Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

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home remedies for frizzy hair


When your hair looks like you’ve entered a wind tunnel, it pays to know how to prevent and treat a case of the ‘frizzies.’ Contrary to popular belief, people with curly hair are not the only ones to suffer frizzy hair. You should know that home remedies for frizzy hair can assist any individual – no matter what type of hair – bone straight, kinky, or full of waves.

Why Does Hair Get Frizzy?

The hair shaft is comprised of cuticle layers, which can sometimes ‘stand up.’ When this occurs, hair not only looks frizzy, but feels different as well. Since frizzy hair is naturally absorbent, extra moisture found in the air gravitates to the frazzled hair shaft, causing it to increasingly expand. As a result, cuticle layers begin to stand out and create the frizzy look you so desperately wish to get rid of.

While some are born with naturally frizzy hair, others unknowingly increase their chances of suffering this rather common hairstyling issue. Other underlying causes of frizzy hair include:

  • Coarse texture
  • Lack of moisture
  • Not enough protein in the hair
  • Coloring, perming and bleaching the hair
  • Humid weather conditions
  • Overstyling
  • Strong winds
  • Overexposure to the sun

Frizzy Hair Home Remedies

In order to control frizzy hair, you need to get to the root of your problem (no pun intended). Once you uncover the source of your frizziness, you can begin with a suitable home treatment, which can be as simple as changing your lifestyle habits. Common home remedies for frizzy hair include:

a) Check the Ingredients:

Harsh chemicals and other ingredients can contribute to frizzy hair. Reduce your dependency on products that contain sodium, calcium, lye, and lithium hydroxide. Various oil-based conditions can also create frizzy hair.

b) Keep Away from Heat:

Excessive blow-drying of the hair can cause frizziness. Consider air-drying if you typically battle frizzy hair. If you have a habit of abusing your heat appliances, give your hair a rest. This also means using less of your curling iron and straightening comb, which can wreak havoc on hair. Additionally, hot oil treatments can produce the same frizzing effect on hair.

c) All-Natural Hair Products:

If your onslaught of gels, mousses and hairsprays possess a high alcohol content, you will only worsen frizzy hair. Consider the use of all-natural hair products that help curb a frizzy hair problem.

d) Hands Off:

Some people have a habit of constantly combing, scrunching, or brushing their hair. When it comes to healthy hair, you don’t need 100 strokes of the brush each day. Primp and fuss too much over your locks and you could add to a frizzy hair condition.

e) Natural Vegetable Glycerin:

Add natural vegetable glycerin to your mousse or gel in order to control frizzy hair.

f) Vinegar:

Smooth out the cuticles of your hair by using vinegar to achieve an acceptable pH balance.

g) Don’t Overwash Your Hair:

Don’t shampoo everyday, as this will strip your strands of natural oils, which provide the best moisturizers for your hair.

h) Relax and Eat Balanced Meals:

When you combine stress, poor nutritional habits, and the absence of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – you’ll not only suffer frizzy hair, but also split ends and hair loss.

i) Egg and Olive Oil:

Combine olive oil and egg to create a paste that is directly applied to the hair. Once ½ hour has passed – use your regular shampoo and conditioner to rinse out the egg mixture.

j) Moisturizing Conditioner:

Calm down frizzy hair by using a conditioner that contains coconut oil [1] or castor oil.

[1] http://www.doctoroz.com/article/surprising-health-benefits-coconut-oil


  • pearlie

    I can't stand frizzy hair, especially during the summertime. I think the egg and olive oil mixture sounds interesting. I think I will try it out!

  • Vanessa

    Here’s a tip i got from the internet,Im not sure if it really works but my friends says she uses it 30mins before taking a shower.

    1) Mash 1 Avocado & mix it will w/ 1 Tblsp of Olive oil or almond oil.

    2)Apply then take a shower normally.& dnt over use the SHAMPOO!

