Home Remedies for Cold Sores

at home remedies for cold sores

Finding painful, bubble-like, fluid-filled red blisters in the region of the nose, lips and outer edges of the mouth can be unsettling, because you know these aren’t your everyday pimples. What may actually come as a shocker is these blisters, called cold sores, are caused by the most contagious strain of herpes, which attacks the body when it’s at its weakest!

Causes of cold sores

Cold or flue, fevers, stress, fatigue, injury to the lips, menstruation or even deficiency of calcium can weaken the body’s immune system and make it vulnerable to the attack of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. These conditions actually cause a reactivation of the virus already living in the body.cold-sore-home-remedy

Preventing cold sores

To avoid getting saddled with cold sores, it’s best to adhere to certain preventive measures. These include:

a. Avoid acidic or salty foods and foods rich in arginine, like chocolate, peanuts and other nuts, grains, peas, seeds, oatmeal and whole-wheat products. Also, limit your coffee.

b. Never use the same cups, plates, towels, razors, utensils and the like, with those suffering from cold sores. Also avoid skin-to-skin contact with them.

c. Kissing and having sex with someone with cold sores or genital herpes will make you vulnerable to it.

d. Dab your lips and other susceptible areas with a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF to prevent the occurrence of cold sores.

e. If you do get it, don’t touch the affected part and, if you do happen to touch it, wash your hands thoroughly. Also, replace your toothbrush after an attack.

Home remedies for cold sore

Cold sores usually remain for 10 to 14 days, but if they remain for more than two weeks or occur frequently, your condition will require medical attention. Although, several over-the-counter cold sore medication are available, all have side effects. However, if you want to avoid these side effects, there is no better way than to try out the home remedies for cold sores. Let’s see what these are:

a. Ice:

Applying ice to the affected area will check further development of cold sores.

b. Tea bags:

An effective remedy is to apply tea bags to the affected area. This facilitates the tannic acid in the tea to act against the virus and prevent its further development. Another effective method is to press a warm tea bag on the cold sore. A five-day application will make the sores disappear.

c. Coconut oil concoction:

Coconut oil mixed with Dettol[1] and Carbolic acid can be used topically to get rid of cold sores. This concoction can be bottled and kept for years.

d. Witch hazel:

The astringent contained in witch hazel is effective against cold sores.

e. Common salt:

If powered common salt is applied to the affected area by a moistened index finger, it’ll make cold sores disappear in two to three days.

g. Aloe vera:

Rubbing aloe juice or aloe gel on cold sores is effective in curing cold sores.

h. Herbs:

Herbs like herbal sage[2], tea tree oil and the herbal sedative violet have been used as treatments for cold sores. Sage leaf tea with a small ginger root piece or ginger powder is effective against this condition.

i. Lemon balm extract:

This may reduce cold sore symptoms and speed up the healing.


[1] http://www.dettol.co.uk/products/

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvia_officinalis


  • Trista

    Corn starch paste

  • Trista

    Men’s after-shave.

  • Tricia


  • Koop

    Abreva. This has been the cure for me. The moment I feel that little sore bud under the skin at my lip region, I begin a regimine of “A dab each hour will kill the power”. I’ve been using this medicine (found in any drug store) for a long time. I do not get the dreaded double, tripple and eventually quadruple headed lip explosions I used to get as a kid. Stress is the trigger for me. When I’m least prepared for lifes little detours I can be sure to have a visit from the simplex sired in hell. I have the little tubes (Comes in a small blue box with yellow trade symbols) everywhere. I carry one in the laptop bag, one in my locker at work, three strategically place throughout the house and another in the car as well as the camper. I’d rather be missing a foot for the duration I have to display what the ignorant public believes it’s a sign of an STD. I’ve had ’em since before I was taught the difference between man and woman.

  • Marva

    I use Vick’s Vapor Rub. Just put a touch of Vick’s on the sore three to four times a day and it will soon disappear.

  • liz

    Use Ice. My cold sore had just started, and it felt hot and sore so I tried ice just to sooth it. The next morning i discovered that the cold sore had stopped developing!!!

  • Liz

    ICE!! Ice is amazing! I felt the cold sore coming so I put medicine on it all day. All it did was get bigger. The second day, right before bed, I put ice on it. In two ice cubes it went down very a lot. By morning it was hard to see.

  • Paris

    I was told by my Uncle that back in the days, when they used to get cold sores they would ptu ear wax on it. I then tried that, the cold sore begin to get hard like a scab and it dried up within two days.

  • kristen

    Anbesol, ice and nail polish remover. First wipe all moisture and pus off the cold sore. Wrap a piece of ice in a napkin and hold on the cold sore for 3 or 4 minutes. Then wipe all moisture off again. Dip the end of a q-tip in nail polish remover. Hold the q-tip on the sore for about 5 minutes. This will sting….ALOT! But just bear with it, this works, I promise. After you are done with the NPR, let the area dry for about ten mins, then put a little bit of anbesol on it. Repeat once an hour for about 5 hours a day. (or as much as you are able) in two days, the sore will be pretty much be gone! Just a little red dot will be where your huge cold sore was before. Good Luck!!


  • Steph

    This will sound really weird but the crystals that you can get from health food shops that people use as deodorant, well those crystals (smaller bits obviously) get rid of cold sores, you just wet the crystal and rub it on the cold sore, it dries it up really quickly cause of all the salts in it. It worked really well for me, I was skeptical as well when my mum bought it home for me but it really does work!

  • ab

    Put nail polish remover on the cold sore. It really works, mine went away in just two days!

  • Marvie

    Hand sanitizer works; it burns but it will dry it up in a couple of days.

  • Ashley

    Rubbing alcohol … put it only on the affected area! It works very good!

  • meme

    Nail polish works and ice and Carmex. I know this sounds gross but deodorant.

  • angie

    My son has been getting cold sores for years. We have always used Carmex. However his cold sores are getting worse and more painful the older he gets. I’m going to try the ice and see if that works. If you know of anything that is natural or safe for children please share.

  • toxic_jo

    before going to bed just have some toothpaste overit you will find it dry the next morning and stoped from developing trust me.

  • Betty

    Do not try agent like Bleach. This is household agent and it CAN BURN YOUR SKIN RIGHT TRU !!!!!




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  • Emma

    Ice is brillant…!!! I had a cold sore for two days and I had no idea what to do and was afraid to leave the house, it was so bad…but then I put some ice on it and the pain went away. I let the whole lump dissolve, and used more ice every few hours. The cold sore has greatly decreased and it isn’t very noticeable, and I have only been using ice for a little over a day. I’m hoping it will be gone in another two days!
    USE ICE!!!

  • Chantelle

    use mens after shave because it drys it out and it just goes inyo a scab and then goes 🙂

  • Colleen

    I would always use the product called Releev its like $17.00 a bottle and the bottle is quite small but if you notice any tingling or bumps forming put it on right away and it shouldnt show up! However now that i am pregnant it is not recomended that pregnant women use it because it has not been tested on animals nor pregnant women. So i am hoping to try the ice and the salt thing. I havent had a flare up in over two years because of Releev but being pregnant brings down the immune system even more. Abreva is said to be ok but that stuff never worked for me. good luck and wish me luck!

  • colleen

    just so everyone knows, i just tried the ice thing i held a cube on my lip until it was almost melted away ((very cold but worth it)) now my blister is smaller, less painful and i honestly can barley feel it! Give this a try before using any thing else, besides its free and in about 20mins im going to do it again until bed, i want this nasty thing gone by morning!

  • niki

    rubbing alcohol..it really does work..

  • Kathleen

    Korners Cold sore Remedy and ice together. When i get that numb thingling sensation I put korners on and then ice, it seriously helps. I use to have a cold sore once a month and i haven’t had one in like 5 to 6 months. Korners is cheaper then abreava and it works way better. I think Abreava isn’t as good as it says it is. It works but not so effective. Korners is the way to go.

  • melanie

    white vinegar. it stings but it dries it out 3x a day or more 2 days almost gone

  • Eric

    Things to NOT do.
    1. never touch it because when you do the virus is on your fingers infecting wherever you touch be sure to wash your hands!!
    2.I tried acne treatment all it did was turn into discusting scabs and when i smiled it oozed contagious puss like things all around causing the sore to wrosen and get bigger
    3.try to keep away from the sun although it may dry it out it causes it to reden and irritate the skin making it hard to do everyday things such as smile and as i said before smiling is the last thing you want to do if it dries out.
    4.I was told that bandaids worked…mainly i used them to cover it up but it softened the sore making it harder to heal so it just stayed around.
    5.I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning and told them about it and how its been going on for a while. i trusted them when they said “digging out the core would work” no it hurt like hell mad the sore huge and by irritating the core of the sore it mad eit swell massivley.

    like many of you i’ve been going through the painfull humiliating battle of cold sores now for about 3 months i go to highschool so its difficult to hide it from everybody if theres anything that anyone knows to get rid of it very soon please let me know thanks! keep posting!!!

  • Christy

    Preperation H the creamy kind not the greasy one. It works great and will go away in just a couple of days.

  • tina

    What u really want to do is keep them from even coming out! I read in a home remedy book to take L-Lysine 1000mg everyday, I take it and didn’t have any for a year, then I stopped and had a few that were small so I started taking again, it really works!

  • Lainey

    Salt Works!!! Sterilize a needle with hot water and then gently pop the blisters and wipe away the fluid. Dip your moist finger in salt and press firmly against the affected area for about 3 minutes. It will burn, but trust me, it is well worth it! I did it this morning, 2 hours ago, and the blister has already started to scab over. After it starts to scab, apply neosporin to make sure the scab heals properly!

  • Denise

    What I’v found to work the best for me would be toothpaste. Take a Q-tip put toothpaste on tip and put on cold sore this works, it will burn a little but it works.

  • chicky

    6-30-09 @ 10:03pm I’m trying out the nail polish remover… first i put ice, then nail polish remover and some abreva…. hopefully by tomorrow its gone.. ill update tomorrow.

    the freaking nail polish remover stings really bad, not at first but about one minute after.

  • chicky

    Nail polish remover made my lip super swollen, one good thing is that the redness and apperance if it isnt as bad… except for the swelling which i’m eliminating with Ice….

    Wouldnt do nail polish again because this was super swollen

  • Sterling

    Here’s just about everything you need to know about cold sores.

    Ok, so I’ve been researching a lot about cold sores lately and found that:
    Cold sores are usually triggered by
    High Winds
    Feeling Run-Down
    Lack of Sleep
    Being sick (Low immune system functionality = change in PH Balance, which the process of an outbreak of cold sores is very sensitive to)
    Dieting (see right below)

    Cold sores in a way feed off of Arginine (a substance made in the body) which fuels the outbreak.
    Lysine (not made naturally by the body, has to be ingested) bonds with Arginine and mutates it in a way so that it can’t be used by the body to produce cold sores.

    Picture a 2-Liter bottle labeled Lysine and Arginine Only. Certain foods contain Arginine, so when you eat these foods, it contributes to this 2-Liter bottle which contributes to the cold sore. When you take L-Lysine tablets, you fill the 2-Liter bottle with Lysine, which acts as described above.

    It is recommended to take 1000-3000 (I usually opt for 3000, 2 Tablets 3 times a day) during an outbreak or when you feel an outbreak of a sore (tingling) coming on. A good way to avoid cold sores altogether is to take one or two 500 mg tablets of Lysine every day, almost religiously.

    Now for all of the people who are looking for an immmediate way to get rid of a cold sore because something big is coming up and you don’t want that embarassing, sometimes awkward bump on your lip (or because you’re lips are covered with cold sores or a huge cold sore that you wouldn’t dare show your face in public with, don’t worry, I’m like that too.) For all these people, I’d like to say, if you’re going to follow this method, be ready for pain. Follow this method if it’s really worth it to you.

    Take 2 Tablets of L-Lysine (it just helps).
    Take a small petri dish and have out Lemon Juice (or a lemon), Salt, Garlic (very, very necessary), and if you can stand the smell, Apple Cider Vinegar, though it is not really needed (it’s mainly for the people who say certain remedies don’t work for them; one of these is bound to work for you).

    This series of steps is what did it for me, but hey, No Pain, No Gain. And somebody said this as I was searching about cold sores. If you want real results, very quickly, you’ll have to do real work for it.
    Crush up the garlic (one clove) in the petri dish into small pieces. Use a spoon to smash it up as much as you can. It is ideal to make it into a kind of paste, but just do as much as you can. Then take the lemon/lemon juice and either squeeze the juice onto the garlic, or pour 5-10 drops onto the garlic based on what you have. Next you can add a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, but I had to plug my nose in order to put that stuff on my face (plus it was mixed with lemon juice..such a weird smell!).
    Finally, sprinkle the salt into the mixture, and well, mix it up with a spoon or something. Put it on a cotton ball/swab and sprinkle a little bit more “fresh” salt onto it, and shake off whatever doesn’t stick on.

