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Q: Grandma, I have an adult Persian cat that always scratch his ears. Just yesterday, he had crusty ears which bothers him a lot. How can I clean his ear without causing any harm?

A: Dear R, Crusty ears in cats are one of the main symptoms that your pet may be infected with ear mites. If left untreated, it may develop into serious infection that can affect the other parts of the animals. The worst condition is characteristically accompanied by bleeding of the ear canals, where fresh or dried blood, often described as coffee grounds, can be visibly seen. There are a number of home remedies for your pet’s skin problem that may be considered before using those that are available in the market. Check out the following remedies to eradicate this common pet ailment.

Home Remedies for Crusty Ear In Cats


1. Corn oil – Massage the inside of the ear with a few drops of corn oil. Use a cotton ball when cleaning the area with infection. Repeat the procedure for three days.[1]

2. Mineral oil – Soak a cotton ball with mineral oil and swab the inside of the cat’s ears with it.

3. Almond or olive oil – Mix ½ ounce of almond or olive oil with 400 IU of vitamin E. Place in a bottle with dropper. Fill half of the dropper with the mixture and put into the ear. To clean the ear opening, use cotton swabs to dab the mixture every alternate day for six days.

4. Yellow dock root extract – Dilute nine drops of yellow dock root extract in one tablespoon of water. Use a dropper to put the mixture into the cat’s ears every day.

5. White vinegar – Dilute one part white vinegar in two parts of water. Pour gently into the ears and massage the solution to treat the crusty ears in cats. Use a cotton ball to wipe off the mixture from inside the ears.

6. Green tea – Dip green tea in hot water for a few minutes. Let cool before applying the solution onto the ears and gently massage to evenly cover the affected area. Repeat the process for 30 days.[2]

7. Hydrogen peroxide and Borax – Dilute 500 cc of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with 1to 2 tablespoons of Borax. Wash the pet with the solution once a week for two months. Do not wipe the animal after bath.[3]

8. Yogurt – Clean the inside of ears with two tablespoons of plain yogurt with acidophilus.

9. Lemon – Boil water and drop lemon slices into it. Leave to steep overnight. Use a sponge to clean the pet’s ears with the mixture.

10. Soapy water – Clean the affected area with mixture of soap and drops of warm water.

11. Pau d’arco tincture – Combine equal amount of pau d’arco tincture and olive oil. Apply five drops of the mixture into the ears three times a day for the whole week.

12. Chamomile tea – Add a tiny amount of distilled white vinegar on chilled strong chamomile. Spray mixture on affected area.[5]

13. Garlic and brewer’s yeast – Mix the ingredients. Clean the cat’s ears before massaging the mixture to remedy the crusty ears in cats.

14. Insecticide ear drops – Clean the cat’s ears thoroughly. Put two to three drops of insecticide ear drops per ear two times a day.[7]


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