  • muneca

    1.you can use egg yolk and olive oil,almond oil
    leave on hair for 30mins with a shower cap on

    2.rinse out with warm water and air drying is the best
    my curls come out after i do this and let it air dry

    3.do not wash to much and be careful on what kind of products you use on your hair. i use pink lotion it has helped my hair but it is kinda oily

    its great you try.

  • Darion

    humm… I can’t really skip on the shampooing… I get oily hair fast… But I hate the frizzyness. And I am trying to go vegan so no egg. I guess I will try the vinegar :)) Thanks.

  • marlene

    mix 1 tbs of mayo and olive oil to dry hair comd hair from root to tip for an hour make sure to use a shower cap then wash and condition hair as usual

  • Hima

    Dry Hibiscuss leaves, mix it in coconut oil and warm the oil and apply overnight. Morning headbath should be done.

  • jamielynn

    i have dry,frizzy,poofy hair,i have tryed countless amounts of products,if some one knows of any home remedy that would help me,i would be eternaly greatfull.

  • Tammy

    I have the worst frizzy hair! I love all theses tips and you can try this one…..
    Use 2 eggs for short hair and 3 for long and add three tablespoons of olive oil coat ur hair fom top to bottom and leave in for thirty minutes, Wash out with shampoo and conditioner.

  • kittycat

    this is what you do:
    1.) take a shower with shampoo and conditioner
    2.) when you get out brush your hair with a COMB
    3.) then you put it in a braid or a high ponytail(when your
    hair is WET)
    4.)then let your hair dry then take it off the next day and it is flat and beautiful

  • sex and fuck is my name

    1.)brush it with a comb
    2.)cut ONE strand of hair off your head and tie your hair with that strand and it gets flat cuz that strand spreads the organisms around your hair and keeps it calm

  • Roxy

    I have very frizzy hair and i hate it. So I will try the olive oil and egg!!

  • casey

    ive had frizzy hair my whole life and i have to say the eggs and olive oil work very well, been doing it since i was about 12

  • Jamie

    Blow-drying is the worst thing you can do to your hair. if you want to keep frizz down, look for frizz products at a salon.

  • kelsey

    I have tried everythin u could ever think of but the egg and olive oil sounds good. Also try putting ur hair up after u take a shower AT NIGHT! And in the morning take it out and u might have a few bumps in ur hair but they brush right out.

  • asfa

    mustard oil, yogurt,egg yolk,mix them well n apply for an hour before taking a shower

  • Tracy Hultquist

    I had made a mistake by perming my hair and now it is frizzy, but was beautiful before I made the mistake of perming it. I let olive oil sit in my hair over night once every 2 weeks, and when I wash my hair in the morning, my hair feels much softer and less frizzy. Olive oil so far has been the key ingredient for dry or frizzy hair.

  • mia rothstedt

    I have tried all products that sell for $$ to combat frizzyness.
    What has temporarily worked is the olive oil/egg thing. Sometimes I mix 1 part schampoo, 1 part eggyolk to 1 part olive oil if in a hurry.
    Also neutral ( no color) henna might work for fine hair, have not done that yet..

  • m

    Right after washing your heart and when it is still very wet do this:

    1. comb all your hair
    2. get a brush and a tight hair tie
    3. brush your hair into a pony tail. Focus on the front and wet it if needed so that it is very flat
    4. tie your tightly like a ballerina
    5. this is optional, use an anti-frizz non-greasy cream like john friedas ‘anti-frizz weather works conidtion’ about half a teaspoon, and put it on the front hair.
    6. leave it to air-dry for a minimum of 2 hours. For better results 3-4 hours.

    When you untie your hair the top half will be VERY smooth and straight and the bottom half will be wavy but still wet at that point, so just let the bottom half air-dry and keep on tying it every now and then while it’s still drying but no need to tie it tight anymore.

    I found this the only thing that works on my hair. Been doing this for 7 years. Oh, you still need to be living in a dry or semi-dry environment for this.