    Set this off to the side.

    Get 1 Ice Cube and melt it all the way on the cold sore.
    If the cold sore seems “bubbly” use a sterilized needle and carefully poke at it until some of the water/puss runs out of it, with a cloth ready to dab at it.

    Now, take you’re cotton swab of pain and press it directly on the cold sore with a good amount of pressure. I had one of those huge, Oh man!!!, cold sores, and this was one of the most painful things I’ve endured (I’m only in high school though). It was like salt on an open flesh wound (though, technically, it kind of was, and was probably worse). I held it on for 10 solid, timed minutes, and again for the same time two hours later. It was horrible. It stung, burned, and was like acid for most of the 10 minutes. However, the results were amazing. Before the 10 minutes, it was a bubbly, puss-filled, horrible cold sore covering half of my upper lip. Afterwards, it was amazingly better. Only 10 minutes, and my family noticed a huge difference. It dried up instantly, and looked like more of a big red mark than a full-blown cold sore. I really wanted to have it gone overnight, so I did it again later.

    At night, put toothpaste on it and get a good night’s rest.

    If the pain is really too much, maybe try taking Alleve to ease the stinging a bit, for the ice too.

    Also, the main thing that you’re doing here for having a cold sore heal (there really is no curing a cold sore, since it’s a virus) is to expose the cold sore, dry it out, it will scab over (be really dry and if you smile, it cracks and maybe bleeds), and then keep it moist while it is scabbed, so that it doesn’t crack and bleed. Once you’ve dried out the cold sore, you can use chapstick, vaseline (haven’t tried it myself, but a lot of people says it works), or who knows what else to keep it moist. A few weird ones I found (the first one I’ve tried and it works pretty well) were Ear Wax and Urine. Naturally, I steered away from the second one. Who would put urine on their mouth?

    Here’s another thing to note: Cold sores thrive in *warm* and *moist* environments. That’s why you keep it cool and dry using ice and the Lemon Juice, salt, and Garlic. The only reason why you keep it moist after it dries is that it’s pretty much already healed, you just want to let it heal nicely the rest of the way; cracks and blood doesn’t really help that.

    Well, that should have cleared up some confusion about cold sores, sorry I didn’t cite my sources, but whatever.

    The above is about 2 hours of web browsing condensed into a pretty long comment

    There’s my 2 cents

  • themissus

    I know that it sounds gross but ear wax does dry up a cold sore. I’ve had them since I was little.

    L-lysine also works. I usually take 3 pills a day/500mg each. I’ve used this for 4 years and did not get a cold sore. Then I stopped taking them and they came back. I have one right now that I got two days ago. I’m taking the pills but I’m also trying the ice and salt as I type this. I’m going to try the toothpaste before I go to bed tonite.

    I’ve tried alcohol before and it does help, but it makes the sore turn an ugly gray. I don’t know if I’m ready for the bleach or the nail polish remover yet!

    But my suggestion would be the ear wax which is a sure winner and the L-lysine pills.

  • Nicky

    I get one every year during the summer and last year i tried salt and it worked ok.

  • Marinade

    So far I’ve put on a cold sore cream, tea tree oil (which actually made it swollen and grow) and now I’m trying bleach. If the bleach doesn’t start to work then its on the lemon juice/garlic/salt concoction, and toothpaste before bed!

  • Patty

    when you feel a cold sore or fever blister coming on,whitch i can. your lip will itch or tingle. i put hand sanitizer on it 3 or 4 times a day & 99.9 % of the time you will not get one.

  • Jan

    The minute you feel a fever blister coming on, take strong laxative. Works every time.

  • Sammantha

    Alcohol works wonders! The more you apply it the quicker it will disappear.

  • Cella

    Nesporin LP (Lip treatment) works really great. Ice is also a great one when you feel it coming on

  • Cella

    I’m sorry that should say Neosporin LT, the LT is for lip treatment. It’s first aid for lips. Works great.

  • Silly Willie

    After the cold sore has dried, you can put Vitamin E oil or the oil from a Vitamin E capsule. The oil helps the cold sore to heal and keeps it from cracking.

  • Shon

    Also Drink plenty of Water to flush out toxins. ice works very well. Peroxide draws out the impurities if it is already oozing

  • Sharon

    I get cold sores alot and every time I try a medicine specifically for cold sores they get BIGGER and increase in number. I never had more than 2 until I used abreva and then my WHOLE mouth broke out I went to the Dr one time with only one on my lip and she gave me a pill and the next morning there were 5.. after that I realized that the medications have the opposite effect on me so I stopped looking for a medicinal remedy and went with just leaving it alone.. most times if i keep it dry it dries up and disappears, but then there are the ones that are just determined to stay around. I tried ice.. I think it works good.. the swelling goes down, it feels better, and the cold sore leaves sooner, not quickly, but sooner than it normally would. I get them about every 2-3 months… its getting really annoying.

  • funkepunke

    For those who have tried remedies and they only made them worse, I would recommend Denavir cream. It’s a prescription, so you would need to see a doctor to get it, but it’s worth it. I’ve tried so many treatments, natural remedies(including L-Lysine), prescriptions, but they all made the cold sores 10x worse! Denavir work’s amazingly! As soon as I get a cold sore I put it on and within hours I could barely notice I had them.

  • jackson

    I get cold sores about three or for times a year and when I do the best thing to do for me is to cut of the scab then dig out the core after thet I apply hand sanitizer once every 20 minutes for around 2 hours then apply ice for 15 minutes it works great and my cold sore is gone in 2 or 3 days

  • Bethany

    My boyfriend got rid of his cold sore in just 2 days. Although I dont know if I’d do what he did. He put GermX on it and also Lysol (he got spray on his finger and rubbed it on his lip) It was gone in 2 days.

  • melissa

    I got my cold sore yesterday. Since then I have scoured the internet for remedies. I have taken over 2500 mg of lysine, i tried soaking it with cold milk, i drank milk and potatoes all day, I drank lots of water, I’ve been taken ibuprofen and icing it on and off all day. today I got more desperate as it seemed to just be getting bigger. I tried nail polish remover three times, no change. i tried mouthwash on it, no change. I tried the garlic/salt/lemon/vinegar paste, for 10 minutes, it is now even MORE swollen. I let an entire ice cube melt on it and it is somehow even BIGGER! The top right half of my lip is so swollen solid, it is even swollen on the INSIDE! I am scared and upset and I wish some of these techniques had worked for me. I’ve already missed a night of work and now I am going to miss at least a few more days. If it is still this swollen in the morning I’ll be going to the hospital. It is swollen to more then double its size and it hurts so badly it feels like it will burst. I’m scared


    I woke up about 5:30a this morning and I felt this tinglin in my lip. I already knew what was about to happen. I get a fever blister once a year and when it gets cold I get one. SO I been using abreva now.Using abreva it best to use when the bubbles have already busted, since mine is just starting I put some on my lip this morning and been putting (abreva) on every 30 minutes.But when I got to work I felt my lip was buning, my lip was HOT. Then I had a cup of ice sitting by me and I applied it to my lip it REALLY went down (swellen). So I got kind of nervous and went online to see if anyone else has tried ICE and I see that u guys have. IT WORKS!!!!!!! I’m going to keep using abreva. Will update tomarrow.


    Well I’m back and i tried the toothpaste before I went to bed it help with the itching. But It did not reduce in size. The little bubbles have not busted yet so When I get home I going to go ahead and bust them, then apply alcohol to the the inside of the blisters so that they can dry up. Hopefully because I work and I am unable to take out that the scabs are not really bad.

  • ashley

    i got a cold sore two days ago, the first day was the usual..started with the tingling and everything and then it got huge! i tried just putting ice on it but that didnt do much. so i looked up home remidies for cold sore and found this one that worked miracles for me! it said to use nail polish remover..that i didnt do though. i mised crushed advil, salt and poroxide together to make a paste. i then used a sterile needle to just open the sore a little bit and then applied the paste. i left that on for about 15-20 minutes, took it off and applied ice for about five and left it alone for about ten. then i repeated everything. before i went to bed i put the paste on again and left it over night then washed it off this morning. the cold sore has scabbed over and everything. so i put ice on it again for about 15 minutes and then dabbed it dry and applied ‘blistex, lip medex for cold sores, cracked and dry lips’ to the cold sore only. it doesnt hurt at all anymore and you can hardly even see it! good luck to all you with cold sores and i hope this works as well for you as it did for me!

  • Jaime

    dealing with a cold sore right now – using Lysine in large amts. reduces the cold sore time and size. I am also a strong believer in Rubbing Alcohol. Pop the blister open and squeeze out the fluid, then dab your blister with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Burns quite a bit, but it dries it up so fast. Good Luck! Can’t wait to use more alcohol tomorror morning!

  • JoAn

    when you feel a cold sore coming on take Zinc,they usually won’t form if you start taking it right away….just don’t take it on an empty stomach,I also use carmex

  • Grl Int3rrupt3d

    I use to get them often,one time didn’t knw i was getting one(never 4get it!) and had to go to wrk;@ the time wrkd @ a halloween store so we had to dress up well ok cool…i’ll b a black cat so im putting on my costume,doing my make-up and i put black lip liner around my lips(BIGGEST FREAKN MISTAKE EVER!!!!) by the time i got halfway to wrk i was calling out everyone was looking @ me b/c the black cat lookd like she had”rabies”!! not that bad but u cld imagine horrible!! I got a prescription filled that i said i wnt need and spent $18.99 on a little tube of Lysine it stays wit me:-] havent had any outbreaks since…thank god!!

  • Grl Int3rrupt3d

    O yea…still had to go to wrk that day!!!My manager made me feel alot better about too!;-)

  • shez

    melissa = no wonder its swollen! try one of two different rememdys a day, if you go overboard with applying everything and byour skin can’t cope, how do you think perfectly healthy skin would react to that long list of stuff you did to it in one day? it would swell up!!

  • Diane

    One of the reasons we get cold sores is because our immune systems are down. Building the immune system with a healthy diet and lifestyle is good for prevention of cold sores and other illnesses.
    Reducing stress is important. When I am overstressed is when I begin to develop another cold sore.
    More details are at http://www.herbal-remedies-at-home.com/cold-sore-remedies.html

    I have dabbed oil of oregano on my cold sore at the first tingling feeling. This has helped.
    Lemon balm leaves made into a strong tea and dabbed often on the cold sore is beneficial. Studies have been done using a lemon balm cream on cold sores. It is very effective.

  • christie

    h peroxide dab with a q tip 3times…3-5 times a day or much as you want..it works great..it will dry out in 3-5 days…good luck

  • Couchpotato:-(

    Thanks for all the info. I’ve had my cold sore for 2days now I went to work yesterday cause it wasn’t bad, but when I woke up this morning it was oozing a little and turning white( I’m black) so it a lot more noticable. I’m going to ice my lip now… My cold sore always flare up after I have dental work done only on the right side of my mouth for some strange reason. I did apply medicated cream I forgot the name but. Think it made it way worse. Thanks again.

  • D

    Hi, i have been getting cold sores for about 5 years and i have an outbreak once a year. 2 weeks ago i started feeling the tingling sensation and i noticed it after i took a shower and i touched my lip. The odd thing about my situation is that a bump had never occured. Usually when i have an outbreak, when i first notice, shortly after a bump occurs and then it runs it course. Well, over 2 weeks later i still have this sensation on my lip when i touch it, but there is no bump at all! I have searched all over the internet to see if someone else has had this happen and i have found nothing! It makes me think that this is not a cold sore at all, but what is it? I am so confused. I want to kiss my boyfriend, but i wont do it as long as i have this feeling on my lip. My lips look completely normal, i just have this sensation on the spot where i always have a cold sore outbreak. I always break out in the same spot so thats what made me think i was getting a cold sore. Anyone have any suggestions? Suggestions would be much appreaciated!

  • Monica

    Help this helps and gets rid of the white cream…Ja ja ja ja

  • Tory

    I have been getting coldsores for as long as I can remember.

    I can have one come up in half an hour and never even get the tingling so will often just wake up one.

    I have recently purchased a product from Boots (UK Pharmacist) which is basically a small device that uses light to treat them and is the best £35 I have ever spent!!

    I must say it reduces the time and cuts out the blistering stage – so goes straight from sore to scab.

    You can use it as many times a day as you wish.

    A few days ago I could feel a sore coming – which NEVER happens to me – not sure if linked to fact i’d used it in that area previously as some people say they dont get an outbreak in the same place after a few uses – I used the contraption and it didn’t come up.

