Home Remedies for Ear Ache

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Earache can be persistent, so much so, it’d not let you rest unless you do something about it. If you’ve suffered from its debilitating pain you’d know. Most earaches can be easily cured by over the counter earache medicines. However, some excellent home remedies for earache are also available that can give a lasting relief without the side effects.


Causes of earache

Earache is often the result of a cold, the flu or some another infection. It occurs when the infection-causing microbes invade the eustachian tube that connects the back of the throat with the middle ear, and plugs it. Of course, the external causes for this ache can be hair and other objects getting stuck inside the ear. Most commonly, earache occurs in the outer ear and is the easiest to cure because it can be reached from the outside. It’s this condition that’s effectively cured by home remedies.

Earache remedies

To prevent earaches, it’s best to take some dietary precautions, like cutting back on sweets, fats and dairy products, and using ginger and cloves as spices. Let’s see what these earache natural remedies are:


a. Garlic:

A blend of mullein and garlic oil, used as eardrops, can help relieve the pain of an earache. This is because garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties. However, since concentrated garlic can be irritating to the ear canal, it has to be diluted with other oils, like mullein. You can also add St. John’s wort and calendula to it. According to Julian Whitaker, M.D., of the Whitaker Wellness Center, California, eating one or two cloves of raw garlic each day helps end chronic earache, because its natural antiviral and antibiotic action kill the germs that cause earache.

b. Gotu kola:

This Ayurvedic herb not only reduces the likelihood of ear infections, but improves hearing too. It’s available both in capsule and powder forms. The herb is usually mixed with honey and taken orally.

c. Aromatherapy:

An effective aromatherapy ear rub can be made with the essential oils of lavender, tea tree oil and chamomile mixed in olive oil. This mixture can be rubbed on the outside of the ear or soaked in cotton and put inside the ear and left till the infection is gone.

d. Homeopathy:

Certain homeopathic remedies can be used at home to relieve the pain of occasional earaches. These drugs include Belladonna, Chamomilla, Pulsatilla Mercurius, and the like. Drugs like Aconite and Hepar sulphuris are effective in the event of sudden onset of earache after a chill. Recurring earaches also respond well to homeopathic treatment.

e. Hydrotherapy:

This therapy involves both hot and cold water. You can use hot compresses on the ears combined with a hot foot bath. A 10 to 30-minute immersion of feet in hot water and a 5-minute hot compress from ear to ear, covering the throat will provide instant earache relief. If the pain persists, increase the duration of the treatment.

f. Reflexology:

There are certain points on the body that can be worked to cure earache symptoms. The effective sites are the ear, throat and neck reflexes on your feet. You can also work all of the points on the sides and bottoms of the toes on both feet, using whichever technique you find most comfortable.

Earaches are one of the easiest ailments to cure and don’t always require prescription earache medicine. Home remedies prove quite effective in this case. But, as with prescription medicines, home remedies too require the nod of your physician before use.