Home Remedies To Get Rid of Mice

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When you’re experiencing the pitter-patter of little feet and it’s not a walking, talking bundle of joy standing on two legs, you may have a furry intruder in your home that needs attention. Hiding in a kitchen cabinet or tucked away in the corner of a shed, mice find ways to enter the cleanliest of homes, apartments, and other human dwellings. When the thought of using poisonous bait or inhumane traps is too much to bear, consider the following home remedies before resorting to other tactics.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Mice

Signs of a Mice Problem [1]

A mouse is a nocturnal creature, meaning they do their dirty work when the sun has set and the lights are out. Mice are rarely spotted during the day unless a heavy infestation exists. Usually, a mouse problem is detected with one or more of the following signs: • Droppings: Mouse feces are moist, soft, shiny and dark, becoming dry and hard within a few days. Old droppings will look dull and grayish in color. •Little Holes: When small holes with chewed edges appear on items, such as cereal boxes, this is a dead giveaway that a critter is gnawing away at your packages. Scan your pantry and look for tooth marks and shredded paper. • Sound: At night, you may hear unexplainable movement, as well as gnawing or scratching in the walls or an attic. • Odor: Mice can cause a musty odor to infiltrate your home. • Nests: Hidden in boxes, mice will use chewed paper and cloth to create a nest for themselves in basements, attics, sheds, and drawers.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice

When it comes time to get rid of mice, many people wish to repel and drive out critters before clearing away traps, locating dead carcasses hidden in walls, and shelling out the money to hire an exterminator. If you are looking for home remedies to get rid of mice, consider the following suggestions:

a) Peppermint and Peppermint Oil:

In just about every home remedy circle, you will hear that mice cannot stand the scent of peppermint or peppermint oil. Soak a cotton ball in the oil of peppermint and place it at a suspected entryway.

b) Remove Food Supply:

While mice enjoy a nice meal of cereal grains and crumbs, they will also adapt to anything else they can sink their teeth into. If you remove their food supply, most mice are forced to look for other places to eat. Remove edible temptations from low kitchen cabinets. Place cereal and other boxed items in glass containers and plastic Tupperware.

c) Bay Leaves:

Some people have been successful in keeping mice away by sprinkling bay leaves in their kitchen and about the pantry.

d) Mint:

Keep new mice from entering your residence by adding mint plants to the foundation of your house. If you are already battling a mouse problem, sprinkle mint leaves in the parts of your home that the mice like to frequent. Mint is known to repel mice in most cases, but you must remember to replace old leaves with fresh ones on a regular basis.


e) Mint Toothpaste:

If you’ve located a hole where a mouse enters and exits a room, smear on a small amount of mint toothpaste. The smell should send the mice running in the opposite direction. You can also rub the toothpaste along the bottom of baseboards, and in other spaces that you think mice may enter your home.

f) Peppermint Tea:

Since mice are not fans of mint, try concocting your own peppermint repellent by boiling two cups of water, turning off the heat, and then adding 4-6 peppermint tea bags to the pot. Allow the tea to steep for 6-8 hours. Stir in two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid so that the solution will stick to the floors for a longer period of time. Fill a spray bottle with the tea and coat the baseboards, as well as any other places you suspect mice are entering into your home.

g) Steel Wool:

Mice enter your home in the most creative manner, but once you have pinpointed an access point, use steel wool to block their way. The material is much harder for mice to gnaw through than other options, like wood and newspaper, and when digested, will damage their insides. This is also a popular remedy for RV owners who will wrap the cable or hose that goes into the access slots of an RV with steel wool before making a connection. The scratchiness of the material creates a seal that keeps mice out [2].

h) Baby Powder:

When you are having a problem locating the point of entry of your uninvited guest, use baby powder (or flour) to check for tracks. Scatter a small patch on the floor along a wall or other frequented places. Some people like to bait a mouse by placing a cracker with a bit of peanut butter in the middle of the patch. Hopefully, you can locate their access point or at least, determine the direction in which they originate.

i) Ammonia:

Some people have driven away their mouse by leaving small bowls filled with ammonia in the places they like to frequent. It is said that the scent repels mice.

j) Peanut Butter:

Are you looking for an effective bait to lure your unwanted visitor? The next time you lay traps, use peanut butter as bait – a treat that a mouse cannot resist. Since the peanut butter is sticky, he or she is unable to swipe it before setting off a trap [3].

peanut butter

k) Brown Paper Bag:

Once you’ve snagged a mouse on a trap, it’s time to discard of the remains. If this isn’t your cup of tea, make matters a little easier to accomplish by setting your bait traps inside of a brown paper bag. This way, once the deed is done, you can close the bag and dispose of it quickly. Mice enjoy exploring small spaces anyhow, so this remedy may also increase your chances of luring a mouse to a trap in the first place.

l) Mothballs:

Mice have a reputation for setting up shop in a shed or garage for the winter season. If you place mothballs around your garage, mice will look for other places to live. In the house, mothballs are used to deter mice from kitchen cupboards, drawers, and other storage spots.

m) Caulk:

To keep mice from coming and going from your home, locate holes and other spaces that they may use, and fill with caulk.

n) Baking Soda:

Baking soda has been known to help keep mice out of the places they like to frequent. Shake a bit around their suspected hiding places, and they should stay away [4]. This home remedy for mice is also safe for pets and children, and is easily removable with the swipe of a broom or roar of a vacuum cleaner.

o) Onions:

The smell of onions has helped some individuals solve their mouse problem, as they say the odor is offensive to the pests.

p) Melt Your Cheese [5]:

We all know that mice are suckers for cheese, but over the years, these pests have gotten quite crafty – stealing a piece of cheese from a mousetrap is not as hard for a mouse as you would think. To make sure a mouse stays long enough to trip the trap, set the cheese in the trap, and melt it using a lit match or lighter. Since it’s harder to snag the cheese away, the mouse is there long enough to set off the trap’s spring mechanism.

House Mouse Standing

q) Dry Cement, Cocoa Powder, Salt & Flour:

For a remedy you don’t hear of often, a small amount of dry cement will go a long way in curbing a mouse problem. Add a bit of dry cement to a bowl along with one tablespoon of cocoa powder and salt. Add one cup of flour to the blend, and mix all ingredients well. You will leave this remedy behind in spaces where you’ve detected mouse droppings. You will also need to position a bowl of water nearby. Mice who eat this mixture will become quite thirsty, and rush to drink the water, which in turn…causes with the dry cement to make a hardened substance inside of their body that eventually kills them.

r) Tabasco Sauce and Soap Detergent:

To make a homemade mouse repellent, add ¼ cup of soap detergent and one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce to one gallon of water. Transfer the remedy to a spray bottle, and spritz the liquid in the areas where it looks like mice are assembling in your residence.

s) Bounce Dryer Sheets:

The original scented Bounce dryer sheets placed in the areas that mice seem to frequent, and in spaces that show the signs of mice infestation). The scent of these sheets repels the pests, and they will look elsewhere to live [6].

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  • roland

    I read somewhere that you can add ½ cup of soap detergent and one tablespoon of Tabasco sauce to one gallon of water. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz this home repellent around the home, as well as nooks and crannies. This is a much desirable alternative to laying down toxic poisons in your home.

  • Keri whitmire

    if you find a mouse in your house and you have a cat or cat’s.Just turn them lose in your house and show them the mouse and let them do the dirty work.I have seen it done before.Trust me it works.

  • Celeste

    I use the peppermint oil and it works GREAT! Mice hate it and as long as you re-apply the oil at least once a month, you’ll never have to worry about the little buggers.

  • Brian

    If you use a gassy drink like coke and put it into a small container where the mice frequent, the mice will drink it.

    Whats with that you might be thinking.

    The mice cannot burp or fart, they get bloated on the gas and die.

    I might try the Peppermint oil now though. 😎

  • miss b

    ok..perppemint oil… that s a new one. I will try that one.. moth balls not to well for me. Thtas funni though….they will get bloated and die brian? lol

  • Linda

    I don’t have a tip, I have three cats and a mouse problem under my sink, cannot figure out how they are getting there, I have plugged all the holes that they can get in, and I checked my dryer vent that is on the outside of my house, but that vent goes directly into my dryer……help?

  • Jessica


    Try sprinkling baby powder down and see where they are coming from underneath your sink!

  • sonia

    i havent slept in a weeek… will definetly try the pepper mint an let you know!!… have got traps out not working! their too clever.

  • Lucy

    Well I will try the Peppermint Oil because my home is infested and is driving me crazy….I also live the idea of the gassy soda thats so funny

  • Little T

    October 27th…I stayed up all night listening to a mouse conference…Aside from being petrified I was disgusted knowing that these little critters are having a ball in my apartment while I’m in bed paralyzed with fear. My landlord had the exterminator put poison and traps with peanut butter…which only helped for about a week.
    I’m going to try peppermint and sonic plug-ins this week.
    About two weeks ago I found a mouse just sitting on the hallway floor. I looked at her and she looked at me…we did not move. I immediately called my neighbor and she came over with a shoe box and removed the mouse. It was weird because when my neighbor picked up the mouse there was a bllod spot. My neighbor believed that she was in labor considering her size…I was surprised at how fat the little critter was thinking shit …must be having a fiesta all night with the froot loops. Anyway…wish me luck people.

  • BA

    I think I am goin to try the ammonia one I tried 2 find the peppermint oil but can’t find it. And I read fox urine works but that’s just nasty but if it works 4 ppl so b it.

  • tina

    I found out the little shits were coming from next door. We are in a new house and bloody builders were useless, holes everywhere. My husband took all plinths off bottom of kitchen cupboards and filled with expanding foam also sprayed peppermint oil under there. I am so scared of them i have everything to keep them out!! outside filling all holes with wire wool and peppermint spray again ha ha.Read you have to spray quite often though. I have had them 2 years running!! Wish i could buy an owl to sit in my garden that would do the trick as they can eat up to 15 a day .

  • Sheila

    I have had them for about 2 years when the kitchens were replaced in my block of flats. I have tried the plug in thing and have not heard them for about 3 weeks. I used to always have moth balls around the flat but my children did not like the smell. I think I will go back to the moth balls and try the peppermint oils also

  • Tracy

    I have a mouse problem. I live in an apartment and would like to think there is only one but the droppings are making me believe they are multiplying. I have tried traps and the sticky glue pad with no luck.

    I searched the net and found something called critter out. Has anyone heard of this stuff? The advertisement says it repels rodents and it has a money back guarantee but people will say anything to get you to buy their product.

    I have read some of the other tips and I will give them a try as well.

  • shaaronie

    We too had a mice infestation problem and I was considering the peppermint oil but on some sites, it said it didn’t work. I don’t know if that’s because the peppermint smell dried up and wasn’t replaced? Well anyway. I was on a site last night that said to place small bowls of pine sol (original) in the house (keep away from kids and pets). They hide out in our kitchen and come out seeking food after dark. I placed a bowl on top of the stove and a lid with Pine sol under the stove, and so far, so good. By now, I would have seen a mouse at least 2 or 3 times. Pine sol sure does stink!

  • jo

    pepermint oil confined a mouse to a closet then we used a gluboard and he’s gone but somehow more are coming in ??? the apartment managers weren’t helpful really I’m spending money I can’t afford that, now I’m seeing the peppermint won’t work and the oil loses its power after one day, Now I’m starting over, it cost $7 an oz I bought $30 worth thinking it worked I am so bummed out now I have to deal with traps because I won’t use gluboards anymore and the 2 i have aren’t catching a thing it’s dreadful to find mice poo o the back of your couch they are patying on my couch while I sleep YUK!!! and are so nasty they poo all over just YUK no one has any answers I’ve looked on-line for hours it’s time to trap them and start a fire with my landlord….

  • Natalie

    I am going to try the peppermint oil and coke! And if I find where they are getting in, the steel wool too. I have the sticky pads now but the mice get on them and then dive to the floor where the pad gets stuck to the carpet more to them and they are able to peel themselves off. I must have some bald mice running around. I also have the round traps w/ PB in them that are supposed to enclose the mouse when he gets in there but its been a week and they have not gone in one of them yet!

  • amberly

    no tips but the oil is in little bottles it is for like making hard candy it is flavor oils

  • Carrie Lowery

    I have used the electronic traps. I loved them because they kill the mouse, then I flip the lid dump it out and reset…no bloody mess b/c it electrocutes them Anyway, the 2 I have got wet so I’m out of luck at the moment. I had paid $20 or less for them a few years back but now they’re about $33. Here’s the site for them so you can check them out
    I had bought mine at Wal-mart but haven’t looked recently. I’d like to buy more soon, but in the meantine I was looking for something cheaper to tide me over.
    Yes, cats help. Unfortunately my hubby is bothered by allergies to them But if we trap a mouse the kids will go get one and that takes care of it. Better to have them IN the house. We have 6 outside and it just doesn’t cut it. When they’re in?…much better!

  • dj

    Did the peppermint oil work b/c moth balls didn’t!?!

  • janie s

    I’ve been checking around the web for over an hour.

    Peppermint oil has been a consistent suggestion. Placed on a cottonball near their entry and will keep them from coming in.
    A better tip with the peppermint oil was to put it in salt and pepper shakers. Seems the cottonballs dry out quickly. The S&P is the full liquid. It does have a tendency to dry quickly as if it were open alcohol. So they need to be checked weekly.
    Peppermint oil is used for baking and can be found in the baking aisle at the grocer. You’ll find it where you find vanilla extract-most of the stockers will remember where the VE is quicker than the peppermint oil.Same shelf.

    I saw a suggestion to plant mint outside around the house. Good idea.

    Steel wool mixed with caulking, in holes near the water pipes, under kitchen sink and pipes to the washer.Make sure it is smooth and flat to keep them from having something to pull on with their teeth and destroy the barrier.Fill all holes 1/4″ or larger.

    The pop in a pie tin has been mentioned often. Bloat, die.

    A jar lid with a dry mix of plaster of paris and cornmeal 50/50 along walls. When they drink water after eating this, the compound becomes solid in their stomach. I dont have time to be nice to mice. They cause disease and illness. Similar to salmonella-food poisoning.

    To clean and disinfect areas, LysolR has been recommended-along with any product that contains chemical PHENOL.

    The Victory brand traps were said to have an “s” for the sensitivity of trap to snap. Put the food end next to the wall. Buy several- they will get the logic quickly- place in a row no more than 10″ apart. The first time you bait, leave trap unset. They’re smart. Let them enjoy the yummy on the trap the first time. Next time you bait it, then set it. One person put bacon on the trap with a string so he wouldnt have to keep baiting it.Put the bait close so that mouse will have to stick his head far into the trap.

    If you reuse the trap (UUUUGGGGHHHHHHH), disinfect with 3tablespoon bleach per gallon of water.

    I used a product that I plugged into an outlet and it put out a high frequency sound. It worked amazingly. They were inexpensive and I got them at a large inventory, full-service type hardware store. I plugged one into an extension cord, and lowered the cord behind the stove. It worked well. I put a 2nd one in another outlet in the furnace room. I unplugged them around spring and got them back this winter. They probably came from two houses near me that are rentals and empty. Another house was destroyed so they came from there as well I’m sure.

    I left the computer to assemble another trap I read about.
    Get a bucket and fill it half full with water. Tie a ruler to the handle. Put peanut butter on the end of the ruler. Position ruler over the bucket, level. (Put something on the other end of ruler so mouse can run up it to the ruler). Mouse will go for the peanut butter on the end that suspends over the water, the ruler will drop, the mouse will fall into the water and the ruler will pop back up in place. I got mice under the sink for sure. I assembled this and came back to the computer to write this and I can hear sound. Can’t wait til morning. My dog acts like he cant wait for me to go to bed so he can check out the noise.I just hope they cant swim. If they can I’ve provided them with a pretty good meal. They’ll need that water to wash down the PB.
    But I’ll get back to you if this doesnt work, all kidding aside.

  • janie s

    I forgot to add that I overlooked my unattached garage. Someone else mentioned it so I have to treat that as well.

  • Kati

    To the people who have used mothballs – camphor works the same way but is less toxic. Also both are toxic to children and pets. Not many people know that. In addition, apparently mothballs and camphor will have a chemical reactions with each other. So do not use them together. I’m not sure what happens. I think they cancel out each other effects.

    Also, I really think it depends on your mouse colonies as to what works to repels them! Camphor or mathballs didn’t work for me. peppermint made them freak out but sisn’t keep them out of my apartment. But my mother uses camphor on the farm and it works great!

    That was some time ago. I’m in a different place now and have discovered mice again. The blasted things are in my couch! I’m about to move and of course I don’t want to bring the little buggers with me. I can’t afford to get a new couch either. I’m hoping one of the rememdies will work on these ones

    Good luck all. I’m a wildlife enthusiast and I still can’t stand the lil’ [email protected]&%ers!

  • Becky

    my name is Becky…and i have a mouse problem lol, anyways i live in an apartment and it was all good and peachy until one day i was cleaning out the closet and found a Lil hole in the wall the size of a quarter, i didn’t really think nothing of it until when i started to clean and a Lil mouse ran over my foot. so i covered up the hole and went on with my business, everything was alright until just a few days ago when i started hearing sounds in the kitchen, i went to go look and i noticed a Lil critter running back and forth through a TINY crack in the wall from the sink to under the fridge. I got a flash light went and sat in the floor and stared at the mouse under the fridge for about 5 mins, it didn’t seem to mind me too much as to say that it just continued sitting there eating an onion peel. i went to the store that night got one of them D-con things and placed it where i had been seeing the critter. i didn’t think that the D-con would kill it right away so i got all creative and tried somin, i had some of them fly catcher sticky things a hangin that i hadn’t taken down from summer yet, so i took em down cut em into strips and placed them on the floor right where i would see Ralph (thats what i named him) run. i waited for a while then heard somin a russlin around, when i went to check by god i caught the fucker! pardon the French but thats what i said! i was amazed so i calmly peeled the paper off the floor and wrapped Ralph up real good so there would be no way in hell he could get out and i threw him in the big garbage bin, thought it was a smart idea until…yesterday i saw another mouse and laid the fly sticky thing down and i guess it came un-sticky through the night and the little shit took it, yall heard me right he took it! i could barely see it through the Lil crack that i had seen the first’n through…now i aint got no more fly trap things and im hoping that the d-con works but im still gonna try the peppermint thing but what kind of peppermint, i know theres oil but could there be any other kind or peppermint smelling thing i could use? peppermint oil is only sold at specialty shops around here and is expensive and an hour and a half away, so if anybody has any comments please leave em for me.

  • Penny

    I think the best thing to do is not to leave any type of food in kitchen that is not in plastic containers. I had droppings all in my base kitchen cabinets. I only kept dog treats, etc. in them but they were chewing up the packages to get to the treats. I totally removed everything and put it elsewhere. Have not had any more problems since.

  • Carolyn Meredith

    Unfortunately ,I have no tip, as I have tried just about every mouse deterent ,traps, etc. on the market. Today, I did the pepperment oil thing in my kitchen drawers where I see the most sign of activity (mouse shit).Hopefully this will be the 5th and last time I have had to clean out all drawers,and their contents.If this doesn’t work, I will use the “electric” device – my last resort. These critters are freeking me out!
    For the drawers I soaked a cotton square with the pepermint oil for each corner of the drawers. Beneath the drawers , in the cabinets underneath , I put out poison and traps, hoping they will get to that first. I also read that dogs are better than cats for catching mice.Interestingly, soon after I finished with the drawers, I heard some activity ,but couldn’t determine where it was where it was.

  • EbonyBeauty888

    I see that a lot of people have tried glue traps and said that they had no success. I also once wondered why I couldn’t catch a mouse either. Next time you use one, try putting on rubber gloves when unwrapping the packaging and installing the trap. Using gloves helps avoid transmission of your scent to the trap. Mice are clever and can pick up your smell on a trap and aviod them. Mice love peanut butter and you can try putting some as bait, in the center of the trap. Hope this helps!

  • mbjb

    My neighbor did some renovations and all of a sudden we have these mice. Try glue traps with a dog treat on it…works great. Also we used the decon blue pelets at night,in the morning their gone and so are the mice…good luck!!!

  • Bobbi

    Im sorry 2 tell yall but NOTHING works their like furry roaches they will NEVER go away…..I have spent hundreds on so called home remedies….thousands on exterminators….and still have em..the dogs catch their occasional ones,they are so brave now a days they actualyy crawled on my daughters legs when she was on her floor in her room doin her hair(now tell me how gross is that)So anywho these $ spending or should i say waisting tips are just that…A WAIST theire here 4ever……

  • teena

    i think it is just one mouse i found where he came in under my patio and cemented it up, i also put one of those sound waves and placed it where he was coming in, now my problem is i cant catch him, i put down glue traps, didnt work, i put down peanut butter with posion, didnt work(ate around the posion, i put down the traps that enclose them , will not go in, i dont hear him as much as i use to, i use to hear him every night scratching in the wall, now i make hear it once a week, i have OCD when it comes to cleanliness so my house is always clean, i hadnt heard him for at least two weeks but my daughter dropped M&M’s and apparently one went under my desk where we couldnt see it, and last night i heard it eating the candy, i’m going to try the snap traps and see if i cant catch him

  • Kelli

    If a mouse ran up my daughter’s leg…I think I would be moving!!! I can’t imagine that…I am dealing with one (at least 1) in my home right now…but have about 8 traps set. I will catch him/her. It is on like Donkey Kong!!!!!!

  • Cari

    I use the sonic devices already. I have some small plug in ones and some stronger ones. I have 6 in my house and still have a problem. I have glue traps all over as well with peanut butter and there to smart to get on them. I guess i will try the peppermint idea and see if that works because my daughter and I are scared to death of them little things. I think if i had a sonic thing in every plug-in in the house i might not have a problem. Wish me LUCK

  • izzy

    I have tried the one you plug into a wall outlet and the mice were gone. i have not seen any for the last 6 months. It works great.I believe it works on sound waves.

  • bernadette

    i have triedthe glue traps and even spent over $80.00 on the Ridex electronic device, what a waste of money. I am going craxy they are all over. eating everything they can get their hands on. i can not have a cat because of allergys. I will try the peppermint oil next but at my wits end for now.

  • Jessica

    I am going to try the peppermint oil. We have a terrible mouse problem. We just moved into our house a little over a month ago. I find mouse poop everywhere, including our bedrooms & on our beds! We do not eat in our rooms at all! I clean it up every day and its a daily task. Its even in our silverware drawers. I thought we plugged all of the mouse holes but they still manage to get in our house. They were housing in our stove for a while. We pulled off the back of it and we found where they made a nest in our insulation. It was so gross, no wonder why everytime we would cooked in our stove it would stink so bad. It must of been mouse urine and mouse poop cooking. My fiance’s mom keeps buying us those electronic mouse repellants but they don’t work! She’s bought three for our kitchen. And we’ve bought those mouse traps that don’t kill the mice, they just lock them in there. We haven’t caught one single mouse! They are either too smart or can escape. Good luck everyone with your mouse problem also! I just called GNC and they carry the peppermint oil. So I will be purchasing it tomorrow.

  • Jessica

    Walmart also carries the peppermint oil. Its next to the vanilla extract down the baking aisle.

  • paula

    3 years ago, we moved from an apt. into a house. We thought we had “a mouse” when winter came. Tried EVERYTHING with no luck and when what we thought was “a” mouse changed, I got the glue strips as bad as I hated to…but one can only stand so much poo AND pee (that was something I didn’t know/think of that they also leave behind) and germs etc. …but if you don’t get a good brand, the glue strips won’t work..that’s the trick with those. Within one week we caught 8-10 mice!!! I was sickened!! Then the fun part starts..washing and cleaning everything! Hope this helps someone! Until a week ago, never had seen any signs of anymore…going tomorrow and nipping this in the bud!!

  • paula

    Forgot…what I think made the difference in the glue strips/traps working was putting one piece of my dog’s dry food right in the middle of the glue trap-that’s when we were able to get them. They had chewed a little hole in her bag of food so I know they liked it and this time it worked to my advantage!! I completely forgot about that! Good Luck to all!!

  • darla

    I really don’t see how peppermint oil could work since I had a bag of peppermints opened on my cabinet and the mice got into it and helped themselves-empty wrappers left….. Glue traps work but they just seem to keep coming.

  • mindy e

    I heard that mice hate Bounce dryer sheets. I am getting ready to move into a differents house and just found out that there were some old nasty mice carcases in the drop ceiling in the basement. Not to mention all their crap too. Thank goodness we found out before we move our stuff in there. So we are going to put bouce sheets and mothballs to try to keep them away. I’ll let you know if it works.

  • phyl

    you could also try cement powder. Coat biscuits, not too much, they will eat the cement covered biscuit then get thirsty and go look for a drink. Once wet the cement powder will set in their stomach and kill them. I have done this and it works!! And no smell because their insides have set hard!!! Just be warned that when you do any major cleaning you may find stiff mice. DO NOT LET ANY PETS COME INTO CONTACT WITH THIS. I found putting the biscuits in a plastic container and put a small hole for the mice to get in worked, and kept the pets out! Good Luck.

  • Darlene Bourgeois

    Caught about 20 mice with glue traps but mice are smart now they stay away from them. Won’t consider poison because of dead body in walls stink. Anything other than peppermint,moth balls , and glue traps availability?Help???!!!

  • bre

    I am a new home owner and the mice are driving me crazy i discovered two openings one int the furnance room(in the wall) and the exhaust for the dryer in the laundry room. with the glue traps we have caught 13 MICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HUMANITY. I wanted to know a full proof way to keep them out. I read a previous comment where the young lady had vacant property around her. Same here; Please someone help me!!!! and how do you know the pee? I have found the poop but I don’t think I’ve found pee…..

  • Nero

    I had mice a few times, the first i tryed some poison baits but they never seemed to touch it. So then i used mouse traps but unless they are very sensitive you will be out smarted. They say peanut butter is good for baiting the traps as it sticks to it (True)but sometimes the bait will be taken , which is good in a way for you are gaining the trust of the mice for the snap….now i have a mouse running around ….. i have tryed the trap but this one seems to get away most of the time….. but i had realised the poison baits were missing it had taken the whole lot ……. scince then i havent seen it , but i dare say its still around……. i once tryed an empty soft drink bottle just laying on the floor with a little bit of liquid in it…… the next day i had found a mouse inside it trapped, as the bottle neck is narrow and is on an angle when the mouse was trying to get out , it couldnt as it would slip down back into the base again…… i guess thats worth a try

  • frankie

    i have two cats a mouse wouldnt last 5 minutes in my house yes u have to empty a litter box every day and feed them every day but the laffs they provide is well worth the mouse pertection they offer not recomended for bird lovers though lol

  • Angie

    At Wal Mart there are some white plastic mouse traps that have a red cup in the center for you to put peanut butter in. These traps are extremely quick and so far they are not messy. They have like little plastic teeth on them so when the mice try to get to the food it snaps their back and kills them. Right after I set them out I caught 2 within 30 minutes. I found that I have some coming in through the water line to the refrigerator and now that has alot of caulking around it too. And now that it’s time for spring cleaning I’ve been using laundry detergent and bleach to clean my walls with. Since I’ve started using this and pine sol on the floors they have disappeared (knock on wood)!! Hopefully they are at least gone for the season. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!! But still I think I’m gonna try the peppermint if I get more back especially around drawers. Wonder if outlining the drawers with it would work?? Good Luck Everyone!!

  • pietro

    Just found out we have mice for the 2nd time. First was 10 years ago and we have been free since.
    Have been webbing to if there have been any improvements since then. Don’t see any evidence of improvements.

    10 years ago we filled up all the obvious holes and used the simple wooden mouse traps – and caught 40.

    If you aren’t having any luck then I believe the key steps are a] always use clean gloves to handle the traps and the bait to prevent human smell b] use peanut butter for bait and spread all across the trigger c] put the traps next to the wall/edge where the mice travel d] put multiple traps together [i usually put them at right angles since they may trip 1 while feeding on another e] be patient.

    If these fail then maybe you have super mice with enhanced IQ.

    Hope that helps [PS caught 2 already in 2 days with the traps].

  • Kristyn

    No tips here, but my problem is that: i live upstairs in an apartment and have set glue traps when i moved in only a month ago because there where mouse turds every were…i wanna mouse proof outside but all i have outside is an upstairs deck and a roof, with a small crawl space storage. im gonna try the peppermint oil, but what scares me i find turds in the drawer with my silverware we use on a daily bases. theres no food there and the glue isnt catching them….i hope the peppermint works!!!

  • Zahira

    OMG my mouse problem has gotten out of hand. It went from one to too many. I am terrified of these little creatures that I hate being home alone without my husband. I have to make sure someone is in the house with me, because if I see one I will FREAK OUT! They have been mostly in the kitchen, but last night mu husband seen one in the room. I am so scared, its to the point that I want to move out this apertment ASAP. Someone please help, I have a 1 year old daughter and to be this scared to go in the kitchen to make her something to eat is killing me. This rodent problem is interrupting my life.

  • crystal

    my house is infested with mice. i can get them knocked down but then they come right back!! i am going to head to walmart this afternoon and buy anything i can. i would get a cat but my husband is allergic to them. the last time i set out poison they just ate it and DID NOT DIE!!!! i did not find one dead mouse or smell that nasty smell, but i found empty packages of poison??

  • Jill

    I don’t have a tip but I hear you all!! I too have a mouse problem, and am sickened by it. I don’t even want to set foot in my home anymore. They are truely disgusting. I don’t walk into their homes and Pee and Pee all over the place, so why would they do it to me. I have had all I can take. It’s time to get those things out of my home, so I’m about to try all of your ideas, and I hope to God that one of them works.

  • Eileen

    I was so pissed off waking up every morning after working a long night for Verizon, and just after moving into a new apt. and finding little mouse turds all over my new stove and counter. Im a single mom of two teens and I don’t have the money or time to go and spend on mousetraps. I work crazy hours when I get home or up in the middle of the night i would find mouse droppings on my stove and counter. YUCK!!! This is so nasty so I had begun a daily routine which takes of at least 20 mins of your time taking all the grates off the stove and scrubbing and disinfecting them. Last night on a whim, I sprinkled COMET brand cleanser all the way in the back of my counters and stove and tried to spread some under my stove (just a sprinkling, DRY) and for the first time in several weeks i see not ONE mouse turd!!! YAY!!!! I dont think they will walk through it! I have tried being PC about getting rid of mice, but I am tired of sanitizing the whole bathroom and kitchen EVERY EVERY DAY because I think I might get a disease from mice. I tried this product on a whim (for mouse removal that is) and not one mouse even dipped their tiny nasty little feet in it! Will update and let you know!

    that powder…. hope it does! The mice don’t even walk through it will update in a day or two and let you know if this works!

  • fred

    if they the mice are stealing the bait off your trap tie apice of yarn on the part you put the food and the mice will tug on the yarn and set the trap off try it it works great

  • mimi

    i was laying in my kids room saying goodnight and long behold a mouse scurries up to the doorway. so i scream and they scream and he runs under the door to the furnice room across the hall. when i opened up the door i didnt find him but i believe i located the hole in which he used for escape. *sigh* now im going to have to check the cabinets, clean out the closets, etc…i will say the first thing im going to try to get rid of this lil guy is the peppermint oil, pine sol, the red mouse trap mentioned from walmart with peanut butter, and mint plants. lol i hope it all works…. thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  • Kirsty

    Thanks will try that just had 5 in the kitchen having a party turned the light on and did not even run away one even came out to say hi..

  • M Williams

    Peppermint didin’t work for me. I used it in my shed but the mice still keep coming in.

  • Magpie

    I moved into a rented house a week ago and it became apparent very quickly that I have a mouse problem…I found one old fashioned mousetrap in the basement and a sonic repellent that was plugged in one of the outbuildings has been moved into the coridoor of our bungalow….I have set the mouse trap , baited with peanut butter, and wearing those plastic gloves you get with a hair dye kit.I plasec the trap just behind my bin in the kitchen and in the last hour…(it’s the early hours of the morning now) I have caught THREE !!!! I am not at all squeemish about the dead ones, so to dispose of the I put my gloves back on, pick up the fire tongs- I have a wood burning stove- and use the tongs to prise open the trap enough for the dead mouse to plop on the floor. Then I pick the mouse up with the tongs and put it in the fire. The tongs get a good burn too, to disinfect them. Then I run a mop with some bleach over where the mouse plopped out of the trap…and still with my gloves on I take the trap to the sink and rinse it with running water.I bdry it a bit with kitchen paper and re-bait it. With the risk of sounding like a serial killer…I am quite enjoying the satisfaction of WINNING !!!
    I will go to the hardware shop tomorrow and buy half a dozen more of these traps !
    Oh…I have decided to keep the jar of peanut butter out of reach of the kids and keep it for the sole purpose of mice catching, so as to avoid any risk of mouse blood getting ANYWHERE!
    Good luck everyone !

  • Amber

    I had tried everything, i think those nasty lil furballs got too smart. I baited the snap traps with everything i could think of and yet nothing, THE ONLY THING that i found to work were the poison pellets. It was hell to clean up though. I got up for work one morning and saw one in the middle of my hallway (which i almost stepped on) having seizures. ICK! Had to get my husband to get that one. I didn’t realize how well they worked until doing some deep deep cleaning a few months later and found 8 mummified bodies in the back back of my closet, broom closet, and behind the furnace. They never did stink. I am out on a new round, found evidence of some new ones a few days ago, and saw him about 30 minutes ago. I am trying to figure out how to do this this time now that i have 2 rat terriers and 2 babies at home…

  • kimberly

    A Tip !!!!!That i do not have!”Sorry”If u want to think of this as a tip,Then,” Cool”!Always be ready to “jump Up!!!!I do not know why i am so so freaked out about My lil MICE,That showed up and they r staying,and all u can do is kill every one that dares to think they found a easy lil piece of cheese all setup for them “”THEN ITS THE END FOR “It was so fast ,WOW his head is up his ass!!THATS WHAT THESE LIL MICE has made me look like” A BIG ASS” With some thinking i am loosing it fast cause every lil swipe ,Sends me JUMPING LIKE A CRAZY “I just might end up on IN or ON “YOUR FREAKING LAP”ITS looking like A quick visit to “THE FOURTH OR FIFTH Floor “i know its not good what i MUST look like!!!! ILL STAY IF THERES NO MICE !!!!

  • Stephanie

    I HATE MICE! In all my life, I have never encountered a mouse outside of a pet store. That is, until recently. The apartment we live in is infested now. For two years, we had one in the spring and one in the fall, so four total. They all met horrible deaths – pulverized with the business end of a Swiffer. However, this year, we have had an onslaught of vermin. They just keep coming. I saw one not twenty minutes prior to writing this. I think I hear them. . . . Anyway, we have used the glue traps with some success. A mouse will get stuck on one from time to time. I was told, that once you have an “infestation,” you will never be able to get rid of them. It merely becomes a game of thinning out the herd in between broods. We are moving in a few months, so that is the silver lining. I will try the peppermint oil and bay leaves. I already plugged holes with steel wool. They are just finding new ways to get inside – unexpected ways. So, my tip is to use glue traps, beat the crap out them with whatever you have handy, and save your money for new digs – a place that is mouse-proof.

  • Terrie

    Discovered mice in my kitchen drawers during the cold. Used peppermint oil (just a few drops in each drawer) and they were gone. Discovered another one in my room -NOT GOOD – this morning. Going to try mothballs outside (live in a trailer). Have a cat – but he’s afraid of his own shadow! The mint sounds good too. I’m not much into traps – unless I could hire someone to take the trap out if the mouse gets caught (UGH!)

  • melissa

    So, I have a mouse problem under my sink. I have a cat who has killed 2 but now it seems they moved into the wall and venture between my kitchen cupboards and bathroom cupboard. I bought mouse traps and used penut butter but they seem to be pretty smart, as they eat the peanut butter and dont trip the trap. In the bathroom, they ripped apart a bunch of toilet paper so I assume they are making a home in the wall. On my way to the store for mint leaves, steel wool, and ammonia to repel but what if they now maade a home? Please help! Tired of these unwanted guests!!!

  • melissa

    Also, I didnt want to run into the same problem as kimberly.

  • J.Proctor

    OK,I’ve used the Peppermint Oil.And By-Golly I think it’s working.Although,after putting 3 sm bottles of it into a spray bottle with very little water added.I sprayed my whole house.We could hardly breathe it was so strong.But,the smell is better than any bug spray.And my house smells fresh.Don’t know where they have went.But I don’t care.We was catching at least 30 every other day.So it was bad.Hope it stays this way.I will do this every month if it’s what it takes.Thanx for the info.WOW!!!!!

  • Ken

    Thank you all for the tips. I have them in my pantry on the shelves, under my counter with the pots and pans and in my utensils drawer. I set traps a few months back and got three of them and thought that I had them, but it’s worse now and they wont’ go for the traps.

    I’m going to use the PB trick and feed them once with a non loaded trap.

    I just don’t understand the utensils drawer. There’s nothing there for them, but they pee and crap on everything and makes a constant mess for me. I keep most of what I use in the dishwasher like it’s my working drawer.

    The shelves in my pantry get coated with crap and it’s just disgusting. I’m going to try the mint and peppermint oil to keep them out of my stuff and the PB on traps to catch the little bastards.

    I’ve been here for twenty years and lost my cat two years ago and guess when I started having problems? She was good even in her final years.

  • Liz =]

    Yuck, if there is anything I hate, it’s mice. Okay, guilty, I’m a fourteen year old girl who’s mom taught her that mice are nasty vermin…but still, who doesn’t hate those things?! The oldest trick in the book; get a cat. But as all things, cats don’t always work, and they can be lazy, not to mention, some people are allergic to cats. For those of you who do not own cats, or your cat is simply to lazy…Mothballs work. As do sticky traps, (they also work on voles…eek very ugly creatures). Thanks to everyone who has posted a tip, I’m sure your tip has helped someone.
    -Liz =]

  • liz =]

    Btw, Becky, you’re tip/comment made me giggle so hard…my co-workers looked at me funny. haha…that just made my day.

  • Reba

    Okay, so I am headed to the store to get a spray bottle, amonia, peppermint oil, steel wool, bay leaves, mint plants, LysolR, or anything else that has phenol…..gotta get serious about this mouse problem. Did I miss anything?

  • liz =]

    For those of you using water traps, Mice CAN swim, sorta. The bucket full of water shouldnt be filled full, they will climb right out then. Probably half full should work, then the darn vermin can’t climb over the edge of the bucket.

  • David

    Mouse problems relatively sorted. By some mircaculous stroke of luck. This evening I saw a mouse making a dash for the bedroom. Because of the warm summer nights we’ve been having obviously I’ve had the bedroom windows open. As the mouse made a dash for the door a draft caused the door to shut quickly thus trapping the elusive bugger between the door and the frame. All it too was a hard, sharp ‘whack’ from my work boots and ‘voi la’ Dangermouse was dispatched.

  • danielle

    DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THE SONIC PLUG THINGS IF THERE ARE BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS IN YOUR AREA i got some and the mice were gone but then we started seeing brown recluse spiders EVERYWHERE. apparently something with the sonic plugs attracts them. by the way i live in idaho lol

  • Doug

    Peppermint oil and i went a step further Only because as i grabbed the last bottle of P oil I saw a box of Peppermint tea bags…Wetting the bag with oil soooooooo far seems to have worked (4days)…I could not help but to wonder why Peppermint odor, so i bought one of the clorox tabs you drop in toilet tank…put it inside of bathroom cabinet…2 days and all seems well…T’you for all who offered there solutions or efforts…I was stumped, but believe now there must be a solve all Odor on the shelf…

  • Mary

    Love all the tips. Window cleaner with ammonia seems to be keeping the mice off of our mailbox. Don’t know why they were climbing on it in the first place. It was loaded with “presents” the other day, and I cleaned it off with the window cleaner and there haven’t been droppings for a few days. Now I have to find something to do at my new school, where the teachers are telling me about a mice problem that won’t go away. We can’t use poisons or chemicals, can’t bring in cats, and have to watch what we use because of the kids’ allergies. The exterminator is supposed to be addressing the problem, but just today I saw a fat little mouse run in front of the file cabinet right past a glue trap in one of the rooms as I was talking to a teacher. Maybe I will try peppermint. Has anyone tried peppermint soap???

  • Anna

    I have tried not only the soda trick but also was told to try dry instant mashed potatoes because they are said to have the same effect as the soda. I saw no change. I soaked paper towels in expensive peppermint oil and stuffed them in some cracks and holes I found. The mice cursed me at first and then ate the papertowel. My mice are apparently college educated so traps arent working at all they even found a way to make other things set off the snap traps so they can get the food. And moth balls don’t seem to bother them one bit. I need a solution and I need one fast. I have gone through three brands of electric plug ins that will work for a week, week and a half at the most and then the mice become used to the noise. Unfortunately due to my lease a cat is not allowed and its a shame because i know it would work. I can’t poison because of my children. And just to show me how they feel about me being in what is now their house they make sure they take a crap on the glue traps…..While watching two little ones play a game of tag the other night I lost all my patience PLEASE SOME ONE HELP

  • Nora Spikes

    Have mice problems, I did twice each time I thought there was only one but one female mouse can have up to 15 babies every three weeksIn my first apartment I noticed a mouse going for my bedroom from the kitchen. So I put down 8 old snap traps with a little peanut butter and a piece of dog food (Friskies) it really doesn’t matter as long as its dry food. It wasn’t more than 30 minutes and all 8 traps snapped, killed the little critters instantly. I reapplied the PB and dog piece to all 8 traps again and by morning 8 more had bit the dust.In less than three days I rid my apartment of more than a hundred mice using 8 old fashion wooden traps. By the way they came from under my water heater from the crawl space. My second home was my daughters home. At first we heard them in the walls next we found a box that had been full of clothes and pillows however the mice had made short work of the contents of the box and had chewed the contents into dust all of it for a nest. They had also eaten 60 lbs of dry dog food the new bag was left without a crumb. So I used my old traps again and bought 10 more. This worked for the first 50 or so mice but they were smarter than the Peanut butter. So next I used a small lid and Coke mixed with Dcon pellets. Mice love Coke and the PB traps. Yes mice can’t burp so they crawl off to dens and die eventually they stink up your home because you can’t get to them. But use Dcon pellets with the Coke and Dcon keeps the mice from smelling when they decay. A few of them imploded from the gas built up inside them.

    PB, dog food, and the old fashion traps do work and its humane and quick. Mice are also God’s four legged creatures. We all hate them because they are dirty and carry diseases. But they don’t deserve to die in pain or a long suffering death. Just think if a mouse gets caught on sticky paper they will chew off their own body part to get away.
    If you have heard a mouse scream in pain you would never use sticky paper again. If they can’t et away from the paper it takes days for them to die from starvation and that is just as bad. Please make their deaths quick and painless. It can be done. ust a tip from someone who has been there. Be humane please

  • john brown

    TRY PLASTIC SNAKES. Yes, you heard right. Find any and all wholes where they have been coming in and position a plastic snake in striking position by the whole (the snake needs to be big enough that it would be convincing to the mouse.) You may be LOL right now, but it is true. (This works for birds roosting in your trees as well). I used to have mice during every season change and I started this about 4 years ago. It took care of the problem. I didn’t do this, but it would be wise to try to seal up every whole with brillo pads or steel wool to limit access to your house. Make sure to tell your children to not tamper with the plastic snakes too and tell your family about the snakes so they don’t have a heart attack when they open the sink cabinet. I have not heard about the peppermint oil but this sounds good too.

  • S.A

    Hi, iv just most into a house 5 months ago. Im terrified of mice and really am worried about them. I have tried glue traps and they have not worked. There were many little holes in the kitchen, behind the cupboard, fridge and cooker. I have had all the wholes blocked. For 5 days I did not see them.but 2day they are back.

  • E Family

    Nora, I agree. I had to listen to one freak out on sticky traps once. I advise using the no see traps that contain them. We got 3-4 within two days using this. We thought they were gone, but we were wrong. In our experience, you’ll need to buy a new trap because they will spray it with urine and we think its causing it not to work for other mice. Currently I am shoving two bay leaves and peppermint oil into any holes I find and then sealing them with steel wool. Remember that mice can squeeze into holes as small as a dime.

    In the past I’ve tried moth balls, but had no success. I seem to have success with steel wool and peppermint oil so far, but there are holes we haven’t plugged so more have come in. We also live in a duplex so it doesn’t help if the neighbors aren’t preventing mice from coming in too.

    Please, please, please I beg you all with pets and small children or crawling babies, DO NOT USE POISON. They will die in random places (I’ve seen it in a bedroom in a friend’s home) and children will find them before you do. You do NOT want your baby putting a Dcon filled mice in its mouth, it could kill your child or pet in the same way. Plus its usually a bloody mess depending on how much they inhale.

    If you’re going to use a no see no kill trap, DRIVE THE MICE AND DUMP THEM OUT MORE THAN A MILE FROM YOUR HOME OR THEY WILL FIND THEIR WAY BACK!! We have been dumping them in a wooded non-residential area so no one else finds them inhabiting their home.

  • E Family

    Excuse the typos in my post. I’ve been up battling our little rodent friends tonight. :/

  • Roger R


    No Traps, No Poison. Buy the powdered can of BOBCAT URINE (it doesn’t smell or create problems). Mice and rodents will LEAVE in a heartbeat and go someplace else….FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

    This stuff is a powder and you just sprinkle it around. A Bobcat is the predator of rodents, and that’s all you need.

    You can also buy the Fox Urine they sell, and that rids your property of RABBITS. This stuff WORKS!

  • tracy barker

    I have had a mouse problem in my she then someone told me to put powder potatoe mix down it does the same as poision only its safe around kids and pet I put it down in a dish one day and the next day I cheacked and their was the mouse dead on the floor I have left the dish fill and out and have not had any more mice since

  • Jen

    I recently saw a mouse in my kitchen counter!! Im really scared of them as soon as I saw it run I screamed and ran away. I told my husband and he asked me that where did it go and it what direction, but I was to scared to see where it went. I really dont know what to use to get rid of them because Im thinking they might be more than one. I have a little boy who is 2yrs old so I really dont want to use poison. I dont even sleep well because Im scared they can climb on my bed. Does the peppermint oil really work? Can someone help me with some more tips please!!!… Thank You

  • apartment critter

    My son told me months ago that he saw 1 and I thought he was crazy. Now I cleaned my bedroom noticed some droppings. I went crazy with the mothballs. Found my Body Shop peppermint foot spray and started spraying cotton balls. 3 hrs later I’m watching TV in the dark and I see one going bonkers and ran out my room. I pray it left , tomorrow I’m headed back to the Body Shop for 2 bottles lol!

  • chris

    I didn’t have mice until about a year ago. My neighbor cleaned his garage out real well and they must have moved on to our house. I don’t really have any amazing tips. But I do know that if a mouse is in your garage be aware that they will get into your car or into lawnmower engines. My father found mice in his garage after he moved stuff into it from a shed that he was tearing down. The mice had gotten into a generator B/S engine and ate the coil wire. Then they mice got into the engine compartment of his car and chewed on wires there. They must be attracted to the smell of the coating around the wires. He used Decon even in the engine compartment in frustration to kill the little bastards.
    Me personally I am going to try some Pine sol and maybe set some traps out.

  • chris

    Also someone had told my father to put out little cups of antifreeze. They told him the mice would drink it and die. Well they didn’t do that. And he didn’t let any of their animals around the antifreeze when he had it out.

  • Chris

    I have read every posting here and I’m hoping that some of the ideas that are posted actually work because “Jerry” and all his “friends” (the mice) are grossing me out. They are very smart too. I have snap traps out and the mice are eating the peanut butter right off the trap and not setting it off. I set up glue traps and the mice walk all over them. I tried live D-con traps and they didn’t even touch them.
    I’m avoiding using poisons as I have 2 dogs, a cat and 2 children. I also don’t want to kill any other animals around my house.
    If anyone has anymore suggestions besides peppermint cotton balls, peppermint spray, Bobcat/fox urine, dry potato mix, moth balls, poisons, or live traps…..PLEASE POST IT.

  • grma jo

    reading in old homeremedy book…mint will cause mice to be repelled..not gone forever..you must use everywhere..it also suggest Camphor…i am not sure where to buy camphor oil.. i use ammonia for scrubbing floor..& i still get mice in kitchen. i also use moltballs..again still get mice… traps work so do gluegtraps IF mice step onto them.. i tie a piece of jute string onto wooden traps tie string in double knot..clip ends close to knot..fluff ends of string…likely dip peanut butter..or jelly-jam just on tip of jute string..do not apply alot..mouse will pull at food tugging on string setting off trap…. traps are be;t set along wall with snap opening side facing wall…ive had mice in silverware drawer..after washing & bleaching i put everything in plastic container set traps in drawers & within short period of time caught a schrew not a mouse..fabric sheets i have been told do work..just not for me …i just bought mouse rid..pkg of 4 small bags smells like mint…as far as growing mint…i have mint growing i pick & crush & toss in chicken coop ..sheds & horse stalls..not sure if it works but makes those areas smell nice for a day or two.

  • TD

    if your ok with using poison,then cut it up and mix with pb and put it on traps.that way if the trap don’t catch it the poison will.

