Home Remedies for Cystic Acne

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Most commonly seen in teenage boys and young men, cystic acne is considered one of the worst breakouts to attack the skin. Perhaps you’ve inherited your less than smooth skin from the family tree or your teenage years aren’t treating you right, but cystic acne can strike anyone. Breakouts can cause damage and devastate healthy skin tissue, making home remedies for cystic acne a much-wanted solution for clear skin when over-the-counter or prescription medications prove too harsh.


What is Cystic Acne?

Developing on the face and other regions of the body, cystic acne (or nodulocystic acne) is the most severe form of acne vulgaris [1]. Characterized by deep, inflamed breakouts, the blemishes that follow are often large and can measure up to a couple of centimeters. Cystic acne causes soft lumps (called cysts) to form under the surface of skin. Bringing about great pain, cysts are filled with fluid containing white blood cells, dead cells, and bacteria [2].

Causes and Symptoms

There is no magic formula that creates cystic acne – the same factors that are at the root of other forms of acne are to blame: overactive oil glands, excess dead skin cells in pores, and a high amount of acne-causing bacteria called Propionibacteria acnes. Ignore the myths that state eating candy and drinking soda has brought on your case of cystic acne. You’ve done nothing to cause your problematic skin. Cystic acne is usually an issue in patients who have parents that have battled the same condition, as hereditary plays an important role. Other factors associated with cystic acne include:

• Stress and hormonal changes – adolescence, menstruation, and pregnancy
• Excessive washing and scrubbing of the skin
• Squeezing and picking blemishes

Cystic Acne Home Remedies

From simple kitchen remedies to using fruit to rescue your skin, home remedies for cystic acne can help treat inflammation, soothe painful cysts, and prevent future breakouts. Below you will find a couple of suggestions for rebuilding healthy skin:

a) Baking Soda and Sea Salt:

Mix a small amount of baking soda with water and apply to affected areas no more than once or twice a week. Another remedy involving baking soda calls for the mixing of a small amount of baking soda and sea salt together with water to create a paste that treats inflamed cystic acne.

b) Apple Cider Vinegar:

Prevent future breakouts and stabilize the natural pH of your skin by applying apple cider vinegar as a toner.

c) Do Not Squeeze:

Resist the temptation to squeeze an acne cyst, as you will only increase your chances of suffering a deeper infection and painful inflammation. Additionally, the scars left behind are oftentimes irreversible.

d) Honey and Aspirin:

Clear your complexion by using honey and aspirin for a combination remedy. Crush an aspirin and mix with water until a paste is formed. Apply to the face and rinse off. The aspirin acts as an effective exfoliant. Follow-up with an application of honey, which offers a moisturizing, antibacterial treatment.

e) Egg White:

Some people have reported results in treating their cystic acne by applying egg whites to the skin.

f) Aloe:

Rubbing aloe vera juice on cysts may help speed up the healing process.

g) Mango:

Orange or yellow-orange fruits and vegetables have a reputation for replenishing the skin. Create a mango paste for your face to soften skin, achieve a natural glow, and open clogged pores that can lead to or worsen cystic acne.

h) Reduce Friction and Sweating:

Friction and excessive sweating can cause pores to become clogged and more susceptible to cystic acne. Reduce your chances by taking a break when bike helmets, backpacks, tight collars, or headbands are causing undue irritation to your skin.

i) Lemon Juice:

Mix lemon juice with water to treat the inflammation of cystic acne.

j) Say ‘No’ to Oil and Grease:

Using oily or greasy cosmetic products (even some sunscreens) can contribute to your cystic acne. Choose noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic cosmetic products to prevent a breakout.

k) Gentle Cleansing Habits:

Gently wash and cleanse affected areas a couple of times per day. Make sure to avoid drying out the skin and causing irritation.

l) Wash Off Make-Up:

Women, don’t forget to wash off all of your make-up before going to bed or you run the risk of clogging pores.


[1] http://acne.about.com/od/acnesymptoms/a/cystic.htm

[2] http://www.acne.org/types-of-acne.html


  • Joey

    I’ve battled acne throughout all of my teenage years. It was an embarrassing journey to travel. One of the things that I used to calm my cystic acne was to stay out of direct sunlight. I found that a sunny, hot, or humid day really irritated my skin.

  • Annie

    Here is a way to get your acne to calm down a bunch get some pure baking soda and some water and mix it together to where it makes a cream and put on infected area’s and wait about five minutes and take off with warm water and you should do it once on twice a day.

    Good luck & God bless!!

  • james

    struggling w/ cystic acne…what helps the best & fastest =/??

  • Jenni

    Try putting a dab of toothpaste on the acne. I am dealing with cystic acne now and putting toothpaste on overnight really helps with swelling

  • noni

    eating has no effect on acne.only if u touch vid oily hands on face ,acnE may erupt.apply toothpaste,it’s effective

  • Linda Angelo

    What if you dont have those items? Im going to try the toothpaste. I will be back to tell you how its going. Im 66, never had anything like this until the skin around my mouth started to sag.

  • Chenese

    A couple things that have helped me. My grandpa always said to put milk on a cotton ball and put it on the affected area(s) after showering (when the pores are open from the heat). The enzymes will help eat up the bacteria from the acne on your face. Also, if you have a problem with redness, you can put Visine (or generic eye drops) on your skin and it will remove the redness.

  • Gemmy

    Toothpaste has some of the same qualities as Baking Soda. You can get a brand of Baking Soda which is called Arm and Hammer, but they also make sensitive toothpaste.

  • amanda

    i have noticed, that drinking more water helps too. it flushes out your system to help ruduce toxins in the body. i have also noticed washing my face less with a very mild soap (lava, or Dove) helps better then an acne wash as long as its followed with benzoil peroxide cream. I touch my face less and I have also seen a HUGE difference when using lemon juice and water as a toner. Im not the only one either. My pores are smaller and my face is more even toned and in combination with light makeup, my skin looks almost flawless. but everyone is different but it personally worked for me.

  • Jasmine

    None of these remedies are for cystic acne. They are for topical acne. All baking soda, toothpaste, and any other topical solutions mentioned do is dry out the area. They can help treat the pimple, but they do nothing for the actual problem. Cystic acne is internal and needs internal treatment.

  • Kristy

    To Chenese…
    If you use milk, it has to be unpasturized…obviously most ‘grocery store’ milk have no enzymes at all!!

  • shaun

    cystic acne is cystic because the problem does not exhist on the surface. therefore, treatments on the surface do not work. ive had cystic acne for 15 years. I am covered with scars and have tried every topical creation known to man. p.s. i never ever picked or scratched my acne. its the deep nature of the inflammation that causes unstoppable scars. only terrifying medications like accutane are effective. I’ve seen multiple dermatologists and internal medicine doctors. I’ve changed my diet. I’ve exercised more. Nothing could save my pretty face. If you have cystic acne go to a dermatologist. if it doesnt work you’re basically f’ed.

  • Amber

    I have also dealt with this type of acne for years. I have it right now in fact. I was looking for a way to lessen the swelling from the surface until the antibiotics take effect. Any ideas?
    For those suffering from this, the only real solution is seeing your doctor. My doctor told me I had been dealing with the topicals for so long and we’re gonna battle it internally. Problem is, your body will build resistances to antibiotics over time. So, I’ll use the doxycycline until I can’t use it anymore and hopefully my skin will calm the hell down now that I’m getting into my thirties…
    Good luck everyone!

