9 Home Remedies for Dog Urine on Furniture | Q&A

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Q: Dear Grandma, please share some remedies that would help me control my dog’s behavior. He sprays on furniture at his whim making all my stuff smelly. Any natural deterrent that would work?

A: Dear E, Having a dog that pees on furniture is not fun at all and you have to make it stop. If your dog is a male, and it is housebroken, it is probably trying to mark its territory. Catch him in the act and tell him very sternly “No!”. Getting rid of the smell will also help drive home the idea that the sofa is not a bathroom. Here are some home remedies to help you.

9 Home Remedies for Dog Urine on Furniture


1. Homemade rattle – You have to watch your dog carefully and catch it when it is about to pee on the furniture. Make a homemade rattle and shake it vigorously to interrupt him when he moves toward the furniture to pee. Tell him firmly “No peeing!”. You have to do this consistently to till the dog learns not to pee on the furniture.[1]

2. Hydrogen peroxide – Pour into a container and dissolve baking soda till saturation point. Add 2 drops dishwashing liquid. Saturate the area with this solution and then blot off. This is one of the most effective home remedies for dog urine on furniture but this is so strong fabrics may fade.

3. Baking Soda – Cover the area overnight with a thick layer of baking soda then vacuum till all the baking soda has been collected.

4. Vinegar – Use white vinegar to spray the area where your dog has urinated. Use a solution of equal parts vinegar and water to do this. This is one of the easiest to find home remedies for dog urine on furniture.

5. Vinegar and baking soda cleaning solution – Make a cleaning solution of 1 to 2 cups vinegar per gallon of water and add half a cup of baking soda. Use this to mop your floors.

6. Lemon juice – Mix 2 cups of water with half a cup of lemon and half a cup of baking soda. Spray onto areas where your dog peed.[3]

7. Corn starch – Sprinkle a thick layer of cornstarch over the soiled area and work it in with a broom or a brush. Leave it on for a day then vacuum.[4]

8. Vinegar, water and lavender oil or peppermint oil – Pat the area dry then using a clean rag, wet the area with the vinegar solution. This works by masking the odor of the urine which your dog is using to mark the furniture as its territory so the next time there won’t be a scent to guide it to the furniture.[5]

9. Dishwashing liquid and bleach – Fill a pail with water then add half a cup each of bleach and dishwashing liquid. Use this to clean pieces of furniture by dipping a rag into the solution, squeezing it dry then wiping the places where your dog has urinated. Use this with caution. It is one of the most effective home remedies for dog urine on furniture but you cannot use it on fabrics that might get discolored. An alternative course would be to use bleach for colored clothes instead.[6]


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