  • sinead doyle

    o tips bu just had a good read off these have just had a breakdown compleatly over stupid little feckers have had them on and off for the summer like come on thought it was only the winter he just ran across my bedroom floor got my hubby home from work as i had hysterics on the bed and myself and the kids are staying in my parents house cant do this any more … i hate being in my house

  • Donna

    I like alot of the ideas here and since we live in the country, we do get lots of field mice, or since they are supposed to have 15 babies every 3 weeks(yikes!) I want to make sure there are none left when the cold weather gets here! I have found them in unusual places, once I was cleaning my clothes closet in my bedroom and could tell there was a dead one, but had to go through the entire closet and tear all the clothes out as well as other stuff to find it. I finally found him in the pocket of my hubbie’s flannel shirt! I also found they are really good at making nests. There was a nest I found in one of my husband’s boots, made partially out of the satin lining of a dress I really liked; it had eaten all the way up to half of the lining all the way around, boy I was mad! It’s like the movie Mouse Hunt or something. I know they can be out-smarted, though, you just have to keep at it, ’til you find something that works. I was told to place any old-fashioned type spring traps with them tipped up against something so that the mouse has to work for the food, and it creates an imbalance so it’s easier to catch the mouse by having it fall as the mouse is trying to eat it. The real problem with spring traps is getting one that has enough ‘hair-trigger’ in the spring to set it off. Some are better than others, just test them before you set it. If it is hard to set, because it keeps going off, then it will work better on the little varmints! Also, since they can lick the peanut butter off without having to actually sink their teeth in and pull, it’s easier for the trap not to be set off. So, my hubbie recommended to put in a piece of the type of ham or turkey lunch meat that you use for sandwiches, so they have to sink their teeth in and pull, which works great. I have caught mouse with peanut butter, but I have used the meat, too:) I know they can climb, because we have a couple of aprons that are hanging in a corner just at the entry of the kitchen on a nail, (I found droppings on the aprons), and (this goes to the using of a bucket of water, like what was recommended above)and one day I left a bucket of mop water right next to the apron spot, and was going to empty it the next day, next day there was a mouse in the bucket,yay! So, I should test this spot using this method more often,lol. I do hate the germs that come along with them, so I am going to definitely use some of the things I’ve seen on this site, and if I find anything else, I’ll add it:) We do have cats, and even though they stay outside, one loves to come inside and hang out occasionally and I put her to work, especially if there is noticeable activity. I also thoroughly clean my counters if I see any droppings in the kitchen area where we handle food, it’s just not cool to have that kind of disease-spreading vermin.

  • Tonya

    I read on another site to try putting Bounce sheets (or less expensive store brand) where there is mouse activity. It said they do not like the smell of the sheets and will avoid the area.

    After the battle I’m having, I may just move into the Bounce sheet BOX!! LOL!

    Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the tips and advice.

  • Candymaker

    If you can’t find the peppermint oil in the baking or craft foods department, ask the pharmacist to order it. Not sure why the pharmacies can order it, but they can! Or your localcraft stores should have it for candy making too!

  • Brunswick, ME

    No tips. Sorry.

    Can say that sticky traps didn’t work – take ’em back to where you purchased them and stand toe to toe with store manager. GET YOUR MONEY BACK. I sure did.

    The Deon disc bates that you put bate in them from the bottem and then twist the disc to “set” it? Day five, 12 traps and no luck. THEY ARE GOING BACK TOO! I DO NOT recall the package telling me to wear gloves, so my human scent all over them is probably exactly why they’re not working.

    Thank you all for your many, many tips.I’m going to try everything but will start with the fox/bobcat urine.

    I’ve just spent the last 1/2 hour reading them all – carfully while taking notes. First, a shout out to my brave husband who wacked the stew out of ONE of the mice we had in the house for about a month now. Used my Wal Mart $2 crocs knock-off. Used one to corner the mangy thing, and the other to beat it unconcious.

    I’ve seen THREE frolicking back and forth between our bedroom and bathroom the last few night while in bed reading before turning out the lights. Guess they were getting thirsty from all the fun and were taking breaks having found access to water somewhere in the bathroom.

    Saw droppings on a pantry shelf that’s six feet from the floor…etc… We’re calling an extreminator tomorrow for an estimate. I will try the home solutions for another week, but then I’ve GOT to step up my game.

    Since mice produce so quickly, and they’ve been around for A little over three weeks – we’re already in this battle deeper than we can handle.

    I hope each of you finds a way to work out of mice mess. Hang in there.

  • willie

    tried steel wool doesnt work to well. duckt tape works great to cover mice holes cant chew thru.moth balls DO NOT WORK tried them they just stink.the plug in repellants dont work either i just use pellets that farmers use they work pretty good

  • Loretta Connelly

    I had a funny thing happening concerning mice. I have a planter box just outside my window. The dirt has been shifted around and I thought squirrels were making the holes and storing food for the winter. Well, I discovered a mouse biting off leaves from the plants and carrying them down into a hole in the planter. I watched them for quite awhile and I was sitting not three feet away while they carried on their antics. Now my question is “Who made the hole” A squirrel or a mouse?

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  • karen

    It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep due to a mouse (or more) in the bedroom. We caught two last week (only after I demonstrated to my husband how terrified I am of the nasty vermin. Unfortunately my 5 month old daughter had to experience the fear as well). The beast is now in the kitchen, and he’s not very quiet either. Sigh. Big cleaning job tomorrow. I could just cry. Those sonic plug in things DO NOT work. Steel wool works here, but you’d have to find every last little hole to put it in, and who can do that? Traps aren’t working now either. About a month ago, I caught a mouse climbing the stucco wall outside. EWWWW! Unfortunately we live on an acreage surrounded by fields. I am going to try peppermint oil and bobcat urine tomorrow. I’m also going to buy Pine Sol and get a good mouser for outside. I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the advice everyone!

  • Suzzy

    We once had a hole chewed by a mouse. My husband put the steel wool in the hole to stop him from coming back in. The next morning, the hole was bigger since he had chewed right beside the steel wool.

    We have mice problems inside our home when the weather changes…then we put out a couple snap traps and DeCon and it normally gets rid of them completely. In the barn and shop, we keep poison out all the time. Blocks of green posion that we buy at the Lowe’s or the local hardware store.

    Making them leave isn’t a solution–killing them is the only way to even TRY to control this problem.

  • Suzzy

    Another tip–If you smell a dead rat or other foul odor, try putting a toilet bowl deodorizer (the kind on a wire that hangs on the side of your commode) inside your air conditioner air vents. This neutralizes and refreshes the air in your home.

  • sarah smith

    Ok…so I don’t have a tip either….just to say…I am super freaked out by mice…..one time I saw a mouse climb into my ottoman and I moved in with my mom for a few days until my husband came home to set traps and atleast catch. One to suite me….I don’t know why they get to me so much…the other night I was watching a movie w my sister and we saw one…I screamed…scared my sister…they bring me almost to tears when I see them…I wouldn’t go to bed or move from standing on a chair in middle of the room until my husband causght it…sure enough not even twenty min after setting trap he caught one….ugh they are so nasty..I was feelin pretty good bout catching it until we caught two more with traps last night…I heard one go off at 5 this morning…I screamed and woke my husband up to go check it….I could go back to sleep….my biggest fear is one getting in bed w me at night….knowing we killed three this week only makes me think there’s a lot more….freaks me out…I’m so scared of mice that we put so much dcon out our poor kitten ate some and died….I think I’m gonna try the mint and dryer sheets….may put dryer sheets all around my bed and put peppermint perfume on before going to sleep!….good lucj everyone w tryong to get rid of your pests

  • Sharon Cocanour

    The sonic plug in things definitely work! Someone posted that they attract brown recluse spiders which now becomes a new freak out. I’m assuming that just can’t be true.
    I do know you’ve got to cut off their–the mice–food supply. Be absolutely meticulous and kind of anal about doing this. Be a detective to figure out where they’re getting their nutrition.Take the garbage out every night. vacumn crumbs off carpets. etc.
    Thanks for all the great tips. I’ll post more when I win this WAR!!!!

  • Tim

    These little critters are such a pain in the ass. I have a hunting cabin and everytime I go there mice shit all over the place, only thing I found to work is the snap traps with peanut butter. At first these little bastards were taking all the peanut butter (every last drop) and I couldnt figure out how the hell they were doing it. Then I really put a lot of peanut butter on the trap “bingo” caught one! ever since them Im 7 for 7 Its a game now… So good tip load your snap trap with peanut butter keep them at the trap as long as you can untill it goes off.

  • Tim

    These little critters are such a pain in the ass. I have a hunting cabin and everytime I go there mice shit all over the place, only thing I found to work is the snap traps with peanut butter. At first these little bastards were taking all the peanut butter (every last drop) and I couldnt figure out how the hell they were doing it. Then I really put a lot of peanut butter on the trap “bingo” caught one! ever since them Im 7 for 7 Its a game now… So good tip load your snap trap with peanut butter keep them at the trap as long as you can until it goes off.

  • Charlotte

    Seal every opening with steel wool.
    Install glass block windows in basement.
    Trim away ground cover from house.
    Keep food in covered containers.

    I am still trying to figure out how those pesky mice are getting into my basement. This has been going on for 29 years!!!!! I have had two different exterminators. I have gone down to my basement & turned off all the lights so that I could see if any light was coming in from outside. That would indicate a hole or opening that would need to be plugged. I have used liquid foam (which later hardens) around outside pipes leading into my house. I think that they have been coming to my house for so long that they have now developed a pattern & I’m doomed. I also think they smell their phermones (scents) & therefore will continue to come. The question is, “How do we break this pattern?”

  • Tonya Kelly

    No Tip (Yet) I have read EVERY LAST comment on this site!!! Nice to know I’m not alone!!! This is the second night in a row that me and my 4 yr. old are wide awake, because we’re scared to sleep because of a mouse!!!! I’m terrified that this repulsive, dirty, germ carrier will get on my bed!!!!

    Tomorrow I will be going to lowes, ace hardware, and walgreens bright and early!! I will be posting again in about a week to let you guys know what worked, and what didn’t, and update again in about 3 weeks to let you all know if the mice have stayed away!!!

    Wish me luck!!

  • Sharon Cocanour

    Has anyone had any luck with exterminators? I’m about there. Thanks!

  • John

    I have used hedge apples for many years. I place them around the outside of my detached garage and around the house. Not had any mice problems. I threw some in a crawl space in a rental house I had when the renters complained of mice. They haven’t seen or heard any since.

  • Mik

    I have found the peppermint oil to work-in some cases. In a brand new house in a new subdivision, where mice and spiders and snakes and everything else were being displaced, I also used the ultrasonic things and peppermint oil. The ultrasonic things helped particularly with the bugs, but weren’t 100%. The peppermint oil seemed to do the trick with the mice.

    Now, however, I’m in a house on several acres that sits in a wooded portion of the property. I was out-of-town last week, and the nasty monsters moved in unmolested. I had so much peppermint oil sprinkled around on Monday that I couldn’t stand it, and I LIKE peppermint. I also had a peppermint candle going. It was like Christmastown here! Meanwhile, just now, as I am reading the posts above, the nasty SOB poked his head out from under the other desk and stared at me. Despite that the dog was laying right next to me. I guess I’ll have to try the ammonia or Bounce, and pick up some more ultrasonic thingys.

  • Andrew

    For those using peanut butter on traps – we used smooth peanut butter & they’d eat it without being caught. Then discovered that the trick is to use crunchy peanut butter which is harder for them to get off & usually gets ’em.

  • Becky

    Hi I recently moved I have 7 acers an in the country. So far no mice are in the house but when it comes to being out side I have mouse droping all over the place.I have a daschound and she has turned out to be a great mouser also she snifs and finds them s far she aint got one yet……
    Now not only do we have t deal with mice we also have pack rats….

    We was told to leave the hoad on the car up if it will sit for while because the wires are coated in peanut oil. So peanut oil is the clue

  • Dee

    I read on another website that a home remedy for roaches is equal parts of baking soda and sugar. Supposedly it does the same thing the pop does to mice, they bloat and die. I think I will try the baking soda and sugar for the mice and see if it works. Plus it seems to be a very inexpensive remedy.

  • shlee

    Wanna get rid of mice.. Take a bucket and fill it with about 3 inches of water. Add sunflower seed to cover top surface of water. Sunflower seeds float. Place bucket at bottom of steps. Rig a stick of some sort (paint stirrer works very well) on above step so it hangs over bucket. Mice will eventually find it walk off the plank to get to the seed and it is a done deal. Bucket in Kitchen sink works just as well. Fool proof method for all rodents, chipmunks, rats, etc.

  • Audrey

    I have tried the peppermint – they came back.

    I used the black circular traps sold at Lowes,two for $5, not cheap but they worked for a while, then the mice were on to them. They will not come near the traps now. I don’t want to remove a live mouse from a sticky paper strip, so that’s out.

    My puggle sits nervously every evening as there are 1 or 2 mice that seem to tease her as they run back and forth across my living room. She used to lie on my lap and sleep in the evening; now she on guard at all times, looking back and fourth ready to pounce. She has almost caught them a couple of times, but then — what would I do if she did catch one?

    Here is my solution – A couple of years ago, I bought a bottle of mouse lure. It is just a little white bottle with blue gel inside. It is supposed to be used in traps, but that really did not work. Then I started putting it on some old flexeril (a muscle relaxant)I had in my medicine cabinet. Next morning it was gone and so were the mice. I am sure they had a good long sleep, doubt they ever woke up. But here is the thing. No mouse dropings, no evidence of a mouse again until the next year. Tried it again, they ate the bate and left the pill.

    Now I am going to crush a little metformin (diabetic medicine) and bate it. That should lower the critter’s blood sugar enough to do them in. I will leave it up high enough and in a place my dog can’t get it, but those mice can get into anything.

    By the way, I loved the cement powder on a biscuit solution. Will try that next if this does not work.

  • Maria Erwin

    I do not have a successful tip. I tried the peppermint oil it seemed to only work for a day but I did not soak the cotton balls with it. Today I was in my room, this morning rather and the mouse just ran right in my room. It baffles me because I do not eat in my room or living room. I clean everything with a bleach related cleaner. We vacuum more than once a day. I can’t for the life of me fathom WTH they are eating off of. I don’t see any droppings but their presence is surely known. One upstairs and one downstairs. I like the ductape idea. I never thought about that. I will try it today and update you all. I am afraid that I will ductape all of the holes and then they will be trapped inside with me.. What do I do then?

  • Jane

    I rent the second & third floors of old brick house in the city, with a second-floor deck off the kitchen. My husband began feeding wild birds on this deck years ago & this is the cause of mice being attracted to my house. They carry the birdseed into my kitchen & feast where it’s warmer! They live in my stove & have traveled throughout the apt. I live in unsettling fear because of mice running around, but my husband will NOT stop feeding birds.
    I also live across the street from railroad tracks & was told you’ll always find mice near tracks.
    (This is why all my neighbors have cats, which I cannot, because of severe cat allergy)
    This latest episode of mouse-invasion has me so upset that I can’t sleep (they climb on my bed!)or walk around without fear, afraid one will jump on me. The main mouse is so fat, I’m afraid she’s pregnant & there will soon be a colony of baby mice!
    I feel like I’m always ready to burst into tears & am just sick from living like this. I cannot afford to leave or hire an exterminator & my landlord won’t help me, because the source of mice is my husband feeding the birds right off the kitchen.
    This is their entry point, but how could I possibly seal up ALL the points of entry of a 3-story brick house?
    I’m disabled & in constant pain from work injury & just needed to vent. Thanks to all for great tips- glad I found this site. Good luck to all in fighting these awful rodents. Is there any hope?

  • Dominique

    Am on a major mission to get rid of mice from my pantry – I’ve heard them party there for the last few nights but last night they got visible – bold little bastards – so today I declared war. Have removed all food sources (my cat food now lives in the stock pot as it was the only container big enough) found their probable entry point and blocked it with steel wool and have set out poisin and spring traps loaded with peanut butter – when faced with vermin I take a belt and braces approach. Will let you know how it goes. We will fight them in the pantry, we will fight them in the laubdry, we will fight them behind the bookcase and WE WILL WIN! Good luck everybody.

  • Jerry, The cat

    If you are having a “smart mouse” problem, with them stealing your bait, use multiple traps together.

    along your baseboard place 3 snap traps with the bait facing one another. Hopefully the greed to get to the inner traps will catch your rodents.

  • mb

    I have had these mice on my house for about a month now. We tried the glue things and caught 2 but then we bag them up and throw them away but they are still alive. So yesterday we went to Home Depot and bought these white traps that look like a alligators mouth and since last night we have caught 5. The bait I used was peanut butter and cheetos. It works well! I hope I got rid of them all. I have o idea where they come in through though.

  • Page

    Do not get peppermint oil confused with Oil of Peppermint. Peppermint oil is used for food prep. Why wouldn’t a mouse eat it? You do.
    Buy Oil of Peppermint. We get ours at a food co-op. It is in the essential oils section. Get a little spray bottle and add 2 parts water to one part Oil of Peppermint.

  • Janice

    i have a really bad mice problem! we tried everything and nothing seemed to work then a friend told us about jagwire bait chuncks! it work very well.

  • Cat

    I don’t know if this will help anyone and you might think it a load of toss but a few years back we had the little blighters and nothing would get rid of them. We tried everything we could think of and nothing until one day a tv show came on. It was Escape to River Cottage with the chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and he had the same problem. He called a ‘humane disposal team’ and they did they’re thing. No more mice for him and no more mice for us. I still don’t quite believe it but the bloody thing worked and for 10+ years no mice. Hope that helps somebody!

  • Serinitee101

    My husband and I became homeowners a few months ago. I was more than pleased with the country scenery: barns, vast corn fields and mature trees…gorgeous. Even now, with the corn having been harvested, I can look outside of every window in my home and see beauty. Unfortunately, inside my home, I see evidence of additional, unwelcome “homeowners”. With their previous home eliminated, field mice have taken over mine!!!

    It began on a simple night with my husband and I enjoying a movie together on the couch. A movement near the bottom of the television stand caught my attention. My heart gave my brain an uppercut when I saw the little rodent skitter right underneath the stand. Of course, I screamed. My husband, so engrossed in the movie, hadn’t noticed the critter and gave me the most hilarious look – like “I didn’t know you were crazy when I met you. This is a comedy, not a horror film!”. I explained to him diplomatically (haha) that I witnessed a mouse go under the tv stand. “Yeah, right” was his response. His eyes focused on perimeter of the stand despite himself and sooner than I expected the mouse came out the opposite side. My husband grabbed his work boot and approached the tv stand menacingly and the mouse ran back for cover, sheltered once again by the stand.

    “Don’t kill it!”

    Do I regret those words? No, you live and you learn. We had a small scale rodeo instead, catching the rodent with a spaghetti strainer (that was thoroughly sanitized afterwards) and a flattened cereal box. I actually took pity on the frightened creature who frantically fought for the freedom I had already (naively) granted it. Makeshift trap clasped tightly in my hands, I sprinted out the back door across our beloved 1 1/2 acres, setting that mouse free.

    The next night he brought his friends. One of which stared me down as it held its ground at the base of my brand new stove, while I stood frozen, barefoot, trembling and angry beyond belief. (Poetic but true). I ranted, I raved, even made and offering conveniently place outside the confines of my home. They did not leave.

    I searched for a humane solution. Sound devices with strangely obscure packaging that was frustratingly unforthcoming about what they did exactly and how they should be used, and humane traps. I bought the sound plug ins, couldn’t find the humane traps at Walgreens but found D-Con disks and got them in desperation. After seeing evidence of what I hoped were only two mice (haha) I was just a bit beyond being nice, but I surely didn’t want to see the little creatures in their death poses and I planned to take the traps back unused if the sound devices worked.

    That night I plugged the devices in every room that I had witnessed activity. I didn’t have enough to put in every room and I felt that it would be smart to put two in the kitchen, since it was bigger and held the food. For one night and half a day I was at peace. I called a friend and told her about the great devices. Not two minutes after I hung up the phone, a mouse ran along the base of my wall.

    My dad set the traps. My husband was on a business trip and I had frantically described to him my dire situation :). “Well kill it.” he said.

    Of utmost concern is our 2 month old son, yet I don’t want him to be afraid of the little jerks so I try to maintain my composure. It is difficult. I caught two with the D-Con traps before the mice realized the last place their friends were seen. 4 remain unoccupied. I also have four modified snap traps that cover the mouse’s body from view if they get caught. The mice are thoroughly enjoying their free midnight snack of peanut butter every night.

    I am going to be logical about this and though I have lost many battles I will win the war. The sound devices were effective temporarily. I am sure that after a while the mice became accustomed to the sound. Therefore, I will unplug the devices for a period of time (maybe half a day) before replugging them. I will do this intermittently.

    On my mouse hunt the other day I just so happened to buy two sticks of all natural spearmint lip balm for 99 cents. It sucks as lip balm but having read about mice hating mint I rubbed it all over the tiny trash can in my bedroom – the mice seem to frequent it. To test the theory I place a crust of bread in the trash bag. The next morning it was untouched. Maybe I didn’t waste my money after all. Also I bought an essential oils kit months ago and it has the coveted spearmint and peppermint essential oils. I will finally put them to use.

    Starting today I’m eliminating all the “just moved in and had a baby and now I need to be on ‘hoarders'” clutter from my home. I will pin point every hole inside my home that I can (starting with the one they drilled for the tv cables) and plug it with mint coated steel wool.

    I will clear out the food in cupboards, everything that seems compromised will be tossed. Everything else will be sealed securely in airtight containers. I will add Pine Sol and /or minty essential oil to my evening mop water and wipe down counters and appliances with the same solution.

    I’ll even looked for powdered bobcat piss in the hardware store.

    I refuse to share my home with the little varmints. Even if it means killing them.

    I’ll let you know how it works. 🙂

  • mais

    **Do Not Waste Your Money On Wall Plug Devices!**…the devices that say that they can’t stand the sound that the unit puts out. I read a government statement that said that their advertising is illegal because they do nothing. They don’t do anything. I have bought a few in my time. They ususally cost $30. Good luck.

    By the way, though it doesn’t work on animals, diatomaceous earth is a cheap and always successful way to get rid of bugs. Bed bugs are gone with it and it costs little.

  • Shaamex1

    I cleaned up as many food areas as I could,sealing the rest in containers. Put up the dog food overnight. I cut open tea bags with peppermint and spread them where I had found droppings previously. The mice did not like the tea areas at all. I stuffed brillo pads in holes I found at the base of the kitchen sink pipes. I have two dogs that are better mousers than the cats, so they are helping out. Although, I have seen a decrease in mouse activity I’m putting out the snap traps to see if I can close the deal.

  • kathleen

    To find Peppermint OIl, do a search with “Peppermint Essential Oil” and that should bring you to sites that sell it. Good luck!

  • Mississippi

    I don’t have any tips but I wish someone who has really seen some improvement of the critters being gone would make a true statement; because I’m sick and tired of these critters. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandra

    I have a mice and have tried the electronic repellents, bait stations and glue boards. I have had the most success with the glue boards. I saw some people post that they used peanut butter on the glue boards. This is NOT recommended because the oil in the peanut butter can allow the mouse to slip away. I simply put a small peanut in the middle of the glue board with fantastic results. Hope this helps.

  • Greta

    The potato flakes with Peanutbutter and Nestle quick, rolled into 1 in. balls. Make it kinda dry with the flakes. Put in a brown paper lunchbag. Make sure you wear gloves while making them and putting into the bag. Refrigerate the ones you don`t need right away. Place them all over the house and write Mouse trap on the outside so that your family knows not to touch them. Put a few under the sofa too!

    I`m taking pepermint oil and putting in my potpourri warmer with very little water, mostly pepermint oil that you use for baking. In the other warmer I am putting in peppermint from my garden. I also have pepermint candles that I will burn while cleaning too.

    I am also washing the walls with original scent of Pine-sol. I have Knotty Pine walls all over this house and on the ceilings too.

    I have put the decon pellets in my walls.

    I think I have 3 female mice giving birth. I keep catching the babies.

    Mothballs only work in a confined closed area. My mother used margerine containers with no lids and put them in the attic and our garage. The camper used 4 big boxes and never got any mice in there during the winter.

    I know they came from the field burnings and house teardowns around me. The past year I have cought hundreds of them. I have 3 dogs and 2 are great at catching these buggers. Just tired of finding surprises at every turn. I can`t even go to the bathroom without one or two payng me a visit. I have 4 electric plug-ins that are suppose to repel mice, but they do not work…
    If you know of anything else that might work please feel free to let me know….They won`t go near the garage. A few cats moved in there 11yrs. ago and really left a scent. I don`t even like going in there and we cleaned it up. I`m guessing that is why they won`t go in there.

    I tried hedge apples, but that did not work….

  • Kathy Fox

    For the last three years, every fall/winter I have been getting mice. I have lived here for now eight years. I have tried traps…they get to smart for those. Foods gone, but no dead mouse. I have now eight Plug-in Devices…they don’t seem to be working. I will try the coke, and peppermint. I really hope this works. I will loose my mind. Wish me luck…

  • Shacole

    A question instead,do the fake snakes really work?

  • linda

    pour amonia down the hole then plug the hole woth steel wool.and having a cat helps as well

  • maddy

    heyy mii mum has mice in her wall and now she going crazy over it

  • Bretta

    Ok, I have been googling for solutions for days and I thought I would post on every damn site if this will help someone. The other night I came home to a mouse in my 1 YEAR OLDS room. I literally flew back shut the door and shoved a towel under the door until I got back from the store with sticky traps and snap traps. I put 2 of each in the room and left the towel stuffed under the door. The next day I bought the ultra sonic plug-ins and more sticky traps for the Kitchen. Well it took 2 days, but I got it. Its foot got stuck on a sticky trap and then he ran into the black snap trap. I left the sticky traps in the kitchen just because EVERYONE told me if you see one then you have many. Well, they were right. I came home yesterday after having Thanksgiving at my mom’s to find a small mouse on one of the traps. Ewwww…. I’m totally grossed out. I think they are coming from the apartment behind me because I had no droppings. *ALSO, the Sonic plug-ins work well just remember they need to be as low to the ground and not obstructed by furniture. They also need to be close together as the lose strength with distance. I actually witnessed the mouse freak out as carried the trap passed the device (on my long handle dust pan of course.). I going to call my apartment office, they MUST clear out the rodents its their job to protect their investment and maintain it as a habitable residence. I will try the peppermint oil. I have to deep clean my house ALL OVER AGAIN. I hope this helps someone. GOOD LUCK!

  • Sleepless in DC

    I just moved into my new house and I’m having my kitchen redone. I woke up this morning to droppings on my temporary counter (an old kitchen table) when I went to make coffee. Told my BF and he laughed at me. Went to toss something in the recycling bin this evening and the little fucker ran right in front of me into my livig room and I ran screaming to the bedroom, stuffed a towel under the door and called my BF to cuss him OUT.

    This is WAR. Forget all this humane shyt. I’m going for the gusto. I’m going to lowes tomorrow bright and early and I’m getting traps. I’m praying to GOD that its only the one that I saw. I’ve never seen droppings in the house in the 6 months I’ve lived here…so I’m hoping its just one. It’s 1:42AM and I can’t sleep cause I’m terrified that it will get in the bed with me.

    Please tell me that I can stop this before it gets started. I can’t live like this.

  • JC

    Use a combination of 50% dry cement and 50% flour.
    Mix well. Set a bowl of water next to it. They can smell
    the flour but not the cement. They harden right up.

  • Sandi

    If you have a Feed and Seed near you, buy Blue Death. It is a pellet-type poison that comes in a bag. Tear a piece of paper napkin and wipe pnut butter on it, then sprinkle a few pellets of Blue Death on it, then fold the paper up and place in the path or near the place you think they run or nest. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN OR PETS!!!!! This IS poison. Anyway, it dries them up from the inside and you never smell the dead mouse. You may find a mummifies carcass, tho.

  • Talbo

    There is a product we have here in Ohio that my boss buys for the metal shop, from the local hardware store called “Blue Death”. It comes in cakes like soap. They have changed the name to something else now but if you ask for “Blue Death” the Employee should know exactly what you are talking about. Oh yeah, IT WORKS AMAZINGLY!!!! so well in fact that all the mice have tried to infiltrate the “Admin” area. now we use it under our desks in all the offices just to keep control of the situation. Good Luck to All!!

  • Vince

    Go to eBay and buy either ‘Bobcat Urine’ or ‘Peppermint Essential oil’ and not the peppermint oil used for cooking!

  • ss

    Yesterday,i found 7 rats dead behind my kitchen cooking range in sticky mouse trap?health hazard?
    We started seeing mouse dropping in our apartment and mouse pee smell from past few month(2-3) and 2 days ago cleaned up everywhere and filled spaces & put mint oil cotton balls at all suspected areas. yesterday kitchen was smelly and when moved stove many mouses were dead in sticky trap. now i am not sure were dead yday or from months.i cleaned up all corners but i am having fever and body ache from midnight. is it some infection or related with mouse? we have two kids(4 & 1 year) now what precaution should we take?
    we do clean everywhere twice in a week,vaccume almost everyday . and behind cooking range once in a month.

  • kali

    ive bin in my new house 3wks wen i saw the fooker come out in my BEDROOM, i literelly shit maself. i am terrifed of them!! i left that nyt and got my bf to set traps, we used choclate ( as this worked b4 at my old house)
    caught one within 20mins, sigh. stayed away anuva nyt, no more caught, surely this is the end
    3 days later i put my 1yr old to bed in my room (against my better judgement) peered at the traps and id caught anuva, tht was it for me! havent bin bk til today and loan be hold, caught anuva!! thts 3 now ina wk, i cant take no nore, i refuse to return home til the fookers are gone, an with xmas nearly a week a way im desperate
    there comin up thru the floor boards, wer my water tank/boiler is, an staright into my bedroom, i hav yet to see one anywer else
    can any1 help?

  • Imraan

    I discovered a mouse underneath my sink after baiting didnt work i tried the mint but i tried fresh minnt leaves cut them a bit fine and sprinkled at all entry points last nite was my first gud nite of sleep in 10 days .Try it guys it works

  • Joan

    I tried these 3 things with success to rid my attic of both mice and squirrels:

    pee in a shallow cup or bowl and place in the attic.
    The sent of human ( or coyote pee ) pee keeps them away.

    Also throw a bunch of Irish Spring leftover soap here and there. Rodents dislike that smell

    last but least, play rock and roll or “busy” music with a radio in or near your attic. Squirels who are looking for a nesting place ( dark and warm ) espcially don’t like those noises

    Beleive me, all 3 have worked for me!

  • Sandy

    cats, cats, cats. I have never had a mouse issue with a cat on my property. Mice know it when a cat has taken up residence and will not bother to hang around. I had two cats no mice can near my property.

    Got married to a guy with severe allergies got rid of my cats…..Got mice. They ate into a padded hammock, xmas tree skirts, a stored mattress! All in a detached garage.

    Divorced allergy man got two cats again and NO mice! Right now my two kittens are indoor only. I am considering a outdoor cat for my detached garage, shed and yard. The cost of food and litter is well worth the it. Not to mention the companionship.

    I recommend that even if you can’t have a cat, say for lease reasons. Borrow one for a few days. The mice will leave or the cat will catch them.

  • Jenni

    I set gluetraps but I stuck dog food on the trap so they would have to acually get on the trap to get it…I caught three on one trap Mice love dog food or cat food so if you have a dog or cat and the food is on the floor, pick it up before you go to bed..they can transmit disases to your animals.

  • Lori

    I have a MAYJOR mouse problem. I have tried traps the peppermint oil and the plug ins. It is now to the point that when I feed my dogs the mice charge the dogs to take their food. AND I HAVE PITBULLS not small dogs. My landlord told me to live with it I live in the country. To me this is unacceptable. Please help me out with some more idea’s I can’t find the point of entry. at this point they are in the walls the attic and in my apartment. I can’t afford a new place PLEASE HELP.

  • gilberT

    Peppermint oil..glue traps..snap traps..ppl we spend all this money for our rodent problems when we should just invest in a ferret..I was told that they can actually smell the mouse and are a lot quicker than cats when it comes to killing a mouse..besides they make great pets..
    So I think I am getting one for myself this christmas and well report my progress or lack there of..till then sleep tight don’t let the mice bite

  • April

    I live on 30 acres and have never had a problem with mice until now! I swear I have Might Mouse in my house. We woke up to him banging metal together..CRAZY! And it is true once you see one, you have a lot more. We have already caught 7 by the white dome looking mouse traps that you get at Walmart. They actually work really good. Well after I ran out of those I just stopped at Walgreens and picked up the ones that you turn, that are black. We caught one within 24hrs in the stove. Yes actually in the stove! Than my husband was trying to find some papers in the closet and opened a box that I had put extra hangers in and found a baby mouse. So he took that outside and lets just say got rid of it. I have tried SOS pads in the holes, but that doesn’t work cause they just find more or make more. I have put all the food in containers (I actually had everything in containers except for chips before this started)and they are still around. I have foxes around my house and I guess they are running inside to get away from them. But I wouldn’t use Decon cause I don’t want to play “wheres the dead mice at”. Plus I am to freaked out that the dogs will find them and eat them. Which I will agree with other people. Dogs are really good hunters. My german/shepard mixed dog runs after them like she has a fire under her butt. When we catch one in the traps we know, cause they both will lay over in the area where the trap is. But I think I am going to try the peppermint idea to see how that works. I know you can get peppermint oil pretty cheap for making candle. So i will try that and see how that goes with my traps out. But I highly recommend the white dome looking mouse traps. PS my parents live in the country too and also use the traps and my dad is so crazy he just traps them and resets the traps and he has caught 5 in 1 day with the same trap in the same place by the stove. Oh I also have heard that they love the stove area and that is where they come in from. So watch that area. Good Luck!

  • cameron tai

    sprinkle cayenne pepper all over everywhere, doorways, along walls ,under cupboards appliances,etc……. not harmfull to pets or humans mice cannot handle it….; you can at lease divert them to a place that you can poison them somewhat safely……

  • Etselec

    Rubber snakes work! The boys outside playhouse and our basement were infested with the critters several years ago. I went out and bought rubber look-alike snakes and put them where I saw the rodents and “POOF” they left. Leave the snakes out but remember they are there otherwise they can scare the crap out of you when you least expect it. I bought the rubber snakes at the Dollar Tree so they didn’t cost much at all just make sure you get some that look like real snakes.

  • Samuel

    Mice in the house, hate them. My problem started a few months ago i saw 1 just walk across the kitchen one night, quite shocking. I thought it was 1 or 2 mice but now i have recently caught a very tiny mouse in a trap, and the next night i saw one in the living room. Lucky they have not got up stairs, but i need suggestions how to get rid of them because traps dont really work only caught 1 in 3 months i have an electric plugin worked for around 2 and a bit weeks and now they are just coming back.

  • Lisa

    Hi, I don’t have a tip but I am trying peppermint althought tonight sitting on my computer trying to figure out how to get rid of these little jerks I saw one playing with a mint three musketeers wrapper so I am not to sure how well the peppermint will work but I am so sick of it that I am going crazy there has to be something that will get them I am sure of it!!!!!

  • Rome

    Peanut butter works great but you do have to be very strategic on yur placement of the bait and the trap itself.

  • sher

    I use sticky paper with Quaker peanut butter granola bars and they go for it like crazy

  • Anne Curtis

    A cheaper solution for plugging up mouse holes is to tightly stuff the hole with a wad of aluminum foil. Mice do not like to chew through the aluminum foil.

  • Fron Deloop

    Two words… Peanut Butter. Caught three mice in two days with peanut butter on traps. These smart mice had no chance with this remedy. Going to the peppermint to make sure they don’t come back.
    I love hearing that “SNAP”. Got one! Two! TTHHHREEEE!!!

  • lindy cindy

    Listen, don’t be fooled into thinking that traps are the solution. While you might catch a few or continue to catch these little vermen on a daily basis, there are more lurking. The only way to get rid of them is to find the their access holes and plug them up with steel wool. I did that under the sink in the kitchen and the next morning, no mouse droppings! Then 4 days later, I open the drawer that I keep saran and foil wrap in and it’s full of mouse droppings! Man was I disgusted!! I took everything out cleaned the drawer and the next morning, droppings again. This has been going on for a week or so. I can’t imagine why they’re in this drawer, because there is no food in there. But every morning it’s the same ritual.

    Poisons are not an option, or any thing like the cement mixture because even if they don’t smell when they die, I don’t want to find them dead and have to deal with looking at or disposing a stiff mice corps.

    Tomorrow I’m heading for the health food store to buy the oil of pepperment and cotton balls. But at the same time, I’m cleaning out the cabinet underneath the saran wrap drawer and see if there is a point of entry under there that I can plug up. I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M GOING TO GET RID OF THESE NASTY MICE.

    By the way, besides the great information, reading these blogs were such a source of entertainment…Some of them are halarious and made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for both!

  • Jo

    So far I’ve tried the glue traps. Have a few stupid ones that have gotten onto them. (a peice of my dogs food right in the middle seemed to help that happen).
    The baby mice seem to be less smart and end up on them as well.
    I’ve got the black and decker electronic things plugged into every avalible outlet in my home..and lets say..so far..they only thing they seem to accomplish is they put out a nice little green light at night (they come with an extra outlet and a nightlight feature).
    We have them in our dresser drawers. Why in the bleep they go in there I’ll never know..no food. What could be in there that they’d want. They crawl, pee and poop all over my daughters bed. The laundry I have to do..is getting really ridicoulus.
    I realise I live in the middle of a pasture and in a mobile home and thus that equals FEILD MICE..but this is getting ridicuoulus.
    I’m at my wits end. I really just feel like burning the house down and saying to bleep with it..as that seems about the only way to ACTUALLY get rid of them.
    I suppose I’ll try the peppermint oil. Least it will smell good..and if my three dogs eat it..it wont hurt them.

  • jo

    now my house smells like a giant peppermint. I have to admit..compared to SOME smells its plesant enough..but lets say my three daschunds are sneezing and looking at me like “mom” …”you’ve lost it”.
    I’ll get back on and post if it works.
    I found peppermint extract in the walmart baking isle. Its all I could find.
    I looked for peppermint essential oil..and anything else..and no one had it.
    The only thing I could find is pure peppermint extract.
    We’ll see.
    Lord knows…if it works..I’ll stock up on it.=
    I just diluted it a tiny bit in warm water and sprayed it by a spray bottle all along my basebords and in areas they freguent the most.

  • jo

    Well the peppermint smell lasted a whole 24 hours. Thats about as long as we saw no activity. Last night “gator” was chewing in delight through and old cable hole underneath our bed. I swear “gator” sounded as if his teeth were made of steel , and he was a fiveteen pound animal, instead of a teeny tiny feild mouse. Being out of peppermint oil mixture, and him not being “in” the house exactly yet so thus the glue trap and the poison would be no effect (nor the stupid electronic thing that dosent work..as one was less that a foot away from where he was chewing).
    I had a moment of pure genious or insanity.
    1 am..and here I am…crawling under the bed with VICKS VAPOR RUB.
    I completely coated a cotton ball in the stuff (ewwww..slimy)..and using a marker poked that sucker right threw that hole).
    Then I slatherd on some more of that slimy stuff all around the hole with a couple of q-tips.
    “gator” stopped chewing and WENT AWAY.
    for a whole six hours.
    apparently…once the sent wears off..the hole is chewable again..and he thanks us for making the wood (as I live in a mobile home) much more soft and pliable for his made of steel teeth.
    I told my husband..tonight I’m going to sit there with the bb gun..and as soon as the chewing starts I’m gonna shoot thru the hole. maybe I’ll get him.
    Do I really think I will..NO…but at least I’ll have some entertainment..and wont just be laying there listening to a mouse eat my house.

  • cj

    I’ve read that mice cant burp or fart on here. So an idea struck me. Dont know if it will work or not. I’ll keep you posted but this is what I did.

    One box of arm and hammer baking soda
    1/2 cup penut butter creamy

    You can add water and suck it up in a sryinge, or you can leave it pastey. Up to you.

    put on traps, put in holes, put on peices of paper plates undercabinets.

    I figure the penut butter smell covers over the baking soda…if it eats it..it will cause gas..and if it cant burp or fart..bye bye mousey.


  • Shaz

    Hey everyone, I may have found an easy solution to this. I came on this site the other night and read most of your posts – thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve been having a real problem with mice. Every day I was cleaning up poop all over the place, and oh – by the way, to the person who said she thinks she has only one mouse, there’s no such thing as one mouse. lol Anyway, I got some peppermint tea bags. Celestial Seasons makes a really strong peppermint tea, and the bags lay in the box – two are attached. I put them everywhere I was cleaning up the poop. Since I put the bags down – no poop anywhere no one mouse dropping! I also got the little Victor plug in goodies for the night (3 for $20 at Lowe’s)My house smells wonderfully of peppermint and I have no more mice. I’m thinking that I’ll have to replace that bags when the fragrance dissipates – but hey – I’d rather spend $3 for a box of tea then put poison all over my house. Besides, they are cute little guys – however they need to live outside. It’s an easy inexpensive cure – so far it’s really working. Thanks to all o you for sharing. Let me know if this works for you too. No poison, no death, just a clean kitchen that smells great. 🙂

  • Tonya

    I have a couple of mice in my and cant find where they are coming in but i did buy the sonic things for all pest which cost alot of money and the darn things dont work.I dont mind trying the powder trick but with two little kids i will have powder everywhere lol. I brought poising and traps and those little suckers just keep coming. I even tried the cat in the house thing and the cat just slept all night long.Is there anything that my kids cant get to that will help with my prob

  • Bill

    You can buy Peppermint Oil @ Whole Foods . I have some mice in a wall ( happens each winter ) and just stuffed a cotton ball soaked in the oil down into the wall beside an outlet box . (NOT IN THE BOX ! ) They do not like it by the sounds I heard . Am also going to get the Bobcat Urine tomorrow.

  • cindy

    I have found a better thing to use then peanut butter i icing, yes it really works. i do a lot of baking and i found one eating the icing off of a cake mold i was using. so i started to set traps with it and it works like a charm. i have only used vanilla and cream cheese one they like the cream cheese the best good luck!!!

  • miki

    am struggling as well. they go into my ferret’s cage and eat the food right in front of me. i use a black tip trap i get from amazon and it works well. tried others and nothing so i keep buying this one. can clean out and reuse and then i drive a bit and set them free. still not sure about how far to drive them. i keep hearing a few miles but if you drive them even a few blocks, how the heck would they know which way you drove?
    i just can’t kill them but i don’t want to live with them either.

  • Anna

    Okay I posted on her months upon months ago and just thought I’d check to see if any one else had found a great solution. Since my last post I moved, I thought I’d be done with the situation and they could have the house, wrong idea, the new house has twice as many and these ones are darn rude.
    So, a short lived victory was the fact that my mice like privacy.
    So I place the traps in old boxes, like cereal boxes or rice boxes. They privately go in and are killed and the clean up is a breeze. Yup I’m wasteful I throw the whole trap away. No matter how much I do, they continue to be very “fruitful” so I can’t keep up with their multiplying. Another thing that worked for two weeks is going to my local exterminator and purchasing poison bags. A bag of poison that they eat open for them selves and the poison is one big block so no small pieces of it laying around. Also, it has em bombing chemicals in it so no smell. Unfortunately, you do find them laying around dead and for some reason most recently they keep eating but not dying.
    Bigger problem, I blocked holes and we did a super job, gave each other high fives just to watch the mice take the steps the next night…Yup they hopped up the steps in record time. The Mouse Olympics just passed in my home and the mice showed off their skills of climbing up my drapes and curtains, for what reason I have no idea but its ridiculous. They also pride themselves in being highly educated, and the mice climb into the vacuum cleaner to look for food, tip: turning on the vacuum while they’re in there won’t kill them. Another new problem is their fine taste in dining… like my bookshelf seems to be the best fast food joint in the business, they even took my gas bill to make a nest. And I have now gone through two lamps and one Wii nun-chuck controller because they like to chew cords. I mop most every night with pine sol and the only thing I’ve found is occasionally the next day there are mice IN the mop bucket, so much for being a repellent. I guess you can consider those my suicidal mice. My neighbors just moved so I know things can only get worse. And I’m in fear of my sanity now, soon it will be warming up. And I have used peppermint oil and not the kind you eat but the kind that cost 40 bucks from the herbalist. I think they took the oil to fragrance the nest they made with my books. I can’t watch another set of mice children grow, learn and move on to start families of their own PLEASE I’M BEGGING HELP!!!!!

  • catherine

    i have just read most of these posts and was supriced no one has mentioned rubbing lemon on your skirting and using lemon floor cleaner to wash your floors as for carpets use citrus shake and vac for some reason they dont like citrus smells, i used all of the above and none of them worked apart from the lemon and citrus stuff, good luck everyone

  • Shannon

    Get pure peppermint oil (peppermint extract will obviously not work as it is loaded with sugars that attract the mice). Sold at GNC, or other health stores, about $7 a bottle. Soak cottonballs and leave it wherever you think they enter. Amazingly, it totally works.
    I have 3 cats and they were catching the mice, but that of course was after they were invading my house.
    I am not into animal cruelty, so the idea of deliberately causing a painful death by carbonation (or poison) is neither funny nor an option to me.
    It is not a mouse’s fault he wants a warm place to live, it is simply his natural instinct. Some of you sound so angry, like mice have the intelligence of people and make a logical decision to break into your home…
    They are small, they are dumb, but they are living beings and should be dealt with in a humane way since there is one available.

  • miho

    We moved into an old house which we just renovated. Two months in, i discovered some tiny droppings in the bin area under sink and under units behind plynths. Although I’ve not seen any of these buggers yet but thought i better get rid of the problem before an infestation begins.

    Read online remediies which suggested using peppermint oils. I bought some pure essential oils from the local health store here (holland and barretts) about £5 for 10ml – so not cheap! Placed about 4-5 drops on each peppermint tea bag and placed them around the kitchen cupboards, under units etc. Been two weeks and i’ve just topped up on the oils on the old tea bags. Not noticed any more droppings.

    I just want to deter them. Don’t wanna be poisoning them so they can go die somewhere in the house and cause a stench.

    I will continue doing this every 2-3 weeks and report back in a few weeks/months on the progress.

    Atleast the kitchen smells fresh in the meantime.


  • obie

    I took a 3 quart pitcher filled it up water half way. At the base of the water I put peanutbutter. Mice can’t jum out of water. Caught 10 to 20 of the pests with this . Bad news it was worse then I thought. Now they have moved to the rooms where there’s no food. Guess there afraid of drowning. I also have herd if u bake one in the oven ull never have a problem with mice again. Don’t know bout that one

  • Mike Foley

    I made my own traps and they work great. take a 2 liter soda bottle and cut of the top right under the rim. now put a source of food like crackers or something into the bottom of the bottle. take a butter knife and spread some peanut butter around the inside of the bottle (for scent and scent masking) spread it in the mid section of the bottle. now set it upright next to a pile of dirty clothes or in a place mice frequent. make a way into the top of the bottle so they are trapped. works for me! easy and cheap. check the trap every couple of hours

  • Bess

    We live on a wheat farm and every winter mice are a huge problem trying to get in out of the cold. They aren’t lying when they say for every one mouse you see there are 100 more lurking.

    As well as our cat and 2 dogs that love a mouse hunt we use water traps.
    *Wrap a towel around the middle-bottom of a wine bottle
    *lay it on a bench, toilet, shelf or table and drape another towel over it to the floor
    *line the spount of the bottle up with a bucket on the floor filled about 3″ from the bottom with water (just enough that they can’t touch the bottom)
    *Put peanut butter and pumpkin seeds down the neck of the bottle, and spray the outside of the neck with canola or peanut oil.

    The smell lours the mice and they slip and fall or knock each other off into the water. This method is by far the cleanest and easiest to dispose of. Once mice have drowned tip contents out.

    We also set up similar traps using old 44gallon drums around our sheds and out buildings. The big traps have caught up to 400 mice in a night… controlling the population outside helps control it inside.

  • Jackie Musick

    To those who are looking for peppermint oil, you can find it at

  • Kat

    We use plain ol’ wooden mousetraps with peanut butter. NOTE: the plastic ones are crap, and aren’t strong enough to hold the mouse. Stick with the old wooden classics. We’ve tried a lot of things and find this to be the most effective.

  • julie

    I have never had mice in my house until a few weeks ago. The slider to the back yard was open for a long period of time, and all of a sudden… a mouse. Well, what I thought was a mouse. Turns out it’s mice. I use the white dome traps from home depot, easy to set, and kind of easy to dispose of the mouse after it’s been caught. I thought I had one, but I’ve caught 5 so far and I know there’s at least one more because I saw it run under the stove. It’s a pretty horrible feeling to know they are running around at night while you and your family are sleeping. I will keep setting the traps until they are gone. I’m in a new home and I really think it’s from the door being open that they got in, not from holes… The white dome traps do work though, and theres a handy “bait door” in the back, put some pnt butter on there, far to the back so they have to go all the way in to get it, and it will work. I dont buy that mice are “smart” and figure things out, they just want to eat and you have to figure out a way to tempt them and catch them. It’s a sad situation, they are cold and hungry, thats why they come in, but they are disease carriers, and unsanitary. I will just say if it was spiders instead of mice, I would be moving.

  • hattie huff

    don’t let your pets get to the essential peppermint oil (oil of peppermint) – I believe I read somewhere that it is toxic to pets….please check this out…….

  • talanca

    HATTIE HUFF it is very very dangerous for cats im not sure about dogs this came straight form aspca’s website

  • Elaine

    After trying plug ins and mint i still had mice,i havn’t seen any signs since spraying oven cleaner occasionally in areas they visited.

  • Deb

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I use the old fashioned wooden spring traps-they seem to work the best. And some are better than others. I had to go through several brands to find one that worked. Mouseguard is the company and there is a website on the packaging-myhelperhardware.com or I bought them in NJ in a CH Martin store. I tried the ones with the fake yellow plastic cheese on them. Never caught one mouse with those. Caught 4 so far and shudder to think how many more there might be. Some of your comments were quite funny. Once I heard a strange noise that awakened me, I turned on the light and saw a mouse climbing up my drape. Ugh-freaked me out.

  • tosha

    They are in my dryer. I think they have chewed through a cord or something cuz now my dryer don’t work. You can just hear them in there its scares me shitless. Oh and get this I swear my husband didn’t beleave me till he came and looked, but about an hour ago I heard that awfull sound again and looked behind the dryer where the traps are with pb and the were 3 babies eating the dead baby in the trap. Yuk I

  • tosha again

    I had no idea they ate eachother. I don’t think that’s normal right? Please help me. I was watching this with a flash light and got my husband and he came to reset the traps for me and they didn’t even care we were there. Do they get use to humans. I’m lost discusted and feel dirty. Help help help PLEASE

  • Molly

    I will try the Peppermint Oil – but the bug bombs have kept them at bay for seveal months – I know it’s a poison, but I finally gave up. I can’t stand cleaning, scrubbing, and the sticky pads.

