Home Remedies for Itching Rashes

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There’s nothing worse than an itch you can’t scratch. Whether you’ve come in contact with an irritating substance or battling an illness, any type of relief is welcome. Luckily, home remedies for itching rashes can help you beat one of the most frustrating symptoms for patients of all ages.

itchy rash

Itching Rashes Causes and Symptoms

The symptoms associated with your itchy rash depend on the medical condition you’ve developed and other outside factors, such as allergic reactions [1], pregnancy, or coming in contact with poison ivy. A handful of causes and symptoms of itching rashes include:

• Itchy rashes can affect one part of the body or appear all over the skin, such as chickenpox, measles, and rubella (also known as German measles). An itchy rash can also attack hairy parts of the body. Examples of this are found with dandruff, head lice (causes red bumpy rash), seborrheic dermatitis, scalp ringworm, jock itch, and genital warts.

• Itchy rashes can cause a breakout of red bumps, as seen in insect bites, acne, razor burn, prickly heat (miliaria), and hives.

• An itchy rash may develop scaly patches, such as the kind that appear with severe sunburn, diaper rash, fungal infections, eczema (contact dermatitis), and psoriasis.

• Sometimes, itchy crusts appear following the original wave of a rash. The crusts can break and ooze fluid, which is a symptom of chickenpox, shingles, and impetigo.

Itching Rashes Home Remedies

An itchy rash is much more than a nuisance. If you continuously paw at your irritation, you run the risk of infection. To gain relief (if only for a moment), consider the following home remedies for itching rashes:

a) Oatmeal:

Soaking in a bath filled with oatmeal allows you to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of the substance. Oatmeal also fights itching. Place dry oats in a coffee grinder to create a fine powder that drains better in your tub. Pour in a handful of oatmeal when taking your bath. Make sure you have filled the tub with cool water, rather than lukewarm or hot water.

b) Cornstarch:

Acting in the same manner as oatmeal, add cornstarch to a lukewarm bath to gain relief from itching rashes.

c) Vicks Vapor Rub:

Depending on the rash, instant relief from an itching rash is possible with the use of Vicks vapor rub. Do not apply this remedy on a rash with broken skin.

d) Honey and Cinnamon:

Combine equal amounts of honey and cinnamon powder to create a paste to combat an itching rash.

e) Vinegar:

Mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water to make a solution for skin rashes that itch. When taking a bath, pour one cup of white vinegar into the water and soak for 5 to 10 minutes to gain temporary relief.

f) Tropical Treatment:

Cover affected skin with a light paste comprised of coconut oil and lime juice. Another home remedy for itching rashes that involves coconut is to mix coconut juice with tomato to create a healing solution.

g) Vitamin E Oil:

Soothe itchy rashes by rubbing in vitamin E oil, which also encourages faster healing.

h) Baking Soda:

Mix baking soda with water until a paste forms, which is then applied to affected skin to soothe itchiness.

i) Choose Unscented Products:

Sensitive skin tends to break out in an itchy rash when it comes in contact with harsh soaps and other products. Choose unscented, mild soaps when washing your body. When laundering your clothes, select detergents that do not contain fragrances, as they tend to irritate skin and worsen itchiness. ?

j) Ice:

Wrap a washcloth around a handful of ice cubes and directly apply to itchy skin. This should ease daily itching and reduce the appearance of a rash. An effective substitute for ice is to press a bag of frozen vegetables to your skin.

k) Cotton Clothing:

Wearing synthetic materials and wool clothing can further irritate a rash, which is why it is suggested to choose cotton clothing for better comfort.

l) Lemon Juice:

Combine an equal amount of lemon extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture to affected skin for soothing relief from itching. A suggested amount of ingredients is one to two tablespoons.

m) Check Your Toothpaste:

For an itchy rash that develops around the mouth, check the type of toothpaste you are using. Toothpastes that have ingredients meant to control tartar can cause the skin to crack, redden, and itch around the corners of your mouth. Reducing your use of this kind of toothpaste will provide relief from the rash.

n) Vitamin C:

Mix crushed vitamin C tablets and water together to create a soothing home remedy for itchy rashes that is applied directly to the skin. The vitamin offers relief in the form of antioxidants.

o) Cool Compress:

Soak a cotton cloth in cool water and place over a rash. Sit in front of a fan and allow the air to create a cooling/evaporating result that has a similar effect as calamine lotion.

p) White Shoe Polish:

If you’re out of calamine lotion and want relief from the itchiness of poison ivy, consider white shoe polish. One of the components of the shoe polish (pipe clay) acts in a similar manner as calamine. Shoe polish also contains zinc oxide, which is said to provide relief.


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