Home Remedies for Gastritis

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Nearly everyone in their lifetime will have experienced an occasional attack of gastritis – also known as stomach inflammation. Most mild cases pass within incident and cause no lasting effects, while others face more serious complications. For the average case, home remedies for gastritis can ease some of your symptoms.

What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the stomach. The membrane may experience the development of sores (lesions or raw spots). The affected parts may bleed, which can cause blood to appear in your vomit or bowel movements [1]. A patient may suffer chronic gastritis, which means that the inflammation occurs repeatedly or continues over a long stretch of time. In this case, the patient is probably affected by a persistent disease.

Causes and Symptoms

Gastritis is caused by the ingestion of a substance that causes irritation to your system. It could be aspirin or ibuprofen. It could be a supplement, such as potassium or iron. Sometimes, the consumption of too much food or alcohol can bring gastritis. If you ingest a corrosive substance (like poison or an acid), you can develop what is called toxic gastritis. Other causes of gastritis include:

• Tobacco smoke
• Backflow of bile into the stomach
• Bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)
• Stress
• Bacterial or viral infection
• Wounds and burns
• Food allergies
• Disease, such as Crohn’s and alcoholism

Not everyone will experience the same gastritis symptoms. For some, they won’t show any signs of the condition at all. When symptoms do arise, the most common include nausea, recurrent upset stomach, abdominal bloating and pain, vomiting, indigestion, hiccups, bloody vomit, appetite loss, and black tarry stools [2].

Gastritis Home Remedies

a) Ginger:

Chew on a piece of fresh ginger before eating food to stimulate digestion when you are recovering from a bout of gastritis.

b) Vegetable Juices:

A mixture of 200 milliliters of spinach juice and 300 milliliters of carrot juice is effective in treating gastritis symptoms.

c) Coconut:

Some people have consumed coconut water as a way to encourage the stomach to become more balanced. Results are said to arrive within a few hours.

d) Hot Compress:

Apply a hot compress to your empty stomach two times per day to soothe an irritated stomach.

e) Avoid Certain Foods:

It is important to stay clear of hot and spicy foods when you are suffering gastritis symptoms until you have a completely healed stomach. You do not want to cause any unnecessary irritation during the healing process.

f) Pepto-Bismol:

Reach in your bathroom cabinet and pull out the pink stuff (Pepto-Bismol or its equivalent) to treat a mild case of gastritis.

g) Avoid Alcohol:

Consuming alcohol while you are nauseous or vomiting with gastritis symptoms will only worsen your condition, especially since alcoholic beverages have a dehydrating effect on the body.

h) Water:

When the worst of the symptoms have passed, start drinking small amounts of water to calm your stomach.

i) Weak Tea:

A weakened infusion of tea will help rehydrate your body after you have stopped throwing up and experiencing diarrhea.

j) Bland Foods:

After 24 hours of experiencing your first symptoms, you can reintroduce solid foods into your diet. Suggestions include pudding, gelatin, dry toast, soda crackers, and chicken broth. Continue bland choices for one to two days to make sure you don’t aggravate your stomach.

k) Potato:

It is said that ½ cup of potato juice taken before meals is a good remedy for treating gastritis symptoms.

l) Lemon Juice:

Some people will drink a glass of water with added lemon juice to ease the symptoms of gastritis.

m) Fennel:

Chew roasted fennel after eating a meal to make it easier for your body to digest the foods you have eaten during the recovery of your gastritis symptoms.


[1] Diseases [Fever to Hypothermia] Volume 4 by Grolier Education; pg. 27.



    Since after joining my new job, I have been under extreme work pressure and I’m more concentrating on fast foods to save time. I know this is going to cause a severe stomach problem in future. But, literally I don’t get enough time to have lunch. Don’t know how to manage time to eat in proper time. Please suggest me some easy diet to solve gastritis??