10 Home Remedies for Fleas that are Pet Friendly | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have a lot of pets such as cats and dogs. However, they also have fleas that get into my furniture and carpet. I would appreciate pet-friendly home remedies so my furry friends won’t be harmed or suffer from any health issues.

A: Dear D, It is good to be cautious of your surroundings because once a flea outbreak has begun, it is hard to stop. Not only humans, but animals can be affected by fleas. There are numerous chemical formulations that can be used when treating fleas, but these are mostly dangerous against humans and pets. It is best to treat flea infestation using home remedies and old fashioned cleaning rather than using chemicals.

Here are some home remedies for fleas that are pet friendly.

Home Remedies for Fleas that are Pet Friendly


1. Eucalyptus – Fleas hate the scent of eucalyptus or other strong lemon odors. Find a container and add a couple of drops of it and let it stand on a place near a nightlight. What happens is that the fleas would get attracted to the light and will get stuck in the water.[1]

2. Vacuum – You can use a vacuum cleaner this will take a lot of them. But, take care when removing the fleas inside the vacuum or it will just re-infest the place.

3. Borax – Borax is safe to use and is not harmful against humans and pets. Spray some borax on your carpets and furniture. Borax can destroy the fleas’ exoskeleton causing them to eventually dry out. The catch is that borax is not poison and will take days before going into effect.

4. Essential Oils – Mix some essential oils such as lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus and cedar oils in a spray container filled with water. Apply on carpets and furniture. Be careful when spraying high amounts because these might stain. These essential oils will help repel fleas and hinder the infestation. [2]

5. Diatomaceous Earth and Agricultural Lime – Usually before fleas begin to infest your house, they will probably start off attacking your lawn. The yard needs to have the first line of defense. You can use agricultural lime on the grass to prevent fleas. Use a black plastic and place it on sandy areas. This will make the sand hotter and fleas will die due to dehydration. And lastly, you can use diatomaceous earth to the yard to kill the fleas. This is another good example of home remedies for fleas that are pet friendly [3]

6. Lemon and Rosemary Spray – Other home remedies for fleas that are pet friendly are lemon and sprigs of rosemary. Slice thinly and put in water near boiling point. Add some drops of geranium essential oil. Spray on the furniture and the bedding and if you have a dog. Give it a bath using the mix.

7. Cleaning – If the severity of the flea infestation is high, you need to have huge cleaning session in your house. Use shampoo or borate-based cleaners. Wash your furniture cushions, blankets, and pillow cases in hot water. These will remove the fleas’ eggs and larvae. Scrub your furniture and carpets with borate based cleaners. You can also use carpet cleaning machines or rent one in your local store. Always remember to use hot water.[4]

8. Flea collar – Vacuum your carpets thoroughly and it is recommended to use a beater bar to get the flea eggs and larvae living deep in the carpet. Do not just vacuum around your carpet; Make sure to vacuum underneath it. You can use a flea collar and put it inside the vacuum bag to kill the fleas once you collected it.

9. Nematodes – Nematodes are worms that hunt and eat flea larvae and cocoons. Usually used outside the house. They won’t harm your garden and vegetation. It is important to follow the instructions to prevent the soil from drying too much and let the nematodes survive and do their job.[5]

10. Cedar oil – Is an essential oil gotten from the foliage, wood and roots of different types of conifers. It contains anti-bacterial properties and anti-pest effects. Reasons such as these make it excellent against fleas and ticks. It can be used directly on humans and pets alike. It is not poisonous so it is safe.


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