8 Home Remedies for Dog Bone Injuries | Q&A

Q: Dear Grandma, I have a little dog that weighs 5lbs. He is 12 years old and it hurts him when he tries to walk. Using his legs is causing him of pain. I can’t afford the cost of surgery, so I give him small amounts of Advil. Is there anything i can do to make him feel better?

A: Dear L, Having surgery is not the only way to help heal dog bone injuries. There are lots of natural and safe ways to help your dog. Firstly, it is important to know the source of the problem. Knowing the problem goes a long way and can help you think of solutions. It is important to let the canine rest and avoid any unnecessary movements. This can help heal the broken bone. Dogs tend to lick their wounds. This can worsen the wound and slow its healing process. It is recommended to restrain your dog so additional problems won’t rise.

Here are some home remedies for dog bone injuries.

8 Home Remedies for Dog Bone Injuries


1. Rest – Let your pet rest and try to limit his movements. Let it walk only when it is really needed like urinating or eating. Keep it from going up and down the stairs. This will put pressure to its cartilage, delay the healing or worsen it. [1]

2. Hot and Cold Compress – Put pressure on the affected area with a cold ice covered with cloth and a hot damp cloth. This will relax the muscles. The heat will relax the muscles whilst the cold will stop the inflammation. Alternate them for 10-15 minutes each daily until the injury heals. Additionally, you can use a wooden plank to hold the injured part and will hold its injured part from straining.

3. Glucosamine – Also known as chondroitin this supplement can be used for aiding arthritis this not only help stop the symptoms this also lubricates the joints, reduce inflammation and give assistance in rebuilding the cartilage. Moreover, it can help dealing with the pain. Not all glucosamine supplements are created equal, Make sure that it is tested and safe. [2]

4. Fish oil and Vitamin E – These home remedies for dog bone injuries can be used to treat inflammation and are highly recommended to help treat arthritis. It is wise to give lots of Vitamin E compared to fish oil. Increased levels of oil in the diet increases the body’s requirement for that vitamin.

5. Rehmannia Root – This herb is the core herb in all Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mix it with three other herbal herbs that can stop inflammation and return the leg into a state of homeostasis. This is safe to use and cannot only reduces the pain; it also stops joint inflammation and swelling. It can also increase joint mobility and all of these are natural. [3]

6. Restrain – Another home remedies for dog bone injuries is to restrain your dog. If the dog forces itself and is restless it is wise to restrain it so that its bone injuries heals faster. [4]

7. Observe – Find out where the broken bone is by checking the angle of the limb and if it is stable if the dog uses it. Another way to know which leg is injured is to observe if the dog puts less weight or carries its leg. [5]

8. Treat – After determining which leg is injured, check out specifically if there are any injuries such as sprains, lacerations, broken nails, wounds and inflammation.


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