17 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas In the Yard | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I’m looking for a remedy for getting rid of fleas in the yard since they cause skin problems for my family.

A: Dear O, You can find ways to treat them with the help of shampoos or a special collar; however, this may only provide temporary remedy. It is important to treat the problem at its very main cause. It can be possible that your pets come in contact with fleas when they are let out in the yard. There are a lot of inexpensive ways to keep your yard free from fleas.



1. Vinegar – Use a water bottle and spray vinegar in your yard. This will help keep the fleas away from your yard.

2. Apple Cider – This will have the same effect of vinegar. Add lemon to double the effect and give you a better scent.

3. Garlic – According to legends, garlic can help keep the vampire away, and it also has the same effect in fleas. The smell and the taste of garlic will keep the fleas away.

4. Lime – The acid properties of lime will help deter fleas from coming into your yard. Put lime juice in a water bottle and start spraying.

5. Citrus Rinds – Rinds of oranges, grapefruit, lemon or lime are normally thrown away. Take a grater and shred as much as you can from the rinds and sprinkle this on your yard.

6. Borax – Sprinkle borax on the whole area of your yard. This is guaranteed to kill the fleas that are living in your yard.

7. Pyrethrum – If you want something organic if you keep a vegetable garden or to protect your pets, choose pyrethrum. This will be not toxic to crops or animals but will surely keeps fleas and other pets away.

8. Fennel – Fennel is a very effective flea repellant. Sprinkle this around the yard in order to keep the fleas away.

9. Cayenne Pepper – Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the yard and your house in order to help keep fleas away. Fleas cannot take how spicy cayenne pepper is.

10. Eucalyptus – A lot of insects hate the taste and odor of eucalyptus; this includes fleas. Make sure to plant eucalyptus trees around the yard.

11. Rosemary – Keep potted rosemary around the yard and around your home. This releases an aroma that acts as a deterrent to fleas.

12. Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum will not only provide you with beautiful flower for your garden, this will also protect this from pests and that includes fleas.

13. Lavender – This is another flowering plant that you can plant on your garden to get rid of fleas. You would love the wonderful aroma of flowers.

14. Citronella – Planting this around the house will make sure your yard is free of fleas. This Is also great in keeping mosquitoes away.

15. Catnip – Your cats will love this, but the fleas won’t. Have a few of this plant scattered around the yard.

16. Cedar Shreds – Line the yard with cedar shredding and sprinkle the rest around the lawn. Fleas hate the aroma. You may also use this as pet bedding.

17. Clean – You prevent fleas from breeding by making sure your garden is kept clean. This will also provide you with good exercise.

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