Home Remedies for Head Lice

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head lice remedies

Ever seen people, especially children, scratching their head persistently? Well, they certainly put you on guard, for you know the only reason why one would do so is because of that pesky little thing called head louse that makes the scalp its home.


If you think this is gross, just see the head louse picture and you’d understand why this infestation is so repulsive. However, the good news is there are plenty of treatments available and you need not confine yourself to over-the-counter ones. There are some swell home remedies for treating head louse too.

Head lice infection

The bad news is lice can infest people of all ages and prefer clean hair to lay its eggs in! This is because the head louse nits or eggs, stick better to cleaner hairs than oily ones. You’d believe they’re spread by direct physical contact with an infected person; the truth is they can step aboard through the use of shared personal items, like comb, hair brush, towels, bed linen, and the like.

The head lice symptoms, of course, are unmistakable – an intense itching on the scalp and the back of the neck. If you examine an infected person’s scalp, the nape of the neck or above the ears, you would find small white nits attached firmly to the hair shafts. This is a sure giveaway of lice infestation. The bad news is these nits cannot be dusted off like dandruff. Adult head lice can cause severe irritation through the action of its saliva.

Home remedy for hair lice

The shampoos and lotions available with the pharmacists are best avoided, as these have harmful chemicals that can adversely affect your scalp and hair. Head louse home remedy treatment is time tested, safe and effective. Let’s see what all it includes:


a. Mayonnaise:

Apply mayonnaise thoroughly to the scalp and cover the hair with a plastic bag. Leave it for one hour and heat it with a blow dryer for 5 minutes. Rinse the hair and apply regular hair gel. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove nits and lice.

b. Vinegar:

Vinegar is an excellent home remedy for killing head louse. Simply wash your hair with vinegar and it’ll kill all the lice within two days!

c. Tea tree oil and olive oil:

Mix olive oil with tea tree oil and apply to the hair and rub into the scalp. Wait for half-an-hour or an hour before washing. Now, wash the hair to remove the oil and rinse the hair again with vinegar. This would loosen the ‘glue’ holding the nits to the hair shaft. Finally comb the hair to get rid of any remaining lice.

d. Neem oil or neem leaves:

Work neem oil into the hair and let it remain for an hour or so. Shampoo and comb the hair to remove dead lice. If neem leaves are available, boil a handful and soak the head in the neem water, of course, after the water cools down a bit! Now, rinse with plain water. This ‘bitter’ remedy will clear the lice from the hair.

e. Olive oil:

Soak the hair in olive oil and leave it overnight. Wash hair normally to get rid of the oil. This done, rinse now with white vinegar and let it remain for 5 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the hair with lukewarm water to remove the vinegar. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of head louse.

Head lice is something everyone has to contend with at least once in one’s lifetime. However, if you are careful, you can be spared this embarrassing infestation. But, if you do get it, then instead of scratching your head off, use these home remedies, but consult your physician first.


  • mrs.smith

    For lice spray evenly and saturate rubbing alcohol in hair. make sure to cover eyes and mouth this is very strong smelling.Leave on for 25 min. Kills all lice and nits.Comb hair with lice combs and wash with coconut suave or V05 shampoo.

  • Gina

    Wild Growth Hair Oil.(http://www.hairgrownfast.com/).. I originally bought this product for me to grow my hair, but I soon found out they kill lice (not the eggs though). This product is used on adults and kids for obtaining healthy hair. And it’s an oil something that has been used to smother the lice.

    You can also buy this on Ebay. Let me know if this works for you.

  • Marisol Sanchez

    Aloe Vera Leaves

    Take a leaf from the aloe vera plant, peel away the thorns (easy with a potatoe peeeler. Place it in the Food Processer to form a gel like substance. Place on hair for 30 min. then comb through with metal lice combs. Also add about a teaspoon of this gel to your regular shampoo. The theory behind it is that it leaves your scalp with a coating which is unpleasant for lice, so they stay away. In the process you condition your hair because it is safe and sometimes recommend for your hair. This a common remedy in Puerto Rico.

  • Iliana

    Ivory dish liquid works wonders. It will kill lice and eggs. But it works only with the dish liquid NOT the bar soap.

  • renee

    i recently found that my daughter had come home with lice,it was days before my next payday and had no money for the lice shampoo or anything else.in my search around the house for olive oil i came across my dog shampoo.it said kills fleas ticks and LICE i was amazed i didnt know my dogs shampoo would kill lice too.so i used it as i had nothing else and guess what…lice free of course you still want to repeat it in a weak and make sure you get the eggs out and rinse very well too you might smell like a dog but you wont have lice.i used the adams flea and tick shampoo

  • Tracy

    My 13 y/o son had a BIG infestation before he bothered to come out of his room (summer break from school) to tell me. He was busy playing computer games, watching tv and reading for the last 2 weeks. I brought him to the doctor it was so bad and got a script for Elimite. I used it on Friday and combed out tons of live and dead lice. I combed his hair twice a day on Saturday and Sunday again with quite a few live baby lice and eggs. My 4 y/o was found to have a half dozen eggs in her hair this morning. THAT IS IT! This means war. I got olive oil and placed several drops of tea tree oil in it. I then placed it on their heads and wraped their heads up with saran wrap and then a cheep shower cap. I left it on them all day long today and then washed their hair with cheap Prell shampoo (it is good for greasy hair) and sprinkled their heads with salt (to help scrap the hair and scalp clean). I then did a brief vinegar rinse to help “de glue” the eggs and then a clean water rinse. I combed maybe 2 eggs off of my daughter and a ton of dead baby lice and eggs off from my son. The key here is they were DEAD. Even with the strong chemicals they were still alive. I plan to wash their hair daily and comb twice a day (all while changing the linens and washing in hot water along with the towels every day). I think there is light at the end of the tunnel! Yippee!!

  • Sammatha T.

    My niece come to stay with me this summer. And guess what she , brung some guest. She brung super lice. we tried two differnt kind of lice treatments. None of them worked. so we asked around about some stuff to kill lice and nits. But you have to use a fine tooth come to get them out. And it will make the nits almost a clear color.

  • gabriella allet reyes

    well my daughter sierenna came home with lice and i tried evrything in the book and guess what the lice kept getting more and more populated so i decided to put olive oil on her hail i soaked her hair and bought lice combs which come speerated i highly recomend the rid metal red comb works wonders one short just for lice long just for nit and eggs well after going through with each comb i took each and every one faboulous shes never gotten reinfessted since and if she does i will surley use this instead of wasting good money on useless shampoos over the top that dont work hope it work im pretty sure it will oh you can subsitute it with vasilene but i strongly recomend these two only

  • Apoorvi

    I advice u 2 put olive/coconut oil regularly until d scratching gets a lil less and then u cont. 2 put it BUT u should comb it with a small-toothed comb & put it till d lice and eggs dont completely cum out !!!

  • sandy

    My daughter got lice for a neighborhood friend! I’m having a hec of a time getting her clean! she has very very thick hair and we tried dawn kills them, but they keep coming back! I look about every other day and seems to be nits! Could they be dead nits and I just missed them the first time! Ahhh….I just want to shave our heads! She is the only one in the house, I think that has it! any suggestions on how I can find what is infected>? I’ve done everthing to the book

  • Sherri

    I tried the medicated shampoo’s four times and the lice were still not dead. I followed the rules (ex. sterilizing brushes combs, clips, elastics, washing towels, bedding and clothing with hot water, vacuming the beds, couches and floors)and nothing was working. I told the pharamasist i was ready to pull my hair out because nothing working. The pharamasist told me that if worse comes to worse use hair dye. Well, i picked up a hair dye that matched my daughters hair colour and dyed her hair. Sure enough the lice are gone. It works!!!!

  • Barbara

    We’ve had infestations twice, the first time particularly badly. A combination of neem oil and tea tree oil mixed into a cheap conditioner worked very well for us. The neem oil kills the lice and any that manage to survive are incapacitated and can’t feed. I’ve never found a live louse when I wet comb after applying neem/tea tree oil, everything I comb out is dead. Saturate the head and scalp, leave on for a few minutes and then wet comb in very small sections using a lice comb. Wipe the comb on white paper towels after each pass, you’ll be able to see what you’re combing out. The key is to be VERY persistent, doing a wet comb every other day until you’ve gone at least a week without seeing any eggs or nits. I also bagged all the stuffed animals that my daughter slept with for two weeks. It took about a month to get rid of the most severe of our infestations

  • Tina Marie

    I know you are looking for home rememdies…but I have none. I have very long hair and I have had it since I was a child, so of course being in school I caught it numerous times. I tried different cooking oils and generic lice killing treatment…it didn’t work. If you are broke you might as well just save up a few dollars for the treatment instead of wasting your time. You see lice has a life cycle that kills! Just buy the rid 1, 2, 3 step. It is about $10 to $15. BUT it has enough to treat the whole family, which you need to do in order to get it gone…even if you have short hair. It has the combs which are essential for getting rid of the lice…you must get it all out. It also has enough for a second treatment…this should be done 10 days later, NOT 7. Search the life cylce of lice on the net! The life cycle of lice can prevent it from being effective after only 7 days. But it does come with an “in between” gel that you can use before the ten days to clear out any that have hatched. And last it has the spray, to put on your carpet, furniture, upholstry, and anything else that can not be washed in the machine.
    I could go into further detail of why each and every step is important but it would take forever! When you buy the Rid it has all kinds of info inside the box that explains everything!

    I wanted to add…if you still want to try a home remedy be sure to follow it up and USE THE COMB!!!

  • Tina Marie

    One more thing…I read above about the olive oil and mayo…tried it and it did not work… sorry

  • Amy

    Suave makes a coconut shampoo that will get rid of and prevent lice. I battled them for months when my daughter was in kindergarten, then someone told me about this. Now this is the only shampoo she uses and we have had not had any more lice. She is now in the 5th grade. Every year I hear about lice at her school and daycare but she has not had any.

  • Cassandra

    Hair dye works, I have had lice more then once and it always gets rid of it.