  • Stephanie

    Those who are saying it doesn’t work , these treatments are for the big/red/hardened cystic pimples.
    I am studying to become a dermatologist and cystic acne occurs when there is a build up of oils on an area of your face that cause clogged pores. You can’t exactly just squeeze it and the problem is solved because this is a DEEP PROBLEM THAT IS BELOW The Surface. The best thing to do it heat your face by wetting a washcloth with warm water, and pressing it on the area for 15 minutes then use a sharp STERILE needle to pop the pimple. This creates a way for the oil deep ddown to escape and be released. Then try ANY of these. But dilute the apple cider vinegarl

  • JLa227

    One thing that works for me is to put ice directly on the cyst to bring the swelling down and the bacteria to the surface……..that is the only thing better is getting cortizone shots directly to the acne cyst from your dermatologist….

  • Amy

    Goto the dermatologist, they can shoot up the cysts with cortisone and they disappear within hours, that’s the only thing I’ve found to work. But keeping skin clear I wash daily with Obagi and I use Aveda makeup

  • p-nut

    i’ve had mild acne from the time i hit puberty at a young age, the typical benzoyl peroxide treatments and toothpaste work for that type of acne for me. In the past few months i’ve started getting cystic acne in one spot on my back. In previous problems using a warm compress and a sterile needle worked. But they have gotten more stubborn and it no longer works. Accutane, Differin, or for women oral contraceptives seem to be the most effective way to get rid of it. If there are any other tips for controling cystic acne let me know. Thoughts of Accutane side effects are scary..

  • Rachael

    I have had cystic acne for-ev-r. I’m now 31 and still fightin’ the ol’ battle. I have found from online research (and personal experience) that it’s hormonally induced typically. When i’m stressed i tend to get them a few days later…gross big-ol’ bubbles on my face…usually one or two at a time. I noticed when i was pregnant with my kids (i have 5 and was preggo for about 6 yrs straight!) that they were much less occuring. I would love to have a stash of corti-shots on hand. However, i have settled for using any creams or products only with salicylic acid. I use facial scrub DAILY and Aveno clarifying moisturizer. Anyone know of a good makeup that does a good job without making your face feel greasy? I use Bare Minerals now and like it. But it doesn’t stay put very long…and my face freaks out when i try something new. I think my face hate me.

  • zitzapperzac

    i am 19 and have had cystic acne since i hit puberty my skin clears and breaks out in that order what i do is wash wash wash with all kinds of acne washes until my face clears up like right now my face is broke out really bad so i started using vinegar as my main face wash with little results but the best thing i have found is washing my face with alc. right after getting out of a hot shower

  • Ben (SkinDeep)

    If had a few patrons come to my store with Cystic Acne, its below the surface and most products on the market don’t penetrate deep enough to effectively treat the problems. We utilize dead sea skin care lines, from leading experts, I carry a combination of vendors products, only utilizing the most effective one for a particular purpose. I’m not a dermatologist, nor a expert, still learning, but paying attention to what works and what doesn’t. Cleanse daily, exfoliate 1-2x weekly,moisturize daily. Its the ingredients in the products that you need to concern yourself with. Two many products on the market are all hype and watered down, its the concentrations and main ingrediants you need to focus on. I will let you know how my patrons are responding to the products i gave them to try.

  • janice

    I am really bummed, I just found out that I have cystic acne! None of my other doctors could tell me what it was before my visit to an emergency room today. I only have had a few breakouts but when they hit, it takes having them cut open and drained, then my face is swollen for days! I’m really glad to know that I’m not alone in this and that the topical treatments don’t work…I was about to try everything under the sun! I will now be calling around to find the closest and fastest dermatologist I can find. Thank you all for you input!

  • Kasey

    I struggled w/ cystic acne for years, I finally got it under control when I switched to Bare Minerals makeup. This is the only type of makeup that works for me, every time I’ve tried switching I have a break out.. Also toothpaste does seem to shorten the duration of my breakouts.

    • bell

      Hello everyone,

      I am 45 years old and for some reason this past year, I have had an annoying big cyst like bump come up on the right side of my chin/lower jaw line.  I guess it is a cyst, but it looks like a hard knot just protruding from my face.  I’ve been reading alot of yalls comments and suggestions.  I look forward to trying some of them.  But, just wandering, what in the world is causing that one spot to consistently breakout?

  • jack malone

    Well I’m 19 I’ve had cystic acne for about 7 years tried everything I could go to ur local dermatologist they will give u pure benzol peroxide wash that’s not all watered down always moisurize ur face after a wash or ull get flacky n dry n that’s not comfortable at all. Warm ur face it opens pores an if ur like me blackheads can turn into the nasty gross cysts so make shure that if u can’t get them out that u watch so u can catch it early before they get too infected. Some sunlight in my case has helped to clear my acne aslong as I did a good wash after comming inside.as for toothpaste never worked for me n proactive is a joke. Over the counter stuff usually won’t touch it. Get a good luffa (wash sponge that’s ruff) and use it 2 times a week to get the dead skin off. Ur hormones definatly play a role in acne n use alchahol after u pop one of them bad boys so it kills the bactiria . They can put u on tetracycline antibiotics but after a bit u the acne will adapt to it and raging back the acne will come. Vingar is good water it down or ull wanna cry. And once a week blend up some oatmeal add a lil baking soda to it and bout half a lemon. And water make a good paste out of it and apply it like a mask bout 15 min the make sure to warm ur face up with a warm rag before aplying it so it gets deep down. … Hope this helps I kno its helped me. Goodluck.

  • Debbie

    I too have struggled like many of you… I have had this unsightly thing appear on my face , near my chin. It first appeared there when I was pregnant with my son. I’ve tried almost everything to get it to go away. Nothing seems to work. I’m thinking I’m gonna make an appointment to see a dermatologist. I have good days but mostly bad days don’t want to be in public & have stupid people ask me, “What happen to your face?” Just wanna punch them in the nose …. lol but seriously I’m going to see a dermatologist very soon & Good luck to all of you who struggle with these issues….

  • desiree

    highly discouraged…
    i have cystic acne, it started out of the blue a few years ago and i have spells where it calms down and freaks out. stress and hormones seem to be the reason.

    i am breastfeeding so i am unable to take a lot of the medications..
    what do i do?
    because i feel like hiding under a rock its so bad…

  • May

    Hi this tip is for Rachael, There is a makeup made by Coverfx sold in sephora and it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that will break you out. It is a brand that only makes cover up and get one of the professionals at the store to help you with the color matching and how to apply. I use it with a brush that I clean every day and it is great. I have tried their face wash and primer. They are really good. This stuff covers everything and covers tattoos as well. It is for sensitive acne prone skin.

    I get cystic acne only in two spots on my chin. It is usually a reaction to something I put on my face as it is so sensitive or when I get really stressed out.

    I have found that using a creamy cleanser from Avalon Organics (COQ10) (ph balanced) with luke warm water and a soft face sponge (final rinse with cold water splash to the face) and then a 2.5% gel benzoyl peroxide from acne.org every other day is the best to help with my face. I also use a mask once a week that is powder that you mix apple cider vinegar with. It is amazing and pulls everything out of your face. You will see the next day. The name is aztec secret (indian healing clay) that you buy at whole foods or the vitamin shop.

