15 Home Remedies for Eczema In Young Children | Q&A

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Q: Grandma, I have two young kids with eczema. I am afraid of using medicines on them. Please give natural remedies for my young kids.

A: Dear M, Eczema is a lingering, itchy, but non-contagious skin condition. This condition typically starts at age 6 months or anytime within the first five years in the life of a child. In certain cases, the extremely uncomfortable symptoms may last into childhood and adolescence. The most common type that afflicts children is called atopic dermatitis. There are many concerned parents who seek home remedies for eczema in young children since they are generally safe and mild.

Natural Home Remedies for Eczema In Young Children

Home Remedies for Eczema In Young Children

1. Cold Compress – Cold water is an effective way to relieve the itch. Use a soft wash cloth, dip it into icy water, and place it over the eczema rashes.

2. Milk – A good alternative to cold water is cold milk. Use the same method but using milk instead. This is a lot more soothing and relieving. Do this for 10 minutes several times during the day.

3. Warm Bath with Salt – Warm water with one cup of table salt has a relaxing effect on the eczema sores. Hot water is not advisable because it can only make the skin drier that makes the itch worse.

4. Oatmeal Bath – This type of bath can be soothing and can relieve the excessive itching of skin. Just grind some oats, place these in a muslin bag to make a “tea bag” and place in the bath of the baby.

5. No Feeding of Eczema-aggravating Foods – There are certain foods that can cause symptoms to get worse. It used to be thought that orange juice, eggs and milk are aggravators in children. But, it seems like tomatoes, salty food, refined fats, citrus fruits, white sugar, red meat, coffee, or raw garlic are the real aggravators. These can be directly ascertained through allergy tests.[2]

6. Avoid House dust Mite – The droppings of house mites are also aggravators of eczema symptoms. Effective and regular vacuuming of bedding, mattresses, curtains and carpets is among the practical for eczema in young children.

7. A good bathing routine – This is necessary to treat skin dryness that is an uncomfortable symptom of eczema. There are times when treatments need to include anti-inflammatory medications like calcineurin inhibitors. Especially in most severe cases. Baths are preferred lasting for about 10 minutes and using mild soap. Loofah must be avoided and moisturizer used to address, dryness.

8. Bleach Bath – Using this kind of bath is scientifically proven to be about five times more effective at treating eczema symptoms than plain water.[4]

9. Essential oils – These age-old home remedies provide the perfect healing eczema treatment that that is also gentle, safe and effective.

10. Emu oil – This oil is an extract from the emu bird found in Australia and New Zealand. It has natural anti-inflammatory agents and is being used by a growing number of people with dermatitis or eczema. Buy the refined (food grade) emu oil for best results. [5]

11. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil has a long list of health benefits. It has very strong natural antiseptic properties. But, be warned that it can be too potent for delicate and sensitive skin. You can make its effects mellower by mixing it with carrier oil like before applying it olive or walnut oil.

12. Oolong tea – Oolong tea contains polyphenols that have anti-allergic properties and calm the hyperactive immune system.

13. Coconut oil – This works positively in relieving the itch while keeping the skin to remain soft and moisturized.

14. Shea butter – This butter comes from Shea tree. It is lengthily used as a conditioner and a palliative agent.

15.Sandalwood and Camphor – Making a blend of these two ingredients helps reduce skin inflammation and marked improvement in the skin condition.


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