    The things I like most about it is that it is not medicated and most importantly I do not get a scar.

    Hope this helps another long standing sufferer!!

  • Jim

    I just put toothpaste on mine… OUCH!!!! I hope it works.

  • tucsongal

    I have not ever got cold sores until about a year ago, my boyfriend ended up with one and we tried as hard as we could not to kiss or anything until all his symptoms were gone. SO.. about 3 days after our first kiss after his breakout cleared up I got a cold sore.

    I work at an urgent care, and I was asking one of the doctors what to do, and she told me to put ice on it for about 30 minutes, and then put a small dab of vicks vapor rub on it, the vapors pull the infection out faster and make the blistering happen within hours instead of days, the next day your cold sore will pop naturally, and you are on your way to healing!

    Good luck… These things are nasty!

  • Kathy

    I don’t have a tip I need help. I got shingles inside my mouth after having chemotherapy. I am being treated with Valtrex 1000mg two times a day. While I am on the medication I still get them. I have tried everything including changing toothpaste to a natural toothpate. I notice many of your tips are to dry out the sore but you can’t when it is inside of your mouth and mine spread all over, I can have up to 1o going at one time. Luckily they never come on the outside of my mouth. Ice does work however I can’t use ice on the sores close to my teeth as they are very sensitive also. ANY ideas? HELP the medical communtiy hasn’t been able to help me can you?

  • Dianne

    I have been getting cold sores for over 30 yrs now. I even had one on my wedding day and back in the 1980’s we didn’t have the internet for all this info. So we all need to be thankful for all the ‘new’ advice. With that said, we all need to remember that not all remedy’s work the same for every person. I have to say I tried just about everything, never the bleach or nailpolish remover, something seems so unnatural about putting those on my lips. I have found that Alcohol of any kind will scar the area, but we are so desperate at the time we don’t care. We just want the evil demon to go away.
    I have read so much about these buggers that I do know you must find out what works for you and your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean it will work everytime either, but if it cuts out 3/4 of our breakouts then we can’t complain.
    What I have learned:
    1). Take a good multi-vitamin, 500mg Vit C & 1000-2000mg of
    L-lysine every day. Double or triple the vit c and L-lysine if your having a break-out or feel one coming or if you have an important event coming up. Take throughout the day and night.
    2). Try not to get too run down. Stess and illness only breed coldsores.
    3). Don’t let you lips get chapped or sunburn, always, I mean always use the strongest sunscreen chap stick you can find when your in the sun or wind, repeat OFTEN!!!
    4). I put DMSO cream on my lips every night to prevent a cold sore. It really helps to cut back on my outbreaks. It’s a awesome cream that will stop the virus from growing and or coming out. I pile this on if I feel one coming. I reapply all day to stop them from spreading. Take off when you eat tho, it tastes nasty.
    5). To also build up my immune system ( since we know the demon buggers thrive on us when we’re down ) I take 1000 mg of cat’s claw a day, more if I feel a break out, etc. It’s a herbal supplement used to support immune systems.

    Ok…so I’m all into prevention…and I have used this regimen for years and it truly has cut down on my outbreaks immensley. Years ago before I started this regimen I use to take Valtrex for prevention, however, I still got them & I didn’t want the long term effects of taking prescription drugs.
    If I feel one coming I also do this to stop the bugger from becoming a third lip. I’ll keep the DMSO cream on all day and night with the hopes it won’t pop out or at least maintain a small one.

    Ok, so what if I do all this and one actually pops out?? Then I start with the barbaric salt routine. I use kosher salt, flatten it with the back of the spoon and mix it with vodka ( this hurts so bad I think I should take a shot first for the pain ) I take a Q-tip and apply it to the demon sore and SCREAM OMG this is torture!!! BUT I want the demon gone so I continue to leave it on as long as I can tolerate the pain. If my time allows I will take it off after about an hour and reapply!!! Now if I have to go to work I just bring a small container of vodka and plenty of Q-tips and apply often with pressure and hope for the best. Then I redo the salt method when I get home. Now what to do once it scabs. This my friens I still haven’t figured out. Since us suffers know these demons have a mind of their own. We think they’re gone and then they reappear. Sometimes I go to bed and they’re almost gone only to wake up with them looking worse. I’m not really sure at what point it’s safe to put on a cream, cuz it only softens it and it seems we have to start over to form a scab. ERRRRRRRR!!!
    I know the best thing is prevention.
    To all my cold sore suffers…all i can say is THIS SUCKS and GOOD LUCK!!! OH as a Mother, don’t kiss anyone with a cold sore, no oral sex YUCK!!! that would only lead to genital herpes and don’t share your coldsore!!

  • J

    I’ve had these miserable things for most of my 40 years and never had much luck with Abreeva or Carmex. A couple years ago I was sick of it and spent hours on the internet and compiled a suggested “routine” to combat these ugly sores. If the sore has already blistered use a sterilized needle and pop and drain the sore. Take 1500 mg of Lysine twice a day during an outbreak and 500 mg daily FOREVER. So give it a try!

    1. As soon as you feel the tingling put one ice cube directly on the sore until it completely melts
    2. Follow with one tea bag moistened and placed directly on the sore for 10-15 minutes
    3. Follow with one cotton ball saturated with alcohol(will burn)for 10-15 minutes
    4. Follow with one cotton ball saturated with nail polish remover(will burn)for 10-15 minutes
    5. REPEAT as often as possible or at least 4x a day

  • natasha

    Apply toothpaste with salt , 😀

  • Melissa Kilner

    Bergamot Essential Oil – A miracle cure! Dab on effected area with a cotton tip. My two HUGE cold sores were gone in two days. I was very sceptical and cynical as I had tried everything there is. Give it a go!!

  • Cyndel

    I have been getting cold sores for about ten years now. They are so miserable; it is at least nice to read here that others know about the pain and embarrassment and inconvenience.

    I have learned that what works for each person is different. I tried Valtrex and it made my cold sores break out something awful. I am somewhat of a pansy when it comes to pain, so I have learned to avoid getting them as best I can.

    For me this is by eating. Sounds silly, I know, but I find that when I am busy or stressed I do not have as much of an appetite and so I will (unknowingly) eat less. When that happens my immune system dips, and then I am susceptible to having an outbreak.

    So as soon as I feel that first tell-tale tingling sensation, I eat. A lot. I have learned to avoid chocolate and nuts and caffeine. I also avoid sugar. I drink TONS of water, to flush the toxins from my system, and several times a day I put an EmergenC packet of 1000mg of Vitamin C in my water glass. At these times I drink PRIMARILY water, and some milk. ONLY these two. Nothing else, ever.

    Sleep helps. Reduce your stress. Relax. Eat. Drink water. Apply topical Lysine from Whole Foods. It’s a little tube of cream. I also add liquid Lysine drops to my water, and I apply the liquid Lysine drops right onto the cold sore area several times a day.

    I am a cold little person who loves hot showers, but I do think the hot water doesn’t help sores in full outbreak. Keep the heat down when you’re in danger.

    And moderate exercise! Walk around the block, your neighborhood, your apartment building…whatever, but go for a walk! No heavy exercise with sweating. But get your body moving so your lymph nodes (which act like little garbage filter pumps in your body) will start working. Your lymph nodes can do a lot to help you, but they need you to MOVE (moderately) so that they can work. A sluggish, inert body is not going to get well as fast. But beware–a sweating, huffing, puffing body is HOT, and cold sores like heat. You get the drift–stay cool.

    I also think that we get them because we are stressed usually, so do whatever relaxes you. Get to the core of the problem. Do you write to relax? I do. Play guitar? Play with your dog? Garden? Read? Watch a funny movie? It is probable that something is on your mind when you are prone to a break out–think about what might be troubling you. “Get in touch with yourself”, listen to your heart…spend some quiet moments doing something that will make you feel less worried or anxious. Write a song. Bake a cake. Call a friend. Apologize.

    And take that dang Lysine! Every day. Build it into your life. Eat more foods with it. Eat more often. (Swiss cheese, milk products…) Absolutely NO caffeine and sugar. Vitamin C. Sleep. Topical Lysine. WALK!

    This is a plan for avoidance. And we all need to try to protect other innocent people from contracting this virus from us, so I try never to share drinks or food with others. I always just say “I’m getting over a cold.” I don’t allow others to borrow my chapstick, etc. I absolutely refrain from kissing my boyfriend when I feel contagious. In reality, we are contagious all the time, I think. But we can do much to protect others. Be honest with your partner. If you are in the dating phase, I am not sure what to tell you. I know no one wants to bring this up when you meet someone you like. Try to be considerate and responsible. Most of us don’t know how we were infected, so do what you wish others had done to protect you. I was kissed by someone who knew he had the virus but was too cowardly to tell me. Needless to say, I do not have a very high opinion of this person, nor of cowards in general.

    I think we all need to be aware that both types of the Herpes Virus (HSV I and HSV II) can be contracted and spread from the mouth to the genitals and vice e versa, even though traditionally each type is associated with a particular area. You can give someone oral herpes by your oral contact with their genitals, and infected genitals can transmit their genital virus to your mouth. Please be aware. I don’t know what widespread knowledge of this fact would do to the collegiate dating scene, but I do believe people need to know this.

    So now I structure my life in ways that will prevent outbreaks. For the most part, it works very well. When stress hits, I can break out.

    Pregnancy causes breakouts, too, because your immune system is compromised. Stay healthy, with lots of stores of Vitamins and Lysine in your system. Not much seems to be known about taking Lysine when you’re pregnant, so use the topical kind and eat Lysine rich foods.

    Well, that’s what I do anyway, and each person’s journey is unique. Good night, and good luck!

  • Liz =]

    Cold sores are the worst. Along with pimples, they are a skin blemish that NOBODY wants. I’m a fourteen year old who has suffered from cold sores frequently. A couple tips:
    1) Don’t lick your lips – licking your lips frequently can cause painful cold sores.
    2) Carmex!!! – A handy little chapstick/cold sore healer that works.
    3) Abreva! – Another cold sore medication.
    Honestly, cold sores are a pain in the rear. Hope my remedies help some.
    -Liz =]

  • julia

    To Kathy, with shingles in her mouth from chemo: Several years ago, my gums hurt constantly so I was desperate for a solution. I found a mouthwash at the pharmacy for oncology patients who experienced thrush. I started using the mouthwash several times a day and my gums became less sensitive and after a few weeks, the pain went away. This stuff really worked for me and I hope it does for you. Poor thing, I feel so bad for you. Good luck!

  • Nora S.

    to Kathy hopefully you have asked the dr. to check out your mouth. Shingles comes from the virus Herpes Simplex 1.Shingles will run along the nerve roots in your body and are very painful.

    Thrush is a overgrowth of yeast probably from a low immune system. Both needs a dr.treratment. Thrush can be treated with homew remedies id not bad. By eating yogurt a lot each day, there are also pills at the drug store for people who don’t like yogurt. Ask at the pharmacy for the pills I don’t remember the name but every main drug store carries the pills. If you have a serious life threatening disease talk to your dr. first before trying someone’s remedy. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and I have heard of all the homemade remedies. Don’t get me wrong alot of them do work but trust your judgement its your body and your life

  • Judy

    I find that drinking beer makes me more likely to get a cold sore. I just don’t drink beer anymore.
    I have a prescription for Acyclovir and I’ll pop one of those the moment I feel a tingle. It usually nips it in the bud, and if I do get a sore, it’s small and goes away quickly.
    It only took me about 20 years to figure out that beer was a trigger.

  • debbie

    ICE FIRST without a doubt! And if you dont get it when it first starts, pop that blister with a sterile pin or needle,but first dip the needle into camphor spirits or witch hazel. then put ice on until cube is about gone. Tooth paste over night, wala! gone real fast after that

  • Krystal

    I use Blistex. Not sure of the spelling… but the sore went away in 3 days while I was using it.

    After the sore is gone, I use Burt’s Bees Chapstick and I only get cold sores like twice a year.




  • Angie

    drugs: valtrex
    non-medicinal: l-lysine can be found in lip balm at the health food store,
    some yogurts have lysine, read the label! don’t get the one with glycerin!

  • Nancy

    Bleach… Seems to work for me… I get cold sore 3 times a year… Not resting and not eating good triggers them for me ! also a weather change… Today i woke up and right away i knew i was getting one .. my lip was a little puffy so i get a Q-tip and dip it in the bleach!And put it on the cold sore… 5 times a day! Only the day i got it… The second day i just let it rest and let it heal. The bleach has done most of the work of drying it out! i just have to wait for it to heal and scab. I’ll be gone in less than 3 days! Ive try everything .abreva.toothpast.a crush aspirin.vick’s vapor.ice. trust me everything ! bleach is what helps me and the cold sore doesnt grow! hope this helps!

