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how to lighten your hair with home remedies

If sun-kissed hair just isn’t in the cards for you, an assortment of home remedies to lighten hair awaits your curiosity. As you browse the various concoctions that can brighten up your strands, you will find that lemon juice is a pretty popular ingredient in many do-it-yourself hair care regimens. The juice possesses qualities that naturally lighten hair. Sometimes, lemon juice is combined with other ingredients to create a stronger, long-lasting effect. In the end, it’s up to you to discover the blend that works best with your hair color, texture, and preferences.

lighten hair remedies

Lighten Hair with Home Remedies

a) Concentrated Lemon Juice:

Some vacationers have enjoyed beach-ready hair by toting along a spray bottle filled with concentrated lemon juice. In between ocean swims and hotel pool lounging, they spray the juice into their hair and allow it to dry with the sun. Once hair has completely dried, a quick dip in the water furthers the process, which is repeated throughout the day.

b) Lemon Juice and Olive Oil:

Add nutrients and shine to your lightened hair by adding olive oil to lemon juice, which helps to fight hair damage.

c) Lemon Juice and Chamomile Tea:lighten-hair-home-remedy

To enjoy a mild bleaching effect, mix chamomile tea with lemon juice and use as a rinse.

d) Lemon Juice and Hair Conditioner:

Instead of diluting lemon juice with water, some have chosen to replace water with hair conditioner. Brushing the mixture through unwashed hair, try sitting in the sun for 20 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, and you should find a natural-looking lightness begin to emerge.

e) Rhubarb[1]:

To lighten your hair, mix ¼ cup of chopped fresh rhubarb to 2 cups of boiling water. Cool the mixture, strain, and use as a rinse.

f) Black Tea:

Create a cup of black tea at the normal strength, allowing it to cool before using it as a rinse in your hair. Before pouring the entire cup through your hair, it is suggested to test a strand. If your hair is already a light shade, you could wind up darkening it.

g) Chamomile Flowers[2]:

You probably never thought that flowers could be used to lighten hair, but chamomile blooms offer a rather easy home remedy. Place the flowers in a cup of boiling water, and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture and once it cools, use the solution to rinse your hair. Make sure you conserve the liquid, so that you can repeat the rinse – allow the water to fall back into your container. Rinse hair between 3 to 6 times. Let the solution soak into your hair for 15 minutes. Finally, thoroughly rinse your hair with water.

h) Sit in the Sun:

lighten-hair-home-remedies2 If you’re looking for blonde highlights, but don’t want to bother with complicated mixtures and smelling like a lemon – consider the most natural way to lighter hair – sitting out in the sun. Of course, protect your skin with sunscreen and place a towel over exposed parts of the body. Simply lie face down and spread out your hair to greet the sun.

i) Swimming:

Natural lightening of the hair also arises when you swim in a chlorinated pool or take a dip in seawater. Allow your hair to dry in the sun afterwards and you will notice a change.


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  • Lura

    1st you will want to sleep with wet hair, with conditoner or lotion on it, (make SURE to put a whole lot of conditoner in it :] )
    sleep with your head covered, use a shower cap, or like i do just tie a grocery bag snug around your hairline;
    then when you wake up in the morning mix equal parts shampoo, peroxide, and conditioner.
    then jump in the shwer and rinse off your hair, wash normally until all the lotion/conditioner is gone and the water runs clear.
    then you will use that mixture of shampoo/peroxide/conditioner as your shampoo. ( lather, rinse, repeat.)then condition, and style as normal :] don’t do it for more than 4 days a week.

  • Alexa

    Also, using a cinnamon paste will lighten your hair. Mixing cinnamon (powder or boiled sticks) and water and letting it sit in your hair for an hour will add a carmelish color to your hair. I have medium brown hair and i dont know what will happen for other colors.

    -i’ve tried the lemon trick, on my hair it doesnt work well.

    good luck 🙂

  • Lauren

    Go to the beach and take a dip. dont dry your hair. Then lay on a chair or the in sand with your hair(back)positioned towards the sun.(I repeat not you but the back of your head)Sit for at least 30 minutes. i have tried the lemon thing and it made my hair really dry and stringy.Good luck with your new color and remember its whats on the inside that counts.

  • michaela

    if you mix baking soda into your shampoo (about 60% shampoo, 40% baking soda) over about 2 months, it will noticably lighten your hair, i fist used it to help with my oily hair but it worked great for making it look like i just had highlights, i don’t know what will happen if you have normal/dry hair or if you have medium/dark hair, cause i have light,light,light brown hair naturally but good luck!!

  • AlwaysSMARTneverDUMB

    I tried using a paint brush on a few strands to highlight and add depth. I tried lemon juice..one cup without water and it barely showed. Does anyone have other ideas. I am starting to wonder if the hairdressers are keeping it a secret so they don’t lose clients!

  • Eva

    okay so the lemon thing about one tbalesoon to one gallon of water doesn’t work. But i had dark brown hair and I used this other trick and now i have natrual golden colored and some bleech blond highlights. Squeeze out a fresh lemon, mix it with a tablespoon of salt and use a cottan ball or cloth to apply to your hair. Then go out and sit in the sun for about an hour with the BACK OF YOUR HEAD facing the sun. It really works!

  • deanna grant

    I just recently went to the hairdresser and she dyed my hair from blonde to really dark, nearly black. I hated it. So I went to the supermarket and got a bottle of vitamin c capsules and crushed them up (about 8) and mixed it with my shampoo to make a paste. I was so worried it would come out disgusting but I am absolutely happy. The colour has almost gone back to a nice blonde. It really does work. I did it 3 times in a day and I am really happy with the results.

  • Lucia

    Ok, ot looks like with everything you do, you need to go and sit in the sun, but what if i live in seattle and i’m in the middle of the winter, so there is not sun at all… will it still work???

  • Stephie

    Im a surfer, i surf nearly everyday! I guess im just blessed with really white blonde look, but my boyfriend(also a surfer) has light honey coloured hair. He really want lighter hair so we tried some home remedies. The one that worked best was mixing the juice of 3 lemons with salt and a small teaspoon of surfboerd wax. He then went for a long swim in the beach and sat in the sun for a few hours. This is the best way to lighten hair.

  • Maddy

    You need to boil hot water with about a table spoon of salt and let it cool down and rinse it through your hair and keep it in there for about 10 or more minutes =)

  • crystal

    use a hair dye developer best is the 40 solution mix some into your shapoo and it starts lightening quickly

  • Molly

    Do not use bleach it dries out you hair and kills it!
    peroxide and water works.mix peroxide and water and let it drie in the sun.

  • ashley

    i have med brown hair if i use the sea salt and limons jucie and the sun how light will my hair be? i really want it light blond.i dont want to use harsh chemicals because there harsh and will turn my roots darker.

  • alwaysDUMneverSMART

    I used the washing powder and twiggs method to cleanse my hair. im not sure on how i was surposed to use the powder , i tried boiling it and then added the twiggs to make a thick paste and applied to my hair and let to sit for half an hour , my hair is now thin and falling out.
    can someone( Alexa ) tell where i went wrong ? thanx :]

  • Kerri

    I had really dark brown hair, i wanted to lighten it alot but didnt want to damage my hair to much. so my hairdresser sugested i was my hair with washing up liquid instead of shampoo, i did this for a week and i have now got lovely lighter hair! also dr powdered washing machine powder works wonders too!!!

  • helen

    lemon does not work at all jus use calomine tea all lemon does is dry your hair

  • alyssa

    ok so i am lightening my hair right now. im out in the sun and i used table salt and water…it is drying out my hair really fast (i notice it) and i got some on my hand and it even dryed my hand lol so it is really drying so it does damage your hair but im not too worried about that….i can notice it gettin lighter just by a lil which is what i wanted cuz im a teen and my mother doesnt want it to get tooo light cuz ive used sun in and that stuff is like WOW light so i dyed it back to normal color (cost $60) and my mom didnt want to get it dyed back again so shes bein kinda protective of my hair lol so yaaa im also getttin a tan which i luuuuvvv!! 🙂

  • Grace

    Hey everybody!
    Heres a helpful tip, i think-

    Cuz today i was wondering if lemon juice, salt and cholesteral conditioner would work because i was working in my yard and planning on being in the sun but then i did it later and ended up working quite a bit inside and then i was lke ok im going outside now so then it starts raining. So needless to say i didnt plan on what i was going to do so i ended up with digusting looking hair and no change. Thank god for showers to get this gunk out of my hair! SO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!

  • Toni

    What i did that worked extremely well was i went into the shower and shampoo’d my hair like normal, then once you get you towel dry your hair so that it is damp but not dripping, pour a cup of vinegar through your hair and massage it through, let it sit for five minutes then without rinsing it out condition your hair rinsing both of the products at the same time, then rinse thoroughly after wards.You hair will NOT smell of vinegar either. The change is small but noticeable, only do this once a week to avoid damaging your scalp.

  • Julie

    Use whitning toothpaste!it works

  • lucy

    i like tried every single remedy
    the best would be chamomile i had dyed dark hair almost black .. and i used chamomile for a month and it really got it lighter like honey high lights but you have to keep using and the process is super annoying…

    do not use cinamon it brings out red highlights which looked disgusting on me…
    i do not suggest the lemon and sitting out in the sun it cuases major split ends and dryness …

  • Jessica

    ok i have naturally blonde hair and i dyed it like a honey blonde hair color, and now at the top of my head where the roots are..they turned like a brown color. So i have like a brown crown. And the rest of its blonde. Im gunna try during a really hot and sunny day and put lemon juice and salt i guess in my hair. How long should i sit out in the sun? an hour? 2 hours? nyways i need to get a tan. I think my blue eyes will look good with really light blonde hair anyways. ^.^

  • Jennifer

    If you melt some butter in a small bowl and mix it with oatmeal and salt and pepper it works AMAZING I have dark brown hair and it almost turned it bleach blonde also I read if you add tomatoe juice and toothpaste to it it gives it a nice honey look hope this helps yall out 🙂

  • kk


  • shelly

    Okay peeps, Lemon juice does work and so does peroxide for lightening your hair. However it does dry it out extremely bad and if not left on long enough will turn your hair orange bad. Mix 1 teaspoon squeezed lemon juice, 2 teaspoons honey, boiled chamomille tea and half teaspoon salt you can add a half teaspoon of peroxide but I wouldn’t recommend it. Mix that mixture together and add to a gallon of water and some hair conditioner shake it all up and put it in a spray bottle. Everytime you are in the sun spray the mixture on your hair and let sun dry make sure you are getting it wet from time to time. Wash hair really well and style as desired you will love the results and the conditioner helps to not dry your hair and scalp out. If you can’t be in the sun the blow dryer helps to it just takes more time to lighten. Good Luck

  • rahino

    okh whut i wud recommend you guyz is take one fresh lemon and mix it widh cinnanom and toothpaste im not even lying it comes out to be the best color its like brownish blondish…..and if you want a relli light one you can add vvinegar in it buht dis is a real color home rmedy

  • Megan

    stop being cheap skets and get to a hair dressers you mongs

  • Bianca .

    okay , so im doinq the cinamon thinqy and my head burns ! ill let you know after the hour is up . its pretty freaky , and the thinqs most people in here are sayinq about it are qettinq me paranoid !!

  • Bianca .

    GREAT , my head stopped burninq after a while . but the results were fantastic . i walked around in the sun for like thirty minutes and my hair became a little liqhter since my hair is already liqht colored . it looks like i have red hiqhliqhts thouqh . well . . reqardless i love it !!

  • Erin

    I don’t get where you guys say vinegar will dry out your hair. in elementary school my mom used plain white vinegar (not diluted) to treat head lice in my sisters, cousins, and I, and other kids in the neighborhood whose parents didn’t want to waste money on shampoos that didn’t work, and we would pour it in our hair and then play outside until it dried before washing it out and it never caused any damage at all, but it lightened our hair considerably. (and it killed the lice btw, for anyone who needs treatment for that, too! and it works on fleas, if you have a dog or cat. and it’s The Best stain remover… It’s a home’s best friend!)

  • mcLove’n

    got the best tip for you guys sounds a little grose but it realy dose work. wee in a bowl, yes thats right pee in a bowl add salt and honey and appliy to hair leave to dry and rinse out. it will leave you with a lovely golden shine, this is true and works find out for yourself.

  • meme

    what i did was put placenta mixed with fungus it works wonders.

  • Ryan

    Use whitening toothpaste… or
    10% benzoyl peroxide acne med. from any walmart store. It bleaches eyebrows so watch out.

  • Ryan

    oh yeah…also, if you DILUTE bleach with A TON OF WATER it works. A TON OF WATER. I DON’T USE ”TON” LIGHTLY 🙂

  • savannah

    omi gosh that worked soooo good i recomend the vinagar to anyone and ive tried lots of things even dying my hair and it never turned out this well but if u have dirty blonde hair it turns light VERY light i was soooo shocked but only do it once a week but it didnt dry my hair out at alll

  • samantha

    the conditioner mixed with peroxide with the cap over night is AWFUL for your hair. i’m a hair stylist, and the only natural way to lighten your hair without damaging it too badly is the sun, or using lightener but that will cause slight damage. lemon juice dries your hair out, as does salt, dishwashing liquids, etc…unless you have natural colored hair or blonde, the sun won’t really lift too much of the color, giving it the “natural look”..

  • mimi

    im going to use 2/4 cup of lemon juice, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 cup of 3% peroxide, and a tablespoon of salt and on eggwhite. when i get the results i will comment to let yall know if it works. by the way my hair is naturally really dark blonde

  • mimi

    in addition to what i said above i also added 1/2 cup of water. i mixed all of this in a spray bottle and will spray in my hair after i take a shower. i then plan to ride my bike in the sun for 2 hours. i will post results

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  • Lindsay

    SOOO many of the remedies listed here are very damaging to your hair. Lemon juice, peroxide, and bleach will all damage and dry out your hair, even when combined with “soothing” ingredients like oil or chamomile. Look for natural ingredients that don’t burn the hair with acids to lighten. The results may be less intense, but you won’t have a lump of awfulness on your head.

    Try honey mixed with cinnamon, as these are both naturally occurring peroxides that include other agents that prevent damage from occurring.

    Here is a great recipe:
    1 c honey
    1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
    (Mix Well)
    Add 2 c water
    and 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

    Apply to all of your hair and cover with shower cap; you’ll need to leave it on for 6-8 hours so plan on sleeping with it in your hair. Wash it out the next morning. Repeat treatment a few times for more dramatic results. You can’t expect the same results as chemical bleaching but this is a non-damaging way to lighten your hair.

