10 Home Remedies for Ear Mites In Humans | Q&A

Q: Grandma, In May of 1984 I woke up with some sort of ear mites.  They have caused many medical problems for me.  When I lay down to try to sleep they become active. Jumping and crawling out of my ears they bite, and sting me all night. I have not had a decent nights sleep in years.  Doctors are either afraid to treat me, or try to refer me to a shrink. Can you offer me any help? Any help would be most appreciated.

A: Dear D, Ear mites are rarely known to infest human but when it happens- it is quite disturbing. It is so embarrassing that one can’t afford to be near other people. Ear mite infestation is very hard to eradicate but possible. Drowning it using oil can help. Ear mites cannot be eradicated in just a week. It usually takes a few weeks to months if done properly and if one will persevere. How can you safely undertake the eradication of ear mites? Here are some home remedies for eat mites in humans.

Home Remedies for Ear Mites In Humans


1. Corn oil – Use a cotton stick and drench it with corn oil. Clean your ear using this and make sure no part is left untouched. Corn oil is deadly against ear mites. Additionally, this can heal your skin. This home remedies for ear mites in human is not only cheap, but also effective. Repeat this treatment for 2 weeks.

2. Sulfur – Ear mites are known for the severe irritation they cause their host. Use a natural treatment such as sulfur.

3. Olive and Mineral Oil – Using a dropper put a few drops of olive oil in the ear. Massage the ear or use a cotton swab to clean the inside. Vegetable oil is also viable instead of olive oil. Use cotton balls to clean the surface of the mite dirt. Mineral oil is also recommended when cleaning the ear.
4. Shampoo – When ear mites become active mostly during the evening it usually travels and can reach the hair. By using a specific shampoo to counter mites this will help in controlling the mites.

5. Almond oil and vitamin E – These home remedies for ear mites in humans can be prepared by mixing almond oil and vitamin E. Make sure that it is in room temperature. Using a dropper apply the solution in the ear. This solution can only be used every other day for at least 1 week. This home remedy kills ear mites while healing the skin.

6. Boracic acid – When taking a bath use boracic acid mixed with water. This treatment is very common against ear mites. Boracic acid is known to have antiseptic properties which are commonly used in curing infections in the ear. [1]

7. Yellow Dock Root Extract – Mix some yellow dock root extract specifically nine drops with one tablespoon of water and apply in the ear using a dropper. Do this treatment for at least 2 to 3 weeks for every other day. It is important to know that ear mites are usually resistant when dealing with home remedies. So it is advisable to persevere until the ear mites are gone

8. White Vinegar – Dilute the white vinegar with water and apply it in the affected area. Usually the ears. White Vinegar is known to be acidic that can help in removing the dirt and debris created by the ear mites. Make sure that before doing this treatment there is no open wound in the ear. [2]

9. Green Tea – Make green tea by using green tea leaves and put inside a hot cup of water for a few minutes. Let it cool and wash your ear using it. Green tea is known to be a natural antiseptic and safe to use. [3]

10. Garlic – Crush a couple of garlic cloves in a cup filled with oil and let it sit overnight. You can use this with a cotton swab and clean your ear thoroughly. Do this daily for at least a month. Garlic is acknowledged to kill bacteria which are akin to mite infections. [4]


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