12 Home Remedies for Dog Skin Problems | Q&A

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Q: Dear Grandma, My 16 year old Shihtzu seems as though all she does is itch, scratch & chew!!! Even pulling her hair out & leaving patches bare. Even took her to the vet and she had tried Temperil & or Benadryl for this. Is there anything else I can do?

A: Dear M, If your vet gave her Temperil and Benadryl that means she suspects your dog is allergic to something. One of the first things you can do is to look at the food she has been eating and remove everything that is allergenic. Change her shampoo too because she might have developed an allergy to it. Another possibility is that your dog has mange.

In the meantime, here are some home remedies for you to try.

12 Home Remedies for Dog Skin Problems


1. Aloe and Oatmeal shampoos – To relieve your shihtzu’s itchy skin, try switching to aloe and oatmeal shampoos. You can also saturate a wad of cotton with aloe vera gel and apply it gently on the itchy area.[1]

2. Homemade spray – Make a spraying solution made from 3 drops hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons borax and 200 ml of distilled water. Spray this on your dog daily, especially on the affected areas. Let dry. Continue treatment for more than a week.[2]

3. Diatomaceous earth – Sprinkle this on your pet’s beddings and on the areas where she usually stays. In case there are fleas and they have been causing the itching, this will help you get rid of them.

4. Oil of oregano, Listerine, water – Make a spraying solution of equal parts oil of oregano, Listerine and water. Spray your dog with this twice daily. Wash all her beddings, vacuum floors and spray them with this too. This is one of the effective home remedies that have worked where others failed.

5. Balsamic vinegar – Spread 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar on her food. This is supposed to affect her body chemistry and make the bugs or fleas like her less.

6. Honey – Honey is one of the herbal home remedies for dog skin problems. Rub honey on the skin of your dog to help do away with any minute mites that might be causing the itching. However, to prevent attracting ants to your dog, clean the honey off every night.[3]

7. Cooking oil – Apply a few drops of warm cooking oil on the skin in the evening then wash off in the morning.

8. Olive leaf extract, kyolic garlic – Chop these finely and add to her food.

9. Lavender, almond, neem oil – Make a topical ointment of one part lavender, nine parts almond and one part neem oil; apply to the skin after the dog has bathed. Use this on the affected area twice a day. This is one of the effective home remedies for dog skin problems which will be safe for your dog.

10. Yellow dock and Echinacea extracts – Mix 10 drops of yellow dock extract and Echinacea extract to four ounces of distilled water. Apply this to your dog’s skin at least twice daily.[4]

11. Aspirin, rubbing alcohol and tea – Dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Prepare a cup of tea by dipping a tea bag in a cup of hot water. Combine the tea and the alcohol and aspirin mixture. Apply this mixture using a cotton ball.

12. This is one of those home remedies for dog skin problems that you can just put together from you cabinets.[5]


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