11 Home Remedies for Feet & Ankle Swelling | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I suffered from ankle and foot swelling after taking steroids for my pneumonia. I need home remedy suggestions to minimize the inflammation.

A: Dear C, Medicines like steroids can really have some side effects like swelling. Nonetheless, don’t be alarmed as there are natural remedies you can apply to lessen the swelling. Check these simple solutions that are inexpensive and safe.

Home_Remedies_for_Feet_and_ Ankle_Swelling


1. Elevate legs – Lifting the legs is one of the most important steps in preventing feet and ankles swelling. Always bear in mind to lift feet above heart level. By this, the blood is prevented from pooling around. While doing this, gently exercise feet and ankles. Do this for at least 30 minutes several times a day.

2. Rest – Resting the swollen foot or ankle helps faster recovery. It is important for the swollen foot or ankle to be rested, not pressured or forced. Massaging is also helpful in reducing swelling. A pressure is needed to do the massage, but just enough in a sense that it is not painful. Perform it with an upward movement on the way to the heart.

3. Avoid standing for too long – This will only trigger the pooling of blood and other fluids to the ankles and feet, that eventually results in swelling of feet and ankles.

4. Drink a lot of water – Drinking a lot of water helps in cleansing excess fluids inside the body.

5. Cucumber – Aside from water, cucumber is useful in absorbing excess fluids inside the body. The only difference is that cucumber is not to be ingested. Place the cucumber slices on the swollen part and bind it on the leg using cloth. With this, the swelling can be eased.

6. Ice – Use ice to make a cold compress. Put it in a bag or cloth, position it on the part which is swelling for 10 to 15 minutes. The coldness of the ice lessens the pain and also the swelling of the feet or ankle.

7. Magnesium Sulfate Powder – In a bowl of water, add a little amount of magnesium sulfate powder. Soak a wash cloth or face towel and apply the treated cloth or face towel on the swollen area on the feet for around 20 minutes; do this twice within the day. Magnesium sulfate helps in absorbing or getting excess fluids on the swollen part of the foot.

8. Balanced intake of salt – Salt contributes in storing too much fluid inside the body. This can also trigger the swelling of the foot or ankle. Avoid eating canned goods, processed foods or any food with high salt content.

9.Avoid hot and cold temperatures – Hot and cold temperatures aggravate swelling. If possible, don’t get too much exposure from the sun, even hot steam bath. If you need to go outside, keep the swollen feet warm when the temperature is cold.

10. Use stocking for support – Researches show that the use of stocking helps in preventing the swelling from worsening. Stockings provide enough support so that the fluids in the legs do not accumulate in the ankles or feet.

11. Lose weight – To have a healthy movement or circulation of blood and fluid inside the body, getting into a regular exercise is important and eating a sensible diet to lose weight are important. Home remedies for feet and ankle swelling start with living a healthy lifestyle.


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