  • Lindsay

    I spaced an important part of the instructions above; be sure you let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes after mixing; you want to allow the peroxides to be activated. Enjoy!

  • Lulu

    So dyed my hair “*dark brown*” It came out black.. I have naturally medium brown hair. So I’m going to give chamomile tea baking soda and vitamin c crushed a shot. I took some of the ideas and put them together.. Hope I still have hair and don’t look like bozo!

  • Chandler

    I am a teen and i love to experiement with my hair, but after some unsightly go wrongs, i have become more careful with what i do to my hair. I just got it highlighted not long ago with honey,copper, and brown colors. my hair is natturaly med to dark brown hair. I live in the south so it can be 120 out side with heat adviseries. im getting to the point i promsise lol. I got a lawn chair and set it up in my back yard. i poured cranberry juice in a spray bottle and sprayed my whole hair, and would re-apply often. The results were noticeable but your hair becomes very sticky and stringy. You can feel your hair and know it has been dryed out. But, after you wash it,and use a deep conditioner, you will get good results. i did this for 5 days a week for 1 week and my hair is now a light brown. I hope this helps, sorry for the lengh! 🙂

  • tayler

    I have tried raw honey,mixed with extra virgin olive oil. let paste sit for 30 minutes to let the hydrogen proxide settle and evenly distribute all over your hair. sleep with a shower cap,use plastic wrap. this is not harmful in any way and is a very good deep conditioner. when you rinse the next morning, you will be surprised that its not as mesy as you would think, and not hard to get out. btw- i have med to dark brown hair with highlights. now my hair is noticeably lighter, yay! hope this works for ya’ll like it did for me.

  • lori

    my opinion to getting lighter hair is chlorine is a pool. i have a pool and i used the lemon n salt but what i also did was put my pool water into the bowel and put it in my hair. i have blue eyes and light hair and a dark tan (tanning oil SPF 2)and i decided to see if this will work i assume it will since they have chemicals that high light your hair in them. if you use lemon after using it wash ur hair and put a leave in conditioner itll help with the dryness and all .

  • lori

    also i kno ppl are using these tricks cuz money is short in this economy and highlighting ur hair is expensive. at least where i live in cali. so give these things a try it cant hurt

  • Jianna

    Welll….i have naturally golden brown hair….I used some vinegar and a bunch of whitening toothpast…sat in the sun for alittle while and i must say isee some little bits of natrual highlights 🙂

  • passionateflirty

    Wow I u should try diz 1 out take one fresh lemon and mix it with cinnanom and toothpaste nd apply it 2 all ur hair wait 30 or 25 min. Then rinse ur hair in the shower let ur hair dry well nd u will c kinda lighter hair but use it at least 3 times a week nd also if u want ur hair lighter u can add vinegar 2
    I hope I helped u : )

  • Gail

    I used the Vitamin C and shampoo and it worked great. The hardest part was crushing the Vitamin C. I did it once and left it on my hair for about 30 minutes. My hard was very dark brown and I now have caramel color.

  • jess

    Hey guys – I have a question. I keep hearing different comments, some saying that vinagar is horrible for your hair, some aying that it works amazing. I have light brown, maybe dirty blonde hair (it’s one of those colours where you can’t really tell) and I really want to lighten it quite a bit. I was about to dye in light blonde but I was informed that the bleach kills your hair. I’ve been looking through all of these comments for a while. My big question is: is vinagar good or bad for your hair, and how much does it lighten it?
    Please answer only if you have experience, as I don’t want any false answers.

  • candi

    so im trying a BUNCH of toothpaste whitener with a touch of lemon to my hair im gonna let it sit for about 20 minutes to my medium/brown hair & hopefully ill see a difference!

  • zaxnequa

    ok rite now im tryin wetish hair and got both hands wet with hydro oxide or wat ever and ut in stait in meh hair and now im goin to go to slee cuz it school nite and its 11!!! oh wand do the chemical thing 2 times if u wanna try

  • shahhhnuunn

    Hey guys! I recently dyed my hair. It was supposed to be a light brown, but for whatever reason it turned nearly black. I live in a rainy area, so I can’t sit in the sun everyday like I wish I could. But try this, it really works:).

    mix cinnamon, lemon juice, and conditioner. Make a paste out of this and leave it on for a couple hours. I’ve been doing this for two days now, and I have these natural looking blonde highlights. My hair is also several shades lighter and looks great.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Alicia

    Vinager…. I do it all the time. Put it in your hair over night w/shower cap. Makes your hair feel like straw, just put cond. in afterwards. Yes, this works!

  • Jessica

    I have dark dark dark brown hair ( nearly black) and I want it to be just a tad bit lighter but most of the feedback states that people go from black hair to caramel coloured. HELP 😀

  • saggy thang

    well to be honnest all og the abouve are mostly all shi* i have light brown hair with golden blone highlighs i wanted the highlights more even as i have lighter hair at the front i wanted it to have a overall lighter appperance so i bought a few of those deep conditioning jhon freda go blonder and used that a few weeks in a row i noticed a difference that was nice ,shinny , lighter golden and genrally glowing, another great one is blood mixed with lemon juice but make sure the blood hasent got a ny lums or clots!!!
    good luck 🙂 xxxx <3

  • kkj7

    To lighten hair use jermack shampoo. Also certain pet shampoos like dog and horse lighteng coat shampoos and they are ealthy for hair too! To darken mix regular coke(soda) and cinnamon no water. Rinse out and use a good conditioner like herbal essenses.

  • urica

    YOU WILL LOVE THIS TIP. WORKS. wonders, alright. supplys: shampoo. listerine. (not good with dyed hair) the listerine with the shampoo and use it every day as a regulare rutine rememder to use conditioner so your hair wont be that ruff and dry. but it works really well stop using it once you reached your desired color.. good luck!!!

  • Kayla bennett

    Okay if my hair is black and i want it red what do I do because I’ve dyed my hair like 3 days in a row trying to make it a bright Red and it’s about to make me upset.. Please help.

  • flo

    ok. i have brown, maybe reddish hair and didnt want to bleach it with lots of chemicals. so i used everyting i could find in the house that had natural peroxides. ie. vinegar, honey, salt, olive oil,oat meal, ground cinnamon and camomile tea and mixed it all together
    erm… i put it in my hair and left it over night. when i washed it out (which took ages, but its worth it) my hair was quite a bit lighter. but sort of orangey..
    i will do it again to get even lighter… but i hope this helped!

  • flo

    oh i forgot – i used lemon juice aswell. thats important because it frees the peroxides!!

  • Tiffeni

    So right now im doing the vitamin c and shampoo trick for about 30 mins it smells like im in juice it up haha ille let you know in a bit how it turns out 🙂

  • Tiffeni

    so i had a bit of red at my roots of my already strawberry blonde hair well it blend it better kind of took away a bit of the red it gave me a honey blonde but it does feel a little bit dry oh and if you have dandruff the vitamin c and shampoo definately gets rid of that oh and definately use a strong conditioner i used pantene breakage to stregnth it make my hair shinnier and works but since i want white blonde hair i might have to go to the bleach D:

  • Brigitte

    Ok, im trying the shampoo and vitamin c one, so now im waiting 30 minutes, ill post back with the results

  • Catalina

    Jennfier- i tryed your method and all it did was make my hair smell REALLY bad and burn my scalp.

  • Brigitte

    Ok, its lighter, nothing extreme, but lighter blonde than normal.

  • molly itehea

    hi, so i am natural blonde.. i died it brown! then bleached it, it went blonde, so then i died to brown, then browner, then bleached my hair like 4 times, my mom did it, it totally fucks your hair up trust me, my hair was terrible it was like a fried nest, so i went, brown, then purple, then black 😮 .. i now want to go bak blonde, my hairdresser said this is possible but will take a long time i quess its worth it though in the long run right? so i have been sleeping in condition every night, i tried vitimin c with shampoo, it lightens your hair abit but causes it to fall owt? i also heard eggs are good for your hair? makes it more shiny+ soft, so guys dont bleach your hair please you will regret it!
    maybe just ring up a hairdresser and ask what to do? dont have to go to a salon, everyones hair is different
    hoped this helps bye 😀

  • Liz

    So… After reading all these tips, seeing how wrong things could go, I was a little hesitant to try anything with my hair. I have medium brown hair with natural highlights, but for summer I was looking for lighter hair. I started at putting a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt to my hair and then after sitting in the sun, enjoyed swimming in the pool and at the beach. I think the mixtures of all these different remedies did wonders for my hair. It is now a honey color! I must say, do not be afraid to experiment, and I would recommend trying ones out on small sections of your hair. Good luck! =D

  • jackie

    Use Prell Shampoo (original) for a few days. It will lighten up hair that is too dark after it was dyed.

  • alice

    i’m trying everything so im not sure which one will work the best ahaha but anyway i have a medium / dark blonde almost brown hair and when i tried shampooing my hair then putting in vinegar then conditioning i have to say it didnt lighten my hair as much as i had hope BUT it made it sooo soft and nice! so yeah 🙂

  • alice

    oh i also tried sleeping with lemon honey cinnamon olive oil and water in my hair. word of advice: NEVER DO IT! it didnt damage it or anything but it smelt like oil and honey for two days even though i washed it and it also made it reaalllyyy oily but yeah the vinegar fixed that 😉 oh and the honey etc didnt make it much lighter, if at all so ya

  • alice

    to kayla: you’ll have to bleach it first before dying it red

  • Faith

    Hey I know of several ways of colouring hair. My sister made her light brown hair darker with rosemary tea (boil, cool and rinse hair with it) I gave myself blonde highlights by mixing grated rhubarb root and some camomile tea, then i put it on with a toothbrush and blowdried my hair. They are sort of reddish though. before you try any remedies get some hair from your hairbrush and try it on them first. Don’t bother using toothpaste, listerine, bleach or washing up liquid. It is just as bad as using chemical hair dye.
    I just have a question, what is a method to give my hair just a red tinge? Not really red, jsut so it looks red in sunlight.

  • emma

    i have naturally dark(ish?) blonde hair and use hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, chamomille tea, or sun in to lighten my hair. ALL OF THESE WORK. lemon juice does kindof dry it out and takes a while. i would recomend buying some SUNIN to lighten it fastest. ive been doing these for a year as it fades and changes (:

  • kinappapyeeeee

    heey! my hair is dark dark brown, almost black. i’ve dyed my hair over 20 times, and i’m 13. my hair fell out once, cause it was that weak. so i don’t really want to use harsh chemicals on it. i’d like it to go to like a reddy brown colour, but i don’t know what to do? i’ve tried the lemon idea before, and it didn’t work. and also, i can’t sit in the sun cause the weather here is shaaaatee! so, any help please? you can email me if you have any good remedies that actually work, or just reply on here. my email is [email protected]
    -ps; i’m really sorry that this message is so long! *___*

  • gorgeousssssss

    im gonna try the vinegar thing tomoz… do u just put normal vinegar on or does it have 2 b special–plz help coz its my first time… and btw olive oil or whitening toothpaste does NOT work on black hair…

  • jesss

    how do you lighten hair if u only want to do a small bit to test it out??? i realllllly need some help here–ive tried EVERYTHINGG!!!!! im getting quite upset coz ive wanted lighter hair for ages and my mum wont let me bleach it or dye it–or even get highlights!! and thats all i want – just a few bits of hair that are lighter coz i have practically black hair and i have really light skin so it doesnt look too good… i need things that dont contrain tea, lemon juice or rhubarb or anything like that and i dont have any of them at home!! please helppppp!!!! x

  • Shelly

    Hi ladies. I tried the vitamin C mixed with shampoo to lighten my medium brown hair. I put a permanent dark brown dye over my light blonde hair and hated it. I want to be blonde again, but without having to bleach it out at the salon. The vitamin C did work and lifted quite a bit of the colour out of my hair. I did it again a few days later, and again, it lifted out some colour. I think if you are patient enough and are willing to do it a few times, it is a good option. I didn’t make my hair feel too dry. I used a good conditioner afterwards, however. Good luck everyone…

  • hazzie

    I have naturally dark brown hair and ive recently had blonde hilights put in….BUT THEY LOOK ORANGE ?!?! so i decided to put lemon juice, vinager,table salt and water and it makes your hair really light ive done this everyday for about a week and a half and all my hair is allmost bleach blonde !!!!! try this guys it really does work and it works really fast! ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  • Alyssa

    How long are you suppost to leave the melted butter, oatmeal, salt, and pepper in your hair?

  • Marijke

    I am naturally platinum blonde but my mom isn’t. Her hair is strawberry blonde but she really loves having the light blonde highlights without the expensive prices. What she does is only gets the roots or certain strips of her hair wet with the lemon juice and conditioner mixture. She doesn’t notice any dryness and her hair gets a sun-kissed look.

  • Melanie Guenette

    Hey so I am a red head! And I need to know some natural remedies to highlight my hair blonde. Does vitamin c really work?

  • Melanie Guenette

    Alright so I put in whitening toothpaste and condition and im going to let sit over night. I’ll tell you how it turns out in the morning

  • katie

    hi! I used some cinnamon and mixed it ith water but it didnt really make a paste…oh well I used it anyway and it made a srt of light orangey look and its and amazing clolour IK reccamend this for brown or black hair not blonde cuz you will end up with bright orange and mabey some honey if you have any…
    lemon juice made my hair a bit stringy and worked a bit but I have brown hair so yeah and if it’s dryed out just use the conditioner cuz the stupid pppl who say it drys your hair out dont know that you can fix that!and yeha I forgot but yeah

  • mjackson

    im trying the oatmeal,butter,pepper,and salt remedy now if it works i will post. i have naturally blonde hair, nearly platinum and i died it real dark brown almost black. if this doesnt work im going to try the developer and shampoo remedy. i will post how both turn out.

  • lindea

    I have naturally dark blonde hair. (Undiluted) lemon juice has worked wonders for my hair and I have been using it almost daily for more than a month now. I must admit my hair has not gone much lighter though I hope it will with the summer, but it is much more healthy-looking! Once a week I apply olive oil to avoid dry ends. Rinsing hair with vinegar gives them more shine while camomile makes it softer.

    Once I rinsed my hair with vinegar and after few hours of active dancing at a club I started noticing the smell of vinegar which was pretty embarrassing.

    Still, all this while I have been using good quality hair care products as well, right now it is John Frieda Frizz Ease line. I loved it before the lemon, but the effect was not THIS good. Will try out his products for blonde hair that someone recommended here!

  • Katherine

    I had dirty blonde hair… I poured real lemon juice on my hair, sat in the sun for about two hours.. got a nice tan, then washed and conditioned my hair, it was a beautiful bright blonde…. worked for me!

