Home Remedies for Fleas

at home remedies for fleas

Whenever pet owners see their companions start to scratch, one of the first things to enter their head is a vision of fleas dancing about the fur or coat. These tiny pests are a common threat to pets and pet owner homes. If you prefer non-chemical methods of control, you may want to consider using home remedies for fleas.

What are Fleas?

There are nearly 2,000 species and subspecies of flea that live around the world. Dogs with fleas or cats with fleas are the most common household pets threatened, which choose warm, humid environments to live and feed on the blood of their victims. The flea is a small pest that measures one to three millimeters in length. They are nimble and quick to move, as they possess the ability to quickly jump 10,000 times in a row. All of this is made possible with the help of three pairs of legs that can catapult them into the air up to two feet.


Signs of Fleas

Becoming familiar with the following signs of a flea infestation can help you gain a quicker upper hand on fleas in your home [1]:

bigstock pulex irritans Droppings (also called “flea dirt”) on the coat of your pet
• Seeing flea eggs on pet or their sleeping quarters
• Allergic dermatitis
• Excessive scratching, licking or biting at skin
• Loss of hair
• Scabs and hot spots
• Pale gums
• Tapeworms

Fleas are a danger to puppies because they are able to consume 15 times their own body weight in blood, which can cause a young pet to become anemic over time. Puppies with parasitic anemia show signs, such as pale gums, cold body temperature and listlessness.

Some dogs possess a higher sensitivity to flea saliva. Just one bite can cause an allergic reaction known as flea allergy dermatitis. A pet may constantly itch and feel uncomfortable. Other signs include reddened skin, scabs, generalized hair loss, and hot spots. When left untreated, a flea allergy can lead to skin infections. [6]

Flea Home Remedies

To drastically reduce the presence of fleas from your home, carpets, furniture, and pet bedding, all you need is a bit of perseverance and patience. With home remedies for fleas, you can enjoy safe alternatives to controlling these common pests in your household, as well as create a more comfortable environment for your pets. Home remedies for flea control to consider include:

a) Pieces of a Flea Collar:

To repel fleas from bedding, cut a flea collar into four separate pieces and place under your pet’s bed or under furniture cushions. Also, to kill fleas hopping around your vacuum cleaner bag, cut small pieces of flea collar and vacuum up.

b) Floor Washing:

Washing your floors with a lemon solution will keep fleas away. Combine the juice of four lemons (including the rinds) with two liters (or 1/2 gallon) of water [2].

Bigstock Blue Mop Red Bucket

c) Salt Water:

It is said that you can keep fleas from invading the inside spaces of your pet’s home by washing down the interior walls and floors of a doghouse every few weeks with a salt water solution.

d) Avon’s Skin So Soft[3]:

A study conducted by the University of Florida saw a 40% drop in flea counts after sponging down dogs with the Avon bath oil called Skin-So-Soft. Add 1-½ ounces of bath oil to one gallon of water. It is said that the woodland fragrance of the product is a turn-off for the pests.

e) White Vinegar:

The next time you give your dog a bath, add white vinegar to the mix to prevent flea infestations.

f) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Bring temporary relief to your pet by combining two parts apple cider vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Use this remedy in the outdoors because while this remedy does not kill fleas, it causes the pests to jump away and off of your pet. Drench your pet’s coat with the solution and comb through. Usually, this remedy lasts for about three to four days.

Bigstock Apple Cider Vinegar

g) The Light Test:

If you believe fleas have invaded your home, assess the damage by adding a few drops of dish detergent to a plate filled with water. Situate the plate on the floor close to a lamp. Attracted to the light, fleas will jump into the plate and drown.

h) Cedar Chips:

Choose pet bedding filled with cedar chips, which you can also deposit along the outdoor spaces your dog frequents to keep away fleas.

i) Diatomaceous Earth:

Often used as a filtration aid in swimming pool systems, diatomaceous earth (fossilized remains of sea creatures) has a reputation for controlling pests. Sprinkle UNREFINED diatomaceous earth over your yard to keep fleas at a distance from your pets. In the home, you can sprinkle under furniture, as well as in wall cracks and crevices.

j) Gardening Fix:

Plant the herb called tansy around your pet’s most frequented places in the exterior of your home and backyard to repel fleas.

k) Rosemary:

Grind rosemary leaves into a fine dusty powder and sprinkle on the places your dog sleeps and plays as a way to repel fleas. You may also create a rosemary flea dip by steeping two cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and remove the leaves. Transfer the liquid to a bucket and add one gallon of warm water. Allow the water to reach a lukewarm temperature. Soak your dog in the remedy by pouring over their coat. Let your pooch dry naturally – preferably in the warmth of the sun. Rosemary also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that also stimulate the growth of hair lost from frequent scratching and biting of fleas.

Green Fresh Rosemary Herbs

l) Essential Oil Bath:

When your pet suffers the bite of many fleas, it’s time for an essential oil bath – a more natural alterative to chemical-based flea dips. Choose tea tree, rosemary, or lavender essential oils for the best results.

m) Aromatherapy:

Rub your pet’s collar with essential oils to repel fleas. Suggested scents include eucalyptus, cedarwood, tea tree, citronella, lavender or geranium. Spread oils across the webbing, rope collar or a bandana to keep fleas at a distance.

n) Lemon Spray:

Create an effective repellent for fleas by cutting a lemon into quarters and submerging it in boiling water. Steep the lemon overnight. In the morning, transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Spritz your pet with the solution, especially in high-flea zones, such as around the head, behind the ears, and at the base of the tail. If your pet doesn’t react too well to a spray bottle, you can soak a soft cloth in the solution and rub onto targeted areas.

o) No Insecticides:

If you use an insecticide outside, you could be killing the population of ants and spiders that naturally control the number of flea eggs and mature adult fleas on your property [4].

p) Flea Comb:

An essential tool for any dog owner is a flea comb. Dip the comb into soapy water to check for and remove fleas.

q) Aloe Vera Juice:

To treat an infestation of fleas, try combining aloe vera juice with cayenne pepper. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz on your dog’s coat. Some people have seen results in killing fleas by mixing one cup of aloe vera juice with one drop of any essential oil.

r) Stash Earl Grey Tea:

A handful of pet owners have praised the flea repellent powers of Stash Earl Grey tea. After tearing open a couple of bags, they saw a reduction in flea activity after scattering tea on carpeting and vacuuming up after a few days.

s) Dawn Dishwashing Liquid [5]:

Adding a few drops of the blue-colored Dawn dishwashing liquid to your dog’s bathing routine can help eliminate fleas. Shampoo your pet well, and rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritations.

t) Outdoor Care:

Taking measures in the outdoors can help prevent and control flea populations that could affect your pets. Some of the things you may consider include sealing vents to keep flea-ridden rodents out of your home, trim lawns and weeds to create less-ideal living conditions for flea larvae, remove piles of sand and gravel around the home, and keep pets inside fenced space to decrease contact with infested animals.

u) Dry Skin Check:

Not all incessant scratching from a pet is attributed to fleas. Sometimes, your companion is suffering from dry skin and the irritation is making him or her scratch. Look for dry flakes of skin, which differ in appearance from ‘flea dirt’ and eggs.

Home Remedies for Flea Control Resources

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[2] http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/dog-care-fleas.aspx

[3] https://www.avon.com/product/45417/skin-so-soft-original-bath-oil-24-fl-oz

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  • maria rivera

    I used diatomaceous earth, it’s a clay, that is organic and naturally kills the fleas. I feel that it is safer then that chemical powders that are used on pets.

  • valarie

    Bathing a pet in vegetable oil will smother any fleas or ticks the animal has. i’ve done this with my cat and my dog. just make sure that you use a de-greaser like dawn to finish the bath. most regular shampoos won’t get rid of all the oil but dawn (or any other de-greaser) will get all of it out of the coat. you can then use flea and tick shampoo to prevent more fleas and ticks from getting onto your best friend.

  • Lori

    I have used Palmolive dish soap on my dog following a nice oatmeal bath to replenish the oils to his skin. This seems to work well without pricey flea sprays or irritating collars

  • Nancy

    I use one cup of pine-sol with one cup of vinegar to a water hose sprayer and spray the yard once or twice a month. My grass looks great and it really keeps the fleas down.. I also dip my dog and cat in it.

  • Mellissa

    I have found with my dog, if I add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil and tee tree oil to her bath, it seems to keep the flees away and it keeps her smelling nice too!

  • Anita

    moth balls will help get rid of fleas, sprinkle moth balls all over your yard , and put some out in your house but be careful not to put too much in the house for the smell can be harmful if too much is used

  • Laci

    Last year I was covered in fleas.So we called th pest man and all was well.Know,they are back.What do I do?Its like they have came back twice as bad in my home.I dont have any insind animals but I do have one outside dog.If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know.


    • nina

      go to a feed store and buy/order FOOD grade diatomaceous earth. cheap, safe on carpets,rugs,fur,in and around food. just google diatomaceous earth to read about how & where to use it. it's the fossilized remains of a hard shelled algae. NO harmful chemicals. or you can order direct from Perma-Guard, INC. although cheaper from a feed store i paid $22.50 + tax for 25 lbs. but you won't need nearly that much

  • Marcie

    I have a dog that is a siberian husky and I think he is bringing the fleas inside knowing that he goes outside.And I found some fleas on my cat while I was bathing him.What do you suggest I do to get rid of the fleas because I think they already got into the house. Thankyou

  • jen

    I use Touch of Mink oil shampoo for pets.



  • Laura

    I have to thank you all – My dog Simba had fleas bad and they were in the yard and the house! I used some of your remedies (moth balls, lemon wedges, and the borax & salt) they have worked and are still working. The lemon wedge solution even worked to rid the house of flies. I sprayed it and within 5 minutes they were gone. The borax and salt mixture for the carpet – 10 minutes later and they weren’t jumping on us at all. Simba actually slept for hours without having to scratch! Again thank you for your helpful hints.

  • Lori

    I have fleas on my cats and in my carpet! What is the borax and salt rememdy? Hurry, I’m being eaten alive!

  • karen

    I had was feeding my dog garlic, (powder) 1/8 tsp with his meal. he enjoed it and we had no flea problem however some one told me that this was very harmful to Max and that I should stop so I did Now we are loaded with fleas Can anyone the truth about garlic and fleas and what about a garlic rinse

  • Koop

    We have had it! The entire house is a nest. If we could, we would walk three feet off the floor. We bomb once a week, spray, sweep, mop, bust and vacuum daily. We have even resorted to bathing twice a day just to find relief from these monsters. Can anyone suggest a simple remedy for remediation of household FLEAS? We have no pets. The landlord is not agreeable to simply flooding the apartment. Maybe a quick move to Bora Bora leaving all our belongings behind. Please help…The Itchy Ones.

  • Ann

    We have recently been attacked by fleas and I tell you – it is horrible!!! i have asked everyone I know for advice and was told of one solution that works — Skin So Soft from avon works on dogs to rid them of fleas. I did not attempt this route – my dog had to have all his hair cut off – then I treated my home with salt. i swept the kitchen and bathrooms to rid of fleas and each time the bucket was full of blood-red water, the salt was their worst enemy.

  • Jaybird

    Hello I was wondering what I can use on a female Blue heeler ready to deliver puppies any day, for fleas? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

  • Alicia

    Fleas love the color white. So I put down paper towel squares and when the fleas jump on the towel I sprayed them with dawn dishsoap and water. It helps to tell if you have any fleas in your house or not. Also bathing your pet in dawn will kill the fleas on the spot. It is the only thing that will relieve my dog from scratching for a while. Good Luck!

  • Lori Morgan

    Can someone PLEASE send me the recipe for borax an slt to get rid of fleas in my house and the lemon recipe for spray.
    PLEASE hurry we can’t find our bdies anymore because of flea bites!!! We are misserable and DESPERATE!!!

  • vicki

    I haven’t had a dog in our home in 12 yrs. For the last 2 yrs ( only during the summer months) I have become broken out with some sort of bites that itch me to death. My husbands not getting them.
    After I get the bite, I also get large welps . My moms 2 inside dogs have fleas, which she says they don’t. I’m thinking that when I visit her , I’m bringing them home. Only we never see them on us, no one else gets bitten, nor do we see them anywhere else . Except once I thought I saw 2 on our bed ( dead ones). How can I find out if it’s fleas? How can I visit with out bringing them back home? How do I keep them off me when I’m visiting? If it is, why am I the only on ebitten?…Vicki

  • kris o

    need help cats and me are getting eaten alive by fleas!!!!

  • Marva

    I know that Head and Shoulders, or any dandruff shampoo will kill fleas instantly on a dog. The debate about garlic, at least where it concerns horses is that they believe over time that it thins the blood greatly. I used to give a dog of mine, parsley and garlic mixed in a capsule and it sure helped her.

    • Marva

      Hi, Marva. I'm Marva as well. I just added a Black Lab( Kodi) to my family and we are looking for ways to maintain his health while waiting to get his shots. He is 9 weeks old and we were told that we should wait at least until he was about 12 weeks old to administer his first set of shots, as well as, flea and tick treatments. I'm also looking for a rememdy for his skin and coat. I notice he scratches, but I am unable to find anything on him in terms of fleas and ticks. When I bathe him, shortly after, his black coat is filled with white flakes. Currently, I am trying Puppy vitamins once a day, teaspoon of Olive Oil in his food for his skin, and vinegar in his baths for fleas and ticks. We also started using baby shampoo instead of puppy shampoo, as we were told that this would help with his skin and coat as well. The question I need to know is….. Are we doing too much or too little?

  • Mary

    We have been taken over by fleas since we finally got some rain. My poor little dog was covered in fleas and nothing seems to help. I do know that I eat alot of garlic and they do not bite me, however they eat everyone else in the house alive. I was told to use listerine mouthwash so I tried it. You mix half listerine and half shampoo,let it sit for about five minutes. It did not get rid of all of the fleas but it did kill a lot. I went to my local garden center and they told me that if I had an indoor pet that I would have to use something inside and outside my home as well as treat my dog. They said fleas lay lots of eggs at one time. They also told me that if I thought I had got rid of them to treat one more time because it takes awhile for the eggs to hatch.

  • goldie

    for the past 3 months my husband and i have fogged the entire house almost every 2 weeks, we’ve put that stuff on the carpet, we vacuum every day yet we’re still getting eaten a live by fleas, does anyone know what we can do, what’s the thing about the salt, is that just regular table salt? do we just put it on the carpet? HELP!!!

  • Phyllis Voelschow

    Honest! This works for ridding fleas in your home! No smell! No gnats! No bugs of any kind associated! Take a banana peeling & split it several times. I usually use 2 peels at a time. Place on floor, inside facing up, where your pets will not chew on it. Under furniture is a good place to hide them from guests. I do not even bother hiding anymore since so many people know about my remedy. Not sure why, but fleas are gone in about two days. Leave peelings there until dried & replace a couple more times to be on the safe side. We have 3-4 dogs at any given time & I have used this method for 37 years. My mom first used it on sand fleas that she brought back from the beach. Fleas seem to stay outside when the dogs come in also.

  • Kate

    How much water is needed with the lemon for making the flea spray?
    Thank you for your great advice and information.

  • dragonlilly1210

    Can Somebody give me the instruction and recipe for the Borax and Salt remedy. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Thay are infested with the fleas and I can’t afford the prices on flea meds. Someone please help and give me some ideas.

  • Tina Marie

    I read how garlic and salt are suppose to be good home remedies…well I just sprinkled garlic salt on my carpet, and I mixed a little bit with warm water and olive oil and sprayed it on my cats. So far I have not been biten….you won’t hear from me again unless it does not work. 🙂

  • Tina Marie

    Tried the garlic and salt thing…Did NOT work…in fact it has gotten soooo much worse!! I’m probably going to call a terminator. I’m sure I have wasted more money on home remedies and store bought products than just paying $70 for two sprays.

  • Jess

    My poor kitty is struggling with these damned things. As are the rest of us in the house. I apprecxiate all the good words…will try several of these……thank you all….

  • claire coles

    my mum told me about the vinegar remedy for killing fleas. just put a bowl of vinegar in each affected room at night and next day you will find it full of dead fleas.also she told me to make up a solution of 20 drops of eucalyptus oil with a pint of water in a spray bottle to spray on my lower legs and clothes to deter the fleas from biting me.

    i had been trying to kill these fleas for weeks with conventional powders and carpet sprays but nothing work until i used the vinegar method.

    now i am going to make up a solution of vinegar and water to spray on my mattress and bed base to kill the fleas that nest in there as i get bitten a lot at night. i will also use it to spray in the corners of my lounge furniture and the floors around my house.

  • bitten before

    To see how bad your flea problem is::: Plug a nightlight in close to the floor and put a small bowl of water under it. Go to bed wake up and see your surprise.

  • Tammy

    I need a remedy now my dog is really infested bad I tried the dawn dish soap it didnt work I tried to bomb the house it didnt work will someone please help me my poor dog isnt sleeping and he his tearing himself up at night, my house is also infested I can git rid of them now matter what PLEASE HELP tell me what to do, I am moving soon and dont want the fleas to follow

  • Peggy

    I do not have any pets at my home, but I did have my granddog with me while my son was on vacation. He had been ill for about a year and he died in my house while staying with me. I never saw fleas on him, but a few days after he passed I started getting flea bites. I have used powder on my carpet, furniture and floors and vacuum every day. Fleas still get on me, especialy in my kitchen and bathroom. I have so many bites my feet are swollen. What can I do?

  • Jodi

    Well I also am in desperate need of help. I just recently put my cats outside as I had fleas that I never had before I had my cats. We got them 8 months ago and my house is now infested and my five children are being eaten alive. The fleas have put us out lots of money and nothing seems to be working. I really want to know more about the salt remedy. Any ideas or answers would be greatly appreciated.

  • tasha

    I know that my husband and I used moth balls under our house every year for scorpians, but this year we didnt, and we are covered up with fleas!We didnt have them before and now my cat is completely covered! I tried the apple cider vinegar and Ive started cleaning my floors with it too and it works pretty good!! The fleas do not like vinegar at all!! I spray my dogs with it to and and they dont have as many on them either!!! The only bad thing about the vinegar is that it stinks but it goes away after a few minutes! So try the moth balls they stink just as bad but they do work so does the vinegar!! I’m gonna try the lemon deal and see if that works to!!!

  • Vickie

    I would like to know the ration for the garlic, water, and olive oil mixture? Could someone please send that to me?
    Thank YOu very Very much!!!

  • Michael Nichols

    I have a 6 year old giant beagle/dingo/ausi sheppard mix he has really long thick hair. I live in a newer mobile home and every year i have the same problem with flea’s I use garlic in every bowl of food. I have bombed and used the carpet stuff. I am getting ready to use 3 more bombs and got him a flea collar. I have also been useing bowl of water with a drop of dish soap under a light they all seem to help but I just can’t get rid of those little buggers, any other thoughts i might try to consider before I burn my couch and replace carpet again?

  • Jcyoung125

    I have tried almost all these remedies and none have seemed to work for me. Is there something else? I really have a bad flea problem and there everywhere even on my two dogs PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • Jody

    Here is what I did yesterday. I went to DG and got 4 bottles of original Dawn dish soap, two 32oz bottles of vinager, 4 cans of salt, and a swiffer and extra wet and dry pads. I then went to the farm supply store and got some spray for the yard. We put all the dogs outside while we did inside the house. I did one room at a time. I picked everything up off the floor, vaccumed really good, sprayed vinager and water on the floors all over, let dry then sprinkled salt on the floor. I did this in every room in my house. Don’t forget to get inside couch cushions too. Sparyed the dog beds with the vinager and sprinkled with salt as well. Then we bathed each dog outside with the dawn before they could come in the house. We then washed our own hair with the dawn. Sprayed yard with insect spray and went inside. This morning fleas are gone. No itching, no fleas jumping on us, dogs can take a nap with out jumping up to scratch. Total cost about 25.00 We did not use all our stuff and will do this again in a couple weeks. Salt will probably always be in our carpets and they may get sprayed with vinager every few weeks. Dogs water has apple cider vinager in it and we may start giving them brewers yeast. They had some at the farm supply store for pretty cheap. Good luck everyone!



  • That worked for me

    I went and bought a general insect killer like Ortho’s Home Defense Indoor Outdoor spray.( Since it says it will kill flees and ticks) I then went and sprayed my dogs sleeping area and my carpet baseboards under furniture under beds any place I thought they might be or eggs might have been laid and just repeated the process every other day for 10 days since I was told it will take roughly 10 days after the flee eggs are laid for them to hatch and this way I got babies as they hatched. Then as just for safety and paranoia I went and sprinkled powder under my furniture and on the outside of my doors and after a few days just vacuumed up the powder under the furniture and have not had any more problems since. And since the Ortho spray last for 9 mos I just repeat twice a year and am loving a bug free and flee free home.

  • Sharon

    Dear Koop,

    And to everyone else. A natural and some what quick way to get flees when nothing else works. I tried this when I was bombarded. Take an aluminum pie pan feel it with soapy water (it does not have to be bubbly). Put it by a night light or a small low light on the floor, is what I did, for several nights. Fleas love white and light. They jump in the pan and drown because the soap is slippery and well, we all know what water does. And there you have it. Good luck and let me know.

  • jessica mcgrath

    Any concentrated lemon dish soap seems to kill fleas on my cats and is safe for kittens too

  • Nette

    I have tried everythin u have listed and nothing works? What am I doing wrong? Are which one actually works?

  • Ashley

    Nancy or anyone else who might know, what is the dose in setting for the one cup of pine-sol and one cup of vinegar? We have a Yorkie and she is allergic to the Frontline so we are trying everything else we can think of to get rid of the fleas. if anyone has anymore tips or tricks it would really help to know. Thanks.

  • Liz-UK

    I have also tried everything but nothing works. I am bitten all over and am feeling quite ill. I cannot use the bombs or foggers as I am agoraphobic and cannot leave my home. I’ve even tried phyllis’s remedy with the banana peels. Got to the stage where I’m thinking of getting a priest to excorsise (sp) my flat.

    I have realised that vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to get these little buggers out of the carpets. I’m totatlly at a loss as to what to do now. Cannot afford to buy anything else as I am on a small benefit. Btw I only have one cat.

    Anyone got anymore ideas please? Thanks.

  • Tori

    I have a little papillon who’s name is Tank. I’ve tried alot of things on him to kill the flea’s but nothing was working so i went to petsmart and i was told by a vet that was there that day that if you use the blue dawn soap it will kill the flea’s in a heart beat so later that day i gave tank a bath and sure enought it worked like a charm. i mean it kills them in a blink of an eye. So try the blue dawn soap and it has to be the blue one other wise it won’t work.

  • Mel

    I have two cats. Mostly indoor. This summer we ended up with a major flea problem. I couldn’t relax in my own living room without being bitten. At the pet store we were told there is a flea epidemic right now. The clerk suggested Bio Spot spray for cats. With the cat that WOULD let us spray her there was a noticable improvement. Problem is the other one hates water so he’ll never sit still to be sprayed. At their yearly vet appointment we had them treated with Advantage. That, along with treating the carpet with Hartz brand carpet flea powder(it took about two hours to scrub it into the carpet and under the couch cushions), and cold weather, took care of the problem. There are plenty of Natural carpet flea powder solutions in the store also.

  • Liz-UK

    What is dawn soap please? I am in UK, do you know of an equivalent? Thanks in anticipation.

  • Tammy J

    Dawn dish soap or any other dish soaps do work, but try the lemon home remedy, it works GREAT!! I have two small inside dogs that got infested, and the lemons killed them almost immediately.

  • Disabled and Itching

    I need help. I just can’t do this my self, the fleas are bad in my house. In my 40+ YEARS this has never happened.

  • Jessica

    I have just had a baby and we had to put our dog and cat outside. Now we have fleas inside. I have bombed the house 3 times and still I see them every once in a while on my socks. The baby wakes up with a few bumps on his face and body…I think it may be flea bites. I am so feed up with these things. Does anyone have any suggestions? What is the BORAX-SALT RECIPE and how do you use it? I am in need of help badly. Thanks

  • kate

    I have a 5 week old Kitten It has Fleas What Can I Do?
    I have already Bathed It alittle and it isn’t Helping. Help me Please

  • tlc

    I am looking for a way to kill fleas in a dirt floored pen where we let our dogs play during the day. Any ideas please let me know?

  • lisa slusher

    In addition to these remedies I also use a home made flea trap. Wrap a board or a piece of card board with white masking tape (sticky side up)and place on floor next to a night light. This traps many many fleas over night.



  • Rosie

    I have a male and female Chihuahua in the house. They had 4 puppies. From them going outside to go to the bathroom they bring in A LOT of flea’s. And when the mother would feed her puppies they got a lot of flea’s on them.

    They was probably about 2 or 3 weeks old and I took the BLUE DAWN DISHSOAP and bathed all of them (the male, female and 4 puppies). What I do is load the dish soap only on them, rub it in and leave it on for a few minutes and then I add small amounts of water on them with the dishsoap. Then I just rinse it all off. It works GREAT!!! NO MORE SCRATCHING FOR THEM!!! EVEN THE PUPPIES ARE HAPPIER!!!

  • Michele

    For the person with the 5 week old kitten….I just came from the vet with my 5 week old kitten who had 25 fleas on him. They said in about two days he will be anemic if I don’t get rid of the infestation (professionals coming next week). They said I MUST use a flea comb and dip it in water to drown the fleas….keep doing that every single day. The fleas will suck the life out of a kitten. So that much you need to know – you MUST do whatever it takes to get rid of the fleas or give the kitten away.

    The next thing is to get rid of the infestation in the house – otherwise it’s all for nothing. I’ve tried the borax but I know it’s deadly to cats, so don’t do that.

  • KyKy5400

    I used Dawn soap and it worked on my 6 week old boston terrier.

  • Randy

    I need the receipe for the lemon water home remedy for eleminating fleas…

  • Liz-UK

    I don’t know what’s going on! I managed to get rid of my flea infestion that I had for 8 weeks. Only to find a flea on my cat today! It’s fickin January for goodness sake. Here in UK its cold and there shouldn’t be any fickin fleas! It can only mean that I didn’t get rid of the eggs and they are now hathing. I can’t go thru all that again, but I suppose I got no choice. I never used any insectide last time. I used lemon on the cat and around the home. Salt on the carpets and furniture, and believe it or not ‘Oust’ around the home as well, its an air freshner here in the UK, I sprayed it on curtains, my bed, my wardrobes, everywhere!
    Good luck to me and good luck to everyone with this problem. I think that the fleas have got used to all these remedies and they got it in for us!!

  • phyllis dodge

    I have 7 indoor cats and a big dog. I treated all with revolution then i bathed in blue dawn and peppermint oil/. I took cotton balls and soaked them in peppermint or eucalyptus oil and place them in all corners of house in drawers under cushions where ever. I have no BUGS of any kind; no roaches no spiders no fleas……… I buy my peppermint oil in a big bottle at GNC. Best remedy yet! Every month i replenish and replace my cotton balls.for 20 dollars a month it works excellent.i also spray my bad cats with vinegar and water for punish and it works with punishing and fleas lol… good luck. I live in Florida and wow the fleas are bad but not at my house. Also important. Do not let other peoples pets in your home once cleaned.

  • Gina

    I babysat a puppy that was a Christmas present for a friend of mine. Her husband was surprising her. When he brought the puppy to me… he was covered in fleas from head to toe. I called my vet, she suggested Johnson’s baby shampoo. It was unreal. When I put it on him… it was like a bomb went off on him. All the spots where the fleas were literally began to become blotches of brown like they were blowing up.

    Anyways.. it completely worked. The fleas all died and that was that. I wend to bathe my own dog recently and saw he has fleas. He’s a long hair maltice… poor baby! I must now have fleas in my carpet which is what brought me to the site to begin with. I am going to try the vinegar solution in each room in a bowl. Hopefully that will work. My vet also suggested sprinkling borax powder on the carpet works great. I am going to try. I haven’t seen them anywhere in the carpet… but my dog picked them up from somewhere. I am guessing while I was babysitting they decided to move in to my apartment. Wish me luck!

  • Irene

    My cat has a fleas. I tried a flea collar and she started foaming at the mouth and running around like she was rabid. The drops you put on her back burned her skin and she was missing hair and had a big spot for months. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to traumatize her anymore. She is an indoor cat and has never been outside.

  • Melinda

    Cleaning the bedding regularly is a very good strategy. But I also heard that letting your dogs play outside in the winter will kill most of the fleas.

  • Angel

    Please help us! I recently adopted a cat from the animal shelter. I brush her coat every other day. But had never really focused on the area under her chin near her id collar. In the last week, I noticed that she scratches this one side of her neck near her id collar, and I have found 3 ticks climbing up my walls. They say that female ticks do that when about to lay eggs. Any solutions out there for ridding her of any remaining ticks?

  • Jessica

    I recently got a rabbit for my birthday and we let it out and it came back in the house with flees. She has been scratching like crazy and I don’t know what products to use on her since she is not a cat or a dog.

    Can someone please send me the lemon recipe or something else that might help? Oh by the way we have rooms full of stuff and clothes and it all can’t be washed because it is soooooo much.

    Is there any other way to get rid of these things without having to wash EVERYTHING?

  • katlin

    What happens to a kitten when they don’t eat for 2 and a half days

  • Bill

    I live in Florida and the fleas are amazing here. Not until this year have I had a problem. Sydney my inside pup (she is not a pup but I call here it) has not used anything but holistic remedies. Up until now, a clover or two of fresh garlic mixed with her chicken or beef at night seems to do the trick.

    Recently I have to resort to doing more. I believe that the lemon spray will do the trick and if mixed with Tea Tree Oil will complete the fix. I will let you know how it goes….

  • Adela

    I have had my house (inside and out) sprayed twice for fleas. I did as the exterminator said – vacuumed, washed all linens, pillows, bedspreads, etc. in hot water. The first time nothing happened. Ten days later he came back to spray – I had three days of relief (they only bite me, not my husband or son) now they are back again.

    My dog was treated the first time with a flea bath and FrontLine and the second time they couldn’t do anything because it had only been ten days. I feel like something is always crawling on me – I’m going to try the salt but is borac powder alright around dogs? My dog is an inside dog.

  • lori

    I just wanted everyone to know what Ive learned about the Salt remedy. I talked to a vet tech who gave me his opinion about it. He said that salt will kill the fleas eventually by crystalizing them. I use regular table salt from a shaker and just shake it everywhere and just leave it on and then I re-salt after I vacuum. It’s not the cure-all but it does help.

  • Linda

    I just wanna say thanks to all of you that gave advice here, im going to try out a few over the next few days and see just how and if any of them work and then i’ll come back here and let ya’ll know what i think. As of yet the only 2 things i have found as far as home remedies go is:

    1) Sprinkle ground cloves around your house and out in your yard, i know this works because a year or so ago the fleas were so bad here that we couldn’t even get outta bed in the morning and put our feet on the floor without getting bit by fleas and so we sprinkled the ground cloves out in the yard and around the house and within days if even that there was a huge difference!

    I’ve tried sprinkling the ground cloves directly on my animals here but that doesn’t seem to do much good except for pissin the fleas off, “lol”, at the moment I have a puppy that’s only 2 weeks old and he’s covered with fleas. I am going to try out the dawn dish soap idea first thing tomorrow and the lemon and the boric acid and salt ideas *crosses fingers* cuz this puppy is an adorable lil brindle pit bull that i have totally fallen in love with and that is very odd cuz i completely dislike pitbulls. Even his mom has grown on me since my son got her (i think thats cuz she tried climbing in my lap while she was in labor as if she was sayin plzzzz help me!)

    2) If you have a problem with ants in your house sprinkle baby powder where you see the ants and they leave on their own

    By the way i live in Texas and the house i live in has a lot of sand in the yard, so we get infested by them nasty sand fleas here, even the dogs do, the poor things.

  • Linda

    Wow i am shocked! Thank you very much to those of you that suggested the blue dawn dish soap, it works amazingly! I have a 2 week and 3 day old pitbull pup that was covered with fleas and i used the dawn on him yesterday and wow did it work! I then used it on his momma which when i was done i made sure she was rinsed really really well cuz of her nursing the pup. I also have some banana peels layin around the house at the moment and will be sprinkling some salt and borax powder in the carpets here and im plannin on boiling some lemons tonight so i can spray the house and the dogs tomorrow with it. Ohh also i made homemade snap button collars for the 2 week 3 day old pup and my miniature pomeranian then swabbed some tea tree, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils on the collars and already i can tell you if it’s not killing the fleas its atleast pissing them off very well and i’ve already noticed a lesser amount of fleas on these 2 dogs! Tomorrow i’ll be spraying my yard with pinesol and vinegar and probly bathing all the dogs again using the dawn. I’m hoping after doing all of this i wont feel like im in a war between myself and the fleas, of course fighting this war for my dogs lol

  • jennifer

    I am in need of a flea solution. Please somebody tell me how to do the salt and lemon solution? I have a new puppy in the house for my son birthday. Now we have fleas everywhere!!!

  • jessicah

    Hello to everyone thats is battling flea problem. Here is what my vet told me to do’ if you want to get rid of fleas. Frontline does work, it is all about how bad the flea infestation is but anywho, apply the Frontline first.

    Wait for about a day or so and then bathe your pets with a shampoo called Ecto-soothe 3x and then after three weeks re-apply another frontline application and to treat your lawn gardens go to home depot ask for lawn & garden. I can’t really recall the name, just tell them that you want treat your insde and outside. Also make that you thoroughly clean your pets belongings.

  • sylvia

    Can you use the eucalyptus essential oil directly on pets?

  • sylvia

    We just moved to Florida and are dealing with sand fleas so will try all your suggestions thanks.

  • Carolyn

    All of the above…
    We moved last year bringing our inside cat who had never set foot outside…had NEVER had a problem at our old residence. A neighbor 2 houses up has outside cats….yep, we feel like we are under seige. I bought 3 Promeris for Cat treatments (similar to Frontline)…they said use Raid Flea Killer plus, gone through 3 cans of that, have fogged the house 3 times, sprinkled borax all over the house, all hardwood floors except for a rug in living room. Put out dishes of dish detergent and water…they do actally hop in those and drown…when I pick them off my body and clothing, I immerse them in a jar of alcohol. I’m vacuuming every day, moth balls in the bags, tying the bags up and tossing in the trash. I feel like I need to call Bruce Willis and let him take out the little suckers. Oh, use Off or one of those sprays on your lower legs, shoes, pants legs to keep them off your body. WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!!!!

  • Jess


    im 13 years old and noticed we have fleas i havent told my mum yet,
    but im afraid if i dont the poblem will get worse. So im gonna tell her but we live in a rented house so there is not much we could do. can somebody please help me.PLEASE!! We have no pets or grass in our garden, and we havent been bit yet. Well my mum has but she nows she has them at her workplace, i think she has brought them home with her!!
    Please help me.

  • cindy

    Great tips! Be careful washing your animals in soaps not PH balanced for them because it will dry their skin out and them they will be itching because it’s dry. No one mentioned the lime peel remedy. Boil the lime peels and then let them steep until water is cool and use as a rinse that you don’t rinse off. Good Luck Make sure to make margaritas with the limes before you boil the peels. lol

  • Jon

    I tried Essential Oils, Cedar, Diatomaceous Earth, fogged the house 3 times, sprinkled borax all over the house, put out dishes of dish detergent and water with a lamp over them…they do actually hop in those and drown. I’m vacuuming every day and nothing seems to work short of burning the whole house down. My poor pets and family are getting bit so bad, one of my family members had an allergic reaction to the bites and was rushed to the emergency room.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Katie

    Last night I realized my little 10 pound short haired white dog had fleas. I have been religious about using Frontline Plus so I was truly shocked to see them on her. It was almost a week before she needed another application.

    I gave her an early application of Frontline, then coated her really well in Avon Skin-So-Soft oil. I was careful to cover her entire body and she was good and oily, so I let her marinate overnight.

    This morning I checked her over and she was completely flealess!! Went out and bought a bottle of Dawn dish detergent and gave her a good scrub so she wasn’t so oily.

    I don’t know if it was the Frontline alone or the Avon SoS oil or a combination of both, but I don’t care. I will do the exact same thing next time because it works!

  • deb

    please do not think this is a joke ….it really does work..slice a lemon…put it into a bowl…pour boiling water on the lemon slices..let it set over night..strain and put it in a spray bottle..then spray your pet and all places they are at..your whole living area…just try it..you will see it does work..will not hurt pets or humans …i have had many pets over the years..and it really does work…also you can put a few drops of lemon juice in your pets shampoo.. it will help..good luck

  • shay

    i have aixture oil that i purchased for myself at bath and body works called Relaxing massage oil, it has eucalypistis and speriment essential oils.
    will this work just as well,
    i added a little more pure eucalyptis oil to the mix

  • Tommy

    i have 2 dogs and 3 cats outside an they are outside animals. i just wondering how to kill fleas in my house and outside.

  • Kim


    just wanted to put that out there cause I have seen it mentioned.. It is poisonous to cats and dogs, so just be careful if you are using it.

    Also, I want to thank everyone for some GREAT tips on here!! I was so depressed today when I found out my doggy has fleas.. I immediately put some advantage on her and have vacuumed everything and sprinkled salt all over.. Hoping it will work, I’m going to try the dawn dish soap too.

  • Kayla

    Don’t give your pets garlic. Garlic contains the toxic ingredient thiosulphate, which can cause haemolytic anaemia. Even though it might take a large amount of garlic to harm your pet, it is a gamble that I wouldn’t take.

  • Daisy

    After getting our puppy for Christmas, we also got some roaches along with it. Do any of these things help with the roaches as well. How can I train my 10 month old puppy to use a litter box inside the house instead of him going outside. Do I sprinkle the salt all over my furniture and wood floors as well. Should I sprinkle the floors and furniture with salt overnight and them mop it in the morning with dawn and hot water? Help our poor puppy s suffering so much. Thanks

  • Donna

    We’ve had a really bad problem w/sand fleas this year. Wasted $$$ on foggers, powders and even $125 w/Orkin who came out 3 different times and still have the problem. Tried the lemon dish soap in a bowl w/night light and nothing. We have used cans and cans of table salt after vacuuming at least once usually twice a day and empty the vacuum’s cup flushing away dead ones w/salt. (This has worked the best so far) We’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and they still keep hatching, it’s taking forever. Our 2 indoor cats have been treated and don’t show any signs or fleas on them, just us HUMANS. We’ve even sprayed vineagar w/dawn on the beds and put bowls of rock salt under the beds. THEY’RE STILL HERE!!! Help!!!

  • LadyLuck

    I currently have 2 adult cats I’ve given them liquid promise flea repelent a bath and we bombed the house! my cats still are infested as are the rest of the family! the house is just a big nesting spot! as well my one female had 4 kittens all had been infested and died within a few weeks of being born it was HORRIBLE it breaks my heart I’ve tried so many dif flea brands collars sprays bombs shampoos and even sprayed the yard I swear its just getting worse = ( I feel so bad for my kitties someone PLEASE HELP!

  • Kristy

    Hello all, I gave my 2 dogs away and got infested with fleas outside and in my garage, So bad that when you walked in the garage and looked at the floor you could see those little things jumping all around. We tried Orkin, the Ortho products from Lowes, and bought the sticky traps and a light bulb on the ground, which actually trapped alot of them, but they really didnt work much, We now are trying the 1 Qt. Sevin Ready-to-Spray Bug Killer(you hook it to a water hose) and Sevin powder from Lowes. So far it really seems to be working. Little by little we’re not getting as many fleas on us when we walk in the backyard or garage. I will be treating my garage and yard every week until I know they are completely gone. I’m also going to try the vinegar in a bowl in the house, the moth balls in both the house, garage and yard, and the salt. We’re hoping to be flea free in a few weeks!!!

  • Sharon

    I have read all the comments. Doesnt anyone post the recipies for the alternatives you have recommended. We cant use them without this info. Thanks!

  • Gleyn

    Instead of Frontline or Advantage which I recently used on my two cats which caused the hair to fall off where I applied the drops and didn’t get rid of the fleas, try using Burt’s Bees insect repellent. It has lemongrass, citronella and other essential oils that I used on my cats when I first brought them home from the shelters.

    I put a little bit in with some lavender dish soap to bath them and then also put a few drops between their shoulders and they have been flea free until this year. They are indoor cats so I didn’t treat them this year and now I have fleas in my apartment. Any suggestions to treat rugs that can’t be vacuumed? (Flokati rugs) Can’t afford to take them to be cleaned right now.

  • hatesfleas

    I cannot use any chemicals because of sensitivity to them, but we have had a terrible flea infestation this year. What has worked for me is Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic/Mouthwash in an empty spray bottle(I use the straight stuff, not watered down) with about 1/4 of the bottle filled with lemon juice from real lemons. I spray that on my carpets, furniture, and myself (no inside pets). (Be sure to test your fabrics to make sure it does not stain – but it has worked fine for me.

    It smells nice (lemony peppermint) and the fleas disappear. The peppermint oil and alcohol in the Dr. Tichenor’s with the lemon oil all deter and kill fleas – much better than chemicals!! I have heard that clove oil and cinnamon oil will also help get rid of them. I haven’t tried that, but probably a mixture of all of the above would do some real flea controlling and probably smell yummy!

  • Tiff

    Here is the lemon recipe…
    Take one large lemon, slice it and place all of the slices (you will probably have 6 to 8 slices) into one pint of very hot water and let sit all day. Will be ready to use that evening. Not only does it repel fleas but it soothes and heals your pets damaged skin. My dog was bleeding from wounds caused from fleas and scratching and the lemon works wonders for him.

    Diluted eucalyptus oil works VERY well, too. Make SURE you dilute it though because it will sting any open sores your pet has. I get a small bottle, almost a vile size at Whole Foods and I dilute it with a half a cup of water in a mister and spray it all over my pet. Make sure to do this outSIDE because the fleas will start jumping off. Some will die on the pet and some make their escape!! I also spray my pet and get him nice & wet BEFORE i let him out to play and to go potty in the morning. This way he won’t pick up any new fleas. Good luck to you all!!

  • Tiff

    Forgot to say that I use cotton balls to swab it onto my dog and sometimes I really soak one up and ring it out on his paws and on wounds. Someone else said they spray or mist it onto their pet so you could try that, too.

  • Tonya

    Go to the vet and pay the 16 dollars for FrontLine Plus. It will kill the fleas and their eggs on your pet within 4 hrs. Also if you sprinkle reg. table salt on your carpet and vacuum once a day for 3-4 days the fleas will die. Please don’t ever use a Hartz flea collar on your pet, it almost killed mine. Oh, I tried the oil and dawn and the fleas lived.

  • barb

    i didnt relize waht a flea problem we had until my cat had three kittens, i picked one of the babys up within hours of it being born and wham when i turned it over it had about 6 fleas that i saw, so i looked on the net and found some good ideas, the lemon one didn’t work very well but man the baby oil did. it slows them down to the point you can pick them off.

    what i do is(wear a white shirt cause its esaier to see the fleas when they jump off)i take a cotton swab and apply the oil that way i fill the cap with the oil and dip the swab in and cover the areas, underbelly, armpits, at the base of the tail and around the genitals on the back of the legs, around the neck and under the chin. then take your flea comb and start combing the kittens and they will cry and squirm but you are doing it for their own good.the first day i got about 10 off of each kitten and three days later im only getting 10 for the kittens and their momma now.

    i did the table salt around the box and vacuum and change the bedding everyday, and i do this all about three times a day but those cute little faces are sooo worth it and it really seems to be helping its getting better for all my cats, and yes i comb them all(3 adults and three kittens now 5 days old)and they all seem so much happier and more spunky.even the kittens are getting louder when i comb them lol.

  • kristine

    Talked to my vet about Dawn, you have to use the old Dawn, the plain blue one that our mothers use..haha…put the soap directly onto pet..do not dilute! Let soap sit for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly off. This works great but you will have to keep retreating once a week until you are sure you have gotten all the eggs and so forth.

  • krissy

    what i did was shave my dog. shave everywhere the fleas nest(usually mmoor hairy places,under the neck, around the eye area, on the head,on legs, or under the belly.)then i used dawn and i used pretty much and let it sit for a couple of minutes. i rinsed with warm water.every flea was dead!!! i know this cuz i took a flea comb and went down her back with it.but you have to repeat if u let them in infested areas.it works though!

  • antiflea

    is it true that fleas leave in the winter?????

  • Mauibell

    I am using the water and light at night with the soap. Also, the salt around the house and on the furniture. I feel great already, all this in an hour and I think this really is gonna work for me and the cat and the family of course.

    Never put harsh chemicals in your house around the family and animals. I believe in home remedies only and now you go for it!


  • Beth

    Like many of you, for the first time, my yard and now my house and my poor little pug dog have been infested with fleas. First, if you want to get rid of the little boogers for good, you have to be sure that all of the eggs have hatched. They aren’t going to hatch until it gets over 80 degrees fahrenheit. They’ll wait and hatch later. But I have had good luck by spraying upholstery and carpet with a product called Hartz InControl. You have to repeat it and vacuum like crazy. But it wasn’t until I tried the lemon juice and water that my little pug began to get relief. I’m too lazy to do the thing you guys are talking about. I got a spray bottle, dumped in a pint of water and the equivalent of 3 lemons worth of RealLemon juice out of the bottle. Then I soaked her, got the flea comb, combed out the fleas, swished the flea comb in a cup of water, and flushed the water down the toilet. I am assuming I can do this as often as necessary. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

  • Cindy Bonnell

    Rosemary. Take 1-1/2 teaspoons of dried rosemary and one cup of boiling water. Add the rosemary to the water and let sit for 24 hours. Strain the leaves and put into a spray bottle, spay your animals and the carpet. Also, put rosemary into mesh netting and place around your pet’s bed and along the baseboards in your home.

  • Becca

    i have a cocker spaniel and a cat. They both have flees. its not real bad yet but i want to stop it before it does. please if you have any tips for me let me know!!!

  • Dennis Braxton

    I spray dawn on my carpet after one hour i then vacuum, and then i spray zodiac flea spray with IGR to take care of the eggs to keep them from hatching.I repeat this every three weeks.For my cat i put Hartz ultra guard pro flea and tick drops behind her head.also i place ear mite and tick control drops into her ears to chase out fleas.I use to bath her with shampoo using a flea comb now its difficult because she hates water she puts up a serious struggle,so I replace the bath with adams flea mist.Your cat has to be over 12 month to use adams its too strong for kittens.

  • Nell

    There is a new product for fleas on the market called comfortis. This is only for dogs! This kills fleas and eggs for 30 days. It’s a liver flavored cookie your pooch eats. You can get this on (Petmeds.com) http://www.1800petmeds.com/Comfortis-prod11039.html This really works! You also can get capstar a 24 hour flea killer. It starts working in 30 minutes..the fleas will be totaly gone…this is for cats and dogs! Use this on the day you do the house and you don’t have to remove them from the house. Your pet becomes a flea trap! Use Frontline.. on the cats!

    Murphy oil soap works…but truly water drownds fleas! Soap and water is a very old pest killer. However after the bath new fleas will jump on the pet right away. You must do the pet house and yard…all the same day and keep it up for a month. Treat pet EVERY 30 DAYS and the yard on a regular basis to keep this form happening again.

    However if you live in Florida like I do…you might have to move! UGH!!!

  • Nell

    Adams nearly killed my cat!Adams nearly killed my cat!Adams nearly killed my cat!Adams nearly killed my cat!Adams nearly killed my cat!