  • Jess

    My children’s pediatrician recommended mineral oil, and vinegar, 1 cup of each mixed together, and worked in to the hair, cover and leave on for about 20 minutes, works great! Don’t forget to do the linen though, most people do. That is extremely important as well……thanx for all your methods. What a great informative site…thank you all!

  • mary

    Anybody know if baby oil works for lice?I tried it once but didn;t do a follow up for my daughter but it seemed to loosen the eggs when combed out.

  • theresa liford

    For years I worked first in many pet stores and then became a veterinary technician in Louisiana. We had huge flea and tick infestations. A trick I learned, which helps with head lice as well, is to take a big box of 20 Mule Team Borox.

    Sprinkle it not only on your carpet, but pick up all of your couch cushions and put it under those as well. Take a broom and brush it into the carpet thoroughly. Let it sit for forty eight hours and them vacuum up.

    The alkalinity in the Borox will dessicate the lice and kill them by way of dehydration. I have personally seen it work in my Grandmother’s home where the fleas were so bad that you were covered from the knees down with hundreds and hundreds within minutes.

    This remedy is non-toxic to both children and animals. I have two children, three cats and a dog and of course a husband. None of them have ever suffered any ill affects from this treatment.

    I am still trying many things for the lice on our bodies, but I will say that this is a perfect way to get rid of fleas and ticks and lice in your carpets and furniture.

    You can go to the 20 Mule Team Borox website and read about it. It has helped us tremendously in preventing reinfestation once we have cleared up ourselves. Even if you just have fleas in your home, don’t buy the expensive powdered products in the pet store to sprinkle. They have the same ingredients!

    I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

  • Gwen

    Quit spending money at the drug store! Apply Sauve coconut shampoo on dry hair and the live lice die right away. Use small tooth comb and keep combing through the shampoo, but be sure to rinse the comb each time under hot water. Rinse out shampoo and towel dry. Then apply straight vinegar to hair but be very careful not to get into eyes, wrap hair up tightly in a dry towel and wait 30 minutes. Rinse vinegar out and shampoo again with the coconut shampoo to get the vinegar smell out of the hair. Wa-La, nits and lice all gone. Use Sauve coconut shampoo on a regular bases to keep them away.

  • Geri

    We tried the drug store stuff on my 13 year old daughter three times in a row to get rid of the little pests nothing worked. Called the doctor they recommended we cover her head with Vasoline over night. It took over three weeks to get it out washing her hair with Dawn dish soap.

    She was re-infested this year at 14. In fact she found this website. We did the olive oil with tea tree oil, let it set for an hour washed it out with Dawn dish soap, rinsed with white vinegar and combed with a nit comb. We have followed up with tea tree oil & neeme leaf oil in our regular shampoo’s. So far no return of the buggers, it’s been 8 weeks!

  • Kim

    I haven’t had any luck. My 7 year old has lice for the fourth time. Last school year they were bad enough I had to shave his head. It is too cold to do that now. Our doctor had recommended the tea tree oil. I am also going to try the coconut shampoo. I know for a fact that the RID 1-2-3 kit did not work. I have treated his head ever 10 days for the last three months. Nothing. I have hair that is just past my shoulders. I recently started having my head itch. Yes, I caught it too. I have thrown out hats, toys, pillows, brushes, etc. What else can be done?

  • heather

    First take all combs brushes and hair ties in almost boiling water wash all lines spray house with Lysol and vacuum. then apply tea tree oil to hair and leave on for 15 min. rinse and apply vinegar use a nit comb to remove eggs. for preventative measures add a tbsp of tea tree oil to shampoo bottle and use every day. I have also heard dandruff shampoo and coconut shampoo will keep them away.

  • Anita

    You can use a very thick conditioner called cholesterol. Costs about $2.50 at the dollar stores or Walmart. Put it in dry hair put a plastic cap over it and leave on for a couple of hours. Rinse and run comb through hair…….works every time. Also if you use any kind of vo5 shampoo and conditioner regularly and blow dry hair everyday this also helps prevent them.

  • Shirley

    My grand daughters have just went though this at school. The nurse at the school said to use mouth wash to soak the hair and put on a shower cap for a few hours. Then rinse out with water. Then use vinegar to help loosen the eggs from the hair. So far so good

  • Tina

    I am so thankful that I happened on this site! My now 9 year old daughter has been batteling lice on & off for almost 2 years! We have tried EVERY over the counter remedy there is – NOTHING works! I have done the spray on furniture, carpets, mattresses, etc. I have bagged EVERY stuffed animal, hat, pillow, etc in my house. I have washed, in hot water, all linens, towels, comforters, etc.

    I am telling you she gets reinfested every couple of months. I have nit picked that poor childs head until she cried! We have even gone as far as putting her hair up every single day! We are now trying the mayo & plastic bag and I’m going out first thing tomorrow and buying Suave coconut shampoo.

    I PRAY these home remedies work b/c NOTHING else has!

  • Crystal

    My daughter has healice again for the third time! Last time i tried just about everything until i heard to get tea tree oil rub it really good in the hair (as close to the scalp as possible) and then let it soak for about 10 min. then wash it out. Then put vinegar on the hair and let soak for about 30-40 minutes.After wards wash hair really good and then blow dry it. It helped in my daughter’s hair tremendesly! So after i got rid of the lice i put a couple cap full’s of the tee trea oil in the shampoo bottle that way everytime i wash her hair (and mine) then that would treat it and keep her hair up to date. I still try to blow dry her hair too bc that’s supposed to keep the lice away and plus if she did have it later on down the road and i didn’t know it then it also kill’s the lice too. But after a couple month’s i stopped the tee trea oil and blow drying and she has it again. This time im going to do the same thing but im trying vinegar too bc i heard that it’s supposed to kill the lice automatically. The only question i have is im still trying to figure out what else i can use to spray on my furniture and bedding so i won’t have to wash it everyday ect. I want something besides the bedding spray that you can buy at wal-mart. Like something that you can use from home. If anyone has any idea’s then please let me know!! Thx and i hope that the advice that i gave to ya’ll will work!

  • courtney, gillette, wyoming!!!

    I wish I was like Mary Poppins and could just snap my finger and be gone with these dirty bugs!! I thought my kids were invincible to this bug. My sister said that my youngest daughter could spend the night, then she informed me that maybe she should not let her spend the night because her kids had lice. Well, I thought, “Oh, I am sure my daughter won’t get them!” Ha! I guess I was a true idiot on that one. Well, my sister tried everything on the shelf at Wal-Mart, spending nearly $200 in the process. (If not, more) You know, buying bottle after bottle.

    Well, a nurse at her pediatricians office told her about the olive oil. She tried that about a month ago, and she found one live lice on her daughters head last week. “Where there is one, there will be more”. I did the olive oil about a week after she did, guess what, I checked againg yesterday and my daughter has “several”. It is like it did not work. I am trying something a little different. Tonight, I “Nit Picked” her head. Oh goodness, she is infested. The comb brought up at least 20 eggs every time. (Maybe not every time, but there were ALOT!!!) So, yes, I know this is not a natural remedy, but I had a bottle of RID from last month. I combed through her hair, then washed with the RID. Afterwards, I rinsed the RID, then immediately washed with Suave Coconut Shampoo. I combed through her hair again to get up as many eggs (There were not many) Then I put olive oil on her hair and combed through several times (Still not seeing any live louse or many eggs) I wrapped her head in plastic wrap, then covered with a plastic cap. She is going to sleep all night with the olive oil.

    Tomorrow, I am going to wash the oil out again with the Suave Coconut Shampoo several times to get the oil out. Then I will rinse her hair and work in vinegar and cover again with plastic for about an hour. Before rinsing that out, I am going to go through and “Nit Pick” again before rinsing. When I am done there, I am going to let her hair “air dry”. Once that is done, I don’t care if it takes me 24 hours or longer, I am going to go through her hair strand by strand until I have all the nits off there. So, my point to this long, drawn out episode is this: Since the bugs are getting resistant to the OTC stuff (and I am hearing it is dangerous anyway) and alot of other remedies dont work, I feel that the only way to get RID of these stupid creatures is to have a little bit of nail on the end of your finger to scrape off the nits. The comb does not remove all of them.

    So, go ahead and treat with all the oil and vinegar and tea tree oils, in which I am optomostic that they will “help”, use your fingernail and the nit comb to remove them all and problem solved!! (I Hope!) But really, if nothing else works, take the time with your little one. They will think they are the luckiest in the world to get that much undivided attention, and comb all of the lice out first, then use the good ‘ol fingernail and nit comb to remove the nits. I see it like this, if there are no louse or nits, there are no lice!!!

  • sandra

    if vinegar kills lice and loosens eggs,why not use vinegar in spray bottle to spray furniture carpet ect… i also washed all the clothes and bedding in it,bright fresh and clean,a new addition to my family ,i use vinegar for everything to windows,to dishes, to laundry, to carpets,to kids heads,even for cooking,a must for every household…

  • sandra

    also as above, baking soda does good for all above things,to include white teeth….

  • mary

    My 2 daughters (with hair down to their waist), were constantly getting head lice in elementary school, I tried everything. Almost giving up I tried dog shampoo, it worked great.

    The other day my grandson was visiting his uncle and got head lice at a wedding, my daughter-in-law was beside herself, my son said not to worry, just get the dog shampoo and wash his hair like usual. My grandson has hair down to his waist(he is only 3yrs old, his parents aren’t going to cut it until he goes to school, they are donating his hair to “Locks of Love”, for the children cancer patients).

