6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

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Dog ear infection can be caused by a variety of factors. Food allergies, fleas, medication, and fungal infection are just some of the many causes that trigger dog ear infection. The next thing you’ll see, your dog is making whimpering sounds while scratching his ears and shaking his head vigorously. Don’t wait for foul discharges to come out of his ears. Take action before the infection gets worse. [1]

Home Remedies for Itchy Ears In Pets

Dogs Are Like Humans

Your pets are like us too. Once in a while, your pups get maladies, and more often, it’s ear infection. But unlike us, dogs can’t go to the doctor by just themselves. They can’t go to the counter and buy their meds. And most likely, they are not aware about the possible complications that might arise if they just leave their ear infection untreated.

It’s up to you, his master and owner, to take steps to treatment and prevent further complications like hearing problems from developing.

And since dogs can’t access the Web for information regarding ear infection (they can’t read too), it’s your duty to know more about this health condition and apply what you learn.

Here are a couple of home remedies for dog ear infections:

1.Before beginning treatment for your dog’s ear infection, start by flushing your dog’s ear with water.

Douse the affected area with lukewarm water to wash away any germs, dirt, or irritants that can worse the condition. Cleaning the infected ear will also allow your home remedies to reach and seep into the infection.

2.Vinegar is a good antiseptic that can fight the infection.

In addition, it’s also a good anti-inflammatory agent that helps relieve the pain and discomfort. Take apple cider vinegar and mix a little water and spray it over the infected area. Your other option would be witch hazel, which is a good natural astringent you can use to clean the infected ear.

3.Mix oil of mullein and oil of garlic for a soothing effect on the swelling as well as reduce the pain, and kill the virus.

Apply this concoction every day and you’ll see some improvement in ten days.

4.Take equal parts of mineral oil and pau d’arco to create a massage potion.

Use it on the infected ear at least twice a day. As a natural antibiotic, pau d’arco kills bacteria and fungi on your dog’s ear.

5.Warm compress relieves pain and soothes the inflammation.

Apply it to your dog’s infected ear several times each day.

6.Hair growing in your dog’s ear canal can obstruct the airflow.

This can cause the canal to be dry and prone to infection. As much as possible, remove the growing hair that’s blocking the ear canal.

7.Give your dog some vitamin C supplements regularly.

This will help maintain good ear health as well as prevent ear infections in the future. In addition, vitamin C can boost your dog’s germ-fighting immune system as well as increase adrenal gland secretion, which is vital in fighting off ear infections. [1]

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infection

You’ll know your dog has ear infection if you see him scratching his ears too often. He may use his paws or just rub his ears on rough surfaces. He’ll probably shake his head and whimper while he does the scratching thing. Also, be on the lookout for pus or blood oozing from the affected ear/s.

When you see these indicators, this suggests that your dog is suffering from ear infection.

Always bear in mind that your dog’s ears aren’t clean. To begin treatment, clean the infected ear first before introducing any medication on it. Preparing the ears this way will help in the absorption of the remedies. [2]

Using lukewarm water, gently apply soap and massage the infected ear. Make sure you get as much dirt and debris as possible. Rinse the soap and gently pat the ears dry. Remember that you need to be gentle throughout this process. With his ear infection, your dog is experiencing some pain and discomfort already. [2]

After allowing some time for his ears to dry, you can start introducing your remedies. Apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the infected area. Vinegar disinfects the area, soothes the inflammation, and brings relief from pain and discomfort. [2]

You can also use essential oils to bring relief. In addition to mullein and garlic, you can use oils of oregano and clove. You may mix these oils to get the best effect. This will relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. For your dog’s maximum pleasure, massage his ears. [2]

If you see indications of pain and discomfort, use warm compress to alleviate your dog’s predicament. Most likely, your dog will stop shaking his head or rub the infected area after placing hot compress. [2]

To bring about faster healing, make sure that airflow into the ears isn’t impeded. Little air flow can worsen the infection. For dogs with hairy ears, pluck or cut growing hair. [2]

If you keep up with these home remedies for dog ear infections, your dog will heal in a few days. While you need to be diligent with these ear care habits, make sure that your dog doesn’t get back to the things that caused the infection in the first place.

Even if your dog’s ears are getting better, just keep on cleaning and grooming his ears. If there’s water in there, bacteria and other germs will breed and cause ear infection again. Make sure that these triggers won’t do damage once again. Keep your pet’s ears dry, groomed, and more importantly, clean.

Also, you need to watch out for ear wax. This naturally occurring material attracts mites and cause ear infection. And speaking of mites, keep your dog’s sleeping area, kennel, or station cleaned frequently.

Supplements may also be given to prevent infections. For instance, vitamin C boosts the dog’s adrenal gland secretion, which fights ear infection; it also boosts his immune system.

Have you noticed your pup shaking and scratching his head? Is this accompanied by having pus or blood coming out of his ears? Well, you’ve read the whole article, did you? You know what this is, and you know what to do too. Take these home remedies to good use.


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