    If you have a cyst coming the best thing to do is go straight to the derm for a cortizone shot and leave it alone. If you don’t have health insurance speak to the dermatologist about a discount. They usually will help you in a huge way by waving the office visit and giving a discount on the injection. Taking dioxcycline for a couple of weeks has helped me a lot when I have had really bad breakouts and you can get this from the dermatologist. Make sure you read up on the do’s and don’ts while taking this antibiotic for the skin.

    Sometimes eating to much sugar or foods fried made with vegetable oils makes me break out so I just stay away from them.

    The ph level in the face and the products you use is really important so choose brands that are ph balanced. Also my dermatologist makes me use tazarac cream sparingly (prescription only). Which works amazing but will dry the face if you use to much. Only a small dab spread sparingly on sections of the face every other day works for me. And one tube lasts a really long time. I rotate this with the 2.5 % benzoyle peroxide gel every other day. I use from Espa the 24 hr balancing complex moisturizer which is gentle and gives a great glow to the face. These are just things that work for me.

    Start your day by drinking 2 large glasses of water to flush the toxins (the more water you drink the better) I carry a 1.5 litter bottle around all day and take lots of vitamin c to help your body combat the inflammation on you face. Vitamin C is water soluble so take it when you eat so it can attach to the food and stay in your body. And you can take a lot of vitamin c as what you don’t use the body just flushes out.

    I never use any products with Castor Oil or Mineral oil. And remember that just because a brand says it wont clog your pores doesn’t mean it is true, so read the ingredients and google them. The govt doesn’t have enforcement on these companies. Try to make sure to stay away from anything with chemical fragrance in it because people are so allergic to them. Try to only use fragrance free laundry detergent and never use fabric softener’s because they have so many fragrances and chemicals. Also try not to spray any harsh chemicals in your home and use lotion on the body that has only natural fragrance (or fragrance free) and not chemical fragrances.

    Many wishes for your success and clear skin.

  • jon

    Best tip for cystic acne is… stay away from milk. Milk for me at least causes 100% of the time a really bad outbreak of cystic acne. Also, colloidal silver gel (from your local macrobiotic) will help after using a sterile needle. JUST SAY NO TO MILK.

  • pamela

    I have been suffering horribly scarring cystic acne for years 🙁 I have tried to dermatlogist thing, the creams, the pills, the face washes and everything. Unfortunately I live a stressful life which is what causes it. The only thing I have found to truly work over night is pure tea tree oil. It stinks terribly for about 15 minutes and will burn a bit, but use it right out of the shower and apply directly to the spots. Wait about 10 minutes and apply it again before bed. WHen you wake up it wont be inflammed and painful like it was and in some cases it will be gone. Not to mention no more bleaching your towels and pillow cases from harsh spot treatments and meds w/ benzol peroxide!! -NOTE though, not all tea tree oil brands are the same and some work better than others, so find the one that works the best for you. You can buy it at your local healthfood store and it costs you about 7-10 dollars a bottle. Its well worth the money though when it works. I hope this helps.

  • Nikki

    I developed cystic acne about a year ago when i got pregnant, before that i never had any problem with my skin my face had always been clear, now i wish i hadnt taken it for granted, its very depressing waking up everyday with redness around my nose and large almost boil-looking pimples on my face, i am a model and this has greatly affected my career 🙁 I have tried almosy every acne cream i could find, i started using salt water which helps a little for the greasyness but it doesnt stop the outbreaks…. can anyone please help me??? Im so upset about this i NEED it to go away!!!!!!! :'(

  • Fred

    Had acne my whole life and on a trip to Sweden I found out what they use there. In the US we are given drugs for everything, not in Europe, and let me tell you there is a lot less acne over there than here. Its drug free all the way I used LEROSETT. Then when I got home I searched “cystic acne treatment” on the net and to my surprise LEROSETT was the 1st thing on the list. I guess my doctor doesn’t make money of of drug free products so he didn’t recommend it a non drug. But doctors from national health systems dont make more money by writing drugs out. Think about that..

  • Becki

    Ok I just tried the one where you warm the cyst then poke it with a needle……….IT WORKED…Thank you so much!!! I’ve been trying to get this beast to go away for months now!!

  • Audry

    Get acupuncture specifically for acne…I swear it works. Just make sure they use Chinese medicine and not some other weird one. Get it one to two times a week (whatever you can afford) until the acne is gone then start getting it only once a month, then slowly just start getting one treatment every change season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)….I promise you will not get results like this with anything else you try. I swear by it

  • fizzgig

    The only thing that I noticed that helped acne were products with sulfur, they shrink them real good. Most products don’t really work and are for more less severe topical acne. Also, most products all have the same ingredients just diff names, mainly benzol peroxide or silic acid etc. You can’t really buy products with sulfur in stores so you would have to look it up. Bye bye blemish is good, and murad, try a search engine or look at sephora.com. Every morning and night wash face, or at least use an astrigent. try to if you can throughout the day, and maybe try the oil blot sheets. And drink plenty of water and try to take vitamins and eat properly. Even though sometimes it don’t matter every little bit helps. As for make up, I would do powders over foundation. Some ppl use bare minerals or other expensive department store brands, if you go to a pharmacy or a place like walmart or target, I would try physicians formula make up, or nutragena make up. Any other brands try to get the natural stuff without talc, that might be an irritant and I’ve read it is not god for you. Hopefully ppl will get smart and realize not everyone’s skin is the same and they have meds for regular, severe acne, and cystic acne that actually works.

  • Fizzigg

    I meant to say hopefully people will get smart and make better meds that work:P

  • fizzgig

    The only thing that I noticed that helped acne were products with sulfur, they shrink them real good. Most products don’t really work and are for more less severe topical acne. Also, most products all have the same ingredients just diff names, mainly benzol peroxide or silic acid etc. You can’t really buy products with sulfur in stores so you would have to look it up. Bye bye blemish is good, and murad, try a search engine or look at sephora.com. Every morning and night wash face, or at least use an astrigent. try to if you can throughout the day, and maybe try the oil blot sheets. And drink plenty of water and try to take vitamins and eat properly. Even though sometimes it don’t matter every little bit helps. As for make up, I would do powders over foundation. Some ppl use bare minerals or other expensive department store brands, if you go to a pharmacy or a place like walmart or target, I would try physicians formula make up, or nutragena make up. Any other brands try to get the natural stuff without talc, that might be an irritant and I’ve read it is not god for you. Hopefully ppl will get smart and realize not everyone’s skin is the same and make meds for regular, severe, and cystic acne that actually works.

  • Karla

    I have cystic acne as a result of PCOS my doctor put me on metformin for the PCOS and oral contraceptives for the acne, its also not recommended to become pregnant while on metformin for its also logical I take it be careful with the type of OCP they give u because some are androgen based and will increase the development of cystic acne which is what the MIRENA iud did to me, I still get small acne outbreaks and when I’m very stressed I might get a cystic inflammation on my cheek the size of a quarter or sometimes a half dollar! so I started using the Neutrogena 3 step acne system along with a salilic gel for the bacteria on top to help prevent the bacteria that builds up and clogs the oil gland which causes the cystic acne, best way to help reduce the outbreaks of cystic acne for me I also use all the neutrogena makeup products they are amazing and don’t clog my pore and they contain acne medication took me about a week to get used to my new routine but it helped me out a lot, I had never had acne as a teen, I only developed it after I had my first son and decided to get the MIRENA iud I had no idea that it would give me such a bad reaction, my body doesn’t take too well to hormones, I learned my lesson way too late

    But now I’m on estrogen based OCP and metformin for my PCOS my skin is cleaning and I’m preventing more outbreaks and black heads and bacteria clogged pores from being on my face with nuetrogena, non of the other treatments seemed to help, I found my combination it might take a while for everyone to find something that helps Good luck!

