Home Remedies for Hand Cleaning

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From greasy mechanics work to preparing foods with a distinct odor, your hands come in contact with a lot of substances that affect the scent and appearance. You don’t have to buy an expensive product to rid your hands of unwanted smells and stains. Instead, you can seek out home remedies for hand cleaning that are easily accessible.

Hand Cleaning Home Remedies

Don’t let grimy, stained, or smelly hands have you jumping out of your skin. Become familiar with the many home remedies for hand cleaning, so you can solve your issues quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently. Recommendations include:

a) Baking Soda:

If you’ve ever cleaned fish or chopped onions, then you’ve probably had to deal with the lingering scent of the food on your hands. Remove the unsavory smell by vigorously rubbing two teaspoons of baking soda after wetting your hands.

b) Baby Oil:

When grease or oil gets on your hands, try placing a few squirts of bath oil on your hands. Wash away the oil with warm, soapy water.

c) Shampoo:

To remove water-based paint, sticky grime, and other stubborn stains from the hands, you can use undiluted shampoo.

d) Shaving Cream:

A quick fix to cleaning your hands when no water is around is to squirt a bit of shaving cream in your hands and rub together. Wipe off your hands using a towel. This home remedy is quite helpful for campers.

e) Butter:

Some people have rubbed their hands with butter to remove the smell of fish. Wash with warm water and soap to achieve a fresh, clean scent.

f) Coffee Beans:

Rub your hands together with a couple of coffee beans to remove strong odors, such as fish and garlic. The oil that releases from the beans absorbs the offensive smell. Follow up by rinsing your hands with warm, soapy water.

g) Cooking Spray:

You’d never think it, but cooking spray has worked wonders for people looking to moisturize their hands.

h) Oatmeal and Milk:

A day in the garden can leave your hands stained and gritty. Make a paste out of oatmeal and milk – and rub vigorously between your hands. Not only will the stains disappear, but also the combination of oatmeal and milk with soften and soothe the skin.

i) Olive Oil:

The signs of working on a car or painting the house can easily show on your hands. To remove these kinds of stains, vigorously rub a mixture comprised of one teaspoon each of olive oil and salt or sugar into the palms of your hands. Continue for several minutes, and then wash off using soap and water.

j) Potato:

Rubbing your hands with the raw side of a potato can remove stubborn stains left behind by the likes of carrots and pumpkin.

k) Baby Powder [1]:

If you’re at the beach and get sand on your hands, dip into a Ziploc bag filled with baby powder, rub them together, and watch the sand disappear.

l) Toothpaste:

Wash your hands with toothpaste to remove a foul scent.

m) Vinegar:

Distilled vinegar can help remove strong odors from your hands (such as garlic, onion, and fish). Rub your hands with vinegar before and after you work with smelly foods and ingredients. Undiluted white vinegar also removes stains left behind from eating or cutting berries and other fruit.

n) WD-40:

When your hands get greasy and blackened with grime, use WD-40 to remove stains. Spray a small amount of WD-40 in your hands and rub together for a few seconds. Wipe off with a paper towel, and then wash with soap and water.


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