  • Sporty

    The only reason my hair frizzes is cuz of occasional split ends, humidity, and heat. (and my sister purposely told me blow drying helps not hurts frizzy hair! the liar…) I also heard aloe vera works good with frizzy hair as well. I still have to try it though, so I hope it works. the only thing im afraid of when doing remidies with oils or eggs, is that my hair will get super greasy, which it does get often, or will smell bad. Somebody please help me. I have light brown hair, its kinda thick, and gets wavy to the point where you could call it curly. the only problem is, how do keep it not frizzy? its fine at first but later on I HAVE to put my hair up… somebody plz help me!!!!

  • Sporty

    I put my hair up in a high, tight bun at night and when I wake up in the morning, leave it up until it’s been twelve hrs from when u had the shower, and you have nice, curly/wavy hair.(Kinda depends on ur hair type.) The only part I haven’t gotten down pat was keep it NOT FRIZZY… oh well hope this helps somebody!

  • M3

    For dry frizzy hair rinse hair wit cold water. Then add a cup of olive oil and let sit for a minute and a half. Rinse throughly. Then bathe as usual.Let shampoo sit in hair for about a minute same with coditioner. HOPE IT WORKS!!!

  • kimmer

    hi there, I have lived with fuzzy hair all my life, and it seems to be getting worse the older I get! aarrrgggg!! Please tell me what would be a good ratio for olive (and is olive oil the only oil to be used), and eggs (how many eggs?)

    Thank you for any help in advance!! kimmer

  • coolio

    Does it matter what kind of olive oil you use on your hair? I have very frizzy hair and want to try the olive oil and eggs. I only have extra virgin olive oil. Will this work the same?

  • kaytlin

    look ladies 🙂 this is how to keep the frizz away . use tresamae shampoo and conditioner. blow dry and straighten before bed then put a dot of conditioner in your hair spread evenly. leave in before bed then when you wake up it should be fine just dont wash your hair for 2 to 3 days and watch the magic 🙂 FOR OILY HAIR USE BABY POWDER OR SOME SORT OF POWDER IT SOAKS UP THE OIL!!!

  • barbra keens

    omg that egg and oil thing made my hair stink for days and it made my hair more frizzy im gonna try that tresamae junk

  • Manisha

    I did straightening 2 months back,after that my hair got too frizzy.i tried using all the product, nothing is working.
    Can i also use the olive oil and egg mix in my straitened hair??

  • Kinju

    I think finally got the solution for my frizzy hair which is 2 eggs with olive oil or almond oil.

  • chachi

    the egg thing made my hair hard…….but i found a silicone product and it works miracles. My hair is softer. also use rollers instead of a blow dryer its less damaging to the hair.

  • april

    Ive had frizzy hair ever since I chopped my hair off. My hair is wierd because it is mostly frizzy at the roots. I have tried every product you can think of,but they never worked. But then I found something online that has worked wonders. It is a mixture of olive oil,avocado,and egg yolks.(The amount of the ingredients depends on type of hair.)Leave it in for aleast an hour or more. Ok, I hope this tip helps out anybody out there! bye!

  • vie

    So its egg white , egg yolk or the whole egg ?

  • Lindsay

    I’m right there with Kimmer. My hair has been frizzy all my life, and it’s just getting worse!! I’ve tried all the anti-frizz serums on the market, and none of them work. I want to find a NATURAL remedy that will help.
    My hair is dark brown, but it’s both oily and dry. I get the oily scalp and tight curls/waves from my father’s (Irish/Spanish) side, and I get the bone-dry horse hair from my mother’s (Native American) side. Sadly, my hair is just as hard-headed as I am…LOL

  • aa

    egg, olive oil and honey mixture. leave on dry hair for half an hour, then wash hair as usual. honey draws moisture out of the air and keeps hair from getting dry.