  • Elise

    To girls that are using mineral make up; check to see if it contains something called bismuth chloride. They have found out that this ingredient is known to cause cystic acne.
    Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover both have it..

  • Misty

    I have had cystic acne for years and nothing seems to work.
    I recently found sulphur soap at the store for 80 cents at Big Lots and decide to try it,within a week I seen a big change in my skin and everything started healing. This is now the only thing I will use and it was cheap!!! This was Grisi brand and has no saliycic acid.

  • LMT123

    @p-nut I have seen many people with that “one spot” acne area on their backs and also on myself (I struggle with all forms of acne). In my experiences it may be from a “knot” in your muscles where toxins have built up and are being cleansed from the area out through your skin. Getting rid of that sore tight muscle spot will alleviate the local acne.

  • Dee

    I’m fifteen and i have the most painful cysts on my cheeks, my dermatologist put me on purbac, its too soon to say if it will work, my brother was on accutane, its really scary. his lips got swollen and pink and he could never go into the sun…it wasn’t pretty… i’ve found that turmeric, which is a natural antiseptic, and gram flour (chickpea flour) mixed to form a paste and applied as a mask works really well. the tumeric kills the bacteria and it calms your skin down, although i do recommend moisturizing afterward coz your skin can get dry.

  • Alicia

    hi, im 17 i have suffered from cystic acne from the age 8,i had a very supportive family that helped me try stuff weekly,nothing seemed to work.certain thigns helped for a few weeks but never nothing permanent.i finally went to the dermatologist a few years ago and started accutane i was on it for a solid month and was going in for my second month when i was told it was being taken off the market,to be on accutane they make it manditory to have 2 forms of contraception, i chose birth control and abstinence,well when it was taken off they told me there was nothing else they could really do.so since then i have stayed on a form of birth control that has helped me trumendlously! i hardly ever have a huge reaction anymore and i have had the best results with using the pro 360 clean face wash in the mornings and alcohol at night. for make up i use a brand ordered from shows such as QVC or HSN and i use the concealer called “real concealor” it is absolutely amazing, every type of make up ive used before has either came off within the first few hours or has just been so oily feeling and looking that i just hated wearing it. the “real concealer” is amazing and a perfect balance it stays one all day and if you make sutre not to use to much you will never show shineyness or oily looking skin, for my actual foundation i use bare minerals as most of you seem too also use. i have found that the clear and clean oil shine pads work wonderful throughout the day. i play sports and sweat tons so this is real proof it can stay on. for my moisturizer i use moisture serge from clinique and it has done wonders for me..i hope this helps 🙂

  • Jen

    I get this occasionally and have for years. I know cutting out flours and grains can GREATLY improve all acne and it seems to help. I wish I knew more about the internal side, but so far eliminating those changes things. When I DO have large bumps, I put on PRID. I can get them to go away within days. Used to take more than a month! PRID is a drawing salve. It’s thick and a little sticky, but it shrinks them down fast and really helps with scarring – use it when you go to bed at night and wake up LOTS better.

    A lot of people use it for cuts, slivers any skin problem. It’s one of the most amazing problems I have. I’ve seen it at Walmart. Small orange round tin – fits in the palm of your hand. It’s under $4. Everyone should have this in their possession, Yet you rarely hear anyone talk about it. Give it a try! I now have 5 people that swear by it.

  • sukchen

    Best thing I discover over ten years of suffering with Acne is nothing compare to natural remedies, The top three things I recommend are 1.Turmeric and neem soap one other or you can buy a soup with both ingredients 2. vicco turmeric cream without sandlewood oil 3.Also using turmeric powder mixed with ground flour and water to make a paste and then used for a face mask works wonders. All three products can be found online. website http://www.spicesofindia.co.uk/ If nothing else works try this. Goodluck

  • Nyla

    The cortisone shots sometimes aren’t that helpful either. Though it made the bumps go away it left my skin with scarring so now it looks like I have craters on my cheeks. Ugh! Would much rather try home remedies or OTC than to have my skin look like the moon.

  • Vicky

    I’ve suffered from acne for about 20 years. Since I hit puberty all the way to now at 31 years old. I thought I was alone when I saw other posts with people my age. I’m severely depressed because these cystic acne has left my face disfigured with lots of scars. I also suffer from the other forms of acne. I’m a big mess. I don’t have a miracle treatment to share but I wanted to share what has helped me with the pain of this acne and some control.

    I wash my face with an antibacterial soap (I buy it from the dollar store) 3 times a day. Your face may dry a little but it’s not so uncomfortable that you can’t stand it. Since my face is naturally oily I prefer to feel it on the dry side. At night I use tea tree oil after my antibacterial wash. Put some on a cotton and wipe it on the face. If you have never used tea tree oil please dilute it in some water and reduce the water till you can stand it. Also, if your like me, you may have to rinse it off with just water after 15 minutes if it feels too oily. It means you used too much. Don’t reapply if you took it off. I also take Milk Thistle supplement daily. I did some research and found out that acne can be caused by your liver unable to remove enough toxins from your body. Especially if it appears on your jaw line including your chin. Just by taking Milk Thistle my face cleared up 40%. To me, that was a lot since I normally had lots of acne all over my face. Since I had been using this combined treatment my acne is controled 90%.

    Remember that everyone is different. If you tried the above posts with the lemon juice, applecider vinegar, milk toothpate, etc. like me, then this should be your next step. Good luck everyone. Sending you all lots of hugs.

  • Aaron

    I’ve battled cystic acne for a long long time. I have allergies to SOY, DAIRY, AND WHEAT (or otherwise gluten). Whenever I consume any of these three I will get a whopping cyst. People have allergic reactions unique to them, unfortunately mine is through my face. Ever since I stopped eating soy, dairy, or gluten (soy, mainly), my acne disappeared. I still sometimes get one now and then because soy is VERY hard to avoid when eating out…it’s in EVERYTHING. I strongly recommend that those who suffer from cystic or chronic acne begin by canceling out the common allergens until they find what works. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Andrea

    So I read through this list and I understand that everyone has different solutions that work for them. Has anyone tried drinking apple cider vinegar? I heard of some people applying it but that can cause havoc on your skin and damage your surface. Be careful if you have open wounds they will scar for life. What about Biotherm products?

  • Shannon

    Acupuncture has helped me considerably with this, as well as taking a daily Vitamin D supplement. Whenever I sense the start of a flare-up (I can usually feel it starting under the skin about 24 hours prior to the appearance), I schedule an acupuncture appointment ASAP. And I make a masque of oatmeal, honey, and green tea to put on top of the skin to calm and keep it moisturized. And then the acupuncture usually seems to back it off before it becomes painful and/or explosive and causes ruptures and scarring. It can be a little bit expensive, but ultimately worth it, in my mind, to avoid the pain and scars. And the acupuncture also has benefits of calming my spirit and improving my energy and focus.