  • Michael Rhodes

    Ice and carmex really does work. I got a cold sore Sunday morning, So i started using carmex for awhile. Then started using ice to daul the cold sore, then used carmex before i went to sleep.

  • Madison

    Well,no one really brought this up. I am 14 years old. I HATE these stupid cold sores. They really hurt, and you can’t do anything for them really. It’s a herpes simplex 1 virus. It usually attacks for me during or after i get a cold or fever.note=i usually dont get fevers or flues because of vaccinens.So that(vaccines) can help reduce your risk of getting a cold sore because of an illness.

    ANYWAY,the tip below is from my mom she sooo old school when it somes to certain things(from her old days) and has these crazy remedies.

    The Ear Wax- Put your ear wax on your sore. It should dry the cold sore out by morning if you do it before bed or a few times a day. I AM NOT sure because, I have never been brave enough to do that gross stuff.

    Egg Yolk(if thats how you spell it)- You crack an egg. Pour out the stuff in the inside(discard the yolk or save the yolk for later) OR you can crack it open and work from the inside of a cold uncooked egg.(still discard the yolk from egg though)

    So next, after you pour the yolk out somewhere. There is some sticky paste feeling liquid. That what we’re using here. Dip a
    Q-tip in that stuff and apply ONLY to cold sore. NO other parts of your body or mouth, because this stuff Drys out your cold swore REALLY good.Dont want your skin dry looking like you have drool all over your face or wherever.

    Last, just LEAVE IT ALONE. It will do all the work. You should do this before you go to sleep. Because it works effectively. It should decrease size,and it should dry this nasty thing out in a matter of minutes. Soon it will skip the oozing fluid part and your cold swore will get hard and start to dissapear.

    I used the egg remedy. It makes your cold swore REALLY dry out and fast.
    I also used blistex with it after I waited for the egg stuff to take effect and it got the cold swore dry and hard. Yes, It drys your cold swore in 2 minutes.

    Hope this helps,The faster you catch your cold swore,use ice first then use one of these two remedies, the fatser it will go away OR not come at all. It should be gone in 2 or 3 days. And not noticable through the middle of the process if taken throughly.

    Good Luck, These things are nasty and annoying!So I Hope You get rid of It(them)

  • Martin

    As the beginning of this article states, diet can be a big contributor. Try to stay away from arginine rich foods (chocolate, nuts, grains incl. wheat breads, beer), and a daily dose of 1000mg of L-lysine will go a long way. Managing stress levels any way you can is a great preventative, as is staying out of the sun or cold windy weather. Should you feel a cold sore coming on, try ice. It’s natural and free. Everyone reacts differently to medications (I know Valtrex and Abreva don’t work very well for me, nor does tea tree oil; and yet others swear by some of these treatments). I am concerned that anyone would want to apply bleach or nail polish remover to their skin. This can leave terrible scaring, and is an irritant to tender skin around the lip, nose and chin areas. Best advice to those with a cold sore outbreak: relax; stress and obsession will make it worse. Keep in mind that many people are sympathetic to your embarrassment, and if they aren’t then they’re probably not worth knowing. Remember: it looks much worse in the mirror then it does to anyone staring at you on the bus, etc etc. And more good news is that cold sores go away in the end. Hopefully with the steps mentioned in the article and pointers from all of us, they won’t come back as often or as severely. Good luck!

  • Ayanna


  • kendall

    hello im 15 and i get TERRIBLE cold soars! Im actually home away from school because i have one. My tip is to use ICE! and another tip if your cold soar is big and is oozing out bet some bread and put some milk on it and put it up to your cold soar! it flattens it completely! GOOOD LUCKKKK!

  • Natural

    I recommend putting licorice root powder on your cold sore. Licorice is said to be an antiviral. Also eat lots of licorice candy or drink the licorice root powder as a tea: put 1 tsp of powder in hot water. Eats lots of eggs (they are rich in lysine) or take the lysine tablets. The lysine does not remove the cold sore but it boosts the health of your mouth and lips so it helps it to heal better. The good news is that unless you spread it to other places, the cold sore “will” go away. It just has to go through a cycle. But, we can shorten the length of the cycle!!!

  • Elysiah

    Cold Sores Are Disgusting .. But I Went to the pharmacist and told them about My cold sore, and they give you a medicated cream that they say you can’t buy in an isle on a shelf, and it works Really well … A little while ago i ran out of it, and i’m using Ice to bring the swelling down And rubing aclohol, That work really well too 🙂 Goodluck

  • Bobo

    See wat I do. Is I scratch it. Scratch it good. Scratch it till u can’t scratch nomore. And wen you’re done scratching, scratch it somemore.}:) yeah. Then u lick it. Sike naw I use vicks.

  • Lexi

    Collidal Silver is amazing. Put on a Q-tip and apply to the sore several times a day and it takes it away. It also works on pink eye.

  • Someone Who Cares

    Hey you guys!! I had gotten fever blisters all my life, some lady kissed me on the lips when I was a baby while she had a cold sore and I got a really bad reaction to it….ever since I have been getting little cold sores and fever blister every 3 years or not very often….but last year I was under so much stress and was going through a separation with my husband….I started getting a cold sore like every month….anything would me to get one….so I started to panic and even tried the bleach technique which only made it worse…..I even bought that “get rid of cold sores forever” book online and it helped but I still wanted something more so I kept on reading…. And here’s what really works….. **GO TO THE VITAMIN SHOP and get TEA TREE OIL FACE WASH to wash your face wash with everyday….it lasts a long time….MOST IMPORTANTLY get OLIVE TREE EXTRACT CAPSULES!!! Babies trust me this will either get rid of them forever or it will shorten the length of the cold sore and also prevent them from coming back so often and will minimize the size of them…..also get OIL of OREGANO to help strengthen your immune system….these two things are both natural ANTI-VIRALS that kill virus and strengthen your immune system!!!! I hope this helps all of you….I love u guys and I’m so sorry that we all have to go through this crap….BUT we will get through this!! GOOD LUCK!!

  • nicole

    i woke up with one yesterday morning, put ice on before tafe and some coldsore cream, put ice on it at tafe aswell as cream
    put more ice on at home, then put vapor rub on it at like 8 oclock,then tea bag at ten for like half an hour,then put cream and toothpaste on it, the toothpaste made it grow bigger now its fkn huge 🙁 im scared to pop it coz it’ll hurt and look even worse 🙁 help?

  • cheryl

    I’ve been getting cold sores since i was like 15 and popping them makes them last longer for me. I was using neosporin LT for a while but it took like 5-6 days to heal.

    Recently been using abbreva 15$ at any store and if you put it on A LOT like every time you notice its dried out..it goes away within a day or 2. no bullshit. yeah everyone might be diff but before you go popping it & making it hurt worse give this stuff a try.

  • angie

    Lysine (1500mg) is a sure preventive if you stay away from peanut products or other triggers. Make sure its a brand that
    Dissolves (or crush it to make sure) . It can be dabbed on overnite in powder form for quick relief. If out , grab a pc of garlic-crush and cut in half. Hold it on the sore or where it tingles. Works best with oral lysine. If you have liquid lysine avail , use that topically too (alternate with garlic).
    Tingling should stop in an hour if you get enough garlic and lysine in your body AND on the sore. Take the lysine every 3 hours while you have a coldsore and 1x daily for life if they are regular problems. Also for the mouth sores inside mouth , swish mouth with the powder 3x day with the lysine amd oral garlic AND suck zinc lozinges (coldeze are best).
    Also solaray and quantum have the best lysine pills and liquid. Fresh garlic is best but some garlic oil pills work by piercing capsule and using the oil. I had these coldsores for 30 yrs. The best thing is prevent them!!!

  • K-Rod

    I have discovered that stress, fatigue & generally being run-down is what triggers my cold sores. If you feel like you’re getting one, TRY NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT, I know it’s hard if it’s burning and itching like crazy but trust me, stressing about it WILL MAKE IT WORSE.

    Some things that have worked for me: applying ice to reduce swelling & stop itching, Valtrex (available with a doc’s prescription)as soon as you get one (will stop cs in it’s tracks), and applying an anti-viral cs cream, but NOT TOO MUCH. In my experience, if you swamp the cs it just oozes and gets worse, apply just enough to cover it & re-apply as often as needed.

    Lastly, try to avoid any known stressors/triggers.

    In reply to D, I have had that same feeling before, it freaked me out too coz I wouldn’t get a cs for days…turns out it was my body warning me that it was run-down and my lysine levels were low, I was super-busy for a week, but as soon as I slowed down- whoa!! the cs had a field day. I would say mb treat the mysterious tingling like the beginning of a cs, be prepared 🙂

    Hope that any of this helps!!



  • Susan

    I was just told to give my child (11 year old) a gentle laxative, to treat a cold sore….Will that work?

  • Joei

    Rubbing alcohol

  • bianca

    ice!!!! and you have to be stress free if you feel one coming on relax breath apply ice often….but remember stress FREE!!! it works.

  • Jeran

    No tip. Just questions…..My eight year old has a terrible case of cold sores…even the nurse asked me what was going on with her mouth…..she had never seen anything like it….fever, huge blisters on and around her lips, blisters in her mouth, red gums, hard to eat and swallow. Any of you get it this bad??? She’s been given a prescription for Acyclovir, but I don’t like the side effect list and the pharmacist said it may upset her tummy and give her diarrhea…not what we want when she’s having such a hard time getting things down. She wore a scarf around her mouth when we went into Walmart to fill the prescription….she hates the way these make her look. Never had these myself..any mothers with encouragement out there?

  • j

    I’ve been suffering from cold sores for 20yrs and finally got my routine down to “kill” the sore once it’s on its way.
    I take 3,OOO mg l-lysine daily as a preventative and use Herpecin L chapstick with spf.
    When a sore is coming, I ice it for up to an hour, take my prescription Valacyclovir, then put tea tree oil on the sore.
    I have tried nearly every remedy over the past 20 years and this is my “Holy Grail.”
    I hope it helps!

  • SoreFace

    I just recently got a cold sore. What works for me really well is crushed salt and hand sanitizer.. I crushed salt with the back of a spoon and when it became powder I put a dab of sanitizer onto my index finger, put salt on my index finger and gently pressed it down on my sore. I’m not going to lie, it BURNS but it’s so worth it.

  • Truth

    Bleach or Rubbing Alcohol are the only thing that kills the outbreak everything else is a scam except for prevention of course.

  • dhillon

    ok so i’ve had cold sores all my life.. im 14 now and go to high school.. i now that cold sores are herpes but everyone relates them to genital herpes. which they are not…ive tried alot of things to spot the outbreak from getting worse but not thing really works fast enough. ive tried apple cider vinegar mixed with liquid liquorish extract on ur index finger with some sea salt.(it stings but drys it out really fast!)hold it there for as long as u can!!! then before you go to bed but witch hasel cream on it.. DO NOT TOUCH IT AFTER THAT! trust me im a kid and its really hard not to touch it! GOOD LUCK!

  • deedee

    vicks , that helps. so does carmex, ive never tried ice or salt or any other thing!

  • joe

    my name is joe and i am 15 years old, i have had cold sores my whole life, and i have been having a lot of outbreaks this year, like every 2 months its painful and i dont know what to do? please post!!!!!

  • Dan


  • lisa

    I put toothpaste on it cuz i had some by my nose thinking they were pimples. But toothpaste does not wrk. Only makes it worse.

  • Amy

    Well I woke up the other day with an absolute corker of a cold sore under my bottom lip I’m pretty sure it was down to the fact I’d been lieing in the sun at the beach as I’m on holiday (despite wearing SPF 50 on my lips). Anyway I’d been taking 2000mg of lysine to try and stop the pests as it had worked before but sadly not this time I upped the dose but it just seems to be getting worse I now have a second one just above, which has made my lip swell to the point where I look like the elephant man I’m going to give the ice a try so fingers crossed if I can give you any advice from this experience it would be DON’T STRESS and watch yourself in the sun. Thanks for all the tips I’ll be sure to give some a try 🙂

  • mama of Lily

    Well, I’m pregnant, and am days away from my due date. Little blister decided it wanted to be a part of my life all of a sudden! No thank you!! I’ve taken medication before, and stopped because I was having adverse reactions. I’ve had the virus for a few years now thanks to my idiot ex-boyfriend. I getboth herpes lesions (mildly) downstairs, and cold sores (mildly) about 3 times a year typically. The cold sores, I found that just leaving them alone worked best. Sometimes I had burst the blisters manually, and salted afterward to dry it out. That seemed to work alright. After the crust/scabbing srage, healing begins! I would be afraid to try bleach, only because it’s truly not supposed to even touch the skin. But I will try in when I’m no longer pregnant. Aspartame is what brought this one on for me!! Its horrible stuff, and I HATE deaaling with this nasty virus. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me dry these blisters up before I have my baby? I have one on upper and one on lower regions aswell. I’m worried about having to get a C-Section If the lesions do not go away. I need it gone QUICK!! Help please?!?