    The dog or puppy shampoo works great, and believe me “They won’t try to chase cars or bite you”

  • Laura

    After reading all the tips on here I was curious about the dog shampoo remedy. I went to look up the ingredients, they are the same as the over the counter lice treatment…

  • Bonnie

    Ok ive NEVER had lice in my house in the whole 11yrs my kids been in school(considering this is my oldest!). However this year 2009 after i was taking care of neighborhood kids, and the fact that the school had an out-break twice (so they said?), our house was TURNED UPSIDE DOWN in PANIC!! Im already aware of RID and NIX shampoos im upset reading now whats in them, my concern is this: If you’ve treated your children with these products and 3 more times you find Nits, how do you know if they are dead or not? I now have my daughter treated 3 times with these products, found NO BUGS on two last occasions but we are in FULL PANIC mode as to how??? Dont you need the BUGS to have eggs or are these dead but were left behind?? PLEASE HELP because i take care of neighbor children and we seem to keep passing this threat, of course we are all friends but for Gods sake what do i do now?? Im not VISUALLY capable of seeing these NITS, so its difficult for me to know if they are gone from each treatment so im very frustrated, even crying but for the only year to have ever experienced this situation im getting myself so sick about it. WHAT DO I DO NOW? HOW DO I KNOW IF THEY ARE DEAD OR EVEN A THREAT? Im going tomorrow to buy this coconut shampoo ill try anything at this point just to make the WHOLE THING GO AWAY FOR GOOOOOOD!!!! Nobody else in my house has it?? Yeah this is why we dont understand? And what can i use to treat furniture, beds, carpets to not re-infest our family ?

  • frety

    if the nits are within about 6 millimeters they are alive if not they are dead

  • tscott

    All you need is perm solution apply perm solution to hair only leave the solution on for 5 minutes then wash it out be sure to put the neturalizer on it afterwards this works great no more lice and they have not came back

  • Faye

    Use dog Flea shampoo it works the best. Hertz flea shampoo. My daughter got lice years ago. We had some neighbor children bring it in our house. I shampoo the neighbors childrens hair also. It got rid of them. The Vet said it wouldn’t harm there head and it would get rid of the lice. So thats what we used.

  • Kat D

    Mayo and plastic cap for 4 hrs then rinse mayo out,then apply vinegar for about ten mins wrapped in a towel then rinse again. After that I took a knit comb through his thick hair still wet, had him wash hair with coconut shampoo dried it on high heat combed it once more and gone the went.

  • eelbee

    First of all, I am a Black woman who thought that Black people couldn’t get lice….Well I did! I have natural curly hair and I don’t like putting alot of chemicals such as hair grease in my hair because of how it feels and the texture. My 2 year who also has curly hair because he is biracial got it too. I bought the Walgreens brand of RID almost paying $40. It didn’t work. Of course, I didn’t use the nit/lice comb because imagine trying to put a comb through my hair. The next day I still saw lice in my sons head. By the way my husband who is white never got it. So I went to the grocery store and bought vinegar, tea tree oil, Suave coconut shampoo, and rosemary determined. I washed everything with hot water and spray EVERYTHING with the bedding spray. I put the rosemary under my pillow and every other day washed our hair with vinegar and then Suave shampoo mix with tea tree oil used conditioner to be able to use the nit/lice comb (VERY IMPORTANT) and put hair grease in our hair. I found a lit grease called DOO GRO. It took about a week to get rid of them…so far so good. BUT thank you ALL for your helpful hints. My husband just shaved the other boys heads. The reason why Black people usually don’t get lice is because it’s difficult for the eggs to attach to the hair with grease and oil on it. So I recommend using oil or grease daily to prevent them from coming back. AGAIN…THANKS SO MUCH..

  • amy in hot sunny florida

    ok, after reading everyones tips, i’ve been battling these little bugs for a awhile now and tried everything… most effective was mayo, thick layers of mayo in the hair wraped in plastic wrap leave in for around 2-3 hours, then wash and condition as you would normaly and towel dry, the lice were falling out of my daughters head as i was combing it, they were all dead, you must repeat this in 4-7 days unless you want to spend hours getting every little egg out and you must comb threw it at least once a day or they will not go away they will just keep coming back

  • jennifer


  • Patty Anderson

    I wish I had one. What works best- Dog Shampoo, Coconut shampoo, Olive oil, Tea Tree oil, Dying your hair, Medicated products like RID, Mayo,
    I’m at my wits end and need help. Has anybody ever had a professional come to their home or go to their business to have lice removed?

    Thanks for any help I can get.

  • Nikita

    Me and my twin sister both got lice from our best friend in the fall, she had been infested for weeks by then and we had had many sleepovers with her, resulting in me having a bad case, and my sister a smaller one. We got rid of it a few weeks later using Rich’s Best Kept Secrets Lice Shampoo which suffocates the lice (not the nits though) and we did many many hours of nit-picking and combing using the metal lice comb. We find that it takes at least a month to be completely lice free, and every week in that month we shampoo with Best Kept Secrets and comb and check often. The comb has best results when the hair is wet, and it removes both nits, and lice!! The problem is we keep getting infested because we don’t tell our friends, and they get it and once we finally get rid of the bugs, we often get reinfested from our friends. So check often, tell your friends and wash and comb and wear your hair back too. We will also try the home remedies cause they sound successful! If we are desperate, we have heard of a CVS brand that kills both the lice and nits. Thanks for all the suggestions!! 🙂


    I know you people out there with children that have lice well my daughter has it and i hand pick it but once i found lice freee!! it worked so well theres shampoo put it on then theres a shower cap that goes with the lice freee package and you put it on there head for more than an hour than you take it off rinse your hair out with hot water and make sure all the soap is gone and get the medal comb and brush through there hair then this is optional you can look through the hair and see if there is more or just keep it the way it is…and then do the treatment again in the next 10 days and do the same thing you did the time you first got the product!! if it didnt work email me at…[email protected]


  • Melissa

    I use the Suave coconut conditioner I load my 6 yr olds hair with it put a shower cap and have her sleep with it on. The Rid and over the counter lice shampoos dont work. Mayo also works or anything oily cause it suffocates the live bugs. Im trying to find something for the furniture, I don’t have any rugs but my daughter sleeps on the couch ALOT the spray is expensive and doesn’t seem to work. I wash blankets and pillows daily. The dryer is great you can put pillows and stuffed animals in I do it for at least an hour then I bag them up till the lice is completely gone. Im gonna try the vinegar in the shampoo bottle I never heard that till I read it here. I have 4 kids and they love my 6yr olds hair my 13yr old daughter never gets it and has hair to her butt, guess they like some peoples hair more than others. I got alot of good ideas here thank you.

  • Lisa M.

    It’s all about the comb you use. Those blue & black ones that come in the boxes of medicine DO NOT WORK. You must use the metal ones. And yes, your child will probably cry, but its a very important tool for the removal of lice. The pharmacist also told me that you have to comb out the eggs & nits everyday for 3 weeks. Time consuming, but a must. My daughter has it yet again, so its to the bathtub we go with the vinegar, listerine & comb. Not my idea of a good time. Good luck to those with the bugs, I know it sucks.

  • Amy

    We tried otc Rid type products, and they didn’t work. I used vinegar and listerine and they did better. I used, also, anything thick and creamy (mayo, conditioners, gels, etc.). It all worked ok, but was still such a hassle after having to clean everything else everyday.I finally started using Denorex with coal tar and tea tree conditioner and they were gone. Put it on and let it sit. It seems like the bugs and eggs both came out. This works for us. We also use it as a preventative. I still will sit and make sure all eggs are out of the kids hair. Of course, vacuum the furniture and mattresses, and I use dog flea spray on them, too. Dryer for everything, every morning. Changing shirts after treatment helps, too. And dress up clothes or stuffed animals that can’t go in the dryer go in a big trash bag tied up until they are gone in our house for atlest 2 weeks. I have always heard to bag them up for 30 days. There are also some more natural shampoo remedies out there online that work good, too. I think, if it happens again, I’m going to try the flea shampoo.

  • Cindy

    My daughter about 13 years old, had lice (got it from cousins) and we couldn’t seem to get rid of it!! We tried Mayo and it worked, but it came back. She found a brush that I didn’t wash and used it, and got it again. We got rid of it, and then she said she didn’t have it.. I walked in on her friend checking her hair, and found dead (about 10) bugs laying on the table. Mayo again, didn’t seem to work, now we are gonna try dog shampoo, wish us luck!!

    All my love,

  • angela

    well 3 of us went to my cousins house and i guess we got the lice there when we got back all 5 of us had lice and then we had to go to the Landry mat and wash allllll of our clothes and our so it wont get worse so then we went to walmart and got egg & nit combing gel and it has worked great so far so wish us luck that it will work and we well get rid of it

    thank you

    so muck and if u have lice u might want to try it if i wore u 🙂

  • penny

    I get my step daughter for the summer’s well, she has been bringing her little unwanted friends with her. The week before I got her, her mother used a regular kit, that didn’t do it. Then she used this thyme shampoo. When I picked her up, she was infested! I immediatley did the mayo, for 24 hours, wrapped it. Thought we got them boogers. Nope…finally I did a jar of vaseline, wrapped it for 2 hours. washed it out. Then I did the Listerine (she said it even gave her relief from the itching on her head),2 hours,washed it out. Then I did the vinegar, 2 hours washed it out. Blew dry her hair, then hot combed it with a flat iron. They say that they can’t survive 110 degrees. I picked out anything that was left. It’s been 24 hours. She hasn’t itched. I even sprayed the house with a concotion of water, vineagar, tea tree oil, and listerine. I will keep you posted. But I am going to go through the house with the salt and see how that works…

  • penny

    I get my step daughter for the summer’s well, she has been bringing her little unwanted friends with her. The week before I got her, her mother used a regular kit, that didn’t do it. Then she used this thyme shampoo. When I picked her up, she was infested! I immediatley did the mayo, for 24 hours, wrapped it. Thought we got them boogers. Nope…finally I did a jar of vaseline, wrapped it for 2 hours. washed it out. Then I did the Listerine (she said it even gave her relief from the itching on her head),2 hours,washed it out. Then I did the vinegar, 2 hours washed it out. Blew dry her hair, then hot combed it with a flat iron. They say that they can’t survive 110 degrees. I picked out anything that was left. It’s been 24 hours. She hasn’t itched. I even sprayed the house with a concotion of water, vineagar, tea tree oil, and listerine. I will keep you posted. But I am going to go through the house with the salt and see how that works…I combined all of the tips from other sites and will take tips from this one to rid my house and step daughter.

