12 Simple Home Remedies for Fleas In Kittens | Q&A

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Q:Grandma, I have 2 four-month old kittens and we have tried salt on the floor, dawn dish soap baths, and the natural garlic/brewers yeast tablets mixed with food. Yet, they are still teaming with fleas. Please suggest alternatives for my pets.

A: Dear C, Fleas can be an irritating problem but there are simple home remedies for fleas in kittens in Grandma’s arsenal. You are wise to try solving your problems the natural way since chemicals can be toxic for your young kittens. Try these remedies then pick one that you can use to keep your pet and your house free of fleas all the time.

Home Remedies for Fleas In Kittens


1. Apple Cider vinegar – Mix apple cider vinegar with some water. Your cat will smell like a salad but the stuff works great for fleas.[1]

2. Garlic – Put a small amount of garlic in their meals once a day and it will make their blood taste awful which will get the fleas to leave them alone.

3. Vinegar and water – Place equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle then use it to mist flea-infected bedding, pets, and carpets.

4. Cedar shavings – Gather cedar shavings and sprinkle about the house, in the garden, and inside flowerbeds. You may also fill a pillowcase with cedar shavings and sew it shut for your cat to lie on.

5. Hot soapy water – Comb through your kittens’ fur then dip and swish the flea comb around the container after each pass of the comb.[2]

6. Baking soda – Mix1/2 tsp baking soda, 8 oz apple cider vinegar, 4 oz warm water and 1/2 tsp salt. . Mix dry ingredients first then slowly add to wet as the vinegar and baking soda will react slightly. Be careful not to get in pets eyes.[3]

7. Orange – Cut an orange in half and rub all over your pet’s fur. This is one of the home remedies for fleas in kittens that those little flying monsters hate.

8. Lemon juice – Treat the cat’s skin and fur with a lemon juice solution. Boil water with one or two lemons (cut up) and let the lemons steep in the water for several hours, strain all the lemon particles out of the mixture and pour into a spray bottle. [4]

9. Brewer’s yeast supplement – Add Brewer’s yeast supplement to the cat food. Fleas hate the taste of brewer’s yeast and it is likely that they won’t hide inside the cat food. This one of those home remedies for fleas in kittens that you can safely sprinkle on cat food every day without harming your pet.[5]

10. Herbal shampoo – Find herbal shampoo that contains a combination of any of the following: pine cedar, bergamot, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, juniper or geranium.[6]

11. Set a trap – You can trap fleas by placing a dish of soapy water under a night light near where your pet sleeps. Fleas are attracted to warm light and will drown in the soapy water. This works for adult fleas only, but with diligence, can be effective reducing the flea population. Fleas already residing on your pet aren’t likely to leave, so you will still need to flea comb and/or bathe them in a mild shampoo (even a baby shampoo will work as fleas don’t survive well in soapy water).[7]

12. Herbal repellents – Crush dried leaves and flowers of any of the following or combine them as you see fit: black alder, eucalyptus, laurel, rue, winter savory, marigolds, rosemary, wormwood, pennyroyal, citronella, and tobacco powder. Sprinkle them in your cat’s bed and in your rugs and furniture as well.[8]


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