14 Home Remedies for Damaged and Falling Hair | Q&A

Q:Grandma, my hair has been subjected to coloring and perming since I am a model. I noticed that my hair got very dry that led to much hair fall. Please help me with home remedies to prevent losing my hair.

A: Dear K, Are you showing signs of excessive hair loss? Losing hair is normal because it is a part of a cycle as that complements hair growth. It becomes abnormal when loss is excessive or the frequency of hair fall does not balance hair growth. Excessive loss of hair is an indication that something is off in the physical state of health. It can be connected to diabetes, cancer or lupus. Falling hair may de age related, but may also happen even to young people as it can also be triggered by deficiency of vitamins and minerals, malnutrition, lack of sleep, heredity, hormonal imbalance, and stress.

Falling hair is alarming because tresses can enhance a person’s look and appeal. Thus, it can reinforce or shake up a person’s confidence. It is most important to rule out underlying medical conditions by consulting a doctor. Before seeking expensive solutions, there are a number of home remedies for falling hair that you can try. ?

Home Remedies for Falling Hair


1. Healthy Diet – If falling hair is caused by deficiency in nutrients, diet is pivotal to the solution. A balanced diet that is fortified with protein, vitamins, calcium and Iron can go a long way.[1]

2. Scalp Massage – Gently massage scalp with drops of warm oil can improve blood circulation in the hair follicles and fight hair fall.

3. Vodka/Alcohol-Pepper-Water Wash – Hair loss may be arrested with a hair wash made up of these ingredients.

4. Crushed Coriander Leaves – You can arrest hair fall by applying the juice from these leaves to the scalp and hair before washing your hair.

5. Curd-Gram flour (chana atta) Mix – Prepare this mixture and apply to the hair and scalp. Keep it on for at least an hour before bathing.[2]

6. Neem-Cider Vinegar – Neem is useful in hair loss that is particularly due to excessive buildup of scalp oil or invasive skin infections. This can also restore the alkaline balance of the scalp and prevent hair fall. Follow this treatment with apple cider vinegar as hair wash.

7. Honey-Olive Oil -Cinnamon (dalchini) Powder – This is another mixture of good home remedies for falling hair that can be applied to the hair and scalp.

8. Vitamin E – This is an essential vitamin for the hair. It encourages hair growth and a diet fortified with vitamin E is most important when hair fall is excessive. You can fortify diet by switching from refined flours to wholemeal and wheatgerm as well as eggs, vegetable oil.[3]

9. Vitamin C – Eat foods loaded with lots of vitamin C to ensure the health of capillaries that supply blood to hair follicles.

10. Regular Shampoo or Hair Wash – This is important to keep the scalp clean and to prevent buildup of oil and microorganisms.

11. Castor Oil – Apply castor oil regularly. This combats excessive hair fall and baldness. It is very good home remedy to treat baldness/hair loss naturally.[4]

12. Seeds of Lime and Black Pepper Paste – Make a paste and apply on a daily basis on the scalp.

13. Geranium Leaves – Blanch in boiling water, strain and use as hair wash.[5]

14. Indian Gooseberry-Dried Margosa Leaves-Shikakai (Acacia concinna) – Make a paste and apply this before washing the hair. Leave it for a while before washing your hair.


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