10 Best Home Remedies to Keep Bed Bugs Out of your House | Q&A

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Q: I visited my daughter’s house last week and it was infested with bed bugs. How can I protect my home?

A: Dear C, Bed bugs belong to the family of Cimicid, a tiny insect that can easily squeeze or hide into smaller spaces having small flat bodies. These are known for being blood-sucking parasites. This blood sucking insect commonly preys on human blood and resides on fabrics found at home such as beds, towels, carpet, and sofa especially during the night. They have no known benefits except as food to some bigger animals; it causes skin rashes from their bites as well as allergy. They can be bothersome and prevent people from having a good night sleep. Do you want simple home remedies to keep bed bugs out of your house?



1. Hot Water – Boil hot water and pour it on the beddings or affected areas and let these dry on high heat of the sun for about couple of hours to get rid of the bed bugs.

2. Sun Exposure – The rays of the sun can destroy the infestation of the bed bugs in your mattress. Expose the bed for about 5-6 hours of direct heat and repeat it the following day just to make sure the bed bugs are gone.

3. Cayenne Pepper – Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the area where you think bed bugs are coming from. Cayenne pepper has properties that can irritate the bedbugs so that these are deterred from lingering in your home.

4. Peppermint – Start placing peppermint all over your house especially on those corners with big or small cracks. It serves as repellant and also one of the best home remedies to keep bed bugs out of your house.

5. Steam Clean or Vacuum – Use either steam clean or vacuum device to run all over the areas with or without bed bugs infestation. Make sure to include the area under the bed, hard to reach corner, foot mats, carpets, and bed stands. Steam clean or vacuum can eradicate bed bugs.

6. Bleaching Agent – Include pouring a small amount of bleaching agent into your water use for cleaning and washing the floors and corners to eliminate bed bugs.

7. Sealant – Use any strong sealant to cover all cracks and crevices that are used by bed bugs in hiding.

8. Insecticide – Use insecticide and spray all over the area where bed bugs infiltrate. Make sure to only use natural insecticide that are safe for children and pets.

9. Clutter – Remove the clutter that are lurking into your house or bedroom to prevent the bed bugs from hiding and spreading. Removing the clutter is the simplest, cheapest and considered as best home remedy in eliminating bedbugs and other pests.

10. Lavender Oil – Utilize lavender oil by rubbing and spreading it around in your bed and other areas that you suspect to be bed bug-infested. Bed bugs can’t stand lavender scent; thus, the scent is among the proven best home remedies to keep bed bugs out of your house.

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