  • Haley

    I got sunburned 4 days ago. Fever blisters/cold sores starting popping up 2 days ago. It is really bad, multiple bubbles, parts are white and yellow. It’s very disgusting I’m scared to leave the house. I’ve used alcohol religiously, tea bags, ice, salt, cold sore cream, etc!!! Nothing has seemed to work fast. I really don’t think there’s anything you can do to get rid of a cold sore fast….

  • Gretchen

    I have been home in bed for 1 week with literally the worlds worst case of cold sores. Every inch of my mouth is covered with penny sized cold sores. Nothing seems to work for me – I have the superman of cold sore virus in my body. I am going to try the earwax, last resort. But I am glad to know that I am not the only one suffering with this horrific virus. Misery loves company, right 🙂

  • tom

    I’ve been gettin cold sores since a kid…. i never really used anything til i actually understood what it was. i got one earlier today soo at first i rubbed ice on it but it got swollen but then put bees wax to see if the swellin would go down n it did… but now the little bubbles came out its not as bad soo i put tooth paste on it I’m prayin it works…… it feels good to know I’m not the only one in the world who get them

  • Ola

    i just got sunburned couple of days ago and the beast is BACK. I have been getting them since I was a little girl, so believe me, I know what to avoid to prevent them. Well, I wasn’t prepared this time and the sun got me. Now i am paying for it!!! I have like thousand of ’em (nose, lips, chin, oy!) I have to say, I am trying the nail polish and I honestly prefer the STING compared to itching. I this stings a LOT! I will let everyone know what the result say. Like some of you, I have pretty much tried every medical and home remedy and nothing works. I must have indestructible-type strain.

  • Reena

    I am 40yrs old and for the first time, I have got a cold sore. It has been itchy for a couple of days and today it turned in a sore. I took the advise on using ice and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I used toothpaste before it developed and that eased the itch and that’s about it. I hope this sore will be gone by 2morw, so ice ice baby on my lips. Thanks for the advise all.

  • beth

    hi i get coldsores all the time and seein as im 16 its a pain in the ass i want to no the quickest bestest way to treat my coldsoress so i can leave my house ?. i tried the salt one last night but it hasent rele done anything wonderin if anyone else nos any better ideasx

  • Dan

    Abreva, it’s expensive but works wonders, this coming from someone who has had these ever since childhood. I’m now trying the l-Lysine tablets also, hope they help prevent!!

  • Cindy

    L-Lysine 1000mg everyday, to prevent them. My poor son has been getting them since kindergarten but they seem to be coming more often and a worse break out, I have started the L-Lyine for him as my friend used to have bad attacks and she swears by it, I will let you know how it goes. I just now tried the tea bag trick and it minimized the appearance so yay!

  • Beth

    I’ve always used salt, if we dont have any cream in the house, otherwise i just use whatever cream we have in the house and it seems to work fine. But i just got the start of a coldsore, it literally just came about 5 minutes ago, its just red and sore and hasnt scabbed over or anything, I have now put salt on it, but if anyone knows what would be best at this stage please email me at: [email protected].

  • Giusi

    I got cold sores on my lower lip and I tried “Pau d’Arco”, a natural antibiotic which I bought from a website which sells herbal remedies. My lower lip was swollen and sore and the swell disappeared in a few minutes, literally, after I applied Pau d’Arco!

  • Amy

    I have been suffering from cold sores for 25 years. I got way too much sun and woke up with one blister Wednesday last week. Needless to say it spread fast and my lip was triple the size in 24 hours. I have tried everything and no matter what I do the virus just has to run it’s course. I can’t wait until this thing goes away so I can get me life back.

  • kt

    i have been putting on hydrogen peroxide to help dry it out and keeps it clean and it helps it to not spread.

  • Dr. Neal

    Like you, I looked this up and I do All of these things.. This is what i do for a night solution,: I do 2 ice cubes to the infected area, hot tea bag (if you have it), nail polish remover (or any kind of alcohol based cleaner), cologne, and then toothpaste (cover your whole lip, so you cant even see your lip) Also, Carbo sav is good to put on at night too. Seems to work really well for me. During the day: I do Ice cubes every hour and the alcohol based cleaner. Nail polish and peroxide work really well for me. I’ve tried abreva, and it doesn’t really work for me, so I go the home made medicine route. I just bought Reeleve from Rite Aide and it’s supposed to reduce the chances of you getting it. The sooner you attack it the quicker it goes away, don’t let it attack you. All people are different and your body will react different then mine, so this might not work for you; but hope it gives some ideas. 🙂

  • DEE

    I used to get cold sores all the time but now as soon as I get a tingle I put nail polish remover on it with a q tip. Then I put tea tree oil on it and then hydrocortisone cream. I keep reapplying cream all day, the sore never comes out for me when I do this.

  • Jeff

    Ok Quick and easy home remedy that packs almost all of the suggested remedies into one is:

    1.Take a plate and put a Dot of Honey in the middle size of a penny

    2. Crush up L-Lysine tablet into powder and add on top of honey

    3. Crush up a small Aspirin table into powder and add on top of honey

    4.put one drop of Apple Cider Vineger on honey

    5. FInally stir all the ingredients into a thick chalky paste and apply to blister. I am doing it now and have noticed in just half a day that 50% of the swelling has gone down from the Aspirin and is begining the healing process.

    Also drink alot of lemon juice w/ water and eat a small clove of garlic sliced with apple cider vinegar and your blister will be gone in 2-3 days

  • Rd

    Ice the first day and then I stuck a needle and squeezed the pus out works better than anything! Don’t believe me? Fine live with that cold sore for another week!

  • mex3

    2000mg Valrex when you first feel the tingle and 2000mg more like 12 hours later and use Denvair cream. Both Rx from a Doctor tho.

  • Adrienne

    46 years of cold sore suffering and I think I’ve found the protocol which works for me:

    1) ICE. Hold an ice cube on the sore for 30 minutes. I hold the cube to my lips with a washcloth so it doesn’t drip down my arm as it melts. As the ice melts, get a new cube so you do it for a full 30 minutes.

    2) RUBBING ALCOHOL: after the ice, dip a Qtip in rubbing alcohol and roll it over the cold sore over and over for about 15 minutes. The alcohol will be wet and then dry. DO NOT swallow the alcohol as it’s toxic/poisonous if you ingest it.

    3) Alternate ICE/RUBBING ALCOHOL every 3-4 hrs

    4) Put a dab of abreve on it in between the ice/alcohol sessions.

    5) I also took 1000mg of Lysine this morning and have been taking Valtrex every 4 hrs, but I think it’s really the ice/alcohol which are working since I’ve always done Lysine/Valtrex without this type of success, but the ice/alcohol are the new parts of the process.

    2 sizable cold sores started last night at 6pm and were mostly gone and on the healing path by 4pm today. THAT’S LESS THAN 24 hrs for them to go away when normally I have them for 5-7 days.

    I will do ice/alcohol again tonight before I go to bed and then put Abreve on while I sleep. I’m hoping that tomorrow you won’t even notice them since they appear to be healing very quickly. I think they are drying up nicely but if they start to scab, I’ll put some sort of creme/moisturizer so they don’t scab since I think scabs take longer to heal than keeping the skin soft.

  • babybug

    This isn’t a cure but for girls this is a good way to hide a fever blister outbreak. Put liquid bandaid over it(if the sore is open this will sting for a little bit)then when it dries you can put your lip stick or lip gloss on. It hides mine and no one notices.

  • The boy f.

    The cold sore is gone. I was goin to try all those tips but i opted for the best.. I knelt and prayed to Jehovah.. Try that for getting rid of the problem once and for all.. Be cured.

  • kevio

    I had cold sore break-outs for years with painful and humiliating results. To seek remedies I used Abreva, peroxide, alcohol and assorted agents with varying degrees of effectiveness.

    I found relief in a way never imagined after meeting a friend, who was into mushrooms.
    He is a well known nutritionist, who has discovered something new about something very old. He speaks and writes about the newest university laboratory testing on mushrooms and how they work for the body and it’s immune system, The findings are presenting a very strong case for the regular consumption of mushrooms in our daily diets as the Chinese and Japanese have known for centuries.
    The iceman of Siberia was found with mushrooms tied around his neck and a coat woven from mushrooms on his frozen remains, indicating that man has had these in his diet for millennium.

    Besides having high levels of vitamin D, which nutritionists now tells us about our deficiencies of it in our diets of which leads to major illnesses and diseases, mushrooms have an inherent capability to rev up the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.

    Well after meetings with Marvin and continued study, I started a regimen of taking mushroom capsules. which consisted of 7 to 8 species of mushroom. Since there is nothing but mushrooms in these capsules, I could open them up and pour them onto my favorite meals, like pasta or eggs. Yum!

    One day after a year of feasting on mushrooms, it hit me. I realized that I had no cold sore out-breaks and or no colds. This was the Holy Grail for the cure. No more symptoms, No more sores

    Alas, the elusive cure for my cold sores is found in a good diet of mushrooms!

    I encourage all those who suffer from this dreaded malady, please read up on mushrooms
    and see if it might be the best solution and relief you’ve been seeking.

  • Alissa

    L-LYSINE WORKS !! I’m too forgetful to take it every day so the second i feel one coming on i start taking about 3 a day (its a vitamin). never realized how well it worked until i moved and forgot to pack it. Started getting one last night, put prescription cream on it. and its still huge. just now realizing ever since i had the l-lysine my cold sores never even got the chance to turn into those painful nasty bubbles. going out to buy a new bottle right away ! other than that – i prefer rubbing alcohol over nail polish remover.

    NEVER USE OILS OR NEOSPOERIN – you want it dry it out !!

    Tea bag works but honestly its just a hassle.

    If you go to the doctor he can give you prescription pills& cream.

    I’m still wondering how i even got the virus?? been getting cold sores since i was a baby. so not fair.

    good luck everyone

    also, try to stay calm. the more worked uo you get over it the worse it gets !

  • Daniel

    These tips are especially for Eric.(“The young man who is still in High School”). Well I have been battling cold sores for years. I am a 43 year old fit and active man. And I have tried some home remedy’s to no avail. The things that have worked for me are. (1)Rest,(2)A prescription called Acyclovir,It’s not expensive and insurance covers it.(3) Try to keep it moistened with lip balms,carmex or even a product called Bag-Balm.,….also abreva works but it’s a little pricey for a small little tube. The Acyclovir is a pill that is taken twice a day every day to keep it under control.(4)If in sun a lot then use an spf15sunblock lip balm. I used to get them as bad as the young guy named Eric. But not anymore. I only get them once or twice a year and they are not even bad like they used to be.

  • Dan

    I woke up with a coldsore last weekend, it was large red bump…no blistering or pusz at that point. I IMMEDIATELY applied ice and kept it on as much as possible for 3 days. I put the ice in a ziploc bag and didn’t take it off. The coldsore never developed a blisters or puss…the red bump stayed for 3 days and slowly went down. I also applied alcohol on it every few hours. I normally get a huge crusty coldsore that lasts 10-11 days…but since discovering applying ice the breakout is waaaay less gross and barely noticable!

  • naomi

    salt normally works n creates a scab top…

  • Chelsie

    Use ice, take l-lysine, apply petroleum jelly!

    Salt and toothpaste may work for some people as well!

  • Stephanie

    Bleach. Use a little with a q tip and press it onto your cold sore for 3 – 5 minutes. Do this at the very first sign of a cold sore coming on and it WILL NOT come out, or grow to be worse. Be very careful not to burn yourself or your lip area. Allow for a little bit of stinging, but know what is too much. Compress with an ice cube after to get rid of the sting. I did this twice the first day I noticed one coming on, and along with Abreva and L-Lycene it was practically gone by day 2 and never got worse.

  • Christian Coleman

    im using ice right now & it is working. Also take Vitamin C to boost your immune system (:

  • organogirl

    a pure diet is necessary to prevent outbreaks. avoid chocolate and cakes… microwaved meals, etc. no refined products, ie refined sugar, refined flour. (white.)
    don’t drink pop… try to avoid white sugar the most.

    eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa. lots of filtered water and drink green tea every day.

    it may sound broing, but a clean diet can keep outbreaks away.