  • Kristy

    mix a couple of drops of TEA TREE OIL (sold at most drug stores for about 2 dollars and lasts about 6 months) to your handful of shampoo and then use a good conditioner and it is like magic….I promise, it also works really well for dandruff and tons of other things. Hope this helps, it was my miracle!!

  • iamsashafierce


    for frizzy, curly, dry hair:
    -brush ur hair out before you take a shower
    -before shampooing and conditining: put a quarter size amount of each ; vasaline , curling gel , and conditioner.
    -mix all together in hand and massage into hair.
    -it mite feel oily and thick at first but it works wonders into hair!
    -leave on for 5min .
    -shampoo out the mixture
    -condition as regular
    -rinse out everything in the COLDEST WATER SETTING!!!!
    -when out of shower, COMB hair, not brush because brushing breaks ur hair which causes slit ends,
    -put hair in a high, tight bun and when you wake in the morning it will still be wet
    -while its still wet/damp when you wake, put in low ponytail but make sure the top is flat , put another ponytail holder in the middle of the pony and another at the end which holds down the hair at it finishes drying.

    GOOD LUCK! (: <3

  • ayo

    doess the egg and olive oil make ur hair stink ???

  • Abby

    I’m always on sites like this trying to manage my ridiculously frizzy hair. This isn’t a home remedy, but I just bought John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease shampoo & conditioner, and it’s a miracle worker!! It’s cheap (I got it for $6 each) and it honestly works. If you have a few extra dollars, I’d definitely give it a try. Good luck!!

  • Alexia

    I need help badly! I have thick, tight, really curly hair that gets very frizzy when I sleep on it. For a while, I’ve been waking up early, washing my hair and spraying about a cup of mousse on it. This takes away the frizz but is very time consuming and it makes my hair hard, crunchy, and flaky. If I go to sleep in a bun or pony, my hair dries and leaves pony marks(since I have VERY tight spiral curls). I love my hair (without all the frizz) and I don’t want to get a Japanese straightening, Brazilian blowout or anything like that. Does anyone have any hair styles, techniques, or products for me? I don’t really care how much it is as long as I have my beautiful frizz-free curly hair afterward. Thanks.

  • Tina

    I just tried the vasaline,curling gel,and conditioner. My hair smells kinda weird, but my hair is alot less frizzy. Its in the ponytail now. Hope it works!

  • ridhima

    tell me something for split ends plz

  • dezz

    okay so ive been reading all of yalls great tips but still havent tried them. i just want to tell yall a few things my stylist tells me. ladyswith curly “cant be tamed” hair DO NOT put a straightner perm on it. it last for about a week then gets frizzier, also damages your hair up to 10x more! if your a lady that has never tried to get your hair thinned out before that works!!!!!!!!! you have to stay on top of it though, you cant just thin your hair out and then never do it again its like a once every month thing. HOPE IT WORKS FOR YALL HAVE A GREAT DAY!!:)

  • mshell

    Ive just seen on the TV show The Doctors that beer will help w frizzy hair….I remember growing up that a had a close friend that also did this…will have to look more into it.

  • Karmela76

    Thanks guys for all your posts.I have frizzy hair mostly in the tips.I selected a few of your tips and did all last night and got the best results I have ever seem in my hair. A few clarifications:

    1) I did the mixture with the YOLK of the egg(less smelly than the white part of the egg), almond oil and a few drops of Jazmin oil (sold in Indian-Pakistani shops).I used Jazmin oil because I couldn’t cope with the thought of egg smelly hair. It occur to me that you can use olive or almond oil (I don’t think it matters) and add a FEW DROPS of essence oil (lavender, Jazmin,roses, rosemary)\
    2) I applied it in the middle part of my hair down to the tips.Left it for 10 minutes.The smell was great (Jazmin)
    3) Shampoo and condition my hair.In the last rinse use COLD WATER
    4) COMB IT not brush it and use hair dryer in the COLDEST setting
    5) When is dry. Do you still have any of those serums that you bought and did help but didn’t sort out the problem of your frizzy slitted hair tips? Use it now on your dry hair
    6)Before going to bed you can do the pony tail thing. I only have tide up by the TIPS with a clip.
    It sounds time consuming but it wasn’t. Really worth to try

  • Hawaiigurl

    Well ive been reading all of your guy’s tips and stuff, and since i live in Hawaii, its dry enough to try some of them, but hope they work! THANKS GUYS!