  • lisa hickey

    i have tried crisco grease and a plastic bag over night and dish soap to wash out it will sufficate the bugs

  • Jen

    I have a friend that recently had a child come home with this horrid problem… so i went over to help..(shower cap…gel and hairspray on my head and all! LOL) i still washed/dryed/sprayed all of my things here at the house for precaution…. but we did the rid stuff and we were still finding things ALIVE! hours later… i dont recommned wasting your money….. I have written down many of the tips here and i will pass them onto her …wish us luck and i want to thank you all for your advice…. so many times this is something people dont want to talk about so they keep it to themselves and that doesnt help anyone… reading all of this has been awesome! she will appreciate any and all advice! me too! cause i am itching just thinking about it! i always do when someone brings up a creepy crawly. We havent dealt with it in our house for over 8 years and back then …no one wanted to talk to you if it was the subject.

  • Lisa

    We have been fighting the head lice problem now for 3 months straight.
    My grand daughter gets the nits, we comb it out etc. then within the next 7-10 days she gets it again. Her doctor suggested we switch day
    care places. The daycare swears that she is the only child infested in the whole place. I find that hard to believe. One day we spent
    5 hours pulling nits out by our fingernails. Any suggestions on what
    else we can do. We’ve tried Rid, Nix, Equate Lice Shampoo, Dollar General, mayonnaise (which worked the best). What is an easier way to comb out the nits? We already cut her hair short. But it keeps coming back every 7-10 days. Please help. Thanks, Lisa

  • sue

    What ever u do DO NOT spend the money on the robi comb!!! I paid almost 50 dollars for it, and when useing it on my grandaughter she kept telling me that it was shocking her. I thought she was saying that because it was a hot day and she wanted to play in the pool. After fighting with her for a half hour I gave up and told her to play and I would do the comb out later. After she went outside I started doing my hair. Boy did I feel like I was the worst Mema in the world when I got zapped as soon as the comb touched my damp hair from sweating. After I calmed down, I promised her we will never use that comb again. I always use the olive oil but it is so hard to get the oil out when we are done. Now that she is a pre teen and will be more embarresed to have oily hair for a few days, if she gets them again I’m going to try the dog flea shampoo. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that when I had used the flea spray on the furniture. Oh well live and learn.
    Good Luck to all who are fighting the buggers!

  • Tasha

    I have been fighting with these tiny little creatures for to long, Rid and Nix does not work, I had even ordered this shampoo and conditioner called X-Pel well that does not work, I have done a lot of reading so I think I am going to try the whole tea tree oil,neehm oil I think that is what is called, the suave cocanut shampoo and the vinegar now my only question is what will work on carpeting and furniture I really don’t want to have to go back out and buy the spray especially when I don’t think it is really helping any suggestions. PLEASE IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!

  • annoyed

    cat shampoo has a lice killing agent in it, dog shampoo does not. And tea tree oil in the shampoo only “stuns” them long enough for you to pick them out. I reccommend hand picking them and sticking them to a lint roller so they dont move. Ive had no luck with the combs…

  • at wits end!!

    Ok so Ive read tons and tond of stuff. I’ve tried Tea tree oil in the coconut shampoo, didnt work. Tried the stupid rid/nix crap, that didnt work. Used mayo in the hair for 3 hrs, washed it out, put in vinegar for 2 hours, washed it out. Still didnt work. Its been one hell of a battle with these stupid things. But after tons and tons of research, this is what Im trying now… I went to Wal Mart, and bought the off brand of the Tgel shampoo (with coal tar), and in the shampoo/conditioner aisle found this tub of pure coconut oil, and Hollywood beauty tea tree oil (that also has soybean oil, witamin E, carrot extract, aloe vera extract, rose oil, peanut oil, almond oil, and mentholatom oil) in it, and I mixed that in with the shampoo. Then I got a bottle of leave in conditioner SPRAY and put some tea tree stuff in it as well. Im gonna wash hair with the shampoo, condition with coconut conditioner, towel dry the hair and put a little of the coconut oil in it, and top it off with the spray in conditioner concoction Ive made as a preventative and a cure. With as much as Iver read, all of these ingredients are things that will kill headlice and nits, and also prevent them from coming as most thing they cant stand the smell of.. My thought for the concoction is that the tea tree oil well it is supposed to kill them, as with the TGEL shampoo stuff. The other ingredients in the tea tree oil has the stuff they cant stand the smell of, also it has aloe vera extract (which is supposed to help comb stuff out I guess) and the menthol is whats in the listerine everyone uses.. Hope this helps those out there. Ill post again in a week or so and let you know how its working… 🙂 Good luck to all…

  • lice is awful

    hi everyone I have been having the same problem since this summer. I believe the complex I live in has been infested with lice some kids have shaved heads and it is just awful! School started neighbour have spent hours upon hours picking out our kids. I am going insane!!! I never had lice as a kid and my daughters are 5 and 6 they never had it before and now all of a sudden they got it. I have tried washing their har with dish soap and then treating them with Nix and Kwellada lice shampoo. I also tired just tea tree oil and nothing worked I read online about the listerine,coconut shampoo & conditioner,vinegar,and denorex shampoo and flea comb. I tried a remedy tonight im not sure if it worked yet but I will keep you posted. I did notice that with the coconut conditioner the live bugs were falling out in the bath tub and the eggs (not all) turned blue with the listerine and it definitley made them easier to see! I put baby oil in my daughters hair for the night im going to see if that helps the situation. I also sprayed with Lysol and bagged there toys and washed all bedding and vacumed, Im going to do it again tommorow just to be safe and wash their coats as well. Im going to vacume the car and the seats as well I want this nightmare over with. I will definitley post on how it all works out!!!

  • sindhu

    leave some basil (tulasi)leaves tied onto head in the night


    i know it sounds gross but it’s worth it when i got head lice i had no money to buy any chemicals for lice so i collected pea samples and put it in my hair it got rid of my lice in a day all you have to do is let it settle in your scalp for two hours then take it out and let it sit in your hair the rest of the dayit certainly worked for me.

  • jean

    okay, I know you might think this home remedy might be weird but it works. Trust me I got head lice in my elementary school in Mexico and a very wise neighbor told my mom: 1.comb or brush my hair to get all of the knots out 2.cover her eyes and spray a decent amount of BUG spray 3.tilt her head back and cover all of her hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap, then wait 30 minnutes at most but at least leave it long enough so that all of the lice can die off. 4.section her hair, using a very fine comb, comb her hair starting from the lower part of her head comb from roots to ends several times until you know that they’re all out of her hair then move to the next sections and repeat. The lice are all dead so they would be easier to get out of the hair. The only bad side to this is the smell of the bug spray but other than that this remedies works fine. Be sure that as soon as you catch lice in your child’s hair you take care of it at once or else it will be spread throughout your family!

  • lt was bugging me

    i have tried the store shampoo’s and nothing happened they still survived well then i tried alcohol but it drips to much so i used hand sanitizer and it is like a gel so it don’t drip and it killed the lice instant but i use mayo after it help the eggs come out very easy so if you are having to try a lot of different things these two really work they did for my kids and the mayo makes i nice shine to your hair when done as well so that’s a bonus well hopes this help’s you cheer’s

  • bugged me as well

    Hair dye is effective, and using the comb regularly. kwell shampoo also works, one wash and its over .. they could also come back after wards so be sure to maintain doing it at least once a week

  • Kristie Jones

    My daughter has hair almost to her waist, and is extremely thick. To make matters worse, her hair is light brown, therefore making seeing these stupid bug and nits that much more impossible. I have tried Rid and several other over the counter shampoos, and the three step program, nothing worked. So we decided to try the mayo method, and covered her head with a bag for an hour. Have tried this twice and still they keep coming back. I have to say that first thing tomorrow morning we are going to Walmart to purchase Suave Coconut Shampoo and conditioner, and kitten flea shampoo. I have also heard that pouring peroxide on the hair will kill nits and eggs, but dont really want to try that since like me my daughter has exzema on her scalp and behind her ears. At this point am willing to try almost anything to stop this. Its embaressing and kids are so mean about these things these days. Will post later this weekend to let everyone know how this worked for us. I am willing to try anything at this point so not to have to resort to cutting all her pretty hair off. Lice is just the most annoying thing a child can get!

  • Catherine

    Well the trick is to spray ‘leave in condidioner’ on to the childs hair before they leave for school and do the ‘BIG COMB’ every night for about two weeks after they start after the summer break and then after you brush their hair, ALWAYS put a dab of tea tree oil behind their ears and on the nape of their neck before they head off for school. My gran told me the tea tree oil repels them and the smell fades in a few minutes

  • Potion_7

    Yes,I have tried the mayonaise method and I believed it worked, however, the super-lice travel into the eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hairs, mustach, and earhairs. Has anyone found the solution to kill them in these areas? They seem to return and i can feel them in my nose, and hair areas around my head…gross huh? if anyone can help me please respond?

  • sharon

    i got rid of lice by using rid 1 2 3 and using a straight iron (on highest setting) on hair everyday until it was time for 2nd rid application. i continued to straighten hair for about 2 weeks and the lice stayed gone. its hard to get all the nits out so using the hottest setting and straightening hair melts or kills the nits you might have missrd with a comb.

  • Elanore Hase

    We have had lice twice and we have found that home remedies do not work. The store bought medicines harm and dry out the scalp. All you have to buy is a few lice combs and some lice furniture spray. First you comb out the hair (with conditioner to help detangle) with the lice comb then pick out every nit BY HAND. The combs pick up the lice but they always leave behind the nits. Then you shampoo the carpets, wash all the linens, bag up or throw out all stuffed animals for at least 3 weeks, and spray couches and beds with lice spray. I’m serious this is the only way that i have found that works.