  • PAT

    There is a product on the market that I discovered over 30 years ago called Sun-In. They have a website that shows you where you can find their product. I had very long dark brown hair and would spray the Sun In onto my hair while at the beach or at the pool and it made beatiful streaks of gold all over my head. I highly recommend it and it isn’t that expensive. The secret ingredient? Lemon juice!

  • Yanaira

    So I currently have cinnamon, lemon juice, vinegar
    Salt and conditioner in my hair n my scalp is burning!! Should I be worried??

  • Ash pie :)

    Umm… Hey yall
    I’m a teen and want some tips on lightening my hair. I can’t get it dyed cause my momma won’t let me. So lemon juice??? Iv tried it..a little disappointed… Salt??? I’ll try it tonight. I have med. Dark brown hair and I think it would be SO CUTE if it was like 5 shades lighter!!! So if someone has any tips that would be awesome!!!! Thanks y’all

  • Rose

    Hey all

    So I am from England and right now the weather is amazing (22oc which is warm for this time of year)
    I had my hair dyed Cheryl Cole Red (I am blonde naturally) which was the biggest mistake of my life, Someone told me to use a semi perm to dye it brown before I attempt to go blonde again. Only thing is its fading fast but is going ginger – excuse the term 🙂
    I really dont want to keep dying my hair, I really dont want to bleach it as I am worried about the condition of it.

    I am going to try the honey, Cinnamon, olive oil and water over night mix.

    Can anyone tell me if this will go ginger even more?

  • Cotton Candy

    K so I’ve like tried everything to lighten my dark brown hair and I must say that the best thing that worked for me was using 3% hydrogen peroxide and letting it sit in my hair for 30 minutes or so. My hair was dark dark dark brown and now its medium darkish brown. It takes time though and you have to repeatedly do it. It’s kinda a hassle but totally worth it!

  • Cotton Candy

    I’m trying a new method today, 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of water. I put this into my hair and I’m gonna wait 30 min-1 hr for this to soak in. I’ll post the results up later…..ttyl!

  • kellie annn

    hey yall. i have natural dark brown hair with natural reddish highlights. i want a fresh new look but my mom doesnt want me damaging my hair by dying it. i was reading these ideas & i read how lemon juice & sun-in will just make blonde highlights, but i just want to bring out my red & have a light brown hair with auburn accents. i was thinking about doing the cinnamon paste thing, but can someone please tell me the exact steps & everything for the treatment? thankkyall .

  • Haley bear :)

    i have golden browinish hair,use lemon juice and sit in sun for a week.This wont work on black hair at ALL

  • Haley bear ;)

    So also to my comment above, you can also crush altoids and mix with lemon juice,and baking soda.This works greattttt! i know weird..altoids..but trust me.

  • Tubbie

    Well thee above are great tips & some are very useful so thanks :] But yea anyways if yew want too lighten your roots or hair then I would recommend yew too buy “Jolen”-it’s a creme bleach but get thee one that says “Mild Formula With Aloe Vera” trustt for mee it works & thee longer yew leave it on, thee lighter it becomes, & it’s not that damaging so don’t tripp & don’t bee afraid too try new things & well yea yew can find “Jolen” at most CVS’s 🙂 Hope thiss helps yew ¦] & Btw it’s not expensive 😀

  • Bella

    this really really works plz try it, i have light brown hair and the first time i sprayed my hair with it within 15mins there was streaks in my hair! :]
    1/2 cup of lemon juice
    1/2 cup of shampoo
    1/2 cup of water
    mix the shampoo and lemon juice together in a bowl (you need to do it or the spray bottle gets clogged up) and then add water.
    then pour into a spray bottle and evenly spray hair
    it works!!!

  • Cotton Candy

    K so i lightened my dark brown hair to a medium brown and it darkened again! AGHHHH why is this happening???

  • Kaylaa

    So i just tried and interesting combo. I liked the idea of the butter and oatmeal and such above, but i added a lot of my own things to it. I started off washing my hair in the shower, then rinsed with cider vinegar and conditioned over that, then rinsed it all off together. Next i mixed the butter, salt, pepper, baking soda, lemon juice (slightly diluted) salt water, peroxide, some whitening tooth paste, and an acne medication containing some peroxide as well. I am getting ready to rinse this, it has sat on my hair for about 20 minutes under a shower cap (plastic grocery bag, i couldn’t find any shower caps)
    Will post back as soon as i rinse and see results. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde and has never been dyed.

  • Angelo.

    Peroxide really does help lighten hair a whole lot, but it damages your hair extremley, i did it without sunlight and it came out to a light brown, and my hair is a dark brown. I really liked the color, but in 2 months the color will start fading and your hair will return to your natural color! Im planning on doing it again in the summer, but i basically used Peroxide and that is all, no water, or anything, just peroxide! Your hair may be dry but i used conditoner and my hair went back to being soft! (:

  • jennafur

    HEYY DONT LISTEN TO SOME OF THOSE PEOPOLE UP THEREE!!! the blood method does not work!!! i drew some blood from my hand and it had no lujmps or clots and it still didnt work! also, pee doesnt work!!! my friend tried it before we got rede for prom and it ended up just making her hair smell klike pee all night. so her date left her… well thats another story. so anyways, i live in cali, and blood and pee dont work!!! but ive heard a good mix of water, salt, and pepper do the trick! also add a little bit of milk for the finishing touch!o.O

  • katt

    hullo, yes i know this is tips for natural colorings. however, i must say after reading these comments and pleas for help, i would feel really bad for not giving this helpful advice. try using color oops! yes it is a color stripper, however it will NOT damage your hair because it does NOT contain harsh chemicals. i found my self using this after dying my hair black about 6 or so months ago from its former reddish color. i am a natural light dirty blonde who has died my hair from red to black several times before trying this, and though my hair did not go all the way to its original light shade, it did be come a brassy golden blonde. after reading a few reviews about this product as a follow up i learned that re-applying another dosage of oops would lighten it further with out harsh effects. my hair’s silky texture still remains. one suggestion that differs from the box’s direction i give is try washing it with shampoo more than twice during the rinsing process and if you have naturally dry hair when you are finished rinsing it out, let your conditioner set in your hair for about 3-5 min and rinse and towel dry your hair. good luck to all!!

  • megs :)

    I have strawberry blonde hair naturally but it has gone even redder in the past 6 months. I don’t want to start dying it blonder because it is a never ending cycle of bleaching and it wrecks hair. I’ve tried treseme for blonde hair but it doesn’t work and I’ve started using silver shampoo but its not making that much of a difference. So I need ideas of what shampoos that actually work because my mum won’t let me use all the home remedies and I live in manchester, england so we don’t get a lot of sun, anyone got any ideas?? 🙂

  • Suzie

    Okay so i did baking soda and shampoo. That didnt do anything. Ive done vinegar, olive oil, and salt and that didnt do anything. can someone please help me?

  • Tiffany

    Hey Guys i’m Tiffany & i’m 17 years old ..umm.. just to let you know 😛 sooo there are A LOTTA things going on about naturally coloring your hair.I’m actually doing it on my hair right now…LOL btw i’ve got medium borwn hair with very little highlights.what i did was, i mixed cinnamon powder (about a big spoonful) & lemon juice (about 4 spoonfulS) with my conditioner.. ( it can be any hair conditioner , but i use dove) mix it into a past & apply it on your wet/Damp hair & eave it for about 2-3 hours.. do this for about 2-3 weeks & i swear you’ll will see a change in your haircolor & also get those cute highlights 🙂 hope it helps….TRY IT …it does work :*

  • Emily

    So….I’m 13, dyed my hair loads and I’m naturally blonde and it’s gone really dark brown, with reddy hints…
    my hairdresser recommended tea tree shampoo, but I’m gonna try some of the other remedies as well.
    Oh, btw, apparently, Head & Shoulders, and other anti-dandruff shampoos work too.


  • ashley

    Honey, crushed vitamin c pills, a drop of dish soap &shampoo. Mix together, wet hair and apply. Leave on for up to 30 mins n rinse! Will bring it up a shade(:

  • taylor

    You all who say ‘use peroxide’ do realize it kills ur hair and caan make you go bald. But if it’s that important use lemon juice.

  • Jessica

    hey everyone, so i know people are like “oh use peroxide and bleach if you want to avoid damaging chemicals” but if you think about it, they are made up from chemicals. i dont recommend using things like that, but if you have really dark hair and the lemon juice wont work or anything just use DILUTED bleach or peroxide once just to lighten it up so the other methods will work. also, it all depends are YOUR hair. what will work for someone else might not work for you aswell. Dyed hair also has a different outcome than un-dyed hair.
    just thought i would put that out there.

    btw – sorry this is really really long :):):)

  • Amanda

    So I dyed my hair dark brown and it looks BLACK… I hate it and I am trying everything to get it lightened up! I did the vitamin c thing twice and I didn’t notice that much difference except in my roots… So I did toothpaste mixed w baking soda and then chamomile tea… Now I am sitting here with conditioner, lemon juice, and cinnamon in my hair and I am praying it lightens it! I don’t really want to do peroxide! Sigh I might just have to live w it… :'(

  • janett

    I’m using a shampoo called, “Manzanilla” from Grisi; it’s a Mexican product but i found at Walmart and it WORKS. I’m almost done with the shampoo/conditioner bottle and it deff lighten my hair a lot since it has chamomile tea. i guarantee you’ll get those highlights cause it does lighten your hair 😀

  • Jenny

    ok this really works! i mixed about a cup of water with a half cup of lemon juice not fresh then added alot of whitening toothpaste and mixed till it looked like milk i then soaked my hair in it and let it dry! when u wash ur hair with shampoo then dry it it is so much lighter! it doesnt ruin ur hair either! Experienced done it 3 times!

  • Allison

    Does sun in bring out red highlights? Because my hair is medium brown, and I just want pretty carmel blonde highlights

  • Abby

    Okay, I know everyone says that lemon doesn’t work, but it does. I have medium to light brown hair. It’s naturally darker on the bottom. In a small bowl I squeezed some lemon juice(if your doing your whole head you are going to need more of all ingredients), honey, water, and conditioner. No exact measurements I just eye-balled it. I only want highlights instead of an all over color, so I took small sections all over my head and dipped my(clean) fingers into the “solution” and ran them through the section until it was completely wet. Then lay out in the sun for a bit. I did this two days in a row. The first day it was so hot outside, after about 15 minutes I dipped my head in my pool and then let it dry. The second day It was so hot outside that I could only stay out for about 20 minutes. And there was still a noticeable difference. I had kept the underside of my hair natural to give it some dimension. I’m sure if you put the product all over your head, and lay out in the sun for about an hour or two it would work really well!

  • emma

    i was a dark red and what i did was get 3 vitamin c tablets and mix it into a paste with value shampoo. it made my hair bleach blonde apart from the bits i missed out. I used this as I didn’t really want to re-dye my hair for the 5th time this month.

  • Irene

    Ok so i have natural golden brown hair, but i died it blonde and it looked orange, i died it brown and the orange blond kept coming out so i died it dark brown and it turned BLACK, so i am going to try a whole bunch of these ingredients mixed together i’ll do.
    1/2 cup of Vinegar
    1/2 cup of conditioner
    1 tablespoon of lemon juice
    1 cup of water

    into a spray bottle into my hair and then sit in the sun for half an hour to 45 minutes. Take a nap in the sun with the back of your hair facing the sun and then wash and condition VERY well. Hope this works.

  • Chloe Amber

    Well I’ve read quite a lot of these comments as I’ve always wanted my hair blonde (I’m a light brownish colour) and me mum wouldn’t let me bleach it soo I’ve been lookin 4 other ways 2 do it
    I’m on my bed wiv the oatmeal, butter, salt and pepper mix I’m leaving it in over night wrapped up in a towel soo tht none of the moisture gets out ill go 2 sleep wiv it in then in the morning I’m gunna wash it out and dry as normal hopefully it works (yn) ill let youu all know if it does 🙂
    Sorry its long :L

  • Suzy

    Okay so i am going to try vinegar and can someone pkease tell me that it will help for sure?

  • bleachgirl201

    honestly…..if u really want to bleach your hair…it’s just going to damage it whether you like it or not..but if you really want it bleached just take a cotton ball and peroxide and rub the area of hair you want to lighten until you see the color of your hair on the cotton balls. i do it all the time.

  • cici

    i have a lightish brown hair my mum wont let me die it and i was getting fed up of my boring old color so i did what toni said and i shampoo my hair as normal and then got a paintbrush and diiped it in vinegar and put streaks in my hair (btw i didnt want to put a whole cup into my hair just in case it went wrong!)
    then i left it for lik 5 mins and put conditioner in my hair and then rinsed as normal i then came out of the shower and towel dried it and now im letting it dry naturally. i can see some reddish/light brown streaks in my hair and i think they look cool and i hope more show!

  • Kait

    If you just go get John Frieda go blonder spray it helps. You can use it just on your roots or as a highlighter or all over lightening. I use it as all over lightening and I’m happy with the results. After two uses it’s already turned into a medium golden blonde. And I had medium brown hair and it says not to use it I you have medium or dark brown hair but it worked for me. You can get it at target or walmart

  • Rho

    So I want to naturally highlight my hair. My mother won’t let me dye my hair so that’s out of the question and I DO NOT want to bleach my hair. So I have dark brown hair and I want some natural highlights in it (nothing HUGE and horrific but noticeable) and I would like to know
    1) If I did the vitamin C method is there a specific shampoo to use
    2) If I would apply the mixture to all of my hair or just the part I want highlighted


  • vtomc

    How about trying henna?? It comes in different color variations, and its all natural (crushed plant leaves). And instead of mixing it with water, you mix it with olive oil for the extra touch.

  • Edwardbella0118

    Hi i have medium dark brown hair and wanted to be dirty blonde for summer so i found in a magazine that you should mix lemonjuice limejuice and orange juice all squeezed and not diluted and mix that in a spray bottle or whatever with hair conditioner. I went in chlorine pool for a while and got out and sprayed it all over my hair and sat in the sun until my hair was mostly dry then i tied my hair up in a bun and sprayed more on all over and went in the pool. After a while of not getting my hair wet i did get my hair wet in the pool then i got out sprayed more on and sat there for about half an hour and after i showered and my hair dried it was noticably lighter and sooooooooooooooosoft and smooth. Im gunna keep doing it. I lOve the way it looks!!!!!!!!!! U need to try it now!!!!! Hope this helped.

  • Jade

    @jenny: does it have to be whitening toothpaste?

