure to saliva robs the skin of moisture. Also, biting your lips when nervous or anxious will remove the protective covering and cause dryness.

q) Limit Intake of Certain Foods:

To make sure your chapped lips are on the road to recovery, limit the consumption of foods known for their harshness, such as orange juice, hot sauce, mustard, pepper, and alcoholic beverages that can dry out the lips.

r) Vitamin A:

Vitamin A encourages the repair of skin. Increase the number of foods rich in vitamin A that you consume, such as carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains.


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