8 Home Remedies for Itchy Skin | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I have an itchy scalp and frizzy hair, itchy inner thighs, and inner elbows. My skin has also gone dry which makes it very itchy. What relief can you suggest so I can control the itch?

A: Dear A, Everybody knows that scratching causes more harm than good to the skin. When skin itching or pruritus strikes, one gets too focused on relieving the itch, even only temporarily. One has the tendency that constant scratching may cause skin breakage that leaves you more prone to infection. This can lead to more complicated skin problems and more expensive treatments.
So, before breaking into another scratching spree, here are some helpful home remedies for itchy skin ranging from itchy scalp and frizzy hair, itchy inner thighs and inner elbows, to downright bad, dry skin.

Home Remedies for Itchy Skin


1. Resetting – Dry scalp is one of the causes of an itchy scalp. Therefore you need to reset your hair and scalps’ pH balance before you can treat the dryness. Try using vinegar rinse aside from your usual hair shampoo as this can wash away the flakes and remove all the chemicals that may be present in your hair. This is in preparation for your hair to receive intensive moisture treatments.

2. Natural Treatments – Frizzy hair is best remedied using hot oil treatments. You can do this at home by using tea tree oil or olive oil. To make your own conditioners try your natural moisturizers present in your kitchen like avocado, oatmeal, honey and banana. All these hot oil and moisturizing treatments will bring back the moisture and nutrients your hair and scalp need. Do this once a week to relieve itching and prevent your hair from getting frizzy. [1]

3. Use lightweight Breathable Clothing – Another serious concern needing home remedies for itchy skin is itchy inner thighs. There can be a number of causes such as heat rash, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis or swimmers’ itch. Consult your doctor to determine which of these you are suffering from. If it is heat rash that is caused by excessive sweating under the skin due to blocked sweat ducts, use lightweight breathable clothing and avoid excessive heat. Staying in air conditioned facilities also help relieve the symptoms. [2]

4. Wash with Soap and Water – Itchy inner elbows can have a number of causes. So, consult your doctor to determine the appropriate medication needed. But, if it’s just skin rash, wash it with mild soap and water twice a day. Too much itching can also be relieved by placing ice packs on the affected area. To control the inflammation, apply Aloe vera. Applying olive oil before bedtime also provides great relief. Dab a small amount on your inner elbows using a cotton swab. [3]

5. Honey – This is one of the best home remedies for itchy skin. As mentioned earlier, bad, dry skin is one of the leading causes of intolerable itching. Apply all over your body and leave it on for ten minutes prior to bathing.

6. Oatmeal – Dry hands are unsightly. So rub some oatmeal on your hands liberally before washing them. This not only serves as a moisturizer, it is also a great exfoliant. [4]

7. Grapeseed oil – Mix this with your bathwater or apply it after a bath or shower.

8. Crisco – Yes, the canned vegetable shortening. It’s inexpensive and very effective in treating bad, dry skin. [5]


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