Home Remedies for Ear Infections

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In early childhood, an ear infection is one of the most common illnesses to strike your little one. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, three out of four children have suffered through at least one ear infection by the time they turn three years old. While most ear infections clear up within a couple of days without any necessary medical treatment, home remedies can help to ease discomfort.


Causes and Symptoms of an Ear Infection

It’s pretty uncommon for an adult to develop an infection of the middle ear, while the condition notoriously strikes children. However, adults are susceptible to another kind of infection, typically referred to as ‘swimmer’s ear, ‘ which affects the ear canal. The two kinds of ear infection that exist are:

  • Otitis Media: A viral infection is responsible for the ear infection that oftentimes accompanies the common cold. Causing the middle ear lining to swell, fluid builds up behind the eardrum. When the narrow passageways that link the middle ear to the nose (also known as eustachian tubes) becomes blocked or swollen, an ear infection can arise. Symptoms for a middle ear infection include pain, itching, slight hearing loss, and fluid discharge. Some people experience dizziness, vomiting, and a fever.
  • Otitis Externa: Swimmer’s ear develops when bacteria or fungus grows in your ear canal, which is not only associated with water, but also linked, to sand and other small particles that can cause irritation on the skin within the ear canal [1]. This same kind of irritation is caused by excessive ear cleaning, eczema of the ear canal, and hearing aid use. Symptoms for swimmer’s ear include itchiness, discharge, temporary hearing loss, slight fever, inflammation of the ear, and pain that worsens when the ear lobe or jaw is touched.

Ear Infection Home Remedies

An ear infection can send a child into a cranky rage or prevent an adult from completing their daily tasks with efficiency. To soothe the discomfort of this condition, why don’t you look over the following home remedies for an ear infection?

a) Warm Water Bottle:

Press a warm water bottle against an infected ear. Some people have heated a bag of salt to gain the same results.

b) Hot Shower:

Take a hot shower and allow the steam to break up and soften earwax, which can ease the pain of an ear infection.

c) Drink Water:

Sip or swallow water to encourage the muscular action that opens and drains the eustachian tubes. When you keep your tubes open, the less pain you will suffer.

d) Zinc:

Reduce the effects of an ear infection by taking a decent amount of zinc every day.

e) Vitamin C:

Fight an ear infection and give your immune system a boost by increasing your daily intake of vitamin C.

f) Apple Cider Vinegar:

After swimming, combat a mounting ear infection by combining an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Place one drop of the mixture in each ear.

g) Rubbing Alcohol:

After taking a swim or getting water in your ears during a shower, soak a small cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and squeeze into your ear. Tilt your head to allow the liquid to drain. This is a decent remedy for getting water out of the ear and allowing the canal to dry out, which can reduce your chances of suffering an ear infection.

h) Garlic:

Since garlic has a reputation for killing bacteria, garlic oil eardrops effectively battles an ear infection. While some people purchase garlic oil at the local health food store, others make their own by grating three medium garlic cloves into a small bowl. Cover the garlic cloves in olive oil and allow the mixture to stand overnight. In the morning, pour the mixture through a strainer. Place three to four drops in an infected ear. Allow it to soak into the ear canal for about five minutes. Repeat this routine two times per day.

i) Hydrogen Peroxide:

Rinse infected ears with a solution comprised of equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Use a bulb syringe to administer this home remedy, which helps to cleanse the ear canal.


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