  • Mellany

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone. I have been feeling very depressed the last month because of cystic acne and rosacea. It looks horrible and is terribly painful. I’ve made several trips to my dermatologists office and have seen a slight improvement. She has me taking doryx and using finacea. I also use Aczone for spot treatment and rosanil for face wash. I’ve had many of the big cysts injected too. This has helped although it seems like once one goes away another one appears. I’m going to go broke with all of these medicines. I’ve decided to cut out dairy and see if that makes a difference.

  • chiranth

    The cystic acne can be decreased by applying aloe vera or turmeric but it wil not cure the acne,if u use the tablets it wil definately cure the acne

  • Missy

    I have battled with it forever. When my ob/gyn put me on Progesterone it went away! Mine was definitely hormone related.

  • rebecca

    I’m 25 and have recently been suffering with cystic pimples. I usually only get one at a time, either on my chin or right smack in the middle of my forehead. I’ve been taking a lot of vitamins, and I feel like that has actually made it worse, though I can’t pinpoint an exact vitamin. I’m currently taking: vitamin b, a prenatal (not for pregnancy, but because I heard it’s great for skin, nails and hair) gabba, and fish oil. I also just got back on a birth control just to try to control my skin. Has anyone noticed vitamins causing more flare ups than usual? When I get smaller zits, I use these options frequently:
    -Cut up a raw potato and put the juice either on pimples or all over face. Leaving it on for too long may cause dry skin if you have naturally drier skin.
    -Egg whites
    -Milk (sometimes I make a mixture of all three and it does wonders to maintain my clear face. Doesn’t do much when I already have a pimple)
    -Tomato works well to really dry it out
    -YOGURT! This is fantastic for smoothing your skin if it’s drier than usual. This will also make your pimples come to a head. I will put it on at night and within minutes it will be dry. I sleep withit on. In the morning, apply a warm wash cloth. Often times this will bring the pimple to a head. I feel like it does reduce reddness as well.
    -If you’re a popper (like me) I suggest putting just a dab of Neosporin directly on the pimple. Do not over do or it will dry it out too much
    -I currently have a cyst zit on my forehead. I popped it with a needle and has since just gotten more irritated. Now it’s huge, inflammed and red. I plan on putting ice and a quick face mask of milk and honey before work to try to reduce it a little bit.

    Hope these tips have helped. Good luck to all.

  • Jessica

    I have suffered cystic acne for a few yrs.I have 2 cystic bumps on my face rite now.I believe they were caused by the foundation I was using(I normally wear powder makeup)But anyway try this method:Tea Tree Soap(u can ge it from Dollar General or Fred’for a $1.00)Witch Hazel(dosen’t matter how much it costs)Benzol Peroxide(On the spot by Nuetrogena).wash your face with Tea Tree Soap,use a cotton ball for the witch hazel,wipe over cystic acne with cotton ball,and lastly dab a smal amount of benzol peroxide on the cystic acne.Hope this method works. it did for me for at least 2-3 months. dont know what went wrong but I will keep everyone posted on whether it was the foundation.

  • jinnefer

    im 18 years old but im very sad of these rubbish things i always squeez my acne and they puted alot of spots on my face when iwas 13 years old they start coming on my face i did alot of things but no one was helpful idont know what shoud i do but i suggest u do not squeez ur acne it was my own expereince

  • nya

    i’m 19yrs old n suffered from cyst acne for 7 yrs. i had consulted many doctors(like from Ayurvedic,homeophatic allophatic),but nothing worked.Then my brother suggested me AC Persol gel(benzol peroxide)and the medicine dose showed a excellent result and since i have a habit of squeezing my pimples i had marks on my face.So,for my marks i used aleo vera gel(patanjali).The result is great…..just try it…..

  • snevans

    Benzoyl peroxide cream and face washes will not get rid of the acne problem, it will only dry out your skin, which is extremely irritationg. The only thing effective to get rid of cystic acne is internal medicine such and minocycline, doxycycline, and Accutane. Accutane (Isotretino) is the last choice however, since it is so powerful. I took multiple acne medication and had benzoyl peroxide cream and nothing worked until Accutane. Do not let the fear of false stories keep you from trying Accutane. Me and my father both used it when we were 17 and have not had any negative side effects. Trust me, it’s your only hope to completely CURE cystic acne. And girls, use a water-based makeup.

  • Bonnie

    My son had severe cystic acne and we went to the dermatologist and he said that the only hope for him was the latest form of Accutane (Isotretino). After we read the side effects, I was too scared to let him go on it. He was concerned as well. After many hours and research on the internet, I came across Leung’s acne protocol using high doses of vitamin B6. He is a biochemist from Hong Kong who did research and published an article in Orthomolecular Journal. Many people use this protocol. My son’s skin is not totally clear, but using the protocol made an amazing difference. Within 6 months, his level of severity diminished significantly. On this protocol, you will be starting with 10g of B6 divided into 4 times a day. Dr. Leung assures in his writings that this is perfectly safe. Do not use the time released b6 and do not use Pantethine. Use only regular b6 as pantothenic acid. I wish I had started my son on this protocol immediately at his first signs of cystic acne. It would have saved his skin from much scarring. Someday, we will have his face sanded or whatever they do to remove the scars. By the way, Dr. Leung also says to stay away from fried foods and chocolate. You can look up the Leung acne protocol on the internet and find out why high supplemental B6 works. Good luck!!!

  • nigsy

    I have had acne since i was 14 i am now 28.been on all sorts of tabs and creams. over the last few years i have had cysts on my throat area andthe back of my head. i have had surgery but when i get my monthly hair cut it looks like i have been bottled on a nite out!!! so no more surgery . my spots are fine get the odd one ere and there and have the scars to show i was a sufferer BUT my cysts will not go. i have quit smoking 8 weeks ago after 9 years and have had an outbreak of white heads and more bloody cysts. i have read websites and every one is saying apple cider vinegar.. my dad races pigeons and he gives it to them. says its great gets all the crap out of you. i have 1litre bottle on order shud be here in 3 days i will give it a month and give u all an update… THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE TO CLEAR MY CYSTS

  • Michelle

    Well, right now I have big pimples under my nose and on my jawbone. I cover it well with makeup. But it’s a bummer when I wash my face. I see my acne. But, here are some tips that may help some of you. I always take off my makeup first with a small wet napkin, (the ones that come in packs of 30), then wash my face with a gentle cleanser like Neutrogena. Pat dry with a towel. Apply Neutrogena acne toner. Then moisturize, (again with Neutrogena), and if you’re irritated, dab on some zinc oxide paste. It’s the main ingredient in baby rash creams, so its not difficult to find.
    I do this everyday, but this cysts showing up are killing me! I did the aspirin/honey mask a few times now, but I don’t see change. I think another option might be is to vaporize your face with lemongrass. To open up the pores or something. I’ll check up on that.

  • Mike

    I am a 19 year old that has been dealing with severe cystic acne for about 5 years now, I’ve been using internal antibiotic for almost two years straight religiously, and it’s taken a toll on my body but has done almost nothing to cure my acne, acutane was an option but the side effects were haunting and the whole treatment process was ridiculous, monthly blood test to check my liver? Anything that’s that bad for the human body is not worth it to me, so I’ve come to the conclusion internal medicine is not the path for me. My father introduced me to Dr. Mercola, who practices a lot of homeopathic medicines, he went through a similar condition, so I trust his words. I’ve stopped all internal medicines and cortisone injections and went a more natural route, I cut bread and other major carbohydrates out of my diet, NO FAST FOOD, no soda, no candy, and avoid high fructose corn syrup/sucrose, and I’m mindful as to how much Aspartame I take because it also has harmful side effects, but anything that’s labeled “sugar free” has aspartame in it. Just with this “simple” diet my cystic acne has almost disappeared. Hope this helps you guys because depression was also a side effect of this terrible condition, but my hopes are high now, and hopefully yours will be too, good luck!