  • Dawn

    Don’t stay out of the sun, it produces vitamin D in your body which you need very badly. Humans are native to this planet and designed to have sunlight on their skin, the problem must be something interacting with the exposure. I can imagine overdoing it in the sun and getting burned would cause a stress and in that case cause a cold sore/herpes outbreak. Or the cause could be some kind of sunscreen with paraben or other toxic additives. I digress, but feel the sun gets a bad rap nowadays.
    But I do feel for u all I have had bad cases of shingles, colds sores and my mum and son had terrible oral herpes attacks for which we usually went to the Dr’s and got ointments that didn’t work in fact the sore used to run away from one of the ointments right along the lips :O/ strange.
    Be well
    luv Dawn

  • Eros

    DMSO works & can be found at any tack & feed supply.

    1. Ice it.
    2. Pop it.
    3. Dry it.
    4. DMSO it.

    Smells and tastes like a garlic horse-raddish mix, but just a tiny dab every couple hours will dry it right up. A $5 bottle will last you a lifetime…unless it expires, which i’m sure it does, but there’s no date.

    **Not recommended for use on humans. 🙂

  • Michael

    When I feel some tingle, I would put rubbing alcohol on it using a q-tip. The stronger rubbing alcohol works better for me (which is 91% as opposed to 70%).

    If I wait too long, then blisters will start up. At that point, I use Tend Skin to pulverize the blisters. Tend Skin is for ingrown hairs which you can buy at Sephora. I use a Q-tip, put some Tend Skin (it’s like rubbing alcohol, but with Water, Propylene Glycol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Cyclomethicone, and Glycerin). The sore will turn white. Then I use a needle, poke the sores and quickly use my Q-tip soaked in alcohol to soak up the liquid and to kill the millions of viruses coming out. ***Important*** NEVER NEVER squeeze the blisters like you would a pimple. Squeezing blisters will spread the virus b/c the water that bursts out, you won’t be quick enough to get a Q-tip to absorb it and kill the virus with the alcohol.

    Make sure you only poke as much as you can handle. You got to burn it with alcohol as soon you poke the blister. The water underneath the blister contains millions of viruses! Once you dried out the poked sore, then you can proceed to poke the next one.

    After all that, use Abreva on the sore. After application with a Q-tip, let it set. Then use prescription only Zovirax (Acyclovir Topical)ointment on the sore. It comes either cream or ointment, but in my opinion and my Dr.’s, the ointment works better! The ointment will prevent any scarring. Lastly, I put Carmex on the sore. I like the Carmex b/c it has camphor. Camphor relieves the pain. Also, Carmex will prevent any scarring as well.

    I would also go to your neighborhood herbs and supplements store like vitaminshoppe or WholeFoods to get some herbs to help you heal faster. Andrographis by Paradise Herbs is antiviral, Olive Leaf, and Echinacea by Gaia. Gaia makes the best Echinacea supplements! After the herbs, wait 3 hours before taking L-Lysine because Olive Leaf may interfere with Lysine absorption. If you remove Olive Leaf, then OK to take Lysine. I would go for the Quantum brand Lysine in a tincture if you can find. Wholefoods carrys it. With the herbs, if you can find tinctures (liquid) form, the better. It will just work faster!

    Also, red marine algae (take 6 caps), and probotics. Avoid the dairy dervived probotics. Dairy can promote cold sores (for some people).

    Then, rest rest and rest! If you are stressed out, try Bach’s anti-stress rememdies. The tinctures really do work!

    It’s pretty expensive, with the herbs and stuff, but they will help your body heal and destroy the viruses inside your body. Sometimes, the best way to destroy the herpes simplex 1 virus is when it blisters or shows up. Then you got your opportunity to destroy that thing! The more you destroy it, the less frequent the cold sores will erupt! Otherwise, when the virus is in its dormant stage, it’s very hard to kill b/c it’s buried in your nerve cells.

    Good luck!

    Other herbs that will help: Samento extract (tincture preferred). It’s Cat’s Claw from the rainforest and it is antiviral. You can find it on Amazon.com. Also, when looking for supplements, try to minimize gelatin b/c it fuels the amino acid L-arginine which in turn fuels the herpes virus during outbreak. L-arginine is not the bad guy, our bodies do need it. Just not during a cold sore outbreak. Also, try not to get supplements with dicalcium phosphate b/c again it interferes with the absorption of zinc. In some instances, DCP can seriously effect the absorption of other supplements. According to the June 1997 Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the zinc absorption by people ages 59-86 was reduced by 50% when a calcium-containing supplement was given with the meal.

    Zinc helps the body heal during outbreaks, not to mention colds and flu, but that’s for another posting! ;-))

    Hope this might help! PS if you don’t have Zovairax ointment, don’t panic. Use carmex and abreva. Carmex is super affordable. Walmart sells it for 98 cents! Abreva is expensive. You may find coupons online.

    ***Stay calm and rest!*** Don’t use anything too harsh b/c that may scar your skin. Even though the lip area heals remarkably well, you actually can burn it to a point of no return. The alcohol burn will kill the virus and less likely to cause scarring. I’ve used the Tend Skin along with the alcohol and tend skin hasn’t scarred my lips. It does exfoliates which is what it does. With any outbreaks, the quicker you get to it, the faster the healing time! Don’t be too disappointed b/c during outbreaks it’s your opportunity to destroy that terrible virus in your body!

    PSS If you go to the Dr. Valtrex works the best. Get the 1 gram dose. You just take it once a day! Valtrex is antiviral, so if you do take more than one pill, it’s OK. Valtrex can upset the stomach, so take with food for some people. Valtrex is the best internal prescription antiviral. Also, there are coupons for Valtrex online for people with no insurance.

  • Michael

    Forgot to mention. Do not take large doses of Lysine for too long of a time. Over 3000mg and in 5 years, you can develop major side effects like kidney failure. See below for explanation:

    It’s Mainly About What We Don’t Know – In general, a lysine overdose is not considered to be life threatening and the symptoms, if any, are somewhat mild. The real dangers of a lysine overdose are similar to an overdose of any supplement or medication. It depends upon the person’s medical condition, and it depends upon what medications or other supplements the person is currently taking. When taking supplements, there is always the chance they will react with something else, and the more you take, the greater the reaction may be.

    A second risk is that when large doses of a substance are taken over a protracted period of time, the long term effects, if any, are often unknown. There have been statements to the effect that lysine overdose over a long period of time can potentially cause kidney failure, but there does not appear to be any solid evidence to back such statements up. It has been determined that excessive lysine can make some cardiovascular disorders slightly worse, and elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels more so. In such case, a doctor should always be consulted as to what a proper dosage should be.

    Use Common Sense – The bottom line? Common sense should prevail. If your diet includes legumes, poultry, red meat, and other foods rich in protein, you probably don’t need lysine supplements, but if you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat beans all that often, you might. Take the recommended dosages on the container, or something less than the recommended dosage, and see your physician if you have a medical condition and want to know if lysine will help or harm you. In general, pregnant women are advised against taking lysine supplements simply because the potential for side effects on the mother or the fetus, if any, are not well understood.

    Large doses in short period of time 8-10 days won’t kill you. Herbs and supplements are relatively safe. Just not overkill and more importantly for LONG periods of time.

  • Michael

    one more thing, if you do have swelling, hydrocortisone works as well. you can use cortisone along with the zovairax. there’s actually a prescription cream/ointment that contains both cortisone and zovairax, which is called Xerese (containing Acyclovir and Hydrocortisone).

    if you don’t have cortisone, preparation H ointment can help as well.

    carmex works best when the blister is about to heal and you are using it to prevent scarring.

  • mike to vike

    I use blistex relief cream on my bellend it works soooooo good makes you squirt like a slut!

  • Dawne

    I’ve been getting cold sores since childhood and what works for me is taking Echinacea-Goldenseal Complex. I usually use the Spring Valley brand, but any name brand should do. If I take it at the first sign of a tingle or little bump it usually won’t even break out. If I catch it later it stops the outbreak right at that point and starts drying it up in the first day. I usually take two capsules at a time, 2 or 3 times on day one, then twice on day two. You have to be careful not to overdo it because it drys it up so fast it can actually get too dry and hurt. That’s when I use blistex to soften it some. This stuff works because Echinacea boosts the immune system and goldenseal is a natural anti-viral. Don’t take it if you have any allergies to the Daisy flower family.
    I’m telling you it works better than anything I have ever tried! 🙂

  • Kiki

    I got my first cold sore 6 months ago, what I would do to go back in time and avoid getting this thing from the guy.

    I ordered Acyclovir cream off of ebay from Europe to avoid
    getting a prescription here. It works slowly.
    I found that clearisol acne spot cream works way better than the Acyclovir cream. It seems to have bleach in it, which is a safer alternative than actual bleach. Plus it stays on the coldsore over night which prevents spreading in your sleep. I think I’ve spread the virus in sleep from rubbing on the pillow, I’ve gotten soars only on one side of my face, the side I sleep on every night.

    I never thought I would ever have to deal with this issue, I love the sunshine, now I’m paranoid to be outside to long. This needs to get cured!

    • Amanda

      if you’re getting cold sores on your face, it’s not just Herpes Simplex strain 1..you should get that checked out.

  • Genisis Belding

    Uhhh got cold sore from my friend today ewww shared straw… Bad I dea but I’ve been icing as soon ad I reLized the tngled and I’ve been icing for like idk but on my fourth ice cube in a row. and I like this guy I sit by in class and I want it gone by morning so he doesn’t see uhhh but at first I put tooth paste ..!!! It stung a bit but made it a bumb!! So I took it off I’ll keep y’all updated on this sucker

  • Mark

    I had a blisterd on my lower lip, all it did was bother me so I put my teeth into it and juss pulled back and scraped it all off with my teeth! Yes it really hurt but u juss gotta show it who’s boss!(and I did that on the second day of it being there)

  • troll

    pour gasoline on them. works every time

  • tina brown

    I recently got a cold sore 2 days ago. i know this sounds craxy and nasty but this works!!!!! use your own pee. put 2 ounces of pee in a cup then 4 ounces of vinager and 1 ounce of bleach mix this all together in 1 cup. apply every 30 mins for 2 days IT WILL BR GONE garunteed i know it sounds nasty but it really works. also make sure you wash hands before and after applying. it workrd for me and my kids!!!

  • court

    Well, i currently have a cold sore and it is huge! I usually get one once a year near winter. Right now i’m taking Valtrex pills and Zovirax cream. I’ll let you know maybe tomorrow or the day after for results. I heard it works really well. Another tip is to STAY AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE, NUTS, AND TRY TO LIMIT COFFEE/CAFFEINE. I know it may be hard but i’ve been doing a lot of research and I heard it works and to also eat greens such as spinach,lettuce and broccoli. Hope this helpss:) I’ll post again soon….

  • Kristin

    I’ve been getting cold sores since I was 9 yrs old. When I say cold sore I mean the mother of all cold sores that seem to have babies all around it. I’ve tried abreeva, valtrax (doctor prescribed medication also for herpes simplex virus 1 aka cold sore), relief, just about every cream and medicine. Nothing has ever worked except recently when I had 8 cold sores all on my upper lip (the severity of those cold sores were extremely large, so large I looked like a duck because my lip was so swollen) and I tried campho-phenique. You can buy it at any cvs, also use ICE!!! The 8 cold sores were gone within 3 days!!!! Hope this works for you as it did for me!

  • dani

    i woke up this morning with the cold sore tingling..and i just started my menstrual cycle which probably has my immune system down a little bit..but when i was younger blistex used to dry my blisters up right away, but its like the cold sores are getting immune to it, so my grandmother told me to put a rag under warm water as warm as i can stand it and put it on my cold sore along with some salt, and just keep alternating, this is my first time trying her remedy i really hope this works !!

  • davona

    i have just tried the tea bag remedy and i am hoping this works. I honestly don’t even know if it is a cold sore. if so it will be my 1st and honestly…i am pretty scared:'( i hate how they look. please help me with remedies that really REALLY will work. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. im terrified.

  • leah

    here is my issue. i have a full blown cold sore. i just want to know what to do when the scab appears. does the scab mean it is healing? i used areva and it got a scab. my friend told me to use carmex or lysine on the scab to keep it moist. it seems that keeping the lysine on it makes is stay longer. should i just let it scab and do nothing like let it run its course? i work from home so i don’t have to worry about how it looks and i i keep carmex on the other part of my lips so they don’t get dry and crack.there is such different opinions on how to treat them. any tips are appreciated.

  • robert

    Baking soda it work

  • Melinda a

    Tried and true and absolutely free. It’s EARWAX!!!! I have been blister free for almost two years. In addition to cold sores, I have herpes zoster opthalmicus which shingles of the eye, I get it on my eyelid and it works for both. The shingles are tough but the aggressive application of a thin layer of earwax means they never progress past the red phase. As for the cold sore, if I apply at first tingle, it never ever comes. Don’t waste your time and money on these meds and so called treatments. Give this a try and just make sure a thin layer of wax stays on the itchy tingly area and within minutes to an hour the sensation disappears completely with no cold sore erupting.