  • toria b


  • toria b

    Hi every one i forgot to tell you to fill up the stray bottle with water after you put both oils in it and shake good. AND REMEMBER TO SPRAY ALL CABINETS CLOSETS AND EVEN OUT SIDE YOUR FRONT AND BACK DOOR


  • Croy

    Well, found out pretty much overnight we had a huge mouse problem down in the garage where the dog food is kept. I cannot bring myself to kill anything so I did the catch and release way. I bought a cage some shedding and a wheel. I put buckets with peanut butter and once they fell in I would add them to the cage, they loved the wheel by the way..I wanted to get as many as I could so they would be together when I let them go. They were great to watch but they had to go. I found a great place by a stream with lots of trees and shrubs away from homes, made 4 more trips and finally, I believe I have gotten all of them, I have not seen anymore.

  • candy

    try going to your husbands garage get about a 1/4 cup of his concrete/sacrete mix lmix it with about a 1/2 cup of oatmeat or cornmeal what ever you have. mix the two. set it out in a few places a 2 table spoons an alid.keep it out of reach of your pets because it could harm them. put it in old pill bottles left on there sides if you have the soft lids cut a small hole in them they will get in.

  • Shannon

    It must be pepperment essential oil not pepperment extract that is used for cooking and candy making. The difference being that extract is nowhere as strong and is a dilute. essiential oil is like a pure form or concentrate. Last week i had no mice. now, 7 days later infested! I am ashamed to admit i feel so violated by mice. I have not slept and my 4 kids and i are all huddled on the two sofas at night cuz theyre feeling the same way!!!

  • beth

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with a mouse problem. It makes me feel kinda dirty… anyway I’ve been using a large plastic bin and my garbage can to trap them. I use my garbage can, which has a design with large holes in it so they love to go in there, and a large storage bin. I put a new bag in the can put some paper in it so I can hear them and then put a peanut butter sandwich on top. I put the can in the middle of the kitchen and the bin next to it. Then I just wait until I hear them in there. I sneak in quickly put the garbage can in the bin and shake it around. They run out and try to jump out of the bin, but can’t because the sides are too high, hahahaha! Then I quickly drive to the park, since it’s plastic if you don’t hurry they will chew there way out, and I release them. Caught 6 in 2 days so far! I’M also going to try the sticky paper and the peppermint oil. Wish me luck, and happy hunting all!

  • kbn

    The peppermint oil is not cheap and doesnt work or at least it hasnt driven out the one thats been in my apartment for about two weeks; it tripped three traps taking the food and trust me the peppermint oil smell was so strong my daughter complained her eyes were waterting, mine were too but the mouse is still in the apartment.

    I like how landlords try to downplay them; I haven’t seen anything, exterminating is a waste of money etc etc like there’s nothing they can do except give you bait and traps; they do not eat the bait.

    I’m going to try the ammonia and monitor the frequency of them; I’m also going to start taking pic of the poop and tripped traps; if it becomes more of an issue I will simply move. The last time I dealt with something like this was in my first apartment; you could hear them in the walls at night and I got the hell out of dodge back then.

    We only get one maybe three times a year but that is three times too many for me; I guess the landlord won’t care til they do some damage to his property.

  • Bella

    We’ve had problems with what we call “kangaroo” rats. They are medium sized and hop. And the little buggers are super smart about stealing food from traps – until I came up with a solution. I now take a piece of stale pop-tart (they love them), stick them on the bait hook with peanut butter, then – here’s the trick – use a wire bread tie to make it harder for them to just snag the food. Works like a charm. I also keep a box of rubber gloves bought at the pharmacy to mess with the traps. I too, am always afraid of picking up diseases from the mice, rats, etc. But using the glove to remove the rodents, reload the trap and replace it, then pickup the rodent and turn the glove inside out just as one would with a grocery bag and a dog poo in the park – then I do not feel as dirty. I hope this helps somebody. All the best, Bella

  • Michelle

    I have been using the glue things and have caught a few, now they are getting bold and sniffing at my 5 month olds footies (GROSS,NASTY NOT F%## OK)while he was on his bouncer.I told my husband we have to MOVE NOW but 2 kids diapers formula bills and mid changing jobs does not let us pick up and move today(i wish, i’d be packed in 1 hour). I sat here reading EVERY SINGLE comment and tip left from May of 2009 till a few days ago March 2011. I will try EVERY SINGLE ONE out, im not joking i have written down every tip and suggestion left on here, emailed it to hubby and his job after work before coming home is to pick up every single item on the list..which he did not mind after learning that the mice were licking his babys footies. THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE IDEAS!! Also feels good to know that im not the only one with mice(this is my 1st time with mice,new place), i mean im a freak about cleaning/organizing and i still have mice??

    Thank you everyone

  • constance

    I just pull a prank on the mouse yesterday night. I cut a handful of hot chili peppers into half and mix it nicely with peanut butter. The mixture will get very hot. Spread mixture out on newspaper and place it on my chair and table where they shit & urine every morning. This morning, walla, no poop, no urine 😉 guess they are too hot to do anything but scramble out of here. At the moment, i’m so proud of myself hahahahaha 😉

  • Rob

    I have discovered that at three in the morning I have something moving about in the walls. We haven’t found any evidence of any mice like food missing or mouse poop. I have set traps in the attic but haven’t caught anything. Why are they in my walls? What are they eating? How do I get them out of the walls and into a trap?

  • Dawn

    I bought Nooski traps http://www.nooski.com/products.html from Amazon.com because I suspected a mouse problem. (I found what I think was a poo on my counter top.) I baited them with unsalted crunchy peanut butter (because that’s just what I buy) and they sat for a month. Then I thought I heard something in my walls and spoke to the guy at my office that successfully traps the pests at work and changed the bait to peanutbutter cups. It took a day. I got two mice.

    I also was dilligently watching my pantry (I keep most everything in airtight glass jars and then reminder in original containers) and there were no signs but then I was randomly cleaning and found a poo fest in that little space on the side of my microwave. Since cleaning that and the traps there have been no new tracks in my pantry (I’m now watching the microwave space too.) And there is a place where a pipe comes up into the pantry that they could come up from the basement in but I have a baited trap there and it sits untouched.

    If you smell peanut butter and then you smell a freshly cut peanutbitter cup you can see why the mice like the candy bait better. The smell is way more intense. I noticed it fades over times so I dump it and put fresh bait out one a week, even though the bait from the previously trapped mice is still there. I caught one more mouse the first time I put out fresh bait and none since.

    The nooski works with these green rubber pands. Mice crawl into a “safety tunnel” to get to bait and when they stick their heads in the space where the bait is the rubber band clamps over their necks effectively strangling them. It’s a fast process (sadly, I’ve seen it happen) so it’s pretty much as humane as you can get and still be a kill bait. I was goign to go with no-kill traps but sometimes I am not home for a few days and then the poor little guys would just starve slowly. Also, since the nooski kills so fast the mouse is dies right next to the trap and not in your wall. So then I just grabbed a rubber glove, picked up the mouse, inverted the glove around the mouse, tied it off, and unceremoniously tossed it in the trash. I’m sorry to have to kill the mouse but they spread disease and, uh, no.

    My mom has this recipe for hot sauce and murphy’s oil soap that she swears by to keep them out which I haven’t tried yet.

  • jeannette

    eeek!!! I have a bedroom for guests, dont get any so I decieded to have a change round, omg!!poo all over the pillows bedlinnen, cane bedhead has been chewed, and a 3inch hole in my bedsheet yikes. found two more holes, so went to Bunnings and they told me about steel wool. I have filled up the holes with steel wool and then used spatch hole filler for the holes, I am a super clean person and this has freaked me out, Iwill try peppermint no traps work, fingers crossed.

  • PoMei

    I am in a place now that they have this ‘eco mice trap’ – just like a retangle where the door shuts when the mice get in. Fantastic! But the mice stay there alive, so still need to deal with the metal box into deep water and then deal with the funeral…
    I have difficulties feeling bad of killing them, but they are not the best housemates and don’t understand don’t piss inside house!
    Anyway, I loved the comments and for sure I will as soon the sun come up; being some mint plants inside the house.
    The must is to find where and how they are getting in – think…if you were a mice and getting cold, you also would look for a warm spot with easy food around ..they are just looking for a survival spot…
    The problem is that for each mice that you see, there is at least 10 behind that one. yeah…I will get some peppermint oil and loved this site! Thanks!

  • Michele Bellon

    I have tried the peppermint essential oil on the outside doorstops to keep an infestation of ants out. It worked immediately. I will try it on the (mouse). The essential oil is extremely concentrated. Maybe it would work better than the cooking type.

  • krzystoff

    I’ve read everything here to date, here’s my experience and a quick summary:

    peppermint oil: anyone thinking that mint flavored food doesn’t work because mice eat it, are missing the point — lollies/candy bars/confectionery/toothpaste/mouthwash/etc don’t (commonly have any trace of peppermint essential oils — that’s the real stuff, which is relatively expensive and not used in mass-produced food.
    if the real oil isn’t working then it’s probably a case of not strong enough, too diluted or it’s evaporated already
    (BTW: if you use another oil as a carrier/base/mixer rather than water the essential oil will not evaporate nearly as quickly).
    in any case, I suspect that any strong enough, unusal smell (ammonia/pinesol/eucalyptus/citrus/etc) is going to mask their scent trails that they leave to mark territory and share food sources with their friends.

    sonic repellers: if you have found a brand that works please provide the name/link because there are dozens of dodge-brand Chinese rubbish that does nothing aside from empty your wallet. obviously, like any acoustic device, they won’t work very well through walls/floors/furniture, so you must be using it like a small speaker for any effect. if your rodents haven’t left that area of your home after few days use, (without other measures), it’s probably fair to assume the device isn’t doing anything.

    traps: work only a little while, then they wise up — you are guaranteed of reducing the numbers, but also that there are survivors that learn and continue to breed — after all, there’s no such thing as one mouse! for most people, if you are so repulsed by these critters, could you handle emptying/cleaning a used trap of freshly minced mouse?

    bucket of water trap: probably borderline humane, (at least they get one last feed), and cleaning up the remains is less of a chore, provided you don’t leave it for too many days. this is not going to work everywhere mice are, however.

    poisons/pest controllers: for most people not an option, the repeated usage, the dead carcasses piling up, and the ongoing risks to your family and pets is immense. we tried it one season after moving into a newly renovated house, one of our dogs got horribly sick and died after eating a dead rodent (unfortunately our neighbors have a chicken coop) — bottom line, poisoning rodents is just not worth it.

    cement mixed with dry food: seems like a very effective solution, but still may need to clean up afterwards.

    potato powder/bicarb soda/soft drink tricks: may also work, although there’s scant evidence here, only hearsay.

    hedge apples: (Osage-orange/Horse-apple/Bois D’Arc) what I have read suggests that they are effective repellents for spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and some other insects, if you leave decomposing fruit around, but mice are indifferent to it.

    point of interest: no-one here yet mentioned the fact that along with their diseases, mice have been shown to carry pathogens that can trigger a common strain of breast cancer.

    good luck to all in your mission

  • Citymouse

    I tried the ammonia on cotton balls. That worked for a long time.

    Then I got 2 cats.

    No need to scream..when you see one. They won’t bite. I have taken them away from my cat..petted their little head..and put them outdoors.

  • Deb

    Ok, those of you who believe you only have ONE MOUSE, please be real, you have many!!!!!!!

    We moved a year ago and we have been bombarded with mice continually. What to do? Well I am horrified and scared witless of these things, so much so that whilst cleaning out my Jacket cupboard and finding mice climbing across my clothes and feeling totally disgusted I jumped when a jacket I was holding released a mouse out of a pocket! Needless to say mouse went one way jacket another and me yet another, what happened, I broke a bone in my Right wrist, I’m Right handed. Conclusion, mice have to go for my own sanity, I have never cried so hard.
    Shannon from 11th Feb 2011, get real mice are smart why do you think they use them as test animals, they are quick learners. Something we don’t want to admit!
    We bought fabulous mouse traps, look like big pegs!Work brilliantly! mouse traps just not enough, they were coming in in as they desired. We watched ’em come in under remote garage doors. Were catching up to 6-7 a night, needed more traps! Sold out every where, why, mouse plague, just had massive amount of rain and these horrors wanted safety and warmth hence clothes!!! I have never felt so violated! We have even caught mice by a leg or tail and boy do they make a bloody noise, 1 was caught by leg in walk in robe it sounded like someone was trying to break in. It was throwing itself as well as the trap at the robe door trying to get out!!! At the time is was quite upsetting but we had admit it funny cos it happened 2.30 in the morning and scared the crap out of us! We’ve had ’em climbing up the curtains behind the Bed, While we’re trying to sleep!!!!! GROSSSSSSSS! at wits end got onto plug in deterrents as well as P/B traps. Best thing ever, yes it takes 3 weeks to actually notice anything but I swear you can smell the difference. have now got 6 units plugged in around house, large open areas, 4 b/rooms, auto garage leads straight into kitchen, so really needed unit for all rooms. Still have traps set in garage and around house but house clean!!!! No signs of any new activity, try to get through garage but sensors must really screw their heads up cos trying to get in our out they get snapped. It is so nice to have mouse free environment, to have these horrible little f##@ers rule your lives is disgusting. I’m going to try oil of peppermint and mint plants to discourage them from even entering the garage but they are learning and quite quickly but I’d rather be safe than sorry plus sensors keep bugs, ants and other creepy crawlies away too. Hope that does give some relief knowing they can be held off. The great thing is knowing others around are still getting hit and we’re NOT! You gotta like that, proves what we’re doing is definitely working. So sick of jumping and cringeing at every little movement, does anyone know why Mice were ever introduced?

  • Deb

    Forgot most important thing, this sight is just brilliant, you get a good laugh, bit of knowledge but also a sense of camaraderie cos there’s a lot of us out in this huge world with the same disgusting problem, I’m from Australia, Cheers

  • Beth

    We have mouse issues quite a bit. My husband has apparent ninja like skills and can catch them with my tupperware pretty well. I started running out of tupperware and got sick of the droppings so he bought the snap traps and he uses cheese or peanut butter. Sounds cruel but it’s better than them suffering on the sticky traps or blowing up and dying somewhere because then they will stick up the house. He found the trick is to put traps along walls and around most corners. We found they were coming up through pipes attached to the toilet so we caulked the heck out of that. They also come out through a heater vent with our bathroom cabinet. He put traps there and in both corners underneath the drawers. It worked well for month. Last week we went to check it and I found two very dead very old mice there. He said it must have been there for months. Apparently it kept mice from coming back in because since we removed them I’m finding droppings again. Good luck everyone. I’m going to try sticking peppermint leaves in the cabinets until he puts more traps.

  • Tamie

    Thank you all for sharing…..I have tried some of these in the past but ran out of money and got lazy……I am going to try all of the suggestions except the glue one and will look at the one that strangles them then book mark this site and I will be back I hope that all who reads this site will come back and share….The is so hard to live with sleepness nights I have no place to put my clothes and wash them everynight I have spent $$$$$$$$$ on containers to put things in and dressers that they can’t get into…..I have plugged holes only to have them make more holes…..I have a bird and am openned to suggestions on how to keep them out of the bird cage…
    My dogs catch them once in awhile…..But like I said I am going to try it all and keep a record and I will be back…..So many of you say this worked for me but then there were some that said don’t waist your money well we need some hard facts here…..We need to conquer the problem and for the ones who complain about there landlords well I own this house and just can’t keep them out they build a freeway next to me and every since then I have been infested with mice…..I have even considered talking to a lawyer about it,,,,,,, So its 4 oclock I might be tired enough to sleep with the munching going on….And ill be back with my findings…Thank you for this site…

  • Katty

    peppermint oil ? Ah I will try tht if i get it from soemwhere, its very expensie here! Stupid rats eat everything, from detergents, handwashing soaps, food, cloth, everything even poison doesnt kill them and they dont get in traps. Beside i m worried, of throwing something toxic bec I hv kittens. My cat is killing these rats on daily basis but they dont stop their karate routine!

  • Bj

    When I heard one in my [email protected], I turned my stereo on loud to run it out & keep it out that night. I’ve been successful with the black Catchmaster glue boards placed along a wall (where they like to run) with a box beside it to keep them from avoiding it – no bait required. Just catch them in transit. My outside dogs do the dirty work. 🙁 I can’t stand the critters. I want to build an owl box (or several) to attract predators to control them outside. A tip I wanted to share was to use Armor All to spray under car hoods to discourage wire chewing – wires, hoses & all. It stopped my problem with chewing & nesting rats for those of you with that problem.

  • Royally P-d Off Wife

    I have never had a mice problem before (or at least I never noticed it). My primary concern has always been insects, having had horrible experiences as a child, so whenever I moved into a home, I always did an initial gas “bombing” of ALL rooms/closets. Then, I put down indoor and outdoor bait traps for roaches and ants. Then, I spray the perimeter of the house (doors, windows, vents and such too) on the outside and the inside. Then, I put down a kill gel on the inside of the house (because it is too much trouble for the outside). I have pets so I always have to get creative about where I put the traps while still making sure that I have plenty about. Finally, I kept all of my food in plastic bags and/or containers so that they couldn’t smell anything. I also used a few of those sonic things in the kitchen but I don’t put much stock in them. So, no insect problems here. Whenever I saw insects, even in heavily infested areas, they were almost always dead. Just wanted to let people know that being clean, having all garbage/food sealed and those little bombs don’t work for mice (at least not my mice), only insects.

    Finally, a saw droppings in a utensil drawer. A few days later I saw a flash of grey scurry between the living room and the sun room. I use slip covers that I wash frequently so there aren’t any crumbs for them to get in either room. My hubby then revealed that he’d been hearing stuff in the attic for MONTHS but didn’t care to tell me. That day, we bought a bunch of the tomcat rat bait blocks (that I hide in places that dogs can’t get to) and some of the little circle turn rat traps. Although we found one dead baby mouse, neither worked to fix the problem. Instead, my hubby actually put a bait IN THE GARAGE where the dog could get to it (this is what I get for letting him handle those baits in the garage and attic b/c I was too scared to go in there) so I ended up buying a bunch of vitamin K for a HUGE rottie (just in case she got sick, I didn’t want to take the chance on my “alarm/guard” system failing me in the event of HUMAN intruders). Plus, I found more rat droppings near one trap and rat droppings all over the slipcover of one chair that had bait under it. Finally, called Terminix who assured me that they’d fix the problem with w/e they put in the attic. They also pointed out one access point in the roof. I had my hubby put steel wire on that access point. I also had him seal the outlet that presented a hole in the sun room. He checked my couches that they haven’t deigned to take shelter in yet, thank goodness. None of my food had been touched (WTH are they eating? Dog food, my food and trash are SEALED and untouched) but I still put just about everything (except a few things like tea) in plastic containers instead of just plastic bags. The dog food was already in a container and I saw no droppings near them but, just in case, I also put the dog biscuits in a plastic bin. Figuring that they might be eating the garbage outside (I had ants do that once), I bought new garbage cans that seal and threw some bait around it. I know that some will be offended at my lack of humanity, but I aim to KILL these bubonic plague carrying suckers that have the audacity to take shelter in my domain and I DO NOT CARE if a roaming cat, bird or any other animal gets caught in the crossfire. So far, my birds are happy though, they continue to visit the bird houses out front (that I don’t put food in) and tease my dogs by eating out back before they come out to chase them away.

    Several weeks later: Yesterday, after two days of hard rain, I found droppings in that drawer again. My hubby says it is connected to a hole where the dishwasher is so he will seal that. I asked him if he sealed the other place in the roof that I noticed in the corner? Nope. And guess what? I have been hearing stuff in the attic ALL night and can’t sleep. So, of course, I’m one royally p-d off wife. It doesn’t help that he made light of the other access points I found (really big ones) and doesn’t think they can chew through foam (which is admittedly easier to apply than the steel wire) and won’t believe that they can climb the walls to the cabinets just b/c he hasn’t seen them do it yet (despite the height of the roof hole being much higher than that). Terminix is coming out AGAIN today. They made me upset and took my (husband’s) hard-earned money and now I’m going to insist on 20 traps in the attic, at least 10 in the kitchen and at least one in every other room. I bought one electronic mouse trap and three more will be here tomorrow. I’ll put those in the drawer and under the kitchen sink. I thought about refusing to cook until he seals up all the access points but I’ve decided to just buy plastic bins for all the cabinets (pots, pans, etc) instead. I didn’t eat all day for fear. It will work faster than waiting on him to seal the access points. Plus, I’ll never have to worry about the only thing I care about (my dishes having pee and poop on them) again. Still, my food hasn’t been touched but, just in case, I put EVERYTHING, even tea bags, in a glass jar or plastic container. A lot of it within a plastic bag within a glass jar. Overkill for just poop and noise without my food being eaten? I DON’T CARE. There is poop on my rolling pin. Admittedly, green (poisoned) poop but still.

    Even with the containers, I’m still going to nag for him to seal up stuff. If you are wondering why I won’t do it: 1) I’m a woman and in this house, it may be a sexist house but, we have man work and woman work. Which is why he’ll sit there and starve until I wake up and then say “I’m hungry” even if he’s been up for hours and there is microwaveable stuff. Or, he’ll say, “I need clean clothes” and expect me to get in there and do laundry. Likewise, I expect him to handle these vermin that make me cry. We are both better at our respective responsibilities anyway. 2) I’m short and partially disabled in my back. So, I can’t physically reach or do a lot of the exclusion work even if I wasn’t a sexist.

    I’ll even threaten to hire a stranger to seal the holes up if I have too. He might not mind a mice but he sure will get irritated if he can’t play video games over my nagging. On second thought, he has head phones. Maybe I will have to claim that I can’t cook because I’m paralyzed by fear. He doesn’t really need to know that it’s fear over my lovely clothing (of which I have a lot and some of it quite nice and hard to acquire) being used for mouse nests.

    In any case, I’ll try to let you know how all these traps (electronic and snap) and sealing up things goes. I also plan to buy some plastic snakes while I’m out getting more jars (just in case I need them when I buy more food) and more containers (for the pots, pans and dishes ya’ know). The snakes are cheap. Mint plants, not so much. Plus, my dogs might try to eat them. It might help to plant some outside though. Maybe when I get more monies. I really have enjoyed reading everyone’s suggestions and it helps to know what does and doesn’t work and why? I could have wasted a lot of money otherwise. I’m also glad to know that I’m not alone. It sounds so perverse when one says it that way but, misery DOES love company.

    Last but not least, a tip: Hotglue a nut to the spring trap. I don’t have a hotglue gun so I might try super glue or cement glue. Then I’ll smear it with the peanut butter. I was told that this works to keep them on the trap working hard. It makes perfect sense to me.

  • Helen

    We’ve tried cloves at our cottage as well as steel wool around any opening. We’ve only had mice once and that’s when we let friends have the cottoage for a couple of weeks. They thought they were cute and were leaving crumbs out for them!! It took me weeks to clean out cupboards and drawers! We had nests in our underwear drawers!! Gross!

  • Eileen

    I have a computer and i go to owl sounds and click barn owls or hawk olw sound and turn it up when i hear the mouse and then he dissapers also get a owl statue with glowing eyes and put it where you hear the mouse and then you will not have mouse trouble cause that is there worse enemy…Thanks

  • josh

    Let’s try this again. if your as fed up as I am and don’t mind killing the little sobs staying up late night with a flashlight and a 22. works pretty good but of course this remedy isn’t for everyone but it does work!!!!USE ONLY AS A LAST RESORT!!!! or just for the hell of it I don’t care just don’t hurt yourself or anyone else

  • Rhonda Whitehead

    ive used moth balls comphor and napthalene none seem to work. just bought the peppermint oil but it has to be pure oil of peppermint not cooking peppermint oil. here in australia it was $99 for 100ml hope it works. but were on 5 acres so dont stand much of a chance


    I HAVE tried it all peppermint oil ,traps,moth balls,amonia.. they may work for just a moment but nothing lasting… I read everyones tips (so Thankful) I found something that REALLY WORKS must order it online it is barley found in stores it has bobcat n fox urine in it, we can’t smell it but those F***kn critters are afraid its called Shake Away! It works!!!!! Look it up…

  • danz

    sorry i cant help we have a plague of mice… im am constantly setting traps because we are catching so many.. and cant buy any more as everywhere is sold out.. but my tip for the kitchen is eucalyptus oil.. just wipe it on your kitchen cupboards and benches.. they dont like the smell and makes the mice very slow.. but keeps them out of the food.. i use it every day.. i cant stand mice let alone in my kitchen but sadly its a big problem at the moment.. i have heard if we get a good frost they may leave

  • Jackie

    This is the best site ever. Some of these stories had me busting a serious gut. I know, I know – mice aren’t funny when you have a phobia. And I do have a severe phobia when it comes to mice. So here’s my thing: we’re moving to a place on 13 acres in the country. I’ve been to the new place a couple of times, noticed what I thought could be deer mice droppings, but they were too small for me to tell – sometimes mouse turds look like bug cocoons and the other way around. Anyway, just to be safe, I set a standard wooden snap-trap (baited with peanut butter). I really didn’t figure on catching anything. However, I was back at the new place about a week ago (I arrived when it was dark, so that didn’t help) and as I crept into the house and peeked around the corner, I saw a befrigged mouse caught in the trap. Just seeing a dead mouse sent me into hysterics. It was then I noticed the poo on one of the counters, Also, that stupid little bastard had begun gnawing on my scented candles. I guess I don’t need to describe the hysterics – those of you with a rodent phobia know the feelings – but I was close to a panic attack. I ended up sleeping in my car and it took me over an hour of heavy breathing and crying to dispose of the mouse the next day. Actually, it was a fairly elaborate plan involving covering the carcass with some old curtains then using a rake to get it outside. I didn’t want to see it and I didn’t want to “feel” it through the rake handle.
    My move-in date is approaching and I am so afraid! I have children and a husband and I don’t want them exposed to any of the nasty stuff that mice carry. Yeah, yeah, they’re living creatures and all that happy horseshit, but I’ll be damned before I put a mouse’s life ahead of my family’s health. Especially since I know for certain that the one mouse is not the only one. I have a (sort-of) plan in place and I will definitely update. So far, I intend to:

    1. Get some barn cats. Sometimes people throw a fit when they know you’re having cats live outdoors, but barn cats are usually part wild and won’t do well indoors. I’ve seen several ads on Craigslist from local rescue shelters who have half-wild cats that just aren’t adoptable because they aren’t really tame, but they still need decent homes.

    2. Get an indoor cat, or two. Again, people bitch that cats aren’t employees and I KNOW that. I love cats. I look at it as a barter system. The cat(s) will keep mice away (hopefully) and in return, I will love them, keep them fed, and scratch their chins.

    3. Get some of those traps that kill the mouse and I don’t have to see the dead thing. No-See traps, or whatever. If I don’t have to see it, then great.

    4. Have my husband scour the house for any points of entry and plug them up. A tip, ladies: just tell him what a big strong man he is for doing that. Then thank him, even if he’s getting on your nerves. A compliment and a thanks will go a long way with your guy and he’ll be more likely to want to “protect” you the next time you’re hanging from the ceiling fan, pointing to the bookshelf, shrieking, “It’s there! I saw it run behind there!”

    5. Invest in any other affordable tips I’ve seen on here. Mint plants (we grow herbs anyway), bobcat pee, sonar device thingies, everything.

    Somebody above posted that misery loves company. They are right. I do feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only one. Well, at least most of you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will for sure update, hopefully with good news and advice that works.

  • Fed Up

    It is 3:00 a.m. and I have sat here and read every single post since the first post, a year and five days ago. It is definitely good to know that I am not alone in the overall WAR against these creatures! I do appreciate all of the posts here. I can tell you from my experience, once you actually SEE one of these nasty things, you have a definite problem. I do not care who you are, but if you think you only have one, or even one “once in a while”, or one “a few times a year”, you are really just trying to make yourself feel better. Believe me, I understand. I am guilty. My situation started when the weather turned cold this past winter. I first started to hear the movement here and there in the walls and ceilings. It always sounded like one. I read on-line that you never have just one and a “couple” of mice can multiple like mad.

    So, I had myself convinced that I had TWO! Lol …. Well, one night my little 10 lb dog, a very pampered, princess, Shih-tzu, had an argument with one of these new found friends. It was apparent the next morning that she ate it. As disgusting as that was, I was not complaining. I went out and bought the traps. Bought a couple different kinds. Was told/read not to touch them, so I didnt. Baited with peanut butter, was told to leave them for a couple weeks and if I didnt get any mice in them, well, I didnt have any more. Yeah right!!!! Those worthless traps are still sitting there! I went out an bought the plug-in things. I bought one for every room in the house, and two for the kitchen. After buying them and wondering why I was still being tortured by the sounds of these unwanted things in my house, I read the instruction packet more closely and read that the sounds these devices emit do not go through walls, into nesting areas, or through any kind of soft object. What this meant is that unless the mouse is standing in front of it, it pretty much is as worthless as the traps I bought. I left them plugged in. The packaging also stated that it will take up to 3 – 4 weeks to work. It has now been about five months.

    I have OCD and although my house can get cluttered from time to time being a full-time employed single mother of two with a dog and a mother that is not in real great health that lives 15 min away, my house is by no means dirty. About a month ago my daughter and I did some real deep cleaning. Moved all the furniture, calked up holes, cleaned up all the droppings behind & under known areas, checked in all areas there has been no activity to make sure nothing new has come up. All was going great until we got into the kitchen. I know that they come in from underneath my kitchen sink. I can hear them coming from the neighbors next door, across the ceiling, down the wall and under the sink. Under the sink is where I kept the dog food. A friend of mine came to visit a while back and brought his dog and I did not realize he left a plastic bag full of dog food under the sink. That was what they were going after. I opened up the cabinet and OMG the sight! It is a complete mess under there! Remember, I still have myself convinced there is only one more because I had two and the dog ate one. Well, my daughter and I are cleaning the kitchen now, and all of a sudden this little mouse comes out from underneath the refrigerator. First one we actually saw! Of course the first reaction is to scream and go running from the room!

    Well, my daughter in her infinite wisdom, as we are watching him walk around the kitchen floor, says to me, “Can I give him a cheese ball?” So, I let her. She throws him a cheeseball. He runs to it, tastes it, nibbles a little, takes it and runs under the fridge again. Complete silence except the sound of this little mouse crunching on a cheese ball. He comes back out and she throws him another one. He goes after it again. We are now laughing, thinking, this is kind of cute and kind of cool. He is so tiny! I am thinking in my head, if I can get close enough I can trap him with something and that will be the end of our problem! OH NO! Was I sadly mistaken! All of a sudden this mouse starts screaming! And when I say screaming, I mean SCREAMING! He was calling his friends! I could hear them all traveling from the nieghbors house. OMG! I about died! Well, I immediately put a plan into action. We threw to them “safe” cheeseballs. About five or six of them, then, that night before bed, and again in the morning. I got up and went to Home Depot and got glue traps, snap traps, the box traps with the pre-baited poison that kills them inside the box. Humane??? I really do not care at this point! I need my house back! Oh, I also found another plug in thing that claims to go through walls and in nesting areas. Well, that night we set the traps with cheeseballs. Four snap traps. A cheeseball on each of them.

    These damn mice snapped every single one of them and took the damn cheeseballs! No mice! The box traps, forget it. Poison, peanut butter, cheeseballs, nothing has worked. The only trap that has worked on these things has been the glue traps. I have laid them all in the kitchen with the entrance blocked off so the dog cant get out there. We caught three mice within two days. We saw two others that started freaking out! Running around out into the dining room and living room trying to get away from the kitchen. I did not cvatch anymore after that. The sounds cut down to almost non-existant. I stopped using my kitchen. We either go out to eat, order take out, or go to my mothers for dinner. I try to bring into the house the least amount of food possible. We have been extremely careful.

    About a week later I saw an exterminator leave from next door. I know they are worthless and expensive. I am not going there. I would rather move! So now, I have what appears like one mouse trail every morning. He is running around the entire first floor looking for food. I think this one is trapped because we plugged all the holes up. It appears he is hiding under the radiator. He did get a hold of a baggie of candy that one of the kids had on the dining room table. Last night took a miniture candy bar out of the bag and unwrapped it. I had put a couple of the glue traps in the living room behind the couch where the dog cannot get it because that seems to be his path at night. The mouse somehow dropped the candy bar onto the trap! Lol … I left it there to see if we catch him tonight.

    Meanwhile, I did try the mint, fresh crushed mint. I put a little bit in the bottom of the Tylenol measuring cups and put one on each side of the stove. It seemed to work for about a week. They would not go into that area, but after the smell wore off, they would knock it over and even walk through it.

    Sooooo…. after reading all the posts I have come to the conclusions that all of these deterrants are just that… they deter mice from getting in but once they get in, they do not work for actually getting rid of them! However, I figure if I am treating and the neighbor is, than after we catch this final one (hopefully!)the deterrants should work to keep them from coming back in! I am off to the store in the morning to buy
    1. Moth balls for the garage;
    2. Hedge Apples for the outside trashcan area;
    3. oil of peppermint, bay leaves, cloves, mint tea bags, Eucalyptus oil and spearmint oil for the kitchen;
    4. Irish Spring soap to leave out in the bathrooms and to put and open bar under the bathroom cabinets (although I never had any signs of them there);
    5. Lemon floor cleaner, Citrus Carpet cleaner, ammonia for deep cleaning the house;
    6. Clorox tabs to put up on the storage shelves,
    7. Bobcat/Fox urine for the outside perimeter of the property and around the outside of the house.
    8. A rubber snake for every doorway inside and out (Really???)

    If none of this works, I will ask my friend for some used cat litter from here cat (nasty!). And worse case scenario… maybe to borrow here cat, despite the allergy related issues.

  • Kat

    put a little bowl of gin out and play some coldplay, and th….e little mice will kill themselves,

  • angie ruge

    peperment oil…young living buy it on ebay……………. works great..also plant pepperment plants all over yard.

  • christine t

    I have to say all these ideas of mice removal sound great but — the best I have ever tried and was true — WAS fill a glass jar from applesauce with approx — 2 cups of honey leave lid off – be sure the jar is stable and place under the sink — behind stove — be sure the mice can access it — give them a ramp of sorts — tongue depressors taped together & to the lid to hold in place — once they are in—hahah them lil suckers sre not getting out ….it is non- toxic — so be sure you have somewhere far away to take them — or place them in another glass jar with the lid on with some water & unfortunetly not so human but it does drown them,,& just discard…I also have 3 cats & MY OLDEST fEMALE IS ONE HECK OF A KILLER…..

  • Annette Rampersad

    We thought we had one mouse last year and managed to catch it in a Live Capture trap. It had made a nest in the bottom drawer of our writing desk and had contaminated a lot of papers. It was very small and I did not want to release it because it was winter and cold outside, but I put it into a compost heap and forgot about it.

    When we came back from our holiday abroad in April the place smelt musty and we spotted that our container of birdseed (kept near our back door) had been broken into. We could not find any entry holes anywhere, but we put the Live Capture trap out and caught a fat mouse which we let out some distance away. Then we suddenly thought “Wonder if mice are living in our furniture.” We tipped up the 2 sofas and chair and padded footstool and saw a very tiny hole in the hessian under one of sofas. We cut the hessian and found a lot of chewed paper and loads of droppings, and we cut a lot more of the hessian and vacuumed it. We did not find a hole into the interior of the sofa and could not see how it could have managed to get into the interior of the sofa. But we put out the trap again and caught another mouse. So somehow mice were still around. We bought 4 more of the traps and caught about 1 or 2 every night for a week and released them in other places. After not catching any for 3 nights and the bait not taken we thought we had got rid of the problem, but we still put the traps out and last night we caught another one. So we will continue doing this until we don’t catch anymore for a few weeks.

    We can’t put down poison because dead mice in the sofa will smell awful. If we put use peppermint oil or electronic devices how will the mice disappear, because we can’t leave the door to the garden open as more might come in.

    Every night we take all the cushions off the sofas and chair and put them in another room. Then we cover the bases with newspaper. We shut the doors to the sitting room and set out the traps again. I put a tiny bit of Stilton cheese outside the opening to each trap, and a bit of cheese inside. If the cheese is left outside the traps we know no mice have been around.

    Our sofa was very expensive but we will have to dump it as we don’t see that we can live with it now. We bought it when we were still working but now we are pensioners so we can’t afford to buy another one of the same quality. We contacted the makers who say they can’t replace the base and we will have to buy a new one. But as we do bed and breakfast occasionally we need nice furniture.

    We live very close to farmland and maybe it’s a losing battle.

    Good luck people. I read somewhere that rodents have been around longer than we have. Thank goodness we haven’t got rats.

    Have a good day!

  • jake

    i have got mice in my home but i have luck on my side as i have three burmese pythons
    if you have a snake or know sombody with a snake the let them go in the suspected area and i garantuee they will kill them

  • deedee

    so glad I found this site! heard something in the kitchen last night…sounded like scratching..woke up to find a hole in the frito chip bag..called the landlord (thank God this is not my house) and they came out with steel wool and caulking! showed me the how he was getting in (made a hole behind the stove where the gas line is) stuffed it with the steel wool and put caulking all around it. that was earlier today..later this evening I heard him in the wall knawing on the pad..hope it kills him! I will deal with the dead body in the walls when/if it happens! I am TERRIFIED of mice..stayed up all nite afraid I would wake to find him looking back at me..yikes!!

    so far I have not heard anything else..maybe after eating the steel wool, he is now bleeding on the internally and have crawled off looking for a place to die..if this doesnt work..I amd definately gonna get the coyote pee! but so far so good..thanks for all the comments you all really helped to put my mind at ease and give me some other ideas and options. good luck to those whose battle continues!

  • Jan

    apparently vanilla essence is a good cure also, just a drop in your pantry or under sink

  • RED


  • Gregory

    I have laughing for hours, so much that I have forgotten the little critters that I came here to get suggestions about. Tomorrow is deep clean day. Thanks all.

  • keally

    got two cats mice didnt stay in my home for long

  • Daima

    The mice I had seem to know when I went to bed and when I left the house. I was told that mice like it quiet and don’t typically come out when there’s noise. I found most of the evidence in the laudry room, kichen, and lower level bathroom. Now, I keep a radio on in the kitchen and one in the laundryroom which you can also hear in the lower level bathroom. I keep it on all night and when I leave for work in the morning. I have not seen any droppings since. It has been a week now.

  • CJ

    I live in an area that was hit by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita & they are now working to re-do our streets & sewer systems…..hello mice.

    I used the real peppermint essentials on the tea bags after I cleaned out the s*** in the pantry where I used to hear the squealing every night. I also used the new Decon traps that you cannot see them once they are trapped & the Victor Electronic trap (uses 4 AA batteries) which electrocutes the little buggers. These can be reused (use gloves) but I find the Decon traps that you cannot see them once they are dead cannot always be reused – they do not seem to click back down to reset the trap inside & one I am sending back it would not stay set.) The key is crunchy peanut butter & you have to replace it fresh each day so they can smell it & place enough so they have to tug on it. I have been catching them daily now. The dogs (small 16 & 22 lbs) are of no help – they just look up if mouse passes them. “What is up with that-I want to know?” (But the dogs would eat the Fed-ex man if they could get to him. He throws the package on the porch & runs.) So far so good though with catching them. Keeping fingers crossed that I am the only one with several college degrees! Good luck all – THE FIGHT IS ON!!!

  • Jenna

    When we first moved into our house 3 years ago we had a mouse problem, were killing at least two-three a day in a trap with peanut butter. Today I woke up and found one sitting on the binder in my room, we got it out and then I went to put on my shoes and seen a mouse sitting on it and my puppy just ran upstairs with mouse as well. 3 so far today , all babies. Is there a possibility that the a mouse had babies in here or something?

  • emily

    No real tip …. only that stealth and hard headedness are required at all costs!

    Out of the window with the pC stuff ….. at 3 am my thoughts regularly turn to ….not whether to use poison, only which will be the most productive. No thoguhts of nice little sticky boards or peppermint deterrants….. only to crowbarring up the floorboards and blugeoning them all to death!

    Sounds extreme …… yes I know, it does not sit comfortably however with each restless night it becomes more and more of a solution. Still comfort is gained from realising we are not alone….I don’t mean the mice ….. only the other household sufferers!

    Tonight I will bring the cat to bed and stuff peppermint down the floor boards…plus I have been noticing a musty smell for a while, and now I know it was not just my imagination!!!!

  • Linda

    Unbelievable how such small varmints can have such a hold on ones life. I just left one apartment where I had the mice under control. The only thing that worked for me was stuffing the holes with bulk steel wool and putting tape over that for added strength. The handy men at that apartment did such a poor job of finding the holes so I had to get my rotund behind in the floor and do it myself. Found one major hole where the electric stove plugged into the wall (under the plug) and two more under the cabinets by the floor. So then I get some new neighbors who were worse than the mice so I moved into this cozy little cottage in a wooded area. Oh my what a mistake. Two months later I’m hearing the chewing and saw a mouse run down my hall night before last ( a little fat brown mouse). So now the fight is on again and I’m here looking for some new tips cause I’m too old and disabled to get in the floor anymore looking for holes. Apparently the apt. owners knew about the problem cause everything under the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom already have steel wool in them and they did bring over some poison. I have put down wooden traps and glue boards but they have not worked —- yet.

    I’m going to see if I can find one of those motion detectors that sound and look like an owl — put several of them down with some rubber snakes and see if our local Lowes or Rural King has bobcat pee. Heres a tip I haven’t seen mentioned yet that my mom gave me several years ago. I don’t know if it worked or not so it might be worth a try. You throw a wedding for the mice. Set out jar lids full of wine and also set out another lid full of rice. Supposedly the mice get drunk and eat the rice which blows up in their little bellies and KA BOOM!!! Mousie implosion. 🙂 Someone told me long ago too that there is a product for home owners that comes in the form of sheets of metal (tin)?? This is placed around the house with one end being buried about a foot down and leaving about a foot or two above ground and this keeps the entry points down for mice — they can’t gnaw through it. They may either get so tired of trying or find one or two spots to get in that can easily be monitored and plugged as opposed to having to watch around the whole house.

    I should be somewhat use to the nasty little critters having been raised in the country but back then I had a cat and now they want as much rent for the cat as for myself in these apartments. So much for that. Anyway, thanks for all of the other tips. Surely something has to work eventually. Oh, one more thing. The lady who spoke about using plastic bins around the house — thats a very good idea. Keep clutter up off the floor and don’t have cardboard boxes in your closets and such cause they love to borrow in and make nests in your things. Definately keep food in containers and sweep up all crumbs and keep the trash outside. I even asked God last night if he would talk to his dear little creations and ask them nicely to go back into the woods. Perhaps thats the key. 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  • Jay

    Heard something in the kitchen, so I investigate….. I notice the kitchen trash bag has a hole chewed in the bottom of it. Now I’m pissed because I hate nasty vermin. Thanks to the wooded area behind the house, they seem to get in the house every other year.

    Tonight I hear the same sound in the kitchen, so I investigate…. this bastard has the nerve to run across the kitchen counter, down the wall and under the sink. I guess that really pissed me off, because I was cursing and talking sh*t to the vermin as I prepared for its Merciless DEATH. I set 4 traps (the 5th trap kept malfunctioning so I threw it out…I’m not in the vermin feeding business) with peanut butter smeared on a small piece of cardboard jammed into the trigger. I cut off the lights and didn’t even close the kitchen door all the way. Within 10 minutes I hear a SNAP!!! It may sound sinister, but I Smiled knowing the deed was done. After a slight rattle, all was quite in my kitchen again. 5 minutes later I return to the kitchen to find the same bastard face down dead on a Victor wooden trap. Now all I have to do is find out where the rodent got in and seal the hole. I may also spread moth balls in the back as well.

    Peanut butter and very sensitive wooden traps work great. But PREVENTION is Best. GOOD LUCK.

  • Linda

    OMG!!! Out of desperation for some sleep last night, I was grasping at straws — looking to see if I had any of the ingredients mentioned by others. I had tried the peppermint flavoring (wrong stuff) to no avail but in the bathroom was a tube of Vick’s vapor rub (the kind that is in a tube and rubs in — not the Vaseline type). I went around the apartment with a long stick and kept putting dabs of Vick’s on the tip and putting it up under the fridge, my hutch, around my bed, by the head of my bed where I hear a lot of activity in the wall, etc. I’m almost afraid to believe it worked!!! I didn’t hear a mousie sound all night!!! I looked on the tube this morning and the active ingredients are camphor and eucalyptus — two of the products mentioned several times on this site. Be still my heart!! 🙂 Those little belly draggin, beady eyed suckers can expect me to have a cold for a long time to come — hack hack — ACHOOOOOOO. 🙂 Wheres my Vapor Rub!!!

  • Linda

    Ok, well, it worked for the night but they are back again — probably never left. So, I have put down another round of Vicks in hopes that tonight I’ll get more sleep. It was actually so quiet last night that I slept about 10 hours. I was exhausted from fighting the nasty little varmints. Oh well, off to the store tomorrow for more supplies.

  • holla

    Ok so this site made me crack up and feel better since we are all in this crap together! I live in a huge apartment building in the city and the little f’ers are everywhere!! in the beginning, they ate up the D-con poison like crazy and the glue traps were working like money. HOWEVER the little buggers have become geniuses and now hop over the glue traps, avoid the poison, etc. I clean my place vigilantly but still to no avail. One just ran across my floor 10 minutes ago, and I find that screaming bloody murder gets them to go away real quick haha 🙂

  • G Hawkins

    Used the glue traps and caught several quickly the first day. Then they became smart to the traps and were avoiding them completely. Added chunky peanut butter dipped in honey which they cannot resist – again caught several. Several days later – Still hear scurrying in the walls in the kitchen and by the living room radiators – sprinkled garlic and cayanne pepper. Lit mint candles and now have not seen any in some time. If it works for vampires, the garlic will also scare these suckers away and is less work. Have not tried cinammon or mint tea yet, as that was the next course of action. I am now paranoid about leaving leftover dishes in the sink and fruits on my counter as I discovered the problem when one hopped out of a bag on purple seedless grapes. They love fruit – so don’t leave any out. Also vacume every couple of days now to avoid crumbs etc and put my toaster into a sealed bag when not in use. They make there ways in and out of toasters upwards of 10 times each night for crumbs, I though the yellow gook was old bread at the bottom, but it’s actually mouse urine – lovely New York, absolutely lovely. Hopefully the garlic trick continues !

  • Conrad

    I found using peanut butter on snap traps is just feeding the mice in my house. I went to a farm supply store and found a product called Tom Cat, it’s a gel liquid bait and works VERY well…

  • hannah

    be calm and try too capture it an let it go outside, it workded out for me

  • Linda

    Well I’m back again for an update. I started out checking for holes and found the apt. complex had stopped up all obvious holes before I moved in. Then I heard the chewing, and then more and then more. Now the problem is horrendous. I started out putting down wooden mouse traps with peanut butter and also glue traps with sunflower seeds in the middle but neither of those worked. I then put out Decon. The mice wouldn’t touch it. I then took every tip I got from this site and went to the store. I bought Vicks Vapor Rub which worked for one night, peppermint oil (the strong stuff) which the mice seem to love. I put down rubber snakes and the mice walk by them and if they could speak, they would say — whats up bro!!! I tried menthol cough drops. I put down eucalyptus branches all under my bed and under my sofa and such. I sprinkled red pepper all around my base boards. I left lights on in my closets and put everything I own to plastic bins. I have banged on the walls and stomped to aggravate the little sobs back like they do me. I’ve tried cloves. For me, most of it was a total waste of money. The mice are worse now than ever. So I talked to my apt. manager today and they are sending in the big guns tomorrow to put some traps in the crawl space under my apt. and the handy man brought some special poison that he claims works very well for him and all the other tenants out here. I have my fingers crossed. I even put out a cup of Coke for the little @$$e$ to wash down the poison with. Funny thing tho, I was sitting here in my bedroom wondering if the traps were going to work. All of a sudden (about an hour ago) I hear this HUGE bang under my bedroom in the crawl space. It was so bad my windows were rattling. It scared me at first but the more I got to thinking about it the more I believe the lady behind me in the next apartment (who shares my crawl space) must have had someone come over and throw a huge firecracker under the floors. 🙂 It sounded like a couple of those old cherry bombs they use to sell and being as its close to July 4th, I’ll bet anything they are having a problem too and just decided to do a hillbilly cure. 🙂 Ya can’t blast the little varmints through the floor so just throw some smoky cherry bombs under the house. 🙂 Ok, now I’m hearing sounds from under my bed. Ya suppose one made it up here and is moaning and throwing up under my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YUK indeed!!!!! Anyway, I did want to mention something the handy man said today. He says there is some spray foam in a can you can buy ay any hardware store and its used to seal around windows and such. Seems mice don’t like to even try chewing through it so if you find some holes, you might want to try that as opposed to steel wool. I feel for all of you cause I can relate. I was raised in the country but I don’t remember ever having such a problem with mice nor do I remember them being so smart. My handyman says he has seen mice just jump over the glue traps cause they now know what they are. Do mice attend Micky Mouse University??? How did they get so danged smart? AND hardhead and devious and nasty and sneaky and and and —- did I mention smelly? The infestation here is so bad you can smell them when they come in. Its like they are wearing Eau de Woodland Mousie Poo Poo Water. YUKKKKK!!!! Heres one last little thing. I heard a saying once that went ‘God in his wisdom made the fly and then forgot to tell us why’. Well I have written one about the mouse. ‘God in his wisdom made the mouse so he could roam from house to house. I’d like to kill that mousie dead by kicking him in his little head’. God forgive me if I do. I’ll pay the price when time is due. Night all. 🙂 Sleep tight and don’t let the mousies bite. 🙂

  • Jordin Sparks

    I cut up several bars of Irish Spring soap and put it everywhere to drive them out of hiding – in the kitchen, under the sink , under the radiators, behind the stove, in every hole in the walls by pipes etc. I noticed they must have moved into one of the bedrooms because that room then had a very musty dead animal smell. I then proceeded to catch over 200 over the course of a month. I thought I had one, really thinking about moving into a new building. I was always wondering why I would hear my neighbors banging the floor and walls at night. They seem to hate irish spring strong mint smell and also pine sol which I now use every two days for mopping. I terms of how I caught them: I put sugar frosted flakes with peanut butter ( tons of it in a large garbage bag and laid it on the floor with 10 glue traps inside. Each one will with 3-5 mice per trap per day) Repeated exercise until none for two weeks. Caught 218 in 46 days. I live in a luxary doorman building in NYC. So much for luxary !