  • Kristin

    I have been battling cystic acne for 6 months. Probably my strongest recommendation for everyone is DO NOT USE ACCUTANE! I always have had pimples but they didn’t become cystic until a few months after I got off Accutane. My skin was beautiful while I was on it but I had a hard time enjoying it because I was depressed…from the accutane. Because I do battle with depression I have found all prescription drugs have only increased my depression to almost a non-functioning level. I have tried a few natural remedies (via a visit to my community natural store) to help with my skin but still with no improvement. I’m at a loss…I’m thinking about making an appointment with a Naturalpathic Doctor to see what can be done. I’m scared to go on anymore medication for my face, because it seems to only be a bandaid. Everytime I have come off of any medication for my face it seems my acne becomes more and more severe. Because we are all different people the cause and solution to the acne will be different for all of us but I think these posts are great to open the door to new ideas and who knows, maybe the solution for some of us. Good Luck everyone! I hope one day we can all have freedom from this.

    • Brady Angelica87

      I’m going to agree with you, Kristen. Accutane is a horrible drug. I am 24 now, but have battled with cystic acne since 19 and then was finally put on Accutane for 5-6 months after I was 21. It worked…barely. My skin was thin and fragile, I was depressed all the time, I was extremely sensative to the sunlight, my high blood pressure sky-rocketed. Promtly before renewing my next Accutane batch, I stopped cold turkey. And not just Accutance…all drugs/medications. I find it easier to eat healthy and let my skin do its own healing. I wish you fortune and peace.

  • nigsy

    Following my last post about apple cider OMG it works!!!!! my littlr lumps under my jaw have vanished my lumps on tje back of my head are narly gone and i had a huge cyst on my throat area. it has nearly gone! it amazing.. i have discovered apple cider vinegar is…cider vinegar same thing. u can buy it is asda for 79p for 350ml or online a 1ltr tub for a fiver p&p 3 quid. so dont be stupid like me who bought online buy from asda……. the tip take it 3 times a day.. 2 big tablespoons with water or sime kind of juice I.E apple, raspberry & cranberry etc…i have been drinking in shot glass with juice…cant hack water. the taste is mingin but just neck it!!! then get a tiny bit and dab it on with an ear bud to infected area.. skin will go a bit red so dont do it before going out. only done this for 4 days and results are amazing. im so happy i may of finally found the cure!!! oh and i have been told it makes acne scars dissapear. so dab on. if u have very sensitive skin add a drop of water… hope it works for you all!!!!!!

  • voltron

    I am 40 years old and have had acne since I was 13. I always thought that it was a teenager problem and would go away when I got older and was not that severe at first and I only got it on my face. When I turned 19, it got worse. I started to get acne on my back, chest and upper arms as well as my face. I never got really bad on my face but on my back it got severe because it was they cystic acne and left scars. These scars will heal but could take months or even a year or more to completely disappear. The problem is that before the old scars are gone, I have a new breakout so the cycle never ends and I always have old scars with some new acne. It goes in cycles. It will let up a bit and start to clear. Then I will have another breakout. I recently had a breakout on my back area but not as bad as in the past. For the past few years my face area has not been to bad of a problem but two days ago I had a big breakout on my forehead and some acne behind my ears. Some of it is the cystic type but I find my facial acne will heal much faster than acne on my back area. I expect to have acne for the rest of my life now. I always thought that my acne would go away when I got older but as each decade passes I am disappointed that it just won’t go away.

    For treatments I use three things. In the shower I use a acne facial cleaner. After the shower I use a disinfectant acne cleaner that is applied with a cotton ball and last I apply an acne cream medication. I have been using the Proactive system because it has these three items in their system. Seems to speed up the recovery time.

  • Voltron

    I would like to add something to my post above. Before my last breakout, I had just finished a day of hard work loading Christmas tree on a truck. At the end of the day my muscles were very sore from all the work and I was hungry so I ate two large cheeseburgers and drank a pop. The next day I had the acne outbreak on my forehead. I have read that diet does not affect acne but I do not believe this. When I eat certain foods, my skin is affected. Greasy foods seems to make my skin oily for a couple of days after I eat it. I think the food I eat can cause acne and the sore muscles cause more hormones in my body while the muscles are healing. Combined, these two things caused the outbreak.

  • Mary

    Elise, thank you for notifying us of the ingredient in makeup that may cause static acne. Last year I walked into Sephora and asked the first associate I saw to help me with a good makeup for acne. She immediately took me to cover fx. It is pretty pricy but I was desperate. Within a matter of weeks I was getting compliments on my skin. It is the acne face primer by cover fx that offers natural ingredients that both calm and fight acne. Also, I only use Cetaphil facewash. My mother also suffered from acne (including cystic) in the seventies and Cetaphil was her facewash of choice. And yes, water water water! I also believe a good collection of clean washcloths are very important. Wash the washcloths ALONE (I.e. not with socks, etc.). Good luck to everyone. I know this is difficult, but you will make it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 16yrs old and i’ve had cystic acne since I was about 7. I’ve always been a little overweight. My acne has never ever been on my face. It’s only appeared in hidden areas that sweat more. This, as you can imagine, makes it all the more painful. Under my arms and between my inner thighs. I’ve noticed that whenever I lost some weight it wasn’t nearly as bad. Anyway, my point is, I went to a dermatologist and he said it could take years with his all of 7 different pills, cremes and alcohol bath water. I want something that won’t interfere so much in my daily life and take over every spare minute I have that will still be effective and fast. I’m sick of it adding on to my basic teen depression and insecurities.

  • Hidee

    I have been seeing a dermatologist for about 19 years now. I started to get cystic acnes about 9 years ago. I get them usually around my nose & always on my chin. They get huge red, swollen, hard & they hurt like crazy. I think I am getting one on my chin now (praying I don’t). I also have a small one (so far its small) at the corner of my nose. I take 200 mg of Doxycycline daily for the past year. I also use Fincea gel, Clindamyacine gel & accassionally OTC Benzoyle Peroxide. I was doing really well but now the cysts “seem” to be starting again. Maybe I am getting immune to the medication since I’ve been on it for over a year? I used to take Spironolactone before I had my daughter. It worked the best. I can’t take it now though because you have to be on oral birth control to take it & I can’t afford that right now.

    I have tried at home remedies & no help at all. I was going to start Accutane years ago, but couldn’t afford it (plus the side effects scared me). I pray for some cure for this. It is embarrassing! I hate to go in public when I have cysts. I hate make-up, but tend to have to use it when I get one of these cysts. I get very stressed & anxious when I get one too. I think Monday I will be calling my dermatologist to see if we need to change my meds for a while. I do get the injections from my dermatologist when I have a cyst. It helps by reducing the inflammation & soreness. It still takes a while (about a week) for it to go away almost totally. It is frustrating. God bless you all that suffer! It is a hard thing to deal with!