  • jade

    I have a medium blonde and want it ighter i want to do jenny’s method but i don’t have any whitening toothpaste. what coud i use instead?

  • Megan

    Use sun in.

  • Just Saying

    Not to sound mean but do any of you ladies and guys check over what you typed before you submit it because half the time it’s very hard to understand what you’re putting up. Not to notice but a lot of you have kind of lighter hair tones than I. You guys also sound like you’re not using conditioners. Lemons going to dry out your hair. Add something to the lemon that’s going to re-hydrate your hair. If you can’t use the sun try a tanning bed or a blow dryer because the UV rays and heat help in the process.

  • Chloe

    So no one has said this… Lemon juice! It’s sooo good and it even dries out your hair which is good

  • Aliza J

    hey thanks so much this really helped. i’m gonna try a few of them tonight and see how it works. i have the darkest brown hair ever and its super dry. if any of em don’t work i’ll let u no and ask if anyone has a few tips 2 make dark (dark ;p) brown hair lighter. ahhhh i really hope this works. wish me luck : )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steph

    @megan- sun in will work for some people but not all. sun in takes your underroots and shows that through as “lightening” many blondes and brunnettes have red under roots and the sun in will show the red as lightening hair

  • mwe

    wash your hair in Tide clothes detergent it removes all coloring products and lightens, my hair dresser told me about it

  • Kelsey

    Okay do not use lemon, it just drys our your hair and also it gives you split ends. I recommend using chamomile tea. Every day you have to keep on applying it. Maybe 3 times a day. The thing is with sun in is that I heard that it kinda drys out your hair but my friend has it and she had brown hair and it turned her hair reddish.

  • Butlerfly

    DO NOT use bleach,Pee, or blood! WTF? Some of these comments are ridiculous. I have dark brown hair & I want light brown or dark blonde hi lights without damaging my scalp or hair. I’m trying apple cider vinegar because I know it helps the scalp & olive oil then sitting with my back to the sun for 30mins. Im enjoying my own “spa” to relax & enjoy. The lemon will be in my glass of ice water & cucumber slices for my eyes. I will let you know how well it lightened.

  • lizzie

    hey u guys i just tried this lemon thing and it kind of worked the only thing is i left it in for half an hour and it did not do much for me but i am about to try this milk salt pepper and water but i added my own ingredients i added a few drops of lemon juice so for someone with brown hair or anything darker i suggest u not try this it will not help but if u try this lemon trick be sure u don’t only leave it in for a little amount of time otherwise your hair will be orange u need to sit out in the sun and reapply more lemon juice about every 10 min because it
    will make it brighter and you don’t half to sit still u can be washing a car it does not matter anyways milk salt pepper and lemon juice results coming up in about an hour

  • Olivia

    I really hope all these things work b/c my bday is in 2 days and u want to show if my hair for my party…I have a medium colored brown hair and highlights but I’m want really light highlights!

  • Noelle

    I have naturally blonde hair but I always want it to have some lighter highlights so I suggest even after taking a shower or bath to sit out in the sun with the back of your head to the sun and let it sun dry. Ive done this for 1 week and I already notice a difference. And advice about going into chlorinated water then letting it dry if you already have naturally light hair it will turn your hair a bit green this happened with me when I was a kid so you’ll want to rinse the chlorine out first.

  • Cotton Candy

    So, I’m almost 13 and have naturally tried to lighten my hair many, many times. I’ve used lemon juice, lime juice, vinegar, peroxide, whitening toothpaste, honey, cinnamon, olive oil, salt, tea, the pool, a hair dryer, and the sun. But NOTHING is lightening my hair noticeably to the shade I want it to be! I have naturally dark, dark, dark, dark brown hair, almost black, and I want it a medium brown with subtle golden highlights. I mixed 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water into a spray bottle and sprayed it on my hair. I left in in for about an hour and did that for 1 or 2 weeks straight. That left me with a subtle lighter shade but it wasn’t light enough for me. Plus, in about a month, it faded back to my old, boring, dark brown/black color. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do? I’m gonna try a new method tonight and I’ll post back later telling you all what exactly I did and what the results were. So sorry this is so long. Cya 😉

  • jenny

    this works!!!

    lemon juice
    cranberry juice
    olive oil

    ps…i have light brown hair and golden highlights. lightens one or two shades! doesnt damage hair!

  • hailey

    i have naturally dirty blonde hair with light blonde highlights that are also natural, if i use sun in, when it fades will my natural highlights be the same?

  • Jen

    Heyy guys(: I’m 13 and have light brown hair. When I was really little, I had really blonde hair, I want it back so bad! I tried lemon juice but all it did was mAke my hair nasty.so I got this stuff ..sun in and it works!! But I want a way to not just have highlights but to have really blonde hair!!(;

  • Amanda

    ok i just tried mixing peroxide, conditioner and shampoo together and it worked! it didnt dry out my hair at all if anything it made it softer! it wasnt a whole lot lighter but it is definetly at least 2 to 3 shades lighter. i was paranoid about using peroxide cuz i was worried it was going to pretty much fry my hair but it didnt.
    heres how i did it

    mix about 1/4 peroxide, 1/4 of shampoo and 2/4 conditioner and just use it as a shampoo in the shower leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse out. its that simple :). i had died my hair abotu a month ago and it was supposed to be a medium brown and it turned blacka nd stayed that way so i tried this today and now it is like a lightish brown with highlights 🙂
    hope i helped and sorry for the long answer.

  • Jen

    So now I’m going to try the cinamon thing. Put cinamon in already damp, conditioned hair and rubbing the cinamon and water paste into it. Then i’m going to sleep in it and then wash it out the next morning. Hope this works!!!

  • Kirstin

    I actually have been looking at all of these, and I think I’m going to try the developer idea by mixing a high volume developer with some shampoo/conditioner. I have some color oops if this fails. I ALWAYS keep at least one bottle of that stuff around. I do think it works better with two attempts, as out can’t cut through multiple coloring jobs with one use. I’ve been doing my own coloring for probably over 20 years, and have never ended up with damaged hair…but I like the developer idea. I have some good stuff for sensitive scalp, but I may only have up to 30 volume at home, with zero money to hit the store up for some 40. I will have to look though. Does anyone think a thirty volume would help? I’m not about lemon juice or peroxide. I have used bleach as highlights to lighten it up, and it worked great, but I really don’t want to bleach this time, even with professional bleach Not sure if what they use is any gentler. Thoughts before I make the jump into the unknown?

  • Alexa

    put cool aid in your hair for red highlighhts!!!! so easyyyy…just add cool aid,honey and teaspoon of olive oil in a spray bottle and spray away! 🙂

    p.s i had really dark brown hair now its lighter with subtle red hilights

  • Jul

    Ok so my mom is making a big deal out of this hair coloring thing and she doesn’t trust that I know how to do this stuff with my hair. Does anyone have a suggestion that she might allow me to put in my hair???

  • Abby

    Does the oatmeal, butter, salt and pepper thing work?

  • anthony

    I used 1 tea spoon of bleach,lemon-juice and water leave it in for 5-10 min this will make your hair. Feel like straw but to get it to normal again wash it 2 times with conditioner when you get done you will have super light blond hair just take it from me.

  • Alexis

    I read through all the suggestions & i decided to try mixing conditioner & peroxide. I just eyeballed it until it became a paste. i let it sit for about 10-15min & rinsed it out. I can already see that its turning my hair a darker brown (i dyed my hair jet black previously). im going to continue using peroxide to lighten my hair 🙂 ive been using a lot of conditioner as well so its not damaging my hair. Hope this helps some of you

  • Ria

    Ok my hair is mixed n dark brown n nothing usualli works for it n i tried the pee thing((very yucky) but someone i knew tried it n they sed it worked but no it didnt… If u do try it despite wut we all say on the forum n you dont want ur hair to smell like pee just wash it with a citrus based shampoo or a harsh shampoo n u will b free of that nasty icky smell…. SO YUCKY!

  • Charles

    Heres a few tips I have for you;
    1. Don’t trust people who misspell things or use slang
    2. Don’t try these remedies, I went on this website do see what lemons would do to my hair and now I’m so not using anything made at home that could turn my hair orange, cause it to fall out, etc.
    3. Personally to showcase my natural blonde highlights more in my light brown hair, I’m going to go to CVS pharmacy and check out the natural, lightner called Sun-In
    p.s. I go to Providenciales – Turks and Caicos every year and that totally lightens my hair and brings out my natural blonde highlights because of being in the sun in water all day, everyday.

  • Lauren

    SO i used sun in over the summer. It lightned my hair for sure!! but now that my hair is growing still.. the roots are showing a light brown! AHHHHH! it looks reallly bad!! ughh! I would recomend NEVER USE SUN IN!

  • quitebeachy:)

    some of these things are RIDICULOUS! blood, pee, bleach!?!? are you crazy? anyways here is a great method for all hair colors and types to lighten hair and keep it soft

    eyeball it to your “coloring level”

    milk (to dilute)
    oatmeal:crushed (to soften and sooth)
    honey (to soften and sooth)
    vinegar(to lighten)
    lemon juice (to lighten)
    salt (to lighten)
    [optional] cinnamon (for coppery gold hints)
    [optional] vitamin c:crushed (to really enhance color)
    [optional] camomile tea (to lighten and soften)

    TIP:if you don’t have honey and oatmeal use a hydrating conditioner

    1st- get your hair damp or wet
    dip your head into a pool with chlorine (best)

    2nd-[YOUR CHOICE]
    choice 1-mix into paste (for highlights)
    choice 2-mix into a thick liquid in spray bottle
    (for highlights or full color)
    choice 1-apply paste to roots and brush out’
    choice 2-spray liquid on roots then spray throughout your locks

    choice 1- leave in for desired time [optional] sun bathe
    choice 2- go in the sun for desired time

    choice 1 & 2- thoroughly rinse

    6th- do it as many times as you want

    ps sorry it was so long 🙂 but most people like it step by step 🙂

  • Blondie

    Okay so i read all these comments and i desided to try it
    My hair was i lil bit lighter dirty blOnde.. When i was younger my hair was pure bleach blonde naturally… Everyone told me to go back… I was going to dye it but desided to try naturally first…
    I used….
    2 cups water
    2 pumps of bed heAd conditioner
    A splash of Peroxide
    And a splash of lemon juice…. Mix them All together
    When applying have your hair damp… Go outside workout.do chores.or tan.IN THE SUN!!!!
    When its dry take a shower and use more conditinor… Let air dy and it works!! Repeat for more blOnde
    Sorry this was reallllllll long=|

  • Rachael

    Please, don’t put pee on your hair. It’s not a natural remedy, but I have very light brown hair, and I found the John Freida Blonde shompoo and conditioner, along with the Go Blonde spray worked wonders x

  • Amber

    So, I have extremely dark brown hair that is almost black.
    I would like some bright auburn, caramel, or reddish highlights to compliment my dark hair.
    I’m considering the cinnamon, chamomile, and rhubarb remedies.
    But I’m not sure about the exact measurements, because my hair is almost elbow-length.

    If you have any remedies, please tell me at [email protected].
    (P.S.: Please do not invite me to chat, send me chain mails, and other spam. I will delete them immediately, and block you. No offense meant, by the way. B-) )

  • L

    i tryed using hydro peroxide in my hair i have dark blonde hair :/ & needed highlites so i used a paintbrush and painted it in hair and sat under a lamp (2 hot outside) and i now have sunkissed hair! i will keep doing this all week and hope my highligtd will get brighter 🙂

  • Rachel

    i want to try this… but will it really work?

  • Angela

    I’ve had Black hair for almost two years, naturally I’m a light brown. I would like to dramatically lighten my hair and I don’t know how. I need something efficient, but it won’t fry my hair. Help Please?!

  • Hannah

    First off, anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to put blood or pee in their hair is genuinely stupid, hopefully natural selection will play its role somewhere down the line.
    My hair is naturally dark brown, but it had been lightened a little bit before this after 3 weeks in the sun/sea/pool. After researching for a bit I decided to make my own concoction:

    2 large lemons, squeezed
    1/2 cup vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)
    2/3 can of light beer
    2 camomile teabags brewed in 1/2 cup hot water for 10-15 mins
    1 tsp honey
    1 tsp olive oil
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp whitening toothpaste
    1 stick rhubarb, boiled and strained for the juice
    Handful of oats/oatmeal, again boiled and strained for juice
    4 vitamin C tablets, crushed
    1 tsp bicarbonate of soda/baking soda
    1/4 cup cranberry juice
    A few drops of tea tree oil

    Once I had put this all together I blended it using a handheld food processor and boiled it for 15 mins in a saucepan to get rid of some excess water. Once it had cooled i put it in a bowl and soaked my hair in it for 5 mins, and then dried it completely with a hairdryer on high heat setting for about 20 mins. Once I rinsed it out with shampoo and conditioner and dried it off again it was noticeably lighter and I had natural looking highlights throughout my hair.

    One thing I should warn you of is that this stuff stinks like the aftermath of a very messy night out, and feels disgustingly sticky and greasy, but afterwards my hair actually felt really soft and smooth.
    It’s probably not necessary to use all of these ingredients, but I would recommend using the first 6 at least. I didn’t want to waste time experimenting with every method so I can’t tell you exactly what it was that lightened my hair, but I believe those are the most likely contenders.

  • Lenny-lulu

    Well i have naturall blonde hair with a red tinge and it is currently dark blonde with a red tinge and i want to lighten it. So i looked at all your comments and what i have gathered is to use, 3 tablespoons vinegar, 1 tablespoon of salt, lemon juice from 2 lemons,2 tablespoons of butter, tomatoe juice 40ish mls, toothpaste x 2 tablespoons, chamille tea x 1 cup and honey 2 tablespoons. Might as well try all of them. I will try it like that, then i will try it after sitting in the sun for an hour with my head facing the sun. Then i will try it again but sleeping with it in with a shower cap on for bout 8ish hours. Wish me goodluck. 😀 if this doesnt work im going to buy a bottle of hair dye, and some toner and try that. 😀 oh and maybe when i dye my hair ill sit in the sun instead of indoors. 😀

  • Molly

    You guys should try this. Mix some egg, bacon and tomato together. Then put it on your hair. The grease from the bacon will moisturise your hair and the acidity in the tomato will lift your colour. I call it the ‘blonde breakfast’

  • Emily.