  • Linda

    Jordin — how did you keep the glue traps from sticking to the garbage bag if the glue traps were inside? I have field mice here and they seem to be quite intelligent — jumping over glue traps and leaving peanut butter on the wooden traps. Seems they just come in here to play and make a nest but I never find anything of mine eaten on. Then again I have most everything in plastic bins so there is not much they can get too. Someone threw a Cherry Bomb (4th of July fireworks) up under my crawl space last night. It was so loud it rattled the windows but the mice were back again this morning. The pest control came out and put down traps under the apartment as well so time will tell if they work. It does seem to me that the mice have been feeding on the poison that the handy man brought over yesterday here in the apartment. Yet tonight I still hear a little rustling in the bedroom and in the kitchen. I have a lot of Irish Spring soap in the bathroom closet tho and will try that in my bedroom tonight. I can tell you tho that my mice have walked all over the peppermint oil, eucalyptus branches, menthol sugar free cough drops, peppermint tea bags, rubber snakes, red pepper, Vicks vapor rub and D-con and Coke. They snub the glue traps with the sunflower seeds on them. Peanut butter in the wooden traps is still there. I haven’t given up yet tho. 🙂

  • Jordin


    I simply laid my plastic garbage bin flat on the floor, so they could walk into it like a tent. I put 4 traps laid at right angles with a pile of goodies in the middle of each 4 traps – times 3. I was amazed they kept going in despite their pals being stuck. I have been told they will even feed on their caught pals if hungry enough.

    Now that they are gone, I want to keep them gone. Is the oil of peppermint trick as good as the irish spring soap? I found a pack of altoids mints and it has oil of peppermint.

    also – one of the critters I caught must have been mighty mouse because it’s a foot long and weight about a pound.

  • Martha

    I don’t have a tip for you guys, just wanted to say I’m in the same boat as the rest of you….I have an infestation..i use the glue traps because I want to catch and release them, I use coconut oil to get them off the boards… I’ve tried the peppermint essential oil, but hasn’t helped and yes they get smart and don’t get on the glue boards, except the babies. My 2 pits are mouse hunters and will tear up the house trying to catch one, they have killed about 50. I know when they are having babies as I don’t see any activity for about a week. I keep everything in plastic, glass or tin, but they will eat the wires on your blender or microwave or can opener…so look for problems there.
    I have stuffed the holes in my house with wire, but i think I’m going to try the tape.
    I have used ammonia under my cabinet but it has to be replaced periodically as they will show back up after the smell is gone.
    I can’t use poison because while my dogs don’t eat them they do “chew” on them. I have tried the bobcat stuff…no success with that. I also have rats outside on my porch but I don’t care if they are outside just don’t want them in my house.
    I’m going to try some of the other remedies on this site tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.
    Good Luck everyone and please, please if you try something that works don’t forget to come back here and tell everyone.

  • Linda

    Well Jordin, that big fella sounds more like a rat. Yikes!! I get what your saying now about the other thing. You mean’t to say a bin but mentioned a garbage bag in the first entry which is what confused me. Right now I am waiting to see if the pest control people are going to be able to cure this problem for me before I go any further. The oil of Peppermint didn’t do an ounce of good. Our pest control people here in my town are called SWAT and they use a special poison which has grain in it and looks like big green logs. The difference between it and D-Con is when the mice eat it, they die and dry up from the inside so there is no mess or smell. At present I do not know the name of the product they use but if it works, I will find out and let you know. Those with pets would not be able to use it however. The traps with this poison were put in my crawlspace under my apartment on Monday morning and later that day the handy man brought me some to put out in every room. This is Thursday morning and I am hearing much less activity except for the one or two mice who seem to have come into my apartment permanently. They will eventually have to eat the poison as I do not leave anything out which they can get into. All my food products are in bins or in the fridge except canned goods. Also it may help some of you to know that there is a difference in mice. IF you have the field mice like I do then your in for extra trouble because they are super intelligent. City mice may be smart too but the ratio of mice and rats to lack of enough food might entice them to be a little less cautious and might be more easily trapped. I did try the Irish Spring soap and they seem to be stepping all over it here so all the above things I have mentioned do not work for me. I did find a motion sensor in a catalog that I’m going to buy and try next month. Its an owl that hoots and its eyes light up red when something passes in front of it. I’ll put it in the kitchen floor and tip it a little so it can detect anything running across its path. At least that will let me know how much they are out at night and I’m hoping it will run them off as well. Jordin, in your case I think you are never going to get your problem cured in such a big building so my advice to you is get some steel wool and/or sealing foam in a can and go over every crack and crevice in your apartment and seal off every entry. It only takes a 1/4 inch space for a mouse to squeeze thru so be sure to go over every inch of the space under your sinks and around the floors in closets, etc. That was the only thing that worked for me in my last apartment (steel wool in the holes with duck tape over it to hold it in). Well thats it for today. I’ll be back in a day or two to let you know if the poison is working. Good luck.

  • Tessa

    Hey, i’ve been reading all the post and i’m so glad i found this site, makes me know that i’m not alone. I’ve had mice problem since the day i moved in (3years ago) but didn’t see the mice for a long time until now and i’m extremley terrified of them to the point that i’ve starved my self due to my fear of going to coo in the kitchen only clean it and have not slept properly for 4 days now in fear of them climbing on my bed or posioning my food. It really isn’t a nice thing to see mice in your home. I’ve tried peppermint oil, moth bolls, glue traps, snap traps and have called an exterminator. To be honest they don’t seem to work, infact i saw one 20 minutes run past the moth bolls and with the snap traps they juet ate round the snap, I’m so scared of these unwanted guests. Will try the bobcat urine, just wondering where in the Uk shops i can find them to buy? It seems that most shops don’t have them. Really need help. I pray that these mice will finally go back to where they came from and not gain access to our house, so we can gain our homes back again a stress free environment. Best of luck everyone. Hope everything goes well :).

  • Kimberly V

    We were mouse free for over five years!It is 3AM and I am wide awake just having caught 3 of these pests within an hour. I saw one in my den go racing by, then in the hallway and then in the kitchen. IT ALMOST RAN OVER MY FEET! Next the bedroom. I ran out and got the Tom Cat sticky traps. I get the long ones and a few smaller ones as well. Have to admit it can get pretty expensive tossing out those big traps with only one mouse on it, but I cannot stand them,thus my inability to sleep.

    I think our problem is due to a dryer vent system that goes through the crawl space in our home. If it is possible, I think they are crawling into the dryer and hitching a ride upstairs in the pocket of my husbands shirts. Lesson; don’t leave clothes in the dryer. Also, I found a bag of birdseed that had turned over in the closet. Tossing it at daylight and doing a thorough closet cleaning. Moving all birdseed and cat food to a detached garage. Yes, we have outdoor cats,but with the heat they are staying away from the porch and under a shady tree.

    Trying not to freak out about this, but I am really disgusted and ready to call a pest control service.

  • Linda

    Well I’m back. Swat Pest Control came in about 5 days ago or so and put out poison and the mouse activity did decrease a little after the 2nd day. However, it appears that the mice have now left the crawl space where the poison is and headed up to my attic and inner walls. I called our apartment manager again and they said they would put some poison down in the attic as well this week. Here again tho, I have to resort back to the one and only thing that ever truly worked for me and that was stuffing the holes with steel wool (the kind sold in bulk at hardware stores) and then putting duct tape over it to hold it in place. Yes, the mice will eventually chew new holes so you have to check now and then if you see new activity after you get the others out. Mice only need a quarter of an inch to squeeze thru so you need to stuff every little hole you can find specially under your sinks and behind appliances. Also under cabinets at the floor level. Get in the floor with a flash light and all the other stuff needed and go over every inch. I hate the little varmints as well and I too stay up for days at a time until I’m so exhausted I pass out. If I were only young again and agile, I would tear my house down and check every inch of the walls and such myself. The peace of mind is worth it. Be sure to keep a watch on the underside of your sofas, chairs, and box springs as mice will burrow into them and make nests. I have a friend who had a sofa in her workshop (she also lives by the woods)where she does art work. The mice got into her sofa and tore it to pieces under the cushions. If you ever want to know what they are capable of — watch the documentary on how the movie BEN was made. They would spread peanut butter on one side of a wall and the rats could smell it through the wood and they would chew and chew until they got to it. If you want your kitties to chase the mice — feed your cat less so he or she is slightly hungry at night. Its good exercise for the cat and you have to buy less cat food. 🙂 Cats are rather fond of mouse mousse. 🙂 Yeah Kimberly — definately check that dryer vent. I just plugged mine up last week and I think I’ve trapped a critter in here cause he can’t go back out of the pipe (theres no dryer hooked up to it right now). More to come.

  • Linda

    By the way Kim. You really need to store that bird seed in plastic containers or you will keep drawing mice to your home. To Tessa — your canned stuff is pretty well safe in the kitchen but store all boxed foods in a plastic bin as well. If you feel mice are running through your silverware — put them in large ziplock plastic baggies. If need be (until you get rid of your mice), store your dishes in plastic as well. Don’t give the critters anything to eat. They like your home well enuff without furnishing their meals too. Hope that helps. I keep a container of those disinfectant wipes in my kitchen and wipe down all surfaces before I cook and I now keep something over the top of my toaster at night. I have a witches brew under my bed of Irish spring soap, eucalyptus branches, and Celestial Peppermint tea bags with drops of Peppermint oil on each one. For the past two nights I have not noticed any mice running under my bed. I too am horrified to think one would crawl in bed with me but strangely they seem to know I’m here and they haven’t tried that yet. If they do then I’m out of here for sure. 🙂 I’ve had two rats in my bed in my lifetime (husbands) so I sure don’t want a mouse now. I guess if something rattles my bed at night now I’ll have to ask ——— are you a man or a mouse!:-)

  • Jordin Sparks

    Help me, please – they are back again !

    I think my building is a breeding ground. I hear noise at night on my ceiling now – lots of scampering, and asked my neighbors upstairs how many cats they have – not cats, no dogs. You know what that means.

    They are now avoiding the traps I have set, and set up shot in my bedroom, because I can smell them. I felt something bite my foot last night and I screamed like hell. Going to a hotel tomorrow. I give !

  • Linda

    Jordin, I know exactly how you feel. Swat Pest control put poison in my crawlspace and now the mice have moved into my attic and walls. I know the instant they get in because they give off such a nasty musky odor. If you live in a big apartment building, the owner should be responsible for the problem. If he or she doesn’t want to do anything about it, call the Board of Health and talk to them. In the meanwhile — since you seem to have so many mice, they breed too fast for just you to get them under control. It has to be a whole building project. For now tho, your only hope seems to be finding the holes where they are coming in and seal them shut with steel wool. The steel wool can be found in the paint department at your local hardware store and is fairly cheap in the bulk package. I got mine here for around $3 a bag and I bought about 6 bags of the fine grade. Get that and a roll of Duct Tape and plug plug plug. Every tiny hole you can find is a possibility so don’t pass over any thinking they don’t look big enough. Mice get smart after a while and they know where their friends have been killed before so they avoid those things. You probably only made a dent in the problem but its just apparently too big for you to fight alone. Take care. You have my sympathy.

  • Todd

    I have found mice in my shed for years which normally wouldn’t be a problem since they are not in my house but they get into the ride-on mower and make a mess. They also stink up the shed because of their urine and feces. I looked around for different ideas on the web and none seemed to work for anyone. I then thought about the methods that people were having some sucess like peppermint oil. It’s logical to believe that since mice rely heavily on sense of smell that they would be bothered by strong odors and probably stay away. It seems people have said peppermint oil tends to fade away after a day or two. I am trying WD40 since it stinks and will probably last awhile. I am spraying it at the base of the shed inside and out. I don’t have any cats to help me and traps don’t work for long so this better work. I will re-post and give an update on my sucess or failure.

  • Jordin Sparks

    Wanted to thank everyone again for all the tips. Have been staying at the W hotel all week. Finally getting sleep. One of my neighbors told me that when you kill a bunch, others in the building come to your apartment to feed on their corpses and also take over their food supplies. So, you are all correct – they breed way too fast, and I cannot control what my neighbors are doing about the problem. I even heard that one of my neighbors likes to feed them like his pets and leaves pet food out and seeds for them. I mean what the heck is that? Crazy. I did speak with the Super, and he said the best course of action ( along with the traps and poison ) was to buy buy pepperment altoids, crush them up and mix with hot water in spray bottle and spray behind the stoves, fridge, sinks, and radiators every day. The radiatiors are their favorite entry points because the piping and holes in the floor. Will try this when I get home, though I figure staying in a hotel will starve them for a few weeks. Update to follow, thanks again my friends.

  • Joanne

    Thanks to all for the helpful tips. I believe as I write this -my mouse is trapped in the pantry (?)-put towel under door after throwing oil of peppermint cotton balls under door where a no kill trap w pb and dog food in it already in there, and did same to hot water heater area as well AND I have an electric high frequency sensor plugged in since yesterday. I plan to leave things status quo till tomorrow. This is a drag !

  • Jami

    Thanks to everyone who offered tips. I had a mouse problem several years ago and now they are back. A few nights ago my daughter and I were watching tv in my room when we heard stange sounds. We think it was two mice fighting over a crumb. The noices were so loud that we were shocked. Mice are usually quiet. We know it’s mice because of the droppings. The last time we had them we used a sticky traps. All of a sudden we heard noices like a small baby crying. We had caught a mouse in a sticky trap but were too afraid to touch the trap with the live mouse on it. We stayed up all night listening to the crying mouse. We had the lights on and we noticed a second mouse trying to free the first mouse from the trap. It was pitiful and sad at the same time. Now here we are dealing with the same problem again. Going to Home Depot to stock up on traps then to get some Irish Spring and peppermint oil. Hopefully we will soon be free of them.

  • Jaimee

    What has worked for me is Tomcat. I live in an older house out in the country and I pretty much figure I’ll forever have to keep field mice from moving in. The particular product I use from Tomcat is like bait. These green pellets make mice thirsty. They head back outside and die. Before they do you’ll see where they pooped and it’s same color as bait. It’s actually a good sign.. Means they ate it and will shortly croak. I’ve only ever had 1 croak inside my house. I keep this stuff in certain areas all year long. I hope this post helps!

  • Sharon

    I was watching a neighbors house and taking care of her dogs. I saw a mouse run past me, grabbed a broom, and gladly beat him to death and shoved him out the patio door. Then another one came out and was moving slow. I found out that she had poison out for them, that’s why he was slow. If you can catch them moving slow, just knock the daylights out of them. I found a dead mouse in my basement recently. I don’t know why he died, but it stunk for weeks. I think that he had no food to keep his belly full. My plan is to hit the hardware store and get some enclosed traps, and some poison bait, and make a feist of peanut butter, maybe a few sunflower seeds. I’m going to use gloves when I handle this, because they will smell the human scent on the traps. If he has any mouse family in my basement, they aren’t going to make it out alive. Infact, I think I will keep a garden shovel handy, and if I happen to see one, he’s a goner.

    QUESTION: Hey has anybody tried anything like a Renuzit air freshener. They don’t like the mint smell, so if you got something stinky like evergreen they might not like that in all corners of the basement.

    My Dad used to tell me~”always keep the garage door closed” especially when fall hits. Well, I didn’t listen. I was cleaning out the garage with the overhead door open, and I swear I heard a mouse laugh at me. He made it in, but he’s not going to make it out. I will get him one way or another. Also, early this month I had a baby bunny trapped in the garage that had been in there for 2 1/2 days in 90 degree weather. I caught him and revived him, and set him free. Then last year I had a snake crawling up my garage door that ended up falling when I let the door down and he went inside, and he was a big one. I sucked it up the next day, got into my small garage very quickly, backed the car out, and found him. I took a rake after him, and he was pissed! I’m going NINJA on the snakes too, there were 5 in my yard when we were mowing.

    Keep your doors shut and seal up holes.

  • Linda

    I’m back. 🙂 I must say I am very hopeful at this point that my problem seems to be solved or extremely close to it. Swat Pest Control put down some poison and it worked within a week. However I did seem to have one stray mouse who alluded the poison. It would seem I could hear him running along the wall in back of my sofa and then I would hear something around my fridge in the next room. It sounded like (the only way I know to describe it) — a mouse coming in through something metal like a little mouse door like they have for dogs. Next I would hear chewing, then silence, then scratching in my bedroom. I have a small bungalow in a wooded area. Anyway, all the noise seemed to happen after I heard the noise in back of my sofa so I went outside and sure enough there was a vent close to the ground. My landlady tells me its a dryer vent. Well I put a whole bag of steel wool in it (which would have to be removed of course if I purchase a dryer) but I do believe I have found the point of entry!!!!!!! I’m almost afraid to believe it so I’m holding my breath but NO chewing in at least 3 to 4 days now. No rustling, no scratching, none of those clicking noises that they make — just silence. So somewhere between this special poison and plugging up that vent seems to have done the deed for me. Whew! I can sleep now! Hey Todd, you might do well to try that bucket of water trap. I’ve heard it really does work. I think the directions are earlier in this thread but briefly — a bucket half full of water, a ramp leading to the top, bait placed on something like a plastic spoon over the middle of the bucket but barely secured so when the mouse steps on it to go get the bait, the spoon falls with the mouse and the mouse falls in the water and drowns. Worth a try. Good luck.

  • Nichole

    I need help. We live @ my mother in laws rite now & no 1 cleans up after themselves. so dishes are left sitting around and there are mice everywhere. The glue traps seem to do the trick….the ones that you can fold so they go thru them. i cant get people to understand that if they are feeding the mice its no wonder theres a mouse problem. someone said its just part of living in the country but thats bs. if people keep their house clean…especially the kitchen…keep dishes washed and food out of their reach they will have no reason to stay. the mouse infestation really bothers me especially bc i have a 4 month old & all i can think about is what if they crawl around on him while hes asleep or awake for that matter. i guess that would be the straw that broke the camels back & we’d be out of here. wish me luck on convincing ppl that their cleanliness is what helps keep the mice away! I sure do hate the little [email protected]#%A%*?!

  • Fed up with mice

    I have been reading your stories for days now, in an attempt to find something that works, and continues to work, for our mouse problem. I can’t help laughing at some of your stories. I am not one bit afraid of mice, but just don’t want them living in my house. Ever since our last cat died, we have had a mouse problem. I refuse to get cats again, so I will have to battle this mouse problem alone.

    I will not use snap traps or glue traps, and have caught about 10 mice this past years with the humane traps, baited with almost anything, including potato chips. But the other night as I slept I heard the traps rattling around and knew I had caught two more. Unfortunately, before I could get up in the morning and take them outside, the two of them figured out how to open up that little door and get out! Little buggers!

    Tonight, I am going to set up a peanut butter party for them in the garage, with the buckets and rulers, baited with peanut butter. I’ll keep you guys posted on my success.



  • Helen

    i have heard Misery Loves Company. Well reading all these posts have made me feel better. I live in a wood frame house and since its been so hot, the mice have stared coming in like they live here too. Im going to follow the tips..peppermint oil…Filling cracks with steel wool. I hate these things.. if I was really go..id get a b b gun and get ta blastin um!..lol…thanks for the tips…

  • Uncle Fred

    We’re in Spain. And every country that we’ve lived in, the solution is the same. If you put out traps with food on them, the mice realize there is food in the vicinity and you get more of them, and they also learn the traps and how to evade them. If you use poison, they adapt to it; learn from dead mice feces what not to eat and thus become “smarter”; and you risk them carrying poison around, dying in walls, etc. But if you get a kitten, not a cat, the kitten (female) will learn to hunt them and will ALWAYS hunt them. It will stand proxy for you at night. It will wait by the fridge for more than three hours for that little tiny thing to come out. ie, it OBSESSES like the bejesus, so you don’t have to. It will tell you when you have things living in the walls…not just mice (you’ve seen those “crazy” cats staring at things that aren’t there…well, they are there. You just can’t see them, but a cat hears them. A CAT knows what they are). It will hunt them with it’s dying breaths. And the mice will leave you alone. Because mice can adapt to almost anything, but the only adaptation they have for a cat THAT HUNTS THEM from birth/youth, is to leave. Sure, they’ll try to come back every chance they get, and you’ll see the occasional mouse in the jaws of your beloved new best friend. And that’s the mouse that they sent out to scout your place. And guess what…your cat just said “f you” for you. Yeah, you might be allergic, then move. If your lease doesn’t allow for cats, then move. If you think it’s cruel to kill things, think about what it’s like to live a life without sleep and with something shitting on you and your dishes and shoes and eating things that you worked for. Add it all up, and a cat is your best friend…cheaper and more permanent, unless you think a cat is a toy and needs to be spoiled and have its fur done in bows, etc.

  • Anne

    crushed alker selzer wrapped in bread with soda beside it works well also.

  • mike

    im sittin here at the comp now at 5.15 pm n can see at least 5 or 6 of them jus outside my window, they tend to stay near the drain and when get scared run up the washin machine drain, there only small and brown but i really dont like them, have tried sprayin the drain with bleach n anti bacterial as thats all i have in the house atm, ne more suggestions??? please help..!

  • Heather

    Wondering if anyone has tried seeds to get rid of mice? We have them in my building and at first I was given these two completely useless black boxes as well as the sticky traps. One of the boxes is under my stove and the mouse actually sits beside the damn thing munching his little heart away. The sticky traps are no better, I think I’d get caught on one before the mouse ever will.

    Recently, my landlord gave me some seeds and told me she has caught 3 of them with these. It’s my understanding that mice LOVE seeds. One site I read said that the mice will get dehydrated by them and die. Yet on other sites they say, seeds are their favorite food.

    So I’m not sure if this is going to work or if he’s going to tell all his little mouse friends that there’s a buffet in my kitchen. Regardless, I think I am going to give the old fashioned mouse trap a whirl and see if he takes the bait. For anyone willing to try this, I also read that potato flakes work to kill them as well. As they puff up in their stomachs and are hard for mice to digest.

    All I know is I am tired of having this little fella run past my feet causing me to have a minor heart attack on a nightly basis…

  • Heather F.

    I’ve had mice twice, and the best solution I’ve found is a combination of glue pads (garage) and these little plastic traps that are spring loaded and squash the little suckers (kitchen). The only drawback with the plastic traps is that they are meant for a single use, but I’m willing to pay a little extra to be able to just pick up the trap by the little carrying handle and not have to see blood or guts. VICTOR brand sells one, and I found one other brand (purchased at Lowe’s Hardware). Out of about ten that I’ve bought, one was defective, but overall, they have worked effectively. I sealed a bunch of cracks with foam, and that has helped, but packing the steel wool in the kitchen nooks didn’t help. They pushed, not chewed, it out of the way. I tried the humane catch and release traps, but I had the same mice coming back, so I decided a permanent solution was in order. At any rate, good luck to you all in your rodent extermination efforts.

  • Kimberly V

    It’s been almost 3 weeks and I am back and so is my mouse problem. A few weeks back, I removed birdseed and cat food from indoors as I was sure that was the problem. I also moved my outdoor sealed garbage can away from my house. I bought oil of peppermint and have been using that at entry ways and under the porch. They must not be using the door to enter!

    Would you believe I caught another one earlier this week on a sticky trap AND saw one this morning in the kitchen? This one must be smarter than it’s buddies because it avoided the sticky traps. I saw it on my range and tossed a sticky trap with some chocolate on it on the range top. One of the chocolate pieces fell on the range and I would not dare touch the range for fear of the mouse. So, I went back an hour later and it had taken the chocolate and avoided the sticky trap all together. This is an older stove and I think they have taken up residence in it. Thank goodness, I already ordered a new range and this old one will be out the door soon.

    It is daylight now and I am on my way to buy steel wool, duct tape, vector traps, sticky traps,and anything else to rid my home of these pests. Sticky traps always worked well for me, but I’ve learned a few things. Sticky traps don’t solve the problem as they don’t keep them out and I still haven’t found out where they are getting in.

    Iam so sleepy as I sit here watching an Orkin Pest Control commercial that begins with “Got mice in your home?”

  • aw

    I cant find peppermint oil would peppermint flavored mouthwash work? My neighbors ripped out all their wall to remodel and all of a sudden they are coming into our pantry we’ve bought 3 loaves of bread in a week and caught 3 of them with traps but this is getting costly…

  • Kimberly V


    You can find Oil of Peppermint at most health food stores, but make sure that it is the real oil and not peppermint that flavors food. I bought a small bottle for about $6.00 and am glad now that I did not buy a larger more expensive bottle. It worked for me about two weeks, but I have it out now and just caught 2 mice, so I hope better results for you. I surrender and will call a pest management company in the morning.

  • Linda

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack. And do I still have a mouse problem??? You betcha!!!! Before I start ranting and raving tho I would like to say to Nichole that she is right about keeping food up out of the way and keeping dishes washed and cereals, rice, oatmeal, and things of that nature in plastic bins. Anything in a box can be chewed thru. Keep floors mopped with Pine Sol. Cooking and eating utensils can be stored in plastic baggies in your drawers so your not licking mouse poo off your fork with the mash potatoes your eating. However, I have to say Nicole that I don’t leave anything, not even a crumb on the floor out for the mice to eat and yet I still have them. I’ve even stopping cooking except for rare occasions. I buy something out, hurry and eat it and get the bags and papers in the trash outside. Yet —- I still have mice. So heres a brief review of what didn’t work for me. Mice actually jump over glue boards, they find ways to steal food off of snap traps or else they leave them alone entirely. We have poison all under the crawl space, in the attic, and in the house and the mice ignore it and its suppose to be the best from Swat Pest Control. Electronic traps don’t work nor do the plug in sound devices that are suppose to ward off mice. Under my bed I have eucalyptus branches, Irish Spring Soap, Celestial Peppermint tea bags with drops of peppermint oil on them, rubber snakes, and menthol cough drops. The mice run through it like its not even there. I put a motion sensor under my bed so when a mouse runs by, it lights up. Apparently all the mouse is doing is taking advantage of the spotlight to do a little dance. I have packed every crack with steel wool and foam to no avail. Apparently I’m missing the entry point. Its too expensive to have a cat here. I have put out wine and rice, Coke, all that stuff that is designed to swell up in the mouse and make his belly explode but they won’t touch it. I’ve tried Vicks salve and menthol throat spray. Nothing seems to bother them. I’m beginning to think I had better get a bunch more plastic bins, pack up everything I own in them and seal them with duct tape then sit here and wait until my lease is up and get the %$## up out of here. I’m out of options. The only thing that happened from all this was I had a rubber snake outside on my porch. Apparently another snake came along and fell in love with it and shed its skin next to my rubber snake. 🙂 And now I’m being told I should be happy snakes are around cause they eat mice!!!!!!! To be honest, I don’t want either one of them around. So, I’m back looking for options or else I’ll be moving if I can’t get rid of them.. We’ll see. Oh by the way, whoever it was that was going to leave seeds out for the mice —- you’ll just be feeding them and they will be back for more. I’ve heard they like dog food so I have some soft dog treats and I’m going to mash up alittle of that poison and mix it into the dog treat and see if they will take that. Probably not but I have nothing to lose at this point. Good luck all.

  • brandon

    tried peppermint oil—–> sucks, now i have to listen to my gf tell me i told u so….

    tried glue traps——> sucked more, waste of time

    now im rocking with Shake-Away and it is a life-saver!

    philly has a rodent problem due to its close proximity to rivers, and i have a historically rennovated house that probably housed generations of mice prior to arrival. I recommend that you drop the bounce sheets, drop the mothballs, and drop the cotton balls. PAY FOR SHAKE AWAY and be done with NONSENSE… unless u like the so called “wars”… its like 15 bucks, by now youve spent more than that in these make-shift devices that have failed you numerously…. and im a real customer, im not pushing this product for the company’s sales. it works! it uses the natural predators urine! Period. 1000 times better than kitty litter, and who has time for trips to the zoo to get snake droppings?

  • rat trapper

    Got em…hate em…and need help killing them.
    Almost burn’t my house down because i was going to broil some steaks, because we like them med rare to rare…walked away…came back to living room and it was filled with smoke…bad smell terrible permeated the air…then opened oven and saw flames shooting from broiler pan…opened broiler and it was on fire ….tons of built up isulation on fire…cat toys..haha,,, and other plastic stuff…then found large mama rat in daughters barbie drawer…for fuc- sake…enogh is enough…then we bought those sonic devices…seemed to be great…but just when sleeping was back in force…they are back…scampering thru my kitchen…aaaaggghhh…i was so embarassed and told no one of this for fear of judgement and a bad blow to daughter’s esteem…no one wants to sleep over..etc..then i go on this site, and wow..am def not hte only one and see the scetchy comedy re these lil bastards. And now alll movies seem to be about thes shitheads i cannot stand…haha…going to try sleeping..i got not even one hour at that!…good luck,

  • Louise

    I mixed peanut butter and dried potato flakes, put them in sno-cone cups and placed them where we saw mouse droppings. They ate them up. Finally when they had gotten enough water in them the potato flakes expanded in their tummies and they died. We found them all over the house. They have been gone for 4 months and now we have either a mouse or a rat running around. Our village calls Children and family services if you have mice in your house. They make you live in a hotel on your dime until you rid the house of the mice. Other people have mice problems and don`t hae to deal with their village kicking them out of their houses. Now I have no clue what to do. HELP?

  • Linda

    As I sit here typing, the stench of the little varmints is in the air in my bedroom and living room. I can tell every time one comes in. I never see it but I hear it and smell it. I’ve done everything I know to do except get a cat or move. For temporary relief tonight I got some Isodettes sore throat spray and spritzed it around the walls and they are not likeing that one bit but they keep coming back every hour or so to check and see if the coast is clear. I have 9 months left on my lease and I can guarentee the day it is up, I will be out of here. Until then all I can do is keep warding them off temporarily with Vicks salve, menthol, Irish Spring, eucalyptus branches, and peppermint oil. Nothing on the wooden traps is working, the glue traps aren’t working, the poison isn’t working. Its like they’re thumbing their nose at me and laughing. Tomorrow I’m going to order one of those owl motion sensors out of Carol Wrights catalog I believe it is and I’m going to put it in my attic and maybe get one for my bedroom. This one has light up eyes and hoots very loudly it says. Since owls are a mouses worst enemy besides a cat, I’m thinking that might deter them for awhile. Maybe some cat poo from my friends cat box to put up under the crawlspace would work but then my apartment would smell like eau de kitty and I wouldn’t want that either. I’ve always heard if we had an atom bomb dropped on us, the only thing that would survive would be a roach. I think they need to add mice and rats to that list. Anyone know the Pied Piper personally?? If you see him, tell him I will give him A-N-Y-thing if he will come take my mice away. But at this point I still remain —— Hopeless in Indiana

  • lucy

    I would reccomened to use the sticky rat glue mats and put them around your house. The mouse will get caught onto them.

  • neelam

    ok so i have a tip well its not really a tip but yh dnt stuff the holes with plastic bags or newspaper they chew through it we have had mice for about a month and im sure there coming from next door i really dont know what to do tried traps and poison etc i dnt care if the plan is inhumane if you guys know a really effective tried and tested method please let me know cos my little baby bo is living with my mother cos of these stupid mice
    please please help!!!!!!

  • neelam


  • Todd D

    Here’s a tip that works for mice AND chipmunks. I have a an old hunting cabin that gets it’s fair share of mice, and we even had a bunch of chipmunks move into the attic during the winter. Do this if you have NO DOGS OR KIDS AROUND as this can be deadly to them… but if you have places they can’t access it’s great.. i take styrofoam cups and cut the bottom off, leaving the cup about 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch deep – i fill a little bit of automotive anti-freeze in the cup and lay them around the paths where they come and go. Mice do not have great eyesight and travel along the edge of walls. They are nocturnal and you typically won’t see them during the day. If you see dirt marks or oily dark marks on your walls that’s a sign they frequent that area. The anti-freeze is very sweet but extremely toxic and deadly. They love it and drink it up in droves. I would have empty cups in 1-2 days. The mice will die within a day or 2, guaranteed.

    I had dead chipmunks laying all around the outside of my cabin as they escaped with excrutiating stomach pain and hemorraging i’m sure! If you dog or cat drinks this, they will die. It is highly toxic. So Please be careful if you use this method. Especially around children. Don’t use RV antifreeze (the pink stuff) it is non-toxic and doesn’t work. The only problem i’ve found with this is the carcasses could be in the walls or attic and smell until they dry out. Good luck.

  • ERIC

    Go to a hunting/fishing supply store and buy some fox piss. Spray or pour around the outside perimeter of your home. If you have any left, throw the open bottle or container under your home. Now go inside your home and open all internal doors (bathroom, closets, pantry, etc.) Place glue traps in all internal doorways, not just on the edges of doorways, but all the way across. It may take several to span the length of your doorways. There is a brand of glue traps called Catchmaster that are about 6 inches long, these work better. Mice will go nuts and you should catch them all in a couple of days. Only drawback is, if you have a lot of internal doorways, your gonna spend a good bit on glue traps, but its better than living with mice. I have used this technique on hunting cabins and everywhere that I have had a mouse problem. Good Luck!

  • Brian

    I mixed up some poison pellets with peanut butter. They scarfed it down. I tried the cement powder shook up with cereal and that worked too.(it has to be kept dry) A guy at the hardware store suggested putting out antifreeze,that worked too.(don’t put it where other non-pest animals will drink it because it works on them all.The old green stuff).Happy hunting,and may you all be pest free soon:-)

  • Sonya

    My experience in the 3 short months that I have been living in Philly, is that you must change your defense against these critters every month or so. They are very smart. I’ve used D-Con, which is effective but can’t stand smelling the decaying bodies and the professional green logs, but I can’t afford to continually purchase the poison. I’ve used old fashioned traps baited with peanut butter and glue traps. This has caught plenty but, of course, others keep coming in. And who likes to pick up the sometimes messy catch?

    I started using Mouse Away brand solids (refreshing them weekly with peppermint oil) about a month ago. Seemed to be working fine but, this morning, discovered droppings within inches of the solids and I had just refreshed them yesterday. I plan to cover the entries that I am aware of with steel wool return to the glue traps this week. I will try the Shake Away stuff, too. I am considering getting a cat. I believe the row of houses in which I live here in Philly is infested, so mouse patrol is now a part of my daily and weekly cleaning routine. I will be moving away from this city as soon as I possibly can.

  • Angry mummy

    Well Ive just caught a mouse in the kitchen on glue traps. Worked for me. Now time to kill the other 100’s There are a few in the bedroom SOMEWHERE so im sleeping in the living room

  • Angry mummy

    Oh and its 2am here… Husband had seen a mouse last night so tonight i put a load of REAL peppermint oil all over the room and the mouse/mice went crazy!!! So it worked 😛

  • Tim

    I was deployed in Iraq and we had a contest to see who could catch the most mice in one day. The winning trap was a bucket filled 1/2 way with water, you would then take a string and run it through a can or bottle from one side of the bucket to the other. The can was then baited on one side with peanut butter. Once that is done make a ramp up to the top of the bucket (we used a peice of wood. The mouse will tight rope across the string to the can and it spins causing the mouse to fall in the water. The mouse is unable to jump out and eventually drowns.

    This trap caught 37 mice one day. If you have a mouse problem that bad, you will have to dump it periodically or the mice will be able to jump off of their friends to get out.

  • Danetta

    I recently moved into my grandfathers house and the other day i thought my eyes decieved me. I saw a blur of a what i thought to be a shadow of movement in the corner of my bedroom. I dismissed it initially. Then last nite as i’m getting ready for bed i saw it, a little mouse! I damn near almost bust down my bedroom door trying to get away! So far i have not seen any droppings nor another mouse but this critter is hiding out in my room. I found a tiny hole in a corner of my bedroom floor and am sure this is where it came in from. I am heading out now to Home Depot for anything that will get rid of it as well as going to try all the remedies that are recommended on here. I don’t give a crap about humane not humane I just can’t personally be the one to pick up a dead mouse so will have to get gramps help on that part. I’ve have got to spray this whole room down and sanitize it, they are so disgusting. I hate being home and nervous to walk around my own bedroom, tip toeing around as if the little sucker pays the bills. I pray he is the only one and that I can get rid of him quickly so I can resume relaxing and enjoying my time at home. Wish me luck as I do the rest of my fellow victoms of the mice mafia. I shall be they’re law and order lol will post with results of my efforts in the coming days!

  • john

    where would you find the pepper mint oil or poisn pellets i just want tht mouse OUT>.

  • sammantha

    My tip is that the peppermint and wintergreen oil doesn’t not work have tried the mothballs worked for about a month then stopped. snap traps have worked with crunchy peanut . I am now going to try the ammonia solution you mix 1 cup white vinegar 1 cup ammonia in a spray bottle spray everywhere mouse has been and also saturate cotton balls with solution respray every month I will continue with sealing the opening up where they have came in at and using snap traps. I hope this helps someone out.

  • JAG

    Go to your local animal shelter and adopt a kitty. It’s important to remember, however, that cats are first and foremost companion animals. They’ve been domesticated over the centurities be loved by their humans so make sure, if you adopt a cat, that you are willing to treat it as not just your rodent-killer, but also as your friend.

    Cats rarely eat a mouse unless the cat is really hungry. But a cat will almost always still go for the kill. I kind of live in the country and get mice in my garage and crawlspace that occasionally make their way into my basement and then upstairs. My 16 year old Siamese loves to catch them and bring them upstairs for all so see! Nothing messy. He doesn’t eat them. Just chases them and gets them between his jaws. He brings them upstairs and then I dispose of them properly. I praise his efforts and he never lets me down the next time!

    Occasionally you’ll find a kitty that has no interest in mice. I also have a Persian and she practically yawns at the sight of a mouse, showing absolutely no interest whatsoever. That’s more or less a reflection of her breed. But I keep the cat bed in the kitchen since my first upstairs mouse sighting and have had no more problems upstairs. The mere presence and smell of a cat will deter mice in many instances.

    Please remember a cat is first and foremost your friend and should always be treated as such!

  • Pam

    I will try the peppermint, I bought the sonic thing that you plug in, I think it just says party is here and invites them in, my cat just lays there saying one of these days I’m gonna have to get me a mouse trap. I have cleaned, sprayed vineger in the place they were coing in, they just found somewhere else, packaged food you name it. Live close to a barn and a field we have never had mice like this before, maybe one every now and then when the hay was cut but it has been bad this past few weeks. Thanks for the tips.

  • Sierra Lanier

    We had a mice infestation in our small camper. At night while we were sleeping we could feel them jump on our beds at night. I would wake up and kick their butts off. Well we bought mouse traps and put all our food in the microwave or in the fridge. Somewhere they couldn’t get to so basically we starved them, but they wouldn’t leave!! So we would put treats on the trap and within 5 minutes of the trap we would catch them. All day long we would catch about 5 or 7 mice! Finally the numbers started dieing down within a month or two.I mean even my Australian Shepherd was catching them. Since he was to big for our place we moved him outside and at night I would sit down at the computer while watching him chase these mice around. We had traps set out all over the place with the food still in them so we knew they got tired of being caught or they were to hungry. So now I have two cats ready for the winter and the peppermint oil I will try when we get our new trailer. Lol The coke was really funny, but bad cause they can hide in your walls and die. Thanks for all the great tips everyone! I will sure try some of them for the winter when we get our place settled.

  • Sierra Lanier

    Also I forgot to say my mom has these mice traps that are plastic. It’s rectangular. So once they get in it wont let them out, but you have to check everyday cause they can smother. This is for those who love animals even mice and don’t want to kill them, but remember you have to empty out the mouse traps far from your home or they will be back.

  • Marilyn

    I have a mouse problem in my car. Years ago I had mice problems and I bought a live mouse trap. Its a box and the mice can enter. When they go in the hole something trips and they can’t come back out. I caught the mice in my trailer and then drownded the mice in the box by putting it into a five gallon pail of water. I emptied the trap and left it outside. MISTAKE!! The trap kept doing its job and caught many mice outside. I found it in the fall full of dead and dying mice. I’m going to try that again in my car, but this time I will not leave the trap somewhere catching them. Its too cruel. I hate mice too but it isn’t right to torture them either. Can’t say what they cost but I spose it is about $30.00 now. Poisoning them is not a good idea becasue they crawl away and die somewhere and goodness knows where or when you will find their dead bodies. Eeeeek!!

  • Charlotte

    Iv tried using poison which i hate doing but they have to go right, anyway they just keep coming back and now i cant get to sleep, at 5.30 this morning I threw a couple mint leaves round the back of the television and inside the wardrobe where i spotted it last hopefully it takes a little while longer fingers crossed if that does not work i might try ather the coke thing or the spray with the Tabasco sauce and half a cup of washing powder wish me luck im gonna need it .

  • Mice-O-Phobe

    Omg! Finally I see that I’m not absolutely insane! We had a mice problem a while back (we live in a modular home on a farm). My daughter has ezema and allergies which contributes to my already horrible ocd regarding germs. I am such a germ-o-phobe and mouse-o-phobe that each time I’d see a dropping I would take all of my entire family’s clean clothes and throw them in a dirty clothes pile and spend weeks washing them all. I went through literally THOUSANDS of dollars on steal wool and caulking. I caulked every single crevice in my home, gaps on baseboards and around light switches and plug-ins, under and around every cabinet and window. I literally was losing it. Every room in our house looks like a patchwork of caulking! I even purchased the Victor $100 “Multi-Kill” which killed one mouse… EVER! Well I hadn’t seen them in a while and thought (prayed) I had rid the home of openings and mice. But this morning after fixing myself a HUGE bowl of cereal, I sat down to eat and saw a mouse casually trot across my kitchen floor! Ugh! I seriously want to move out. And the worst part is that now I’m scared to do my usual drenching of my entire home in bleach to sterilize bc I’m prego! When I’d tell my husband and dad all the places they were and could get in they thought I was crazy! So glad to see other people had them in drawers, curtains and blinds, and are just as desperate to get rid of them as I am!

  • Jobless in the country

    Thanks to those with tips, will try a few.

    I’ve tried the expanding foam, opemed the cupboard a day or two later and was greeted by a cloud of expanding foam dust that had been chewed into oblivion. Stuffed the hole with a huge wad of densly packed foil and got to clean up a zillion and four chewed bits of foil.

    I had three mice commit suicide in the dogs water bucket, 4 days apart. Kind of comical to see the look on the dogs face when he looks in his bucket and see’s a corpse. I caught 3 in the old fashioned wooden snap trap, the third one was caught by one leg and dragged the trap through a maze of cleaning supplies under the sink and was halfway (as far as he could get) into his escape highway.(dishwasher line) Ended up dispatching him with an impromptu swimming event, the other two had the bar across their necks. I also found 3 dried bodies, one in the garage and two babies in the dresser drawer used for crafts, where they had made a nest of dog hair.

    The snap traps were baited with chunky Peanutbutter that I worked into the crevices of the trigger, inviting them to lick even harder. I discovered that if the trigger doesn’t release, the hook of the release bar is nestled to tightly into the trigger notch. Peanut butter helps grease that up. I buy the traps at the grocery store, 2 for 75 cents, so I do throw them away. Can’t see washing them in my sinks. It was bad enough when I found a pile of droppings under my dish drying rackin the other half of the sink. I think one or more were standing on the rack licking the faucet for water residue. Yummy

  • MsG

    No tip, just sharing. I was awakened at 2 someting by a sound, it came from the corner by my dresser. I was petrified; moreso, when i heard a thump, like this thing has a big tail. Oh great, a rat! Very possible, I am in NYC in an old house. I have seen signs (droppings) of mice, so I have laid glue traps. I caught two on the large traps, but nothing on the smaller ones. I dont remember if I replaced the trap under the dresser, but it sounded as if something were stuck. No squeaks though. I stared at the area and after an hour a mouse walked casually past the gluetrap that is near the dresser and into my closet. After reading some of your stories, I guess I should be relieved, but it is in my room. If they avoid traps because of the “human” smell WTF dont they avoid my bedroom? Just to let you know I got up and donned gloves, wiped all of the edges of the traps that I placed off and put a dab of very fresh peanut butter on each of them. Then I took a large ceramic flowerpot, filled it with about 3 inches of water, emptied a toilet paper tube, smeared PB on it, put a sting through it, taped the string to the edge of the pot and laid a broom on the floor to make a ramp to my tightrope of death. I’m going to attemp a few minutes of sleep now. I am trembling with fear and lack of sleep.

  • Kylie

    My mice are picky and many :/
    They wont eat peanut butter at all, wont come for bread… I have one of those traps that catch them and hold them live for you to take for a drive and let go (yes, my fiends all think I’m insane too with my “mouse apartment”) The only thing they will hop into the trap for is chocolate! And not any chocolate, only good chocolate! Little buggers!
    I tried cheap choc last night and got no-one, although I placed the trap where one kept wandering out and looking at my hubby and I in bright lights while we watched TV on the lounge! This afternoon I begrudgingly put a piece of cadbury’s in the trap and by this evening I have 2 sitting in there looking back at me!
    If I leave them in the trap overnight they will escape, they have before, and I am wondering if I put them in a high walled plastic bucket until morning do you think they will be able to climb out?
    Sooooo going to try the peppermint oil!

  • Mel

    I read all the posts there (it really encourage me to see that I’m not alone), and see a lot of new tips and advices. I still have those horrible mices under the kitchen sink. I remove cereals boxes; I put rice in a strong plastic bag. I regularly clean the appt floors and under the stove, with a mix of bleach and floor detergent. I remove mouse pi and drops and clean the spot with bleach. But they still are coming in the kitchen and In my bedroom!! I patch the holes that I found, with steel wool (but the thick one, in spiral, not the small one they can chew) and some Polyfila (plaster). I mix them, it make the patch stronger.
    What can I do for the kitchen? Moth balls smell way too much, and they don’t care, peppermint oil dry way too fast, the glue traps are useless and they even s***t on them!! I try the spring traps, but, they eat the bait and leave….I told my landlord and he says that I’m the only one who have mice problem!!

    Any tips for the kitchen? And how is this ruler thing works? I have trouble to visualize the ruler trap!
    thanks !

  • Mel

    I forget to add: I don’t care about those vermins! I don’t want to remove them ”humanly” I just want to kill them, so they won’t come back! and won’t multiply either, in another house-apt-home!

  • bonnie

    I guess what I’ve learned (from this site) is that it’s a long war, but the important thing is to fight back, keep cleaning, trapping or whatever; my 20 yr old cat died recently, tho he wasn’t the mouser his brother or my first cat were, and now the mice are out in force–on my kitchen counters and running across the top of my stove at the strike of midnight! Yuck. How do I sterilize the dishes that were on the counter? (I don’t have a dishwasher)

  • brownin329

    Had a mouse visitor, whom I will call “Mickey” come and stay with me for a few days. He was a tiny dark gray character that seemed to love being wherever I was and scaring the daylights out of me… and trying to eat the bread on the stove (in plastic, of course). Yes, he was up there and everywhere. Finally got the maintenance people to come and plug the holes with cement and steel wool and set glue traps around the apartment (funny, they did it the day of our 5.9 earthquake in VA of which no one felt but me because I was on the couch when it moved by itself). Turns out there were all sorts of holes and a tunnel (!) behind the vents and even two in the closet! All filled hopefully. The mouse was finally caught last evening (yay!) by running into a glue trap and it was so cute trying to get out of it. Anyway, I took it down stairs to the basement and dumped it and hopefully I won’t see another one ever. Am going to the store now to get pine sol, lysol and bleach for everything I am not throwing away. I’ll try the peppermint oil and mothballs just in case Mickey’s brothers and sisters are somewhere and I haven’t seen them yet. Thanks for all of the advice.

  • big daddy

    I got a mustang and the next morning i noticed shredded insulation in the trunk so right away i thought thats an obvious sign theres a mouse so i looked around and found a nest so i took that out and set 2 traps with peanut butter 3 days went by and still no mouse was caught so i thought maybe it had left to find food somewhere else so i came home 3 days after a business trip only to find droppings in the car so i cleaned it out and set a trap using twists(blue bag) as bait and sure enough checked in the am and there was a mouse in the trap it was a success lol 🙂 the good old trusty mouse trap still works but watch ur fingers when setting the trap lol

  • Casey

    I have read all the glorious stories and tips that have been given. I have laughed and cringed and am officially not hungry. I will be headed out to get all the supplies i can find to start fighting what appears to be an uphill battle. Although I can’t honestly see how wearing gloves to mask my scent on a trap should matter. It doesn’t bother them or deter them from my food in the cabinet I have touched. So I don’t think my scent has anything to do with it. I think I might try Shake Away, traps and other scent stuff before going to drastic.

  • Bryan Y

    OK my wife spotted mice droppings in our garden shed the other day and she needs to get in there to get the lawnmower out. So I gotta find a cheap solution fast.

    I got on this site and I couldn’t stop reading. Man! some these posts are movie material. It took me 2.5 hrs but I read through every single post.

    I think I will try the cheapest thing first… so will pick up a can of coke on the way home. If that doesn’t work maybe mix up some peanut butter with dried potato mix.

    For those bleeding hearts who think that this is the year to “be kind to your rodent”…have ever heard of: Hanta Virus-Humans may be infected with hantaviruses through rodent bites, urine, saliva or contact with rodent waste products. Some hantaviruses cause potentially fatal diseases in humans, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), but others have not been associated with human disease.

    There was an outbreak of this disease in Southern US in the early 80’s at least one or more people died.

    As was mentioned in one of the posts if you want to release them you better be prepared to go for a long country drive because they will find their way back just like Arnold promised.

    I am sure the antifreeze will work as long as you don’t have pets…(although I have never tried it to get rid of mice)we had a kitten that got into some by accident and it met its untimely demise. So if it will kill a kitten I am sure it will kill a mouse.

    Also if you have a bad infestation I think the guy that was in Iraq has a good solution.

    Most of the other solutions seem to provide only limited success. A more permanent solution is in order here.

    These are my tips of the day…

  • Miya

    Okay so we’ve had a mice problem for about 3yrs now. We normally see them during winter time not SUMMER…but they’ve been coming out during summer! We caught a few during the spring, but there still seems to be more. I woke up one night to use the bathroom and i was standing in my hall way and a mouse ran over my foot (Yesss very disgusting and i thought something was falling out of my pants)! Lol very true story. Now i am scared to walk up and down my stairway. After a few months i was lying down on my bottom bunk bed and my sister came in the room and told me a mouse was over my head on my laptop box! I FREAK OUT! Cause i never see them in my room. Ever since then i’ve seen them in my room twice and i’m terrified to walk in my room or my hallway.