  • Danielle

    but really everyone i read your tip and I know exactly what your talking about & how feel and this works.and i read that TURMERIC IS THE NEXT THING IF THIS DOESN’T WORK.
    ITS WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!~*~*~*~*~.::TRY ME::.~*~*~.;:TRY ME::.~*~*~

  • Sara

    I have had cystic acne and boils for years I am now 30 at 14 I had a cyst in the back of my throat that I had went to the Er for strep by the time it was diagnose wasn’t able to breath effectivly and almost had to be intibated it was very scary. With cysts they are in a pocket in a casing under your skin so they have to make sure not to break that sake or it is very likely to come back. I have tried every treatment under the sun for them. Solydyn worked really well but I also got roseaca and age spots so with the antibiotics definetly no sun but my dermatologists also said you cant be on antibiotics for a long period of time so she referred me to a cosmetic dermatologists for laser therapy and chemical peels. Good luck to everyone it’s a long never ending road

  • jake

    I’m 17 and I got my first cyst when I was 13. I have one cyst on my chin right now. I think the primary reason I get them is because I touch oil or grease on a car then touch my skin and it developes a cyst. Its really big and stresses me out even more because I m self counsious. Now that I have it I feel like their is nithing I can do and its driving me nuts. I am on doxycylin which works farely well. Typically that is the only medicatio I use. Hopefully lemon juice will help clear it up for christmas ;(

  • Ursa

    If you ever try to treat your acne with toothpaste make sure its NOT whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste irritates your skin and if left on long enough it can cause chemical burns.

  • Michelle AcneSkinCareExpert

    Cystic acne home remedies may temporarily help calm inflammation, but they won’t typically prevent new break outs. This is a serious condition that CAN be treated successfully without dangerous drugs and nasty side effects.

    I’ve been treating clients with cystic acne for twenty years. Here are some ways help heal your acne:

    1. ICE inflammation (put ice in a baggie & hold it over inflamed cysts or areas you tend to break out for 2 – 5 minutes twice a day)

    2. Avoid foods, sports bars/drinks, vitamins that contain iodides

    3. Avoid birth control pills or other hormones that are high in progesterone or androgens

    4. Stop using fabric softener. It causes a waxy residue that is highly pore clogging

    5. Avoid dairy & eat more vegetables (especially green leafy & colorful veggies)

    6. Get the right combination of topical acne treatment products and use them CONSISTENTLY. It will take at least 90 days of consistent treatment to stop breaking out. You’ll have to stay on your routine to make sure your break outs don’t return. Popular treatments like benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and alpha hydroxy acids WILL get your skin under control if you know how to use them.

    Get guidance from an acne prone skin care expert (it’s affordable and it works!). You can get more helpful skin care tips here http:/acne-skin-care-expert.com/acne-skin-care-tips.html

    Hope this information helps!

  • jk

    Hot compresses, ginseng mud masks and castor oil. I know it sounds insane. My boyfriend had a huge cyst under his ear lobe for 3 years prior to meeting me. Because he never messed with it, it was soft to the touch still. (If you don’t mess with cysts, they usually won’t get hard especially in an area that’s not prone to getting dried out or over washed.) The next day, a amll amount of fluid randomly started ro come out of his pours. When he got home, I put a hot compress on it and then castor oil over night. This softened the skin as well.

    The next day I started to drain it. It was disgusting. I couldn’t believe that much rotting crap was beneath the surface for years! On the other side of things, I have cystic acne because I had scars from childhood injuries on a large portion of my face. They aren’t seriously noticible, but my entire chin was scar tissue. This makes it so easy for my to get cysts under the skin. Mine get hard immediately and I have had to literally slice open my face on 2 separate occasions to take out the cyst.

    There was no fluid sack just tissue similar to a tumor in density. 2 days ago I got one, and I tried draining it early with a needle. I managed to suck out 1cc of oil, but then I was stupid and tried to sqeeze out from that area. That was stupid. I should have just put castor oil on it and been done. Now the hard mass has formed. In 2 days I’ll have to slice it open, take out the mass, and then put a stick in my shin. If you are good with stuff like this or have experience, if you can feel oily or pussy buildup- I recommend injecting saline in first and then opening it. If it’s hard, then I don’t recommend the saline, you’re going to have to be slow and careful with the hard cysts. Remove the skin attaching it and find the “root” cut as low as you can at the root, remove it, then flush out the area with saline before putting 1 small stick across the spot (if needed)

  • SJ

    Nuts are what cause my cysts. I ate 20 or so pretzels with peanut butter inside Sunday night and by Wednesday night I have a cyst on my chin. I have not had “nuts” in over two years so again I proved my theory.

    My sister finally believed me this year when she ate nuts after not eating them for 6 months…she got a cyst 2 days later.

    I am taking 200mg of Doxy twice a day to avoid going to the Dr. for a shot in the cyst.

    I really think that many of us really have a reaction to certain foods and that if we avoid them we can avoid cysts.

    I have had rosacea since I was 30, I am 60 now, and Prosacea an OTC med I use once a day keeps that in check. I also clear my pores on my nose/face of sebum every night with curette. I have had no small papuals on my nose or face for years now. I gone to Dermatologists for reascea for years and my method works better than anything they did!

    However, for Cysts you have to have an antibiotic or a shot in the cyst or both. For me nothing else helps!

    I feel for all of us who suffer. My father while he was dying from cancer at 80 and had had really bad cystic acne from his teen years until death said to my mother, “At least when I die I won’t have to suffer with my bad skin anymore.”

    This is sad but says it all.

  • SJ

    Bell, my father had many cysts that came back in the same spot. The Doctor use to cut them out but there is a “root” that keep filling the same area with sebum and puss. Sometimes they got the root and it did not come back but many times they did not get the “root”.

    I am not sure what the “root” was but but I bet that is why your cyst keeps coming back in the same spot.

  • Lindi

    I’ve had Cystic/Nodular acne for 3 yrs……..I previously had tried everything until I found a great remedy after much research and much trial and error………

    Remedy…..Take Zinc(with food)…..Drink 2 tbl spoons of Apple Cidar Vinegar(with juice) twice a day, also use the Apple Cidar to clean your face with(esp on the cyst) and last but not least…..go get you some Airborn…..I don’t know why but this stuff is amazing and it’s good for you anyways. I don’t get cyst anymore since starting this regimen !!!


  • Kristin miceli

    I find that pressing down hard on the pimple without the intention of popping it but with the intention of breaking it up under the skin and then applying ice to bring down the inflammation works amazing!

  • df

    Want to try the needle tthing but kinda worried cos there is no head to the pimple yet can I still do it? This one is pretty bad also I get them on the insides of my thighs a lot. Can I still use some of these treatments?

  • Lorrie

    The Airborne does work. My daughter has cystic acne and could feel the difference in just one day. You have to take it 3 times a day. also, eat lots of carrots, drink lots of water and wash your face once a day. We like the cocoa butter soap one day, oatmeal soap the next. She also uses apple cider vinegar for toner. She is sometimes lazy and doesn’t follow through and it will then come back! If she would do it everyday, I think it would be 100% gone. Try it, I promise you will see changes.

