9 Home Remedies for Eye Infection in Dogs | Q&A

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Q: My Lab/Chow has crusty and weepy formation around one eye. Kind of like an eye infection in people. I’m not sure how to clean or treat this when it comes to dogs. I thought about washing her eye with diluted baby shampoo but I’m afraid it may worsen the problem. Got any advice?

A: Dear P, Eye infections in dogs are common and can be triggered by bacteria, viruses, foreign materials or solutions, injuries, fungi and as well as Lyme disease. Most dog eye infections can lead to inflammation of the eye and result in any combination of the following: excessive tearing, discharges, swelling, broken capillaries, heightened sensitivity to light, listlessness, paw rubbing and loss of appetite. Washing it with diluted baby shampoo is not clinically guaranteed and safe to fix your problem. However, why not try some of the effective home remedies for eye infection in dogs.

9 Home Remedies for Eye Infection in Dogs


1. Saline Water – Mix and allow half a teaspoon of salt to be diluted properly in a glass of lukewarm mineral water. Stir it well and very gently put water onto the dog’s eyes. With a clean cotton ball, remove any discharge caused by the eye infection. [1]

2. Clean Water – Wash your dog’s eye with clean water at the same time gently remove the eye’s discharges with a cotton swab or any clean cloth.

3. Vitamins C and E Supplements – Give your dog food that is rich in vitamin C and E. This is because it aids to reduce inflammation and promote healing. [2]

4. Goldenseal Herbal Eyewash – Goldenseal is a proven safe remedy and used to treat eye infection in dogs. Put a drop of goldenseal solution to clean discharge and open tear ducts since this can soothe irritated/infected tissue.

5. Chamomile Tea – Boil chamomile tea from a tea bag. Allow the tea to cool considerably and let the tea bag sit for a few minutes. Remove the tea bag from the water and gently place it to the area around your dog’s eye. The juice that flows from the tea bag can help prevent your dog from suffering from further infection. [3]

6. St. John’s Wort – Use the herbal extract in an eyedropper to rinse the infected eye 2 to 3 times a day.

7. Red Clover – Put a quarter of a teaspoon of salt in one cup of distilled or filtered water. Add about 10 drops of any red clover and use it as an eye wash solution for your dog’s eye. [4]

8. Guava Leaves – Boil some guava leaves and allow it to cool down for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the leaves and rinse the liquid into the dog’s eye/s twice a day.

9. Cod Liver Oil – Put one drop of cod liver oil into affected eye each day which can aid speedy healing. Coder liver oil contains vitamin A that is found to be one of many good home remedies for eye infection in dogs. [5]


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