  • aimee benschoter

    i have 2 puppies that i have spent so much money onmeds for flees from the vet and suprise suprise they still have them and now they have itched all the skin off there butts, so thanks for all the home remidies i am goona try them save some cash and hopefully get rid of these pesky bugs for good and get some hair back on there butts.. lol

    • nina

      use diatomaceous earth. NO harmful chemicals in it& cheaper than a vet. use sparingly on small/young animals. can be used on carpets, furniture, pets fur anywhere. but make sure it's FOOD grade. local animal feed stores like where they sell stuff for horses, etc

  • SADE




  • April

    We have used Frontline Plus to control fleas. We live in San Diego in an apartment with lots of dogs. The flea problem is outrageous. We’ve given our dog several flea baths at the Dog Wash in OB but within a couple of days they are back. The adult fleas jump on when we let her out to pottie. Frontline doesn’t seem to be working. Other’s in our building have experienced similar problems with Frontline, Advantage, etc. I was watching the Planet Green Channel ~ Stuff Happens with Bill Nye which is where I saw the natural remedy of using lemons and boiling them in water. The salt idea is interesting idea to rid of the fleas hidden in the carpet. We are going to give this a try and see what happens. It’s really no use wasting money on expensive products like Frontline Plus and it doesn’t even work. We are thinking the fleas have built an immunity to the products.

  • joe flea

    This grandma website is very useful.
    Vinegar is excellent.My wife and I get bit from flea all over the body.
    We used soft napkin or cotton swabs, put some vinegar on it and wipe out on the places was bit by the flea ( your body) or itching place.
    We fill great in one minute.
    We used to took a shower and used dawn blue soap. It was worked too, but take too long. The vineger worked faster and have no harm to my skin.
    Also I use lemon method around my furniture and kitchen.

  • I have two dogs, They have fleas, I thought as soon as the cold weather came in the little suckers would die, But no My poor dogs, Their young and always scratching which drives me crazy!! There Large dogs but I found to give both the dogs and I relief is Benadryl 1 to 2 Tabs (depending on the size of dog) It relieves itching and knocks them out so they dont keep scratching. Hope this helps someone and their pets. I dont know how it works for Cats though.

  • donna

    dawn works, & so does the lemon treatment. garlic is very toxic to dogs & causes anemia. the trick side to garlic is taht at the same time is good for dogs, but i stress very small amounts, VERY RARELY.

  • mical morgam

    did you get the recipe for borax-salt?

  • Kate B.

    hello fellow flea warriors! Lots of good suggestions here. I have to say that I am really dismayed though at how many people here have given zero thought to the amount of toxicity and poisons that they subject their family members to- scary! Please don't put flea collars on your animals- would you put a ring of pesticides on your kids neck? The idea of natural, wholistic, and especially non-toxic is very important to all involved here. Do not use essential oils full strength directly on pets or people skin, dilute with the assistance of a veterinarian or at the very least a pharmacy person's guidance. Good luck to all.

  • Julie

    The borax is a simple recipe. It can be found in the laundry section of the store for pretty cheap. First, put your dog outside and plan to have him/her out there for the day.Just sprinkle it all over the carpets nicely, as you would a scented carpet powder. Use plenty and try to coat the carpet. Leave it on there for a few hours if you can.Then vacuum. Do this indoors every day for at least a few days and twice a month until you never see another flea.. Also, when the dog is outside, wash him/her with blue dawn, and if you can, put the pet somewhere different afterward, such as the front yard instead of the back, or a friends yard. When you vacuum your house later, then bring the dog back in. I also sprinkled borax all over my grass when I did the carpets so that the fleas would suffocate and die out there before the dog went back out (hence I kept her out front instead of the back). I assume the salt remedy is the same as the Borax, it probably suffocates the fleas. Either way, the fleas went away.

  • Crystal

    I’ve been reading tips and natural remedies for about a month..I have 5 dogs and lots of sand. The fleas every spring thru fall are horrific! I’ve tried Borax (which also helps to kill them on the towels I’ve bathed my dogs with in the washer, I use it in every load of clothes) Then, Vinegar, the fleas dont like that, but neither do my dogs. Salt & Borax mixed, works well on furniture under the cushions, vacumm and repeat every couple days.

    I’m desperate now, we used to use Frontline, aside from the fact that it’s pricey for all 5 dogs, it just seemed to stop working. These fleas are tough.

    So, I threw caution to the wind and bought some pine-sol(regular). I’ve tried the orange kind, nothing. But, I mixed the Pine-Sol with Vinegar and Water in a sprayer and sprayed the room in my house with carpet(the most infested) with it. THE FLEAS CAME OUT OF THE CARPET! (I assume gasping for air) It knocks them down and out! So, I sprayed the back yard (sandy area) and the furniture,matresses, anything they can hide in…It seems to be working so far. I’ll vacuum them all up later and toss the bag, just in case they’re in a temporary coma from the Pine Oil. I haven’t used the Pine-Sol on my dogs, I realize it is dangerous.

    Also, Use MOTH BALLS, the fleas hate them..If you can stand the smell (if you are desperate like me) use them, THey WORK!

    Hope this helps..I’m pulling every trick I have outta my hat, on week three of the battle and seem to be winning with the Pine-Sol and that was only today did I use it.

  • Daisy

    We use 7 dust it gets rid of all the fleas everywhere!

  • Mal

    I too am trying to get rid of fleas. I live near a beach however, my second dog came from an area of land and trees. Now not only do I have red fleas I also have black fleas. The black fleas bite us the red fleas not so much. So now I am wondering if there is a difference in ways to rid them from my home. I plan to try the vinegar and lemon, I have been using Borax but since we have encouterd the black fleas it does not seem to be working. I will try mixing it with salt. If anyone know if there is a difference please respond I am so tired of this flea problem and my children are dead set on keeping their pets.

  • barbara caster

    i know a tip is required but i have not a one. i have 2 schawners and they are eat up with fleas and scratch constantly plus rub thier backs raw anywhere they can. i am so grateful to find this site as we live by the ocean and they is nothing to stop the fleas we can only hope to keep them down to a dull roar. i am going to try every tip in this section to try to bring some relief to my pets. i have tried all the expense stuff that my vet recomennds but NOTHING works or lasts so to see this site is so exciting. gotta go get started and again ty…babsie

  • Tracey Staton

    We are using frontline on the dogs, frontline spray in the yard, biospot spray and powder in the house, and nothing is killing these fleas!! It is awful! I feel like moving and leaving everything here!!(NOT REALLY, BUT TEMPTING!) I just read all these salts and the last hour I have been sprinkling salt all over the carpets and just put a bowl of vinegar in the playroom, den, and hallway. Will let everyone know in a day or two if this works!!

  • Cynthia

    I have a 2 year old German Shepherd and 3-4 month old terrier mix puppies. The puppies are covered in fleas. I went the bathe the yorkie mix and there were hundreds inside one of her ears. I was so desperate I started trying to find how to get rid of them without bombing the house. I have no where to keep all 4 dogs while I’m doing it. I found the site and started reading. I grabbed the box of salt and sprinkled it everywhere. I can’t believe I don’t have any fleas jumping on me. I’ll vacuum the whole house in the morning. I’ve talked to pest control and professional carpet people and the secret is to vacuum daily. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Even vacuum bare floors. I even vacuum my bed. It won’t work just once, you must vacuum daily, along with treating your pet (however you choose to do it) and treating your yard.

    I hope that the salt will work, along with vacuuming, since it won’t harm any of us. I’m going to try the lemon spray and vinegar. I used to keep a glass of vinegar in every room of my house as an air freshner. The smell goes away but it absorbs odors in your house.

    I wish everyone luck with their own battle of the fleas.

  • Marti

    I’m surprised that no one has suggested keeping a flea collar in your vaccuum bag…….kills the fleas on contact! Happy flea control…..

  • Christy

    I have a pregnant APBT that is highly atractive to fleas, I also have 2 small children. We have tried everything from garlic to sprays and bathing supplies and nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what exactly a pregnant dog can be treated with?

  • cg

    I put down a white towel and when the fleas get on it i spray them with lysol they died in seconds.

  • Willean Holloman


  • borax&salt for fleas

    Mix together 1 1/2 pounds of diatomaceous earth, 1 1/2 pounds of natural borax and 1 cup of salt. (Don’t use the earth and borax that you can purchase at a pool store, rather use the products that you can get from your local garden store.) The diatomaceous earth works because it contains very tiny particles that have sharp spines, which puncture the exoskeleton of the flea, killing it. The borax and salt work by absorbing the moisture of the flea and make all of those cracks and small areas that they might find to live in your home much more undesirable. You can use the mixture by sprinkling it throughout your home onto carpets and into those harder to reach areas. Allow the mixture to sit for a couple of days and then vacuum it up. Although these powders are not poisonous it’s never a good idea for you or your pet to breathe it continually for days so if it’s possible to go elsewhere while it sits then that’s definitely an option you should use. Alternatively, if you prefer not to douse the house with the mixture, you can always pour it into your vacuum cleaner bag and vacuum everything thoroughly so that any of the sucked up fleas will die inside the bag. Keep in mind that this solution will not kill the un-hatched flea eggs and therefore the process may need to be repeated several times depending on the severity of your problem.”

  • Patti

    What is the borax & salt mixture for the carpet???

  • Kathy

    We live in the country have an outside cat that sneeks in every now and then last year we sprayed the chemicals in the house and got reid of the fleas. but this year i can’t do that cuz we have a new baby thats 8 months and beginning to crawl. so i need something that is very safe i can spray on the carpets and cat. keeping baby lavender lotion on him seems to help a little but he still gets bit. HELP its the humans here that are being attacked!!!

  • Lisa

    LEMON JOY BEST TO KILL fleas on animals safe wont hurt em and it works and dont cost a arm and a leg 🙂

  • Debbie

    My female cat has been going outside lately because she refuses to go in the litter box and goes outside it. I listened to a friend who told me to put her out and bring her back in later. This did not work. 2 weeks ago, the boy began scratching, not she. Then I noticed she was scratching. Still I thought it was my imagination. Stupid me as they lay on my bed, my desk chair, my bar stools, etc. You get the picture. A couple of hours ago, I saw something moving on my pajama pants and I went to squeeze it. It didn’t squash. It was tiny and brown and HARD. I let go thinking I killed it and POOF!! It jumped. Holy kangaroos!! We have fleas. Thanks good meaning friend. Never happened. However, I do live in Florida and things just fester in our heat. I read all the suggestions here. I have two bowls of soapy water on a white napking sitting under lights. My carpet, sofa and beds are doused with white table shaker salt. The litter is sprayed with Lysol as well as my borders. Tomorrow I’ll vacuum and put the vacuumless suction in the dishwasher. I’ll rub the blue Dawn in both of them, though they may rip me to shreds….
    If any other Floridian’s log on, please let us know about each other.

  • Debbie

    I also read to go to sleep in flannel pajamas and flannel socks that go over your pajama bottoms. Make sure you wash your hair and you a lice comb. If there is any human who has to deflea, please advise. Thanks.

  • deborah

    Citrus Repellent: Cut a lemon into quarters and place in a pint jug. Cover the lemon with boiling water and let it steep overnight. Next day you have a flea repellent that you can use in a spray bottle. Spray all over your dog remembering especially behind the ears and around the head generally (careful of eyes), around the base of the tail (once again keep away from delicate bits) and under your dog’s “armpits.”

  • debrah

    salt works like the carpet killer powder. The fleas eat the salt, which causes them to dry out and die. Now I have sprinkled salt all over our carpet. I’m going to give it a week, then vacuum it up.

  • debrah

    leave the salt down for 24 hours then vaccum

  • deborah

    I have always used a 50/50 mixture of borax and salt, sprinkle it around, give it a good brushing into the carpet and leave it for a few days. I vacuum in about 3 to 4 days and within a week, no more fleas. It lasts about a year and ALWAYS works. The borax kills the adult fleas and the salt dries up the larva and eggs.

    found this on another site, not endorsing it or saying it works but I am going to try it wisely

    I also found this on that site as well:

    OH GOSH!! please read up on borax. Prolonged exposure can cause kidney failure, red peeling skin, respiratory problems, impair fertility and can cause birth defects to the unborn. Salt seems the best way to solve a flea problem. Also minced garlic mixed in your pets food is also helpful. 1 clove for every 20 lb. your animal weighs. If you want to skip the whole pop the garlic clove and mince yourself, you can get a jar of already minced garlic and it lasts forever! 1/2 teaspoon of already minced garlic = 1 clove!

  • hb

    take mineral oil and dawn lish liquid and mix together and get pet wet and put the mixture on the and let sit for 15 minutes and rinse off real good but do not dry completely let dry on its own try it hope it works.

  • Amanda

    To get rid of fleas outside just sprinkle seven dust on your lawn and let it set all night and no more fleas, but im still trying to get rid of them in my house so i’m trying the salt and baby powder mixture.

  • Cheryl

    I have a Saint Bernard that has very sensitive skin and cannot tollerate chemical flea repellants, but he also has flea bite dermatitus. I have been using a combination of eucalyptus, lemon, and lemon-grass essential oils diluted in a spray bottle of water, I have been spraying him with this mixture once a day for about 6 months now and he is flea free with no side effects. He also smells better and has a shinier coat.

  • Debbie

    My cats are on Revolution and the box said once you put it on them let them wander around the house in all their usual stomping grounds including your bed. The adult fleas will cling to them and die. Then I called Orkin who said they no longer bomb since it is toxic and can kill the cats so he sprayed the carpet and along the borders. Well, the fleas are dying. They are tiny little black suckers and I found one that landed on me today when I was in the bathroom. In was dying and I picked it up and put it in water. It swam itself out. Hysterical!! I then poured water on it so it washed down the drain and then I closed the drain. That was about 6 hours ago. I just found another one lying on the side of the sink. Well, I washed my cats: one let me and the other still drenched and won’t let me near her. The boy is freaky. LOVES THE BATH. LOVES IT. The girl is a psycho on a good day. She’s drying off in the crate. No choice. The salt did not work for my carpets. It only left salt all around. I think they may be in my sofa, though when I sit on it, I do not get bit. I don’t find them in my bed, though I feel them at the computer on the carpet sometimes. I could be imagining it at this point, though. Thoughts????

  • Kim

    I tried the lemon water in a bowl near a night light and in the morning absolutely nothing was in the bowl. Are you sure you people have fleas because they measures don’t seem to work for many of you.

  • gizmo

    could some one plzz tell my owner where to buy this stuff called borax plzzz these fleas are eating me up

    thanx gizmo

  • Kathy

    I have a Bulldog and recently found out she is allergic to fleas, she breaks out in a rash a flea bites her.Do you have anything for that? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  • meg

    please help, i have a white cat and she has flea collor. it’s not working. she’s now bleeding from the scrathing. please help me. thanks

  • Scott

    Try Baby oil greatest stuff I found coat your animal up fleas will dye off

  • Lissa

    I went to the ASPCA website that was posted on a comment, the website said that garlic is ok in MODERATION just do not use in large quantities or all the time, they also said that using aloe vera as a salve is BAD.
    I have a black lab/blue heeler mix and she constantly scratching, I am going to use some of these remedies to try to help her. Everyone that is asking for the lemon remedy, its at the top of this page: cut a lemon into quarters boil & steep overnight and spray on pet.
    My sister in law uses 7 dust, swears by it but i have children in my house and am afraid to use it, but i have heard it works great in the yard.

  • Bessie

    Frontline Plus works best on ticks/advantage works best on fleas

    sprinkling borax inside and out killed fleas at daughters house in Florida

    the borax killed fleas in Mom’s in Lubbock Texas

    Borax is not working on others daughters house in Dallas, Tx

  • Berdie

    this is not a tip but i am a disabled lady and i just found out that i have fleas in every room in my house i don’t have the money to buy any more SPECTRACIDE I REALLY NEED TO KNOW OF SOMETHING TO USE THAT I MAY HAVE AT HOME SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME THANKS AND GOD BLESS,BERDIE MUIRHEAD from PHILADELPHIA,MISSISSIPPI.

  • Jane

    Hi! I do have 1 dog in my apartment and i have recently sprayed Bengal in every room. It is suppose to kill all stages of fleas and that includes the eggs. So far it has not worked and seems to have been a rip off! I do use dawn dish soap on my dog for fleas and it works really well b/c you can see the fleas come to the top and they r dead. But 1 thing i did not know is that when a flea is mature enough or ready to lay eggs, the egg sack on the flea can still hatch if you do not get rid of the dead fleas! Currently I do have fleas in a both bedrooms and im still working to get rid fo them. It is best to put your dog in an area off your carpet if possible when you know they are infested, especially this time of year b/c they get bad! I now have my dog in my kitchen with a pet gate up when i go to bed at night but she doesnt not lay in our carpet anymore and this is best if you know your pet is infested. I do not have alot of experience in fleas but I have had them alot and so has my mom every year and we have tried millions of things! We found 1 spray that was sold at the DG store in a spray can and it costs $3 and i tell you it really worked on carpets!! When i lived with my mom my room was infested with the fleas b/c my dog slept in there all the time.

    I sprayed once and they were gone!! Unfortantly the spray was taken off the shelf and we havnt found a good product since! It was called Rid a Bug flea and tick spray in an aresol type can! Struggling with fleas is hard and i know where everyone is coming from and how you feel! Just here today i tried some table salt because a friend was telling me about it. Well as i said i have alot of fleas in my 2 bedrooms bc i actually accompished getting rid of them in my living room. When i put the salt down in the bedrooms it has made the fleas jump out of the rooms and down my concrete hallway. So as you can see it more repels the fleas from their dwelling. Also it is very important to try to get underneath everything when getting rid of fleas b/c they hide in the most odd places! Also keep in mind that they like water so try not to wet areas to much with remedies, I have learned this over the years!

  • Sarah

    After many years of fighting the good fight against fleas, I can tell those of you who have used the flea bombs to no avail that unless they contain pyrethrins (that will be listed in the ingredients), they will not work. There are some really good ones out there but you may have to search. They used to be quite common but were replaced in many markets by something much less effective. (Can you guess why?). Ortho makes one that keeps working for 9 months. I try to use kinder, gentler things and am thankful for all the good advice and recipes. Happy hunting, all!

  • Kathy J

    When using tea tree oil on pets or people, it needs to be diluted. I mix half tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. You can use olive oil or other base oil.

    I bought Frontline 3 month supply for my dog on ebay for $17.50.

    My baby pit bull was infested with fleas when I got him. Using dawn does kill lots of them. I sprinkled salt on my floors and put out a bowl of vinegar, I will see tomorrow if the fleas have fleed.

  • coco

    the tip about dawn really and truly does work…my poor pug was infested with fleas…i had tried everything, nothing worked….as soon as i put the dawn on him, the fleas started coming to the top and started falling off of him….i don’t know what this stuff is made of, but it is the best flea killer i have ever come across..thank u so much for your post

  • brenda brewster

    I Have Been Using 1/5 cup bleach in my dogs regular bath water mixed With 1 Cup vinagar and wash with soap as you normaly would!!!!!!!!!! Peace out Love Brenda Brewster

  • Sara

    Hoping someone can help a desperate mom to a 1 year old boy and 7 indoor cats! Over the past 2 day’s I’ve noticed a few fleas around and would love to evict them asap before we get over-run (especially with my 1 year old). Anything you can send in the way of info would be greatly appreciated!


  • liz

    all these tips have been great, i read about the dawn soap since yesterday and went out and bought it. today i will give him a bath and use it and i will also use the avon skin-so-soft, thank god i have that at home already. My puppy is only 6 1/2 weeks, and not that many fleas on him, or at least not that I can see. I will make the lemon remedy and spray it on him tomorrow. thank you for all the tips.

  • Meg

    We live in Florida with three indoor dogs and one indoor cat that got out and brought fleas home to us. I have tried everything on this site other than the lemons and the essential oils. Everything seems to work to some extent but the best thing to do is vacuum!!! Every day, every where, especially the carpets and upholstered furniture. Thanks to all.

  • Ashley

    I have an indoor cat and dog and the are both covered in Fleas. I feel like they are on me, but I am sure I am imagining that becuase I am not getting bit. But I have seen one on my bed. How can I get them out of my mattress? Anyways I am pregnant and have a 3 year child. Anywords of advice?

  • dirty

    we have two shitsows
    we are going two try the dawn my vet said it works
    and use it as a spray on the carpet’s the mix is 50/50 , but don’t vacum till the next day , repeat the process every 24 hour’s till all egg are dead and garlic in the pet food dose work and it is not harmful to your pet’s but only 1/4 teaspoon in every two feeding’s

  • Diana

    I have 2 adult female cats and 8 kittens, they are all infested with fleas. don’t have much money, can someone tell me what home remedy really works. Thanks for the input.

  • Denee

    I found the recipe for the Borax mixture and am getting ready to try it but, I see many people asking for it so I thought I would get it on her asap. Here it is. Good luck!!

    This WORKS!!!start tx early in flea season, I have used for years, forgot where I found it.
    1 cup borax
    1 cup baking soda
    1 cup table salt.
    Mix well and sprinkle evenly as possible on carpet, area rugs.
    Leave overnight, vaccum well the next day. Repeat within 30 days, then as needed. I usually do it twice in warm/hot months. When you find it works then you can mix a large equal batch and save in plastic container, large salt shaker, what is best for you.
    Non toxic. Repeat as needed.
    Works like a charm. we have had at once 2 dogs extra large one Benji size indoor/outdoor. 5 cats indoor/outdoor..NO FLEAS = HAPPY FAMILY

  • Angel

    I have a cat in the house that doesnt go outside and one small short hair puppy and one short haired dog…This is the first year in my life we have had uncontroleable fleas….They get frontline plus every month along with a pill you can by that lasts 24 hours to drop the fleas..that pills actually works in 20 minutes at $5 dollars a pill..I also bought monthly flea pills from the vet and one of my dogs got sick..along with their cans of flea sprays at $25 a can ,nothing is working…
    Now i am going to home remedies…my babies are getting no rest…we vaccuum and heat bedding everyday…that seems to control what is in theh house , we use the vacuum with no bag so we can take it out and burn it on impact. Now we are going to try giving them vinegar cider baths along with dawn..and i put 1 fourth tsp of garlic salt in their food…Slowly im seeing progress and it is slow but at least it is working…ive spent more at the vet than i could ever spend at home..any oil or skin so soft that you animal can use does work if left on there long enough to smother the fleas but again eggs hatch..its an ongoing and nerve wrecking process.
    For those asking how to mix vinegar with garlic for dog food mixture….its one fourth teaspoon of each in thier food each day..it is suppose to be cider vinegar though…gl and im going to keep reading….

  • Barb

    I have a 3 yr. old white Peekapoo & she is a flea MAGNET! I will tell you that when I use the combination of monthly Advantage AND the Comfortis pill on her, it worked great (we live out in the country with lots of land, trees, ticks & fleas). But have had lay-offs in the family this year, so can’t afford that right now, so am going to try the salt & borax remedy. (have always used Dawn on her & it definitely helps)

  • lisa

    I just moved into a new apt. I live in Atlanta. I have had two cats for ten years, have not had fleas in five years. There are fleas outside that attack my feet. I believe they are also coming in on my legs. I do not get bit up, but my cats scratch, had a flea bath, and I use Frontline. They came and sprayed twice now, I have only been here a month. I think I have to stay proactive with this problem. I hate these pests!! I have put my cats in a seperate room for the majority of the day. The little eggs dropping scares me.. I have no idea where they have fallen, I even saw fleas in my car!!!!!!!! I used borax on my carpet, and it made the carpet crunchy..I may have used too much. The flea bath was conducted with blue Dawn,, I just pray this does not beome an infestation

  • Jacquetta

    I recently purchased a Shih tzu and she always stratches her neck area. I honestly do not think that she has fleas because I have not seen any. Could it be mites? I gave her a bath in the Dawn(blue) today and Apple Cider Vinagar. I also used a CVS Dandriff Shampoo and Oil and Rinsed and then gave her a final wash in Seargants Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo. I hope this stops her itching, I wonder if it could be dry skin. I am going to try the white sheet tonight where she sleeps and see if ther is anything there in the morning.

  • Audra Lynn

    Im sure the orkin man did say dont use flea bombs…. Hello I used them and they work great, All of the bug bombs killed fleas but the one listed flea and tick killed the eggs too. It was 10 bucks for 3 cans (400 sg foot) at Home depot. even though I have indoor cats I treated the yard with 7 dust, some people have said you can put it in your carpets. Then I washed my cat and my kitten with dish soap and combed them out witha flea comb. the current fleas are gone I am giving them Brewers yeast in there wet food once aday seems to be working great. The spot on flea drops have been killing animals or making them sick. stay away from them tillthe FDA sorts through that mess. I dont care what the vet says, they were given bad info stick with garlic or brewers yeast and vac the house keep the vac in the garage if your not going to throw the bag out.

  • Pamela

    I have used “Head & Shoulders” for years on my many many dogs. Shampoo it in and let sit a little while, you will see many dead fleas surface. Rince completely. So this about every 2 to 3 weeks and use the shampoo (they have all different kinds now with moisterizer in them). No fleas and they smell wonderful!. Boraxo on carpets and dry floors work great also. Sprinkle on carpets and floors and take your dogs outside to play for an hr or so. The sweep and vacuume floors. Every 2 to 3 weeks also. No fleas here!

  • Ashley

    Mix four parts of Borax with one part of salt, and sprinkle over your carpet. The mixture gets down amongst the fibers, and dehydrates the fleas and eggs, and prevents them re-hatching.

  • invisible buggers

    Well, great ideas and advice, I have my shopping list and ready to go, I will update my progress in about a week… my goal is to drench the floors with a bottle of dawn in a pale of water work my way around the house and back to the beginnin with a fresh pale of hot vinger water as a coat. Then after that dry, salt will be everywhere. My cat was treated with the 42 dollor frontline yesterday so we should be on point, I’m crossin my fingers and toes with the bite marks on my ankles.

  • Rae

    I too have tryed alot of your stuff, dawn works the best and garlic and apple cider vinigar helps the horses with flys. Trani fluid works good on cracked dog claws as it does on larger animal hoofs. I know this isnt the site that I should be writing this on but bacon grease works on cuts it realy helps healing and the hair to grow back. Im in Texas and our animals got fleas it was a battle but we tried everything I think they are at bay for now. As for the 14 dollar flea collars they didnt work…I found more fleas under them than the rest of there bodies. My best advice is to use what ever treatment you can get and if the cat or dog dont like baths well grab them by the scruff of the neck and do it anyway and scrub them hard!!! If they love you they get over it and they will before they are dry and come back looking for love. Garlic is not a cure but it sure cut down on the fly bites, if you have any trouble with bugs chewing up your animals ears use vasoline or baby oil it cleans them up and lasts. Thats about all the advice I have. If garlic kills your pet, your pet shouldnt have ate it. Your cat or dog dont like baths, dunk them and wear welding gloves to do it, but realy they get over it. Rinse them good when its over and give them a rough towel dry, or if your scared to do it I am sure some one will. Fleas coming out of the carpet lol get a hard wood flore. Carpet is bad for peoples loungs and animals.

  • Nora

    We are wanting to try the lemon wedges and water treatment. Can you tell us how much water we should use and how many lemon wedges?
    Our garage is the worst place with fleas.
    Thank You Much

  • Nora

    Forgot to finish my first request. We are going to try the lemon wedges and water on our 2 cats. As I stated, the fleas are worse in the garage. What would be the best thing to try in the garage?

  • Crystal

    I am in need of help. I had a 60 lb sheppard who since has been removed from my home, I couldnt take her gettin eatin alive. Now she has been gone for a month now, and the fleas are horrible. My BF hates animals to begin with, and my dog I think made the fleas come in. Never the less, I have bombed this house 6 times, and I have sprayed and dusted this chemical all over my houise. I have a 10 month old baby and am very worried he isnt gorwing or crawlaing cuz I wont let hime on the floor w the fleas. Not even the play pen.Thes elittle buggers jump, and bite, and crawl and it kreeps me out. I really need some help. I have since cleaned the garage completely to rid it of whatever was in there. Yes I became bait, and was not pleased. Tonight I am going to do the lemon mixture. And am doing some heavy cleaning… Help please. What else could I do so my son can have a normal life, as long with my hubby and me.

  • Jennifer

    Ok I just tried putting the vinegar on my lower legs and it does work not sure how long it will last but they are not even trying to jump on me and these suckers were attacking me eveytime I got up off my couch or bed. It is so bad that by the time i put my socks on in the morning and walked out the front door to go to work i had 20 fleas on my socks (5 Minutes). Now that i have gotten them to leave me alone I am gonna try some of these other home remedies to see if something works to start killing them. For those of you that don’t know fleas find their way by the vibrations on the floor from you or your pet walking around…. Good luck!

  • Carol Murray

    To get the fleas off my dog and 3 cats I use Dawn. It is funny to watch the fleas suffocate in the suds. The vet put Advantage on the dog and gave her Capstar, the fleas that bit her died soon after. 2 of the cats will let me bathe them, the 3rd requires special handleing… she will claw like crazy unless I put her ‘mother’ in there with her…she thinks my dog is her mom!! That works fine for me, I can bathe 2 as easily as one. 😀 After the vet put that stuff on the dog we noticed a drastic reduction in the flea population, but we still have them. I will try putting Apple Cider Vinegar in their water, and my husband is going to put Sevin Dust in the yard to help get rid of them too. My pets are inside animals, but I will let them go outside on leashes. Our main problem with flea control is that we have a neighbor’s 20 billion cats waltzing through our yard too, and also a neighborhood dog or two. I don’t know if they are treated or not, any suggestions on keeping them from reinfecting my yard and critters?

  • Renae

    I have tried all the poisons(didn’t want to but felt it was the only way)I have 4 dogs and 3 cats inside and out. I feel I am losing the battle with these suckers. I bought a ultimate flea trap at the hardware store. It is a dome with a night light attached and sticky pad below. It has caught quite a few but not enough to say I have a invesation. But when I bath our dogs in Ivory soap, all the fleas die but as soon as they back in the house, a few hours later, they have fleas again. I am going to try the salt and lemon spray. They are also having a worm problem. I guess from all the fleas they are chewing. My Border Collie is allergic to flea bites. He is chewing himself to death. Hopefully with a lot of prayer and these natural remedies, we can control these troublesome creatures. I’ll let you know later how it goes.

  • Vanessa

    is baby powder good or harmful to cats?? can someone please help me out, i put some on my cat and hes 11 months.. he hasnt reacted to it in a bad way. But im scared they might be a long term affect after.
    Thanks lots.

  • pete

    Ive been reading about the lemon wedges and water for killing fleas,I didnt have any fresh lemons on hand, so I tried lemon juice mixed with warm water.I put about 6oz of lemon juice in a spray bottle and filled it with warm water, it made 27oz.Sprayed the dog down with it and rubbed it all over him,fleas did not like it at all,killed them almost on contact.Checked him when he dried and found no live fleas.Seams to work well.

  • diana

    This is not so much of a tip, but a warning. Use Frontline and not AdvanTIX. Go to (reactions from Advantix) and you’ll see. Can even cause death. My dog had a very bad reaction. Giving your animals salt in their food is a no-no. Salt causes hypertension (high blood pressure) i.e, early death. Flea collars are toxic. Dilute anything you put on your animal. Having a baby, isn’t a good enough reason to getting rid of your pets. I have found that any soap (not just Dawn)and water kills fleas. The problem is keeping them controlled. I’m looking for something that works for the yard. I’m going to try the pine-sol-vinegar and moth balls. Thank you all.

  • Angie

    This works! I sprinkled salt everywhere, couches , floors, carpet, left it on all night…fleas were dead! I could not get over the difference it made..I have 5 plus cats and a dog, and this was a safe way to go for them and us. I used Sentry’s Natural Defense flea powder and yes, it really works! This is the safest way to go, using the salt and the flea powder ( no chemicals)….just keep vacuuming..the cycle of fleas will be lessoned. I would recommend this route to anyone with kids and multiple animals! The key thing is lots of salting and lots of sweeping and vacuuming daily for weeks……….it will work for you!

  • Linda

    used frontline on my dogs for the past few years faithfuly,for some reason this year the fleas are worst than ever .I have them in my house which has never happened and the dogs have them so bad that no matter how many times I put the frontline on them it doesn’t work ant more . We have bombed the house and nothing seems to be working . I think we are going to take the dogs to the vets and have them shaved and try the salt and borax .I hope it works….

  • sadiesnana

    Ok…I just bathes both dogs and puppy in baby shampoo and sprinkled salt all over the carpet and furniture (where should I sit now, lol) and am making the lemon spray for follow up. Wish me luck…I dont think I am infested but I did find about ten in all off all three dogs. I will for sure be back for an update.

    Thanks for all the good tips!!

    Oh yeah, PS…I USED to use FRONTLINE with no problems….the last three months I have used it, I am still finding fleas…they are becoming immune I agree and plus I never liked the idea of the chemicals on my loved ones (my pets or my kids). I will be writing them and asking for a refund.

  • lisa

    I have two small toy breed dogs, one of which is due to whelp any minute lol so I don’t like to use harsh chemicals but the fleas are terrible. The dogs like to sleep in the sun on the back of our couch so when we sit on the couch we are constantly flicking fleas off of us. Last night before bed I sprinkled salt all over the carpets and the furniture and this morning hubbie vaccuummed it up and we haven’t seen a single flea on us all day. We are going to try the dish soap and tea tree oil bath for the dogs this afternoon. Thanks for the Great advice and Good luck in the fight against the little pests!

  • springersrus

    Yes the baby shampooo works on the dogs, I put it all over the dogs, two black and white never see them on the whites, it dried then I washed it out the next morning checked them the next morning before going outside and they were crawling when the dogs are in the beds…Guess l”ll try the lemon, salt, vinegar.

  • Jennifer

    I have 8 dogs, 5 inside that go out to use the bathroom and 3 big dogs that stay outside unless it is raining, too hot, or too cold. The fleas are uncontrolable. 1 of my outside dogs is the worst off she is loosing her hair from the fleas, i have tried everything off the shelves that regards to killin and repeling fleas. I am now going to try these home remedies and see if that will help…i was told that 7 dust is harmful to animals, does anyone know if that is true? I dont want anyone being hurt except the fleas. Thanks for all of the great advice. I am going to try it and will let you all know what the results are in a few days.

  • Shelly

    • if you soap him down without water first…fleas breath thru their skins..like ticks.so if you coat them they will die…if you add pennyroyal oil and peppermint oil (which also is great to keep flys away you will kill them for sure, and the puppy smells great and the ones outside wont jump on him…but make sure when you do this to spray the areas that your pet sleeps in with pennyroyal and water and put pine needles under his bedding which defers fleas also..and vacumme the same day (vaccumme up some pennyroyal leaves to) which will kill the carpet dwellers and the ones in the vacumme……worked for me
    you can get pennyroyal and peppermint oils on vitaglo.com or your local health food stores…peppermint oil you can get at any supermarket in the cake section with the vanilla…

  • Jillian

    It is very important that everyone knows that you CANNOT use essential oils on cats it can make them very sick or even kill them because of the way they groom themselves! Also, diatomaceous earth is great but the pool grade is only good for the yard you have to use a food grade diatomaceous earth for indoors or on your dog.

  • Alicia


    Buy some Lime from Home Depot the large bag is about $10. Spread it all over your yard and it will kill the fleas instantly. It also is good for keeping rats, snakes, and other animals from coming into your yard.

    You can also use Rock Salt and spread it all the way around your house or fence line and it will keep the fleas away.

  • Reece

    Ok, we have a dog who is ready to pop puppies anyday now and has BAD fleas. After ready all the remedies above this is what we tried!
    Put her in the tub and doused her with vegtable oil. Beings that we also have two kids, we happen to have lice combs in the cuppard. We each took a comb and took each section of her fur. You can the MANY fleas stuck in the comb with the oil. Then we took the “dawn dish soap” and scrubbed her with that. Rinsed her really well and then used regular flea shampoo. After her bath we checked out her coat and NO MORE FLEAS. I aslo threw out her old bedding and replaced it with new. Tomorrow I am off to the store to get the ingredients for the borax, baking soda and salt mixture. Happy Flea killing everyone!

  • Pauli

    For convenience, make up a spray bottle with a bit of Skin So Soft bath oil + water and spray it on your feet and legs each day; vinegar is very hard on the skin. We have cats so have to be careful what we put on them as they are always licking and ingesting it. I use the Blue Dawn or flea shampoo, then mid-week use the lemon spray recipe diluted by half to spray the cats. It works OK, and doesn’t seem to be bad for them, though they do make some funny faces when they groom right after an application. I live in central CA and our fleas are not really terrible like most of your stories; I feel for all of you. A few years ago when we had a wonderful sweet Doberman (who has since passed) she brought a flea infestation into the house one year (I guess it was an unusually good year for the fleas). I used a product from Ortho called Flea B Gone and it worked wonderfully well; only one application killed the fleas and it lasted for several months, also keeping the eggs from hatching. Now, I can’t find that product in any of our stores, or any other product that also keeps the eggs from hatching, which is the secret to true eradication of the tiny monsters.

  • Kathy

    I just moved to Florida and the fleas are awful here! I have 2 cats and a dog and they were all infested. I wish I would have read all these home remedies before I went out and bought all this crap!
    Although I did get rid of the fleas, at least I can still use these remedies to make sure they don’t come back. Can’t wait to try the salt trick! And the lemon idea! The main thing I did was vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!!! Baths with fleas shampoo, and a “bug” repellent before taking the dog outside. Good luck everyone!

  • Dee Bee

    If you have carpeting , vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. There are also plug in flea traps that use a sticky pad and light. For those of us who are allergic to chemicals and what not. They were about $15.00 a piece and worked like a charm for the house. I have had them for 6 years. I use them when the house gets them. I have a friend who swares by the vinegar in the dogs water to keep fleas and ticks off.I’m going to try that.

  • Brandee

    I’m not sure this will work but I thought I’d give it a try! I just gave my Dachshund a bath with blue dawn dishsoap, dried him off somewhat and then sprinkled gralic salt all over him and then rubbed it in. My theory is maybe the garlic salt will help get rid of the fleas and while my Buster dries he’ll lick himself, thus digesting the garlic into his system. Giving him the salt and garlic afftect to others tips from above. *Fingers crossed* I’ll see if this helps reduce his infestation population. I washed him in the Dawn last week, and while he felt better for the moment it seemed like the fleas came back with a vengence, making him even more miserable than before. If nothing else he won’t have to worry about vampires any time soon! LOL

  • Ellie

    Thank you to Phyllis Voelschow for posting up this banana peel idea. She wrote in an earlier post and I am copying and pasting this again so you can see it. She writes “Honest! This works for ridding fleas in your home! No smell! No gnats! No bugs of any kind associated! Take a banana peeling & split it several times. I usually use 2 peels at a time. Place on floor, inside facing up, where your pets will not chew on it. Under furniture is a good place to hide them from guests. I do not even bother hiding anymore since so many people know about my remedy. Not sure why, but fleas are gone in about two days. Leave peelings there until dried & replace a couple more times to be on the safe side. We have 3-4 dogs at any given time & I have used this method for 37 years. My mom first used it on sand fleas that she brought back from the beach. Fleas seem to stay outside when the dogs come in also.”

    We also read : http://www.ehow.com/how_5000682_rid-yard-naturally-banana-peels.html

    So, we tried it last night and can tell ya that banana peels idea work! We put them down last night. Now we’ve had pets for years in our house, cats and dogs…and our 18 year old cat passed away last month, so currently (temporarily) there are no pets in our house, so when we put banana peels down we didnt have to be “as careful” as to where we did this. We put the peels under the couch and chairs, bed, computer stand, … and everywhere else that was necessary. In the morning we dealt with a few fleas but nothing like it had been, and happy to say, 24 hours later we are sitting happy in our livingroom without being pestered with or by fleas! NONE!! We have more banana peels down again tonight, the peels last about 24 – 48 hours and need to be refreshed, but they are working! Thanks Phyllis Voelschow!

  • Hether

    I use alcohol rub and flea an tick shampoo on my dogs works pretty good and after that I usee conditioner on them while still in tub and start to comb fleas out after that you don’t see that meany

  • Debi

    Our poor dog is so miserable!A few days ago we noticed him itching,we SHOULD know better(this has happened before).We saw a few fleas,used the flea powder for him and the carpets.He was better for about a day,now today I just can’t watch him suffer anymore(the fleas are 10 times worse than before the powder!)Am off to the store for some dawn dish soap for him(he hates water,wish me luck)and the carpets.When I am done with that I will try the salt in the carpets and probably the lemon water spray as well.WISH ME LUCK.Also, does anyone have the answer as to why I,and Only I,am getting the bites as well,but no one else in the house except my poor dog?This is baffling to me. I willupdate and let you all know how these worked.Thanks for all the great tips!

  • Lea

    I went on vacation and when i returned, found my 2 indoor only cats with fleas and flea dirt in their fur. One of my cats had scratched so badly he had scabs and sores. I used an all natural safe spray for cats from the grocery store and flea bombed the room we found the most fleas in. I vaccumed the rest of the house, took the vaccum outside and threw the bag away. I then took all the blankets, pillows, etc. things that the cats lay on and stuffed them in garbage bags, sealing them shut. Leave them in the bags for at least a week before washing them in HOT water and HOT dryer. Fleas can’t live without a food source (blood) so sealing them up with no food will kill the adults. The biggest mistake folks make is to remove the cats/dogs when they find fleas. Remove the fleas food source (cats/dogs) and the fleas will move on to YOUR blood for food. Leave the animals in the house and treat them with an all natural spray. My dog is on heartworm/flea pill once a month and he has no fleas. Only the cats. Flea bombs smell bad and can be dangerous but they work! The trick is to bomb a room at a time. Keep the cats away from the area, seal it off for a day while bombing and then open all windows, use a fan, etc. while you vaccum the room and remove all blankets, etc. Works for me. Good luck to all!

  • tammy bell

    oh my gosh!!! we have been infested– me and my family thank every one of you that has posted something on this web site.. honestly we are in a war….the salt on the carpet excellent.. vinegar and water do it. I HATE ANY BUG. THIS HAS BEEN PLUM TERRIBLE. THANK YOU AGIN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO POSTED THIS SITE AND THE PEOPLE WHO HAS SHARED THEIR STORY ITS GOOD TO KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE BATTLE!!!!

  • Brenda

    I,as well as everyone else,seem to be fighting the flea war.I’ve steamed cleaned my carpets with flea shampoo,continuously vacuumed everyday,and used Raid fumigating bombs. Returned after the waiting time and still found fleas alive.Ive heard about the salt idea so I sprinkled it all around my living room (that seems to be where the real problem is). I am also going to try the light and bowl of dawn soap. We did use a flea comb on the cat after applying flea drops to the neck. We dipped the flea comb and hair in the bowl of soap and the fleas died instantly. We bathed the dog, waited for him to dry and applied Frontline Plus. Four days later I took him to be groomed, and he seems to be ok. I put new bedding down for him too. I haven’t seen any fleas on him and check him each time he goes in or out. The cat still seems to be biting some. I’ll let you know if the other ideas (salt and soap) ideas work. Keep fighting and Good Luck!!

  • amanda

    lemon spray::

    boil 2 pints water and place 1 lemon (thin sliced) in water…soak for 12 hrs…place in spray bottle and spray animal…yard..and everything in house

  • Allison

    I NEED SOME TIPS! I’m scared to death of these creatures because I am being eaten alive. Not sure where they came from because I have NO PETS! Noticed I was getting welts and bites and caught a few of them while I was at work, been bit in my car, and bit at my apartment. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am literally going crazy because my legs are so bit up. Seems like there are so many remedies, do I fumagate?

  • fred

    I did’nt read all the posts so someone may have already covered this. It is my understanding that garlic and onions are very toxic to dogs and possibly cats .. More so than chocolate. Please check with your vet before giving the garlic.
    Good Luck
    I hate fleas

  • tarzan

    Ok have spent the last 2 hours now reading all you letters n tips and haven’t seen this one mentioned anywhere here

    I have been using this formula now for ten yrs fleas don’t get imune to it and it always works first time everytime and it works on every critter i have ever owned from cat n dogs to bunnies and ferrets hampsters and gunie pigs and even my pot belly pig got the treatment

    Any lemon dish soap
    I’ve used em all and now use the cheapest i can find including no name ones
    Rubbing alcohol or methel hydrate either works
    Peperpemint exctact from the baking section in the grocery store

    I mix the dish soap with the alcohol (or methel hydrate)in equal amounts or 50/50. I make it right in the dish soap bottle and add in about 1/2 a small bottle of pepermint extract per litre made
    takes about 2 mins to make

    Use just like shampoo once a month wet down the animal apply the dish soap mixture liberally it kills fleas on contact and rinse your pests down the drain and towel dry the pepermint in it tends to make everyone smell nice and helps fend away fleas for a few days

    I follow this up with OFF bug spray repelent the kind with skin so soft in a pump spray now which will help repell fleas from getting on your pet

    and i salt all my carpets down after once a week vacuming

    by doing this i hardly ever see a flea on me

    one tip i am going to do is use the diatomaceous earth in my back yard as using salt on the grass kills it by adding this treatment to there I may actully never see another flea and im going to try the lemon peel spray as a repelent

    if you have tryed other methods and they aren’t working well for you try this it works

  • tarzan

    oh forgot to mention
    im an industrail chemist
    speclizing in home cleaning products


  • tarzan

    alcohol may tend to dry your pets skin out and can be over remidied either with baby oil or any hand cream I use a cheap one i get at the dollar store that has eucalyptus in it which from previous tips is also a flea repelent

    good luck
    and use what works best for you

  • nena

    Dose the borax comes in a box.wont it make my dog itch or get dry skin.


    1. THE REASON THAT DISH LIQUIDS, AND OTHER SUCH LIKE CHEMICALS ARE HARMLESS, is because the detergents used in water make water wetter.

    They are known as surfactants. Research the internet for water surfactants and learn way they make water wetter. (see below)

    When the surfactant gets in to water in breaks down the adhesion of water. This breakdown causes the water to soak into the fleas, ticks, and a host of other insects thus drowning them.

    By breaking down the surface tension of water it will soak into grease and putting the grease into the water thereby removing the grease. This will cause the water and oil to mix together.

    Experiment 1. Take a small piece of brown corrugated cardboard.
    2. Add water to the cardboard and it will run off the
    the paper.
    3. Take another piece of same cardboard, add water.
    The water will begin to run off. Then add 1 drop
    or 2 of a dishwashing detergent and add more H2O.

    Results: The detergent will immediately cause the water to
    soak deep into the cardboard soaking the cardboard
    after a few minutes. (caution for the best effect
    only one or 2 small drops of the detergent. I have
    used the drops that dripped from a toothpick.

    This is a comparison test the first cardboard can be compared to the second piece and notice the difference after the same amount of time. (Results: The cardboard should fall apart).

    Therefore the detergent drowned the fleas, bees and spiders.

    This is very good because there is no poisons or other harsh chemicals released into the environment. And certainly will be safe
    for all the animals depending on which detergent used.

    To kill wasps I use a spray bottle of a dish detergent (add water so the spray will work) and a water hose with a nozzle. I spray the wasps nest at night, and use the spray bottle to spray the detergent at the nozzle end into the water. The detergent will get into the water causing the water to become much wetter and drowning the wasps. Use a flashlight to see the wasps nest. As they fall to the ground soak the WASPS with the detergent and they all will soon be dead. DROWNED.

    Be sure to soak the nest very well until it has fallen to the ground.

    Never been stung yet. It is too dark for wasps to fly.

    Everything I listed above I learned in HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY.

    SEE: How Detergents Work – Chemistry of Surfactants
    Research and have fun doing it. I do.

    Good Day.

  • Kristen

    I am being eaten alive. My son and I get it the worst! The others in the house get bit here and there but we are getting bit all day long! They are in my hair, in my pants, up my shirts stuck in my bra! I CAN”T TAKE IT!!!! I am waiting to see if any of these things work! Ive put down the salt all over, sprayed the vinegar and put out bowls of it and of Dawn! Got one flea in the vinegar so far! We have spent over $300.00 in the last 2 weeks trying to kill these awful things! My poor cats have been out side this whole time! And my dog has been put in her cage all day and only let out to eat and go potty! I feel like they are all gonna dis-own me! I want something to work! 2mro im off to get more salt, vinegar maybe some brewers yeast and peppermint ! Im gonna try it all! I dont know what else to do ! the stuff made for killing fleas does not seem to work for more than a day then they are back! Wish me luck!!!!

