15 Home Remedies for Hand Warts | Q&A

Q: Grandma, my daughter has real bad warts on her hands. We tried everything and nothing worked. Some are even costly prescriptions. Please suggest safe remedies.

A: Dear A, Millions of people suffer from hand blemishes caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. There are many ways of removing these warts on hands, but many prefer to use natural home remedies to get rid of these unsightly growth. One can keep in mind the following remedies when opting to treat the problem using natural ingredients that are available at home.

Home Remedies for Warts on Hands


1. Apple cider vinegar – Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply on affected area nightly. Use a bandaid to stick the cotton ball on the skin overnight. Remove in the morning.[1]

2. Clear nail polish – Paint the warts with a coat of clear nail polish. Repeat the procedure as needed.

3. Toothpaste – Smudge generous amount of ordinary toothpaste on the area. Cover with bandaid.

4. Duct tape – Stick a small piece of duct tape over the wart. Leave it on for six days before carefully removing it. Use a pumice stone to file away the wart. Repeat the whole process until the wart is completely gone.[2]

5. Tape bandage – Wrap the finger with medical tape. Remove the tape only to change it or when it begins to loosen. Make sure to check periodically to see if the wart is already gone.

6. Vitamin A – Squeeze a capsule of 25,000 IU of vitamin A on the wart once a day for two to four months to enjoy the full effect.

7. Castor oil – Apply the oil generously over the warts on hands every night for several months.[3]

8. Figs – Extract the juice from fresh and unripe figs. Apply the juice on the warts as often as possible during the day, for two weeks.

9. Potato – Slice a raw potato and rub over the affected area several times in a day for two weeks. Another way is to crush a fresh potato. Put the pulp on the wart and cover with clean bandage to keep the pulp in place overnight. Wash off with cold water in the morning.

10. Onion – Rub fresh onion juice on the warts and allow it to dry naturally. Do not wash off until shower time.

11. Black tea – Soak a black tea bag in warm water and put directly on the affected area for 20 to 30 minutes. Allow to dry naturally. Repeat the process three times during the day until the warts disappear. Dispose the tea bag immediately after use.[4]

12. Green tea – Drink 2500 to 500 mg of green tea a day to enjoy its antioxidant content.

13. Garlic – Rub fresh garlic clove directly onto the wart itself only. Throw the garlic after use. Cover the rubbed area with a bandage. Wash in the morning. Repeat daily until the wart blackens and falls off.

14. Bananas – Rub the inside of fresh banana peel (preferably green to yellow bananas) on the wart areas. Do this every night for two weeks.

15. Papaya – Slit the fruit. Allow the sap to flow and let it stand for a few minutes before mixing with warm water. Apply on the warts on hands twice a day.[5]


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