    I don’t think the mice are scared of us, they’re like some type of mighty mice ninjas running around here! Our floors are carpeted so we don’t hear them running around nor do we hear them running around in the wall. I just want them all to die so i can be in my own home comfortably! My brother seen 3 last night running together. I guess they’re coming in from outside because of the rain. Sticky pads worked for some, and mice traps worked for some. But i need some ideas where i can catch and kill them…not just poison them and allow them to continue running around the house to find them dead somewhere later on! UGH I hate mice and i just want to die, i don’t want to be scared of them any more…PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I’ll definitely try some of these ideas out though, and i pray that they work!

  • Mary Casas

    I have a great hint, My gramma used to put out cornmeal mixed with ortland cement. They get petrified and croak!!

  • vern

    I have a bird (parrot). I want to know if it is safe to use peppermint oil, bobcat urine (shake away),or sonic plug in? I just put peppermint oil in kitchen and she doesn’t seem to be acting unusual. Thanx for any info.

  • Rebecca Silvis

    Oh, I am laughing so hard! I got on this site a full two hours ago to find out how the he** to get mice out of my walls…After reading the tips and experiences I am thoroughly entertained but still don’t know for sure what to do. My daughter hears the mice in the ceiling and walls at night. We are not seeing droppings anywhere in the house. We saw at least one place they are getting in at so will maybe try steel wool or foil to plug it up. I will use the blue death stuff – doesn’t bother me at all to kill the stupid things; but am afraid I will then have armies of dead/dying/stinking mice in the walls….will that happen with the blue death stuff? The only thing that freaks me out more than mice in the house is bats in the house….if that happens I’m leaving!!!! Thanks all for the tips and stories! Buck up, peeps..we’re all in this together!

  • Rebecca

    BTW: does this bobcat pee powder really work? Is it expensive? Thought I might try it. Saw where they’re coming in through the block wall outside. Also, when I read the thing about the bobcat pee my daughter just howled!!!!

  • Pat

    I have had pretty good success with whole cloves. I have had mice running through my kitchen drawers, after washing them and contents out, I would sprinkle a goodly amount on the bottom of the draw and put a liner such as paper of it and there would not be any more little gifts from the mice. We do have a problem with them under our house so I am going to get a large container of whole cloves and have my husband sprinkle them under there.
    I have used whole cloves for years as a moth preventer in all my clothes and anything that is packed away like Halloween and Christmas stuff. I just put some whole cloves in the bottom of the storage container and I have no problems and it smells better than moth balls.
    The cheapest place to get whole cloves is a health food store or I have also found it at a wholesale/retail food store by the pound.
    Good luck.

  • Vicki

    “Mixture of catfood & sardines on the trap (glue trap or spring trap).” That’s what the professional exterminators used on the TV program, “Infestations”, last weekend. A convenience store operator hired the exterminators to kill an infestation of mice/rats in the basement of her convenience store.
    I also plan to use:
    1) a hot-glued-down York Peppermint Patty, and a hot-glued-down Reece Cup (since the mice seem to like chocolate, peanut butter, & edible peppermint).
    2) 2 cups of honey in a mason jar in the sink, tilted for the mice to walk in.
    3) antifreeze in little cups (I have no pets).
    4) leaving a radio & the lights on in the kitchen at night.
    5) using “Shake Away” around the house, & leaving an open container of it in the crawl space under my house.
    6) If these don’t work, I have a list of about 100 tips I learned from all of you that I will try.

  • Aqsa

    there’s a easy solution
    but I’m not sure they do it in every ones area
    just ring pest control and they will remove them all
    and if you qualify for the benefits they will do it for free
    just search on the internet!!!!!

  • Lilly

    We had a TERRIBLE rodent problem & what finally worked for me was Borax. I’d read somewhere it repels them. You can find it on the laundry isle of Wal-Mart & most grocery stores. I just spread it generously all over the attic. A month or two later I noticed new activity & cinnamon came to mind (heard it repels cats from bushes) so I doused all the items stored in the attic with it. Wal-Mart has it for .50 so it was an inexpensive fix. That was 6-8 months ago & it really did the trick! Unfortunately, I’m noticing that DISGUSTING smell again (feces & urine) so it’s time to reapply which I don’t really mind b/c compared to the insanity that was my rodent problem, having to spread stuff in the attic 2-3 times a year is a breeze! I think one of the reasons they’re coming to the attic is for water- the overflow pan from our AC units often have water in them. I’m going to attach screening to the top so they can’t get to the water.
    Here’s to rodent-free living!

  • gil

    1. Used dollar store mouse traps with peanut butter and an organic popcorn kernel in the middle of the underside of the trigger. Caught-5 and fed them to the feral cats outside. They loved them and now prowl my yard looking for live ones. (This is a good way to recycle the bodies and to train the cats to love mice treats)

    2. Found a rotting dead mouse that had been injured and threw it’s body near my crawl space door as a warning to others. Seems to have worked in the house.

    3. They have moved to my car i think. Found shredded napkins in glove box and shredded rag in trunk. I will give them one verbal warning to move out before i commence the battle of the car. I’m sure the neighborhood feral cats would love some more mice treats!

    4. If you get them, start the battle QUICK as they have a 12-week birth cycle and are prolific breeders. Thank God i caught the pregnant one before she popped.

  • Alexis

    Any suggestions in how to catch a mouse with a lax stick? I live in an apartment with a third door on the outside so thebpeople upstairs can get to the basement. They never close the door so we think it got in that way. We got the super sonic beepy things. But the little thing is in my room and has been using my bed to get to my window we think it’s trying to get out but bc there’s no holes it can’t. Any suggestions on how to get it out bc my mom and I don’t want to have to take care if it if you get my drift. And the only other people in the house are my little brothers who are under the age of ten so that’s not safe to have them do it. Yay for being wimps!

  • papaya

    I’m also distraught over having to live with mice. Since my apartment’s been renovated with a promise of secured walls, still, I’ve seen a few tiny droppings underneath the kitchen sink. Then one day I saw a rat-sized dropping (just one) on the floor at the front door. And recently, when I had carpet laid and had to move my bed & remove my bed-skirt, I noticed urine stains on my (very expensive) box-spring. I don’t hear rodent activity, but every once in a while late at night, I hear a bit of popping, and when I open my eyes it stops. I hope my worst nightmare isn’t happening–a rat is sending in mice to spy through an opening underneath the kitchen sink. I’m going to try the peppermint oil cotton swabs.

  • old blues fan

    hellooooooooo, so glad that i found this site. it took a lonnng time to read the whole thing. before i had small dogs i had put the decon boxes all over the house. as they emptied, i put more out. i wondered why it took so long for the mice to die. wellllllllll guess what, they were storing the decon pellets everywhere!

    my small dogs leave the mice alone. it wasn’t until the last 2 years that i again had a problem with mice as well as moles. you can only catch the moles with the straight amber plastic traps that open with a swing up door in the front. once they go into to get the small dog pellets the door swings down and they cannot get out.

    i use purina little bites in all of my traps, moles and mice luv the bites. i put away all dog nuggets and treats after my dogs eat.

    i forgot that i had a few lever 2000 soap bars here and there and guess what! the mice luv to chew on them, i read that there is fat in the ingredients and if they have nothing else that is good food for them.

    the three traps that work for me and i manage to throw in at least 5 bites to the back of them…. 1. d-con ultra-set-trap 2. ortho home defense max and 3. the straight amber swing door trap.

    i read above about the pail with the string and the can, i will try that as well. it makes alot of sense.

    also thanks for telling us not to handle the traps without gloves on, so that our scent is not there.

    i started this search because i read that critters leave a scent trail. i was trying to find out what to wash the outside of my house with to stop the “road to riches”. i will try pine-sol or a citrus detergent and hope for the best.

    have a wonderful pestless life!!!

  • Christina

    LOL Thank you my mouse-fearing friends for making me feel better!!! I’m actually not sure now if I have a large mouse or a small rat, but I know I have MICE!!! My house is 100 years old, and I know I cannot possibly seal every hole, or even begin to find them. I LOVE the idea of sticky traps in the garbage can. When I find a new boyfriend that will be his test of dealing with ‘crazy’. 🙂 I am too terrified of mice, dead or alive (they’re not always DEAD!!!) to do this myself, and if I hear them crying (as I’ve heard when regular traps catch a leg or something), I CRY WITH IT!!! Oh my gosh.. It’s just awful!! I even JUMPED AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN looking at mouse v. rat feces pics when a picture of a fat ugly roof rat appeared! Thankfully, I don’t hear them at night. That may be due to my migraine medication knocking me out. I do see evidence of them in just about every closet and rarely used cupboard. I find them upstairs, which is a NO FOOD ZONE, and I keep nearly everything in my fridge or microwave (like baked cookies). I HATE MICE!!!! Ugh…

  • Jeanette

    I have a small mouse problem. I get a couple of mice in my house every couple of months. As soon as I start seeing mouse droppings I start setting traps their is nothing worse than dead mouse smell it lasts for weeks and makes the area of the house they died in unlivable. I don’t use D-con or other poison becasuse the mice die in the wall and the smell is just horrid. I don’t like the gross factor of snap traps and glue traps seem cruel. I am a catch and release person. I use tincat mouse traps. When I have a mouse in my house the tincat will usually trap it in about 3 days. I use peanut butter for bait. The one thing that has helped keep my house mouse free is to set the traps all the time. If the traps are not in use on the inside of the house I set them on the outside of the house up again the foundation. The theory is I trap them before they get in the house. And the great thing about the tincat is that you can trap more than one mouse at time. I’m lucky in that I can release the mice about a mile away from my house at the kids bus stop (no houses around.) If your up for it you could also immerse a full trap in water and drown the mice.

  • Sara

    The safest and non-toxic approach (just got two mice) is to buy a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot and fill it with two gallons of water. Pour in enough sunflower seeds to cover the top (they float). Surprisingly, the mice can climb the side of the bucket and fall inside. Unfortunately, they drown. As I said, it only took two days for me to catch two rodents that caused $1,000 of damage to a new car. Continue until you have several days with no new mice in the bucket.


  • Alice

    Do you think that peppermint oil is bad for parakeets? because i have 2 parakeets in a cage with a small space between it and the wall and mice sleep in the space and if i move the cage the mice’ll move around and run and i wont be able to find them then, but i dont want the smell to hurt my birds and their egg…

  • Jules

    The cheap snap mouse traps work like a charm but if you are like me and do not like the clean-up part, after baiting the trap, place the trap on an angle inside a paper lunch bag. After the mouse is caught, just toss the bag.

  • Nikki

    how about bleach? I heard that works. Good Luck!!

  • crystal

    ok. i’ve actually been reading everyones ideals and problems. I’ve heard of peanut butter on traps, peppermint oil, electronic devices and ect. well theres a few everyones should try. first thing first. look for everylil hole in and outside around your house. get sum peanut butter n hide lil bits of decon inside of it. also get a spray bottle in put almonia in it and spray inside the holes. go out and buy sum foam and/or cement to cover and seal the holes. That will keep the ones in the the rest out. if u have a holes to your dyer that leads to the outside then its ok to take it off and keep it inside til ur problem is resolve if u dont mind a lil lint. If your in a house, go and purchase sum anti-freeze and put it around your house. anti-freeze frys the brain and it will explode.

    on the inside of ur house theres a few things u can do. take all food thats not in the fridge and store it and tightly sealed container. make sure nothing is in bags but in storage containers. mice loves a find warm places to hide.if you want u can also take a bowl and mix peanut butter with almonia or anti-freeze and place it around the house out of view. they also have bombs that can be set off in the house while your away for awhile. before u can do that u must open cover all furniture, clothes or anything that you do want ruined. remove everything from cabinets, drawers and closets. in other words, PUT AWAY EVERYTHING!!! set off cans of bombs with will kill mice and bugs n leave the house for a few hrs. when returning home, open all windows n turn on fans to let the fumes air out. clean your house with goos scent disinfecting cleanind supplies.I know you may say it seems a bit much, but, its better to spend a few days going thru the procedures to get rid of the problems then to do nothing and live with unwanted creatures for yrs. Give it about a week in all ur problems should be gone. Try it in let me know the outcome!!! good luck!!!

  • ImJustAvg

    I had a red fox living in my backyard for years and he kept the mouse population cut down. He would wake up catch a mouse or two from the wood pile and then take a nap again. Best mouser I ever saw!

    When I bought my American Eskimo puppy the fox left, so now I am having a mouse problem. In the last 24 hours, have caugt 9 of the little buggers using peanut butter – skippy – they ignored the bargain brand.

    Last time this happened, before the fox moved in, we used isant mashed potato flakes and a bowl of water. Worked but then they would die in the wall or crawl space, but if I keep catching them will have to try them again.

  • Killy

    I have some mice entering my camper. We’ll seal all holes tomorrow with steel wool and spray foam. I put some peppermint oil in the camper as well as outside under the camper on peppermint tea bags. And to top it off, I pitched a few mothballs under the camper too! I have bounce sheets in every closets and hope all these efforts will help. I’ll keep you posted.

    Make sure to buy ESSENTIAL peppermint oil from a health food store and NOT the one in the grocery store. Not the same at all.

  • Mary

    Hello, Folks,

    I just want to share my experience with a product, eaten by mice, which caused them to later die. I believe the product dehydrated the mice. Well, they ate the product, and they did die, but not all in easy to find places! One died inside a wall. Ahhhh! The Stench!!! It lasted for weeks!!! Another died on my basement floor, out in the open. I had successfully placed the poison where neither my youngest child or my dog could find it, but now here was this mouse out in the open. Luckily I found it before either of them did– it would have been traumatic for my child and may have poisoned my dog (I am guessing) had he eaten it. From then on I’ve tried to ignore them rather than poison them, but now I’ll try the peppermint oil and bayleaves. Thanks to everyone for sharing your suggestions.

  • Owena Overby

    I just recently discovered mice in my cupboards… and would like to try peppermint oil to get rid of them but don’t know where to find it.
    Can anyone help? We’ve had poison out as a precaution, but obviously that didn’t work. I really don’t want to use poison ,I have pets that
    would get into it…they get into everything else. And I don’t want to handle traps or dead mouse bodies!

  • Nessa

    I may have borrowed my neighbors cat for a week when we got mice in our old condo. It worked like a charm! but in our new house we have a garage with these darn little mice we cant get rid of. They are too smart for any trap. i wish they sold the glue from the traps so i could just put that on a huge piece of wood where they walk.

  • Kayna

    No tip, but have been at this for over a week now. I’m actually not sure now if I have a large mouse or a small rat….. Before viewing this page I had the glue traps out, Decon poison out & nothing…. I would hear the glue traps sliding back & forth on kitchen floor late nights like they were trying to ask me if I really thought they would fall for it!!! I read everyone’s suggestions on here & did the pepermint oil which seems to work, but only temperary. Had a good two nights sleep with no noise or sounds. Once the pepermint scent dies down, it’s a done deal.

    I sealed a few holes I found. Under kitchen sink, water heater, and the two vent port of my garage. I purchased the Shake Away repellent & placed at all corners of my garage along with moth balls. Also placed some under kitchen sink & all bathroom sinks. Placed rubber extensions at bottom of every bedroom & closet doors in my home to prevent them from going in.

    Just two days ago, I realized the original Decon poison I placed was gone. Not just the poison, but the entire poison container as well. I could not figure it out for anything, untill later on that evening I realized the little bastard(s) took it to the back of my fish tank & ate it all up!! YAYYYYYY, but also nervous & praying that my two littles ones & I dont find that nasty creature dead somewhere in the house!

    So far so good, no signs of droppings, pee stains, nor any noise/movements & hoping my issue is taken cared of… Waiting it out to see what happens, to proceed with powdered concrete & coke! I really have no choice at this point, cause if there are more they are trapped in! I will be darn if they run me out of my own home. Will post again in a few days with my update. Good luck everyone.

  • Donna

    Had mice in the kitchen nothing seemed to work till I finally decided on the sticky traps. Put a treat in the middle n turn out the lights n wait for dusk u will have your mice! If u want to b humane or b sure they die n don’t escape the garbage u can drown them in a bucket of water using a stick to hold mouse & trap down till the bugger stops moving. Drowning is supposed to b a peaceful death so I had no guilt since they avoided all the humane catch n release traps. I tried the spin traps n they were useless. Hope this helps!

  • Vonciel

    It has been 5 years now that I have lived in my apartment and have mice problem. Orkin has come several times by management sent. Victor Traps are set and you have to put the peanut butter on the middle wire bar and or into the slit where the wire stem rest on when setting the traps but I am tired of catching mice and disposing them. I have seen it all. They get trapped leaving blood stains and then they get trapped and go running under the stove and the last mouse drama 2 mice were caught on one peanut butter trap running from the kitchen to my living room closet area. I know they are God’s creature but its either me or them that has to go. So I went on line to http://www.victorpest.com after calling the hardware store.

    I want something EFFECTIVE right away. So Victor Pest seems to be the answer. Will come back to let you know for certain if it works. This is the worse of the mice I have had since living here. The more we try to cover the holes the more they appear. $1,090 too much rent for this mice ordeal. Management needs to reimburse me for certain and that is what I am checking into. If they can collect my monies each month on time then they can help me with a small cost to rid these unwanted rodents. Meanwhile, I will get back with you on how effective victor pest products are in the home.

  • Angelina

    I got a mouse in my house!! Look in every cabinet, closet, drawer for the smallest cracks.. or any a/c vents in the wall… fill the gaps with steel wool. The rodent cannot through it or push it out because it will cut them, so you are closing up there entrances from under your homes. I use d-CON round mouse traps. you put some pb in the little hole at the bottom. twist the trap open and place it against a wall where you know the bastard is running around against. When its caught the trap closes and reads “mouse caught”. Its great because its a no view, no touch trap!

  • Soniya

    Hey guys! Not exactly a tip but wanted to share something with all of you. We shifted into brand new apartments last year and never had any problems until just a few days back : mice! and it was today that I got so fed up with it that I started to google how to get rid of these without using any chemicals and yes now on hindsight I think you guys are right! Actually what happened was ages ago I think around May last year I brought Indian whole garam-masala (which consists of cinnamon sticks, peppermints, bay leaves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cloves)around two kg I think and had kept it in a plastic box in the kitchen. One day sadly this box fell of my kitchen shelf and all the masala spread onto the floor behind the washing machine an area that was covered i tried hard but my hand just wouldn’t reach enough to pick this stuff up and i gave up. A few days back i learnt that I could remove the whole wood cover on the floor under my kitchen cabinets exposing the area beyond it and I was so happy that I could pick the mess up and clean my kitchen up…And it is since that day that I have mice in my house and the shit all around…I would never have discovered that actually my mistake was a real life saver for me! It kept the mouse out of my house!!! Not to mention we live on the first floor! Thanks a lot to all of you to have posted…I don’t need to mention I still have that masala with me and what am I gonna do with it 😉 CHEERS MATES!!!!!! It actually worked for more than a year and half for me!!!!

  • Amber

    We’ve always had mice and have been trying to get rid of them permanently! We go outside the house and try to block off any entry way they can get in. Use wood. They eat right thru spray foam. Stuff the holes with steel wool and then spray foam (just to hold it tight.) Can hammer some wood over top the foam. Using sticky pads, etc inside the house doesn’t prevent mice from coming back in the future it only catches or kills the ones already inside. Corners of the house and foundation, pipes, wire holes for electicity, gas, dryer ducts . . .etc, make sure they are all sealed.

    Stuff with steel wool and secure it with wood or something hard they can’t chew thru. Hope this info helps, it has helped us but took us a few years to find all the holes! We did find using stick pads helped to get rid of the ones inside, but we used the “rat” type which is a plastic pad with about 1/2 a cm of sticky glue. They cannot get off these traps like the paper sticky pads. Good luck!

  • Kim

    Had a case of a mouse jumping on my bed last year … After moving back in with parents I’ve seen them again! The thought, sound, and just everything about them freaks me out! I’ll shriek and whine on top of my dresser like there’s no tomorrow. Up late right now in fear of having another one trying to attack me during my sleep

  • reese maurice

    these dam mice start eating my blunts out the ashtray didn’t know mice ate weed…tired of cleaning poo I’m very clean…tried glue trap but out somehow got loose…man ate my marijuana I’m gone kill that lil fucker!!!


    WHO IN THE HELL created these little nasty rodants… last year i seen a single sign of mice in my back yard and thought that it was from the neighbors nasty back yard, It finally made it in the house and i cought the little rodant but from putting up so many stickies freaked out about catching him. I found 5 more, WTF!! and my house is a split level i was thinking OK i got the downstairs under control.. so last week my niece was in the bathroom up stairs and said one came out from under the counter and ran RIGHT OVER HER TOE.

    I was so disgusted im affraid of this battle. So last night i places stickies in the kitchen and found one on the kitchen counter dying… i threw clorox all over my counter and left to work…. I went to day at lunch and bought a few things that i got from tips. But i also decided when i go home im going to look for holes, patch them with ductape and throw in some cocroach bomb in the wall and infumigate them little bastards and there families.. I really hope something works fast… for everyone who is killing these little rodants like crazy ill pray for you and a guest free home… Wish me luck!!

  • bex

    As I sit here typing this, I hear the pattering of little mouse feet running across my ceiling. *sigh* I have sealed holes with steel wool, others with foundation foam stuff. I have traps out, did peppermint oil, mint leaves, mothballs. Unfortunately, I live in the middle of a 40-acre field and the field mice are determined to come indoors before the snow flies. I’m not afraid of mice so I don’t lie awake like some of you in fear, thank goodness! They don’t particularly bother me until they are in my house! I just hate having to disinfect all the time! I used to use live traps but the mice got too smart for them and never went in them anymore. Now I kill the little suckers because there are so many and I know that no matter how far out in the woods I let them go, they will find another house to invade!

    The most luck I’ve had is with the cheap snap traps from the dollar store. I put peanut butter on a tiny crumb of bread and smear it on there so they have to struggle to get it all. I won’t use poisons because I have animals and also don’t want decomposing things in my walls. Also, I may kill them, but I’d prefer it to be a fast death. Internal bleeding from poison just isn’t something I want to inflict on any living creature.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Ruby

    Ok I have been reading over this thread for roughly 2 days, on and off. I HATE mice. I can’t stand the thought of them in my house, and the last 2 nights or so I heard them in my room. That was when I started scouring the net in earnest for a fix. I went to the local health food shop and purchased a 25ml bottle of 100% peppermint oil (for $17… ouch) and bought a couple of traps. I was planning on using the traps as a last resort because i haaaate the sight of dead mice. However last night, after literally dousing my house but ESPECIALLY my room in the peppermint oil, I saw a mouse literally 3 times in my room. that was it. I had reached my wits end. I was sooo convinced the oil would do the trick that it felt like the mouse had literally walked up and slapped me in the face. He even scampered right over one of the cotton balls I had loaded up with the oil.

    After a night of very little sleep (yet again) I started setting traps around the place then heard my little mixed-breed terrier give a little bark from outside and i thought… eh, worth a shot. I unset the traps and pulled them out of his reach and let him loose in the house. He bounded around a bit and sniffed here and there, then made a bee-line for a box in the corner of my living room and started pawing it it frantically. he hopped in and i watched a mouse hop right on out. I tried getting him to chase it but no luck, he just wanted to keep at the box. I soon realised he was pretty sure that the escapee had left a buddy behind and pretty soon he emerged, swinging a mouse around.

    The beauty of a dog hunter over a cat is that he was not at all interested in sharing, or gifting me the mouse. that thing was his and he made fast work of disposing of the body for me. The crunching was a bit much, and i had to leave the room fast, but overall, pretty painless on my part.

    He seems to be too worn out from the excitement to bother hunting the other one, but I feel better knowing that if he suspects one in the vicinity, he will be all over it.
    He is currently asleep at the end of my bed, and that’s where I plan to keep him tonight. I would much rather share my bed with a cute puppy than a creepy mouse.

  • Claire

    Got home from our holidays and realized we have mice, havn’t seen any just there droppings. I am disgusted finding it everywhere. we have a four level split and noticed it under our kitchen sink, third level ledge and furnace room hoping they are not in our bedrooms upstairs. I read on here peppermint helps i will try that. but does anybody else have any other tips that will help. I want these gross rodents out of my home.

  • Ernie

    Try a stuff called Shake-a-Way…It is made from Fox & Coyote urine…It has stopped the mice in my summer home…You need to refresh every few weeks..Buy off the internet…Good Luck

  • tina

    No tip, but a huge problem!!!!! I live in a very rural area right next to a corn field and have a LARGE mouse problem. I have tried traps, and they did not work. I have tried electronic devises, and a mouse literally sat in front of it(not 3 inches away) and looked at me like i was stupid, at that point i had to agree with it. At my wits end i have a couple of cats and a dog they sometimes catch them but do not seem to come close to fixing this huge problem. does anyone know a better way to lessen the number of my unwanted rodent guests

  • tatiana

    Ok…I’m so disgusted,I can honestly throw up here! It’s almost 3 am..my lights are on,music on,tv on..I’ve watched my Roomate(the mouse) having fun in my bedroom!!! Can’t wait to wake up and go to the store! That if I will fall asleep..I’m disgusted to put on clothes..I’m afraid to close my eyes! Freaking terrorist..I just took my vicks and put it around my room…on my hardwood,behind my dresser…hoping to see him run out of my room…so I can get a break. 4 hours watching the floors…
    Do they get on beds??… My 2 year old is sleeping with me…sick baby threw up all over plus the mouse…I NEED A VACATION!
    praying to see him leave my room for tonight…then Tommorow we are in business,I understand not to sleep because of a sick baby…but because of a mouse??? That’s too much!

  • chilou

    I have the same problem with mice, its getting worsed. then we found a snake skin, since mice is their food source. We tried mothball and the electric sonic thing, we put it every where there is plug but does not work at all. Traps is also a waste of money, we did different traps never caught a single mice. We are having the exterminator today and sealing all the holes in our house, they will do some fogging thing and put some trap (dont know whats the diff. with the trap we did). It is very expensive but it is a one yr warranty and we can call them back if the mice problem occur again free of charged, will for sure i will be calling them everytime i see mice pop. I already spend so much for this pest, i am willing to pay exterminator to get rid of them. I am hoping this time it will work, but i will try the peppermint. They say no mice no snake.

  • sharron

    i saw a mouse in my house but it was shy and it wentbehind the door then when we opend the door it went what should i do?

  • Cincinnati Bradley

    If your mice are like mine I only see a streak of fur for a millisecond and I have laid the basic snap traps (with cheese scented discs for bait that came on them) in the exact areas I’ve seen them, to no avail. I have a 2 year old, it’s just me and her and I have no time to mouse hunt. I would really appreciate something that really really helps!
    I have seen nothing in this very long thread that consistently works. So I supposed I will scour the pest control aisle at the store again in hopes of a new miracle mouse eradicating robot.
    There is a site ( http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/pest-control/how-to-get-rid-of-mice/ ) that helps you identify rather the mice are wild or house mice. Helps identify entry ways, gives some decent tips and also gives some good tips on many different kinds of traps and how well they work.
    Good luck to all of us.

  • tatiana

    Ok.. I’ve posted on Sept 27 th I believe…I put vicks all over baseboards in my bedroom(they hate camphor and eucalyptus smell),patched a whole in my closet(my guess was that’s how they got in) put some dcon in child proof traps..
    Been 6 days…and I finally sleep good,without hearing them chew on smthg!!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kate

    I’m so tired having to deal with the mice at my house..I have a hard time sleeping for fear that they will crawl on me or my 3 young children…and I don’t know if they’d bite or not.we have the sticky traps,the standard traps,a big rat trap,some circular traps that are suppose to close when the mouse goes into it…we’ve caught quite a few on the sticky traps..but sometimes they get away and they leave their fur stuck to the glue..the standard mouse traps..they eat the p.b. off but they rarely set the trap off. We’ve caught a big one or 2 in the rat trap and the circular traps just don’t seem to be going off correctly…or the mice are just too fat for it.I’m not sure how many we have but I cringe at the very thought.I don’t see them very often but every night I hear them scratching and making noise.Tonight was the first time I’ve actually seen one in months..I left my fiance at home and went to my mom’s for the night with the kids..it just disgusts me so much.

    I would try the poison but it makes me way too nervous since I have small children.I’m thinking about getting a cat but I don’t know what kind of cat to get..some cats just don’t seem very into mouse hunting.I’m sick of finding mouse poop in my kitchen,my drawers,etc.it’s a pain in the butt cleaning it up constantly and it’s so gross.I want to be rid of them for good.In the past we got rid of them for a while but they keep coming back..we live in a rural area..lots of farms nearby and fields.I’m so tired of this battle..it’s exhausting!

  • kh

    I need help, I have been using traps, but I have no clue where they are coming in @, I have cats and a dog and still have this problem.
    My dog caught 2 and is my alerter, but these mice freak me out.
    I had an exterminator come in but he just gives me traps.

  • bbwdiva

    I am eternally grateful for all the tips. I heard a mouse and then my hubby saw the mouse; hoping it was a scout. Went out today and stuffed what we think is the entry- dryer vent, with steel wool and did the moth balls, pine-sol, ammonia, no touch and glue traps. Tomorrow I get fox urine, happily, and a gf is bringing her cat. Thank you all.

  • Deepak Bisto R

    Ok I have been reading over this thread for roughly 2 days, on and off. I HATE mice. I can’t stand the thought of them in my house, and the last 2 nights or so I heard them in my room. That was when I started scouring the net in earnest for a fix. I went to the local health food shop and purchased a 25ml bottle of 100% peppermint oil (for $17… ouch) and bought a couple of traps. I was planning on using the traps as a last resort because i haaaate the sight of dead mice. However last night, after literally dousing my house but ESPECIALLY my room in the peppermint oil, I saw a mouse literally 3 times in my room. that was it. I had reached my wits end. I was sooo convinced the oil would do the trick that it felt like the mouse had literally walked up and slapped me in the face. He even scampered right over one of the cotton balls I had loaded up with the oil.

    After a night of very little sleep (yet again) I started setting traps around the place then heard my little mixed-breed terrier give a little bark from outside and i thought… eh, worth a shot. I unset the traps and pulled them out of his reach and let him loose in the house. He bounded around a bit and sniffed here and there, then made a bee-line for a box in the corner of my living room and started pawing it it frantically. he hopped in and i watched a mouse hop right on out. I tried getting him to chase it but no luck, he just wanted to keep at the box. I soon realised he was pretty sure that the escapee had left a buddy behind and pretty soon he emerged, swinging a mouse around.

    The beauty of a dog hunter over a cat is that he was not at all interested in sharing, or gifting me the mouse. that thing was his and he made fast work of disposing of the body for me. The crunching was a bit much, and i had to leave the room fast, but overall, pretty painless on my part.

    He seems to be too worn out from the excitement to bother hunting the other one, but I feel better knowing that if he suspects one in the vicinity, he will be all over it.
    He is currently asleep at the end of my bed, and that’s where I plan to keep him tonight. I would much rather share my bed with a cute puppy than a creepy mouse.

  • Barb

    After finding Christmas candy chewed on by mice one year,we’ve always used chocolat (Hershey works well). Just slice off a piece and jam it into the trap. Doesn’t go stale (or the mice don’t care). Always works. They have to chew it off the trap and spring it.

  • Renee

    I started reading postings almost an hour ago, and Im still only half way down the page! I do feel better now though, I realize its not just me!
    I have only one tip so far, and it wont work for everyone, but here goes. I am in Texas, where a lot of homes are raised up off the ground. I had stray cats hanging out under the house, so I put up wire mesh all around the house. Skirting I guess its called. I used really small mesh, more like window screen mesh than say chicken wire. I also caulked up every single hole , crack I could find outside of the house.It has slowed down the mice comming into the house. NOW I just need to get the ones in the house.
    I am going to plant peppermint plants all over the foundation of the house as well. It smells great, looks pretty and it it helps…all the better! Happy hunting!

  • Rachel

    We used the sticky traps and one of them had peanuts on it…and it worked…we caught one instantly, unfortunately, they got smart and knew how to get around them. I would find some with hair stuck on it like they were stuck but somehow got off!! There are SO many!
    Someone help!! We just put the plug ins and we saw one running…and have no idea where he went…

  • Kandee

    I think there may be a rather large infestation in my house. I see the little buggers scampering along the baseboards every night. Last night I found one in my pillow case! I heard a squeaking noise while my head was on the pillow so I turned it upside down and out dropped a mouse.


  • Christine

    We have a mouse in our house. We have tried several times to set up a trap, with peanut butter, and the mouse just licks it off without setting off the trap. As soon as we try to move the trap it goes off. Any ideas on how to catch this mouse?

  • meolia

    Well, after reading some of the posts – I am not the only one with the “animals” at home 🙂 I am feeling better now. LOL
    I caught about 12 mice in sticky pads. Do not know what to try: holes in the walls were filled with plaster, still wool, Styrofoam and scotch tape. We have sticky pads and black boxes with poisonous bait everywhere… And what? Now one advanced mouse is digging a hole in my plant’s soil.
    I will try to borrow a cat and to find some mint oil, but I need a PERMANENT solution (beside moving to a new location). Guys , please, HELP!

  • Marla

    Not a tip….. About a month ago I had seen a mouse run from my bedroom closet to under my computer chair.Went and got stick traps put peanut butter on them didn’t catch a thing. Then not seen again, then on Monday morning my husband found one in the tolet. Yesterday I cought a rat coming out of my cought closet in the living room, THE MOST UGLY THINGS IN THE WORLD.I got up this morning and sat on the couch let alone did i know that there was one having a ball in side. I have a cat it like to scratch them but not kill them. I have lived in my house for 3 years and this is the only time I have seen them and heard them. I have a filed across the street from me is that were they are coming from?

    I hate them so bad every time i see them or hear then i scream like a little girl… I am afraid that there is more than i know in my house.. i will try the remedies on here but would love to know how to keep them out.

  • Juicy


  • Bob

    If the cork of which was plugged with a bottle of sunflower oil has an unpleasant smell, it’s easy to hold in the 5 – th% glycerin solution, and keep it for as long as you need to cork an unpleasant smell disappeared hoziayushka.ru/index.php/Home-smarty-English/difficulties-with-the-plug.html

  • Sally

    GODD NEWS–I got a full night’s sleep—- no mice! My story and solution to date, is belowwww…….

    Whewwwwwwwwwwww— I read everrrry post and thank you all for the comments, hints and stories!

    I hate anything that moves faster than I do (spiders, snakes, mices, etc., etc.)

    My first problem was CRICKETS and SPIDERS in the basement. It was inundated and the miserable things were showing up upstairs. As much as I hate chemicals, poisons, etc, I decided I had to bomb the basement. Took care of the crickets, spider, etc—but the mice population moved upstairs. In about 3 days, I had mice and signs of mice everywhere! I even had pooplets on the bar soap in the bathroom that looked like it might even be a rat. EWWWW!!! I set out traps, d-con pellets, bait bars–the whole show.

    They ate the PB right off the entire eight traps—caught nary a mouse!! Didn’t touch the bars and couldn’t tell about the pellets. And– I could still hear them running around at night. So, NO-SLEEP!!! I could even hear them in the bedroom….

    The next morning, saw two of the little buggers run across the living room floor. AND–some sorry critter had pretty much destroyed my chenille rug and left it strewn all over the floor!

    This went on for three days without any signs of improvement. Oh–and of course, NO SLEEP! I even ordered the peppermint oil online.

    Yesterday, I decided to reverse my actions and set off yet more bug bombs–UPSTAIRS, while I shopped for more mouse bait! Before I went to bed, I set out a “tom cat” bait station/trap and put the remaining bait bars in several secluded places.

    Then, it was time to go to bed and I was dreading another night of rustling, pitter-patter of mouse feet, and that awful sound as they run thru the walls! OH GOSH!!!

    Before I went to bed, I used lavender essential oil in a few ounces of water and sprayed the entire area, including my bed, pillow, curtains, bedskirt—everything!! It was kind of strong–but what better scent to go to sleep with than LAVENDER?!

    Through the entire night–not even a rustle– no pitter patters–NOTHING but a great night’s sleep! Finally!

    Do I think the mice are gone? Prob not but I think they may have moved downstairs. at least temporarily. This will give me a chance to stuff the hole around the drainpipe under the sink and caulk around the fireplace, etc. I am leaving the bait, traps, etc. in hopes that I can get ahead of the winter invasion of these miserable creatures!

    And, I will be spraying my bedroom again tonight and every night until I WIN this BATTLE!!

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Clair McNatt

    Go to a Feed Store or County Co-op and buy some poison pellets called Havoc. The pellets are eaten by the critters and it kills them – embalms them so there is no odor. Apparently the pellets are tasty because they will eat alot of the pellets – and then you’ll find the dead creature – often times in the pellets. I put the pellets in an old jar lid. Works like a charm. Of course if you have small children or pets you shouldn’t use this. I suggest putting some in the attic and garage which will prevent the varmits from getting in the house.

  • Darryl

    I wonder if someone sprayed the attic and inside the wall with raid if it would kill them or make them run for the outside? I remember when i was a kid my uncle had a bat fly in the house and trapped it in the bathroom and sprayed 2 cans of raid in the room and in the morning the bat lay dead on the floor??? This would probably require you to leave the house for a day or two? Then there is the clean up later ? Has anyone tried this or something similar ? Curious? I guess it all depends on how dsperate we are ? If anyone tries this please let us know how it works?

  • rcmans1

    There is peperment mouth wash at the dollar tree store maybe it works at least cheaper as want say havent tried though but to the lady said its expensive good luck . I need try the same .

  • sally


    Ok–so haven’t seen a mouse or any signs of a mouse since the lavender–bug bomb, etc. BUT–today there is an AWFUL smell in my utility room! YUCK!! I assume that it is a decaying mouse carcass–peeeuuuwwww!

    HOWEVER–the point is–it is a DEAD mouse and it can’t run around terrorizing me anymore!!

    The smell will go away eventually. Right now– it is the smell of VICTORY!!!

  • Celeste

    After discovering a mouse in my condo – I was able to detract them with the following:

    1 – Cut their food source. Place all foods in glass containers.
    2 – The peppermint tea bags soaked in peppermint oil is a good idea.
    3 – Plug holes with steel wool and then cover w/spray foam around the perimeter of the hole you plugged OR plug w/steel wool and use something to glue smooth surfaced glass (not plexiglass) over the hole —mice and rats cannot chew through smooth glass so this is near fool proof!
    4 – Use Pine Sol to clean your h/w or tile floors
    5 – Behind my dishwasher is a .5″ gap from the wall, e.g., no baseboard so I think it was coming up from there. I placed old lightbulbs in a brown paper bag and smashed them then dusted it down the crack – so they won’t walk over the small, thin, sharp glass.

    I would be interested in whether any of these tips help. Best prevention is to cut the food source and block entry ways with smooth glass – they can chew through almost anything else over time.

    If you live in a wooded area, I heard fox urine will keep them away. I would imagine the smell is horrible and I’ve only heard of people purchasing that where you buy hunting stuff.

  • Lorraine

    Because mice have a great sense of smell, once you do trap one, clean the area with bleach. It will destroy their scent.

  • Kimberly

    I love this sight! I have been reading every chance I get! I am a little sad that I have reached the bottom of the post!! My story is very much like yours but I do have one additional problem I have not read about here. I am petrified of these mice! Every little noise I hear I think is a mouse. I can’t sleep- I know one crawled on my leg last week. It woke me up instantly. I only feel safe outside. Needless to say I sit in the car or on our patio until my husband gets home. I drench myself with Vicks at night. Even as I type this it is one letter at a time- from my iPhone because there is no way I could go into the computer room in fear that one will jump on me. Here is my problem: the mouse and my husband, who is now as fed up with me as I am with the mouse! I sent him to buy traps and he came home with TWO! Dude!! I wanted about 30!

    I read all of your tips( hence the Vicks) and I have every different trap and poison- bags, trays, and today I bought antifreeze. He wanted to put it in one spot-again- really??? I had him cut the bottoms off of styrofoam cups to use as little “mice baths.” So as of right now my husband thinks I am nuts and is now on our other sofa! So I have the mouse and Mr. Meanie! I will post again and let you know what worked here in Illinois. Keep posting!! Your posts have encouraged me and validated my feelings! I am going to dose myself up with some Xanax and hope maybe I can put myself into a self induced coma!! Lol. P.S. If any of you have an unsympathetic spouse….please share your helpful tips!! Thanks again!! Kim

  • steve

    I’ve heard that keeping a cat in your house is a good way to get rid of mice. Just let the cat roam around at night before you know it shaazaam!! the mice are dead!!

  • donna

    plzzzz help me how can i get rid of mouse ive seen only the 1 but have been told were thers 1 thers more ;( ive put bait box down but still its there ive not slept for 5 days im so scared ;( i am going 2 try peppermint oil tonight i dont no were i can buy shake away i live in the uk i realy hope some1 out there can help many thanksxxx

  • Fred

    Best way to get rid of them and to keep them away is by using poison year round. It took me about 2 weeks of using poison and I no longer hear them in my wall(took me 3-4 years to figure this out). If you live in an apartment this option might not work for you. I just get the little pellet poisons that come in a tray and set them under my house. One BIG drawback is you might have a mouse or 2 die in your wall and that can smell pretty bad. I have pets and as long as I keep the poison under the house and keep the crawl spaces secure I have no fear of poisoning my own pets.

  • Missy

    I have recently had a mouse issue…like this last weekend!! I purchased 4 traps and poison..i purchased 2 of the live traps and they did not work. The other 2 traps i purchased are ortho max they are easy set and they have a hair trigger. 20 mins and snap one down! thrw the dcon in the attic in hopes that if there are more. Ortho Max Easy Set my recommendation!

  • Brit.

    Im confussed on how people know how many they have. I liked the idea with gloves so they dont smell human. I hate the little [email protected]$*$#$#. I went to put on my boot today and there was litte paper strips and then i was shaking it and a freakin mouse fell out. Needless to say I wore my Under Amours today.

  • Haywud

    I hate these suckers. Don’t have mice, but I have rats. Luckily they are outside, but they have set up home under my deck and apparently have started burrowing under my brick patio.

    I guess this is part of having outdoor pets. Found some holes at the fence line and figured they are coming out and getting the dog’s food.

    Moved a deck board and found a huge pile of dog food. Also found a torn up rag under there.

    They have a nice system of tunnels burrowed under the deck (deck is basically 2×6 on the ground – built so that it lines up with our brick patio). Looked at the corner and saw a hole tunneling under the patio. Patio is 20×15, so I can only imagine how long those tunnels are or how many may be living in there.

    Dealt with this a few years ago – ended up catching 4 or 5. Thought it was solve since we now feed the dogs in the morning…..guess not!

    Would rather not deal with poisons, but did dump an entire tray of the pellets where I saw the tunnel under the patio last night. This morning it was all gone. Set a couple of snap traps baited with peanut butter, but all were still there this morning.

    They are outside, so I guess they pose little problems, but causes issues with my dogs starting to dig at the fence.

    Not sure what to try – thought I may pour a couple of gallons of ammonia down the tunnel and see what happens. Last time I grabbed a water hose and tried to flood them out, but they have so many places to hide. Ended up taking up about half my deck boards (like every other board) to find them and poke them with a stick….eventually they ran and dogs caught them…..but I can’t do that with the patio.

    Wonder if vinegar would be any good? Maybe a couple of boxes of baking soda and then a bottle of vinegar….would be kind of cool to watch!

  • Margie

    I am concerned that if I put poison out for the mice other animals might eat the mice and become sick or worse -die-. I got tired of the mice tripping the traps so I do something a little different with my traps. I tie a piece of twine, preferably cotton, to the area where you would place the cheese. I then coat the string in peanut butter. They love peanut butter! They have to actually tug on the string therefore tripping the trap! AMAZING! Works like a dream and no poison!

  • Becky

    I want to know if mice can come in through the dryer vent!!! If they come in down the inside of the hose, can they get out thru the dryer somewhere? I will do ANYTHING to keep them OUT!!!!! My vent is way up high (but I know that doesn’t make a difference) and the flaps open real easy!!!!

    They freak me out and I can’t sleep!!!!!!! Right now I have all kinds of traps set and nothing!!! One ran across the floor this morning!!!!!! I borrowed my daughter’s cat for a weekend and he got one!!!! It is a real shame to be afraid in your own home!!!!

  • Dr.M.VJoseph

    I think mint can work, I going to try it. I have heard from some reliable source that mint leaves can keep away rhinos , elephants & tigers. Why not mices ?? Or are they smarter????

    Yesterday a taxi driver told me that white mice can keep the balck one away through their scary white eyes shining at night. It think it quite possible as black jagurs can keep away white monkeys.


  • Nancee

    I moved to a new basement suite and the mice have arrived… tiny little guys. I have ferrets who require 24 hr food and this is what they are coming in for. The suite has wall heaters (water based steam heat) and they may be traveling on these. I will get more peppermint to put out.

    Dilemma: Last week I found a mouse perched on top of the wicker basket in front of the cage. It didn’t move (even after I screeched in surprise to see it sitting 10 inches from me and where I’d just cleaned the cage!) Someone was outside and removed it with a leather glove… it was moving its head… that’s it. I thought maybe a ferret had bit it but no blood!

    This morning I found a dead mouse lying on the floor by an inside door.Back feet straight out. We’d been away 3 days and I wonder if I could have been walking back and forth last night not seeing it!

    WHAT would cause DEAD mice?? Does anyone know? My ferrets went straight to their big cage upon returning… I just don’t want these little critters passing on something to my pets!

    Meanwhile I will continue the use of peppermint oil. I can’t use the other suggestions as my ferrets to run loose for a while daily. There is also an opening around my tub that humans can’t access so that MAY be a possible entry point along pipes. Because of a wall heater blocking it is difficult.

    Sorry that I don’t have any tips at the moment… just concerns. I know dead is the preferred state for most of you… but IF it means disease (though they look perfectly fine)…

  • julie

    A friend of mines Mom had the best tip for getting rid of mice without any problem.Get Instant potatoes.Pour dry potatoes in a bowl and in another bowl put water.They eat the dry potatoes and then drink the water.The potatoes expand and no more problems with the mice.I have tried this and it works great!This will cause no harm to your pets if they get a hold of them.

  • IVBrwn


    I know exactly how you feel. We have been living in this house for over 10 years….about 4 months ago shortly after I returned from college….I discovered we had a mouse problem…Naively we all thought it was just A MOUSE….that turns out not to be the case

    LET ME SAY THAT I AM TERRIFIED OF BUGS….YET COMPARED TO MICE…GIVE ME STINKBUGS ALL OVER MY AIR CONDITIONER. My family is losing sympathy for my phobia. I happeen to be the most petrified person in the house…and guess who spots a mouse in her room a few weeks ago? SMH. And I was actually believed to have been seeing things!!

    So, tonight while I’m on the phone with my boyfriend…I hear this noise I’ve never heard before…I think I’m hearing them now lol….but I immediately dropped the phone and cut everything off to get a better listen…*OMG IT JUST CAME BACK!!* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek *cries(

    anyway I thought it was in my room again, turns out the little shyt is in the walls or the attic I have no idea. To make matters worse my vent is a little loose and I’m scared its gonna break thru the tape and come falling in my room =[

    My room smells like a COTTON BALL SOAKED IN PEPPERMINT OIL. I also taped one at my vent….thinking maybe I shud add more

    I WANT MY COMFORT BACK…COMMENTS LIKE “ONCE U HAVE MICE U HAVE THEM FOREVER” MAKE ME WANNA STRANGLE THE PERSON WHO WROTE IT. We had an orchin tech come out and those little paper traps have been of no assistance. I need relief. I’m praying this peppermint oil keeps my room safe…I’m learning to deal with them possibly being around the house…I CANNOT DEAL WITH THEM IN MY ROOM…i JUST CANT.

  • Hannah

    I have been fighting an infestation for a couple of years now. I started out using humane traps, they’re small black contraptions that catch the mouse and contain it until you can release it. This worked great (used peanut butter), but after catching 14 mice my husband decided something more serious had to be done. He was convinced they were returning to our house but I was driving a couple miles down the road to release them. So unfortunately, we had to start using kill traps. I’ve been buying the white plastic ones, and they work great with peanut butter as bait. I’m an animal lover and would never want anything to suffer so glue traps are out of the question. I can’t use poison because I have dogs, and my neighbors have outdoor pets that I’m afraid would eat the poisoned mouse. But it’s never ending and it’s so disappointing. I am trying to plug up holes, but it’s an old home…I feel like a mouse will find it’s way in no matter what I do I hate killing them but I cant have them living in my house. I’m thinking about moving onto the electric trap…expensive but if it will help rid my house of mice I think it will be worth it.

  • Hannah

    Oh, and for those of you that aren’t sure where they are coming in from…have you checked your foundation vents? One night while I was home, I could hear the mice in the leaves outside of my bedroom window. I went out side with a flashlight and saw a mouse! He ran off and scampered through our vent. When I looked closely there was a tiny tear in the screen of the vent and this mouse fit right through it. A man at Lowes said I would have to completely replace the vent, and be sure to use screens that were metal, not that plastic stuff because the mice will chew through it. This is getting expensive Oh and you HAVE to keep your pet food in a container, not in the bag. We bought an airtight container from Petsmart that said rodents cant chew through it. You also HAVE to put your pet food away at night, dont leave it out in a dish. The mice were hoarding it all over the house. You wouldnt believe the places we were finding dog food. I even found a stash in my dryer sheets box so that idea that bounce repels mice? No way.

  • cheri

    we had a problem with mice are my old job and we were told to put mint tea bags in our drawers. it worked wonders. i just moved into a house that has a mouse proble n we hung peppermint tea bags in all the cabinets n i found peppermint air freshner so i am going to try that too.