    My hair is naturally a light brown colour, kind of mousey.. I went on holiday to Portugal for 2 weeks, and brought ‘John Freida lightening spray’ (it’s comes in a yellow bottle) .. During the day I squeezed 2-3 lemons in a cup and then poured on to my head, making sure it was distributed evenly, then I just sat out in the sun and sunbathed all day, at night I would wash it out and then spray the lightening spray I mentioned earlier and blow-dried.. I did this for a week, and I know have blondish hair with bleach blonde streaks through my hair.. Its a really good way to lighten your hair, and iv had a lot of people asking if I have died my hair.. This really does work, any questions then just follow and ask me on twitter, Emily_Edward I also recommend John freida shampoos and conditioners to keep the colour looking vibrant. Hope this helps! Take care.

  • Chandler

    HEY YA’LL! i’ve been sitting here reading these comments to compare what i do to lighten my hair to other ways. The main thing you need to know is what lightens your hair and what damages it. Every time you lighten your hair your risking damage. Natural or going to the salon. But good news is there’s shampoo that will correct the damage done after lightening. Roux shampoo and condition is a life savor. i use it every other day, 11$ a bottle. Sally’s beauty supply carries it. As for Natural ways, if u have dark brown hair use lemon juice to get red highlights. If you have light medium brown hair it will almost look dirty blonde. Dont do this more than twice a week. i have heavy highlighted hair, and used john frieda go blonder, it worked very well! see what works best for you, just know you can always use a deep repairing shampoo and condition. beauty knows no pain. hope this helps! 🙂

  • Katey

    Hey Guys. I have medium-brown hair and i want a dark blonde. Should I use lemon juice?

  • Katey

    P.S. I forgot to say that i what to lighten my hair without damaging it.

  • naomi

    HELP IS NEEDED …..!!!!!!
    i have dark brown hair and i want to get light caramel tips in my hair, i dont want to get it dyed as my hair is extreamly curly and dies really easyly with that sorta stuff… i would like to know a way that i can get tips done at home without ruining my hair and something that wont take to long but give GREAT results

    thankyouuu (:

  • shakila

    eee I’ve literally just sat and read through all of these and for a few weeks now I’ve been reaserching on getting lighter hair. My hair is naturally dark dark brown nerly black!… But my hair has been dyed so many times and is now sort of purple(like cheryl coles) but its still like a dark purply brown and I’ve been wetting some teabags in hot water and cutting them open and blending itin my hair and mixing some vinegar and lemon juice(not too much lemon juice cos it stings and drys hair and makes it all straw like) and water and finish it off by conditioning hair as normall:) …. Hope this helps!

  • Lulu

    hey guys well, i tryed that oatmeal and melted butter thing, doesn’t work and it makes a huge mess and make u feel like a peice of buttered popcorn!!!! ewww, so right now im trying the vinagar and conditioner thinger and im not sure if its working yet but i will post if it worked 🙂 happy hair experamenting

  • MIMI

    I will try some of the things mentioned and Hopefully it will work

  • Three

    People with dark brown hair:
    Mix cinnamon with your conditioner and let it sit on your hair for 4-8 hours…
    I’ve tried it one time and my hair got some red highlights, I’m going to try more 3 or 4 times along with the camomile, lemon and honey methods.
    I’ll let you know what happened (:

  • Kiana

    Hi, im a teen and my mom wont let me get highlights or dye my hair. And my hair is naturally super dark brown, looks kinda black. I don’t know what to do with my hair to make it to a kind of brunette color or a little bit lighter. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried the lemon, olive oil, and water mix to my hair and i sat in the sun for about an hour, all it did was dry my hair out and make it stringy. Please can anyone give me any tips or suggestions on turning super dark brown hair lighter? Thanks.

  • Ally

    I read through the three years worth of tips and decided to whip up my own concoction. I didn’t think it would do anything, but tried anyway..
    I put the juice of 2 lemons, 1/4 cup of vinegar, table salt, 2 egss, 2 cups lukewarm water, 2 bags of chamomile tea and a shot glass full of listering into the mix to make a rinse of some sort..
    Now, my hair is BLACK and I watched it washing out as I poured the mixture into my hair.. I’m waiting to see the results.. gna wait it out for about an hour or so before I wash my hair 🙂

    Hope it helps and apologies for the long post 🙂 x

  • Christina

    okkay so I have dark/medium brown hair and I, but I want my hair lighter with more highlights. I dont want it blond though and Im scared to try these things cuase some people said it turned there hair almosst bleach blond or orange or really stringy. Does anyone have any ideas that I can use that wont turn my hair completly blond and wont damage it too much. By the way schools starting soon and If i have really messed up hair Ill dye! I dont waant to start highschool bald lol thanks and please help. :))))

  • Kaddy

    So I just tried mixing chamomile flowers in hot boiling water, I waited for it to soak in a cool then strained the water . I then added lemon juice, cinnamon powder and some salt. I just rinsed my hair with it, its kind of ichy but its tolerable. It also smells really christmassy 🙂 I have wrapped my hair in a bag im going to leave it for a few hours! I have medium brown hair ill come back with results when im done! I also saved the strained chamomile flowers and added some olive oil to them. I am going to apply it as a face mask while i wait for my hair. This is giong to be interesting 🙂

  • Miranda

    Hey guys! so after reading all these responses,this is what I’ve come up with:

    Hair color: Light brown

    Desired color: dirty blonde, or brown with highlights.

    Technique: I mix about a tablespoon of store-bought lemon juice into a cup of water and put it in a spray bottle. I misted it lightly all over my hair then tied it in a ponytail. Then I went to soccer practice (in the hot summer sun)for 1.5 hours. When I got home I took it out and noticed my hair looked lighter and had a golden tint. I am not yet blonde at all but I am going to use this method 2 times a week for 1.5 hours each time and see where that gets me. I might try adding a pinch of salt.

    pros: lightens hair a small amount each time, goldenish color for me

    cons: drying on your hair but it’s okay if you have a good conditioner

    I am going to try mixing pure lemon juice into my deep conditioner and leaving it on for about 20-30 minutes. I might also try adding some Vitamin C or cinnamon. idk 🙂

    Thanks for all the help!! i hope i helped you decide what to try!

  • Cotton Candy

    Hey again! I’m the one who posted that I had tried all this stuff but it didn’t work, but now I have hope again. I’m on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, and the sun is really strong here. Today I’m going to the outdoor pool to swim, then get out and rub diluted lemon juice into my hair, then sit out in the sun. I’ll take another quick dip in the pool, and see how that turns out. I’ll post back later with results to see if my dark, dark, dark brown hair gets any lighter! Wish me good luck, cya 😉

  • Cotton Candy

    Hey again! I’m the one who posted that I had tried all this stuff but it didn’t work, but now I have hope again. I’m on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, and the sun is really strong here. Today I’m going to the outdoor pool to swim, then get out and rub diluted lemon juice into my hair, then sit out in the sun. I’ll take another quick dip in the pool, and see how that turns out. I’ll post back later with results to see if my dark, dark, dark brown hair gets any lighter! Wish me good luck, cya 😉

  • Cotton Candy

    Hey…it’s me again…. I just wanted to apologize for accidentally posting my comment twice….so sorry

  • lydyst

    I have dark, auburnish, brown hair, and when i got to the beach i spray my hair with a mixture of water, fresh lemon juice, and sea salt. i spray it throughout the day, and my hair gets noticeably lighter.

  • Natasha

    I didn’t have any vitamin c capsules so I just used 100% orange juice! I have a dark carmeal hair colored and it made it shine and a noticeably lighter color! It looks great! Add only a little bit shampoo and leave it in ur hair for 30 mintues or go out in the sun!

  • chloe.

    hi everyone, read all your comments, and i thought i’d make up a tip of my own! i have light brownish hair, with blonde highlights, but i want my hair blonder! ive just had the highlights put it so i dont want to ruin my hair by putting more dye in. so i came up with this idea…

    i put some water in my sink (nearly full to the top), a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice, tbsp salt, tbsp pepper and a tbsp honey. makes your hair smell a bit like pepper! just waiting to see the results now, will tell you all how it went when im finished! fingers crossed! x x

  • chloe.

    back again, lol. my hair is definately blonder than before, but not much difference the first time i did it. repeat the process for visablly blonder hair, ive tried it on my sisters and their hair is nearly bleach blonde! 🙂 hope this help! x

  • Cotton Candy

    Hey guys! I did what I said I would do and my hair did get just a tad lighter… I was hoping for a more obvious result an color change… But it’s ok. I’m back in my home town, and tonight I’m gonna try something new. I’ll mix water and lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide and olive oil with a pinch of salt, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on my hair. Then I’ll blow dry it and shower. By the way, does anyone know another way to apply heat to your hair besides a blow dryer and the sun? I know that heat helps lighten hair but I’m running out of ways for doing that. Please help!

  • Vanessa

    Did the tide washing thing… Didn’t work. Did the vitamic C thing…. Didn’t work! OMG I’m exhausted of trying to Lighten my hair! So I guess the only thing left to do is to go to the salon to have my hair bleached? No freaking way!

    So just have to suck it up. That’s it for me
    BTW, if you want a NON FADING COLOR go buy Loreal excellence. Freaking s**t! Couldn’t make it go away!

  • zoey

    i used lime juice washing up liquid and a lemon ajax scourer powder and used it as my shampoo everyday for a week and buy the end of the week my hair was about 3 or 4 shades lighter. i went from medium brown to a golden fudgy blonde.And mt hair had been died black about 5 months before so it was harder for me to strip the colour.i mixed equal parts of the liquids and about a tee spoon of the powder. after about 3 washes my hair started to dry out so make sure you condition every time and if it still feels dry use hot oil or leave condition in for 15 minutes.

    good luck guys!! 🙂

  • charlotte

    And “cotton candy” to heat your hair you can wrap it in cling film at night or when using solutions to lighten your hair, or running hot water over your hair when you wash it, as hot as you can bare it (:

  • Hannah

    OK really I went throught the whole list wow and thanks to what ever your name is about the vinegar and lice thing but I tried dieing my hair and it didn’t turn blonde enough stupid LOREAL its kinda red orange brown with blonde so I wanted 5 day then put 1 Table spoon of salt 1 table spoon of vinggar and the same amount of lemon juce on just rinsed out hair sat in the sun for half hour turned like a sandy color ow if not strong enough ad bleach poroxcide diluted with water then after word rinse with conditioner and shampoo leave conditioner in for half our helps alot just in case it started to dry out hair works wonder 🙂

  • phatip

    does lemon really work??


    YOU GUYS! I JUST FINISHED TRYING THE VITAMIN C & HEAD&SHOULDERS. No joke. it worked! I left it on for 40 minutes. and the result are definitely noticeable! I HAD BLACK. & i mean pitch black hair! && now it’s brownish :))))))) I’m so happy for my results! Idk how soon i can do it again though.. I wanna do it in a few more days. No big problems. my hair felt fine & not damaged. but it smelled like the product ‘NAIR’ afterwards lol but it washes out. 😛 TRY IT! you can email me if you’d like to know more 🙂 [email protected]

  • Rory

    I Have DARK brown Hair and I want to have it blond,but my mom won’t let me die my hair.

    P.S.I can’t use bleach!
    P.P.S.Only homeade Dies please!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Hey (:
    I have really dark blonde/light brown/red hair and I was curious as to which of these remedies helps. I got one small lemon, about 2 cups of water, 2 tsps of cinnamon, 1/4 cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey (I made this recipe myself). I applied it to my shampooed damp hair and left it for about an hour. I washed it off and did a rinse with a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Once my hair dried I saw my hair had turned a golden sort of colour , more blonde and less red. It wasn’t what I was expecting but Im somewhat pleased at the result 🙂 my hair is so soft and shiny now too 🙂
    Good luck x

  • Rebekah

    my hair is a natural blend of medium and light brown hair. i got highlights about 2-3 months ago. i’ve since found out about the ombre technique, which i think looks awesome!! so i bought an at home bleaching kit. (i know i know, bad me :-P) but i didn’t wanna leave it on too long, causing more damage than needed to my hair. i figured i’d try an at home natural lightening solution to gradually get it lighter. i’ve only started using it, but my hair doesn’t feel like straw, and it’s actually working very nicely. the solution i used is…

    1 c. water
    1 c. room temp, very strong chamomile tea
    1/2 c. hydrogen peroxide
    1/2 c. 100% lemon juice
    mix well in a spray bottle, drench washed and conditioned hair with solution, and either sun dry or blow dry your hair. it’s the heat the activates the lightening agents.

    what i’ve found is very important is to use the right products on your hair. i use…

    Found at Sally’s beauty supply:

    Generic Conditioning Shampoo (compare to clairol shimmer lights original shampoo)

    Generic Reconstructing Conditioner (compare to JOICO K-PAK)

    the shampoo is purple and helps to tone color and remove any yellowing and brassiness caused from lightening hair. it also keeps it very healthy and shiny. the conditioner repairs hair so perfectly, keeping it moisturized and helping to prevent further damage caused my lightening, dying, heat styling and every other way you can damage your hair.

    i really hope this helps, and anyone curious about ombre hair, youtube has great tutorials 😀

  • Rebekah


    make sure to refrigerate the solution to keep it from spoiling, YES the lemon juice and tea WILL SPOIL!! 😀

  • Hannah

    Agh Vannesa I died my hair blonde and now its almost black because of loreal

  • Sierra

    So I am 13, i have shoulder length dirty (or as my folks call it, dishwater) blond hair. I HATE IT. I used lemon juice earlier today, by:
    1) take a regular shower

    2) towel dry so its still quite damp

    3) comb either fresh lemon juice or concentrated lemon juice from stores (i used store bought) through your hair from root to tip (or where ever you want it highlighted)

    4) blow dry on high until dry.

    TIP: make sure to use lots of conditioner if you continue to do this as i have heard it REALLY dries out your hair.

    I am going to try using this same method as well as cinnamon for coppery highlights. Really hoped this helped. If any one has any more suggestions POST. sorry its so long. GOOD LUCK!

  • Marie

    So i am going to try what Sierra said and also having cinnamon paste in my hair for coppery highlights (hopefully) i have the same dirty blond hair as my sister used to (they both died their hair) and it looks good but i want something natural but still significantly lighter with highlights. I will post back in a few days with the results! (also, i will add olive oil to the cinnamon paste because it helps with split ends and cover it in a plastic grocery bag)

    Hope this was helpful!


  • mamabumm

    All I know is any lightening to your hair would be damaging, any hair treatment is, even shampooing and conditioning. I know when my grandma was young, her mom would rinse her hair and scalp with vinegar to STRIP the shampoo and other build up from her hair, thus making it lighter/cleaner. Anything you do to your hair will either cause build up or pores in your hair, or whatever. If you dont want the damage don’t do the deed. if you dont mind it pick whichever sonds best to you, each thing will work diffrently for each person, depending on their hair color texture, previous level of damage and of course brain power…

  • Lea

    Lemon juice does not work on dark hair,only light brown or blonde! Trust me,I have really dark hair and I used lemon juice,all it did was make my hair dry. For dark hair use honey,cinnamon and hair conditioner.Leave it in over night with a plastic cap/bag on your head and wash out the next morning.
    Preferably it should be on for 6-8 hours but for stubborn hair leave over night.You may not see great results at first,you may have to do it a few times. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Sarina!