  • John

    We are trying the bannan Peel method that Phyllis Voelschow Above has been using for 37 years! This is the statement they left…:

    “Honest! This works for ridding fleas in your home! No smell! No gnats! No bugs of any kind associated! Take a banana peeling & split it several times. I usually use 2 peels at a time. Place on floor, inside facing up, where your pets will not chew on it. Under furniture is a good place to hide them from guests. I do not even bother hiding anymore since so many people know about my remedy. Not sure why, but fleas are gone in about two days. Leave peelings there until dried & replace a couple more times to be on the safe side. We have 3-4 dogs at any given time & I have used this method for 37 years. My mom first used it on sand fleas that she brought back from the beach. Fleas seem to stay outside when the dogs come in also”

  • Donna

    This is crazy!! I have 3 indoor cats and never let them outside. Every summer my house gets infested with fleas that I carry in from outside. My landlord wont do anything about it and I do not have the funds available to bomb the house. My cats have fleas so bad they are starting to loose their hair in spots. I have tried the salt remedy and all that has done is piss off the fleas even more and its only been an hour. I am sensitive to the flea bites and look like I have chicken pox. 2 cats will allow me to bathe them (kinda..lol) but the worst one will not allow me to bathe her at all. The fleas are so bad that they wont even get on the floor. It is a bit funny watching kitty olympics going on over here but I feel bad for them and I cant take much more of the bites. They are like my kids and cant stand to see them suffer. I will try to give the salt a few more hours to see if it helps. I have alot of other herbs as well in my house and was wondering if any of those might help?

  • Animal

    First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all their home remedy tips. Some of them are extremely funny, ex. “I think I’ll have to call in a terminator”, “I let her (my dog) marinate overnight”, “I’m about ready to call in a priest to have them exorcised”. Anyway, it appears that different remedies work differently for everyone. Some say use this or don’t use that, this is the best thing, no that will kill them, you get the picture. Personally, I’m going to work my way through most of them starting with the banana peels. Only one mention of that remedy but 37 years of no fleas gotta tell you something. If that doesn’t work it will be on to the lemon/vinegar, etc. etc..The Dawn worked very well upon bathing but doesn’t keep them away afterwards. Have two Beagles, used Frontline on the bigger one and it gave her a seizure but used it on the smaller one and it worked but not for a whole month. Hopefully something will work for all of us, just use common sense to find out which one. Good Luck.



  • Vicki B

    Borax Eliminates Fleas

    Mix four parts of Borax with one part of salt, and sprinkle over your carpet.
    The mixture gets down amongst the fibers, and dehydrates the fleas and eggs,
    and prevents them re-hatching.


    Last year 2008 was so horrible for my pug with fleas. Thinking back now I remember that the grass wasn’t growing too good in the spring. My husband sprinkled LIME in the grass to help it grow. My pug made it through April, May, June, July and half of August without
    getting flea infested. I can only spray her down with Vinagar cause lfea meds make her sick and itchy! She’s a pug and has allergies to grass, mold, trees, fleas and flea control medications. These meds are just as bad as the fleas. I truely believe that the LIME has kept the fleas away from our house! In fact, I’m going to suggest that he does another application on my grass around our house. This is the first year I really haven’t had to fight off the fleas for her! So I’m sticking to vinegar/water and the Lime on the grass!

  • ray dogg

    i have three dogs i breed red nose pitbulls i had fleas every where but not any more i give them baths wit dove shampoo after there completely dry lemon juice and baby oil to replentish the oil and i put garlic powder in there food garlic kills worms too and borax and salt on carpet 4 one hole day then vacuum no more FLEAS KEEP THE ROUTINE

  • Sharon

    Ok, we also have fleas but are using table salt and giving our dog regular baths in Dawn dishsoap and it’s helping greatly. Just sprinkle regular table salt under furniture, pet bedding and even on furniture. Vacuum every day and empty vacuum canister. Do this every day or even every other day and they will eventually be gone. The salt dehydrates them and they die. Has to be repeated for at least 10 days due to the eggs that hatch. I am finding dead fleas in our bed every morning from my dog sleeping in his bed with the salt and then them getting on her and dying. They then are falling off in our bed. Kind of grose but better dead than alive!

  • Marni

    PLEASE!PLEASE! DO NOT put lemon juice & water spray on any dogs or cats that have scratched their skin raw or bit themselves raw in spots. This would be the same as YOU putting lemon juice on a cut!! THIS IS TORTURE for your animals! My vet had a fit when I told him what I’d read and was going to try! Common sense will tell you lemon juice on irritated skin will BURN and cause PAIN!! Only use this if there is NO IRRITATED AREAS! PLEASE! Thank you so much for listening as I was so upset to read one gentleman say he put EUCALYPTUS oil and lemon juice/water spray on his dogs with open sores!! Claimed that it soothed!HOW COULD IT??? It WOULD BURN! WHAT IN THE WORLD??!! No SIR, please do not do this to your dog!

  • celine

    Dear Tarzan,

    I do not believe that you are a industrial chemist as you stated. You would have to be very intelligent and spell very well if you were. You have misspelled several words, which are very simple to spell, so I do not believe you. Now,because of this,I’m hesitant to try your remedy and will try other suggestions instead. Sorry, please understand. Thank you, Mrs. Celine Brewster

  • Nora

    Please do NOT use lemon juice/water spray on dogs or cats who have irritated places on them from chewing or scratching fleas. It will cause terrible pain, just as if you got lemon juice on a cut on your finger! PLEASE do not use on irritated places!

  • Francine

    Question – has anyone tried the cider vinegar internal flea repellent suggested? If so how much and did you put it with their food?

  • debbie lee bass


  • Diana

    How long do u wait to vaccuum after applying the salt to the carpet? My poor cats r infested with fleas. I dont have much money, so what is the cheapest remedy thats works? please help. ASAP. Thanks

  • kelly

    I have had fleas in the past really bad and resorted to having specialist to come out and bomb my house before I learned a natural solutions. Well to let you know the flea bombing didnt work. What did work was murphy oil soap.sprayed the furinature, carpets, wood floors bedding and much more. Wouldnt you believe it worked. I also put regular table salt down too all over the house and vaccumed it up and threw out the vaccum bag. Just do this and you will be all set. You can also wash you dog in it. I also recommend the other suggestions on here from others casue they also work too. Believe me I have talked to lots of people when I had a flea problem.

  • ray

    Surely you can NOT be serious about telling people to use used motor oil on their dogs!?Do NOT do this!

  • Tianna

    There has been a rumor on here that only blue dawn dish soap works. Thats wrong, I used plain old sunlight dish soap and it worked fine.!
    Heres what I did.

    First I oiled up my dog and cat with normal olive oil, and let that sit for about 10 mins. Then I washed them thoroughly with sunlight dish detergent. To restore there natural oils I mixed oatmeal, a tad of baby oil and their normal shampoo together. Following that I filled up the tub with warm water and mega oatmeal. I first let them sit in the oatmeal water to relax them pouring the water on them for like five mins, then I pasted on the mix of oatmeal, shampoo and baby oil on them . Following that I rinsed them thouroughly, let them dry a bit then brushed them with their normal brush. * you may have to rinse them a second time in the next few days ecspecially the cat because its harder to get the oil out =) I sprayed the house and furniture with half cup pinsol and half cup vingegar with about half cup of water. Finally I have been spraying my cat every day with the lemon spray and my dog everytime he goes outside. The lemon spray can be made with 1 large lemon and 2 cups water, let water boil, add lemons then set to minimum and let simmer for six hours. To finish I sprinkled my floors and carpets with salt, and disinfected my whole house with cleaner. I used Lysol ut I’m sure any disinfectant works.! Thanks everyone for the info !

  • Tianna

    PS: after using sunlight I literally was picking out dead fleas! Its amazing I strongly invite some of you to try it =) Happy Hunting!

  • Tianna

    Diana, I would do one room at a time, shut the room door and leave it there for a night, keep the pets out of this room and only go in there for nessesities. After a day passes after treating your animals, vaccume, this will be your safe flea free room, lock your cleaned pets in there, and then do the rest of the rooms. =) good luck, I know its hard, Im a on a fixed income and this is a cheap esy way to get rid of those little pests =)

  • Tianna

    my cat has a bite on her neck, when applying the lemon put on neck and base of tail, if there is bites there, go around them. =)

  • Donna

    Wow ok it has been a week and I finally bombed my house with no relief. It killed many of the fleas but not all of them. My cat who was losing her hair got so sick from the flea bites that the vet had to sedate her and dip her. I’m glad my baby was sedated because she had raw open sores from her head to the middle of her back. The others were dipped as well and while the vet has them for a few days I am back at it again with the bombs. I think I will set off 4 (20000 sq ft coverage) in my tiny 900 sq ft apartment. I used 2 yesterday and still have a ton alive. The salt remedy helped for a bit until I could bomb but did not get rid of them totally.

  • Al

    I have two mixed breed dogs that became infested with fleas a while back and a buddy told me about an antiseptic dip called kreso which I purchased at my local farmers co-op , any feed and seed should carry it . I washed my dogs in it and the water was black with fleas , killed them instantly but you must dilute it properly because it is very strong and it will burn any cuts on your pet so be sure to rinse generously .

    The seven dust worked wonders in my house . I removed my pets for the day and sprinkled my carpets with it , let it stand all day and vacuumed . That was 4 years ago and I have had no flea problem since and I still have two dogs who stay indoors . I dip them in the kreso about once every month and they will still get a flea here and there but they are never infested .

  • gary

    ok people you dont need anything else other than the following.
    1 x bottle tee tree oil
    1 x squirty spray bottle

    yep thats it other than a vacume cleaner.

    we have 6 cats and 1 dog. this last 6 months we have not had the money to pay for front line ( which in my oppinion dont work well anyway) so we ended up being infested with fleas. i suffer the most as i get bit constantly. i use tee tree oil for my dog as she scretches alot anyway. it heals her scratches well. we started catching fleas and putting them in a bottle. then when we had a few in there we started testing diff things by putting in bottle and watching the effect. try it. the fleas die instantly as soon as you drop in tea tree oil. so we bought a spray bottle filled it with water dropped in several dropps of tee tree and the went around the whole hose spraying all carpets clothes curtains or anything that they may live in. we then vacumed up a day later and repeated. withing 4 days i was not being bitten. we then went to get spot on for the pets. the tea tree kills the flees but does nothing to any eggs. so you must keep doing this for at least 2 weeks every other day. spray then vacume next day and repeat. then once you are clear just do i once a week to keep it under controll. if this dont work for you id eat my hat if i wore one 🙂

  • gary

    by the way

    dont use salt, it does not do the job you are expeccting. do not use lemmon it is an acid. you go spraying this on yas carpits and clothes and you will end up with perrmanat stains on everything even laminated flooring. ( makes sence)

    the other thing is if you spray your animals with diluted lemon you shouldnt have pets in the first place. who ever suggested this in the first place should be shot.

    use the tea tree oil please. do it and you will be ammazed at how well it works 🙂

  • mike

    for an infested house, use a white dish with water and one small drop of liquid soap. they jump in but cant get back through the layer of soap. if the soap is too thick a layer, they will not penetrate and will simply crawl or jump off. not the end all but it will help getting there.

  • BEWARE!!

    Be careful how you dispose of your vacuum bags while de-fleaing. My husband’s father emptied his by his old septic tank & they got into the sewer system somehow & holy cow did they multiply. They set up a central camp where they couldn’t be reached & sent out hordes of enemy troops to attack & invade!! ALWAYS THROW AWAY OLD BAGS IN A SEALED PLASTIC BAG & TAKE TO DUMP!! Not worth taking the chance–all that work to get rid of them wasted….aarrghh!!

  • *wendy


    I would never use tea tree oil on any pet. As I mentioned earlier — use baby oil. Bathing your pet (as tho he/she was a child) everyday. Towel dry and oil your pet with the baby oil before bedtime and let your pat marinate in it over night. I forgot to mention that I use the powder scented oil. Fleas hate oil and anything scented — I know this for a fact :)I am now one month and a day without any signs of fleas. I also have a large tom cat that I applied the baby powder scented oil to without bathing as he HATES water *lol. And he is flea free too now. The situation with flea control in the home is “persistence” :)Vacuum and mop all areas everyday. Did you actually notice that most human beings do not have fleas? They hate to play in hair that is fragranced 🙂 I have never had fleas in my hair…hmmmm.

    Good luck,

  • animal lover


  • Lisa

    I just spent a hour reading all of these posts about killing fleas.I’ve lived in the Southern state for 5 years with my animals and never had this many fleas. My poor Cockapoo is scratching so bad she makes me cry. I bath her with head and shoulders and that killed the fleas on her but as soon as she dry off she is at it again but not as bad. I am going to try each and everyone of these remedies except for the lemon on your pets. I really hope the salt works because those little sucker are horrible. The bad part is that i keep feeling like they are on me but never see anything(quick little suckers). Thanks for reading this. And thanks for posting a lot of good advice….


    If you are miserable & can’t get rid of the fleas–try this as a truce. Mix vinegar, lemon & water mix and spray on your feet/shoes & socks AS SOON AS YOU GET OUT OF BED. Keep it on your nightstand. Then 1st thing–vaccuum! Lightly spritz chairs, couches, carpet with mixture. Reapply mix to your shoes if needed during day.

    Before you go to bed at night–throw all bedding in the dryer. (The heat will kill the fleas.) While the bedding is going, spray mix around the bottom of your mattress & springs. Spray a 2 foot wide path around the bed & also a path to the bathroom. Put bedding on bed & then go take a bath–throughly sudsing your hair to remove/kill any stragglers. Walk directly along the path you sprayed to bed. YOU WILL FINALLY GET A PEACEFUL NIGHT’S SLEEP!! NO ROLLING & ITCHING & GOING CRAZY!!

    Also, I put strong scented lotion on the kids. I happened to have some Aveeno Menthol on hand & the kids haven’t been bit in over a week. We have fleas — we are just coexisting until I can eradicate the pesky critters. Also try drinking small amounts of vinegar & eating garlic yourself. Works on humans too!!

  • Delores

    All of these tips sound hepfull but the is one that I use since I
    got a Maltese. Living in the country and some of the acerage is weedy and sandy it seems like every time he goes outside I find new fleas on
    his belly so besides some of the remdies I also keep a sticky tape lint roller on hand and every day I roll it over my bed covers,throw rugs etc. You will be amazed at what it picks up.Luck or what I have not been bitten at all. FULL TIME JOB FOR SURE…

  • Robin

    We recently applied a flea and tick medicine to our new dog. She still has fleas, but they are not bad. We are finding them on us too. I would like to know the steps that we should take to make sure the house doesn’t become infested by the few that got away.

  • JJ

    Don’t give your pets garlic. Garlic contains the toxic ingredient thiosulphate, which can cause haemolytic anaemia. Even though it might take a large amount of garlic to harm your pet, it is a gamble that I wouldn’t take.

  • Renee

    I vacuumed VERY thouroghly and applied a flea spray to my carpeting and furniture last week. I usually vacuum my house every other day( the whole freakin house has carpet)and when I vacuumed today,I found 2 live fleas and what I think was 1 larvae(oohhh yucky!) I have a bagless vacuum so I empty it outside on a paper towel to inspect, yes I am anal:) What the heck do I do now? My doggy itches every so often and has been treated with Advantage but the vet said he has an allergy to weeds as well so who knows about the itching. Haven’t seen one flea on him in 2 wks. My poor kitties got so bad they had sores from scratching, but have done sooo much better since using the Advantage on them. Am I just paranoid? When will I quit seeing fleas? My problem isn’t as bad as others but even one flea to me is one too many:) Any advise?

  • Stephen

    Lemons work by creating and acidic environment which the fleas do not like. My mother puts vinegar in with the dogs water and he sweats acid and fleas don’t touch him. Using lemons is not “torture”. Frontline nearly killed my Siamese and lemon works perfectly. How anyone could think a broad spectrum insecticide is better for your pet than lemon juice is beyond me. Heck the box says Frontline can cause skin irritation or in my cats case seizures. If your pet has open wounds from scratching then you need to be wary of what you do period.

    I read a lot of posts that were clearly uninformed. Do not use tea tree oil on a cat because they will lick it and tea tree oil MUST NOT be ingested. Just because Aborigines do it does not make it safe. Tea tree oil is powerful stuff that is best left to disinfectant of gram positive and gram negative bacteria not as a cure-all. It contains phenolics and cyclic terpenes which are especially toxic to cats. Even if there is no chance of it being ingested tea tree oil is lipophilic and should not be used in excess as it will go through the skin. I used to sell melaleuca so I know thing or two about it.

    I also saw one person used cedar. This too should not be done as it too is toxic. Heck if you are using any essential oil that can double as a paint solvent you need to reconsider your approach.

    Diatoms can be effective but not always.

    Also I believe it is fine to use garlic with dogs. At least my mothers golden retriever has no ill effects from ingesting it.

    Also your vet may not be the font of knowledge they believe themselves to be. Always supplement with your own research. My old vet told me to use Hartz. I found a new vet. If you use Hartz you need to check out http://www.hartzvictims.org

  • Inga

    I have a basset hound that is outside and is covered in fleas and his back legs are covered in black spots..Just wondering what i can do to help him before the weather gets to cool outside to wear i cant bath him..Needing advice really bad and fast..

  • courtney

    What is the borax and salt remedy. I need help asap, I am allergic to fleas as well as there bites. And ive been thru hell these past two days. I have bites everywhere you can think of, mostly on my ankles and legs and some on my back and arms. No one else is having an issue except me which i dont understand. But someone please send me this remedy, thankyou..

  • courtney

    After the banana peels have dried, how do you discard of them?

  • Keryi

    I was wondering if lemon works and does it work on kittens i have 2 kittens that are a week old and they have fleas can i use the lemon on them. please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me no thanks to everyone that could help

  • NappyHeadedHo

    I have tried ALL of this stuff I read on here. None of it worked. My fleas have become so resistant to everything, no matter what I try. Thinking about just burning down the whole damn house and moving away.

  • Carly

    Well, I have tried nearly all these methods except the borax which I have no idea where to buy. My dog brought fleas in the house even though he had a flea collar on so I have been battling the little beggers for a few week now. I find the lemon spray works well to keep them off soft furnishings. The salt did not work, nor did the banana peelings or the vinegar. The only thing that seems to be working is to vacumn whole house every day which is very tiring. Also I have placed little pieces of real lemons in corners of the house and furniture, it smells nice too. I use Avon so Soft body spray too to make sure they dont bite me. I am hoping they will be gone completely soon, GOOD LUCK!

  • Karen


    I was pet sitting a dog here and now my house seems to be infested.
    I just dumped 35$ on a can of spray that doesn’t work.

    A friend uses vineger in a bowl covered with Saran wrap for fruit flies. Help Fellow Flea suffers?

    I just put out a bowl of dishwashing liquid but does it have to be lemon scented?

    Help with any new trick to the fix.

  • Ashley

    does the salt really work beause i have no money to but that expense flea control stuff and i want to get rid of the fleas in my home?? someone write me back????

  • Ed

    I use Front Line on the cat and dog and it works. If I get fleas in the house I put down some moth balls or powder and I put some balls in the vacumn bag also, to kill the ones that get sucked up. I have also used a dinner plate with dawn dish soap, water and a candle. Place the plate in the middle of a room, light the candle and the fleas jump to the heat and drown in the soapy water.

  • amy

    dawn dish soap let soak for 10 min and rinse. wont prevent them but will kill whats on them.

  • EMS

    I tried it all just as many of you have, but I FOUND A SOLUTION TODAY!!! Clear Aloe Vera Gel at $3.55 per bottle. It works by applying the gel to a cats dry hair and working it into its hair and skin with your hands. Wait 5 minutes and then repeat process. Now you will see the fleas removing themselves from the cats skin and surfacing to the top of the cats coat/hair. They HATE the smell and cant breath. Then after this process go ahead and give the cat a bath using just the aloe vera gel and some water. Let it sit on the cat for at least 5 minutes. This is soothing for the cat and heals the flea bites, but most of all KILLS THE FLEAS. Repeat the next day. Then every other day until no more fleas surface.

  • jai

    is citrus repellent also applicable for a two months puppy?? isnt this harmful for them??

  • wilma

    The best way i have found in the last 10 yrs of riding fleas since having cats n dogs in my home is an enjoyment is in the month of February of each year i start spraying my animales weekly plus my carpets n upholstry with 75% apple cider vinegar and 25% water. i bought a dollar spray bottle from the local dollar general and a bottle of this size will last once a week. But i spray the house every other day, and sweep/vaccuum several times a day, then as the months follow i begin spraying the animals. In prior times i relied on a pest control guy to spray all those harmful chemicals, when here all i needed was vinegar, your house will smell like vinegar but it fades yet your carpets smell fresh for a lil while and your dog doesn’t have that dog smell, so why pay for all those pricey chemicals when you can pay a total of 5 dollars and have six months of a flea free residency and saneness!Tea tree oil also helps and especially if the dog has any skin irritations just be sure not to add to much because the oils are dangerous in high doses, and can kill your pet, one drop is sufficient!

  • Margie

    Fleas also love light,..at night if you take a bucket of soapy warm water, shine a light directly on the water, and leave it until morning, when you wake to check it- you will have dozens of dead fleas floating in the soapy water.



  • Krystal

    * I used the Citrus Repellent. Works great. I mopped up about fifty dead fleas of the ground. And that are the ones that just fell off. My cats and dogs coats are shinier then ever. One thing you could try is letting your house get really freezing cold just for a couple days and freez your house. The fleas can’t live in the cold. Thanks for the tips guys (:



  • JKH

    pay more attention to your pets and you can catch the problem before it gets outta hand which in turn is easy to deal with

  • Pam

    My daughter uses the dry product called Max found in the garden center for outside and around the house. It will kill fleas, spiders, etc. for months. The flea comb, flea shampoo for cats works,the tablet that you give internally isn’t fun to put down their throats but it works in 1/2 hr. to get rid of the fleas and the tapeworms. The advantage droplets you put on the nap behind the cats head hopefully keeps the fleas dying for 28 days. I’ve been vacuuming and vacuuming and used two exterminators(terminx and a local bug exterminator).Have no good news on the Terminx. 9/4/09 He came with 2 large cans of spray in hand charged me $153, which I paid. Told me he couldn’t do anything about my wooden floors, didn’t have the fumigator with him to be able to get to the attic and couldn’t do the outside and around the base of my home. He put stain circles where he laid the cans on my dinning room sideboard and still we had the flees and they were really eating us more. I complained to his manager, sent a faxw/complaint to their site but haven’t heard anything except was sent more bills for the $153. 9/10/09 called local bug exterminator, paid $107 had him spray and fog attic. It’s helped but called him back and asked him to come out again, he hasn’t called yet. Mean while I’m vacuuming and cleaning. I won’t use the garlic or the tea tree oil on or in my cat, but will use the vinegar, lemon juice and water plus the soapywater w/light for killing flees. Thanks for the remedies.


    Thank you everyone for the great tips! In the past, I’ve used bombs and sevindust and that sevin dust works almost instantly its great! But, this time around our dog is pregnant, and so I needed something that wouldnt harm those babies! We have them in the yard bad, bad on her (my other dog is fine he’s on advantage) and in the garage only-luckily not the house(had put the dogs in there one night b/c a storm…and they multiplied!) So I am going to hang mothballs all over the garage, I already sprinkled salt, and sprayed the dogs with vinegar and then sprinkled garlic salt on their coats. I was going to use cedar chips in the yard and her welping box, but someone posted those are toxic too..so I will treat the yard with pinesol and vinegar. If these dont work I will try the lemons- for those that think it’s wrong…I think if its diluted it wouldnt be bad…I am the only one who gets bit (other than pets) out of all of us, and those things itch like crazy..so any med that I put on it that stings takes out the itch and feels great, heck i might try lemons on me first and see! Also the tea trea oil is toxic if you use too much- but there is a shampoo made by paul mitchell- tea tree- that you could use that instead and make sure to rinse off good, it would help with any irritation of the bites too.Once again, if you are not worried about chemicals- try seven dust,it says you can even use it on your pets stuff, and it really really does work super fast, but I cant take any chances with her puppies so I have to go all natural. For those who say nothing works- the key is to treating everything all at once! HOUSE<YARD<ANIMAL! If you bathe your pet in dawn or whatever, and then let them back outside or your house without treating that too- then they will just get them back. If you have a heavy infestation- bathe your pet before putting the topical flea med on. Who would have thought that something so small would be so hard to kill? Good luck to everyone!

    ~Fighting the Flea War in Missouri~

  • amber

    ok people, this is what i did, and i hope it works for ya… i had one indoor cat, and the people that lived in the house before me, had flea bombs everywhere. they had like 6 indoor cats. i didnt see a problem for about 8 months, then i noticed my cat to itch madly, she could not stop for 2 mins, she was miserable. i got on this sight and looked and looked, and this is what helps me, good luck… i started by giving her a bath in the blue dawn soap, this REALLY works guys, you can see red spots in the fur instantly, they blow up and explode. so i gave her a bath, and washed her like 3 times, leaving the soap on her, and make sure you get down to the skin, for them little things will try to hide. then i made the mixture of lemon peels and juice, mixed with boiling hot water, i let it cool, it also made the house smell good, and put it in a spray bottle, i sprayed her down good all over, then of course they were in my carpet, i mixed the blue dawn, some water and a bit of peroxide, in my carpet cleaner, then washed the carpet, then when it was dry, i sprayed the same mixture of lemons and water all over the floor, and also in the couch cushions, and on her bed. you should see results instantly. we did, just keep up with this for a few weeks and this shold rid of them for good. i also sprinkle just a bit of garlic powder in her dry cat food, and im going tomorrow to get pills called brewers yeast, you can get them at your local feed supply store, you can get like 600 pills for 7 bucks. just give the dose that it says. she is so fluffy cause i wash her like twice a week in dawn, and she smells great, she even loves a bath now!! and the house smells of fresh lemons and dawn all the time. it worked for me, and i hope it does the same for you. i even sprayed the lemon and water on my mattress (cause she sleeps with me, and washed the sheets and blankets in hot water and dried them on high hot as well) no more bites on me, or my husband, and she can now take a nap in peace. good luck.

  • Allel

    KILLING ANTS, use the product “MOTH BALLS OR CRYSTAL NON-ODOR MOTH FLAKES” this will kill the ants immediately on contact. Inside the home and outside. EXCELLENT!

  • Tammy

    Borax can be bought at walmart in the laundry detergent aisle. I rub it into the carpets, let sit atleast 24 hours, then vacuum. It works wonders!!
    Fleas also despise the scents of pine and lavender. So I use lavender scented laundry detergents and dryer sheets, which repels them from me and my bedding. I use lavender scented shampoo and conditioner on me and my pets. Smells good and provides instant relief, and is a repellent.
    The yard has pine branches around it. Keeps the fleas down in the yard. My sister lived next to a sand storage lot. (sand was for the roads in the winter). Her house was riddled with fleas, no matter what she did, or the time of year. An elderly woman suggested she place the pine branches up against the edges of her home, and around the perimeter of her yard. My sister did this, then did the borax treatment on carpet and upholstery, and lavendered up her pets and kids. Fleas were gone in 24 hours.
    We do this every 6 months, and have been flea free for over 10 years!!!

  • Tammy

    ps… we use the lavender detergents and shampoo, and the pine branches all year round. We just use the borax every 6 months, just to be on the safe side.

  • KT

    We have fogged 3 times and it only killed some of the fleas.

    Best luck so far with the Borax and salt. Vacuum first, put it down for at least 2 hours and vacuum again. Also, since we have hard wood floors, after vacuuming up the Borax, I mopped with PineSol according to directions and sprayed the baseboards with a pinesol mixture. I saw somewhere that the best weapon is vacuuming because it causes the eggs to hatch speeding up the flea cycle and it is actual removal of the fleas and eggs. I read a post by an exterminator that said after they come in they will usually tell you to vacuum everthing, every day for 2 weeks.

    As for on people, we have had luck with lavendar scented baby oil. I am looking for lavender scented linen spray for our bedding. Other smell repellants were mint, rosemary and cedar.

    In human hair, soak head in a baking soda/water mixture for 15 minutes, comb with a fine tooth comb and then wash with Dawn soap. I did this to my 2 year old son after seeing a flea in his hair and flea bites on his back. I could have cried when I saw the results. Let’s just say it works.

    In the yard, I heard seven from the lawn and garden dept at walmart works really well.

    Fleas are no joke. Hard work and a full time job but we are going to keep at it!

  • Caitlin

    Yesterday I moved into a rental house with all wooden floors and a laminate floor kitchen. This morning, I had fleas all over. Those suckers can jump! After a freak out moment, I googled and came to this site. My questions is: Is lemon juice, vinegar, or salt harmful to hardwood floors? I’m desperate! Please help! I will definitely try the dawn dishsoap in a pan under a night light.

    Also, is Borax harmful for wooden floors? Help!

  • Angie and minimoo

    WOW! THIS SERIOUSLY WORKS! i tried the lemon and it did NOTING! BUT i used baby oil and then dawn on my little minimoo and the fleas just died. first i put on the baby oil and coated her in it. all except her face then ran a warm (but not too warm) bath and washed out the oil with dawn dish detergent and the dead flees just kept going down the drain. it took a few washes to get the rest of the oil out but it worked! the using a flea comb just comb the dead ones (and what evere live ones left) out. the only fleas that were a live after it all were on her face poor thing but they were easy to spot and pick out.

    thanks for the tips everyone!

  • Jamie

    Because I have been so busy I just noticed within the past week that my Daschund is infested with fleas.I feel so guilty b/c I didnt realize how bad it has gotten.There are even spots of blood all over the bed he sleeps on where the fleas are pratically aare bitil are uel lfcwith school I is infested!just itly because real

  • Michel – Michigan

    O.k., I was up to here in fleas. Now this is very strange. I have some of that linen spray from the dollar store and I spray my sheets and pillow cases because it helps me to sleep. The other night, the fleas were biting me to death so I sprayed my sheets and pillow cases and decided to let them bite because there wasn’t any thing I could do, but at least I could try to get some sleep. Well, I slept all through the night and when I woke up in the morning, I found dead fleas on the sheet! So, I sprayed the entire house with that stuff and didn’t get my feet bitten at all. I used all sorts of scents, so apparently it doesn’t matter. There is just something in it that kills fleas! It’s been nearly 2 days and no bites! I’m going to spray every night and vacuum every day for a couple of weeks just to be sure I got all the nits and eggs, but it’s cheaper than the flea spray and not as toxic. And, I don’t have to worry about my bird, Perkins, getting the fumes either! Spray close to the floor, about 8 inches or so away and don’t spray on food or yourself or the pet. So, if you have fleas in your carpet or bed, try that. I got it at The Dollar Tree and it’s called Linen Spray or Poupourri Spritz, both seem to work and it doesn’t take all that much. The bottles are only about 7 ounces and I did the whole house with 3/4 of a bottle.

  • sadie

    i’ve been feeding a really nice stray/abandoned cat, and i want him to be able to come into my apt. but he has fleas. i fixed him up a warm bed outside, but want to get him de-flea’d right away so he can begin to be inside for the cold weather. i have questions:

    how much cider vinegar should i put in my cat’s drinking water to repel fleas, and will he like the taste of it? does the smell and taste go away after the water sits for a bit? hope someone can help with this. i’m already giving him the brewers yeast in his food, which he loves.

    going to try the lemon water spray on him next. will report how that works.

    thanks for this site! i really want to avoid poisons if at all possible, and i am on a really low income, so can’t afford advantage and all that expensive stuff.


  • donna

    I have tried the apple cider vineger does not work my dog is scrathing so bad he keeps me awake at night. I am going to try the lemon spray. I am willing to try any thing. I feel sorry for him. I have tried flea spray and don’t last very long. I don’t like using harsh chemicals on my pets. Also what is the mixture for salt and borax. Donna

  • Alisha

    !When I adopted my dog Brandie she was very pregnant. She was so infested with fleas I tried everything. The local groomer had told me about capstar its a pill that’s safe for pregnant animals. Her fleas were gone in two hours! No one you do have to treat again if they come back. Her babies had flea eggs on them and I bathed them in blue dawn and it killed the fleas they had also. I am going to try some other things on here for the home. Luckily I don’t have an issue with fleas anywhere else that I noticed but it never hurts to safer than sorry
    Thanks so much for the advice! 🙂

  • Amanda Coates

    I have 2 small chihauhaus both of whom have highly sensitive skin. My husband and I teamed up on each dog one at a time and we put apple cider vinegar (straight) in a spray bottle and sprayed them generously and worked it into their coates. we let that sit for about 5 min. Then we put them in the sink with warm water and about 1/4 cup of the vinegar. rinsed them and washed them (according to the directions) with a good flea and tick shampoo. After we dried them we then gave them a finishing spray with the same vinegar. The fleas that were still alive (barely) were trying to go everywhere but on the dogs!!!

  • Reagan

    Please help me!!! I found out my dog had fleas a few days ago after a bath, and now I’m finding them all over my house, and my 2 small children (and they are prob. on me too… GROSS!!!). I’m not too worried about getting them off me and the boys but how do I get rid of the ones on the carpet. I vacumm constantly because my youngest is 9 months and crawling evrywhere so I need something that will be safe for him to crawl on and won’t just get sucked up when I vaccum? Would eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavendar oils mixed with water actually work? Please help my boys, we are miserable!!

  • Joan Dainty

    I have small to medium size bowls with warm water a drop of dish soap on the floor by a plug outlet. Put a night light with no cover on it. The fleas are attracted to it and fall into the soapy water a they drown themselves.

  • becky

    this has by far been the worst we have ever had fleas!! we have 3 indoor cats. i tried the vinegar last year and it worked tried it 2 days ago in 6 white plates overnight. it didn’t do much but smell up the house. i am now so happy to hear about the salt solution. i will most def. try it tomorrow morning. does it also work on wooden floors? i will put it under/ in all my furniture,bed,and cat box closet. hopefully this works!!! i will let everyone know in a few days how this works… also will the salt kill my grass if i sprinkle it outside???

  • luke rogers

    i just tried the vinegar and water treatment on my danes and IT WORKS!!!!!!they are currently running around mad with fleas dropping off everywhere…the only other thing that works as well is if u plant some crysathanums around your yard because the active ingredient in natural flea powders is PYRETHRINS WHICH COME FROM THE CRYSANTHANUMS..HAPPY HUNTING!!!!!!

  • maegen

    I am going crazy. Like many of you I cannot afford expensive methods of getting rid of these fleas. We did have the orkin man come out and now there worse. I have not gotten more then an hour of sleep in a week. I am getting tortured by the fleas, they are everywhere in my bed, the couch, I try to take a bath for relief and they jump in my bathwater. Its about 4 in the morning and again I have not slept. You have given helpful remedies I’m sure to get rid of them but in the meantime what can I do to keep them off me. Please I’m in need of desprete help, I no longer have skin its all one big flea bite. I’m trying the soap, salt, and pine-sol right now also the water bowl under the light. But I’m still getting eaten alive.

  • Carla

    I have a 6 month old blue heeler and he has fleas really bad!!!!! They are in my house,outside and everyone is itching… I have tried the flea shampoos and store bought sprays and they arent working!!! I need help!!! My family and my dog are suffering… The fleas on my dog have gotten so bad that he is scratching until he bleeds and taking his fur off on his belly… If anyone has any tips that dont cost alot and that WORK please let me know…

  • Felicia

    PLEASE HELP!! i need so home remedies my dog is getting bald any suggestions?

  • No more fleas, please!

    Our new boxer puppy (10 months, 50 lbs) had fleas like crazy. He had them when we got him, so don’t say I should have paid more attention. His previous owners didn’t pay attention. I’d give him a bath in flea shampoo, and when I rinse the fleas were falling off like crazy. Then he would go outside to potty and come back in THICK with fleas. He had a newer flea collar on. I bought salt and boric acid for the carpet. I tried vinegar and Dawn dish soap. I tried some cheap generic dish soap. I tried essential oils in his blankets and his bed. I gave him dog treats that had garlic in them. (They say garlic is bad, but the dog treats have garlic in them… What’s up with that?) I tried banana peels. I don’t know how you didn’t get gnats with banana peels stuck under your sofa. We sure as heck did. I used ground cloves. I used seriously 80% of the things listed on this page. No, I didn’t drown him in motor oil, and I didn’t spray acidic lemon juice on his sores. I do have a BIT of common sense.
    FINALLY I said to heck with it. I have already spent $250 on trying to get rid of fleas, so I asked my vet what to do. She suggested Comfortis. You think all flea treatments are expensive? $12.50 for the pill that is supposed to last 30 days. That is a lot cheaper than poking and hoping at the $250 worth of home remedies that work for some and not for others. I’m not saying the home remedies don’t work. I’m saying they didn’t work for me.
    I gave it to him with a meal. I put him in his bed with a clean white sheet underneath, and he slept for an hour until I woke him up. Underneath him were probably 40+ dead fleas.
    I really wanted to go all natural, but I couldn’t see letting him suffer another night. (Not to mention his digging at his rear kept me and my boyfriend and our 6 year old son up at night, too!) I pray the Comfortis lives up to my expectations. I understand there are risks associated with all medications, but the reviews I read all supported Comfortis, (besides 2). 98/107…not bad right?
    I wish you all luck. I know fleas SUCK!!
    PS – I tried the night light with the pie pan with Dawn & water underneath. To date, we have caught 98 fleas. So they are still in our house, but hopefully our Clyde will quit bringing them in with him. Now that he has no fleas on his body, we’re working on having no fleas in our house. Good luck!

  • Emily

    please help i have a indoor cat and she is full of fleas how do i get rid of them off her

  • phyllicia

    you can use skin so soft and it will get rid of fleas

  • Dawn

    I am using the white bowl with Dawn in it and I have a light sitting right above it. This seems to be attracting a LOT of the fleas, I have to dump the bowl twice a day, morning and after work. I am also putting salt on the floor and vacuuming every day. This is a daily job that I feel I have to do to win this WAR! I am going to bathe my dog tomorrow with Dawn as well…the cats won’t let me bathe them

  • Tiffany

    Boil Rosemary (the twigs and the needles) in water, let it cool, pour it into a spray bottle and spray the animals fur, furniture, floors, bedding, whatever…like febreeze…or u can put the rosemary sprig in the corners of the floor…I live in sandland, and fleas were coming into my home, I do this 1x a month and no more fleas…I gave a bottle to my brother and he sprayed his outside dogs and indoor cats coats, no more fleas…(also I have heard trying to shampoo or clean your carpets to rid fleas only makes it worse) the warm, moist, and clean carpet will only make a breeding ground for more fleas…so kill first then clean.

  • Darlene

    Dandruff shampoo works well also. Especially Head and Shoulders

  • Kate

    Regarding the Comfortis – is that just for dogs or is there one for cats too?

    I thought I was going crazy after we bombed our house 5 times, bathed the cats 3 times each, sprayed down everything in the house and yard, washed everything (all of this in under 24 hours), and are STILL horribly infested…
    I’m looking forward to trying some of the tips I found here. Wish me luck. 🙂

  • Steph

    I have one cat in the house and he got fleas somehow and now we also have fleas in the house.Any good suggestions of how I might get rid of them or try anyway.:)There was mentioned different times about a borax and salt solution,whats that?Please help me!!!:) Thanks

  • Brandy

    We have two indoor cats, one day this summer one snuck outside and was only outside for about 5 min’s. Needless to say, that was long enough.. We’ve been fighting the war since. Our poor cat has been so infested, we’ve tried the powders and the sprays (which they do not like), the collars and the frontline type stuff. We’ve borox’d the floors, used the Enforcer flea spray, and have been concidering bombing the house (we felt this was a last resort b/c they’re so um.. chemically yucky.So, tonight I tortured my poor cats again.. I doused them in veggie oil per a posting found on this site and left it on them for about 8 (long and miserable) hours. We then bathed them with dawn dishsoap. Every single flea was dead. We spent hours pulling their dead bodies off of our cats. The cats are a bit better! Yeah! We’ve also, per this site, put bowls of pinesol and vinegar mixture all over the house and bowls of water and dawn, sprinkled the floors with salt and put banana peels around the house. It’s kinda cool to see their floating dead bodies! War on fleas! Good luck all and if you have any more remedys… please share!

  • bianca

    i have a flea problem i use frontline plus and flea powder but my dogs go outside then come in and they have fleas how do i treat outside for fleas will vinegar water spray help

  • Lori

    AVC and oils are only deterrents. You will need to do something to kill the fleas such as a spray or powder and a treatment for the animal. The fleas that are in furniture, carpet and don’t forget about stuffed animals on the ground need to be killed or there will be re-infestation problems. You can buy all natural sprays and powders at pet stores. My cat does have fleas – I am treating him with Frontline for 3 months and spraying my carpets and furniture. Luckily we have hard wood floors in most of our house. I do spray Eucalyptus oil diluted with water on our beds and bedding, in closets on our clothes, on our skin and hair to prevent us from being bitten or from the fleas to making into our beds. I think once you have the initial problem under control using the AVC and oils, lemon spray or whatever is a great all natural prevention meathod

  • Lori

    I forgot – if you live in a cold climate, put your couch cushions, large throw rugs or whatever outside for a while (mine have been out for almost 2 days). Fleas can not survive outside in winter without a host to keep them warm. I am not sure about the eggs or the larvae though. But, this will mean less fleas laying eggs in your house. 🙂 I am still going to spray the cushions to kill the eggs and larvae.

  • Lori

    A word about Frontline – this is not a repellent. I was crushed to see my cat still had fleas after applying it. The vet said it works by killing the fleas as they bite the cat. So, after treating expect to still see fleas on the animal. This actually good because they will die upon biting. The pet is picking up new fleas from their environment (carpet, furniture, pet beds). Vet also said that you need to treat the animal for 3 months straight to kill off all of the fleas.
    Hope some of the tips help. I was devastated and repulsed to think that I had fleas in my home. I did try some of the natural methods listed, but did not want to chance a terrible infestation. I have declared an all out war…

  • ashley

    i have used alcohol rub and it didnt work at all!! i have used dawn dish sopa and didnt work at all!! i have used oatmeal bath soap and no work!! ihavent figured out what to do for my 5 dogs and 2 cats!! but i am gonna try some of the house rememdies posted on this site and pray that it will work!! thank you

  • Comfortis (I know – not a home remedy)

    Kate – sorry it took me so long to respond. The vet told me Comfortis hasn’t been developed for cats, so sorry.

    But I will say that since giving our dog the Comfortis (it has been one month now) he has no fleas, and with the blizzard in Oklahoma this week, I am hoping to see no more, but I am sure we will after it warms up in the spring.

    It WORKED for me! But I just don’t know about anything about cats.

  • Loree

    After battlinf fleas for years, using frontline (doesn’t work) advantage (works but is very expensive when you have as many pets as we do)I was desperately seeking a remedy… it got so bvad I was feeling the fleas crawling on me at work (very embarassing) so I made a concaoction that works very well… I boiled 6 lemons sliced into quarters for an hour, let it cool, strained it and pouredinto a spray bottle, then I added 5-7 drops of tea tree oil and shook. I bathed my 5 dogs & 2 cats in dawn dish soap dried them off and then spritzed this potion on them liberally… no fleas. In fact last night I did not bathe my pug, just sprayedher down as it was getting late and its cold here… the fleas were literally fallibng off of her. I had placed her in the tub and sprayed her and watched with amazement as they just dropped off either dead or dying!! This is so much more affordable and and doesn’t cause bad skin ractions like we saw in some of th flea treatments we got. Also a little pill called Capstar that you get from your et will kill all the fleas ontyour pet within an hour but you have to follow up with preventative measure to keep a reinfestation from happening.

  • hilma

    we have tried the drops, collars, spray, flea shampoo, tegrin shampoo, steeped tea, steeped lemon, so far we’re just keeping them at bay. I have used the oil treatment on kittens and our dog when she was a puppy and it works great, however she is 80 lbs and thats a lot of slippery dog. After all this the 2 dogs still have fleas – one so torn up not sure anymore what to do. She spends her days itching and licking. We have hardwood and tile floors, so i am cautious about using vinegar or lemon on them. However I did see one post regarding Murphy’s which I do use to clean our floors. I am wondering about this pill “comfortis” that was mentioned in an earlier post. Has anyone else used this? In the meantime I am going to try the Dawn and the lemon again (could be I didn’t let it steep long enough) before calling the vet for this pill. Thanks for all the different methods. P.S. will also try the banana and leave a post if it works.

  • Michelle T

    I just tried the dawn. It worked great but not 100%. It killed most of the fleas. I am going to try the lemon suggestion for the floors. I figure if it doesn’t kill the fleas at least my house will smell nice. I am also thinking of rubbing him down with the apple cider vinegar to hopefully help keep them off of him. I did get salt so I may use that along with the lemon juice just a day or so apart. I will let you now how things go.

  • Heidi

    I rescued a basset/beagle/dachshund mix whos about 4 months old and he brought fleas with him. Within a matter of days my cats had them too. We washed the puppy twice, vaccuumed daily and spread salt on the floors (letting it set for 5 minutes) along with getting Ultraguard flea collars from walmart for about 5 bucks a piece. The flea collars are supposed to kill the fleas and the unhatched eggs as well. We also bought Oust air sanitizer the citrus scent and sprayed it EVERYWHERE daily. I have not seen any fleas in 2-3 days and I am still going to do the lemon wedges and water for good measure. Thanks for the tips and I hope this will help somebody else who needs it…Happy New Year!

  • jessica


  • Maddyn and Me


    1 cup Borax
    1 cup baking soda
    1 cup table salt

    Mix well, sprinkle evenly over
    carpet, furniture, under cushions,
    mattresses. Leave overnight and
    vacuum next day really well.

  • Rere

    We have inside cats who never go outside, but for some reason we’ve had a flea infestation for the last 2 months. We use Advantage on the cats, and vacuum every day.
    I’ve also found something that helps between vacuum sessions: I bought two large sticky lint rollers and roll these over the cats’ bedding, the sofa, chairs, our clothing and everywhere that I suspect the fleas might be. The sticky surface of the roller catches the flea, the larva, and the eggs. I buy the refills and have been going through about one a week. Though we’ve not eliminated the fleas totally, there are fewer of them.
    Also, using a flea comb on the cats lets you know what stages the fleas are in. After I run the comb over the cat I put it into a small bucket of water to drown the fleas.

  • Sarah

    Please remember that undiluted tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats. I choose not to use it at all, even in diluted forms, as there is no standard ratio for dilution that would render it completely safe. I would also check with a veterinarian before using any essential oil on my pet. Many essential oils are as powerful and toxic as any pharmacuetical on the market.

  • noelia


    Les escribo por que ya no se que mas hacer.

    El problema es que he llevado como siempre a mi perrita a bañar a la veterinaria que la llevo desde que tiene 45 dias (ahora esta por cumplir un año);el tema es que justo cuando la lleve,delante mio,la veterinaria le estaba quitando las pulgas a un perrito que habia dejado otra clienta y que segun ella la habian traido de un pensionado canino.
    Cuando la retire de la veterinaria,estuvo todo bien,pero al cabo de unos dias comenzamos a ver en mi casa,pulgas y mas pulgas (pero el perro no tiene nada).

    Es la cocker mas limpia del planeta,esta excesivamente cuidada y con todo lo que necesita un perrito (que es como mi hijita,jajajaja).

    Mi casa esta sumamente limpia,ya que soy alergica a varias cosas,asi que limpiamos con lavandina,lisofort y demas productos;hemos colocado laurel para ahuyentar a las pulgas,pero siguen aqui y no sabemos que mas hacer para quitarlas.

    Nos podrian ayudar?,muchas gracias.