  • Jeannie

    I heard that a fabric soft sheet repels mice. I have had mice in my house many times; at one time my mom lived with me and took care of the problem. Now it is my turn. My question is what about the dishes? I have been washing dishes before I use any dish now for a long time to the point that I have become extremely phobic. I am close to total shut down. For therapeutic purposes, to confront my phobias, I have been told to only wash the dishes where there is evidence of a problem and not to wash all the dishes in the house. My phobias are not a fear of germs that will harm me, but that I will be doing an injustice to others that I share my food with. I have found that no matter how hard I try, I cannot live in a germ free environment. At this point I am not sure which constitute a phobic practice or which practices is an acceptable social practice. Your input would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

  • Confused

    No tip—very confused about my mouse situation. Early yesterday morning I saw a mouse go from my bedroom around the corner into the pantry. My jaw hit the floor. No signs of it before the sighting. Tonight when got home from work me and bf scoured the whole entire friggin house…
    No droppings no urine no chewing no shreds of paper or nests. Nothing. is this good or bad?? Lol now I’m just confused and frustrated cause I know it’s here somewhere.
    He ate the peanut butter off the trap last night. Tonight we set more regular spring traps glue strips and the decon round spinning traps. I’ll let u know if I have any luck. I just can’t figure out what kind of infestation I have!! Sometime not knowing is worse.
    Sitting up all night for the second time on my couch waiting to hear a trap spring….I also sprayed Lysol around my little couch area hoping to discourage it from getting close to me. Then remembered people saying they love soap. I just put a ton of dy shampoo in my hair too. If it likes that smell I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night with a mouse eating my face!!!!!!!

  • John

    The best tip I have to offer everybody is something I read at a different pest control site [ http://togetridofmice.com ]. They said that most experts recommend setting 6 traps per room that you’ve seen mice in. The idea is that the more traps you set, the more opportunity you have to catch the mouse. By setting 6 traps, you should be able to cover all your bases. I’m not sure how much it would really make a difference, but it makes sense. For those folks still having trouble catching mice, maybe that’s what you need to do – set more traps!

  • Tamela

    Just moved to a new house about 5months ago, haven’t had any activity until last week. My mom saw one of those bad boys poke it’s head out between a piece of sheet rock that was leaning against a hallway wall. That seemed to be it’s spot because she saw him like 3 more times, so my dad decided to put down glue traps , 4 in a row, so you think he’d step on one, right? That night we watch his butt run the base of the wall surpassing all of the traps and into my room. Now he’s in the kitchen. He ate holes in the bread on the counter and my dogs treats. I see it every night run to the fridge to then to the stove and back again. We will have to try the peppermint oil too! Wish me luck!!!

  • Tami

    My dad was a pest control man for 44 yrs…has seen and tried everything out there and these new bait stations they have ROCK. they are tamper proof so safe for kids and pets, they have a craving agent in them as well so they mice are attracted to them. the bait is a parafin block, they walk in the bait station chew on it then leave, it has chlorophyll in the bait as well so when they do die (36hrs approximately after consumption) they wont smell. i was trying other options as well to get rid of them with no luck, after my dad told me that mice cannot control their kidneys and urinate as they walk all over your place and things i decided not to be worried about using bait……

    nasty but true so call a pest control tech out as they are the only ones that can handle these bait stations and you will be rid of mice in a week or less just like me 🙂

  • Confused

    Update–caught the SOB with the sticky traps. Didnt even lick the peanut butter off the other traps. We bought the kind in the plastic trays. Seems to have worked I just hope I don’t have a total infestation.

  • steeplejack

    I recommend shooting mice in the kitchen with an air pistol. This is highly effective and far more humane than glue traps! You need one with a bit of clout, and open sights. Weihrauch HW45 in Europe = Beeman P1 in America. Put a thick folded newspaper on the floor where the mice get, to protect your floor. Put a chunk of wholemeal bread in a plastic carrier bag, about a third of a small loaf will do. Use the thin rustly biodegrading kind of bag. Put it on the paper and leave the top open so you can look down into the bag from about 3 feet away. Mousey will quickly slash a hole in, and you’ll hear rustling and chewing noises, especially when the bread is dry and hard. They prefer really ancient bread. Best time is about 10 pm. With a little stealth you’ll be able to get a clear view and easy shot. Use flat-fronted pellets (paper pumchers) such as Walther Finale Match for an instant kill. The dry bread is like a magnet to them – you’ll get them the first evening they show up. This keeps the population down to near zero.

  • Kathy R.

    For the fellow with the rat problem: A couple of years back, I wound up with an old bird cage when I had to take a whole pallet of junk I didn’t want to get a couple of items I really did want at an auction. Unloading, I remember thinking, “What in the heck am I EVER going to do with a friggin bird cage!?!?” I tossed it out of the way for inclusion in a yard sale, whenever I get around to having one. Months went by. One night in the fall of 2010, I noticed a rat making trips from the bucket of dog food, out the door, back for another load, etc. I live out in the boonies, where scumbags tend to dump dogs. I’m one of the VERY few who take them in and try to find homes for them, rather than just shooting them or waiting for starvation or coyotes to do them in. I have a hard enough time feeding the dogs on a disability income, without providing a winter stockpile of dog food for field or pack rats, too! First, I tried glue boards; but, the rat managed to dislodge itself from the board; and, by later that night, it was back. No point wasting 2 more glue boards. I thought of the bird cage; and, dug it out of the pile it was in. I blocked the holes on the sides with some 1/4″ hardware cloth, drilled a small hole in the rear center of the lip of the clean out tray, tied some dog food bag string through the hole, ran it up through the back, across to the front at a level that I could “clip” the gate up with a small piece of scrap electric fence wire that was bent in half. The string needs to be of a length which just slightly elevates the clean-out tray. (I elevate the back of mine about 3/4″) I then baited the back of the tray, just below the string, with some dog food stuck into some peanut butter. It didn’t take 5 minutes before I had that rat trapped in the bird cage. I clipped the gate down with the clip from an old leash, loaded the cage into the car, and drove about 20 miles to the dump to release the rat. It did take a long, thin stick to get the rat off of the bars and out the gate, when it was time to release her. Once she found the gate, she was off like a shot. A friend of mine has a mobile home on my property, too; and, has a big problem with rats. Trapping them from there has proved a little more time consuming; since, he leaves people food out. Trapping at his place involved having to build a (larger) holding pen out of hardware cloth; since, we’ve had to save trips (gas) to the dump by taking 3 and 4 at one time. Transferring them from the trap to the holding pen isn’t hard; and, so far, we haven’t had any escape. I’ve made a “rat prod” out of a longer piece of electric fence wire that’s folded in half. it works well for getting them off of the bars and steered in the right direction, even though it can take a few attempts to get them through the gates.

    Regarding glue boards: putting peanut butter on a glue board does something to the glue. My guess is that it has something to do with the oil in peanut butter. I generally bait mine with a few pieces of dog food; and, they work just fine for mice. I cut mine into smaller (about 3″) strips; and, try to keep them in small areas. Partially, this is to make them go further; and, partially, it helps to prevent them getting stuck to dog’s feet, tails, butts, etc. I even had one stuck to one of my dog’s ears one time! The more he tried to get it off, the more it got stuck in his hair! I wound up going through almost a full bottle of mineral oil getting it off of him!

    Once mice are stuck to a glue board: The most humane way I’ve found to dispatch a mouse that’s stuck to a glue board is to use a pair of needle nosed pliers to get it into a small ziplock bag; then, out to a metal work table I have outside. A quick, clean whack to the head with a small sledge hammer dispatches them into the next life without them even having time to feel it. The bag prevents “splatter” (and having to clean the hammer every time); plus, it makes disposal more sanitary. To those who “just don’t have the heart to do it,” I recommend not using glue boards; since, it’s far more humane than leaving them to suffer a slow and painful death. I tried drowning them before I started using the hammer; but, that takes too long. I just “put myself in the mouse’s position;” and, an instant, painless death would be what I’d choose… I just focus my compassion into insuring that it IS instant; and, that it occurs as soon as possible after one gets stuck on the board.

    Snakes: If a snake has ROUND pupils, leave it alone, it’s non-poisonous; and, even if it’s too small to eat full-sized mice, it will search out and eat the babies. If, on the other hand, it has vertical, “slit” pupils, KILL IT – it’s poisonous!!! If a non-poisonous snake gets stuck on a glue board, gently remove it using mineral oil; then, release it to feast on mice. If a poisonous snake gets trapped on a glue board, a long handled shovel works well for removing it and for chopping off its head outside. Beware of the severed head; and, keep pets away from it. I’ve HEARD that they can reflexively bite for a while after being dead. (Not sure if that’s true or not; but, better to err on the side of caution…)

    I know I probably shouldn’t say this; but…. {shrug} Until I read this, I always just sort of assumed that the stereotipical “shrieking bimbo on a chair at the sight of a mouse” was just comedy fodder. Get a grip! A mouse isn’t going to chase you – it’s going to try to get AWAY from you! Yes, they can carry diseases; but, a bigger problem is that they’re destructive and absolutely LOVE to chew on cords, wiring, etc. – which is not only costly but can be a fire hazard. Good reasons to get rid of them; but, “being terrified of them” is not only melodramatic; but, only perpetuates the stereotypical myths that are WAY overdue for being buried! It reminds me of the bimbos who refuse to do well in math and science because it might make them “less popular;” or, who refuse to learn how to change a flat tire because they “might break a fingernail.” (More like they’re just too lazy!) Men might buy it; as a female, I’m just really irritated by it. Respect has to be earned; and, it’s NOT earned by playing “damsel in distress.” Unfortunately, women like myself have to go to greater lengths to overcome the damage done by those perpetuate the stereotypes. (BTW, This comment is NOT intended to be “a flame.” If anything, it might cause some of the gals who find “the shoe fitting” to take a closer look at how they’ve been brainwashed and give them internal permission to quit playing into the stereotype. That would benefit both them and ALL females!)

    I wish the oil of peppermint trick worked; but, reading the other poster’s comments, it doesn’t appear that it would work out here. I can’t use cats; ince, if the dogs didn’t get them, they coyotes would. I can’t use bait; since, I don’t want to risk poisoning the dogs. For those of you who can, “Just One Bite” bait worked well when I just had one dog, who wasn’t inclined to eat dead (or alive) mice. If the mice get really bad this winter (we’ve had a burn ban most of the summer, which causes the rodent population to explode; since, garbage doesn’t get burned regularly), I might have to resort to the baited bucket of water.

  • Dee

    we have a mouse problem at first these lil bugger would only come out late at night and only down stairs in the kitchen, but here lately its like they have been testing us. Now we see them in the day and upstairs in the bedrooms. I made my own concoction of bleach amonia, dish soap, fabuloso, and rubbing alcohol and put it in a spay bottle and spayed the entire kitchen floor with it every night and for the most part it keep them away, but today i sat back and watched the buggers play, the really are cute critter, but i just dont like how they just pop out on you and try to run and hide once you walk in the room and i definitely don’t want them crawling on me while i am sleep. They have made me super paranoid, every time i see a shadow out of the corner of my eye i jump or look real fast trying to see where it went and most of the time it is just my mind playing tricks on me, im goiong to try the peppermint oil and bayleave tomorrow though

  • Matthew

    I had a few mice when I first moved into my place, and took care of them with old-fashion snap traps set with peanut butter. That was about ten years ago.

    Recently, I’ve spotted evidence of another mouse (or mice) in the house. Feces, and some holes chewed in the bottom of a bag of dry dog food. I put out some of the glue traps yesterday, but I haven’t caught anything yet. I think I’m going to try some more snap traps.

    These traps have outstanding reviews at Home Depot: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202229591/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053. I think I’ll pick some of these up tonight and give them a try.

  • Adel

    rodents have an oily body. they often rub their body against walls, therefore leaving some marks on they wall. In heavy infestations when shed a flash light on the wall in the dark you will see reflection. rodents do not see, they are partially blind the do not see defined shapes. they just see blurred image, however every hair on their body is a sensor. they walk about the walls they never trespass in an unordered fashion through the room unless encountered by you and get scared. usually they leave behind pheromone so others will follow the same rout or it will follow the rout on the way back. if this pheromone is interrupted by removal the mice become disoriented and may lose track for a while.

    Since they emit oil from their body, try this formula and you will see them no more. sprinkle the hottest ground chilly powder u can lay your hands on. The chilly powder will stick to their bodies and burn their skin to death. They will look for roughest wall or article to scratch their skin. their skin will will get bruised. and the chilly powder will get into their inner bruised body and die of their wounds. This is the most effective and tried method. You can make a solution of chilly powder by mixing it with water and spray it on walls or behind awkward situations. once the water is dry the chilly powder sticks to the wall or behind the sink or what have you. The chilly powder solution may become some what slurry and block your spray bottle nozzle keep shacking because chilly powder tends to keep settling to the bottom. good luck. keep us posted of your results.

  • Adel

    peppermint oil is good but u need to buy the 100% pure one which is expensive 100ml worth about $ 50 here down under. the one you buy from food store is only essence. it is not pure the pure one remains effective for about a month with out the need to replace the soaked cotton balls with oil. go for cheap or least expensive yet effective ” chilly powder” it next to kin or cousin if u know what I mean. Glue boards are good but not the ones the ones you fined in your supermarket.

    there are good ones only sold to professional pesty’s. if you happen to have glue boards, place a small piece of chocolate such as Tim Tam or similar ” the size of half of your finger nail” in the middle of the board. once they tried to reach for the chocolate they get stuck to the glue and they struggle to death with it. or if they manage to get away, they will get injured and die of their wounds later somewhere else. Glue board can be laid against the wall. no gabs between the wall and the board. If the board is rectangular in shape, make sure to place so as to maximise blocking the pathway of the mice. meaning place the board longest side in the pathway and shortest against the wall. By the way mice and rats love chocolates and chocolate coated biscuits.

  • Anil Kumar Patra

    i had a mice problem u just have to do one thing by sprickling some bleashing on the ground mice are not comming to this place.

  • evelyn

    I was looking for this one that I found…I don’t know about you people but I don’t have any peppermint oil and want to use something I already have around the house…I add a little bit of peanut butter to lure them better….here it is;
    I Just found a recipe for home-made pet friendly Rat and Mouse killer on a website from Tennessee as follows :

    1 cup of flour
    1 cup of sugar
    1 cup of baking soda ( Bicarbonate of soda…the stuff in the box not the can)
    and I add a touch OF PEANUT BUTTER….

    Mix together and place in small bowls where you notice rodent traffic.

    Says it’s safe around household pets.
    (The bicarb will react with stomach acid and produce carbon dioxide gas, obviously in excess to create the swelling. Apparently, most of these vermin and creatures cannot pass wind, hence the internal combustion. )

  • evelyn

    I FORGOT to say….I just roll in little balls and place them all over the house!!!! instead of bowls..that way you can roll them between fridge and counter..stove…behind dryer…etc….

  • Sally

    Everyone here struggling with mice has my FULL and complete sympathy. I have been fighting this battle for 6 yrs in my house. I am so freaked out that I will not go into my basement which is where they seem to live and stay ( thankfully). I removed every single item from basement into garage so I have no reason to go down there.

    On top of that a few exterminators said they were rats! Tails longer and a little bigger, even more freaked out!

    I agree that poison works but they WILL die inside your house, last winter I collected 6 or 7 dead ones. I am so traumatized by them,it takes me weeks to get the courage up to venture down to see if there are dead ones. I was so desperate I was just heaving poison everywhere in hopes I would get rid of them for good! Luckily I have no pets and no small children, just me and the rats! But as mentioned NOT a permanent solution.

    The cold weather is back and they are back! I am now spending $2000 for someone to attempt to completely seal my house perimeter and roof-line, vents etc- but no guarantees on that either. He said they can’t guarantee because they are so clever, adaptable and desperate to be in your house in winter,eventually some will get in. He said he has been doing this for years and the goal is to keep it to a dull roar, you can’t fully get rid of them, everyone will have them, whether you know it or not!

    MY ADVICE: Do everything you can to seal house 1st and then have a constant extermination plan in place with a professional so you don’t have to deal with removing the dead ones etc. Stuff even the smallest cracks with steel wool, seal all pipes that come into the house, yourself or have it done by someone. After 6 yrs and reading all these posts, it’s like fighting World Hunger!

  • julie

    Has anyone tried a spray bottle of bleach? These little bastards are annoying me so much I fantasize about teaching them a lesson!!

  • rafaela lutz

    THE BEST baking soda!!!

    • Loraleeorth

      what do you do with the baking soda?????

  • linda

    Even if u use the glue traps still put peanut butter on them even if they say they smell like peanut butter.There is never
    just one mouse if u let this problem go u will be infested.

  • AliceMalice

    have lived in my house in the country for almost TEN YEARS and all of a sudden mice TAKE OVER! it happened overnight we started having more and more in the walls and the glue traps worked like a charm and we killed thirteen in a week, then things got quiet, well imagine my anger and surprise when months later as its getting cold I am fixing soup and grill cheeses for my son and a giant mouse runs out in the middle of the day across my stove and behind the coffee maker, it got away but then I put glue traps out (already had them left over from the first battle with mice) two hours later I get up and go to the kitchen and before I turned the corner I could hear it struggling, it was stuck fast to the glue trap, I took a stick and beat it til its skull was crushed and sadly even though I love animals dearly, It FELT GOOD! I HATE MICE! HATE THEM with a passion! they are filthy and nasty! the next morning my hubby said he saw another one the same size the same NIGHT in the kitchen! I am ready to just move out! More glue traps but did not trap that one, am hoping it was just the ghost of the first one.GRIN

  • CGR

    Not really a tip, at least not yet…

    We had a few mice the first fall we lived in this house (7 years ago). They were confined to the lower cabinets in the kitchen, mostly in the utensil drawers. I never saw a piece of mouse poop anywhere else in the house, and I would have if there’d been any because I’m a super neat freak and I clean a lot. I recall we had a few of those live traps that look like a long box with a door that swings only one way so they could get in and not out. Caught a couple, let them go at a park several miles away, then switched to snap traps. It didn’t take long, maybe three more mice, and they were gone. Never saw another piece of mouse poop until this morning! And trust me, I check EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE UTENSIL DRAWER. (They love the clear silicone spatulas from Williams-Sonoma but not any of my other ones.) No mouse poop yesterday, mouse poop this morning. But only in the drawers, just like last time. Did a thorough house-cleaning today (including washing all bedding) and saw no other droppings. The dogs also haven’t “said” anything, and they loooove chasing small animals.

    Found this site after sending my husband to the store for some traps (either couldn’t find the reusable ones we had or we got rid of them at some point). There are a lot of tips here, and I’m not sure which ones really work, but I’m trying the snap traps baited with pb and dry dog food (which we keep in air-tight plastic containers, haven’t found any droppings where those are kept) and cotton balls with drops of lavender, rosemary and cinnamon essential oils placed in and under the cabinets. (If I remove the drawers, I can get underneath the cabinets. They’re original to the house–1920–and poorly built. I’d love to replace them, but…that’s a lot of money I don’t have.) Poison is not an option since we have the two pups.

    In the meantime, I have removed and washed every single thing that was stored in the lower cabinets. Did all of it need washing? I don’t know, but it was a great way to weed out lots of stuff we don’t use anymore or forgot we had. I put everything in boxes and moved it to the dining room on the pedestal dining table, so there is nothing in the cabinets or drawers except cotton balls and traps. I’m hoping that if the little buggers make it to the dining room, they won’t be able to get to the top of the table. But they’ve never been outside the kitchen as far as I can tell, so I think we’ll be OK.

    When we moved in, there was steel wool stuffed in a hole in the cabinet under the sink. Now I know why. I re-stuffed the hole with a giant wad of aluminum foil with cotton balls soaked in lavender and rosemary oils in the middle. I’m hoping that keeps them out. We filled some holes and cracks outside the house earlier this fall with that spray foam stuff, so hopefully we cut off some of their access points. That foam is still intact, so they haven’t chewed through it. I guess we need to go around the house again and be more ruthless with the spray foam and add some steel wool to it.

    We sleep on a different floor so I’m not sure we’d hear the traps snap if they went off overnight. We’ll be sure to check first thing in the morning! I will be back to report the results of our efforts, either once we’ve gotten rid of them or once I’ve lost my sanity.

  • John Doe

    Bleach Poison concoction with parmesan cheese and / or peanut butter.

    I don’t like killing them either, but people, if you want instant results, this does work every time. I’m having to do for my brothers family now. I’ve done this countless times and please, enough of the humane comments. I’ve been humane enough, but this is to solve a problem. Regular Clorox bleach; take any chip, cracker, cereal like honey grams, chex, whatever, salt thins, bread… does not matter – put the bleach on whatever it is you use, then cover with parmesan cheese and leave for them in the suspected areas of entry. I also mix peanut butter with bleach and leave a generous amount on bread, crackers, cereal etc… you would think the bleach smell would make the mice say “hell no I’m not touching that,” but NO! they take and will eat and die. I usually mix the bleach/peanut butter concoction well (don’t like to have the smell be over-powering).. as for the parmesan cheese (cheap fake shake kind you buy in supermarkets); just take your bread, chip, cookie etc.. dribble bleach on most of your bait (but don’t over drench it) and then shake parmesan on top and pat it, maybe put some more on top to make the smell more potent and place in suspected areas for them. THEY WILL eat it … only issue is if they don’t die in the open, you’ll need to call someone to eradicate the deceased. I do it myself, cheaper and more humbling. Good luck… it works!

  • Diane

    Does the bobcat urine work? Anyone tried it? Do you put it inside or outside?


  • kw

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the tv show with Billy the exsterminator. I learned that if your trying to kill mice or a mouse, that if you have dog food laying around the mice poison WON’T work!!!!!! You have to get rid of the dog food. DOG food has vitamin K in it and is what the mouse needs to counteract the poison. Make sure the dog food stays sealed up in air tight containers and monitor your dogs feeding schedule. Since we have put the dog food in the container and the kids have quit spilling it on the floor of the garage the mice poison has worked. In summary…get rid of food that has vitamin k in it that the mouse can get into.

  • olnick

    After reading ALL the posts, I have come up with…. catch them out side and keep them out. I keep getting a Random one (yeah I know) 1=99! in my attic. Thought I had them licked, found an open area in the soffet at the corner of the house sealed it with flashing. had NONE for a month. Today another kill in the attic! I’ll clean it all up with bleach again and get some bobcat urine to coat the area in. I’m also going back to check on the flashing to see if any part of the soffet has been chewed away. and fill the opening with expanding foam insulation. I’m going to use the bucket with water trick at the ground location to catch them prior to getting to the house. I do feel for all on this link as to the frustration in dealing with them

  • Alanx

    News from England with house mice. I live in what Americans would call a trailer.

    Considering the corpses seen over the last month and guessing from the stench from the poisoned ones, I’ve killed at least 20 of the varmints.

    I’ve read it is important to wear gloves when handling traps and laying the bait so that human scent doesn’t get on them.

    I’ve used uncleaned snap traps with success within 20 minutes of that trap’s last kill. The modern advanced plastic snap traps are having the best kill rate, and they are much easier to set.

    I’m not sure if you can buy bromodialone laced wheat in The States, but I’ve just gone out and bought a big box – THIS STUFF IS HARMFUL TO PETS AND PEOPLE, but will reduce the mouse population.

    Changing your methods regularly looks like a good idea, leaving baits unset with food on for a while and trying out different baits on traps.

    My mice started off with liking roasted sesame oil on bread, then i went on to the classic crunchy peanut butter and mars bars.

    Being thorough is a good idea. – 6 traps and four bait stations to a kitchen is a good idea. It looks to me like that there is a king boss mouse in every group, and it seems if you kill him, the other mice won’t touch the traps until a new king boss mouse who gets killed in the traps.

    So if you are not careful, you might end up poisoning two mice very very well while the rest of the gang keep having babies. The multiple bait stations and traps will help get round this problem.

    So go in, go hard and go excessive is my advice, and keep the traps and poison out until there are fifteen days of no evidence of mice. Mice like fresh poison, so I clear out my bait places and replace with fresh every 5 days.

    My next tactic will be a bucket trap, and if I have to, sticky traps, but only as a final step.

    I’ll let you know how I get on. The mice I’m catching are getting smaller and smaller.

    On dead mouse smell: these bags:


    have worked for me in containing the smell of recently dead mice. The horrible smell still bursts through for a couple of days, but the bags take the edge of the worst of the nauseating smell – enough that you can eat and don’t have to move into a motel.

    I’ve found that these bags have cleared the bad smell in 5 days for me (but be warned, if you’re situation is more humid and warm the smell could persist for longer).

    You need three of these bags per room

  • alanx

    To clarify – My boss mouse got zapped in an electric trap in a little area he’d appeared to make his own. I’ve left that trap unset loaded with peanut butter and the rest of the squeakers haven’t gone near it. It looks possible to me that boss mouse can mark poison bait stations as his own.

  • alanx

    Link to American site for those dead mouse odour bags ;


  • alanx

    Correction – there are some mice it seems are resistant to bromadiolone, but there will be other poisons they will succumb to

  • rhode island

    My mother taught me to place a dryer sheet in the back of the silverware drawer. seems to work.

    • Mt. Kisco

       Hi a dryer sheet? What is that? I have them in the silverware drawer too. Gross!

  • Megan

    We have had the best luck with the old wooden snap traps and putting REAL cheddar cheese for the bait

  • stacey

    OMG i hate the little shits! i have been in my house for nearly 2 years now and we have always had mice!!! i just cant get rid ov em! i clean every day and dont leave any food lying around! but now i think they have got worse i have even seen 2 at a time on kitchen worktop! im at my wits end! i cant sleep at night im that scared lol! il try the peppermint oil and i just hope it works! its hard though because i have fields and woods etc at back of my house so as im getting rid ov em more are coming in! i have just heard recently that orange peel around perimeter of your home and near where they are getting in repels them! i dont kno iv it works but im willing 2 try anifin lol x

  • Mouse hunter

    Sneak into your kitchen at night and blast them in the face with wasp and hornet spray then smash em with a lacrosse stick.

  • brenda

    I’m going to try everything, maybe even a shotgun, they give me the creeps.

  • Jenn

    I have read through a lot of these tips and haven’t seen this one yet 🙂 A couple people at my work swear by this and i am going to try it out tonight. Decon the crap out of your house, put a couple TALL buckets of water in the middle of the room filled half way with water. Put a thin peice of wook or make a ramp going up to the top of the bucket and smear some peanut butter at the top. A lot of people don’t like decon because the mouse dies elsewhere and then rots. Supposedly after the mice eat the decon they get very thirsty and drown themselves in the bucket. It will take a couple days because they have to eat enough of the decon. We will see if it works!

    Also i did try cheap traps with peanut butter and it didn’t work for about a week but i was very persistent and put out more and it now works like a charm… i think it depends on where you put the trap. I originally put it in a place they never came across but found the hot spot apparently. I have trapped six in two days.

  • Major Anatomy

    The Hav-A-Hart traps work well, but they only catch one rodent at a time, unless you happen upon a “siamese” (conjoined is the PC term) mouse.

    Way up there, someone was complaining that their plug-in sonic traps attracted Brown Recluse spiders. Mice and other rodents will eat Brown Recluses, Wolf Spiders, and Hobo Spiders, controlling their population.

    Given the choice between mice and poisonous spiders, I would rather have the mice.

  • Frank


    what i just set up was a oatmeal bowl with DRANO! once they eat it, the drano will react with water to form sharp crystals that will literally cut there insides out.

    FUCK THOSE BITcHES! I tried the same thing with squirriels who kept eating my garbage, tearing the garbage bags and leaving a mess for me to clean up! those bitches too! i covered expired bread with drano, and they all dead! hahahah!

    gl everyone!

  • FAME 8396

    Where do I begin? I have lived in my house for seventeen years. I use to have a cat, and never saw anything – she was a great hunter, but after fourteen years, we had to put her down. I never got another pet. Our neighborhood is plagued with another rodent – chipmunks! I can’t stand them either! I read somewhere to get rid of chipmunks – use mothballs. So for the past few years, I have placed mothballs around the outside of the house, under the deck and in the garage. Well since I kept seeing the chipmunks, this fall I didn’t use the mothballs – well what I did find was mouse droppings (YUCK!) I freaked out! I immediately went to Lowes’ to get traps. I wasted my money on the type of traps that “kill” the mice but you don’t have to see them! After almost a week of empty traps and still seeing droppings – I called Terminix. They came the next morning – the technician told me it was probably one or two mices in the house by the amount of droppings. He gave me a choice of glue traps or snap traps. After seeing the movie Forget Paris and scene with the glue trap catching a bird in the house and the bird trying to fly away and getting stuck on her face and hair – forget that ! I went with the snap traps (still gross – but at least it is dead unlike the glue traps). The next day, one of the traps had one! I haven’t send any more droppings – it has been over a week and I finally have started to feel some piece of mind! I am so sorry I didn’t spend the few dollars for the mothballs – perhaps I wouldn’t have lost hours and hours of sleep, spending hours and hours cleaning, washing dishes, throwing away food that we suspected the mice were near, etc. I hated the control these little sh**’s had on me! I was paralyzed with fear – I didn’t want to go to my kitchen or my basement! I dreaded looking on my counters, near my stove and microwave, etc., the whole house! I was always kept my house clean – never ate in the bedrooms, washed dishes everynight, took the garbage out everynight – I love to cook – but I hate the smell of food so after the meal is over with – I always made it a point to keep the kitchen clean. These sob’s just made me ill!

    I did follow another tip from this website – I have placed Irish Spring soap in the cabinets that do not contain food and the closets (The Terminix Technician stated the house did smell really nice!)

    I know this may sound silly – but as I was leaving for work one morning – I open the basement door and I told the little sh**’s to get out of our home and that they were not welcome. I told them to go and live somewhere else like a field (I didn’t wish this agony on my worst enemy) and that this was war! I know how it sounds silly or crazy, but I needed to feel some type of control in my life. I was amazed how these little creatures gripped me with fear in my own home! After reading so many other comments on this and other websites, I realized that I am not alone on how I felt! It still sucks! Living in fear of rodents in your home! This has been an experience I will never forget! And everyone has a mouse story!
    I am keeping the faith and I keep checking for droppings with my flashlight at least three times a day during the week and five times during the weekends! Good luck everyone!

  • Shane

    We have noticed the mice in our home for 3 weeks as of tomorrow and have had traps our ever since. We know of 3 for sure 1 of which may be or have been pregnant. Today we caught our first one with glue pads and a few small pieces of Tex Mex shredded cheese. Within an hour of putting the cheese on the trap we had it. So we are putting it on all of our traps and will hopefully get rid of the remainder of them.

  • Lucy’s Sis

    I just had a handy guy recaulk on the outside where it has separated due to the weather and then he stuffed steel wool in all crevices that looked like something could fit in there, also he caulked wherever it looked questionable. A pest control company put poison baits in the attic which is where I heard activity and today when the handy kid was here, we put up in the attic four traps where the mouse walks in to eat the peanut butter and can’t get out. while I am waiting for them to eat the poison I do not care to hear them scratching – I figured they would eat the poison and my peanut butter trap and croak in there. I am also going to put the pepperment oil outisde where I found a dead one. thanks for the tip. the family behind me has always had mice and they just catch them and throw them in the garbage. They dont do anything to prevent them. I dont want to kill them, but if they come into my house, in my living space – they are fair game.

  • Dan

    Has any one ever heard of Cyanne Pepper? anyway i put it all around the house thinking it will stop the mice from comming in. maybe they wont walk through it. what do you think?

  • Alisha

    I just came across a website that says that hedgeapples repel insects and mice. I havent tried it but i hope to get some next year when they are available. I have had luck with the stick pads. and i have had luck with the steel wool but, i did discover mice droppings in under my bathroom sink and they are coming from a hole my husband has not covered all the way.. (yeah he is going to fix that.. lmao) and so i went and checked under my kitchen sink where my pots and pans are and there are A LOT there.. so im not in a very good mood right now to say the least.. i saw that the had TRIED to eat through the steel wool and couldnt so they pushed it out of the hole..

    so i got a butter knife and stuffed the steel wool in there really tight. i am going to get some caulking and caulk around the steel wool like was stated so maybe they cant push it.. lol i dont know. but i am not wanting to be dealing with this right now.. i have a 4 year old and just blah.. we get them like every other year.. around this time since its Arkansas and we live on 6 acres.. kinda just goes hand and hand when it the weather starts to get really cold.. i love coming to these sites to see what people are using.. and i hate using chemicals to kill them and have the trapped in my house and making it stink.. so im hoping i can just get them stuck to the pad and carry them off.. i feel bad for them dying but i would like them out of my house more.. happy hunting..

  • Mick Walsh

    I seem to get the mice every year and they are a definite indicator that the cold weather is approaching. I am on quite a bit of medication and have powerful out of date sedatives, anti-psychotic medication which I put to good use rather than take them to the chemists for disposal. I crush them and mix about 50/50 with small amounts of tinned Tuna or other fish and place in areas I see the mice frequent.

    The first time after I used my method, I was asleep but was woken up by this dull thudding noise. I sat on the edge of my bed and watched the mouse theatrics as 2 were running along the curtain pole and 2 others were climbing up the curtains but obviously being disorientated by the eating of my concoction, kept falling to the floorboards. They were definitely sedated, still agile but obviously unable to run fast and untroubled by my appearance.

    I went back to bed and that was the last I heard or saw of mice that year. I am about to repeat the process this year with expected results in 2-3 days.

    I never thought of trying peanut butter as bate instead of fish but will do now and lay traps too so I can have a count.

  • Melissa

    I read somewhere that you can fill your old air wick plug-ins with oil of your choice. I think I am going to put peppermint into mine so then the whole house will smell of peppermint.

  • Mick Walsh

    It is 24 hours+ since I saw the latest mice. They were sedated as slow movements indicated. Did not like to use but caught a mouse stood in its tracks full on with a prolonged shot / spray of Raid, fly and wasp killer. It must be the only flee less mouse for miles around. Possibly they found it so obnoxious they decided to leave my home, I hope so but if not, I will repeat the dose with sedative added food and traps.

  • lindilou

    To keep away any vermon you have to make sure you don’t leave any food source out,this means put food in mouse proof containers,wash up,dont leave till morning,block all holes….a mouse/rat can get through any hole it’s head will fit through.We live in a rural area so food scraps go to the dog/on an ants nest or in the compost..not in the bin..they will be atracted to the smell.We are also fortunate that we have pythons living in the roof…..yeah yeah cringe…but we rarely have a mouse problem.Never put bait down and seal the room…..make sure mouse can get out.: )

  • Ritesh

    I was just going through this couple of weeks ago. nothing mentioned here worked. Tried traditional trick my granny told me. so not sure if mice/mouse in west are any clever.
    take some wheatflour, add sugar syrup and make a dough. now make small balls atleast 40-50 (ours is a small apt. 1300 sq. ft, so 40-50 were enough) and deep fry them. now put them every where in your house.
    did this last week and i guess they are gone now. hand around 3 mice that i could notice.

    Again, this is just what worked for me. May or may not work for you. If it does, leave a thank you note. 🙂

  • Tine

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve had some problems with mice getting into my RV in the past and my friend told me about this product called Mouse Free. Since I had already tried the other methods (moth balls, dryer sheets) I decided to give this a try and applied it to my RV last summer. I haven’t seen a mouse yet! It’s also easy to apply, all you have to do is connect an air compressor to the application gun and spray the product under the RV. It doesn’t smell bad at all it actually smells like peppermint! So far so good! Here’s the website if any one wants to have a look, http://www.mouse-free.com

  • ebony

    My mother had a really bad mouse problem when she moved house, last year . She discovered them four weeks after she moved in and it took her 12 weeks to get rid of them. She removed all the food and put them into containers. she put down traps (but they would not go near them).She got one of those a sound repellent (which did not work).She than blocked every hole with steel wool and than re-plastered the holes (still no luck). she was lucky to get a good builder because he discovered that there was a hole under her bath tub and that’s how they got in). she is now mice free and keeps fruit and vegetables on display with no problem.

    My story goes like this- I just moved 7weeks ago and three days ago I heard rustling along with a musty smell in my kitchen (sometime in the afternoon). Then two nights ago I saw a mouse in the kitchen (3am).

    I called my landlord and he said he will come and take a look in two days time (tomorrow). However he said I would have to wait 10days for him to close any holes (there are so many holes/get traps etc because it is Christmas in a few days time.

    Mice are smart and they will know how to out smart you. so in the mean time I am doing small steps to give the mice a chance to leave first.

    My first step, clean the kitchen (and all around the house) and put all food (any food that cardboard box or plastic and fruit, seeds, rice, pasta, flour, sugar etc)in containers/fridge etc…

    The next morning after this step, I discovered even more mice droppings on the kitchen counter top.

    my second step – 100% PURE PEPPERMINT OIL… I looked everywhere and found it in my local health store, I applied lots of drops to cotton buds and put them all over the house! I also added drops to water and mopped with the peppermint water (make sure the peppermint oil is NOT MIXED with anything else and CANNOT be use for cooking etc.

    THE FIRST 2 STEPS ARE JUST A WARNING TO GET THEM TO MOVE BEFORE I BLOCK UP ALL THE HOLES AND TO GIVE ME MORE TIME TO FIND WHERE THEIR COMING IN. I would perfer to block up holes when they are out of my home and not inside my home.

    My third step I will try in 2days time is to fill some holes myself using steel wool…

    My fourth step (I will try this 1 day before my landlord comes-because I do not like mice) is to get a big deep bucket and spread peanut butter inside the bucket. I will place the bucket near the kitchen counter top (one of their hang out spots)and they should not be able to resist the smell of the peanut butter and fall in (I know this works because I have seen it work for someone else). I do not want them alive so I will figure a way to kill them when they are in the bucket!

    My fifth step- my landlord will close the remaining holes and try and find their nest (if I have not already done so), put down glue boards and continue with the peppermint method.

    My sixth step- get my neighbours (who live below me) to do the same, because if they are also living in their home they might want to come back up to mine!

    If all fails I will get my friend cat to come over because he is always killing mice and birds.

    I will keep you all posted.

  • Grandmajia

    Spent my Christmas Eve cleaning my pantry, under my sink and every other spot I think the miserable beasts have invaded. I thank you all for the tips. I put fox pellets outside the house and around the front entrance to our garage. MY WORD that stuff stinks. EEEUUUWWW
    Also got a smaller version of the Victor Multikill. This one is made for rats, but hey, it will just kill mice faster, huh? One on the ground floor and one in the basement. I will pray for them to work, cause like the rest of you—this is unacceptable to my lifestyle to have these critters in my home! We just built a new house cause the one we used to live in had bugs, bats, mice and snakes. The bugs and mice were my problems. My husband hated the snakes and I had to keep saving him from them. Poor baby! ;-D
    Praying for you all to have a critter free 2012. God bless you for what you have survived already!!!

  • alanx

    Update (last posted on 19th November).

    It is boxing day now and there hasn’t been any smell of mice dead or alive since December 12th.

    I’ve seen about 18 dead mice approx caught in breakback traps and electric traps, and the dead mouse stench has come and gone over 8 weeks. There must have been at least 24 of them.

    The most successful breakback traps were modern advanced plastic ones (B and Q). The highest catch rate was just at the back of a deep freeze where the mice trotted round the corner. The second most successful trap (plastic again), had the front of it inserted into the little pile of poison bait at the most popular feeding spot – under a cabinet next to the cooker. These little furry things really like cookers.

    The best bait for traps was chunky peanut butter.

    The odour removing bags I mentioned worked, but when there is a recent kill they do not remove all the smell – but they certainly remove the worst of it.

    So, in a space of 20ft by 10 ft it took five breakback traps, two electric traps and six separate piles of poison to see off 20 to 30 mice. (i’ve no pets or kids in my home – poison would not be a good idea at all if you do have pets and kids).

    It’s a good idea to find information on where to place traps.

    It’s a good idea if the poison is fresh.

    Wear disposable rubber gloves when you handle bait, bait boxes and traps – this stops your human scent getting on them.

    Persistence is the key. Keep the traps and poison out for two weeks after you notice no more sign of mouse activity.

  • B Phillips

    Please be careful if using peppermint oil and you have cats! Peppermint oil is toxic to cats if they ingest or breathe it in!

  • john wilson

    i see all these tips but havent seen this one lol if your neighbor or someone you know has a cat . have them give you alittle of their urine out of a litter box wet litter in a sandwich baggy not sloppy lol put some around in areas you know they are comin in on jar lids sometin keep away from kid areas duh which mice usualy have out of the way ares of entry and the smell will convince the mouse there is deffinatly a cat somewhere if you cant or wont have a cat . cause they are the best mouse killer ther is good luck

  • Kathy w

    Saw a mouse in my garage and set up bate and traps. No evidence anywhere in the house and no mouse droppings in the garage. Kind of strange but still set out traps I. The garage and In the house. Will update

  • Kristi

    I tried glue traps and had no luck, but went yesterday and bought the plain old traps I caught a mouse within an hour!! So I say they work best!

  • Kelli

    All these tips sound great and I am definately going to try them one by one!
    We recently rented a house and have noticed mice…EEEWWWWWW! nasty little thingd! I got a cat because my dog would just watch them…my new kitty is a fantastic mouser!!!!!
    We also use glue traps and those have worked pretty good for us too!!!
    nothing for bait either…we just set the trap down and we catch them…they like are furnice room although i can’t determine where they are getting in from..still some work to do on that part…but thanks guys…I am so gonna try these tips!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Over It

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Guess Santa thought I didn’t deserve a place on the nice list because I got a cupboard full of mouse shit for Christmas! Hooray! Just what I always wanted…

    Have baited house with poison but having read people’s experiences about pets finding dead lethal mouse bodies around I’m petrified my puppy is going to eat one!

    Have spent 4 nights between Chrissy & New Years up til 1am cleaning and crying! My poor boyfriend…he has to deal with a hysterical cleaning GF as well as plugging up holes with foam fill and board. Can’t do it anymore!!!!

    Thanks for al the posts, have been laughing so hard at some of them… good to know i’m not in this alone!!

    Off to shops tomoz to try some of these natural remedies(except capturing them in snap lock bags and hammering them to death-thats freaking SICK!)

    Thanks again…good luck people!!

    • hoffie

      well i dont feel so bad, we have a mouse and it has decided to use my dish cloth as a bed. Im so scared to open the cupboard and see this thing look at me. Bf thinks its funny cause every noise to me is this mousey drives me mad! will try all the bits and pieces you guys have posed.. the mouse hunt begins.

  • Katie

    I know it might seem a little disgusting, but snake poo can also deter them. We heard about it and having owned a snake at the time we scattered a little bit of snake poo around in the roof where the mice were and it kept them away for quite a while, however, its not a complete solution, every so often we have to scatter more around as we find that eventually it dries up too much and therefore isnt effective anymore.

    Now that we have noticed a couple mice in the kitchen though I might give the peppermint oil a try! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Lisa

    I had a mouse (ok rat) problem for quite awhile – I live in a manufactured home and could not find ALL their entry points. I have lots of animals so poison was out of the question. I found that the sticky traps (rat size) worked wonders. I lined the area under the pantry door with them so they had to walk over them. Got 2 the first night and finally caught the third by putting his knawed on potato in the back of a box with the trap in the front – he could not resist. Got em. I have not had a repeat invasion. I will definitely be putting mint oil under my sink, in my pantry and under my stove though. I do not want them back.

    • Meech

      Please don’t use glue traps, they are terribly inhumane and illegal in many places. If you insist on killing the mice, please use a snap trap; they kill quickly. Just a suggestion and a brief plea, thank you!

  • Cherylftm

    I’m In England and we went away for a week befor Christmas and when we returned I found droppings in the bathroom,bedroom,living room and kitchen and found the entry point which is under the bath(and there’s gaps in the plastic bath panel)so I’ve caught 3 in snap traps but really I need to stop them coming in but my house is old and made of sandstone with the neighbours garden coming half way up my house so I can’t find where they are getting in and I can’t get to the entry route!I’m worried that if I block the gap under the bath that they don’t leave and find other ways in and come I to the house again!luckily they haven’t ventured out from under the bath due to them sometimes sneaking the chocolate without setting the traps off but I’m hoping if I block the hole off they just leave for good!we had them in the loft a couple of years ago and caught about 6 with snap traps then they must have gone!

  • Tooscaredtosleep

    I’m SOOOO glad that I found this site…finally I’m not alone! I have been battling mice in our house for about a month now and I have felt like a prisoner in my own home! The very first time I saw a mouse, I was laying on my bed and the little s**t ran right across my bedroom floor. I immediately jumped up and asked myself if I really saw what I thought I saw? My BF walked into the room and I told him that I thought I had seen a mouse. I was FREAKED out! He didn’t seem to be too bothered by it, only that we needed to get some traps…I kept telling myself that I was imagining things and that I didn’t REALLY see a mouse…until I saw mouse droppings in my closet where I stashed Halloween candy to keep away from my kids. It/They had been crawling all over my shoes!!! So the next day I bought about 2 packs of glue traps and placed one in my closet. The very next morning I heard the squeal of a caught mouse. I was so scared that I asked my 10 year old daughter to open my closet door and check the trap. (I know, but she was braver than me, lol) and sure enough I had caught the little sucker! I was so excited and asked my boyfriend to dispose of it once he came. There was no way I was going to pick it up..

    So, my terror is over and I am done with mice, right? WRONG! I kept find droppings everywhere! Now I am really scared. I was hoping that that one little mouse was it. Well how many do I have and where are they??

    I needed to go and buy more traps but I was so embarrassed to buy them AGAIN from the store. I didn’t want people to think that I was a nasty person and was living with mice…I am not a neat freak but I do like cleanliness so the thought of people thinking I was a dirty person bothered me…but the mice bothered me more and so I went and got more traps. I’ve placed them everywhere but have caught nothing. Did they see the struggling mice before and now know not to mess with the glue traps?? I don’t know but they weren’t working and I was still living in fear.

    So, we eventually told the owner about the problem and he came to “assess” the situation. I don’t know what he needed to assess, we have mice now do something! He placed new flaps on the bottom of the doors and sealed some holes under the house where we have a crawl space and also a mysterious hole that I found in a bedroom closet. He swore that the mice are not in the walls, but after reading all the posts on this site I see that he was WRONG! That’s where they are!

    He also set up a bait station that I was happy about, but now thinking more about the dead mice that will be decomposing around the house, I don’t know if that was such a good idea…but I want them dead! I am definitely going to try the peppermint oil and mint plants around the house. I’ve got to get rid of these suckers and start living again. I’m tired of going into every room and turning on the light and looking around before I enter or staying up late at night listening for gnawing sounds and running of mice.

    I WILL win this war! How do you know how many you have though? That part freaks me out. I keep reading posts that people say they’ve caught 14 or 20 or 30! I can’t live imagining that there could be that many in the house…

    • Guesstka

      I understand your pain… I have been experiencing your same problem off and on for about a year… Just when I thought I had the problem under control then I would see sightings that they were in my home again…
      I laughed very hard when you said you asked your daughter to look in the closet for you… Little kids are very brave because my daughter looks for me as well… Something about that cute innocence…
      Sorry I don’t have any helpful tips… Everything that I know is on this page… I don’t know what worked and what didn’t… Im going to try again and write it down this time to figure out the best way to remove them…

  • Carol

    Hello, We found at times the mice can eat the peanut butter without setting the trap off, so we now use Marshmallow Fluff, (the stuff to make Fluff-a-nutter sandwiches), and the Fluff lasts about 2-3 days if  it takes that long for the mice to find it. In fact, we have caught 11 mice in the back laundry room, their entrance place, and one in the office. Bay leaves are fine but they are better to keep ants out. Thank you, Carol 

  • Hennessyrose69

    Or just get a house cat to rid them vermonts… ha ha ha

  • Hennessyrose69

    Well, what can I say? I live in an apartment that is located next to a river which has a lot of rocks and on top of that my neighbors have mice as well as cockroaches!!!! Just the thought. I lived here for four years now and it first started with the cockroaches! Seen a few here and there but then they got worse now the exterminators come every 4 to 5 months! Not quite enough! I know it’s my neighbors fault. Then about two years ago I seen mice s**t in my cupboards below the sink so I moved the pots & pans out of there and the last time I seen one was this summer and I just seen one last night and I used my last sticky paper and caught it. Yay! BUT… Tonight I was trying to write a letter and I heard a squeaky sound and I thought it was my imagination and what do you know?! Seen that little s^^t trying to sneak out and like you Carol I chased it into the bedroom closet and I’ve been watching for it but no sighn of that little rodent yet!!! I do wish the other tenants would take more consideration with their infestations!!!!! I’m worried about my health. Don’t have any little children here with me and you would think that the Housing Authority would crack down on infested apartments. Hopefully I can get this problem situated. GROWSE. The thought of Haunta Virus!!!! Just sickens me.

    Thanks for listening to my ventilation. Ha Ha

    I’ll be back in a few weeks to update the situation here. Good Luck to everyone with this pest problem.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of them and today is the day I’m declaring all out “them or me” war. I have tried it all. Well, not really. I won’t do glue traps or poison. I have 3 small parrots and they have a tiny room not much bigger than a closet where they eat and hang out when I’m not home. Anyway, their seeds get everywhere in that room, of course and every single night I clean up every single seed from everywhere in that room. It takes me two hours, but there is not ONE seed for the mice to eat. This has caused the mice to come out during the day and then drive me insane in their search for food at night. I can’t sleep anymore because twice I have had them come up on my bed while I’m trying to sleep- and those are the times I knew of because I saw them. I can’t imagine how many nights they’ve crawled on me while I was dead asleep. Ugh.

    So I have two different variations of humane traps. The first one, only caught one and it was a baby so I’m assuming the only reason he was caught was he was too young to know better. They have never even gone near the other one. I’ve resorted to snap-traps even though I don’t like them either because years ago I had a horrible experience with one in my old apartment where it just caught the mouse’s tail and then he was running around squeaking with this trap dragging around behind him. I finally caught him, got his tail out and let him go. I felt so bad about that too. They completely ignore the snap-traps anyway. The bastards are way too smart.

    Peppermint oil made my entire apartment smell like a friggin giant candy cane and I couldn’t eat anything without tasting mint for two weeks. Plus, it didn’t really make them go away anyway. I’ve plugged everywhere with steel wool but that has just trapped them INSIDE my apartment. Now it’s all a matter of catching the bastards, but I can’t! They are onto my every trick. I even tried an upside down shoebox held up with a pencil and a string tied to the pencil. When I saw the mouse go for the food under the box, I yanked the string, but he was too friggin fast!! Argh!!