  • angel326

    ok so, my hair is extremely frizzy, and curly and i want straigth hair through home remedies. so tonight i am going to try the idea of vasaline, curling cream, and conditioner, it sounds interesting. i also wanted to know other ideas of STRAIGHT hair through home remedies. any thought, anyone.
    thanks in advance????

  • Trinity Belle Harrison Bennett

    I use egg yolk , honey and warm coconut oil, spread it on my hair then put a shower cap on and then a warm towel for about 30 minutes , then shampoo and condition as normal

  • letty

    i have poofy, dry, thick and curly hair that is a pain in the butt! i use to use v05 oil treatments but it never worked.i even tried expensive hair product that only damage my hair more. i take a shower everyday I’m trying to shampoo every other day now but i still have problems! Help!! i am going to try the egg and oil treatment and hopefully it helps…my other problem is giving up my mouse and hair spray been using that since i was in middle school!

  • alanna

    Ok so i am a missionary and i live Belize Central America with my family and i didn’t have frizzy hair till i came here. I use treseme shampoo conditoner and defrizzing stuff but my hair is still extremly frizzy. also if i don’t wash it every 2 days it is really oily and nasty looking…..my hair is also a inbetween of a wavy and curly mix (plus the friz) if i use a ton of gel and defrizzing spray and moose then it is fine but i dont always have extra money to spend every week for these products. I am 14 and i love my curl but hate my friz…can someone help me!?!?! i am going to try the egg and olive oil mix cuz that is what we have here at home. please i also want to try to straghten my hair….help….(if u have seen Pricess Diries you will know what i mean my this next statment) my hair is frizzer than Princess Mia’s on PD 1!!!!! i love to keep it down but it is just not practical with the humidity.

  • DANI

    I took notes on all the comments and I basically just summarized them here.

    -Apply mayo, olive oil, and egg an hour before your shower.
    (3 eggs & 3tbs olive oil)
    Some choose to add honey to this combination and to replace the egg with something else so the smell doesnt affect them.

    -vasaline , curling gel , and conditioner b4 normal shower routine, and then add 3 ponytails to keep hair tight and so it doesn’t go all wild and everywhere.

    -For oily hair, use baby powder (or any type of powder).

    -At night, tie your wet hair in a pony tail and let it lose the next day.

    -Some techniques for cutting curly, frizzy hair include “twist cutting” and “thinning your hair out”.

    -2 permanent straightners are “relaxing your hair” (works with a chemical) and japanese straightening.

    -Cold water decreases frizz.

    -Humid environments increase frizz.

    -Don’t shampoo everyday, instead, shampoo every 3 days or once a week.

    -Use a comb when your hair is wet, NOT a brush.


    -Treat your hair gently, do not rush to get the knots out, comb patiently, the less hairs you rip out, the better.

    -Don’t waste so much money on products, they don’t work miracles. (At least not on the long run).

    -Try to let your hair air dry a bit before putting it in a ponytail. If your hair is soaked and you tie it up, it breaks.

    -Some people recommend putting on frizz creams or leave in conditioner after your shower on your wet hair.

    -Getting your hait thinned, twist cutted, or layered helps keeping it under control. It decreases the volume and the quantity and becomes a lot easier to manage.

    -Before going to bed, leave a headband or something that will keep our hair flat at the flont. The next day, this hair will be smooth and soft.

    -Choose hairstyles that suit your hair. Maybe braids, or a high funky puffy ponytail.

    -If you are going through puberty, your hair will be going to changes. My hair used to be very soft, but then, when I turned like 12, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to leave it down. Hair chages!