  • ms.curious

    I just got a new puppy 2 days ago and checked for fleas. Later that day i picked him up and found a flea on my t- shirt,while bathing him i seen 2 more fleas on his neck I didn’t see them anywhere else. After I bathed him real good i searched for homemade remedies and found this site (thanks you all for the great ideas). My question is: which one is the best remedy to try he is very young not even 3 months yet! I am WORRIED that my house will become infested( it doesn’t take long before things to get that way) I’ve never had fleas in my house. I know a person who has and it was very very painful, just to sit down and relax became a struggle

    HELP B 4 It’s 2 LATE

  • XxMunchiesxX

    I know this isn’t a tip, but i just wanted some advice on how to keep the fles off. I have 2 indoor cats, and 2 indoor dogs. I take the dogs out twice a day for 10 minutes. No matter what i try, the dogs always bring in fleas. I don’t know what to do!!!!!! Somebody please help!

  • Momma T

    I HAD 5 cats.
    One died from fleas. One cat is eating himself raw trying toget them off. I am scarred from these little F***ERS and can’t do it any longer.
    I am now trying EVERYTHING mixed together.
    Garlic powder,Rubbing alcohol, salt, lemon juice and Dawn in a spray bottle.
    My house smells quite delicious at the moment and I really hope this works.

  • Desperate mom….

    My baby is 7 months old and he cannot sleep peacefully without getting bitten by those monsters (flea)…i do get bitten too but it seems like my baby is the main victim….he is covered with bites and marks from old bites….i am going to try the lemon n vinegar….i heard camphor also helps but dam these fleas come back. i have 2 dogs at home…but they dont have much fleas..i think its the house that if infected with these monsters…n even the poor dogs are suffering….help….and is these home remedies safe for my baby too…i am desperate to get them out….

  • lyn helsby

    I’ve tried many things to get on top of my flea problem, so can’t say with any certainty if there is just one that is the best.

    I’ve flea bombed my home and I vacuum daily, with mothballs in the vacuum bag to kill any fleas/eggs/larvae vacuumed up. Pet bedding is washed regularly, and my bedding too.

    I check my cats daily and if I’ve found any adult fleas I’ve given the cat a Capstar tablet, which kills adult fleas within 30 minutes (only has effect for 24 – 48 hours). I use Frontline Plus on the cats every 3 – 4 weeks (to sterilise any adult fleas and break the flea cycle). I also have an electronic “PetExit” plugged into a socket in my lounge room (told you I’ve tried many things!!).

    My flea problem noticeably reduced at about the time I also tried a couple of “natural” remedies…….rock salt in a shallow container/plate placed under furniture where ever it can be put unobtrusively, and I have obtained large amethyst tumbled stones from a new age web site to place in the cats’ water bowls (apparently the water with amethysts in it produces an unpleasant odour through the animal’s skin which deters fleas).

    Following these last two remedies I saw NOT ONE flea for over a month, and have only sighted a couple since then, at which stage I’ve re-bombed my home. I believe I’m more or less on top of the problem now but know I have to be vigilant ALL THE TIME, not just during flea season.

    NB: If you live in a humid area and wish to try the rock salt remedy, be aware that the salt attracts moisture from the atmosphere, and you need to check the containers at least once a week and pour off any accumulated water which could leave a mess if ignored. This also conserves as much of the salt as possible before it is liquefied and wasted.

  • flo

    in the spring i put pellet sulfer in the yard . i use the spreader . that kills fleas all summer .borax works in the house .

  • dana


  • HweeLee (Singapore)

    I have tried most of the method mentioned and I have also get 3 pest control to come in but nothing is working….

    First, all pet owner should always protect their pet. Dog owner should apply FRONTLINE PLUS spot on for your dog every 21 days (not 30 days), the gap might land you into trouble…

    Second, buy different sizes of ziplock bag, pack those cloths, bags, stationery, other stuff at home that you do not use so often into ziplock, and close it TIGHT. If ever your house is infested, this will help to find the insect easier than having all of them hiding)


    To : Momma T

    I feel so sorry for you! First,

    send ALL YOUR CAT to the vet for di-tick / di-flea shower. Tell your vet / groomer clearly what happen and they will apply the right shampoo on your cat and also to remove them from their body (make sure they also remove those on their head manually if they cannot shampoo their head)

    2) Discuss with them what kind of fleas protection should you apply on them before bring them home (if your house is infested, then put them with the vet / groomer for 1-2 days)

    3) Some di-flea / di-tick shower use strong chemical, so the spot on application can only apply few days later, if that is the case, make sure you ask the vet / groomer and ask them how long you cannot shower them after the application so that you give the chemical enough time to sit in. At the same time, put on a “ADAM fleas and tick collors” on all of them, do not let them lick it.

    4) DO NOT LET YOUR PET EAT GARLIC. It’s good for human but doesn’t mean it is good for pet.

    5) While they are with the vet / groomer, wash all the bedding in very very hot water (for fleas), add very little toilet bleach (not too much as it will burn your hand, so wear glove). let it sit for 5 mins and then wash away.

    6) Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum (everywhere)

    7) So may I know is your house infested? If yes you need to do different cleaning and protection. Let me know.

  • HweeLee (Singapore)

    I have tried ALL the remedies here, and if your house is heavily infested, most of them will not work so well, and if it is not killing them fast enough, they reproduce 50-200 eggs a day…

    So I have invented my own method and it is very successful.

    First, I need to know how bad is the suitation than I can advise the correct method of treatment.

  • HweeLee (Singapore)

    To: dana

    I have been though that and I know how bad and how painful the whole suitation is, talking about the part that clean like a mad woman every day and night, tell me about it! I do not even dare to sleep!

    Dana, let me help you. Your treatment will be very different from the others as you are heavily infested.

    1) send your pet to the vet for di-tick / di-flea shower (make sure they also remove those on their head manually if they cannot shampoo their head). after that let your pet stay with them for 1-2 days (make sure you do a re-search on their place as sometime pet hotel is even more dirty. Ask your vet / groomer to apply FRONTLINE PLUS on them before bring them home (they will only be fully protected after 24 hrs). Put on a ADAM FLEAS AND TICK COLLARS for them.

    2) For the time being, to protect your toodle from being attack, put on a ADAM FLEAS AND TICKS collar on both feet, if your toodles tends to touch it or love putting things in his / her mouth, then put below his cloths. (not for long term, only for time being to prevent attack, check for sensitive and remove when shower). Same for the adult in the family. So buy the one for big dog so you can cut and share them (for the one without hook, use a rubberband, tie round one end and then when you put it on, slip in the other end and wear it like a belt.

    3) Put all the bedding into VERY VERY HOT WATER and add a little toilet bleach and let it sit for 5 mins and rise well.

    4) Shower yourself with lemonglass shower gel (the stronger the smell the better it is to keep them away)

    Let me know if your house is wooden flooring, carpet or tiles, all these have to apply different method.

    And when doing treatment, put your toodle in another room.


    If you need to contact me directly, look for me at [email protected]

  • hweelee (Singapore)

    For your information, stop using the following method as it is not working and I find them really …


    1) Head and Shoulder shampoo – useless

    2) Baby Shampoo – useless

    3) Vinegar spray – only when you are not so heavily infested

    4) Lemon and water – only when you are not so heavily infested
    The right amount of content is important, if you use the wrong amount, it will end with more problems then you think

  • Theresa

    To the people that are worried about using Garlic Powder. I have been using a Soft Gel Garlic Pill to put on top of my dogs food. It is found where all the Vitamins are in any store. I get a fork and puncture the soft gel garlic pill and spread it over her food and squeeze as much out as you can. I normally give her 2 pills with every meal. Till I start to notice she isn’t itching as much. And the pill shell, I leave in her dish and she eats it right on up with all her other food. I Hope this helps. Take Care and God Bless !!!!!

  • Lilly

    Thank you for all the good advice on this page!
    I will start with sprinkling salt all over my carpets along w/ a drop of dishsoap in a bowls of warm water.
    I have used Hartz before and it almost killed my dog!!!

    The vet gave me Advantage for my dog and cats but I guess the problem lies in battling the house…..Welcome to my warzone!

  • rona d’pest

    love all the tips! this is the beginning of a very bad flea year… i live in the central valley of california (sandy loam soil) and after years of having indoor cats and an outdoor dog, we now have a cat that must be outdoors and an indoor dog. the dog and cat are just ferrying fleas inside. a cluttered house is my first problem– makes vacuuming very difficult but fleas are a great incentive. i’m making goodwill rich from donations! i hate using chemicals but i will have to say that capstar is fantastic!!! can someone please tell me the ratio of cider vinegar to drinking water? i don’t want my dog to avoid drinking or get gastritis. thank you all!

  • cynthia

    I personally put a mixture of tea tree oil and aloe vera on my dog to treat the irritation between his toes… DO NOT PUT ANY TEA TREE OIL ON YOUR DOG. I just put enough to rub between he pads of his feet lightly (i have a 30 lb french bulldog). Within an hour my dog wouldnt get up from his be, could barely walk, was stumbling or refusing to get up all together, breathing was irratic. IT IS TOXIC TO THEM, and can be absorbed through the skin EASILY. i was mis-led by people who like on this post said ‘oh tea tree is antibacterial, antiviral etc..good for pets etc..’ fact is only a drop or two can harm a mid sized dog. dont risk it. i was worried for my dogs life for a full 24 hrs. I wanna know of the people suggesting this have actually tried it? TEA TREE OIL CAN KILL YOUR DOG IN ONE DOSE! DONT RISK IT!

  • Kat

    OMG !!! I am so glad I found this site. I am sitting here being bitten in my own bed by fleas my daughters dog brought in while visiting …..doggy gave the critters to all 3 of my indoor kitties….I applied Advantage to all and the darn things hopped off the pets on to my bed and carpets….SOOOOOO, I used some VIX VAPOR RUB here and there on my self lightly and NO ITCHING!!!!! Then I topped it off with my LAVENDER HAND LOTION …..tomorow I will vacum and shower my carpet with table salt and sprits everything with the steeped lemon water I made and will pour in a spray bottle….in a spray bottle….THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS SITE !!!!!!!!

  • DanaLynn

    I’ve recently have been having a major flea problem in my home and was reading all these home remedies that sound so good and cheap. We have a three week old litter of pomeranian/terrier puppies and discovered flea dirt on them also. Can all these remedies be safe for the pups as well? Also, can someone please send me the recipe for the Borax and Salt, and how much water do I use for the lemons? Someone please email me A.S.A.P. Thank You!!!!

  • Alex

    boric acid is your best bet, toxic to most insects, including fleas, ticks, ants, etc. but completely harmless to mammals. This is also perfectly safe for use around infants

  • Ruth Pollack

    A box of 20 mule team borax soap powder will get rid of fleas. Just sprinkle it on floors furniture and let sit for a couple days and vacuum … Fleas all gone… I use blue dawn dish detergent on my dogs and it does kill the fleas. This plan seems to work for us . Good Luck.

  • banannamae

    Mix four parts of Borax with one part of salt, and sprinkle over your carpet. The mixture gets down amongst the fibers, and dehydrates the fleas and eggs, and prevents them re-hatching. This works great, and it is much more effective and cheaper than “flea bombs.”

  • Avandar

    Mothballs , Borax , Dawn , Lemon water, Vinegar and skin so soft best combination around ,Last year we didn’t have that much of a problem but we had been using mothballs outside around the house and underneath it to keep the possum raccoon’s and other beasts lol away from the house but this year we stopped doing it didn’t think anything about it and poof we are now majorly infested with fleas , i started with the dawn to kill all the fleas on my pets one dog and cat inside and one dog and cat outside , doused them with lemon water ( they say that citrus scent is a irritant to cats but neither my inside nor outside cat minded it )we did this every other day as it only works for a short period of time ( we did stop when i started to use the SSS), sprinkled borax ( no salt as it attracts water and where i live in Texas to much moisture in the air )left it on for four days vacuumed it up and repeated for 5 weeks i put this around my entire house especially around the doors where the animals go in and out , we put out mothballs all around our house and underneath it to help not only with fleas but other critters which carry the fleas ,I put out pie plates filled with vinegar and a few drops of soup in them the fleas jump in but cant jump out when we first started we would wake up the next morning and have at least ten to twenty in each bowl( will not catch all of them but will catch at least 1 to 2 a day and that is 1 or 2 that is dead after infestation was under control)and i am now using skin so soft on the inside animals not only to combat the fleas but to help moisturize their skin since dry skin on a animal is like a blinking sign to fleas for a all you can eat buffet but it has also helped keep a lot at least 96% of the fleas off the poor babies ( cat and dog) . Now we are down to a few fleas maybe once a month and that is spotting them in the vinegar bowls not on the animals ( i flea comb them out , got into the habit when i started flea hunting ) i have yet to see another flea on them in a while . Warnings: borax , dawn , skin so soft and mothballs are all chemicals please take caution when using them as some poeple and animals are majorly sensitive to certain chemicals . Neither me nor my family are part of that sensitive group but i do have friends that are and i have to warn them before they come over that it is being used and we stay outside if the borax is on the floor or mothballs have been put out again . Skin so Soft on cats is a debated thing use your personal judgment and ask your vet if you are completely unsure , it was recommended by my vet to use on my dog and cat since both are highly allergic to most of the flea products out there ( Frontline advantage etc…) i do not use the same mixture on my cat that i do on my dog .. Everything has seemed to work for me and mine , it takes time a lot of effort but it works great especially since it didn’t cost a lot of money to do it nor are we using some nasty stuff that my animals are highly allergic to . Total cost for everything i bought Four months ago and still have plenty to use for the rest of summer 63 dollars compared to the rest of the stuff that is harmful to humans and animals completely priceless lol.



  • Kim

    I’ve noticed that alot of you who vacuum don’t mention what you do with the vacuum. if it has a bag, I hope you take the vacuum outside, remove the bag, and throw it away. if you leave the bag in the vacuum and in the house, you will always have fleas! A vacuum doesn’t kill them!! Most remedies that have been suggested work only if you’re not keepping the “Flea-Townhouse.” The vacuum bag.

  • Wanda

    After 4 months of battle with all these fleas & ticks, I finally give up and decided to move out of my house without taking anything (not even only piece of cloths). The treatment is on going and they never stop to reinfest my cloths again and again.

    But the problem is after moving to a new house leaving all the stuff behind, what about the place I work who already have some of the fleas there…

    This is like a non-stop battle…

  • Breana

    I swear this works!For over 10 years now when ever our house has been infested w/fleas the first thing I do is go to the grocery store & buy at least two boxes of Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster. Its very cheap & has a hundred uses. I first vaccum the entire house very well & imediately empty canister & put trash bag outside. I then cover the house in the borax laundry booster…if you have asthma or breating sensitivity wear a mask. I sprinkle the carpets, furniture, EVERYTHING w/the powder. I also immediately wash dogs bedding in washer. I leave the borax in the carpet, etc for at least 2 to 3 days before vaccuuming it all up. I vaccuum the carpets twice & imediately dispose of the powder that is sucked up. If the infestation is severe I will repeat steps to kill off the new hatchlings. My Minature Pincher get dry flakey skin so I always bath him in dandruff shampoo. I have found that it works great @ kill fleas. I lather him in the shampoo while in the shower myself. I leave it on him while washing my hair. After im done i rinse him off then re-apply dandruff shampoo & let it sit while I condition my hair. By the time we are both rinsed there are absoulty NO fleas or flea poop on him. The trick is to let the shampoo really sit so as to kill all fleas. I dont know why these treatments work but I have NEVER been disappointed by them. As for the Borax laundry booster we have used it for flears for over 10 yrs & never had a dog become affected by it other than maybe giving him a little dry skin but that goes away once the borax does. Trust me…this works!!!

  • Wendy

    Brewer’s Yeast with Garlic! Wonderful! Have had problems with fleas for years. I have 3 dogs and they get 2 tablets per day. Put stuff on the yard for fleas and started this stuff. No fleas for at least six months.



  • terry jo


  • Lisa

    okay so i just tried the borax salt and lemon thing in my backyard to rid of the fleas if my dogs eat this will it harm them? i havent out them outside yet but i was curious,,,, well anyways we will see if this works now im off to give both of them a bath with the dawn soap and a squirt of lemon 🙂 trust me ill be back

  • TL

    OOOOld home remedies for dogs covered in flees. First mix 1/2 of the lid pine sol for small dogs. (1 full cap of pine sol for a larger dog. smurge upto ears, becareful you don’t want the dog to drink it. The dead flees will fall off in the water. 2nd lite rince and shappoo with soothing oatmeal bath. Come her/him dry and go for a wall. enjoy you puppy’s love not the flees!!!

  • Heather P.

    My husband and I have two cats, in the last two years we have become infested with fleas just before summer starts. We went to the vet and of course they said the other remedies would not work so they could try to sell us a 6 pack of Frontline Plus for nearly $100. While walking down the pet aisle at our local grocery store we came across Sergeant’s Flea-Free breeze home and carpet spray. This product kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and the larvae. I have never been this impressed with a product for actually doing what the bottle says that it will. I sprayed our bedroom, turned on a fan, shut the door, and didn’t go back in for about half hour to an hour and the improvement was so drastic. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE WHO IS BATTLING THE GREAT FLEA FIGHT OF 2010!!!

  • Vicky

    Wash your pet with Johnsons Baby Shampoo. You will see the fleas drop off. Then use one of the home remedies you know that work or a dip to keep the fleas off. Petco sells fleas drops for $9.99 that works just a well as the $50.00 one. There is also a pill I have heard works if your pet is infested with fleas COMFORTIS. It does not prevent the fleas, but you will see the fleas drop off within 30 minutes after giving it to your animal.

  • Vicky

    I had a cat poisoned by a flea collar and the flea drops from Walmart could also poison your animal. I will not use them.

  • Virginia

    I just got a pet.I took her to the vet a week ago she was fleas free now,I’ve seen a few flea on her,I gave her a bath in the dawn that stop her lil itch but,I still need a lil help, just moved in a new place,I’m thinking the flea could have already been here before we moved in.Can some one pls tell me how to get rid of flea off my pet and out my home,pls pls help. Thanks


    I just got a pet.I took her to the vet a week ago she was fleas free now,I’ve seen a few fleas on her,I gave her a bath in the dawn that stop her lil itch but,I still need a lil help,Can sone pls tell me how to get rid of flea off my pet and out my home,pls pls help. Thanks



  • Trent andrews

    Thank u I would like some more all-purpose remadies…I will try MANY of these.

    Trent Andrews.
    Thank you for your time.

  • CAR

    1 dog that goes outside and two indoor cats = flea infestation. I started with the SPOT treatment you find in any grocery store. It doesn’t appear to be to effective and I wouldn’t suggest wasting your money and it has alot of negatives reported on it’s use regarding side effects for your pets. ADVANTAGE seems to be the least hazardous and most effective treatment but it’s vet dispensed only in most states. During a severe infestation you can use the medication every 7 days until the fleas are under control. This is costly as the stuff is about $20 per tube. But I would highly recommend doing at least one of these treatments to get started until you can get the situation under control. But treatment doesn’t stop there. I have a large house and cleaning daily is just not an option as it’s to vast and would leave me with no free time; and they were still everywhere hatching everyday. I did place a cats flea collar in my vacumm bag so that I didn’t have the additional cost of throwing out the bads after every vacumming. What worked the BEST for my situation was a small goosenecked lamp I purchased at Target for $9.99. You place this near a ‘hatching’ place with a water soapy mixture shallow rimmed container. I used a pie dish. Center the light directly above the filled pie dish. As the fleas are attracted to heat as a food source shortly after hatching they are drawn to jumping at the light and fall into the filled pie dish and drowned. I placed a single dish the first night in a bedroom and was able to eliminate 52 fleas in 12 hours. If you can only afford 1 light/dish combo move it everynight to a new location and keep circulating it around for several months to keep attracting the newly emerging fleas. If you can afford to do all your rooms they recommend using the light/dish technique for 1 month. The borax (7 parts) and salt (1 part) mixture works but it’s not healthy for the respiratory system and so with small kids I felt better about the lights being on only at night. One last note; the fleas never bite me; only the pets and kids. I believe that is because I eat ALOT of garlic and spices. So spice it up in the kitchen.

  • CAR

    FLEA COLLARS ON TODDLERS ANKLES ADVICE! PLEASE do not follow that advice. These chemicals are tested and only to be used on animals and not humans. To protect your toddler as best you can first vaccum as best you can all the furniture and rugs in the area. If your rug is removeable; roll it up and get rid of it. PLEASE don’t donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army you’re only giving your problem to them to infect their stores and then on to whomever purchases the rug. If you’d like to save it place it outside in direct sunshine for several days with borax heavily sprinkeled in it to kill those pests. As fleas can jump up to 2 feet it’s best to keep those body parts completely covered; use socks and pants with tight fitting elastic ankle cuffs for your little one to help keep bites down. Make sure the animals are not sleeping on their beds and shedding their eggs and if so wash the bedding dailey in HOT water and place in a hot dryer afterwards; replace the bedding only just before the child goes to bed.

  • Kim

    I would just like to add a comment about mothballs. Many mothballs contain chemicals that are derivatives of chemicals that have carcinogenic properties. My mother used mothballs everywhere – mothballs that contained naptholene which is a derivative of Benzene – the number one cause of AML form of Leukemia and causes cataracts. She had cataract surgery March 2009, diagnosed with AML June 2009 and passed away in January. Please try to use healthier alternatives. Halo’s all natural dip is an excellent product that can be used as a spray, a dip or on thier collar. diatomaceous earth used all over the yard (the cheap kind) works excellent as well. Add a few drops of neem oil to shampoos as well. The less chemicals you use the better.

  • Melissa

    My dog’s groomer told me that most people have to change up the flea remedies they use because the fleas can become resistant. If you’ve tried Frontline and it stops working, you may need to move on to something else. I bathe my dogs regularly, and any shampoo that contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate (it is an ingredient that makes liquid soap foam up more), a common ingredient, will kill fleas. You just have to make sure it stays on at least 5 minutes and that you coat the dog’s belly and armpits well (because the fleas try to hide out there to escape). I do this about once a week and the flea population is okay. My dogs are inside almost all the time, but fleas still jump on them when I take them out to use the bathroom. I’ve accepted that we will never live completely flea-free in Georgia but at least they are not out of control.

  • Doris

    I’ve used Sevin dust on my dogs for fleas. Now, I can’t find anything on using it. When I used it before, I had a Minature Poodle with puppies. could not give her or puppies a bath, so Vet told me to use this. Did not hurt dog or puppies. Anyone else heard f this?

  • kim

    treat house with boric acid around baseboards, corners, under furnishing, carpets, mop floors with vinegar, mothballs works also

  • Lisa

    Thursday I found a momma cat that had 3 kittens in our garage. Looks like the kittens are maybe 1 or 2 weeks old so I brought them in out of the heat. They were all flea infested and already were getting in the carpet! I read this this site and did several of the tips. First I went to Southern Ag and bought Frontline Top Spot for the momma cat (per the vet it was the best). Then I bathed the kittens with blue Dawn dish soap and all the fleas died instantly. Then I added more dawn to get the water soapy and managed to get the momma in. She wouldn’t let me bath her but she went crazy in the tub trying to get out,so she got a bath anyway. (by the way, I don’t recommend doing this to stray cats! )When I was done there was nearly 150 + fleas in the bottom of the tub! Then I towel dried them and sprayed them with lemon water to keep any new fleas off.(boil a pot of water and pour it over a cut up lemon and let it set for about 6hrs then pour it in a squirt bottle). Then for the house I mixed half cup vinigar, half cup pine sol and 3 cups of water and sprayed it everywhere…carpet, mattress..everywhere. Then I put banana peels under the couches, tables, beds and around the closet where the kittens sleep. I did all of this yesterday and today I haven’t seen 1 flea. Now my children can play with the new kittens and be safe from flea bites 🙂 Thanks for all the great tips!

  • Lysette

    I have recently moved from Nevada to California I have never had this problem before FLEAS!!! They are eating my poor dog alive, I have been bitten like I am they meal of the day (my husband doesn’t get bitten like I do) it appears it’s just my dog and I are the targets in this case. I have been obsessed in killing these nasty fleas that gross me out. I have spent hundreds on flea’s powders to flea sprays, my poor dog hates me now for bathing him so often (I sit for hours trying to get rid of them) and Advantage did not work on him. I sit on my couch or bed and they are jumping on me, I have gotten the adults under control after the powder party I had, but now these small fleas are infesting. I am tired exhausted and obsessed in killing them, I can’t sleep thinking they are biting me and my poor dog (he likes to sleep next to me at times and sit on my lap but now I can’t let him because they jump on me every time, again its only me who they bite not my husband.) I have read some great advice here today after work I am going to try the salt, vinegar (the bowl with vinegar and soap water), lemon peels, shower him in dawn soap. Is there any other advice any of you can give me in getting rid of them? I am at war with these fleas; I will not stop until I get rid of them. Thanks (great advice I will let you know if any work in a couple of days).

  • Deborah

    use sevendust it is safe on all animals and wont hurt them,i used it on my 2 kittens and all over my floors vacumed it up after 15 min.use it often and it should help.i heard about this sevendust and it wonderful.my house was full of them for 2 months till i got the sevendust had hardly none sence.good luck….get SEVENDUST IT GREAT…

  • Connie

    I CAN help you with the roaches. Best killer ever! Mix 1 part sugar, 2 parts cornmeal and 1 part boric acid. Place in all the out-of-the-way places you can think of, away from toddlers and pets.

    I always put it in little bottle caps or something like that. Otherwise it tends to eventually make a hard glue on surfaces that are hard to clean.

    It will take several weeks, but it works like nothing I’ve ever tried, including professional extermators, and will keep killing as long as it’s around. I haven’t redone my house in two years but now it probably is about time to set some more caps around as I’ve seen two of the big ones. This formula even gets rid of those little black hard-to-kill guys, all of them! This was Al Carol’s recipe if any listen to him on the radio.

    And thanks for the flea cures. I’m battling that on a sensitive dog right now.

  • Anthony

    Hi all,
    I have a number of white cats and recently I acquired 3 kittens that I couldn’t let be put down. These kittens were infested with fleas. The whole place became infested within about 2 weeks. I tried the Hartz and Sargents. Nothing worked so I started reading about the needs of fleas to survive and the need of humans to kill them. After much research I tried my own recipe and in 1 month have been able to keep the fleas at a minimal. I recommend everyone to try this if you have multiple cats.
    Get yourself a box of lemon Jello and mix it using 1 extra cup of hot water. Mix in 2 tbsp. vinegar and refrigerate for 1 hour. Pour this mixture into a large baking dish. Place in an infected room on white paper towels. Use next to an outlet and use a white night light. In just a few hours you will start noticing the fleas. They drown in a gooy gel. You can leave this down for approx one week. It will not harm your cats if they lap it (usually they won’t) and make a new batch each week. Also try to get some freeze-dried or live bloodworms (used for fishing – any amount of these bloodworms will attract fleas to the baking pan faster, but not necessary)
    Now my kittens, cats and myself are happy and able to live a normal, flea-free life.
    Thank you all.

  • Anthony

    As a little add on to the above, I just want to add one more tidbit.
    I started using pieces of duct tape and playing ‘Host’ to the fleas. What I did was put my hand on the floor until a flea got on me (humans are really sensitive to flea movement). I smashed the small piece of duct tape on my arm and smashed the flea into the tape. I then smashed it in even better with my fingers, Then folded the tape in half and disposed of the flea. I played it as a game to see how many fleas I could catch in 10 minutes. It started with about 25 to 30 in ten minutes. It is now down to 1 if I’m lucky. The game is boring but hey – Not many F-L-E-A-S to play the game anymore. And duct tape is very inexpensive.

  • Cynthia Boykin

    My family and I had those nasty fleas all over our house. I tried the salt and it worked!!! I sprinkled it all over the house and worked in the yard for two hours, so when I went back in the house I vacumed and swept the floors. No more fleas!!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!

  • Dan N

    Wow, thanks all who posted for the great recommendations, some of which I am about to try, but I do have a tip down below as well. Never had fleas in the house before, and although I don’t see the dog scratching or being otherwise bothered, I was getting a dozen of them on my socks the minute I stood up which started abruptly a few days ago out of the blue. I have no idea how this happened so quickly.

    I bought and used Sentry Natural Defense powder for the carpet, which tells you to work it into the carpet with a broom. It was effective and I’ve only seen 2 fleas since using it last night, but what they don’t tell you is that it will make a dust bomb as you’re swishing the stuff around the carpet which will deposit dust into every crevice in the room. What a mess. It has a citrus smell which I found to be offensively strong. I’m going to avoid using it again if the salt doesn’t work, which I’m trying tonight.

    The one TIP I did want to pass along is the best way I’ve found to trap the ones you can see, on you or off. I learned quickly that no amount of slapping or squeezing these things kills them or even fazes them, so what I did was I bought a roll of super-stick duct tape made for use in damp areas, and so I take a piece of duct tape, fold it back on itself into a loop with the sticky side out, and have them around the house stuck to tables and such, and when I see a flea, I slam it with the duct tape, and it’s trapped on there forever. If I see a few on the carpet, A couple quick slams with one piece of tape gets ’em all clean and easy. After I get a half dozen on one piece of tape, I just throw it out and take a new piece of tape. Works especially great for the ones that land on you. I don’t have to keep bowls of alcohol around to drop them in or anything.

    Good luck to all. I will be posting an update in a day or two.

  • shanna

    The quickest and most effective way I found to treat a dog for fleas was a pill called Comfortis. We got it over the counter at the vet’s office. The fleas actually started falling dead, off the dog in 30 minutes after giving the pill. It lasts for 30 days and it was only $15.

  • Nate

    I read about half of the tips from the top down. It is true that if you have fleas, you must treat your yard too, or it does no good to treat your animal/home. What I didn’t see anyone mention, is that if you are carrying fleas from outside in by any means, you had better treat your car too, because fleas can infest there as well.

  • Hilda

    Ok guys, I found & used the perfect organic solution to your flea problems. My legs are completely bit with flea bites from 2 mos ago. Use regular “table” salt such as Morton or any store brand. Yes, your floors/carpet will be griddy & it will feel like your walking on sand but TRUST ME, it works! Simply ‘sprinkle’ it all over your floors, take your pet outdoors & place a small amount in your palm & place it all over your pet. Leave for the salt exposed for a day or two, then clean up your floors and wash your pets. Let me know if it works for you 🙂

  • Dan N

    Hope everyone is well and winning your wars! This is a followup to my post of 6/21, and I’m sorry in advcance for how long this is, but I’m very nervous about this flea problem.

    I’m having questionable results with the methods I’m using, and I’m very nervous about this flea problem getting worse, and in fact since they don’t seem to be bothering the dog at all, I’m wondering if they’re even fleas. How can I know for sure? They’re so small I can’t see detail. All I can say is that they appear to be longer than wide, some skinny like a tiny piece of thread, almost black in color, and the shell seems to be slightly shiny when held to the light, and they jump, although tonight for the first time, I swear they were flying, but I think I also saw a tiny insect of another type as well, so I may be confused.

    There are two areas of the house plus one bathroom that the fleas seem to be concentrated: My bedroom w/wall-to-wall carpeting(where the dog used to sleep but now I’m keeping him in the kitchen), and the kitchen, which has some large thick-pile carpet runners, but I can throw them all out if that will take care of this problem. Here’s what’s happened so far:

    DAY 1 of war: I vacuumed and then used Sentry Natural Defense powder on the bedroom carpet, but it had a citrus smell I couldn’t take and made a horrible dusty mess so I only used it the once. The next day I saw few fleas around. I let it stay on 48 hours, but noticed more fleas by the 2nd day, and vacuumed it up along with whatever fleas the vacuum sucked up–my bagless vacuum has a clear canister which I could see the things jumping around in after vacuuming, so I know they were on the floors. I immediately disposed of the canister contents in a sealed bag each time I’ve vacuumed.

    DAY 2: After vacuuming, I put down a pretty good sprinkling of only salt and worked it into the carpets with a broom. I did this in the bedroom and the kitchen and some surrounding flooring. For overnight, I set up one white plate in the kitchen with water and Dawn detergent, and one in the bedroom as well, both with a small light next to them. In the morning, I had about a dozen dead fleas in each bowl.

    DAY 3: I vacuumed and repeated the salt spreading in the bedroom and kitchen, although put it on heavier this time, and in the bedroom I also worked a pretty heavy coat of baking soda into the carpet too, and put a fresh plate of water and Dawn in the kitchen, and two plates of it in the bedroom this time. I also put two bowls of Pine Sol with apple cider vinegar in the living room out in the open, and one under my bed which would be rather difficult for me to move to vacuum under it. I also have been pouring Pine Sol in the toilet bowl and swishing it around and leaving the seat up to let the aroma permeate the air, and misting apple cider vinegar in the shower, where I’d seen a few fleas, and also on the bathroom carpet. This morning, I awoke to about 40 or 50 dead fleas in the two bowls, which alarmed me as I thought it would be less. And, until last night, they had been mostly staying on the floors–only saw a few in the bed which probably were on my socks. But last night they were climbing and jumping up the walls and the curtains, and some were even on the ceiling. This really freaked me out because I feel like the problem is getting worse instead of better. I spent a lot of time running around slapping duct tape on them and spraying them with the Sentry Natural Defense spray I bought. I then noticed a number of them in the bed so sprayed around the perimiter of the bed with the cider vinegar, including the wall behind the bad.

    I also washed the dog with Dawn and then worked vinegar into his coat–I may have seen one or two fleas on him, but not the mass of carcases I expected I might see. I have also been giving him about 2tsp of vinegar in his food twice a day (he won’t drink the water with the vinegar), and spritzing him all over with the vinegar before he goes outside, and myself and the bottom of my pants a few times a day too, though I still find them jumping on me and around me. I haven’t treated the yard yet, but am likely going to be spraying it today, probably with a Pine Sol and lemon concoction I’ve read about here (or was it vinegar?). I’m not so worried about hurting vegetation, but do have to be concerned about the dog, who sometimes eats and rolls around in the grass out there.

    After the incident with them on the walls and the ceiling, and in pretty good numbers too, maybe around 15 or so, I couldn’t sleep all night and am still up now at 6am. I’m sure this is not an infestation like some I’ve read about here, but I’m almost to the point where I don’t want to stay in the house any more. I constan tly feel like things are crawling on me or biting me, and most often, I see nothing there. I wanted to avoid the flea bombs as I don’t know I would protect all the mamy things that are on shelves such as collectibles and books and such from being coated with the poison, but I’m beginning to feel desperate. I come home and get into bed and stay put as much as possible as I’ve grown anxious to just put my feet on the floor. This is getting ridiculous!

    Thanks for reading this insanely long post. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, I’ll be very appreciative because I’m living with constant anxiety over this.

    Bless you,


  • Jeremy

    One tip about the diatomaceous earth.
    This DE is not the same thing as the DE used in swimming pool filters. Pool grade DE is Diatomaceous Earth produced for pool filters and it is treated with heat, causing the formerly amorphous silicon dioxide to assume crystalline form. Pool grade DE should never be used for pest control. Swimming pool DE ranges from 60% to 70% free silica.

    Silica can cause silicosis. A very bad lung disease.

  • Bryan

    My only advice is to bomb early and bomb often. I have cat fleas or Ctenocephalides felis. I tried the citrus repellent, salt in the carpet, banana peals, garlic pills and the light over a bole of soapy water. The light caught like 10, as for the rest, nothing worked. The over the counter bombs work. Be sure to get one that kills the eggs as well. As for a repellent off works for most people, but back woods cutter worked far better for me. Now what I would like to know is, for those that some of the tips worked for, did you have sand fleas or cat fleas?

  • lisa

    Hi I trap ,spay, and release feral and stray cats where I live and it is not uncommon to have 10 or more of these cats in my house at any given point.
    For those of you who have cats that do NOT like water and get very pissy bout it do not waste your time and pain on bathing these cats. Instead take the dawn with water put in a spray bottle, spray a glove and “pet” the cat.
    Most cats who enjoy being petted will get pissy eventually but will usualy stick round long enough to get the job done.
    I can not exhault the water light trick enough it is AMAZING however,
    you must put dawn dish soap in the bowl otherwise fleas CAN swim and many will eventually find their way out.
    I have read that the salt and borax works but personlly have yet to see this. Normally the fleas will just go into “hibernation” mode.
    I have several small gooseneck lamps that I suspend over the soap and water bowls at night. Leave this on for several weeks in a corner of the room ( do this to ALL the rooms) once is NOT enough no matter how few fleas you have.
    If you do not have small chilren or elderly living with you there are some very good sprays avliable at home depot some are non toxic as well and most do work wonders.
    Get a metal not plastic lice combs( rid makes a wonderful comb) and the smaller the tines the better (remember cats hair is very very fine).
    I have found that hartz products do not work and not worth the money and zodiac is a hit or miss product.
    I have found that yes some fleas actually ARE resistant to front line and other flea products of that nature so a trial and error.
    Good Luck with the fight and remember NOTHING is going to work unless done thourghly and repetatively like the water bowl becuase of the hatching eggs.

  • Lisa

    Dan from your description it does indeed sound like fleas. Keep the water bowl thing going it is apparently working for u as well.
    do this for every room in the house if u treat one or two rooms you wont get them all.
    Vaccum ALL the soft surfaces in your house (couch ,bed ,pillows, and such to get the eggs out).
    Im afraid you DO have an infestation and it will prolly get worse before it gets better.
    Fleas do NOT live on your pet they hop on feed for a few hours and hop off. They feed from it but the majority will be found in soft surface areas so it isnt surprising there were not TOO TOO many on him.
    KK, now for the hard part. Get a small metal comb, the spacing of the comb tines will be determined by how thick of a coat your dog has. I myself would recomend the Rid lice combs if the coat isnt too thick. After you have bathed him COMB him to get all the carcasses and few living fleas out. You will prolly find all the fleas your are suprised you didnt find lol.
    One last thing there are sprays that you can get at home depot that you spray alone the edges of your rooms (not in the air and such) a decent one can run bout 30 dollars for a gallon they DO work. For a severe infestion I would recomend that as well.
    Good luck and remeber this is not going to be an overnight battle so have patience keep trying and u will win the war

  • Theresa M

    How to Use Borax on Laminate to Get Rid of Fleas from ehow website

    Read more: How to Use Borax on Laminate to Get Rid of Fleas | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5989757_use-borax-laminate-rid-fleas.html#ixzz0sLzxLR1R
    Mix one part Borax with two parts water in the bucket. Mop the laminate floor with the Borax solution. Allow to dry

    Read more: How to Use Borax on Laminate to Get Rid of Fleas | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5989757_use-borax-laminate-rid-fleas.html#ixzz0sLzbolTP

  • Teresa

    Dawn dish soap in a shiny or white pan of water works but does take time!! We have killed many fleas but for some reason can’t seem to get rid of them. I have started vacuuming everyday and cleaning my carpets as often as possible. Working 2 jobs makes it tough to keep on track. Will let you know how that process goes. I might try the tip on the vinegar and water or pinesol on the floor and let it sit a bit before shampooing???

  • Sam Garofalo

    Just experienced my first flea infestation in our two cats. We did the Dawn bath and it seemed as though we killed the beasts. I placed one of the fleas under my microscope and time lapsed it. Within five minutes I noticed leg movement, within ten the flea was obviously alive. I put some rubbing alcohol on it and it danced around, it’s little legs trying to rub it off. Still didn’t die! Will be experimenting with kill factors and advise!
    Sam G.

  • Colleen

    As a groomer here in Ct. for over 25 yrs. I can tell you that Flea Control is a many-pronged battle. Frontline never worked very well for fleas – especially for allergic pets as it requires a bite. Advantage is still the best – but only works for about 2 weeks, not the full month; it’s expensive; and only time will tell if it’s even really safe to repeat so often. There are several new systemic treatments available at your vets – but I have heard of much reaction from clients who have tried them so I do not recommend them at this time.
    And even with this control on the pet – you still need to treat the environment.
    Beneficial nematodes are really the best way to nip the problem before it starts – but need to be applied in the spring before temps get too high. I have used yard sprays – just remember to apply either before a rain or water in after an hour or so – the Fleas will burrow about 4 inches into the soil to escape the spray. And the watering or rain will rinse the residue so as not to leave any potentially harmful chemical on the surface. Even if you have a large yard – a 20 ft perimeter of treated grounds is a great defense.
    I do use the home floor powders – on everything. Floors and carpets, furniture, and bedding. Push it around slowly so not to raise dust (or wear mask) leave down overnight, then lightly vacuum. These powders in the v-bag will continue to kill. Put some in everytime you change bag. The Linolools (citrus) product may smell obnoxious – but they are the most effective.
    I also advocate sprays on a regular basis – every week if heavily infested. Then once per month for maintenence. Use the kind wih growth regulators and do not vacuum for a few days after spraying to allow the residual to work down into eggs. Do every square inch of attached flooring area – even if your pet doesn’t go there. Fleas are built for survival and migrate into untreated rooms as soon as they smell the spray. Do the perimeter of each room first, then completely spray the room. Once the entire home is completed, (and Don’t Think they won’t go down the basement or up the attic!)leave the house for about an hour, then open home and air out for about 30 min. before reentry. And remember to do the car – even if your pet doesn’t ever go there – you can transport fleas and eggs all over the place!
    I do not like Bombs. Bombs start in the center of the room, fleas simply head for the baseboards to wait it out! Boms are expensive – you must use one in every room. They do not get under funiture, they do not turn corners. They spray up – which means all surfaces get covered. If you really like Bombs ( and I think it’s cuz of the Name -BOMB) you must also spray baseboards
    and under furniture first to be effective, and that equals alot of extra work!
    Dish detergent has a fast knock-down – but really doesn’t kill. Don’t rinse the tub and check it out a few hours later! Most flea ‘poos are the same way! Biogroom, Adams, and Mr Crystals are the most effective.
    Howards Orange Oil (for floors) can be used to turn any shampoo into an effective flea shampoo. (It’s the dilimonene) Just add 10 – 15 squirts into 25 oz dish detergent bottle along with whatever shampoo you use. Massage for about 10 min.
    Any flea shampoo must be applied correctly also. Fleas will run for body orifaces as soon as water hits them, so start by applying to these areas first. Apply to rear, (anal area, vulva and/or penile sheath)then do the head – circle around between eyes and ears, then do around mouth. Now wet the rest of the pet, add poo and massage well – watching for any of the bugger’s that’ll try to get into the eyes, nose, and ears. Keep scratching up the pet’s skin – as fleas have the ability to drive their heads into pores and wait out the poo. This is especially true on cats.
    A few squirts of the Orange oil into about 20 parts of water is also a very good flea spray for the pet and the home.
    Avon Skin so Soft (a bath oil) mixed with about 8 parts water works to keep fleas, ticks and skeeters off pets. Shake like salad dressing to mix, squirt hands and pat pet – they only need the smell on them – apply daily.
    Tea Tree Oil really kills fleas! But due to possible pet reaction, I would only use this for the home, mixing about the same as the Howard’s Orange Oil.
    Know this – the fleas you see on your pet are only a grain of sand compared to the ones that are in the beach of your environment!
    And – one Flea will explode into thousands within weeks if you do not take action Now!!
    Good luck to all!

  • robin quivers


  • Janice

    You must use a flea spray like suspend sc, martins perethrins 10% and nylar (insect growth inhibitor). Buy a $20 pump sprayer from lowes or your nearest hardware store and MIX YOUR OWN CONCOCTION. I personally double dosed the perethrins because I really wanted to beat down the population at first. THE INSECT GROWTH INHIBITOR…This keeps them from laying more eggs….THEY WON’T GROW INTO ADULTS. Females can lay 300 eggs a day and if there are no females around…males will turn into females AND vise versa. You must use a insect growth inhibitor. Or you will never end the cycle. And don’t forget to treat your yard with from the hardware store that kill fleas/ticks etc. regularly. Just my thoughts on how I have dealt with this issue.

  • Dan N

    Thanks to all for putting up with my long posts and for offering your advice and experience. The problem has not gotten better, but worse, and I am having terrible anxiety because I can’t move freely about my house to get things done, and in fact have not slept there the last 3 nights.

    After bathing the dog and not seeing fleas on him even though they were in the house, that changed 4 days ago. I bathed him and there were numerous fleas on him. Immediately after that flea bath, I took him to my sister’s where he is still, and he doesn’t seem to have any fleas on him. However, they are still in the house and it seems nothing will kill them.

    I’d been using the salt and baking soda, which didn’t garner any noticeable difference, so I bought a natural spray, which also didn’t seem to make much of a difference as far as I could tell. I then got a chemical spray, still no results. I then got a powder which even claimed to kill all 4 stages of life including the pupa, and still the fleas are hopping around. Finally, 3 days ago, I set off 7 Zodiac foggers with “insect growth inhibitor” throughout the house, and upon returning about 36 hours later, the plates with the soapy water were full of fleas. I didn’t know if that was good or bad. I aired the place out as instructed, and upon returning yesterday to check out the situation, the plates were again full of fleas, and more were jumping on me than ever before.

    I sprayed my entire yard with Ortho Max yesterday. I threw out all of the area rugs I had around, and got EcoSmart essential oil spray and sprayed the only remaining carpeted areas and the entire wood floor in the kitchen, and upon returning today, fleas jumping all over my pant legs.

    I am stunned, disgusted, and distraught, and am at a loss for what to do next. They seem to be only on the floor–haven’t seen any in the bed or up on tables or counters etc. But that’s no consolation if I can’t get out of the bed without being attacked by these things. I’m keeping the dog at my sister’s until this is resolved, but I don’t know what to do next. I think I need to call an exterminator, but from some things that I gather from reading online, people have not had tremendous success with exterminators and did better on their own.

    To make matter worse, my house has been a construction zone for some time, and I have boxes of things all over the place, so vacuuming every corner is impossible. The only alternative would be to rent a “pod” to get everything out of the house. Why do I feel like this is never going away?

    Sorry all for my pity party, but my life has become entirely dysfunctional with this going on. Does anyone have any ideas on exterminators? Should I bomb again using a different brand? Would it help if, during bombing, I left a couple of fans on low to move the checmical around to get under things etc.? Does anyone want to buy my house as-is? Jeez, I’m only half kidding about that!

    Thank you again for your patience and for your generosity in responding. I hope everyone is having a great week.


  • Robyn

    NEED HELP!!! i have 3 cats, a dog and a ferret as well as two children under 3. one of the cats just had a liter of kittens less than a week ago. we have tried the store bought carpet powders:FAILED
    tried the original dawn dishsoap on the newborn kittens:SEMI helpful. . . lots less fleas but they still have some. . . does anyone have any good suggestions??? i am willing to try anything but don’t have the $ for the stuff the vets would recommend. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • christine

    i saw that it said to give your pet garlic…this is TOXIC to animals! so yeah, it will get rid of the fleas along with your pet! your vet will say the same.

  • Kassandra and Lexy

    Can someone help me? My poor Shi-tzu and I are about sick of these fleas…. I espesially hate that they can jump the distance of a football field or more. Im going to trie the nightlight and a bowl of water under it tonoght, so wish me luck!

    Thanks, Kassandra and Lexy

  • Fowdy

    Hi Dan and others,

    I too have a BIG flea problem. But I just wanted to note something in case no one has said it yet…

    Vinegar ATTRACTS fleas, it doesn’t kill them. The reason people get confused is because you can use this trick to your advantage. Hence the bowl in the middle of the room thing. Vinegar in a bowl will attract them so that when they jump in, they drown. DROWNING is what kills them, not anything else. Soooo if you’ve been spraying your bedding and such with vinegar…well, sucks for you.

    Anyway, Dan, to you: Don’t worry. I am going through the same long battle but the reason most people don’t win is lack of persistence. Also lack of knowledge. I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of this battle, like not researching pet products. Certain chemicals kill larvae, some kill eggs, others kill the fleas themselves, some just repel them. You have to be sure and attack all areas. If you apply topical chemicals that protect your pet from flea eggs and such, you ALSO need to treat the carpets and the rest of your home because even if fleas can’t live and breed in their fur, they will jump on for a quick feast (which sustains them enough that they don’t die off) if they can live elsewhere in your home in the meantime.