    Their musky odor makes me sick. I hate walking into my apartment and smelling mice. I hate my life so much right now because of them. I can’t get a cat because of my birds and I don’t see the point of trying the electric trap because why would they go in there if they don’t go in the humane traps? I can’t live like this anymore. I literally cannot sleep and I’m exhausted. Today I’m going to the store and buying peppermint oil again and then I’m going to clean up the entire apartment and move all the furniture away from all the walls and take everything that is on the floor or under the bed out and scour the place raw. Then I will literally find a way to catch each and every one if I have to do it with my bare hands.

    Anyone know if chloroform would work to knock them out? Maybe if I put some on a cotton ball and they sniffed it, they’d pass out and I could scoop them up that way. Can you even get chloroform anywhere? (sigh)

  • Timntosha541

    If I do this stuff and get them out of the kitchen and laundry room will they go to other rooms in my house? I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do. I have an 8 year old and don’t want them in his room, and most of all want them dead and out of our house. My biggest fear is them spreading around the house. I can’t afford an exterminator, if ANYONE can answer my question about them spreading that would be great. I’m going to homedeopt in the morning and going to buy a bunch of woodin traps. Thanks yall

  • Lost it, Lisa

    Oh my! I TRULY felt alone and sooo glad to come along this sight! I knew we (our neghboorhood, somewhat) had mice…we are in a townhome development and some neighbors and I have had some here n there. But I guess I kinda thought they were just passing thru, hunting for food. Well, our basement started with this HORRIBLE smell, I described it kinda like wet popcorn, dirty socks or something n have had it for about 2 weeks DYING to know what it was. I only go down there for laundry and bathroom, but the other end is actually set up like a den, we never use. A sectional, cream colored that was still very stiff, as its not used, never got “broken in”.

    Well, my parents are in town, staying with me and my mom wanted to watch a different show then we all were. So we went downstairs to turn the tv and as she sat on the edge of the couch…UGH! She noticed mouse poo. I turned the light on and OH MY GOD! I have NEVER seen SO MUCH mouse poop EVER in my life!! It was like they were my pets and this is their room! After standing, SHOCKED, I ran upstairs yelling for my boyfriend to wake up, as if i had cut my finger off or something! Once we went back down to check it out, my Mom shakes the remote like “um, my show please” Standing there, soo many emotions and thoughts fluttering thru my head I LOST IT! I told all 3 of them off, cried grabbed a glass of wine and went to my room. I sat there, quiet by myself thinking “what the heck!! I am NOT dirty! How is this happening? What am I missing? What do I do?” Then, thats it! I went down, vacuumed, through out all of the new throw pillows, took all of the cushions off, threw them out only for my boyfriend to look and tell me they are living in the couch–thats never used!

    My parents and my BF look at me like I am TOTALLY OVER REACTING but I feel so violated, dirty, creeped out, pissed and angry! I too, turn the lights on and look around now before I step into a room. I have 2 lil dogs and now I have to put their food up? Change how I LIVE?? Oh THIS IS WAR! I am heading to Home Depot after work and getting 12 snap traps (I have 3 set already) and will buy ALL suggestions above! Thanks everyone for sharing, as I felt so ALONE & UNCOMFORTABLE! Mad that I am losing a couch and the option of another living room–but I am SOOO not attached to it, SO HASTA LAVISTA! And watch out lil effer’s, CAUSE HERE I COME! Good Luck to all of you as well!

  • bentley

    i have been having mice trouble since last summer, and i live in a “two family flat” i don’t understand where they have come from

  • Lala

    Here I am at 2 am looking for something to prevent a mouse enter trough my screen door. Yes. He goes under the outside door and climbs the lower part of the screen and gets inside. I’ve seen him 3 time tonight. I’ve had this problem a long ago, and many mice have come and go. I’ve catch them with glue traps, and the other ones (guillotine, which I prefer because they really die). Sometimes two get trapped in just one.

    Ha I just saw it. Hate them. so persistent. If I go to sleep it will enter. I will try Vicks, because I heard It repels cats and rodents. tomorrow I will tell hubby about the flour and cement mix. Sounds awesome. Hopefully I will move to a brand new home soon, and there will no be rodents or roaches. Hate them equally.

  • Sylvia

    OMG, I have been sitting reading these tips for over an hour now and I can’t stop laughing at some of these very creative tips! I’m here to give you a tip and to share your pain!!!
    I HATE MICE!!! We found mice in our apartment which is one of a two family home. It doesn’t help that our landlord on the first floor is denying that they have mice! Anywho… We had mice about 2yrs ago and it was bad! I woke up one morning and declared war! I bought glue traps (worked extremely well w/cheese on it),got the poison pellets and killed the ones that didn’t get stuck on the traps but found dead mice bodies behind furniture etc. In a short time we caught about 8!! It’s crazy because we keep our place SPOTLESS but they still get in. We then plugged every hole visible w/ steel wool pads. Everything was fine for about 2 yrs …

    Just the other day a little mouse came out to say hello like 3 times in a row as we sat & watched television. I don’t have any money to buy poison or traps but I read the tips about the peppermint oil & will try that. I read one lady say that she found some foot bath that contained the oil & used it so I will try it as well. I was so happy at the fact that I had peppermint foot soak sitting there. I armed myself with cotton balls, the oil and went to town!!! I will let you know if it works! Next stop, potato flakes!

  • April

    I am as frustrated as all of you !!! Also reading all these stories makes me feel like I am not alone! Its just soo frustrating!! So these get (I believe) thru the hole in the wall from where the washer/dryer hookups are. Last week a friend came over and helped me board it up a bit but apparantly there are still holes.. I just now put some foil to try to fill in the holes but not sure if I got all of it. anyways… so here’s how I killed a mouse tonite b4 doing the foil …

    I got home and since we had left in a hurry today I did not get the kitchen as clean as I wanted it to.. I have been really trying harder to make sure its all clean before leaving & going to bed b/c these mice are making me crazy.. so, I decided to quickly start to clean but then had a hunch to look under the stove (the top lifts up for cleaning ~ not that I am good about cleaning under it) well low & behold there was a little mouse staring up at me. First I tried to cover up all of the burners b/c I thought thats where he was getting in from, but in the back was also a space for him to get out. So he started running around the counters but since I know the area they are getting in at, I quickly put a box there so that if he tried to go there, he would fall in the box. There we were ~ him looking at me, me looking at him trying to figure out my next move. My poor 5 year old daughter was there watching the whole thing, getting me things that would help me (as I was telling her what to get b/c i did not want to risk that he would get away if i moved)

    so actually before he had gotten out I had put a small pot of water on the stove b/c i was hoping to drive him out with the heat ~ or kill him either one~

    as the little monster was trying to make another escape back towards my stove the quickest thing that i could grab was a container that i have vinegar in and i started throwing it on him ~ which made him run slower and then he fell into the sink. so i grabbed the bigger vinegar container and just started pouring it on him. Then after i felt he would not be able to jump up i turned on the hot water quickly and then remembered that i had that pot of water on the stove.. so i quickly grabbed it and threw it on him. Kept the water on for quite awhile longer to be sure he was for sure dead. Then took him outside and threw him by the bush. nasty, nasty, nasty.

    these darn things keep eating the bait off of the wooden traps though! a friend of mine even helped me by baiting it with sunflower seeds and he said they always work.. well the darn things stole those sunflower seeds! and then they have been stealing the peanut butter too.

    so finally i did what someone else somewhere on this page said with pb mixed with pepper (i used cayanne). we will see if that will work or if it might scare them off. i don’t know. i am hoping they just will not be able to get in but i didn’t have a TON of foil that i put .. so who knows they might find another hole to get in with.


  • Kimberly V

    I’m back and so are the mice. It’s been 10 months since their last visit. Learned a few things. Cat/dog food even outside on a porch attracts them like crazy. Now for my horror story. I booby trapped my kitchen with sticky pads and conventional traps. I even had the entrance and exits to the kitchen lined with sticky traps. This has worked before to confine them to one area. I awoke yesterday to find a missing sticky pad and no mouse. They will eat their legs off trying to get off the pad. Sorry mousehuggers, but if the no kill traps worked for me I’d use them. Don’t like to see anything suffer, but these things terrorize me. They ignore no kills and the spin traps. Looked every where for the escapee. The only appliance I cannot tip is the fridge. For the love of Pete. It is 4:00 a.m. here in Carolina and I cannot sleep for fear of these nasty mice. I’ve spent a small fortune on my mouse arsenal…..again. It seems that the heat brings them in around here. I am planting mint around the house tomorrow! So exhausted that I think I’m seeing things. The only good thing about this is that mice freak me out so much that I will not eat when they are around. Think I’ve dropped a few lbs. This escape artist must be a field mouse, cause they will jump with the darn sticky attached to them. My tip…self medicate!

  • Tanis

    I have read most of your tips and stories and I am in for the count and will let you know what I found works. Recently they torn down a few Cilows in town (not even a block from my house) and then removed the old grain hoppers and other grain storing bins….Two days later I wake up form a nap in the afternoon to a mouse nesting in my hair and have had a mouse infestation that is just growing like crazy….

    I have a cat that is trying his best but just cant keep up because I think they have figured out where he can go and can’t….He will wait for hours for one of them to come out of its hiding place….I don’t know what more to try I live in a old farm house so lord only know how many different points of entry there must be that I will never be able to find…but I got two kids ages 6 and almost 1 I can’t have then running all over the house and if one thought it was a good thing to crawl in my bed and nest in my hair I am fearful for my kids beds…..

  • Ginger

    The only thing that has worked for me is the traps at Walmart that has the yellow thing on it. Put peanut butter on it toward the back and put it on sensitive. Glue traps work but you have to get the mouse off as soon as possible or it will pull itself off, I have actually caught a small snake on one.

  • mightyhunter

    For those trying peppermint oil, do not confuse it with the food flavoring type. The kind of peppermint oil you want is a essential oil found at many health food stores (and sometimes bath stores). I got mine at GNC at the mall. You can also find it at drugstore.com or amazon.

    Good luck.

  • Butch

    Found evidence in my garage in a large bag of bird sunflower seeds (the mice had a feast) a few days ago. I have caught 7 mice in 3 days with snap traps and peanut butter. I didn’t have any signs of mice in the garage prior to that. How many more could there be in such a short period of time? Less than a month from what I can tell.

  • Jenna

    We’ve tried everything! But our newest venture is to mix peanut butter, fine bird seed and Decon granules. Mix it really good and put it on some cardboard or paper plate where they frequent. They take it back to the nest and it rids the whole nest. And then I’m planting mint around the house to hold off newcomers!!

  • Dannielle

    Ive lived in this trailer for 9 years, we have had a minor mouse issue for the past 2-3 BUT recently it’s gotten out of handle…you put food in the cupboard and the mice go into whatever isnt tightly sealed off..like the other day my husband put his cheeseys on the counter went to get them again and Guess what? There was mouse crap in his food! Oh and they LOVE going into ceral boxes,cOOKIES,BASICALLY anything…I have found mouse turd in my kitchen cabnets,my junk drawer, my pots and pan cabnet which just really irritates me to no end…!!! I am trying to find somthing i can hang my pots and pans on and i am hanging my utenciels and going to buy containers for food that needs to be closed up!! We found this trap that has to sides and you bait it with peanut butter and Ive already caught one mouse who was alive and i just let it outside. I don’t really want to kill anything just get them away from MY HOME!

  • jim

    i have a mouse problem. i was told that mice follow a pheramone trail that will lead to the source of food or water or what ever mice need. at the rate they reproduce, dont know, it would seem that they travel the same path as the previous mouse with knowledge and foresight as traps in similar places do not work. i have tried 1 electronic device with limited success. check all entry points on foundation and seal. in canada we are required to have a fresh air intake for the furnace,steel wool might help. sounds stupid but police your domicile regularily. wish me luck

  • giovanna taratino

    Has anyone heard of using dryer sheets

  • Sophia Rosol

    Be sure that you never use a waste basket or waste can with a swinging top in your kitchen. The mice can easily climb in even a tall one, and you will be preparing them a nightly feast. It appears to me that the successful uses of various kinds of traps are due to the wearing of gloves while preparing them for the war on those little enemies. The scents from our hands sends the mice somewhere else to munch. Also remember that mice gnaw clothing and insulation for material to make nests. They even collected the noise-controlling insulation that was packed around my dishwasher!w

  • E

    I didnt read ALL the postings here but I want to share this:
    we live in New York and there are SO many rats here. In my garden, there are about 15 holes, and we have spent almost $500 in poison inserted in the holes, and it didnt work.
    I found a remedy to soak rags in Pine-Sol (which we buy in large containers from Costco). My husband put them in the holes and pushed them down as far as he could with a stick. Within a week, we have seen:
    they run around our yard but won’t go into the holes unless its where we didnt notice that they go (yet).
    There are been 6 dead ones in one week too. I think that (sorry but we have to fight disease) it kills them because their central nervous systems cannot handle the fumes.
    It seems to be working!!!

  • chey taylor

    Okay. So this morning I was getting ready for school in my room. my mom was in her sitting on the edge of her bed and screamed. I peeped my head out of my room and she told be that something ran across the floor. Last summer, when had 2 big ass house cenipeds (scared the shit out of me) and I figured it was just one of those creepy little critters. She immediately got the broom and got to cleaning her room. By that time I was paranoid, sitting on the couch looking into her room. Next thing I know, that little fucker is in the hallway.

    I screamed and I think he ran into this little closet where the hot water tank thingy is. my mom opened the door a little and he didnt run out. so we closed the door, and started slidding the broom hairs underneath the door to discourage the mouse from showing his face again.

    We called the landlord to send some body over to catch and remove this unwanted guest. soon after that I left, my anixety is really bad right now. Ive been in class for 9am and its now 10:30 all I have been doing is google-ing ways to get him out my house. I am scared to go home. I will be purchasing ALL of these items listed. I can NOT live like this.

    My mom always told me I need to keep my room clean – that my room would make a perfect place for a mouse to make a home. She aint never lied – I will be cleaning like crazy tonight (although it came out of her room :P)
    Please pray for my strenght.

  • katherine

    A man told me to use half a paracetamol crushed and put in2 a bit of chocolate but that remedy just kills the swines dont prevent them so im going 2 try peppermint 4 defo really hope it works cos the critters are getting me down now!

  • Fran

    We would usually get field mice ( the grey ones) in the basement during the winter. Recently I began cleaning out my basement 16 years accumulation )and have found a lot of dried mouse poop. We are rarely down the basement as it is just for storage. I purchased an expensive Whirlpool stove in January of 2011. After a few months, the top oven had a burning odor every time we used it so we began just using the lower oven. We didn’t want to use the self clean cycle because we have birds and the toxin that gets released will kill your birds. My daughter who now lives at that house called to say that one of the burners wouldn’t light. I called to have the repairman come over since the stove is under warranty. To our shock, the mice had gotten into this stove and were using the insulation as bedding. The repairman said he didn’t want to mention the rodents because that would void the warranty. I am sickened over this. I called in a pest control specialist because I wanted to find out how they were getting into the property in the first place.

    After inspecting the basement he said there were just so many ways they could be getting in that he wouldn’t know where to start. We live in a wooded area and a few years back a real estate speculator tore down many trees in what used to be an apple orchard to begin breaking ground for a sub division. Unfortunately, the subdivision never materialized but I have heard from more than one pest control expert that when these earth moving vehicles tear down trees and change the environment, mice will go someplace else. Guess they feel safe in my house. Regarding cats, we had three cats and still had mice. I heard you need a good barn cat. They are used to catching mice. I had three pampered felines. After reading this blog I am more confused. Some swear by peppermint oil others say it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t use the moth balls or camphor oil after reading that they are toxic. We do have two Yorkies and all our birds to consider. My dad used steel wool when he would see a hole in the wall when we lived in NY. I understand it will rip their skin if they try to penetrate that barrier. The coke is also an idea. I heard about the no burping no farting thing. I just don’t want to find a bunch of blown up mice all over the house…Ugh! I need HELP before my $1700.00 stove gets ruined.

  • Nestor santamaria

    I had called the pest control but it did not work so I’m thinking about a cat better cause I had tryed everything and for what I can see its not helping but know they had told me about the sticky glue traps and so far it had been working cause just yesterday I seen 4 mice in the stickey glue I was excited cause finally I was able to catch them but I’m going for a cat cause I also seen it works great!!

  • Claudia Martinez

    Omg so far nothing has worked for me I’m just in the point that I’m calling my land lord so he could do something about this cause it’s just so stupid that I have to find a way how to resolve the issue and the land lord it’s just like whatever cause I guess he don’t got this problem well he send a pest control that just charge him like around $220 to cover the holes put mice bite and pluse he just cover the holes with some metal thing that’s it..everything was good like for two days but next thing I came to find out their was still mice running around like crazy but I still have the same problem so I’m thinking on getting a cat but does enny one thinks is fair that all the coast run and be take care of and the owner should pay what ever the cat needs our I’m taking this to the courts cause its just to much and plus I have two kids and this is not safe for them but try the glue stick traps they are working cause everyday I have gotten a mice in all 5 mice traps I be putting under the stove. And everywhere!!hope it helps!!

  • Michele

    Haven’t got a new tip – in the throes of of trying to get rid of mice from my apartment. Even got a cat recently – hoping he’ll do the trick, but they seem to be coming in through the interiors of the walls and crawl space. Was out with the Brillo blocking up a hole in the wall in the lashings of rain today. Hoping I get a night’s peace from the sounds of mice tonight – and some sleep. Reading others’ experiences here, at least I know I’m not alone with this very distressing and head-wrecking problem. Gonna try the peppermint oil – oops, just read it’s toxic to cats. Will try putting wee-ed in cat litter at places where I think they come in.

  • Judy Moore

    we moved to mobile home park and have been undated with mice off and on. An exterminator gave us some enzyme blocks to put in entry place and it seems they just drag the bits of that around hous, My mice do not get into food just leave their tracks in cupboards where pots and pans are, etc. I did ask around how to get them from coming in first place and one said steel wool and another says they like dryer sheets cause i am getting tired of cleaning up after them.

  • james

    I live on a farm and right in the middle of 4 fields so i get field and house mice. anyway i use decon and sticky glue traps. alot of people believe a cat can help but they are wrong and here is why. mice and rats actually carry a virus that requires a cats body to survive. what happens is this virus causes the mouse to loose all basic surrival instincts and actually make the smell of a cat or is urine appealing to the mouse so they go to that area. then they get eat and the virus lives oParasites that turn victims into mindless, zombie-like slaves are fairly common in nature. There’s one called toxoplasmosa gondii that seems to devote its entire existence to being terrifying.
    This bug infects rats, but can only breed inside the intestines of a cat. The parasite knows it needs to get the rat inside the cat (yes, we realize this sounds like the beginning of the most fucked-up Dr. Seuss poem ever) so the parasite takes over the rat’s freaking brain, and intentionally makes it scurry toward where the cats hang out. The rat is being programmed to get itself eaten, and it doesn’t even know this is a common virus in mice and rats.

  • m.q.

    I too have a mice problem,they have been coming in through the roof from the tenants upstairs ,right now I am trying the peppermint oil,I’ve blocked out aall holes and am hoping it works I will try the vicks to see if that works .I hate mice so much that I am willing to try anything.Then I was reading a book on wholistic health and saw in it a remedy.I have not tried it yet but will share it.
    It says ….mix cement,powdered glass and dry corn meal.Put it in a dish and leave for the rats and mice ,this will dry them up without a smell as they eat.So try this if you will.If it works I will let you know.I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Kristthom

    I don’t have a tip but I do have a Problem. I just bought my first home never ever ever had a mouse or a rat problem. I had a new kitchen installed and now that my children and I are settled in my beautiful home what shows his ugly head but a MOUSE. So i get glue traps he doesn’t touch them. One morning walking into my kitchen for coffee what i see scurrying into my beautiful stainless steel stove but what looks like a fat rat. Now I’m ready to put the dam house up for sale and move back to my high-rise rental. My Mom says i saw a mouse since rats and mice don’t live in the same space. I say the mice are in the bathroom but a rat is behind the stove. Oh bye the way my boyfriend came in and closed up the hole that was behind the stove so I haven’t seen the rat since Friday but this Tuesday morning I saw 2 mice. I by bathroom ran under the radiator, 2 ran under dishwasher. going to by the peppermint plants and oil. I promise to post again by Friday. This is the worst thing ever, i can’t sleep and i’m very afraid of what the winter will bring

  • Mar

    My best tip is not to test the sensitivity of a “little nipper” mouse trap whilst your thumb is in the way – trust me, it bloody hurts!!! LOL!

  • brandi

    Definitely going to try peppermint oil in my home. i have a mouse that is getting way too bold. here i am sitting on the couch, watching tv and i see it run down the hall. couldn’t find it and then about ten minutes later i look up and it’s about 5 feet in front of me in the middle of the room just looking at me. it’s avoiding all traps! i’m also going to be adopting some cats!! lol

  • jen

    I have been driven nuts by mice this year too, Yes they live in oz {Australia} The 50/50 plaster of Paris and flour sounds good to me, I’ve heard of this remedy before so will try it.

  • Amber

    I have no tips like many, but I do have a problem. I never noticed them until the old man who lived two doors up (who was a hoarder) died and his children came to clean up the house. At first we found a “rat” alive trying to get out of our garbage can. We didn’t know what else to do, and I know this sounds very savage but my fiance killed the stupid thing with a broken hockey stick. I was absolutly terrified that I was going to find this thing in my house. Shortly after I kept hearing them around the area that we sleep and bought the glue traps I caught about 8-10 baby mice, but was worried because I knew the mother was running around somewhere but I never heard her. Finally I caught her with the glue traps I thought these things were a god send. Now the noises I am hearing around my house sound like something way bigger than mice, which horrifies me!!! In a desperate attempt to get some sleep and some research on the internet I read they cant stand the smell of peppermint.

    Since it was already late I couldnt go to the store and purchase the oil I found anything I had around the house with the smell of peppermint because of how instence the sounds were of them nawing at the wood and being in the furnace. I sprayed mint chloriceptic all over the place (which is actually medicine for a sore throat) and some of my fiances athletes foot powder because it has a very instense smell of mint. Along with putting some tooth paste on the enterences of the house. And I didnt hear another noise for the rest of the night. I now have some mint leaves I got out of my neighbors garden and im going to see if giant eagles has some of the peppermint oil for sale. I really hope that this will keep them out!! because im really tired and now I have my 3 year old as freaked out as I am! IM TIRED OF THESE STUPID THINGS INTERUPTING MY LIFE and im just getting more and more pissed off! If anyone out there has any advice for me to get these things out of my life as quickly as possible please HELP!

  • Jamie

    I would like to try the tips, however, won’t they just trap the mouse in my home? If I put peppermint oil by the hole I saw the mouse scamper into, won’t it just stay in there?

  • stefani

    I have 5 cats, and must have the stupidest or bravest mice on the planet in here. I know they are coming in through the hole behind the oven, because the cats all line up staring at the oven. I even put a dirty litter box in front of the oven, peppermint oil, everything. WTF? You’d think they’d leave voluntariy! Saw a new mousie poop today. They must be fast.

    The thing is I am a huge animal lover and I used to have pet mice. Years ago I went through this and caught about 6 over the course of several days in some green plastic humane traps PETA used to sell. But they don’t sell those anymore. Last year there was just one (I know there is never just one) and one of the cats got it and then dropped it. It staggered around for hours before it died. It was so cute, it was very sad.

    But the thing is of course I don’t want them taking over, and if they start reproducing I will have no choice but to kill as a last resort. I can’t have an infested house!

    Going to burn more peppermint oil again but it’s not doing the trick. I am going to have someone come and fix that hole because I can’t do it myself. I am afraid of pulling the oven out and seeing bunhces of mice and poop and that will freak me out.

  • Emily


    I have mice coming in my kitchen, the apt was just renovated before we moved in. And the nasty little buggers found their way into our home. We’ve tried sticky traps they aren’t working.. We have an infant, so poison is not an option. Please help us, how can we get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

    Does peppermint oil work? Rubber snakes?

    Thank you!

  • Emily

    I have mice coming in my kitchen, the apt was just renovated before we moved in. And the nasty little buggers found their way into our home. We’ve tried sticky traps they aren’t working.. We have an infant, so poison is not an option. Please help us, how can we get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

    Does peppermint oil work? Rubber snakes?

    Thank you!

  • Mandie

    Unofortunately I too do not have a tip but a problem. I’ve lived in this double with my 4 daughters for almost 8 months now.Never saw a mice here,any signs of them,or any noises to indicate they were here up until 2 weeks ago when the abandoned house on the opposite side of me (not the other side of the double but the house next to it) was FINALLY bought after being on the market for 3 years,so I heard, and now they are EVERYWHERE! At first it was just one,and now I can not even walk into my damn kitchen without one jetting across the floor right by my feet. I’m terrified to put my feet down. My daughters sleep on their top bunk and nowhere else,and not to mention I’m 7 months along with my first and only baby boy so on the rare occasion that the pregnancy lets me sleep,these disgusting mice won’t. All food is cleaned up everyday right after meals and snacks,mop all floors that are not carpet,vacuum everything Just to make sure there is no food ANYWHERE for them to get. Trash is immediately taken out after dinner and before I go to bed which ofcourse is causing me to waste tons of money on trash bags that I am wasting due to these filthy things. I can not put poison down because I have daughters and nowhere secure enough to where they can not get it. And I dunno if there is a difference but at one point I did have spearmint oil (not peppermint) and put that down,and honestly the things seemed to love it and where found where I put it mostly than anywhere else.UGH!! Any help,tips,anything! And seriously I’m not one for being humane when it comes to mice.they are filthy,disgusting and spread disease.I have children to look out for and could care less how these things get gone. So any kill solutions would be great too cause I refuse to take a chance on my girls getting sick due to trying to be humane about it all. Thanks

  • Natasha

    Peppermint oil works but BEWARE that it is a natural stimulant for humans so if you spray before going to bed you might have trouble getting to sleep…..or not be able to at all if you are as sensitive to scents as I am.

  • Super Annoyed

    Ugggh, just like everyone else, I have an unwanted tenant that refuses to pay rent and refuses to leave! I literally feel like this mouse broke into my house and is holding my family hostage. I have not had any amount of decent sleep, since the first sighting of this little creep.

    The worst part is that he is taunting us, we have bought pepermint oil, glue traps, electrocution traps, snap traps, mothballs etc. He will not go near any of it. He delicately dances around all of our traps and craps almost within inches of the traps, just to let us know that he is smarter than us!

    My heart grips with fear everytime I walk in my door. I am deeply afraid of mice and bugs. I scream and run, when I see a centerpeade, so this is literally mental anguish for me.

    My husband is so pissed he just wants to grab it and squeeze the life out it. I expressed how gross that would be, so we just made another trip to Menards to puchase additional traps and such, and I am hoping for some success today. If not we will have to consider calling Orkin or getting a cat.

    Has anyone on hear contacted an exterminator or own a cat? Does either work, please help!!!

  • Jodi Singh

    Just caught the little bugger with a glue trap and peanut butter. Thanks for that great tip!

  • About to get a divorce~!

    Okay, so I JUST saw a mouse AGAIN!!!! We have lived in this house for a year and a half. I am sitting here typing this because I am so desperate, I had to see if anyone had any tips or tricks on how to catch these stupid ridiculous rodents! First of all, it appears as if I am the ONLY one that seems to see the damn mice! Its like its taunting me. Tonight (approximately 1 hour ago), I was going into my kitchen and it seemed as if the mouse met me in the doorway…I knew I wasn’t trippin because he wasn’t as fast running away. I do not like mice! Perhaps I should repeat that, I DO NOT LIKE MICE! Last fall, I gave birth to twins, and spotted a mouse! My mother-in-law, put down 2 million different types of traps. To much avail, for the 3 months she was here to help us, we NEVER saw one dang ole’ mouse…however, 2 days after she left, I spotted one in the kitchen. Luckily, I’ve only seen them in the kitchen. I think my husband just does not either know what else to do, or just doesn’t care because when I tell him I’ve seen one, he doesn’t move! Tonight, he jumped up because he was sleep and I screamed to high heavens, but he said we keep seeing them every couple of weeks, but he can’t catch them with his hands…they are too smart for the traps. So here’s the deal…either this mouse gets caught…(abandoned houses, holes in the wall, whatever they have to go) or I am going to divorce my husband…can somebody help the brother out? Every previous post EVERYONE is talking about the peppermint oil…does it really work? What about “Just one Bite”…does that work? Please let me know…

  • Lorna

    People seem to be confusing peppermint extract with peppermint essential oil. One is used in candymaking, and it would lose its scent very quickly as it is mostly alcohol. The other is bought at health food stores and would hold its scent somewhat longer. You can also make your own essential oils by heating very large quantities of an finely minced flower or herb (peppermint in this case) in an oil such as canola on low overnight in a slow cooker and then straining.

  • Lorna

    I have never heard of peppermint being especially stimulating. That’s interesting. I know I’ve smelled the essential oil to combat severe nausea, and the tea helps as well, but it always seemed relaxing to me.

  • Lorna

    Orkin was not especially useful for my own mouse issue. They have a humane trap that they set, but it only caught about one mouse over the year they came for my other pest issues. When I asked if that was all he was going to do for the problem, the Orkin man just laughed at me. I think the mice leave when you get your place sprayed and just come back the next day. I had cats all around my yard (even on my roof and in my crawlspace under my trailer) and the mice still thrived, although I didn’t actually own a cat and didn’t have one indoors.

    Putting out actual mouse/rat poison seemed to be the only thing to get the larger ones, although the smaller ones could get caught in glue traps (which also trap spiders). But I think the scent is gone from the poison (after a year or so) so it’s stopped luring them effectively. I also learned to put my food in sealed containers, but even food-scented soaps and shampoos (like strawberry) seem to interest them. If you get a cat as a mouser, get one that’s rowdy, apparently, since lethargic cats take less interest in catching mice.

  • Cape Anner

    As we are coming to this site because we have a mouse problem can everyone PLEASE simply say what HAS or HAS NOT worked? It will make for less slogging through repetitious stories for proven solutions. This is a war we’re fighting and that requires cutting out the superfluous and getting down to useful facts. Thanks.

  • Kahu Kupenga Kereopa ( New Zealand)

    Kia ora my name is Kahu from New Zealand and I would like to share my freaky mouse exsperience with you. Last night I causaly went to the toilet, then suddenly realized I was not alone. While sitting on the thron, doing and minding my own business,a mouse crawled up the wall beside me. In a state of shock and in mid stream and in the smallest room of the house, where could I go? I was so scared and filled with fear, I ran into the lounge with my panties below my knees. I am going to try the peppermint oil, I cant hold on forever, lets hope it not all crap lol.

  • Connie

    I have had an awesome morning reading this post since the beginning.
    We usually get a few mice in the house every fall as we live in the country but this year they’ve been here much longer and we’ve trapped 21 so far. Will definitely try the peppermint oil and might have to go to poison if the oil doesn’t do the trick.
    Mothballs in the attic worked great on bats we haven’t seen any there since we tied mothball in all of our odd socks 5 years ago and hung them from the rafters. The house smelled weird for a while but hey, it was worth it.
    Keep up the great writing!!!!!!!!

  • Alx

    I am reading some of the comments and there are my thoughts.
    I would not recommend anything that will cause a mouse to die (i.e. coke)somewhere you might not be able to reach. It will decompose and stink. We tried peanut butter for 3 days, so far nothing. It is very frustrating becasue previosuly little PB on a trap worked immediately. I am going to try peppermint oil now.

  • Shrubb2

    Best Solution to rid your home of Mice.
    Peanut Butter and Bread.

    1) Butter one side of a slice of bread with peanut butter.
    2) Break off a piece off gripping the non buttered side.
    3) Using a standard Victory Brand mouse Trap “the little, Dollar Store wooden ones are fine.
    4) Squish the Bread/Peanutbutter bait into the trigger of the trap then set Trigger.
    5) Choose safe,out of reach locations, Less chance of an accidental snap on the fingers/pets nose.
    6) Set at least 6 at first and continue until numbers dwindle.

    The bread mixed with the peanut butter applies enough resistance making it impossible for the Rodent to lick it clean before it trips. These traps are usually a one use device but, i have seen success with traps that have been washed/weathered.

    I have read many posts regarding glue traps, the one thing most don’t mention is that “sticking to it and slow starvation/slow suffocation is much less humane than a quick sharp snap of a standard mouse trap.
    I guess the out of sight,out of mind option keeps these methods on the shelf.

  • Ali….

    I am aware that my neighbor has mice because once or twice a year when they clean house and yard I start seeing them running around in my kitchen….
    I was awoken at 3:30 in the morning with noises in my bedroom because I had a bags a potato chips tired in a another bag which I had only just placed there a few hours before because I was planning to take them to work and I didn’t want to forget them so placed them in my room….
    But what scared me was the size of the whole in the bag….
    I am wondering how big this sucker is.
    I couldn’t go back to sleep after that I ended up placing cut onions around my room and I removed the chips…
    I actually felt my bedroom door open in hopes that my unwanted guest would leave….
    I really hope the onions work because I need to sleep.

  • MouseHater

    MOUSE TIP-I didn’t see any tips on using Bounce Sheets. I place them in the boat, camper and trailer. It’s a pleasant smell and the mice hate it. Been doing this for years now. Becareful though, it they get wet they are a mess. Good Luck!


    those plug in electronic wave sound for mice.your better off yust throwing away your money they don,t work

  • stressed

    I don’t know what type of mice we have. We’ve tried electronic devices, different types of traps, etc….nothing works. They are very clever. Not even the baby ones fall for the tricks/traps. W have 3-4 different types of traps and nothing works. One thing for sure. Peanut butter doesn’t work, but they seem to love potato chips and sunflower seeds. Would you believe the little buggers will crack open the shells to get the seeds and leave the damn shells for you to clean up??? I was outraged when they chewed through 2 bags to get the seeds…then left their pile of shells…DAMN, DAMN, DAMN !! Gonna try the peppermint oil.

  • mkt

    I am not sure if this was stated here already as I didn’t read every post word for word, but when using the snap traps:

    -sadly they seem most effective for a small occasional/season problem; tried “safe” traps and poison but if I can tough it through throwing out a few bloody traps, the problem goes away pretty quickly. My problem NEVER affected kitchen; bottom floor and 3rd floor of townhome, but never bothered my kitchen.

    -TIP: when laying out the traps, put them on paper plates or even better (because they are square not circle) cut up a cereal box and place it on that. when you have a kill, throw something over the box so you don’t have to look at it and pick it up and toss it. If you cut the box so the sides are still there , place the trap at that end, that way when you pick up the box/trap/dead mouse you don’t have to worry about anything sliding off onto the floor.

  • Micalya

    I have tried just about everything but i’m going to do the peppermint and maybe try the plugin device. i live out in the country in an old farm house, and lately we have had tons of mice and before we didn’t. the sounds i hear drive me nuts at night and are so creepy crawly i cant sleep as im waiting for it to try and join me under the covers!. Its driving me nuts i hate killing things, but they have got to go. we have two wiener dogs and i don’t really wanted them to eat/kill one because who knows what the mouse could be carrying. if nothing else were getting an experienced mouser cat!….

  • Harriet

    No tip but I need some advice, I put out a heap of bait and checked it a couple of days later, the whole plate was gone and I still have mice, they are getting braver too. The will sit by my door and watch me! I have tried different types of traps and nothing is working. I don’t know the last night I got a full night sleep, the mouse has been walking around on my side table and I am freaked it’s going to get into bed with me. Please HELP!!!

  • Sputniz
  • Bonnie

    I been dealing with a mouse problem off an on for years, the mouse traps baited with peanut butter works good but the moth balls do not, I know something that we use time an time again when they start coming back is putting diesal fuel around outside your house and make sure you go around the whole place, it works great for about 3 to 6 months an didnt have one single mouse in the house, they hate the smell and they get it on there feet an lick it an it poisens them,mice come in an out of the house so it works inside an out, i find this to work really great so good luck to yall i know what your going through, im gonna also try the peppermint oil as a secondary option to, thanks….

  • Sharyn

    Saw one mouse the other night for the first time ever! He skirted across the kitchen floor darting under the stove. Had him blocked however he darted away…uggg. Set traps in the kitchen, rest of the house and basement. Got 1 yesterday in a victor trap with the fake cheese and nothing else one it, and one in a glue trap both in the basement. Today ~ I killed a baby mouse…dumb ass just sat there. UGGGGG…. No more sitings upstairs ~ however I know they are here…somewhere. Keeping the traps ~ basement door shut and blocked with heavy rug rolled up along bottom (seems they hang there?) I’m heading to the store to get some bounce sheets and irish spring…
    I’m beyond myself ~ house is newer (7 yrs old) 4 farm/outdoor cats (excellent mousers) one dog ( who frankly could care less–he watched me dart after the first one the first night and I think I heard him giggling at me lol). House is tight & tidy ~ can’t find where they got in…but we are still diligantly looking. I seem to be the only one freaked about this (yes it bothers my husband too but I’m obsessed!)
    Neighbors also have a farm…not well kept tho, they knocked their one barn down (yes just knocked it down) and there it sits in a pile …. I knew it was a matter of time till things started showing up….WTF!

  • MRK

    If mice are a problem around your home, remember that a neighbor may have a similar mice problem and could have put out rodent poison for them.
    Now picture this, several mice with a gut full of rat poison, and now your cat catches those mice and eats them. This could cause your cat to become very sick or die in a very unpleasant way.
    My vet warned me about this, thought I’d pass it alone.

    Also, I went around the foundation of my house with a flashlight and a mirror to look up under the edge of the house for any “hidden” hard to see holes. I caulked up any cracks or holes I found.
    It may help to reduce leaves and debris around the foundation as well, especially before autumn when the critters are looking for a warm place to go. Give them no place for cover. If you have a basement, the concrete or block foundation outside should extend about eight inches above the ground to help deter insects or mice from chewing their way in.
    You can also try no-kill traps with a “one way” door. Bait them with a little peanut butter on a scrap of bread. You have to check these traps once a day or the trapped mice will die of starvation, which defeats the purpose of “humane” traps.
    Take them to a open field or other area away from homes and let them out. I couldn’t believe how many I caught with these kinds of traps. The traps are made by Victor, it’s called a TinCat and they hold numerous mice. I think they’re around $20.

    Get one with a plastic window on the top, at a glance you can see if you’ve got mice trapped.
    One question to others: How many of you have dogs or cats?
    My theory is that somehow, maybe it’s the cat or dog food, or the pet scents or maybe even pee smells somehow attracts pests. Would like to hear any input on this…

  • pnut

    I have such a problem w/ these little bastards its unreal. Ive caught 15 in 3 weeks w/ the no see traps but there still more. I cant kill them cuz then they’ll stink out my house, and I have to be careful what I use cuz I have guniea pigs for pets wich are like rodents, so no elect things for me. If any one can help me please cuz these mice are not just pissing me off but my guniea pigs too plus they can transfer deadly things to my babies. HELP!!

  • shell

    Mouse Tip – I have tried peanut butter,cheese and bread on a trap. Well something that works in minutes is putting sardines on the mouse trap. I saw the mouse in my restroom put the trap and 15 min. later I got the mouse. This by far works better then anything else for catching mice.

  • margie

    Has anyone tried Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent? It is on a website called earthkind. We have reg traps, glue traps, and the trap in traps. Set them with PB and cheese and nothing has worked. Would like to see if anyone had used this product before I spend the money on it.

  • Becca

    When my family and me moved into our place, we had a bad problem with mice. So we went out and got glue traps and places them around the kitchen. In a week I caught 16 mice with 8 glue traps. Lets just say the cats around the neighborhood had a great meal. Then I got Decon for the ones that I didn’t see. No more mice here!!!

  • Paul sawyer

    Good old mouse trap for me with CHEESE two down in two days will have to see how many more can get its in new refurb house all realy clean think there coming in from next door they have loads of pets with bowls of food for cats and dogs out 🙁 . Have found a small hole under the stairs I’m going to block it in a few days just want to get as many as I can first.

  • Amber

    We recently started having mice. I tried glue traps and the mouse just ran around the glue traps. I read a lot about the snap traps and so we baited the traps but did not set them for two days. We watched the mouse go from trap to trap eating the peanut butter. On the third evening we baited and set the traps. Within two minutes we caught the first mouse. We went to bed and in the morning caught another one. We now have a new mouse so I’m trying the exact same tactic since it worked so quickly last time. I would like suggestions to keep them out. I’m sure they are coming from our garage and don’t know if we will ever keep them out.

  • pianopoet

    The traps sold at home depot worked wonderfully. no mess or fuss. once set it tells you that the mouse is caught and you don’t even see it. just throw the whole enclosed unit away. you will know it when you go to home depot and see it..

  • Mel

    I tried a homemade mouse trap.its in humane .look up bucket mouse trap on you tube.it works amazing and you’ll catch 3 or more at once

  • Mikey

    I found that mice enjoy sunflower seeds, and ranch ones the best. They destroyed my giant bag of them, so if you get a giant glue trap and place them in the middle they will go for them. Also, if they are getting feared that they die put one closer to the edge, make them think they are fine. Dollar stores traps suck, as well ass them boxes that try to lock them in.

  • Claudia

    OMG Can’t stand having these critters in my house. Anyway, I found mine mice love peanut butter. However, I place the PB on the old=fashioned traps and they would eat the PB and not set off the trap. lolol Smart little critters. Finally one was not so smart but he got his foot caught in the trap. Believe it or not I felt so bad cause he was suffering. I was hoping for a quick and easy death. My friend took the mouse and let him out at a local beach. So I tried the humane way of catching them. The trap where they walk in it and the door closes. Again, I put peanut butter in the trap. It caught the mouse. Now I have the issue of where to throw this guy? I do not have easy access to the beach. I heard they can come back in if they are left nearby. OMG H E L P !!!!! lol

  • Sophia.

    so I’ve been living in my naive NYC world for over eight years. in my old apartment, I was a slob but I never saw a mouse. in my new apartment (here since May), I’m much cleaner–I keep food in glass or plastic, empty the trash regularly, don’t leave dishes out, etc. but here are two big differences:

    1. I have a fireplace.

    2. I have windows that have vines growing over them (and in some cases in through them, it’s like Jumanji up in here).

    so I’m thinking those things may have facilitated entry, and the recent cold snap drove them in. UGH. I came home from a business trip at 1am last night and saw a tomato and a package of crackers I’d left on the counter had been attacked. but I was kind of hopeful as a bag of granola and another of almonds were left unperturbed (ok, so I didn’t have those things in glass or plastic, but they were sealed!).

    and then, after only three hours of sleep I awoke to hear something scurrying in my bedroom. I’m headed out to Whole Foods to buy some peppermint oil STAT, and maybe, based n all the advice here, to the ASPCA to adopt a cat.

  • Linda

    My husband has been telling me for about three days that at night he keeps seeing something run across the floor. We pulled everything out of the closets and searched. We have not found anything. No poop. No pee. No bite marks in any food containers. I didn’t believe him. I was getting ready for bed tonight and went to close the pantry door. And what do I see…A DAMN mouse. I couldn’t believe it. I called my Dad. Here are his tips. 1) Get a broom. Play mouse hockey. That is right everybody. He suggests that I bat the mouse around open the door and take the final shot. However, my problem with that is the mouse is in the closet with the broom. 2) Get a bucket, trap him, put him outside. Problem, he is in the closet with the bucket. The DAMN mouse has all the tools. I am going with a combo of both. When my husband gets home, one of us will get the broom and one gets the bucket. He shoots, He scores. Trap the mouse. Take him to work. This mouse will either be the class pet or I will let him go in the farm field next door.

  • sandra

    moved in my house a yr ago, NO MICE….neighbor moved out about 2 months ago, MICE…..pissed off!!!! put down glue boards n caught three, after dat been seeing them all on da stove, sat out mice traps w/pb n they walk rite past da damn things…exterminator coming soon n gonna try da peppermint oil… ty for da tips

  • Hulya

    Hi all, I have been living in a studio flat on the first floor just over a year and a month or so….till then apart from spiders and flies nothing at all until about 2 weeks ago. Sitting down eating breakfast only to see a sighting of you know what and a screech from me….this went on all day, with two sighting and hearing. Anyway went and got traps and chocolate as that is what I heard. Placed it around areas I saw. One trap was disturbed but they were still about. Next day got the sticky mats a couple of days later over a few nights not only did I heard then they were actually caught except one managed to escape and I saw it go under the fridge. On other advice I went and spent more money on another trap which has a lid……nothing whatsoever. Then I decided to see what other advice I could get on net and found you and boy was I pleased I did.

    I got peppermint capsules as that is all I could find late at night after work and got cotton wool. Did the best as I could but I could hear one in a draw in the kitchen section. Dropped a cotton wool in there but I think there wasn’t enough oil so nothing again, still there. So the following day I searched online and went to the nearest shop I could find for the oil itself. Got it and home I went. I heard it yes in the draw again and this time got the liquid and placed a few drops directly into the draw and presto noise, scratch stopped. Come Saturday….I did a major clean got rid of almost everything from the flat especially that draw, swept, used bleached wet cloths everywhere and dropped more oil all over the place and thankfully keep fingers crossed no further sights or sounds but now I am so paranoid I am extra careful for everything

    Thank you to all the advice on this amazing website….you are brilliant

  • Lanny

    Stumbled on this site because it is now fall and the mice are coming in the house. They are the most vile disgusting things I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. Anyways, reading through everyone’s tips and stories, I wanted to share one of my own. I had my bedroom door open at night and was sitting up on my bed. A mouse slowly approached my door, would stop, then walk a few steps closer, stop, and keep going. I sat completely still on my bed waiting for it to come closer and when it was about five feet in front of me I let out a loud ROAR. That mouse screamed a sound I have never heard a mouse make, a loud EEEPPPPPP! and flipped over on it’s back and just laid there for 5 to 10 seconds like it had passed out! After that it jumped up and ran back to where ever it came from. That is my one and only positive/funny mouse story.

  • Nikki

    HELP!!!!!I have MICEEEEEEE!!!!! I hate them. I am so scared. I dont like cats but the mice FORCED me to get one . Well two. I decided to keep the outdoor cat that was a stray hanging around the house and now I have a indoor cat which I have grown to LOVE!!!! But I have seen her take down two tiny mice in two nights. Which was very SCARY! because I didn’t know mice can be sooo small, so I assumed she was playing with lint. But after several tosses up in the air. I seen motion and now Im like WTF! She played with that thing for over 20 mins before he gorged it down—while I watched in FEAR and disbelief that this thing can come so small. So now Im thinking being that small they can traveling anywhere and it’s no telling where they will go. LORD FORBID if I wake wake up to one in bed with me or in my two year old son bed. I have caught several of them with the glue traps but it seem to be more meaning they are coming in from somewhere and now I have reason to believe since I have seen these tiny ones that some babies have been born . So now I have all these tiny ass creatures and mothers and fathers running around.
    So I guess what Im asking is if Im not sure where the pests or coming from what do you think will work. I mean I have seen them everywhere but not sure where they’re coming from

  • Lisa

    Try the pepperment oil not the pepperment extract….I found it in the vitamin shop where they sell the stuff to make your own bath soaps and lotions.

  • Jessie

    The peppermint oil sounds like a great idea, but I assure you it only works until the mice get used to it. I live in a house that has peppermint and wild mint growing in foundation-level beds all around the house. A few weeks after we moved in, I started hearing mice so the first thing I tried was the mint-soaked cotton balls. The first mouse nest I found after this little experiment contained BOTH chewed stalks of mint from outside AND shredded mint-laced cotton balls, shredded to make a soft, wooly bed. I probably have the freshest, mintiest smelling mice on the planet!

    Seriously, I have tried live traps, glue traps, Borax, moth balls (this is funny – when the mice find the moth balls in their way, they roll them into an open space, away from where they reside), ammonia, and even the plaster in cornmeal trick. I can’t seem to get rid of these little bastards. They are such a common sight in my house now that even the cat has lost interest in them, and just watches them run by.

    I have seriously considered calling in an exterminator, however, my next door neighbor did this (everyone on our block is having the same mouse problem) and although it seemed to work, he and his family can barely stand to be in the house now because the odor of mousey-death is so pervasive and he can’t find the bodies to get rid of them! He says he feels like he’s living in a morgue.

    If anyone has any new suggestions that haven’t already been mentioned here, I would love to hear them. Although many of these suggestions worked well for me for a week or so, nothing seems to work permanently. These little buggers are so smart, it reminds me of the Rats of NIHM.

  • MJ

    mice have become a BIG PROBLEM in our house since dey started cuttin down trees around here selling land……………….I have seen them on the stove…top of the fridge……..on counters ..in bathrooms…everywhere……..i am terrified of them……….at nite i lay in my bed and listen to them running around….One night one even jumped on my bed!…………i use traps ,,,but more keep coming………..imma try the peppermint oil and see if it works

  • Jen from Jersey

    Sonic plug ins… I had very brazen mice. I got 1small plug in for each large room in my house. I also bought 1 large one suitable for a 2000 sq. ft. home. They are gone, gone, gone!!! No fuss. No muss. Thank you plug ins.

  • Amy

    No tip. Been reading some of these posts and noticing people saying there are going to use peppermint oil. But,nothing about that it actually works. So,does it?
    We live in a large ranch old 40’s log house with many nook and crannies. I would have to use tons of peppermint oil and zillions of cotton balls. I’ve tried those plug in beeped things and that didn’t work another site suggested artifical sweetener.
    so,please tell me what has worked people.

  • Mandi

    Went on holiday came back & found mice droppings on my kitchen work tops not too many so I think there was only one. Tried snap traps with pb but didn’t catch anything tried again with chocolate nothing again found droppings by the traps someone told me about peppermint oil so went to my local health food shop & got some put it on cottonwood ball where I had found the droppings & it hasn’t retuned for 3 nights hopefully it’s gone

  • Rebecca

    Hey everyone I don,t know if anyone else Is aware of this but to those who use sticky traps if the mice are not going on the traps then spread a little peanut butter to the middle of the pad mice for some reason love peanut butter and you can also use peanut butter and jelly it seems to work. but I am going to try the coke and peppermint oil to run them off cause the traps don,t kill and my grandkids love animals they make me feel bad whenever one is caught. Good luck to you all.

