Home Remedies to Get Odors Out of Interior Car Vents

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Just kicked the smoky habit and your car wreaks of cigarettes? Has toxic fumes compromised the freshness of your air conditioner? Interior car vent odors not only turn off passengers, but can also make you feel nauseous and dread riding in your own vehicle. If you are interested in getting rid of interior car vent odors, you should arm yourself with a few home remedies before spending money on professional assistance.

Home Remedies for Interior Car Vent Odors

Causes of Car Vent Odors

When it comes to enjoying the interior of your car, there are five main reasons unpleasant vent odors can ruin the day:

  • Tobacco: The heavy gases of cigarette smoke can set up shop inside the chambers of your car air conditioner.
  • Animals: Small outdoor animals may seek shelter in the crevices of your car. If they perish around your air conditioner chambers, the scent can linger for days.
  • Dirt Accumulation: When excess dirt becomes trapped in your air filter – a faintly detected, distinct odor can develop.
  • Engine Leak: If the combustion engine suffers damage and develops a leak, the unit can drown in burning antifreeze fumes. The air conditioner will pick up some of these fumes and send them out of your interior vents.
  • Mold: When little or no airflow and moisture are present, mold can thrive in your car air conditioner when the unit is turned off.

Home Remedies to Get Odors Out of Interior Car Vents

There’s nothing worse than taking a ride in the car and you can’t stand to breathe in. Dirt, bacteria, mold, and other factors can all contribute to nasty odors ruining the inside of your car. To fight back, consider the following home remedies for getting odors out of interior car vents:

a) Dryer Fabric Softener Sheet:

Choose a scented dryer fabric softener sheet to freshen up your interior car vents. Secure one sheet per vent to counteract cigarette smells and musty odors. Make sure that the sheet is secure enough so that it doesn’t fall into the vent. Turn on your heat to activate the fresh scent. Run your heater for a couple of minutes and remove sheets.

b) Mustard Powder [1] :

Let’s say you have run over Pepe LePew and the scent of dead skunk is filtering through your interior car vents. You must remove the source of the odor to clear your vents of unwanted stink. Mustard powder works wonders on skunk odors. Pour one cup of dry mustard into a bucket of warm water, making sure to mix well. With an old rag, saturate your tires, wheels, and the underbody of your car with the solution. Clean around and inside interior air vents with the dry mustard solution as well.

c) Car Freshener:

Cut a car freshener in half and situate inside the interior car vents to negate any odors when you have the air conditioner turned on.

d) Toothbrush and Rag:

Grab an old toothbrush and rag to clean the interior vents in your car, using either soap and water or a white vinegar and water solution.

e) Vinegar and Water:

Combine ¼ cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. Place the ingredients into a sprayer and shake. Next, wipe the inside and outside of your interior car vents with the solution. Mist the spray inside of the vents as well.

f) Change Air Filter:

Sometimes it is your air filter causing your car to fill with odors. Dust mites, dirt, old water, and other pollutants can compromise the air filter, sending unwanted smells through the air vents.

g) Lysol:

To treat odors caused by bacteria, spray Lysol inside of your interior car vents.

h) Perfume or Cologne:

Overpower the odors coming from your car vents by spraying a small amount of your favorite perfume or cologne.

i) Air Freshener Sprays:

Spritz the inside of your interior car vents with a pleasant air freshener spray. Turn on your heater or air conditioner to circulate the scent.

j) Simply Clean the Air Conditioner:

Open the cover to your car air conditioner and clean it using a moist cloth. Remove any dirt clogging up drain holes. Drain the collection pan and wash it with soap and water. Once you run the air conditioner again, you should encounter a revamped freshness and cleaner scents.

Home Remedies for Interior Car Vent Odors Resources

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