10 Home Remedies for Clogged Nose | Q&A

Q: Grandma, I have difficulty in breathing. The other side of my nose feels so clogged or blocked. I have tried some other method but they just worsen the uneasy kind of feeling. I can not sleep well especially during at night. I hate the itchiness it brings and it gives me headache more often now. I can not have a good taste for food which results in poor appetite. Could you please give me some home remedies on how to unblock this problem?

A: Dear M, I understand that kind of feeling. Actually, you are not alone since millions of people also suffer from clogged nose brought about by various factors. It is one thing that everyone wished they would not ever have. Clogged nose is sometimes caused by bacteria or viruses that are present when you have a fever. Allergies also contribute to having a clogged nose. Check some home remedies below that can help you breathe comfortably.

10 Home Remedies for Clogged Nose


1. Water – This fluid is the most important kind of fluid one can take. Water helps in cleaning the body and secrete toxins that can be harmful inside the body. Take at least 8 glasses of it every day.

2. Mint – Chew mint or a gum which has a minty flavor. This helps in having a cool feeling through the nasal passages end eventually clear up what is blocking inside.

3. Jump – Using a small trampoline, jump for maybe a minute, depending on how you are feeling. [4]

4. Tomato Tea – With a teaspoon of garlic and lemon juice, half teaspoon of hot sauce, and a bit of salt, combine them together with a cup of tomato juice. Boil for a moment and it is now ready to drink. drink regularly to help clear up clogged nose. [3]

5. Green Tea – This kind of tea is quite a famous drink. Green tea is a natural drink which helps in cleansing the body and building up a strong immune system.

6. Spicy Food – Eating spicy kinds of food can help in unblocking your clogged nose. Cayenne is one way for this is spicy. [1]

7. Water and Garlic – Boil up enough water and add garlic. After boiling, put water on a basin and place a towel on head to avoid the escaping of smoke. Bend over and put face on the opening of the basin.

8. Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil can be used by sniffing. The different aroma or mint feeling this oil brings helps in avoiding the feeling of a clogged nose. It can also be used when taking a bath. Simply pour some of it on the tub filled with water.

9. Garlic/ Onion- Honey- Aloe Plant Mixture – With a clove of garlic or a piece of onion, mince it up and get the juices it produces and combine with honey then add aloe plant. Always remember to only use the tip segment of the plant. With a cotton ball in hand, drench it to the mixture and place them on the clogged nose part.

10. Proper Hygiene – Maintaining a proper hygiene helps in making immune system stronger which eventually results in de-clogging nose. [2]


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