  • mulan london

    i dont usually get cold sores and i need to get rid of it in a couple of hours what do i do =(

  • Lauryn

    Yesterday i felt one coming in so i put ice on it then peroxide with a q tip. Then put moist tea bag on it. Every 3 hours

  • sarah

    salt and toothpaste burn so bad oh it hurts

  • J

    The generic version of Valtrex works great. With my insurance it’s only $10 for 30 pills which is cheaper than lysine but you do need a doctors prescription. I didn’t have a breakout for four years but the week I don’t have it, a cold sore appears.

  • Maria

    I’ve gotten these little annoying thing ever since I can remember. I’m 15 now, and I get them once or twice a year usually around winter(which it is now). I woke up this morning with one. No sign the day before that I was going to get one which I usually have tingling or itching. Not this time just woke up and felt it. Now it’s Christmas eve and I want it gone by tomorrow, or at least New Years Eve. So I tried putting ice on it to get the swelling down. It made it feel better when the ice was on it, but within seconds of taking the ice off I got the burning feeling back. So I’m trying to put rubbing alcohol on it.. Yeah it really burns. But I’ve heard it makes it go way in 2-3 days, so I figured I’d try it. I’ll update you on this little sucker.

    -Maria @11:30 A.M. on December 24, 2011

  • Anne

    1000 mg Valtrex or generic (doctor’s prescription required) when you first see the sore appear, then 1000 mg 12 hours later. Has nearly always stopped them within hours and swelling is gone in 12-24 hours completely.
    Mine, untreated, are very bad, last over 2-3 weeks sometimes and have been the size of dimes or pennies at times. Popping the blisters always made it much worse.
    At 9:00 am today I had no sign of a sore, at 10:15 am the tingling, swelling and redness had begun in the inner corner of my lips and the small blisters were developing. I was out with no water but I keep the bottle of valtrex in my purse so I took the dose without water. Now, about 1 hour and 20 minutes since I took the dose the tingling and throbbing have stopped and I expect to see a great reduction in the blister swelling over the next several hours.
    If it is not nearly completely gone tomorrow when I wake up to go to work, I’ll write back….but as has been the case many times before, I expect it will be nearly gone tomorrow.
    Good luck and please do talk about this option with a doctor!

  • Brian


  • sharonpoo

    40 years of one or parts of all the aforementioned. By accident when i noticed tingling sensation i simple messaged area with finger. Stopped tingling. Dont know if this causes nerve endings to calm. Three times this has worked with only slight swelling and no blisters. Dont know if this is my answer forever, but i’m three for three on this tip. Thought I would share now in case im onto something. Previous cold sores duration at LEAST 10 DAYS.

  • maddy

    I have continuously had cold sore since i was very little, and as i grow older they seem to get worse. the thing is that im prone to being allergic to some of the creams so im kind of scared to try some of these remedies. i hate having them though and im only in high school so its really embarrassing. I have a cold at the moment and i think i can see two cold sores forming, one on my bottom lip and the other on my upper lip. I’m so embarrassed to go outside when i have them and really need some help. ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!

  • lily

    Lemon and salt…it really works.
    Cook a fresh lemon, (half lemon) in the open fired for 3 mins then add the salt. Poke the blister first and then rub on the sore….is going to hurt but it will dry it out….before u got to bed put on

  • Cat R

    Some of these solutions are scary… Bleach, nail polish remover? These things say not to ingest or allow to touch your skin, let alone enter your bloodstream. Please be careful and DO NOT DO THAT! I haven’t tried either of them because it is very dangerous. Ice will reduce swelling, it will not make it go away because the virus has to run its course. Do not pick at it, apply ointment according to the timely directions. If you apply something that says 3-5 times daily every thirty minutes it isn’t going to work anymore. The more you pick at it, the longer it will take to go away.

  • Rosa

    My daughter is only 6 & got a cold sore. I didn’t send her to school today besides the pain she is in I didn’t want to pass it on to another child. Most meds are for children over age of 12. What can I do for her when she’s so young????

  • Mandy

    I am having a bad break out..I have never had a break out like this !! I like went from one cold sore then went to be like 5!! I think cause I would touch them and touch my lips!! So not Happy! I need help!! I have out on salt and Now on some Tooth Paste on it..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    Hi, I woke up with a cold sore this morning I just ignored it till now when it really started to do my head in iv been reading up that slice of lemon works also raw garlic but no more than 2 cloves a day as this could upset your stomach and give you really bad breath and iv also read that apple cider vinegar can work to I aint got any of this stuff so iv put white vinegar on it will let you no the out come.

  • Francisco

    I have suffered for many years with this problem witch is the cold sores…!! One thing I do notice is on the first sight of them is to put ICE!! And with a Qtip sock it with nail polish remover and press on the infected area and with in 2 days you would see the difference witch it had help me a lot 🙂

  • Marco

    i got a cold sore a little over an hour ago. I put salt in the ice cube and then to my lip for like 15 min. then i put a warm teabag and POOF its GONE ALL THE OTHER ONES TAKE SOOOOO LONG ice = salt for 15 min then WARM teabag for 15= NO COLD SORE, YOU CSNT SEE IT at it was huge, dont get nedicine wste of money take my advice, aight paice.

  • lesli

    i’ve gotten 3 cold sores before and i was able to quickly heal them using simple items, carmex, hydrogen peroxide, and toothpaste!

    Every night I would apply hydrogen peroxide (with a q tip) to clean it up and it does sting, but i dont have a problem with that, then apply toothpaste right afterwards and sleep with that all night and in the morning i’d take off the toothpaste and clean it again with hyodrogen peroxide. the toothpaste would help it dry up. soo i would wait a couple minutes then apply some carmex and very hour or so reapply some carmex again (With clean fingers!!) in like 4 days i would be done with my cold sore. at least its better than a week or two.. 🙂

  • rubit

    When I first feel the tingle, I rub it, rub it good. You can scratch it also, but rub it too, rub it good. Then when you’re done rubbing it, rub it some more…rub and rub again. You can apply ice, salt, bleach but please make sure that you are rubbing it in…rub and rub again. That should work.

    • The Correctness


  • Peggy

    I am 40 and have been getting cold sores forever. Over the years I have found that L-Lysine works the best for keeping them at bay. I take one a week with my daily vit. I have found that when I run a fever or am out in the sun for long periods of time with out using sun block on my lips I will still get one. Or if I’m really stressed. In this case at the first blister. I USE A BURNED NEEDEL AND POP THE BLISTER. This will keep your lip from puffing up and becoming a huge sore. FOR ME THIS WORKS THE BEST!!! I will still have a small bump and use Salt, to help it heal over the next day or two. But buy then it is almost unnoticable to anyone but me. For all of you out there that get them. Remeber your not the only one in the world with them. It will go away and you are still a BEAUTIFUL PERSON. Don’t let something as little as a cold sore stop living your life. You probably think its worse that anyone else does.

  • Yvette

    I’m trying anti-bacterial hand gel (bath&body works) i need to get rid of it in a couple of hours. In the morning it was hurting and thought it was gonna go away but didn’t, i washed my hands and squeezed it. liquid came out.. i held a wipe against it..

  • Robyn

    Wow! Thanks for all your tips – I will try remedies in the following order:

    ICE it first.
    Salt/toothpaste for awhile…
    Then just before bed – qtip it with vinegar (white or Apple cider)
    Dry it
    Then (are you ready for this?) dab it with my ear wax for overnight treatment.

    See how that works…if needs repeating, the next night will be the toothpaste/salt application.

    Third night (if necessary), I’ll try the Vicks on it.

    Have just been getting over the flu so I half expected this would happen to me…but I am being attacked in three locations simultaneously (under right nostril, bottom left side lip and bottom right – NOT FAIR!!!

  • Deb

    I”ve never had a cold sore in my Life until the last two times I had a cold come on. I’ve tried some of the remedies that ppl have said on here. Nothing has worked and the worst thing is Do NOT use toothpaste…OMG,made it worst! Tried it and it made so much bigger than it was the day before!! Dr.Miller(from Indiana) recommended,to go to your family doctor and get Valtrex! If you get a high dossage of this med it would be gone within a cpl of days! Thank you Dr.Miller~~I’m gonna do what he suggested! Can’t wait to see my doctor tomorrow…!! ;))

  • Sne

    I woke up with one this morning and m at my Gran’s…im gonna try da toothpaste and salt tip and m not going to visit the neighbours…i hope this will work!*sigh*

  • Mikaela

    I have these cold sore tablets I take everyday they totally work!! I have had cold sores since I was in prep and YEAH!! They are the most horrible ugliest painfull thing you can have on your lip. They can stop you from doing the things that you love. For years I have been trying heaps of products on them. As I grew older they began to stop appearing. But in the past my mom and dad split and I had heaps of cold sore because of the stress. That didn’t help at all. Once we went on a holiday to some were extremely hot and I broke out with approxamly 17 cold sores. All you want to do is have fun and swim on holidays but they stoped me. Just this year they haven’t been appearing as much. At the moment I have 4 cold sores. What I use I 3 different creams CARMEX BLISTEX AND something else plus tablets they really work!! I have been sick and it’s just passed and now I have to deal with cold sores I was desperate to get them away!! I tryed ice. It’s amazing try it

  • Jeanette

    I havve been getting cold sores since I was in elementary. Huge nasty ones that stay for up to a month. When I was young I would just put some Blistex or other over the counter ointments on them and let them take their course. As I got older, I couldn’t really afford to ride out the cold sores. I needed them gone fast. I have taken Valtrex, used Zovirax (Acyclovir) cream and pills, taken Lysine, and used over the counter stuff but nothing ever seemed to work. I was feeling sluggish for a while and decided to see my doctor about it. She did some blood work and found that I was slightly B-12 deficient. She said that this was probably causing me to be tired all the time and also said that taking a B-12 shot monthly would help get rid of my cold sores. Guess what! I started taking the shots and for over two years my cold sores were gone. Before I would get a severe cold sore about 4 times a year. After two years I missed a couple months of shots and ended up getting a cold sore. Needless to say I started getting them regularly again. Ask your doctor about your B-12 levels.

  • Kelly

    My two best cures have not been listed (I read through most of this list, but not all – maybe I missed them!).

    1) Eucalyptus oil works much better than tea tree or lavender, but any of the three will help. Something about eucalyptus and similar menthol like oils really dries them out. The best one I have ever found is from Thailand, and hopefully i can find out what is in it and replicate it someday! In the meantime eucalyptus works great to prevent it (when you feel the tingling or sore) and also to dry it out.

    2) Any treatment I use is coupled with massive doses of lysine…

    3) Okay this one is weird and I saw a girl describe it earlier in this list but it was unclear so I did some further research and tried it. Raw egg white applied with a q-tip to your sore will dry it out and leave a lovely seal over it so you can actually go out, have a meal, no oozing or nastiness, and will help heal it. It was the ONLY thing I have ever treated a cold sore with that actually soothes it. The nice cool egg white feels so good to put on it! As long as you can get it out of your mind 😉

    4) I also use toothpaste to dry it out, and it works well. If it is really swollen or oozing, I put on a thick coat of toothpaste (I use Jason’s powersmile because the peppermint should kill the virus too and the paste is a nice thick paste – good for absorption). And i will leave that on for a few hours. Then I use tea tree oil to carefully moisten and remove the toothpaste (tea tree is really healing for the tissue, so I like to bring it in just a little in the treatment). Then I use my eucalyptus (or my magical Thai oil that I wish I could share with all of you!! If I could read it that would be a start…) oil to dry it out for awhile. And then I put on a nice coating of egg white and leave it for hours.

    And then take lysine every few hours – I take big does, like 2000 mg at a time, but that may be excessive – I just know it helps!

    Now all of this is only if you actually get the sore. I have gotten really good at using eucalyptus and/or abreva (or even lavender oil) to just prevent it from coming in when I feel the first tingle! And big doses of lysine at the first sign too, of course. I hardly get them anymore. This time was because I got sunburned and then drank wine – I should have known better! Also basic relation techniques work so good at keeping it at bay. This one caught me at a tough time, and now I am happy to share the egg white and eucalyptus and toothpaste regimen as another option for you all to try! I did try ice and salt, and I do have good luck with abrevia too and use that sometimes. But the salt just made it ooze more and hurt like crazy, and the ice hurt too! The eucalyptus dries it so much better than anything else… alcohol works too, but it more aggressive than the eucalyptus which feels like a good middle ground between the alcohol/bleach extreme or the tea tree oil on the other side.