    You know what’s really good?
    You have to put it in your hair after you’re done taking a bath or shower & spray into hair.
    You just have to sleep with it in your hair.
    It wont bleach your pillows, or stain it!
    You would love the results!
    I’ve done it for three days (ONLY!?) and my hair gotten lighter from dark DARK brown, to a light reddish orangish sunkissed tone into my hair!
    Absolutely love it& it would become a LITTLE BIT damaged.
    No worries, just use Pantene conditioner! (:
    Hope that helps. < 3

  • addie

    so, i have dark brown hair. i tried the lemon thing like 4 times (at the beach, at the pool, and in my backyard), and it DID NOT work, just dried my hair out xP and then i tried the thing where you mix cinammon with water and leave it in for 6-8 hours covered with a shower cap. i did it a few days ago and so far can only see verryyyy few reddish golden highlights. wen i say very few i mean like bArELy!!! i realllllyyyy wana make my hair lighter but my mom says i cant dye it..so anyone have suggestions? plz email me if u do have any ([email protected]) PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ!! thankyouxx

  • Alea

    ok so i am going to try the lemon juice, salt, and conditioner and lay in the sun for a few hours… i will tell you guys how it worked for me. i have medium dark brown hair that gets light when i am at the beach every day, but i only have the weekend to lighten it befor school starts 😉

  • Alex

    can someone help me??! i used lime juice and cool-aid and my hair looks a bit 2 orange!! can this be reversed?? and my hair is super dry and fizzy……..i dyed 1 month ago

    please help!

  • Alea

    ok guys so i mixed lemon juice, salt, and conditioner and laid in the sun for a few hours. i put too much conditioner in by accident, and i think it made the lemon and saly lose their affect. bottom line is it did almost nothing for my hair except make it gross. it may be a little lighter but i didnt notice much of a change at all. i read somewhere that lemon juice works better on lighter hair and since mine is darker i guess it just didnt work. hope this helps!!

  • bubble

    Dirty blonde straight smooth hair. Want it lighter. Gonna try olive oil,camomile,cinnamon,and a lil vinegar tomorrow..wish me luck, hope it works.

  • bubble

    put it in about an hour ago and gonna leave it in for another hour. I’ll post how it turns out.

  • bubble

    didn’t lighten too well…I might try lemon. The oil made my hair super soft

  • jessica

    ok so i did the peroxide thing mixed with shampoo and conditioneer and left it in for 15 minutes and it did nothing for me i have natural blonde hair and about a year ago my boyfriend at the time bought black dye instead of brown and my cousin didnt pay attention and put it in my hair and i have been stuck with it every since because i hate when my roots begin to show so unless the remedies actually work dont put them on here because your wasting peoples time when they really need help with these questions and now im so disappointed because i read all these and thought the peroxide would work and it didnt ughhhhh why lie to people like that when the are asking for your help

  • roxx

    Hey everyone i tried this and it works!!!

    -walk around the sun for maybe like 30 minutes (but put sunblock!!!)

    yea, and i also heard that if you swim in the pool or the beach then dry your hair through the sun it will lighten your hair…

  • roxylove

    Take some bleach and where a old shirt and squirt some in your hair or take some food color and do that or take kool aid and do that it works i did every single one only the food coloring one comes out when you take a shower so do some stay in stuff and it might stay in.

    Hope this works. 🙂

  • Jenna

    I recently had my hair highlighted and the highlights are darker than I like. I have brown hair and the highlights are a caramel color and I wanted them to be lighter. I have vitamin C powder and Head&shoulders shampoo. Will this work for me? I really do not want to use anymore chemicals on my hair and I would prefer not to go back to the salon again because I know they are going to charge me for it. Thank you in advance!!!

  • Fidencia

    Years ago I colored my hair with a Store Hair Dye that lasts
    about 6 to 8 Shampoos. I had dark brown hair and it turned
    Black. Before I colored it I had a permanent at a Beauty School.
    My hair didn’t have much curl so I bought a home permanent
    and gave myself another Perm. This was in 3 or four days.
    I went to a Hairdresser in Town and she said I should use
    a small amount of Bleach. She would not do it because she was
    afraid my hair would break off. I used Clorox Bleach in a cup
    of water. I didn’t know she had meant a hair bleach
    my hair was orange. I dyed it again and got rid of the orange.I went to Florida to another Beauty School and explained what I had done to my hair. The Teacher told the
    Student to just blow dry my hair and not to touch it because
    it might end up with a Crew Cut. It is a miracle I wasn’t bald!
    So be careful of the chemicals you put in your hair.

  • Kairi Kiss

    Idk who the hell is dumb enough to put pee or blood in their hair, but you need some mental help. ANYWAY she said bleach and lemon juice is used because it will 100% lighten your hair. But NEED a moisterizer in the mixture or it will destroy your hair

    So this is one of the smartest methods to use:

    1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
    1/2 tablespoon of peroxide
    1/2 cup of water (just to mellow out the above ingrediants -optional-)
    1/2 cup of vinegar
    Moisturizing conditioner
    Shower cap (i used plastic bag)

    So for ALL OF YOU LOOKING WAYS TO LIGHTEN HAIR this is a really good method

    FWI-If you have black hair, your on your own dying it.

  • Kairi Kiss

    BTW- Sitting out in the sun is optional- but get the best results doing it. And make sure to lather the mixture well in your hair. I recommend 30-40 minutes. GOOD LUCK 🙂

  • Mai

    Hello, I have a question, I just want to give as a kind of orange highlights in my hair, I have light brown copper, except in the root it is quite dark compared to the rest of the hair and eyebrows too clear, and wanted to give a slight orange colour, so it looks natural when I got the sun for example, but not want to use that similar dyes or whether they are good deteriorate much my hair.

    Well if someone helps me, thank you very much!

  • lexi

    my hair is naturally dark but not that dark i guess the color is just strong….

  • Ayesha Tauseef

    OMFG!! sum say that its vinegar, chlorine, lemon i heard to many disadvantages about?? WAT SHULD I USE,, and wat wuld be more effective
    I have really dark brown hair. and i want to lighten it or get highlights. Mum wouldn;t let me dye my hair!?

  • KairiKiss

    Oh and BTW actually use 2 tablespoons of peroxide

  • Gabriela Honey

    Hey 🙂
    So here is the deal, when I was little I had light brown hair And as I got older my hair became more and more dark. Currently it is a dark dark brown (ptactically black) and for the longest time I have wanted to get back to my light brown hair. I don’t want to damage my hair so I want to use chamomile tea, chamomile shampoo and vitamin C. But I’m worried that the vitamin C only works on died hair…should I use vitamin C or should I try using more stronger methods like vinegar and baking soda with deep conditioners?
    I’m in no hurry to lighten my hair btw.

  • Gabriela Honey

    I also forgot to mention that I live in Washington, so I don’t get a lot of sun like in Cali.

  • edithsimon

    Thanks girls!
    I tried whitening toothpaste,lemon juice,cruched vitamin C+ 15% vinegar and my greyish blonde hair really became a lot blonder.
    I did not deleted with anything and it is a bit dry but tomorrow I will use conditioner and olive oil.
    Will the colour stay permanent or it will go ater one washing???????
    If you know ,please answer.
    THANKS for the f orum

  • sand r.

    WOW, its great to see this has been going on since 2008…but anyway I mixed coffee,turmeric, beet juice, conditioner and a splash of peroxide together. My hair color from the start was off black/dark brownish after putting my mixture in now its a beautiful caramel reddish color. I let it stay in my hair for 35 minutes then washed it with sulfate-free shampoo. Hopes this help you too.

  • taylor

    kairi kiss what shade of light will it be????

  • Netnies

    My jair is naturaly blonde but started changing as I got older it went from blonde to really dark brown, anyone know how I can get it back? I’m tired of dark hair.

  • use this!

    use just plain peroxide! It truly works! I have (had) dark brown hair but now it is a very light brown!

  • Charlie

    My hair is a really dark shade of brown (It’s so dark it looks black, and you can only see that it’s brown when exposed to sunlight), so I tried lightening it with cinnamon.

    First I made a paste using 2 parts cinnamon and one part water (do not do this if your skin is sensitive or if you’re allergic to cinnamon) and an egg. I left it on my hair overnight. The next day my hair was a lot browner, and had a really small hint of red (I like it ;D)especially when exposed to sunlight. AND it’s. So. Shiny.

    Hope this helps.
    God bless you all. 🙂

  • dance dance dance!!!

    Okay so i have dark dark brown hair, but you can kinda tell its not black. I really want my hair lighter!!! I’m not willing to try bleach or any of that stuff but i just want it a light light brown. PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • remi

    tomato sauce makes youre hair go lighter with a tint of vinigar

  • HairQueen

    heey guys. i have spent ages reading these tips.
    agreed with many that have said that bleach, peroxide and others are horrible for your hair, as much as we would like that to be false, its true. naturally lightening your hair can be tricky, especially if you have previously dyed it. Before you try a natural rememdy you need to make sure nothing in that recipe will react with any other chemicals you have previously put in your hair, eg. if you have just done a vinegar rinse, it is likely that some of the vinegar is still in your hair so dont go and put bi-carb soda in because it will react. anyway those wanting to lighten their hair, the sun is the best way, the longest but the best. you can use things such as salt or lemon but make sure you use a very deep conditioner afterwards. i have been making up my own hair things for about a year now and some have worked really well.

    i tried one of the remedies on here, the one with melted butter, oatmeal, salt and pepper? i thouigt what the heck why not, but it hardly lightens it and it just makes you smell like burnt oatmeal-raisin cookies.
    I’m tryng my own recipe now. it is

    1 decent scoop of honey
    milk; enough to rinse your hair with
    juice of half an old lemon (if its old it will have more juices)
    a dash of salt and pepper
    also enough ground oats to make it a paste (if you dont have ground oats, crushing up rolled will do)
    Lets hope it works i will tell you what happens after i wash it out 🙂

  • HairQueen

    P.S sorry for the long tip, but read it all, it will help you alot. 🙂

  • HairQueen

    well my hair is going a honey-like colour and smells amazing, its smooth, sleak and healthy. if your looking to go blonde i dont recommend this recipe, but it will bring out honey blonde tones you never knew you had.
    Use only on medium blonde-medium brown no lighter or darker hair.

  • Bammy

    K, so im a brunette and i just want to lighten my hair a little but I’m afraid to hurt my hair, also my mom doesn’t know I’m doing it so i want it light enough so she won’t notice bu it will make me look better.
    any suggestions?

  • Mwep

    Please do not put hydrogen peroxide in your hair! No matter how much conditioner you use it will still feel like straw! I have medium brown hair with some reddish highlights, and using hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or even sun in WILL make your hair redder. I am currently trying the cinnamon thing because i want to get rid of the red in my hair. I will leave it in for about 2 and a half hours. Even if this doens’t work, it will not be damaging like peroxide is. And please, please, please do not put blood or pee in your hair, not only is that innefective, its plain disgusting.
    If you want lighter hair, just get alot of try some of the home remedies above, cause some of them made sense. Hope my advice helped!

  • Hairdiejunky

    WHAT IM DOIN WITH MY HAIR:D hope you like it
    i want blonde !!!!!!!
    Right! all that stuff up there works for different types of hair my hair was light brown and blonde when i was younger i died it a different shade of brown for about a year or somthing, and then stupidly decided to die it BLACK ! bad desision i admit everyone kept saying to me if you go black theres no going back , lie ! my hair is now brownish black with diferent shades of brown highlights it juss happend cos i stop dyeing it and if you look closley my hair roots are a blondish brown , i realy want blonde hair so i tryed a remedy i considered bleaching but didnt want to ruin my hair so im trying to get it brighter so i can juss home dye it blonde but im afraid of going ginger (no affense to gingers :L) but im seriosly obsessed wih blonde hair :)sick of my own :L but i no when i go the hair colour i want , ill get sick of it :L hope my ideo helps sorry! it looks like i wrote a life story about eh :L Im doin a remedy now ill say if its works

  • lisaxx

    hey 😀 i had dark brown hair and i put lemon juice vinager a realy small bit of bleach so i wont damage my hair much peroxide washing up liquid salt and water to dilute it i put it in my hair and waited for 2 hours took it out washed it out and blowed dried my hair screamed so loadley my neighboors hear ! my hair was the same blonde as the singer pixie lotts yes like a nice fresh bleachy kind of blonde the colour i always wanted ive had it for 3 weeks now and its staying in like a dye its amazing but it might not work for some type of hairs sorry if it doesnt but i was delighted 😀

  • leigha

    i have blonde hair and all i did to make my hair lighter in a day was i got lemon juice and put in little pieces and sat in the sun straight for 2 hours and it has light highlights now (:

  • ann

    i used cinnamon, honey, water, conditioner,vivigar, olive oil and salt!!

  • Kay6

    Okay so i have dirty blonde hair and i really want my hair bright blonde without bleaching it..so i bought sun in (5 dollars at walgreens:)so you basically just have to wet your hair and spray the bottle of sun in in your hair then either go outside and let it dry or use a blow dryer..either way works! its been one day and i already see the difference! but trust me you DONT want to put too much in..it may cause orange color if over used so once a month is good:) wish you all the best of luck!

  • ryno

    I need help. Ive got dark brown hair and I put highlights in. The highlights is a orange/yellow colour. What can I put on my had for three highlights. To go white like in asap. Plz help. Thanx.

  • Goofy foot

    Hey! Baking soda makes your hair sticky and you can’t brush through it. lemons give you SOME highlights and chamomile tea is the best i’ve tried it makes your hair soft & gives a few highlights to. cinnamon gave me ORANGE highlights. And now my hair’s really gooey. so i put olive oil in it to restore it….. sooo does any one have any tips to help my hair?? I’d like one other than what I’ve tried! Thanks SO much 🙂

  • Jasmine.O

    For Darker Hair and Blonde -John Frieda Go Blonder Conditioner works great and doesn’t have harsh chemicals.I also love how it smells.You can leave it in your hair for 30 minutes or more a few times a week or as your main conditioner and it will gradually lighten your hair. There’s also the Go blonder spray -that works a bit faster.It isn’t super dramatic but, can lighten it up a bit.My Hair is usually dark brown- at first it appeared like there were reddish highlights but eventually after awhile it began to look a light gold brown color.Good thing about it ,it didn’t make my hair look orange.I imagine it really must lighten up blonde hair well.