    -Don’t cut your hair too short, when there is more hair, there is more weight that keeps it down!

    -Don’t leave conditioner in your hair, its basically like leaving it in acid.

    -Try to use the least amounts of hair products as possible, they contain high ph levels, and make your hair hard. Try to use natural oils, and good quality shampoos. Frizz Ease is a pretty good and affordable one. Moroccan Oil is sold in many salons and works very well for my hair!

    -Don’t let it lose over night, it will be a jungle the next day.

    -If there is absolutely no way you can have youre hair down, leave it in a braid or a nice messy bun. (Look up ideas online!) Also, use accesories such as hairbands, pins, etc.

    -Stay away from the heat! Straightners and blow driers seriosuly MESS UP your hair. You do not realize that now, but you will when youare older. Try to like use a bunch of pony tails lined up or wrap your hair around your head. (I forgot what this second one is called.)

    -Get advice from your own hair dresser.

    -A lot of frizz and hair damage is due to lack of vitamin, ask your doctor for advice. Mine gave me some pills that greatly halped my hair.

    -NEVER comb or brush your hair when it is dry. You will break it and gets bunch of split ends. You can only comb when it is wet. As for the brush, I have no use for it but to flatten the top of my head.

    Ps. Curly frizzy hir is what makes you uniqueeee

  • Jessa

    I used to have soft, wavy hair, until I was 13, when it turned CRAZY. So now I have INSANELY curly hair that is SOOO frizzy when I let it dry naturally.It’s taken a lot of adapting, and I sometimes HATE it, but I’ve learned to make it it’s best and it turns out pretty nice. Here is what I do to keep it somewhat under control:
    In the shower, use only minimal shampoo where you need it, and then let your conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing out.
    Once you get out, use mousse, and/or some sort of greasy “serum”, and put it in your wet hair and brush it thoroughly in. Then, use bobby pins to pin your bangs along the side of your face, about 1 bobby pin per 2 or 3 inches. Just enough to hold it down in place.
    Next take the rest of your hair and brush it tightly back and pin it down, and then take the rest of the loose part and twist it up, and fasten it to your head with a hair claw.
    Pin or clip down any loose bits of hair that are left from the claw.
    Pat a little more product on your hair, if you think you need it.
    In the morning, the top of your hair will be sleek, shiny, and mostly straight, and look natural!! The bottom half of your hair will still be damp. And curly, yes, but nice even curls. Brush them ONLY once or twice if you need to. Then style the curls with mousse, and finish with hairspray.
    Your hair is now more manageable than it was before!!
    …if you don’t feel like using this technique, and simply want to get rid of frizz, I;ve heard that if you coat your hair with coconut oil and let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wash it out, it should get rid of frizzy curls and just leave you nice curls.
    Hope this helps..:)

  • linn

    i have a son, with curly beutiful hair, but frizzy and hard to comb, he has 2 shampoo everiday, i try things is very hard vcause he doesnt let me . i will try d egg/oil.

  • airynn

    Not to be confusing, but the vaseline technique is very difficult… I tried it at id say leave out the petroleum jelly. It stays in your hair. And not in a good way.

  • Wisteria

    I’ve had frizzy,bone dry hair that is also oily ever sinse I was 1o. When I was little I had beautiful,straight hair but now that I’m a teen, it’s gone all wacko on me. NEED HELP! I, like Lindsay, am Native American but with white in me. I got the bone dry hair from my dad (white) and the dark wavy hair from my birth mother(native american). My step mom says that I take after my dad but he uses Aussie and It has never worked for me. Then in the mornings I have to straigthen my hair just so it’s not frizzy and then it’ll still love greasy. Please somebody, Help!

