12 Instant Home Remedies for Eliminating Static | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have a favourite poly cotton spandex clothes that I love to wear. However, it harbors static cling no matter how often I wash it using my front loading highly efficient washing machine. How do I get rid of the static cling in clothes?

A: Dear S, Static cling occurs due to dry conditions in the air and even on the body. When the clothes rub against the body, the opposite exchange of electrons creates positive and negative electrical charges. This generates static electricity that causes objects to stick together. Although this is normal, it can be avoided with the use of some house remedies for eliminating static cling.

12 Instant Home Remedies for Eliminating Static


1. Proper washing of clothes – Do not allow the clothes to dry in the machine. Remove them just in time when they are nearly dry. Instead allow them to dry in the open. When fully dry, dampen your hands before folding the clothes inside the closet.[1]

2. Run a wire hanger under the clothes – Before wearing the clothes, use a wire hanger to neutralize the remaining electrical charges under the fabric.

3. Wet your hands – Slightly wet your hands and gently rub them over your clothes to aid in eliminating static cling. Another way is to keep a dryer sheet handy to instantly run it over the clothes when experiencing static cling.

4. Segregate laundry pieces – Wash synthetic fabrics separately from the natural fabrics during laundry time.[2]

5. Fabric softener – Use adequate amount of fabric softener according to instructions provided in the product package. For fabrics with higher static cling, pour fabric softener in a clean cloth then rub on the fabric surface.

6. Vinegar – Add ¼ cup of vinegar in your wash or rinse load. This does not only help in eliminating static, but it also whitens clothes and removes foul odors from clothes.[3]

7. Line drying – String a line in the open air to dry the clothes naturally than when using a dryer.

8. Body lotion – Rub in some body lotion in static areas to get rid of the problem instantly. Also, apply the lotion all over the body to moisturize it to prevent the occurrence of static cling.

9. Borax – Add ½ cup of borax in the washing machine during washing or rinsing to remedy static problem in clothes.[4]

10. Aluminium foil – Cut three inches in diameter of aluminium foil. Tightly roll it into a ball and toss in the dryer with the wet clothes inside. For heavier loads, use two or three aluminium balls that can be reused many times over.[5]

11. Natural laundry soap – Use natural laundry soap, preferably those products containing soy based fabric softener. Follow instructions according to product labels.[6]

12. Wear underclothes – Wear cotton clothes beneath the materials that cause static cling. Choose underwears that are made of very fine cotton to help in eliminating static and to prevent the dress from clinging to the body too tightly. [7]


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