    I have been having a LOT of problems because we have three huge rooms with continuous carpet and two cats. It is hard to treat every part of the carpet at once, while also making sure the cats aren’t exposed to too much poison. So I think one of the only ways to attack it–if you have a major infestation–is to do it one room at a time. You can lock your animals out of the room, try a bunch of the treatments, including vacuuming a million times, keep at this one room for days, and cut the fleas off from that room. They really do get everywhere so you definitely have to treat all couches, rugs, laundry, everything!

    I know it can be really terrible to deal with this. You’re not alone, though. If nothing else works, you can always call in a professional, because if not you may end up spending double that amount in your own flea products that don’t work. Maybe you can find a pest service that offers a guarantee so if the fleas come back you can call them for a another free visit with no hassle.

    As for me, tonight I am going to try the lemon, salt and dawn solutions, maybe more. I will report back with results.

    One last thing: One weekend a little while back I tried my hardest crusade yet and it worked well for like 2 days, but then of course they came back. It’s because I was not persistent and didn’t keep vacuuming and flea combing my cats. But what I did was:

    Strip the couches of their cushions and wash them, piled all the dirty laundry in one place and started washing like crazy. I wanted a place where I could store the clean laundry so it wouldn’t get re-infested so I nuked my walk-in closet with chemicals and let some flea powder sit on the carpet. I hung the clothes immediately after drying so they couldn’t pick up fleas again. Then I worked my way out from the closet, and started working hard on the carpet in the bedroom, removing everything from the floor and spraying under the bed and dresser. Once one room is totally clean, you can de-flea your animals and lock them in that room, BUT only after you’re sure the chemicals used are no longer harmful to them, and all harsh stuff is sucked out the carpet with a vacuum.

    I have so far only used chemicals but I’ve found that they have harsh smells and I don’t want to overload the house or the animals. That’s why I’m trying to switch over to natural and milder remedies. It just sounds more healthy–so i’ll update. I especially don’t want to use Borax because I heard it’s really hazardous for cats.

    Good luck to you Dan, and everyone else! I know the horror of going to bed in what I’ve donned “the cesspool”, where flitting fleas may be lurking. It makes me disgusted–just like you are–to think about it. I will be here for moral support until we both win!!!!


  • Ella

    I appreciate all of your tips! I am infested too and will try the blue Dawn on the dogs. I do have one complaint…before all of you ask for help, which every other person has asked for, why don’t you read the comments before you post? I’ve seen a million solutions in here…just read!

  • Cynthia

    My dog has struggled with fleas all her life. Even with constant frontline use, special pills from the vet, and flea treated bathing every day, she still got fleas. These rememdies really helped and my dog never got fleas again

  • Fatty

    Hmmm.I’vebeen reading these articles for the past hour or so… Alotof the methods I’ve tried. Never heard of bananas though… I’ll have to try that. I’m old fashioned I guess; glass bowls with water and a dab of dish soap, put a light over it or use a candle. It might only catch a few every once in a while, but it’s better than nothing… I also give all the animals a couple shakes of garlic once or twice a week, depending on how many fleas I run into… You can also sprinkle salt over the carpet… Might sound crazy, but it dries them up and helps to nuetralize them. Boric acid works pretty good on fleas as well as other insects in the yard. It’s only a few bucks, and you can find it at mostly any dollar store. If not you can get it at Wal-Mart guaranteed. Make sure you treat the pet, house, and ENTIRE property. Alot of people think that they can it the dog with a dose or frontline and they are fine. WRONG! Treat EVERYTHING!!! Otherwise, your gonna have fleas to the max as soon as the frontline wears off. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • ABBY


  • ABBY


  • Lysette

    I posted a comment earlier in June, I was having a huge Flea problem to the point I couldn’t walk in my own carpet without being attack. My legs were bitten like no tomorrow and more my poor dog was starting to get red spots. I read every suggestions and reviews from different websites and I took them all in. Just to let everyone know what I did maybe I can help some of you.
    Day One: Research about your enemies (fleas) understand the life span and what they like, I mean do you’re homework s much as you can (I became obsessed in killing these fleas and I didn’t give up). I bought salt, borax, apple cider vinegar, regular vinegar, Lemons, pie plates bananas (for the banana Peels) and dawn soap. (I am telling you I was determined to kill them; I didn’t care how long it took).
    Day Two: I first started with salt and I boiled Lemons and mixed it with Regular vinegar and sprayed it every night an afternoon especially where my pet rested. I restricted him only to the living room I didn’t allow him in the room since it seemed they were in the room carpets the most. I bathed him with dawn soap and with lemon water and vinegar at the end (don’t rinse). I put the pie plates with water and soap and I did see a few of them at night but not as much as the first night. Repeated for about a week and I checked my pet everyday, he knew the drill I will sit for about an hour pulling one by one.
    Day 8: I sprinkled the borax (I should have done this the first day) and swept it into the carpet, I did this religiously everyday. But, then I noticed they weren’t leaving as much I wanted to. I left town over the several weekends so I could let the borax sit and not bother my dog. Before I got home I would put my dog in the garage (he had no fleas). Then I will do the daily drill walk in white socks and I will see little small flea’s. So I will get one by one and put them in the pie plate so they can drown. Vacuuming was my daily routine every night. But make sure you let the borax sit for about 3 to four days so it can do its expertise. I will mop my floors with Pine sol with vinegar. I smelled but it will go away in a few minutes.
    3 weeks: I still had a bit on the carpet by the sliding door and under the bed. I just couldn’t figure out where they where coming from. I walked to by patio and there it was I walked out and I was attacked I mean from left to right. I had enough and I already had borax sprinkled so then I grabbed apple cider vinegar and sprayed so much it smelled bad but hey I had to do it. I didn’t go to the patio for about a week. I sprinkled more borax between the carpet and patio inside the cracks of the sliding door.
    It’s been a month and I have only seen one flea in my patio, I sprinkled borax where I saw it and one by my husband side of the bed so I sprayed vinegar. I make sure I still sprinkle borax or salt every other day. We bathed my dog last night and he only had a few. I make sure he is groomed and he has his frontline on him. Also every night I would rub lavender lotion on me and every time I did I would wake up with no flea bites. I would change the sheets every two days, now it’s every 4 to 5 days. I kept up with the dusting, I would end exhausted every night but I just couldn’t take it. My problem got so bad I came to work and I had one travel with me and jumped from my leg to my chest. I freaked I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t fog once because I just didn’t want to do the extra work if I didn’t need to. Dan I hope you can take some of this and I helped you out somewhat and others. Have lots of patience since fleas do. You can defeat them if I did.
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and advice. I will keep posted if anything comes up again with them. Sorry this was so long just wanted to share my story to others that might be going through the same situation… War on fleas.!!! Don’t give up..

  • lily

    I have been reading all these tips from the very first to the very last. And a lot of them sound great, and others not so great. I don’t have any fleas in my home or on my pets (1 dog and 1 cat) but I just bought a puppy. The problem is, this puppy is coming from the country where he is in farms and surrounded my tress nd other animals (horses,chickens,cattle etc.) Since he is a puppy he hasn’t been given any flea meds, so he has a ton of fleas. My question is what kind of preventative measures should I take with my apartment and my other pets so that we don’t get a flea problem and my current pets don’t catch fleas?

  • Grace Vandygriff

    We have had the flea problem to. I purchased a pill at the vets office called confortis it’s a chewable pill they take once a month with a meal and it starts killing fleas within 30 minutes.I also bathed her with a dog shampoo I purchased at walmart called Adams it works very well and when I was at the vets office they told me to buy a flea collar and put in the vacuum bag then vacuum the floors then as the fleas are vacuumed up the collar kills them. Hope this helps.

  • Jessica

    i have a bed bug problem and a flea problem…so im messed up.and the one thing is that her cats are infested and she’s doing nothing about it.i got the home defense fromortho.imma try that.what can i use for bed bugs.HELP ME PLEASE

  • Dabug

    Today I was online and looking for how to get rid of fleas. I have read many of your stories. I am so sorry to all of you. These fleas are terrible. I do not know what to do anymore. My children are being eaten alive. I have had to take them to the hospital for treatment on wounds they are causing to themselves itching. We have tried so many things and we just can not get rid of them. The stuff in the stores is so expensive. I am going to try the things you have listed. If anyone has any ideas on how I can keep them off my children, please let me know! How do we get so many fleas? Where do they come from??? Does anyone know???


    hey,I live oh yes it does get hot up here i have 2 dogs 6 pups i used the first vacuum the carpet then shampoo it then put the salt vinegar bath the pet in DAWN AND VINEGAR you can put this on your carpet to all of my kids are happy good luck to all you and your kids to GOD BLESS

  • Michelle

    I work in a vets office . I have 3 cats. I used to have a flea problem until Advantage came out. Frontline is a horrible product. Advantage is great and you can now buy it over the counter at your local pet store. I have been reading alot of posts and one big NO NO i keep reading – DO NOT GIVE YOUR CATS GARLIC OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF OIL. Garlic will kill your cat and unnatural oils can be harmful to their skin. Cats are not dogs. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR CATS GARLIC OR BATHE THEM WITH ANY TYPE OF OIL.

  • clementine

    1. Frontline plus works. It keeps the fleas away and kills them. It’s darn expensive though ($50 for a medium dog), but worth it if you love your pet. Not all stores carry it, which is pretty inconvenient too. I think Petco is the only store that carries it regularly.

    2. Try bleach in a cup on the floor to keep the fleas away from your home. A friend recommended I keep a cup on the floor and it worked. I used to live in an apt. complex where there were tons of fleas in the grass. I had no pets but just walking to the car, they’d jump on me,bite me in the car and make their way into my house.

    I tried the lemon thing and it doesn’t work. All it does is piss the fleas off.

    My bf recommends cedar chips near the dogs bed.

    Good luck!

  • Terry

    To help rid your home of fleas set a short lamp om the floor and place a mixture of dawn dish soap at its base, the heat from the lamp draws the fleas which in turn leap into the mixture and the mixture puts them to sleep almost instantly,but of course if you have crawling infants or children below age of five this may be difficult. I placed ours in the living room that seemed to be the worst area after a couple days and at east a hundred fleas they were no longer jumping on our socks and skin,also gave our cats baths which was a battle in dawn dish washing liquad added to water.

  • sheila

    leaves from a eucalyptus tree seems to do well if spread around the parameter of your home and baking soda for the carpets and all insect critters seem to hate anything minty or resembling the smell of vicks vapo rub but who wants to go around smelling like vicks.

  • Somebody Cares

    Thank you guys for the post…..I tried the Dawn, Pine Sol, and Vinegar…….seems to be working

  • rc

    Garlic: never mind your pet, eat it yourself!

  • Rosalie

    We have three dogs for three yeers and lived for some of that time in Spain, We put vinegar in our dogs water and we have no problem with fleas or ticks which most dogs in Spain get.

    All I do is fill thier water dish and give a good shake of vinegar from my vinegar bottle into it, a spanish lady told me her family had used this remedy for years and I can honestly say it works for me and my dogs

  • Dan N

    Thanks to all for your tips, advice, and moral support. I thought I was doing pretty well until today. I fogged 2 weeks ago, and have been spraying daily with the Zodiac spray with the insect growth inhibitor: floors, under beds, and into corners unreachable with the vaccum. I have been vacuuming several times a week. I do have quite a few spaces that are unreachable with the vacuum, but have done my best. I was away the last 3 days, but as of Monday prior to leaving, I’d had no fleas on the 2nd floor in the plates of soapy water for 48 hours–the first time that’s happened since this all started, which I thought meant they were gone up there. And I only had 3 on the first floor in the same time period. Previously, I was getting a dozen a day per floor in the soapy water. Well I returned today to find 6 in the soapy water on the 2nd floor, and a dozen in the soapy water on the 1st floor.

    I’d called the Zodiac company 2 weeks ago after bombing, and also explained to them all the other powders, salt, and sprays I’d been using, and they said that all these methods being used together should have my house rid of the fleas within 30 days of the first use since 30 days is their life cycle, and I’m right at about 30 days now. But alas, I still have them.

    The dog and I have both been staying at my sister’s place for the past two weeks because I couldn’t take the situation in the house, and I’m feeling like there’s going to be no end to this. I had an exterminator in 12 days ago who sprayed the floors and said to bring the dog back into the house so they would all bite him and die since he’s treated with K9 Advantix, which I thought sounded cruel. But I called the vet and they said exactly the same thing. I still haven’t brought myself to bring the dog back into the house because it doesn’t seem right to me since he’s been flea-free since being at my sister’s. Anyone here have feelings on this?

    I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I feel like I’ve lost my home to these tiny little demons. And to make matters worse, I went to a friend’s place a week ago in another state, and despite having checked myself repeatedly before entering the house, she had numerous fleas in the house within 48 hours of my arrival, and I am sick about it. She is freaking out, and I’ve been walking her through what she needs to do, but I have never felt so terrible. Or so defeated.

    Though the Zodiac company told me that the construction material clutter in the house should not lessen the effectiveness of their foggers, I’m wondering if I need to rent a “pod” and get as much out of the house as I can to be able to really vacuum every corner and get spray in every crevice that are blocked by construction material and furniture, etc. The exterminator initially also said that the clutter wasn’t a problem if I was fogging, but then called me to say he’d spoken with colleagues who disagreed. So, do I have to practically empty my house in order to really treat it and get rid of these things?

    Thanks again to the kind people here for your support. I am really at my wit’s end and am wondering how I can live like this much longer, especially knowing how quickly I can unwittingly transport these little monsters to other places. Wow, what a curse this is.

    God bless all…


  • Dan N

    PS: I fogged again tonight and used more foggers this time at the recommendation of the Zodiac company. I would be so happy if the $300 worth of products I’ve used so far would finally result in no fleas. This seems insane.

  • diamond

    Please watch what 7 dust you use there is some that is safe for animals and then there are some that do not say safe for animals… Have used 7 dust myself in home works i found it smelly and vaccuum plugs sometimes because of the fine powder but worth it to get rid of the little critters..after 7 dust have not had fleas for 2 years daughter moved in this spring with her 2 cats and a dog now am on the war zone again will win this on way to get the 7 dust and gonna use the lemon spray on dog..


    For the folks with infestations. The bad news is that you are in for the fight of your lives. The good news is they can be beaten.

    First you need to understand the life cycle. 1)The female gets on your pet and feeds. This gives her enough blood to feed her eggs. 2)Then she jumps off and lays the eggs in bedding, carpets, sofas, blankets any fiber. 3)Those eggs stay dormant until triggered to hatch by warmblood. 4Then the nymphs jump on your pet where they feed and develope into adults then…….see 1. If you can interupt ANY of these steps you can win a battle in your war.

    On your pet give him a bath using dawn or other degreaser. This works by preventing the adults and nymphs from excreteing a fat cocoon to protect them from the water. Unable to repel the water they drown.

    Then apply Frontline. This works by essentially as a teratogen. The nymphs don’t form right in the eggs and they die. This is available in a powder form for use on rugs.

    If you prefer conventional warfare. Apply repellants like lemon and eucalyptus oil to your pet AND your self. If the female can’t feed she can lay eggs. ( Make sure you keep up with the other pests like mice or she might find another food source.) Next You can spread diatomaceous earth and microglass. The shards of microglass are too small to irritate people and animals but small insects get cut and bleed out. The DE aids this by desicating the fleas killing them. DO NOT VACCUM THE AREAS WHERE THIS WAS APPLIED. You will defeat the purpose.

    After a while you will start to see less fleas maybe you won’t see any for a while. THEY AINT GONE YET.

    Remember the eggs? Those bastards can hang around for a year or more waiting for a warm blood to disturb them. So beat them to the punch. Walk bare foot on treated rugs and trick them into hatching when YOU want them to. After an few weeks vaccum and reply your treatments then repeat the process. Leave the microglass and DE in your carpets you can even complement them with powdered salt to further desicate the nymphs.


    Remember, you are winning BATTLES in a war of attrition if you fail to stay deligent. If you vaccum your rugs and don’t reply If you don’t keep a repellent or control on your animal, the fleas will be back with a vengence.

    It took us over a month and several treaments to rid the apartment of our cat’s “friends” and this years battle is stirring. Good luck all.

  • June Davis

    I use a powder mixture of equal amounts Baking soda and salt,and sprinkle on carpet, under cushions,etc.it dehydrates the fleas and they die ..everytime I vacumn I put a little around the house for control even if I have not seen fleas in months ….

  • Juanita W

    Hi all

    We don’t keep dogs inside the house but one natural remedy sure to work is to steam your carpets/ floors. Steamers (steam mops) are reasonably priced and are widely available. You could add lavender, peppermint and tea-tree oil etc to the water which would aid in the eradication and give a nice scent but it’s not essential. Be sure to purchase a steamer with a hand attachment so you can steam mattresses, lounge chairs and cushions.

    We have working dogs which stay outside and we treat them with sheep dip when required. We also use concrete lime and spread this through their pens and all over the ground. Works a treat! Good luck!

  • erica

    Thanks to everyone for the tips. I used a bunch of them all at the same time so I’m not sure which was the winning ticket. But I sprayed the carpets with vinegar and with a lemon/peppermint oil mixture, this smells great. I vacuumed a lot and sprinkled salt on the carpets. I also put the banana peels in the corners and I must say that I can finally walk around without being attacked.
    Thank you and Good Luck

  • Ben

    First off, flea collars DO NOT remove fleas from your pet. The only purpose really is to keep the fleas from the animals’ neck. I have lived with animals my whole life and know that the bombs are, for the most part, a waste. A big problem with chemicals is that the fleas as a population become immune over time. What you used last year might not work this year. I have found that remedies that come from nature tend to be best. It was designed by the same nature that designed these pesky fleas, I’d think it knows how they work and what their weaknesses are. lol. We are currently trying out the table salt dusting and using a spray of lemon ess oil, tea tree ess oil, lavender ess oil, and apple cider vinegar combo. We are also going to be adding lemon and apple cider vinegar to our floor washes. Garlic and yeast pills fed to the pets does work according to my mom. On a side note: I am a practicing witch and find it interesting that the same age old components used for spiritual cleansing of self and home are the very same used to ‘cleanse’ the home of fleas.

  • Kaylie

    I have had fleas really bad before!!!However I did ovecome these pest. I Put just regular tabel salt on my carpet everyday and let it set in the carpet for a while and then vaccum my floor and empty the contents out in a plastic bag, tie the plastic up and dispose of it in my big trash an outside!! As for my cat I bought him some Advanage flea drops and all this combine rid me of the fleas!!

  • Tiffany

    You can also rub cinnamon all over your dog to get rid of fleas.

  • Carrie

    Please help have a 4 1/2 month old puppy who has more baths than most dogs have in their entire lives give him his flea bathe new flea collar and even the drops now just got flea powder too have cleaned house and sprayed with pet store brand furniture and floor products spent lots of money
    have read about the dawn cure well i have a spray bottle made up already as it kills ants and repels them too soo i sprayed on dog
    seemed to help a bit
    now got my jug of vinager was wondering how to mix it what is the dilution for that and also the garlic thing is it or isnt it safe to use and does it actually work
    now today i vacummed and sprayed all furniture and then sprinkled table salt under cushions and left it there lets see if it helps too
    please let me know your ideas

  • John

    A few years back I had a major flee issue. A old buddy of my Grandfathers told me to rub baby oil on my dogs and to rent a carpet cleaner and put a 1/2 cup of lemon oil in it with the regular cleaning solution I tried it and now do it every six months and i havent seen flees in years.

  • Shirl

    I was told years ago by an oldtimer that putting a can of snuff (copenhagen etc.) into the water you are bathing your dog in will get rid of any fleas he/she has on them. Much to my surprise it really worked. Wash them good in the water with the tobacco, then rinse and wash then with a good flea shampoo so they dont smell like the copenhagen LOL

  • Mikey T

    To be honest with you I don’t know of any remedies. What I can tell you is the fleas have taken over my life I now spend only about 2 to 3 hours sleeping a night these little assholes will not stop biting me and I go through about 30 to 40 bites a day. What I have been doing is taking 2 to 3 showers a day after the first 15 bites il usually hit the showers for the 2nd time. It has gotten to the point where these bites are hurting me I feel every bite and it’s like somebody is taking a needle to my skin. I cannot afford to hire exterminator and have 2 cats so id like to avoid anything with chemicals in it. But the best remedies I have found so far is take 2 to 3 showers a day and after your 3rd shower when you feel the bites sinking back into your flesh and they start toying with your mind and driving you to the points of insanity… slam back a few beers to ease the pain and just know that fleas have taken over your life and you are a changed man forever thats how I look at it. I was thinking of learning MMA I am a changed man with violent tendencies and feel I need to inflict pain upon a person like the way the fleas have inflicted pain upon me… ridding me of my soul.

  • Cindy

    I have three dogs and recently I was ask to take care of my friends dog but it came with fleas and now I have them in my house any one have any ideas how to get rid of them without them costing so much?

  • Tonya

    By trial and error I mix water and liquid downy in a spray bottle. I spray EVERYTHING……..couch, chairs, curtains, shower curtains, carpet, rugs, pillows, mattresses. shoes etc… It seems to kill fleas. Don’t ask me how or why but I have done it for yrs and IT DOES WORK. Spray, let dry, then vacuum and throw away vacuum bag. Less flea irritation and it leaves everything soft and smelling great!!

    Hope this helps. I have 2 cats, one inside and one inside and outside. I keep them treated with Front line and then my downy and water mix!!

    Good luck! I also got some useful tips on here so thank you!

  • gail

    i have found that Avon’s Skin-So-Soft (original) is great for keeping the fleas from attacking my skin. Also read in your tips about tea tree oil bath, am afraid to use it on the animals (on bottle states not for use on animals). I am so glad to have read your commets, because I was going to give garlic to my animals, (now I won’t). We have used the Hartz products for our cats, the flea powder and the dip. Well it seems that I have one cat that had sensitive skin, he broke out in a rash, scratched so much, got open sores. Took him to the vet, and he got 2 different shots of steroids (he now sleeps better w/o scratching all the time. So now I’m afraid to use chemicals on him.My vet says he dosen’t recommend hartz products(but thats my vets opinion).I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, 2 being 3 month old kittens. I have been bathing all the animals in Dawn and been putting regular salt on my carpets, Which seems to be working, my question is how often can i bathe the animals in the dawn. Will their skin dry out? If it does, what can i put on them to bring it back to normal. Will try the pine-sol/vinegar remedy for the yard. I tried the lemon spray, did not work so good for us, sorry. well thank you for listening

  • Stefanie

    I have a 2yr old Shih Tzu.& 4 cats & we shaved my dog and she had 4 fleas on her. We do not have the money to get the Flea dip’s from our vet.What do you recommend we do!?! Also our 4 cats have caught 4 mice in our home and mice have fleas do you think possible the fleas came from the mice?…Also All Are indoors ONLY! The dog go’s out to go potty and walks and she is out with us when we do yard work..She is never around other dog’s. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • walker

    !!!!!!!!!!!DIATOMACEOUS EARTH IS KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    @dinan did u read anything on here no one said feed ur dog salt!!!!!

  • me

    The entire life cycle is quite variable, as evidenced by the variability in each life stage progression. As mentioned above, the cycle can be as short as two weeks or as long as two years. That is why it is so important to remain vigilant, even when a flea problem is thought to be under control!

    i dont know if this will help anyone or just freek u out even more!! thats kinda what it did to me !!!

  • me

    ok talked to vet teck and she said that the cycle only last that long if the fleas are some place that has no movment so the life cycle would only be two week in a house that is lived in!! makes me feel better but the baddle still go on!

  • angel

    i had fleas than got rid of them in the winter no there back i didnt get them for like 1 or 2 years we found flea larvae on my bed there so small i can hardley see them. PLEASE E-MAIL ME A IDEA TO GET RID OF MY FLEAS

  • connie

    we have used 7 foggers in our house and DID NOT work!!!! we tried using the dawn dish washing liquid and it didnt help much either.

  • Rhonda

    Dawn works wonders for washing your dog. It Works too! And mix warm water & dawn for a spray. Tea bags that hasn’t been used is good for ants.

  • marcia

    We have a cat discovered she had fleas and i read quite a few tips on here and we tried dawn dish soap lemon scent and the lemon and water mixture and sprinkles salt on the carpet and all the tips we used worked really well. Thanks for all useful info…..

  • R L

    Walker is an idiot. Food grade diatomaceous earth does NOT cause cancer.

  • Amber


  • shonna

    Hey….too the doggie owners out there…. DO NOT use the GARLIC remedy! Garlic is TOXIC to dogs…just like onions…I’de rather deal with constant flea dips and brushing of my buddy than kill by a slow and painful death….just saying you might want to take down that suggestion cause it’s a law suit waiting to happen!

  • Sarrie

    Salt— I used 5 pounds of plain label table salt(not – iondized)
    and just poured it on my carpets in my apartment. I have several rooms and poured it about. Next day, no fleas. My cat– had to be taken to the Vets — he was covered with them — even tho– I vacuumed every day concerning the flea problem. And kept my apartment clean. My cat had turned “Anemic and close to death” because of the blood thirsty creatures the fleas. The Vet knew right away — what was wrong. Looked at his gums — they were pure White. He was also lisless and no energy. Gave him anti- flea medication. and B-12 shots and other medication to boost his eating.
    I think the Salt works. Don’t let your cat get this way.
    I almost lost mine because — I didn’t realize the harm these fleas can do — can’t wait for a good heavy frost or two, to kill them.
    Thanks for listening.

  • britt

    if your gettin bit by fleas avon skin so soft helps to stop them from bitting you… just wanted to get everyone a helpful tip.

  • debbie1955

    Ive been reading everyones tips on how to rid fleas in the home. At this very moment iam dealing with the fleas,Ive been daling with them for months. Ive tryed everything ; Even had the extermanater out here. Nothing is working . I have my air conditioner on 70.Im freezing. Some one said the cold would kill them. NOT these fleas were Coats.

  • Amber

    The salt is working!!!!!!!(knock on wood)use alot. it may make your carpets alittle wet but i would rather have wet carpet then be on guard constantly. Also mop with pine cleaner. Seems to helping me out.

  • M

    Eating lots of acidic (High in Vitamin C) or pungeant food (garlics, vinager) can help keep fleas off of humans.

    Vet medicines work best for animals, but vary in results. I’ve different results ranging from 90% of the Fleas dead within 4 days (though it required several treatments to wipeout the next few generations) to not killing the adults, but making them extremely lethargic to the point of near paralization (they wouldn’t move unless directly touched.)

    My only warning is that if you treat your pets, prepare for them to jump to YOU. The pet is now poisonous to fleas and several Fleas will see you as a temporary food source until your pet is detoxified.

    Once you start fighting Fleas, fight them 100% or not at all.

    Bug bombs don’t kill eggs or pupa, so watch out.

  • Pam

    To everyone here I feel your pain. I have bathed, bombed, sprayed, vacuumed, washed, dusted, sprayed, and doesed my home and animals. The flees are bad this year we have always had pets but never had issues with flees like this. I am highly allergic and it’s a huge problem for me. I will never again use any zodiac product I have a 700 sq ft home used 3 bombs just yesterday, also treated all animals and bathed them came into the house and had more flees on me than ever the animals were not even in the house yet. It seems after reading what everyone has to say that salt and dawn seem to work the best and are probably much cheeper than what I have been doing. Frontline has always worked in the past but it doens’t seem to be working as well this year.

    For those of you that feel there is no end I can tell you that there will eventiually be an end. I had a huge flee problem years ago and although it took me a little while I did finally overcome it, just be diligent and don’t give up. Also to the lady that said that she was told the cold kills them let me tell you this is not true. Cool dry air does help prevent them since they like the humity and heat but running the air @ 70 won’t do anything to get rid of them.

    Good luck everyone and I’ll let you all know if the salt and dawn work for me.

  • Sherry

    I was told mixing (2to1) (* 2parts baking soda to *1part sugar) and sprinkling in areas where roaches are sighted will kill roaches and some other bugs sugar gets them to eat the mixture , and the soda explodes them inside and kills them .

  • Rachel

    I had a really bad flea problem in my room (because of my dog)and my sister and her babies wanted to move up into my room for more privacy and she said that she couldnt have fleas biting her babies so after i packed everytihng for the move I sprayed the room with that bug barrier stuff and then steam mopped the room and it really seemed to work after 10 weeks the fleas are still not there

  • julie spencer

    hi i have to pomeranians and i mean they are coverd in fleas they are even getting sours and i have a house full to so what should i use i need help bad please help me i cant take the fleasone is just a baby

  • Rachel

    I need help. I have had our apartment treated by professionals twice. Set off foggers myself. I have tried 7 dust. What will kill them short of buring the place down.

  • Tina

    AHHH – We have fleas!! We have 2 Indoor cats who on occasion have snuck out of the house. I was told by the pest control person that fleas can jump on your pant leg while walking into the house and that could have started this nightmare! Thanks for all the great home remedies – we are trying a lot of them. Our carpet is saturated with salt as we speak. I purchased a pill for each cat (Capstar..I think) from the vet and it killed the fleas on our cats within the hour. There may have been a few left throughout the house, as today, there was 1 on my leg – AHHHH!!! We did the bowl of soapy water at night with the light. The 1st night there was 5 or so caught. The next 4 nights – there were none. Two nights ago, there was 1, so after finding the flea on me…we started all over again. Man, this whole process sure does consume one’s life! Our washer & dryer have been going for days now. My husband has been vaccuming steady. We’re doing the lemon slices as we speak. This is the 1st time we’ve ever had to deal with this and our oldest cat is 6. I wish I knew or thought about prevention before this happened. I will ensure that prevention is done every year from now on…lesson learned the hard way!! I guess early detection is key. Good Luck all & thanks again for the inexpensive tips!

  • Schneequa

    Hey guys, I’m not sure if this will work for the home but definately on pets as i tried it myself. Bathe your dog or other with palmolive dish detergent original brand.. Yeah the original green liquid kind. I didnt believe this at first until i tried it on my pup.. 2-3 min after lathering is done u will literally see the fleas drop off while u rinse off the suds…

  • Marilyn

    I have tile floors so I don’t have to deal with carpet all over. I do have 4 cat trees, though. I’ve sprayed them down with rubbing alcohol several times, and it works. Here’s my plan for this summer: all 3 cats got Capstar pills at $5 per pill. They’re getting shut up in one room (don’t worry, cats don’t find that to be a punishment) while I wash the rugs and couch cover in hot water. I’m also going to spray down the cat trees with a cedar oil mix since I have some of that. Otherwise, I’d use the rubbing alcohol. My groomer told me that fleas end up near the edges of rooms so make sure to get those areas with whatever treatment you choose. The key is to get everything cleaned at once. I’m also looking into planting some flea-repellant plants. Also, I wonder if the cedar chips used for rodent bedding would repel fleas?

  • Hester

    Hi I got at last something that work for fleas. I bought capstar for my dogs[I got 3 Boerboels and a small dog then I put them on Program Plus[a monthly tablet for fleas. Then I took a spray bottle and pour in half jik[javel or laundry bleach] and half water. I sprayed all the floors, after 4 hours a sprayed more.I then vacuumed all the floors. Look like it is working now I will do it every other day for a month and then weekly. I believe you can also use a strong dip for fleas and spray the areas with that.

  • Catie

    I washed my dogs in Dawn with Oxi dishwashing detergent and it worked like a charm. As soon as I began rubbing the dish detergent on my dogs and rubbing it in, the fleas were dropping off quickly dead. After I washed them with the dawn I then used a flea shampoo. I am going to try feeding them garlic and the borax and salt on the carpets..Wish me luck, will keep you posted on the results.

  • Catie

    You are able to use garlic for your dogs, BUT you can only use garlic salt or garlic powder. Actual garlic cloves are not good to feed to your dog. Just spoke with a woman who owns a dog wash and had show dogs. That is how she kept the fleas off of her show dogs.

  • Frustrated Fred

    I have to thank everyone who took the time to post comments first.
    I sprinkled table salt every were and used a water spay bottle to gently cover the salt spead and then I bought an insect repellant to spray my ankles and feet ( It was ” OFF-DEEP WOODS pump spay bottle ” ). Only about 7 Dollars, 24 hours later… I am finally at peace from their attacks. Now I have to worry about the larva and unhatched eggs that are still hiding. I heard that baby powder in the carpet works. I’m going to try all the home remedies first, because I don’t like all the TOXIC CHEMICALS in the store brands. They all say… ” Avoid Contact With Skin ”
    What!!! No Way Am I going to slowly kill my self again. Good Luck Everyone, and THANK YOU.

  • tina

    thanks for the great tips. we will be trying a few of these out. im just so sick of buying expensive crap from the vets and petshops that dont work.

  • chris

    i read on here to use johnsons and johnsons baby shampoo on my kitten who had fleas bad but was not old enough to be treated. i give this method a 10 out of 10 as it worked immediatly leaving 20 to 30 fleas floating dead in my bath tub.

  • tahirah

    we found out quite by accident that if you leave a bowl of cooking oil on the floor the cat fleas hop in and then cant get out and die

  • j


  • anita

    I am waiting for my order of Diatomaceous earth, but in the mean time I am using salt all over my rug. The whole house is with hardwood floor, only 1 rug which is also treated with the salt( a lot of salt:). Daily vacuuming and steaming hard wood floor daily is also helping. We had a huge problem with fleas last year in October, called Orkin, it helped at the begining, they still come every 5th saturday to spray yard and stairs, can’t use spray all the time inside the house since we also have a parrot; and anyway they are still coming back. We have a cat-indoor. The fleas bite me also, that’s how I know we got a problem. Now, we have them, but not that much how it was before, but I want to end that, I feel bad for my cat. I also put a home made flea light traps with dawn soap water (I even got green light for best results), for the 5th day there are no flea in those bowls. But I saw few in the steam sweeper. Don’t understand what I am doing wrong? I know that fleas are around, how come they’re not in the trap? The cat was treated with Advantage 5 days ago and at the same time I used salt on the rug and doorways between the rooms. I haven’t vacuum the rug since I sprinkled salt 5 days ago. I hope DE earth help. But why my light traps are not working? I have 3 of them, and all of them are empty.

  • Roxanne

    I just got puppy, and this morning i noticed he had pests i did research and its FLEAS! just wondering if anyone knows how long would i have to keep using the remedies after i get rid of the fleas?
    im going to try feeding him garlic the lemon spary and the salt on the furnishings.

  • connie

    i used pert plus the two in one and it stunned them enough that i can just go through the fur and pick them out. still having a problem for eggs so im going to try these remedies hope they work . i have 6 cats and three dogs that all go outside so will see. thanks everyone ur awsome

  • dog lover


  • Rex

    I saw on the post where someone used alcohol and something else on the dog. Never used alcohol on a dog as it drys there coat and makes there skin become irritable and will cause them discomfort and have medical issues. Alcohol is used for humans not animals period.

  • Gayle

    Baby powder works wonders for my dog. No more problem with fleas this year.
    Just be careful about getting the powder around their face, so they won’t breathe it into their lungs. I suppose the baby powder smotheres the fleas.
    I have also have heard salt sprinkled on the floors will rid fleas.

  • amanda

    i have fleas in the house from my saint bernard he is only 5months..what cani do to get rid of them!!!!!!!!!

  • Meow

    WARNING: Some of these home remedies may be DANGEROUS FOR CATS. I’m not an expert, but I have read that cats much more sensitive to pesticides and their livers are easily damaged. Home remedies are great, but do some research before turning your feline friend into a guinea pig, especially those using essential oils.

    DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: I have tried DE (diatomaceous earth) with poor results. Also, the cats hated being dusted with it. The DE that I have is pure, food-grade DE. Some DE has pyrethrins added to it to for immediate knock down power on bugs in the garden. Maybe it would work better for fleas. I wanted it to work because it is non-toxic (not sure it is safe for lungs, though), but it just was not effective.

    YEAST & GARLIC: One cat we had hardly ever got a flea when her BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) was supplemented with a commercial food supplement containing yeast and garlic, among other ingredients. A vet did a thorough exam on her including a stool sample and was amazed to find absolutely no sign of fleas, especially since she was allowed outside during the day. Strangely, we give this supplement to our new cat and he got eaten up with fleas. Environmental factors likely played a roll because he is social cat that enjoys the company of other flea infested animals, whereas our previous cat was territorial and chased off every animal that entered the yard. Also, our new cat hates BARF. He is still hooked on dry cat food and he will only eat enough BARF to get the supplement down; maybe nutrition played a roll, also.

    IMIDACLOPRID: Certainly not a home remedy, but if you have to resort to using Imidacloprid 9.1% on your cat (as we did for our tomcat), you can save a lot of money by purchasing it in containers marketed for large dogs that weigh over 55 pounds. One container will yield 10-20 doses for a single cat, depending on their weight. Then, measure out the appropriate amount for your cats with a blunt-tipped syringe to administer. Don’t use Imidaclorprid on a kitten under 8 weeks old. Also, do NOT do this with Frontline, because it can KILL your cat!

  • Kat

    To get rid of fleas in carpet: Sprinkle carpets with Sevin Dust. Leave on for 6 or so hours, then vacuum. I’ve used this every time I’ve gotten a flea infestation inside the house and it works wonderfully. I also use it to keep the fleas down on the front porch (where the dog wants to hang out).

    As for getting rid of fleas on pets: The best thing I’ve found is the drops that go between the shoulder blades. But don’t waste your money on the brands that you’ll find in the local supercenter or grocery store. You’ll have to spring for the $40+ box of 3 treatments for your pet, but they work.

  • Honey Bee

    My beautiful dog Nyla has fleas & we can’t seem to get rid of them. I have used Frontline Plus in the past & it worked wonders but this time after using it 2 months in a row, it did NOTHING!!! Well, I believe the fleas have built an immunity against it & it cost way too much to not do what it should. I don’t know what to do about these pesky blood suckers other than to collect as many as I can & put them in my bosses desk chair, he needs a good bite on the…

  • Gina

    I was skeptical but OMG the Oil works. I put my shih-tzu in the tub. I coated her in vegetable oil, then I waited about 5-10 min so that it could really set in. I could see the dead fleas immediately!!!! I then washed her with Dawn and made sure to get all the oil gone. There were dead fleas all in the tub, then as I was drying her there were more dead fleas. I didnt see any that survived. I have been struggling with this flea problem for almost three months now. I cant tell you how happy I am!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  • Mary

    I have 3 acres that is surrounded by farm land everywhere. I use the recommended stuff that the vet tells me to use. However, with the fleas outside they keep coming back. What is an inexpensive way to get rid of fleas in my 3 acres. Also the newest to the house which is seems to be allergic he has a thin coat of hair (rat terrior) and his skin turns red and digs until he has bald patches. Help

  • Chrissie

    Okay, we know soap and water kills fleas. You can comb your cat/dog and force them in to the soap/water and they will die. BUT, what about the house. All the vinegar, salt, borax and etc… can also be a help but nothing seems permanent. One thing I found to help was food grade diatomaceous earth (make sure it’s food grade). Look it up as diatomaceous earth/fleas. I have had a problem in my daughter’s room before she went away to college. I have since shut the room off from the rest of the house. Did the diatomaceous earth and seemed to help plenty. But not completely. Whatever you can do, DO IT! Nothing is absolute.

  • mir

    I just moved into a house that has fleas – i don’t have animals but have two babies help me get rid of them!!!???? it is driving me crazy! they are all over my children!!! HELP!!!!

  • Claire

    Hi I have these pesky fleas everywhere Im usin frontline wash there bedding and them numerouse amounts of times i hoover everyday but still have them my dogs still have them where can I get this dawn from and what is it??
    I thought my son had nitts and he had a flea in his hair its horrible please help me find this dawn im salting the house now xx

  • Fleas be GONE

    I just got a baby kitten that was infested with fleas. I used Vin agar, garlic and some Palmolive and dosed it on the kitten. the fleas died.

  • Melissa

    Claire, it is Dawn dish liquid.

  • haley94

    where getting eaten alive by fleas everytime we step somewere there are fleas getting on us

  • terri mcdaniels

    i have 3 inside dogs and a cat…an outside dog as well. the flees have gotten so bad this yr. i have takin my little dog to the vet for some advantage…it worked about a week then they came back…i wont do that again! cost a lot of money! the yard is covered in flees…and i need something that actually works! i will try a couple of these tips…but im really hoping they work cause each yr they just keep coming back worse!!!

  • Chris

    IT MAY NOT BE FLEAS! What some of you have described (particularly those without pets at home or who seem to be the ONLY one in the household afflicted by intense itching and “welts”) may actually be MORGELLONS DISEASE, a very serious disease which neither the governments nor the medical establishments will acknowledge, saying it’s all in the patient’s head. Please research carefully (although no effective cures are really offered but you should educate yourself about the disease in case you or a loved one, has it acquires it.) If it is Morgellons, the essential oils are a relief but the only possible known curative remedy might be ALFALFA (taken internally) and can also be diluted in water and wiped on the skin, then rinsed off, although a soak in it would probably be best. If you have painful, uncontrollable itching with no signs of fleas but with other strange signs (please research symptoms of Morgellons) try the ALFALFA. Try it before, even, but still research Morgellons, because that’s what some of you may have. Alfalfa tablets are sold in health food/vitamin stores. If you get good results, please, for the sake of other sufferers who may not know what they’ve been afflicted with, come back here and POST your results! You may be saving a life (it’s that serious and unbearable for those true Morgellons victims who have been misdiagnosed, ridiculed, and/or ignored). I had a friend who was cured by ALFALFA after many years of suffering from this “mystery” disease. So if you can’t find a documentable cause for your severe itching/welts/sores, it won’t hurt to try ALFALFA, which worked immediately for my friend, who’d tried everything, even toxic stuff, poor guy. After several years of this horrible, disfiguring disease, he finally found this info on a website (but it was shortly thereafter taken down). Good luck! And please don’t forget to post your results as a service to others. (After all, that’s what it’s all about: people helping people–as well as animals).

  • Amy

    I have been battling a severe flea infestation in my home for 3 weeks. I found the lemon spray worked the best and i set bowls of water with a drop of dawn dish soap in it all around my house next to nightlights close to the floor. I also vaccummed and kept all blankets and clothes off the floors. I washed everything and did some serious house cleaning. The 2 cats we have live in the basement so we bought some foggers and used them in the basement while we set the cats in carriers in the garage after feeding them a Capstar tablet. Then we bathed them with blue dawn dish soap and applied a flea treatment. This is the 1st day I have not seen a single flea ANYWHERE in the house. The flea spray (used for spraying everything in the house) I made was 1 cup of water per lemon. Boiled the water and then dropped the lemons cut up in 1/4 into the water and removed from heat and covered overnight. You can get spray bottles for $1 at DG. Love the smell and the fact its so easy and cheap to make.

  • Tena


  • Eden

    my school was infested with lice, so i mixed tea-tree, lavender, peppermint,and olive oil and a few other oils that i had and it kept the lice off! i put some on my cat who has fleas and im hoping that it will get all of those nasty little bugs off! im also trying the lemon-water thing too.

  • DALE


  • Amanda

    I do not have a tip, I have a question. People say vinegar. Which kind of vinegar? Any kind/> Which kind to put in there food? Thanks. Do I put the vinegar in there water or food every day or every other day?

  • P Covey

    I have just spent a good bit of my afternoon reading the suggestions people have offered for flea control. I must say, before finding this site I had already tried most of the suggestions. Some worked, some didn’t.

    The whole light over a bowl of water thing works…fleas are attracted to heat sources [in look of warm blood to snack on] and if they fall into the bowl of water they will most likely drown.
    The bathing your pet in dish soap [everyone sayes Dawn] but I have to tell you, purely by accident I discovered any anti-bacterial dish soap works. I don’t know why, I just know that is does. Unfortunately, dish soap cuts grease, which means it also removes the natural oils from your pet’s skin and hair. If it is not throughly washed out, your pet will have dried out skin [a new scratching problem].

    Feeding your pets garlic or vinegar makes sense, though I don’t know if it will harm your pets. After awhile of ingesting such things, your pet will begin to smell like these things. I imagine that would be unpleasant to biteing insects.

    When chooseing to use vinegar or any citrus based product [lemon, lime, orange, etc.] on your pet, please remember…these are acidic, which changes the Ph balance of your pet’s skin and coat.
    They also change the Ph of the infesting insects, which is probably why they work.

    As for the salt and Borax mixture applied to carpets and other areas…yes, that has worked, but not without it’s draw backs too!
    Salt not only is very drying, but also very abrasive…if you don’t get it out/off of what ever you’ve applied it to it can be very damageing, cutting the fibers of material, drawing moisture out of what ever it’s on / in. Please, don’t allow your pets on treated areas unless you absolutely sure they have been throughly cleaned of these substances.
    I’ve never tried the bannanna peels…but I would think that would draw other types of bugs, so I probably won’t do that inside.

    Cedar chips do help somewhat…cedar is one type of pine…if you have a special pillow or something for your pet’s bedding, try putting a cedar block or chips into it.
    It was totally by accident that I discoverd pine-sol. I would never wash my pets with it! However, having a minore flea problem, I was bound to give my house a good cleaning and happened to find pine-sol on sale. I bought it to clean my floors, figureing it would make my house smell good too. I don’t know where the fleas went, but I haven’t seen any in several months since useing it!

    There is one tip I have yet to see on here…take your pet outside and give it a good dusting with talcum powder [baby powder]. Put on enough to make a cloud when your pet shakes. Leave this on for awhile, but don’t allow your pet to lick it’s self!!! The talcum, when breathed in by the flea or any other critter, wil combine with moisture in the breathing tubes, causeing it to clog the air passages [suffocateing the flea]. After about 1/2 hour or so you need to brush your pet to remove as much talc as possible, then bath to remove the rest…and I suggest following up with a hot oil treatment [I slightly warm mineral oil and rub that in].

  • trisha

    thank you everyone! We returned from a coach trip riddled with fleas! they were biting me bad but not my kids and the cats could not settle anywhere scratching like mad!! But I had no money and found this site! so far ive shaken all the salt over the house and furniture! got loadsa banana skins everywhere! sprayed all the furnishings in oust? placed bowls with water and fairy liquid and covered the cats in a water and fairy liquid mix! the cats have stopped scrathing completly ill rince them off tomorrow but at least they have a bit of peace till i get paid! Oh and opened all windows to keep temperature down! as they cant hatch if its cold! im still itchy but could be psychosomatic? thank you every one! But was raging I made an omelette and had no salt its al on the floor xxx ha ha ha :0)

  • Carrie-Lee

    We had an flea infestation a few years back even though at the time we had no pets. We assumed it snagged a ride on us from my mothers dog. They were bitting me terribly and the kids, too. At first (having no animals) I thought it might be bed bugs. But I woke up after being bitten in the middle of the night, flipped on the light and there was a flea. The next day I washed all the bedding, sprayed the bed & carpet with a non-toxic flea killer and then vacuumed everything up, being sure to toss the bag afterwards. Never saw another flea!

    NOW we have two dogs (another home) And our new 14 week old puppy has fleas. The “dirt” stuff all over his back – he’s a white dog and you can really see it. Plus I removed two dead fleas as I was bathing him last week. I plan on taking him to get groomed, and doing the same thing we did last time. While he’s out at the groomers, we’re going to wash everything, spray stuff down and vacuum over & over. We’ll see how it works this time!

  • Rj

    Ok Folks, there is many good ideas that seem to work for some not others.

    Here is what I do. I have 3 dogs, one of which suffers BADLY with flea allergy and food allergy , so I have to be very careful what goes in, on and around him.

    LEMON SPRAY does help, to my understanding the citric acid dries out the fleas body. Lemon spray diluted also works as a soothing skin tonic. I vacuum the carpets thouroughly Spray lemon spray on them and then STEAM THEM slowly with a STEAM MOP! I wash all the animals bedding , my bedding in HOT HOT water with a mild teatree rinse cycle. This system works wonders for my three.

    If its a bad infestation, then they get a spot on treatment only as a last resort.