  • geemoore

    I had hair that was stick straight my whole life that suddenly went curly on me in my late 20’s. My family are Welsh/German and African, so even those of us that look more Irish still tend to end up with thick, curly hair. I won’t even try to explain what humidity, rain or overbrushing does to my hair. It’s long, thick and getting curlier everyday so I had to find ways to stop the frizz that just comes with curls. I’ve started to use Treseme with decent results and the old Mane and Tail conditioner as a leave in. Just don’t over do that one or it will get oily instead of managed. It can be too much protein for some hair and leave it damaged instead of looking nicer (so my hairdresser says). I have had great luck with the coconut oil and olive oil conditioner and with Infusium. They make a leave in I put in a spray bottle that’s fantastic between oil treatments. I just can’t bring myself to use chemical relaxers or have it professionally straightened, so I stick with the “nicer” stuff. Hope this helps someone out there.

  • Mims

    Use Fructis shampoo, rinse with cold water. Put on plenty of conditioner and untangle hair with fingers while still in the shower starting with the tips and working your way up. Do not rinse conditioner out. Put a towel around your hair and leave on while you dry off your body and get dressed etc. (for about 15 mins.). Let hair dry naturally until barely humid. Add another dollop of conditioner starting with tips of hair and mostly on the surface of the rest of your hair (spread well on hands before applying) then put up hair in a tight twisr bun with a claw clip. After a while undo and twist the other way. Once hair is dry it will be smooth, shinny and have curl at the bottom. God bless you all!

  • Sonia Moore

    I have very frizzy hair and have spent much money trying to straighten it, after reading all of this, I believe I will shave my head bald.

  • Lovee You xx

    Try this:
    (btw this is for people who want curly hair without frizz)
    Wash your hair like you normally would do. When it is damp, take a piece of your hair (a small strand but not too small) and braid it.
    do this with the rest of your hair till all over your hair is braided.
    Make sure to tie every braid down.
    Next, get your straightener and straighten over your braids (I know this is bad but it actually works!) but don’t straighten it TOO much.
    Then the next morning untie and undo all of your braids.
    Your left with the beautiful, gorgeous, curly frizz-free hair you’ve always wanted!

  • Cecily

    I mix a nice oily leave in hair lotion like ie; Motions or Dark and lovely moisture plus lotion or Macadonia natural oil leave in cream WITH some castor oil and some Glycerine. Shake it well together. You can add a little olive oil into this.eg 2/3 lotion to the rest oils
    1-wet or i spray my hair every morning LIGHTLY not soaking
    Add this to your wet hair/ always wet hair.
    2-Apply the lotion you have made to your wet hair
    3-Comb through then style as normal. Allow to dry
    It removes all the kink from my hair. My natural hair looks like I have relaxed it. I do this every morning and sometimes just lightly spray it again with water and comb out again to refresh. It really really works for me.

  • Diroshi

    Apply some warm coconut oil on your hair and let it stand for at least 1/2 an hour. Then shampoo only your scalp and rinse the ends of the hair with the washed off shampoo which trickles down the hair. Use a good moisturizing conditioner and rinse off with cold water. You can shampoo your hair daily this way. But remember not to directly shampoo the ends. My hair was shiny and healthy 10 years back. I moved to Kuwait and my hair became so dry, frizzy and matte with split ends because of harsh water. Now I’m slowly gaining the shining and softness of my hair with the above mentioned method. Hope you guys will succeed too. If the hair is still dry after this, try applying a little amount of non sticky coconut oil to the ends (not on your scalp if you have oily scalp) when the hair’s slightly damp and let the hair air-dry.

  • Cass

    my hair is frizzy and it has this one weird wave in the middle, i hate it. So i take a shower at night and immediately after the shower, i brush it, apply john frieda’s anti-frizz cream (that stuff is the shit!) and put it in a tight braid. When i wake up and take the braid out, i apply more anti-frizz cream and then i have pretty, wavy hair and no frizz!!!

