15 Home Remedies for Foot Blisters | Q&A

Q: Grandma, how can I treat the blisters on my feet?

A: Dear R, Foot blisters result from friction that happens while wearing shoes or sandals or after taking a long walk. It appears initially as a sac filled with fluid that is almost painless. The discomfort starts once the blister breaks open and the liquid oozed out. Treating foot blisters is usually done at home and you may continue to do so unless the blistering or sores become severely infected or complicated in the cases of diabetic patients. In which case, you must see a health care professional.

Whatever you do with your blisters, make sure that your hands have been thoroughly cleaned to prevent infection. Rest and do not expose your blisters to more friction and walking using same footwear. Some, especially the small ones, will heal naturally in no time. But, you can relieve the discomfort as well as foster healing with some safe home remedies for foot blisters.

Home Remedies for Foot Blisters


1. Leave the Blister Alone – Do not attempt to break the blister. Opening the blister exposes the inside to infection. It heals faster without breaking the skin. Do not put a covering like a bandage unless it is rubbing against something.[1]

2. Use Moleskin Pad – This is useful when the blister develops on the sole of the foot. This will protect the blister from further friction as the pad can cushion the sides providing some elevation.

3. Do not Wear Shoes – It is best to rest the affected foot until the blisters have healed. The small blisters can get worse with continued friction.

4. Keep the Skin on – This is called the “blister’s roof.” If you must drain the fluid inside the sac, do not remove this skin. This protects the inside from getting exposed that can lead to infection. This also serves as a “bridge” for the growth of new skin cells. [2]

5. Be on Guard – Watch out for signs of possible infection as this may require home remedies for foot blisters with infection. This means the use of remedies with antimicrobial properties or ointments.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion – A paste from these two ingredients make good home remedies for foot blisters. Make a paste out of smashed onion and a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Apply the paste on the blisters. [3]

7. Castor Oil – Apply some castor oil on the blister and leave it overnight. This will dry up the blister.

8. Warm Water – Soak your feet in the lukewarm water for approximately 15 minutes repeatedly during the day. This softens the skin to easily remove the fluid inside.

9. Salt Water – A step up to the warm water is cold water with salt or Epsom salt. One can also use this remedy as it has proved to be very useful especially for the burn blisters. Use a soaked washcloth; rest the cloth on the blister. It compresses the blister.

10. Aloe Vera – Apply the age-old Aloe Vera gel on to the blister can ease the pain and can help dry the blister’s roof.

11. Vaseline or Gel – This is like Aloe Vera; this can help ease the pain while drying the skin on the blister. Apply it just before bedtime.

12. Cold Compress – Apply cold compress to relieve the swelling. [4]

13. Listerine – To prevent the infection of the broken blisters, apply a few drops of Listerine. It can work like a disinfectant or antiseptic.

14. Vitamin E – Apply a mixture of vitamin E to help your skin heal faster. Break open a Vitamin E gel capsules. Mix its content with the ointment you are using. [5]

15. Garlic oil – Garlic oil makes a great antiseptic for infected blisters.


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