Home Remedies to Lighten Hair

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how to lighten your hair with home remedies

If sun-kissed hair just isn’t in the cards for you, an assortment of home remedies to lighten hair awaits your curiosity. As you browse the various concoctions that can brighten up your strands, you will find that lemon juice is a pretty popular ingredient in many do-it-yourself hair care regimens. The juice possesses qualities that naturally lighten hair. Sometimes, lemon juice is combined with other ingredients to create a stronger, long-lasting effect. In the end, it’s up to you to discover the blend that works best with your hair color, texture, and preferences.

lighten hair remedies

Lighten Hair with Home Remedies

a) Concentrated Lemon Juice:

Some vacationers have enjoyed beach-ready hair by toting along a spray bottle filled with concentrated lemon juice. In between ocean swims and hotel pool lounging, they spray the juice into their hair and allow it to dry with the sun. Once hair has completely dried, a quick dip in the water furthers the process, which is repeated throughout the day.

b) Lemon Juice and Olive Oil:

Add nutrients and shine to your lightened hair by adding olive oil to lemon juice, which helps to fight hair damage.

c) Lemon Juice and Chamomile Tea:lighten-hair-home-remedy

To enjoy a mild bleaching effect, mix chamomile tea with lemon juice and use as a rinse.

d) Lemon Juice and Hair Conditioner:

Instead of diluting lemon juice with water, some have chosen to replace water with hair conditioner. Brushing the mixture through unwashed hair, try sitting in the sun for 20 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, and you should find a natural-looking lightness begin to emerge.

e) Rhubarb[1]:

To lighten your hair, mix ¼ cup of chopped fresh rhubarb to 2 cups of boiling water. Cool the mixture, strain, and use as a rinse.

f) Black Tea:

Create a cup of black tea at the normal strength, allowing it to cool before using it as a rinse in your hair. Before pouring the entire cup through your hair, it is suggested to test a strand. If your hair is already a light shade, you could wind up darkening it.

g) Chamomile Flowers[2]:

You probably never thought that flowers could be used to lighten hair, but chamomile blooms offer a rather easy home remedy. Place the flowers in a cup of boiling water, and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture and once it cools, use the solution to rinse your hair. Make sure you conserve the liquid, so that you can repeat the rinse – allow the water to fall back into your container. Rinse hair between 3 to 6 times. Let the solution soak into your hair for 15 minutes. Finally, thoroughly rinse your hair with water.

h) Sit in the Sun:

lighten-hair-home-remedies2 If you’re looking for blonde highlights, but don’t want to bother with complicated mixtures and smelling like a lemon – consider the most natural way to lighter hair – sitting out in the sun. Of course, protect your skin with sunscreen and place a towel over exposed parts of the body. Simply lie face down and spread out your hair to greet the sun.

i) Swimming:

Natural lightening of the hair also arises when you swim in a chlorinated pool or take a dip in seawater. Allow your hair to dry in the sun afterwards and you will notice a change.


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