  • sha-zam

    Okay, So pee and blood… retarded…
    When I was 14 I put peroxide in my hair being all defiant in my closet in the dark and it lightened my hair. Back then I had long hair that was only light at the tips and the rest was a medium brown I had also cut my hair really really short. Since then my hair has only been maybe 2 inches past my shoulder at any given point. I have dyed it many colors and bleached it many times before. but this will be my first time trying the lemon/sun method. I dyed my hair black in the last 2 months and right now from fading and constant sun time (no lemon yet) it has turned brown with slight highlights and in the light its more light brown. Every method depends on several factors. some of these remedies won’t work for you because of your hair type or they will dry your hair out more easily then other people. I have very resitant hair. when I feel like its getting dry I stop washing it for like 2-3 days (my hair takes forever to get greasy.) and put lotion in it. I let my hair’s natural oil fix itself then give it a boost with lotion. Find your hair type and work with it and don’t give up on just 1-2 methods. Sorry for the long post. Toodloo, sha-zam.

  • Cha cha

    I have light brown hair and want to go blond, I not allowed to bleach or dye it, since I’m teen. chamomile tea gives a few highlights (your right goofy foot) but I want MORE blond. like ALL the way…
    🙂 THANKS!!!

  • Chelsea

    Everyone is saying this “Sun-In” (which I bought from Walgreens, pink bottle-blond chick on the front) is safer but I used it with a blow dryer and it bleached my hands temporarily, it’s main ingredient is PEROXIDE.

  • Charlie (I’m a girl)

    Goofy foot:

    Okay, so first of all baking soda isn’t bad. As a matter of fact, baking soda is the main ingredient for no-‘poo regimen. It’ll make your hair really clean and shiny. Though if you use baking soda without shampoo, the next morning your hair will go greasy because it’s used to have its natural oils stripped off by shampoo. It’ll need some adjustment period to having no shampoo. Also don’t put too much! You can mix about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo when you apply it on your hair. :)It’ll clean off all the shampoo residue.

    though I have to say, baking soda won’t really lighten your hair. Or not quickly anyway. It’ll take ages! Anyway, try apple cider vinegar (or you could use white vinegar) on your hair. Leave on for about 30 minutes-1 hour, then wash off. It’ll lighten your hair 🙂

    P.S (random) beat some egg yolks and leave it on your hair overnight if you want shiny hair. :>
    Hope this helps. 🙂 God bless.

  • Jasmine.O

    Oh, I also forgot to mention,unlike the Go Blonder conditioner the Spray does contain peroxide.It doesn’t smell as bad as Sun-In though.

  • stacey

    GUYS PLEASE DO NOT USE SUN IN! i have dark goldy hair and i used sun in and it makes it lighter, but an orange lighter that makes it look kind of disgusting, if you want orange then fine but if not dont go near it, i regret it, it faded from my hair after about 6 months but yeah dont use it. AND ALSO GUYS all these things like peroxide and bleach and lemon do dry out and damage your hair because they all contain acid, so yeah if you want your hair blonder it will damage it a bit.

  • Avienna

    I am going to try toothpaste now. I will let it sit for about 10 minutes and see if there is any difference 🙂

  • x.X.x-*Destinii*x.X.x

    i bleached my hair three times in two days and it got fryed. so a few weeks later i dyed it back to black. now its healthy but i still want it to be blonde,and im scarred to bleach it again, help please??

  • Megan Marie

    Hey guys, so I literally read every entry. Wow, some people…just wow.
    First of all, boo to all the nay-sayers…who doesn’t want to save money? And if you can do so with not damaging your hair, high fives!

    Anyways. My hair is naturally light brown, I started with Sun-In when I was 14 & been dying my hair ever since, or messing with it I should say. Sun-In will tint your locks orange if
    1. You use too much or
    2. You have darker hair.
    Also if you sleep with it in, or use it inside its going to look orange. Read the bottle kids! There not lying! Regardless, I’m not a fan of Sun-In.

    NEXT. I’m 23, as I said before I’ve been dying my hair since the ripe age of 14. Recently my hair has been Rihanna red, then I had to dye it black over that (for work; not by choice lol.) My hair is used to it and is very resilient, keep in mind. And if you have colored your hair darker or with reds or pink, these are the hardest to get out. Pink especially.

    If you are bleaching or lightening your hair from pink NOW, you’re going to have to do it a lot and it will damage your hair A LOT.

    The thing is you have to keep in mind is
    1. All of the hair being talked about on this site here has been processed differently, be aware of the fact…if someone is saying they have light hair, and you have dark; vice versa, or your reading what someone who has never dyed there hair has done, and you’ve dyed your hair plenty…what worked for them might not work for you.
    2. If someone spells 97 out of 100 words wrong…question their credibility. Not just here, everywhere!

    So I did this. I took a big mixing bowl and in it combined the following:::
    -put the kettle on, wait til it whistles
    -add boiling water into bowl
    -squeezed a lime and lemon
    -stoked 2 bags of chamomile tea in bowl
    -put in a tsp. of extra virgin olive oil
    -a dash of Apple cider vinegar (not necessary, and this stuff is smelly. Woo!)
    -squirt about 2 or 3 tbsp. whitening toothpaste in mixture, stir
    -add dash of baking soda
    -a decent amount of hydrogen peroxide
    -a decent amount of hair conditioner
    -2 tbsp. worth of listerine
    -dash of cinnamon
    -and if you WANT to, thee tiniest dash of bleach…very, very, very small amount.

    (NOTE: Before adding the bleach, this mixture will be very aromatic. Be extremely careful of your eyes at all costs. Bleach will fuck your shit up if it gets anywhere near your peepers.)

    MIX this solution, careful not to splash and keep a towel handy. Mix it well, mine looked milky and it was very fragrant. All of the toothpaste will not dissolve.
    I used a basting brush and soaked my hair in this. Wrapped it in cellophane and put a towel around that.

    With all these components you are using a whitening agent and an aromatic agent so as your whitening your hair, the olive oil is protecting your hair and big PLUS it doesn’t smell like shish!

    I left it on for 25 minutes, washed it out with handsoap and water and towel dried it. This left my hair so shiny and smelling deeeeee-lish-ish bitches! 🙂 I let my hair air dry, as not to damage it, but if you’re impatient you can blow dry your hair with the mixture in it, then rinse with a good strengthening conditioner.

    IF you can use this in the sun or under a UV light, do it! But its currently 6 AM in Chicago, in October. So sun is not an option for I.

    This solution definitely made my hair a little lighter, and a lot healthier.
    IF your hair is dark, lemon alone will not lighten it, you will need vinegar, cinnamon and honey to lighten your hair.

    Rinse your hair with vinegar after you shower, let it soak into your hair for a good ten minutes before rinsing.

    ***MY FAVORITE: Vitamin C tablets mixed in your conditioner. Use in the shower or as I use it, sleep with it packed on your hair at night, wrapped with cellophane, plastic bag, hair net…whatever works for you. Tie at hairline. Rinse in AM.

    If you don’t have Vitamin C tablets, squeeze a few oranges and limes or use OJ with honey, salt and vinegar. Peroxide is optional….I hate the term ‘Eye it out’ but seriously, use your noggin. Depending on your hair LENGTH & VOLUME, eye out the approximate measurements.

    A girl above said she squeezed lemon, lime and Orange into a spray bottle and sprays it on her hair. I do this in the tanning bed.

    ABOVE ALL: If you have use of the sun, a chlorinated pool (or a pool, just grab sea salt) and a lemon (can be a real lemon or lemon juice)…use it! Yes its gonna dry out your hair if you fall asleep with lemon and peroxide on your hair for 4 days straight! But if your in and out of the pool, and have a spray bottle (see above), Do. It. Up. Condition it after your in the sun all day and use a little bit of olive oil in your spray bottle if necessary, or with your conditioner!


    HONEY, MILK, OATMEAL, OLIVE OIL…soften and keep your hair healthy (and smelling lovely.

    And HONEY will bring out the reddish underlying tones in your hair.

    Anyways, hope your hair ends up smelling and feeling as soft and delish as mine without breaking the bank! Good luck out there my fellow hair lighteners, I hope for you many lighter locks and MANY fatter pocketbooks! 🙂


  • Leah

    I have very very dark brown hair, and i tried using 2 freshly squeezed lemons. It did lighten it, but you can hardly notice it. I left it in for about 2 hrs….. It didnt dry out my hair, but… i have naturally wavy hair, it isnt the nicest wave, but by using the lemon juice it created a more crimped look : ) I love it but i wish it was lighter :/

  • Goofy foot

    Goofy foot again!

    Charlie (I’m a girl)
    Thanks! I don’t think I will use baking soda… I tried it for three weeks and nothing happened. But thx!
    Anyway I went to walmart and got some “go blonder” conditioner and it keeps your hair pretty healthy, and gave me some highlights and I only used it once, so I’ll just keep usin’ that.
    Oh and if u have thin hair it works better, if u have thick hair (which I do) it makes it take way longer

  • AlAnA

    Hi, I was born with dark blonde hair. it turned brown at 14. so I had to get back to blonde. so i bought so “go blonder” conditioner and slept with it in my hair for four days. now my hair is honey blonde with bright blonde highlights! and my hair is med. thick. (my hair WAS light brown, not anymore!!!)
    😀 C:

  • Mulcahyc74

    So…. I have naturally dark brown hair, and have been coloring for YEARS. I usually go blonde in the summer and darker in fall. Well it’s fall, and I wanted a medium auburn color… It came out almost black. I used COLOR OOps and it stripped that out and took me back to blonde!! So I tried again with a LIGHT auburn, it’s almost black again!!!! And its also fried!. I tried the cinnamon, honey, water and oil, slept with it in my hair overnight, and it did NOTHING!!!! I’m irritated and about to pull a Brittany Spears!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hey guys I ha e jet black hair was a good tip to lighten it

  • JJstewart

    Soo I have dyed my hair lots of times. I had a medium dark brown hair. Then I took this garnier auburn red dye. It didn’t turn out very bright(I had bright red hair before the brown) … I’ve been using every single remedy. It doesn’t seem to be working for me. My mom won’t let me bleach it even though I have before. Please help.

  • mkay

    vinegar:: for blonde color use white vinegar and auburn color use apple cider vinegar for more info. google how to use vinegar to lighten your hair. good luck

  • katlin

    This isn’t really a tip but I would be glad for some help. I have natural red hair and lately my ‘friend’ said it was turning brown and that is the last thing I want to happen but my other friends say it still looks red. I’ve been on the internet for hours and I can’t find anything to tell me how to get redder looking hair. Please if anyone knows just put it on this website and I’ll be checking in everyday Thanks!!!

  • Steph

    I tried lemon no other chemical, I didn’t sit in the sun; it was a cold day! I sat under my bathroom heat lamp for 1 hour (it’s not UV so it will take longer) I washed it out and instead of leaving it did get dry at first but the next solution fixed that, I crushed up 4 vitamin c tablets mixed them with my shampoo and rinsed thoroughly, then 2 hours later I did the same! In the end my hair which was naturally dark brown turned into a light/medium brown, it looks great especially in the sunlight it looks really light brown!

  • BigBeautifulBlondie

    ok so i had light brown hair and i tried putting peroxide and conditioner in my hair and layed under a lamp for a hour then slept with it and blowdryed my hair when i woke up.Now my hairs a caramelly color.Not what i expected but i like it.It doesnt damage ur hair as long as u mix in conditioner.so i still want to be blonder! so i put together my own concoction:)
    Here it is:
    -hydrogen peroxide
    -oarange juice
    -letting a chamomile tea bag sit in there before usimg it
    -some salt
    -whitening toothpaste
    -go blonder shampoo
    and im gonna rub it in my hair comb threw and cover it for 10 minutes then sit under a lamp for a bit
    sorry for it being so long hope this helps=)
    ill post back what happened! good luck!

  • BigBeautifulBlondie

    Ok so i also put a egg in cuz i read it makes ur hair soft and shiny:)
    I rubbed it all over my hair and then tied a garbage bag and now im gonna sit for 15 more minutes then towel/blow dry and see what happens!

  • BigBeautifulBlondie

    what if use clothes washing bleach?!?

  • BigBeautifulBlondie

    Now my hair is a goldish caramel color,very shiny not a lot of change but its gradual.:) hope it helped

  • BigBeautifulBlondie

    ok so now i crushed up 6 vitamin c tablets mixed with go blonder shampoo,deep conditioner.I wet my hair until it was soaked rubbed the mix in well and then mixed in some hidrogen peroxide.I covered with a shopping plastic bag and tied it at the hairline. i am now letting it set for 30 minutes prolly. fingers crossed 🙂 <3 <3

  • Kaz

    So I was born blonde, really blonde! And when I hit age 12 it started to darken to a dirty blonde. Stupid me, dyed my hair back blonde and it went orange. Now I have been dying it ever since trying to get it back to its lovely dirty blonde colour which I realise I miss. Its currently are medium – dark brown.

    Lucky for me I’ve been sick lately and had Vit C in stock in my vitamin collection so I have mixed some of that with conditioner and water…will see how it goes and get back to you all. Also Going to put some vinegar and lemon juice in when I get the opportunity to raid the pantry 😛

    Also planning on spending a lot of time at the beach and in the pool this summer coming too so will fill you all in on anything else that works for me 🙂

  • Goofy foot

    Cinnamon. cinnamon paste (just water and cinnamon mix into a paste and apply to your hair) I have ligh light brown hair, and cinnamon gave me red highlights. I got rid of them with lemon since I didn’t like the red on me. So I hope it works 🙂

  • Bebo

    Can some one help me? I REALLY want blond hair. peroxide isn’t working. It made me had a honey colored highlight. if I do it for 15 minutes before a shower, will it work? And what does bleach do? Do you guys no?
    Thanks!!! 😀

  • katlin

    Goofy foot
    Thank you so much I’ll try it tonight 🙂

  • Jamie

    OK… so I recently coloured my hair black, but I used a non-permanent dye. It is taking a very long time to wash out. So for the last 2 hours, I have been soaking ALL my hair in hydrogen peroxide 3%. It is working great! My hair is noticely lighter. And don’t worry about being in the sun. I’m not! I hope this helped!

  • Lei

    Theres a product called sun in that works really good.U can get it from wallgreens,walmart,CVS,Rite Aid,Kroger,etc.you can also go to the website:www.sun-in.com.Theres much more info. on the website if U need it.