  • nana beth

    Got custody of three granddaughters almost 5 yrs ago. they came with head lice and we’ve fought them for years from schoolmates. i have finally found a product that truly works and contains no pesticides. i am a master herbalist and prefer natural care for them. this product comes in either a gel or a spray. i prefer the spray. it is a homeopathic solution called “licefreee”. it kills the lice and the eggs by dehydrating them. It has a pleasant smell and the nits and bugs literally just fall out! i sprayed the youngest one’s hair and allowed it to dry naturally. then i used the metal comb included and combed throught the hair for about 30 minutes. i then sent her in for a shower and regular hair washing. voila! 2 dead nits were all i found after blow drying her hair! i also used 20 mule team borax everywhere in the house. thank god for what he gives!

  • Todd

    I had an old man give me a sure fire cure for a lice problem years ago. I had come in contact with somebody that had them and ended up with my own infestation.

    He told me to soak my hair with kerosene. Leave it for just a little while then add any shampoo, rinse, and shampoo again until you manage to get all the kerosene out of your hair. The kerosene kills the lice, nits, eggs and all. Also, it makes the nits just fall off the hair follicle so there is no need for a nit comb. I generally follow up with conditioner, and brush my hair throughly.

    I have long hair so anytime I think there is the slightest chance that I may have gotten them from somebody I use this remedy. Its a lot better than having an infestation and beats having the embarrassment of going in an buying lice shampoo, not to mention trying to get through my hair with a nit comb.

    By the way, it should go without saying, when doing this stay away from open flames, sparks, or anything that might ignite the kerosene. And if you are a smoker, wait till you are finished and have it all rinsed out of your hair. Burning them out with fire is not the idea. Just use common sense and you should be alright.

  • S Lewis

    I have never dealt with lice before. I am African American. Generally, this is something we don’t have a problem with! My hair is long, thick, and curly. The bottle of shampoo that came in the kit was not enough and the little nit comb was a joke! Please give me any tips that would especially help my type of hair. Thank you!

  • stacy m

    Dont use those chemical shampoos they dont work….ive tried everything in the world and the winner is real mayo not light or fatfree stuff. put as much on the hair and scalp as you can,put on a cheap shower cap leave for at least 4 hrs, rinse with dawn dishsoap. kills them immediatly. repeat after a couple of days to make sure you attacked all the eggs. works wonders!!!

  • Liz =]

    Ew. Head lice, nasty. Boys are lucky, if they get head lice they can shave their heads and wash their (bald) heads with the lice shampoo..but what about us girls?!?! S Lewis, I COMPLETELY understand, I’m a white american girl with THICK curly hair…and it sucks. I only had lice…twice maybe…and believe me..its especially hard when you have my type of hair. But, soak your hair with kerosene and follow it shampoo..repeat that till ALL the lice..eggs..nit..ect ect is gone..then wash with the shampoo till the kerosene is gone. Follow up with some good conditioner to keep ur hair silky that way you might be able to comb through it…
    hope this helps.
    -liz =]

  • Dianne

    Sauve Coconut Shampoo
    My eldest children all had lice (found out at hair salon) We’ve been through it so many times except for ONE year when all I bought was L’Oreal Kids Coconut Burst Shampoo. I stopped buying it and lo and behold they were back in full force.
    To make a long story short. We went home (armed with many bottles of Sauve Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner after reading about it online) Washed our hair and conditioned.
    That was it.
    No combs. No washing. I haven’t seen lice since and it’s been 6 months. Even combed through their hair the other night (going for haircuts) and NOTHING.
    It’s a miracle. Forget the chemicals. Just shampoo with Coconut shampoo!!

  • Aish

    My daugher is having a lot of lice and nit countless, even i tried medikar & neem oil but after one or two months again they will come best method use venigar

  • alysha

    what vinger to be used white ,black ,rasberry??! please answer

  • Keekee

    We are currently going through this horrible ordeal… Crisco white lard seems to work, for us anyway! Also buy the metal combs, the plastic one is a joke. Greasy substances seem to work the best and cover it.

  • Tonya

    The thing that gets people the most is not getting all of the bugs in their invironment. I use stuff from the feed store for horse lice and mites. It is safe for inside use and way cheaper than the bedding spray. One of them is called Permethrin 10%. You dilute it in a bug sprayer. I spray the carpets then lay whatever blankets and other beddings or anything cloth that can be washed in layers and spray each item. Leave a couple of days and clean carpets and wash all bedding. It says that it is safe for animals and in the house. Good luck.

  • lacie and shy

    okay me and my twin went to are friends house and we stayed the night, well like three days later we were swimming and shylynn is like my head burns right here so i went over there and look in her hair,and sure enough there was lice.i was so mad.anyways i told my grandma and we did the nix and ect. and we have really thick hair.and its been what 2 weeks and we still have it. so my grandma is like we dont have the money to keep wasting. i am so helpless right now i just want to snap my fingers and it all be gone. im going to try some of the ideas on here…. HOPE they work.

  • LindaLou

    Our whole family battled lice back in March. It was awful. We tried the pesticide shampoos, vinegar mixed with tea tree oil shampoo, tea tree oil, coconut shampoo and conditioner, LiceMD and the Robicomb. Tons and tons of combing with metal combs. All these things got rid of MOST of the lice, but never killed them completely.

    Guess what finally killed the lice? CHEAP ALCOHOL BASED HAND SANITIZER. Buy the biggest container you can find. Fuly saturate the dry hair. Then comb out the dead lice with a metal comb. Let the hair sdy with the sanitizer in it. Repeat in 7-10 days. Done. Nothing else works.

    Now, if I even SUSPECT lice, we do this.

  • sherrie

    My daughter has had lice many times which she has always caught from school. Just use vegetable oil or canola oil. Put a generous amount on the head and cover with a shower cap overnight. Wash out in the morning with regular shampoo. Comb with a nit comb to get the dead eggs out. I repeat this after a week to be sure they are gone. You can also prevent your child from getting them again by spraying their hair with the original listerine mouthwash. It works great, and after the first treatment, I never found anything live in her hair.

  • char

    a few years ago i fought with that nasty lice with my kids.. found a website and used good old shaving cream.. not the gel.. it worked sooo good. they never got it again

  • Pam

    Ok I consider myself an expert on how to get rid of lice. My youngest still gets it from somewhere and she is now 16 lol. So I have tried many things you name it I have tried it. Dying or perming hair does not work, mayonaise is messey, fabric softner doesn’t work but the one thing that works and works well is found in your kitchen. Almost everyone has some form of it and it’s cheep!! Oil regular cooking oil, olive oil doesnt’ matter it smothers the lice and makes getting the nits or eggs out a breeze.

    1. coat everyones head well make sure you get the scalp good.

    2. wrap head in plastic wrap or use a shower cap (shower caps can be washed and reused)

    3. leave on as long as possible more than 24 hrs is the best but not always possible.

    4. after treating everyone hair begin de licing the house. Take all stuffed animals and bag them up leave them bagged up for 30 days I have tried the dryer thing on them but bagging them up seems to work the best. completly vaccumme your house including bedding and furniture. If you have any form of raid in the house spray it on all mattresses and furniture this is in addition to vaccumming.

    5. before washing the oil out of your hair take a nit comb and comb it out it’s a breeze the eggs come right out you don’t have to pull on them or anything it’s awesome.

    6. wash your hair out using dish soap to cut the grease.

    7. comb hair again

    redo the hair after 3 days

    I do this everytime and they are gone when I think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent trying to rid the darn things I only wish I had of know about this before my dr said no more rx since it was too dangerous to keep using. And from my years of experiance I can tell you none of them work.

  • Lisa

    I’ve done 3 hours of research on these tips to get rid of headlice and here is what I came up with so far. I’ve tried some of them, but not all of them. Some of the tips I’ve heard of are Dandruff shampoo, any shampoo with coconut oil in it. Suaves shampoo for kids with orange mango scent.
    Tea tree oil shampoo. You can buy the cheap kind at Sallys, just like Paul Mitchells. Neem oil in shampoo. Sargeants skip flea and tick shampoo for CATS. Mayonnaise, olive oil, vegetable oil. Mouthwash works very good, however, be careful not to get it in the eyes. Alcohol based hand sanitizer gel. Downy softener. Put 1/2 cup of Downy to 1 qt of water. Pour over hair. Let dry. Then wash hair. And rinse. For the furniture spray, go to a feed store and buy Permethrin 10% for horse lice. Dilute in bug sprayer. Spray carpets, blankets, beds. Safe for animals. TheraNeem Shampoo. Something called Steri-Fab. I don’t know what that is, but the idea was from a physician. Another idea is 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 4 drops lavendar oil, 7 drops tea tree oil, mix well in a 32 oz. bottle of warm water. Wash hair then rinse. Another shampoo is 1/2 bottle Dawn Dish soap, 10 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops peppermint oil, 3 TBlSPNS salt. Leave on 5 minutes. Rinse. Use coconut shampoo and conditioner. De Solv It, found at Walmart in the Stain remover section. Goo Gone Citrus. Avon Skin so Soft Bath oil. Leave on overnight. Wash out with Dawn. Another is something called RESULTZ. Haven’t looked that one up yet. Dollar General Barbasol for Men shaving cream. Leave on for 1 hour. Extra Strength Denerex. For Spray for furniture, 3/4 water to 20 drops of tea tree oil. Shake well. Mist over carpets, furniture etc. Sulfur soap with lanolin. Also try 10-15 drops of black walnut extract. Mix with 20 oz. water. 2 squirts underneath bottom of hair daily. However, the secret is to comb, comb, comb. Cause if you miss a few nits, they will keep coming back. And who wants to start all over again?

  • robyn

    my back to school supplies include treetea oil i add bout 20 drops to there normal shampoo ive done this for 3 years and none of my four children have had lice since

  • Sherry

    I tried everything and it didn’t work until I tried heating up olive oil for a few seconds and rubbing all over my scalp and my son and hair over night then washed out in the morning. It smothers them and never had them again.