  • Dominique

    My hair is thick as fudge and frizzez like crazy. I used part (1-2tsps)glycerin, (1-2 tsps)vinegar, and a couple egg yolks left it on for a half hr. shampooed a lil n conditioned (rinse with cold water) it and it honestly turnt my frizz down a few notches to where its barely even visible. I used regular vinegar, i would suggest apple cider vinegar instead. 🙂 hopefully this helps so enjoy your amazing looking curls/waves!!! 😀

  • qwertyuiop

    DONT comb your hair, because it’ll cause damaged hair, and if you have permed / curly hair, it stretches out the curls, which will make it more thick and more frizzy.
    SECOND, if you put your hair up in a tight bun, it’ll stretch out your curls, and may cause you to lose hair.
    AND, for certain hair types, putting eggs in it will make it dry, or put an odd odor in your hair.
    SO here’s what i have to say.
    After you wet your hair, you should braid it and keep the braids in for atleast an hour or two.
    DO NOT blow dry your hair, therefore it WILL cause damaged hair with split ends. and it’ll dry it out.

  • maraera

    donot use the olive oil and egg one it stinks ya hair out

    use this clump your hair up with conditioner leave in hair for 30 mins its like a deep conditioning really good for hair and makes your hair bring the natural oils back 🙂 rinse thn air dry :))

  • Charlene

    This sounds ok, one thing if you guys are worried about not washing your hair every day because it will get oily, thats because your hair follicles and your skin has gotten so used to you washing it daily its producing more oil to replace what you keep stripping.

    start by washing every second day then after a couple weeks go to every 3rd day then eventually every 4th day, eventually your body will get used to this and not produce so much oil and you will be able to get away with washing it only twice or even once a week.

    at first it may be uncomfortable until your body gets used to it and adjusts but eventually you will not need to wash daily and youl find after you get to the point of washing once or twice a week youl find 1 or 2 days after its washed your hair feels healthier.

  • Charlene

    one other thing, if you have curly hair dont brush it daily or youl ruin the curls and make it frizzy because you dont have the curl clumps anymore seeing as you brushed them out, brush it once after washing and then comb through with fingers and scrunch your hair together.

    with people that have straight or just mildly wavy hair, brush it out but dont use a metal/plastic one use a wide toothed comb or one of those brushes that have heaps of bristles like a tooth brush (better for straight fine hair) this way the oils produced from the scalp can be spread down to the ends of the hair rather than sitting at your scalp making your hair look oily.

  • Jcox0006

    i truly cant find  a remidy 4 my frizz, my hair is super thick and is suppose to be curly… i have tried everything … but one thing i found out by accident is a type of dandreff or lice removerl. put manyase in your hair  wrap it in a plastic bag , leave it in overnight when you get up wash your hair. after you are done your hair will look as if it is sayin ” what frizz i am all natuaral”. not only does it reduce frizz,lice,or dandreff but it also keeps your hair healthy. repeat 1-3 times a month for wonderful frizz free hair. (works almost imedilantly)

    • Jcox006

      P.S your hair will stink at first but after washing it, it wont smell bad … enjoy your new hair

  • paulie

    the only thing i has worked for me is “shikakai” (a natural Indian herb) and coconut oil, i oil just the ends twice a week,,,also, i’ve noticed that most people that have frizz hair is because their hair is naturally curly or wavy and they want to make it straight,,,if they just would leave it alone and let it wave or curl, there is nothing like being your natural self, wavy hair is very nice and sexy! don’t mess it your beautiful hair =D also, bursh with a comb that has separate bristles starting from the root towards the ends all the time to spread your natural oils which are the best by the way =)

  • Alex

    Honestly? I’ve found lotion works wonders. Just regular hand-lotion. Preferably something non-greasy.

  • mandeep kaur

    I got mah hair permanently purmed … Its nw been lyk 6mnths since I’ve got purmed done … Wat to do to make dem grow faster n healthier n to remove dryness… They were silky before purming

  • Ali

    I must try out some of these, I have annoying hair as it’s oily on top but frizzy and bushy underneath. Humidity makes it worse since in the UK we have a lot of damp, mild weather so that’s not much fun.