    Good luck!! I have had these for 14 years myself (got them from kissing an ex boyfriend when he had one – I didn’t know what it was), and these techniques work great for me!

  • Kelly

    I forgot something important!

    First of all, in the last post I said “relation techniques” I meant RELAXATION techniques. Good relaxing Yoga will help a lot!! Meditation and breathing will keep it away if you do that right away.

    now the other thing I forgot from earlier is what to do once it is scabbed over. So with the eucalyptus oil and egg white you can keep the scab to a minimum. I only use the toothpaste (white PASTE, not gel!) when it is oozing. So by the time it gets to the scab phase with my treatment, it is a mellow scab and the eucalyptus oil has it dry but not nasty dry. So then I alternate between eucalyptus oil (or tea tree or lavender) to keep it drying, and then I use tea tree oil OINTMENT to heal the scab (neosporin is for bacterial infections, whereas tea tree is just good for healing and kills viruses too). So I alternate between the oils and the ointment once it starts gettign too dry, so that it will stay at a good place to heal but not crack.

    Patience and prevention at the keywords of course in the long run… patience for healing and prevention in general! I pay close attention to the diet tips too – chocolate, sugar, and peanuts are just a recipe for a cold sore if I am stressed out! I stop eating those foods at the first hint of an impending sore, and start the lysine and eggs! (I can’t do dairy, but dairy is amazing too! And tomatoes and avocado… You can look up lysine sources to eat and arginine sources to avoid!).

    Anyway – wishing you all best of luck!

  • Cindy

    Honey is good to get the burn out. pepermint tea also helps. Ice and a lot of l-Lysine. Witch Hazel work like alcohol just doesnt burn as bad. If you have a scab use the honey it will keep it moist enough to take it off. once its off use something to dry it out. I have used hand sanatizer its not any different than alcohol. I still havent found the miracle cure yet still working on it. Lysine will prevent it and make it a shorter life span.

  • Christine

    I’ve been suffering from cold sore for at least 20 years. Presciptions such as Zovirax or Denavir or even Valtrex seemed to be the most effective. But expensive and not always available to me. I do agree that nothing over the counter seems to work except for Abreeva. But you have to catch the first tingle to really keep the outbreak from happening, and if it happens while you are sleeping or at work or you can’t afford that $20 tube you are screwed. I found myself in this predicament 5 days ago. I iced the cold sore 4 times, using a paper towel to hold the cube against my lip.

    Took 2 lysine tablets per day, as I was running low or I would have taken 4. Dabbed the area with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. And applied Abreeva. The cold sores seem to stop growing in size and did not hurt. The ice stopped them in their tracks. I was amaszed. Day two they were hardly recognizeable, Same on day three. Some dry flaky skin on day four. Still no scabbing or bleeding. We are now on day five and I’m pretty sure they will be gone completely by tomorrow. Wanted to share as I will do this from now on. I never popped them or inflicted any pain on myself as previous posters have mentioned. As with any sore, I believe you should not irritate and aggravate it. Hope this helps someone.

  • Teresa

    I have been suffering for more then forty years with coldsores. Last week i had an outbreak with atleast five of them on my top and bottom lip. When it started I had just a small amount of Abreeva to use, but ran out. I used ice and other ointments, Lysine, and other remedies that were recommended, but my coldsores were still there after six days. I needed to go to the grocery and didn’t want everyone staring at me, as I am an avon rep, I had some makeup to put on it. I decided to use a liquid concealor called brightening concealor, thinking I could cover them up. Later in the day when I return home, deciding to put my ointments on them, I notice they had dried up alot. So later that night when I went to bed I covered them again in the concealor. The next morning they were all amost gone. I dont know if other concealor would work, but thats what I will use from now on.

  • dana

    Dr Tichenor’s will burn but dries it out apply all day

  • Laya

    I have been getting these stupid things since I was a child & could never figure out how to reduce the healing time & size. As I got older I began trying things; alcohol is by far the best. I soak a cotton ball in alcohol & hold it on the cold sore, I do this about 3-5 times a day; it dries it out into a small scab. Toothpaste works also. I sleep with the toothpaste on the cold sore.

  • Aniyah

    L-Lysine dietary supplements 1000 mg 3x’s a day at the first sign & during an outbreak. Include Vitamin C & Zinc as well 2x’s a day. Ice during the pristine stages (itching, burning, tingling).
    Lemon balm tea & extract, licorice root tea, extract & paste.
    Hydrogen peroxide, oil of oregano, prunella vulgaris, hyssops tea, peppermint tea, witch hazel for cleaning & drying. Toothpaste mixed w/ salt to dry (use overnight). Tea tree & lavender oil applied neat directly to sore will dry it up also has anti-viral properties. Other essential oils include eucalyptus, bergamot, geranium & myrrh just to name a few. Aloe Vera gel, tea bags, ice packs for soothing & to reduce swelling & redness. Mix the with a carrier oil & apply to sore. Use q-tips, wash hands with antibacterial soap, don’t double dip or touch sore.

    Abreva is ok. Anti viral meds (acyclovir, valacyclovir) are better.
    Zovirax cream is acyclovir topical cream available as a prescription. The same company that makes Abrevva makes Zovirax go figure. Campho Phenique works, Lysine Lip Clear & Herpencin L are options as well as Carmex, Pot O Miracle & Miracle Lips. Alternate regimens & remedies to see which works best for YOU. What may work for one may not work for another. Eat foods high in lysine avoid chocolate, nuts, coffee, oats and caffeine during an OB. Consult with you physician prior to taking supplements & using home remedies especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have HIV / AIDS.

    For scarring: Vitamin E oil, Shea or cocoa butter, coconut oil, Mederma, vitamin C serum, 6% glycolic acid cream (use at night), bio oil, chemical peel, laser treatment, lemons, bleaching cream, complexion blending (last resorts).

    Practice stress management, avoid the sun, avoid foods/ dinks high in arginine, exercise, get plenty of rest. Don’t kiss or perform oral sex on anyone while you or while they have an active cold sore.

    I would NOT apply any household chemicals or agents to cold sores or lesions. You’re liable to burn the sh*! outta your skin leaving you with unsightly scars & burns. Far worst than the cold sore it’self. Play it safe!

  • Doug

    I use alcohol, work’s wonders. What you do is open a bottle of 100% pure rubbing alcohol, and dip a q-tip into it. Then place the q-tip down and open a fresh bottle of vodka and drink it. Drink about 5-6OZ (over 21 years of age only)Then cry a lot because NOTHING works to fix a cold sore.

    • The Correctness


  • christine

    I am curious about the new Oral B Single dose with the active ingredient BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE. I do not believe this to be something that can speed healing. It sounds like it disinfects and that is all. Has anyone tried it? What did you think?

  • Christine

    I just went through a 4 month repeat outbreak. Every time one healed up, a few days later I would get another. I did research online regarding foods and found that I was drinking sweet tea all the time everyday and it contains arginine. I was taking lysine, but by ingesting all that arginine I don’t think it was doing any good. I have since cut out the tea and I think I may finally be free for awhile. I am also avoiding jello and getting plenty of yogurt, milk, and cheese. Hope this helps. OH! And put your toothbrush into a coffee mug with water and microwave it for 2 minutes before you use it. Change your pillowcase often as well.

  • Lyn

    Honestly…this works! As soon as I feel that tingling in my lip I grab a cotton ball and pour vodka on it. Then hold cotton ball where the tingling is. It keeps cold sores from getting huge and painful and definitely cuts down healing time!!

  • cassey

    The ice did nothing for me. I felt the onsets of this sore yesterday. I immediately applied sanitizer. Nothing changed so I stepped my game up to some Campophinique. The itchy burning sensation went away. Then I woke up to a mini me on my lip!!! I have been using abreeva all day, I tried the ice, did absolutely nothing. My stomache hurts too. Well, I will update about how this Abreeva works out. I like the “drink 5-6 oz of Vodka” tip though!!!!!

  • cassey

    Two whole days later with this monster on my lip, it is now brown crusted, about ready to come off. Which, from what I have read, is super fast. I have been applying it every 2-3 hours. I also apply campophenique/with drying action about 10 minutes later.

  • Amanda

    Tomato! I had this really big, nasty cold sore and I put a slice of tomato on it for 20 minutes. The next day, it was a tiny white dot! Repeat at least 3 times and it will disappear.

  • Dianna

    Apply Campho-Phenique Antiseptic Gel (Bayer) at very FIRST sign when you feel the tingling and notice the tissue changes.
    Put new application for first few hours to maintain the mild stinging sensation of the C-P.
    Switch to Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment (Quantum) for remainder of day.
    Begin next day with Campho-Phenique application for first few hours and then switch to Lysine+.
    Do not use the Lysine+ for too long because it will break down tissues that are beginning to heal and can then perpetuate the sore.
    Apply with Q-tip or roll half a square of toilet paper then fold in half and then twist top half to make a tip.
    Never use fingers as that could inadvertently spread infection to others due to the live virus exposure.
    In the meantime, take L-Lysine tablets, Vitamin C, and multivitamins regularly as directed for prevention.

    You may also take Benadryl and Tylenol (Aspirin or Ibuprofen) as directed in combination with above treatment as that also helped me get rid of the cold sore faster.
    Another effective variation is to crush L-Lysine & Vitamin C tablets and mix with Campho-Phenique and Lysine+ and apply directly to cold sore and repeat to maintain the stinging sensation of the C-P.

    The most important thing to do is prevent a full outbreak of the blister by dousing it with C-P. That has been the most effective intervention I have ever tried. When I do this the cold sore never has a chance to erupt and is squashed and history. I kept outbreaks away for 3 years in a row by following this method.

    I hope this helps. Good luck to all and well wishes for staying healthy!

  • Laura

    Changing my diet changed my life. I limit peas, nuts, soda, chocolate, gelatin, and cereal all the time and i eliminate those items completely when my immune system is compromised, traveling, staying up late, stress, period….

    As soon as I started limiting these foods I stopped getting cold sores. ( I spent the first six months of wedded bliss with constant cold sores.).

    I have one now but I am on my period, have a cold, was running a fever and snowboarding which was physically taxing and also windy and cold. At least I know I’m not poisoning myself with food.

    I plan to use my old trusty fall back, abreva first, then a layer of lysing+ the lip stuff you can find in the cold sore medicine aisle. It will be gone in a week, with out ever getting oozy or too scabby.

    Good luck all..

  • HorribleOutBreak

    So Ive been broken out for 4days now, mine started bc of stress and my menstral cycle, I was out and about when I broke out. I had nothing in my purse lk a dummbie, so I went to the store and got Tea Tree Oil, which HELPED, but I started to get one on the inside of my lip, lk it was just spreading. The tea tree oil helped a lot with the blisters, so I popped them and smothered them in Vasilene(sp?). Well the one on my inner lip was getting bigger, I put hydrogen peroxide on it which helped, then I started using Abreava and alcohol, which is horse shit bc it made it WORSE. So today, the ones on the outside are scabbing so I’ve use whitch hazel and a beauty vitamin E oil, which has safflower oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E. And I cannot believe that my lip looks almost normal! I totally forgot about L-Lysine, so I took some 2 1/2 hrs ago about 2,000mgs. I stopped the vasiline completely and using E oil. The pain has gone down SO much!! I knw these things are painful, but try everything till something wrks. I loove witch hazel, that’s one thing that has always wrkd for me. Hang in there and try not to stress, ignore all the negitive people around you, your just as normal as everyone else on here. Ü Good LUCK!!!

  • Sarah

    Homemade canned hot peppers! I started getting cold sores since I was a little kid. my grandmother always canned her own hot peppers. My dad would cut off just a little piece of canned pepper (with the juices) and dab it on my cold sore. It dries it out fast. Watch out, as it does burn a little bit, but eventually numbs it and dries it out. When the sores are swollen and hurting, I use ice, which is soothing. Good luck!

  • R.Wiliams

    I now have my very first cold sore at 36 years old. I tried ice, taking L-lysine, and using my own concoction topically (white vinegar, lemon balm extract, oil of oregano, alcohol & peroxide). On day four I was at the crusting stage, which I have read is quick, where I could barely open my mouth and I read how dabbing whole milk on it may help. I took it one step further and bought raw cow’s milk (not pasteurized or homogenized). Five hours after dabbing the cold sore with milk and drinking a glass of it the cold sore is no longer painful and it is barely visible. Raw milk is also great for pink eye; just a couple drops 3-4 times a day in affected eye.

  • Gabe

    I’m 15 go to highschool an have had my first cold soar, I’ve been looking for the past 2 days and found that ice works really well then before going to bed, simply apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly….any other fast ideas

  • Susan Moore

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  • Ryan Jason

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