  • Nicole

    Hi, im gonna be 11 soon and i just want to know if cooking olive oil works as well….And the hair moisterizer has mineral oil..The name of the moisturizer is Fantasia ic Pure Tea Instant Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion….Does this hair product work?…Because my scalp iches alot and sometimes i see some flakes in my hair I need help please….

  • CLP

    Like many others, I have searched and searched for the answer to my lice woes. Last week, I found a study that tested the effectiveness of neem oil for treating lice. The study showed promising results! I have purchased pure neem oil and am also using a neem oil shampoo. Neem oil is nontoxic so I’m going to try using it with a good comb (and only the neem oil and comb so I can figure out if it is effective). I’ll let you know how it goes.

    One of the tips I frequently read is to smother the lice with oil or mayo. A pediatric group tested the effectiveness of the smothering technique and discovered that after leaving the mayo or oil in overnight, there were still live lice the next morning. Based on what I’ve read, I’m not sure that attempting to suffocate lice with oils will work.

    I did find a product that intrigues me. It’s called “Licenex” and claims to use enzymes to dissolve the exoskeleton of the lice and the nits. I looked for reviews of the product and couldn’t find much. If anyone has had any experience with Licenex, please post.

    Good luck!

  • Deana

    My daughter had lice off and on for about 6 years. I even went so far as to call the insect professor at our stste university to see what I could do. He said the lice have become resistant to all the chemicals on the market, we were testiment to that, had tried everything even perscriptions to no avail. Heat kills them and the nits. Use a blow drier for 30 minutes, being VERY careful not to burn the scalp! Straightening Irons and hair dye work as well. You still have to comb out the nits but the lice and nits wil be dead.

  • Adriana

    First I apologise for my english.
    My daughthers were infected too!!!
    I spenta lot of money in shampoos, but they didnt work,
    after that I used raw coconut oil, a lot of lemon grass escential oil, mix it in a jar, than spread all over the scalp and the head, live it for an hour with plastic bag in the head, then you can take off the plastic bag and leave it for a complete day and night, the next day, I wash the heads and make a mix of baking soda with lemon, putted in the head for a few hours and you win the battle!!! the lice and eggs where all dead and dry…
    then you can use the classic vinegar to take of the eggs.

  • Bambi Snyder

    I have been figthing lice in my daughters for about 3 years on and off. CPS was threatening to take my children because the girls just kept getting them. I have been using perscriptions from the doctor for Rid and Ovide, Rid does not work and Ovide hurts my daughters more then the headlice. I then decided to try new things and see what they do. I tried the Tea tree oil and the schools complain about the smell. I have found the answer to all my troubles.
    I tak mint mouthwash and douce their heads with it. Place a shower cap on and leave on for 1 hour. Then I heat up white vinegar for 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave and dump that on their hair with the mouthwash still in. Replace the shower cap and leave on for 1 hour. Wash it all out with a regular shampoo and then condition. Leave the conditioner in for 1 hour and then rinse out. Heat kills the eggs and the vinegar losens the glue on the eggs. When you take the shower cap off the head after using the mouth wash please wash the shower cap because the lice will be all over the inside of it.
    I hope this works for you because it does for me and my daughters. If you want to prevent them from getting it again after they are clean, put three to four drops of Tea tree oil in Detangular spray and spray their hair every morning.

  • Mom

    an animal flea brush and color your hair dye seems to work
    also bleach.. i dont mean bleach your head. i mean go INTO A CHLORINE POOL. my kids were so infested.. once a week at a local pool highly chlorinated cleared it right up.

  • melissa

    hope this helps

  • Wanda

    Pour white vinegar over head, rub all over, leave on for 1 hr. Rinse then wash hair with coconut hand sanitizer then rinse. Appy coconut conditioner, leave on 1 hr then rinse.comb comb comb. Then blow dry. I rubbed my hair and scalp over white piece of paper and noticed a few eggs fall out, they were bloated, hard and dead. You can hear them fall on paper. My hair is short, so the steps didn’t take very long.

  • Nikki

    Ok, so the hair dying definitely does not work most are ammonia free so they do nothing…mouthwash and vinegar rinses have no luck either…the only thing that worked on my kids, after trying several other remedies, was to douse their head in kerosene it may smell gross but it works fast and they didnt have to wait hours with it on their head just soak, leave on for maybe five minutes and rinse. make. sure. you have a really good smelling shampoo and conditioner for after though and leave the conditioner in about 5 minutes before rinsing

  • tia

    a great way to keep those little pests out of your kids hair is to send them to school (or when they are around other kids) with hair gel/hair spray/moose in their hair (either one works) it makes their hair slippery and the lice cant get a hold onto the shaft….

  • jamalen

    i havint had head lice in 5 years

  • Beth

    I have heard use onion jucie!!!!!


    My 4 year old daughter got headlice this summer. Since then, she has been sent home so many times due to headlice. She has thick hair. her brother never gets it. Mabey a few. But she gets it constantly. I try to hold her down to pick througgh her hair. I only have vegtable oil,vinegar, mayonaisse. Which one works the best. Every time the school gives me some medicated treatment they come back later on. I am at my wits end. The classroom teacher sprays the carpet. I clean the house and wash all the linens. stuffed her toys in the dryer. Are these a new breed of headlice that I CAN’T get rid of?

  • Sharon

    Got the dreaded call from the school today. For the first time both my daughters and I have headlice. I used the Listerine and the bugs were falling out as I poured it in my daughter’s hair over the bathtub. By the way, we had to do this for us all at the same time. (also washed all bedding recently worn clothes and sprayed the furniture with the Rid spray.) Saturate the hair w/Listerine and leave it in with a plastic bag over head for two hours. Then I rinsed the listerine out. Warmed some white vinegar diluted with a bit of water and put that all in the hair, mostly near the scalp and focused on the hair at the nape of the neck and near the ears. Put a new plastic bag (or shower cap) over the hair and wait another hour or two – supposed to help dissolve the sticky stuff that keeps the eggs and nits on the hair shaft. Whatever your child can stand – because of the smell it’s sometimes hard to do. Then I rinsed that out. Put Suave Coconut conditioner throughout the hair to make it easier then I used the metal comb with the small teeth. This Listerine & Vinegar worked pretty well and as most of you know is a remedy that is common on this board. I tried to get everything but it was after midnight and my eyes were so tired. One of my daughters is practically cured, but my other daughter and I have been feeling itchy again, and she had a few bugs – as can be common as any missed eggs can hatch. So right now (7-10 days later as recommended anyway) we are all using the slathered on a bunch of Suave Coconut conditioner on our heads in shower caps for 8 hours. Then we will comb through again and again. Then shampoo well and condition AGAIN. We will hot iron our hair in the morning and put gel/hairspray in for a week and probably use the Rid in 7-10 days even though it scares me. I wanted to post on here though because I think the trick with the mayo or oil (or conditioner) suffocation really only works if left on for at least 8 hours. Something about the lice being able to sort of ‘hold their breath’ for about 8 hours.

  • Sharon

    I just posted I meant to say got the dreaded call from the school about a week and a half ago. Today we are retreating (and saw a few lice on one of my daughter’s hair.)

  • cathy

    The idea about using tea tree oil is a good one; HOWEVER, IT WILL FADE YOUR HAIR COLOR OUT IF YOU DYE YOUR HAIR.

  • jessica

    olive oil and metal comb – work dilligently until there are no more bugs. wash and blow dry till bone dry, then section the hair into 6 to 8 sections. Hold each section and blow dry on low for at least 3 minutes on each section. that will kill the nits. you will be lice free! dont forget to wash sheets abd vacuum everywhere…sofas, car mattresses etc

  • Darlene

    Many years ago my daughter had a case of lice. Her hair was waist length and tried lice shampoo etc. Finally put vaseline on her hair and scalp then a shower cap. She kept it on overnight . The next day we made a incline board and put her feet up and head downin the shower, gentley poured kerosene on her head . Got rid of vaseline and lice ..

    • Ailor55

      vaseline is the answer next time take dawn dish liquid onher hair without water. Than wash it. Been through foster children my children and now grandchildren.lol

  • marie

    When my children were younger, we had a constant battle with lice, until we figured out the source. now, my girls have been clean and clear for the last 2 yrs. That is, until my sister let her son ad granddaughters move in. Now, 2 of my 3 children have been infested, again! While, they are using the chemical shampoos(and not getting rid of the problem)at my sister’s house, we use olive oil and vinegar. And, making more and more progress by the minute! I used to use mayo on my children’s hair, and it seemed to be the best treatment for them, but I can no longer stand the smell of it. Olive oil and vinegar are the perfect combination with a metal comb. Leave the oil in overnight, using a shower cap to enclose the hair. The next day, rinse with a little vinegar. Then, use the metal comb to comb out the nits and bugs, dipping the comb in vinegar each time you clean it. This always works best for us. I always comb their hair out everynight for the next week, just to make sure we got it all. I think that’s the secret the most people forget about.

  • Susie

    I have 3 children and we’ve been battling lice since the beginning of June. I think we’ve had them longer because my youngest started itching really badly after she was a flower girl in a wedding. I thought it was all the hair gel and hair spray we used in her hair and it was an allergic reaction. So I was giving her benadryl before school and of coarse it wasn’t helping. Then I received the dreaded call from the school nurse that she saw some nits. No live bugs, so she could stay at school if I wanted her to. Well, I used that time while they were all in school to go and buy all the OTC products that didn’t work. I washed, cleaned, put toys in bags for 3 weeks….. all the stuff your supposed to do. Then I fell upon this website and tried listorine, vinegar and denorex extra strength shampoo. The first time I sprayed listorine in their hair and put shower caps on all of us for 3 hours. Then I put vinegar on our hair for another hour. Several dead bugs came out, then I washed our hair with denorex and nit picked everyone. I only found about 5 nits in my sons hair, but lots in my girls. My husband looked through mine and didn’t find anything. So since then I’ve treating a few days after that with listerine for 10 minutes and then shampooing with denorex. Well even though it was helping, I felt it wasn’t aggressive enough, so now I’ve been treating everyday with listerine for 20 and shampooing with denorex and nit picking. I’m finding no bugs and less and less nits. So I’m pretty happy with the results. Since this has started I’ve colored my hair and haven’t had any nits or bugs in my hair either. I’m going to continue to treat until I don’t find anymore nits!!

