Dog Ear Mites Home Remedies | Q&A


My pet’s ears are dusty, and now they are contaminated with mites. Please guide me with some easy ear mite home remedies that involve treatment with kitchen items.

Answer:Dog Ear Mites Home Remedies

First of all you are advised to keep your pet’s ears clean. Dusty ears are home to several diseases. You can try the following home remedies for treating your pet:

dog ear mites home remedies


Transparent vinegar is highly acidic, and it is a great ailment for killing mites created due to dust. One thing needs to be checked before utilizing this method, and that is to inspect the pet’s ears for any scratches or wounds. If you fail to find any such problem, simply mix one portion of vinegar with two portions of water. Use an eye dropper for administering a few drops of the liquid into pet’s ears. This shall help in killing all the mites present in the ear, and rescuing pet from all the discomfort.

Almond Oil

A mixture of almond oil and vitamin E can be very helpful in removing mites from your pet’s ears. Simply combine an ounce of both items, heat the solution and put it into the pet’s ears. Massage the ears immediately after application and use cotton for removing all the extra oil.

Treatment with Mineral Oil

A great one among ear mite home remedies is to use mineral oil. This is a different approach as compared to the ones mentioned above, as it drowns the mites. Simply soak a cotton swab with the oil, and apply it into the pet’s ears for eliminating the parasites.