  • Angel


  • Angel


  • brenda

    My daughter has an infestation right now and is going to try some of your tricks. Hopefully they work. Myself I have 2 large dogs and a cat …they are always out and about I feed them brewers yeast tablets and have fed this to all my animals for years and have not had any problems with fleas. I give them about 3 or 4 a day…sometimes more they think of them as a treat….GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  • Tina

    The Blue Dawn Dishwashing Detergent. Works great, it smothers the fleas. Make sure than you start at the neck and work quickly getting a lather up because the fleas will jump in the pets ears and eyes.
    Keep the lather on your pet for at least 5 minutes. Work the Dawn all over your pet, avoiding the eyes and ears.
    This work great and doesnt dry the skin out.
    Hope it helps your pet.

  • Chris

    For Fleas take a bowl of soapy water, set on floor in area it won’t get knocked over, put a small light just over the bowl, leave on all night. The fleas will jump towards the light at night and fall into the soapy water and drown, you can also use those sticky sheets for bugs, instead of the water….I find it realy works…..

  • Victoria

    I just got a 9 week old Yellow Lab puppy yeasterday. He is covered with fleas! Last night I gave him a bath and used baby shampoo on him, it did not seem to do much good. I hear Skin So Soft by Avon works so I put some of the lotion on him (did not have body wash). I worked the lotion through his fur, some of the fleas were comming to the top of his coat so I killed them. I think I need to try something else, have any suggestions? Does Head and Shoulders really work? and if so how long do you leave it on? Thanks so much!!!!

  • Holly

    I would also like to know the borax and salt reciepe. I have two chihuahua’s they are riddle with fleas. I have used the flea treatment on them as well as bathing them with flea soap first. I get rid of the fleas on them but then when my friend brings her dog over (which she says has no fleas because he has been treated) my dogs are loaded with fleas again. Can someone please help me. I am trying to find some things that I already have at home to use, we are on a fixed income so we cant spend a lot. But to be honest I am about to not pay a bill so that I can go ahead and order some K-9 advantage to get rid of them. I know that last summer I never had to worry about fleas and my dogs go in and out. We even had a white cat and we never seen fleas. Please help

  • carrie

    I am just wondering, some said use vinegar, others said, that attracts the fleas… which is the truth???

  • sierra

    thess fleass are stupid you kneed to cut your dogs hair and they will be on the hair if not then put your dog in the bathtub and close the courtain and let them shake and the fleas should fall of the dog

  • sierra

    dont put on any bright cilors they will bight you very hard i’m in that seen right now we mopt,and we put our soxs on to you can see the fleas . If you have a dog with lots of hair then thats your problem!!!!



  • Teena


  • dustbunniesanme

    Any good safe ideas to help heal the sore places heal after dogs have been bitten badly? Was told not to use Neosporin as it could make the sore spots worse…….

  • dustbunniesanme

    Also wanted to know about good product for pet rabbit as you arent supposed to use Flea collars and such for dogs and cats on them for flea control…….

  • moma na

    Got fleas! Try this, 1cup arm&hammer pet carpet fresh with the ox clean 1cup baking soda 1cup talc powder 1cap salt(popcorn salt) the grade is finder 1cap garlic powder or juice, mix together in coffee can, put hole in the top to make a shaker. shake a dust coat over bedding. carpet, upholstery, pet bedding ,leave setting for 24hr then vacuum repeat in 3 days then again in 7days to kill any eggs or lava,then again in a month. also give your pet a bath in dawn dish detergent on the same day cycle.Giving your pet a little garlic powder or juice in their food every three days helps keep the fleas away.Not to mention the mixture leaves your home arm&hammer fresh.

  • Pat Walter

    Haven’t tried this yet, but many other herbs can be used –
    Apparently one natural option is bay leaves, which contain an aromatic compound that repels fleas.

    Bay leaves contain eugenol, an aromatic allylbenzene compound responsible for their sweet, clovelike aroma. Fleas find eugenol repugnant, and will avoid any area “contaminated” with its scent. You can take advantage of this to keep fleas off of your pet and out of your house.

    Rub your pet’s coat with fresh bay leaves to keep fleas away, or make a homemade flea collar by fashioning a tube out of a breathable mesh material, stuffing it with bay leaves and tying it around your pet’s neck. Stuff sofa cushions, pillows and your pet’s bed with dried bay leaves to make them unattractive places for fleas to live. Whether you use fresh or dried leaves, replace them as soon as you no longer can smell them. This means the aromatic compound that repels the fleas has worn away.

    Essential Oil
    Bay leaf essential oil contains a high percentage of eugenol, so it can be an even more effective flea preventative than fresh leaves. Mist your pet’s coat with the oil, or mix it with bathwater for an all-over flea shield. Use the oil to spray curtains, carpets or any soft surface where fleas may hide. As long as you can still smell the aroma, you know the eugenol is working.

  • Pat Walter

    – you can also try a drop of essential oil such as eucalyptus or tea tree on the back of the dog’s collar (if an absorbant type) and thus avoid putting it onto the skin.

  • david NSW

    as an aromatherapist … a WARNING – there is toxicity with using ANY essential oils on both cats and dogs!! “natural” does not equal “safe” (just as a snake is natural – is it safe?
    anyway – fleas in carpet or floor boards? use plain old salt (or mix with borax – which has toxic side effects if you care to google) leave on for a few hours then vacuum and DISCARD vac bag as it well contain flea eggs. the lemon rinse works (one or two cut in 1/4s and left to soak in 2 or 3 boiling water overnight and spray beasts top to toe every few days).
    commercial products – fido’s free itch concentrate seemed to work the best and have fewer nasty chemicals. it also makes a more economical control for more than one animal – try also using it in the final rinse if you have a carpet shampooer machine!!

  • Barbara

    I have just finished washing my 5month old Himalayan in sunlight dish soap, it worked great, they were dying as I was rinsing her off. Now my other cat don’t like water, but does have a fle collar on. I haven’t noticed any on her as of yet, should I be really concerned at this point? Thanks. Alot of good remedies out there, but some I would be scared to try, but the sunlight does work….

  • Queina

    For those that want to know about Borax and/or Salt… It’s very simple, you just shake it all over your carpet, under couch cushions, etc and leave it there. Walk on it, let it get ground into the carpet. Give it a few days. What happens is that it gets into the fleas exoskeleton and they dessicate, they dry out. After a few days, vacuum it all up and do it again. It’ll take at least a week but it does do the trick. You do not have to do both at the same time, just 1 or the other. Make sure after you vacuum that you empty the bag or canister immediately when done and throw it away outside so there’s no risk of any surviving fleas getting out. All bedding should be washed in hot soapy water. If you have things that can’t be washed, then put them in a plastic bag, tie it up and put them in the freezer overnight. We did this with my daughter’s stuffed animals. And yea putting a bowl of soapy water on the floor with a light shining close in on it will attract a lot of fleas and it’ll kill them as soon as they jump inside. It can be hard to kill the fleas sometimes but you have to be extremely aggressive about it and don’t stop till they’re finally gone. If you go lax, they’re going to come back. As for yourself, I haven’t heard of the garlic thing before, but I do know that taking a B complex vitamin daily helps repel bugs too. And if any of you know an Avon lady, see if you can get some hands on some SSS Bug Guard, any type will work, though I’m using some aerosol that I have leftover from last summer, just cover yourself in it and it’s good for about 8 hours. The Avon Bug Guard is deet free and completely safe so you can spray (or smear) it on your skin and leave it there.

  • Lisa

    I have tried many times to get rid of my dog Sadie’s fleas with no luck… She was so miserable all the time so I finally ended up calling a pest control company to try and rid her of her fleas. I usually prefer a home remedy but in this case, I had to turn to the professionals and they did a great job. Here’s the website of the company I used if anyone is interested: http://www.uspestcontrol.com/. Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Diane Perry

    I would like to know what is the lemon:water ratio. Also, what is the borax/salt recipe. My calico cat Cali was itching so bad. I had been bitten once after petting her. I searched and searched through her thick long fur. I couldn’t see any fleas running. However, I did find their droppings. I read that mites can also be on their body as well as in their ears. I mixed up a shampoo of oatmeal (for dry skin), Lemon Ajax dish soap and about 1 oz of olive oil. I bathed her in it. However, she is still itching!! She stays in my bedroom and large bath as I have to separate her, right now, from my two male orange tabbies. She is getting spayed on Feb. 2nd. Thank you very much!

  • elizabeth

    i learned that a sunflower seed helps kills the fleas and also garnier fructis shampoo its not harmful and it has citric acid in it..hope this helps someone

  • Cynthia L Alfaro

    Natural Flea Treatment

    I live on 7 acres in the country. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs and ended up with a litter of 5 kittens that were abandoned. I have a pesticide free solution, but the regiment HAS to be consistent.

    For the dogs, I bathe them once a week with a mixture of Dawn dish detergent and lavender shampoo. After the bath, I comb a little mixture of olive oil, Avon Skin So Soft and water through their fur to keep their skin from drying and they smell really good. The Avon Skin So Soft definitely repels fleas.

    Then, I use a mixture of 1/3 of a 8.4oz spray bottle filled with alcohol, 1 tsp pure Lavender Food Grade Essential Oil (dogs only), 1 tsp Avon Skin So Soft and then fill the rest of the way with warm water and shake.

    I spray and comb this through their fur daily. I also feed them 1/2 tsp twice daily of minced garlic mixed with dry dog food, a little bit of canned dog food and some water.

    I dust my yard where the dogs run with diatomaceous earth DE (FOOD GRADE ONLY! Ordered from…http://www.wolfcreekranch.net/diatomaceous_earth.html.


    This kills the fleas on the ground and fleas are repelled with the other treatments. My dogs are not ingesting pesticides or absorbing them through their skin with the spot on types. Their coats are BEAUTIFUL!

    You can also give your pets DE food grade and rid them of internal parasites naturally. Read up on diatomateous earth. Just do not breathe the dust, it can hurt your lungs because it is a very fine dust and a cutting substance.

    Cats are different and VERY sensitive to many things due to their digestive system make up.

    I bathe them once a week with Dawn and use the very same treatments with them as with the dogs EXCEPT…I DO NOT use lavender shampoo or essential oil. Lavender oil is toxic to them and so is peppermint oil.

    I ONLY use Avon Skin So Soft, alcohol and a water mix to flea comb through their fur daily. I only use Dawn to bathe them and use a bucket where they can be dipped and bathed with their head sticking out.

    NEVER give cats garlic. It damages their red blood cells.

    I know this sounds like a whole lot of work. It can be at first. That is why it is good to get the whole family involved in helping with this at first, but if not, once you are in the routine and the pets are used to it, it really is a snap.

    I have used Frontline, Comfortis and the like for my dogs and Advantage for my cats, but DO NOT like the reviews on the toxins in them. They are pesticides and who wants to give their pets pesticides. I just stopped doing it.

    To sum all of this up, I took my litter of kittens to the vet and as he combed through all 5 of them with a flea comb, he only found 2 single fleas on ALL 5 kittens and absolutely NO eggs. He even asked me what I was using. The 2 fleas could have jumped on them while I was waiting 15 minutes in the waiting room for the appointment. Even if they had 2 fleas, I can assure you, the fleas were not going to hang out for long. :-)They truly do stay flea free. 🙂

    As for the house, I have wood floors instead of carpet which helps, but when I lived in Florida with the TERMINATOR flea population, I did use Borax in the carpet, Lysol and/or Alcohol sprayed all over the furniture on a regular basis. Also, if you treat your yard with DE on a regular basis, the flea problem should go away providing that you have already treated and rid your home of the little pesty things. Everything has to pretty much be accomplished together in order to get it down to the yard treatment and pet treatment only.

  • borhan

    i have applied laundry soup (powder have to mix with water).it actually drown the fleas and they stop moving on your cat .then you can comb them out from your cat .but it don’t kill them .i think it just make them wet and they can’t move till the cat dry .

    i have used that on 2 week old cat .now i m using human anti lice shampo .it has a great effect 1st the .the whole day no flea on the babies .i have also used it with mother which go outside everyday .next day there are fleas again .i have put the mother in the water full with laundry soup and then wash it with anti lice shampoo .but still its coming back .

    but now i have some new idea from this site .hope it helps .but i want to know if i keep my cat in that lemon juice for few minutes will it hurt its skin .is simple spray enough to get rid of fleas of whole body .as spray don’t go everywhere

    i think bathing them regularly is the only solution to get rid of fleas.gladly my mother cat don’t panic on water

  • jen

    Just sprayed my entire bed and mattress with vineger, because in earlier article it said to do that, then i read that vineger actually attracts them. NICE NOT HAPPY.

  • Leen11

    I have got heaps of fleas on my dog and in the house regularly bath my dog with flea shampoo but they just keep coming would really like to know lemom treatment and salt treatment

  • Mae

    Hey Leen11,

    Lemon treatment: You can make an effective flea repellent from lemon by cutting it into quarters and immersing it in boiling water. This is then steeped overnight to get you the repellent. By spraying this all over your pet, especially behind the ears and generally around the head, and also at the base of the tail and the ‘armpits’, you can rid it of fleas.

    Salt treatment: Sprinkle salt over your carpets and floors, leave for 24 hours then vacuum.

    I hope the tips work for you,
    Good luck!

  • HG-Victoria

    Just wanted to give back to this excellent forum. It helped us immensely.

    We moved into our new house a few months ago, and soon after were attacked by armies of fleas! arggghhh!
    Previous tenant has dogs and cats which onviously had fleas…
    we have no pets, and having 3 kids incl a 8 mth old baby, I looked for an alternative to the super toxic bombs and sprays.
    Luckily ofr us, we didn’t have carpet but floorboards.
    But for the first days, they ate us alive. In our beds, in our clothes, even in my car!

    So our attack plan based on tips from this forum:

    1. First loaded up a sprayer (i used an empty Windex bottle) with water and put in about 20ml (half capful-ish) of Eucalytus oil, half of that – 10ml/quarter cap-ish of Lavender Oil and about 10 drops of Teatree oil. Make sure you buy the oils that are 100% oils and not prediluted. Check bottle label carefully. The diluted ones you need to put in extra.
    Shake well and spray on body, clothes, furniture…anything not ruined buy either oil or water.
    This worked instantly in getting the fleas off us, and so gave me valuable peace to work out our next step.
    Also keeps fleas off furniture/beds…

    2. OUTSIDE: Garden Lime: I applied liberally over front door area where dog had been sleeping and patio area where his ex-bed used to be. We can see the fleas jumping about when we hit them with this.

    3. We left down salt on our floors overnight, everywhere. We got the cheapest “no-brand’ salt (salt is salt), then in the morning, vacuum all salt up. I added Baking soda into the mix a few tries later..about 1/5-1/4 of the final mix.

    4. Only chemical thing was I bought a flea collar and put it into our vacuum bag to neutralise them inside, and regular emptying after clean up and shower and change clothes.

    5. After vacuum a full very wet mop with a strong dilution of “PineOClean”, like PineSol, a pine disinfectant/cleaner.

    6. Change and wash sheets on a daily basis, as we were winning daily and wanted not to get a reattack by them b*st**ds!!
    Also vacuum mattress and a quick spray with oils and let dry before putting on new sheets.
    Also sprayed/applied oils to the bed frames. This smells actually quite nice.

    7. Left down banana peels, face(white) part up on plates round the house.

    Now I don’t know which part it was, but it actually worked!
    Our bites pretty much stopped after the spray.
    The few bites lasted less than a week after our initial attack.

    I did the salt on floor thing followed by mop 3 times, the last try with the baking soda.(i tried it as i REALLY REALLY wanted to get rid of them!)

    We were never reattacked, the attacks just got less and less and within 2 weeks gone completely. No need to even spray, though we still have a bottle nearby just in case. In fact we discovered that the mix actually helps with bugs of all kinds..repells them, not in an Agent Orange 100% dead-way, but keeps alot of them away.

    The lime outside we did twice.

    the bananas we still have, as our kids work their way thru them anyway, so a few hidden under tables etc. Bit of a wonder this, no flies either….I throw them out after they get black and dry.

    NOTES: I am in Australia, so shopping tips.
    The oils I bought from local supermarkets (Coles/Safeway) in the medical section near pills/bandaids etc.
    PineO Clean everywhere avail.
    My search for Borax, which I nearly tried, but I hear is great in the salt mix for carpeted floors, I finally found in Bunnings in laundry section. (Hovex brand). I think this is more common in the USA.
    Garden lime from any garden store. I just got the regular cheap one. Get a big bag as you will need it!

    Apart from the PineO clean which we use for our regular mop now anyway, the oils and gardenlime was about $AUD 30-40, and this was all the large sizes. Though now we have lots of leftover salt! I can live with that…better than itching myself to bed…arrrgh!

    GOOD LUCK with the battle!

  • Adelina

    Need help! What can I use in my yard to help get rid of the feas that is not harmful to my cats or small dog? Also doing the Borax and salt remedy will this be harmful to the pets? do they need to be confined to one room? Please anyone help!

    Thank you Mrs. Snider

  • Anna Kathryn

    Some animals are highly allergic to flea bites, so they may become highly infested and develop sores from the bites while other pets in the same home won’t even suffer a single bite! Tea tree oil diluted in water and massaged into the dog’s skin works well to keep all parasites away. However, if the animal is severly infested there is a pill from the vet that can be purchased without a visit (about $5 -$10). I know it’s not a home remedy, but it is a sure bet to kill all the fleas on the pet at that time,(not eggs tho) and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do. I do not remember the name of the pill, but it should be available at any vet office.
    Regardless of what your vet says, humans can become infested as well. I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with vets who do not think this is possible, but it is. So keep yourself and your home clean and try a variety of home remedies and it should be managable. Garlic words well for fleas, ticks, and worms. Tea tree for scabies, fleas, and ticks. Good luck!

  • Denise G

    Help!!! Live in Florida, am having a problem with fleas. These are mutant fleas on steriods!!!! I have sprayed and granualed the yard, frontlined and capstared the animals. Nothing helps. What do I do?!?!?! Any help would be appreciated. I have 2 dogs with severe flea dermatitis they’re miserable and so am I!!!

  • Madison

    I used a liquid spray where you add water and you spray it around your animals and near it s cage. It is called Pollyurithain(???) and you can det it at tractor supply and it last for a while

  • Ken from California

    we have had fleas in our place for about a Month Now.. the fleas either came with the bengal that we bought,.. or the used COuch we got * around the same time *.. we tried hertz Oil drops.. FRONTLINE.. flea carpet powder.. shampooing the carpet.. Flea Collars.. the cats dont have fleas.. But there are Fleas infested in our carpet i guess..

    my son and I are getting eaten alived.. so finally we found this website.. today i tried salt/ borax and banana Peels…. i also have a bottle of vinegar * that i dont think ill use, since i heard it attracts fleas*

    Ill let u guys Know how it works..

    Thanks again.. Ken from california

  • Kristi

    I do not have a tip but I just wanted to say that I have 2 cats. A medium haired black cat & a persian. I never had a flea problem until I adopted the creme colored Persian. =( My black cat has flea allergies, so if the persian gets fleas, my other cat does too. Ive spent hundreds of dollars in the past 2 months & now I am unemployed. I took the person about 3 weeks ago to the vet to be shaved,bathed. I bought frontline. Ive bought 8 capstars in the span of 4 weeks. Ive fogged my house 6 times. Vacuumed like someone who has serious OCD. I bought Advantage & I have applied that 3 times in the past 4 1/2 weeks on both cats. NOTHING IS WORKING. And I am now out of money for expensive flea treatments. =( The fleas arent horrible. I am not being bit. But my kittys are scracthing themselves. Not alot but I dont want my place to be infested. I am going to go walmart & get several products suggested on this page. I will report back here if any work. Ugh. =( Wish me luck…

  • andysnyd

    i have them in my bed and clothes but my dog doesnt have them anymore and they seem to like me what do i do =[

  • ken from california

    Borax/ Salt on the carpet actually Works..
    Plus using a Lamp or Light source over a Soapy dish of water.. that catchs fleas also..

    Besides that.. im trying the Natural Oils.. and we will see..

    Frontline/ capstar/ advantage pesticidies Oils.. only works on Adult Fleas.. fleas have a LIFE cycle.. and each Stage has to be attacked..

    Adult stage – pesticides..
    if u kill the adult stage.. NO eggs..

    No eggs that turn into Larvae.. they feast on Adult fee droppings.. If there is NO food.. THey will DIE.. from Larave they become Pupea /cocoon.. * cant do anything But Shampoo the carpet with Hot Soapy Water. and Hopefully that does it..

    But wait until they hatch into Baby Flea Stage * havent gotten first blood Meal *.. use the Borax and LIght/dish method..;. that will kill them..

    Uses the Oils.. to repellant them from u.. so u dont get bit.. and spray on bed sheets..

    this is a TIMELY process that takes weeks to Months to get rid of.. just remember.. from eggs they hatch in 2-5 days.. Do the Math.. and get a FLEA life CYCLE>. and expect when each Stage comes.. and what to combat them with.. within a week or two of the last eggs hatching.. u can have a FLEA FREE HOME!

    takes time. DOnt let ur guard down!.. Capstar Pills works great for adult fleas.. Blue Dawn DIshsoap.. bathe ur Cats.. also!.. Natural Oils theyre coats..

    FLea collars dont work and just protect theyre necks.. and give ur cats Rashes..

    Have a Good Day.. i WIll update within a COuple days!

  • roger

    three whole garlic cloves skin and all
    1 cup white viniger
    1 cup cooking oil
    3 table spoons salt sea salt
    1/4 cup citrus juice consentrate or citrus oil about 20 drops
    blend in blender till fully blended filter out liquid through dish cloth pour in to spray bottle spray cat dogs and around furniture and carpet edges only it does smell real bad but works just fine you will redicate all flees from your house and pets our pets where treated with this method only once 1 month ago we still have no flees.
    we also sprayed all matresses under neath not on top let them stand all day to dry and air out the smell put telk powder on bed base smell will dispears in 5 to 6 hours from mattress

    i have caught flees from cats put in jar with this spray in it flees died almost instantly

  • roger

    one thing to remember flees can drop millions of eggs instantly apon treatment or threat to life they are quite a smart insect dont be fooled there very quick to know there being hunted down thats no joke
    from my other listing above
    i have put flee adult and egg under micrscope and then applied this mix the flee jumped and jerk violently died within seconds it apeared to have thrown up be sick mucus from its mouth came out
    the egg lets say it seemed to split open apon treatment the lavay seemed to move a lot in egg then it tries to exscape it eggs shell apon exiting its egg it dies instantly the lavey dies instantly when shell egg is cut open before it ready to hatch
    we have white cats flees are very easy to spot they have been my exsperiment to get flees and kill them
    i garrantee this treatment and are considering populating this product on shelves every ingrediant has been tested for four months for alergic reactions this has not been any adverse affect on my animals except that they no longer have flees
    it is importent to mix percisely as proscribed above so this will not burn the skin of the animal to witch it is being applied too.
    please remember its important to mix exactly as proscribed any more or less does have adverse affects it will ether not work or harm your animals skin/pet
    i am also testing on ticks/mites it make them back out and drop off real quick and testing it on a couple cows for four months now of tests so far are successfull we have put a tick on cow with spray on even with needle hole and blood there the tick jumps off every time we tried the same with cow no treament the tick when straight for it
    you do the maths good luck try it it does work

  • roger

    one more peice of advice do not feed your pets garlic in any food it will block there intestines it will then soften the wall of the intestine and the animal will die most of all you will end up with very sick pet do not feed garlic to your animals one clove garlic will kill a cow within 2 hours of eating it seen cow got into padoc with garlic growing it died very quickly cats can not digest garlic nor can dogs it will make them very very sick from csiro advice for safe foods for pets and food processing proceedures are strickly inforced through the pet food making industry

  • Jan


  • mary Beebe

    garlic is not good for dogs it can be toxic to them

  • Fiona

    Please use caution when using Diatamaceous Earth. You need to use FOOD GRADE NOT POOL GRADE when dealing with animals and humans. Pool grade WILL kill you and your pets. Food grade Diatamaceous Earth may be used in your yard and sprinkled on plants if you also have a slug problem (or you can use coffee grounds for snails and slugs).

    I have recently found out Lavender water (the edible variety not poppouri variety) may also be sprayed gently on your feline’s fur (I don’t know about canine’s). Before I attempt to spray down my cats, I am researching the safety and effectiveness more. But, in my research I did find that using it on yourself prevents insects from biting and it did work when I was doing yardwork. I took a few leaves from my plant and rubbed them directly on all exposed skin including my face because I am succeptable to insect bites and did not want the diluted formula. Sorry for the spelling, it is late as I research other topics and I am not spell or grammar checking. Good luck all.

  • Mrs Lisa J

    Hi people, I certainly can sympathise with what you are all going through. We emigrated to W.Australia in 2008 and it is now 2011 and we have suffered fleas for the very first time. It has been a painstaking few months but help is at hand in the following shopping list for you all. It works but takes time and if you are determined enough it will pull off. Just to let you know we got fleas in our hair as well and that is awful. Contrary to popular opinion it does happen and a kind vet who is honest will tell you that.

    Shopping List: Bulk buy so you can use over again for maintenance on your carpets and as for yourself once you have got rid of the fleas in your hair [if you have been unfortunate like us for that to happen, you can use the products for bathing]…..

    3 x 1kg of Bicarbonate of Soda
    3 x 1kg of fine Table Salt
    1 x Air Blaster Gun [i.e a Power Dust Blower about $200 or more but well worth it, you will see why in a little moment]
    3 x 750ml of the cheapest Hair Conditioner you can find but thick enough to create a paste with for your hair]
    2 x empty Salt and Pepper Pots [for you hair, great for the carpets aswell]
    Disposable Hair Nets [great for the cleaning of the house and also stops anything jumping off your head, or if you haven’t got them in your hair, stops anything jumping into your hair, when cleaning or sleeping at night when dealing with fleas]
    4 or more lice/flea combs [necessary to work with the paste for your hair]
    4 or more sterilising cups and pots for boiling water to sterilise your combs and even the hair nets if you don’t have many of them.

    Things are expensive but this remedy will go on working for years.


    ……sending now

  • Mrs Lisa J


    Also as part of your shopping list…..Remember using Natural Methods is a great way for maintenance but give yourself a head start with a Chemical Product first. Buy a Flea bomb for every room in your house and 1 for your Garage and 1 for your Car. Also buy the sprays to give you extra protection during the flea bomb activity. It takes up to 2 weeks for the flea bombs once activated to really kick in and do their business. It’s worth it. The best flea bombs are the Mortein ones…..ok here goes for the Natural Method.

    [a] Take 1 kg of Bicarbonate of Soda and 1 kg of fine Table Salt
    …..and get a very large plastic container with lid. Pour each of the products in the container and take a baking whisk and stir the products together until fully mixed. Once satisfied that all is mixed then do the following.
    [b] Get a plastic funnel and spoon the above mixture into the salt and pepper pots from the shopping list above. Try to get as large a salt and pepper pot as you can. Ok now sprinkle all over your carpets and floors. On your beds [remove all bedding for hot washing before sprinkling], sprinkle on your furniture and anywhere you sit or lie. Hoover/vacuum your dogs bed up [ensure you have treated him or her with frontline plus, etc and also wormed to…..]. Bicarb. and Salt will not harm your pet. Might make them sneeze but that is all.
    Leave for 1 hour before you then take a clean sweeping brush and separate hand brush for your beds and furniture and work the mixture deeper into the carpets.

  • Mrs Lisa J

    Continuing with Method from Mrs Lisa J….
    [c] Once you have brushed the mixture deeper into the carpets, leave over night and dependent upon how bad the flea infestation is sprinkle over again and work with a sweeping brush after another hour.
    [d] As for your beds and where you sleep, vacuum your beds before you want to be able to sleep for the night. The longer you leave the mixture on the better. Don’t sleep ontop of the mixture, not comfortable, we did that so that is why I tell you now….
    [e] Ok, hot wash everything you use from bedding, to bathing etc.
    [f] Also find a life cycle chart of a flea. You MUST FIND OUT ABOUT ALL STAGES OF THE FLEA TO BREAK ITS LIFECYCLE.
    [g] When dealing with the infestation, wear the hairnets at night for bed and during the day for cleaning and also cooking your food. Fleas can jump very high. They are clever and adaptable as you know in your painstaking methods above to rid ourselves of them. It’s awful.
    [h] Fleas love the colour white, don’t know why but watch out when you are baking cakes, yep they can jump off your head into a bowl of cake mixture. It happened and it is only because we knew what to look out for and all our research of fleas that we noticed. SO GET THE HAIR NETS.
    [i] Ok before I move onto the hair and using the bicarb. and salt plus conditioner. Clean outside to and use the AIR BLASTER GUN [This is also going to be mentioned for your hair in a little while]…..Ok yep for outside. Air Blast, sweep and wash down the yards. Once dried off take your refilled Salt and Pepper pots of the bicarb. mixture and sprinkle this along window sills and around the edges of your property. You may have to refill a few times that is why I mention a bulk buy of the products above in the shopping list….

  • Mrs Lisa J

    I mean we have had no ants inside the property since doing the above.

    [j] Ok NOW FOR THE UNFORTUNATE RIDDING OF FLEAS IN YOUR HAIR…. If you do a little research, you will find their are a lot of people that this has happened to and believe me its the most awful thing. Worse than headlice believe me. We have had both….and spent over $800 worth of headlice products, that have killed the lice in the end but not deterred the fleas. There are no flea products for humans and don’t even try the dog products [yes we did on our own hair but not our children so don’t get worried there….but when you are desperate for your own hair, you try what you can]. Anyway believe us when we say DON’T USE ANIMAL PRODUCTS ON YOURSELF.
    [k] But we quite agree…They should invent something like frontline for animals for HUMANS…..
    [l] Ok the Flea Life Cycle Chart comes in handy here and now for the hair….Eggs, Larvee, Pupae, Biting Adult Flea. The cycle needs to be broken a egg stage really but unless you know you have eggs in your hair whether lice or flea then its difficult.
    [m] Take the lice/flea comb [can buy these in a pet shop or chemist, but make sure you get the metal ones, plastic ones are only good for parting and sectioning hair off]…
    [n] Run the comb through dry hair and check the comb from all angles. Flea eggs are minute, tiny tiny and larvee are like stringy very thin worm shape…..Yes horrible but they will stick to the comb and some will even wriggle on your comb. Also note, if you have felt any kind of pin prick on your scalp or even a sharp bite and it has made you itch…then mix up the following…

  • Mrs Lisa J

    [o] Ok from the shopping list….get another plastic container and take one of the 750ml bottles of conditioner and pour into the container. Now from your bicarb.soda and salt mixture. Take 1 cup of the powder mixture and empty into the conditioner. Use the whisk again to fully mix and create a paste. If it is still too runny then add the powder mixture until the conditioner mixture thickens.
    [p] Now rub this into your dry hair and leave on all day if you can. For those that need to go to work, it is difficult I won’t say its easy, but for men …. put hair gel in your hair, for women, tie hair up and back and then coat with hairspray…., this controls the progress of the flea cycle. Then when you get home, shower and wash hair normally, then both of you blow dry hair and then put the above mixture into your dry hair. Totally soak your head in the mixture till all hair covered. Same process for your children. Gel for boys at school, helps deter lice to….so good thing. For girls, tie hair back and hairspray, then when get home from school. Shower, dry hair and put the mixture in their hair to.Now everyone put hair nets on and leave in for 1 hour.

  • Mrs Lisa J

    [q] Now for the hard part…..Kids won’t thank you for it but it has to be done… you can leave your mixture in for as long as you like, even over night, if you place a towel over your pillows. But as for your children you will want to clean the mixture out. It all depends on time of course.
    [r] Ok….lean over your bath….put a cushion on the floor to kneel on as you will be there for at least 20 to 30 minutes before you get back in the shower.
    [s]Get a plastic jug and have the taps running a mixture of luke warm water, remove net and pour the water over your head or your childrens. Now take the metal lice comb and gently as possible go through the hair from back to front, rinsing the comb out as you go. The bicarb. suffocates live adults in the conditioner and the salt acts like sandpaper to remove any larvee as much as possible off the hairshaft. Larvee is a pain to remove but this method really helps. Larvee is sticky and you will more than likely find it like dust on your furniture tops on your kitchen sides etc. Flea larvee goes everywhere. So it is also great to invest in lots of paper towel, paper plates, cups, bowls etc until you have eradicated the flea infestation from your house. Using damp paper towel will remove the house dust of whatever concoction it is made up from, i.e dead skin, fibres and yes even dead flea larvee from the surfaces of your furniture.

    This is no easy task…. And I say all of this as best as I can without it sounding so simple and its a walk in the park. I wish it was. But I can tell you if you work as a Team in your household, your routines will get easier. Even write a routine list for everyone to follow…And a simple list for your young children. Older children can do more. Yes and everyone will kick up a fuss ….. kids just want to get out with their mates and you are going to have to be a brick in all of this. Persuading husbands is hard but with a little cohesion they will help to as they won’t want to be bitten to death or have eggs laid in their heads.

    [t] The dry bicarb.of soda and salt mixture is great for bathing in as well. Kill two birds with one stone, conditioner mixture on head with hair net on. Then get in a bath and bathe in the bicarb. and salt mixture. Helps soothe any bites on your body. Then finish off with metal lice combing the mixture out of your hair into the bath water. Emmerse head under water. Then do a final rinse with clean running water. Once out of bath. Wet comb hair, checking for eggs, larvee and even any dark brown dots that are the adults. If you find any red dots, these have just had a blood feed. It is gross but it has to be done.

    Now here is where the Air gun comes in handy….Really it needs to be done at a weekend when you have more time. But if you get your routines done well enough, and there is more daylight and your neighbours are understanding and even better if you live on a piece of land where your neighbours are not so close, the noise won’t be a bother of the airgun.

    [u] Get a chair for the person to sit on…. OUTSIDE IN THE YARD, don’t blow dry the hair as the air gun and comb working through the hair will dry the hair in enough time. So with every stroke through with the comb, blast the comb out with the air pressure. This blasts out the eggs from the comb. We have sat with every method possible of removing eggs and this is by far the best thing you can do. Having a bowl of hot water or vinegar sitting and combing, combing, combing as been painstaking and no much results but with the airgun and dry blasting the eggs from the comb. Ok you can say but the eggs will go in the yard, and hatch. Your thoughts will run away with you imagining all sorts of scenarios and nightmares. But all you can do is your best. We will never eradicate all germs but we do our best ay?

    Anyway back to airblasting and the comb through your hair. The person doing the blasting and comb stroking MUST WEAR A HAIR NET. REMEMBER FLEAS WILL JUMP AND EGGS WILL FLY OUT THE COMB THROUGH THE BLASTING. It gets easier but kids will get fidgitty and impatient but take deep deep breaths you mums and block out their retorting at you as best you can. In the end they will thank you having got no more creatures in their heads.

    [v] Once they are done, make them wear freshly cleaned hats and keep them on whilst playing out with their mates. No hat no play and if they can stand it, gel their hair up first before putting the hat on. Ensure gel has dried before putting their hat on. Can be dried quicker with a hair dryer then put hat on afterwards. For girls tie hair back, hairspray and hat on. They are now free to play with their mates and it controls anything being passed on. ALWAYS FOR LICE THOUGH, GET THE OVER THE COUNTER TREATMENT FIRST, FOLLOW ON WITH THE 7 DAY AND THEN 14 DAY AS INSTRUCTED ON THE PACKET.

    [w] In the interim, the bicarb.soda,salt and conditioner method is natural enough to work on a daily basis with both fleas and lice. In between the chemical method if you want to use that to give yourself a head start. But again we spent over $800 first before we realised we were having more success on the above methods explained in this website page of what we did to tackle our infestation. And I would always recommend you see the Doctors as well if you are really worried, or even a vet. We can’t fight this alone.

  • Mrs Lisa J

    [x] Ok, as with your children, do the same with you and your partner, take it in turns. The one airblasting and combing wear a hat or hair net or even both. The airblaster gun and comb works on dry and wet hair so don’t worry if your hair has dried out before its your turn. Damp it down again and then have your turn.

    Continue these methods until your whole house, and yourself have been eradicated from all flea stages. Your pet can bathe in bicarb. and salt to. And even airblast him and comb. These methods work for the whole family but again, wear a hairnet and hat the one, airblasting and combing.

    Dettol is also great to bathe in for insect bites to.


    [a] For the children, just gel or hairspray and tie back hair, put a hair net on and a towel over their pillows and then do a shower routine and comb in the morning.

    [b] For adults at night, again this cuts down the stages of fleas and lice….On dry hair, sprinkle dry bicarb.soda and salt mixture from the salt and pepper pot onto your head over a bath, then place a hair net on. Towel around your neck as you move from bathroom to bedroom. Then place towel on your pillow and sleep with dry mixture in your hair. Next morning lather hair with conditioner and comb out in shower, then finish off with shampoo and comb in shower to get any final bits out. Dry hair and gel up for work or whatever you are doing for the day. Maybe still cleaning and repeating routines. Anyone with asthma may just want to carryout the kids routine for the night but it all helps to control and cut down the progress of these unwanted critters.

    Well in all of these things mentioned you will find your own routines of incorporating the ingredients, time and order but it will work, be determined. And above all, if you’ve never done this before either, PRAY…. and God will hear your heart felt prayer. Keep on praying through it all and more and more ideas will come. I don’t say any of these things lightly.

    Our progress so far….my childrens hair are now free from flea eggs, larvae and our hair with all the routines above is finally breaking the cycle and we are finding less and less. As a daily routine on our dry hair, we take our combs out with us with a spare nail brush and comb when we can. Obviously not around people. We also wear hats.

    Times are changing and the increase of these pests is rife in the changing climates, so as a matter of precaution, a first aid kit of hairnets, hats, lice/flea combs, hairgel, hairspray and hairbands will do your family a world of good when infestations are rife. We have our children wear hairgel all the time for school now, whereas they didn’t before. And we check their hair on a daily basis. The routines are now faster as we have got used to them. They say within 30 days you can learn new things and be doing them like old hat……excuse the pun…

    Well Take care you all and I’m thinking of you…..Lisa X

  • Tiffany Herbert

    Today me and my husband used our dogs’ oatmeal shampoo and 3 tablespoons of garlic powder to give her a bath today. The rain bought the fleas so when we took her outside she was getting eaten alive. So we mixed it together in a cup and used it on her whole body, except the face and they were dropping like flies. We rinsed her and then the second time i added the lemon juice mix to the shampoo,garlic powder mix and the rest fell off. After we lather her really good we used her brush not the side with the bristles but the side thats more like a comb and combed through her fur from the neck down. After that we brushed her from the top of her head down, and also her chest area bc they run there also. After her bath she just did a little scratching and i havent seen her scratch any since. her coat also felt very soft. She does smell like garlic, but its been several hours and i cant smell it anymore, unless u get right into her fur.

  • Joyce

    I need help with my flea problem. I have a dog that was rescued from the streets, and she had a litter of puppies and they have fleas bad they are only about 4 weeks old what can i use on them to get rid of the flea problem.

  • maggie

    I would like to know how much quantity of apple cider vinegar to put in the dogs water bowl, please. Thanks

  • Ginger

    I live in Louisiana, Just use Dawn soap on you and the dogs and cats and call it a wrap. To get rid of them in your house use Vinegar and water mixture and spray on everything. It will kill them. After all of that start putting a cap full of vinegar in the water bowl. You have spent 1 hour and 5 bucks and your dog is screaming I ain’t got no fleas on me!!

  • Miss CC

    break branches off a crepe myrtle tree and place around infested area… almost instantly the fleas disappear… i dont know where they went. but, i do know they are gone……

  • karla

    I have raised german sheppards for 40 plus years, they have all lived to be 19 to 20 years old. I never had any problems with them, and they died of old age, I had a McKenzie timber wolf that lived to be 19…I still have 2 sheppards now, one is 6 the other 4. Thru my entire time with anials, I have never used anything but sevin dust on my yard or in my carpets. They always get bathed in Lemon Joy, and I have always been flea free. As far as the garlic issue goes, that person is full of it. I have had two Sheppards that that is how I got them to eat, and on a consistent basis from puppyhood on they had garlic powder on their food….it does not hurt them. If a dog is itching, also, it may not be fleas at all but dry skin..put 1 tablespoon of canola oil in their food for a large dog or 1 teaspoon for a small dog..within 2 to 3 days you will see no more scratching and their coats will be shinier. Dogs should only stay away from chocolate and onions…those 2 things in the food group are highly toxic to them.



  • Crystal

    A nurse told me when my son went to the doctor because of ring worms to bath our animals in Dish soap (I use Ajax) it kills fleas, ticks and ring worms. It kills them till they go outside again. I keep a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of tea tree oil and spray them down with it when they are ready to come back into the house (It WORKS perfectly). When the the fleas are in your home just sprinkle Borax and leave on the floor for a bit you will see instant results, then just vacuum up. I havent had a problem with fleas since I’ve been using this meethod.

  • Brandi

    Hi everyone, I am all about safe flea removal techniques for cats, dogs, and home. This works for me every time.. sprinkle salt all over your floors, place a paper towel down and set a bowl of water on the paper towel leave it there over night or as long as possible…. the fleas eat the salt and then are dehydrated and then search for water and drowned themselves in the bowl….then to remove fleas from the animal mix half water and half vinegar in a bowl (the amount depends on you size cat or dog for my medium size cat I use 1 cup of each) and use a rag soaked in the mix to wipe them down with, and it can be done several times a day. I usually do 2 to 3 times a day for 2 days. This works really well on cats who wont take a real bath. Also fleas hate citrus so wash your floors and walls with a lemon scented cleaner.

  • Buster K. in Texas

    I’ve read almost every post on on here and several things that have been talked about are good remedies, BUT the thing is you cannot get rid of fleas unless you resolve EVERY problem. That includes House, Yard and Pets. If you have flea infestation in your house regular table salt on your carpet DOES WORK. It dries out larvae and dehydrates adult fleas. Which is virtually the same thing the borax is doing. Sprinkle salt all around the house on your carpet and leave it for 3 to 5 days, then vacuum. After you vacuum sprinkle more salt out on your carpet and leave it again for 3 to 5 days, then vacuum again. You can NOT spread salt or borax and go back in 2 to 3 hours and vacuum and expect to do any damn good. Common Sense should tell you that is a no brainer when it comes to fleas that can live without eating for 8 weeks.

    A bowl of water with ANY Liquid Dish Soap under a night light also works, but if you want it to work BETTER… Use a Black Light in the night light. Fleas are twice as attracted to black light as they are to white light.

    To kill the fleas and ticks on your pets INSTANTLY… Get you some Adams Flea and Tick Spray. It kills fleas and ticks DEAD on contact, BUT DO NOT SPRAY IT ON YOUR PETS as it can irritate the skin if you spray to much and it get to their skin. Put on rubber or latex gloves as to not get it on you as it clearly states not to get it on your skin, so don’t get it on your dogs skin either. Simply take a Bounty Paper Towel folded into 4 squares and saturate it with the Adams Flea and Tick Spray, then wipe it on your pets coat. All you want to do is get it on their hair real good and sit back and watch the show. If your pet is infested with fleas DO NOT BE ALARMED if they go to scratching a lot when you put this on them, because the Fleas will go CRAZY. They will be going nuts trying to get every last bite they can running everywhere trying to get away from the Adams Flea and Tick Spray. Once they touch it though in less than 30 second they will fall off DEAD. Ticks also. It KILLS ON CONTACT and the toughest will only last maybe 30 seconds.

    Now if you put this on in the morning and come home in the evening and you see more fleas don’t think it didn’t work, because it did work. You just have a bad flea problem and like ANYTHING you use to kill fleas, ticks, ants, roaches or whatever you have to continue treatment until you get rid of the ALL problem areas. Which also includes the Yard outside. Sad thing is though you can treat your yard and house all you want to, but if you have a neighbor that has pets and all that separates your yard and theirs is a fence you aren’t going to get rid of the fleas, UNLESS the neighbor ALSO treats for fleas and ticks.

    Frontline and other drops type applications do work, but if they play with the neighbors dog or the neighbors place is just as infested as your place you will think these drops aren’t working. They are working and doing what they are suppose to, but when there is an infestation of fleas as most are talking about here it takes a little time. It’s kind of like losing weight… If it took you 20 years to get fat you can’t lose it all in 1 day. Same goes with Fleas and Ticks… You have to work at it and be diligent in doing so.

    As far as washing your pets and the debate as to what shampoo to use? It really doesn’t matter what shampoo you use on your pet, because 98% of the fleas that die will be due to drowning. Not the shampoo, SOOOooo if you use shampoo on your pet use one that is good for their skin and not some harsh shampoo that will dry out their skin and wash all their oils out of their coats. Your doing them more harm doing that than you are good. When you mess with an animals natural hair coat you are screwing with their bodies natural thermostat that helps them regulate their body temperature. Just like cutting off a long haired dogs hair thinking you’re making them cooler? You’re NOT… You are making them hotter, if they are outside pets. That hair is like an insulation the same as that insulation on your house. It keeps in cool and heat during summer and winter. Same goes for a dogs hair~!

    Seven Dust sprinkles around your yard will kill fleas in your yard as well. Same way it does Tomato Worms that get on Tomato Plants in the garden. Lime does the same thing as well… It goes back to the Salt vs. Borax. It’s accomplishing the same thing. They are both powders that get on the fleas, causing them to dehydrate and die. Think about how it. Powder on them dries out moisture causing temperature rise and dehydration, then death. Just be careful, because the pets can also ingest these powders and cause them to get sick. Why not put something on your yard that will benefit you though? YES benefit you. How about killing 2 birds with 1 stone. It’s rather simple to do just that by doing something that benefits your lawn. FERTILIZE your yard folks. It’s going to help your lawns, add to the soil and in the process help kill fleas and ticks the same way the powders do by dehydration, but what else do you do when you fertilize? You WATER the lawn, hence drowning Fleas in the process~!

    Bottom line is Fleas and Ticks are fierce little critters and they are playing hard ball. To kill them YOU have to play hard ball as well, because they are trying to survive and live another day. You let up and they will come back full force looking for groceries, so you can’t think you’re going to get rid of them all in one afternoon. That isn’t a logical way of thinking and it won’t happen. In 2 weeks though you can take charge of things and put one heck of a big dent in your problem. If your dog likes water get them a wash tub or little swimming pool they can get in and play. During the summer my dogs literally lay down in a water trough when they get hot to cool off. Every time they lay down they are drowning any fleas they may have on them, unless all the fleas run up to their head. Which at times can happen and it kind of looks like a Flea Circus. Just take that paper towel saturated with Adams Flea and Tick Spray and wipe their head and you can solve the problem. Fleas don’t swim, they drown~!

    I worked for a DVM for almost 8 years and common sense goes a long way when it comes to family pets. The only monthly additive you need to keep fleas at bay is Water and Brewers Yeast. Sprinkle brewers yeast on the pets food two to three times a month and take precautions with your yard, house and neighbors pets and you won’t have any flea problems. For those that live in an Apartment Complex’s call the Manager and get them to spray, because chance are they are infesting your neighbors apartment as well and they will just move over there until whatever you do wears off and will come back. So the complex will have to spray more than just your apartment to solve the problem.

    Hope this helps out some of you folks having such hard times, because it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is that some of you are going through. It really is amazing how well table salt sprinkled on carpet for a week works inside your house and just giving your dog a bath or letting them play in the water will get rid of fleas. Watering your lawn would amaze you at how many fleas you’re drowning by keeping your grass green. Just don’t let it go to far folks, because those poor animals are helpless with YOU and NO ANIMAL should suffer due to a humans ignorance or laziness~!

    Good Luck and God Bless~! ;~)

  • Carrie

    BE CAREFUL…BE CAREFUL!!! Moth balls, although are good for some things, are prone to affect a humans’ heart! When you put them under your house, it can cause heart problems…ask your doctor before using them!!!!!