  • Candy

    HELP!!!!! My grand-daughter is 19 months old. I used to get her every other day and had her EVERY weekend (My first grandchild :)) Now I don’t keep her as much cause she has lice every time I get her. I used to treat her with Nix or Rid until now I just stop getting her except once a month cause I know its not good to treat her every week.

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HOME REMEDIES!!!! Now I will be able to get my baby back like I used to LOL starting this weekend if not tonight.

    What should I start to use first, to get everything out the easiest?

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Everyone one is so helpful.

  • barbrat

    i just tried the rid and it has been 3days and i still see bugs well eggs already was at new daycare 2 days gotit that quik and all kids there are either black or simoli they all have it so YES BLACK PEOPLE DEF CAN GET THEM big myth the poverty stricken african areas and samoli areas have severe lice do your research and i got rid at walgreens was 30 dollars i did not have i am def goin to try the listerine and already have the suave coconut shampoo and cond so thank heavens for the website i found godsend

  • Beth

    Be careful with the tea tree oil on boys, new research has said that tea tree oil can cause breast enlargement in boys. With overweight boys already having the disposition of having large breasts caution should be taken until further research can be done. Gynomastia in boys can be a self esteem issue hard to deal with by oneself or by other boys taunts.

    Thanks for this website, it is very good information.
    Been fighting lice for a week now with my daughter. She is 16 and just got her first job. This website, I hope will help us get rid of these nasty bugs.

    Thanks again

  • christina

    I have to little girls they are mixed so they have long thick curly hair 5 and 3 years old my oldest daughter got lice once from school and I used mayo and sauve coconut shampoo to kill them worked great. The best way to keep they gone and not to get them again is if you put afican oil or blue magic coconut greese in hair and braid it before you send them to school they will not come home with it again. They have had many lice outbreaks at scool and in classroom and my daughter has never got it again….It works great and its very cheep. They sell it at wal mart the afican oil is about 2dollars and the coconut greese is about 2dollars. Always wash hair everynight with some coconut shampoo and condition with colester conditioner.

  • Kim

    Hi my name is Kim and ny daughter came home the other day with Lice and I caught it too , bought the rid and still she was itchy , so I went and purchased listerine , and out it in her hair for 2 hrs , then I washed her hair with coconut shampoo and out tea tree oil in the shampoo , then I put coconut conditioner and I combed her hair with a but comb , under hot burning water , every time I stoked her head I would put the comb in hot water , I did the same for my self , and I also put listerine and rubbing alcohol and tea tree oils in a spray bottle and sprayed my house and mine and her hair today !

    It has worked but u have to do this 2 a day on the hair because if u don’t catch all the nits , they will hatch , I also bought denorex shampoo and that helped ! This is very frustrating , when she returns to school I will put gel on her hair every day with a bun , to prevent this from happening and also spray her hair with tea tree oil and listerine just a little bit before she leaves ! I feel bad for us !

  • Noelle Sweet

    Honestly I have tried everything at this point to get rid of head lice and the only thing that has gotten rid of it is wetting the hair down and doucing it in apple conditioner and got2b cashmere hairspray.

  • Lisa

    I have 3 girls with really thick and long hair almost up to their waists. I have been battling with this LICE problem off and on for about 7 months. The first one to have it was my 8 year old, apparently she caught it from a neighbor who slept over our home and she was infested.
    I ofcourse went to Walgreens and everything on the shelf I could find for RID and spent over $200 since I had to treat my 3 girls and myself. This was one of the most terrible things we have gone through. I sprayed all of the bedding and upstairs rug… AND i REALLY THOUGHT WE HAD GOTTEN RID OF THEM … NOPE.
    I guess we didn’t get them all because again we are going through the same problem.
    Today I am going to try putting Listerine and then cover with a shower cap for 2 hours and then heat up Vinegar and after wash all our heads with Suave Coconut Shampoo.



  • Sandra Seagraves

    When my daughter and 3boys was infested. With them I used dendorex for 30 minutes then use liceshield then rinsed it out then blow dry it.blow dry it every day or it want work and use liceshield everyday. And use leave in conditioner spray do that everyday we haven’t had any since

  • annette

    my daughter has head lice i cant get rid of it..i will try all your details..thanx I jus HOPE i get rid of it sooon because i want her to go school..im sooo feel sorry for her crossing my fingers!!!

  • Rhonda

    Been dealing with this problem for awhile. Best solution so far is using extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Mix together massage in hair and scalp- I warm mine a little in the microwave. Leave on for 15 minutes-or more if you want-then shampoo with dawn dish soap.If you have any tea tree oil add a little to the dish soap . And a metal comb to comb out nits! Don’t give up! I am currently going to try some lysol or combination alcohol/vinegar to spray around house! Just keep working on it-I read somewhere to add vinegar and tea tree oil to dawn shampoo and use for a week. Vinegar is really helping alot! I mix vinegar and a drop of olive oil together and put a few drops on my scalp between shampoos. I’m very happy so far.

  • annonomys

    one time i was in festied , baaadly, we used ” NIX” it said it was #1 rated. I think that was the last thing we used after “RID” and it seemed to work. You’ll probably be like NO! but if you keep your hair kind of greasy i think that may help because lice cant hold on to the greasy hair. they also have a spray out for furniture and other non-washable things. we used it on my coutches in the house and after that we were fine. the little clear like nits at the live ones i think. ad the brown hard one are dead. because if you find a brown nit and you have it say on your thumb nail take your other thumb nail and press hard youll feel a crack. i also wore my hair up practically everyday. i threw away all hats combs and hair ties / clips. (dont wanna take a second chance.) ill go and look at what the household spray is , that you can also spray on your car seats!

  • Tara Mac

    Well everyone I have 4 biracial girls with super thick long curly hair. We have been battling lice for about a year now. I have tried EVErYThing!!! Except kerosene which scares me. Yes the lice are completely immune to the chemicals in RId and Nix. Even neem didn’t work for us. Maybe dog and cat shampoo work as they are a different chemical that the Luce haven’t become immune to. There is something called a louse buster a heat appliance that kills lice without overheating the head which is dangerous. You have to go to a place where they do it. Look for it online also there are 2 different combs. Nit combs and lice combs. Lice combs are wider spaced so better for curly hair. You won’t get the nits out but you get out the lice each time they hatch. I had not heard if licefreee and we will try that. I think my kids will start wearing funky headwraps! The problem is you get so stressed and work so hard combing and washing making the kids cry and then they get it again from school. I think a spray bottle with essential oils would be good every morning before school and greased braids nay work. Don’t bother with chemicals on heads or in the home for the kids health!! Good luck and God Bless you all.

  • Hannah Gee

    My daughter recently got head lice about 3 weeks ago from her school mates i assume.Tried rid and olive oil i forgot about the vinegar. Gonna try the vinegar rinse on our heads tonight and Deff. going to get some tea tree oil and tea tree oil shampoos today as well i used to used tea tree shampoo and we never had them but never gave thought to that until now. Hopefully some of these things will work for us im going crazy every weekend trying to rid us of these doesnt help we are in the country laundry places are very far and we dont have a dryer at home right now

  • Gina

    My daughter got lice for the first time in her life. I noticed when I was combing her hair last night and I saw a nit, I cried cause I feel like the worst mother in the world. Don’t know how she got it, but this morning I went to Walgreens and bought that lice freeee spray. The spray doesn’t work, the comb took out some nits. I combed her hair for at least 5 hours and as she was getting ready for bed I noticed more nits… I have not seen any bugs only nits, I’m so desperate in taking her to her pediatrician and see what he recommends. I just pray to God we get rid of this problem. I might try the olive oil and vinegar. I like the tips on the coconut shampoo, definitely going to continue to have my daughter use that. Thanks for all of your remedies!!

  • I am glad to read such a perfect natural solution for head lice problem. I always prefer to natural and herbal remedies for curing problem because there are no side-effects of the natural remedies. neem oil is really good remedy for hair lice problem.

  • Ailor55

    Years ago I read in a parent book to take vaseline and rub it ON THE SCALP. This may take time bbecause you have to part the hair by strands. Take a comb and comb through the hair,( It combs real easy and makes hair shine.
    This smothers the lice and eggs. They CAN’T  move. Pull up in pony tail if need to leave on as long as you can. The dryer the vaseline gets the better. Rub dawn dish liqid on hair. NO WATER. Than wash hair. I have done it for years and it works. Lice like clean hair because its easy to attach to. THINK ABOUT IT. This makes sense. 

  • Brittnie

    This was NOT help full at all because i want this lice gone to day!!!

  • savannah

    LISTERINE! I swear by it. I have thick, dark blonde hair that reaches down to my lower back. Recently, my niece was over and brought along a little surprise. Yup, lice. I’m not a fan one bit of any type of bug, so seeing this, you could imagine my reaction. I tried olive oil, dish soap, numerous over the counter medications, shampoos, etc., nothing worked except a nit comb, yet there had to be something to kill these critters! Frustrated, I scanned the net for more remedies, landing on a page about Listerine. I thought “no way, it’ll dry my hair out, Listerine does not belong there, the smell!”. I was desperate to rid my hair though, so I decided to give it a shot. Here’s what I did:
    A) wash hair slightly towel dry and let air do the rest
    B) put Listerine in a spray bottle, and set to the mist setting
    C) soak roots out to the tips ; DO NOT pour out of bottle onto the head
    D) make sure hair is drenched in it massage like shampoo
    E) put hair up into a shower cap or wrap with seran wrap
    F) leave on for 1 1/2 to 2 hours then rinse out with shampoo and water only
    G) use nit comb to pick out and remove dead lice and nits
    Vinegar can also be used to loosen the sticky substance nits are attached to hair with. Listerine actually helped me with my dandruff as well. I blow dried my hair and it was fluffy and full, I suggest the Listerine treatment. 4.00 for a bottle, cheaper than those fancy store treatments like nix that don’t work.
    Hope I helped, xx

  • Tera

    Dyed my hair and I still have them. I flat iron often so eggs are slim, but surprisingly enough the ammonia from the dye didn’t work. The very next morning and I’m scratching like crazy.

