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Q: Grandma, Our dog had a seizure for over an hour. This is the longest seizure he ever had. What can we do to help him when he is going through a seizure?

A: Dear K, Seizures in our canine friends are really worrisome, even frightful to see. Just like humans, dogs that go through seizures could be suffering from canine epilepsy. There are certain breeds that are more susceptible to this disorder – British Alsatians, Golden Retrievers, Keeshonds Collies, Dachshunds, Beagles, Belgian Tervurens and Labrador Retrievers. There are also several types of canine epilepsy -Grand Mal (Tonic-Clonic seizures), Petit Mal, Partial (Focal seizures) and Status Epilepticus. The most severe is Status Epilepticus in which the seizure can last 30 minutes or more. The cause can be genetic, but liver disease, severe worm infestation, brain tumors, cancer and a poor diet can also be possible causes.

This disorder is best treated by a qualified veterinarian and with therapeutic drugs, but you can augment these treatments with some home remedies to help your dog get over seizures. You can help by really taking good care of the dog and finding ways to make the seizure attack less often and less severe. Here are some home remedies for dog seizures.

7 Home Remedies for Dog Seizures


1. Diet – Since poor diet can likely cause canine epilepsy, feeding your dog with the right foods is very important. Just like humans, fast foods and processed foods are just full of fillers, processed ingredients, artificial coloring, preservatives, etc. It is best if the dog is fed with more natural or home-cooked meals. If you are quite busy, check with your vet the commercial brands of the good commercial dog. [1]

2. Raw Meats and Bones – These are the most natural food that dogs used to feed on when they were still undomesticated. This means that raw meat and bones can provide the dogs what they nutritionally require. As domestication evolved, so does their diet and way of life. If your dog is showing signs of poor health as well as canine epilepsy, try doing a major shift in the diet. Switch to raw meat-bones diet. [2]

3. Boost the Immune System – Having a strong immune system is the dog’s best chance of health and surviving dog diseases including canine seizures. Vitamins and supplements can work synergistically with proper diet treat dog seizures while providing the dog an overall wellness. Some of these vitamins and minerals include Vitamin C, E and B6. A good start can be: 500mg of vitamin C twice a day, 400mg of E and 50mg of B6 for a 50-lb dog. Reduce the dosage by half for smaller dogs weighing 25 pounds or less.

4. Alternative therapies – Epilepsy is a frustrating disease because not all therapies work. Thus, many pet owners who want their dogs to have a fighting chance against canine epilepsy can seek alternative or holistic therapies for their dogs. These include acupuncture, herbal remedies, homeopathic preparations or magnets. Results are variable; some respond positively, others don’t. Pray that your dog would respond to one of these.[3]

5. Increasing magnesium supply – There is that belief that seizures are linked to magnesium deficiency and/or a low thyroid. Before attempting to increase the magnesium supply of the dog, discuss this with your vet because the dosage can be critical. Discuss too about the assessment of the thyroid problems. Manifesting of side effects such as gas or diarrhea means cutting back the dosage and gradually increasing the supply again. The recommended dosage is as follows: small dogs – 10mg; medium dogs – 20mg; large dogs – 50mg; and giant dogs – 75mg. [4]

6. Fresh Air and Exercise – During recovery, make sure that you take the dog for a walk for fresh air and exercise. It is also good to do this regularly to help the dog stay in fit condition.

7. Help Your Dog – After the seizure, your dog is likely to be disoriented, even temporarily blind, for a while. Help the dog find the bowl for water and food. Offer some sweet stuff to elevate the sugar level in the blood because diabetes can be another cause of seizure.


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