  • G.R.d

    I have had acne for 3 years now, not as experienced as some of the other people on this commentary , I tried proactive which is the biggest joke around, neutrogena products which irritated my face and alot more , but i just recently started going to the dermatoligist and they gave me a kit, and cortizone shots, the shots do work but my acne fights it all the time, i had almost clear skin after 6 months of the dermatoligist but now this summer my face decided to make me kill my self and broke out like hell, im now on Doryx prescribed antibiotics and it doesnt seem to help, i hate it when things work for other ppl but nothing works for me, hopefully my doctor can prescribe me sumthing that works, biggest tip, DONT POP UR CYSTS AT HOME CRAZIES!!!!! youll leave HUGE scars BLIEVE ME I KNO!

  • JoJo

    Please can someone help me… My acne is getting worse and worse… It’s so sore and tender on my jaw line. It is making me very depressed. I have been on every antibiotic going and prescription cream. I am waiting to see the dermatologist in 3 weeks but I am going to a wedding Iin 5 days and feel like I can’t go with my face looking as it does. I am so so sad.

  • Nicole

    a cystic pimple is an infection. what do you do to prevent infections? washing your hands right? well since it is on your face, wash your face with SOAP. you can use your regular acne treatment facial washes but once a day wash your face with soap. try not to use ones with special moisturizing effects, just regular old soap. it will prevent the infections and therefore prevent the cystic pimples. also: do not try to pop it. you will make it worse and slow down healing time. washing it with soap while its there helps a lot too because it quickens the healing process.

  • Rachael Paula

    I just recieved 4 lumps on my face im 16 and this really worries me, im sure its sysystic, i wash my face on a daily basis 1 to 2 times per day. And i was wondering does the seringe hurt?

  • Ashley

    I’ve been battling cystic pimples for awhile now. The ONLY thing I’ve found to work with very minimal scaring is holding a warm wash rag to the pimple for a minute or so and, then using a sterilized needle to open the pimple. Don’t stick the needle straight in, I’ve found going in from the side just to break the skin works better.then gently squeeze to release any puss and fluids and clean the area.

  • Jolene Cali

    I can’t disagree with much of this. I was almost half expecting some wild remedy. 🙂 When I was younger I had very bad cystic acne. I took tetracycline, minocycline, doxicycline, I used topicals like Retin-A, Cleocin-T, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide.

    I began using the Citrus Clear products on a regular, daily basis. Also I never touch my hands to my face, and the result has been acne free. NOt even an occasional pimple.

  • Dawn

    ### 1 CURE FOR CYSTIC ACNE !!!!!!! “LISTEN UP People” Ive had my face freezed / Cortizone Shots / Cysts Cut and Drained/ Meds / Drs kept me coming back off and on for a little over a year With no Improvement !!! People- foods/ soaps/ Sun/ Milk /oils/ Are not the Cause of Cystic Acne! !!!!! I PROMISE ALL OF YOU SAVE YOUR $$ And Time And order the “Proactive Solution” Its ten times less Expensive and is the Cure I promise all Of you)))) Cystic Acne is caused from a bacteria in the blood it can not never be cured Tropically!! The Drs will never tell us the Truth cause they want our money They are evil and Heartless! !! Proactive Solution is the answer!! I promise you ORDER it Asap And pass it on Please! !! WHEN IM OUT AND ABOUT GROCERY STORE /MOVIES/ SHOPPING ETC. AND SEE SOMEONE W/ CYSTIC ACNE IF MY HEART SAYS TELL HIM OR HER THE CURE !! I DO!!!! I SUFFERED AND WAS DEPRESSSED AND FELT SO UGLY! ! MY FACE Scarred now but no more breakouts) ))))

  • cindy

    Im 55 & had maybe 4 pimples until i was 35 & developed acne cysts. Years ago i read in Ann Landers to use the YOLK of an egg as a facial mask for acne cysts as well as regular acne. A Dr. commented on this suggestion as a very likely aid in controlling acne & acne cysts because of the very high vitamin A content that occurs naturally in egg yolk. He compared this treatment as a natural Retin-A treatment without the chemicals that cause peeling. I found that a Yolk mask can be used every day without overdrying my skin but 3× wkly works very well at keeping my cysts at bay. You can keep the unused portion of the yolk in the fridge for a couple of days to use again very easily if u put ur yolk in a zip lock bag to begin with. I hope this helps some of you. I hadnt seen this hint mentioned & it’s obvious not every treatment helps every case but ive had great success with yolk masks. Apply, let dry, wash off! Follow with any other treatments or toners you desire. Good luck & God bless!

  • Victoria

    I am 19, I have been breaking out on my back since puberty… Now, my chest and back and of course neck, I feel so uncomfortable but if you have it on your face and if it is horrific, USE DERMABLEND. It’s a foundation used to cover severe scars… I use it for my chest, few dots but I am self conscience about it. I have squeezed my cyst a few times, I have huge scars on my back, and on my shoulders. I had a huge “Rock” like material, come out of my cyst, it was horrific! It smells like old oil -.- I suppose. It helps if you lay down in the summer, tanning, I think it dries me up. But if its humid or really hot out, I’ll begin to scratch and ehhh. I hate this damn skin crap. It is horrible not being able to wear a dress, skirt, tank top. Especially in the summer! I hope one day someone figures out a way to get rid of this crap, completely. This cyst stuff hurts, especially neck cysts. I hope I don’t get it anywhere I can’t cover up because I WILL DIE! I hate acne, cyst, any form of pain! BAKING SODA has worked for me as well as LEMON! I use both every other day. Hope it helps, and if there is a doctor reading this, PLEASE GET RID OF THIS HORRIFIC SKIN, I want to enjoy life!

  • Holly

    I started getting cystic acne as a teen. I tried everything under the sun and hoped that as an adult I would out grow it. Now in my thirties w/no success, I just assumed it was something that I had to live with. It wasn’t bad, but I always had one cyst. As soon as one went away, another one started. I started taking chasteberry fruit for unrelated reasons and within a couple of weeks, my skin started clearing up. It has been 4 months since I’ve had any kind of a breakout. I was also using Ivory soap and I loved it for my face, but it broke my neck out, so now I’m using dove. I also don’t use conditioner in the shower, I had to cut that out a long time ago, otherwise I broke out on my back too. And I use a small dab of clearsil on my cheeks and chin, the two places that were prone to breaking out. I also used olive oil as a moisturizer. You would think that would make you break out more, but it didn’t at all. However, I discovered all-vegetable shortening (sounds weird), I use it around my eyes and forehead as a moisturizer and it works amazing!

  • jor

    try to use perla soap the white one

  • nate lecocq

    if you want rapid relief I would suggest SULFUR if you have a bath tub buy sulfur products at a hispanic market(contains real sulfur) or your dermatologist. Then put more then recommended into a cool bath after you take a warm shower to clean off and open the pores +(acetametophin). (: also Ice and lotion will help. Ive had it sence i was 15 to severity where Ive considered ending my life. pharmaceutical’s like opiates will enrage the inflammation and anti depressants-benzos-and amphets will also depending on the person. I’ve tried every cream and drug from tylenol to accutane and all antibiotic’s the only one I’ve ever found effective or soothing is CYLDAMYCIN phosphate its a topical pad and will not cause the bodily or psychological side effects of the other drugs. Honestly I have almost given up Ive seen dermatologists for years if u do Lancing Im not a doctor but drugging yourself helps I personally opiate myself when i go because IDK for you but it hurts. Personally My acne went away for about a year then came back worse and in new places, IF YOU ARE STILL FIGHTING THE FIGHT GOOD LUCK!!!