  • Rebecca

    hey nikki sprinkle baby powder or flour around the base board of you house or apartment mice leave tracks and you can find where they come in at plus the baby powder or flour want hurt your @ yr. old if he gets near it and this is to anyone my oldest grand kid is 11 now but when he was 2 he crawled out of his bed while everyone was asleep and went into the kitchen he found a sticky trap it had a mouse on it guess what he tried to pick up the mouse and was bitten in 3 places on his fingers had to go to the hospital so be careful if any are put down if you have small kids like (2yr or 3 yr olds).

  • L

    I got so scared today, that in panic, I started spray bleaching all the holes until I find something new tomorrow. This bleach I use for cleaning bathrooms, it’s been half an hour and no activity yet.

  • Mandy, London UK

    Everyone in my block has mice. Our housing association called a pest controller who put poison in all of the communal areas but only for a week. We’ve still got mice. I’ve got sonic repellants that don’t work. I’ve tried poison all over the flat but that doesn’t seem to be working either. I’m going to try peppermint oil. They’re in my brand new couch! I’ll try mothballs too…

  • Timnah Wills

    The remedy that I used was mashed potato flakes,chocolate powder(like nestle quick or chocolate cake mix/brownie mix),plaster of paris. Mix all together and sprinkle in corners-baseboards ,entryway. Mice love chocolate and the mashed potatoes swell before digesting and the plaster of paris will cause dehydration and petrify them. I have peppermint plants all around the perimeter of my home.

  • Rejjie

    I have used peppermint oil in the past to get rid of them little critters. We are supposed to renew the dipped cotton ball every month but I have forgotten because being so busy. Well they came back with a vengence. this morning i went crazy searching for the entry. Found it. OMG…there was so much poop around the pipe and in the closets one would not beleive it. found a dead mouce too. I am a very clean person, 🙁 and still get them. Time for that peppermint oil again. Also I will be using BAY leaves. this year I found that we have more of everything than ever. YIKES

  • Jojo

    I tried putting fresh mint in the room, destroyed their little nest and clean up all their mess. They are in my spare romm that we use for storage. That lasted for about two weeks and they are now back with a vengeance. I have three cats who were inside/outside cats until six months ago. One of them kills every critter she can get her claws on. I’ve tried letting her back in the house, even put her in the spare room for hours, but no dead mice. Good for nothing lazy cat!!! If the stupid mice were outside, I’d have one laying on the doorstep every time I turned around! I guess I’m going to try some traps. Wish me luck. I can’t afford an exterminator. If the traps don’t work, I guess I’m going to put Chewy in kitty prison wih a litter box and see if that works. I never had a problem with mice until I put the cats outside. My son has a slight allergy to them is why I put the cats out in the first place. I would gladly use poison on the nasty little creatures if it weren’t for the pets – my son is 14, I don’t think I have to worry about him eating any of it.

  • Eileen

    In our local hardware store they sell the peppermint/spearmint/rare
    earth sachets. I believe it’s called MOUSE MAGIC REPELLENT.
    Four sachets to a box, for about $10.00
    Place them at the point(s) of entry. (I’m an apartment dweller, so I placed one behind the kitchen sink (I believe this to be my point of entry, supt coming soon to move sink away from wall to begin
    patching up any holes)and the rest I placed by the radiators, after shoring up the crumbling steel wool, again.
    Haven’t seen any movement, but the house sure does smell nice 😉
    The sachets last about 30 days.
    We shall see……

  • Gross mice

    We are still battling the mouse problem, but squishing a nutra-grain bar (like a fig newton) in the old fashioned wooden traps is the only thing that has worked so far. They ate peanut butter and cheese off with no problem. Nutra-grain bar is sticky and hard to get off the trap if you really squish it in there. Getting really sick and tired of these mice :/

  • Eileen

    Update: House still smells swell 😉
    Supt. came up today.
    Sure enough, behind the kitchen sink, a nest was
    being formed.
    I KNEW IT!
    You have to crawl like a baby, look and see what needs
    steel wool and caulking.
    Plaster will NOT do. It dries, cracks, and the mice
    just push it aside.
    Save your burnt out light bulbs. Put them in a plastic
    bag and mallet them. Besides the steel wool, small shards
    of broken light bulb glass is VERY effective in plugging holes.
    (Plus, you’re recycling too!)
    You HAVE to pull the kitchen/and/or bathroom sink away
    from the wall. Have to.
    I may have plugged them out, now, I have to see what is
    Kitchen lights are off, traps are set….we shall see.
    (Hopefully, they went back into the dang hole they
    crawled through. I don’t want to kill an animal, however,
    I will.
    Will update.

  • beth

    I just caught 7 today on the flat sticky boards! I’m happy but disqusted at the same time. I thought I had one and now as I ‘m typing there is another one sitting on my kitchen floor. Ughh I think they are getting in from my neighbor’s (we are connected) and they are behind my kitchen cabinets—how do i even get to that area. OMG another one!! what the heck how many are there and it’s just sitting there like the first one did.

  • L

    So to continue with my story about the spray bleaching a few weeks ago. Since then I was advised to clean, vacuum the kitchen after its each use: cooking, baking, making sure all the dishes are washed and cleaned since mice have got a strong sense of smell, so if you leave any soup in the pan overnight ( I did once and in the morning and the whole kitchen smelled of it)the mice on the floor were running here and there. Since becoming officially clean I haven’t seen them or at least during the day. Also, we take out rubbish every night after cooking and cleaning to make sure they don’t come to our flat for a snack. My hubby gets angry that I got paranoid for hoovering the kitchen after each food preparation, noticing every drop of a bread crumb on the floor, but that helps us battle the war with mice. Obviously, I will ask our landlord to block all the holes which we have just to double make sure, but I want to conclude, that no matter how annoying it is to be clean clean (considering if someone is coming home tired after work) you get rewarded for your paranoia.

  • Johnna

    I read that you can buy those oil wall plug-ins and replace the oil that is in the bottle with essential oils. I am going tonight & get the Dollar General brand (cheaper than the name brand) and put peppermint oil in it. I am hoping that it will work and I do not have to worry about my kids playing with the cotton balls. Plus since it is plugged into the wall in a room it should help spread the scent more. Also if I see it I remember to refill it. Does anyone know if another pleasant scent will work? Like cinnamon or spearmint?
    Thinking of pouring Order Begone around my trailer & see if that helps. LOL. I know a few people that can’t stand that smell. If it doesn’t help with my nasty mice, maybe it will for the door to door sales men. 🙂

  • daisy

    We always get mice in the fall. Some years there are one or two and then some other years it seems that the houseis infested. We live in a very old Victorian farmhouse and I am afraid it is nearly impossible to close off every single nook and cranny that mught be an entrance point. I am going to try the peppermint as an added measure but I have to say that the electronic mouse catching devices are the most effective at getting grid of the problem. We bought ours a few years back for about $100.Each year we set it and catch a few mice here and there but after killing a couple we never see mice agin til the next season. I am not sure if mice can smell other mice that have been electrified and get scared off or what but nevertheless the electronic mouse killers do work.

  • daisy

    Also, another tip: if you are using the glue traps they dont work as well in the cold. The glue hardens and is less sticky if its being used in cold areas like basement or garage.

  • Monica

    I have lived in my rented home for almost 4 years and never had a mouse problem, but recently I had noticed mice droppings on my floor and under my sink in the kitchen. I did not have peppermint oil but I did have peppermint extract which I figured I would try. needless to say that worked and I have not seen any signs of mice in my home since I did it. I am going to sprinkle some bay leaves around my kitchen though to ensure that my home stays mouse free.

  • Jan

    Anyone think the change in weather is causing this mouse outbreak? I am so sick of the nasty little things, that I am going to move. I can’t support these little rodents… They are about to get evicted! Glue traps with peanut butter or cheese. Don’t care about the mice’s feelings… I just want them gone gone gone!

  • Chloe

    Look for a nest; we found one in the garage, out of chewed up paper and baby clothes. Traps never killed them all; DCon worked–last year at least! I put it at points of entry (where former tenants had left it in front of windows and where I’d seen them come in)in my basement and under sink near pipe holes (plug holes as much as you can). I found dead dessicated ones on the basement floor (2), no bad smells. Be careful of pets. Don’t leave food or water for mice. If you have a pet, take the pet food up at night. Put pet food in metal container; I used a cooler after a mouse chewed threw a thick Folgers plastic coffee tub on top of my fridge. I am wondering about a bag of grass seed, whether they would eat that. I think maybe. I had homemade bean bags stuffed with millet they got into one year.

  • evie

    ok, noticed mice last week. i have been in my home for 6 yrs and no problems then last week saw the first one,then the next and so on. I cook alot and this is not conducive to my life or my trade. I shut the kitchen down when I saw the first one, cant afford to make anyone sick and it’s actually pretty gross to me. I spent hours on the internet trying to figure out how to get rid of them then I came across this site. Thank you all for your diligence in helping me figure out what to do. I read a few stories about being humane and if that was an option I would have chosen that, however, this is messing with my psyche not to mention my phobia of getting any kind of disease these critters may carry. So here is what i know so far, i bought peppermint oil at GNC, dabbed the cotton balls placed them throughout every room and shut the doors to keep the potency going. House smells minty but I also discovered that peppermint is good for migranes which helps me even more :). I mixed water with the peppermint oil and set a small bowl in my oven since the one little bugger hangs out around my stove. I bought peppermint tea bags, 100% peppermint, and soaked the bags with oil and set them in my room and closet and around the house. I got 2 Victor tri-mouse traps and place them in the kitchen and upstairs and caught 2 so far. Activity, has ceased since then. I have lost a lot of sleep in the past few days. Peppermint oil has been working for me. They use to hang out in pure light and visibility but tonite nothing. Also, left pine sol sitting in my toilets, pretty intense smell but now no activity in my bathrooms. I hope they just go away. I dont like killing anything but again this is my home they are messing with. It’s them or me and I chose me.

  • Linda

    FYI: The peppermint oil will work for a little while then like you they get accustommed to the smell. I am seeing mice this year like never before. I am going back to old faithful d-con. I will hate the smell of them, but better that the poo and urine all over the kitchen.

  • Heather

    I have a mouse problem also….. I heard a noise a few hours ago in the closet where I keep my dogs food…. low and behold I open it and see a mouse staring back at me from the dog food bag… I wanted to throw up… So I take the dog food away, clean out the closet… set a snap trap with CHEESE instead of peanut butter smeared it on so they couldn’t just take it and I have caught 9… yes I said 9… I expected 1.. but 9???? WTH?? Guess its mouse traps and cheese, RESET RESET RESET until it longer snaps when I walk away…..

  • Heather

    Make that 10……. ugh……

  • Donna

    I dont have a tip but iam so tired of them getting into my house plants .. seems this year has been the worset i have seen for the little critters about to drive me crazy… seems the more i clean the more i have… i put everything in hard plastic containers and they even eat thou those beganing to think they going to run me out.

  • Kim

    My house was infested with mice when I moved in. They lasted about ten days before my two Jack Russell terriers got the last of them. Every day for about two weeks I’d find dead mice in the middle of the living room floor. It was gross, but not as gross as having mice running all over the house.

    Seven years have gone by since then and occasionally another mouse will come inside, but they never last for long. My little guys live and love to hunt mice! Just be aware that Jack Russell terriers are extremely active dogs and they need a lot of space to run, so don’t buy a Jack thinking that you’ll be happy with it in an apartment. He’ll go insane and drive you insane as well. But if you have a big fenced yard and can install a dog door so your Jack can come and go at will, you’ll never have to worry about mice again.

  • leesa

    I live on the farm and have always been on farm, my grandfather taught me this, I would never use in my house or any place your pet can get too. This is how we clean up all barns and outbuildings every spring buy a cheap round plastic or vinyl table cloth for a dollar place it open vinyl side up in an area away from things, mice and rats cannot walk away from heavy cream, or whipping cream, so put an inch or 2 in a cool whip bowl and place in center of table cloth and we can’t get the old fashion lye to make soap were we live but cascade powder dish washing soap has the highest content of lye, so about 6 inches from bowl start making thin circles around cloth all the way to the edge, the mice literally get covered in cream then they are wet and walk thru lye to move, as they are washing themselves and getting every last flavor of cream they are eating the lye and within a few hrs they are dead usually we have them scattered all over tablecloth and pretty close to it so we can just sweep them up and problem solved.

  • christiek

    I’m glad that so many have found success with these home remedies but I could not find a permanent solution until my neighbor showed me how to stop them from getting into my house in the first place. Last fall we circled the house and filled every little crack and crevice with xcluder, it’s like steel wool but has some elasticy stuff in it that keeps it snug in the holes and cracks. Once I thought I had found the entry points (and I believe the main one was also in my window well, just like a previous comment thought theirs was.) I still had to get rid of the ones that were already in the house. So we did the whole trap thing, the D-con, etc., and lo and behold they were finally gone. I circled around again this fall and filled new cracks and holes with the xcluder and I’m excited to report I’m critter free! It makes sense to me now that the only way to really rid yourself is to never let them in to begin with. So I recommend searching for their entry points and plugging them up with xcluder, it’s much easier than caulk and cement and I feel that it is extremely secure. The xcluder site also sells live capture traps which I think are kind of freaky but not nearly as gross as cleaning off mice guts from the snappy kind. My husband didn’t mind doing that, but I just couldn’t make myself do it, so shaking them out in the woods was more my speed.

  • New bait

    My inlaws just discovered that mice will eat flour when hungry as wellm due to the mouse munching on the flour splatter on the floor.. So they soaked a trap in cooking oil, and covered the scent of the peanut butter that was on the trap, and the mouse came right out and was lured by the cooking oil scent. New bait idea that worked.

  • R.Q

    Omg, since my bestfriend for 15 years passed in March, my cat, I been the most miserable person having to deal with these nasty mice. Well my mom gave me a remedy she said she use to use years ago, now i come to understand why she loved cats so much, and never stays with out a cat. She told me to cover all holes with cement. To crush glass outdoors as small as i possibly could, the glass could come from light bulbs it wont be so hard to crush. Anyways after crushing 5 old light bulbs in between some old towels, crushing it with a rubber hammer, into tiny pieces i threw it into some mixed cement. Covered the holes outdoors and indoors. Mom said once the try to get in again they will die after chewing the glass mixed with the cement. In the meantime, im gonna start looking for a nice kitten to keep me safe from these intruders. Hope my moms remedy works:-).

  • Toni

    This is pretty long. Up near the top, someone suggested this web page: http://www.victorpest.com/store/mouse-control/electronic-traps These are traps that electrocute the mice. I would like to try them.

    Anyway, we have cats but they are mostly outside, and there are a few brave mice in our house. I got one with a cheap mouse trap, but they are too difficult to set.

    Several years ago, we got the kind of deterrent that plugs into the wall. It worked great. But the sound vibrations won’t go through furniture or walls. That’s something to remember if you choose to get one or more.

  • Toni

    I meant the thread is long, not my post. Sorry if that didn’t make sense.

  • Sandy

    I notices droppings under the kitchen sink in my the apt I just moved into about 2 months ago. I’ve read peppermint oil works but not sure if it’s proving to be right. I literally came home set drenched cotton swabs everywhere in the kitchen but about an hr after the lights turned off I heard a noise. I’ll give it another day but the exterminator will be coming to patch anyyyy holes that’s giving this a way in. Also note you will need to buy 100% pure peppermint not extract. I’ve also heard mice tend to hate the smell of fabric softener sheets and cayenne pepper so I have that already in place.

    I’m on the fifth floor the very top floor in my building so I assume it’s the building thats infested. Gross. Good luck everyone.

  • Adam

    The only way to get rid of mice is to exclude them. Find out where they are getting in and seal them out. End of story, do you really want to put peppermint oil out every 3 weeks, c’mon. I’m an exterminator and see this approach all the time with clients that deal with mice year after year. Eliminate harborage around the exterior of the building and seal up any possible gaps where they can enter. A simple walk around the property yearly to ensure your building is properly sealed will keep mice, spiders, and cold/hot air from ever getting in in the first place.

  • viv

    I saw a mouse in my last place in NYC running around so we got an older kitten and on the very first day she caught a mouse, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Now I live in clean house in Lancaster PA for over a year and had not seen any mice until last week I’m about to get another cat. I heard that “fresh cab” and “shake away” is something of a repellent, very effective. I’m going to get those also.

  • viv

    I also heard that a very warm house keeps the mice around because they look for warmth so I’m keeping my place cool but so much that we will freeze to death and just dress warm.

  • viv

    but *not* so much

  • Beth

    I’m WRITING BECAUSE i GOT RID OF ALL THE MICE—23 TOTAL—HAVEN’T SEEN ANY IN OVER A MONTH. So my tips are—-put the traps where u see the droppings—-also you Have to move any and all things (as much as possible) off the areas—yes, it’s hard w kids but you gotta do it every night. I set up the traps in a square and put the bait–dry dog food inside the square–I used the flat sticky boards and now I have been keeping them away with the peppermint oil–get the 100 percent from gnc and soak cotton balls, stick them where ever you can. Re soak every 2 weeks. I thought I would never get rid of them and I’m still amazed they are gone (hopefully for good)!!

  • Alice

    OMG..I live in the woods and i have stopped up every hole in the house got mouse traps out and the little fu**** still get in I dont keep food out everything is put up I think they know i hate them and they do a happy dance at night just to piss me off,What to do?

  • Courtney

    I have been setting mouse traps with cheese on it and have caught 5 mice within 3 days on the back porch near the furnace room. I have a 5 month old baby girl and I don’t want mice in the house or near the house. She lights to lay on the floor and play with her toys that hang over her for her to play with. I don’t want to spay poison around either. I thought about sending her to her nana’s for the weekend and spray stuff, but I am still not comfortable about doing that. Can you bomb the house and stay out of the house for a few days, would it get rid of the rodents?? I don’t know what else to do.

  • Savannah

    Cats are the only way you can rid your home and your life of these awe full creatures. We have two and there hasn’t been a problem. Yes the kitties do leave the mouses head on our front porch but I think that scares the rest of them away haha. Honestly, want them gone? Get a cat

  • jim

    Courney, because you have a baby girl you have to be VERY careful how you fight rodents. DO NOT bomb or use any peticides or poisons. Be careful of home remedys also as they can be just as dangerous to your baby. For example, something as simple as moth balls… works well for alot of people..not for you because of baby(poisonious). Snap traps may help…only if you can place them where the baby can not possibly get at them. If you have old style radiators in your home lift the collar that is around the pipe going to them and stuff steel wool between the pipe and the floor. Do the same fo any openings you find in walls or floors. Be careful

  • Tara

    I just moved into a new apartment and I had some show up. I have a cat but all she does is pick them up then drop them into the living room to play with them..lol they are in my kitchen cabinets. I tried peppermint oil it doesnt seem to work. Ill try putting the mint leaves down and leaving a bowl of ammonia out. Little buggers. I can kill them I love animals to much just want them to stop pooping and peeing in my cabinets..lol

  • Gus DeNeg

    Regular age-old mouse traps work well and reliably. You don’t need to sterilize them each time. Mice are NOT that smart. I hear and read that a lot. Old wives tale. Glue traps are a waste of money. Oatmeal and rice works good as bait and doesn’t go bad like cheese or peanut butter.
    I haven’t gotten rid of ’em and I believe they are breeding in landlord’s garage and the walls too. Just when a wave goes away, another comes. Also, living downstairs means that as much as I can get rid of em, if my landlord-lady, who are old and barely speak English, don’t get rid of theirs, then I might as well throw in the towel now. I have to live with mice. All I can do is minimize mice now. Now I find they can reach higher and higher. You’d think somebody somewhere would have made a lot of money with a solution.

  • Dennis

    Get the Electronic sound wave gadget … not the cheapo ones. Worked for me, but follow the directions or they don’t work well. All the other stuff is bogus. You have to keep them OUT, but they can slide in thru your door !

  • Alyssa

    My family and I have recently moved into a rented home. It seems that we have moved into the mice home. We have caught 3 with the sticky traps however, they still seem to be smart and work around them. I have seen droppings in the cabinets and in the kitchen drawers. I do no know what to try to get rid of them but they are starting to get annoying. We had chocolate bars in one of the drawers and the mice chewed one whole chocolate bar and started on the second one before i found out. I was disgusted. I do not know what else to try. The landlord told us to get a huge bucket of tomcat and load the basement. I really hope that helps!

  • matt

    A great tip that really works. place several cotton balls in jar. Add approx. 8 tablespoons of white vinegar, 2 bay leafs and then pour over 4-6 ounces of warm brewed tea over top. Allow contents to set for approx 20 min. in the covered jar. Then, remove cotton balls soaked squeezing out excess wetness.
    Then, place cotton balls where ever you have last seen the mice. The tea leaves along with other ingredients produce a life ending result with is safe for children and other pets. You may have to repeat this every 2- 3 months. I promise you will see immediate results.I have been using this method for many years and has never let me down.

  • courtney

    I used the bay leaves and they do not work. The mice just moved it or ate it. Trying the peppermint oil now hopefully it works.

  • Jen

    Avacado works pretty well. We cut an avacado in half and placed it near the place we had seen the mice most often. Within two days we no longer had mice

  • Marie

    So far my dog has been our mouse repellant but because my 10 pound dog is not potty trained we put a gate and he is not allowed upstairs. This morning we saw 2 mice. My husband got them both with glue traps.
    During the whole ordeal I removed the gates and my dog can pee anywhere he wants. I rather clean his pee than have mice. I will also take your advice and but peppermint oil. You should know I screamed so hard that the mouse ran back into the closet!!

  • Laurel

    I have had little luck with the peppermint oil. I have replaced it once a week and on top of that burn it as an incense. The mice I think have become immune to it. I’m not allowed to have a cat where I am. I am deathly afraid of mice and have caught 20+ in my infant sons room alone within one week. It is greatly disturbing to me. My husband just started becoming too lazy to set the traps so i bought these tomcat blocks that are for commercial use and haven’t seen one since inside but can still hear the lil rascals in the floorboards and walls. I like the the soda and cement ideas tho. I am a animal lover yes, but they belong in the wild so any things fair game in my house. I think I am fighting a never ending battle tho, have a corn field in my back yard that starts about 50 feet from the house.

  • Connie

    Heads up you guys be careful because if the mouse dies in your house and you do not get it a snake could smell it and come in your house the way the mouse did

  • Lynn

    The first thing you must do is determine where the mice are getting into the house. seal up all holes with steel wool or seal with foam.
    The next step is cleaning up all floors with bleach. Mice have a nasty habit they pee leaving a trail to follow right back into the house and to the food source or nest. Now you just noticed I said nest, yes thats right. Mice mutiply like crazy so if you see one you have more.. so you need to go thru the entire house going thru checking for signs of nesting and get rid of it. Make sure all dry food items are sealed in plastic containers, especially pet foods and treats. Just like the inside of the house check your outside. Trash cans should all have lids.Tall grass or brush piles,wood piles etc. Now set your traps or what ever method you want to use. continue to mop your floors with bleach to prevent the trail back in but hopefully you have sealed all holes and ways into the house.

  • Joan Hodgdon

    Being a new mouse trapper I used cheese.I did trap a couple but all the other traps had hard dried out cheese that even a mouse would not be tempted. So I tried peanut butter. I was shocked yo catch 4 mice instantly.And the remaiing traps still had moist peanut butter.I wippalso set out a few dishes of amonia.

  • Carolyn

    The sticky things and also the bait station called Tomcat you have to be patient. I know that’s hard to do. It took almost a week to catch them but the same evening I caught one on the sticky thing and one in the bait station. This just happened so I suppose there are probably more out there. I didn’t think about the human odor on them when you handle them so they might have worked faster if I hadn’t handled them without gloves, I will surely try that.

  • Pija

    The floors and drawers in the house I bought were covered with mouse and rat feces. I cleaned and sanitized but the rodents, being arrogant would run over and snatch pieces of dog food out of deep bowl as dogs and I stared in disbelief just a couple feet away. I tried many of the things mentioned here which provided some relief. Then, I was introduced to the TOMCAT product. It, alone, is totally effective. You can even leave your scent on it, though company says not to touch. I just wash hands after. I put one plastic bait station box under sink and I stick a couple through the mouse-chewed holes in two Cup-of-Soup containers and set under my cabinet. It takes a little while (depending on the quantity of rodents). Just check traps if you see activity and add bait and they will be terminated. Something in the product makes the mice dry up so there is no odor. Most leave to die.

  • Loren

    I used these special blocks that I would sit around, mice are attracted to them, they would eat them, the blocks have poisons in them causing the mice to die with in 24 hrs, the problem was that they would die in very enclosed spaces, after a while causing them to let out a potent smell, it was unbearable! Even worse was trying to look for it! There’s an option though, though the smell is bad their blood drys out after a few days causing the smell to disappear! But the peppermint oil sounds popular, I’ll try it out for sure!

  • Rosemary Hanna

    Moth balls definitely work…but the whole household is suffocating.

    Wanted to know if those electronic rat monitors that emit a high pitch sound work.

  • Dawn

    Well, I am right at the moment getting little visits from my friendly little field mouse. He used to come in at night, into the cupboard under the sink. Now, the cocky little bugger is not only on top of the benches, in my cutlery draw, but visiting while I am in the sitting room with the dog!!! I have just this minute covered the entire kitchen in onions. Has anybody else tried this, and does it work???

  • Rebecca

    Does peppermint oil work I have been trying to get rid of mice now for nearly a month the last 3 night I have seen them and tonight I have seen the same one run in and out of my room about 5 time I’m a clean freak and still can’t get rid of them I was thinking of spraying peppermint oil around the house but didn’t know if tht would work my last resort is getting someone in

  • Lynda Jeffries

    We have mice all over our house (2 stories of house mind you). We have those plug in sonic wave devices from the last wave of critters 18 months ago and it wasn’t the sonic devices that did the job it was a good scattering of moth balls. My hubby just took a small handful at a time and sprinkled wherever we knew we had mouse issues (like under our dresser, behind our washer/dryer, under the bed in the guest room) and voila no more meeses! Yes it was a tad funky smelling and thank heavens they decided to go somewhere else to pass on but it sure worked for us!
    BTW, the 2 times we did catch something on a glue strip? I was woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of the rodent thrashing their body around so violently they were banging the strip on the floor and against the wall! Crazy!

  • Brenda Hates Mice

    Have read and laughed for 4 hrs..no problem since I never sleep at night since my buddies moved in. Good thing I’m retired because I refuse to sleep while it’s dark since I saw a critter run across my countertop 3 days ago. I heard a noise..in the DAYTIME! and went over to counter a few feet away and some tiny thing that I thought must be a cricket or giant roach went skittering away and disappeared INTO MY STOVETOP! Well, I started investigating the boxes of food sitting there and realized it had torn open a granola bar inside the box! I immediately realized it must be a mouse and I threw away every box of food in my cabinets..cake mixes, rice, cereal..everything, even thought nothing looked disturbed. Still wasn’t sure it was a mouse til that night when I heard noises under the stove. Opened the drawer under oven and there “he” (I thought) was! Well, 3 days later, I know there isn’t ONE since I saw his dad run across my counter and into the stovetop..a MUCH larger mouse! So there’s a whole family! There is not ONE thing to eat in the kitchen now that isn’t in the fridge and yet the cereal and candy I’ve baited the traps and sticky boards with remains untouched.
    I am 66 yrs old and have never one time in my adult life seen one mouse anywhere I lived. So, I may have a solution. One person on here mentioned Boric Acid Powder. Well, I used to live in TX and I guarantee that you will never see a cockroach if you use it. In every house I’ve ever lived in, I sprinkled a line of it in the backs of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and behind fridges and stoves. But, I have lived here for 10 yrs (in a mobile home) and have never seen a cockroach..so, a couple yrs ago, I stopped using it. NOW, I have my first mouse problem. I will be going shopping today and will definitely buy more! Last time I wanted some, I had to ask the pharmacist at WalMart to order it..but I see it’s for sale on Amazon. I will do an update soon and let all know if it works.
    Someone also mentioned sprinkling Comet around..so my entire kitchen is now covered in it..I can’t breathe, so hopefully, neither can the little shits. I have the sticky boards, traps and DCon all around also. My worry is that I’ll make it so unwelcome in the kitchen, they’ll move to the bedrooms or my sofa! Tonight when it got dark, I peeked around the corner to kitchen and saw “Dad” coming from behind my microwave..but the little shit SAW me!!! I swear to God, he looked me in the eye and darted back behind the microwave! I turned on the light and he said the hell with subterfuge and made a run for the stovetop. I have fixed up a sponge mop with double sided tape on the mop part, to beat the crap out of them with if I ever am fast enough…or at least snare them with the tape.
    I feel everyone’s pain and am glad we can still find some humor in this. And to the ‘humane’ worriers..these little shits wiped out millions of lives when they spread Bubonic Plague once upon a time..and they are filthy disease-carriers. To the person who mentioned how sick they were with loads of them dying in their house..it’s called Hantovirus (spelling?) and you get it from breathing decaying animals.
    One other thing, I am in NC and we have had monsoons recently, which I am blaming for the problem. Wish me luck as I do all of you. DEATH TO MICE!

  • Brenda Hates Mice

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Boric Acid Powder wipes out roaches and it isn’t necessary for them to eat it, so don’t mix with sugar or anything. They walk through it and carry it back to their nests and wipe out the whole family. I think it dehydrates them, which is why it may work for mice, too. Also, maybe wear a mask when applying it, as it’s not too healthy to breathe..same goes for any powder. But having it in my home all these yrs never caused me or my family any health problems.

  • Ger

    I have them outside.
    I don’t want them inside so I use the peppermint oil and when I mop I put the Essence Peppermint oil in the water and mop floor. I get the peppermint oil at health food stores. I’m going to plant more peppermint around my house and the greenhouse.
    Decon does work but I put it under greenhouse. I’m afraid of poison some other animal or child could get into it.
    Someone mentioned bay leaves. I have a bay leaf tree/bush and I put the leaves in all my cabinets. Bay leaves are good for roaches and ants(the little black ants)
    The rodents come and go. It is just a neverending chore.

  • jerd

    i live in a trailer on one acre. my ex had an indoor cat. worked well for a year and a half. only one small mouse. but like i said, she is my ex. took the cat with her. now ive got problems. all i can say is this, to be humane to a mouse or rat is ignorant. all that does is increase their population. this is a war. i now have sticky, poison, old style snap traps, and a twelve gauge pump. I WILL WIN! Even if it means 40 gallons of gas and the loss of my trailer!

  • bill

    get male cats i have two that are outside and inside they kill rats outside and mice on the inside make sure u keep up on their rabbies shots best defence are cats i am not kidding rodent free

  • April

    The Electronic thing you plug in that emit a high frequency sound DO NOT WORK!! I have SEEN them walk right in front of one and not respond to it in the slightest so Im trying the Pep. oil ASAP. Will fill everyone in on how it works!! AT MY WITS END!!

  • Linda

    ebay for peppermint oil,as for myself I am going to try the ammonia just found this web site reading all the post,Great site

  • Linda

    I use eagle seven after they eat and they die there is no order like they’re is with d-con

  • karrie

    Use gumdrops to bait your traps–slice them into small rounds (my hubby gets about four or five from each tiny gumdrop). Then you smash it onto the trap so they can’t just take it and run. Has worked very well for catching them. Much better than peanut butter in our case.
    Of course, there are one or two intelligent ones who have just evaded the traps.
    So last night I tried peppermint oil on cotton balls in a cabinet that they love to frequent. I got a 2 oz. bottle of peppermint essential oils from health food store for $20, which is pricey for us. I thought if it worked, though, it would be worth it. So I had several cotton balls soaked with straight peppermint oil, and the mice apparently thought I baked peppermint cookies for them because today there were several fresh droppings right by one of the cotton balls. I think peppermint must work for some people because I keep reading/hearing about it, but I don’t know if it’s going to be the miracle solution I was hoping it would be. Drat!
    I just got some new traps, though, so I will bait them with gum drops and see if we have any more success. It has been a while since we’ve tried . .. .

  • louise

    last night in the loungeroom (open plan lounge to dining to kitchen area) the tv was on and i heard an awful racket from my pantry. It was as loud as the sound of a vacuum cleaner cord retracting, and was clearly the sound of two animals rumbling, and add to that the sound mice screaming! I didn’t open the door until a minute after it stopped (scaredy pants!) and when I did there were some small food packets knocked on the fresh house mouse droppings, I keep my pantry very clean.

    I checked for larger droppings, thinking that kind of noise could only be made by Mr Rat but now I think two mice were having a turf war in there and the screaming was ‘hey I called this pantry!!’ in mouselish. I am going to use so much peppermint oil in there tonight it’s going to make their little whiskers curl. This won’t be a mild fresh scent, but chemical warfare.

    I had a box of poison bait in there for safekeeping (up high, I have children and pets) and they found it and ate the lot and just kept coming so why bother with that anymore? The poison was actually for baiting my piano, and I loathe having it in the house.

  • Kevin

    I’ve heard that you can take a trash can, fill it half full with water, lean a board against it with the tip of the board just against the mouth of the trash can, and mice will walk up the board and actually jump into the trash can to get a drink of water and drown. My buddies in the Air Force say that’s what they did on their farms to get rid of mice. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m always buying mouse traps and peanut butter, which seems to be the best remedy I’ve tried so far.

  • HateRodents

    We have rodents in our yard and believe they are living under the deck. We covered all entry points with steel wool and mortar and caught two with traps placed clode to the deck. I will now buy gravel and pebbles to place in the back alley where we’ve spotted two field mice digging in the dirt. I will also bathe the area in amonia and place mothballs to see if this will deter them.

  • Gata Loca

    FRESH CAB!!! Google it. These little sachets of herbs – or whatever it is – are all natural and work very well! (100% guaranteed) Plus, they don’t smell bad (they have a “Christmasey” kind of smell). Here in NYC they cost about $20 (pack of 4) in the hardware store.

    We had mice during the winter of 2011. Horror!! We cleaned, sealed holes with spray foam, I tried peppermint oil, D Con traps (that trap them alive inside) AND we have a cat. Nothing worked. After exhaustive research – and almost springing for the trap that electrocutes them – I found Fresh Cab. They went away!! Until a month ago…

    I only used 4 sachets back in 2011 and had been mouse free for a year and a half. Now that these bitches are back it’s time to get more Fresh Cab.

    Note: I have no affiliation with Fresh Cab. I’m not compensated in any way. I’m just a girl who HATES mice and wants to help others on this plight.

  • Jena

    Irish Spring. Take Irish Spring and grade it on a cheese grater, then stuff a steel wool pad with it and put the steel wool where you think they are coming in. It worked for my grandmother and now we are trying it too! So far so good.

  • Lisa

    I know the plug in devices do NOT work. Even with as many as 14 cats outside at one time (none of which were allowed inside), I still had the problem INside and had no clue as to where or how they were getting in. I have tried the peppermint idea & as long as I keep it refreshed I haven’t had any sightings. As I said before however, I have no idea how or where they are coming in, so I can only put the cotton soaked balls inside drawers & cabinets. I am hopefully going to bring 1 of the newest kittens & pray it has the natural instinct to do what they are supposed to do.

  • Linda Hedges

    Living on an acre with a peacock pen and where scratch (feed) is scattered has bred a huge colony of mice and ground squirrels. The mice are now in the house in huge numbers. Sticky traps caught 10 to 12 a day with no end in sight. The mice are observed running into the house under the screen door. I am going to try the table cloth idea with cream and Cascade outside the pen, and peppermint oil and other cotton ball ideas inside. Have also put out some packets of pellets infused with an anticoagulant as we do not have dogs or cats or children. Got to work fast before cold weather sets in! Have had to throw away lots of paper and cloth items found shredded.

  • amber

    not a tip…… but im gone crazy i always have small children in my home have been hear 5 years and this is my second time getting mice last year we got 3 cought em never seen another till this year again so far 1 cought but there are 2 more for sure my vents to my air exchange and dryer were broke with my garden hose directly next to it so im assuming thats how they got in this time last year i used peppermint once i cought what was in and like i said didnt see another till this year but with small kids in my home i gp around all damn day with two dust busters a swiffer and vacume lol on crazy crumb duty i have traps set were the kids wont get them during the day and at night i move them but tonight im going to get all the traps i can find and go trap crazy i want them gone gone gone i was also thinking about those black bait boxes you see outside complexes and apartment mabey get a few to have outside to catch them before they come in??? anyone use these before?

  • Debra

    No Tips, enjoyed reading these comments, just moved to a new house (1 week ago) live in NORWAY. Saw my first mouse running across the hallway this morning, husband brought home three live mouse boxes, I’ve put some bay leaves out and about in the kitchen. We’re going to search for peppermint oil, although I’m not sure they sell it in this part of the world. They do have The Body Shop though, so may be there. Worth a try, Also planting peppermint and mint for this, also to keep ants at bay. For a country with warm weather for 2 months, i’m amazed that ants and mice are a worry. : /

  • Jackie

    We have been using some snap traps that I can only find at Home Depot. They are white and red plastic and have large Jaws on them. They are easy to set and we use peanut butter in the well. We catch a mouse every night with these. The wooden ones and others we have tried just don’t work!! TRY THEM THEY ARE GREAT!!!! ( unfortuneately, I don’t know the brand of them) Good Luck!!

  • Robin

    Hello everyone!! I have NEVER had a mouse in my home until now. I live in a corner house with a double lot…. alley… & a vacant house nxt door. The backyard of that house is scary so I am not shocked I’ve been chosen! I am going 2 Home Depot in the morning because they have these circular plug up things that let off a sound that rodents can not take…. they will leave & never come back. I know because I worked in an infested daycare where there were more mice than children. They tried everything until these little devices & nothing worked. My children go there & they are going on 4yrs without even changing the battery!! I’ve been meaning 2 get them just 2 keep them out…. just incase they wanted 2 visit but better late than never. They are whitish circles that plug in the wall with a little light on them. They have bigger ones for larger rooms & small ones 4 small rooms. U can not hear the noise & I believe your pets are fine as well.

  • Zane

    simply use cement and food. but mix it together. so when they eat it, their stomachs become hard and they die. takes a bit of time but instead of keeping them from coming back the only way is to kill them.

  • Tammy

    i work in a school and it is located by a major river that flooded. We were over run with mice and the glue traps are inhumane as the little kids would cry because the mouse would be alive and stuck. So for years I have been peppermint oil and talked to right people in charge to get the o.k. to use it. And after I put it on cotton balls and mixed some in a spray bottle for the rooms not one teacher has had a mouse issue. It works great as long as you remember to refresh it every few weeks. And it smells good. It does have to essential oil 100% pure peppermint oil not the stuff from grocery stores. Now my job has same problem and yes today we bring in peppermint oil.

  • nina

    catching the first mouse was easy but the second one keeps triping the mouse trap without getting caught the darn thing trip the mouse trap this morning and i looked and it was laying beside the trap upside down haha thinking it was dead… WRONG…it rolled over n hauled ass…went back to bed thinking nothing off it figured it would be scared WRONG again felt something crawling on me outside the covers and it was the dam mouse…havent been able to sleep soo freaked out…cant afford nothing right now so im trying pure pinesol in dif places hoping the smell be to much for it…

  • Kristen

    I read through every one of these comments and wanted to share what I did as well. The first thing is that I had a compost bucket under my kitchen sink that was attracting mice, so the first thing I did was put that down in the garage (that’s the last time I try to help the environment! ha ha). I will be throwing this out ASAP.

    Then, I removed the food source – I haven’t always been the tidiest person, but I will be from now on. At night, there are NO dishes left out – they are all in the dishwasher. I put all food in glass or tupperware containers. I pick up the dry cat food every night – put the leftovers in the glass container with the other cat food. I pick up the cat’s water dish (although in my bedroom I have a glass of water that my cat drinks from). I wipe down the counter tops with a clorox wipe. I threw out my toaster oven because it was the old kind with the back that would open. I found a lot of droppings behind there (so gross!). I am neurotic about picking up any crumbs around.

    Now that the food is gone I’ve also put peppermint oil soaked cotton balls all around my first level. I add new drops of peppermint oil every few days (I’m still very paranoid). I also sealed up the entry way from my crawl space downstairs to under my sink by using foam sealant.

    And then on top of that, I have a cat that’s a good mouser. I haven’t had to put out any traps. I’m a vegan and I find the idea of killing another animal(even a mouse)just awful. Luckily, my cat isn’t vegan 🙂

    I think just relying on traps won’t work, because you are not cutting off the food source. You MUST get rid of whatever is drawing them in. If there is no food source, they will not breed as much. If you are only trapping them you are just leaving a job opening for another rodent.

    In the summer I plan on hiring someone to come and block off all the entrances to my house. And I plan on using Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent all over my house.

    Anyway, this multi-pronged approach has worked so far. Last night was the first night I slept well in over two weeks. I thank my cat daily for being a good mouser and never bringing me the dead mice. She is a very clean cat and I never have to see the evidence of her work.

    Good luck, everybody!

  • Kristen

    One last tip. Since I leave cat food out during the day, I do two things to deter the mice from coming in to the kitchen (besides the other stuff I posted above):
    1. I leave the kitchen lights on
    2. I play a recording of birds of prey. I downloaded it from iTunes and it plays a different bird sound for about 30-45 seconds, then it goes to another bird. I play this on a loop for the entire time I’m gone. Mice usually don’t come out during the day but since there’s no food at night they might get brave and try. I’m just trying to do everything I can to keep them away!

  • Sharon

    I think I have a family of mice. They are brave they are coming out of my nightstand drawer and staring at me. It is only 3:38 pm in the afternoon. I have been trying to find out where they are coming from. I am going to try peppermint oil.

  • April Knight

    I’m going to try the Peppermint oil. However, I think I’m going to try the kind you buy at whole food stores instead of the Peppermint flavoring. That oil is stronger smelling but will keep my house smelling nice.

  • Anna

    I have read all about peppermint oil suppose to also be good on getting rid of spiders too!

    My best past tip: Use old fashion wood traps bait with peanut butter or ketchup (they love both). We live in the country and this is the best way to kill them. I tried the decon traps with no luck.

    I wonder if I used the peppermint oil in a oil burner all over the house if that would work…would definitely last longer than a cotton ball.

  • Helen

    Ammonia in container, mothballs, garlic cayenne/black pepper, currey, basil any strong seasons. Tabasco and dish detergent. I recently had squirrels in my attic I sprayed the tabasco around the perimeter. I mixed all seasons and put it shook on floors, threw mothballs down and put ammonia in cups. I haven’t heard anything again.

  • Julie

    The red and white ones are Ortho Home Defense Max Press N Set or Ortho Home Defense Max Kill N Contain. The ones with snapping jaws are Press N Set, the Kill N Contain are my preference (except the idea is you throw the trap away-but you don’t have too).
    Press N Set is a set up sort of like the old wooden Victor traps. The Kill N Contain are shaped like a snail (much larger, of course LOL) and the mouse runs in and piece snaps up and kills the mouse through compacting I guess…BUT you never have to see any part of the mouse if you choose to toss the trap. This household has been now to ‘unset’ the trap by the turning control set knob and dumping mouse so as not to be so wasteful. You still don’t see the mouse if you do it right and that’s the worst part of the trapping for me, and the spray of blood on occasion.
    I found them at an Ace Hardware that is it’s own franchise. They can’t keep them on the shelves. They only carry the Kill N Contain.

  • Jj

    Tip. Hi everyone it is 5am and I am sitting here with a cup of Chamomile tea to hopefully calm me down. Let me just start by saying I HATE MICE. My motto: the only good mouse is a dead mouse, that goes for carpenter ants too! The war is ON!!! We had a small problem with a mouse last winter, caught him and never saw one again. So the other night we are watching the Academy awards, me standing near the kitchen door but watching TV. Could not believe it, did I really just see a flash of movement by my kitchen garbage pail, which by the way was empty? Go out to the kitchen to investigate and found nothing, what the hell? Ok so take up my original position by the doorway and stand there supposedly watching TV but you know that now I am really watching the garbage pail and this time I see him! I let out a involuntary scream, my husband is like what the hell? He goes into the kitchen and sees it too but the little thing goes running under the baseboard heating and then we can’t find it. Great, just friggin great. So I tell my husband to go find the Havahart trap, he comes back with it, he sets it up with peanut butter, the next morning mouse poop in the trap but the trap did not work. Now I must say I think it wasn’t set correctly. If anyone has ever used this trap you know it is hard to set correctly and you are never quite sure if it will spring or not. So the next morning I scour the Internet for a GOOD you tube instructional on how to set the Havaheart trap( the instructions the company give you are useless). Ok so now I set the trap with peanut butter and yippee it works that night! We drive the damn thing two miles to get rid of it and let it go in a field next to some ridiculous mega a mansion, thought the little guy could use a good home, lol. So now I am freaked out because the mouse we caught is NOT the same one we saw, it is smaller and a much lighter shade of brown. So I tell my daughter we caught one and where we let it go and she feels sorry for it being taken so far away from its family, so I said this mouse is NOT Fievel (it’s a cartoon/movie look it up) so she sends me a link to the movie with Fievel (who is a mouse) singing “Somewhere Out There”, I laughed so hard, too funny.
    Anyway, yesterday morning I send my husband to the local hardware store to buy another Havaheart trap but they are all out of stock! Ok, is the world having mouse problems? So he comes home with a two pack of Ortho. Home Defense Max, “guaranteed” to trap and kill. So set this up and the Havaheart as well, what the heck just in case there is more than one, yikes!!! So at 4 in the morning my hubby wakes me to say both traps are sprung, success! Now he is fine just leaving the little creeps in the traps in the kitchen until moning but ow I can’t sleep thinking what if they are super human and somehow figure their way out, plus I don’t want these disgusting, dirty, germ infested monsters in my house a second longer so I gather my courage, put on my shoes(a must for dealing with mice, right?) and go to the kitchen. Ok so both traps have sprung. I decide to deal with the Ortho plastic one first since I never used it before and thought maybe it could somehow get out of there. So I grab a plastic grocery bag, put my hand inside to use as a makeshift glove, walk over to the trap and shit! The tail is sticking out!!!!! Oh my God, don’t let me puke, this is disgusting. So I somehow gather my fortitude and go to pick up the plastic trap
    The mouse is inside of and the tail moves, I freak out and almost drop the trap but hold on for dear life, my mind is saying don’t drop it, it is plastic it might hit the tile floor and break open, helpppppppp! So I quickly pull the plastic bag up and over the trap, knot it and take it out the back door to a heavy plastic bucket I had waiting, throw it in and put the lid on the bucket. Now it is sitting out there in the freezing cold until I can dispose of it later. Ok so the package says guaranteed to kill, I don’t think a swishing tail means killed but to give the company the benefit of the doubt maybe it wasn’t in there very long before we found it. So now I go back to the Havaheart so I can put that out in the bucket with the other one and find that although the doors flipped down when the mouse went in and tripped the tray while eating, for some reason the locks did not come down to prevent him from coming back out! So he enjoyed the peanut butter and just pushed the door open, walked out and got snared in the second trap.
    So the tip is: the Ortho trapped work but I had read reviews of it and some people said it didn’t work, the mouse ate the bait and walked out without tripping the hatch. So some reviewer wrote it worked great for him but that he put a peanut covered with peanut butter in the trap, which kept the mouse in there long enough to tip it. I didn’t have a peanut so I put a pistachio covered in peanut butter in the trap. And by the way I left the hard shell on to make it even harder to get the nut. Don’t know if there are any more little creeps around but tonight I will put out my second Ortho trap and try again with the Havahart trap. I ordered another Havahart that has only one door and is suppose to be easier to set. So the Ortho things seem to work so far but they are pricey to use and just throw away but I’ll keep using since it so far works. Some reviewers use again once the mouse is dead and dumped out but I don’t have the stomach for that, lol. I don’t know how many mice are here, I can barely even think about it since I find the whole problem so disgusting but I am going to try the bucket with the water and sunflower seeds tomorrow. I think I’ll faint right into it if I see any dead mice in the bucket, lol. So I will come back and let you know how my mouse adventures are going. The war is on! Good luck to all.

  • i bought some stuff my grandpa suggested i get its called great stuff u can use it in holes it hardens up i have sealed my holes with it tonight i bought peppermint oil some how one got in some where i bought victor plug in things also and got wax scented peppermint cubes for my wax warmer i also have traps set and my cat is running threw my house wish me luck that it has left my house cuz of my cat i threw cotton balls loaded with peppermint oil on them in my heat vents cabinets and other areas in my house hopefully this works im gonna try the next solution out side and get a plant with peppermint smell and put the along the areas in corners in my yard of my home

  • Ok! I have rats & mice living in my home. I put out D-Con traps, Stickey big glue traps, moth balls, & a huge snap trap. I havd 1st cleaned the entire house with Vaccum, spray bleach, pine wood oil & other stuff. Before I I set up a trap house I was finding droppings all alongthe kitchen tile up on the bar in living room drawers, in a desk, where they were actually storing food. I was so disgusting. I bulldozed through every nook & cranny in the entire house, my house is always spotless anyway. !st I put away every parcel of food & water. I started last night & caught nothing last night. One of the large stickey glue trays is just gone, I put that one in the laundry room. Where did they go with it? There is no out but they made it.
    One good thing! All the places that they leave droppings, there was none at all. Shall I just keep all the traps out until I make a catch? I think these little critters are on to me, they smell a rat. Me! Will they soon become tired of commin in to nothing but traps and just pack up their kin & relocate……. I really want to catch at least one…..Thanx for reading, I appreciate all of your support & recomendations. Good luck to all…

  • Alexis

    There’s a rat (not a city rat) but a country rat eating the vegetables I have in my garden.
    Problem is I have ducks too and ducks have their food in a bowl. That also attracts the little guy.
    The issue is only in the garden. If he would have the guts to enter the house he would face 11 cats that I doubt would spare him. Poor one. The cats go to the garden but I keep them inside at night, that that’s when he has his supper, so to speak. I want him to go away but in a natural way. I don’t want to kill him and this being said the information presented on this post may come in handy. I will try the mint toothpaste first and then the peppermint tea. Cheers.

  • Ruth Jay Shinez

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  • JB Williams

    The Peppermint Oil is a complete failure. We tried it and it actually attracted the mice.

    Many more came in and actually built/made nests in our garage.

    Poison would have been so much cheaper and so more effective.

  • mark oblea

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