  • janet

    can anyone tell me pls if you can use lemon juice to rid of nits/lice.my 6 grandaughters havegot them we tried the lotions ,dont work one ofthem has bad ezema all over her

  • sara

    Anyone ever used licenex..i really want to try it and see if it works..altho’ it’s rated number 1 but hardly has any reviews..

  • mother mae

    I have tried all the chemicals, over the counter and prescription. I even was prescribed an oral medication from my doctor that has been prescribed to treat intestinal worms, but has shown to have a 95% rate of eradicating head lice. I still have head lice after two and a half months. So here is what I have tried in addition to meds- olive oil and baby oil help with reducing the number of lice and nits but was was a solution. I tried rubbing alcohol- did not help at all. I added table salt to a shampoo and left it in my hair overnight- did not work. I used listerine today and this seemed to help with the itching and lessen the number of lice.

    I am going to try tree tea oil with the coconut champoo overnight then combing. Our pediatrician siad combing was the only 100% cure however I think nyphs are the only bugs left in my hair and this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. My last resort is the animal flea shampoo- I will not do kerosene, just too dangerous.

  • justa mom

    Walgreens has battery powered lice comb…bout 30 dollars, but kills everything.

  • camp bell

    as a kid we always used kerosene and it always worked. mother had a ball team of children. and never ever picked nits… my grand kids have been fighting lice off and on for over a year. finally the kids said by all means by the kerosene. NOW. I will also stock them up on coconut shampoo and conditioner. starting today

  • camp bell

    By the way Kerosene is far less dangerous than all those chemicals and bug sprays.

  • Rosemary

    My daughters have gotten lice every year in school, after so much money being spent each year on the Rid and Nix, I found something new LICE MD…. all it is really, is heavy oil. You put the oil into the hair, comb the hair with the comb (included) while the oil is still in the hair, wash it out and PRESTO! NO MORE LICE OR NITS….THERE IS NO RE-TREATMENT NEEDED!!!! This is the best stuff ever. But DONT forget to wash and dry all bedding, towels, stuffed animals and vacuum!!

  • Lena

    I 2 girls one in High School and one in elementary school, and i found that using orginal listerine(the yellow one) was the best to use and hair dye as well. And also white vinegar too, works good.

  • barbra

    im a 57 year old my daughter has lice and shes 25 she dont have internet she asked me to post this but anyways does mayo work? and how long should you leave in?

  • Cleo

    Hi my 2 children have head lice and here’s the tip i have to give you! I personally think that mayo works the best I have tried everything else and non of them work so just leave mayo and a cap on your child’s head for 4 hours and it will treat the lice!

  • barbra

    hi my 2 year old son has head lice im in desprate help i need tips please

  • Mary Ann

    I know it sounds drastic but I was so tired of fighting head lice I went to the dollar store and purchased lamp oil…It’s strong but works..dose the head with lamp oil leave on for 5/7 minutes..Then you have to shampoo with dawn dish soap..To cut all this oil..You can then rinse with vinegar. Cost is little and the results are great. One can afford to keep kids hair done every month (just because) that is the only way I got rid of my dauighters lice when she was little.
    The sauve coconut shampoo is a preventative also flea dog shampoo…just keep using these every couple weeks as a prventicve measure..

  • chrissy

    I highly recommend LiceMD..apply it to hair, cover with shower cap overnight, wash out with regular shampoo and comb. VERY EFFECTIVE, there is a $1 off coupon on there website.

  • Veronica

    A little over an hour ago I realized that my daughter has head lice. After my brief moment of panic and finding this website, I managed to whip up mayo and avocado oil, did a mixture and drenched her hair in it. 30 minutes later there was a lice walking on her forehead. Thank goodness she was asleep and I managed to catch it. I wrapped her hair in a plastic bag and tomorrow morning I will run to the store and buy Ivory dishwashing soap to rinse off and see where I go from there. I hope this is over soon. Thanks for the tips.

  • Head Lice are easy to get rid of if you go against everything you think you know. The only thing you need is a good metal comb and wet the hair with a mixture of conditioner and water. There is not reason to put anything else on the hair. Comb until you see nothing. Then do preventative combing once a month to ward off re-infestation.

  • sara

    my daughter gets lice constantly when she is at her fathers.(we have joint custody,he gets her a year,i get her a year.) since last may i have had her. not once did she get it until she recently stayed with him for a few days for spring and easter break. yesterday morning ,while fixing her hair for school, i thought i saw a louse. after she got home i checked her and found a few nits and eggs so i got a treatment from walgreens,just a generic 10 minute treatment. first i used it, then i coated her hair with olive oil, let that stay in for about 30 minutes, then sat with a pot of boiled water and used a lice comb for about two hours. then i had her wash her hair with dawn dish detergent about 4 times. after that we towel dried her hair and then saturated her hair with apple cider vinegar. then we let that soak for roughly 30 minutes,then repeated combing through with the lice comb,rinsing the comb by wiping it on a towel and with boiled water between passes. then she washed her hair with regular shampoo two times. by then the only thing i found in the lice comb was hair..clean,lice free,hair. i checked for about 30 minutes this morning whie getting her ready for school as i didn’t want to send her off to infest others and i did not see one single bug or nit or anything else…i suggest trying this, had it not worked, i would have just had to cut her long hair,that was how her dad got rid of it last time…hope this helps. lice is a nightmare!

  • Mary

    Simply saturate hair with Listerine, wear a shower cap for 30 minutes, et voilà, all lice and eggs are killed. shower cap is mandatory.

  • tmom

    Since I was little we used the baby oil trick, I have thick natural curly hair and it’s the only thing that’s worked make sure you run it into the scalp wrap in a towel then I scrub it out and do a mixture of apple cider vinegar and white vinager comb out daily

  • Kelly

    All these tips are great to use. Just remember though that what you put on your scalp is absorbed through the skin, which is why over the counter methods and prescriptions are detrimental to the skin. Nit picking is best for removal of lice and nits but I think using the coconut shampoo and conditioners might work well with the metal combs. My great uncle told me once that they used tar soap and a dried up corn cob. Goes to show you the advance of modern day remedies. I was also told by a lady that was selling shampoo for lice, the main ingredient was something they use to use to cook with years ago. Of course she couldn’t tell exactly what is was but she said it was guaranteed not to come back. I wish I knew what that ingredient was. She said there was few stores that carried it now days. I looked at old time recipes but still have no clue. I think the Listerine might work. I have 5 grandkids I’m raising so I look for answers when I can. Good Luck everyone!



  • A frustrated mama

    Last year, my girls went to visit my in-laws & came home with our least favorite bug! After one bout with the Rid (which really didn’t help) we killed them using Listerine, Vinegar & combing. They went back again in May & sure enough, the bugs came back with them! We did the Listerine, but no vinegar/combing. They seemed gone, but by late June we were itching again, but saw no bugs. Over the weekend we found bugs in all three of us (their dad seems immune, but he does use special dandruff shampoo). We did the Listerine/Vinegar/Combing tonight. After the last time, I picked up a Robi Comb when I found one on sale. We haven’t used it yet since the directions specifically say not to use on even damp hair (it is an electric shock, after all!) and it’s been a very hot summer here.

    The Robi comb says to use it every day for two weeks to ensure you get the newly hatched eggs. I guess we’ll see…

  • Dawn Toy

    My grandbaby has battled Lice for about a year now the mother doesnt seem to believe me when I tell her so I have photos this time. I could not count the lice or the eggs off of one comb thru. My trick is vaseline. Petroleum jelly. It killed her lice and made removing the eggs easy. Rid and all the other costy stuff makes for a rash with all the harmful chemicals. Worst is none of them work as good as Grandma’s tips 🙂 P.s. to wash out use Dawn dishsoap several washings tho.

  • Lizzy

    Discovered our 3 year old got lice from her preschool. She is a mixed child with thick thick curly hair. It was late on Friday night. Read many posts. But most ppl were saying what they were trying and Not what had worked. First thing we did was coat her scalp in Vaseline and wrapped in cloth winter hat. Left it in 24 hours and washed out with hot water and dawn dish soap. It worked – all the live lice were suffocated and found in the Vaseline dead. Next we took red cider vinegar and put in spray bottle and sprayed it in her hair and left in for 3 hours. (protect eyes). Then combed through her hair. Got all the eggs. Finally we washed in the coconut shampoo. And then dried with hair dryer. I turned up our water heater temp (read online how to do this right). I washed everyone’s bedding, pillows too. Hot dryer setting for 2 hours to finish it off. Lice gone! I followed up every other day for 2 weeks, with vinegar, combing, coconut shampoo, and used a stay in hair gel everyday before she went to school. spray or soak combs and brushes in vinegar too. Read on how to comb through hair online – be sure to clean comb by dipping it in hot water/vinegar mix after every single strand is combed, wipe on white towel to see if you got anything off comb. I know it works – she has a twin sister who sleep with her and she never got it and we only did a preventative coconut shampoo, and hair gel with her every day. The key too, I washed their bed daily for 10 days. We never saw anything after the first Vaseline treatment and vinegar treatment – but I played it safe and did the other. Her older teenage sisters used the selsum blue dandruff shampoo daily and they never got them either.
    Good luck – it’s been over 2 months and we are lice free.

  • rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle will kill even bedbugs on contact can spay on furniture and bedding. and ventilate very well-use 70-90%strength

  • Tina Tarlton

    Coal Tar Neutrogena shampoo any kind of coal tar shampoo works great. Once I used this all eggs bugs etc was gone, Im glad those years of lice are gone, Im remembering this remedy for my future grandkids,