  • Leah

    Everyone keeps talking about vinegar – which is better distilled or apple cider. Here is my situation: I have area rugs, hard wood floors that are not sealed, laminate flooring in the kitchen and my son has a room full of stuffed animals – what remedies should I use where? I have a 3 year old boy and a cat in the house, I am not sure what to do about my sons little minature couch either. Can you use vingar on the stuffed animals without washing them? Does vinegar change the color of things? What is safe to use on old wood floors that are not sealed? (1918 house so the floors are really old)

  • Patrick

    I had a severe flea infestation in my home. I have 3 dogs and an indoor cat. I purchased Neem Shampoo for pets. It killed the fleas immediatly. I vacuumed the carpets and emptied the contents into plastic bags, I could hear the fleas jumping around inside the bags!I then filled a gallon yard sprayer with warm water, put about !/4 cup of the neem shampoo in , shake it up and sprayed the carpets with this mixture. I then steamed the carpets. You must also vacuum your furniture. I did this everyday for a week, the fleas were gone, I coninued another week to be sure. Neem is the best all natural flea killer I have ever used. It is expensive but worth the results. You can purchase pure neem oil and mix it in with your choice of shamppos and or liquid soaps. Neem is also on lawn and gardens. If you have fleas vacuum daily, You can google neem products for pets and lawn and garden or just google pure neem distributors. Good luck

  • Gretchen

    Oils are poison to cats.

    Diatomacous earth is bad for the lungs.

  • Valerie

    BE CAREFUL WITH ESSENTIAL OILS. Animals do not process essential oils the same way we do. Some are toxic to dogs, and most are toxic to cats. Do not put essential oils directly on your pets unless you have researched and verified that the specific oil you are using is safe for THAT type of animal.

    I’ve used Borax several times for flea eradication and it works great without any risk to my pets.

  • Shelly

    I have just found them on computer screen so I did a good bicarbonate of soda around living room chairs. I have can of rid flea a same solution as you guys said so i doubled up on all things. Will get under chairs tomorrow for luck. I hate boms and do have peeps so I found there are good outside flea controls Gardens Alive have them for your yard.
    I use Diamaceous Earth..Food Quality as I grow my own food and I hate insects. This can be used on lice…human and bird. I use around house…It is a fine white powder and looks strange but it works, safe for pets, really safe for kids ‘Wolf Creek Ranch’
    If you live in an area where lemon balm grows, I use the leaves by rubbing them on my neck and arms. I know there is someone who could figure a way to boil them or put them in safe oil to use for conditioner for you and pets or their bedding.
    Thanks for your tips. It is a long job but it can work. You can beat them.
    I use vinegar on my floors for final rinse because Vinegar is actually the best clean up and odor removal. So put some concentrated lemon juice in and voila you got a better rinse…Use on clothes in wash rinse, spray in bottle on furniture but watch wood or metal.
    For floors ..hardwood finished or not. Look for cedar oil, mix with a linseed oil, and some lemon oil…Lowes or a Wood Furniture maker can help but you can use these lightly on these surfaces but it will be oil. Takes days to soak in. I do not remember measurements but the cedar repels all insects, Lemon will also repel bugs and give great shine, deep finish. Linseed oil makes the other two go a long way. I did Cedar walls…older home, 40 x 8 2 walls With Carpets I would put the Diamaceous Earth under the carpets versus soda or salt as they will do an eat to wood surfaces. DE will not.
    I am discouraged about not using garlic in food but new rules. I am going to get brewers yeast and be wary these past tow years are killer with lice, ticks and fleas, I just saw a Japanese beetle way to early.

    I have also cleaned my home. laundry with mint. Mint can also be rendered down in an oil perhaps like linseed. For humans I use natural babyu oil, furniture and wood floors I use linseed, check with wood sales reps, Natural Health Stores has Tingly Mint…does its job and smells good,,,great for bath and kitchen clean and dkeep ants and fruit gnats out. But pure pepperment, and other mints like wintergreen is also a good cupboard and dreawer smell and deterrent for bugs.
    Watch animal and people’s eyse. I usually use a washcloth with a mild dog soap with citrus and clean quick and rinse quicer, then the ears and nose then i continue on area at a shot going towards tail and back legs. I keep her in water with citrus and baking soda or Borax so when the critters realize the end is near they jump arouen the area is already DE’d so try to get here.

    Then after everyone is clean and smelling minty lemony get them into the house and go after a good ourside spray of herbs, boron baking soada lime or DE. Pray for 24 hour break until rain comes. This is War, I must hose my yard wiuth safe, killing Bugin out. Have fun. Always research herbs and spices, boraxo, baking soda, vinegar, oils, leave none alive. then we need a door mister so when people stop over they do not bring their pets fleas here. I went thr a month clean up in and around house, Friends stopped in,,,withinfour days house was blackened with specs of bugs
    Soo I started a spray outside but there is not much you can do if a squirrel, chipmunk mouse decides toget in,,,,they bring theirs in. Bird houses too close to house means lice, it is work.Well summer battle is here and I have been doin chickns with DE weekly. now I will do a complet Summer clean and powder this house, lemon and lime it til you dream about lemon meringue pies. HUGS Pa

  • melissa johnson

    use Dawn dish soap soak your animal in it while they are dry it kills flee like no other then rince them an use a teaspoon of olive oil its good for their coats , you can also use it on your carpet using half water half dawn it kills most flees bathing them twice a week an sprayin your carpet the same time ! good luck!

  • j.c


  • Tami

    The Best thing in the world to get rid of fleas is
    1C. mint mouthwash
    1C. lemon dish detergant
    1C. amonia

    mix all together in a sprayer and spray everything inside and out I add 2C of water to this and spray my cats and dogs. and this mix only costs about $4. hope this helps

  • Rich

    I live on a sandy shady hill in Louisiana (bug capitol of the world!) and have no indoor pets but my house yard and even my truck was totally infested with fleas. I spent a small fortune on bug bombs, sprays, Terminix, and used insect granules at 5 times the recommended rate around my house replaced all the carpet in my house with laminate flooring and nothing helped. I took a little mini vacation for a few days so I turned all the power off and put 18 insect bombs in a 1325 sq ft house closed it up for almost 4 days and when I got back the fleas were worse than ever!!! I read EVERY post here and tried many of the ideas here and between the above posts a book and several other websites came up with something that FINALLY works!!! I mixed 1 cup lemon ammonia 1 cup lemon dish detergent 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup mint mouthwash (peppermint extract works well also) and 1 cup lemon Pinesol with 2 cups water and sprayed it inside and out with a pump sprayer. After the 1st time i thoroughly vacuumed every nook cranny & corner with a shop vacuum then put the contents in a sealed bag outside sprayed the vacuum cleaner and left it outside. I spray once a week in the house and soak outside around the house with a hose end sprayer and so far I haven’t seen a single flea in the house and now for the 1st time ever I can enjoy my yard! The ingredients cost around $8 and so far has lasted over 3 months. After you kill them DO NOT stop spraying because a flea can remain dormant for over 8 months. I have a 185 lb Great Pyreneese that has sensitive skin so I haven’t tried this on him but had great results with wetting his fur then saturating him with baby shampoo leaving it on for about 10 minutes then rinse the dead fleas away! I was never able to use the typical flea collars and shampoos on him and really any type of soap will work just leave it on long enough for the soap to penetrate the fleas cuticles. The ammonia in this recipe will leave your grass noticeably greener and I tried it in my garden this spring and it controlled most of the bugs that have plagued me in the past but left spots on my cucumber leaves and may harm other plants so test it first. Happy hunting!!!

  • richard kuhl

    A response to Leahs Question about hardwood floors. Before using anything test it in a corner or closet first but I just saturated all my laminate and hardwood floors area carpets bedding with a solution of 1 cup lemon dish detergent 1 cup lemon pine oil 1 cup antiseptic mouthwash ( listerine or similar) 1 cup lemon ammonia placed the mixture in a pump sprayer and sprayed everything below waist high and sprayed around the doors porches and common paths outside. After everything dried inside I very thoroughly vacuumed every little nook cranny or corner with a shop vac and emptied and sealed the contents outside then sprayed and left the vac outside. I spray at least 1 time a week and its been around 3 flea free months so far

  • bobbie

    Help, i have a beagal that i got off the street, she is ate up with fleas. i have used flea drops,powder, and/or flea spray with baths and she still has fleas. her hair is falling out in patches and she scratches continueously. what home recipes can i have to help her without using pesticides to kill fleas and to prevent her from getting more.

  • Tammy

    Cut up 6 lemons , pour a gallon of boiling water over them and let sit for 24 hours ,strain then add 10 drops of lavender oil ( essential oil ) and about a Tablespoon of vinegar . put some of the mixture in a spray bottle and spray your dog a few times a day . Keep the rest in the fridge . This mixture also gets rid of warts lol I had two very bad warts on my hand and with the daily spraying of my dogs and rubbing it into their fur it got rid of my warts .
    For your house mix equal portions of baking soda and regular table salt , sprinkle all around your house , baseboards , everywhere , on your furniture , the longer you can leave it there the better , hours is best , or a day if you can stand looking at it . then vacuum , vacuuming as often as you can will help , but you will need to do this every few days until all the new fleas babys hatch out . it is an ongoing project until you are flea free. Apple cidar vinegar is a big help too . Mix that 1/2 and 1/2 with water and it is a good spray to use on both dogs and cats , do not use essential oil on cats but the apple cidar vinegar is safe for cats . Hope this helps

  • MeleAna

    I’m just responding to the “e. External flea repellents” regarding the herb Tansy being planted around your pets pen or enclosure. Tansy is toxic so be aware of what you plant around your pets. Just want people to know since it wasn’t mentioned. I have cats that like to chew on plants. So I have to be careful what I plant around our yard!


    People this is important. DO YOUR YARD FIRST OR YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR TIME. I have been working on my house for 6 weeks, i havwe been using DE. some results but not 100%. This is a big mistake. we do not have any animals. I finally discover the cause. I hang my clothes outside to dry. Well we have the fleas in the back yard. So make sure your yard has been treated. I treated my yard 2 times in t he last 3 days, I use one of those hose attachment and sprayed. I used 1/4 c pinesole, 1/4 c dawn, 1/4 c murphy oil and 1/4 c lemon dawn. i spray the yard and fleas were flying on my grandsons toys. 2nd time i used lemon juicesx from lemon peels (2 cups. and 2 cup dawn and peppermint essentila oil about 10 drops and spray. hopefully this will help. i think i have them for now.

    next i planned to start using my rug scrubber and i will use dawn blue to scrub. i will wait 5 minutes before i suction it up.

  • faith

    when you dawn dish soap make sure it is the concentrated type. they have a ultra concentrated and they have the type that is already diluted.

    i have started using my steam rug scrubber. i put 1/2 dawn soap contrated and 1/2 lemon juice. it is working. i saw a few dead along the base board. i let it set for 5 minutes before i suction it up. i have 3 more rooms to do. i also have made a spray bottle with ultra dawn blue and water 50/50. i use it to spray our couch until i can use the rug scrubber to clean it the same as my rugs.

    does anyone know of a plant i can plant in my back yard to so get the fleas to go away or kill them. i am spraying dawn soap in my back yard.

  • Jessicah

    i have two kittens who will be a year old in feb. i have used everything on both of them and even bathed them at the same time to get rid of the fleas. but they are both still covered in fleas… im going to try dandruff shampoo and the oils to see if that helps. thanks to everyone for thier helpful tips. now maybe i can keep my babies flea-free…

  • bruce

    Take a lemmon not raw plastic type pour into spray bottle about the same amount of white vinagar and two teaspoons salt and regular carpet spray cleaner and mix all together and fleas are dead and it all smells good.

  • Deborah Abichaker

    I need help!!!!!!!!!!!! The other day I saw tiny, tiny black fleas in my house. They like to jump on my skin and the rest of the family too. They especially love to bite me. I slap them, squeezed them, sprayed them, but they are so fast and even when I do catch one them seem to be resistant to all forces of whatever you do. I just spent the last 1 or so hours reading all the blogs. Thanks. I am going to try everything mentioned, but not chemicals I have already tried ortho flea spray, but nothing much happened, I think these fleas are very smart, they just smell the spray and jump away from the spray causing them to fester in other rooms and corners and furniture of the house. I have 1 cat, but I’m not blaming her, cause I don’t see her scratching. I’ll let everyone know what home remedy seems to works best in a week or so.
    Good Luck All and Pray that I can control them too. It’s embarrassing.

  • Allison


    I am looking for something to use IN THE YARD other than the previously mentioned items (7 dust, food grade diatomaceous earth, and the vinegar/pinesol on a hose sprayer). We have a total of 8 animals and need to treat the yard but our hose won’t reach the yard, which means the hose sprayer is out. Also, I haven’t been able to find the other items and I need something now!

    Going to try the Dawn dish soap… from what I have read here, I need the old time Dawn (blue, concentrated). Also read about baby power for ants as we have those too.

  • Susan Crawford

    Whatever you do folks, stay away from Raid Flea Killer Plus Carpet Spray (purple can). Even when used “properly”, it is too strong to use around cats. I had two older cats who died within a week of using this product! If I had known before, I would have stayed with home remedies! =(

  • Biting my wifeand child to death

    We are going to use the salt today, but what we really need to know the most is what we can put on our baby while he sleeps. He awakes with 10 or more bites a night.

  • R. Astby

    Don’t anyone, please, take the advice of giving garlic to dogs as a flea repellent. Even small amounts of garlic & onion are quickly, ‘deadly’ to dogs and cats & results in a deadly, unrecoverable blood altering condition called Heinz Body. Vets will confirm this. Forums that say this are trouble! So please don’t.

  • Josetta

    -Mix [BLUE] dawn soap, water, and vinegar in a spray bottle.
    -Spray EVERYTHING.
    -Sprinkle salt on the floor like its carpet powder.
    -Let it set for a while.

    I dont have any pets but we gave my boyfriends dog a bath here a few weeks ago and ever since we have been infested. It was about $5 for all this. but you may want to do it every other day because they have eggs that hatch after about 10 days. So every other day for 10 days and they should be gone. Wash your blankets and clothes that have been on the floor with a little bit of blue dawn and hot hot hot water. Good luck! 😀

  • theboxer lover (Jane Worrell)

    Go to the DOLLAR STORE or THE DOLLAR GENERAL I never trusted this store but one time I was going thru a hard time my poor animals where so infested so quickly I had no choice so I tried the DOLLAR store products they worked. So try it. the boxer lover

  • Kimi

    I have been battling the fleas all summer, which has been a real challenge considering that I am 8-months pregnant. The home remedies are useful as they are a cheaper solution to the expensive products out there. I have been using a baking soda-salt (half and half) mixture on the carpets, vacuuming, and re-applying. I’ve also been using the gallon sized Home Defense bug spray that one would use for spiders (it kills fleas, also) around the house and all over the carpets. But something that I tried this time that really has helped is ridding the home of any unnecessary fabric. For example, we do not have any throw pillows on the couch, any floor rugs, blankets, laundry, etc. We have created a clean room for our clean laundry (that’s right; we emptied out our entire closet and washed everything) that the cat isn’t allowed in, and have really tried to go without anything that is soft and can become a home for the fleas. It’s useful not just for eliminating potential places for them to breed, but for the regular cleanings that getting rid of fleas requires. This way we don’t have to re-wash items, or move them for vacuuming. To take it one step further, I created what I’d like to call “gas chambers” for these pillows, blankets, and rugs. I used trash bags and sprayed the Raid carpet flea spray all over the inside, put the items in the bag, sprayed again, and tied them tight. If I were to open the bag, a puff of flea spray would come out, that’s how much I used. They have been sitting in the foyer, in the bags, for a week now. I likely won’t take them out till I know that we have contained the overall problem. I hope I have contributed to the solutions listed here as I feel that I am a fellow soldier in this battle.

  • Faith

    Learn the 4 stages of the flea. Well i have just finished steaming my carpets with 50/50 dawn(blue) and sergents flea shampoo for dogs.

    after the carpet is drying i spray my carpet and furniture that pet stores sell. it has a igr in it call (s) methoprene, it kills the eggs abd fleas. until you know the 4 flea stages you will not win. look it up. igr is an insect grow repellent. which stops the fleas from laying eggs. it is starting to work how ever it is not done because the eggs keep hatching there is a pupa stAGE THE THE SPRAY CAN NOT reach. i use the ADAMS PLUS SPARYA FROM THE PET STORE. I HAVE ALSO HAVE MOVED EVERY THEING AWAY FROM THE CORNERS INCLUDING MY COUCHES WHICHB ARE HHEAVY. THEY ARE MAD AT ME. SO I Am getting there. it is working the secret is not to give up. stay with it. i vaccum every day. every room. and once every 5 days the couches get moved out.

  • marat

    Borax is part of the large range of chemicals in the Borate family. Its two famous forms are Boric Acid and plain Borax. BOTH of these are routinely used by exterminators and they will kill a huge segment of the general insect world while being relatively safe for pets and humans. In fact, huge numbers of restaurants will regularly wash down their floors at night with a Boric Acid wash in order to eradicate cockroaches. Borax is a MUST for ANYONE with a flea probem on their pets or in the home in general.

    Here is what you DO: get an empty plastic container of any generic detergent (e.g. Old Dutch, Comet, etc.) that has holes in the top. Empty the product out and use elsewhere in your home, wash the plastic bottle, let dry and then funnel in plain, cheap BORAX. You now have a dispenser. You can make a funnel out of paper for neatness. Then BE CERTAIN to sprinkle the Borax over every single carpet on the floor. Also sprinkle some in the pet’s bed or other favorite soft areas. Use a small dustpan brush or miniature broom to work it in. Sprinkle it on your couches as well, including underneath the cushions. You can cover the couches with sheets and use them regularly, vacuuming in a week or so and repeating the treatment. Lightly work it over with a small dust brush or small broom. It will sink into the openings. HOW GOOD IS THIS STUFF??

    Well…I noticed a heavy, alarming problem this past winter with my cat and did a general vacuuming. Then dusted a few carpets around 12pm. By 6pm I had flea corpses on all the areas sprinkled. This continued for days. You can leave the Borax on for days or more if you like. Then eventually vacuum up–TIP…sprinkle a small amount of Borax in the Dirt Bag of your vaccum cleaner. It will kill every insect that is collected. ALSO–be sure to go along the wood molding of your floor. Lightly sprinkle Borax along the entire length and THEN, take the dust brush/broom/whatever and sweep it all under the crack between floor and molding. Fleas love going in there. Leave it there if you like, or eventually vacuum and reapply. I cannot tell you how DRAMATIC the reduction of fleas was.

    I already knew that Borax/Boric Acid would decimate carpenter ant nests and all kinds of other insects. Exterminators blow it into openings in walls to treat all kinds of infestations. The fine dust of Boric Acid remains on the hairs of these insects and they groom each other, spreading this lethal substance. I have yet to find a live flea in the house, but regularly clean up dead ones. Dried out. Tip: if you contact a supply house for Exterminators (in the Yellow Pages) you can buy HUGE amounts of Boric Acid incredibly cheaply. It will last for years and have many applications. Borax has been used for decades and decades for this purpose. Happy Hunting! It works–superbly.

  • John N

    Hello All! Just wanted to give my experience on what has worked/what has not.

    Fleas infested my home 3 weeks ago and they numbers spiked in just a week!?!? We have 2 indoor cats and one dog that is outside during the day and sleeps inside at night. I started with the lemon/rosemary boiled solution, which had some effect, but not as great as I had hoped. I then purchased eucalyptus/peppermint oil from GNC. These oils seemed to work well but I would still get bit at night. It reduced my amounts of bites to maybe 2 or 3 instead of 4 or 6. I also used this spray all over the house, couches, bed, floors, etc.I also purchased bug spray, lemon scented spray for the house and have used that every night. Next I bought lawn lime to put throughout our lawn and plants surrounding the house. The lawn lime not only helps make your garden and lawn healthier, it is also known to scare the fleas away!

    I then moved onto bombing the house and washing all clothing, bed sheets, couch pillows, and the animals, etc. I also used the a water and soap under a light, more to gauge our progress with trying to get rid of the fleas. After the bombing, vacuuming, washing (clothing and animals), and spritzing of the eucalyptus/peppermint oil all over the house, I have seen the number of fleas plummet! My home still has fleas so we bombed a week later. Woke up this morning and no fleas were found in the soapy water and no bites! We are still going to vacuum and I’m still going to spray the house with the oil mixture but so far so good!

    If the fleas do come back, I’m going to purchase tea tree oil and spray the areas of the house that are not occupied by the animals, as I read that the tea tree is great at killing fleas, but can be deadly to your animals. Also, when purchasing the bombs, make sure it’s the one that will kill the eggs and not just the adult fleas!

    Moral of the story is that it will take time, and you will suffer for a bit, but you must fight and do it all! Keep your home clean and uncluttered!

  • Daisy

    Thanks for all this brilliant advice, we have one cat and two small children so I don’t want to us chemicals or foggers. So far we have tried the lemon method a bit and also use Frontline Plus monthly but fleas still bite me.
    I’m also vacuuming and changing all our bedding daily – washing at high temperature.
    We have a lightbulb and sticky pad ‘flea trap’ that does catch a lot and makes me feel better – to see them all there dead – would highly recommend.
    I will sprinkle salt on all the carpets now, but I wanted to ask – is boraz poisonous or safe to use?
    Many thanks

  • Daisy

    Hello again,
    Is all this salt not bad for the cat – she might roll in it then lick her fur and end up eating salt?
    Sorry to ask so many questions.
    Many thanks

  • valued customer

    Do NOT use pool grade diotamaceous earth for flea control as it is highly toxic to people and pets. Use only FOOD GRADE DE which can be purchased at most feed supply stores. Food grade DE can usually be purchased online for much less that what you pay locally, even with the shipping costs. Also, using garlic in your dogs food is very controversial as it has been proven toxic to dogs and may cause renal failure and liver problems.

  • Halle

    Im 14 and we have had flea problems our whole life. but we just realized how bad its been getting. she never gets sleep at night and they are crawling in and out of her eyes. its a yorkie named Zoe:) but as we speak my sisters are outside pulling one flea at a time with a comb cuz we just now gave her a bath. they have to cut her pretty hair off… my job is to look for home remedies online for it and so far i want to try the lemon one, i poured a lil bit of salt on carpet without my parents knowing.., and i want to bathe her in cooking oil. these fleas attack us in our sleep and every other minute of the day. it makes me feel like a dirtball how we live like this. hopefully we fight off all the fleas so our dog doesnt have to suffer anymore:)

  • MARY


  • faith

    Moth bals for Vacuum sweeper bags. Do not put moth balls in the sweeper bags. someone suggested putting moth balls in your sweeper bag so as to kill the fleas once you sweepe them up. my sweeper repairman told me to do it. he discover it when he was fixing my new sweeper. he said it would burn up my motor very quickly. someone said to use DE. so i sweep some de to keep the fleas from jumping back out of my sweeper.

  • Deb

    Thanks for all the great tips! We are infested with fleas and have used every store product you could imagine. Many baths till the vet said only 1 bath per month. We have been going through this every year during the summer. Fleas collars are one big waste of money..they NEVER work! We used the store bought Advantage every month for a full year..it doesn’t work.. We used the prescription strength Advantage from one of our vets last year and that worked, but our other vet, the one we completely trust! refuses to prescribe it! He said he has seen too many dogs die from it. Apparently it effects the dogs liver! So it is NOT our first choice, we don’t want to do that treatment if we can find another natural flea treatment.

    We know from our experiance that apple cider vinegar in the dogs water and sprayed onto them, helps some to deter the fleas, and it definately helps my dogs skin. Vacumming and mopping every day does help and several times a day I comb the dogs with a flea comb and dip the comb in soapy water. Tip: Dump the flea ridden soapy water into the toilet, because some fleas will still be alive and they do climb out of the drain into the sink!

    We have done the light over the bowl of soapy water at night. The fleas do jump into the bowl! BUT we have placed it in some areas of the house and we have no fleas the next morning. So try moving the bowl to another spot in your house till you do find that the fleas have jumped into the bowl. Stay with the light over the bowl, electrity and water don’t mix! Use a bright night light!

    We have used the foggers in past years and that is a temporary fix, you have to bomb every two weeks over a 6 week period to kill the hatching fleas.

    After reading the great tips here in this thread today, I tried the ground cloves on one of my two dogs. I took the powder and heavily rubbed it only on his back end and tail to start, just to see if it works. It is especially hard for me to comb through his tail with the flea comb, so I knew he had a good amount of fleas on his tail. After a few minutes my dog started going nuts scatching his tail with his teeth, so I grabbed my flea comb and saw the fleas walking off his tail onto his back end in a convoy! I couldn’t barely scoop the fleas off with the comb fast enough! So it is clear that the fleas do NOT like ground cloves! It didn’t kill them though, but definately it is a deterrant!!

    One thing I am concerned about is doing the ground cloves too often, because it IS a powder so I imagine it would dry out the dogs skin, but for a once in a while thing..I see it is terrific!!

    I am soaking my lemons and rosemary to spray around the house tomorrow, and I sprinkled garlic salt all over the floors and will leave it there for a few days. I noticed my dogs want to lick the garlic salt off of the floor, so I have them near me, just to make sure they don’t! Too much salt in their system could be dangerous to them!

  • Kimi

    I know it’s not a natural remedy, but the large $10-$20 plastic gallon-sized indoor/outdoor home bug sprays work. If you’re looking for a fast solution, you should try it (plus the bottles tend to last a month or two). We bought Spectracide, which we applied with a towel over our mouths for safety. Once the solution dries after just a few minutes, it’s just fine. We not only spritzed the entire perimeter of the inside of the house, but we spritzed the couch, drapes, throw pillows, cat bed, and every square inch of the carpets with it. For the first 2 weeks, I would vacuum everyday and then spray the house down, then intermittently for the next 4 weeks. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it really helps to wash and put away in trash bags any soft pillows, blankets, throw rugs, what have you, that you can live without for a couple weeks. You can add the Spectracide to the bags, or sprinkle a generous amount of salt all over the items in the bag. And to be honest, in some cases, it might be cheaper and healthier to just throw some of these items away and purchase new ones when you’ve tamed the infestation.

    As far as the animal goes, don’t underestimate the power of a good combing every day. We have been smothering on the Frontline on our cat once every week for the past month- on the neck, down the back along his spine, around the base of his tail, under his arm and leg pits. The cat was also only allowed in three rooms for the past month (kitchen for eating, living room for socialization, and his own little bedroom for sleeping) until his combings proved that he was clearing up. It definitely allowed us to clear out the other rooms of the infestation completely and only have to attend to 3 rooms for regular cleanings.

    As far as a natural remedy, especially since that’s the point of this website, the salt works (it’s still under the rugs, couch cushions, and cat bed as we speak). If you sweep it into the rug with a clean broom it won’t get all over the cat or your feet. The lamp is helpful for determining the success or failure of your products, but doesn’t solve the problem. Get in a routine and don’t give up. If you can limit the areas necessary for cleaning, and limit the amount of items in those areas that need cleaning, you’ll save time and start to see results.

  • Dina

    Is that true fleas LOVE THE COLOR WHITE??? I sleep in white sheets right now. Does the Skin So Soft really work if put on body (for me)?? And I need to kill these little blood suckers in the house, outside the house and on my cats and dog. HELP!!!!

  • kaz

    I have a outdoor cat,who plays with other cats. I have always used tea tree oil on him…..couple of drops under his neck….NO FLEAS EVER!! I use this method once a month. I also use it indoors…on my carpets..2 to 3 drops in every corner…of every room… IT REALLY WORKS. I know its safe as i also use it in my daughters shampoo to keep head lice away….she has gone thro junior school without getting infected.

  • chasity


  • Jos

    Try putting some potrolium jelly on a comb then combing the pet.It works good.

  • Taylor

    I have 2 cats and 1 dog. the fleas are real bad what can i do we do give them baths 3 times a day and we are broke what can i do HELPPP

  • Keryi

    I have fleas in my house i have just lost my dog about a month and a half ago and the fleas have seem to get worse i had to wrip of some of the carpeting cause he got sick on it but i need help on some home remendies that are cheap and that work to get rid of the fleas.. If anyone knowes of one that works please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me how to do it and what to go and get at the store i greatly apperiate it..
    Thanks to everyone that reads this and they may be able to help..

  • Kimi

    Did you read some of the tips above? A lot of people have suffered from the flea situation and have managed to overcome it. Take their advice, and save yourself some time and money at the same time. Some great ideas are mentioned in those posts.

  • Rosemary

    Flea Tips for pets:

    Three herbs that you can feed your pet to help keep fleas off are: fennel, rue and rosemary.

    A cup or two of cool peppermint tea added to your pets’ bath water will also eliminate fleas very effectively.

    Make some Flea-Ade:
    Citrus Oil is an excellent flea deterrent. Slice up a lemon, score the skin to release more of the oil and then pour 1 cup of boiling water over the lemon and allow the lemon to sit overnight. Use a clean sponge to sponge the lemon water on your pet to instantly kill the fleas. Best to bathe pet afterwards.

    Do-It-Yourself Flea Collar: Soak a store bought leather collar in lemon juice (citrus oil) solution.

    Sweet Smelling Flea Shampoo for Pets:

    1 Cup Castile soap (liquid)
    1/8 Ounce of essential oil of pine
    1/8 Ounce of essential rose oil

    Place all the ingredients into a jar with a lid and shake to mix well, Add the mixture to your pets’ bath water and the fleas will be very unhappy.

    Your Vet. can also recommend a Vitamin B supplement for your pet. Fleas will not remain on a pet that is on a vitamin B supplement.

    Flea-Away Foods:
    If you Add a small amount of brewer’s yeast, apple cider vinegar or crushed garlic to your pets’ food, it will keep the fleas away.

    To keep fleas out of your pets’ bedding, just sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on their bed. Lavender Oil can be purchased in most health food stores.

    If you walk around the house with a pair of athletic socks – they will pick up fleas, just check socks for fleas and throw them into the washer immediately!

    Hope these Tips are helpful…..

  • Nancy

    Borax on carpet is the best! Leave in overnight. Need to have a strong vacuum and repeat at least for one month to rid the place of fleas, eggs and any hatchlings that come along after two to three weeks.

  • Nancy

    Swiffer kills cats. After cleaning tile floors with swiffer cats will walk onfloor and then lick their pads and get poisoned.

  • jen

    There was a resent outbreak of headlice here where we live which is not a weathly neighborhood. the listerine killes the headlice and the eggs. So I tried it on my little puppy, works awesome then just use regular flea & tick shampoo and spray the listerine on in a spray bottle, about once a week!!!!

  • Shelbsy

    Fleas are horrendous. I am presently fighting the battle. I worry when I read some of the solutions. We want to get rid of the fleas but don’t want to make the animal suffer. I put on my dog what I would put on myself. I can’t imagine putting Pine Sol on a dog, it makes me feel very sad. Also, chaining a dog in my state is illegal. When a dog is an outside dog, what is his life like? Dogs are social animals, they live to be able to socialize. I met someone who kept his dog out, in a kennel, all of the time. That is jail to me. Most people here express love for their dogs, but the exceptions make me feel sad, very sad for the dog. I hate fleas, but I need to be gentle with my dog.

  • RayBigs

    The Cest Solution For Fleas. Buy some BORAXO..sprinkle on carpet; under cushions, mattress covers and anywhere a flea can hide..sweep in carpet w broom,,vaccum up in three to four days and as well as dehydrating all the bugs(completly safe for children & pets)..it leaves your carpet smelling fresh.

  • Bran – ON, Canada

    We have been infested with sand fleas? I think, either my cat or dog brought them in. Last year I used table salt all over my carpets, and left it for several days then vacuumed everyday for 2 weeks straight. In addition to the flea shampoos and collars. It seemed to work until this year when they have taken over my poor dog. I again used the salt treatment which it somewhat working. However keep killing fleas off the dog. The cat is no longer allowed in house as he is super sensitive to all the treatments and bathing him is impossible.

    We are waiting for the cold weather to come as it will help kill off the fleas. I am also game for all the natural treatments mentioned above and will try each and every one. Spoke to pet store yesterday and she mentioned many of the treatments above, like a flea collar in your vacuum bag, to save from throwing out each time you vacuum. She also said to give them garlic but after reading neg. responses on it I will need to investigate that one more first. I tried the water and soap last night under the light and only 1 flea dead, hoping that means salt treatment is working.

    I almost had a exterminator come cause I am very stressed by this however $250/2 visits seems pretty hefty if it doesn’t work. According to many of the responses it doesn’t seem to work anyway. All the above treatments seem to be the best defense towards these pests. We finally got over the Lice issue with the kids and now its with the pets. As with the lice we used all natural products as the pests are becoming immune to the treatments sold on the market and feel it is the same with the fleas they are immune to all the pesticides and we are wasting good $ on all these products. Thank you to all who posted your ideas and hope that all work for everyone. I truly recommend the table salt for your carpets as it does work and its cost effective for all. Good Luck to me and all of you!!

  • Jacob


  • christine

    Give your animal one odourless garlic pill per day and the flees will soon vanish.

  • Rebekah

    The Avon bath oil called Skin-So-Soft really works on our animals. My
    mom also added peppermint oil to the bath oil. We mixed them together
    in a spray bottle and sprayed the animals with it.

  • Dawn

    I Had Fleas so Bad it was sickning. I read all the tips and things on this page and made my own recipe up and boy oh boy are the fleas all gone and i went threw furniture and house 2 times in 2 days and bam they were gone.. Get a 32 oz water bottle and use apple vinger,lemon juice,and pine sol citurs sent, fill the bottle with the 3 ingredents and use it all over your house and beds and furnuter. then when you are all done with spraying it all over the house carpets and all then take table salt and put it all over the floors. do not vacume for 4 days it was hard to do but a must. then when you vacume lay more down after vacumeing, then gothrew and spray your house again with the luiqed fix and bam all gone.this truly did work and we had fleas biting us so bad my daughter looked like she had chicken pocks it was that bad.I hope this is of help to you all..

  • Jamie

    I am at my wits end I have been treating my dogs for fleas and my house they won’t go away my animals are being eatin alive the peopole haven’t been getting bite though

  • Flea hater with two cats

    For my two cats who go outside and associate with cats that I know have fleas and do bring the fleas in the house, I do the following:

    Flea comb them every day, dipping the comb in a dish of water with a tiny amount of oil and a tiny amount of washing solution or baby shampoo. This takes care of any on the coat. Fleas once wet cannot jump so easily and when put in the water dish they cannot jump at all. The water is then put down the toilet bowl. On my cats, particular attention to the rear end near the base of the tail and around the neck area prove most fruitful when combing. I also use two brushes a Zoom Groom on one and a stripping comb on the other as he does not like the Zoom Groom (a large rubber brush with very large bristles). The resultant hair to be disposed of, I run under the tap to ensure that if there is anything in there it cannot jump and I put it in a tissue before disposing of it. Both of the combs are great at getting rid of the under hair and so there is less density of coat and gives less of a hiding place for fleas. My favourite is the Zoom Groom as it gets rid of huge amounts of un-needed hair. You cannot tell from looking at the cat that you have done this but combing them through with a flea comb in easier too. The cat that allows the Zoom Groom loves it and lies out flat and rolls over for the other side to be done and purrs. It seems to act like a kind of massage for him. Both my cats have a soft, shiny coat.

    They wear flea collars, which are changed every 4 months as per manufacturer’s instructions. I do not know how effective they are, as they have always worn them, so I have no comparison.

    The cats beds use removable blankets and the beds are washed once for every 2 blanket washes. I have enough bedding/blankets for 3 changes of bedding. One in use, one in the wash and one spare. I wash the bedding every 3 – 5 days in cold weather and 3 days in summer. This includes any removable items that they may come into contact with such as cushion covers they sit on, when on the sofa. I also place the bedding to different positions around the house after washing.

    Human bedding is washed no less than once a week and more when time allows in summer. I keep a throw on the bed which the cats sit on and is washed at the same time as the cushion covers.

    I sweep where feasible rather than vacuum as I was told that the vibrations can encourage egg hatching. It is good exercise too, especially when doing the stairs.

    If I become aware of fleas in the house, I use a strong flea spray but only in the high traffic areas, not the whole house. This is too expensive and I found it no more effective than selective spraying. I spray around where people sit and walk most often and by doors. Rugs that are washable are washed when time allows and others are shaken outside in wet weather.

    I use a washable or shakeable rug by each outside door, that the cats walk on when entering the home.

    I keep the house cool for the most part, heating areas as and when required.

    I take my cue from the cats,if I see them starting to scratch or suddenly jump I know to go into summer mode and increase my cleaning routine, which means basically if it can be washed it is, if it can be brushed it is and if it can be changed it is. Also, if I notice them sniff the bedding or cautiously go to sit on it, even if I do not think it needs a wash I take it that with their sensitive senses it needs changing and replace it with one that has been kept in a vacuum sealed bag.

    I have read a lot of the posts on here, but not all, as there are so many. There are some great tips and I may try some myself. A lot of them do not mention flea combing and for me, this is most effective. Firstly, it is a good indication of the problem you have – are the fleas you find small or large and how many and secondly it is an effective short term way of giving your cats the comfort and relief they deserve. If the fleas you comb out are smaller then I think you are catching them earlier in the cycle and this is the good sign that you are getting somewhere.

    I cannot give an absolute guarantee that this will get rid of every flea, but my experience is that, this effort keeps them at bay for the most part, humans do not get bitten and the cats are relaxed and can sleep in comfort.

    I do not know of an absolute flea remedy that does not require effort. If you know of one I would love to hear it.

  • Andrea

    FLEAS SUCK! I have been battling them for a few summers, never get them completely gone…until winter.. People say they live through the winter, but I never see them until summer.I have tried the apple cider vinegar, it seems to help a little, we mixed it in spray bottle, sprayed it on our legs and stuff. kinda use it like OFF repellent. i guess it cant hurt, vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so it can at least help the bites im sure. i defiantly would be leery of dipping anything in pine-sol, if you are going to do that, you may as well take them to the vet to get them dipped, its poison. I think im gonna try the salt, it is said that it drys up the eggs..i believe fleas lay 100s if not 1000’s of eggs at a time. I have the diatomaceous earth (food grade) it is microscopically jagged and is supposed to slice the fleas. I sprinkle it everywhere and all over the cats. I feel like it gives them some relief…kinda like an animal rolling in dirt to repel flies…I havent seen any worms in their stool, but the Diatomaceous Earth is also suppose to help kill internal parasites as well. Some people drink it in water to cleanse their systems. I have also noticed that essential oils like tea tree have a repellent quality.. but i have yet to find something that kills fleas on contact. Bathing them is a great way to drown the fleas in a mild soap and water, but my cats are very difficult to bathe…FLEAS SUCK!

  • Liane

    Hi all: Well with our last adoption we also acquired fleas. So I’ve read everyones tips with great interest. We spent over $100.00 on Zodiac products they do not work at all, although their shampoo did help , I think and mild shampoo or dish soap like dawn will work since fleas are drowning. We then used aluminum baking dishes(like those used for meatloaf or cake) filled them with water and dawn dish liquid (any kind) and placed them all around the house we have 8. I refill with fresh soap and water every 3-4 days. Fleas are attracted to white so I bought 2 large sheets of white bristol board cut these into 8 pieces each then I also bought those hanging fly strips (they come in a tube) So i would use one of these for every 2 white pieces of bristol board I had. this can be a bit sticky (use lestoil to clean stickiness off of hands ,scissors) so do carefully pull 1/2 of the sticky fly paper out of tube unravelling as you go when you have a long enough piece cut and stick to bristol board I leave a little hump so it looks like an inch worm would or even flat on the paper. I then place these under each side of the beds under couches and tables it worked great fleas cant get off once they are stuck, I have one under a couch that has at least 50 dead fleas on it same for under table and love seat. along with daily vacuuming, washing all bedding every week. We,ve broken the cycle and are barely seeing anymore fleas, we now have 4 happy cats, aren’t being bitten anymore. hope this helps some of you there,s no flea like a dead flea!!! Liane

  • will

    been told this works by a old timer

    havent tried it yet
    seems cruel but i was told recently
    take pet outside
    fill up a bucket with motor oil dump it on um
    and spread it around prolly would work for dogs
    dunno about cats might be harmful for them
    i cant see a flee or much of anything
    either feeding or liveing on a animal that got doused in that
    cant be worse then drenching um with pesticides
    guess while hes outside you can work on the inside
    even if you sprayed it off i doubt flee’s could feed off him for sometime i think its thick enough that the skin could rebuff it
    but i doubt a flee could feed as it would drink in the oil residue
    even after the pet was washed off

    i know tobacco soaked in water for about 3 days seems to work
    nicotine is a poison and natural pesticide but acts as a narcotic on most animals and humans the skin will absorb it as well
    which might not be a bad thing

    did that on this cat by my house who was chewing his fur off
    butt threw it on him somewhat he dodged it mostly
    but hair had grown back when i saw him the next week
    but i could’nt dowse him with it proper

  • carrie leiner

    hi folks, everyone please be very careful about useing DE powder (Diatomaceous Earth) i clean pools i use this product for a filter system. it has a cancer causing agent in it, so be very careful when using. also check out pool suppliers for cost.

  • dog lover

    I keep seeing people suggesting garlic. Let’s make it as clear as possible: GARLIC IS TOXIC TO DOGS! All members of the garlic family — which includes all ONIONS — cause anemia which can result in death and may also cause renal failure that will result in death.

    Be careful when reading these tips — you might want to double check anything you plan on trying to see if there are any health risks for your pets. DO NOT JUST TRUST PEOPLE POSTING HERE! Garlic seems harmless — and it is for people! But it can be deadly for dogs!

    Some of the ideas posted here are great — and I am currently trying them on a stray that just showed up. But I am also checking with Vet sites to evaluate any potential health risk!

  • Tiffani & Rick

    We have had it we had fleas so bad they killed 5 out of 6 of these kittens we found outside we tried to help them my giving them a warm place to ween Instead the mother (A Stray) infested our home with billions upon billions of fleas now our indoor cat wheo has never seen a flea is infested our sinks are red witrh blood from the droppings there is salt & pepper looking stuff everyplace it is disgusting my husband was so fed up he took a can of his foot spray got on his hands and knees put a lighter to it and charcoaled our rug he was laughing like a mad man as he was doing this. I think they have driven him nuts his remedy seemed to work at least in his area we tried Frontline plus our local pet store charged us 50 bucks for just 3 applications of front line is that fair? They said this is the worst year ever for fleas whats there natural predator does anyone know? Help on
    Cape Cod Flea frenzy

  • lisa

    i have been putting salt on my carpet now for two weeks, and it has helped alot,but my floors seem to be damp,i think i read this on here somewhere that it would does anyone have an answer?

  • Micki Wingrath

    We have fleas in our basement but have managed to keep them out of our house. It has been several months and we have used everything that people have suggested. I would like to know what the heck the fleas are living on???? Thanks for all the tips all of you have submitted, keep them coming I am willing to try anything!!

  • Micki Wingrath

    Would also like to interject since I have not seen it mentioned here, that a knew flea killer for dogs (not cats) is available at many vets however some are not carrying it. It is a pill that you give your dog 45 min. after he eats. It costs us $17 and it last for a month. The first time I gave it to my dog, he was lying on the bed with me when he got up there were at least several hundred dead fleas on my sheets.

    My dog is a shitzu and only weighs 10 lbs. I had not had any luck with the other remedies either here and the other nasty meds that vets give to rub behind the dog or cats neck. This pill started working immediately after I gave it to him, please try to locate a vet that carries the pill you will be amazed. It lasts approximately 22 days. Take care of your pets they are your best friends.

  • lynn

    Sounds like some of you getting bit and don’t see fleas might have bed bugs. Ech!!!!!

  • Wifey

    I have a shih tzu n 2 large breed dogs, some how my shih tzu kept having fleas that had started last year and twice alone and both times my bigger dogs gets them. I NEED HELP on to getting rid of them as well as getting rid of them from my house!

  • Jackie


  • Justin Dragos

    Essential Oils are toxic when applied topically to cats. Look it up.


    I used 8oz lemon pine sol 8 oz lemon juice 8 oz apple cider vinegar in spray bottle sprayed on everything seems to work and vaccumed every day and bathed my cats every week

  • jessica

    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. my 2 cats are indoor animals and the dogs only go out for a walk or to potty but my house seems to be infested. I’ve tried almost everything there is to get rid of them but the harder i try the worse they seem to get. Most recently Ive tried bombing the house,flea and tick spray,flea poweder,vineger,pet shampoo to kill fleas, and collars. do i need an exterminator?

  • jessy

    i just found fleas on my dog today i cleaned her with a spray and my apt and i found 4 alive on her and after i cleaned her with the spray 5 dead ones came off of her,if that doesn’t work what else should i try im on a budget and i can’t afford to be going out and buying the name bran flea killers. please email me at [email protected] with any tips thanks

  • Shirl

    I have tried the Lemon solution, all kinds of sprays, powders, and collars. The vinegar solution worked so so. BUT the dandruff shampoo is a miracle for us!!! Only thing i did different was took a spray bottle, mixed half dandruff shampoo (DG brand has same ingredients as head an shoulders) and half water. I sprayed him down, rubbed it all in, also soaked his collar. fleas are popping up everywhere. When hubby gets home to help will rinse him off and shampoo again. Hopefully this time the fleas and I have had a”come to Jesus moment” and thats all she wrote for them. Also took moth balls and crushed them into a powder. As soon as it stops raining here in PA will put that powder into a spreader and go over the yard where he goes the most. This forum has been such a great help. People on here are fantastic!!!! Will let you know how it turns out later tonight. Thank again for all the advice given here, helped not only myself but my mom and dad and best friend.

  • Amanda

    SALT on the carpet works! for sure, i am about to try the skin so soft on my dog, will let u all know how it goes!

  • Laurie Larson

    Any type of dawn dish soap works

  • Karen

    I have had a bad flea infestation for the past month. I am being bit left and right. I have used frontline,but the fleas are still there. I got a product called Dr.Ben’s Paws and Claws treatment. It’s an all natural product made from cedar oil. It works. Its a little costly,but it will get rid of your fleas. Your house will smell like cedar, but it will disappear after awhile. It also will not harm your pets.

  • rosemary

    i know if you put 8 cups of vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your beds and your dogs the fleas does not like it .it will kill them and the salt works to
    but how to i fix my dog boow boow on her with out hurting her
    please help

  • Bonnie

    In a medium bowl of water I put a small squirt of dish washing liquid ( I have seen Dawn recommended)to make the water slightly soapy. I add a sprinkle of borax and a few drops of oil of Pennyroyal. I mix it together and place the dog into a dry bathtub. I massage this into his fur with a washcloth until he is wet and a little foamy. I scrub him with this ‘shampoo’ using a washcloth(or sponge), especially the tail area, the underside where fleas hide, and the neck/ears. The solution should foam slightly. You can use the wathcloth to pull off the excess water after scrubbing the dog. It’s easier than putting them into a bath of water since they fear drowning. If the tub is dry they are not so threatened.

  • Ms. Azbell

    Ok my dog paris just had pups and hey all have fleas and i can’t get rid of them what can i do that wont hurt the pups they are only a week old?
    something cheap plz
    thatnk you

  • jay

    baby shampoo has worked on killing the live on the cat altho im now not her bezzie mate anymore lots of dead ones in the water yay i am stewing some lemons in boiing water over night for my cusions n mattress as ongoing treatment also am salting over the weekend but i have to say my cats r treated with frontine spray and i am armed with a can of indorex from the vet in the uk so i am hoping for great resuts even tho i will use the indorex to clear the problem for now n natural for the future as i am not a fan of chemicals i wanna say a huge thanks to all on this site for all your tips excellent advice from 1 mother of 3 and our 2 cats thankyou !

  • David

    To get rid of fleas in the house, steam clean then vacuum, one treatment no chemicals, kills adults, eggs, every thing in one go, simple!