    Hope this helped!!
    GoOd LuCk!!

  • claude

    2- ALL the tight-ASS.s outthere buy a hairlighter cream!!!

    • its called being frugal… get a clue you ass!

  • Brandy

    Tip for getting red out of blonde highlights: There is a shampoo called procolor, its purple shampoo and it will take the pinkish red tint out of your highlights. I had gotten my hair dyed red with blonde highlights and two days later my blonde highlights were pinkish. I was stressed, when i found this shampoo, one wash and shazam, like magic my highlights were like platinum again. Shampoo costs like $12 and does the job. I know you can find it at visible changes. I have heard you can use shimmering lights as well, it is a purple shampoo found at sallys beauty supply. I was told you cant leave it in long at all, so check the time on that one.

  • Palina

    I have dark blonde mousey hair. This worked for me:

    The strained juice of 1 fresh lemon
    2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
    2 desertpoons camomile tea

    Mix well and pour over entire scalp. Have a towel over your shoulders. I worked in the garden for a few hours in the sun and let it dry. I then took a shower and washed and conditioned my hair as normal. It is several shades lighter, soft and not dried out. The condition is actually better than it was before. I will do this again on the next sunny day. Good luck!

  • leogirl

    I am trying the butter,sal,pepper,oatmeal trick I also added the tomatoe sauce & whitening toothpaste..quite messy but I figured i’d try since I don’t like chemicals & this stuff is jus food so why not!
    I will post again shortly & let yall know If I see any change 🙂

  • leogirl

    oh but I wasn’t sure how long to leave it in I’m trying 35min. and my hair is a medium brown with dark blonde highlights naturally….so I’m hoping to jus lighten it All

  • leogirl

    ok I Do Not recomend the butter,salt,pepper,oatmeal,tomatoe juice,& toothpaste method…No change It did NOTHING! I have tryed SunIn in the past and it has always worked Awesome for me so I think I jus may stick with that…I will however add that if you use SunIn you will NOT be able to get a perm untill your hair all grows out & is nolonger lightened from the SunIn product because the SunIn product causes the chemicals in the perm to Not take hold, found this out from experience I had to get an extra 2 inches cut off before getting a perm years back because the ends still had traces of the Sunin being used…& if you do use SunIn be sure to condition your hair well cuz as with other lightening products it can be damaging after awhile…just an FYI 🙂

  • leogirl

    I have heard to bring out a natural redheads highlights a good thing to use is pure Beetjuice or 100% Cranberry juice (you can mix the two as well put in a squirt bottle sprits all throughout your hair & sit in the sun to let dry the natural highlights will begin to show….not sure if a heatlamp or blowdryer will have the same affect if there is noway to sit out in the sun but you could try.
    🙂 hope that helps

  • Goofy foot

    Ok. It’s goofy foot for the last time (I know I posted a lot) and I would not recomend peroxide (sorry about that) DON’T USE IT! it didn’t do anything for me, but make me look yellow. and I’ve heard so many bad things about what it does. So I think you all should stick to natural things like, lemon and egg yolks! since they can’t do damage like peroxide. So sorry about all my posts I’m going natural 🙂

  • asdfghjkl;’

    DONT”T use lemo juice it does work but it dries your hair ou SOOOOOOOOO much and i know when u read a bad comment about something u kinda pretend the it’s  there but trust me on the one

  • Nelly_2k7

    Does washing up liquid & salt take colour out of your hair and light it ??/

  • xoxolisa

    Alright, so I have black hair, because I’m asian. And I really want it to be lighter, so I’m using hydrogen peroxide.

    What I did was pour some peroxide into a bowl, and some conditioner and water. I mixed it up, and I’m leaving it in my hair for about 30 minutes. I’ll tell you what the results are!

  • xoxolisa

    it works!! lightens hair so it’s noticeable enough.

  • Malayna

    the lemon thing didnt work but, if you use manzanilla (mexican tea) in your hair, then that will straighten your hair and lighten it

  • dani

    i am a surfer girl and ive been surfing for a long time. my hair is naturally brown but the sun bleeched it to a dark blonde/golden brown couler. i recently hurt myself in longjump and i cant do anysport for a year (including surfing). how can i keep my hair the awesome couler that it was? i am only 13 so i dont wanna damage my hair. plz help

  • Gabby J.

    Everyone says don’t use lemon juice, peroxide, etc. Because it will dry out your hair but all you have to do is go to the health food store and get a jar of coconut oil. After treating your hair and taking a shower towel dry it until it’s just damp then take about a tablespoon of coconut oil and melt it in you hands and evenly distribute it through you hair and let it dry the res of the way. Your hair will feel amazingly soft and perfect.

  • dani

    Thanx 🙂

  • Kitty

    Hydrogen peroxide works best!!! All you have to do I put some peroxide in a spray bottle and spray on hair before you go to bed. The only thing about it is it smells kinda funny so you may new to take a shower in the morning. When you lay In the sun it may give it some more natural highlights!!!

  • Dana

    I have thick hair and the top layer is golden brown from exposure to the sun, but underneath is a medium brown. I really wanted to lighten my hair everywhere. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide and mixed it with some baking soda to create a sort of liquidy paste. I brushed it on sections of my hair, wrapped in tin foil, and let it sit for 45min- one hour. Results were amazing. It really worked. The dark part of my hair is now a honey, light brown color. And the light part has really light honey blond streaks. Do it, do it, it works.

  • tiffani

    I hav supper dark hair…….i tried the lemon thing, but for sum reason lemon actually turned my hair darker…..so yea i think it doesnt work…

  • Ginger

    Okay, so from what I know, white vinegar and honey works wonders for lightening hair 🙂 Just mix together vinegar and honey (add molasses if you want), put it on your hair, cap it overnight and wash it off the next morning. I’ve tried cinnamon too. It lightened a teensy bit, but when i place my hair directly in the sunlight you’d see shiny red strands of hair (not streaks, strands). My hair is a very very dark brown since I’m south east Asian. Also, clove tea would bring out red, auburn, and chestnut colors in your hair (just leave it on for a few hours). 🙂 If you’re patient for results, put ground cinnamon or a few drops of cinnamon oil in your shampoo/conditioner bottle. Your hair will lighten 3-4 shades in a few weeks. 🙂

  • blondie

    I’m a dishwater blond and I lighten my roots with peroxide in the winter once a month. Guys use some common sense, ANY bleaching agent is going to dry your hair out. Use a good conditioner, natural or otherwise. Don’t expect dramatic results in just a few sittings, if your hair is dark, it will take a few applications to lighten it. Don’t overdo it, give your hair breaks between lightenings and condition it. I’m not a stylist, I don’t work in a salon, but they are right, bleaching agents will damage your hair…just like the stuff they use in there, the difference is they condition your hair so it doesn’t dry out. USE A GOOD CONDITIONER. DON’T use bleaching agents repeatedly for days in a row without letting your hair relax and USE A GOOD CONDITIONER. Common sense. If you are looking for dramatic results in one sitting , go to a salon or buy a box. Peroxide does work for MY hair, if you have dark hair, or have used color strippers/dyes on your your results may not turn out like you want. Test anything you are going to try at the nape of your neck so if it does turn out badly, your hair will hide it and don’t forget to condition!

  • allyjayxoxoxox

    well, I tried toothpaste, conditioner, oatmeal, melted butter, salt nd pepper nd it made my hair a tad lighter BUT NO ONE ELSE NOTICED!! I kindof reccomend lemon juice coz it made my hair a lil lighter. if any1 has anytips for me please tell me nd I hope I helped others as desperate as me! 0_0 btw: my hair is mousy but I dip dyed it blonde so only the ends are blonde, but the blonde on my ends are so nice, so I want ALL my hair like it!! TBH I will probz try tht toothpaste, conditioner thing again tonight. ANY HELP? xoxoxox Thankyou nd soz itz soooo long LOL But if any1 has any ideas for a sweet honey blonde that you have already tested please tell me thanks! XD XOXOXO

  • tip

    kk. One tip dnt ever use sun-in it messes ur hair. It can either 1. make it a weird colour tht noone likes 2. from nice mousy to ginger (nd by ginger i don’t mean nice natural red head, i mean brittly orange. If that makes sense lol) 3. make it fall out. srsly guys. GO GET IT DYED! but instead of me being a pain….. I decide to help abit. What I do is use lemon, vinegar or toothpaste. u can addd em alltogether if u want. u can lay in sun OR indoors. in sun mayhav a better affect tho. once like dry (toothpaste craps it up btw) (makes it sticky) after about 1hr in sun or as long as it takes to dry or nearly dry wash w/deep cond. then blowdry nd ur dun. u might wanna redo this more than once or twice but normally vinegar works WONDERS….. apparently. ive just tryed it now nd im still sat in sun buh unfortunatly for meh sun keeps goin in. ):< Xd

  • tip

    actually ive noticed its a tad lighter but not much lighter itz kk

  • tip

    kk. guys me again! haha! what im gunna do today (coz itz sunny, im desperate for blonde hair and my dad won’t let me dye it, my mum wud let me dye it but it is my dads descision on this one lol) is put lemon,white vinegar and abit of water and mix it round in a spray bottle. spritz it on my hair and sit in sun, wish me luck. this can work indoors but sun probably has better affect. try it and tell me results and I’ll post results too just to let ya know cya!!!!!

  • BloNdey GurLs KisS Ya

    wowowowosoossoossoso! pee blood! SRSLY GUYS ARE U MESSED UP OR WHttt? U DONT DO THAT HERE IS MY ADVICE XXX ~to lighten hair naturally, blondes are beautiful~ 1
    Mix the lemon juice, olive oil and water in a clean spray bottle.

    Shake the bottle well to emulsify the oil, water and juice. A well-mixed spray will coat the hair evenly, resulting in more even lightening.


    Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin. You will need to be in direct sunlight to naturally bleach your hair, so you should protect your skin.

    Mist dampened hair thoroughly with the lemon and oil mixture, focusing the spray more on the hair’s length than on the scalp. Longer hair will require more spray, but enough of the mixture should stay in the spray bottle to allow for later re-application.

    Find a sunny location outside to relax and let the sunlight do its work. Bleaching hair noticeably takes a minimum of 30 minutes, but a longer stay in the sun will produce more visible results. Pass the time with an interesting book.

    Re-apply the spray as it dries on the hair. Keep hair dampened with the juice and oil mixture for the duration of the process. If hair gets wet from a dip in the pool or a cooling shower, thoroughly mist the hair with the spray.

    Check hair strands frequently for color changes. Leave the sun when hair turns the desired shade of blond.

    Shampoo the lemon-oil mixture from hair and rinse thoroughly before adding a conditioning treatment. Lemon’s acidity can leave hair feeling dry and dull; a thorough wash and conditioning will restore its texture and shine.

    this probs will take more than once for a more lighter colour if u want it to b lighter.
    camomile tea on its own can lighten hair and this takes really long frequent use to properly work. xoxoxo. these facts from e-how!! and take gud care of ur blonde hair dont do stupid stuff like dying black… MORE RANDOM TIPS

    squeesin lemon nd sittin in sun works nd hav q shower after or it is ugly strawy hair.

    1/3 hydrogen poroxide
    2/3 lemon juice.

    sit in the sun or go to the beach or stay indoors like a moope.

    You can lighten your hair simply by using camomile’s flower pollen powder, sold in pharmacies or spice shops in the oriental markets. After boiling and cooling the pollen powder with water in the bowl, you just apply on your hair and stay under the sunny environment. You’ll remark a lighter color on your hair after 1-2 days…

    Yaa you can take milk cream + lemon juice and massage it will not only help you lighten hairs but moistrize also. milk cream have AHA factors that are also skin lightner and reduce the visible spots on face.

    ppl say nail polish remover lightens hair but im not sure how to use it and that is just abit too weird for me and very unnatural and im not sure if it will work but yu can try..

  • BloNdey GurLs KisS Ya


  • BloNdey GurLs KisS Ya

    RIGHT I’m usin white vinegar again and my hair is gettin a big NOTICABLE change in colour its bright blonde and only a bit darker in some places! YAY! FINALLY A REMEDY THAT WORKS QUICKER only use it 2wice nd it works amazin TRUST MEEE!!!!!

  • cotton candy

    i have naturally dark brown hair. i dyed it medium brown 2 years ago. its faded. so tonite im gonna try mixing a paste of conditioner, honey, olive oil, cinnamon, and hydrogen peroxide. (i would do lemon juice too but i dont have any .
    so ill leave that in for about an hour and post results!!

  • Sam Lange

    My hair is naturally blonde, but I want it lighter so this is what I used…

    1/4 cup peroxide
    1/4 honey
    1/4 100% OJ
    1 egg
    1/4 Hollywood olive oil hair conditioner (Wal Mart)
    I soaked my hair, then applied conditioner and am letting it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. I can already see my highlights getting lighter, no orange so far… I’ll let you know how it goes…

  • Sam Lange

    Well, not much of a change as of yet. But, my hair is long, to my waist, and I have worked very hard to keep it healthy, so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead… However, it is very soft and shiny, and it smells heavenly!!!

  • Irina

    About the whitening toothpaste: you didn’t specify the brand, and whether it contains bleach, peroxides etc. Well?
    And a good method with acids and sea salt, it works, but very gradually, you know. You didn’t specify, how much salt, rinse or for the whole day… With the sun or without? Because somebody wrote here it made me almost bleach blonde…
    I found a link, a girl lightened her hair overtime with shampoo and Dead Sea Salt. She put 3 tablespoons into her shampoo. Search Dead Sea Salt lightens hair.
    There is a rumour that vodka lightens hair.

  • Irina

    Check out my page on facebook and join if you like.))

  • cw

    have read all the tips and it seems to me that nobody has even mentioned that Sun-In, vitamin C tablets, lime, lemons….all are citrus, all are vitamin C.. why keep trying lemons, then limes, then vitamin c, then sun in? Your going to fry your hair.

  • Breanne.

    To lighten my hair I use two chamomile tea bags, half a lemon which you squeeze the juice into the mixture then throw the rest in. Steep both in 1-2 cups of water for 20 minutes, than pour or spray the mixture onto your hair and use the other half of the lemon by squeezing or even sliding it over your hair in the spots you really want to lighten. Sit outside for an hour or more. You most likely have to do it a few times (mine was about three), but this remedy wasn’t damaging to my hair what so ever because of the chamomile, my hair literally felt like silk.

  • arielle

    What you should do is take yogurt then spray on your hair lemon juice. Sit or do something for 20 min (15 min if you want) after that take water and rinse your hair. HOPE IT WORKS LOVIES