  • Liza

    I used the avon skin so soft on my pitbull/ beagle mix whitey and he was so happy he was jumping around like a little puppy
    1. put the oil on them thoroughly rub it in there fur until they are soaking wet
    2. let the oil set on them for about half and hour to an hour
    3. give them a bath with the blue dawn dish washing liquid
    4. dry them off and let them have fun being flea free



  • Hannah

    I adore Arm&Hammer Carpet Fresh. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats in my home. The powder makes the house smell good and it’s safe for my animals. ALSO, the baking soda in the powder is excellent at drying out fleas (similar to salt and borax). The stuff is only $2 a box and 1 box does 500 sq. ft. I sprinkle the carpets before bed and vacuum the next day (12-24 hours later) usually once a week.

  • Hannah

    @ANGELICA- Buy pills called Capstar from your vet or a pet supply store. I know this is a “natural” remedies thread, but lots of fleas on little kittens can kill them. (Anemia). Our 2 youngest kittens were given to us at that age (mother died). My vet said use the smallest dosage available and break the pill in 1/2. Dissolve the pill in a little hot water, put in a feeding syringe and give it to them. Within 4 hours all the adult fleas will be dead. To get rid of the larva and eggs, we made our bathroom as warm as possible and bathed them in dish soap and let the soap sit on them for a few minutes. Then we used a flea spray that kills both (Hartz makes a decent inexpensive one) and hosed them down to soaking wet and let them dry naturally. We did this whole process twice and they haven’t had fleas since (and they are 4 years old now). Good luck!

  • groomers take

    many of you are having probs with frontline because they changed the formula 2 years ago..so theres more chemicals in it.. if u need one try cap star its so sensative you can use it on a pregnant bitch..also just cuz u or ur dog broke out from one thing doesnt mean it will happen to all..vets also will tell u anything to make money if it benefits them.. tea tree oil is safe.. dilute it..it also has been used to treat staff infections on ALOT of show dogs and personal pets…alos if ur dog likes to chase rabbits…its almost 100 percent theyll get fleas..fleas live for rabbit burrows..also its a proven fact that citrus repels and even water and just soap kills fleas dont waste ur money on flea shampoos cause they do more harm then help …however if your dogs system is okay with frontline or any of that please do use it..other wise if u can use anything try al washes listed above and for ticks try the herbal gaurd spray.. you have to apply it everytime ur dog goes outside but it does work

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  • vikki

    hi guys, my story is slightly different i agreed to look after a kitten for a friend who then never came back and i was left with him he has never been out side but recently since coming back from the vets he got flea’s this last week i havent stopped being bitten, i used flea sprays, flea foggers, washing the floors, front line, bob martins and johnsons ive got to the last straw with it im close to giving him up as ive never been a cat person but i felt like i should give him a home and know ive given my home to hundreds of little guests too which i dont like! i spoke to the vet and he gave me some tablets to kill the flea’s on the cat to do all six pills every day then every day ill be trying the salt and lemon remedies and cut up flea collars to put in pillows and down sides of sofa’s aswell as steaming the capets and hoovering every day i guess i’ll be eating garlic to stop the biting me lol after day five i will be putting on frontline one more time and if he gets as flea ridden as before he will be going which i feel awful about but seeing my little girl covered in bites scratching like a crazy far outways my feelings for a the cat

  • cj

    any good tricks to get rid of fleas on cats, and rabbits

  • Mary Couzens

    We have fleas in our apartment and have had off and on for over three years now. We’ve got two indoor cats and one of them wasn’t even here when we first got fleas! Our original cat, used to sit in our bedroom window at night and during a period when we had scaffloding outside of our window, one of the neighbour’s cats was running along the scaffolding at night and bothering our cat by trying to put his paws through the window to scratch him! That’s how our cat got fleas.

    We’ve used the salt on the carpet method after trying frontline and finding that didn’t work. Our tomcat doesn’t like getting wet anymore than our female cat does (both neutered) but we have also used the lemons and water method. After years of using Frontline off and on, I’d say it doesn’t work! We’re salting our carpets again now and trying the banana peels, thanks! We’re also using lemons and water spray as well as lavender and water spray for our furniture and bedding.

    One thing we’ve found kept us flea free for the better part of a year is trying all of the above natural methods plus, a very potent flea spray ONLY in our vacumn cleaner (now a bagless one) after hoovering the salt up. So, no toxins within the home, only in the Hoover, which seems to work as a top up to all of the natural methods. We have high hopes for the banana peels and lavendar and water spray in addition to the salt and lemon juice and water. By the way, I haven’t got the name of any of them, but there are probably some natural (safe) sprays you could spray (or rub) onto a cat’s coat to help them get relief from bites, and maybe restore their ph balance if lemons and water change that for the worse? Just a thought…Any input on such things as helping restore a cat’s ph balance after acidic treatment would be appreciated. Thanks! An American London (England) based cat lover

  • kim

    go to dollrama and buy a flea coller for ur pet and one so you can cut it up and put them arond your house

  • Brandino

    I do not have any installed carpet in my home. I chose to never have it put in. It makes no sense. It is a collector of allergens, dirt, smelly bacteria and bugs. A good vacuuming and cleaning keeps things under control. At one time I had 6 cats in the house and my flea problems were never something that I couldn’t take care of. Rip out your carpet. You can never clean it deep inside which is the second favorite place for fleas to live.

  • may oliver

    cinnamine oil helps get read of every bug like ants,dustmtes,fleas,bed bugs.

  • John Evans

    To the person that posted spraying their yard with pine sol and dipping their dog and cat in it. You might want to change your routine as dogs are highly allegic to pine sol. I cannot say I know that is the case for cats, but I know for a fact that dogs are and our dog became very sick and got a horrible case of hot spots because the kennel we used at the time used pine sol to clean the kennel area.

  • Alex

    Once-a-month topical flea treatment for dogs; Kills fleas before they lay eggs and flea larvae before they hatch; Safe for all dogs 7 weeks and older and 21-55 pounds;

  • dgb292

    I got a “recipe” to rid fleas from the internet using both borax and salt:

    8 parts borax
    1 part salt

    Leave on for 2 days and vacuum. It is supposed to dry up fleas and their eggs.

  • frank shannon

    the tip of the day!! when you least except-except. I never thought I would own a cat. I went to put the garbage out there was a carboard box by the pails. Go to look and there was a baby kitten about 3 weeks old. Holy crow what a shame, poor thing. I knew she was very weak. I call my brother who has cats all his life told me get cat milk and try to feed her and I did. We became instant buddies. I name her southpaw because her front feet face towards the left. and she is a calaco. I was told to take her to a vet and did where they treated her for fleas and ticks and had her spayed. See you both in 1 year,bye. Southpaw and I are very close always together. If was not for her I would not of known I had the begining of stomach cancer. She whoud not not leave my stomach alone. She is a year old now. Not knowing she was getting very sick. No playing ,very little eating and staying in dark corners of the house. Humm, something wrong. What she had fleas and never knew it never saw one ,never bit, and she was loaded. My friend down stairs had the problem and bomd the place. Well the all came upstairs into my place fast. So when you least except- except. Going crazy I bath her in dawn, she went nuts and screamed. I cryied for her.Dawn worked fast but, Is it still working. Brought and flea collar. I rip my place apart. throw out all my furnture, anything that had cloth on it, yes i did. All I have now is my bed ,tv,and 2 fish tanks. I have all wood floors. I wash the floors with lysol, 20 mule team. and flea and tick shampoo, did not rinse it and let dry by itself. So what if they are white now. So far southpaw are carm now sitting with shotguns. Hope it works. it been 4 days now and had not fired a shot yet. but I will let you know. love southpaw

  • frank

    I have all wood floors. If I use lysol,20 mule team, and flea shampoo for cats will it work?

  • Mags

    Diatamaceous Earth powder or Borax! We left it on the carpet for 4 days and the furniture, then vacuumed everything up

  • Missy

    OMG….Fleas suck…We are overrun with the itchy things. I’ve been using flea pills from the vet (Comfortis). It used to work great. Apparently my poor little dog Belle is now immune to it. I bathed her tonight with flea shampoo and hand pick out every flea. She had been scratching herself raw. I’ve had enough. Its hard to sleep at night, since I keep feeling fleas jump on me all night long. So here I am on the internet looking for ideas. I’ve wrote down a bunch and will most definetly go shopping tomorrow. Hope something works. Can’t handle all this much longer.

    • Dianebowers

      We have tried everything. Tonight the poor  baby bit herself so bad that she was bleeding. Going to try some of these suggestions. i pray they work.

  • Sue

    Im goining to try the head and shoulders and vinegar rinse I as we all seen to ge at our whits ends with the problen but this is becoming overwhelloing with this problem and I love my dogs like that are my grandkids they enertain us immensily We would be lost with out the whole

  • Ruby

    I have a Yorkie and he seems to scratch all the time. have changed his food to lamb & rice, bathe him in oatmeal soap, have also checked
    him for fleas. None ! Does anyone have this problem with their Yorkie? Please someone help me my poor baby.

  • Karebear_0619

    i don’t know where you get garlic is toxic to dogs but many many vets recommend garlic

  • Kerry

    I live in Canada and even though it’s winter I still seem to have a bad flea problem. I am relieved to see that there are cheap natural remedies, after spending a lot of money on sprays that didn’t even work. Hopefully after everyone’s suggestions I will no longer have this problem.



  • ladeeda


  • Joanne

    I will not use harmful chemicals on my animals!! When I lived in the country, our “country” vet felt the same way. I had bird dogs that after being out in the fields always ended up with fleas. He had me sprinkle their food with dry activated yeast, the kind used to make homemade bread. Just a little each day and he explained that the odor that that created on their bodies would keep fleas away. We never noticed a smell and he said that we would never smell it. I have used this on several dogs since then and it has always worked wonders. That and table salt sprinkled on the carpet and under the couch cushions and the dog beds got rid of any in the house. Then just vacuum as normal in a couple of days, repeat until the fleas are gone. Hope this helps!

  • antoniazen

    It is important to note that, while these tips are great and most are fine for cats as well as dogs and other animals, cats should not use essential oils!!! There is quite a lot of research (check for yourself) suggesting that cats’ sensitivity to essential oils is immense, they cannot rid their systems of it properly and can lead, even when diffused regularly in the air they breathe, to liver troubles. I’ve had to seriously limit my use since being adopted by cats. Dogs are fine but even then essential oils are powerful and for humans and pooches alike need to be well diluted. Have read conflicting information about aloe vera use too. I love the stuff and feel it is safe but maybe its a question of quantity?

    Neem leaf infusion or a weeny bit of neem oil (which can be whipped into a cuddle cream with apple cider vinegar) is good. Anti-parasitic as well as insect repellent if a bit wiffy! A small amount fairly reguarly groomed in wards the pet nibblers off effectively. The bonus is it is healing for skin and also, when they groom themselves, aids in the protection against worms.

  • tracy

    need help with fleas on my dogs sick of wasten my money and getting no results from store bought products.lookn for natural home made solutions that work if anyone can HELP please do .just about fed up with rotten lite buggers

  • denise

    skinsations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKS I get it at the dollar general. i sprayed my dog and im going to try mixing some in my steam clean with water ill let you all know if it helps.

  • Nini

    Seven Dust works GREAT!!! The Instructions for pet use are on the container and it is perfectly safe pet’s and all your plants, fruit trees, roses etc. You can buy it at Walmart, LOWE’S and just about anywhere that has a garden department. I’ve used it on my pets, their bedding, around the yard, and on my lemon and orange trees. The only draw back is that your pet will look dusty, but it’s worth it. I’ve got 3 Maltese and a Maltepoo, and their Snow white hair and fur looks sandy when I put it on, but I brush it out after its served its purpose. I’m out of the Seven Dust, so today I used the Oil, Dandruff Shampoo, Dawn and Tea Tree Oil.

    I first covered the coat with the Vegetable oil and worked it in, then I used some Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and scrubbed really well (Harley normal breaks his neck trying to get out of the water, but today he LOVED THIS). Next I rinsed him off, then lathered him up with DAWN( The Blue one). Once I rinsed this off, I dried him off and then put tea tree oil on his bites and rubbed it in. I’ve never heard a dog Purr until today:) I also sprayed the other 3 dogs with the Vinegar/Lemon Water mixture and boy did the fleas start hoping off of them, WOW!!!! I’m bathing them next!!!

    I’ve also sprinkled Borax on the rug in their room and around the outside of the house, I’ll let you know how that works. But rest assured, I’LL BE BUYING MY SEVEN DUST ASAP, Cause THIS TEXAS HEAT IS ONLY GOING TOO GET WORSE!!!


  • Angelica

    My boxer has fleas really bad I have tried the dawn and it’s not working I don’t know what to do its so bad that he has sores. If anyone knows any home remedies for my dog please write me back! Also if someone knows how to treat the yard for fleas too thank you

  • Charlee

    I have given my cockapoo garlic for a couple of years. I make up a bottle of garlic oil (like you use for a salad vinagrette). I pour my dressing bottle full of canola oil. I then drop a couple of tablespoons of minced garlic in it. I shake it up real good before I put it on my dogs meal. After it has been marinated for a week or so , it smells pretty good. My dog really likes it. If I forget to put it on her food, she won’t eat.

  • Jeff

    I used Dawn dish soap as a lot of people have said to use. Thai Dragon Fruit Scented lol. But my little dog was ate up so bad with fleas and this dish soap worked. I had to go around her head to get all the ones where I was afraid to get soap in her eyes but for the most part I combed hundreds of dead ones off of her. She is an outside dog and they had started to come inside but hardly any. I’ll start taking precautionary measures so she don’t get infested again.

  • todd gkimland

    Take for or five lemons cut them in half place in a pan of water to boil for
    about then let stand for about 2 hours .Strain lemons in to a spray bottle
    spray pet avoiding the eyes inside the ears also can be used on bedding also
    furniture.apply as needed works well. hope this helps….

  • Katie B.

    Alright, so I spent hours reading this entire thread. I will tell you what has worked for me and what I am doing now.

    My first flea infestation was about 6 months ago. I had one indoor cat that liked to escape outside and eventually acquired fleas. I fed him Capstar and that killed all of the fleas on him instantly. I gave him a flea bath and have been applying monthly frontline plus since then. After he was de-flea-ed. I took him to my mothers and attacked my apartment. First I used flea bombs. Seriously, did NOTHING. Maybe made the fleas angry. So then, I used salt and baking soda on the carpet, couch and chairs. I left it for a couple of days and then vacuumed it all up. I washed all clothes and blankets that had been on the floor. This worked very well. I made sure to bathe the cat every couple of weeks and check him for fleas, as well as re-salted the carpets. This worked very well.

    My boyfriend bought me a puppy for my birthday a little over a month ago. This puppy has brought fleas back into my life. They really only bite my boyfriend. I don’t know if it’s because I use scented lotions and he doesn’t or what. But I plan on doing the same salt/baking soda thing. Maybe adding in some Borax. My cat has gotten them again now too, even though I have been diligent about applying his Frontline plus. I guess fleas really can become resistant. The puppy had also been fed some oral flea medication. Didn’t help. I also want to try this lemon/mint spray stuff. Mostly because I like those scents. I will let ya’ll know what works this time around.

  • Vicky

    Flea dirt or flea poo is in my small townhouse. I have one dog, which is a small Yorkie and I cut her hair to where there is almost no hair at all. I don’t see any fleas on her, nor have I seen any in my home. To be on the safe side, I’ve given her a bath with the blue original Dawn dish soap and have sprayed her with water/Avon Skin so Soft. I’ve treated my carpets with Borox and salt. I’ve treated my yard with the proper DE. I am still seeing the flea dirt on my sheets and sofa. Where could this be coming from?

  • sammy

    I did do the dawn soap, but there was still some that stayed alive. So I tried Salt, Lemon Juice, and Ving. Made a bath and put my dog in it, and you can see the fees going crazy. It killed all of them. Just a thought.

  • mary

    I’ve read ALL the tips and tried most of them. The one that worked best for me on the carpet is Dawn and water spray, it killed them instantly. The Pine Sol also works but takes longer to kill. Now, for my tip…if you pick the fleas off your pet and have a problem ‘catching them’, espically if you see more than one, keep some chap stick near by and just dab them with that…they cannot move! Dab all you see and then go back and pluck them off. I put several that I caught this way in a capped jar and they were dead the next day.

  • Missy

    Had an infestation last year. We had used frontline and it stopped working on our dog and he brought the fleas into the house and they got onto our two cats. I tried everything, acv, garlic powder, bathing w/dawn, etc. Nothing seemed to work. I took arm and hammer carpet powder, put that down, left it overnight and it worked for a while until the fleas that stayed on my animals went back into the carpet. I started the process all over again, it was not working. My aunt stopped by and she said her dog used Comfortis, so I picked some up at the vet. We have not had a problem since. While I didn’t want to use chemicals on my yard or in my house,I had to do something because these little pests were determined to eat. Comfortis will not protect against ticks, but kills those fleas as soon as they try to bite my dog. It is such a frustrating process and I feel for anyone that has an issue.

  • Bridgette

    Garlic is toxic to dogs in certain quantities but it is also very effective for flea prevention if given to the dog correctly. I would guess it would vary by dog on the amount of garlic they would need.

  • kara getz

    can someone tell me what to use on my three dogs i have one dog he is over 10 years and one that is 5 years and the young dog is not mine it is my stepdaughter and i want to know i use the dawn dish bakeing powder and peroide and it works but not that good so can someone give me tips on how tpo get the fleasoff my three dogs plz and ty

  • Tasha

    My cat had kittens and she picked up fleas prior too.. I treated her emmediately after she had her babies with advantage.. I used DE purchased from a plant store and sprinkled it twice a week over the entire house vaccuuming every two days.. Steam cleaned the carpets twice a week, cleaned the hardwood floors and base boards with pinesol twice weekly and use liquid dish detergent in many many bowls around the home as natural flea traps.. To prevent bites, I used diluted lemon juice and water with a drop of ucalyptus oil and lavender.. I also bathe the 4 cats every two days.. The cycle went on for nearly three weeks but I was diligent on this regimen and with a lot of work, they have disappeared ell naturale!!! I have a 4 yr. old that was being eaten alive and I was worried for the kittens becoming anemic and sickly.. I read up on flea bombs and they are toxic to animals and young children so I wanted to go the safest route.. It was NOT that expensive either, but you must be patient and very diligent if you are to get rid of these pests!! Good luck!!

  • elizabeth

    First I would like to say in the war against fleas, you must treat your yard as well as inside your home and pets or, all is to no avail.
    I use lime purchased at the garden center. This will kill the fleas and ticks.
    Next attack the inside of your home, equal parts Borax and table salt, apply to carpets, upholstery, and all floors. (Don’t forget the baseboards) Let it sit over night and then vacuum up, dispose of the vacuum bag.
    Wash all bedding in hot water and dry in the hottest dryer the fabric will allow.
    Wash your pets bedding also if it can be washed, otherwise discard.
    Shampoo your pet using dawn blue dishwashing liquid, use this undiluted! and leave it on for about 15 minutes then thoroughly rinse off. When your pet’s fur is dry lightly spray with skin so soft.
    Because flea’s eggs take about 10 days to hatch this process should be repeated on the ninth day.
    Be of good faith!!

  • Amanda

    ive read almost all of peoples opinions about these remedies.we have spent hundreds of dolloars on flea sprays and bombs and collars and soap. they do not work at all. the ones listed about all talkeed about using them on dogs. will they work the same for cats? cats lick alot to clean themselves so i dont want them getting sick if i use a type of oil, or anything. also, ive heard positive reactions about using lemons.

    my white cat princess is always blood from so much chewing and i dont know if the lemons wound get in the bite marks and hurt her. my black cat blacky isnt as bad off though as the white one. my cats also never touch the floor. the jump from one thing to another because i think they think the fleas cant get on them as bad. my sister lives in the basement and keeps her door shut all the time. shes been getting bites on her and her boyfriend when he stays.the rest od the family too! Please help! we are being drivenmad and being eatin alive! SOS! anything!

  • John

    My suggestions for cat owners:
    1. Keep your cat in one room in the house so she/he doesnt spread more flea eggs around the house
    2. Bath your cat using dawn soap, leaving the soap lather for about 10 munutes and then use some kind of flea prevention (ie. Frontline, Advancage, etc)
    3. Wash and Dry bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, pet beddint
    4. Vacuum anywhere you have rugs in your home
    5. Mop any non rug area using pinesol
    6. Sprinkle 20 Mule Team borax ($3 at Walmart) all over your rugs and couch. Leave it for atleast 24 hours and then vacuum again. Besure to empty out your vacuum once you are down and dispose of the contents outside!
    7. Continue to vacuum daily and use the borax about once a week
    8. Create a spray with eucalyptus and lavendar oils (can be found at GNC) and spray that over your bed, rugs, curtains, anywhere you think there may be fleas

    Like others have mentioned, flea eggs can hatch anywhere from 2 – 14 days. The vacuuming will stimulate them to hatch but the borax will help with killing them off. You need to continue the above habits, especially when its hot and humid out (ideal flea environment). After some persistence, the fleas should dissapear! You can also use the bowl of soapy water under a light to measure your progess.

    Good luck!

  • Betsy

    I saw where someone mentioned a lemon wedge ? that also killed house flies? Is that the lemon-spray remedy above or did I miss something? Please tell me?

  • Shark

    Oh my god!!!!!!
    I just sprayed the whole floor and couch with Harts whatever Home Spray! I’ve read here a lot of negative comments on Harts!!
    I hope this is not going to hurt my cat!!!!

    Anyone knows whether I need to mop the floor and when?
    What should I do with my couch???

    Help please!!

    Thanks in advanced!

  • David Adkins

    POOL GRADE D.E. IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE SILICOSIS (scarring of the lungs similar to asbestos poisoning) The only safe D.E. to use is natural pulverized or ground D.E. that can be found in plant nurseries and food storage shops. This D.E. has NOT been superheated, a process which creates fine threads of silicone glass which makes it a better filtering product, but makes it dangerous to handle or breath. Flour grade D.E. is meant to be used in graineries as a bug and egg deterrent is fine enough to mix with flour.

  • qno1

    Whew! I have now finished, after 2 straight days, reading every single post on this page…all 668 of them, dating back to Oct. of 2006…and like any other single subject I may be investigating at any given time, well, ya learn somethin’ every day. I’ve learned a lot from reading on just this one site, and have indeed implemented a couple of the methods in my own current flea battle.

    Before anything though, plz know that this’ll probably be long, as I just naturally talk a lot-lol-but I promise it’s all related to the issue at hand, that being fleas, and related circumstances. Also, things won’t come out in any particular order–I’m not good with writing stuff down a lot of the time, and I just say what pops into mind at the moment…sorry. And plz excuse ant typos 🙂

    Anyway, I’m glad to have found this site, and I’ve indeed read and learned a lot on here about how to deal with these seemingly indestructable little bastards, and in ways other than chemicals. I’ve read some funny lines (that’s laughing with the person, not at them btw), such as the people wanting to just say to hell with it and burn their entire house down, belongings and all, and the one about wearing welding gloves to bathe your cat (hilarious, and i can relate), to name a couple. But I’ve also read a few that sound, IMHO, as if the person needs to be thumped on the head with a sledgehammer (motor oil!?) On the other hand, there’s also a thing or two that I haven’t seen anyone at all mention, or seem to have considered the possibility of… o well. As I said, I myself am currently implementing a couple of things found on here that MAY hopefully be helping, and I can only speak for myself–different things work for different people…just please, above all else, CONSIDER YOUR ANIMAL”S WELFARE, SERIOUSLY, before trying anything.
    That said, I’ll do my best to relay my own situation, and take from it what you will if it will help. I’ll most likely give an opinion or two as well, but same thing applies.

    My situation is a bit different than the majority, at least as far as consequences to my cat, Simba, in that there are different background factors involved in the big picture–which at first glance appear to be unrelated, but…? It has to be understood that a cat’s entire chemical system, including hair and coat, is completely different, and what may work for a dog may well be TERMINAL FOR A CAT, and vice versa…understood? One thing I remember reading was the line saying, “just as a snake is natural…but is it safe?”…funny, but dead serious at the same time–think about it.

    My 12 yr. old Simba and I live by ourselves in a small town in North central Missouri (only 2 vets, neither of them trustworthy IMHO). Here, you have no real choice other that to just accept fleas as a part of life, and deal with it the best you can. I’m disabled, and on a fixed income, which makes expensive vet and store remedies impractical in large part, not to mention them being adversary #2…chemicals. I admit to not being Mr. Greenpeace by any means, but I do try my best, especially where Simba is concerned. He just turned 12 on Sep. 8th, so there’s the age thing to consider as well. Which brings to mind for instance how some people wonder why they’re getting eaten alive, while no one else in their family is. Well, it’s simple really…different people’s systems react differently to different things, and that’s that. And yes, as we age–our animals too–our systems change…what may not have bothered us a few years ago now does…or the opposite happens, where certain immunities develop–which unfortunately, also holds true for our pesky friends. In part, it helps to relate to the basic science and logic of it all…they’ve had millions of years to evolve and adapt, continue to do so, and are just plain damn tough opponents…it’s a no-brainer. For every one chemical invented to beat them, they’re comin’ up with 5 different ways to adapt and survive…and do…and will. Short of moving to Antarctica and living in a sealed concrete bunker a mile below the surface, we’ll never totally eradicate them–that’s the harsh truth. All we can really do is try (like hell if need be) to first, get a handle on them, then second, keep ’em at bay, and let ’em know you mean business too! And yes, if at all possible, in a safe, humane and natural way. It’s all about trial and error, and perseverance…it’s by no means a battle won overnight, especially with heavy, full-bore infestations.

    But, enough babbling, and onto my own situation, which, as said, differs somewhat, but fleas are definitely part of the equation. It differs mainly due to a way more serious issue that may or may not have been brought about by fleas…presently, it’s looking as though they may have been/are the main base culprit, but no definite reports can be given yet, as I’ve only just recently started to piece it all together. I think I’ve got the handle on it, and am putting together a plan of attack to keep it at bay…hopefully…one thing at a time. Again, I live in the Midwest–flea heaven–and I’m wondering in part if this year’s serious drought may have had something to do with things-?. Another thing some people may be overlooking is the fact that climate, or changes of same, can play a big part in things. Also, to the peeps that say they don’t even have pets, but are still overrun, do you live in houses or apartments? I mention this because if you live in an apartment, what about your neighbors on either side, or behind you maybe…do they have pets?…have they had? Something to consider is all. There’s also the constant threat of people coming over that end up bringing more than just themselves to visit.

    Anyway, the way more serious issue I refer to is that of Simba having eaten away–literally–2 inches of his tail, to the bone, resulting in having to have about 4 in. amputated off…a totally f***ed deal! It all started a little before Labor Day with what had always been an innocent tail-chasing routine that usually lasts a week or two, then fades away, and on to other things. It’s hilarious to watch, and he’s only done it maybe half a dozen times his whole life. Well, one night, he was on the bed, and all of a sudden, he let out a serious Rowr! that got my attention for sure, but he went on playing and I didn’t pay much attention at first. Then about 20 min. later, I went to pick up some papers he’d tossed off the bed, and noticed a couple of swaths of blood on them, and a couple more drops up on the bed. I went to look at his tail, but in his wired-up state, he of course wouldn’t let me. I did get a look at it the next day though, and somehow in some way, he’d gotten roughly a 1/4 in. slice in it. To this day, I don’t know if he did it himself, or got it caught on the end of a piece of coax cable that was laying on the bed at the time. I’ve also considered some kinda bite from -?-…I don’t think I’ll ever know for sure. In any case, things just went from bad to worse, with him seeming totally possessed, and viciously attacking is tail more and more until it looked as if it had been though a meat grinder…it was bad. The height of it hit over Labor Day weekend, when of course neither of the two vets could be gotten hold of, and I could do nothing but try like hell to keep him from it, but cats can be damn fast when they wanna be, and things can happen within the blink of an eye. Worst of all, he started having seizures, and for those who have never been through it, you’re indeed lucky, because it will scare the living crap out of you!!…especially when there’s basically nothing you can do but witness it happen. I would just stroke him lightly under his chin, and keep repeating “it’s okay, it’s okay” over and over, and he eventually would come out of it…but, depending on the cat and situation, you hafta be careful with this, cuz they may well not even recognize you in their state, and can bite or scratch you while you’re trying to calm them. It’s scary as hell and I never want either of us to have to go through it again ever. His were doubly scary because they were turning into what they call “status” seizures, which is having more than one in a 24 hr. period. The worst one lasted a full 2 hours, and had me completely over the edge…there’s no feeling in the world like that, being completely powerless to help the one being on earth who loves you no matter what, expects nothing in return, and has always been there for you…long story short, you feel like shit. I’m a grown man of 50, and I was drenched in tears during the 2 hour episode, which btw, happened on his 12th b-day of all days. That whole first week was the worst of it for him…he attacked and destroyed the first set of stitches, then a second set 2 days later, then 2 days after that the b-day thing, with a couple other seizures both before and after thrown in for good measure. I was a physical and mental wreck, and the whole time, knowing it was nothing compared to what he must be going through. In any event, it was decided not to stitch it back up a third time, and to just let it heal over naturally–which I knew it would, knowing the amazing self-healing powers animals possess. But of course, none of it would happen if I wasn’t able to keep him from it. Well, after being totally housebound and a literal walking zombie for apprx. a month & a half, I’m relieved, amazed and proud to report that his tail has in fact healed over beautifully–WooHoo!!–and as I type this, he’s all but normal again :):):))) However, I’m taking no chances, and continue to watch him every single minute, and therefore am still housebound, but I’m not complaining by any means 🙂

    >> This Just In! >> Sorry to interrupt, but after 3 days, I just now was able to actually witness a flea jump into one of my water-n-Dawn flea trap bowls on the floor–he fought for his life, but alas, was forced to succumb within 20 sec. and DIED! (heh-heh-heh!) So, I can personally attest that that particular idea/remedy added to the arsenal definitely DOES work. HA!, more power to me! Anyway…

    So, you’re asking, what’s all I’ve written so far got to do with fleas? Well first, lemme say that no, thank god, I don’t have a full-on-assault infestation going on, but truly do feel for those that do, as I’ve been down that same road also in the past, and OMG! It was bad because there were kittens involved, and, well… Anyway, throughout the whole first month of my/our ordeal, I knew Simba did have a few fleas–to be honest, he’s pretty much always had them, living where we do–but it’s never been any major deal, and never have they caused a reaction from him like what happened. He’s always been a high-strung cat by nature, and “the life o’ the party”, but this was something completely different…it was e v i l, plain and simple. It was like watching him slowly descend into madness. This was not my cat, and I was sinking into my own pit of madness trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. At the vet the first time, he did spray him with Adams flea spray, gave him an anti-inflammatory shot, and gave me some Acepromazine for a few days to keep him calm. Little did I know at the time that Acepromazine lowers the seizure threshold, but it was working at keeping him mellow, and not paying so much attention to his tail…the rest was up to me. Unfortunately, being as high-strung as he is, it started taking higher dosages of the Ace to keep him mellow–like 6 mg. three times a day, crushed down and stirred into canned food (he’s always eaten just dry kibbles his whole life). He’s had to be on that stuff since the beginning, but now that I’ve finally put it all together, he’s doing a lot better, and I’m wanting/trying to slowly wean him off it, as well as an anti-seizure drug he’s been on…so far, so good. I truly don’t like him being on meds, but at the time, I was desperate. Meanwhile, in my frantic desperation, I got on the net and Googled “cat behavior problems”. A lot of results came up concerning a condition known as “FHS”, or “feline hyperesthesia syndrome”. So I delved in, and he was having the same symptoms–not all, but most–especially the seizures–so that was where I put my concentration. Somehow, I just wasn’t connecting the dots as far as the fleas being a possible initial trigger to it all. As I said, he’s pretty much always had them–not as much in the winter though–but it’s weird because yeah, they’re on him, and yeah, he licks and scratches, but never to any great distress such as bald spots, open sores, etc.–he’s actually a pretty tough hombre when it comes down to it. He’s one o’ those classic “country cats” who’s never seen a sick day in his life, and just keeps on tickin’ year to year. Sooo, until this recent situation, he’s always just worn a flea collar year-round (Hartz–i’m NOT liking what i’m reading about them suddenly), and I’ve always just treated him with drops in the summer months (also Hartz, from good ol’ Wal-Fart), and that’s it. (once, about 5 yrs. ago I think, they were carrying Sargeants drops, and those did seem to actually work) Yeah, once in a while, they’d get on me, but never really bite me, and basically, that’s been the state of things all these past 12 yrs. >> Btw, for all those suffering from bites, just try dabbing on a bit o’ good ol’ fashioned Hydrocortisone–it worked for me, and I only had to do it once. I had a couple of bites on my legs that itched like crazy for about 3 wks. and weren’t going away…I dabbed/rubbed some of the Hydro. on, and it took the itching right away, and kept it away while they healed up, which took a little over a week more. Again, it may not work for you, but it did for me–food fer thought. Sooo…

    With my focus on the FHS, and putting every waking moment of effort into simply keeping away from his tail, I still just wasn’t catching the possible flea angle to it all…until just over 2 wks. ago. The first spraying of Adams apparently didn’t faze ’em much, and they remained on (and they refuse to pay rent…little bastards). Then, on the 17th of Oct., when I had to go get some more pills from the vet (the car ride being real fun–NOT!), he knocked him out, and literally drenched him with the Adams spray–that’s when I fully saw and realized the scope of things…they started sailing off in droves! Man, I felt sooo bad, because I had no idea they were that bad on him–no wonder he was goin’ out of his mind. I reiterate how different cats are, and how they can react to things in ways we never dreamed of. After a visit to the other vet in town this past Friday (2nd opinion, for what it was worth), I discover that he’s also got some mid-stage gingivitis going on, which I’m sure isn’t helping matters for him, and will have to be dealt with (any home suggestions-?). But, the next day after the 2nd Adams drenching, it was like night and day…the fleas were abolished!…uh, almost. The other day’s visit did show a couple still on him, and a bit of flea dirt, but overall, his own situation is now pretty much under control. That vet also gave him an anti-inflammatory shot, and that seemed to bring him back to normal (“normal” for him-lol) a little more even, so now, I’ve been able to research a bit more, and am now dealing with the house/dwelling part of things.

    Uh, also btw, at the Adams drench time, I bought a can of the Adams carpet spray, which deals with adults, eggs and larvae combined. I also got some of the Adams spray stuff for him. At that same time, he also got some Advantage Multi drops put on. I think the combination of all that overloaded his system a bit, as he was rather lethargic for the next couple of days, but did come out of it. But after the other day, I really started thinking about all the crap that was, and had been, getting put on/into him, and saying, “Whoa, stop!” So, as Fate would have it (it’s about damn time!), and through a series of links, I found this site, and am a lot happier camper at this point. I mean, after 2 days, the place still smells of vinegar (not too bad), and Simba is now suddenly and totally addicted to the homemade lemon-tinged wet food I’m giving him, but hey, ’tis a small price to pay, believe me–Whew! Truthfully, things had gotten at one point to where I thought I may have to put him down, and well…thank god for Grandma!!

    Now, more to the actual point of things–what I myself am using, what seems to be working, what I’ll be doing, etc. In my current case, I can’t honestly say what it’s been exactly that’s caused/added a serious defense to things…a combination probably. Nevertheless, I’m now definitely wanting to go natural with things, and will if at all possible.

    >> Update >> now, apprx. 3 hrs. later, I’m seeing 2 more fleas in the trap, and they’re smaller than the other two in there, so hopefully, things are going in the right direction. I’ve also had iodized salt (dunno if the iodized part really makes any diff-tis just what i’m using) and baking soda on the carpet for two days, and will be vacuuming this evening, then laying down more…I’ll keep this up for the next 2-3 wks. and see what happens. I’m also keeping everything else–except Simba–sprayed down with a mix of apple cider vinegar, water, and a coupla squirts of ReaLemon juice in an 8 ounce spray bottle (97 cts @ Wal-Mart). This next time, I’ll probably add a bit o’ salt to the mix–what the hell, can’t hurt. It does seem to at least be bringing them out and into certain death in the traps (who knew it could ever be so exhilarating to kill something and gain such immense pleasure from watching it–ha!:-} Like I said, I think I at least have a handle on it, and it’s now time to buckle down and stay on top of it, if for no other reason, to keep Simba from literally eating himself alive!

    Which yes, now brings us to His Majesty, and what my plan of attack for him entails…which, quite honestly, ain’t gonna be much, and yes, I have my reasons of strategy for that. First and foremost is the general health issue, but also you see, Simba does NOT like liquid of any kind, much less a bath (ha!-be my guest), does NOT being combed, or any of that, no way, no how…ain’t gonna happen. Sooo, I’ll be doin’ a bit more research on it, but it sounds as if the food-grade DE is just the ticket…I could just put some in my hand and rub it in with little resistance I do believe. As far as the safety/health issue of the stuff, well, just think about it…I myself have never seen a cat alive that won’t at some point find dirt and roll in it, and I’ve never seen or heard of one dying from doing it–of course, it’s not necessarily the same kind of dirt as the DE, but it’s the same principle…ya know? Other than that, I’ve been putting just 4 drops of the ReaLemon in his canned food 2-3 times a day, and the same amount in his water, which I change morn. and night. I tell ya, he loves the stuff! I am concerned with the acidity however, and I do plan on cutting back on it a little…another thing I don’t think some people realize is that all animals have certain pH levels in their skin and coats, and if you go disrupting that more than a mark or two either way, you could end up facing whole new problems. True, some animals may have more resistance that others, but I myself ain’t gonna chance it. As for the vinegar-and/or-whatever spray, I just don’t see spraying vinegar on him, sorry. I’m working off the inside-out theory–between that and the DE on him, I think he’ll be covered (no pun-lol). He’s an indoor cat for the most part, but how much ever may fall off him and get on the carpet will just be adding to the arsenal for the dwelling, so…

    >> Another one drowned–time: 21 sec.

    I’ve got the Dawn-n-water bowl traps on white paper towels btw, since they’re apparently attracted to that color (i always knew there was a valid reason for my wearing all black all the time-ha!) with gooseneck lamps 9-10 in. above…one has a 30 wt. bulb, and the other a 25 wt. They’re doing their job, and do help in marking the progress of things as you go.

    hmm… Well, I think my long-winded dissertation has definitely gone on long enuff…lol, sorry bout that 🙂 There’s more, but a big reason for inserting all the background info was for people whose cats may be exhibiting signs of FHS…one of the first things they tell you is that the symptoms, including the seizures, can often be due to something else entirely, e.g. fleas (food allergies can also be a culprit), so please do your best to rule out as many other possible things as you can first. At the same time though, I can also relate only too well to not having the finances to have all kinds of blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, etc. run–you want to, but just can’t. And no, I don’t consider that as being an irresponsible pet owner, for those who may try to jump on that bandwagon.

    For the record, I do believe it was the Adams spray on him and on the carpet that put the initial dent in things in my case–but wow, the smell could kill a horse! And, as for continued use of the Advantage drops-?…well, I’m certainly hoping not, now that I’ve discovered these other possible treatments. And so far, I’ve only had to spend maybe $20 on combined home remedy items, compared to roughly $300 on vets and store-bought stuff.

    Another point I’m hoping to have realized here is that it doesn’t take a full-on infestation to possibly end up causing totally f***ed up situations…I’ve definitely learned my own lesson on that one. Please be aware before it may be too late, like it almost was for me, and all due to my own ignorance and not connecting the dots.

    So, as described above, I’m currently giving Simba just the few drops of ReaLemon in his soft food and water, and I’ll be dusting him with the Diotamaceous (sp) Earth, and that’s all for him. For others, MAKE SURE the DE is >> Food Grade <<–the other kind is for swimming pools, and is TOXIC TO ANIMALS! Oh, before I forget, I won't be doing any of the essential oils thing either, nor garlic. When I was growing up, my Mom gave our dog garlic in his food periodically to ward off worms, which seemed to work, and he lived to be 13, but still, I ain't doin' it. On the other front, I'm using the a.c. vinegar/water/realemon mix to spray the house with, and iodized salt/baking soda on the carpet, vacuuming every 2 days, then "lather, rinse, repeat". And the Dawn (blue) and water flea trap bowls w/light on the floor, on white paper towels. Myself, I don't think the brand of soap really matters, but…they do work, and I'll be keeping them out. I've also seen what looks like flecks of flea dirt in the bowls as well. It's now 8:40 pm, and I've trapped about 7 so far today, and got about a dozen during y-day's 24 hr. period. I started all this 3 days ago, and so far, things are FAR mellower than previously, and all is good. As I speak, Simba is sleeping calmly and soundly behind me on the top of my chair, and hasn't made a move for his tail at all in a couple of days…I was even able to run up to the ATM last night real quick while I had a neighbor here to watch him…he slept right through it.

    I'll do my best to get back on in a few days with a progress post. In the meantime, I can be contacted through [email protected] for any discussion. And while you're at it, if you like nature and the outdoors, please visit http://www.qshots.com and take a qreative journey of image and sound that promises to qaptivate 😀

    Just one more thing before I go, and this is personally directed at the person way back up there^–you know who you are–that put motor oil on their dog: quite simply, you should be shot — MOTOR OIL!!?? WHAT THE F***!!?? Were you BORN STUPID or what??? Jesus christ, have you never seen images of the damage done to animals from oil slicks?? You're dealing with a petroleum based product, and no, not the petroleum you wipe your ass with–hell, just toss a match on him and be done with it, you STUPID F***!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!

    Okay, sorry folks, but my blood was boiling after reading that, and I felt the extreme need to express myself.

    Ty & good luck to all!

    • Diane Hester Willis

      HaHaHa, what a character you must be. Enjoyed your long winded, rambling post even though I now have a headache from laughing and shaking my head. Don’t know if your poor cat really ate part of his tail or not but Thank God he had you to take care of him.
      You really should publish this article you wrote to not only inform but to make ppl laugh. I love the way you go after the idiot with the motor oil…geez, he needs to be put in a motor oil bath and left.
      Thanks for the good read…now I am going to try some home remedies on my dog, house and yard.

  • malinda

    I recently found out that one of two cats has fleas. Don’t know how one but not the other but I have noticed that if you wash them with liquid Irish spring soap it kills the fleas instantly and doesn’t dry out the skin on my cats and the bonus is they smell good for a couple of weeks

  • Linda in Toronto Canada

    Oh and I also tried banana peels. It may have acted as a bit of a deterrent, but it definitely didn’t get rid of them.

  • Lisa in sidney Ohio

    I will agree that the Dawn (Blue) Dish Liquid has worked for me in the past. I am also in need to some other ways. I would like to try out the salt spray for inside and outside. We have 3 small to medium size girl dogs and 1 older male cat.I see them scratching constantly and it drives me batty. Does anyone have suggestions with multiple animals?

    Thanks in Advance

  • ray

    seven dust is a good flea killer I dusted my carpets let set for a few hrs went outside with my pet a few hrs and came back and vacuumed no fleas and I also used it under the cushions on my furniture that stuff really works I get it in the lawn dept at wallmarts.. its inexspensive to..good luck.

  • Starr

    PLEASE!!! People stop it!!! Think about what your doing!!! Look up the products your using on your pets before you use them. I read so many comments here and I can’t believe how many people use products that can make their pet so sick or even kill them. Aloe vera, detergents, eucalyptus, garlic, geranium, citronella, moth balls, pine oil, salt, tea tree oil, cedar…they are all harmful. These things are irritants and deadly. Try using rosemary, lemon, vinegar, and yeast. Bring 2 cups of rosemary and 2 pints of water to a boil, then remove the rosemary leaves and add 1 gallon of warm water. Saturate your pet in the solution and allow them to air dry, do not towel dry. For your dog add a small amount of vinegar to their water (do not do this for cats their stomachs are too sensitive). Feed your dog a piece of raw liver. Mix some brewers or nutritional yeast with your pets food. Slice a lemon thinly and boil in a pint of water. Let sit over night, then spray where needed. This can also be used on your pet, just damped your pets fur (do not saturate) repeat this process once a month. Another spray to use is fill a bottle half white vinegar and half lemon juice and spray where needed. You can also cut and orange in half and rub it on your pets fur to deter fleas. There are many safe ways to prevent and fight fleas, please do your homework and make sure your not putting your pet in danger first.

  • Niki

    Half and half mixture:
    Dawn dish soap and apple cider vinegar.
    Mix and use on dog during bath!


    for the woman that has to leave her pets confined to the yard. Boax and all the other stuff is also harmfull to you as well. Thy have two kinds of diatomaceous earth one is for the garden the other you can eat and wont bother your pets in fact you can even feed it to your pets as well and it will keep the pest away mites, bedbugs and fleas. It the diatomaceous earth food grade you will find relief.

  • Jan

    I also read every one of the tips on this page, I didn’t get to your untill the bottom. Although very lengthly,,,,you were very helpful. I just wish I had read your first, would -a saved me a ton of time. Thanks again!!

  • Dor

    Question. I have two kitten and two older cats. My kittens I can bath but my older two i can’t. The kittens brought in fleas. I just don’t know what to do for my older cats to rid the fleas. My boy cat giving him a bath will just scare
    Him to death and my girl cat is just to crazy and will scratch the heck out of me. Going to try what I read. Just need to know what to put on older cats.

  • Elaine

    Have two indoor Siamese cats. Just recently adopted the 2nd one unaware that she had fleas, so now they both have them. Being on a very limited budget and not wanting to use any chemicals on them I came across this site and found some info I will try. Neither cat will let me bathe them without doing serious damage to me, so could use some help with alternatives to that. Am very hesitant to spray the female with lemon or vinegar as she has some really irritated spots on her skin. She is suffering much more than my male. Hesitate to use Advantage on her because the male loves to wash her every day, but am going to check into the Capstar. Used Hartz on one of my cats years ago and will never, ever use their products again. Caused horrible skin inflammation on him. Same with flea collars on other cats I had. Used the Borax years ago and that worked great.

    To Simba’s owner, please be very careful about treatments for the gingivitis. Had two older cats with it and surgery was recommended. They both died within days of the surgery. The anesthesia was too much for their bodies at their ages.

    To the moron (that’s the nicest term I can use here) who is putting motor oil on his pets I can only say that you do not deserve to have pets.

    This is war here and God Bless all of us who are battling these little monsters and a special blessing for our precious pets who are suffering through this.

  • Diana

    I simply use one formula that I got from Amazon. All you have to do is read these reviews and you’ll understand why I bought it to get rid of fleas: http://amzn.to/19Z7oUh – My 5 star should be on there as well. This stuff works.

  • Can someone PLEASE send me the recipe for borax an slt to get rid of fleas in my house and the lemon recipe for spray.
    PLEASE hurry we can’t find our bdies anymore because of flea bites!!! We are misserable and DESPERATE!!! This article is awesome it’s got all the answers I need! But looking for info!

  • Can someone PLEASE send me the recipe for borax an slt to get rid of fleas in my house and the lemon recipe for spray.
    PLEASE hurry we can’t find our bdies anymore because of flea bites!!! We are misserable and DESPERATE!!!

  • Wolf

    Is olive oil ok to use for ear mites? I need to know and google isn’t giving me a secure yes or no, you guys seem to know what your doing so i decided to ask you. thanks in advance. if not, do you guys have any suggestions?

  • Nancy Black

    My dog HATES to be bathed. She is full of fleas. I just put her in a tub of water with flea shampoo and let her soak for about 10 min. It appears that the fleas are dead. ( she also in on a pill from the vet, I must have messed up on the schedule) What do you think? Is this an effective way to kill fleas on a small dog?

  • Michael

    Help in have human fleas called pulex how do it get then
    M out of my apartment the body Clea ING in know thank you

  • Michael

    Do flea pulex human flea die in low humidity please help last try I’m going nuts nothing seems to work i try evrything posibl hury pleazeseems to work in rl

  • Will Speak Up 4 Freedom

    My cats don’t go out and have fleas. Help, can I use the same stuff above?

  • Will Speak Up 4 Freedom

    A Warning for sprays, someone I know sprayed their carpet, the cat they own was passing out. So be very careful, they said they would be fine one minute then boom. Do not spread dangerous things in the carpet, you think they are ok, but some are not.

  • Will Speak Up 4 Freedom

    Not to scare anyone to help!